08 July 2011

FC Barcelona - Així jugava Thiago fa cinc anys

Assembly: pre-meetings with partners commissioners

Vice President of Social, Jordi Cardoner, announced before the General Assembly will convene meetings with partners to provide commissioners the information from the economic.

In the beginning of its balance sheet press conference, Vice President Jordi Cardoner has advanced from now partners commissioners will know before the information is made ​​public the day of the Assembly. "We want to be participatory and representative," has declared. Thus, the partner will enjoy more time for study and analysis of data and prevent economic know all the information the same day of the Assembly. Cardoner explained that with these previous meetings, the club will win in "transparency and closeness." The vice president has informed the Assembly this year will be in September or October and, with the aim of increasing participation, will match one day match at Camp Nou.

Jordi Cardoner also announced a new management regarding the name change in fertilizers at Camp Nou. From now on, we must have a minimum period of two years on the waiting list, a condition that is added to the existing ones. Remember that to make a name change in a credit must be over the age of five years membership, being first-degree relative , and if the name change between non-relatives, have made ​​a payment for six seasons . Cardona has clarified that this new requirement intended to prevent the marketing that takes place outside the law.

Another highlight of the appearance of Jordi Cardona has been to the final entries. This season, unlike what was done before, the club has distributed a total of 85% of entries at his disposal and only 15% have been designed to commitments (in previous seasons, the ratio was 80% -20 %). "With fewer commitments, we favor the social group," said Cardoner. In total, comparing the end of Wembley with Rome was allocated 44% less invitations.

Taking stock of the season, Cardona has emphasized the stabilization of the number of partners . "We are the best club in the world and we care about quality, not quantity," he recalled, before noting that in recent years the death toll had soared up to 15,000 per year, half less than five years old . 'We want partners identified with the club , "he added, and gave a fact that explains the social health of the organization: its membership continues to grow during childhood, which guarantees" the social force for the next 25 to 50 years ". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The tier of animation, only for partners of Barça

The members of the degree of animation must be members of FC Barcelona, ​​as announced by Vice President George Cardoner. This initiative could be launched in mid-season.

This was confirmed by the vice president and head of social area, Jordi Cardona, in the press conference which took place on Friday and has served to take stock of this particular area, and the time to explain certain developments in this sense. Recall that the degree of animation, to be located on the first tier of the North Goal and consisting of 1,400 locations, was founded with the goal of a full stadium and even greater potential for animation.

In this way, and as Cardoner Jordi said, "the partner will only be entitled to participate in it." "We want to focus all efforts on our partners and we believe it is a way to help and ensure the nobility of the project," he added, just before clear that this measure is most appropriate "to punish them as little as possible to prevent non-members think they have rights they do not. "

Before starting the project of the degree of animation, it is essential that subscribers who currently occupy these locations are 1400 possible be relocated to another area of the Camp Nou. In this vein, the head of the Social Area has made ​​it clear that "if the relocation occurs in a better partner to pay the difference itself, but the club plans to make an effort in form of compensation in this regard".

Jordi Cardona has insisted that currently there is a date set for the social implementation of this measure: "We expect to be this year, but relatively little concern to us because we want to build on a solid foundation. This project will be done when absolutely all the guarantees we will be successful. " In any case, has ruled that its implementation coincides with the start of the season.

Also has the full conviction that it will be "a safe and capacity model." And as already explained at the time, the list of individuals to serve will be controlled by the Catalan police, in order to retain an unalterable commitment to zero tolerance to violence. "All people pass filter, record, and will be the Mossad that will give the approval. Mechanisms and technologies will have to survey people who are participating in this space," he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player] Sylvinho, in his farewell: "Barça will always be in my heart"

The former FC Barcelona Sylvinho Mendes, 37, has decided to hang up his boots after 15 years as a professional and wanted to thank, through 'fcbarcelona.cat', good treatment in his time at the Catalan club, the he calls "the best" of his career.

"Above all, the club will always be in my heart and I thank you for the opportunity I have had to have enjoyed and achieved so many successes," said Brazilian media club.

Sylvinho joined Barça in the summer of 2004 under the command of Frank Rijkaard. He won two league titles, one Champions League and two Super Spain. In his last season as bñaugrana (2008/09), the first of Pep Guardiola as first team coach, Sylvinho and the team managed the prestigious treble, so went through the front door. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía as a child with new shoes

Typically, when someone signed for Barcelona or Madrid claims to have been that team since childhood. But you can not always show ...

Kiko Femenía is the star signing of the Barcelona B next season. For the time will be orders of Eusebius, but everyone is clear that a player who can keep his options with the first team if there are any major injury and in any case, your future should be with the Blaugrana cracks.

After the descent of the Second Division Hercules Kiko probably could have gone to a First Division team, because it is one of the Spanish players with more projection. But he chose Barca, knowing that it would begin play in Second Division. And is that Femenía Kiko has always 'pulled' the club.

And as they say, as shown enough of a button. Here is the picture that has hung on his Facebook page, smiling knowing that will be closer than ever and not Leo Messi will have to settle for seeing a picture on the door of his room. "Since childhood I have been fans of Leo Messi, which for me is the best of all time, incomparable," says the new Barcelona player.

Abidal and Maxwell could enter the 'Operation Cesc'

As reported in 'metro.co.uk' as Arsenal £ 40 million requested by Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona has 32, one player Barca could enter treatment as currency.

Although the British publication notes that Abidal is very happy in Barcelona and is a figure for the thousands of fans of the Catalan club, would not exclude the French into negotiations with Arsenal for the transfer of Arenys midfielder, Cesc Fabregas.

The site claims that but Abidal, chosen to enter the 'pack' would be Maxwell, who also likes to coach the English team, Arsene Wenger. (via SPORT)

Cesc, to 11 kilos of Barça

Barcelona has 29 million fixed and Arsenal reaffirmed in 40 kilos
The English do not appreciate the 6 million and Bellerín Toral
Barca gives a deadline of August 15

Barcelona and Arsenal are light years apart in their negotiating positions. After a month and a half of talks, the difference between the clubs is estimated at 11 million euros. Barcelona's offer is 29 million. Arsenal wanted to see was 35 actually, as Toril and Bellerín valued at 6 million, the two football players Barca base the English club was a few weeks ago.

Of course, Arsenal do not mind that. Consider that there are two different operations and does not mix. The English club has remained steadfast in its position and is asking 40 million for the transfer. It has given nothing in their last conversation.

Last Wednesday was a meeting of the dome Barca to study the case. Rosell, Bartholomew, Zubizarreta and analyzed Faus Arsenal's position and decided to follow the strategy he had outlined a few hours before a news conference Bartomeu. That is, take it all the tranquility of the world waiting for Arsenal undercut their claims.

The Catalan club are willing to wait for August 15 to close the transaction. If that date has not reached an agreement with the British will start working on Plan B. And the same goes for the operation of Alexis Sanchez, who is also stranded.

And now comes the issue of the Asian tour which begins on Arsenal next weekend. In Barça are quite clear that there is no agreement by Sunday taking into account the difference between an offer and another. In anticipation of the thing going for long, it seems unlikely that Cesc opt for filing absentia and not travel to Malaysia and China with the rest of his teammates.

Wenger wants to bring it to the end and therefore decided to include his image in the promotional video of the tour, Barcelona, ​​by the way, has included all possible discards the video of the U.S. tour this summer, when Initially I had not. With such disparate positions, Cesc will not have many grounds for refusing to travel.

Meanwhile, Arenys particular their ordeal continues to live in London. No trains with the rest of the class and not leave the gym. In yesterday morning, The Sun claimed that Cesc had told his colleagues that he would never play for Arsenal.

There will miss him
and, at noon, appeared a statement by fellow Djourou which claimed that much less would throw Cesc if finally chose to go to Barcelona. "We want success and this issue does not distract us from Cesc. If he leaves, then leaves. It happened when Henry Cesc was greatly improved its contribution to the team. If you now go away I think Nasri will grow a lot as a player," said the footballer. (via Marca.com)

Pozzo: "We would be exhausted before the negotiation with Barça"

Udinese owner, Gino Pozzo, expects to continue negotiations with FC Barcelona for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez, as told 'gazzetta.it'.

"We would be exhausted before the negotiations with Barcelona," Pozzo said Friday the Italian media.

"We have time, no hurry, because the operation is too complex," he added.

Alexis Sanchez Argentina continues to dispute the Copa America with the Chilean team and already has made clear on more than one occasion that he intends to call at the team coached by Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Barca does not rule out signing Neymar

he predisposition of the Barca players to wear their options grows.

FC Barcelona has revived in recent days the interest in reality has always had for the Brazilian striker Neymar. On the player several months ago to handle very favorable reports and is one of the preferred future for the coaching staff. If cooled for a time the possibility that the tip landed in the Catalan club was because they were created doubts as to how it would be integrated into the Barca dressing room and especially his relationship with Leo Messi.

Getting a balance the undoubted quality of Neymar and it may cause a problem in the team, club officials were favored at that time by not initiating any movement. But something has changed in recent days and has to do with the player's attitude in their public statements. Neymar has said repeatedly that he would love to sign for the club, "an alien computer," and now this set is raised as a possible destination. I still like the most is referring to Leo Messi as "the best in the world," which demonstrates the intention of Brazil not to go to Barcelona to compete with Argentina but to add one more.

All these reasons put into the same pot has made within the entity Barca renewed talk of football as a signing for the future. It is known that neither the Santos or the player himself in a hurry because movement occurs, since both would like to remain committed until at least December to contest the World Club. Therefore, the Brazilian entity has not opened any negotiations and refers at all times to a penalty clause which would amount to 45 million euros.

Aware of these intentions, the club is considering reaching an agreement with Santos for Neymar stay another year in their discipline and are not incorporated into the Barça squad until the season 2012-2013. This possibility is appreciated by the Brazilians, whose president and technology have always expressed their preference for playing at the end Neymar FC Barcelona, ​​a team they say is more in line with the above characteristics are jugador.Si ensures that they can count on forward for the World Club December, the chances that the agreement takes place with the club grows. The good relationship with Sandro Rosell has the leaders of the Santos is a plus more for Barca.

Despite these issues, the Real Madrid does not budge, and in recent days has increased the 'bullying' over the Santos and the player, which leaves open any possibility.

"Messi is the best, is above the rest"
Neymar had no qualms in acknowledging that "Messi is above the rest. I'm proud to be compared with the best in the world. Messi is the best, is above all. I hope one day, with much work, get to achieve that status, "he said. Meanwhile, the recently appointed new director of the first team of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, Neymar said yesterday about that "is a player who looks a lot like Robinho, but has a little more scoring. Has talent and could play Madrid ". (via MD)

Rosell has not asked for a Spain-Brazil

The club refuses to negotiate a bolo in the Camp Nou.

Barça has caused perplexity and indignation to a report in the Madrid newspaper Marca assuredly a supposed interest of the president Sandro Rosell to organize a friendly match in November between the Spanish and Brazil. According to this publication, the Catalan leader had taken advantage of his trip to the Copa America and its contacts with members of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to launch the idea and start negotiations.

Barca sources refused to MD the initiative to organize this match has departed Sandro Rosell and his trip to Buenos Aires has to respond to other very different objectives. Similarly, in the Nou Camp say that there has been no contact with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), directly or indirectly, to take charge of this idea, and no means of managing the contract in Brazil. As befits normal relations, the club is open to listen to any offer of an international match, something that has not happened so far

Because they want to see or yes Neymar at the Bernabeu in Madrid's obsessively analyzed each step taken by President Rosell contacts with CBF in Argentina, if you think taking away the pearl of Santos. The fact is that there is leeway with him and takes everything to malmeter and erode your figure. Like this year has been the template for the club. The tentacles are long and Mou Perez. (via MD)

Jordi Alba, new name for the fullback

Transpired in Valencia yesterday that the club might be interested in Catalan.

Jordi Alba (22 years), the young left side of Valencia, has entered the orbit of the club. Frustrated by signing José Angel, the Catalan defender could be chosen by Pep Guardiola for the band and occupy refozar the probable course of Maxwell, with interest from the Premiership teams, including Arsenal and Calcium. Yesterday in Valencia, Alba's name was linked strongly to the club.

The 'no' to the offer of economic Sporting FC Barcelona by Jose Angel and the negotiations initiated by Rome for their forced recruitment Andoni Zubizarreta, Barca's sporting director, to seek alternatives in the market. The other candidates who have played so far are strongly Jose Enrique and Capdevila. Two options with lots of experience. However, the profile of Alba is closer to the sportinguista. Born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat in March 1989 and trained in the youth ranks at Barcelona, ​​where he played until the fry is Under-21 international, is noted for its projection and versatility on defense and attack.

It is, essentially, Unai Emery extreme but recycled as a winger last season because of injuries, curdling outstanding performances earned him the recognition of the fans. Various sources indicate that the club would have already requested a price that could never exceed five million. (via MD)

Messi wins for the second year Rovira Aldo Memorial Trophy

Organized by the former director Josep Lluís Rovira and his family, told the jury the directors of the Catalan media.

Leo Messi is the winner of 'Trophy Player of FC Barcelona. Aldo Memorial Rovira did the 2010-11 season. The award was established last year in memory of the son of former FC Barcelona manager Josep Lluís Rovira, who died in 2009 in a traffic accident.

Barcelona's Argentine striker was chosen for the second consecutive unanimously by a jury composed of directors and heads of sports media catalanes.También attended, with voice but no vote, the chairman of the Veterans Barcelona Ramon Agrupació Alfonseda . Although during the discussions also shuffled other names like Xavi, voters had in mind the individual nature of the outstanding performance award and Messi staff throughout the season, a factor that definitively chose the scales in favor of Leo at the time of the vote.

Needless to say, the jury meeting, which took place during a luncheon held yesterday, was marked by a review of the hottest current Barcelona. But, for the solidarity and affection of those present to a pro like Barcelona is the former director Josep Lluís Rovira, president and promoter of the prize with his family and for which this event is especially important. Messi won the first edition, when he received the award from the widow and children of Aldo and Josep Lluís Rovira on the eve of the match FC Barcelona-Sporting de Gijón La Liga last September 22.

Rovira Aldo died in a motorcycle accident on March 18, 2009 at 37 years old and one of his passions was the club which was the partner number 13 562. This is why your family, with the intention of keeping his memory always present, decided to promote this award, a bronze work of Montserrat Rius Garcia, author of Ladislao Kubala monument located on the esplanade of the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

Today it could be known if Cesc travels to Malaysia and China

Looms the great morbidity. Will Cesc Fabregas in the list of Wenger to contest the Asia tour next week?

The pulse is keeping Cesc with his coach and his club could live today a new chapter if, as seems likely, Arsenal announces the list of players who have to travel to Asia to participate in two friendly matches. Catalan Whether traveling or not, is a decision that may give rise to numerous interpretations.

Arsenal is scheduled to arrive at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital, on Monday. He will face a combined league that country on Wednesday the 13 at 'Stadium Bukit Jalit 8.45 hours do the local.

The tour will continue until China, Hangzhou City, where on Saturday 16 will face the hosts, the Hangzhou Greentown, one of the best teams in the league in China.

Before beginning the competition English Premier League, Arsenal will play their own tournament. This year is scheduled to face Boca Juniors on 30 July at The Emirates' what a day later the New York Red Bulls to be presented in Marquez and Thierry Henry. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez wants to get to Chile in the quarter

Chile seeks to win that sort, and Uruguay's victory that avoids having to resort to the calculator.

Chile relies on another talent show Alexis Sanchez to defeat Uruguay and to qualify to the quarterfinals without having to wait for the final day of the first phase. Quality claimed by the Barca striker is the main asset of the group coached by Claudio Borghi to beat the Uruguayan team, which also seek victory to avoid having to face the last day, which will measure to Mexico, with the calculator.

Alexis Sanchez focuses the attention of the Chilean. The Udinese striker still can not stop the media and fans constantly follow her movements. The player, timid, short and outside the media hype, is focused on playing the role of leader in the field. The madness that erupts between Alexis Sanchez Chilean fans is such that the sellers have already assumed that the fans only buy the Chilean national team jerseys with the number 7.

Pressure does not make a dent in Alexis, as recognized by fellow Island: "Knowing what it is, being in the eye of Hurricane gives you many more like it. Is transformed by being the best and to be in the sights of the world's best team. "

Technical Borghi's concern is the physical state of Matias Fernandez, injured against Mexico since his natural replacement, Jorge Valdivia, also carries physical problems.

As regards to Uruguay coach Oscar Washington Tabarez is convinced that the team can show more arguments than those offered in the mediocre debut against Peru. (via SPORT)

End of course of Agrupació Barça Jugadors

The ABJ held the annual end of season dinner, which was appreciated support throughout the year from sponsors and colaboradoes.

The Agrupació Barça Jugadors held yesterday the traditional end of season dinner, which annually meet former players, sponsors and collaborators Agrupació. The dinner, attended this year about 35 people in the Puerta del Camp Nou 68, served to acknowledge the support and assistance that the ABJ receives from his colleagues throughout the year.

The manager of economic and institutional area, Silvio Elias was charged with representing the board of FC Barcelona in the evening. On the other hand, among the individuals, pointed at dinner: Tona Català (Banc Sabadell), Joan Llavina (Toyota Motor Teams), Pere Guardiola (La Caixa), David Monfort (Würtch) and Joan Vehils (SPORT). At the end of dinner, the president of the Agrupació Barça Jugadors, Ramon Alfonseda a summary of all activities to be conducted this year with the help of the sponsors of the Agrupació. It was a good time to remember everything done during the year and to taste success on the football team on another successful season. (via SPORT)

Udinese considering a new offer from Barca for Alexis

The negotiating process is not stopped, but moving at almost hopeless. The signing burns another stage

Alexis Sanchez's case continues to develop charisma. The difficulty in closing the payment of the transfer have forced all parties to the millimeter study the various proposals and counter proposals to allow the deal.

Since last week, and although the club has reiterated that its final offer was already on the table, Udinese expected Barca to bring a motion postures. And finally occurred. In the last hours from the offices of Camp Nou, they would make suggestions developments affect both the distribution of fixed and the many variables that you enter the club. A new setting that allows, once and for all, sealing a pact that has lasted for weeks.

Pozzo's family is silent on the new framework for negotiations to be opened. For now, owners of Udinese have merely stated that there will be no news until a few days. It is time to assess the exact scope of the formula the club and decide whether to finally meet the minimum requirements that the Italian club has claimed from the beginning. That is, achieving one way or another a figure close to 40 million euros by the departure of Alexis Sanchez. If the Catalan club chapter of fixed increases -27 million euros, or facilitates and reduces the amount of variables will open a new chapter.

The other major workhorse in the final negotiation makes direct reference to the inclusion of a player in the operation. Udinese and Barca are working on a couple of specific names and, despite the efforts have not borne fruit, Barca sports management had requested additional lead time to convince those involved in the project. Another solution to satisfy the Italians and directly reduce the economic part of the club.

True to its policy of utmost discretion, Alexis Sanchez silent in Argentina. No statements or comments regarding your future, but easy tone merely pointed to a couple of reporters that "all is well and continues. Only a matter of waiting, "he said.

Giampaolo Pozzo is distracting
Udinese owner said in a conference at the Business Academy Sport Naples had presented an attractive offer to sign on Alexis Sanchez. However, shortly after the offer nuanced De Laurentis "had little chance to succeed. It is very difficult. " As for the club, said that "there is still no agreement." (via SPORT)

Djourou does not believe that progress can be a problem Cesc

Arsenal's Swiss defender admitted that the possible sale of the Catalan midfielder to Barcelona would not be a distraction for the template 'gunner'

Arsenal defender Johan Djourou said speculations on the progress of Cesc Fabregas FC Barcelona are not interfering in the close season the club and said that the Catalan midfielder would output new opportunities for other team players.

"If (Cesc) is going, going," he told the BBC Djourou, who recalled how the French Thierry Henry signing for the Catalan club in 2006 helped the Arsenal captain now could "express" better game .

One of the main beneficiaries of the eventual signing of the Catalan FC Barcelona would be his partner in midfield for the "Gunners" Frenchman Samir Nasri, who is trying to keep Arsenal in the team despite interest from Manchester City, Manchester United and Inter Milan.

British media reported on several occasions last season the French football is more effective when not playing next to Cesc, Djourou analysis that seems reasonable.

"It may be true, because many players start to emerge and express themselves when someone leaves the team," admitted the defender.

Cesc has trained apart from their peers throughout the week in the gym at London Colney, Arsenal's sports city, because of physical discomfort, a move that is interpreted from the British media as a measure of pressure on his club.

The tabloid "The Sun" has arrived in the Catalan publishing has already been fired from his fellow clothing and assured them that he will not play with the team.

According to the tabloid, FC Barcelona have put on the table an offer of 31.6 million pounds (35 million), an amount that would still be far from the £ 40 million required by Arsene Wenger's team.

On Sunday, Arsenal template starts a tour of Asia which will not travel Cesc claiming physical problems, according to the press adventure in the UK.

This is the first turning point of the story of a recruit who was frustrated last season after much speculation and, according to the Daily Mirror, could be extended again, until at least August. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía: "Barcelona is a great opportunity for me and I take it"

Kiko Femenia, a new player of FC Barcelona, ​​was dismissed on Thursday the Hercules club that has been in the past seven years, said that joining the Catalan is "a very good chance" that hopes to "harness"

Kiko held a press conference to say goodbye to all levels and fans of Hercules, but did not answer questions about his future at Barça, with which it has signed a three-year contract with an option for a fourth.

The midfielder is considered the most expensive transfer in history of Hercules it will leave two million euros in the club's coffers from Alicante, with the possibility of leaving 1.5 million more if it meets a number of variables.

"I wanted to do this press conference to say goodbye to you, the press, heads of my colleagues. I have reached an agreement with Barcelona but I always carry in my heart," he began.

"I wish the best of luck to Hercules, who deserves to be on First. And may I also be lucky enough to do," said the Sanet i Negrals, who in principle will form the second team of Barcelona.

He also had words of appreciation for the fans of Hercules. "For me the best," he said.

Kiko reminded that Hercules must "all" because in the seven years he has been in the state "always" treated him "great." "By Hercules, I get the chance to play for Barcelona, ​​which is very good and I take it," he said.

In his time at the Hercules, which has played the past two years the first team, stays "with the rise in Irun" to the First Division. "The players we were there we made history and ue the best day I had with the Hercules. Now I expect a very exciting new stage," he said. (via SPORT)

Milito: "I hurt the performance of Argentina and the public reaction"

Argentine defender Gabriel Milito is hurt by the disapproval expressed by the public to the Argentina on Wednesday zero with Colombia in the group stage of the Copa America, but also by the action of the Albiceleste.

"We struggled to move the ball faster, things did not turn out as imagined," said the Barcelona defender. "It hurt all the performance we had, the result and the reaction of the people, nothing leaves us alone," he said. "It's the reality we live in, this is football sometimes these things happen, do not want to dramatize, we were confident to win and move to the next round," said Milito in the city of Santa Fe

Milito said "it is difficult to analyze" what happens in Argentina, which takes flight footballing loose from their individual performances. "We will be watching. The Chechen (Sergio Batista) will analyze it with his coaching staff these days are below the imagined, obviously you have to correct and improve the future," he said.

Javier Zanetti The side acknowledged that "nobody thought at first Cup as well. This group has reacted coolly after analyzing everything and draw the conclusions necessary to keep improving." "We know that there is still a game to finish the first phase and the classification depends on us," said the Inter Milan player. "Football is like that. We are rivals we complicated, but fundamentally, a victory against Costa Rica on Monday allows qualifying," he said. (via SPORT)

Bojan considered "too long" to close his move to Roma

The Linyola reiterates that he wants "to play at Barça" but understands that it is "something that depends not only on me".

Bojan Krkic has acknowledged that his move to the Roma is still not closed during his visit to the Nike Campus held in Andorra. "Some days ago you're talking about, I can not say anything but it is almost sure," admitted the Linyola who has admitted he expected "at any time can tell."

The Linyola believes that 20 years is "a privileged because I've got very important things" and hopes that "wherever you go I want to show everything I've done so far and continue to show more."

While he was cheered by the children who attended the event, the squad said that "how are you are things that make me happy." "From age 9 I wanted to play in the club, is the goal I have forever, but something that depends not only on me and there are other magnificent roads full of hope" explained Bojan. (via MD)

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía will spend medical revision with Barça this Friday

FC Barcelona's new signing has been moved to Barcelona for examination at 9:30.

The newly signed Femenía Kiko has moved on Thursday afternoon to Barcelona after saying goodbye at midday Hércules a press conference in which he acknowledged that "the club is a great opportunity for me and I take it."

She has pearl course Alicante to Barcelona by car for the night in the Catalan capital and make the appropriate medical examination on Friday morning (9:30). (via MD)

Sylvinho hangs the boots grateful to Barça

Former Barca player confirmed on the website of FC Barcelona who hangs up boots after 15 years playing professional football's elite.

Sylvinho Mendes, 37, wanted to thank both the Barca fans as their technical and co-costume, and all employees of the Club, the good treatment he received during his stay at FC Barcelona, ​​which he described as his "best sporting stage." Sylvinho, who also played for Corinthians, Arsenal, Celta Vigo and Manchester City, has been recognized in the club's website: "Above all, the club will always be in my heart and I thank you for the opportunity I have had to have enjoyed and achieved so many successes. "

In the summer of 2004 Sylvinho was under the command of Frank Rijkaard. Reaching a boat and left promising already become the best team in the world. With the Dutchman won two league titles, one Champions League and two Super arose in Spain. In his last season as Barca dressing (2008/09), the first Pep Guardiola on the bench, Sylvinho and the rest of the team delivered the prestigious triplet, only available to very select few. During his time with Barcelona played 128 games and scored three goals. He alternated the left side with Gio van Bronckhorst, first, and Éric Abidal later. One of his last match was the final in Rome, which formed in the starting lineup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)