11 July 2011

Pedro: "If Alexis comes for me will be a happiness"

Pedro recalls that the club must always play the best competition because
The canary would receive with open arms Cesc and believed that Chile and Argentina will end up doing "a great Copa America"

Pedro Rodriguez has participated Monday in the Nike Camp in Andorra where commented today the club. Thiago Alcántara Barca has also visited the campus . Pedro evaluate the possible arrival of Alexis Sanchez . Barca said that the 'boy wonder' "is a great player. If the club decides to sign him is because increased competition."

Competition does not bother PR17 as the Catalan club "must always be the best, as would happen with Cesc" if the player Arsenal stop in the Barca . The canary has insisted that "competition here, there is always, so if Alexis comes to me will be a joy." Between Alexis and Cesc, had to choose one, Pedro acknowledges that "I have more to do with Cesc, so I'd love to come, but both are great players."

On its recent renovation ensures Barca end "was a great joy for me. I was very happy because it means that the club remains confident in my and I want to continue working to restore that trust and continue to win titles. "

Pedro has also come out in defense of his teammate at Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, which adds to that sentence that "the best in the world and not have to prove anything." "Maybe with Argentina is not playing and waiting for his hobby, should be calm because they have everything to make a great Copa America , "he insisted.

As for the importance of Guardiola and Messi at Barca says the canary " Pep is a very important technical who has won many titles for the club. Messi is the best in the world . I feel privileged to play at his side, as with the 'Mr.', so I hope they are many years with us. "

Finally, the children asked about who would stay, with Pep or Mourinho , Pedro does not hesitate: "Of course with Guardiola . From the first moment has won important titles and has taken the most players from the quarry and outside. It was and is the best coach in the world . " (via MD)

Barça has 65 millions for signings

The bank has 45 million plus sales of Bojan (10), Maxwell (6) and Jeffren (4).
We have already spent 2 kilos in Kiko Femenía.

Andoni Zubizarreta not to make accounts to see if you add up the signings. Barca's technical director has 65 million deal with the different operations, although at this point we can say that only 45 available. That is money that Barcelona has in the bank and from the beginning destined for the new additions.

The idea is to get another 20 kilos of the players who leave the organization. The first is Bojan. The agreement with Rome is virtually closed and is around 10 million euros, although the club is trying to scrape some more.

Then would the transfer of Maxwell and limbo. Barcelona are asking for 4 million by the latter, while the Brazilian seeks 6. If in case it is possible Bojan take out some more money, it seems difficult to do so in the latter two situations.

Then come the operations team players. Barcelona has already spent 2 million in signing Femenía Kiko. In theory, should be deducted from those 65 million, but everything indicates that they will recover in the coming days with the sale of Jonathan Soriano. Barcelona is one step to close the operation with the Salzburg and she would receive another 2 million that would balance the expense Femenía.

Currently the club has offered 55 million for Cesc (29) and Alexis (26). He still has a margin of 10. (via Marca.com)

'Sky' assures Wenger won't allow Cesc to leave

The coach has already warned that "fight to the end to retain Cesc", which confirms that the player will come off unless the club pay the 40 million required by Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger does not intend to give in and is determined to keep Cesc Fabregas and prevent the end played for FC Barcelona. This is the latest information in England is offering the string 'Sky', which ensures that the Arsenal is convinced that his two best players in the midfield, Fabregas and Nasri will remain in the Gunners' the next season.

The news would only confirm the last words of the French coach, who last week warned that "fight until the end to keep Cesc", which confirms that the player will come off unless the Barcelona paid 35 million pounds (40 million euros), which calls for Arsenal for the transfer of their captain.

In this situation, it seems that Barcelona president has no choice to empty the safe to please Pep Guardiola, who, according to British newspaper yesterday published 'The Mirror', have urged Rosell close the Cesc signing the same week and end once a saga that stretches more than it should. (via AS)

Alexis, better than Neymar in the Copa America

uturism has two MVP FC Barcelona in the Copa America and Brazil criticizes the white target.

As has been America's Cup, the ultimate goal Barca to strengthen his lead, Alexis Sanchez, is winning in a pulse that prepares virtual signing Real Madrid Neymar. As the end of Chile has been named best player of the two games he has played his selection to Mexico and Uruguay, the Brazilian playmaker hears his first professional criticism for its poor performance.

So far, he had been reprimanded Neymar attitudes, as well as rivals face with colleagues, but no one had accused his contribution with the ball. This time the undeniable talent of Neymar is not revealing. Minute has declined in the failed parties 'canarinha' against Venezuela (0-0) and Paraguay (2-2). Against the Guarani was replaced and even booed by the 'twisted'. "Those who criticize you today applaud you tomorrow," he said yesterday Neymar in twitter.

On the contrary happens to Alexis, the best news of a discrete event. It may not have been even the 'Wonder Boy', but begins to convince the Catalans fans who knew him little, with his great goal against Uruguay as a masterpiece. (via MD)

A giant Messi with beneficent ends

Vizcarra Illustrator draws it to the Illa Diagonal

Joan Vizcarra, the popular illustrator of the magazine El Jueves, has set the challenge of making history with the greatest cartoon of Leo Messi on canvas 3 by 2 meters.

Vizcarra is dedicated to giant cartoon paint this every Friday and Saturday of July in the space of L'IllaDiagonal and the public want to be able to monitor progress. There it is exposed Vizcarra 300 illustrations of familiar characters related to politics, entertainment and sports as Zapatero, Aznar, Rajoy, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, Rafa Nadal. "With V-Vizcarra 'so called great exposure illustrator.

The next September, the caricature of Leo will be auctioned on behalf of two charities, the Foundation encourages and Alex Foundation. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola is back

He returned to Italy to begin preparing the course.

Pep Guardiola hasten his last moments of rest at his home in Sant Vicenç de Montalt, but from today will probably already a break-time. Barca coach aterizó Catalunya on Saturday after spending much of their holiday in Italy. With his family, was near Siena, enjoying the beauty of Tuscany, having also visited Tel Aviv in Israel, as an invitation to the singer Noa.

After having won ten of the thirteen titles he has fought, Guardiola is only one week of starting his fourth season on the bench in the Nou Camp, and that it invariably maintains that 'formula of suspense' which means to renew his contract year to year.

The first team and technical staff will start the season Barca on Monday July 18, after having enjoyed 49 days of competitive off well deserved. In fact, while many of its players, except the international squad for the Copa America and the youth of the sub-21, and were on vacation, Guardiola still attending his office at the Ciutat Esportiva before taking a respite from what coming next season, which is something. No less than six titles are back within reach of a computer that already has made history under his leadership. As if missing incentives in August is a double ration of 'classic' against Real Madrid with Spain's Super Cup game on 14 and 17. On day 26, in Monaco, Porto will rival the other Super Cup of Europe. Previously, the Barça squad will have completed a U.S. tour and played in a summer tournament in Munich to begin preparing the 2011-12 season.

Possible briefing Rosell
A week that started the preseason first team, are not closed any of the signings that the technicians asked. The operations to be carried and Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou Alexis Sanchez are ongoing and the possibility of incorporating a left side remains open. Yes Femenía Kiko is already booked, but the end of Hercules on today is more a reinforcement of subsidiary else. Pending that transfer becomes official Bojan Krkic to Rome, the best news has been renewals Thiago Alcántara and Pedro Rodriguez. In all they could talk at a future meeting Pep Guardiola and the president, Sandro Rosell. Attentive. (via MD)

Cesc training alone and waiting for news of Barca

Be exercised in the facilities of Arsenal with his trainer, David Alvarez

No surprises. While his teammates boarded the plane to participate in the Asian tour, Cesc Fabregas kept his word and stayed on the ground. Arenys midfielder will remain working in London waiting for the leaders of Arsenal and Barça get close a definitive agreement for its transfer. After weeks of give and take, the next few days are seen as definitive to know the future of the franchise 'gunner'. Both from the Catalan club and the player's surroundings are confident that the transfer to Arsenal footballer access, despite the resistance of Arsène Wenger, who on Friday and said he would fight any effort to try to retain their captain.

Also in England have the feeling that Arsenal will definitely exit his captain. The newspaper 'The Mirror' published yesterday that Pep Guardiola has personally asked the president Sandro Rosell to raise its offer for Arsenal to access and transfer of Cesc. The same feeling they have in the football environment. They know that after the gestures that Cesc has to force his departure, now it's make a move to Barca and are convinced that the Catalan club will make an effort to Catalan can return to Camp Nou eight years after leaving there.

Work in St. Albans

Pending this week has white smoke, Cesc Fabregas will continue putting them thinking they can join the club's preseason will begin on Monday 18 July. To avoid any problems yet with his current club, Cesc sought permission to work with his personal trainer on the premises of the sports 'gunner', north London, in the town of St. Albans. Cesc will train alongside David Alvarez, who last season was on the orders of Thierry Henry in NY Red Bulls two seasons ago and worked in the discipline after Barca signed him Pep Guardiola Castle canary Segunda B. (via MD)

It arrives the hour Alexis

The offer is 26 +11 million, but do not rule anything up the fixed and variable signing lower
Although now trades only by Chile, Udinese still aspires to be a striker

You may be falling. Barca sensed that the signing of Alexis Sanchez is entering its final phase and has reason to hope that curdle the operation sooner rather than later. Negotiation, although still not closed, holding the three constants that feed a sense optimism in the Camp Nou.

First, the firm attitude of the player from Udinese in wanting to go alone to the club, being fundamental to the good prospect of negotiation. Second, and in the decision of the player, the withdrawal of other offerings, all more powerful in their economic contribution that the squad. And finally, the certainty that pierce Alexis Udinese this summer because otherwise you risk to remain a player in disgust and, worse, that the price of going to the low end, since it is unlikely to think that the modest club to star in a season friuliano as historically successful as the last.

So far, Barca's proposal follows in the same spot as last week. That is, Barca continued to press this formula of 26 million euros in fixed amount plus 11 variables. For now, the Udinese refuses to pass on to their best player for that amount. If no progress is not ruled out that the club can vary somewhat conditions, such as climbing a couple of million fixed (28) at the expense of lowering the same amount in the variables (9). Just the same, but it is not the same.

So far, negotiations between Barca and only affects the transfer Udinese Alexis Sanchez. However, as has been reporting Mundo Deportivo has discussed other possibilities for fostering the understanding that it may be necessary to specify in the coming days. One of them is considered as 'variable' inclusion of a Barca player in the operation. Suarez Jeffren The end does not want to that game, it has not turned off at all the will of the Udinese striker to take some its staff, or perhaps to the point, equipment such as friuliano club is under the control of Pozzo family.

The last name is Jonathan Soriano. With a one year contract with the club, the top scorer of the Segunda Division A thanks to his 32 goals for Barca would fill the expectations subsidiary in Italy, but his problem is that it offers more juicy. All so Alexis can realize his dream to play for Barça. (via MD)

Iniesta opens its cellar doors

Love their land, Barca midfielder has given an enormous boost to the project year and a half.

While on holiday in his hurry home Fuentealbilla, Andres Iniesta was kind enough to open the door SPORT one of the harder projects and enthusiasm have turned him and his family in the past year and a half, since brand new wineries have begun offering their first fruits in the form of a young and balanced wines.

The farm is located one mile Fuentealbilla, on the road to Villamalea. The idea haunted by the Blaugrana player's head for some time and had already acquired some vineyards. When his father Joseph Anthony, who is who is more over the project, encouraged him, Andrew made it a condition: "If we do, do it well." That involved a significant investment with the latest advances in the development and nurturing and developing the idea of ​​quality wines but not elitist, they are available to all those who enjoy a fine wine. Thus was born 'Corazón Loco ¿, made from Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc, Finca El Carril `2010 Did (Macabeo) and Chardonnay dedicated to his daughter, Valeria` ¿. With an initial production of 250,000 bottles of young wine, Bodegas Iniesta have a long road ahead with the desire to create ever more complex wines and specials.

Needless to say, the project has had a very positive impact Fuentealbilla and its region. If wines have been well received in Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia and other areas of economic activity generated by this investment midfielder has given new life to the area. Also, from the tourism point of view. There are few fans making pilgrimages there to visit the land of the hero of Stamford Bridge in 2008 or 2010 World Cup final. And one of the attractions is to carry out the visit to the cellars, where they also know the process of house wine can be purchased products.

One of the wishes of Iniesta was a part of what he has given the game reverts to his land and his countrymen, and no doubt he did it. And while Andrew continues to mature as a player and adding hits with the Barça shirt, her family turns to get a new crop up to the talent and genius of one of the most illustrious Mancha. (via SPORT)

Messi against Messi

Argentina, situated on the edge in the Copa America, has vertigo. Sparked panic attack is actually safer value, Messi.

Yentonces you do not remember the Camp Nou Lionel beep will never "asks almost a point of despair the Argentine colleague across the phone. "No, here he idolizes Leo" is the succinct answer from Barcelona. The football world is living with a curiosity about the tortured relationship she has established a good part of the critics and the fans with the best Argentine player in the world, Leo Messi. Curiosity becomes a concern and even outrage from the perspective of Barca's unable to comprehend the harshness with which judges' La Pulga ¿, sometime up to contempt.

Argentina questioned the patriotism of Messi for not singing the anthem, a boy is found on the door of a restaurant and a chest cold yells `¿(coward), after a bad game of the albiceleste, ruled that Leo does not have the character Diego Maradona to `throw the equipment into the back ¿, and his teammates yell 'stupid why not run the last ball of the final play some even reproached him to mark and celebrate too much! the goal against Estudiantes de La Plata in the Club World Cup final of 2009.

In Barcelona joke that Leo, an Argentine to the core, his accent still intact Rosario a decade after arriving in Catalonia. In the league, Quique Sanchez Flores surrenders to his fighting spirit because he steals the ball to 'Kun Agüero ¿after a career of fifty meters, Josep Guardiola smiles when ten ¿' defensive pressure led Barca to the point of attack , and idolized by his peers because his goals, put the icing on a football dream and decides the finals of the Champions League in Rome or London.

The repeated success with Barca Messi led brainy and cause analysis of the uprooting of Leo of course, without a hobby nor a patriotic journalism to defend him when he crosses the Atlantic puddle. One way to underestimate and undervalue justify how a player some single, double FIFA Golden Ball for 24 years and winner of almost everything. Because, unfortunately, the current Argentina fails to select the level of excellence achieved at the club of clubs.

Perhaps one of the problems, but the reality is stubborn: Messi is a natural talent, he could be born anywhere but luckily for Rosario was born in Argentina and Barcelona's fortune was refined in La Masia. His soul football has set foot on every continent. Apparently, an Argentine football sector is unable to understand and interpret the silences of football or should be a national hero who has been blessed by two geniuses such as Alfredo Di Stefano and Diego Maradona.

Frank Rijkaard, Josep Guardiola knew the best out of a Leo gifted as anyone to understand the language of football. It is easy to learn and play football association, touch and reach space, exchange of positions that the club practices. It requires a Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta a, a Sergio Busquets ...

When the coach Sergio Batista looks at his list of midfielders Javier Mascherano just proves that, also a member of Team Pep `what a clever player and he holds the joint-sitting.

The crowd, frustrated by draws against Bolivia (1-1) and Colombia (0-0) living with terror the hours before the decisive Argentina, Costa Rica where you play the pass to the quarterfinals. Brazil brushed ridicule against Paraguay, but Argentina, organizer of the event, a real catastrophe would be eliminated in the first round.

Leo is desperate because his sole obsession is to get to your country all he has achieved for the club. His competitive spirit and his pride wounded a number help you address the meeting Tuesday morning (2.45 Spanish time) as it is an all or nothing. He knows that in those ninety minutes the fans dictate whether Messi is Argentina's new hero or the villain of the albiceleste eternal.

No one remembers that the ultimate success of Mayor ¿`Select dates from 1993, when they won their last Copa America, nor the last two fiascos in the South American tournament against Brazil (2004 and 2007). Or that the latest title, is the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics ¿2008.
Indeed, with Messi as a team leader after the Barca granted a special permit to `The Flea could you defend shirt of their country ... (via SPORT)

Around the world of Piqué

Have you changed your holiday in Ibiza for a world tour in record time with his inseparable Shakira.

The pairing of Gerard Pique and Shakira is becoming the envy of most mortals this summer. Since the player started the holiday on June 9, have not stopped. Among the tour of the Colombian commitments to its foundation and dream getaways, Pique and its artist have covered more than half the world in record time.

It is not just a manner of speaking, the media stars of the moment has been in Austria, Germany, France, Israel, a small break in Ibiza, Greece, the Caribbean island of Anguilla and have put the climax at the mansion of Shakira in Miami where rushed the last days of vacation, since the Colombian restart their tour on July 15 in Cancún and the defense starts the season on the 18th. None of his stops have not gone unnoticed by locals or by the 'paparazzi ¿.

This summer, while enjoying the love and the heavenly places, the couple has had to face the emerging buzz about a possible future parenthood. However, the singer denied it during a concert in Germany.

Piqué holiday officially began on June 9, after returning from a mini U.S. tour with the team that brought him to Boston and Venezuela. Catalan landed in Barcelona, ​​the morning attended a Nike ad with commitment and afternoon began his journey that has become the Willy Fog ¿`Barca aboard the private jet of Shakira. The first stop of the plane of the pair was the Austrian city of Graz, where he just spent a few hours. From the airport were to Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum, which hosted a concert by the artist. Just after the performance, Pique and Shakira returned to the airport to fly to Frankfurt.

After the concert by Colombian Germany, Gerard had to attend a trade commitments in Italy, but 24 hours later, the couple was already in Paris. We stayed at the luxurious Ritz Hotel, within walking distance of the Champs Elysees and near some of the world's most exclusive shops. Despite the idyllic setting, the couple could not avoid the burdens of the paparazzi gathered at the door of the hotel. In Paris, the singer ended his European tour. Their commitment would lead the couple to a new destination, Jerusalem, where `Shak did you participate in the forum conference 'Facing Tomorrow With the collaboration of Israeli President Shimon Peres.

The photo of Pique, the Wailing Wall, toured the world. The peculiar tourists visited the ancient citadel, a bilingual (Arab-Jewish) and had a private meeting with Peres, who collaborates with the Fundació FC Barcelona and the singer, Pies Descalzos. After the reflective visit to the Holy Land, vacation the couple took a turn toward the sun, relaxation and the beach, on the tranquil island of Mykonos. The magazines' glossy half the world does fed with photographs of the yacht in which the bride and groom were relaxed, not to engage the two lovers cuddling own.

Young decided to jump the pond to enjoy a few days in one of the most exclusive villas on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, interestingly the first destination of honeymooners from around the world. On this occasion, the couple managed to privacy, only a few pictures on arrival at the small airport testified to their presence. What it transpired that the hotel chosen by the couple cost about 2,000 euros per night.

There were less than a week. The mansion which Shakira is one of the most privileged of Miami, with neighbors such as Chayanne and Ricky Martin was the next destination. In principle, the couple hasten the holidays in that residence. Although a private jet at the door, there's always room for improvisation in search of another remote corner of the world. Just think how many miles the couple has made in a month, can stun anyone. Even Pique, who this year has radically changed his plan holiday in Ibiza, where this time has just spent a few days. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio gets to work with the branch

Kiko Femenía of Hercules, and Cristian Lobato, L'Hospitalet, will be the two great innovations on the first day.

Barça B returns to work today with a template that will be many changes with respect to the one who left on vacation. Foremost is the coaching change. Luis Enrique in Rome, Eusebius has taken command of the subsidiary, which is challenged to maintain the level of recent seasons.

Players are quoted this morning at 9 in the Ciutat Esportiva. There will be Nolito, Edu Oriol, Abraham, Víctor Vázquez, Thiago, Font and Benja, but will be presented and Jonathan Soriano Jonathan dos Santos, whose future remains elusive in either direction. Currently, there are two signings made by the team for next season. Kiko is Femenía, from the Hercules, and Cristian Lobato, who comes from L ^ Hospitalet. Also, join the staff of juvenile Deulofeu Eusebio, Rafa Alcantara Espinosa, Rosell, Balliu, Dalmau and Gustavo. Sergi Gomez will be another of them, though in his case as both teams combined for all of last season. In fact, Rafinha and keep tab Deulofeu the juvenile, although the intention is to become key players in Barca B. Of course, both Rafa Deulofeu and Gomez are preparing the U19 European Championship in Romania from July 20 to August 1, so that will come later. Riverola and Cuenca, after his assignment to fished Vitesse and Sabadell, respectively, join affiliate today.

The team will leave tomorrow for Navata, where he will stage a preseason six days until July 18. (via SPORT)

[STAFF 2011-12]
SIGNINGS: Cristian Lobato (forward) and Kiko Femenía (forward) **
RETURNING AFTER ASSIGNMENT: Isaac Cuenca (midfielder / CE Sabadell) and Marti Riverola (midfielder / Vitesse)
Rafa Alcantara, Rafinha (midfielder) *
Gerard Deulofeu (front) *
Sergi Gómez (defense) *
Ivan Balliu (defense)
Albert Dalmau (defense)
Oriol Rosell (defense)
Gustavo Ledesma (midfielder)
Javier Espinosa (midfielder)
Goalkeepers: Oier, Rubén Miño, Masip
Defenders: Martin Montoya **, ** Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa **, Carles Planas
Midfielders: Jonathan dos Santos, Ilie Sanchez, Sergi Roberto ** ** Oriol Romeu
Forwards: Saul, Carlos Carmona, Tello **
Jonathan Soriano, Armando Lozano, Benja
* Lack today being called by the Spanish Under19
** They will go on 16 with the Spanish Under20

Sevilla contacts with Barça for Jeffrén

The Andalusian club is already aware of the requirements to facilitate the departure Barca striker canary.

Sevilla's sports management wants to have everything tied up. Jeffrén Suarez is one of the options that manages to bolster his attack and has already led Barca to know what is the status of the player. Disposals and transfers as contemplated by before taking the final decision. All parties have been required until Monchi utmost discretion and coach Marcelino materialize the restructuring of the workforce.

Since the environment of the player merely confirms the interest but is silent on the final outcome of the operation. "There may be an interest of an important club like Sevilla and it is also possible that they have already been sent to Barcelona to talk about some issues" simply noted Efren Suarez, father and representative of the squad.

Currently, the only thing that seems clear is that Jeffrén play on a computer that is not Barcelona next season. The player has several offers and is awaiting a meeting with Andoni Zubizarreta to contrast the clubs that have approached the vessel in question for their services. Until then no move tab. Atletico Madrid and several proposals from abroad are in a holding pattern. (via SPORT)

Wenger ignores Arsenal and Cesc designed output

Barca believe the scenario has changed and the climate is more conducive to negotiating the exit of the player.

Coinciding with the start of the tour of Arsenal countries of Asia, has emerged that senior executives from Emirates Stadium are for the work to expedite the steps necessary to maximize the transfer of Cesc Fabregas. Indeed, some British media echoed several leaks in the expressed some doubts about the sport that Arsène Wenger planning has been implemented in recent seasons. This is not a coup or anything like that, but internal disagreements have arisen, and this time it seems that the technical guidelines impose no end.

With the CEO to the front, Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal would be the work of a more flexible position on everything related to the Catalan midfielder. That is, the railway will be cornered Wenger position in the background and resume contacts with the club in a more cordial. In the last few hours have suggested the need to restore old bridges of dialogue in search of a better climate negotiator.

Arsenal now it is the work of Cesc let out, but nobody should interpret this new positioning as a sign of weakness. These same leaks insist that only varies the spirit of the club, nothing to do with possible cuts on the final price of the transaction. With or without the approval of Arsène Wenger, the London agency is confident that the expected progress of its captain reported a minimum of 40 million euros in its coffers.

`The other big news about the case does it arise Cesc Fabregas seems unlikely. According to the newspaper 'The Mirror ¿, would have been the Catalan own coach, Pep Guardiola, who in the last hours would put pressure on the Barca president, Sandro Rosell, with a request that would not be other than to reach the figure of 40 million euros to close once and for all the player's transfer.

A movement that contrasts with all the political coach Guardiola has continued to date. And he himself has expressed full confidence in executives Barca and has been the first to notice that not in favor of economic madness to strengthen its workforce. It seems very feasible that the coach has exerted such pressure in the negotiating process.

Barca are waiting for events. The staff of Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger in charge, is in Asian lands while Cesc has remained in London. Now it remains to be seen whether taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere between clubs bargaining positions are close and all wills are met: Cesc at Camp Nou and the millions in London. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Javier Espinosa: "Second Div. is a challenge and the challenges, we must grow"

The Talavera de la Reina comes to Barça B from the youth with whom he has won everything he could win.

It is thin, the Blaugrana squad with a typical physical inversely proportional to its quality. Or, that is, born to the style imposed by the club. He arrived with thirteen years and now begins a new stage in the subsidiary. Start good.

Once the grassroots, it's time to take a crucial step.

The truth is that it is one of the hardest steps. It is very difficult to reach the youth ranks at Barcelona, ​​but more difficult is to keep progressing. Next year will be the toughest year, which will decide the future much. It's very nice to be here, but it is very difficult. Each year limipieza and complicated maintained.

Leads from the age of thirteen. What is left?

With how players come and go. Each year, at this point, your friends are. It becomes very hard, it's a fucking sense. A lot.

Summer, for a squad is a tough time.

Always. If a person comes to you, it becomes very difficult to forget about it. Contact is maintained forever, but never the same.

But this year's treble joy no one takes it away.

It's been a perfect season, both individually and collectively. We were very happy. And I especially.


Because I've also been fortunate to continue in the subsidiary.

And that ended so touched that he even had to resign from the European Under 19.

There was one party (the Cup final) and had to give everything. The doctor gave me three weeks off, but had to endure 75 minutes and asked for change.

Do you have short vacation?

Holidays, at these ages are not important. We must seize every opportunity.

Oscar has done very well. What have you learned from it?

The truth is that it is very steep and it's good that you are pending because it means you're important. So I felt, important in this team for giving me all the confidence.

And next season?

It is a difficult role for me, but efforts will be made ... I think I have options to get me a place in the team. That's what I'm going.

The second might be suitable.

Is a category with much more space and comes very well. In matches I've played I felt very comfortable and the challenges one has to grow stronger.

He debuted with a goal in Soria.

It was the most beautiful feeling of the season. I got a good game and got the goal. Imagine!

Is the mentality is almost everything?

Who is strong here (touches head) and talented, arrives.

In his position Barca will left over from good quality players. Is it a problem?

Everyone should worry about their own and work for himself. And then it will come.

What goal has been scored this season?

Become a good place in the team and stick your head up.

Already trained with Guardiola.

Yes, Coach.

Alexis Sanchez, the brightest star is the 'Chilean Messi'

Alexis Sanchez has become the big star of the Copa America. In the two games played by Chile so far (against Mexico and Uruguay) intended by the Barcelona player has been named the most valuable player.

In your country already have the nickname 'Messi Chilean' because, like Argentina, is capable of putting a stadium in place.

Alexis, of course, likes the comparison, because their desire is known to all and throw play Catalans walls with Leo. He laughs every time I asked about the possibility of playing alongside his idol.

Like Messi, Alexis is a very familiar and shy. He is very attached to his sister, whom he affectionately called the 'romaine in a match what the goals held by the classic' Topo Gigio. " America's Cup but their celebrations are for the memory of his adoptive father, Joseph.

Alexis's childhood was not easy, but has managed to succeed with the support of their own. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Giovani dos Santos: "Messi is the best player in the world"

Giovani dos Santos , Mexico striker, has praised the qualities of Argentine Lionel Messi , who considered the best player in the world, and stated that the selection that you like best at the start of the 2011 Copa America is Colombia .

"For me Messi is the best in the world," has ruled Giovani , who shared team in Barcelona three years ago, the Argentine soccer, which was criticized by media and fans for his performance with the selection 'albiceleste' in the two rounds played in the Copa America.

Giovani also stressed that Colombia has been the best team that started the tournament. "I liked his game enough, with major players, quick, good defensively and leaving the counter pretty well," assessed. (via MD)

Iniesta's T-shirt dedicated to Jarque, presented in Cornella-El Prat

RCD Espanyol has exhibited at the stadium in Cornella-El Prat-shirt that displayed in honor of Andres Iniesta Espanyol Daniel Jarque to the player, who died on August 8, 2009, after scoring the winning goal in the last World Cup 2010.

Iniesta gave the shirt to the club Espanyol on 11 November and the club has set next to the mural in memory of Jarque, access 21 Cornella-El Prat, a number that also corresponds to the dorsal of which he was captain of Espanyol. The elastic Iniesta wore the message "Dani Jarque always with us'.
Both the blue and white as his hobby club have shown their thanks to Andres Iniesta on several occasions. The harrow Cornellá even gave him a standing ovation during the last derby in fief 'parrot', the December 18, 2010. Jarque and Iniesta held a grand friendship beyond the pitch.
Moreover, Espanyol works to further honor the memory of the '21 'parakeet. The Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Adrià, usual place of first team training, will receive his name. In addition, a copper statue of the player will be placed in the stadium and hold the expected tribute match. (via SPOPRT)

Di Stéfano: "To Messi I see it leave everything in the field"

In a letter published in the journal Di Stefano Olé, adds: "And that's what counts, because it is on the court in which record feelings towards the homeland." "Thus, as it is doing Messi. I know there are criticisms. But the boys did very bien.Me liked the way you play. Just lacked a bit of luck," he admitted.

The Argentina team is working very seriously and effort, I insist that Batista knows what he is doing. In addition, the most important battles are still ahead. If we are united, we shall overcome. But if we're apart, what shall we do? "Said Di Stefano. (via SPORT)

The representative of Neymar criticizes the strategy of Rosell

"At the time Santos allowed the negotiation went to talk to the player and his father, instead of your agent. I did not like. I prefer to go to Madrid."

Wagner Ribeiro , representative of Neymar, again reiterated that Real Madrid has the advantage to sign him and criticized the position of the Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, head straight for the player and his father.

Speaking to ESPN, Ribeiro said: "I liked what I did (the leaders of Barcelona): They went to speak directly with the player in the concentration of the selection. So did his father. At the time the Santos allowed the talks should have spoken to his agent, not the player. So I prefer to go to Real Madrid. "

Sandro Rosell was in the concentration of the Brazilian team at the start of the Copa America. He even get on the official team bus. However, Madrid has the advantage in bargaining. Ribeiro himself has been agreed and the player's salary at Real Madrid and Brazil said that Real will pay the buyout clause, set at 45 million euros. Neymar says he would rather stay in Santos until December to play the Club World Cup, but the conclusion of the Copa America, Florentino Perez will launch a final push to join the Real Madrid away.

Wagner Ribeiro has insisted that "if the mother is able to wait until January, the player will sign. It is not an economic issue, but sport. He wants to play the Club World Cup. I am in favor of negotiating with Real Madrid. I know Florentino Pérez either the time of Robinho. If I had to choose between Barcelona and Madrid, I'd Madrid. " (via AS)

[Youth] Barca following the 'pearl' of Anderlecht

Charly Musonda is called, has 14 years in the military ranks of Anderlecht, experts say, is one of the most promising continental football.

It seems that half of Europe is fighting for one of the most promising reports the continental football portal 'Mirror Football'.

Charly Musonda Jr. is called, is 14 and currently plays for Anderlecht. It is the third son of exinternacional Zambia, Charles Musonda and experts is the most talented of the three brothers. It is undoubtedly one of the 'pearls' most coveted by Europe's elite.

Other clubs are fighting for the promising young Belgian all teams like Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Manchester City.

The only downside for some of these clubs get to hire the young talent that European legislation prevents them to buy players under 16.

His father and exfutbolista, Charly Musonda, admitted: "We have received invitations to go to Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City. And so far, we have told everyone that no, even though the amount of money have given us is crazy. "

Stoke City's former player of English and Dutch Feyenord, Jan Boskamp admitted having seen the boy in action "Charly is a charming blend of technique and intelligence." He added that the youngster "is the best of all the young talent, a mixture of Xavi and Iniesta. There is no player at his age is so brilliant." (via SPORT)

Alexis Case: Yes Soriano, not the variables

Udinese, Jonathan willing to include in the operation and the striker, to enter the same.

Udinese Italian media has confirmed that the club has returned to offer Jonathan Soriano, MD as advanced in yesterday's edition, in his latest attempt to refloat the negotiations on Alexis Sanchez, in turn crucial for selection of Saturday morning: his toe goal allowed Chile to avoid defeat against Uruguay (1-1) in the Copa America.

Friuliano The club is willing to include the top scorer of the Segunda A and Jonathan accept operation into the same, as long as conditions are favorable to their interests unless countermanded, he will be presented tomorrow at the start of preseason Barça B-in that has a contract until 2012 - and is waiting for Barcelona to communicate the details of the proposal made to Udinese.

With these premises, the signing of Alexis for the club could crystallize at last, though still without assuming Udinese-coded variables at 11 million euros, 26 'kilos' as fixed, as are presented in the Barcelona and ask for an further review. Gino Pozzo, son of the owner of Udinese, said yesterday "meetings with the club for next week" to intuit conclusive.

Initially, Udinese wanted Bojan and therefore ruled out as options Jeffren and Soriano, the refusal of Krkic play in Udine, agreed with limbo, but he did not want to anchor in the Serie A.

Now Jonathan was welcome and there is some urgency: the season starts today and Soriano, 25, would require a shoot in the face of playoff Champions August (16/17 and 23/24).

Jonathan also has sounded for Salzburg, but has had no contact with the Austrian club, but is still awaiting a summit in Barcelona to realize their future. On the other hand, in Italy it is speculated that the alleged interest in Alexis Napoli and Inter Udinese trick isa only to raise its price

"I see no problem to play abroad"
The Swansea Welsh, Neuchatel Switzerland, the Rome of Luis Enrique and Austrian Salzburg are four of the clubs to which Jonathan Soriano has been linked his name. However, the top scorer in League Two has not signed with anyone. "I see no problem to play abroad, but only if the bid is favorable to my interests," he reiterated. (via MD)