14 July 2011

Bruno: "Barça and Madrid increasingly improve their workforce"

The right fullback of Valencia acknowledged that it will be difficult to compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid because of its high economic potential than the rest of the League.

"Be aware that Barcelona and Madrid getting better and better templates, is a situation that looks set to continue for the television rights and other economic issues. Our goal is to improve what last season, trying to be as close to them, "he said.

"It's difficult to get them, is complicated, they extend far template level players, at prices unimaginable for other teams, but try to be near them, polishing errors. At the beginning of the season could be at your level, not days during the week, try to be as attached to them, "he continued. (via SPORT)

Argentina v Uruguay and Brazil v Paraguay, in Copa America quarters

The Copa America quarter finals have been confirmed, in which Argentina will face Uruguay and Brazil take on Paraguay. The other games are Colombia v Peru and Chile v Venezuela.

The Copa America is really heating up. From Saturday July 16, the quarter final matches get under way and the first team into the last four will be one of Colombia and Per, who play at 21.00, CET.

The most enticing game comes late Saturday night (early Sunday morning) at 00.15 CET. Hosts Argentina, with Mascherano, Leo Messi and Milito in the side, will be facing a strong Uruguay team that includes Diego Forlán and Luis Suárez, another of the big favourites to win the oldest trophy in international football. These two countries have won 28 of the 42 tournaments played to date, having both won the event a record 14 times.

Brazil will be playing a team they already met in the groups, Paraguay. The ‘canarinha’, coached by Mano Menezes, qualified with a 4-2 win over Ecuador last night and finished top of their group, thus avoiding a clash with Chile. Dani Alves and Adriano Correia will therefore be heading for La Plata, where they play on Sunday at 21.00 CET against a tough opponent.

After that, late Sunday night, early Monday morning at 00.15 CET, Chile and Venezuela will be battling for the last semi final berth.

Argentina and Brazil cannot face each other until the final, if they get there. If Messi, Mascherano and Milito’s team beat Uruguay their semi final opponent will be Peru or Colombia.

As for Dani Alves and Adriano Correia’s Brazil, if they get past Paraguay, next upm will be the winner of the quarter final between Chile and Venezuela. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça to face Girona in Copa Catalunya

Barça will face Girona in the Nou Estadi, Tarragona in the semi finals of the Copa Catalunya on Monday, August 8. The other semi final is between Espanyol and Nàstic.

The 22nd edition of the Copa Catalunya was decided on Tuesday, which is actually the one for the recently finished 2010/11 season. The completion will be played on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 of August at the Nou Estadi in Tarragona. Barça will face Girona (21.45), after the first semi final between Espanyol and Nàstic (19 hores). The final will be on Tuesday at 21.45.

Barça have a hectic August ahead of them. They travel to the Copa Catalunya just a few hours after they get back from the United States, where their final match is on August 6 against Club America. The weekend after they have the first leg of the Spanish Supercup (August 14, Santiago Bernabéu).

Girona is one of the teams playing with Barça B in the Second Division. Coached by Raül Agné, they finished eleventh last season. They won 2-1 at the Miniestadi and then lost 2-0 at home to the FCB reserves.

The draw, held in the Colet Museu, Barcelona, was attended by the General Secretary for Sport, Ivan Tibau, the President of the Catalan Football Federation, Andreu Subies, and representatives of the four clubs taking part. Director Josep Ramon Vidal Abarca represented FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis, another time in hands of Jeffren?

The arrival of Alexis Sanchez Barca is a matter of hours and Jeffren resumes as a possible currency.

This was again reiterated on Thursday Quique Pina, chairman of Granada and representative in Spain of Udinese, who told the COPE has said that the signing of Chilean "will be solved this week."

"We're at a point where they think it's going to sign for Barca because the fringes are minimal," said the director of Granada to the microphones of `The Party of 12 How. "Both clubs have every interest in shutting down the pass and after all the talk is not likely to accept a superior offer," said Pina, who is convinced the deal will close before the end of the week.

On the details of the transaction confirmed the president of Granada figures which had been talking in recent days. "The signing will be 27 million more variables," said Pina, who revealed that Jeffren could be part of the agreement. "It could be included in Jeffren, we are interested player for Udinese and the Granada," said Pina, who acknowledged that they have already spoken to the player squad. "He prefers to play in the Spanish league, so we have offered to play in Granada, where you can enjoy minutes," he said. (via SPORT)

Udinese requests more for Alexis Sánchez

Udinese Alexis delays signing
Brandished a supposed offer from Chelsea
And pretend that Jeffren go to Granada

The signing of Alexis Sanchez have to wait. When, on Tuesday night, it appeared that the operation was to close imminently, Udinese yesterday negotiators backed down, stopped the deal and announced that he would not close the transaction during the day. The Italian club wields a supposed offer from Chelsea, despite the player holds in his desire to sign for Barca and not listen to other offers. It comes down to a bargain: Udinese fixed believes that 26 million are few and want more money.

After the meeting held in Barcelona on Monday laid the foundation of the agreement between the two clubs, which was nearly complete before last night. Barca just waiting for a response Udinese signed after last bid. That not only did not answer affirmatively, but yesterday was a negative response.

They demand more money and Barca, who remains confident in closing the transaction in the next few hours, does not rule out raising the fixed amount of 26 million of its offer, that although many consider exaggerated Udinese considered insufficient.

The battle of the variables

The large disagreement between the two entities is in the variables, not the total amount that the operation would in the coming years if the player would give maximum return to Barça. Udinese want to be tied tightly bound and most of those 26 million. One point of disagreement is the amount payable Alexis plays 50% of matches next season as a starter. Udinese will not accept this variable, proposed by the Catalan club.

Also the interest in carrying the Granada Jeffren may have influenced the slowdown experienced by the transfer of Alexis. Thus commented the president of the Andalusian club, Quique Pina, in Cope, who, yes, adding that Sanchez can be FC Barcelona this week.

In any case, Udinese has also pulled from manual to press the club, and has aired a supposed offer from Chelsea, which the Italian negotiators have proposed a mega-bid for the Chilean.

Despite these obstacles, the club retains certain that Alexis will be Barça player. Negotiators Barca are adamant in defending the interests of the club and consider it a matter of hours

Zubi, at the foot of the canyon in Sant Joan Despi
Andoni Zubizarreta, Barcelona's technical director, followed at all times during the negotiations from his office in the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva, attended as any day the wheel of his vehicle. Zubizarreta is in constant contact with both Pep Guardiola, who kept informed of the status of all negotiations, as the policy. The negotiation of the transfer window now rests primarily with the vice chair of the board sports Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu. (via MD)

First victory: Xavi arrives fresh

After years without a vacation and godliness, the Terrassa has been able to "disconnect".

Smiling, tanned, friendly and patient with children. Xavi arrived promptly at its campus facilities, located in El Collell a bucolic site with three football fields that invite you to put on his boots and balls, embedded in a green as could be close to Lake Banyoles. Serves journalists and immediately shooting, one by one, with 300 kids, with different faces but a very recognizable and common illusion, the child who dreams of being Xavi and suddenly have it next door and tells you things , asked about his name, he comes with familiarity. The photo session lasts one hour. There have been love for three hundred. After lunch was the turn of the autographs. The creatures were not erase the happy face in days.

Joaquim Hernandez, Xavi's father and man of football, is also happy life. No wonder. Who would not be proud of a son, a champion of all, legendary midfielder active? But theirs is an almost overwhelming joy. This summer Xavi finally rested after years without it really. Last season was especially hard, started with the historical evil thing of the Federation, which broke badly on holiday in the Costa Brava to take to play two friendly to the boonies (read Mexico and the U.S.) after winning the World Cup . That initiative was about collateral damage were caused during the course of a serious quarrel with an injured Achilles' heel that could end up much worse had it not been a forced break after medical intervention. This time there have been twenty-some days of vacation but a gentleman and a half months, enough fresh air and unwind. So Joaquim is exultant.

Xavi has shared their leisure with their friends Terrassa, the lifetime and with his family, the environment they feel most comfortable. Fifteen days have particularly rife. The last Queh the bartola lying in a house overlooking Ibiza Formentera: a dream vacation.

Why in Ibiza? Why the night debauchery? Not really. The campus Xavi, who turns thirteen years, continues to grow and this time has also been based on the island. So the crack wanted to be close. Insular campus version is very faithful to that made in Catalunya, ie, family environment, the best monitors and Xavi's two brothers, Oscar and Alex, taking over for sure nothing goes wrong. By The Collell will almost 1,000 children this summer. And everyone wants to be like Xavi. (via MD)

Wenger wants to force Cesc to request the 'transfer request'

The main objective of the technician is to preserve its image to the fans of Arsenal and forcing the player to play the role of bad.

Arsène Wenger maintains an attitude of defense desperately to save their image with the fans of Arsenal and Cesc Fabregas wants to force to go all the way over your pulse with the London club. Alsatian coach knows that Cesc Fabregas will not play at Arsenal, because the pulse has gone too far and Fabregas has made it clear he wants to be transferred to Barcelona. So much so that Wenger band until now closed to the possibility of negotiating and organizing little groups with journalists at the Asian tour to poison and leave Arsenal in a very bad place to Cesc Fabregas and, above all, to FC Barcelona. Wenger, though who knows how much you are suffering Cesc wants the Arenys player assumes the role of evil in his love and express its desire to be transferred using a 'transfer request'.

Wenger is so obsessed with anything that says the case has been made wrong statements made yesterday morning Xavi, stating that "Cesc is having very bad." Wenger responded after the first game of Arsenal in Malaysia (0-4 to a Malaysian team) saying that "there must be respect between the clubs and Xavi has been disrespectful." The technician will take the victim role to the end, but admitted that his captain "has the heart divided between Arsenal and is now the best team in the world."

That moment is far from being the best is Arsenal. The draft Wenger sinks and after six years without a title not only other players like Cesc, but Van Persie or young Nasri is up to the cap of broken promises. A Wenger has escaped the control of the situation and why you want to force Fabregas. However, the direction of Arsenal prefer to settle the case through diplomatic channels with the club. Barca know that the offer is reasonable considering the years he has Cesc at Arsenal and what remains of contract and that, at one extreme case in court football, Arsenal would have to lose, so negotiate the final price with the club. And Wenger knows it.

So, tode is reduced to a pulse for the price of the transfer, the end could be around 36 million euros, with Wenger following the slack and intoxicates the English press. The main point of contention in the negotiation of real and serious (aside from Wenger) would be that the club understands that Arsenal has already claimed six million and Bellerín taking Toral

Wilshere Fàbregas asks "who is a man"
Jack Wilshere Cesc Fabregas yesterday asked "to be a man and show loyalty to the club. It would be shameful to lose the captain before the season started. Loyalty proves you're a real man or not." He added, "would be devastated if Cesc is out. Last year he showed his loyalty and hope that he and some do the same."
Arsenal midfielder nuance his remarks and stressed after the captain of the team "has been a great role model for me, so how are you going to ask has to be more man?" (via MD)

Bojan, annoying for the situation that viviend is

After being put on the market now understands that his move to lengthen both.

Bojan Krkic is upset about the situation he is living in his last days as Barca. Barca is on track for days his move to Rome, but still has refused to cash the pending permanent closure of the addition of Alexis Sanchez. After having overcome the evil drink that meant having to leave the club all their lives have barely had the opportunity to prove anything in the last season, and after being put on the market by not having too much to Guardiola, not the front Linyola understand how the club is now extending both its output.

Want to work at Rome

The player already had the idea that his transfer was consummated earlier this week and, therefore, would give time up to Initiate the preseason with his new teammates in Rome from the first day (all capital began yesterday the preseason to the orders of Luis Enrique).

While specific departure, Bojan is training on his own to get the best possible conditions to Rome. Overcome the blow of being rejected Barca Bojan is now very psyched to give everything to succeed in the Rome and restore confidence Luis Enrique has placed in him.

On the other hand, to avoid eating a lot of the 'coconut' with the strange situation that is played live, front Linyola uses free time to meet with friends. Yesterday, for example, Bojan Olot ate with their relatives and wanted to involve the food your twitter followers hanging a picture of the paella tasted.

Meanwhile, Xavi Hernandez lamented his departure yesterday. "It's a shame that a player's house, who is also a friend, have to leave," said egarense. Still, he understands that "Bojan wants and needs to play"

Jose Angel, to be presented in Roma
José Angel is in Rome to pass a medical and be presented by the Italian club. The left-back 4.5 million left in the coffers of Sporting, which can reach 5 if the following clause in the contract. He becomes the most expensive transfer in the history of Asturian club.

Capdevila for Maxwell

Barca does not rule out going to the side Villarreal if it an attractive offer for the Brazilian, who seek to Milan and Manchester City.

Barca does not rule out going for Joan Capdevila if Maxwell finally left the Camp Nou this summer. The Brazilian player is claimed by the Milan and Manchester City, so if the club receives an interesting offer for him, the Catalan club would open the door. If you took that course, bet sports management Barca then the arrival of the Catalan defender Villarreal.

The footballer Tàrrega has already shown its readiness to sign for Barca after Juan Carlos Garrido, coach of Villarreal, did you see that is not in their plans going into this season. Furthermore, although still two years left of contract, Capdevila is committed to the club from Castellon to let him go with a free transfer under the arm if you find a destination that is to your liking.

Thus, the club would make a good business, keep it level and even exceed the lateral reinforcing selection southpaw world champion at zero cost. Furthermore, to achieve cash from the sale of Maxwell, whose income could be allocated to the purchase of Alexis or Cesc.

De 'stage' in Ireland

Pending what happens to their future, Joan Capdevila, who enjoyed more days off, like the rest of international Yellow Submarine (Marchena, Cazorla, Borja Valero and Nilmar) yesterday began the preseason with Villarreal and now will move to Ireland, specifically Dublin, to perform the 'stage' with their peers. In Irish lands, and unless there is a radical reversal of the situation shortly, Capdevila remain with the team until next July 19, just one day after their preseason INICE Barca in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

The possible arrival of Capdevila would be welcomed by fans Catalans, who through a web survey of MD made it clear that Tàrrega was the player who most aroused sympathies to reinforce the defense of the club. Capdevila addition, the options included the names of Jose Angel and Jose Enrique among others

From Brazil raised the Operation Neymar '
Although in recent days, the Real Madrid seemed to have taken the lead yesterday in Brazil to give priority back to Barca when done by the signing of Neymar. According to a report yesterday by the Internet portal 'ESPN' in Brazil, the club could use Henry as a key in the operation Neymar. Barca defender pierce now taking over its form and as consideration is to ensure Neymar signing. In addition, the Catalan club have signed a document that would commit to buy striker Santos in a period of 12 to 18 months. (via MD)

[Former player] Riquelme: "Messi always makes well it all"

Boca Juniors footballer said: "Messi for me is one of those players who always do everything right" and also confessed that "had the illusion of playing the Copa America with him."

"Messi always plays well and the first two games (draws against Bolivia and Colombia) was not bad," said Boca star, who said: "Against Colombia was the lighter of the team."

"With Messi spoke almost every day," said Riquelme. "To Mess is important to play a nine-defined, so it was essential to enter the team Higuain" in the match that the Argentines won 3-0, said.

"It would be a great pleasure to play with Messi. I had the illusion of being in the Copa America," he said Riquelme, who finished the Argentina League with sequelae of injury.

Also called wisdom of coach Sergio Batista made the choice to align Gonzalo Higuain by Lionel Messi against Costa Rica, Argentina match in which they qualified to the quarterfinals of the Copa America. (via SPORT)

Andres Iniesta giving away four trips to the U.S. tour

Andres Iniesta has revealed in his Facebook profile that he had prepared a surprise to his followers, is none other than four places to travel with the player during the American tour of FC Barcelona.

Andres Iniesta, along with one of its sponsors, Kalise, giving away four trips to accompany the player throughout the tour that FC Barcelona will make the United States.

The prize for those who correctly answer questions and be graceful in the drawing consists of a 12-day trip air tickets and accommodation in the same hotels that the player and tickets to three games that the team Washington, Miami and Dallas.

You also have the opportunity to meet alone with the player and chat with crack Fuentealbilla.

To participate you must access the page to Facebook Kalise before July 8, become a Fan and answer questions correctly. (via SPORT)

Quique Pina: "The signing of Alexis will be solved this week"

The arrival of Alexis Sanchez Barca is a matter of hours.

This was again reiterated on Thursday Quique Pina, chairman of Granada and representative in Spain of Udinese, who told the COPE has said that the signing of Chilean "will be solved this week."

"We're at a point where they think it's going to sign for Barca because the fringes are minimal," said the director of Granada to the microphones of `The Party of 12 How. "Both clubs have every interest in shutting down the pass and after all the talk is not likely to accept a superior offer," said Pina, who is convinced the deal will close before the end of the week.

On the details of the transaction confirmed the president of Granada figures which had been talking in recent days. "The signing will be 27 million more variables," said Pina, who revealed that limbo could be part of the agreement. "It could be included in limbo, we are interested player for Udinese and the Granada," said Pina, who acknowledged that they have already spoken to the player squad. "He prefers to play in the Spanish league, so we have offered to play in Granada, where you can enjoy minutes," he said. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Miguel Angel, second signing of Juvenil A

Barca closed its second addition to the Oscar Garcia Juvenil A Junyent ahead of next season. After tying Elche goalkeeper Miguel Bañuz the Blaugrana sports management reached an agreement with Racing the signing of midfielder Miguel Angel Sainz Maza. The player of the whole Cantabrian was one of the major goals and his signing was affordable for the Blaugrana's coffers due to good relations between both clubs as a result of the transfer of the entity Henrique El Sardinero.

Oscar Garcia players return to work on 1 August, so the sports management still has time to form a competitive team. The technician who took the Blaugrana's historic treble recently renewed his contract for two seasons. (via SPORT)

The first team and Barça B can do together of the preseason

The lack of effect of Valladolid could lead many young people play on Saturday in Split.

Barça B returns next Monday Navata (Girona), which is conducting the pre-season stage, and change your workflow. The coaching staff is awaiting the final decision to take Pep Guardiola, but everything points to the team players will be made on Wednesday on the orders of Santpedor to the many absences because of international commitments of the lower categories of the Spanish team.

Eusebio Sexton won't be able to have eleven footballers, the seven that will concentrate with the Spanish sub selection 20 to dispute the World cup of Colombia (Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Romeu, Sergi Roberto, Tello and Kiko Femenía) starting from Saturday, both international that will participate in the sub European 19 of Rumanía (Sergi Gómez and Deulofeu) and two injured (Rafinha and Espinosa) .Además, the vallisoletano ignores if he will have to disposition to Jonathan Soriano, Jonathan two Santos and Armando that are awaiting knowing its new destination.

Failing that Guardiola and Eusebio details early next week the work plan, it seems that the players of the first and second teams will be mixed. Pep has cited his players on Monday, appearing for the Ciutat Esportiva in order to begin testing and early medical training. The presence of players from Barça B will be helpful for dispensing a lot more work and, in particular, efforts to regulate the first preseason game to be played on Saturday July 23 against Hajduk Split. Guardiola will follow closely the development of young people. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Benfica came for Jonathan Soriano

Jonathan Soriano is getting offers from major European clubs to enlist their ranks next season.

One of the last teams that was interested in his services was Benfica, but the claims of Barca slowed their desire to incorporate the Second Division's top scorer A.

The Blaugrana club wants to join a figure close to three million of their clause resicisión and this amount as a disincentive for teams trying to join. The Salzburg seemed to be the closest option, but the Austrian club ADDITIONS ruled yesterday.

The player in turn declared the concentration of Barça B "for all parties would have been better and had defined my future." (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez already feels culé

At 22, the 'Niño Maravilla' and openly admits he has fulfilled his dream.

No details or fringed or legal or economic considerations last minute. Nothing can sour the joy that pervades Alexis Sanchez. For days, more particularly since the arrival of his agent, Fernando Felicevich, the concentration of Chile in Mendoza, crack anxiously awaited the final call, which confirmed that within days will change the colors of his dream Barca Udinese .

The striker understands that there are still those small considerations, the fights last minute that prevented the official announcement of the transfer, but has already passed Felicevich that all effects can guarantee that next season will play in the Nou Camp. The conflict between clubs only delay the deal but under not block the transfer.

From the intimacy of the Hyatt Hotel in Mendoza has emerged that all but Alexis Sanchez bounces with joy. The great figure Chilean or even bother to suppress the enormous satisfaction he invades. Some media claimed they were eyewitnesses to many hugs and congratulations, but the main information comes from other players in the Chilean combined.

Mauritius broke protocol when a few days ago in private conversation he confessed that Alexis stated that his move to Barcelona was only a matter of formality. You had to have a little more patience, but everything was ready for this week outlining the transfer. No one better than his compatriot and teammate in the locker room to be well informdo Udinese. This has been, and now the rest of the expedition members have enjoyed a great time with a move for all the fans dreamed of Chile.

The framework was not the most ideal. In the middle row of the Copa America, and just hours before the cross-quarter, has exploded the news. The coach so far has been most sympathetic. Obviously that would not have noticed fleeting trips to facilitate review and sign the contract, but said this before the whole group prayed for FC Barcelona and the transfer Udinese sealed soon. And it seems her prayers have come true. At least it is clear from the very technical congratulations, Claudio Borghi, delivered in person to Alexis Sanchez. If the great Chilean star is happy, the rest of the costume also shares the good news.

The announcement of Felicevich Alexis Sanchez has eased tensions in the small time.

Crack is committed on a day to park as far as possible the debate over its future. No statements or press conferences or public gestures to feed debates or controversies that may disturb the internal environment of a team that aspires to be one of the biggest surprises in the Copa America. Alexis has kept his word to the letter. Congratulations and hugs only been behind closed doors and external leaks have been limited to a few journalists and the indiscretions of other colleagues. Like, for example, Ivan Zamorano.

The striker takes weeks stating that the club is about to enter a player who makes a difference, a cornerstone to further increase the legend of recent years. The former Real Madrid, among other equipment, said in a statement to Sky himself footballer Luis Jimenez Alexis Sanchez said his firm had made official as new Barcelona player. Lighter impossible.

Chile is happy and convinced that now more than ever, the striker is able to lead a combined waiting to show off the quote from Argentina. Alexis got it and is the work to justify to everyone that their class deserves a huge hole in the club. (via SPORT)

Rosell wants more weight of the clubs in the FIFA

The president came yesterday with Raul Sanllehí the meeting of the European Club Association in Zurich.

The staff of the European Club Association (ECA) met yesterday in Zurich with a major issue on the table: to find tools that clubs are more protected from the FIFA Virus. The president Sandro Rosell and football director Raul Sanllehí attended on behalf of FC Barcelona and closed ranks with the other members of the association to get greater role in FIFA.

The meeting discussed the international calendar and will seek ways that clubs are not required (as now) to give his players even in friendly matches when they are under the FIFA calendar.

They understand the clubs that have no voice or vote in the body and lament that the schedule is already scheduled through 2014. The goal is to have more participation in the development of the calendar between 2014 and 2018, still in process. Madrid was also present at the meeting yesterday, although its maximum president, Florentino Perez, did not go to Zurich. It did the manager Pedro Lopez Jimenez. During the meeting also dealt with relations between the clubs and UEFA. All in all, the non-presence of the club Arsenal 'gunner' has no representation on the board of the ECA-prevented if she met with Rosell, who had given much play in the middle of negotiations for the transfer of the player.

The next meeting is scheduled ACE to mark the end of the Super Cup to be played Barcelona and Porto. In principle it is set for a day before the final and is expected to continue to treat the issue of 'FIFA Virus'. On September 6, is scheduled to be held by the General Assembly. (via SPORT)

[Copa América GL] Neymar and Pato take to Brazil to rooms of final

BRAZIL 4 - ECUADOR, 2. 'Canarinha' sealed his qualification for the quarterfinals of the Copa America to overcome a weak or 4-2 to Ecuador in a match that was endorsed by the opportunist striker Alexandre Pato and Neymar.

Felipe Caicedo scored the goal of honor for Ecuador, which was eliminated from the continental tournament after yielding a point on a possible nine and remain in last place in Group B.

With this result, the America's Cup champion won the match and will now travel to Buenos Aires city of La Plata to face Paraguay on Sunday in the quarterfinals.

Forced to win and with the support of much of the public who attended the stadium Mario Alberto Kempes, the tricolor team delivered a dapper image and ordered in the first quarter of game time.

With Caicedo at center and sharp climbs the side of Walter Ayovi, those of the Colombian Reinaldo Rueda showed their offensive intentions, but lacked depth on the scoreboard to reflect the early dominance.

Brazil was a slow computer, long, predictable and even indifferent, except when Maicon, substitute Dani Alves, damaged by the band when they decided to address a Ayovi, either to attack but loose in the back.

At 2 min Thiago Silva told with a header that flew past the goal, but from then until the goal of 'canarinha' walked down the court, never met let alone Goose Neymar so willing to lose few feet and engage the team and individual.

There was nothing in the game when Mano Menezes met the goal. After an opening of Lucas Leiva, André Santos saw was a quick duck diagonally toward the center the ball. The Milan man made no mistake with a header with no options left measured Marcelo Elizaga.

Ecuador seemed resigned to their fate, but, as unexpectedly as Brazil, came to a tie at 37, one minute after Robinho a very strong shot crashed into the pole.

Caicedo was a prize for the best of all Ecuadorian and a harsh punishment for Julius Caesar, whom the ball was slipped under his body when he did not seem to take too much poison.

The goal emboldened Ecuador, he could go to the break ahead but for a stop saving the Inter Milan goalkeeper when playing the 45 minutes.

The second stage was electrifying. The "verdeamarelha" was ahead on the scoreboard with a good definition of Neymar after combining with Goose in the 49th minute, but ten after Caicedo took a crack between Lucio and Thiago Silva to submit to Caesar, again unfortunate in the play.

But Goose was inspired, Pato scored the third after catching a rebound that gave Elizaga Neymar at 61 and completed his happiest night in the Cup and signed the 4-2.

Brazil left more on the numbers in the game, but he succeeded. Now comes the moment of truth.

{Technical Data]
4. Brasil: Julio César; Maicon, Lucio, Thiago Silva, André Santos; Ramires, Lucas Leiva, Ganso (m.76, Elías); Robinho, Neymar (m.79, Lucas) y Pato (m.85, Fred).

2. Ecuador: Elizaga; Reasco (m.81, Achilier), Araujo, Erazo, Ayovi, Minda, Noboa (m.90, mountain), Arroyo Mendez (m.76, Mina), Benitez and Felipe Caicedo.

Goals: 1-0, m.28: Pato. 1-1, m.37: Caicedo. 2-1, m.49: Neymar. 2-2, m.59: Caicedo. 3-2, m.61: Pato. 4-2, m.72: Neymar.

Referee: Roberto Silvera (URU), which admonished Noboa and Andre Santos.

Incidents: Group B match of the Copa America soccer match at the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes, the Argentina city of Cordoba, before some 25,000 spectators.

Barça waits news but Pozzo is not in a hurry

The club azulgrana affirms that Udinese should ratify the precontrato but in Udine they are shielded in the details to win the last play.

From Barcelona and Italy were distilled few changes in the day yesterday. Both clubs were limited to Selan who agreed at the bottom of the transfer and that the only setback to achieve it lay in the intransigence of the other party.

That is, the club maintains that tried to sneak a goal Udinese last minute while the Italians say that the Catalan club adultery spirit of verbal agreement in writing of the preliminary contract for the transfer.

Anyway, went back to Udine Gino Pozzo with a document that fails to agree, in principle, has no intention of signing until they resolve some details.

A typical friction for large trades. Yesterday, during the morning, resumed contacts between the parties. Prosecutors came into play to balance numbers, variables also provided little doubt sports and the dates and appraisals to play friendlies left no one satisfied. All in minor respects but together they end up adding a negligible amount.

To prevent small fires Barca environments and Udine rushed to find that the climate of dialogue is still good and just about the teams that look for alternatives with a little imagination to all parties can be more than happy with the outcome.
And the contract for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez may have very different readings. Therein lies another key that hinder their implementation. Depending on how you interpret the various variables, the final amount varies considerably.

For the club, the operation will be stipulated in 27 million more figures (11 billion) that will be conditioned on the performance of the player and the team itself. However, Udinese believes that some variables are guaranteed in advance and therefore the 27 million fixed can be significantly higher. It is appropriate to condition the readings for the respective parishes.

Both clubs agree that the transfer of Alexis will not reach 40 million euros in its game. Another very different is that the exploitation of the friendly between Barca and Udinese can be highly variable and report higher or lower amounts depending on the situation of the game.

Views interested party not to revoke an agreement that has been thoroughly sweated for months. No danger transfer. (via SPORT)

Napoli to play in the Gamper

FC Barcelona will entertain Napoli in the Joan Gamper Trophy next August 22. It will be the first time the Italian outfit has appeared at the Camp Nou.

Napoli finished third in Serie A season, and will provide interesting preseason opposition for Barcelona in what will be the 46th edition of the ‘Gamper’, to be played at the Camp Nou on August 22, after the first game of the Liga season.

Curiously, despite being two historic clubs, Barça and Napoli have never met in an official encounter. Their only previous meeting was in a friendly on May 25 that ended one apiece.

The Neapolitans will be featuring in this season’s Champions League, and their star players include Argentine international Ezequiel Lavezzi, who is currently playing in the Copa America, Slovakia’s Marek Hamsik and another Copa America star, Edinson Cavani od Uruguay, plus former Espanyol man Víctor Ruiz.

For the 2011/2012 season, the club has invested in further reinforcements, including midfielder Gokhan Inler of Switzerland from Udinese, and Marco Donadel, who was signed from Fiorentina. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barcelona and Udinese have already agreed the operation Alexis

Dealing on Alexis Sanchez came to an end, according to sources in the FC Barcelona admit that Udinese have already have all the documentation and just needed to be signed by the expected closing some 'fringe'

Barcelona and Udinese have failed to bear the definitive operation shelved Alexis Sanchez, after one days has elapsed since the Italian bank is studying all the documents submitted by the club Barcelona.

"They have all the documentation of the agreement", he told EFE a spokesman for the agency Barca, who has not dared to predict when a final decision will occur in the operation.

Negotiations accelerated on Tuesday, and even both teams seemed ready to close the deal. Barcelona sent all the documentation with the commitments made to the team of Udine, but there has been a definitive answer.

All indications are that the agreement has not been closed due to differences in the fixed amount to be paid by the club and form of payment, in addition to the incentives included in the operation.

Udinese leaders want the amount paid in incentives, which is an important part in the operation does not take into account the player's performance.

The same spokesman has confirmed that Barcelona contact between the two entity is continued and that any time you can produce the outcome.

Udinese feel imprisoned by desires Alexis Sanchez, who reiterated that only wants to sign for Barcelona in the opposite case arises continue in the Italian team, while the Friulian team has the best offers from Barcelona, ​​especially one from Manchester City that would fill the economic expectations of the owners of Udinese. (via SPORT)

Visits to the Barça Museum increased by 27% during the 2010/11 season

With nearly one and a half million visitors and a 66% increase in turnover, the FC Barcelona Museum closed the season with a more than satisfactory balance. The new format, new content, and club achievements, are the fonts of this success.

Absolute and historical record. This is the conclusion of the season’s balance of the FC Barcelona Museum that during 2010/2011 received a total of 1,492,867 visits. The museum attendance has increased by 27% over the previous year, an increase that translates into 320,846 visitors more than during 2009/10, when 1,172.021 people turned up. The increasing numbers have led to an increase in turnover of 66%.

The vice president of the social area, Jordi Cardoner, valued as "very positive" the results obtained "by a significant space that helps in the understanding of why Barça is more than a club".

"The factor of sporting excellence of our team is indisputable and FC Barcelona is a magnet at national and international level. Aside from the sports results, the greatness of our club and social values that we have been able to transmit around the world have been vital". These are, according to Jordi Cardoner, the key factors in the success of visits to the Camp Nou Experience.

Since its inauguration, the Camp Nou Experience has been a total success, and visiting the FC Barcelona stadium has become an almost indispensable stop for tourist buses in the city. Inclusion of the visit in the of tour operators programs means that the summer months are the busiest. Last August, with 214,526 visits, was the period of greatest affluence. On the other hand, there has not been a month where the visits have dropped below 54,000.

Although the bulk of visitors to the museum are foreigners, renovation and modernization of the facilities have attracted the interest of the local public. The increase in visitors from this sector is very satisfying for the Club, which expects this trend to continue during the current year and will remember that this was the best season in Barça’s history.

Satisfaction with the results obtained is undeniable but it is accompanied by the desire to continue working to maintain them and even improve them. "The club understands that the Barça Museum should be a living museum that can be fed from a source which today is priceless, such as objects donated by members and fans," said Cardoner.

The creation of a new space for the 16 professional titles won in 2010/2011, the opening of a permanent exhibition of the Foundation and the updating of multimedia content are some of the future initiatives to be undertaken by the Barcelona Museum.

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We are working to bring in a forward"

The B team's coach said during the press conference after training that the Club is working to bring in an attacker.

Eusebio Sacristán confirmed on Wednesday that the B team needs a striker to face up to the season with the maximum possible guarantees. "We are looking for someone young who has the possibility in the future to move up to the first team" said Eusebio, who also made it clear that it could be someone "with more experience in the division".

Eusebio also said that although the main task is to nurture the first team, he has not renounced equalling or bettering the team’s position the end of last season, despite the difficulty. "The goal of the reserve team is very clear, to continue educating players who can make the first team, but that doesn’t mean they we won’t fight for a good position in the league" said an ambitious Eusebio.

One area where more Eusebio has placed most emphasis these days has been tactical, as a he wants to put his "own stamp" on the team to show them how he views football. He also said that he is "very clear what Barça’s philosophy is" and that TorreMirona "is one of the best places to work because of the tranquility that it breathes".

On Thursday the reserve team players will have a day off, but the next day, Friday, they’ll play their first preseason game against Escala, with kick-off at 19.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Wenger: "Xavi has been disrespectful to the Arsenal"

The coach 'gunner' it loads against that of Terrassa to have declared that Cesc is passing "it bad in the Arsenal" and that he "wants to already" come.

Arsene Wenger has responded to statements Xavi Hernandez , which had claimed that Cesc "what's going wrong" and "want to come now," after the bolo who have played the Gunners' 0-4 beating people by the selection of Malaysia. The French coach has said that the de Terrassa "has been disrespectful to the Arsenal" and that "there must be mutual respect between the two clubs."

Nevertheless, Wenger has admitted that "Cesc has always been torn between his love for Arsenal and desire to play the greatest team in the world right now." Thus, the trainer 'gunner' reiterates its firm position that the midfielder Arenys not leave the Emirates Stadium . (via MD)