06 July 2011

[Former player] Gabri signed for Swiss Sion

The former Barcelona Gabri , 32, has signed a contract with FC Sion for the next two seasons, said Tuesday the Swiss club. Gabriel García de la Torre played for Atletico set, which is known in this country as the " King of Cups ", as he has won this competition the 12 times he has played the final.

Gabri bring experience to Sion, after passing through the FC Barcelona , between 1999 and 2006, Ajax , between 2006-2010, and Qatar Umm-Salal Sports Club last season.

The former Barcelona joins two other Spanish players who will play next season in the Swiss football: Victor Sanchez and David Navarro , filed by the Neuchâtel Xamax. (via MD)

Fernando Roig gives had made the continuity of Rossi in Villarreal

The president of Villarreal , Fernando Roig , was confident about the future of Italian Giuseppe Rossi on your computer, in hopes that "exceed the 40 goals the next season," after renewing his contract last year. "I hope we play a good Champions League , we are in good positions in the league and we are ambitious in the Copa del Rey "said following the General Assembly of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Castellon club president said Wednesday that it has "no news" on interest from other clubs for international Santi Cazorla , who "is player of the club next season and three more." "If other parties are interested we can talk but this time Villarreal have no news," said Roig asked about the possible interest of Malaga Santi Cazorla. (via MD)

Neymar's father: "I've not met with Sandro Rosell"

The young Brazilian star wants to play the World Club Championship in December
"He makes what tells him the heart, and their heart is in Santos," said the parent of the forward

"I have not met the president of Barcelona . " The father of Neymar , reports on its website the Italian daily Il Corriere dello Sport , believes his son will hardly the Saints without contest the Club World Cup, "Neymar do what you heart says and your heart is in the Santos . In addition to the time is not an offer and he has a contract until 2015 . I see hard after winning the Libertadores not now want to play the World Club . " He added: "I'm just here to be with my son." (via MD)

Sunday, the deadline to sign Cesc

Barca and Arsenal should close the transfer of the player before Sunday July 10 ...

so happens that Arsenal began its season Sunday with a mini tour of Malaysia and China.

It is understood that before then, Arsenal should make a move and accelerate the transfer of Arenys player who dreams of playing for Barca and was planted Tuesday, staying in the locker room while his companions rejoined the practice. (via SPORT)

Sandro Rosell, "I like the players want to come to Barça"

Barca president went on tiptoe on the signing of Cesc Fabregas in the presentation of the agreement between FC Barcelona and Telefónica.

FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell starred in the penultimate chapter in the saga of the signing of Cesc Fabregas from Barca. Rosell was on Wednesday morning in the building Telefónica de Barcelona signed a technology agreement with the operator and, although he tried not to talk about sports issues, could not help sidestep the signing is the talk of the Catalans, the possible return of Cesc to Barca.

"I like the players want to come to Barca," the president said when asked about the gesture of Cesc to stay in the gym in the first session of Arsenal on Tuesday. Although Rosell said immediately afterwards that everything "is as it was."

And, at the insistence of journalists to know the opinion of the president before this signing, he used the comparison with a direct telephone to send another nod to Cesc. The case is one of the representatives who attended the event Telefónica had gone through Microsoft before returning to the Spanish company and Rosell acknowledged that would be "very good" that Cesc did like him and return to Barça. "I do not know if the same will happen with Cesc with Pablo, but would be fine," he said in relaxed tone.

Faced with repeated questions about the signing of Arenys, Sandro settled the issue with a philosophy "let the water run, to flow the river and go for the flow." It seems clear that the position of the boat is rush time, without haste and without pause. Come on, everything flow ... (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona receive Fair Play award

On Wednesday, both the FC Barcelona first and B teams received awards for fair play. Both teams were top of the table in their respective leagues.

At the General Assembly of Spanish Football on Wednesday in Las Rozas (Madrid), FC Barcelona has been presented with awards for topping the fair play tables in both Division One and Two. This is the third time the Barça first team has received the accolade after also getting it in 2006 and 2009.

Barça was represented by Javier Bordas, the director who represents the team in relations with the Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) and the Real Federación Española de Futbol (RFEF).

Josep Guardiola’s team got 100 points, the lowest total in the First Division, just one less than Mallorca (101), and three less than Racing Santander (103). This was calculated on the basis of the 95 yellow cards and two red cards shown to players over the season. A yellow is worth one point and a red three.

The B team was also the fairest in its league, with 107 points. This was the result of 97 yellow cards and 5 reds, but all of the latter were for two bookable offences, which count for two points. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Malaga-Barcelona in the first game of the season

Barça debut in the 2011/12 championship in the area of ​​Malaga, where last year just ended. (via FCBarcelona.cat) Barcelona vs Real Madrid: 22 April, Real Madrid vs Barcelona: 11 December.

Calendar 2011/2012 LIGA NACIONAL DE PRIMERA DIVISION: http://www.rfef.es

Spanish Supercup, August 14 and 17

The times and dates of the Spanish Supercup between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have been announced. The first leg will be on Sunday August 14 at 22.00 and the return will be on August 17 at 23.00.

Apart from the annual game between the league and cup champions, the dates for the next Copa del Rey have also been revealed.

The Spanish Supercup starts at the Santiago Bernabéu on August 14 at 22.00, while the midweek return match at the Camp Nou on the 17th kicks off at the unusual time of 23.00. The late start is because there are Champions League qualifiers being played that day, and UEFA regulations stipulate that no official matches can be played between 20.45 and 22.30.

The first round of the Copa del Rey involving FC Barcelona will be on December 8 and 13, but the opposition will not be known until the draw has been made.

The semi finals will be on February 1 and 25 and the final will be on May 25. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Javier Bordas: "Cesc is gesturing to come to Barça"

Barcelona vice president Javier Bordas attended the meeting of the Spanish Football Federation and spoke about the future of Cesc Fàbregas.

That was before the start of the meeting of the Spanish Federation, when Javier Bordas attended the media present. And, of course, he had to discuss the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona.

At first, he threw balls out on the subject. "This afternoon Zubizarreta speak at the presentation of Eusebio and you can ask him." Then, however, they entered a little deeper into the matter. "It is true that the player is making gestures to come to Barca. I've even seen that Arsenal fans themselves have not put in the starting ideal of the season. All are gestures that come." (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Víctor Vázquez scored a goal in Club Brugge

Club Brugge won in Koksijde the friendly match against first division neo-Bergen 3-2. Victor Vazquez made an early disadvantage undone, while after the break and also Fredrik Stenman Maxime Lestienne their doelpuntje meepikten. Mountains came in the final stage no further than the tying goal.

The fans of Arsenal Cesc leaves out of eleven historic

Captain Fabregas has been voted the 'web' of Arsenal's 'supporters'

Coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the Arsenal, the London club released a poll on its website 'web' for the followers Gunners choose the best eleven of history into a 4-4-2. While it is currently the captain and most standard equipment, Cesc Fabregas is not in the so-called Dream Team. David Seaman is the goalkeeper, Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and Nigel Winterburn are behind, Fredrik Ljungberg, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and Liam Brady up the middle of the field without the Catalan, and Dennis Bergkamp is the first of two Front announced. The second, of course, Thierry Henry will

[Barça B] Jonathan Dos Santos, grateful to Pep Guardiola

The player is very grateful for the confidence placed in him after his expulsion from the Mexican in the case of prostitutes.

Jonathan dos Santos is grateful to FC Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola especially for the confidence placed in him after his expulsion from the Mexican Sub'22 with seven other colleagues for having sought the services of a prostitute in a hotel in Quito in a row the friendly against Ecuador on June 25, in preparation for the Copa America.

Barca wanted to hear the version of the player himself and also made contact with the Aztec Federation (FMF) for it will explain what had caused the suspension of 'Jona' for six months and a fine equivalent to 2,900 euros.

The FMF said that Barcelona B midfielder was very sorry, as Jonathan himself endorsed in a message sent, and from Barcelona, ​​through TV and Barça Barca's official website. Guardiola will personally communicate their support, above all, and from Barcelona emphasis on that in his 9 years of blaugrana never disciplinary proceedings had been soothing to a player who purged of his guilt with community service Mexico and the Fundació FC Barcelona.

Pep intends to continue claiming for the first team and is expected to join the preseason with the first team. Jonathan has 20 years. (via MD)

Expression of Cesc to come closer to Barça

Fàbregas started yesterday their particular strategy to pressure the Arsenal to accept the offer from Barcelona
Was brought outside the group and the next crackdown would not go to the Asian tour

Cesc Fabregas took a step yesterday on his way back to the Camp Nou. While his companions began the season on the sports fields 'gunner' in London-Colney, Cesc began its particular strategy to put pressure on Arsenal to accept the offer from Barça. So Wenger adviritió it in the phone conversation that they maintained before Cesc be moved to London and it happened yesterday, the first official day of work ahead of Arsenal's 2011-12 season.

Arenys midfielder was brought outside the group locked in the gym. Accompanied by his new coach, David Alvarez, who was already at the club and so far worked under Thierry Henry in NY Red Bulls, Cesc working around the clock for the sole purpose of being ready when the time comes you discipline to join the club. The idea is to keep exercising Cesc apart from their peers throughout the week, hoping that leaders Arsenal and Wenger are in line to accept the offer Barca and can take a plane back home.

In fact, waiting for Wenger to return from Durban, South Africa, where he attended a ceremony yesterday to support the candidacy of Annecy (France) to host the 2018 Olympic Games - the next few days are presumed to be decisive for the Cesc's future. With the coach back in London from today or tomorrow, depending on what their position, the player would consider a position of force majeure.

If between now and Saturday not accept the offer Arsenal Barca-Barca are adamant the 29 million fixed plus six by two and three Bellerín homegrown-Toral, Cesc Fabregas will be another step forward. Players Gunners take a trip on Sunday with aa target Asia, where Arsenal is scheduled to play two games: Wednesday unoel 13 in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia, and another in front of the whole China Hangzhou Greentown Saturday 16. At that point, and during that time the team was in Asia, Cesc would continue exercising in the sport facilities of Arsenal with his coach. Yet all the while remaining linked to Arsenal, Cesc please tell her that the club will not yet started the preseason, IYHF for July 18.

Andres Iniesta acknowledged yesterday before the microphones laSexta that Fabregas is calm and confident that his move to Barcelona could be a reality soon. "It's possible it may be. I wish," said Fuentealbilla, who is in permanent contact with the Arsenal player yet, "spoke with him by cell phone and is quiet," said Iniesta. (via MD)

Alves: "I would sign Neymar"

The Brazilian said in the 'You say,' RAC1 his countryman is now "the second best player in the world"

Dani Alves yesterday attended the program 'You say,' RAC1 to testify that the distance does not change its way of expression. Direct and without avoiding any subject, the first side praised his fellow Neymar: "I had a special chemistry with him since the first time that we agree on the selection, is a very special boy and loved by all partners. We have established a healthy relationship and I admire him very much. " Alves sees promise in a big Brazilian club soon: "I've never talked to him about his future. Of course, I would recommend to go to Barcelona and one of our rivals. You can play any team in the world right now for quality, personality and way of looking at the drawing. Neymar-sentenced-place him second best player in the world, but he is young, has to fill the curriculum, while Leo already has a enviable track record. " Alves, about their new look, similar to the crest of Neymar, revealed why: "I've made it in Brazil. If we won the Champions League, the promise was to go to the Copa America dyeing and Crested. Do not we all fulfilled. a lot of work and I wont take it off. "

As with Neymar, confessed his "great weakness" by Goose through the Saints. "If I have it all? No, just these two. It is very quiet and see the game differently, with greater vision than the rest. It is very cold and the hotter the party has more control. He and Neymar are my weaknesses. Those who live by this we know that they are different. "

Alves also referred to Leo Messi, who argued: "The Argentines are like the Brazilians. See what he does in the club and want the same thing but this has nothing to do. Barça is a selection of unique players who would not find anywhere else. "

Grateful to the club and proud of the "economic effort" made to renew the Brazilian spoke of 'if Cesc' and was reflected in it. "I understand you do not want Arsenal to go wrong but I understand that forces the machine to come to Barca. In the end the players play where they want to play and does not make sense to keep an unhappy player. I also forced my departure from Seville because I had promised previous three years. You see the train go by and it is normal to want to go in 'business'. "

As for Alexis Sanchez, also surrendered to Chile. "It is those unique players with different qualities. I hope to come because it is very difficult to find players that improve the quality we already have," he said before expressing his commitment to Pep Guardiola: "He will continue as long as we continue this way. He alone we can maintain this level of motivation and we will leave the skin because it deserves it " (via MD)

Arsenal also want to José Enrique

After the departure of Clichy, the Arsenal side that thinks like at Barça.

The transfer of Gael Clichy to Manchester City for around 8 million euros has led to one of the leading contenders to replace him in the Arsenal left-back Jose Enrique is. It so happens that Valencian is also one of the players that the club has in its portfolio if it ultimately reinforces that the rear flank, which could be reached on a stage with another pulse to the club 'gunner'.

José Enrique was consolidated last season in the return of Newcastle United to the Premier League attracting the interest of several 'big' and yesterday the coach's own 'Magpies', Alan Pardew, he expressed fear that the left end Spanish Saint James 'Park. "We're trying to convince him to stay but his contract expires next season and he has the natural desire to play in the Champions League. It will be difficult to keep him," Pardew said, resigned to losing him after the farewell Clichy Arsenal. Liverpool, who wanted to Clichy, is also interested in him. Should Barca José Enrique reactivate the option, it is clear that Newcastle will not close the door. (via MD)

Isla: "Alexis Sánchez is eager to go to Barcelona"

Mauricio Isla, selection partner and of team of Alexis Sánchez, counted that his friend dreams of Barça.

Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez is "eager" to be transferred from Udinese to Spanish Barcelona, ​​claimed his team selection and Mauricio Isla "Knowing what it is, is eager and it transforms it into being the best and being in the sights of the world's best team, "said fellow Italian Udinese player. At a press conference after the training of Chile in Argentina's Mendoza city, Isla noted that, given the continuing reports about his possible transfer Sanchez expects "a quiet, working hard." "Since the Barcelona wants it, has grown considerably. The problem is that we both have a president who is a little hard," he joked in reference to the high asking price the owner family Udinese to transfer the "Niño maravilla".

Bojan: "Getting to this point is not easy, one day I had to spend"

Bojan attended the media and, while not confirming his departure for Roma, said "it had to happen some day".

He even FC Barcelona, ​​Bojan Krkic, has treated the media during the conduct of the player Puigcerdà campus. Bojan has not confirmed his departure to Rome Luis Enrique but has hinted it will leave the club.

The Linyola, who despite not wanting to confirm, spoke last, said the situation in which it stands: "It's a bittersweet, this point is not easy, but someday I had to go." Bojan is recognized that "more outside than inside" of the club.

"I feel privileged to have since everything is done with me 20 years and have formed at the club and all I have left to do," he added.

On the Roma said "I have not talked to Luis Enrique, but who cares about me and an honor to have teams interested in sharing my football." (via SPORT)

Messi: "The costumes of Barça is very healthy"

The '10 'albiceleste opened his heart in an exclusive interview with' Chronicle ', reproduced.

Leo Messi gave an exclusive interview with the newspaper 'Chronicle' in which he spoke of FC Barcelona's Argentinian football and his relationship with Maradona, which for your convenience we reproduce below.

When you're in Barcelona, ​​how you get better mate?

The dress really is a very healthy, where there are good people. There are kids that come from the lower living together. I have no problems with either, I have an excellent relationship with every player on the roster. Maybe that's why in the courts, the time to play, we find it easy because in addition to lead well, we have been formed together from below. In the same spirit of play, which is respecting the treatment of ball handling periods of play and sacrifice for the team to the fullest.

Since his debut in Barcelona, ​​what you feel you changed the personality?

I think I grew both personally as well as football. I passed the important things in Barcelona, ​​as in the selection, although this is not going as well as in the club. But I'm happy because I notice that the changes made were for the better and hopefully I can remain so.

You looked a player ¿especially in Barcelona as a kid?

I was lucky that when I arrived at the club was Ronaldo. It was always a player I really liked as it unfolded on the court. Great for a striker as defined by the speed and technique he had.

Just arrived at the club, the players already enshrined, are you giving advice?

When I got were also arriving Riquelme and Saviola. Also, I had the pleasure of sharing a dressing room with stars like Ronaldinho, Deco, Motta and Sylvinho, who were people that I will be eternally grateful that they were always beside me, guided me in every time from the first moment I did feel very comfortable. At that time I was 16 and the truth that although they are excellent players, recognized worldwide, the group made me immediately for me I do things a lot easier.

MORE: www.sport.es

Xavi: "Cesc would not come to take off the place but to become better"

Xavi always has things to say. Whether you are in full competition or in the middle of your vacation. His words will never remain indifferent.

Sandro Rosell has threatened to sever ties with Real Madrid, how-captain, what do you think?

Had to do so. The script demanded it. Do not forget that we were accused of doping. I do not know if Real Madrid indirectly. The president was right. Respectful, positive messages and correct with respect always. The truth is not changed one iota of 'Tarannà' Barcelona. Respected around the world. He was very good, strong and aggressive when he had to say and do. To me very well. Quite correct. We are obviously with the president. We have been accused of doping, we have attacked directly and it is ugly. The president acted. Somehow they are acting legally against these allegations and that gives us comfort and confidence. This meeting since I have entered have been with us and that is appreciated.

Prior informed them what was going to do or what he would say

He is free, is the president is the boss. He does not need. Also we were on vacation. He is a person who has treated us very well at all times, great. It acts as president. We need not discuss anything. If there is any problem, he descends to clothing or Bartomeu or Rossich, down to discuss the play. Very good communication in this regard, but never told us what to say.

Breaking relations is basically not going to eat or to the stage

It is nothing serious, but simply that if Real Madrid is behind all these accusations, it is not known nor is there anything concrete, would be logical to break relations. It lies within the normal range.

Now that it has been almost two months from the junction of the classics, you've talked with Casillas to calm down everything ...

No. I have not seen. Neither with nor Xabi Alonso Iker. But we see every now and then in the selection, and neither are we to call it. I have not had the opportunity to talk with them. The next call is August and if I called and talk, but I talked to Del Bosque and told me everything was fine. I also spoke with El Guaje ', Pedro and Sergio Busquets after the friendly and told me there was a total normality. But if you talk to someone speak and point.

There. Just like that?

You have to understand that the most important is the respect and the players we respect a lot. It is a regular topic of stress, nerves, everybody wants to win. Sometimes things are done and out of line, but hey that's it. We want to make a fresh start to get everything back to normal in the selection.

How about Neymar?

Still have not seen him play. Some images in the news, but little else. A whole game, no.

Now taking advantage of the Copa America will see it?

Yes, we are talking to friends who are football fans to see some games. I want to see the level of Argentina and Brazil, Alves, Messi, Milito, Adriano, Masche. I wish them well. It is an interesting Cup. Great teams, young players such Neymar. Let's see how it goes. I know very little of it.

And Alexis?

In this I know him better because I confronted him in the World Cup against Chile. It is an extraordinary player. Also I have followed at Udinese and is a fantastic level. Physically strong, very good one against one, a warrior, works for the team. A very good player. If we signed a signing would be extraordinary, really.

Do you think it would adapt well to Barça's style of play?

Bielsa has grown up with, somehow know how to read the game well and work collectively with the partner. Would fit perfectly. For me Bielsa is one of the best coaches in the world and the concepts work very well football.

The two names that sound more are Alexis and Cesc. 'Two signings' top'?

Absolutely. A Cesc already know everything. I hope they do the signing. He has this strange feeling of wanting to come and can not come. See if you agree, since two summers ago all this, especially for your own peace of mind. Hopefully come because it is a player who will give us a 'plus' to the team.

In a media outlet reported that you did not want to come Cesc because he had a confrontation with the grassroots

Do I have to answer that?

No, well when you debuted in the first team with 18 years Cesc was 11. That says it all ¿

You know I am. I get along well with everyone. I have no problem with anyone, much less with Cesc. Iniesta Ask how I get on with it, ask Pep, ask the entire team to the selection. I always say the same, the emphasis is mine, the people around me and I want. They know how I am.

How about this controversy if and Thiago Cesc can play together?

We're always the same. I understand that we are in a very competitive world and that people will make a choice: Cristiano and Messi, Valdes Casillas, Xavi and Iniesta, hey, please. We have not yet realized that all football fans can play together. The first thing noticed is Luis Aragones is. So what? Not all work? It worked perfectly. What Cesc can not play with us or Thiago. If you've played all three together this year. What? There are also games for everyone. We have to start kids left alone coming up now, Thiago at 19. Cesc with 24. Now what comes Cesc and competition will be me or Iniesta. Unlike going to be a footballer to be associated with me, Iniesta, Messi and will be the best and he will make us be better at all. People have to keep talking, but the more I come to add, the better. Ah! And then there's Keita, why not talk about Seydou? What about Keita? Have you already cast? With the importance of Keita. And Mascherano? Does not play or what. Nonsense. I'm surprised when they open these discussions because it seems that people do not know football. This is the problem of society, that everyone likes football but a few per cent low understands what the costumes, the partner, being supportive, helping the other.

Man, but that neither the people living

How wrong I'm taking with Cesc six years ago when we played together in the selection. We have won a World Championship and one together. It was also said that Valdes had been wrong and the Queen and people are still talking and nothing happens. I like to talk more football.

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Cesc strength to come to Barca

No turning back. Cesc longs to play in the Nou Camp and force to his dream.

The desire of the president of FC Barcelona that future signings demonstrate their desire and work hard in the negotiations for a reasonable price, is having an excellent example Cesc Fabregas. The midfielder is pushing hard to fulfill his dream to wear the Barça shirt. In its first two days in London after the holidays end, the player has been at the height of their professional qualifications and, in parallel, has made clear its intentions to Arsenal. Has rebelled. Want to sell him now.

On Monday went to the medical evidence, had lunch in the clubhouse and returned to his home. Appeared again yesterday morning at London Colney facilities, but remained outside the group in the first practice. Cesc worked alone in the gym. It was his way of showing that Arsène Wenger will not be involved in sports project again after the French are reneging on their promise not to impede their march to Barça.

The Arenys attend daily at the Arsenal training camps on the outskirts of London, but always stay on the sidelines. His pulse is only with Wenger. Will continue to attend the sessions scheduled for the fans' respect for GUNN and his companions, but the divorce coach is complete. His intention is to show the technical Gaul has run out his captain and must respect the commitment to undertake the march to leave the Camp Nou.

The technician can not work with Fabregas in the field and, in fact, has already lost. Their presence in London Colney on a daily basis will be testimonial, since it conceives another idea that his move to Barca.

Yes, the player is not neglecting its preparation. In the evenings is conducting three-hour sessions on their own outside the premises of the Arsenal. Cesc is aware that he must strengthen his muscles after the last session and has suffered at the hands of a renowned physical therapist recommended by Thierry Henry. The Arenys wants to Barca's preseason one hundred percent to earn a spot in the starting of Pep Guardiola.

Both the player and his agent, Darren Dein, hope that negotiations can move forward once Wenger will have noticed that you can not convince him to return to again wear the Arsenal shirt. The French know that Cesc will not accept travel companions with the rest of Malaysia on Sunday to begin Asian tour, which should also move the team to China. If the transfer does not close until Saturday, Fabregas will take another measure of strength and is not part of the expedition and Arsenal must assume that he has no choice but to accept the offer from Barça. The player will tighten the nuts to go out and at the same time, puts his personal preparation for the first time in eight years at the club `GUNN to sacrifice for their coach. Even last season, despite the fact that Wenger kept him, he risk his fitness to defend the computer to the point of falling in the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions in the field when he knew he was in the focus of attention. This time, Cesc should know that much work specifically on their own, to recover one hundred percent and Asia and will travel to work patterns of Wenger.

This measure of force should be of great help to the club. The negotiation between the Catalans and the London club was on track until the entity Barcelona tried to push the `theft Toral did Jon and Hector Bellerín as advanced SPORT in its Thursday edition, to lower the price of the transaction.

Wenger was furious when his performance was not very ethical in these movements. Arsenal understand that the transfer of Cesc and the signing of two players cadets are independent operations and can not be mixed. The club has used this letter as leverage and, when tempers cool, does not seem an insurmountable obstacle. The vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, in collaboration with Darren Dein, continue smoothing out differences with the Arsenal to the 'soap opera would not last until the end of summer.

Wenger wants more money and speculate with offers from City, Chelsea and Madrid, which are superior to the ship, but the player has already made it clear he will not accept another destination other than the Camp Nou. The Frenchman tried to persuade his old tactics and wanted to help assure that she was calm, though his good words have already led to Fabregas to stay more than once with honey on the lips and not willing to be a victim again A charming a snake. Cesc has been asked to bring back the trust and loyalty that has always been shown to facilitate his transfer to Barca and now it's the coach do their part of the deal. No turning back. (via SPORT)

Rosell returns to Barcelona with an agenda that tight

Participate in the presentation today of an agreement with Telefónica and the meeting of the Board.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell is already in Barcelona after his stay in Argentina because of the dispute the Copa America. Of course, the leader has come to Barca full schedule of commitments. Apart from being very aware of the signings of first team football at 12.00 today, the president culé participate in the presentation of the partnership that the entity has reached Barcelona with Telefonica to bring together for the first time, science, technology and football. The event also involved the manager responsible for new technologies in the club, Didac Lee, among others. At 17.00 pm, the President addressed the meeting of the Board and tomorrow at 8.30 am will attend a symposium organized by ESADE titled "Managing a sports club with a worldwide impact." (via SPORT)

Cruyff: "To continue winning it's necessary to sign"

The Dutchman told that the only way to make stronger the squad for the upcoming season, clocking the best players.

There is nothing more relaxing than Johan Cruyff than golf. In the pits, off the Dutch, but not in the 'green can stop thinking about his other passion, football. Yesterday, the Alisgolf tournament, played at the Real Club de Golf El Prat de Terrassa, the technician had time for everything, yes, the 'skinny do not like to mix, so do not talk about football until he got the ball at the final hole.

Cruyff, who shared time with former Barça's technical secretary, Txiki Begiristain and former player, Alex Corretja, encouraged the club to sign in the summer market, to make stronger the squad for next season. "Signing good players is the best way to keep winning, the level that is Barcelona can not afford to give that advantage to their rivals" said the Dutch 'petit comité what then a pleasant day of golf.

Johan stays out of the rumor mill itself of these weeks. The possible entry or exit of players do not worry, as experience has taught him that until there is a firm involved, you can not take anything for granted. Still, the Catalan coach has never hidden his admiration for players who meet one hundred percent philosophy of play Barca. One such example is that of Cesc Fabregas, "sign the best players is never easy, first because all the clubs trying to get the maximum benefit for its stars, especially if you want to go, but also the problem is that not only Barca wants strengthened and great teams is common among more than one set in the same player and end up raising the price. "

Another of the great names of the summer is still that of the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, playing these days America's Cup in Argentina. With Udinese owners waiting for the player's performance in the competition to raise its price, Cruyff warned yesterday not to draw conclusions from these meetings, "to draw conclusions from the Copa America is dangerous, because this competition is played very afternoon and the players are very tired, "especially those who play in European clubs, such as Sanchez.

The Pep Guardiola has the challenge of matching the four consecutive league Dream Team coached by the Dutchman. His pupil match his achievement is not worried at all, basically because it considers the Santpedor has already exceeded their numbers. "Guardiola has matched what I did, because it takes three league titles in a row, but as has already surpassed that team is the number of Champions get", however, warned that "the end, the title is what happens history, but what really counts is how the team plays and the legacy they leave. "

Cruyff has no doubt that the Barcelona players did not let their guard down and will continue working to add more titles to the record, anyway warned that "every year is more challenging than the last, especially considering where it comes from this and standard equipment that they have, "the Dutch. (via SPORT)

The meeting of Barça will debate today the strategy to continue for Cesc

The board meets today and will discuss whether or not the offer up. Could arise if, Rosell said, come on next year's money.

The board of FC Barcelona meets this afternoon at the club offices to review, as always, the club now. It will cover many topics and take some decisions, but certainly the most interesting discussion will be putting on the table for the twenty managers give their views: What strategy should follow the club if Cesc?

Although sports-related only concern Rosell, Bartholomew, Zubizarreta and Guardiola, the current way of working of FC Barcelona's famous no delegate committees of old, open only to vice, hence any decision to be carried out has leaving the board.

This afternoon we will analyze the state of the negotiations with different players, Cesc Alexis and others. Did you get in the offer by the Catalan player, is it necessary to approve the advancement of some million projected for next season as Rosell said at the time?

All these questions will bring up on the board. Indeed, on Thursday there will be a regular press conference, probably because you can not explain the issues.

Arsenal think Thiago Motta
One of the possible replacements to fill the vacancy that would Cesc might be exbarcelonista Thiago Motta. The italobrasileño is a player who likes to Wenger, and with it, as well as strength in the middle, incorporate experience and leadership, something that his team would suffer with the departure of midfielder Catalan. Motta joined Inter for four seasons and, after two in the Milan team, wants a change of scenery. And playing in the Premier League would fill their aspirations. It is an option but the Gunners kept in the bedroom. (via SPORT)

Jeffrén already search another team

Despite the refusal to leave the club FC Barcelona, ​​Venezuela has no choice but to look for new destination.

As announced yesterday by the daily Sport, Jeffrén Suarez has no choice but to find another computer on which to develop his football career and choose the best option for him and for the club. Jeffrén not go to Udinese, but you know not continue at the club.

In the match between her father, Efren Suarez and sporting director of FC Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta, the two positions were clear: the player does not want to leave the Catalan club Barcelona while the entity does not have him ahead of next season .

That's why a Jeffrén has no choice but to take his time at Barca is over. Now it is time to assess the other offers that are coming mainly from other Spanish clubs and the Premier League.

Valencia and raised the possibility that the young end became the substitute Joaquin ché club for about 4 or 5 million euros. Fulham English offers 8 million for having the player in their ranks. Only Jeffrén is that values ​​the options, choose and say goodbye to FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Pedro's operation prevents him to eat solid

The player underwent surgery last Friday on the recommendation of the club's medical services.

The player had to undergo surgery of the tonsils for five days in Barcelona, ​​to put some inconvenience Frin dragged for years and that at certain times had caused many headaches.

After work in the Mutual of Terrassa, the Barcelona player is in convalescence from an intervention, which estimates about ten days of recovery.

The worst of the intervention, which they removed the tonsils, being the post-operation so far as you can not eat solid food, all food must be liquid.

Pedro took some time thinking about their tonsils, for the inconvenience caused him constant and because the club's medical services had advised him. From now on, the player will prevent inflammation and sore throats. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "Mourinho? There are certain limits that should not spend"

FC Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has not forgotten what was experienced last season with the barbs received from Madrid.

Speaking to La Sexta, Iniesta recalled torpedoed provocations and false accusations from the capital during the season: "Actually I do not know if you have someone, there have been situations are very uncomfortable, there have been times it has crossed the line of sportsmanship. "

Much of the blame lies with José Mourinho, the coach white. And Don Andres had a message from its warehouse in Fuentealbilla. "What you do with your team Mourinho does not matter to us, but there are certain limits that should not happen," said Mancha.

The interview, which The Sixth offer these days in several installments, also touched on Cesc, a soap opera of the summer. Iniesta is confident that the Arenys be your partner in the first team. "It's possible it may be. I wish," said Fuentealbilla, who is am still in constant contact with the Arsenal player: "He spoke with him by phone and is quiet." (via SPORT)

Getafe tried unsuccessfully to sign Bojan ten million euros

The club president has confirmed the operation Mallard frustrated that offered 10 million euros for the transfer
Apparently, according to Rome was the reason for the denial

Getafe tried unsuccessfully to sign Bojan Krkic by ten million euros , as confirmed on Tuesday the president of all Madrid Angel Torres .

The president has revealed that the player rejected the offer because Barca had already committed to the Roma coach who runs the Luis Enrique .

"We went to Barcelona to ask two or three players. We were about to do the operation Bojan . are ten million to Barcelona . Toni handed an offer and he decided he wanted to play in Europe and had given the word to Luis Enrique . We were willing to pay ten million, "he assured Torres during the presentation of the club's official kits.

It has also talked about international Barça sub'21 of Martin Montoya , the right side Getafe wants to sign. However, he acknowledged that the operation at the moment is complicated.

"We call on Montoya hired or bought, but it seems that Guardiola wants to take. There is a small chance that if Guardiola wants to take it not, to come.

But it is complicated, is a footballer in the lower categories of Spain and is highly prized. They also tend to want to play in Europe and that costs us more each day, "he said. (via MD)

Bojan opens his campus

The striker has released the second edition of their campus football Puigcerdà. The visit has met the media and acknowledged the interest of Roma to be done with their services.

After a few days off, it was possible to see Bojan Krkic in his official campus, which takes place in Alp (Puigcerdà) and brings together about 180 children. After talking with them has addressed to journalists who asked him about his future. "I'd be very honest with the media, but I just got back from holiday, was all very rushed, and I have not had time to talk to anyone about my future," he confessed.

Of course, Bojan has recognized the interest of Roma to sign him: "I have not personally spoken with Luis Enrique, but I know that is interested in me and it's an honor to have teams interested in sharing my football." The striker, who has said he likes Italian football, is quite clear: "I have 20 years and look forward to continue getting things."

In this regard, the tip is hopeful to continue with its projection not forgetting his training: "I have not yet peaked, and I have much to thank the Barcelona years of dedication." He added: "I am very proud of what I have given the Club, the titles and I do not regret anything. I would repeat it." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

On Wednesday, raffle of the calendar and prize to the Clean Game for FC Barcelona

Among the acts of the General Assembly Spanish Football which will be this Wednesday in Las Rozas (Madrid), FC Barcelona will meet its league schedule and receive the Fair Play award, both first-and second A.

On Wednesday, FC Barcelona will receive a double credit for his fair play: sets and Guardiola and former coach of B, Luis Enrique, were the most points have been added in the respective classifications of Fair Play.

Besides this point, Wednesday is also the day that the leaders of Spanish football approve the schedule next season that starts earlier and also finish rather by the fact that in the summer of 2012 will play the finals of Euro in Poland and Ukraine. Once approved the dates, make the draw for the first time, and from here will be defined around the league schedule. FC Barcelona known when the two classic plays against Madrid, the two derbies and the other 34 games of the competition.

In a classification in which the winner is the team with fewer points, Barca, with 100, was the winner, followed very closely by the Mallorca (101 points) and Racing de Santander (103). The computer comes out of the 95 yellow cards saw the Barca players - adds one point for caution - and only two saw red over the season. A red card given three points and a double yellow two. No team has joined First fewer points than the club.

FC Barcelona B was also the winner of Second A. The players of Luis Enrique, with four more days of competition saw 97 yellow, 5 red, but all up two yellow cards and no red card for. It was, as the first team, cautioned by the referee under the category. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio's presentation on Wednesday afternoon by Barça TV

Eusebio Sacristán sign the contract as coach of Barça B this Wednesday afternoon (16.30 hours) and then be presented (17 hours).

The presentation ceremony will take place Eusebio in the press room at the Nou Camp and assist the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu sports and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta. It will be broadcast live on Barça TV. The agreement between FC Barcelona and Eusebio is a season with the options. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth & Barça B] Eight juveniles are promoted to Barca B

Barca B this season will have eight players coming up from the Juvenil A. Defenders Balliu, Dalmau, Gomez and Rosell, midfielders Gustavo, and Rafael Espinosa Deulofeu and forward orders will be Eusebio.

Juvenil A Oscar Garcia has made ​​history with a treble achieved in the 2010/11 season. Eight of these players will step forward in his career with the rise to Barca B. This is the profile of these eight players.

Sergi Gómez : Central 18 who has combined this season Barça B with Juvenil A. He debuted with the first leg of the Supercopa team of Spain in the field of Seville. Central strong and good ball control. It is situated very well and knows how to command the defense. For five seasons came Mataró.

Oriol Rosell : Central 18 who has become Juvenil A key piece of Oscar Garcia. In his early years in the Club acted as pivot, but over the years has established itself in the center of defense. Noted for their long journeys and a very solid passing game both defensively and in attack.

Albert Dalmau : Right back 19 years that stands out for his attack-minded. The Sils also yields a high end level. This season he has played two games for Barca B. In his first team in the Club, acted as central Dalmau, but soon moved to the side to exploit its power and speed over the band.

Ivan Balliu : Defense multipurpose 19. The Girona played his early years in the quarry (infant and cadet) as a defensive midfielder, but his speed and aggressiveness that technicians were placed him on defense, preferably side. It's clever, but Balliu can perform in two bands and even central. He was the captain of juvenil A triplet. Luis Enrique made ​​his debut in the reserves in the final stretch of the season.

Gustavo Ledesma . Midfielder Brazilian Portuguese citizen 18 years. Inside left in its origins, in recent seasons has established itself as a pivot. 'Gus' stands out as a good distributor of the game and also an excellent ball retriever. In addition, Gustavo is an excellent long-distance kicker.

Javi Espinosa : Interior of 19 years born in Talavera de la Reina. In the Club since he was a cadet, has always highlighted by a refined technique. Specialist 'eslaloms' and a careful reading of the game, this season has improved his commitment and effort in defending. It has already been released as a scorer in second with Barça B.

Rafa Alcantara : Interior Brazilian southpaw 18 years, has exploded this season in Juvenil A practicing false '9 '. In the Club since I was a Child A, also has taken advantage of opportunities in the Barca B, which has added 504 minutes in the second to spread in 10 games. Worker, intense attack and defense and the ability to go a lot of miles, Rafinha is also a technically brilliant player, able to invent great passes.

Gerard Deulofeu : Forward 17 years just to initial his best season in the quarry . With trainer Oscar Garcia has fully exploited its technical imbalance. Increased speed and constant changes of pace, combined with a fine eye for goal have made ​​him the undisputed in part Juvenil A. The Riudarenes began in the quarry at the Benjamin A Barca. (via FCBarcelona.cat)