13 July 2011

[Selection Under-19 Euro] The definitive list for the European Championship in Romania

The national selectors have released the name of the eighteen-man squad for the upcoming European Championship of the category (from July 20 to August 1). Yeray Gomez, Victor Alvarez, Rafael Alcantara Alexander Vallejo and not attend the event. (via RFEF)

A proposal for national teams, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for the Final Phase of the reference to the following players:

ARSENAL FC: Ignasi Mikel Pons
ATHLETIC CLUB: Jon Aurtenetxe Borde y Jonas Ramalho Jimeno
FC BARCELONA: Sergi Gómez Sola y Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro
RCD ESPANYOL DE BARCELONA SAD: Edgar Badia Guardiola y Albert Blázquez Robles
REAL MADRID CF: Daniel Carvajal Ramos, Pablo Sarabia García, Alejandro Fernández Iglesias “Alex” y Álvaro Morata Martín
MALAGA CF SAD: Juan Miguel Jiménez Lopez “Juanmi”
SEVILLA FC SAD: José Gómez Campaña
VALENCIA CF SAD: Francisco Alcacer García “Paco”
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Adrián Ortola Vaño

Barça waits an answer of Udinese for Alexis

FC Barcelona is waiting for Udinese now definitely respond to its proposed purchase by Alexis Sanchez , estimated at 26 million plus 11 fixed variables, and which also may include a portion of payment conceptualized in friendly matches with the Italian club.

The reluctance of Udinese to accept that some of the variables is subject to Alexis holds a 50 per cent of the matches were what held back the agreement.

Now, after the latest proposal of Barcelona , the ball is on the roof of the Italian club. The FC Barcelona expects to close the deal Wednesday, but did not rule out Udinese want to procrastinate because Alexis does not play until Monday at the Copa America and, therefore, the chances of injury are less these days.

Another phone that is pending is Bojan Krkic , Barca since his transfer will not close until you have signed another striker. So while it does not fall Alexis Bojan not be sold to Rome. A sale that could bring Barca 12 million euros. (via MD)

"We have a good enough team to make history"

Xavi Hernandez, who on Wednesday visited his summer campus, said that FC Barcelona has "a team good enough to make history". The midfielder is very excited about the season that’s about to begin.

Rested, and with new goals in mind. That’s how we now find Xavi Hernandez, who’ll return to training next Monday, when the team begins its preseason. "I'm ready to start" he said at the press conference that he offered at his summer campus, at the installations of the Sanctuari del Collell. Xavi stressed that the team has a squad good enough to continue making history. He is still very hungry.

Many of the questions put to Xavi were about new signings. One of the names most mentioned was Alexis Sanchez. Xavi’s opinion about the Chilean player is that "In his repertoire he is great in a one on one situation, he can score goals, and he can unbalance defences. He’s dynamic, vertical, and direct". If his move to Barça is confirmed, Xavi said it would be a "spectacular" signing.

The other name on everyone’s lips is Cesc Fabregas. Xavi acknowledged having spoken with Cesc in the Summer. "I spoke to Cesc in Ibiza and he said he was suffering, because he really wants to come. It’s what he most wants, he’s done everything he can to come and wants Arsenal to let him go" he said, although he did clarify that now everything depends on the selling club.

On the other hand, Xavi also commented on the possible departure of Bojan Krkic. "I'm sorry that he might leave, although a change of scenery might be the best for him" he said. On Fontàs and Thiago, both members of the 1st team squad from this season on, he is in no doubt. "Both players are ready, just like the other players in the squad" he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Camacho, Malaga: "Playing against Barcelona is the first on the forehead"

Malaga midfielder Ignacio Camacho said Wednesday that "it is better off now" the clash with FC Barcelona, ​​which opens the 2011-12 League because he believes his team can "seize" the opponent gets "two tough games" such as the Super Cup with Real Madrid.

"Playing against Barcelona is the first on the forehead, but what we are doing we can get to the game in good shape because we have this equipment," he told a news conference.

Camacho stressed he was "very pleased" with the important project of the club "has been bolstered with new signings to add to what I had," therefore considers that this year "there is no rival who can not win" .

The player jellyfish analyzed some of the signings like Jeremy Toulalan which he said "is a very experienced player" Ruud Van Nistelrooy calling it "a wonder goal and pure physical" and Nacho Monreal, a "big boost" . (via SPORT)

"Villas-Boas was afraid to get three or four goals from Barça"

Porto president Nuno Pinto da Costa said the Chelsea out of what was until a few weeks ago his coach, Andre Villas-Boas, it's obsession with his compatriot Jose Mourinho.

"He, for Villas-Boas, has a complex and is always thinking about the ghost of Mourinho, and how Mourinho won the UEFA and Champions League with Porto,-and would not continue for fear of not earning it," said Pinto da Costa at the close of a series of gatherings held in the Casino da Figueira (northern Portugal).

Pinto da Costa cited a conversation with the new coach and the Blues in which he justified his decision to leave Chelsea for fear of interest to stop the "big" if Porto suffered a hefty defeat to Barcelona in the European Super Cup, and did not meet expectations in the Champions League.

"I was afraid to get three or four goals of the club, but Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid for a year, took five or so ceased to be the best in the world," defended the president of Porto.

In his opinion, the astronomical figures of the transfer, Chelsea paid fifteen million of his buyout clause and five million paid annually in wages, "helped" but were not the reason for their departure.

"I told him that under normal conditions, at age 33 should be training to Académica de Coimbra or the Navy and 40 to reach a large, yet at 33 he had won with Porto and was to have many opportunities to achieve more titles, "said Pinto da Costa.

The head of the Port, who has been in office for three decades, the most successful of its history, said that when he speaks of a great European club, "no one thinks of Chelsea, but Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester. "

In fact, said to Villas-Boas said the possibility that this was the final season of Pep Guardiola on the bench for Barcelona and the Catalan club would be an ideal destination for him. "But he was afraid of comparisons with Mourinho and left," he said Pinto da Costa.

Grass: from the Camp Nou to the Miniestadi

From Wednesday morning until the weekend, the grass will be taken from the Camp Nou pitch, and re-laid in the Miniestadi.

As planned, the process of taking up of the Camp Nou pitch was started on Wednesday and the work will continue to the weekend. During Monday and Tuesday of next week work will begin to prepare the sub-soil of the Camp Nou so that from Wednesday on the new turf, coming from Bordeaux, can be laid. At the end of next week, the weekend of 23rd and 2th of July it’s expected that the new pitch will be completely laid.

The good quality and health of the Camp Nou grass is the reason that Barça decided to move it to the Miniestadi. It’s been nine years since the playing surface was laid at the Miniestadi. This, as well as the club’s austerity policy meant that this Wednesday, the grass panels removed from the Camp Nou are being taken and placed directly in the Miniestadi.

The grass, which last week was taken up from the Miniestadi will also be profited from. It will be used as organic compost for the maintenance of the pitches.

From eight in the morning until eight in the evening, the work will be intense at the club’s installations, so that the two pìtches will be in perfect condition for the start of the season. The major objective is that the grass will in optimum condition and provide zero risk for the players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

There are no pre-season friendlies with Guardiola

On Monday the pre-season begins with five friendly matches, or to be more accurate, in the words of Gaurdiola, with five non-official matches. Pep Guardiola has shown that he wants to win every match.

So far, Guardiola’s Barça have played 16 non-official pre-season games and the team have won 12, drawn 3 and have lost only 1, clearly showing the competitive spirit they take into these games..

Barça coach Pep Guardiola opened his account in Scotland with a 6-0 win against Hibernian. The first game against top level opposition was against Fiorentina in Italy and Barça won 3-1, not with any great flair, but playing very seriously..

The best example of the competitive spirit that Guardiola transmits to his players is the Gamper of that year when Barça were losing 1-0 against Boca Juniors and ended up winning an epic match, with goals from Carles Puyol and Samuel Eto'o, in injury time.

Guardiola’s second season began with lots of reserve players in the pre-season squad in St. Andrews. Although most of the players were from the reserves, Barça didn’t lose, not event against Tottenham (1-1), who had started their pre-season much earlier. The players put together 3 wins and 2 draws until between the 2 legs of the Spanish Super Cup, they came up against Manchester City in the Gamper. That day, the team lost the only non-official pre-season match with Guardiola as coach (1-0).

The pre-season last year was atypical, with only 4 preparation matches, and almost inexistent for the World Cup players. However, Guardiola’s Barça didn’t drop their level of commitment and carried on winning, with the exception of the Gamper against AC Milan where they drew (1-1). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi: "Cesc is passing it very bad"

Barca midfielder wants to close finally the eternal soap opera that is starring in a year his friend Cesc Fabregas.

Xavi, who presented the Collell Campus, near the town of Banyoles, talked about who could come and also those who will.

The egarense Cesc returned to praise, which he said he hopes to have it soon as a teammate. "He would like to solve everything and sign for Barca, we want to come but it is a problem between Barca and Arsenal," he said.

Xavi said he agreed with Cesc in Ibiza and it was "concerned and very uncertain" to be going through the same thing last year. "What is going badly. It seemed that Arsenal would give him permission to come this year but just realize," he added.

The player was asked the other man who is playing more to strengthen the team, the Chilean Alexis Sanchez. "It is certainly a great player. We saw the World Cup and I've also seen him play in a match with Udinese, would be an amazing signing for us," he said.


Among the qualities you like most of Chile Xavi stood out above all "the imbalance, goal and skill in one on one."

"On our way to play many teams that we are close behind and he could help unbalance. Would come to fill a need for the team," said the '6 'of the club.

Xavi also commented on the progress of Bojan, who wished luck on your adventure Roman and he said that "perhaps it is good change of pace" after failing at the club enjoyed the opportunities needed.


Asked whether starting the season playing two consecutive derbies against Real Madrid on the occasion of the Supercopa of Spain, the midfielder declared that he takes it as a positive challenge. "Playing against Madrid is always a plus motivation and will compete to the fullest," he said. (via SPORT)

Busquets passes it big at Port Aventura

Sergio Busquets was in Port Aventura coinciding with the first anniversary of the victory of the Spanish in the 2010 World Cup.

FC Barcelona midfielder did not hesitate to drop all the adrenaline in the park's iconic attractions, like Furius Baco, Dragon Khan or Hurakan Condor.

Taking advantage of the last days of vacation before returning to training with Barcelona on 18 July, Badia del Valles player made the most of all the entertainment and amusement park on the Costa Daurada.

Woody and Betty Charismatics Booprecibieron a warm welcome to the integral of the current league champions and Champions League. (via SPORT)

Wilshere requests to Cesc that that he is a "man" and stay in the Arsenal

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere on Wednesday asked his captain, Catalan Cesc Fabregas, who is a "man" and show loyalty to the club he has played the last eight seasons.

Englishman said that any team that aspires to win "to keep their best players," and it would be "embarrassing" to lose his captain before the season started, was quoted by the agency PA.

"Loyalty is an important part of football, is what shows you're a real man or not," said Wilshere, who is in Asia with the team on a tour that has not gone Cesc claiming physical problems.

British midfielder, 19, said he would be "devastated" if Cesc, by which the FC Barcelona has again shown interest this summer, leave Arsenal to return to the Catalan club, which was formed as a footballer.

Wilshere stressed the importance of both Catalan and his partner in midfield, the Frenchman Samir Nasri, Arsenal continue into the next season for the team to be competitive and keep the chances of winning titles.

"Fabregas was last year (loyalty), and hopefully this season he and some other players do the same. Then we will see if we can win trophies or not," said Beckham. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "I spoke with Cesc and wants to come"

The player of FC Barcelona , Xavi Hernandez , spoke about the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas during the presentation of their summer camp in Banyoles, which has ensured that the former Barça is suffering and wants to leave because of Arsenal .

"I spoke to Cesc in Ibiza and said he was suffering, because he wants to come. He wants to let him leave Arsenal and sign for Barca, is what most want. Has done everything to come."

The Terrassa has also spoken of which may be the new Barca player during the day today, Chile's Alexis Sanchez, whom he described as "spectacular." "Alexis has one to one, goal, unbalanced, dynamic, vertical, direct," he assured Xavi. (via MD)

Borghi, on Alexis: "I would like him to be in Barça"

The coach of Chile , Claudio Borghi , stated after the match against Peru , his players are well aware that "to be champions you have to beat everyone," referring to the rival they face will play in the quarterfinals of the Copa America. "My assessment is very good, I think that Chile deserved to be first in the group."

When asked for some information pointing to Alexis Sanchez had already struck a deal with FC Barcelona, ​​Chilean, said that feel "happy" if you signed for the Catalan club, but could not confirm that it has completed the transfer.

"Alexis has been sold 3,500 times this month, I have that information, not for me. Alexis is fine, now let him out (the game against Peru) for a yellow theme, but very good" says.

In this sense Borghi has said that he would be very happy if Sanchez finally ends in the Catalan. "Hopefully it done. I feel very happy, because I would like to be on that team, but I have no way of confirming it," has sentenced Chilean. (via MD)

Rossi, close to Juve

Villarreal striker could be out within days. Juventus tighten and the player's agent is already very close to final agreement.

He was one of the priorities of the boat this summer, was in orbit when Atletico was Kun Aguero and looks like he just signed for Juventus. Giuseppe Rossi would be very close to the Turin club's first offer but does not quite convince Villarreal. This weekend negotiated.

Juventus were already released last week by Rossi to see that the agreement with Kun Aguero was almost impossible. The Atletico player refused to sign and Italians activated plan B, which seems itself to be fruitful. For the time being and have economic agreement between the player and Juventus for the next four seasons and are now awaiting an upcoming meeting between clubs to sign the entente.

In principle, Juventus has offered 25 million euros and the option for the Villarreal midfielder to stay at Felipe Melo on loan or owned. Melo is a star of Juve, but has not finished adapting the team from Turin. Villarreal prefer to reach 30 million euros, but are open to negotiate and that the player looks very favorably operation.

The player's own agent, Federico Pastorello, said: "Rossi may be the heir to Del Piero at Juventus. Conditions have to be so. " Pastorello travel to Villarreal and is likely to also make the Juve sporting director Giuseppe Marotta, to finalize the signing. (via SPORT)

"Afellay not want to be sold"

The representative said Ibrahim Afellay for 'Tuttomercatoweb' that the Dutch player not planning to leave FC Barcelona.

Why would the club my client, he wondered? Afellay's manager. And is that Lazio would have asked as much for him to take over Gaby Milito their services for the next season.

"Ibrahim is not to be sold is very happy with his current club," says the young footballer's agent -25 years.

Afellay, from PSV Eindhoven, he joined FC Barcelona on November 16 for four and a half seasons. (via SPORT)

What does Guardiola of Alexis want?

We analyze the action zone of Chile and its qualities in Dodge, work capacity, completion and mobility.

Chilean Alexis Sanchez, who could become the first signing for the club 2011-12, is a priority of the coaching staff to reinforce the line attacker. The addition of Alexis meant to imply an injection of new blood to a line which can cause Bojan and Jeffren low. The player movement seeks to revitalize the lead and prevent stagnation of the players who participate less. Alexis Guardiola sees a player input will strengthen the right wing of the attack, but has a versatility that allows you to be aligned on any boundary of the front and give oxygen to David Villa, Pedro (in principle competitor) or even on time Leo Messi. (via MD)

Bojan 12 million will go to Roma

Roma goes up its offer and as soon as Alexis registers it will be passed over to Krkic.

As in the case of Alexis Sanchez, today could be a decisive day for Bojan Krkic. In fact, the situation of both are closely linked because according ensures FC Barcelona, ​​while not signing a striker will be output to another, in this case scorer Linyola. Therefore, if today there are 'white smoke' with Alexis, will probably soon after also Bojan.

In addition, one factor has definitely refloat talks with the Rome: Italian club has agreed to increase its offer and has reached twelve million. Initially, civil sporting director Walter Sabatini, appeared at the offices of Camp Nou with an offer of ten million euros for the striker Barca. On a sporting level, FC Barcelona welcomed the proposal because it represented a good choice for Bojan, as Luis Enrique has him as a starter in his project. However, in economic terms of the offer did not meet all Sandro Rosell, who considered the market value of Linyola was superior. Barca kept the proposal Sabatini, took a few days of reflection and finally replied that there was little money. Roma, who wants to please Luis Enrique, rose to 12 million proposal, a gesture that the club has appreciated.

In any case, the club will pass to Bojan with an option to repurchase. In principle, recover in 2012 cost 11 million euros, while going for him in 2013 is priced at 15 million. The player and his agent, Ramon Sostres are from yesterday waiting for Barca noticiasdel. (via MD)

Keita confirms his desire to continue in Barça

"I want to stay at Barcelona," he assured Seydou Keita in Mali, where he has been spending part of their summer vacation, so he's been endorsing deaf to the offers extended by Milan, Inter, Juve, Bayern, Valencia and Atletico Madrid . As MD said, the Barca half pointed to all bidders who do not want to move the ship, where is under contract until 2014 and has the support of Guardiola holder while not fixed. Keita not only want to continue wearing Barca but also wants to return to the national team, with whom he has not played since March 2010 after deciding to take a sabbatical to focus squarely on the club. Although Seydou reported earlier this year to be available again, coach Alain Giresse has not reinstated on the grounds that break the current group. However, the danger classification of Mali for the African Cup of 2012, everything points to become the occasion of the friendly against Tunisia on August 10. (via MD)

Capdevila says that leaves Villarreal and could free

"I decided to go there," says the fullback.

The departure of Joan Capdevila Villarreal is irreversible. A month ago the directors asked him to leave El Madrigal, informing him that was expendable, and yesterday the left fullback was the one who raised his voice to ensure that change of pace after four seasons. "I do not know what intentions of the club, but I I have decided I want to go there. Continue is not the best for them nor for me," released on Radio Tàrrega. Unthinkable last January when the Yellow Submarine renewed his contract until 2013 to offset the interest of Juventus and Fenerbahce, but Juan Carlos Garrido, surprisingly, snatching him from ownership.

While Barca have concentrated first on other priorities like Cesc or Alexis Sanchez, Capdevila's name appears on the list of possible left fullback of barca, one of the posts Pep wants to strengthen. The coach and athletic director at the beginning thought on another player profile, younger but with a relative some experience. The difference is that the international would cost one euro Catalan because it would free. The pact was reached with the Catalan president of the company, Fernando Roig. The defense, which has set a target to contest the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine in 2012, and MD said in statements that "back home, and above it in the club, would milk".

Valencia did not play to Jordi Alba
Unai Emery When you do not pass through the head part with Jordi Alba, the promising 22-year left fullback of Valencia. The Catalan defender, formed in the youth ranks at Barca, Barca on the agenda as a future after the option José Angel vanish. You have two years left on his contract and the club 'che' has been communicated to the environment than any club who is interested in your situation you may refer to contractual termination clause. (via MD)

Wenger: "Cesc Fàbregas will leave if he says that it is unhappy"

Wenger gave Cesc the key to force his departure but also said he hoped to keep him.

One of the questions posed to Arsène Wenger upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur was very direct. "What if Cesc say they are unhappy?". That was when the technician 'gunner' gave the key to the Catalan midfielder could hold in the coming days to force a move to Barca definitely "To say we are unhappy is the only route by which he could leave. I do not think be unhappy, but wants to return to Barcelona. For us it is a question of money. If we wanted to make it a question of money and we wanted to sell it, we would put on the market and ask: 'Who gives more? But that is not question. The point is that Cesc wants to follow us. And I think now is broken, is a mess, because he loves our club deeply. We will fight until the last second to keep him. "

Wenger insisted that he, as manager of Arsenal, can not resign itself to lose Cesc "Fabregas is in no man's land ... Imagine the worst, we lose Fabregas and Nasri. If that happens you could not convince our people that are ambitious and we are a great club. " He added: "We must stop this at some point. Cesc train is now back in London after his hamstring injury and hopefully we can close this issue quickly. In our favor"

Meanwhile, Robin van Persie was sorry at the prospect yesterday that Cesc will leave. "If you will be hard for me. Cesc is the first I look at if you are playing or not. He knows exactly when I have to pass the ball, your mind is faster than most other players and that is very special. "

Van Persie ambition Wenger asked when drawing up the new template: "What I feel now is a few signings would be more than welcome. Many teams are buying quality players and we'll do the same. Arriba.Todo need to keep investment the world needs competition because no one should sleep. No player should be sure that he holds, except perhaps the captain and the goalkeeper. "

Rosell think that was "disrespectful" to Cesc
A Wenger was reminded that Sandro Rosell said that this year, Cesc is worth less than last year, when the club made an offer of 40 million euros for the Captain 'gunner'. The Arsenal's response was blunt: "That's disrespectful Cesc. I value so high that Cesc for me he is a top player, world class. For me it is among the top five world media." Rosell not only said that Cesc is not worth 40 million, but added that if Arsenal asked that amount he would not come. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez save the modest Arauco

Club Tocopilla, no headquarters or field will receive 300,000 euros to come to Barca
Money is by way of rights formation of 12 to 14 years

Alexis Sanchez is on tenterhooks as Pep Guardiola's Barca, Udinese and family Pozzo, Manchester City and Sheikh who bought it and even Mourinho Real Madrid, Barca fearful power. But if they are all very aware of every movement of the transfer-signing of striker, Club Deportivo Arauco, a modest body of the town of Tocopilla, located in northern Chile, which is home to 30,000 inhabitants, is following the day to day operation with a restrained euphoria. It was the first player's club and call at the Nou Camp for 40 million euros (be less) would receive 305,000 euros for rights training. An amount that will vary monetary settlement. Not up to one million but it is a 'millionaire'.

This unique history, impressive in its details, is known by the local newspaper 'Latercera', which scrapped the sporting and economic situation of the club that football was the starting point for Alexis Sanchez. It is to wonder. It has no headquarters or camps. Much less a room to store the trophies because they simply do not have or lost. Frank Dee is its president since 2003 and is not supported by any guidelines. It has only a secretary and a treasurer for the most basic expenses and no one except the coaches. He works as a janitor at Holy Family College and recruits there to the guys going in teams. A charged the kids some money to pay the referees. The elderly and have told him no way. Interprovincial Championships are a dream. There is simply no money. Sports Director there and called themselves Wilson Pinions.

Alexis Sanchez (19-12-1988) arrived at Arauco when I was six and left with 14 to Cobreloa. From there he jumped at River Plate before taking the plane to Udine. With this first target, the club took the concept of training for eight million pesos, about $ 3,000 which enabled the club in 2008, renewed buying shirts and balls to everyone. The rights of the FIFA training start counting from 12, and as it was two more, the cash register still adding, but stops when he turns 23 and the futuristic Barca's 22. So the Arauco live nervously the transfer. Dee has shown that, finally comes the money, invest in acquiring land in Tocopilla to build a home-field, locker rooms, a lounge for watching videos and a sports court. Alexis had grown up in the club "is the greatest thing that ever happened to Arauco in its history," they say.

When he can, usually back home in the street Orella. Outside the door there are two vans and one of them during Christmas, usually around the neighborhood and giving away the most popular balls. Perhaps again this year already as Barça. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez will be today azulgrana

The announcement of the signing of Chile for the club is imminent in an operation where players and do not come close to 26 +11
The contract would be an optional four seasons

Unless last-minute surprises or unexpected turn of events, Alexis Sanchez today will become the first reinforcement of the Barcelona 2011-12, after two days of intense negotiations between management and contacts Barcelona and Udinese. The deal will close around the figures moved a few days ago Mundo Deportivo: 26 million over 11 variables. Chilean striker will engage with all four seasons Barcelona fifth option.

At press time, the ball was on the roof of the club Udinese and hoped that the Italian club any time give 'yes' final offer to the Barca that these twenty-six plus eleven round, no players have finally come into operation. The Barcelona club Jonathan Soriano tried to include in the transfer or Jeffren and Udinese are interested in the canary, who however refused to go play with calcium. The key was the day Monday, with intense meetings in Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona sports vice president, Gino Pozzo. On Monday laid the foundation of the agreement and yesterday was no communication via mobile phone and email.

Pina, very clear

In any case, sources close to both sides last night admitted the impending deal. As if missing tracks, yesterday gave the final green light to the transfer of Bojan Krkic to Rome and, on the other hand, the strong man of Udinese in Spain and president of Granada, Enrique Pina said upon leaving a meeting LFP that "Alexis end up playing in Spanish football. remain a fringe, but the signing is getting closer." Pina also said that "the only team that is being negotiated is the FC Barcelona, ​​the only one who has made a formal offer for the player." It is quite clear, then, where he will play Alexis, on the other hand who participated in yesterday's game selection, qualified for the quarter and set it in the Copa America against Peru.

With five days to the start of the first-team coach, Pep Guardiola is very aware of the negotiations to close some signings have been expected without the Barcelona club has been so desperate. After the announcement of the signing of Alexis, which can happen today, you can get others in the coming days. Barcelona coach has been at all times from a distance following the negotiations and has been informed at all times by coach professional football, Andoni Zubizarreta, negotiations, both with other players Alexis.

Giampaolo Pozzo saw yesterday on track
The owner and Plenipotentiary of Udinese, Giampaolo Pozzo, follows talks between his club and the club away from the first line of contact. However, it is informed in detail of how the negotiations evolve. Yesterday, accessed by various means, Pozzo declined to senior public demonstrations but off the record 'and warned that all was well on track but the formalization of the transfer would not arrive until today. Finally, as the owner moved to Udinese, managers of both clubs went to bed almost clinched the deal but in the absence of official confirmation. An OK to arrive today. (via MD)

[Barça B] Up the offer by Esteban Andrada

Lanús policy confirmed that in the last hours has received a new proposal from Barca to take the services of Esteban Andrada international goal. The Catalan club paid a transfer negotiate with an option to repurchase at the end of season that would rise to 4 million euro transfer request. Lanús is no clear proposal and await the outcome of under20 world to respond to the offer. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The branch of Eusebio will open this Friday without under-20

Barça B moved yesterday to Navata which this week held two training session to retrieve the physical tone.

Barça B started pre-season stage yesterday in the town of Navata (Alt Empordà), where the subsidiary Eusebio Sacristan will be concentrated until Monday 18. The team moved almost entirely to the resort facilities TorreMirona since Gerard Deulofeu, Sergi Gómez Rafa Alcantara and are concentrated in the U19 European preparing Romania (July 20 to August 1).

To begin to regain tone, Eusebio has prepared a double practice session for each day. The team will debut this Friday in a friendly against FC L ^ Scale, a team that has played this season in the First Territorial Catalan. The meeting will be held in the town empordanesa at 19 am, for what will be done to replace the evening workout.

From the same Friday, the technician will lose seven players. The World Cup Martin Montoya, Marc Batra, Marc Muniesa, Oriol Romeu, Sergi Roberto, Cristian Tello and Kiko Femenía are quoted on Saturday at 11 am in Las Rozas, to begin preparations for the World Under 20 to be held in Colombia from 29 July to 20 August. The seven players leave the stage on Friday afternoon, so they will not participate in the friendly L ^ Scale.

Thus, during part of the stage, the new coach of the subsidiary will be without ten players. When the branch returns to the Ciutat Esportiva on Monday 18, the Seca will be another difficulty, since the first team returns to the activity and Pep Guardiola could require a player from the reserves to complete the template facing the U.S. tour.

Eusebio's team made an open house during the day. The morning session from 9.30 am will be fully open to the press. Then the coach will address the media at a press conference displaced. (via SPORT)

Udinese gives OK to the transfer of Alexis Sanchez

The outcome of Alexis Sanchez signing for FC Barcelona accelerates. Udinese have already given their agreement and just need confirmation from Barca.

As can advance SPORT, Udinese have already accepted all the conditions of transfer of Alexis Sanchez FC Barcelona. If during the day commented that missing some fringe, now they are all resolved and the Italian club has given its OK to transfer. As they are concerned, just missing the agreement in a stamped signature.

On the part of Barcelona, ​​there would be no problem, but has not yet given the final OK. The last formality is that both clubs can not tell if the transfer will make public today or wait for the morning of Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ramon Sostres, the representative of Bojan, also expects a call from Barcelona that will confirm that it's Alexis Sanchez Barça. When you receive that call, Bojan leave for Rome to be already under the command of Luis Enrique. (via SPORT)

Alexis would be the first Chilean footballer in the history of Barcelona

Joining the club, Alexis Sanchez is the first player in history to Chilean military in the ranks of Barça.

Signing for FC Barcelona, ​​Alexis Sanchez became the first player in the history of Chilean Barça.

Throughout its history, Barça has had in its ranks with players up to 37 different nationalities. The most repeated, except the Spanish, is Brazil. (via SPORT)

The fringes with Alexis braked the transfer from Bojan to Roma

club Blaugrana will not approve the sale of the Chilean Linyola to be officially Blaugrana.

Permanent transfer Bojan Krkic to Roma is only awaiting the operation that should lead to Alexis Sanchez Nou Camp to close in the coming hours. The conditions of the sale of the player are set very definite capital, and the player's contract with his new club and Barca only need to be able to announce the hiring of the Chilean everything is triggered. For the club to give the nod to a major departure as that of Bojan, you must confirm the arrival of the first reinforcement.

Linyola The whole day was very aware of the movements that were taking place at the offices of Barcelona's stadium. The player has yet to travel soon to the Italian capital to formalize their incorporation and presented officially.

A failure to close the last fringes, the club will receive 12 million euros for the transfer of the striker. Of course, both sides have made a commitment to introduce an option to buy it, according to Catalunya Radio, would be enforceable by the Catalans club. If confirmed this point, the club Barca Bojan would have playoff at the end of the second campaign in exchange for an amount that would be around 15 million euros.

This formula would Barca get immediate liquidity to cope with 12 million other signings and at the end of the 2012-13 season should reimburse the 15 million Roma. The difference between 12 and 15 million would offset the capital and assume that the salary of the player.

In any case, these details should be filed, in the hours before the Linyola transalpine move to land. The most important decision is made. And no other than to play in the calcium to continue his career. Bojan is excited with the option to put under the command of Luis Enrique, who has called his move and give you the confidence to exploit the conditions in calcium. (via SPORT)

Arsenal accept 40 million for Cesc

Cesc has managed to sensitize leaders Arsenal to negotiate with the club, but from the Nou Camp should get new gestures.

The negotiations between Barca and Arsenal Cesc Fabregas to be back home on track to become eternal. All parties are clear that the Nou Camp should be the only destination of Arenys, but both clubs find it hard to give up their claims and if either is more flexible, more further delays the signing of the bill. However, Arsenal has evaluated the situation and immediately accept an offer of 40 million euros, the figure that Sandro Rosell refuses to come, despite being much lower than the Gunners' input values ​​did they think the market value of its star.

The key to Arsenal is showing more compromising attitude lies in the player. Cesc has moved all the pieces were at hand. Arsène Wenger and communities to be trained no more with his teammates and would not enter the dynamics of the group, refused to participate in the Asian tour and continues to push his club who pass through. No longer feels Fabregas Arsenal player and will fight their best to fulfill his dream of playing in the Nou Camp.

Arsenal, seeing is in a dead end, give the nod to the transfer of 40 million euros, but the club is reluctant to reach this amount. Cesc will not resign at this juncture and will force the machine with the aim of both parties closer positions. The player will no longer participate in any of the two friendlies in Asia and has no plans to intervene in the following preseason games on European soil. Arsenal plays in Cologne July 23 and 30 and July 31 dipsuta the Emirates Cup against Boca Juniors and the New York Red Bulls of Thierry Henry. Cesc hopes everything is resolved soon to avoid the unpleasant scene not to participate in the tournament organized by his own club.

The main point for optimism is that Arsenal have assumed that the player must pass a below market price. Fabregas is one of the largest players in the Premier League cartel, world champion and Europe with the Spanish and, under normal circumstances would be unthinkable that the gunner `club do you pierce a lower figure than, for example managed to start the Liverpool to Chelsea for Fernando Torres, a player of similar cache and cost around 60 million euros.

However, Arsenal has found that the player can not be auctioned because their only desire is to sign for Barca, the economic situation of Barca have nothing to do with the English clubs in the hands of billionaire owners and Arsène Wenger gave his word to transfer.

`Now that the Gunners are you more receptive, the Catalans club must step forward and much closer to the 40 million that Arsenal would accept. Barca, with incentives, could reach 35 million and a small upward gesture mean so much to the English, especially because unblock operation.

In this sense, the role of Pep Guardiola is essential. The board is keeping a pulse with Arsenal, but the coach would have the player for the season, which begins Monday. A delay in his move too rigid a strategy would be counterproductive. (via SPORT)

[Copa América GL] Alexis comes out after the rest and Chile achieves its third victory

CHILE, 1 - PERU, 0. 0-0 of looked like a manual, but an unfortunate action by Andre Carrillo took the third win of the Copa America in Chile, with Alexis Sanchez playing in the second part.

All the excitement of the game came in the dying moments. Chile and Peru walked to a 0-0 draw that left everyone happy when, at the exit of a corner, Libman Peruvian goalkeeper failed in his attempted clearance and his partner André Carrillo hit the ball and slid it into his own net under the watchful eyes of Alexis Sanchez, Suazo and company. Chileans and tied first place in Group C. The rival to the Borghi in the quarterfinals will be the second team in Group B, which currently would be Brazil, the absence of the final day.

In Chile, some of his figures rested. In part, because the classification was in the pocket. In part because the coach would not risk the threatened sanction. Among them was the future Barcelona Alexis Sanchez, who was out on the bench in favor of attacking duo formed by walls and Suazo.

The Peruvians showed their claws on occasion, with sporadic occurrences of William Chiroque. Meanwhile, Esteban Paredes in his boots had the clearest chance of the red in the first half but failed to be riveted by the hair Suazo center.

After the break, things changed in a way, because Chile was the chance to win and secure the top spot without waiting for what he did in his match against Uruguay Mexico. The idea was to prevent and outside Argentina, and the second group C was to measure Messi and company. therefore sent to pasture Jorge Valdivia and Alexis. This was involuntary protagonist of an action that marked the crash. He received a Christian Ramos entry and following the same originated a brawl that ended with the sinking between the Chilean and Peruvian Beausejour Carmona. Both saw a straight red.

As the minutes progressed, Chile creyío more in the win. Alexis Sanchez tried a shot from a free after a foul-received for a change himself. Udinese crack vertebrae also was perhaps the best play of the stretch. The 'Wizard' Valdivia was taken out of the hat a pass book to Alexis, who sought to Suazo's death a pass from a defender who had an abortion.

Then came the fateful off for Peru. A corner to the left of the goal Inca and sung goalkeeper own goal. Revoredo, a Chilean agonizing tested Pinto (not be confused with the Barcelona target), but was the last flicker of a match that ended in victory for the selection of Alexis Sanchez, unbeaten in the tournament, pending the quarterfinals.

[Technical Data]
1-Chile: Miguel Pinto; Francisco Silva (Gary Medel, 78'), Waldo Ponce, Gonzalo Jara; Gonzalo Fierro (Jorge Valdivia, 58'), Carlos Carmona, Marco Estrada, Jean Beausejour; Luis Jiménez; Esteban Paredes (Alexis Sánchez, 58') y Humberto Suazo.

Perú: Salomón Libman, Renzo Revoredo, Santiago Acasiete (Walter Vílchez, 46'), Christian Ramos, Aldo Corzo; Giancarlo Carmona, Josepmir Ballón, Michael Guevara (Carlos Lobatón, 70'), Antonio González (André Carrillo, 77'); William Chiroque; y Raúl Ruidíaz.

Referee: Salvio Fagundes (Brazil). He showed yellow cards to chilenoa Marco Estrada and Jorge Valdivia and Peruvians Aldo Corzo, Christian Ramos, Renzo Revoredo and Solomon Libman. He drove straight red with Jean Beausejour and Giancarlo Carmona (60 ') for a scuffle between them.

Goal: 1-0 (92 ') André Carrillo, an own goal.

Incidents: Full Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza. 45,000. Last day in group C.

Van Persie: "It will be painful to leave Cesc"

Forward 'gunner' can not think of the idea that the connection between himself and Cesc is broken because of Barca.

Robin Van Persie Cesc sighs to retain one more season. The Dutch striker knows the midfielder is your best ally as an assistant and not hide their frustration if they end up calling in Cesc Camp Nou.

"I think it will be difficult for me if Cesc leaves," said Van Persie in Arsenal's official website.

In addition, the forward 'gunner' commitment to maintaining the "connection" that unites them in and out of the pitch. "He's the first look if you are playing or not. We have a relationship together, he knows exactly when I have to pass the ball. Your mind is faster than most other players and that is very special," explains.

Van Persie Cesc is aware that his side can still shining orders Wenger is why the Dutch will also join the cause at all costs try to retain the brilliant midfielder. (via SPORT)

22 congratulations for Alexis Sánchez

The news that the transfer of Alexis Sánchez to Barcelona was practically a fact it arrived until the concentration of the Chilean selection in Mendoza.

Alexis Sanchez has already received congratulations on his impending first signing for FC Barcelona. The lucky ones were able to congratulate you firsthand, it was his team-mates in Chile. One by one, the 22 squad members entered the room Alexis to give you the most sincere congratulations. No one misses the fact that Alexis is the first Chilean player that will play in the champions of Europe is a major event for the South American country, and it be the most expensive transfer in the history of Chilean football.

Among those who have already been able to congratulate Alexis Sanchez is Chilean coach, Claudio Borghi, a man who knows well the forward. "We are proud to lead a guy who plays for FC Barcelona. We are proud to have him, know him from childhood, see the progress we had. Tocopilla Starting four years ago and be in Barcelona today is not easy. It will be a joy for many to see a great team, "he said. (via SPORT)

The renewal of Abidal runs aground

The renewal of Abidal is one of the issues that sports officials of FC Barcelona are still on the table but it seems that talks have been stalled by both parties.

The representative of the French defender, David Venditelli, said the program "Dinata did you?" COM radio that "negotiations are deadlocked." According Venditelli, there are still "two or three outstanding issues" that prevent closing the deal although it has made clear the willingness of players to follow in the club.

However, the representative of Abidal also leaves the door open for a possible departure of the French player once the season ends if they do not get to a point of understanding.

"We have to give time to speak quietly. At the moment there is no rush from anyone but it is possible that the early period there is not a done deal, Abidal completes the season and then we'll see what can do," he said.

Despite leaving the door open to a hypothetical future output, made clear Venditelli Abidal's gratitude to the club and the fans after the hard times experienced last season.

"Abidal is indebted to the club and the fans for all they have done for him. All life will recognize what has made the club and the fans for him. But the agreement can be reached is at the margin" he said.

In this sense, Abidal Venditelli recalled that feels fully integrated into a wardrobe that will never forget him after gesture given the honor of lifting the Champions at Wembley.

"Lifting the Champions League will remain the prime of his life as a player and do not know if one day return to live a moment like that. It was the strongest of his career at a great club with great players and great people," he said. (via SPORT)

Another record: 65 games

Record after record. Only the best player in the world can accomplish goals beyond the reach of most other players. Leo Messi is breaking all records and exceeding all limits. His latest feat is that he’s played 65 matches this season.

65 games that began on 21st of August, in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla, where Messi scored his first hat-trick of the season.

In the next game he played in, at Racing, Messi scored the fastest goal of his career, just 3 minutes into the match, becoming the 3rd leading scorer in club history with 131 goals.

After putting together a streak of 10 consecutive games, scoring in all of them, he was nominated, along with Iniesta and Xavi for the Golden Ball award. On 10th of January, Messi became the youngest player ever to collect the award for the second consecutive time.

Leo has also broken records in the Champions League, being the top scorer for the third consecutive year with 13 goals.

As well as scoring in the Rome Final in 2009, he also scored at Wembley, where he got Barça’s second goal, the first one he had scored on British soil. Messi was named man of the match and recorded his fifteenth title with Barça.

After qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Copa America with Argentina in a game where he was just brilliant, Leo Messi can play even more than the 65 games, establishing an unbeatable record, and the best player in the world has only just turned 24. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Urdangarín gives the T-shirt in Museum

Iñaki Urdangarín visited the Museu del FC Barcelona accompanied by the president Sandro Rosell. The former FC Barcelona handball player has delivered a T-shirt he wore as Barca, now looks in the windows of the Museum of Club.

For Urdangarín Iñaki has been a home, where he played for 14 seasons and he won 51 titles with the Dream Team handball, with ten league titles and six European Cups among many other titles. The Duke of Palma has been received by the president Sandro Rosell, vice president and director Carles Vilarrubí section, Eduard Coll, who accompanied him on his visit to the Museo del FC Barcelona. There were also two former teammates, David O'Callaghan Barrufet and Xavi, who have reunited with the friend.

Urdangarín visited new areas of the Museum, with special attention to the interactive area, where he has seen reflected as a player. "It's a bit back to the memories and emotions from the past, when my peers were getting these wins and these titles," said Urdangarín, has been impressed with the remodeling was done in the Barcelona museum.

The Urdangarín jersey with the number 7, one of the backbones removed in Palau, has come to accompany the Sagalés, Grau and Masip in the windows of the handball section of the Museum, where also many of the titles he won as Barca . This is the shirt that carried the Centennial year, a detail that adds symbolism to the delivery.

For the Club's visit Urdangarín has a very special value. "It's a very emotional act of Barcelona very special, very loved by the fans, who made ​​history in our handball section," said Vilarrubí, who believes this is a good sign that these players "never ends emotionally detached the entity. " The manager of the handball section, Eduard Coll, told Urdangarín as "an example for the quarry, one of the most important values ​​we have in the Club." (via FCbaBarcelona.cat)