07 July 2011

Pedro: "I feel very satisfied of how the things are coming out"

Pedro Rodriguez, who on Thursday signed a new renewal of his contract, this time until 2016, was "very satisfied" with the agreement, which brings better pay and his buyout clause of 90 million pass euros to 150 million euros.

Speaking to the Catalan club's official media, Pedro described as "great news" to renewal, a ceremony held at noon at the club offices and the participation of the Barca president Sandro Rosell.

"I'm thrilled to have been renewed because the club remains confident in me and that is very important. I am very pleased with how things are going. From the outset, both the directive, as teammates and coach have relied me, "said the canary.

Pedro Rodriguez, who has completed a great season and starred in the last final of the Champions League since it marked one of the three goals in Barcelona's victory against Manchester United (3-1), believes that the recipe success is "working hard" every season.

"Always try to improve and continue to help the team. I think things are going well. We look forward to working this way to keep doing good things here," he said.

Pedro, author of 45 goals in the last two seasons with the club, explained that each season goes by Pep Guardiola is "more attuned and connected," there is a "best" and all this is reflected in the work is on the pitch.

In any event, Pedro said it will not be easy to repeat the successes achieved in recent years, because every time the rivals "are most eager to earn and reinforce more." (via SPORT)

Rosell explains the pattern Barça in ESADE

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell has participated in a conference at ESADE which summarized the main points that define the management model of Barca.

Entitled 'Managing a sports club with a worldwide impact, "Rosell stated in ESADE, with over 400 attendees, the sports model, institutional, economic and social development of FC Barcelona. The President has made ​​an overview of the different elements involved in the management of a company that has said "is different because it manages feelings."

As the vice president said economic Javier Faus in his last appearance on 8 June, the president was optimistic about the economic situation of the club when on a policy of austerity. "I think in the years to reduce debt and finance charges. Gradually, we will put the house in order. If we get the revenue we plan to generate, reduce debt and achieve equilibrium. All this will depend on the sporting continue working. We are working to improve the sport if you can improve, which will not be easy because this season we have excellence in all professional sports club, "summed Rosell to Barça TV, once the conference. In this sense, the president said that if you get new revenue seizing the moment of sporting excellence of the first team, FC Barcelona could be positioned in the immediate future as the club with more money in the world. As for possible additions, Rosell wanted to emphasize that although we must invest in players to be competitive in the first team, all operations will be meaningful, without jeopardizing the economic situation of the club: "We have a lot ' seny 'with the signings. "

During the conference at ESADE, address the issues you have raised different professors and alumni, Rosell has addressed issues such as management of television rights in Spain, where he believes there is room for get more revenue for the global Spanish League compared to other leagues like the Premier or the calcium-regulating members of the Club or some of the latest economic decisions. Another aspect that has highlighted Rosell is that the Club takes this excellent sports and social health to transform it into new revenue for the club, both in the U.S. and China. "We must seize the moment Barça hot," he said. He has also spoken of the values ​​of the farmhouse and the peculiarities of managing an entity in which feelings are prominent.

Barca president has made ​​a satisfactory balance on this type of event " It's great that schools like ESADE invite us to explain what we do at the club and what is our vision. It's a handball, because here the presence of teachers also bring their vision of our idea. We explained that our company is different. It is not a normal company, is a feeling, but their vision can also help us. "

Arsenal plans to cover the drops of Cesc and Nasri with Karim Benzema

Arsenal want to use the money from Cesc and Nasri and signing Benzema
The French striker cover the lower consntantes Robin Van Persie

English according to the newspaper, 'Daily Mail', the Arsenal would be considering using the money from the signing of Cesc Fabregas to take the striker Real Madrid , Karim Benzema , and so meet the low player Arenys and Samir Nasri .

The English would spend 27 million pounds for the French, with 34 million for the transfer of Fabregas to Barca and 19 for at Manchester City . Arsene Wenger believes that the departure of both players can be a moral slump for his team, for what he thought about signing Benzema as a lever. In this fact, it would add the need to sign a new striker to cover the many casualties Robin Van Persie , prone to injuries.

On the other hand, the London club has yet to confirm the signing of striker Lille, Gervinho by 10.7 million, who has passed medical examination. (via MD)

Napoli "has made an important offer" for Alexis Sanchez

The president of Udinese, a club that belongs to the Chilean Alexis Sanchez reported on the interest of Naples to seize the player.

"Sanchez, did a pipe dream for Naples? Nothing is impossible. Aurelio positively surprised me because he wants to do great things, so much so that has made a financial offer of interest," President Giampaolo Pozzo said to 'Corriere dello Sport.

"The operation is complicated, after the Copa América we have to see how many clubs are really interested in it ¿¿. The player has a value, is to know the real claims and pay a fair price. These conditions have not yet produced has been discussed but did not lead to anything serious. Napoli De Laurentiis is interested and has made an offer important ... wants to win the Scudetto, "he added.

Alexis Sanchez dispute at this time Copa América with the national team and is intended for FC Barcelona to strengthen ahead of the upcoming seasons. (via SPORT)

Pedro signing the new contract

Pedro Rodriguez has this morning signed the contract that binds him to the Club until June 30, 2016. His buyout clause increases from 90 to 150 million euros.

Thus, the agreement has officially published on Tuesday , when FC Barcelona announced that Pedro extended his contract for another season. Pedro, '17 'Barca have signed 45 goals in the first Josep Guardiola for the past two seasons. In brief them further information. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

"I will not play more for Arsenal"

According to 'The Sun', Cesc Fabregas had informed their peers who do not plan to play more for Arsenal.

Cesc would have already taken the final step to close his departure from Arsenal as the English newspaper 'The Sun'. Arenys player reportedly told his teammates: "I will not play more for Arsenal."

The player would have made the decision to take this step to Arsène Wenger did not take it to the Asian tour is about to begin the English team Arsenal, thereby forcing this time to accept the offer from FC Barcelona for the player. (via SPORT)

Piqué miracles in Italy

Gerard Piqué, star of the new campaign for Sky Italia, which gives eternal youth to old.

Gerard Pique is the new star of the campaign for Sky Sports with Totti and Eto'o. Piqué It is responsible for the miracle of eternal youth with an old woman.

All the ad has a religious aspect and gives Piqué drinking the holy water of the Champions that invigorates and strengthens.

Gerard is still a great demand for advertising not only in Spain but also in Europe. (via SPORT)

Wenger, already wet!

'The Sun' technical broadcast pictures of the yacht 'Take It Easier' ('Take it easy') alongside David Dein!

While waiting impatiently Cesc Fabregas continues in London for the third consecutive summer that Arsène Wenger will open the door to leave Arsenal to Barca coach 'gunner' does not look or an ounce of concern about the future of his captain. Apart from the traditional and long his captain, that feeling of having no hurry as the photographs confirm that yesterday difunfió 'The Sun' on Wenger's recent holiday in Corsica. The conclusion can only be one: so far, lots of water, but wet, little.

The details of the leisure travel Arsène invited to believe that, when authorized spokespersons Barca ask for "patience" to close the signing of Cesc, know very well what I speak. That over, Wenger's yacht is called 'Take it Easier', which can be translated as "Take it calmly," and the joke borders. A stroke of British humor about French. What's so funny is not one of his companions on the boat was David Dein, the father of Darren Dein, Cesc agent. David, a close friend of Wenger, he was vice president of the Gunners, so you might wonder which team is Darren, the more passive football agent has been known throughout the 'affaire Cesc'.

If it was a pleasure trip of pearls Wenger can not say the same of their presence in South Africa in support of the French Annecy as a candidate to host the Winter Olympics 2018. The Olympic Committee chose the site yesterday and Pyeongchang South Korea, ahead of Munich. Annecy was bottom club, who on Tuesday was to win Wenger Durban, the same as a six-year title.

Neymar: Sandro has a plan

Rosell in Brazil say they would block his move a year, something like the player who wants to contest the Club World Cup with Santos.

Although Real Madrid has a sack by Neymar in the last hours, with the sole intention to close and his signing, the white club has encountered a serious obstacle: the shadow of Barcelona. Sandro Rosell's trip to the Copa America has not been reduced only to witness the premiere of Argentina and Brazil in the competition, but also has a direct bearing on the future of Neymar. Sandro is a person with a lot of weight in Brazil and, according to reports circulating in that country, has used his contacts to block the exit of the crack from Santos to Real Madrid and, incidentally, make his signing for next year.

From day one, the messages that have arrived from Brazil have been directed towards the Camp Nou. Neymar said active and passive by his admiration for the club claiming that "it is an alien computer," as well to see Messi as "the best in the world." In the same line have expressed their coach and president, saying "the club is the ideal equipment for Neymar." From Madrid, however, no trace. In fact, a joint delegation met yesterday with white Wagner Ribeiro, representative of Neymar, but has not seen much willingness on the part of the player. "Barça and Madrid are willing to pay 45 million for him, but the club would wait a year and the player has already said he wants to play the World Cup with the Santos club," he said. Expressed in similar terms the father of the footballer, Neyman da Silva, who warned that "very difficult" a mid-year transfer, as claimed by Madrid, as the player wants to put the climax to their participation in the Saints winning the World Cup clubs. Rosell's plan, however, satisfies all parties involved, as the club ensures a crack next year not now need, while Santos are Neymar and satisfied his desire to come together at the World Championship in Japan next December, curiously, with the club than rival. (via MD)

Udinese looks for reliefs to Alexis

Ramirez and Giovani sound like parts while negotiations continue with the club towards the financial settlement.

Udinese still scouring the market for a young and unbalancing attacker, which means it starts to give up on Alexis Sanchez. Piatti-blurred option Almeria striker has moved to Valencia, the club has looked friuliano the former Barcelona Giovani dos Santos (Tottenham) and the Uruguayan Gaston Ramirez (Bologna). According to La Gazzetta dello Sport 'could have interest in Jonathan dos Santos, although this is a midfield organizer, and ensuring that the club could have offered as part of its drive for Alexis Sanchez. Consulted MD, denied himself and Gino Barca Pozzo, representative of the owner family Udinese, simply noted that "any player who can offer the club would be welcome." For now, nor have wanted Bojan and Jeffren into that agreement by Alexis.

In Italy, Udinese claimed to have talked himself yesterday with FC Barcelona, ​​but to insist that he is not willing to accept a fixed amount offered by the Chilean striker, who considered low, and that the club wants to soften the terms of the variables , as previously reported MD.

In any case, Udinese is the idea that Alexis put on Barca and does not rule out that the signing is completed in full America's Cup, but to avoid a media uproar in the tournament would prefer not to close anything until Chile has completed its participation in the tournament. Precisely from the representative of Argentina footballer Fernando Felicevich, claimed that Sanchez is "quiet", although, as he explained his club-mate selection and Mauritius, "Alexis is eager to go to Barca. Since the Barcelona wants it has grown considerably. The problem is that the president of Udinese, Franco Soldati is a little harder, "Isla said, half seriously, half jokingly.

Summit night to talk about signings at Barça

FC Barcelona continues without specifying a media recruitment calls, but still continues to be movements in the offices of Camp Nou. Yesterday, without going any further, there was a top night once completed the signings of the board meeting held yesterday afternoon. During the regular session, the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu informed his fellow board situation 'mercato' squad. Broadly speaking, what I came to say is that the offers for Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez on the table Arsenal and Udinese and now the club waits for the response to them.

After the meeting strict board appeared Andoni Zubizarreta, but did not speak for all managers but stayed to meet with the president, Sandro Rosell, Vice President Sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and financial vice-president, Javier Faus. In short, Zubizarreta was to discuss the ups and downs 'heavyweights' of the directive. Namely, which always has the last word (Rosell), directs the operations of signings, transfers and renewals (Bartholomew) and marks the threshold of economic capacity of the club to sign (Faus).

On the table, obviously the strategy to follow with Cesc and Alexis, with transferable (Bojan, Jeffren, Jonathan Soriano, Milito...), with Abidal (not yet renovated), and the objectives to strengthen the subsidiary Eusebius.

Today, the club has backed Cesc offerings (29 million plus 6 fixed in respect of the valuation of the cadets and Toral Bellerín) and Alexis (26 million plus 11 fixed variables) and Zubi interested in knowing whether there can be more money to bid more juicy or face other operations that further strengthen the team. Today, Rosell, after his trip to the Copa America, is adamant: the bids are ideal, but may reconsider the method of payment. In the chapter on sales, will try to get more Bojan money Jeffren Rome and has been told his father to submit bids. In the chapter on renovations, Abidal not accept what the club offers and the club does not think up their offer. Attempts were also made for school Luján, visited by Rosell, and calendar. (via MD)

Borghi: "Alexis Sanchez and Messi are hard-pressed"

Coach football in Chile, Claudio Borghi, said both Alexis Sanchez and Lionel Messi, star of the Copa America, live under pressure from the continuous demands that are put.

"Alexis is an outstanding player. It is difficult in your life to go to Barcelona. Everyone expects him to do wonders in the field," said Argentina coach. "He's fighting a lot and it would be good for him, following implementation his move once and for all, "said Messi said Speaking of "what you need to play like Barcelona are the companions. Argentina is another approach or another that does so attractive football than practice." "They may be expected to resolve the party that has to solve the team," he said. According to Borghi, "there has been a great Copa America. We have all suffered." (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez, on everyone's lips

Comrades, compatriots, competitors ... Everyone speaks wonders of Alexis, whose debut in the Copa America remains a Comment.

Alexis Sanchez is on everyone's lips. The staging of the Chilean striker continues to focus all the attention. While awaiting the green light to give Udinese a move to FC Barcelona, ​​the 'Boy Wonder can boast of being the player with the highest impact on debut in the competition. Messi or Neymar not had a first game as complete as the 'red attacking ¿, now become the greatest threat to Uruguay.

Chilean coach, Claudio Borghi, appreciates the efforts being made to isolate the front, even though everyone talks about their future signing for the club, "he has in mind his move, he wants to show that you have to do level and play there, "he said at a news conference.

Players from the sky are merely talking about Alexis. From the respect and admiration. His concern is how to stop it in the next game, in which Uruguay is played much more than Chile due to its initial tie against Peru. "Alexis is the figure the exclusion of the Chileans, and the key is not to receive the ball," said defender Victorino. "In hand to hand does incredible things," said Muslera, who knows the `Boy Wonder why their matches in Serie A. "But I think if the ball does not get comfortable, if not anticipated and you face, you can stop," the Lazio goalkeeper.

Also Cáceres, former Barca and Alexis faced during his time on loan at Juventus, knows the front of the red `¿. And he believes that his move to Barcelona would be a success. "I know the discipline of Barcelona and Alexis has everything to play there. It is a very complete player, faced far goal and skill. Has done an incredible season in Europe and he deserves it. " For Cáceres, the formula to stop Alexis is "try not to face."

As Muslera and Caceres, Cavani also knows the Chilean striker has kept fighting against him first with Palermo and now Naples. "He had an incredible season. For something is one of the best in Italy. Care is a footballer and we all know is not the same play in America than in Europe. Therefore we must be careful. "

Waiting for the game against Uruguay and his move to Barcelona, ​​Alexis still waiting. "He is eager to go to Barcelona. Since the club wants it, has grown considerably and it transforms it into being the best, "said teammate and selection Island For the former Chilean international Zamorano," Suazo and Alexis are our best cards in the front. They have quality to be figures in the Cup. " (via SPORT)

October 24: face to face Rosell-Laporta

The judge of the Court of First Instance No. 30 in Barcelona opened the hearing on impeachment of the Assembly of delegates.

Justice is a mammoth walking slowly. Just one year after the conclusion of the Assembly of delegates from FC Barcelona on October 16, Judge of the Court of First Instance number 30 of Barcelona has set a hearing on the challenge of that Assembly, by Joan Laporta and members of its last board of directors on 24 October.

That day, the court will be a real parade of people connected with FC Barcelona. The current president, Sandro Rosell, will be questioned by the lawyer Joan Laporta. They have also been called to declare the current directors and Toni Freixa Javier Faus, and the protocol responsible for the club, Ramon Pujol. The list goes on, it must appear Ferran Ferrer García, the head of KPMG who participated in the assembly of delegates.

The lawyer Joan Laporta and the board has cited earlier the same day as witnesses to the commissioners and Ramon Artigas Francesc Palau and the notary who was present on day 16 in the Assembly, Jose Vicente Torres Montero. Cree also need the testimony of the auditor Safont, which conducted an audit of the accounts of different Laporta to those performed by KPMG.

The judge has also ordered for the October 24 firms submitted Mediapro and Sogecable extract summary and payments between them and the FC Barcelona before 22 September last year, the day we signed the reformulation of the famous accounts given rise to civil liability action against the board of Laporta.

He also ordered that no later than Monday of next week, FC Barcelona has the obligation to deliver to the applicant a copy of 'Does the company carry due dilegence by KPMG and the full video of the Assembly of delegates. FC Barcelona's lawyers are reluctant to have the `due diligence ¿out of the club and asked the judge Monday that his court holds on to be a very sensitive material as it contains confidential information. (via SPORT)

Sandro Rosell also met to have priority Neymar it has more than enough

Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, took advantage of his stay in the Copa America to take the lead in the future Neymar what might happen.

There was a summit Rosell, sports director of Santos, the agent and the player's father. Barca called precedence over the future of a player who really like but for now, has not entered into the priority list of this entity's squad. The smart move Rosell can motivate the player decides to postpone his departure from Brazil and pumpkin Madrid in the coming days. And is that the environment is advising the player to wait to finish Neymar wearing a Barca shirt, as his football would suit much better than that of Madrid. Rosell's meeting in Madrid caused intense fear that is beginning to be afraid of being late by Neymar. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barca B, stage in Torremirona

The new team of Eusebio Sacristán begin shooting next Monday 11.

The template is called in the Ciutat Esportiva, to pass the usual physical tests after the holidays and meet his new coach. The next day, Tuesday, the team will start the preseason stage, which this year will take them to Girona.

With the arrival of Valladolid, the subsidiary will be significantly modified Barca preseason plans with respect to previous campaigns, in which Luis Enrique chose to lead his men to the Muntanyà, near Vic, a complex that used to choose their concentrations Johan Cruyff .

This time, the place chosen by the Catalans is Torremirona in the province of Girona, where you attend the first sessions of physical overhaul.

With a training schedule to be defined, the club works in a dispute between two friendly matches of Barca B, during the stage. Today will officially unveil details of plans Eusebio sports for Barca B. (vi SPORT)

Batista: "To Messi they close him well the spaces"

Batista acknowledged that the team "came out things" and that Messi is "closed space".

The Argentina coach, Sergio Batista, said after the goalless draw against Colombia, which the team is not "will things turn out" and did not expect a game of this kind, in addition to the well-Leo Messi is closed spaces. " He was not what we train, we were slow and we lacked ball possession because we were horizontal and not vertical in the middle of the court, "he said. He also said there were "inaccuracies and despair" and said he respected the public criticism and going to try to reverse the situation in the third game. (via SPORT)

Bojan won't leave until a forward comes

The striker has taken his departure, as is clear from the statements made on campus, but still hoping that everything will end soon.

Bojan The transfer of the Roma is taking over the account, but can still lingering a little longer. The reason is that the club does not want to make official the agreement reached with Roma until you have made signing a striker.

The priority is at this time, Alexis Sanchez, but the incorporation of Chile remains closed. The negotiations with Udinese are not progressing as expected and this is delaying the operation, even though the player just wants to come and play at Camp Nou. Jeffrén that refuses to be currency and have no intention of going to Italy to play football forced to vary the initial plans. Yesterday we talked about the possibility that Jonathan dos Santos came into operation. Anyway, not to achieve the incorporation of a front for Pep Guardiola's staff is hurting, indirectly, Bojan Krkic, who hinted in remarks he made Wednesday on its campus that has taken its course. In fact, the player will Linyola series that everything ends sooner the better. The wait is always tense. While the club does not rule out the possible Barca Bojan continuity in the event that came to fruition not any of the operations that have been or are made to sign a striker. It's a possibility, yes, remote, since the club is convinced that Guardiola will be reinforced their squad with a new attacker.

Gastroenteritis altered its agenda
The player was scheduled to visit Nike campus yesterday organized in Andorra, but it was impossible for gastroenteritis. Have returned a few hours ago the African continent, where he spent a short holiday, it was noted as the cause. Bojan will go today to spend time with children who are on campus. Will start at 16.30 and is scheduled to chat with them. (via SPORT)

Tightened by Keirrison and Henrique

The directive aims to accelerate Barca by all means Chapter departures.

The club is in contact with the Malachi brothers, and Henrique Keirrison agents, in order to insist on a solution for both players before the season started shooting. In Barça want to solve the pending issues in the fast lane. First, to avoid the saturation effect at the start of the preseason, but also further decreased the expenditure in the case of transfers and increase the available fruit of possible trades.

Barca have a record of Neuchatel firms offer to take 1.5 million euros net means Keirrison tab. An opportunity to try the Brazilian explode once and for all in European football. His agent, Mark Malachi, says that includes offering, while also warns that handles numerous alternatives for the future of Henrique.

The central case is more complicated every day. If you own a few weeks was the adviser who spoke of 4 million euros for Palmeiras repatriate, now comes the interest of Seville and other European clubs. (via SPORT)

Barca and Arsenal, five million settlement

Among the 40 million requested by the Gunners and 35 proposed by the Blaugrana is a close margin that should not prevent the operation.

Negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona continues its slow, but should lead to Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou. After the player has rebelled against Arsène Wenger refusing to train with the rest of the team, the ball is on the roof of the clubs that should iron out the differences, which now hover around five million euros.

Barca could be moving in the 35 million euros, accounting for variables, while Arsenal would have planted 40. In an operation the size of the transfer of Arsenal captain, five million should not be a barrier far from insurmountable, but neither club wants to be the first to budge.

The Catalans club in no hurry, as he made it clear yesterday the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu sports and Arsenal also seem willing to wait to get bigger slice, despite the problem it is causing in the locker room. Wenger is very uncomfortable to watch every day as his captain comes to training only to stay in the locker room or gym. Not participate in group dynamics and so until the French will keep its word.

The negotiations between Barca and Arsenal have lived moments of tension in recent days, following which Bartomeu put on the table names Jon and Hector Bellerín Toral, the two cadets who led the grassroots Wenger Blaugrana. GUNN 'Club thought they were mixing issues that had nothing to do. However, in recent times has led to new approaches in which the player's agent, Darren Dein, has a key role in rebuilding bridges.

Dein, meanwhile, continues to receive calls from other clubs interested in the situation of the player. The last to do it in a stronger way Chelsea has been in command of the Portuguese Villas-Boas. `The whole blue you increase markedly the six million euros per season perceive Cesc at Barca, but the player has told his agent to decline all offers. Your future lies not in any auction and is not passed by the head bolster a team like Chelsea that Arsenal has a strong rivalry, especially in recent years following the impetus given by Roman Abramovich at Stamford club Bridge. Cesc wants no part of any club other than the club. It's your final bid. (via SPORT)

[Copa América] Argentina didn't pass of the tie before Colombia

The selection of Argentina and Colombia spared only took a tie (0-0) the expected duel in group A, where the Argentinean goalkeeper Sergio Romero saved his team several critical interventions.

Colombia passed in all subjects Santa Fe football but failed to define and not only that a frustrating beat Argentina in the match that opened the second round of Group A of the Copa America.

The home side pulled out of the sound field was rejected by the fans, at times verbally abused his players and asked others to Diego Maradona, a rallying cry all in Argentine football

Only the goalkeeper Sergio Romero gave the carving on the local computer, which failed over and over again before a Colombian team tactical orders and a spiritual strength that spread to thousands of fans who cheered him on.

Zero defined the first time the Sergio Batista, who repeated and even worse performance in the discrete tournament debut against Bolivia.

Hesitant on defense, weak in midfield and anemic offensively, Argentina did not go to rest at a disadvantage because Sergio Romero was lucid and expeditious in which he had to intervene because Dayro Moreno broke down a situation that will cost you forget the minute when he ran 25.

Colombia ceded ground and the ball the home team, with four well-focused defenses, half cap, four attack dogs were deployed defending and attacking and Radamel Falcao as a battering ram and the only player who did not pass the line ball when recovered.

But as soon as those of Hernan Dario Gomez discovered Argentina's defensive weakness began to cheer and to generate a sense of constant danger in the vicinity of Romero.

The Albiceleste did not stand in the midfield, where Javier Mascherano, now extremely rustic, struggled alone against superior numbers in that area exerted Colombia and irrelevance of their slopes Ever Banega and Esteban Cambiasso, who never found their place .

Just stood up Pablo Zabaleta in the opening minutes with some interesting projections on the right wing, which had no continuity in any of the three strikers, including Lionel Messi unknown.

The first great chance to score was the Colombian team, after a cross from the left Moreno reached badly to be connected by Adrian Ramos in the center of the area on 19 minutes.

Six later, and after a rude error Gaby Milito, Moreno missed it alone, and Romero dropped on the floor, when many Colombians and fans celebrating the goal and the Argentines were resigned to their fate.

Ezequiel Lavezzi also miscarried a dogfight for 34 minutes, a deep pass from Leo Messi, while Colombia was twice close to scoring for distant shots of Moreno and Falcao, before leaving the locker room. The Dutch AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper consummated injustice.

The first surprise was that the second part of 'Chechen' Batista tuck no hand in the team, which made itself at 62 with the proceeds of Fernando Gago and Sergio Aguero for Cambiasso and "Pocho" Lavezzi, respectively.

With less room for error, Argentina began to despair and to provide space to run by 'Bolillo' Gomez, who had two very clear chances on the feet of Fredy Guarin and Falcao, conjured by Romero.

With Gonzalo Higuain in the field, Argentina, and the rhythm of the fans threw the rest, but it definitely was not his night.

0 - Argentina: Romero; Zabaleta, Burdisso, Milito, Zanetti, Banega (Higuain, m.72), Mascherano, Cambiasso (Gago, m.62), Lavezzi (Aguero, m.62), Messi and Tevez.

0 - Colombia: Martinez, Zuniga, Perea, Yepes, Armero, Sanchez Guarín, Aguilar, Ramos (Soto, m.90), Moreno (Mosquera, m.90) and Falcao (Gutiérrez, m.88).

Referee: Salvio Fagundes (BRA), who admonished Aguilar Gago of Argentina and Colombia.

Incidents: Group A match of the Copa America soccer match at the stadium Brigadier General Estanislao López, Colon de Santa Fe, before some 30,000 spectators.

[Barça B] Kiko Femenía joined the Barça B

Andoni Zubizarreta technical secretary has announced the hiring of the end of Hercules Kiko Femenía by 2 million and 1.5 fixed variables in terms of objectives achieved.

Femenía signed for three more seasons another option. Its clause with the reserves is 20 million euros. By the time first team sheet has the number would increase to 30 million. It is the second signing of Barça B, after Cristian Lobato . The Valencian is a versatile player who can play both as far right side. Femenía comes from Hercules, where he played last season with the first team.

Kiko Femenía (February 2, 1991, Sanet i els Negrals, the Marina Alta, Alicante) formed in the lower categories of Hercules Alicante (Club entered the season 2004/05) and considered the best player right wing in the latest edition of the awards Football Draft, is typically extremely fast and explosive. Although it has a very good one on one, often looking diagonal towards the goal. Despite not being a player that point a lot of goals, participates in almost all the attacking moves of your computer and cause the most goals from their peers.

Its release in the First Division arrived on 29 August 2010, 19. It was against Ahtletic Club in Alicante José Rico Pérez. Since making his debut with the first team of Hercules, Femenía has become a very important player for the entity. In the 2009/10 academic year, gets to play 40 games between league and cup in seconds, and the following season and in first row a total of 33. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Jonathan Dos Santos may be the key to the signing of Alexis Sanchez

The signing of Alexis Sanchez for Barca is one step, says La Gazzetta dello Sport. Negotiations between the Catalan club and Udinese seem unlocked due to the inclusion of Jonathan Dos Santos in the operation. According to the same newspaper, the Italian club convinces her counterpart the presence of the Mexican squad. Interestingly, the very Udinese was interested in his brother Giovani recently. (via MD)

Jeffren, close to Valencia

Despite the refusal to leave the club FC Barcelona, ​​Venezuela has no choice but to look for new destination.

The canary knows Guardiola does not count towards the year that comes and seems to have found the destination.

Although still under negotiation seems that Valencia may be your next club. Joaquin's departure to Malaga could have caused the entity was interested in covering ché demarcation point. (via SPORT)

[Ex President] Gaspart: I want to see my Mourinho: affectionate and a great coach"

"I know Mr Mourinho brought him to Spain with Robson and Mourinho is my desire that, an educated man, right, and a great coach," he said.

The president of FC Barcelona Joan Gaspart was conciliatory on Wednesday at the issue of relations with Real Madrid, damaged after everything that happened last season and the statements of Jose Mourinho , whom he considered a "great coach" and you want see the best of his personality, that he met when he brought Porto with Bobby Robson .

"I know Mr Mourinho brought him to Spain with Robson and Mourinho is my desire that, an educated man, right, and a great coach," said Gaspart the conclusion of the General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

In this regard, he requested that no one excuse to have "two personalities". " Florentino Perez is a great gentleman, a great gentleman and a great businessman and so should be like senses, and ours as well, like Mourinho is a great guy, family, loving and I always understood that very well "he confessed.

"Mourinho, you have to try to do is to satisfy their partners. Going to try to win games in the field, but I think it was worth little to Real Madrid because he did a great season but the club made ​​superior, exceptional . The Real Madrid must fight to replace Barca and we try to avoid it, but within a normal, albeit at a point in time can be a dirty word statement and then have an apology and clarification, "settled.

Therefore, opted for both clubs try to "win on the field," but do not pretend to "nervous" to rival or "you can alter the good relations." "Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have been rivals, but always trying to keep the forms. I had differences with other presidents of Real Madrid, but after looking for ways to apologize and just being great friends , "he said.

"Cesc, no one has to doubt it, it's an exceptional player is not needed, would be a good signing. Is the technician who has quedecidir. If nothing happens next. I'm not afraid. Now, if you come the better," said.

He also commented that Arsenal have to leave Cesc out of the promises that his coach Arsene Wenger had the player trained in the youth ranks at Barcelona. "I know something Mr. Wenger and if last year gave his word, then, that this year will help. We must also think that Barcelona is a team that knows how to do things right. Each year is worth less because the market forward, " said the current vice president for International and Institutional Affairs of the Royal Spanish Football Federation .

"It is an economic problem. If there is a promise by and there is a long patience from Cesc ... in the world of football is also the heart to put on the table. A player who wishes to change air and go home is a mistake to maintain. We have lost a little sense of the value of money. The offer is very important and I hope and wish that the directors of Arsenal to please a player. is a very good operation, " added.

Regarding the Brazilian Neymar , said those he can not claim all the wonders that the media talk about the South American international since he barely has seen some go on television. "Join me on an assessment would be a ghost," he added.

The president praised''''FC Barcelona Barcelona has responded that the "right" to everything that happened and Sandro Rosell has been "up to". "He said it's over and an end, another thing is that I wanted removed, but this is not just with Real Madrid and Barcelona to, but all clubs must be kept strictly sports, "he said, but stressed that had gone "beyond" and had wanted to "harm" to the entity Barca.

He also recalled that "fatter" is made ​​to him Florentino Perez with the signing of Luis Figo, which was "unusual." "I was much more patient than Mr. Rosell, I really had to have gone to FIFA, the UN, UNICEF , but I did, I just shut up and say that it is kept, but I have to be very saved because I have not yet returned. This operation destroyed the ship, and now Sandro Rosell has made ​​a very good thing that has to move on and that is very positive and says much for him, "he said. (via AS)

Zubizarreta: "90% of the players fichables the world are in Barça"

In addition to confirming the signing of Kiko Femenía, the athletic director of professional football and vice Andoni Zubizarreta Josep Maria Bartomeu sports, have spoken of the possible marches and additions for the next season.

Zubizarreta as Bartomeu Both have spoken this afternoon to the cases of Jonathan Soriano, Jeffren and Bojan, all options for leaving the club. The athletic director has praised top scorer of the second division and has said that FC Barcelona will look for the best solution: "It has contributed greatly to the team this season and work with him and his agent to find the best option. We hope you leave a good proposal for both the player and the Club. If you do not arrive, Jonathan still has a contract with Barça B, and 11 days commencing on training with us and work with it as normal, but knowing that does not have options up to the first team. "

Regarding the case of limbo, Zubizarreta said that the market situation is not conducive to resolving the status of the canary: "We are working to find the best solution for player, although negotiations are extended because the market is booming and there are not many offers, "said former player. Finally, Josep Maria Bartomeu was who said the club was still considering the offer of Rome by Bojan Krkic as spokesman Toni Freixa forward a few weeks ago.

In the conference presentation Eusebio, journalists have also asked for additions to the first team for the season 2011/12. Andoni Zubizarreta and Fontàs Thiago quoted: "We follow the philosophy of looking homeward, and it shows that we have made ​​two signings for the first team: Thiago and Fontàs. Thiago, who is probably rated the best player in the last UEFA European Under-21, and Fontàs, a portfolio would be in central 80% of computers in the Spanish first division. "

Bartomeu has also spoken of Cesc Fabregas and the status of negotiations the player signed for the club: "We know what we have and what we need and have room to August 31. Last year, Mascherano arrived in late August, while Adriano did in early July. Our first team is a great team, the best in Europe, with great players and coaches. " In the same vein, Zubizarreta added that "90% of the players fichables the world are at the club."

Barca and Telefónica I + D: technological excellence for the Nou Camp

FC Barcelona and Telefónica I + D team up and sign an agreement first in the world that will improve the fan experience at the Stadium and apply science and technology in the world of sport.

FC Barcelona and Telefónica I + D has signed a partnership in innovation pioneer in the world that makes the club in the first sports organization to use the Nou Camp as a testbed for new technologies. As explained the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, "Barça seeks excellence and athletic excellence • excellence • excellence in new technologies." The collaboration agreement was signed today in Barcelona by the President Rosell, CEO of Telefonica in Catalonia, Kim Faura, director of the Center for Telefónica I + D Barcelona, ​​Pablo Rodriguez, and the manager responsible for new technologies club Didac Lee in a ceremony that took place in Torre Telefónica, the headquarters of the telecommunications company in Catalonia.

The partnership will run for three years on two main areas of collaboration: the incorporation of digital tools to enhance the fan experience at the Camp Nou and the application of science in the world of sport. The first axis of collaboration focuses on the experience of fans of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou. And that social networking is becoming a greater presence among the spectators of the ship. For example, in the final at Wembley was recorded more than 6,000 messages per second on Twitter, and the club received more than half a million entries from around the world. With this agreement, "the worldwide pioneer" as Didac Lee, FC Barcelona Stadium will be the first to experiment and improve the use of new wireless technologies and network to improve call coverage and access to more optimal use of social networks.

The second area involves the application of science in the world of sport and the creation of a Ph.D. in Science and Sports to discuss how scientific methods can be applied to improve performance in competitions in all disciplines.

The agreement between FC Barcelona and Telefonica I + D has no economic cost to the Club. A team of 20 researchers work on developing the convention and the creation of the first Doctorate of Science and Sport of Europe in the center that the company has in Barcelona. Telefónica invests EUR 4.814 million in technological innovation, which places the Company among the leading multinational with more investment in R & D in Europe. Barcelona phones available in an R & D Center with a revolutionary model within the company. In the words of Sandro Rosell, "The best innovation is in the House in Barcelona and Telefónica I + D". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio full of energy

The new Barça B manager has told his presentation press conference that he is loaded with energy going into a job he feels privileged to take. Eusebio Sacristán congratulated his predecessor Luis Enrique and says he intends to continue his work.

He said he will “maintain the same style and philosophy of the last few years that is giving such good results”. He will take on ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach, adding improvements if he can. “I haven’t had a chance to speak to Luis Enrique” he said, “but I’d like to thank him for all the work he has done before me”. Eusebio signed a one-year contract today, for which there is an option to one year more, and has said “it is a privilege to be back home”.

He added that “I want the players to improve as footballers and people. We will be making the same high demands of recent years. That is the best way to ensure that the players are in the right condition to go into the first team … a reserve team has different particularities than a team like Celta, the other team I have managed. I know about the Barça first team’s needs and these need to be known in order to ensure good communication between the coaches”. Eusebio has already spoken to Guardiola and thinks they will find it very easy to get on.

On the day the fixtures were released, he was asked whether he would prefer a good position in the second division or for his players to be promoted to the first team. He was clear that “the aim is to coach players for the first team and if one, two or three of them join Guardiola next season, we’d be delighted”.

Eusebio Sacristan’s presentation was also attended by the vice president for sport Josep Maria Bartomeu and the Sports Director for Professional Football Andoni Zubizarreta, who said that they never considered any other names than that of the man sat next to them. Bartomeu said “the Board only received one proposal. Eusebio knows all about the Barça values and philosophy”. Zubizarreta, meanwhile, said that the man from Valladolid knows the club, the competition and the division, which were key reasons for sitting Eusebio on the Miniestadi bench. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Barça B start league campaign at Huesca

Barça B’s second consecutive season in the second division will start away to Huesca. Eusebio’s first home game as coach will be against Vila-real B.

The second division fixtures were announced along with the first division ones. New Barça B manager Eusebio Sacristán starts on the road at Huesca (August 21) and also ends away, at Xerez (June 3). The first game at the Miniestadi will be on August 27 or 28 against Vila-real B. Coincidentally, that’s the same week that the first teams of the two clubs will be meeting at the Camp Nou.

The big games for next season include Barça B playing the three teams that have just been relegated from the top flight. The first of these is at the Miniestadi against Deportivo on September 11. A week later the B team travels to Alicante to face Hercules, and the first game with Almeria will be at the Miniestadi on December 11. Barça B face Hercules at the Mini on February 26.

The other attractive games for Barça B are the four Catalan derbies against Sabadell, Girona and Tarragona. All three are at the Miniestadi. Barça B v Sabadell is on October 2, Barça B v Nàstic is on October 30 and Barça B v Girona is on November 13. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The first day:
Cartagena - Sports
Villarreal B - Hercules
Huesca - Barcelona B
Xerez - Sabadell
Las Palmas - Alcorcón
Numancia - Guadalajara
Valladolid - Alcoyano
Almería - Gimnastic
Elche - Córdoba
Celtic - Girona
Recreativo - Murcia