15 July 2011

Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta, to point from the first day

Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta will begin training July 18 with the rest of the team. Due to international commitments, for 4 years that these three captains Barca not started the preseason with the rest of the group.

Barca machinery is already being ready, and Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta three essential pieces of your gear, you can start the next preseason July 18 Guardiola was the first time. Not since 2007 to remember the last time Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta were able to start the season with the rest of the team.

July 21, 2007, Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol were placed under the command Frank Rikjaard at the start of the preseason team. Even they imagined a scene so routinely not happen again until 2011. We must remember, however, that Carles Puyol came from an injury that was done in the last game of the season, in a friendly against Mamelodi Sundowns.

The following year, the routine is broken. And is that 3 of the 4 captains later incorporated Barca stay at St Andrews. The Euro, which won the Spanish national team, had kept busy all summer.

The Cup of Confederations that would play the year 2009, rehearses previous of the World cup of Sudáfrica, it would also provoke that the azulgranas passed the medical tests later and they didn't incorporate to the trainings up to July 27 in the ' stage 'of Saint Andrews.

Barça Internationals deserved few days off after the undisputed well in the World Cup, so it is not incorporated in Guardiola's orders until August 12, 2010. Despite all these professional commitments, the totem of the club has complied with the Barca team. This year may be made ​​Guardiola orders from minute 0. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi: "The motivation and the desires of triumphing are intact”

Xavi Hernandez spoke to Barça TV on the challenges posed by the team for the new course. The Terrassa also wished luck to their peers in the Copa America and was pleased with the additions of Thiago and Fontàs.

Xavi Hernandez thinks the six titles to those who choose the club as major challenges that the team can get. However, the "6" Barca keeps track of repeating the success of the 2008/09 season is simple: "I think we have a great team to keep winning titles, although we do not make things easy, as the year past. But obviously we look forward, and the motivation and desire to succeed are intact, so we compete as we know, "said Terrassa.

The midfielder took stock of the role Messi in the Copa America, but has also had some words for the Catalans who are competing in the tournament: "I think Leo is doing a great Copa America. I wish him well, both him and Mascherano as Milito , as Alves and Adriano. I'm aware of the Copa America and I hope you do very well, "concluded egarense.

Xavi believes that Fontàs Thiago Alcantara and Andreu, the two additions that have been now the first team are players ready to play and the highest level. In addition, the Terrassa believe that just two signings have been grown players, says much both club and team: "The branch has a specific gravity very important today at Barça. Fontàs and Thiago are footballers have shown they can play perfectly, like others in the branch and are preparing to someday have the opportunity to climb. There is a very good generation and we must seize it. We also have a coach who likes to feed on the branch and that's very good." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Wenger: "I won't denounce Barça to FIFA"

The French coach said, through the website of Arsenal, he has no intention of reporting the following statements Barça Xavi Hernandez as saying that "Cesc is having a tough".

Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, announced that FC Barcelona not report to FIFA and it will not take any formal charge against Xavi Hernandez.

Wenger accused during a press conference in China last Thursday, the Barça midfielder Xavi Hernandez, "very disrespectful" to the London club and its staff stating that "Cesc is having very bad."

"I do not think it's a big enough phrase to denounce a club to FIFA," admitted Wenger. "The impression I had was that it was not respectful or our club and with Cesc," he said.

"This has to stop, of course. If there is a negotiation between two clubs not think it's healthy players out (and speak) the same. Unfortunately, in this case, as has happened a few times," said a Wenger reluctant.

"Xavi is not part of this story and do not know why it should. Unless you have a job to do official Barcelona, ​​can not see why such statements," he said Wenger. (via SPORT)

Maradona, Barça and Napoli player

Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona, considered the best player in the world in his time, left Barça to join Napoli. He didn’t have the best of times in Barcelona, but became a legend in Napoli.

Barça fans were thrilled in 1982, when Maradona arrived at the club, amongst great expectations that unfortunately were not met.

Wearing the Barça shirt, Maradona showed a lot of his magic, but was invariably marked out of games, which meant he only got to really impress on limited occasions. One of those was his goal against Red Star in the 1982/83 Cup Winners Cups, and another was at the Santiago Bernabéu in that season’s League Cup, which even the Madrid fans were moved to applaud.

Then Maradona went down with hepatitis and was told to rest for a few months. He returned to the team just when Udo Lattek was departing, and being replaced by César Luis Menotti, who saved the season with two wins against the eternal rival, Real Madrid, in the Copa del Rey and League Cup finals.

In his second season at Barça (1983/84), Maradona suffered a serious injury following that horrendous tackle by Athletic Bilbao’s Andoni Goikoetxea, causing him to fracture his ankle. He did not reappear until the end of the season, by which time Barça were already out of the title chase. He also had to miss the notorious Copa del Rey final with Athletic Bilbao that was blighted by several fights between the players.

Maradona decided the best thing would be to go, and he signed for Napoli in Italy, where he became a veritable star and led the team to two Serie A championships, a Coppa and a UEFA Cup. A modest Italian club had suddenly emerged as one of the finest teams in the world, overcoming such giants as Inter, AC Milan and Juventus. And that was largely thanks to the amazing Maradona, who also won the 1986 World Cup with Argentina. But in 1991, the Calcio suspended him for fifteen months due to drug-related issues. He never played for Napoli again, and in 1992 he was sold to Sevilla. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rossell won't go to the box of Bernabéu

Laporta will not witness the first leg of the Supercopa de España from the stage of the stadium of Real Madrid.

The daily Marca, FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, not be in the box at the Bernabeu to watch the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain on 14 August. In addition, since the same newspaper ensures that Laporta and his absence would have communicated to Real Madrid

Both clubs will again see the faces in August, after the string of four classics that were played last season to play the first game of the season, the Supercopa de España.

Rosell Notably, after the attacks received from some quarters of the white body, admitted it would not allow that to happen again "the bounds of sportsmanship", and insisted that they would break relations with the institutional white body with repeated events like those experienced last season.

"They have exceeded all boundaries of sporting rivalry. There are situations that can not be repeated in the future." And it seems that Rosell has taken the first step is not repeated. (via SPORT)

Rosell won't go to the box of Madrid in the going of Supercopa de España

Everything indicates that the measure of Laporta is made not to cause problems with fans of Real Madrid.

Sandro Rosell is not in the stage of the Real Madrid to witness the first leg of the Supercopa de España. As reported Thursday in the program 'Futboleros' BRAND TV , the president of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid has informed the club that will be absent for that meeting.

At first Rosell said that 14 August is a holiday, but everything indicates that the measure of Laporta is made not to cause problems with fans of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid and Barcelona face off in August to win the first title of the new season after all white to win the Cup and Barcelona did with the League. (via Marca.com)

Barça insists on selling Jeffren to Udinese

In the absence of a few days to start the preseason, the end does not know where he will play next year.

Barça located Jeffren Suárez in the operation to register Alexis Sánchez without the player that the sub European was disputing 21, had any news on it. What sports did not know the address was the canary end had no intention of playing in Italy. The news was first reported to club football when he offered the opportunity to try his luck in calcium.

It's been several weeks, but the situation remains unchanged. The player with a big sign on both the state and European football, has still not defined its future. Offers not missing, since they have come from Italy, from England, Germany and Spain. It is the latter you most convincing. In fact, speculated to leave Valencia, which would have been a good choice, but the names sound more clubs Sevilla and Atletico are now. Both would be willing to talk to the club on the incorporation of the canary. The problem is that the club insists the choice of Udinese. A logical approach because it would lower the price of Chilean striker, if not known because the club's refusal Blaugrana player.

In this situation, the ship has no choice but to disconnect both operations and closing one hand, recruitment of Chile and, second, that of limbo. Indeed, it will in time realize the ending of the signing of Alexis when put to work to transfer to limbo.

The preseason starts next Monday and Jeffren be one of the players attending the first meeting. Until refloat operation Alexis Sanchez, also stand many other operations. The canary is not never opposed his departure, but also wanted to make it very clear that there will be the club most interested in the club, but himself. Jeffren play in the team to present a better offer sports.

Keirrison, Hleb and Henrique are not on 18

The club does not have the players ahead of next season.

Keirrison, Hleb and Henrique will not begin the preseason on orders Guardiola. Technicians believe it is better not to join the working group, as three players do not enter into the plans of Guardiola. Barcelona is still trying to find a solution to three players, who do not have much of a market.

The club currently has no formal proposal and is waiting for the market begins to move and find their place three players. Keirrison just been told in the plans of the Santos last year, Henrique has had a greater say in Racing but have you finished your assignment what Hleb has failed to give his best in his return to the Premier. The three players know the situation long ago and its agents work to find a solution. (via SPORT)

The history of Barcelona to the rhythm of Rock

The music magazine 'Enderrock' has made a selection of the 100 best songs dedicated to the club.

Choosing a soundtrack for the successes it has joined the club throughout history is not easy. The club is not only starring in a wide range of songs from popular culture but often some tunes that are alien at first, eventually becomes an inseparable part of the living history of the institution, as recently happened with the Viva La Vida 'Coldplay' does Human The Killers did.

The music magazine Enderrock `Do you publish in its July issue a list of 100 songs that are meaningful to Barcelona as' leitmotif ¿, 100 pieces that are already part of history and have contributed to the entity becomes a national symbol, beyond their sporting efforts.

The first song on the list dates back to 1966 when the renowned tenor sang Renom Gaietà "avui festa day is beautiful, the sky blau i grana Is today a beautiful day of celebration, blue and red in the sky ¿." But it was a woman, the pioneer in introducing the subject as a regular feature of Barça songs. Guillermina Motta, Barcelona enthusiastic, had three songs in the early seventies. It was his special way of celebrating the League's 1973-74 season.

La Trinca also contributed actively to broaden the thematic discography with Barca. In `Botifarra of pagès ¿(1974), will commemorate the 75 year history of the club by a nod to the national feeling and trying to bypass censorship, shouting" Visca Catalunya viure ".

Singer-songwriter Joan Manel Serrat, meanwhile, paid tribute in 1980 to `Barca Copes les 5 ¿, listing some of the members of the lead squad. Years later, in 1989, Serrat would choose the theme song to dedicate Barca `Kubala ¿the Hungarian player. Others, like Johan Cruyff, Carles Rexach, Ronald Koeman, Jose Mari Bakero, Ronaldinho, Messi or even Emmanuel Amunike and Santi Ezquerro, also appear in the lyrics of a song.

Among the 100 best songs as `Enderrock Have the screen groups and authors including Joan Isaac, Els Pets, Lax ¿n Do Busto, Albert Pla, Sopa de Cabra, Owls, Jofre Bardagí, Manel and Els Friends of the Arts, after all They talk of Barca at some point in his career.

But beyond the lyrics of local artists, the club also has permeated international stars such as Bruce Springsteen and Angus Young, who use their concerts in Barcelona to wear a Barca shirt. The magazine recalls how in his day there were also players who dared to music, as some components of the Dream Team who recorded two songs, the Spaniard David Villa, who recently did a duet with Ana Torroja and José Manuel Pinto, who is a producer group rap. (via SPORT)

Messi: "Alexis es un gran jugador, un buen fichaje para nosotros"

4, Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas keeps Barca for this mythical looked back and Pep
Marquez was the last to carry that number is much in the Camp Nou

Is no accident: in the locker room of the Camp Nou, the race number '4 'has no owner yet. Waiting at the box office is the arrival of Cesc Fabregas to be he who donned a shirt and a digit which symbolizes the beginning of a style that has given Barca the best years of their existence. While the negotiations with Arsenal continues its long and winding course, Cesc know how important this project will come to perpetuate it. To do this, nothing like gestures. And it's all a gesture that will inherit the '4 'that she wore to the turn of the century than in the past three years has become the best coach in club history, Pep Guardiola.

He was the great childhood idol of Cesc. And the '4 'is the number that identifies the player Pep as a guide to a way to understand this game. The great Xavi Hernandez, who awe in the beginning was his veteran teammate, refused to inherit the '4 'when I was still fresh progress Guardiola to Italy, so did his own history with the '6'. Yes we put the Swede Patrick Anderson, nothing scared because "having been before the '5 'Beckenbauer at Bayern." The last bearer of '4 'was Rafa Marquez. With Cesc, '4 'will return to its origins: a footballing operations chief was born, but not grown-La Masia.

"You be the '4 'of Barça"

Fabregas feels comfortable with the '4 '. It almost seems like a second skin. So much so that he did not think twice in Arsenal inherit a myth 'gunner', Parick Vieira. It will do the same illusion when the '4 'is blue and red. This will fulfill the prophecy of Guardiola, who in his last season as Barcelona player had an unforgettable detail a teen-age Cesc. Fabregas played for FC Barcelona cadet when their parents separated. His trainer, Rodolfo Borrell, had the brilliant idea of ​​going one day to see Guardiola and explain the difficult time of the boy. "I have a gift for you," he said. Cesc opened the bag he gave his coach and saw the shirt of FC Barcelona with an autograph and an inscription: "Someday you will become the '4 'Barca'." It was signed by Pep Guardiola, captain of the first team. Cesc received a signed shirt when I was in England, playing for the club ... Arsenal.

Play indoor or pivot and is goal
Aside from knowing perfectly the system, he has played with three strikers, can occupy several positions. '4 'With authority, oxygenated Iniesta and Xavi and even midfielder. Furthermore, it has arrived and goal.

His greed is matched only by that of Leo
Historically noted for being the skin for the win. Tito Vilanova I was a cadet with Messi and both were the most competitive team by far. Fight to the end with a spectacular winning mentality.

Want to win after his fiasco at Arsenal
Arsenal do not win any trophy since the FA Cup in 2005. Cesc was a participant of that title at the beginning of his career with the Gunners. Since then, nothing. Fabregas brings hunger in a group without emergency.

You can adjust the device without problems
While at the lower levels until 2003, Cesc Barca soaked style. Many agreed with the first team and youth players know in detail their movements. The selection enables setting him recover the 'feeling'.

Following the path of Koeman and Guardiola
The '4 'has acquired great symbolic value in the Nou Camp in the last twenty years. If prior defenses identified, with names as charismatic as Julio Alberto, since the arrival of Johan Cruyff's Barca bench is the number that kept the 'chief of operations in the wide area. Luis Milla premiered the series, the magnified Ronald Koeman to the absolute limits (Wembley is heavy) and Pep Guardiola has acquired the status of myth. So much so that neither Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta tried to inherit it out of respect.

A handshake that has not been worth

On Monday, the offices of the boat will not uncorked champagne, but almost. And that day, after a meeting between Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu Barca and Gino Pozzo, Udinese owner's son, the two clubs reached a deal for Alexis to lack only the signing of contracts. In fact, the club was the signing for granted by 99.9 percent as Pozzo Bartomeu and sealed the deal with a handshake, at least for the vice president of the club, meant a total OK.

It only remained for the ship sent the contracts to Udinese and the leaders of the returned signed Friuli club, which was all that was missing, something that was for sure after the aforementioned handshake. A gesture that has no legal force but among men of honor is worth as much or more than a signature on paper.

That was Monday. The next day, Tuesday, Udinese and read warned that after the contracts had a clause that he wanted to change. Roughly speaking, the Italians wanted more money tear the ship, which was already seen with Alexis about to fall.

The deal was fixed for 26 million over 11 variables plus a friendly match between the two sets to be held in Italy for the benefit of Udinese. But the Italian club wanted more, more fixed and tried to start the club, with good will, tried to find creative solutions in order to close a deal. And these are the offices of the Camp Nou. Biting his tongue and blowing imagination to 'kill' the subject. (via MD)

Capdevila wait Barça

Before listening offers of Italy, Germany, England, Turkey or that of Sporting, one of Barça would prioritize.

Joan Capdevila has decided to leave Villarreal. Despite renewed in January for two more seasons, the fact that Juan Carlos Garrido told her not to have made him rethink his future. And no shortage of brides. On the table, the Catalan defender already has several proposals. Italy, Bologna strong bet for him. In England, Aston Villa and Newcastle want him too. In Germany, the Mainz 05; in Turkey, Besiktas and Spain, Sporting Gijon for inclusion in the operation of Canella with Villarreal. For now, Capdevila is studying each of the proposals, but in no hurry to decide. The possibility that the boat can be one of the destinations, however remote it on today given that Maxwell should come first, makes the defense of Tàrrega want to wait.

Playing at the club would not only be the perfect culmination to his career but also would be able to return home after 12 years away, something that none of the other teams can offer. Pending that there is movement, Capdevila, under contract with Villarreal, will meet as one of their peers. Yesterday began the season in Dublin, where it remains until next Tuesday.

Would go well in the club

Apart from his qualities as a defense, its price, as would free, and his experience as European champion and the world, Joan Capdevila has another argument to his credit. The Catalan defender keeps good relationship with all his team-mates of the club. Given his jovial and fun, Capdevila is a person who is willing. Accordingly, no adjustment would have no problem in the locker room Barca.

Of all the Catalans, Joan Capdevila has a close relationship for many years with Xavi Hernandez, who speaks often enough. But for Capdevila can fulfill your dream, you must first take several premises, only time will to unravel.

Juve will look askance at the 'Operation Rossi'
The Italian newspaper 'Tuttosport' published in yesterday's edition that arises Juventus to sign Joan Capdevila. The Italian already decided to bet heavily on Rossi, co-Capdevila, Villarreal and a player who until three weeks ago was on the agenda of the club. On the Italian-American front, the transaplinos disbursed up to 35 million euros. However, knowing that they would free Catalan, leaders Juventus Capdevila wish to include in the package. In any case, it all depends on the evolution of choice of club. Alternatively, taking into account the weight of history and also in Europe, Juventus could be another destination appreciated by the player in Tàrrega. (via MD)

Alexis, of the nerves

Uncertainty and confusion are eroding morale and does not rule out contacting the Pozzo intervene or talking to the press.

Alexis Sanchez is redoubling its efforts in this Copa America. The slowness, uncertainty and sometimes confusion surrounding his move to Barca are eroding their mood. Counted from the concentration of the selection of Chile at the front he looks nervous, thoughtful and eager to put an end to a saga that is lasting longer bearable.

His agent, Fernando Felicevich, told the details of the summit on Monday and revealed that the deal was finally about to materialize, which just had to draft documents, review them and sign them. She begged him to contain the euphoria, it was a matter of hours. However, the initial joy was like a mist cleared and gave way to an annoying air of concern. Now he fears an injury might break their agreement with the club. At stake is their present and immediate future. On the morning of Wednesday, the day it seemed that everything was going to conclude, Chile Peru faced with Alexis on the bench. The classification has already been accomplished and there was no question of risking too much. In the quarterfinals, will hold.

With this scenario, and considering that the next game is not played until July 18, Alexis is seriously thinking about contacting in on conversations with the family Pozzo. A letter that your agent is using with the owners of Udinese, so far without success. Alexis also of failure, unable to unlock a negotiation that expands too much, the striker also poses a law enforcement position calling for the press to force a transfer. The idea appeals to you. Bring since 2008 in Udine and is grateful to the Italian club, but does not want his dream vanish.

Alexis has two aliados.Uno, costumes Chile. His colleagues are at your side and protect him. The other imperative the club. From the Camp Nou and through him deFelicevich reassuring messages arrive. Chips, of course. It is the main bet and strengthening Pep who want to close first. Do not be left hanging and less after his strong stance of calling at Barcelona. A priceless gesture

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Azkargorta: "It is very strong in one on one"
Xabier Azkargorta spoke yesterday at the Cadena Cope Alexis Sanchez in very complimentary terms: "Not only is highlighting America's Cup, also qualifying for the World Cup in South Africa, also made a good World Cup season and Udinese have been extraordinary. It is a very strong player in one on one and it instilled Bielsa level concepts important tactical work. In the club can play in place of Peter or the Villa either "

"Alexis told us nothing of Barça"
Nothing leaked the supposed pre-agreement between Barca and Udinese, on Tuesday, some half sensed the reaction front in the team hotel and was the coach of Chile, Claudio Borghi, and his players came to the room of probable crack Barca and were hugging one by one. The striker Esteban Paredes was charged yesterday to dismantle that theory.

"Alexis told us nothing of his departure to Barcelona," he told the press conference to talk about Uruguay, a rival in the quarterfinals of the Copa America. The Chilean Federation is to protect it in a bubble to keep all the rumors and versions that come from Italy, Barcelona and end up altering and undermining Chile concentration. (via MD)

"Cesc is kidnapped"

In the birthplace of the Catalan player, Arenys de Mar, are living the saga of another summer almost the same intensity as the player and his family.

Barcelona locals want to regain its illustrious closest neighbors, so tension observed how she is behaving the Arsenal, and especially their coach Arsene Wenger. Yesterday, the mayor of the town, Estanislau Fors, expressed his outrage at 'La Sexta' the situation being experienced by the player. "We want to come and is living a hijacking," the mayor said forcefully.

Fors not understand why the London club will not meet the player, "if you are English gentlemen should behave. You need to stop clowning because it is disorienting everyone, "represents the malaise experienced by residents of Arenys. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía: "Barça B is a step forward"

The player has dropped a category, despite having secured up to the first team next season, wants to prove himself in second Division A.

Kiko Femenía naturally assumed to have become the star signing of the Barcelona B this season. The club has invested unprecedented for a player of the subsidiary of two million euros, more than one and a half in incentives, but their approach goes beyond the second team. The best proof is that his contract stipulated that in the 2012-13 season should be on the first team.

Having played last season in the Primera Division with Hercules, ¿joining a team of seconds is a step back?

Joining the club is always one step ahead. Now I have to play in Barca B and I am delighted. I will help as you can. It will come.

You become committed to the subsidiary, but the hook to reach soon be able to play in the Nou Camp may have been decisive?

The prospect of the first team you always present. All players of B have the goal of making the leap. With work and sacrifice everything can get.

What are your expectations this season after suffering he experienced last season with the descent?

I came with the intention of enjoying the Second Division. I found a team with great teammates and great quality. Sure we have a good season.

What was the first contact with Eusebio?

We are delighted to how they spent these first days. Work is good and hope that everything stays the same during the season.

All have difficulty adapting to new style club, you afraid the same thing happens?

It is true that the club has a different game approach. It's complicated, but it all takes the time and I will adapt.

What is your natural position?

I can play end on the right or left, but I will play where needed. I'm not a natural goalscorer, but this equipment is to contribute in all facets.

The price is one that has cost pressure?

No, it's something that I forget and think about helping the team. Barca will come once in life and everything you learn and I will. I am very happy to be part of this template and I hope everything goes well. (via SPORT)

Wenger still throwing darts from China

Cesc While the hours that you are missing to finally wear the Barça shirt, his manager Arsène Wenger is still showing his selfishness and lack of left hand from China.

London team landed on Chinese soil yesterday for the second part of the pre-season tour of Asia they are doing and who will return next Sunday.

Wenger does not know how to bring the negotiations to their land. Seeing that his speech is not enough to convince the player-in the end out so far Wenger has always ended in lying to the Alsatian-Fàbregas has now decided to launch a psychological warfare at the dialectic, a battle that Barcelona has already begun be used to deal with.

Wenger will continue with its strategy from China. The coach has taken statements from Xavi Hernandez in alleging that the midfielder is suffering Arenys unable to clarify its future, to get them out of context and charge the player and Barca. Wenger claimed it was disrespectful and will use that argument to divert attention from the real focus, which is none other than his refusal to give out a player who for eight years has left the skin by the club.

Arsenal played their second morning of the preseason friendly against the Chinese Hangzhou Greentown, to return to London on Sunday. (via SPORT)

The Pozzo family empire also lands at Barça

Sandro Rosell has also succumbed to the charms offered by the prestigious showcase Alpine.

Who said football is ruinous, the world of the ball only generates economic losses. Pozzo's family has demonstrated for over two decades that a well-run company is able to build a small empire.

His method never fails. The gains are just a constant gain ground worldwide, including Barcelona. Here's a fact that is devastating: in so far this season, Udinese has closed 21 outlets players who have made box nearly 41 million euros. And all this with the operation Alexis Sanchez in the room and not counted.

But the patriarch, Giampaolo Pozzo and his son, Gino, is not coincidental. Since in 86 Udinese assume the reins of his football management company has gained millions. With the exception of three balances not, are 4.1 million loss in its entirety between income and expense Product Market: season after season the green numbers are added regularly.

Pozzo system in the background is very simple. Sign is cheap and sell expensive as possible. From that include players from almost all ages and levels who flock to football clubs with all kinds of close sporting links, as Granada and Tenerife. Another reference to gauge the potential of the empire Pozzo: property rights between total and shared, managed over a hundred players. Thus, if we consider that handles Udinese at most 25 tokens in the first team, not surprising that in recent seasons, the company has handled an average of more than 50 signings and many other trades. A volume brutal, something quite unusual in Spanish football.

But not everything has been easy in the Pozzo family management at Udinese. Giampaolo Pozzo has been implicated in several murky issues that have affected the calcium in recent decades. Conflicts that have come to give the presidency to Franco Soldati while the patriarch and his son have taken a second to act as owners and managers.

With more or less ups and downs, the business has been profitable almost from day one. Solved the delicate beginnings, the family Pozzo strikes his first big break in the 1999-2000 season when the transfer of Amoroso close to Parma for 28 million euros, an amount that today is still his trademark. Soon after, Lazio also disbursed 25 million euros to incorporate Stefano Fiore.

What this season will break all records. Not reach the figure of 100 million euros in revenue, but will not walk away. And that will make their own accounts and, in the case that the formal handover of Alexis Sanchez refers only to the fixed, Barca or even beat the mark of love. Tricks and strategies that can not conceal that one way or another, the Chilean eventually swell the coffers in just under 40 kilos' ¿. Goes on.

The successful model is proprietary, though curiously it is not affordable for almost anyone. Profiling low and selling high does not seem too original an idea, another more complicated question is to take place in the daily life of an elite football team. That it does is the real mystery of Pozzo.

A restructured season a team that returns to the Champions League. A long shot but still giving satisfaction to its operators. Alexis Sanchez is just the tip of an iceberg that stands out more boldly than ever. Barca already know and have experienced firsthand. The Catalan club Udinese import quality and paid millions. (via SPORT)

It tightens wait for Cesc

His signing for the club is long, but Cesc still struggling to accept that Arsenal sale, nor would it be for an amount less than its value.

The negotiations between Barca and Arsenal have stalled due to the spurt of the signing of Alexis Sanchez. The Blaugrana club has decided to close first the case of Chile, whose agreement is closer, and deal again next week in Cesc Fabregas transfer. This decision has led to a pause in London, the Arenys has had to accept with great courage and is enduring a pressure pulse that keeps his club to force out.

Understands that the club should allow some time before submitting a new offer that is shaping up to close to 40 million that Arsenal has priced the player. From the club Barca is understood that the increased tension in the club 'gunner' can benefit to lower the price. Arsène Wenger will again face to face next week with Cesc on Sunday after returning from the Asian tour and will be repeated scenes uncomfortable as those experienced before the team traveled to Malaysia.

The worse off is the player who must bear the tone partenalista Wenger trying to persuade him to continue in the Emirates when it decided not to get back under him. The French use all his tricks and trickery to put the player on the horns of a dilemma. A position that went right last summer, but at this time that Cesc stand up to the end. Not a single argument that can make you change your mind. Not money, Arsenal offers two million more per season would receive in Barça, not the sports project, the more unstable than ever, can lead you to reconsider. Has decided to continue his career at the Nou Camp and there is no turning back.

Fabregas knows he must endure because it is in an endurance race. The player is well aware that the club will not achieve the 40 million required by his club because they marked the president, Sandro Rosell. His rebellious attitude of refusing to train with the rest of the class is one of the ways it has chosen to find the exit door. Fàbregas has wished to show his coach and all walks of clubs that no longer feels a player 'gunner', not acting as such and therefore have no choice but to pierce.

The position player is proving helpful to Barcelona for his move to a price below its real value. Cesc is one of the best midfielders in the world, is on the podium in honor of Premier League football and is captain of Arsenal. A number of factors that trigger price in the market, but the auction closed at the express wish of Catalan. Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid both his signing with bids above the ship, but the player remained firm in its position only to accept Barcelona's negotiations with the entity.

Fàbregas was confident the deal will close much earlier and not be obliged to tighten the rope to the fullest. However, the club became the starting point of negotiation very low, barely reached the 30 million euros, and this has led to the expansion in time. Arsenal has not so far been very flexible, but has gradually reduced its claim to stand at 40 million euros.

The player has the experience of last season and is prepared to spend a long summer. Cesc has become aware that you must fight the best to play at Barca. On his head constantly pass the word of Pep Guardiola, who has been in constant contact with the player in recent weeks. Santpedor confidence is essential to enable the player does not come down. Fabregas is the best guarantee possible. Guardiola wants the midfielder is already available for the tour, which begins July 26 in Munich and will travel to 28, with the movement to America.

Nevertheless, Pep is aware that the Blaugrana leaders believe that the negotiations with Arsenal should be slow to be advantageous. This frame of mind will lead the player to have to wear a lot. An effort that can only make a player who leads the club in his heart. (via SPORT)

Alexis no longer hide his joy

The concentration in Chile has been shaken a great burden. With or without official confirmation, everyone knows that his star is already happy.

After the outbreak of happiness in the concentration of Chile's Alexis Sanchez confirmed that fulfill his dream and returning from the Copa America will begin a new adventure in the FC Barcelona coach, Claudio Borghi, made a private complaint to players, coaches and assistants . Festivals and revelry should be parked, the future of Alexis went into the background and the selection should focus solely on the event to make history in Argentina. A petition was accepted willingly by all. No more leaks or interested congratulations to family, friends and press.

But what has not been able to erase Borghi is the face relaxed and more friendly behavior of the 'Boy Wonder'. Has been to ensure the jump to the Camp Nou, and automatically, Alexis has recovered lost ancient gestures. For example? The team training in Chile. In almost impregnable fortress full for fans and press, a child wearing the shirt properly Chile came to pitch. Given the widespread surprise players and members of law enforcement, little had the chance to play briefly with one of his biggest idols: Alexis Sanchez.

The timid, almost elusive so far forward, broke his usual pattern in recent weeks and moved the kid friendly. Some jokes, a small gift and a kick a ball hit to the delight of those present. A surprisingly good vibes and shows the tension that has breathed so far. In the end, as a great climax to the total improvisation, a distinguished family portrait with the international present there at that time.
And the scene has changed almost completely. The player denied that Alexis Esteban Paredes had communicated his move to Barcelona, ​​but was merely an attempt to divert attention from the media. True to the slogan of coach Claudio Borghi, if the crack is forgotten until the end of the Copa America.

It remains to check the response of the Chilean private commitment in a few hours ago. It's time to start showing the world the arguments that led Barca to fight endlessly for a front age of 22. It is a great opportunity. (via SPORT)

Alves returns to its 'look' normal

After taking the yellow hair on a bet Alves regained its look with short hair.

Alves's hair keeps changing and now has regained the aspect that we were used, short of its natural color.

These last weeks we saw him with his hair a little longer than usual and dyed bright yellow that said it was the result of a bet. It seems that the penitential season of the Brazilian completed and returned to his head his usual appearance. (via SPORT)

Barca follows Carlos Fierro

Chivas forward, Carlos Fierro, World Champion U-17 Mexico, is one of the players that the club wants to have controlled for the future.

Carlos Fierro has been shining examples in the World Cup that just won Under17 Mexico. The player despite not scoring in the final scored four goals in seven games over the competition played in the Aztec nation.

FC Barcelona has not missed the competition and have come Pep Boada, scouting coordinator and Josep Maria Fuste, one of the advisory board of Sandro Rosell and there have been in action Fierro striker who plays for Mexican team of 'Chivas' Guadalajara as his agent said.

Fierro is a player who would have liked Barca scouts who have traveled and the fact that although no one has made any offer for the player to Chivas, his agent, Marc Salicrú has confirmed that several clubs SPORT have commented interest in the player.

His good Sub'17 at the World Cup has placed in the watchlist of many clubs, but for now will have to continue seeing him wearing the shirt of Chivas. His agent added that in any way the player will go through the back door of the club and at all times all parties will be informed accordingly.

Arsenal, who has 'fish' in a time when the Mexican team in 2005 joined Carlos Vela, would also be asked about the player's current situation and joins the 'puja' has not yet begun to try to achieve gain the services of the player. (via SPORT)

Keirrison should find another team

" Keirrison should look for a new squad for next season, "as stated by President Santos , Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro . According to Lula, the player will not continue because he has not fulfilled the expectations placed on him, so "we will return to Barcelona." (via MD)

[Barça B] Femenía "We are delighted with Eusebio"

The new B Barcelona forward has spoken of his adaptation to the subsidiary from Navata, where the team has started the preseason. Starting Saturday, will focus the under-20 to play the World of Colombia.

Femenía Kiko has started the season with the reserves squad. The Alicante Barça TV has assured that its adaptation to the system of training is a matter of "time, sacrifice and humility." He also knows very well that the news should get used to, and faced with optimism: "Here we work very much touch, the tactical system, and is very different than I was used. It's normal cost me a little inside, but over time I will adapt well and everything will be better. " adaptation should not only be a new game system and some new teammates, but also a new coach for Femenía who has nothing but praise: "I think coach Eusebio is a brand from the beginning that we want to convey. We are all delighted with him and hope all goes good. "

Last season was the best ever for the affiliate club. However, Kiko Femenía prefers to look forward and try to improve the results of the previous course: "It's hard because last year achieved a spectacular qualifying, but this year we have to go from the start with humility. However, I think it is can improve. "

Next week, Kiko Femenía debut with the U-20 World in Colombia, which will coincide with Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Romeu, Sergi and Robert Taylor. So, seven Catalans will be part of the team that Lopetegi Julen. To Femenía, this is no coincidence: "I think the club, today, is the best quarry Club, and it is normal that most are of Barça. For the Club should be an honor to be the seven players, and we have to give everything to go there. "

Before you go concentrate the U-20, Kiko Femenía participate this Friday ( 19h) in the first pre-season friendly against the scale. This game can be seen in deferred Barça TV on Saturday at 19pm. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça could play 11 matches in 30 days

Between the US tour, the Copa Catalunya, the Spanish and European Supercups, the Joan Gamper Trophy and the 2 first league matches, Barça could be destined to play eleven matches in just 30 days.

August id a holiday for most of us, but not for the Barça, who have a hectic schedule ahead of them. From July 31 to August 29, they could play as many as ten games if they reach the final of the Copa Catalunya.

Last season FCB toured Asia, and this time they are returning to the USA for three friendlies. The first is on July 31 against a familiar rival, Manchester United. After that, Barça travel to Miami, where they face Chivas Guadalajara on August 3, before going to Arlington, Texas, where they play another Mexican side, Club America, on the 6th.

Back on home soil, they have the semi final of the Copa Catalunya against Girona at Nou Estadi in Tarragona (August 8), and if they win that, they will play the final the after.

There will be shortage of emotion in August, for clásicos are always highly charged affairs. On the 14th, Barça and Madrid go head to head in the Spanish Supercup, starting at the Santiago Bernabéu. Three days later, Barcelona have the second leg, which will be their first game of the season at the Camp Nou.

Barça have their first league fixture on August 20 or 21, which is away to Malaga. The following Monday, there’s another top match at the Camp Nou, the traditional Joan Gamper trophy. Four days later (August 26), Barça have a glamour tie in Monaco, where they will be battling with Porto for the Spanish Supercup. The European champions end an action packed month with their second league fixture, at home to Villarreal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc, willing to lower his salary to play for Barca

Cesc Fabregas would be willing to be substantially reduced salary to play for Barca . The player of Arsenal sacrifice some 3 million euros a year to facilitate their departure from the English club and wear Barca finally reports the Daily Star .

Cesc received a raise of 3 and a half million euros last season in a bid for the Gunners to keep on your computer. But this season the player is still determined to go to Barcelona and, given the astronomical economic claims calling for the club led by Arsène Wenger wants to give Arenys everything possible to break once and for all its relationship with the French.

Arsène Wenger, a summer, never tires of repeating that "Fabregas is under contract with Arsenal. The club wants to keep all the rest is talk" against, also a summer of his promise to the player that would let you go the Catalan club. The final challenge is to ask you coach Gallo says publicly that it is "unhappy" at Arsenal to let him go to Barca . The player has been planted and has not traveled to Asia with the 'Gunners', but unlike last season, has said nothing publicly about his departure. (via MD)