16 July 2011

[Former youth player] Mauro Icardi continue at Sampdoria

After a year of assignment at Sampdoria, the exazulgrana Mauro Icardi has closed its signing by the Genoese set for the next three seasons.

Icardi The good performance in the six months he was on loan at Sampdoria, scoring 13 goals in 19 games with the team 'primavera'-have been sufficient for leaders to have been paid Genoese option they had on the player .

Thus, the club will receive an amount close to 400,000 euros for the transfer of the Italian-Argentine striker, who will be first team player of the 'Samp' the next three seasons.

Icardi hopes to continue scoring goals

Icardi, who spent almost four seasons in the quarry Barca will join this weekend to the concentration of preseason held Sampdoria in Moena (Italy), where they try to make a hole in a template that aims to return to Serie A "I just wont work its best and prove to Mr. I'm ready for the new project of Sampdoria. I hope to restore the confidence of the club as best, scoring goals," said the player SPORT.

At just 18 years, Mauro Icardi is the youngest player template Sampdoria and will prove to the technical Gianluca Atzori has a sufficient level to fight for a place ahead of veteran forwards like Nicola Pozzi and Massimo Maccarone. (via SPORT)

First week’s schedule

FC Barcelona begin their pre-season on Monday, with 18 players from the squad under Pep Guardiola’s orders with a hard week of training ahead of them and the first friendly of the campaign on Saturday against Hajduk Split.

The players will have double sessions of training until Friday, after going through the standard medical tests on Monday, and then fly out to Croatia on Saturday.

The squad have been called up for medical tests from eight o’clock at the Hospital de Barcelona and the Medical Centre at the Camp Nou. The tests will allow the coaches and medical staff to evaluate the players’ overall condition after their summer break. In the evening the squad will train at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

From Tuesday to Friday, the players will have both morning and evening training sessions, starting at 9.00 and 19.00. After Tuesday morning’s session, Pep Guardiola will give his first press conference of the season and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a member of the squad will face the media after morning training. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

18 players called up for Monday

Eighteen players will be present for the first day of pre-season training on Monday morning, with just the South American players involved in the Copa America missing.

Valdés, Pinto, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Bojan, Jeffren, Keita, Busquets, Pedro, Maxwell, Afellay, Abidal, Thiago, Fontàs and Jonathan dos Santos are the eighteen players who will be at the first pre-season training session and medical tests on Monday morning.

The only players missing from the list are the Club’s South American contingent who are still involved in the Copa America. The competition finishes with the final on July 24th and Argentina –with Messi, Mascherano and Milito – as well as Brazil –with Alves and Adriano – are both into the quarter finals. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

They want Kun for Barça

The idea of ​​signing this historic ship Agüero excites almost 90% of the Barca fans.

Since announcing his willingness to let Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona forums take weeks talking about the future of Kun Aguero . Many Catalans are encouraging fans to Barcelona to make a move for striker mattress, especially because they sense that the Argentine soccer combines the qualities, strategic, economic and even a signing would make him ideal to extend the supremacy of the best team history. Mundo Deportivo wanted to quantify that passion for soccer is perceived among the fans this summer by the Kun FC Barcelona and its hypothesized direct web: Kun Aguero would sign for Barca? In one day, the answer could not be more massive, overwhelming and enthusiastic almost 90 percent (87%) of the nearly 10,000 participants at the close of Internet users this year voted 'yes' and only one in ten of those who participated in the macrosondeo opted for 'no'.

The comments made clear the reasons for that refusal and, most of them have put the toll at around Diego Maradona, Kun-law, as reason enough to preclude their incorporation. For the vast majority, however, weighs far more quality player, his 22 years, the margin for improvement and the feeling that there is great chemistry with crack, Leo Messi, as we are seeing in the Copa America. It also encourages in particular the possibility to terminate his move to Real Madrid dream.

That is the main strategic reason to see the FC Barcelona fan to go by Kun, thereby increasing the distance further on the Madrid football. The economy has to do with the argument that, coming from Atletico and Real on the prowl, the club mattress would secretly delighted that the club made an offer seriously by his player. Miguel Angel Gil Marin, Atletico CEO, went on to say that pierce Kun by 45 million euros of its buyout of VAT to anyone but the Real, that taxes should reach 78.3. And 45 million, seeing what he calls the Arsenal Cesc Fabregas and what is required by Udinese's Alexis Sanchez, is interpreted as an invitation. Especially because we sense that, if the proposal was decided Barca, Atletico would agree to do business in more favorable conditions. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez: "Allow me to go!"

Publicly, Alexis Sanchez is keeping a scrupulous silence about his future. So much so that after qualifying for the Copa America quarter after Chile won in Peru, the 'Boy Wonder' dribbled the press in his country with the same skill that bypasses defenses. Internally, it is another thing. Alexis is crazy about playing in Barcelona and is unwilling to anyone to spoil a dream that on Monday everyone saw and realized. Even his coach, Claudio Borghi, Alexis continues to refer to as if his move to Barca was official. So if warned weeks ago Udinese Alexis and his representative, Fernando Felicevich that "only" would leave the Italian club "to play at the club", now it has brought its second key message of the summer: "Let me go to Barça! ".

Chilean media said yesterday that Alexis will last call "effect" and even 25 points to next Monday as the new tentative date for announcing with great fanfare the signing. Actually, given the experience with Alexis and Cesc Fabregas, best not to make fortune tellers.

Cesc compared to the movie of the signing of Alexis is going pretty fast. In the spring began to sound very strong interest from Barcelona by Chile. In May, Giampaolo Pozzo, owner of Udinese, and paved the way for negotiations to the press saying that "Alexis is as good as Leo Messi." In early June, Barca and Alexis already agreed in your contract: four seasons an optional, indiscreetly revealed Udinese president Franco Soldati. In mid June, before the trail of millions in deals that filtered Udinese-Juve, Inter, Chelsea and Manchester City, the player made his first private cracking and warned that only go to Barca. In late June, Roberto Mancini, City manager confirmed this version to ensure that he had been unable to convince Alexis "porquesolamente think playing at the club." On July 8, Gino Pozzo, Udinese owner's son, confirmed that the club was the only club to offer and Alexis. Finally, on Monday, the handshake Josep Maria Bartomeu and Gino Pozzo after meeting in Barcelona seemed the prelude to the signing officer. Error. As reported MD, Udinese want, plus 26 million euros in fixed, more variables, 11 are collectible without muss. Despite the slowdown, the strength of the player only go to Barca Udinese leaves the only sensible solution: sign. (via MD)

Bojan trains in Bellpuig awaiting solving the fichaje of the Chilean

The Linyola work alone while Barca sports management does not give the final OK to Roma.

And meanwhile, Bojan Krkic has no choice but to retreat into his family so Linyola and exercise alone awaiting the phone rings and a director or member of the sports management of Barca confirm that everything is solved and can pick up their belongings to travel immediately to Rome. Until then, despite the logic disappointment about their treatment, their transfer to joint heads and Luis Enrique is in neutral.

Bojan knows from the first day leaving Barça is conditioned prior to the arrival of Alexis Sanchez. Front by Front is nonnegotiable condition, although Barcelona and Rome has it all and well tied and bound for days. Until the signing of Chile did not become a reality, will not jump to calcium. Bojan will continue to be exercised in Bellpuig sports facilities. (via SPORT)

The captains 'revived' to Messi with their messages

Xavi, Puyol, Valdés and Iniesta did not forget Leo, just as more 'sticks' you were falling.

There is no doubt that Messi should feel lucky man and not just the gift that providence having given a glove on his left foot but have some friends who demonstrate every day that are more than friends, and people.

And we are not referring to his fellow Milito and Mascherano, who act as parents and guardians to spiritual Leo throughout the season, but players of weight within the template Barça living in each and every minute the day.

And Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Valdes do the captains of FC Barcelona? are in almost permanent contact in the form of messages to give all minds in the world by its participation in the Copa America. These 'sms', very emotional and intense, just intensified a few days ago when critics were primed to crack Argentina, especially after the draw against Colombia, which placed the albiceleste the edge of the knife. Fortunately, Leo was able to recover from this situation playing a great match against Costa Rica for which he was named the best player.

Not only captains are supporting and encouraging the 'crack' but colleagues as Pinto or Villa, among others, have sent messages of encouragement to Argentina.

There is no doubt feel that way too wrapped up in a stimulus to Leo, aware that people want and that your environment will never leave behind whatever pase.La Messi reply to the messages of support from peers has always been very affectionate and always leaving very clear that he was quiet and he was convinced would end in the end things out and end it has, at least so far.

That receives messages from the masters and many of its peers in Barcelona is a sign that the Argentine is loved and admired by all, and not forget that the Blaugrana are on vacation and that discussed in any event planned or directed an initiative within a collective.

And the captains not forget the message of encouragement sent to them by Leo in the hours before the World Cup final a few days earlier when Argentina fell to Germany in the quarterfinals. (via SPORT)

Udinese requests patience with Alexis

The directive is relieved Barca after talks with the player and know that will serve the City and Chelsea.

The tedious negotiations to impose its rhythm becomes tiresome. After the frantic efforts suffered during the start of the week, the logic of reflection and caution set the agenda of Udinese and Barcelona. The lack of agreement on the draft transfer of Alexis Sánchez requires imaginative new alternatives to overcome the obstacles that both sides admit they are less draft. However, to avoid further setbacks and mistakes, the summit which is presumed to be postponed final few days. According to sources you have accessed this writing, the new face to face is not scheduled until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Although Barcelona has since hinted that the announcement of the agreement could be imminent, the environment has been shown Udinese missed. Yes there have been contacts, it is true that some positions have moved closer, but not the transfer is closed or there is an upcoming meeting to force the final photograph. Toca weekend and, like what happened during the negotiation, we must be patient until Monday.

Barca are aware of the time marked on the agenda of Udinese and he did not urge haste. Everything is under control, among other things, for Alexis Sanchez stands by his position to force his departure. The striker has reiterated the phone to both sides, there can be no turning back. Or particular exit the boat or will not move from Udine. In other words, the Italian club closes or numbers with the club or not be able to box with his star.

A position that would affect the juicy millions still call from the Premier. The Catalan club was relieved because he knows that in extremis the City offers and Chelsea, at least for now, has not affected the least the will of the Chilean striker. By the way, Canal 13 Chile dared to predict that the official presentation of Alexis as the new Barcelona player will be Monday, July 25.

Alexis is the most peaceful. If yesterday we informed them of the games he had with a child during training, today we see the last coach Claudio Borghi statements. Given the possible doubts and rumors about the concern that could invade the crack, the coach said loud and clear. "Alexis is good, has always been good. I do not know where they come from such suspicions. I have no more information than you handle, which some have already sold more than sixty times. "


Borghi was pleased other recent statements by Leo Messi the big game and evaluating the performance of which is destined to be your future mate at the club within a few days. "For me it's a great compliment that the best player in the world right now, Leo Messi, speak well of a Chilean footballer." Borghi declined further analyze everything about the future of Alexis and demanded maximum concentration in all matters relating to the crossing to be played this weekend, Chile and Venezuela. (via SPORT)

Rosell, in the box of Bernabéu

The president will make a break in their summer break to represent Barcelona in the first match.

The president Sandro Rosell will be at the stage of the stadium, the 14th of August, in the first leg of the SuperCopa de España. The environment of the president yesterday settled the controversy that had tried to activate from Madrid, confirming the presence of the president in the first game of the season.

The president's summer vacation dates coincide with the Super Cup. Still, Rosell interrupt your rest to meet its obligations and institutionally represent the club in the stadium white. The issue is that some malicious source leaked last Thursday, means of Madrid, Laporta would decline the invitation to the box at the Bernabeu.

However, once Rosell and made clear that if it repeated the unfortunate acontencimientos of last season, the club would break relations with Madrid. If not, Barcelona continue to maintain a cordial relationship with the white institution, so you will not refuse to go to the stadium in Madrid. (via SPORT)

The umpteenth promise so that Cesc stays

Wenger says the team is prepared to lift a repeat title after many disappointments.

History repeats itself. Start the season and Wenger predicts good news. There are now six years without a title. Promises, good wishes are not fulfilled. Cesc knows. Yesterday the French technical team reviewed the present and stressed that this year will break Arsenal's run of six years without winning titles. ¿Message to Cesc? "I think we're good enough to win a title," he said.

Wenger also had a memory for the last year, one of the toughest of his career as manager of Arsenal. "What we did last year, considering the age of campus and injury problems, we give credit to think we have a great opportunity to show our quality."

An opportunity wasted expects us to a generation of players tired of not winning anything. "If you're a winner, you say to yourself:` We were very close last season, so let's do it this year. I think the fate of this team is to win now, "slipped. Wenger also acknowledged having had a bad last season.

For the French it was a year of hard wear and broken hopes. Many months near the final major title with a known, zero titles. "I felt very responsible for what happened. I had high hopes for this team because during the months of November and December could really feel that this team could win anything. We were very close, but could not be, "he said.

In this sense, the disappointment was huge. Especially for the French, very pressing after six years without lifting a trophy as coach of Arsenal. "The final stretch of the season was the hardest of my career is something you could see three or four weeks of competition."

Wenger, who was speaking in China (Hangzhou team is focused on) relies on the arrival of a new cycle for the Arsenal. (via SPORT)

Wenger: "I won't denounce Barça, but this should stop"

"If there is a negotiation between two clubs, I do not think it's healthy players to come out and speak of it without authorization. Unfortunately, in this case has already happened twice," he said.

The Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger has ruled FC Barcelona to denounce the recent FIFA Xavi Hernandez returns on the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas from the Catalan club, but has warned that this "must stop."

The French coach did not favor his club against the club go to world football's governing body for the words of Xavi, Cesc who claimed he was "suffering" in the English because he wants to sign "for the European champions.

"I do not think it's a big enough words to condemn the club to FIFA. The impression I have is that it was disrespectful to our club or Cesc, nothing more," said the Arsenal website itself.

However, the Alsatian not want to reproduce actions such as Xavi, in his opinion out of place. "It has to stop, of course. If there is a negotiation between two clubs, I do not think it's healthy players to come out and speak of it without authorization. Unfortunately, in this case has already happened twice," he said.

For Wenger, Xavi has no "direct involvement in this story" and not see "why should I have it, unless you have a formal job for FC Barcelona." "I do not understand why you have to make such statements," he said. (via AS)

Borghi: "Alexis Sánchez has the anxiety of a 22 year-old boy"

Chile's coach, Claudio Borghi, expressed his expectation of "hopefully soon be given" the possible transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Barcelona.

"Alexis is good, truth is not my job to ask every day if it sold or not, but I have no more information than you have," Borghi said when asked for the umpteenth time about the contract status of their attacker selection.

Already ratified Borghi said that according to information circulating, especially on the Internet, "sold as 60 or 80 times, but he's pretty quiet, is the anxiety of a boy of 22 years." "Yesterday one of the important comments that were within the concentration, between coaches and players, is that Messi spoke very good words to it, which is a great compliment that the best player in the world speaks well of one player from Chile, "the 'Bichi'.

He clarified, however, that the subject of his possible move from Udinese Italian Barcelona only have to "wait, as he hopes to see the possibility that it can realize." "Hopefully it will be soon, so that we too have the tranquility of not having a player so expensive no destination yet," emphasized the status of the "boy wonder". (via SPORT)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff agrees with to Wenger in the case Cesc

FC Barcelona exentrenador analyzed Johan Cruyff Barcelona today at the opening of its first store in Platja d'Aro.

The Dutchman spoke of the 'soap opera' Barcelona summer and, especially, interest in Cesc. Cruyff knows that Arsenal is who has the upper hand, however much the player wants to return to Barcelona. "Cesc Barca also was signed some time ago and for many years, so you should stick to his contract. If you talk of quality football, the sense that the club wants him, but there is an existing contract. From here The two clubs have to negotiate and Arsenal is in charge. "

Johan used a simile to describe this situation. "Cesc has a contract. Let's see what we say here with a Barca player do the same. As Messi, for example," he said before to agree with Arsene Wenger in this issue: "He looks after their interests, not the others, of course. And he has every right in the world to do so because Cesc has a contract with Arsenal. "

The Barca exentrenador considered to be giddy talking about figures in this possible recruitment. "It's a lot of money and will have to use your head, because it can not be applied in sections cut and spend a few such large amounts," he argued.

Cruyff also spoke of Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean striker may be the new FC Barcelona but in this case is also in full soap opera. The coach acknowledged that he knows much this player "because I saw some last year with Udinese, but from what I've seen has spark and speed. In addition, Copa America is scoring goals and that is very important."

The possible arrival of Alexis coincidrá with more predictable Bojan march to Rome. Cruyff Linyola recognizes that one of their favorite players. "I like his way of being and play. I do not know if it was better for him to continue at the club or seek tenure in Rome, but it is clear he needs minutes to play," he said. Clearer water.

And in addition to the daily review of Barca, Johan did not avoid talking about the arch-rivals Real Madrid, with a clear message: "It is clear that Real Madrid has invested heavily in its workforce in recent years, but has the misfortune of playing the same competition that the club ". (via SPORT)

[Youth] Bañuz and Sainz, first signings of Juvenil A

Juvenil A Oscar Garcia has been strengthened with the recruitment of two players. Goalkeeper Miguel Bañuz, from the Elche and midfielder Miguel Angel Sainz, Racing, will join the start of training camp scheduled for.

Junvenil A Barca have secured the services of two players age 18 and often acting in the lower echelons of the Spanish team.

Michael Bañuz is a goalkeeper who just turned 18, but since the 16 years and has trained often with the first team of Elche, where he has acted in some friendly matches. Bañuz known for being very safe areas in action set pieces, their reflections under the sticks and a nice touch of the ball with his feet.

Miguel Angel Sainz Maza is also a pearl of 18 years young to be incorporated at the beginning of practice for the Junior A squad. Sainz-Maza is an interior that can play right-handed without difficulty on the left. Cantabrian midfielder stands out as a physically powerful player with a great ability to associate and throw in attack. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-20] De Navata to the World cup Under20

After playing the first match against the scale, 7 Barça B players invited to play the U-20 will sleep in Barcelona. Saturday will be moved to Las Rozas to prepare the World Cup.

Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Romeu, Sergi Roberto Tello and Kiko Femenía are 7 players selected to play the Barca B U-20 in Colombia. Players will focus on Las Rozas until 19 July.

Barca B is the team that sends members to Colombia. Behind the Catalans are placed Atletico Madrid, Espanyol and Real Madrid with two players each. The player of Barça B, Marc Bartra said this hegemony, and is happy to see how the game Barca crosses borders. "Last year we were playing many European and this year we are again many. It's nice to see Barca's system is the same as in the selection." The player Sant Jaume dels Domenys knows that in this style wins: "The purpose of having the ball, pass and play it's going very well, because that's what we've been doing since childhood, and in the field, is very noticeable."

By Marc Bartra, this is his first World Cup. After playing last year's European central young Barça B is willing to do a good job, "I played the EU last year and I guess the World Cup will require up to each of us. We take it forward and if we can be champions, much better. " Willing to make a good sub-20 The World Cup is a great showcase for the best young players will compete in the world. The youth of B we know and are willing to do a good job. Sergi Roberto midfielder is confident the team's chances: "I think we made ​​a good team. We will do our best to help and see if we can do well as the sub-21."

Of all these players, it is noteworthy Montoya. Barca's side this summer has highlighted precisely with virtually no vacation because he has played Under-21 European Championship and will now go to Colombia. The players will head to Colombia on July 19. The World Cup will kick off on 29 July and end on August 20. (via FCBarcelona.cat)


Debut with win (0-8). Barça B starts the preseason victory. The Eusebio won the friendly against l 'Escala by 8-0, with goals from Sergi Roberto Planas, Kiko Femenía, Bartra, Soriano and triplet Tello. The domain has been featured Barca.

Premiering the away kit, black in full dress and with a curiously Barca Scale, the subsidiary Eusebio on the bench started the preseason with a clear victory over a scale with practically no chances, and this year debuted in second division Catalan.

From the first minute, Barça B has come to win the game, and chances are quick to arrive. At minute 5, Saul has enjoyed starring in a frontal shot first, after taking advantage of a pass from Sergi Roberto. 3 minutes later, Isaac Basin has interpreted one of the clearest chance of the first half with a shot straight to the club as a defender of L'Escala has been able to refuse.

It seemed that the goal was at hand, and Marc Bartra has drawn the first sketch with a goal disallowed for offside. The targets would soon arrive. Sergi Roberto would be responsible for opening the scoring starring in the first goal on 20 minutes, with a great solo run. From here go goals going. 3 minutes later, head Riverola has taken center plans to mark the head 2-0.

Kiko Femenia has been released as a forward wearing the shirt of B with 0-3. It was a tight shot, straight at goal from outside the area on 37 minutes. A minute later. Bartra had already warned, headed in the fourth goal.

Eusebio has decided to change virtually all the players during the break, and a new team Barça dominance has remained patent. At minute 5, Soriano has been a goal disallowed for offside. By L'Escala, Dani starred the only time all game in 9 minutes.

Goals Barça continued to be protagonists in the 7th minute Tello has scored the 0-5 for Eusebio. Soriano on 25 minutes with a direct shot on goal, has won the 0-6. Wanting more visibility, top scorer last season has yet had time to return to threaten the goal of L'Escala with a direct shot against the crossbar.

10 minutes from time, Taylor again, set the defined 0-7 with a shot that broke all the defense of the scale. And if there was not enough, the young striker Sabadell has starred in the hat trick of the game, 0-8 with 3 minutes remaining. With this 0-8 Eusebio those have exposed a clear superiority to L'Escala, and given the first warning. Brilliant debut for Barça B which promises a good show for this season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
L'Escala: Sergi, Pablo, Deulofeu, Mir, Miki, Alexis, Julio, Molina, Manu (Jacki, min 32), Meliton (Maese, min 32), Kevin.

Barcelona B: Olazábal (Masip, min 45), Balliu, Bartra, Rosell (Armando, min 45), Planas (Dalmau, min 45), Gustavo (Romeo, min 45), Martí, Sergi Roberto (Lobato, min 45), Kiko Femenía (Tello, min 45), Saúl (Soriano, min 45) y Cuenca.

Referee: Sergi Pont.

Goals: 0-1, Sergi Roberto, min, 20; 0-2, Riverola, min 23; 0-3, Kiko Femenía, min 37; 0-4, Marc Bartra, min 38; 0-5, Tello, min 81 ; 0-6, Soriano, min 52; 0-7, Tello, min 78; 0-8, Tello, min 88.

Gaby Milito, wanted in Italy and France

Barca defender Gaby Milito is still one of the claims of European clubs. Lazio and Olympique Lyon won integers to have him.

Milito is in the spotlight of major European football. After two seasons without going just in Pep Guardiola's plans because of injury, it sounds hard to central part of the templates in the Lazio and Olympique Lyon from next season.

In Italy, Milito's name is associated with the entity Latium, one of the most additions being made in the Serie A ahead of next season. According calcioline.com portal says the main sticking to Barcelona's Roman plays in the club annual tab is its high, almost 3 and a half million euros. In any case, the president Claudio Lotito entity expects to reach a financial settlement with the club in this area.

Instead, he seems willing to pay the transfer is Olympique Lyon. Topmercato.com speaks of a market value of EUR 6 million for the OL recruit a player who still has a year contract with Barca. The French team wants to strengthen its defense for the next season and Milito is one of pretenesiones.

For now, the player continues in Argentina, the Copa America with his selection. Upon his return, perhaps one of his 'girlfriends' step forward and confirm that Milito would wear another shirt. Lazio and Olympique Lyon yearn for it. (via SPORT)

Liverpool prepares nine millions to sign Jeffren

The English team would be willing to give Barca a hefty amount by the end Barca to meet the wishes of his coach Kenny Dalglish.

Liverpool could offer in the coming days, an amount close to nine million euros to secure the services of the Spanish-Venezuelan Jeffren Suarez.

Reveals the information portal 'Caughtoffside', the end goal Barca would be the next Kenny Dalglish technician to reinforce the front of the 'reds'.

Although the player stuck to his position further in Barcelona, ​​the interest of one of the greats of the Premier League to seize their services could fulfill their aspirations, after weeks of uncertainty which has been continuously linked to Alexis Sanchez operation. (via SPORT)

Henrique loaned to Palmeiras

FC Barcelona have reached an agreement to loan Henrique Adriano Buss to Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras for one season. The Brazilian club assumes 100% of the rights to the player.

FC Barcelona and Palmeiras have agreed that the centre back will play in the Brazilian league for the 2011/12 season after spending the last three seasons on loan.

Henrique signed for Barcelona in the summer of 2008, but never got to make his official debut for the club, instead being sent out on loan to Bayer Leverkusen in Germany, where he played 30 games.

He then went from the Bundesliga to the Spanish Liga, where he spent two seasons on loan at Racing Santander, where he quickly won a place in the first team and made 26 appearance in the 2009/10 season and 35 in the 2010/11 season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)