10 July 2011

Diego Armando Maradona: "We are very unfair to Messi"

Diego Armando Maradona , in an exclusive interview with Diario Ole has come out in defense of Leo Messi, when Fluff is really struggling. "The saddest moment of my life, I want to go to defend Messi " . And the mother of Diego is in a delicate health situción and former Argentina coach he is suffering a lot.

However, Maradona wanted to repudiate criticism of the 'Flea'. "The selection did not attack at any time or we blame him, we are very unfair to Messi" and added that unworthy "when I hear all these jerks when they kill him. I talked to him (Messi) during the week and asked tranquility. "

Diego insisitió to remember that "before the World Cup in 86 was a disaster, was criticized by 80% of journalists. After that there was no one asked me a note. So I can understand as there is the issue ...".

The legendary 10 would not value the work of Batista - "I will not assemble the team," he says, but acknowledged that "I have been very difficult to play with Russo, and Gallego Giusti together" and that's why I said Messi the best partner for the Skinny Pastore: "Batista is a stupid cruelty to Pastore Pastore I think it would be a great partner Mess. "

Maradona, who has always been a fan of Barca's Guardiola game, wanted to avoid comparisons with the albiceleste: "We have to play as the Argentina team. we do not have to Xavi, Piqué, Iniesta ... It is impossible to imitate Barcelona, ​​because it had lucky enough to gather them all in one shining moment, "said Diego Olé.

Finally, former Argentina coach sent a clear message: "I wish you the best in the world the boys who were with me in the World and all the players on the national team. The others do not." (via MD)

[Former B player] Víctor Vázquez scored two goals

[Youth] Next Gen Series, 'a Champions' Juvenil

The Juvenil A of FC Barcelona will compete at the international level, in a European tournament that brings together sixteen of the best clubs. The Next Gen Series kicks off August 31 with a Celtic-Barça.

After winning the treble in his first season in front of Juvenil A, Oscar Garcia will have a new challenge for his second year coaching in the youth squad.

A rest of the league, the Champions Cup and the Copa del Rey Juvenil A Barca will compete in the first edition of the Next Gen Series, an under-19 competition have developed some of the best European clubs to foguear their youth teams in a competition with a format similar to Champions League .

This competition will, however, organized by UEFA, but are the clubs which, with permission, have decided to conduct this project.

This is a competition to be played between 31 August and late December 2011 with six groups of four teams.

Barça debut on August 30 at Celtic Park against Celtic in Glasgow and will play three games in three Miniestadi at home and on the road. Manchester City and Olympique Marseille are the other rivals Barca. (via FCBarcleona.cat)

Four groups defined
These are the four groups of the first edition of the Next Gen Series, a competition for young European talent from which we will get.

Group 1
FC Barcelona
Manchester City
O. de Marsella

Group 2
Sporting de Portugal

Group 3
PSV Eindhoven
Inter de Milán

Group 4
Aston Villa

Iniesta: “We’ll fight to win everything again”

Andrés Iniesta is looking forward to the new season with Barça. He was speaking at a testimonial in his hometown of Fuentealbilla.

He added that “the most important thing is to stay enthusiastic, and not to lose the desire to do things well”. The midfielder predicts “another year with a lot of pressure, every season is difficult”.

Iniesta also spoke about his winning goal in the World Cup final. “On July 11, my football career touched glory, the sky, but today I’m thrilled to see so many people here and fill me with pride”, he said on the Fuentealbilla town hall balacony, addressing thousands of fans.

Andrés Iniesta had a busy Saturday. At midday he was in the town hall and in the evening he was a guest at the VII Meeting of Castile-la Mancha supporters clubs, organised by the PB Andrés Iniesta-Fuentealbilla. The gala supper was held there, attended by 800 people from 41 supporters clubs. Iniesta was clearly grateful for everything done in his honour.

Also attending was vice president Jordi Cardoner, who spoke about his player’s “amazing human qualities.” Cardoner also praised everybody involved in the Castile –La Mancha supporters movement, and specifically those from Fuentealbilla. Former player Lobo Carrasco was also there on such a memorable day for Iniesta. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The technical secretariat will not stop

Renewals Thiago Alcantara, Pedro Rodriguez and Andreu Fontàs, along with the additions of Kiko Femenía and Eusebio, show that the Technical Secretariat not rest.

When summer arrives, the negotiations to sign players are on the agenda of all major teams in the world. But not only are efforts to strengthen the team with new signings, but with renovations and upgrades players who already have at your fingertips.

"Before we look at home to look outside," the technical secretary Andoni Zubizarreta. Said and done. With renovations Thiago Alcántara and Andreu Fontàs est has been shown at top and these two players also will form the first team and will be available to Josep Guardiola. Thiago, 20, and Font, 22, will bring youth and fresh blood to the team.

Addition to the new realities, we must also ensure the continuity of the world cracks. One is Peter , who on Monday will be a year he became world champion with the Spanish team. The canary player has seen this week has been extended and improved contract until 2016. The backbone of the team, then, is guaranteed.

After the signing of Sergio Lobato, the subsidiary Barca has also been reinforced with former Hercules Femenía Kiko . The player from Alicante, which can act side and right end, will play in Barca B and will have a clause that will raise 20 million to 30 at the time you have the first team sheet.

Both players, along with eight juveniles who incorporated into the Barça B, will be under the command of Eusebio Sacristan, who will coach next season subsidiary with an option for one more.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports club vice president, said the club has "no hurry "to close any incorporation, as there is time to" August 31 "to carry out operations. However, the club is always attentive to the market. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Soriano will sign for Salzburg

Barca will receive two million euros and the top scorer of the subsidiary and the second division until 2015 tab.

Barca striker Jonathan Soriano B will play the next four seasons with Red Bull Salzburg in Austria. The Blaugrana entity will receive two million euros in exchange for the transfer of the Second Division top scorer with 32 goals and he had one season left on his contract.

The Barcelona striker excellent campaign sparked interest from numerous teams who contacted the player's agent, Josep Maria Orobitg. Jonathan rushed this week to find out what options had to be part of the first Josep Guardiola as a replacement up front. When this possibility faded, dismissed some offers succulent from the economic point of view, like that of Benfica.

Finally, Jonathan has opted for the Salzburg as appreciating the style of football played in that tournament can be adapted to their characteristics. Coach Ricardo Moniz want to go for it and the attractiveness of the city and the solvency of the club were decisive. (via SPORT)

In England they assure that Cesc will be of Barça this week

Cesc Fabregas The soap opera may find its end this week. Or at least that's what it publishes on Sunday the British press, who assumed the departure of midfielder.

Explains the British newspaper "The Mirror", Barca coach Pep Guardiola would have personally asked Sandro Rosell, Barca president of the organization, putting an end to these endless negotiations, and access to sign the player for 35 million pounds Some 40 million euros. An amount that could end up convincing the English club, where only Arsene Wenger is reluctant to let go of their star midfielder.

Meanwhile Cesc, who will attend the Asia tour of Arsenal because of a mysterious injury, continues to pressure from London to fulfill his dream as soon as possible. (via SPORT)

The 'bomb' in the cantera

To little that it is cultivated, Thiago Alcántara (11-4-1991) is that type of player that will connect with the fans. Wood is a leader and yesterday, in the Nike Campus in Andorra, at the close of the first round, showed his skills as a communicator. Just like playing with courage, speed and sagacity, he ventured to an audience of four children, nothing less. No problem. How many years you start your career, I asked. Answer: "I just started." How did you learn to play? Was the next question. "Having fun without worrying if I did right or wrong." A special moment, he then claimed. "Every game." The last unanimous laughter started. "I discovered a scout Vigo. He was wrong." No, not wrong. Instead, they should make a tribute.

With children, Thiago showed humility that some question and confused with his daring soccer. Seeing the 'sin', he recalled that one day it was, that the school went to the campus. His gestures of complicity was evident.

At midfield, which ensures that listening to music in his head while playing, is the new samba Masia the quarry. It's the bomb. Just yesterday, guard Juan Carlos Navarro did not repress a warm greeting. Nor Barcelona striker Javi Rodriguez futsal. (via MD)

Gerard Piqué, to the water for blame of Shakira

Barca's Gerard Pique Central is rushing the last days of vacation with Shakira.

A few days ago we saw walking the streets of Jerusalem on this occasion the Barca player has again surprised his followers on Twitter and Facebook with a fun video.

It can do rafting with Shakira, which apparently is much better at singing than rowing. And that is the message that accompanies this fun video Piqué and gives some clues about how this adventure ended. "Because of the bad timing of Shakira paddling, we all went into the water," says Gerard. (via SPORT)

Thiago Alcántara: "I am dared and won't change"

Barca midfielder returned yesterday to be a child. Surrounded by them, in Andorra, the Nike Campus, played them, enjoyed, joked and hugged them. With a ready smile on his face. But Thiago child ceased to be a long, although only 20 years old. And next season it's time to prove it.

Have you reached your goal?
is clear that this is the goal you set yourself when you get to see Barca and the players are on the computer. Want to be like them, want to play with them. It is a goal that I achieved with effort and affection throughout the world, many teammates and coaches.

Do you feel privileged?
Yeah, right. Sure it's a privilege.

Does it come to succeed in football or succeed at Barca?
But in the club I'm playing football, I do not come to pose, to place the face. I come to play football, to help my teammates and to create a pineapple in there.

His name has sounded many years, but has been little media presence. Is it something planned?
The truth is that the fewer images and interviews go better. Happiness comes of the ball, not to appear in many places, discretion makes you happy. I am familiar, work and enjoy everything I do.

Are you humble?
I think so, are values ​​that have taught me since childhood.

Do you think your football gives a wrong picture of you?
Yes, I think so because there is a football-confidence, of daring, but that does not mean you're good person or not. Just enjoy my work.

Their football has brought him where he is ...
I'm not changing my personality or my football because that's what made ​​me get where I am. I just have to go polish details, step by step, over the years.

So we will see him pass without looking where it happens.
It's something innate, each player has his game, and then in the field, each is supplemented. As a child I've always played this way and helped me to play here.

To vibrate when the Nou Camp with some fancy stuff you do yours.
At that time, you're so aware of what you do not hear it. If you listen when he does a partner or if you put a goal clear, but while you focus on playing the game do not hear anything.

What the club has taught him that is not innate?
Apart from the way you play the club, I have taught aspects and values ​​of a person of humility, that in football there is more than just a person who have some friends, it all depends on the group and you must learn to be added from outside, not from the field.

Does the first team remains something of joy to football as practiced in the grassroots?
joy I can never finish playing, the season will be difficult, of course I will, because it is very long and are in all competitions, but you have to play with joy.

MORE: www.sport.es

The low Campus the curtain in 4 headquarters

Steps are accomplished and objectives of the campus, where children are passing big.

Simultaneously at the same time, yesterday closed down four of the five venues of the FCB-SPORT Campus 2011. The curtain fell in L ^ Ametlla de Mar (second week), Prades (first), Reus (second) and Tona-Vic (first).

At all locations the timing was perfect. After making the competition matches scheduled for the closing day, the children of the FCB-SPORT Campus collected their diplomas, the front pages of our newspaper customized with your teammates and various gifts of the newspaper SPORT and sponsors.

The FCB-SPORT 2011 Campus gave edits are complete at the headquarters of L ^ Ametlla de Mar and Reus until next year. Two weeks have been one hundred percent Barcelona, ​​where over 600 children enrolled during this time have enjoyed his favorite sport.

The headquarters of Prades (Prades Park) and Tona-Vic (Vic Seminary) will begin the second round Sunday. The director and the coaches expect the new players, a total of 300 children, to spend a fantastic week of football and many other activities.

And Monday morning will start third shift at the headquarters of Barcelona (INEFC), which is the only one to be scheduled four weeks. The last Campus FCB-SPORT will be that will begin on July 18 and ends on 22 March. (via SPORT)

Alexis already leaves Barça

The drama of the player could come to an end. The Chilean host assumes the final agreement.

The discrete agent is Alexis Sanchez and Mendoza, which houses the headquarters of the Chilean expedition involved in the Copa America. And their arrival has triggered all kinds of commentaries. Fernando's journey Felicevich optimism has returned to those who take weeks waiting for his crack most international of the jump to the best team out there. The few sources close to representative football yesterday dared to publish as a matter of urgency that had moved Felicevich an unmistakable message to his illustrious player: next week will be made official his move to FC Barcelona.

The news spread at a rapid pace and with the passing of the hours several means seconded the happy message released from the concentration of Chile. Some of the more daring, even found that those players related to Alexis Sanchez had the opportunity to confirm the news dialogue with the player itself. Stated that the front was the happiest guy in the merger.

Apparently Felicevich would be able to ensure that the latest proposals submitted by Barcelona at the beginning of this week would have unlocked the negotiations with Udinese. The agent reportedly said Pozzo family is already in line to start the payment concrete proposals from Can Barça. In any case, the representative agenda that would keep the deck the last few hours. Starting tomorrow would be resumed official contacts between clubs and Alexis Sanchez could be new player of FC Barcelona officially before the end of the Copa America. A sensible change of scenery after several weeks awaiting the outcome of a transfer announced.

In some ways, this final speech itself coincide with the latest statements by the representatives of the Pozzo family from Italy. Both the patriarch, Giampaolo, as his son, Gino, admitted that between Udinese and Barcelona are scheduled several events throughout the week. However, representatives of the Italian squad have insisted that the negotiating picture is still not mature enough to speculate on a final agreement. Barca would not cover the required financial offer and the distribution of fixed and variable chapter does not convince as a whole. Udinese still calling for calm and dialogue. (via SPORT)

Jeffrén torn between Sevilla and Atletico

Barca forward ruled out the option of Valencia but has no intention of leaving the League.

Jeffrén yet know where he will play next season, but one thing is clear: the work is not to leave the Spanish League. Barca striker can afford such an approach. At this point in time, the player manages several proposals from leading teams in the league of the stars.

Jeffrén suitors accumulates behind them. It is true that in recent days has been dropped one of the first offers that emerged in the press. The Barca squad not wear the colors of Valencia Emery next season.

But both the player and the club are already aware of interest from two other clubs: Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. Both teams would be willing to negotiate an economic transfer. The future of Jeffrén has been much talk in recent weeks.

And is that the club was in favor of including the operation of Alexis Sanchez. Udinese would be the work of accepting the striker in their squad, and in return, the club would save a figure of around three million euros. From the outset, the player has been reluctant to calcium. (via SPORT)

The one hesitated of Cesc to Iniesta

Andres Iniesta will always be remembered for his goal against Holland who won the World Cup for Spain. Cesc was his buddy.

Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta has a very good friendship. Both have hit it off marvelously in the Spanish and it is usual to exchange messages or talk on the phone. Euro 2008 was very special. Neither Arsenal or Barca had reaped titles and winning the title with the selection was a special release. In addition, they agreed on the final lineup and showed that two of them, with Xavi Hernandez are not only compatible, but are the best in the world triangle in the center of the field.

Their connection began then and continued thereafter until it reaches its peak in the final of the World Cup. Cesc had many problems in South Africa because of injury to the fibula was about to go to prevent the appointment. He recovered in time, but the obsession of Vicente del Bosque to place alongside Xabi Alonso Sergio Busquets relegated to the bench. However, the Salamanca reconsidered in extending the Madrid World Cup and replaced by 'GUNN player still in overtime and the result could not be better. An assist from Cesc Andrew manchego served to break the Dutch network with a cross shot.

Since then, Andrew has to endure often jokes Fabregas. "Without me you would not be anybody," he used to say in a tone of Arenys vacilón to Fuentealbilla, who responds with humor and always remember that "from the moment I saw the ball down, I knew it was a goal. There was silence before the kick. " Cesc revolutionized the final. Connected to the rest of Blaugrana, the two gamers' ¿, Sergio Busquets and Villa, playing practically by heart. Even had the goal in their boots, but did not see the 'Before' Guaje shoot out when he was alone with the goalie. "One of the moves of the ones I've regretted in my life," used to comment on Fabregas for not having passed the ball to Villa, who has always downplay the move. Spain won the World Cup and all celebrated as a pineapple.

The same union that captivated when he saw Pep Guardiola Cesc playing with his pupils in the last half hour of their quarter-final against Paraguay in Johannesburg. So I was very clear that his signing was a priority. Guardiola believes: Cesc is one of the privileged few, if not the only one that can turn this boat in better equipment. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "We want more titles"

Andrew enjoyed the tribute he gave Fuentealbilla with the same joy he had a year ago in South Africa.

It was July 11, 2010 at Soccer City in Johannesburg, but it seems that time has passed. The illusion unleashed by the victory in the World Cup was so great that it continues to breathe like a joyful atmosphere.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the feat with an undisputed star. Andres Iniesta was the author of a goal that moved an entire country and all football fans who appreciate their pure values. A feeling that has a hub in Fuentealbilla, the town where Andrew was born and yesterday he was again rewarded for his extraordinary talent.

The players greeted their neighbors from the balcony of Luján bar, run by his grandfather years ago and headquarters of the Peña Fuentealbilla Barcelona. Just down the stairs, still excited, acknowledged that "it was glorious. It has been many people and to feel happy. I have lived a nice day watching the people as people passed it well. I will take a great memory. "

From the balcony that looked out wearing a banner remembering the exploits of Johannesburg, an unforgettable moment in his memory as was the goal at Stamford Bridge or the three finals he has won the Champions League with Barça shirt. Party in South Africa against the Netherlands, with its historic goal in overtime, recalled as "a year ago we experienced a wonderful moment. It was very nice and I am happy being able to celebrate again with my people. "

Upon looking back, Iniesta stressed that "for me was an honor to taste something so big," but will not stay stuck in the past and noted that "in both personal and collective aspect I hope everything continues going very well and can get new unforgettable days. "

On July 11 he scored for his feat with the selection, but during these days of rest in Fuentealbilla has also continued to Barcelona today. Andrew commented that "it is inevitable to be aware of your team and everything that happens, although I try to disconnect holidays, rest easy with my people and recharge for the next thing that will be very demanding."

The next challenge is to reposition trophies in the windows of the museum at Camp Nou. Guardiola's team is putting the bar higher and higher and it feeds the desire of the players wins. In this sense, Manchego said that "every year is different and we will fight again for all titles. Why can not live another great year? The most important thing is to have the illusion, not losing the desire to do well and then you can come out or not, but the intent and motivation has to be always present. "

Real Madrid will again be the big man to beat and the team is prepared to support "another year with a lot of pressure. It is increasingly difficult, more teams are strengthened and the requirement will be greater. " The best medicine to overcome passing new goals, as Iniesta, because "never be lacking hunger. It's something we keep, especially now that we are experiencing some incredible moments. "

Regarding the possible reinforcements, Andrew said "let's see what happens with Cesc. We have said many times we think of him if it comes, is a player who would take a leap in quality, but it is a matter for the clubs. " The manchego explained that "sometimes spoke to him," adding "I hope to fulfill their desire to come."

As for Alexis Sanchez, Iniesta reflected that "it is a different player. When faced with Chile could see that it is a great player. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Total agreement to renew Sergi Roberto

Subsidiary midfielder Sergi Roberto renewed by the club until 2015 but the photo and the official signing will be delayed until the player returns from its commitment to the Spanish team that played the U-20 World category.

While some teams like Manchester City tightened all the way to seize their services, your representative Josep Maria Orobitg tied the final details, such as the termination clause that is not provided because it is not too high. (via SPORT)

Batista calls for support for Messi

The Argentina coach, Sergio Batista, today confirmed that striker Gonzalo Higuain will start against Costa Rica in the match that close involvement of both teams in Group A of the Copa America and called for popular support for Lionel Messi.

Speaking to television Telefé, Batista is also said that "a lead" the knowledge that his compatriot Ricardo La Volpe, Costa Rica coach has his team.

"All matches are difficult. No one takes advantage and La Volpe Argentina knows well. And I always played well. It also has a team that knows what to play despite his youth. We must be vigilant and not complacent, "he said alluding to the crash Monday in the city of Cordoba. Such As speculated, Batista confirmed that his usual tactical system will change for the match against the American cast.

"We have a way of working, the 4-3-3. But it is possible to use the tactical picture of the Olympic Games in Beijing: a hitch, a delayed peak and two forwards. That's the idea, so we will stop ", she said.

"We have the team, I have no mysteries. Let's play with a reference area, which is Higuain, Lionel Messi shot back with two steering wheels. We did not change neither the style nor the forms, "said the coach.

Batista also claimed public support for Messi after the whistle that the "crack" of Barcelona and the rest of the Argentina were in the city of Santa Fe by the goalless draw with Colombia.

"It is very difficult what Leo is living. It is recognized around the world and in your country. It's going to China and can not get out the door and here suffered a lot. He gives everything for the team is killed, and not be recognized annoying. But he has personality to succeed, "he said.

Argentina is trained in camera sports venue is in the locality of Ezeiza. In principle, if volcanic ash clouds that roam much of the country permit, the team will travel to Cordoba on Sunday on a charter flight.

"We want to avoid the bus trip from exhaustion. We plan to fly and was told that there will be drawbacks to do so. Now, if any, will be complicated, "said Batista. (via SPORT)

Nolito | Benfica 7-0 Friburgo | Pre-Temporada

[Copa América GL] Fred saved the furniture to the 'canarinha'

BRAZIL 2 - PARAGUAY 2. Fred saved in extremis with a goal point for a loose Brazil, which nearly succumbing to a seasoned Paraguay football and showed more.

Fred and Jadson, in the first half, scored for Brazil, while Roque Santa Cruz and Valdez were the authors of many Paraguayans, who were more ambitious and put the Canarinha against the ropes in this game for the second round of the Copa America.

The Albirroja claw held off Brazil in the first half and won the second character when the score demanded it.

Brazil showed a face even more gray on the day of its debut. It was very slow and lacked depth, and Duck Neymar not succeed in overcoming their bookmarks and Daniel Alves burst down the right on any occasion.

The Brazil coach Mano Menezes, had been playing all week with the alignment cluelessness and finally to replace Robinho surprised by Jadson, a bet that turned out well because it was the Ukrainian Shakhtar player who opened the scoring.

Jadson centered played midfielder, looking to partner with Duck and Neymar, playing more open, while Goose was delayed to the middle to start the play.

But Paraguay presented a strong labeling in the center of the pitch which drowned the creation of the Brazilian game, which became very difficult to connect to the attack in a slow first half, stuck with almost no football.

Paraguay ahead could very beginning of the game, a shot from Roque Santa Cruz was lost over the bow so inexplicable in the 2nd minute, when Julius Caesar was already sold.

Since that time, the Paraguayans settled in the midfield, and narrowed spaces dedicated to put up with a Brazilian short of ideas, especially a great job steering Ortigoza Nestor, who relentlessly harass Goose.

Neymar speed was the only factor that caused some concern to the Paraguayans, but the figure was Brazilian too far from the area to cause real problems.

When Brazil seemed lost, with less chance of disturbing the goalkeeper Justo Villar, Jadson hooked a powerful cross shot from the edge of the area that marked the Brazilian goal just before halftime.

Then Paraguay was forced to leave the party. With intensity, good openings on the wings and some fortune, he turned Albirroja the marker.

Shortly after the break, Marcelo Estigarribia Brazilian beat behind a stripped down the left flank and served a perfect attendance Roque Santa Cruz, who drew from a large area, with a Julius Caesar defenseless.

The second came soon after, by Haedo Valdez topped in two days, after he stole Cristian Riveros the ball from Dani Alves in the heart of the area.

Brazil seemed broken, unable to turn around the match, but the entry of Fred at the site of Neymar saved the Canarinha.

Fred took a pass from Goose and finished in the area outside the scope of Justo Villar. An award excessive for a team that had very little football.

[Technical Data]
2 - Brasil: Julio César; Alves, Lucio, Thiago Silva, André Santos; Lucas Leiva, Ramires (m.70, Lucas Moura), Jadson (m.45, Elano), Ganso; Pato y Neymar (m.83, Fred).

2 - Paraguay: Villar; Verón, Da Silva, Alcaraz, Torres; Ortigoza, Vera, Riveros (m.68, Cáceres), Estigarribia (m.80, Martínez); Santa Cruz y Barrios (m.57, Valdez).

Goals: 1-0, m.38: Jadson. 1-1, m.55: Santa Cruz. 1-2, m.67: Valdez. 2-2, m.88: Fred.

Referee: Wilmar Roldan (COL). Jadson admonished, Pato, Lucas Leiva by Brazil and Paraguay Caceres Barrios.

Incidents: Party of the second round of Group B of the Copa America played in the stadium Mario Alberto Kempes, the city of Cordoba, with about 57,000 spectators, mostly praraguayos.

Thiago, happy to "play the best team in the world"

The player of FC Barcelona , Thiago Alcantara , has been one of the protagonists of the closing of the Nike Campus which is being held in Andorra, where he also attended the basketball player Juan Carlos Navarro and indoor soccer, Javi Rodriguez .

Thiago has said it is happy to play for Barça, who must consider "the best team in the world," and clarified that his intention has always been to stay at Barca.

When asked about how he has lived all the rumors about his possible departure from the Catalan club, the squad has said: "I've been calm and centered in the tournament. Has been quick to agree on renewal," he assured Thiago. (via MD)

Iniesta, acclaimed in Fuentealbilla

More than 1,300 people gathered Saturday at the doors of the rock Fuentealbilla FC Barcelona to pay tribute to Andres Iniesta, who was born in this town and thanked the affection of the fans waving from the balcony.

Iniesta's hometown was 'taken' for over a thousand fans Catalans. Naturally, the name of '8 'Barca looked in much of the shirts.

This was one of the acts that are part of the Seventh Meeting of the Barcelona Peñas de Castilla-La Mancha, which is held in Fuentealbilla Saturday and will conclude with a dinner for 750 people in the hold of Iniesta in the area.

At the conference attracted about fifty clubs Barcelona and was also assisted by the town mayor, Angel Salmeron, among others.

The meeting began early in the morning and included activities such as a popular food in the pediment or the parade of the flags of the rocks. Also disputed a football game and then there will be the gala dinner. (via SPORT)

Discarded Valencia, the future of Jeffren is among Seville and Atletico

As recognized this Saturday in a statement to SPORT, limbo is already clear that its future is far from Barcelona. For now, still studying bids.

Instantly it was clear that next season the club had no future, Jeffren Suarez began to make a living. The first choice was Valencia. Che negotiated with all, but now that option is already discounted.

At present, the two teams with more options to gain the services of Tenerife player from Venezuela are Atletico Madrid and Sevilla. The two have been interested in the striker and at this time would be more viable alternatives. The problem is that if limbo, the club is a bit like the dog in the manger, who neither eats nor lets eat. On the one hand, we make it clear to the player in Barcelona can not continue, because it has room for next season, but otherwise not give you any easy to find a good destination. Complicated situation ... (via SPORT)

Villa: "I look forward to having fun in the field"

Asturian striker has closed on Saturday the fourth edition of its Summer Campus which was held in La Morgal, Asturias. Villa wants to "win titles" and enjoy "many minutes."

David Villa has terminated the IV Campus named after explaining what are your feelings ahead of next season. Barca striker explained that he wants "to keep winning titles at the collective level" and expects to enjoy "many minutes." The '7 'Barca has said he expects to live starting in August, "a season like the previous" in terms of titles. Villa explained that one of his top priorities is to continue "having fun on the field" and achieve "the highest possible goals ". Moreover, he said he expects the team "do equally well on and off the field."

Cesc Fabregas Questioned, Villa explained that the player Arenys have "preference" and also "a weakness" for him. Lastly, he hoped that "hopefully will be added to the team." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

“Football Net” triumphs in Salt

The presence of the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, and Barça President, Sandro Rosell, raised high expectations in Salt, on the occasion of the pilot of the project “Football Net”, which supports the integration of youngsters through sport.

A festive break for the pilot of the Football Net project, led by the Barça Foundation, with the collaboration of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Salt Town Hall, "La Caixa", and the Foundation Ser.Gi, as well as Coca-Cola.

This expectation was due to the presence of President of the Catalan Government Artur Mas, and the President of Barça, Sandro Rosell, who gave the starting signal for the various football matches played throughout the day at the ground of Les Guixeres, involving over 300 youngsters between 10 and 16.

It was in this place where the two leaders spoke about project. For his part, President Artur Mas called for "the values of football to be applied off the pitch.......the kids are the stars today. Maybe one of the players out here could become a Barça player, or even a future president of Barça, or even Catalonia. Here they’ve explained to us the game rules in football. The country also has ground rules. If they are complied with everything will get better. I only ask that everyone on and off the pitch comply with the rules".

The ground rules, according to Mas, are "studying in school, listening to the teachers, have good relationships between yourselves, and help each other as you do in football". He also called for "fair play and a clean game".

On arrival, President Rosell saw that many of these kids who play football came up to him. They wanted to talk to him. The Barcelona President said, as an anecdote, that these kids who talked to him said they were like 'brothers' of some of the FC Barcelona players. This means that the kids feel close to the players that make up the squad. "Today I met many brothers of Afellay, Keita, Messi ... This is the value of having values" said Rosell.

Rosell was pleased by the fact that these kids use football as a means of integration: "Keep playing football, but educate yourselves as individuals through hard work, friendship, and discipline. Today, here in Salt there are two languages that unite us: Football and Catalan".

Later, the two presidents visited the different tents where they held several workshops, and the celebration ended with a joint photograph of all institutions involved in the project and the 300 kids. The photo was taken on the football pitch. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Busquets: "We're looking for incentives to improve our game"

Sergio Busquets, speaking to Barça TV and the Barça Web, said that "improving what we have achieved over the last three years will be difficult, but we need to find incentives to be able to do it".

Busquets, despite being on holiday, has worked for the last two weeks in his second summer campus. This morning, a guided visit to the Camp Nou was the last event. "It's a really good experience that I had already been through last year. I’m really pleased how things went on campus. I see satisfaction on the faces of the kids, the instructors, and the people from Badia. Everything went very well".

Speaking about next season, Busquets said that "what this team has achieved over the last three years has been great. We’ve won everything. “But it’s also true”, he added, “that next season will be even more difficult. We all want to win and every game in every competition will be like a final".
To achieve this, Sergio thinks that "we’ll take it one match at a time, and look for specific incentives to continue with this desire to win next season too".

Busquets is not at all concerned about the team next year: "The team is already complete. We have a very good squad and now we can add Fontàs and Thiago to that. I don’t know if we need more signings or not, because with what we have we can cope with the season with certain guarantees, and we do have a very good squad. But it’s also true that bringing in players could be very important, and I think that in this situation we just have to have the patience necessary to deal with it". (via FCBarcelona.cat)