09 July 2011

Amuses this way Piqué in their vacations

Gerard Piqué A holiday you are taking to much.

A few days ago we saw him praying at the Wailing Wall in Israel with his inseparable Shakira in Italy filming a commercial for the string `SkySports ¿, this Saturday we surprised to discover a new hobby.

And it is the midship hung on the Twitter social network a photograph that can be seen holding a rifle. "Tweaking the aim of the United Nations with AK-47! Working on my goal! "Said Pique in the message accompanying the photo, which has caused a furor among his followers. In fact one has dared to correct the player in the position that wields the weapon to improve their shooting accuracy.

We do not know where does this new hobby of Pique for the shot, but what also made it clear on Saturday Barca is that he wants to return to his real hobby `¿: football. "Good morning everyone! It is less to start over! Eager ...! Longing for the ball .. "Gerard said hours later in the same social network. (via SPORT)

Messi and Alves, indispensable throughout the year

Dani Alves and Lionel Messi are the Barça players who play more games in a row. In addition to playing all the matches for Barça, the two are indispensable to their national teams, who count on them year after year.

Today Alves will play in Brazil’s second game in the Copa America, against Paraguay. As in the match against Venezuela, Alves will be in the starting 11. Meanwhile, Messi is already thinking about Costa Rica, Argentina’s opponent on Monday in what will be Messi’s third game in the tournament. Both players are favorites to win their games, after their teams reached the final of the competition in 2007, where Brazil, with Alves in the starting line-up, and in which he scored the third goal of the match, beat Messi’s Argentina to win the trophy.

But this summer is not the only one in which the two players, instead of taking a deserved break before re-starting the season, have travelled to their countries to carry on playing football. In fact, Messi took part in the 2010 World Cup, facing Mexico in the last 16 and Germany in the quarters. Only in 2009 did Messi have a summer break, as he didn’t participate in the Confederations Cup. It was, however, a deserved a break, because in the years preceding he was present both in Beijing in 2008 where he won Olympic Gold, and the Copa America in 2007, reaching the final, as well as the World Cup 2006 and the Under-20’s World Cup in 2005, played in the Netherlands. In that tournament Argentina won the title, and Messi was top scorer with 6 goals, two of which he scored in the final against Nigeria.
Meanwhile, Alves has not stopped playing since he signed for FC Barcelona. In the summer of 2009. Alves went to the Confederations Cup where he scored a brilliant goal from a free-kick that is hard to forget. At the World Cup last summer, Brazil went out to the Netherlands in the quarters, having played against Chile in the last 16.

Seeing how much he runs down the right, not many people would think that Alves played 52 games for Barça last season: 35 in the League, 12 in the Champions, and 5 in the Spanish Cup. If the Brazilian’s figures are spectacular, then Messi’s are about the same, and he even played one match more, 53; 33 in the Spanish League, 13 in the Champions, and 7 in the Spanish Cup.
With these figures, and thinking about the incredible performances of the two players for Barcelona, and the Brazilian and Argentinian national teams, it’s hard to even imagine playing a match without Messi or Alves. Thus, accumulating success after success with Barcelona, they spend their summers going from stadium to stadium. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alba, a futurible with last culé

The fullback of Valencia admitted that there are people who imagine playing with Alves.

Jordi Alba is the latest name linked in future key with FC Barcelona. The funny thing is that the left fullback of Valencia, 22, has a past as Barça in the ranks of a few days ago he spoke in an interview for the Diari de L'Hospitalet, a town where he was born.

Before advance Mundo Deportivo on Thursday Barca's interest in this promising footballer who had on his quarry, in the interview Diari de L'Hospitalet Jordi Enric Gil and Aileen were able to hypothesize an "alignment with Alves Barca Alba to the right and the left. " The player's response was cleverly elusive and pulled over by the sentimental fullback. "Some people tell me but I do not ... I personally ... I have appreciated him at Barcelona, ​​I was eight years there, I left the best possible way but I learned a lot: I got 7 or 8 years and left with 15 or 16, I've been there a part of my career and I am grateful. " Barca now defined it thus: "Beat there is little team that can do, if any."

Brilliant in their performances of last season with the club, especially in the league match at Camp Nou, Jordi Alba is a versatile player who can work across the left lane, though the script needs Unai Emery served eminently fullback, with remarkable success. Jordi Alba explained this in the same interview: "The coach was invented in inverted commas that position for me, the casualties were many in the last two seasons and the coach decided to put me there. Especially this season I've played over fullback, except somewhere that if I played inside. "

Jordi Alba is international Under-21 standing for a good technique, adaptability, and its projection tactic offensive. The Valencia has shared the demarcation of the French left-back Jeremy Mathieu. Under contract until 2014, its market value would be around 5 million euros. (via MD)

Alexis and Cesc come closer to Barça

Catalan yesterday refused to attend the Asia tour of Arsenal, Wenger a pulse is taken for final
The position of the Chilean force also adopted to face Udinese makes both signings

More or less take time to materialize but the signings of Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez have finally entered the track that leads them to the Camp Nou. The final position of strength and adopted by the Arsenal midfielder and days back by the end of the grant Udinese Barca face a clear advantage for the final part of the negotiations and finish their transfers. They are very close.

Cesc has been proposed to return to Barca and spares no gestures. Yesterday, a day after announcing his colleagues that "I will not play more for Arsenal," in a secret disclosed by 'The Sun' which has weakened to Arsène Wenger, following the tactics agreed with Barcelona, ​​the Catalan refused to be included in the squad for the Asian tour. For fear of losing face with their fans, the club 'gunner' blamed his absence to a physical problem. In London, however, everyone knows that the captain is right, if it has escaped catch the plane, it is because your pulse with the technician is irreversible. And besides, who has won.

The Catalan club, happy with his attitude, are rubbing their hands. The signing means that the plant is more than track. In agreeing to travel, have staged their submission to Wenger, as happened a year ago. This time, the Frenchman has failed his word and Cesc is very annoying. He feels betrayed and will not back down. The ball clubs have it now but will not be easy to refloat the situation.

Barca is firm in its offer of 29 million. Cree is a market right price for a player who left the club and has been at Arsenal for eight years. The six most claiming the Gunners out of signing and Bellerín Toral.

Meanwhile, Udinese and does not hide his inability to retain Alexis Sanchez. It's a matter of days. The player presses, his agent and also to the authoritative voices of the selection of Chile and clamoring for his signature concrete and focus on the Copa America. The Italians know that next week will be decisive. Try to include a player and are negotiating with the club. The economic proposal remains as is: 26 million fixed and 11 variables. Alexis has also been key and Barca celebrated. Neither Inter nor City and now Naples. Barca, Barca always. (via MD)

[Barça B] Soriano, the key to Alexis

The striker is a priority branch of Udinese and could be key to overcoming resistance; Jeffren but not like the work.

The official announcement of the signing of Alexis Sanchez for the club depends largely on the conditions of the agreement of the transfer variables that not only relate to the millions of euros but are names of players who are interested to give Udinese the final OK to the surgery. "Apart from economic differences in between a technical exchange (player)," Gino Pozzo confirmed yesterday, spokesman for the family that owns the club friuliano.

Jonathan Soriano, top scorer of the second division with a subsidiary of Barcelona, ​​is the preferred Udinese. The problem is that other clubs offer the striker a tab Pont de Vilomara higher, as the Swiss Neuchatel and Salzburg in Austria. Udinese in their proposal does not pass the one million euros and the club tries to reach the million and a half or two million.

Soriano has a contract clause of three million and the club is not bad coming into the Operation Alexis' getting cheaper and giving a little Udinese what you want. Then, the Italian club would choose what suits you: either keep it for the Series A or yield it to Granada, which also control the club Pozzo, to try to make their goals will be consolidated into the First Division.

For his part, Soriano not averse to Udinese but his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg wants to make a major contract with a chip to match the best scorer in the category of silver. At 25, Jonathan senses that his future lies away from the Nou Camp, but kept a secret hope: if Jeffren Suarez Bojan Krkic and leave the first team and Alexis comes only to reinforce the attack Barca coach Pep Guardiola may want to hold their orders. Today, however, is conscious that he must go and what it encourages is no shortage of offers. She would not mind going to Italy. Moreover, the challenge appeals to you because I have not played at the highest level and Udinese in the Champions League preview could be a springboard. Barca move for both parties agree. If successful, the transfer will have been unlocked. (via MD)

Alexis Sanchez repeated as man of the match

Chilean striker scored the tying goal against Uruguay.

Alexis Sanchez , striker Chile , repeated as man of the match, the encounter of the second round of Group C of the 2011 Copa America with Uruguay (1-1), in which he scored the tying goal for his team in the second, by leveraging a center of Jean Beausejour.

The footballer Udinese claimed by the Barcelona and has already been considered the best player of the match in the previous victory against Mexico (2-1), Friday was the man again the highlight of his set, still in first place the quartet, pending the outcome today between Peru and Mexico. (via MD)

Víctor Valdés, seduced by the spirit of Harley in Barcelona

The goalkeeper, faithful follower of the brand of Milwaukee, attended the first day of the 'Barcelona Harley Days'.

The roar of hundreds of Harley Davidson took ¿'Fira de Barcelona yesterday permeating the city's aesthetics and philosophy of the legendary brand. The first day of the Barcelona Harley Days' ¿¿to continue today and tomorrow in Montjuïc did you receive a visit from a special love of the brand, Victor Valdes, who was seduced by the Milwaukee motorcycle.

Victor made an appearance at the Fair at noon, wearing a shirt according to the stage. Accustomed to wearing No. 1 on the back, yesterday was the goalkeeper in the chest, with the colors of the flag of the United States, one of the t-shirt designs sold by Harley Davidson. Catalan had a host of emergency to visit the various stands. The CEO of the brand in Spain and Portugal, Josep Graña, accompanied at all times to his illustrious guest, who could not avoid the temptation to jump to any of exhibits at the Fair. One stop was the 'indispensable Fit Show ¿, where customers can test different Harley Handlebar modifications, seat and stirrups before to customize their bikes. Valdes also loved the booth where attendees photographed riding a Harley, and interchangeable background, so it looked like they were rolling on a typical road from the iconic Route 66.

Valdes is on vacation from June 9. Since then, Porter has been lavished little publicly. That of L ^ Hospitalet broke their isolation to sponsor the campaign Mulla `t ¿'Against Multiple Sclerosis is this Sunday will take place the day of solidarity in 620 pools of Catalunya ¿, but since then he had not been seen again. Reappeared yesterday displaying his passion for custom Harley and aesthetics, as evidenced by the leather jackets they used to wear in winter. In fact, the player purchased a few years ago trike chopper `¿¿a kind of custom bike tricycle ¿, as contract players can not take motor to avoid the risk of injury.

Before leaving the Fair, and disappear again until the start of training camp on July 18, Valdes acknowledged that, despite not being the first year I visited the concentration had been very surprised. "I'm a fan of Harley for many years, but I admit I was impressed and loved the experience of participating in a rally as important, with so many bikes, and also in my own city," he said with emotion and sincerity, after the experience. I did not know is that besides admission is free. (via SPORT)

Guardiola will give rest to Messi up to August 10

Coach will be available to play the Super Cup with Real Madrid.

Messi will have two and a half weeks of vacation between the end of the Copa America Argentina Do we have to dispute the final or third party for what joining FC Barcelona. As his teammates Milito and Mascherano, the 'Flea will you have time to unwind and relax physically and mentally before returning to practice for the Catalan club, which will make about 10 or 11 August, three weeks after the Barca has been launched.

In this way, Messi will be available to Barça to face the first official competition of the season, the Supercopa of Spain, to be played against Madrid over two legs on 14 and 17 August. Since the environment of the player made it clear that Leo does not want to miss any of the two classics, which is likely to take a few days less rest and incorporate it into the agreement prior to training your team.

In the unlikely event that Argentina will be removed on Monday, Messi would advance the holidays. Instead of starting on the 25th of July (the day after the final), you would next Tuesday, so a few days advance Pep Guardiola's call Leo and the other two Argentine internationals.

... But Wenger does not give

"I will fight as much as possible to keep Cesc at Arsenal," admitted the coach of the London.

Arsenal coach remains committed to making life impossible for his captain. Despite having declared that it would not stand in the future of Arenys, the position taken in the last few days is completely different. And is that Wenger wants to avoid at all costs Cesc Barca wearing finish this season. "Our position remains the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as you can to keep it," he said yesterday at the English club's website.

The plant of the FC Barcelona youth product has not sit well the French coach. The claim is that the Arsenal Wenger has received a monetary amount greater than that offered by the Barcelona entity with which, unless there is a counteroffer by the Catalans, the technician is not likely to give to his guns. That's why Wenger has tried to keep the plant from its current team Cesc hiding behind the Arenys suffers a hamstring injury and, therefore, will not join the rest of the team that made the trip to Asia to carry out the summer tour of Arsenal. The double face of Arsène Wenger does not help that the Arenys finished serving his dream of becoming a player again in Barca though his gestures can put an end to this story. (via SPORT)

Jeffren takes his departure from Barcelona for a year

FC Barcelona player, Jeffren Suarez, is enjoying a few relaxing days in Tenerife. This is where the Venezuelan recognized in the newspaper 'El Día' what had a conversation with the coach, Pep Guardiola, about their future as Barca.

"I talked to the coach and I will study the different offers I have and choose the best for me," he said. The footballer revealed that the coach "wants to play a year out to play matches," with the intention of recovering the next.

When assessing the season of his team yet, Jeffren remains with the fifth goal he scored against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou. "That goal really helped me and I cherish the memory," he said, although on a personal level "the season did not go so well I expected, but at club level, was a year round by league titles and Champions. " (via SPORT)

First assault for Cesc

Unlike Nasri, Fabregas is left alone in London working on the pending negotiations between Arsenal and Barca move.

Cesc Fabregas week ended yesterday with many better feelings than those felt on Monday when they rejoin the discipline of Arsenal. The rigid posture shown by Arsène Wenger not help joining the club, as he promised, has softened and yesterday the player both covenants not to travel to Malaysia tomorrow to start Asian tour with their peers. Thus, the midfielder will continue regardless of the `dynamic GUNN pending differences between the two clubs will be filing.

Wenger announced yesterday his men before facing the call today a rest day and tomorrow travel to Southeast Asia. Among the expedition will not be Cesc, but instead arise not at the expense of any progress in negotiations during the day today, it does appear Samir Nasri. Both are in a similar situation. Want to leave Arsenal, with the advantage to the French facing his final season of the contract. Nevertheless, Fàbregas output may be closer and you can continue to negotiate his departure in London. Nasri is the focus of the `big does the Premier as Chelsea, Manchester United and City Manchestser.

Cesc has gone five days a week at London Colney facilities, but not participate in any meetings scheduled by Arsène Wenger. He is staying in the locker room, had lunch with peers and the afternoon has worked with a personal trainer in training three hours.

His behavior has been impeccable and this has facilitated Wenger has been more compromising in the last hours. In the talk we had yesterday, the French coach himself took the initiative and commented that all parties had better not part of the expedition. Thus, the Frenchman is prevented Cesc had to declare in default to remain in England for a decision of the manager himself.

Wenger's position is a very good sign. The negotiations between Barca and Arsenal have resumed after the anger of the Gunners' why pressure from the club Catalans to lower the price of the operation with the cadets and Hector Bellerín Jon Toral. The technician interprets the agreement could be reached while the computer is in Asia and that it was desirable to get on the plane a player whose head would only pending resolution of the immediate future.

Wenger has also realized that it can betray a player who left his family with only 16 years to get under him and he gave his word in May that would facilitate his departure. One way to help is to let in London and keep the player has to throw the soil the good name he has earned among the fans of Arsenal officially declared in default.

Cesc will stay solo training in the English capital without a sound and prudent attitude showing that he always asked his coach. Will not come out of his mouth a bad word to Wenger and to the club he has played over the past eight years. The player will continue with this attitude to suit the English club while negotiations continue to move and the end of the road should lead you to the Camp Nou is clear. Their measures of strength inside, as not train with their peers or not to make the Asian tour, worked and served for Wenger has not closed the door to move to Barca, although the Catalans offer is less than the color by Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Argentina will play for Messi

Changes and more changes. Eleven albiceleste to pass to the quarterfinals will play against Costa Rica will have many new faces in training.

All for one and one for all. Messi will from now be the benchmark for Argentina. Batista has given up, and after the fiasco against Bolivia (1-1) and Colombia (0-0), the albiceleste change your scheme to promote the game of the best footballer in the world, hoping to carry her on wings team to the quarter-final stage.

The coach himself admitted yesterday the failure of his players with the 4-3-3 that has been working with Argentina since the preparation phase of the Copa America. "Since there were no responses in the field to the" proposed by the campus will have to "make some changes to look for more consistency," Batista wrote in a column in the newspaper Clarín '¿. The albiceleste will prefer a 4-2-1-3, with Messi in the engaged position with a fully renovated three-pronged attack.

The new formula will result in changes in the 'roster' team midfield forward. Coach Aguero give input and Di Maria to try to overwhelm the wings and place as a clear reference to Higuain in the area. Behind them, Messi, hoping that the Blaugrana recover the magic and providing leadership when the Barça shirt holsters.

This battery changes and Lavezzi take Tevez on the bench and in the midfield will also fall Banega and Cambiasso. It is likely that Pastore, another player on there high hopes, act with Mascherano, immovable as the defensive quartet (although physical deprivation of Gabi Milito) and goalkeeper Romero, now the best player albiceleste.

Batista has two days to spare, before the match with Costa Rica to work with the new scheme. Will be or not be for a group of players who need to rebound after the failure in the World Cup and the need for the albiceleste to lift a title after 18 years of drought. "Argentina needs to take a test of character. We need the internal rebellion all of us to leave. The party that comes to Costa Rica is not only a chance to recover footballing will also be a sign of character, "Batista embodied in his column.

Argentine internationals are closing ranks around Messi. "We will win the match to qualify. Argentina did not play badly because of Messi, this is collective, "said Mascherano. "It's in our hands to lift it and start over on Monday, Copa America, that's what we're going to target, start another drink for us," said the 'little chief ¿. Zanetti referred to the incident and Burdisso Messi starred for the match against Colombia, when the defense of Rome to Barcelona marred by not running. "This is normal, these things happen in games." Inter captain added: "The problem is collective, it did not leave us as a team. Leo is a phenomenon, is the best player in the world, and there are annoying because they want to find the solution as we want, we also screw up. "

For Mascherano, "the pressure is different than in Barcelona, ​​here you play in your country and defend the shirt to your people, are different things. And in Barcelona had a season that did not have to go through a situation, but as professionals we need to know this experience in the selection and revert it as is. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Athletic and Zaragoza, by Oier and Miño

Deportivo also interested in both goalkeepers waiting to finalize the transfer of Aranzubia.

Athletic and Zaragoza are awaiting the arrival of Argentine Esteban Andrada goal at Camp Nou to see what will be released goalkeeper branch at the expense of the market. Both clubs have already notified their interest in taking the services of Oier and Rubén Miño.

Athletic, regardless of the presidential baton technique and the new structure, several weeks ago contacted the club to show their willingness to negotiate a possible transfer of Oier. In his day, told Barca sports management was open to any proposal, but requested time to finalize the restructuring in the line of succession of the goal.

More or less what happened with Zaragoza. Several months ago, among the multitude of requests for transfer or even small transfers, the club hand is interested in the goal, even if the spotlight was none other than Ruben Miño. This is not a priority, but Zaragoza exerts tight control over their future.

Two of the major candidates for promotion, two former First and Sports and Hercules, doubts creep in their respective goals. The Galician group is in negotiations to transfer to Aranzubia and has called on the doorstep of Barcelona. In the case of Hercules, in the course of negotiations for the transfer of Kiko Femenía, raised the option of accessing a goalkeeper. Calatayud is already in Mallorca and look for replacement guarantees.
In any case, the first step is simply to know if Stephen Andrada tab. Until then, Rubén Miño and Oier be patient. (via SPORT)

Keita asked his agent to reject all bids

The midfielder will not move from the Nou Camp and fulfill his contract after Guardiola asked him not to leave the sports project.

Seydou Keita will move from Barcelona for now. The Malian midfielder has received all sorts of deals over the past few weeks, but has ruled out taking any kind of adventure away from the Nou Camp. In recent days many rumors have circulated about his desire to leave the locker room and even FC Barcelona has speculated a hearty supply of Milan. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A mid-season it is true that Keita toyed with the option of going to enjoy more minutes for another competition in which I had more relevance. One that Pep Guardiola dispelled at a stroke during a face to face. The footballer, one more season, has been important piece in the final leg of the championship. This is a player appreciated by the entire group and has received countless praise from the coaching staff. His physical strength and tremendous intelligence on the pitch are essential. Keita changed his mind after the season has already expressed its intention to meet the newly expanded contract.

In recent weeks his name has been recurrent in many clubs. The brand new Atletico Madrid's sporting director, Jose Luis Perez Caminero, claimed him personally during his visit to the offices. In Italy, some agents requested permission to move to Inter or Milan Keita. Gestures and futile efforts to address athletic club has had to convey to all those who have asked to open formal negotiations to transfer the player. Keita stays and Guardiola is more than happy, though the club will fail to receive a hearty transfer. (via SPORT)

Convicts to understand each other

Zubizarreta still struggles to convince a player from the quarry on the benefits of calcium.

The water flows, but flows very slowly, and the current follows the interests Barca, as called Sandro Rosell a few days ago in allusion to the case Cesc Fabregas. An analogy that can describe perfectly the situation surrounding Alexis Sanchez. A scenario that would justify a large extent the endless process of negotiation of the transfer. At this point in the film, as none of the parties is seriously jeopardizing the operation, it is logical to think that they are fighting one by one cenetenares, thousands or millions of euros that separate the two positions.

Yesterday the spotlight fell on the discrete media figure Gino Pozzo. Much more restrained and contemplative than his father, Giampaolo, the owner of Udinese played down the offer of Naples, also dramatized the differences they have with the club and did make a major effort to see that Alexis and Udinese work accordingly to achieve the dream of completing the transfer to the Catalan club. Only a matter of time.

At the gates of the Italian Professional Football League, Gino Pozzo was telling. "Currently only negotiate the transfer of Alexis Sanchez with FC Barcelona. As we stated at the time and remain in this position. So the player asked us and we respect your opinion as far as we can, "he said.

It was not so explicit in relating the problems that have prevented close a transfer that is negotiated for many weeks. There was no way to specify the figures provided. "It's a very complex transfer included many technical variables. We have to go slowly. " Pozzo refused to make deadlines and ultimatums do not want to talk about in conversations and meetings with Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu Barca. No pressure or external interference. "We still have to hold several meetings to go polish details of the operation. We need a few more days to find the ultimate solution, "he added.

After the small fire caused by his father, Giampaolo Pozzo, who hours earlier described as "very interesting" financial offer by Alexis Napoli, Gino simply noted that "it is true that they have asked for it. Anyway, I said we do not like to speak in different negotiating tables at once. Let's wait another week to see how things develop. "

In recent days, the club have moved slightly softened its stance and have some of the conditions that refer to the chapter on sports variables. Udinese have undertaken to examine these developments while still expecting and Zubizarreta Bartomeu be able to convince some of the Barca players to the Italian club proposed to lower the transfer. Italian coaching staff have given the nod to a couple of names and now would be a matter that Barca sports management in carrying out its promise. Otherwise, millions of euros in sight. Therefore, the more problems and difficulties for the ship itself. (via SPORT)

Jorge Messi: "Leo is passing it bad"

Jorge Messi, Leo Messi's father said his son "what's going wrong" these days because of their game with Argentina in Copa America.

The father of footballer admitted told 'Radio 10' Leo "is not showing a good level" in the competition, in which Argentina now stacks up to two draws against Bolivia (1-1) and Colombia (0-0).

The insults of Burdisso

Jorge Messi was also alluded to the argument that his partner had with Leo Nicolas Burdisso at the end of the match against Colombia. Midfielder Leo berated and insulted for not fighting for the ball.

The Barcelona player's father acknowledged that "certainly was no discussion but a discussion of football there is always and even happens in games with friends."

"We envy"

In turn, Jorge Messi added that "people are free to say what they want," but what most upset is what the press says. "They create situations that nobody expects. I throw gasoline into the game. The press can criticize Argentina because Argentina is logical and is playing badly, but it should look a little closer to his team," he said.

On the criticism that your child receives, he said there is "envy" and to accusations that he does not sing the hymn "to the four winds," said that depends on "the personality of each."

"It's the first time I whistle"

"It's the first time you whistle. I live poorly because when the country came a few days ago was something that was not expected, harangued the people who started the friendly as well. This is very hard. The court of Columbus gets a terrible pressure, "he said of the stadium in Santa Fe where he played the match against Colombia.

"Maradona is unparalleled"

On comparisons between Leo and Diego Maradona, the father of the footballer said that in Argentina always compare things and that "Diego is unmatched."

"Leo is making its way and also do not know what means to load the team on his shoulder. Is it insulting or yelling all the comrades? My son has another type of character. It is strong, but many do not know. Diego has a different character of Leo, "said Jorge Messi.

Regarding the situation of the player in his club Barcelona, ​​said there is another room and there is a team of four years. "The choice could not realize this. Play a Copa America in your own country is a terrible pressure," he said. (via SPORT)

[Copa América GL] Alexis marks a golden goal for Chile

URUGUAY 1 - 1 CHILE. The selection of Chile said the passport to the quarterfinals of the Copa America after Alexis Sanchez a great team move culminated to even the match against Uruguay.

Borghi's squad were more severe least ences to success of the Chilean technical changes and the emergence of a striker Alexis Sanchez in the first part was misplaced, but came to life by partnering with Beausejour and, above all, the ' Mago 'Valdivia, a class player who replaced Jara. Instead, he was weighing the Uruguay game, especially for their missed chances in the first half and not get the expected income to the goal scored by Alvaro Pereira great service from Luis Suarez.

Alexis Sanchez, the player who seeks the club, showed flashes of quality before the break but could not find his place in the field. The Udinese player was by far the clearest twice charrúa rival. The first, a great service Cavani Luis Suarez sent the top of the crossbar. Eight minutes later, something forced a shot from Diego Forlan who saved with his chest Islands.

The two appearances before the break Chilean were a distant shot of Arturo Vidal, very high, and an inner incisor Beausejour, with cross-shot that licked the base of the pole Muslera.

After the break, Chile was higher, although Uruguay came first when, at eight minutes, Alvaro Pereira successfully completed a pass from the 'red' Luis Suarez. Those in the 'red' had to row from that moment. And it was at the time took to the field Valdivia that the party was already in Chile. An excellent service 'Wizard' went to Beausejour who, in the race, he fumbled for Alexis Sanchez control and define the same leg, right. An excellent play and excellent goal no less.

Borghi's squad had chances to turn the marker. First, Alexis was pin but I could not find Suazo. Later, a shot in the small area of ​​Luis Antonio Jimenez forced to show off the Uruguayan goal Muslera.

A powerful shot of Islands, repelled perfection by the Uruguayan goalkeeper, was the last chance to Chile to prevent the tie in the end he settled on the scoreboard Malvinas Argentinas Stadium. Chileans now added four points and virtually ensure their presence in the quarterfinals, in the absence of the party who played Alexis Sanchez and company on Wednesday against Peru. For its part, the Uruguayan Tabarez added two points and play their future in the competition against Mexico.

[Technical Data]
Uruguay: Muslera, Maxi Pereira (Lodeiro, min. 78), Lugano, Coates, Cáceres Pérez Arévalo Ríos (Eguren, min. 85), Alvaro Pereira, Luis Suarez, Cavani (Alvaro Gonzalez, min. 46), Forlan.

Chile: Bravo, Contreras, Ponce, Jara (Valdivia, min. 60), Isla, Medel, Arturo Vidal, Beausejour (Carmona, min. 73), Luis Antonio Jimenez, Suazo and Alexis Sanchez (Paredes, min. 73).

Referee: Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay). He showed yellow cards to the Uruguayan Cáceres, Alvaro Pereira, Luis Suarez, Alvaro Gonzalez and Jara Coates and the Chileans, Contreras, Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal.

Goals: 1-0, min. 53, Alvaro Pereira, a pass from Luis Suarez. 1-1, min. 64, Alexis Sanchez, after pass of Beausejour.

Incidents: Full Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza.

André Santos let his agents talk to Barça

"I do not mind the talk of my future and let my representatives to discuss what they have to talk while I'm focused on getting the title with the team."

André Santos, the current Turkish side Fenerbahce, said that for now does not think about their future because it is focused on winning the Copa America, but acknowledged that the rumors being said about Barcelona's interest in not disturbing.

"I do not mind the talk of my future and let my representatives to discuss what they have to talk while I'm focused on getting the title selection," he said the side. "I have nothing definite about my future because now I'm thinking of the Brazilian team and focused on the Copa America," he added.

With respect to the issues raised around the team after his debut with a draw against Venezuela, André Santos said he believes that Mano Menezes knows what is best for the team that is building for this special time in Brazil, and also " has no notion of anything that can provide this training in the present and future. "

He added that Paraguay is a rival team "very qualified" and has "everything to make a good game against the Brazilian team." "The selection is changing a bit their faces with new players because they know the winner was Ronaldo who had already passed as an emblem. Then we have all the players who have made history with our selection as a reference but we work towards our victories and titles with this jersey, "he said. (via AS)

David Villa received as an "honor" his fourth trophy "Quini"

he striker of FC Barcelona David Villa has received today as "an honor" trophy "Enrique Castro, Quini" Sportinguistas de las Peñas, who won for the fourth consecutive year as top scorer Asturian Professional Football League.

"It's an honor for me to collect this award Quini, which has been the best striker of all time has given this country," said Villa , who first was able to attend the gala award ceremony despite have won in three previous occasions.

The striker received the award, a medal and a sculpture that reproduces the image of " Quini "by Chilean half of a photograph taken by photographer" Puch "in a game of Sporting and Rayo Vallecano in the hands of their own Enrique Castro and President of Asturias, Vicente Alvarez Areces.

In a few words of thanks, Villa has expressed his desire to win "many more Quinis" and prizes to top scorers Sporting are always in First Division.

Quini, meanwhile, has asked the footballer Asturian Barcelona to "please, do not make more goals against Sporting" when you play against the team whose quarry was formed.

Areces said that Villa "is the worthy heir of Quini" and is a benchmark for all the Asturian "where is" it "always takes pride in its Asturianía."

The trophy "Quini" was established by the Federation of Peñas Sportinguistas to recognize the top scorers in Asturias in all categories of professional and amateur football.

The "Quini" Sporting's top scorer last season it was Diego Castro, I can not attend the Gala to be in full season out of Asturias and instead picked it up Getafe president Angel Torres. (via MD)

Wenger: "I will fight as hard as you can to keep Cesc"

Arsène Wenger says he will do his best to make Fabregas stay at Arsenal, as with Nasri
The Frenchman says that Cesc is not going to the Asian tour "by a small muscle problem"

Arsène Wenger has promised to fight "as hard as I can" to keep Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri in Arsenal . Quoted by the website of the English club, Wenger said: "Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and fight as hard as you can to keep "and avoid signing for Barça. "With Samir Nasri, who also wants to leave the discipline-gunner's the same," he added.

Nasri is expected to travel with the team this weekend in Malaysia . But Cesc Fabregas will not go to Asian tour after seeing how Wenger explode again broke its promise to let him go to Barca . However the Frenchman has not been shy in making sure that "Fabregas will not travel because he still has a little muscular problem . You will be and train here, "has ruled. (via MD)

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía overcomes the medical test

The new Barça B player has passed the medical examination at the Hospital de Barcelona and the Catalan club's medical services during the Friday morning.

Kiko Femenía Barcelona arrived Thursday and Friday has already passed the relevant medical tests. Doctors have given the OK to Femenía physical condition, which will be under the command of Eusebio Sacristan in the coming days.

Alicante Player, strengthening the subsidiary seconds after Sergio Lobato , has passed a series of tests at the Hospital de Barcelona and then moved to Medical Services Club around 11:30 hours. Femenía has undergone Blood tests and urine as well as several ultrasounds to confirm that joints are in perfect condition. Later it passed the stress test. Illusion and pride Femenía has also recognized that one of the best memories I have as a player is "playing in the Camp Nou last season Hercules." Regarding opportunity that presents itself said that "for me is a unique opportunity and I take it." (via FCBarcelona.cat)