04 July 2011

André Santos resumes for Barca

Barca could again be interested in hiring this Brazilian.

After Jose Angel is about to close his move to AS Roma, FC Barcelona is looking for alternatives to sign a defender.

The alternatives that the club is considering are the Spanish Under-21 Schalke Sergio Escudero and Fenerbahçe's Brazilian Andre Santos, 28. Sandro Rosell Sunday could see the defense playing against Venezuela live from Argentina. (via SPORT)

Regular Cesc

Barca coach two seasons has been insisting on his signing a player because it would bring tactical variants very difficult to control.

Pep Guardiola has a plan designed to fit with Cesc Fabregas in his system. The Santpedor recover the essence of the 'Dream Team' to fit the Arenys and give it a role holder from the beginning you always and when the player suits as expected in their first weeks at Barça. Guardiola would in many games to 3-4-3 in his day who innovated Johan Cruyff. The formula is primarily used in games at the Nou Camp to break a lock themselves rivals far behind.

The coach is aware that the rivals are increasingly studied the equipment and tactics should be surprise with variations for the next season. In the past year, the mobility of David Villa helped him create imbalance in the attack and was a major new factor to Messi find more room door and saw very easily. That the company of a very dynamic and Peter, of course, the harmony of the rest of the team componenentes in areas such as possession, the rapid movement of the ball and a clever positional play.

This time, Cesc Fabregas would be the player to bring something new to counter difficult for the opponents. Guardiola wants to take advantage of automation that has acquired midfielder at Arsenal and placed at the apex of the new offensive would draw diamond in midfield. Thought of coming into matches at Camp Nou, the coach would put Busquets Barcelona at the top defensive Cesc at the tip offensive, while Xavi occupy the inside right and Iniesta would be at the inside left.

Cesc's entry would mean 'sacrifice' of a defense. Barca would play three back. The combination Piqué-Abidal Alves could be chosen, pending the full recovery of Carles Puyol, Busquets thinking it would be delayed to the center of the rear when Alves conduct raids by the band. The defensive balance to the right would be completed through the generosity of Peter, who should work harder than ever to the Brazilian conditions maximize their offensive.

The man in the defense and midfield are defined as the forwards. Peter Villa and, of course, Messi has earned the lead Barcelona to continue commanding. Of course, Guardiola wants alternatives if the parties get stuck and also to incorporate as a midfielder Cesc has called for the signing of a player who unbalances the one on one with speed as Alexis Sanchez. Imbalance in the job, Pep also has the option to Thiago, who Cesc's position would also be great.

In any case, Fàbregas bring aggressiveness, control game, and especially vertical. A player who has specialized in the defense surprise coming from behind and Guardiola wants to be in the area three quarters waiting for the moment to break into the area to exploit his side scoring. Cesc comes to Barca to be a starter. Thus, Pep has two seasons calling his signing. (via SPORT)

The eternal problem of temporary workers in the mercato Barca

Henrique, Keirrison and Hleb have found equipment for next season and the club removed the market.

One more season and the problem of temporary workers, Henrique, Keirrison and Hleb continues for ever. A slab sports and, above all, economic that the club has failed to shake off and crawling with great difficulty, and now is undergoing rebuild its treasury. None has so far found accommodation on any computer and the three will be presented July 18, if no counter-order, at the start of the preseason Barca, despite falling outside Pep plans. His assignment agreements, which provides 15% of the data by the club, represent about 700,000 euros.

Henrique is, all of them, who has a better picture. Sevilla seems willing to hire him. Marcelino, the new technical Sevilla, addressed to Racing Santander last season and has been recommended that President Del Nido. Still, there has been no remarkable movement. Brazil's cost eight million euros and will have two-year contract after passing through the Bayer Leverkusen and twice by Santander.

With Keirrison, failure is greater. Nor has debuted with the club and their assignments to Fiorentina, Benfica and Santos have not found this quality which led to Joan Laporta policy to pay 14 million it cost. No bids. Betis was offered without success because of its high tab. The worst thing is that there are three seasons left on his contract. He and Henry were linked to the Swiss Neuchatel, where Victor Sanchez. Hleb is the latest. The Belarusian went to Stuttgart and Birmingham but injuries felled him. We have a year ahead of Barca and his representative, and warned he will return to Barcelona. (via MD)

A 'picture' of the Arsenal with Cesc that gives that to think

Arsenal pressed and includes your picture on their website for the tour of Asia.

'Operation Cesc Fabregas' has to end to big to be the true height of a negotiation on track for its third year. Each of the actors in this long chess game still keeps a check on his script. And check latest Arsenal have 'refichado' to Fabregas on their official website to promote the tour through Asia that will make the template 'gunner' on Monday of next week. A more pressing Barca, perhaps for last time.

The image of Fabregas alongside that of Robin Van Persie, Andrei Arshavin and Jack Wilshere in the promotional video of 'Asia on Tour' is significant. Not only because they are probably four players over media template hook 'gunner', but because it is new on the latest promotional strategies of the English club, who had 'deleted' Cesc of recent acts of representation. For example, despite being captain, Cesc was not the model chosen to brand their uniforms ahead of the 2011-2012 season. All media, starting with the British interpreted this as evidence of detail that no longer had Arsenal have Cesc in the workforce. Now include it in the video of the Asia tour, which begins on Monday, does that mean then that with his captain for the tour? Rather, it seems the ultimate measure of pressure to try to wrest a few million more to the buyer.

Barca, waiting

In the script of the club, however, says 'take the pulse'. Cesc hopes that, if as he wants, "for good" - leave the way open to Arsene Wenger to Arsenal FC Barcelona accept the latest offer of 35 million euros. So the ball is today in the roof of the player

Battle to the end
The story you are advised to push Arsenal to Barcelona, ​​traditional mana. Perhaps that is why Wenger, in the video tour of Asia, threatening: "After a week 'all' here, I'll take the best team possible." (via MD)

[Barça B] The market discovers to a branch of Primera

Cracks of B on the agenda of big clubs.

Admiration for Barça's football does not stop at the Camp Nou. The historic third since the subsidiary Barca in La Liga Adelante has continued to attract the attention of many clubs First, both Spanish and the rest of Europe. Strengthened with the product 'made in La Masia' is to bet on the winning horse and there has been little Miniestadi talents that have not been tempted or remain on the agenda of many teams.

Nolito and Víctor Vázquez were the first to be committed to history as Benfica and Club Brugge. The Andalusian played the final of the Champions League after the lisboners Catalan, the third in Europe with the Belgian League, a tournament where it could cross with Luis Enrique, who preferred the sidelines of the Rome to Atletico Madrid and Getafe . Last week also formalized Edu Oriol their march toward the Mining and Abraham Real Zaragoza.

The rest remain at the club but the offer is on the agenda. In goal, like Olazabal Oier to Real Sociedad and Osasuna, who also has his eye on Rubén Miño. On defense, Martin Montoya has been declared non-transferable after Valencia, Getafe and Rome 'Lucho' have expressed their interest. Andreu Fontàs, claimed by the Malaga, will remain permanently in the first team. Marc Muniesa like to Sporting Gijon, who also asked Marc Bartra, and Sporting Lisbon, one of the bidders along with Benfica and Zaragoza Oriol Romeu.

Following in midfield, Thiago Alcantara has been screened after being in the spotlight of ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal and Malaga and Zaragoza has requested the transfer of Jonathan dos Santos. And above, the Pichichi Jonathan Soriano is now the target of Swansea after sonar to Salzburg, Fulham, West Ham, Blackburn, Real Sociedad, Granada and Pachuca. (via MD)

"Our wedding before Cesc"

Countdown to Iban and Sigrid, the first couple to marry in the Camp Nou.

On October 25, 2009, Seydou Keita went to sleep at home with the ball from the hat trick he'd just write in the league against Zaragoza (6-1) without knowing that at that moment of euphoria was brewing Barca a historical fact: the first wedding at the Camp Nou. Iban Anglada and Sigrid Sans, Barça members and Masnou-Barcelona Penya-Teià Ocata were surprised holding hands on leaving the Stadium, a sign that this romance was born a few weeks before the night was already in Barcelona seriously. On Saturday July 9 will have the honor of premiering the temple of Messi in the most special celebrating their marriage.

Keita is not at the wedding, no one has agreed to invite, but another player threatens to sneak into the banquet. The signing of Cesc Fàbregas and warms the lovers of the untimely submission and fear that would coincide with the link. "Our wedding is going before Cesc, we requested the date for some time," he says with a laugh Iban, business profession, while Sigrid, an economist, do not leave bills and tinged with humor: "If you see Cesc will charge The covered. "

Iban laugh and Sigrid, a prediction that it will be really fun wedding. It can not be otherwise given to 'play' a classic in-laws. Ximo, the father of the bride, is Real Madrid and come from San Carles de la Rapita celebrating the brilliant white of the dress of her daughter.

The setting is Barcelona Iban. And very active. He's dressed in a lifetime Barca Barca defending hockey, international and was even now, 33, still playing with the veterans. "I left my teeth at the club," he recalls, referring to the beatings with the stick while visiting the track Gel with his fiancee and MD. The cuts economic sections is not amused, but now has other worries, such as placing all the friends who have scattered around the world because of the years studied and played in Canada. "Nobody wants to miss a wedding at the Nou Camp," says Sigrid, glad to have taken a step so innovative.

The civil wedding will take place on Friday Vilassar de Mar, but on Saturday, starting at 19 hours, will be recreated in Room Rome. The appetizer will be held in the anteroom of honor and the banquet in the balcony, overlooking the lawns. There will be red carpet, sound the Barça anthem and 300 guests can enjoy a DVD with all the goals from Pep Guardiola's team last season. Trophies League and Champions League chair the event. Iban and Sigrid also helped win at Wembley.

It will be a very culé wedding that is sure to outweigh the obstacles that always arise. Everything is tied up and signed a contract even in the case of faulty if any of them out of hand ... Just do not be late-night party for the lawn, which will move to the Mini, you can not tread. Only the bride and groom will have that privilege. And Cesc ... but another day. (via MD)

Meeting Jeffren-Barça

The club has today said her father and to give a solution to their future.

The future of limbo at Barca definitely cleared to begin from today. On the agenda of sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, and if no change of plans, there is recorded a summit with the striker's agent and father, Efren Suarez, in the offices of the club. A meeting was scheduled for last week and had to be postponed at the request of the representative himself.

The basis of this meeting will have long-established and brooding necessary to find a solution. Jeffren, under contract until June 2012 and a buyout clause of 10 million euros, rejected from the outset into operation Alexis Sanchez. Not enthusiastic about either the club of Pozzo and play in Serie A. Also, see your name in the press as transferable and no one warned him of the Nou Camp this circumstance, was annoyed. Zubi knows that, however much they insist, Udinese is discarded. So said the father told Mundo Deportivo.

Plans pass first player to try to stay at Barca. Just ask the timeliness and continuity that has not yet found, despite the special care of Pep Guardiola. If not possible, the idea goes to look for a destination in the league of the stars. No shortage of offers. Valencia will take into account to reinforce the right wing after the departure of Joaquin to Malaga and would be willing to pay five million euros. Villarreal has also set his eyes on the squad, like the Granada, also of Pozzo, but limbo is more incentive at the Mestalla. After the unexpected renewal of Thiago after being currency, his entourage would like them to behave the same way.

Being forced to cross borders, the illusion would be to find a place in the Premier League team. Two so far have come forward interested in their situation: Liverpool, has not yet made a formal proposal, and Fulham, which has seeped be willing to pay seven to eight million, although none can tempt you with candy to play in Europe. Aston Villa also sounded in the tabloids.

Completed European Under-21 and two weeks before the start of the preseason Barca Jeffren and his father asked only to clarify the horizon and look for the leading role they believe they deserve. It is the first team player who has played fewer minutes in all tournaments, in part because of injuries, although his few appearances have been providential. As clubs in the World 2009 and against Real Madrid. (via MD)

Roma formalized today the signing of Jose Angel

Tottenham is making a desperate attempt to seize Bojan.

have reached an agreement with Sporting Gijón 4.5 million euros, Roma today made official the signing of Jose Angel, the left-back sought by the club. Luis Enrique Alonso as he managed to convince the player that your project in Rome would be a major player and Jose Angel chose not to wait for a firm offer from Barcelona for him and play in the calcium aprtir the course ahead.

Moreover, the Italian club will wait for Bojan returned from vacation in Africa to finish clinch the signing of striker Barca. In principle, Barcelona and Roma have reached an agreement and just need to finalize some details with the footballer. Tottenham, though, and said yesterday from England, try to address the desperate by signing Bojan before it is made official by the Roma.

Like José Angel and Bojan, Rome wants to close the signing of Ajax goalkeeper Martin Stekelenburg in the hours.

Moreover, midfielder De Rossi, which was speculated that it could leave the capital club, will eventually. (via MD)

Alexis does it all and insists: Barça

Neither the millionaire contracts of City or Chelsea neither the pressure of Udinese neither the calls of Mancini and Village-boas.

A few days ago, the president Sandro Rosell set an example for Javier Mascherano for how he acted on his move to Barca. Liverpool not only lobbied but put his own money to facilitate the transfer. Alexis Sanchez also being a role model. The Udinese striker has yet been able to yet, with few monetary temptations, obstacles, impediments and problems have appeared in their path. Barca or anything said to their environment, and is maintaining its commitment at all costs.

The Chilean international, who is about to debut in the Copa America, he is not taking easy. Received the official offer from Barcelona, ​​the Italian club's owners, the family Pozzo, entered a crowded auction. Bayern Munich and Inter Milan signed up right away but without providing the money in the City or Chelsea. Financially, the club could not compete but found an unexpected letter: strong opposition from Alexis. English clubs offered him more years and a tab that nearly doubles the squad. But not so. Of humble origins, the striker looked good the four seasons and three million Barca.

Seeing that the business is dismounted, Udinese tried to force the 'yes' to the player. No, no, no, I replied. The City increased its proposal. A newspaper in Abu Dhabi, 'The National', very close to billionaire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the club owner and member of the royal family, revealed that the offer had risen to 50 million and 14 variables. more than Abramovich (35 over 10) and of course that of Barca (26 over 11). True or not the amount, Alexis was not impressed by the pleas of Udinese. Nor for the calls received at the team hotel in the Chilean team. Neither Roberto Mancini, City manager André Villas-Boas and his Chelsea counterpart, convinced him. It was so much position Mancini announced his withdrawal from the bidding and Udinese, then yes, he acknowledged that his only interlocutor was the club.

Rosell will not see Chile

Alexis Sanchez also was always willing to travel to intimidate the Italian policy, although few days before the start of the American tournament. He had the complicity of coach Claudio Borghi, who admitted he was "nervous."

In the club are rubbing their hands. According to the newspaper 'The third', Sergio Jadue, president of the Chilean Federation, had lunch yesterday with Rosell. The leader revealed that

"Rosell is very happy that tocopillano (referring to the hometown of Alexis) wants to go to his club." He also explained that Barca president does not expect any party of Chile in Mendoza. (via MD)

The shift of Cesc to be of Barça

Fabregas chooses not declared in default and filed with Wenger, but the club hopes to press for the break through.

Cesc Fabregas is already in London, where the club expected to do so since the environment of the player himself has been leaking the last few days and talk to Arsene Wenger his desire not to train more with Arsenal. Alsatian coach wants to avoid at all costs a plant of its captain, the fans 'gunner' interpreted as a challenge to Arsenal that Wenger could not afford to ignore. Therefore, try to convince him this morning on the first workout of the preseason. Today, the template 'gunner' tradiocionales be subject to medical examinations and physical tests before the start of training.

Tomorrow, Wenger wants Cesc is present at the start of training, a matter that has become almost personal, and to put more pressure on the club. The Catalan club needs the complicity of the player to the saga has a happy ending. Guardiola's commitment to the player remains in place, so the club hopes that this commitment is reciprocal.

The London Paripe

Having taken the decision not to practice, Cesc Fabregas would be now (again according to sources close to the player) reconsidering their attitude. The last part draws a scenario in which Fabregas would be presented at the opening of the season (Arsenal is going on tour the next day 11) the express request of Wenger, to avoid being declared in default, but did not train with their peers but you would on your own.

Fabregas is not to stage a traumatic break with Arsenal, a club with you will always feel indebted, but otherwise can not fail to Barca if your desire is still to call at the Camp Nou. Wenger's attitude involves more than just a pose to the gallery. Arsenal plays to get the highest number of transfer possible and is deploying a strategy that includes pressure Barca even a ghost of the Real Madrid offer, conveniently released by Sky Sports and not denied, of course, nor for the mother or the Arsenal.

Barca Offer

This is basically to exploit the feelings of Cesc to Arsenal to force a situation in which the club has to increase its offer end to the club Barcelona will not arrive. The offer is 35 million and 35 will stay. From there, Arsenal or agrees to hear the petition that is supposed to make his master or he will not play as Barca in the Nou Camp.

Whatever happens, today begins a week for good or evil will be final. Neither the club nor wait forever commit a folly on the other hand, can not afford the delicate economic situation. This time Cesc whether or not a decisive week

Companion Pique and Messi in the grassroots

Cesc Fabregas has an excellent relationship with most of the template Barcelona. Along with Pique and Messi was part of one of the most successful generations of grassroots football Barca, under the command of Tito Vilanova precisely in the cadet B in 2001-02. Subsequently, the team has coincided with many of his fellow.

A contract with no escape clause Barca

In 2009, Cesc extended his contract until 2015 (ended in 2014), represented by Darren Dein, Henry also agent and son of former CFO of Arsenal who signed the infamous operation Overmars and Petit. Among the three, 72 million from the Camp Nou. Dein jr. was not able to accomplish for Cesc an escape clause to go to Barcelona at a reasonable price.

Zero degrees in the last six years

A very young Cesc Fabregas Arsenal worked with Shields to gain Commnunity 2004, it opened the 2004-05 season and the FA Cup in 2005, which closed the year. Since then, six years in the wilderness have weighed their own in the decision to Cesc Fabregas of a change. The disappointment of last season was the straw that broke the camel. (via MD)

Alves: "To win nowadays is very expensive"

Brazilian defender Dani Alves said that "winning today is very expensive" after his team earned a draw against Venezuela and his team recognized that the same thing happened to Argentina to Bolivia, because there is no superiority of one over others that existed before.

"The best chances were ours, but we did not score as the game was complicated and they, especially in the second half, made a good play on defense and against," he said.

Barcelona defender added that Brazil is integrated in a tough group, but are in the right way and did not appreciate the words of their coach Mano Menezes, on the need for a man in the penalty area. "We in the field for victory and outside the coach makes his analysis," he said.

Goalkeeper Julio Cesar lamented the state of the field and recalled no small teams and teams like Bolivia and Venezuela are increasingly likely. "On the field we are eleven against eleven," he said.

In the same line ruled Elano, which came late in the second half, remember that football does not always win the favorite, while acknowledging that his team has room for improvement.

"The scheme worked, but realize the opportunities we missed. We started with a draw when we thought about winning," said the Brazilian player.

Pato: "A draw is not bad"

The Brazilian Alexandre Pato tip a draw said "OK." "We had many dangerous situations that could not define, but hey, the draw is not bad," said the City of La Plata stadium.
"What is clear is that there are no easy games or opponents or simple, which is what we are saying. The result of Venezuela today is a reflection of that," said the Italian player of AC Milan.

Robinho: "But we missed scoring a goal"

Striker Robinho said that Brazil lacked only score a goal against Venezuela which has left alone the performance of the team led by Mano Menezes. "We played a very good first half and we only missed the goal. Generate many situations. That leaves us still, beyond that it is always better to win," said Italian striker Milan leaving the locker room. "What we have to do now is try to correct the things we did wrong and think about the match against Paraguay," he said. (via SPORT)

Barça and Udinese file details and they already edit the contracts of Alexis Sánchez

Legal services are on standby waiting to come into play and end the drama of the Chilean.

The legal services of Barcelona and Udinese are warned. Within hours must be prepared to begin developing the first drafts of the transfer of Alexis Sanchez. Activity in the offices of Barça presumably this outburst of frantic week. Even at a distance Fountain of both clubs denied any negotiating summit during the weekend ¿, it is true that there has been a contact to remember that today should be a decisive day. It marked the day to discuss the latest proposals and counter proposals that should remove the remaining fringes.

Josep Maria Bartomeu vice president and owner of Udinese, Gino Pozzo, were to forward new documentation should serve as a basis for imposing a first draft of the final contract. And it is urging the rush to finalize one of the biggest transfers of the summer. Both clubs are in favor of avoiding risks and fulfill a common desire: Alexis Sanchez should be new Barcelona player before his debut in the Copa America. The match between Chile and Mexico will be held tomorrow.

The silence on the outcome of negotiations presided over the last few hours. None of the sources wanted to reveal how they have approached the positions regarding the amounts to be received by way of fixed and variable. Yes, the Udinese she will be necessary to reach the magic number of 40 million euros. On the way, there are still debated.

During the day, after reviewing the new suggestions, the lawyers will take over in an attempt to capture in 24 hours a foundation document of the future contract. It works against the grain to meet deadlines.

The silence in Barcelona contrasts with statements rather than revealing the Barca president, Sandro Rosell, from Buenos Aires. During a lunch institutional reason America's Cup, the president of the Federation of Chile, Sergio Jadue, narrated a short excerpt from his conversation with the president than Barca. "Rosell told me that is very happy that the tocopillano want to go to his club." Statements are not explosive but do show that very close Sandro sees the outcome of the transaction and will stand in front of all times has stressed his desire to dress Barca next season. Jadue also wanted to dispel the doubts about the presence of Sandro Rosell in the debut of Chile. The ruling dismissed the president of the vessels referred to in direct clash against Mexico.

UDINESE continues to strengthen

The Italian club weeks ago for granted that Alexis Sanchez will be low. Day by day there are news and rumors about interest in other players able to cover the demarcation of its star. In the last hours has added a familiar name: Giovani dos Santos. The military exazulgrana at Tottenham and could go for 8 million euros. (via SPORT)

City leaves Barça without the pearl of the future

The sports management is exploring the youth market, but their offerings are falling short.

One of the major objectives tailored for the professional world last season by the new policy was the recruitment of young talent in youth to finish them to train at the club. The team led by Andoni Zubizarreta, Julia and Albert Valentin Narcís are finding, however, great difficulties in meeting this goal. The claims of the original clubs of the players are far from the present boundaries of the club Catalans.

The best example happened recently with Denis Suarez. The midfielder, 17, is a great talent so far played for Celtic and the club was following along in the season. The expectations of becoming one of a kind are very large and probed entity joining Barcelona. Even Narcís Julia went to Vigo to treat his signing. The project Barca's sporting long seduced the young player, but the economic proposal was far from the rest. Finally, Manchester City won the upper hand in exchange for one million euros, a three-year contract and guarantee to make the American tour in August with the first team. Conditions irresistible to anyone.

Barca have controlled another young winger, Miguel Angel Sainz Maza, Racing Santander, but Manchester City has become to cross the road. The English side is also willing to put more money on the table and the Catalans club has begun to assume that you can not incorporate. Alvaro Vadillo, Betis, is another of the players like, but the interest is not as big as the other two players.

For now, the only professional area has confirmed the signing of Cristian Lobato by Barça B and other operations continue to generate many questions. Also tied Elche goalkeeper Miguel Bañuz but if played at the Youth A. Joel Valencia, Zaragoza, is another young for which the club has negotiated, although its price is again the obstacle. (via SPORT)

Gabi Milito: "Current Barça is irrepetible"

His physical condition has been in the background throughout the season, but now returns with a vengeance with Argentina.

After a serious knee injury and played only 16 games for FC Barcelona Gabi Milito is back. He has to form with Nicolas Burdisso and Argentina one of the couples most experienced America's Cup.

Is it imagined a year ago?

It's very special because I worked very hard to recover and then to get back in the selection. The Copa America is a very important tournament and played in Argentina, which makes it more special.

Is playing the Cup is a personal reward?

When you live the moment and remember those hard times, you know everything you did to return. I suffered a lot. So I value this time. And do not forget the people who stood by me at this time.

Batista proposed a search similar to football Barcelona. Can I get it?

Each team is different. It is very difficult to repeat a team like Barcelona have today. You can try to imitate the idea, so that things go well. The proposal is very similar. In the Cup we have more time together, to work that idea. Hopefully we can achieve a high level.

Is it a must win?

Is relative. It is always a demand out champion. In Argentina's case. It has the bonus that your fans will be supporting you in every game, at all stages.

In the last Copa America, was about to sign for Barcelona. How has it changed?

Four years passed, I added a lot of experience in Barcelona. From the second year the team had a lot of strong emotions, a lot of championships won. The first year and a half because of the injury was a little outside the team, but they made me feel part of everything. The everyday experience helped me feel much better 30 years.

How does the Barcelona not to fall into relaxation?

The mentality that has the group, very humble people, and we have a coach who will not let you relax at any time. The first one is not relaxed he is and what it conveys to us at all times. The union of the two makes the Barcelona never satisfied, always want more.

Does plus Barcelona are your aspirations?

This club is very distinct patterns which are needed to win and do not understand it other than playing good football. Under the criterion of Barcelona play good football is to have a lot of ball, always attacking, playing with three forwards, with the defensive line forward, push hard for the opponent can not think. That's playing well for Barcelona, ​​and it does matter where you are always playing and against whom you play.

Define Messi.

Leo is rare, it does things that only he does. Surprising, but as he so often fails to surprise you. We are accustomed to make such goals, we spoke two days and you do not talk anymore. Arguably the best in the world. And probably the best ever. I'm sure it will pay off in the selection. For me Argentina has an important and good immediate future. (via SPORT)

Sir Alex Ferguson also bet for that the 'Niño maravillas' it will be azulgrana

Manchester United have been the last English team to receive Chilean squash player. According to a report yesterday by the Daily Mail British, Sir Alex Ferguson was ready to pull the boat out and offer some 38 million euros for Udinese striker to bolster the offensive line of the' Red Devils ¿. However, the amount has not been enough, since the player has very clear what you want your destination when you leave the Italian team. Apparently, the Scot has said in a discarded nearby assumes the addition of Alexis, as is quite clear that the South American end up playing for Barça. Fergie 'options do you spend the interest now Wesley Sneijder or Tottenham, Luka Modric.

After refusing to accept the offer of the runners-up in Europe, according to the `Daily Mail, as are three English teams have had to withdraw from the race to gain the services of the promise of Chilean football, as in Manchester City and Chelsea days also contacted Giampaolo Pozzo to try to close the transfer, without success.

Sheikh Mansour has so far been the author of the most lopsided financial offer. The owner of the City even offered 42 million euros to Udinese by Sanchez, but ended up withdrawing from the bid for the player to the difficulties to convince him to sign for a Premier team.
Next to find the refusal was Roman Abramovich, who tried to sign Sanchez to satisfy the demands of a new coach André Villas-Boas. However, Russia did not reach 40 million euros, which even managed to interest the owner of Udinese. (via SPORT)

Messi spent the day resting with his family

Argentina team enjoyed a few hours of rest for the concentration becomes more bearable. Coach Sergio Batista went yesterday morning training session, following which the players enjoyed a few hours rest they should not return to the assembly point until the evening. Leo Messi took the afternoon off to spend with their families. The Catalans 'disconnected' and the routine of the concentration and spent free time with their relatives, returning at night to the concentration of the albiceleste. After charging the batteries in this half-day of rest granted Batista, Messi again this morning activity, with a training session in which they begin to prepare the match against Colombia. The Argentina team will travel Tuesday to the town of Santa Fe to compete in the crucial encounter at the stadium in Columbus. (via SPORT)

In Ukraine Rakitskiy placed at Barca

The press speculates on the signing of Shakhtar young center for the club after paying 12 million euros.

Several media outlets in Ukraine resumed an old rumor a few months ago and claimed that the club could be on the verge of signing Yaroslav Rakitskiy. This is a young center who plays for Shakhtar Donetsk and has recently been included in the starting XI sub'21 Europe. The news also gather that the club would have tied the operation on payment of 12 million euros.

It is not the first time linked the name of Rakitskiy Barça. Only a few months ago, during the confrontation between European clubs, said that at the conclusion of the match went to Pep Guardiola technical Lucescu to show his admiration for the player and ask a few references.

Rakitskiy also have been dismissed in recent weeks several offers from English football. The player said a few days ago that his intention not to move passed Donetsk. "I have long said they just want to keep playing for Shakhtar. I'm flattered interest from other clubs, but I feel very comfortable here and I'm not for the work to accept other proposals. "

Rakitskiy surely have first-hand reports from Chygrynskiy. (via SPORT)

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Tottenham gets into the fight for Bojan

Until a few days, it seemed that the agreement with Rome was only confirmed, but negotiations between Barcelona and the Italian club are still difficult.

Tottenham has meddled in the agreement to keep the Rome and Bojan Krkic, reports the Sunday edition of The People. In fact, Harry Redknapp has closely followed the Spanish striker during the recent Under-21 Championship.

The Spurs are willing to make an interesting offer for FC Barcelona. However, despite the will of the English coach, it seems that the agreement with the Italian team is a matter of time. In Rome you see Bojan to accompany Totti next season.

Until a few days, it seemed that there was only an official confirmation, but negotiations between Barcelona and the Italian club are still difficult.

The Italian club offers 12 million euros and Tottenham would be willing to improve this offer in the economic, but Bojan would be happy to meet with Luis Enrique. However, the player has already said last week it was still not the Roma player.

Alonso coach is already in the Italian capital to prepare for the upcoming season. The former Barcelona are looking for a school house and where to enroll their children. For now, staying at a hotel and is exploring the city with the help of Ivan de la Pena, Luis will serve as second in his Italian adventure Enrrique. (via AS)

Ángel Cappa: "Messi is what is for Barça"

What generates Messi see in action at home?

Like all of us who like football, have the best player in the world, because for me the best in the world, very excited. I have the hope that it can perform at your best to enjoy it.

Is this selection seems a good framework to give up Leo?

Yes, because it has very good companions and play a similar philosophy. It lacks the training has had on Barcelona for the Argentina team is not the same times. Beyond that, I think the conditions are ripe to give up if Messi is not the same, similar to what you do in Barcelona.

Is Messi the big picture?

I hope so. It is the great figure in the world but hopefully I can endorse everything he knows and everything good that ever played.

Speaking of Barcelona, ​​does it coincide with those who say it is the best team ever?

From the history I can not say because I did not see the Real Madrid of Di Stefano and Barcelona of Kubala, for example. But I am sure is the best team I've ever seen, no doubt. And I've seen great teams, which will continue this role of great teams, but for me the best.

Do you agree with those who say that Barcelona would not be what it is without Messi and vice versa?

Of course the big players will add his own to the big teams. Cruyff's Barcelona would not have been what it was without him. In addition, Messi is precisely what is at Barcelona. There is an idea, there is a style and then enriched with Messi and Barcelona that is enriched with Messi.

What concept has Milito?

Besides its wealth of art has a great personality that comes from birth. It has a great conviction, he is a player very reliable and well suited for this game that aims to Batista. We are all hoping to achieve their full recovery Milito.

What about Mascherano?

A player with a great history, great personality and humility of the greats, he has done that can perform in Barcelona and be useful at different times and in different positions. Argentina is the leader in natural. (via MD)

Barca has great reports Lavezzi

Napoli forward is one who has followed the FC Barcelona for its enormous capacity to break their opponents dribbling the zagas.

The major objective of FC Barcelona to strengthen their attack with a player that can act by destabilizing band is Alexis Sanchez. So far, everything is known and are running rivers of ink on the Chilean international. But since there may be another way, the technical secretariat of the boat has more reports of other players with a 'one on one' outstanding. One of the best grade you've removed the casting Andoni Zubizarreta and its attachments is Ezequiel Lavezzi (26 years), the Argentine striker Naples.

Lavezzi And it is one of those players bold faced defender whenever possible, one of those strikers who did not live quietly leave the side on duty, that the first change is mocked by a dribble or a dodge unexpected. Besides all that, Lavezzi is a great finisher, a forward gun to shoot the two legs to door with unusual speed. Known place, but above all defines power, shot the goalkeeper.

All these features have not missed the Barca scouts, who are in that folder for the front 'profile Barça'. And this, by technique and winning mentality is one of the most outstanding attackers.

Another factor in their favor is the good chemistry that has proven to Leo Messi in the Argentina team. After winning the Champions League, sent a message Pep Guardiola transparent in the press room at Wembley Stadium. "The club would do well to sign players that would make that Messi is comfortable in the boat," went on to say Santpedor coach. A Lavezzi should be included in this group. In the field, when they acted together, Leo and Ezekiel have demonstrated a complementary set. In fact, the three points above albiceleste play, lately Lavezzi, Messi and Tevez. In Naples, where the team has won Lavezzi, playing a 4-3-3, as in elBarça Pep Guardiola, with the other two attackers Cavani and Hamsik. Also in the albiceleste used the same tactical scheme, which Barca's attacking style would not be news to him.

Lavezzi played in Napoli, the club where Maradona won. And how could it be otherwise, Ezekiel is an unrepentant fan of the great Diego, who in the city Naples is God. A great lover of tattoos, in Naples is not known scandals, although indirectly it has been involved in the murder of a local tautador had a picture of him as a claim on your business. Other 'tattoos', looks that of a pistol to his belt. (via MD)

Capdevila: "If Barca calls me, I go with my eyes closed"

After the departure of José Angel of Rome, the Tàrrega, which will not count Garrido, is another option.

In addition to strengthening the midfield with Cesc and the way with Alexis Sanchez , the Barça continues to work to shore up the defense with a left-back. Guardiola thinks continue using Abidal as central when circumstances so require, and since Maxwell has many numbers to pack, the Barça continues tracking the market. Jose Angel was the first in the list, but Luis Enrique has convinced him to take him to Rome and tomorrow Sporting his move made ​​official by 4.5 million euros. Astuariano blurred option, the club has other options in the room, like the Newcastle side of José Enrique or the side of Joan Capdevila Villarreal , who despite renewed for two more years this season does not count toward Coach Juan Carlos Garrido .

To date no one from Barcelona has approached him, but Capdevila is very clear how they would react if you received a call from the office of the Camp Nou. "If the club calls me, I go with my eyes closed," said Capdevila Mundo Deportivo, after making clear that "nobody in the club now has turned to me and I have a contract with Villarreal." In any case, the Tàrrega not hide it "would be the culmination of my career to play for Barca and surrounded by the likes of Messi , of Alves or my team-mates with whom I get along very well. " With Xavi , Puyol , Iniesta and company has not only won a Championship and a World , but has shared many hours of concentration, laughter and secrets.

Capdevila is part of the fifth of Carles Puyol and, as in the case of Captain Barca, date of birth that collects your ID has no bearing on their performance on the field. Despite having 33 years, Joan warns that "I feel good physically and here to stay."

In addition to the sports grounds, as the Barça aspire to win everything, Joan Capdevila also look very favorably the option of returning home 12 years after he left the Espanyol to sign for Atletico Madrid . "Go home and make up to play for Barça would be the milk," said Catalan.

In any case, before illusions, Capdevila prefers to await developments. Until now several clubs in Italy and the Premier have been interested in your situation, but before taking any step, the defense Villarreal calmly consider all options. (via MD)

Piqué marks three years back at the Club

This Sunday marks the third anniversary of Gerard Piqué’s arrival at the Club from Manchester United and during that time his importance to the team has grown to such a point that he is now a key part of Guardiola’s set up.

“I’m coming here to win titles” declared the Catalan defender on his return to the Cub on July 3rd 2008 and he has certainly done that – winning the treble in his first season and going on to enjoy much more success in the next two campaigns.

After leaving the Club when he was 17 to join Manchester United, he returned when he was 21 and in his first year back he played a total of 45 games - 25 in La Liga, 14 in the Champions League and 6 in the Spanish Cup, putting in a total of 4,112 minutes and scoring twice, including one in the 2-6 win at the Bernabeu.

He played an even bigger part the next season, 2009/2010, making 49 appearances spread across the six competitions the team were involved in –League, Champions League, Cup, European and Spanish Super Cups and the World Club Cup. He also scored four more goals –all from corners.

Last season saw Piqué break all his records, playing in 51 games for 4,549 minutes –despite the efforts of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and he again picked up a Champions League and a League medal.

He has already played a total of 145 games and at just 24 is one of the pillars of Guardiola’s team at the heart of the defence. He is a solid defender and quick to the tackle, as well as more than capable of coming out with the ball to set up attacks.

Since his arrival in 2008, Piqué has won a total of 11 titles - 3 leagues, 2 Champions Leagues, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 1 Spanish Cup, 1 European Super Cup and 1 World Club Cup- An impressive list, but one that he is determined to add to over the next few years. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Second Strip on sale from Tuesday

The new second strip for the 2011-12 season will go on sale on Tuesday July 5th at the Club Superstore and from the official Club website.

One of the surprises of the new season will be the team’s new all black second kit – a new kit that they will be wearing in both domestic and European competitions this year. The new kit will go on sale from Tuesday and will be available at the Club Super star and via the website at www.fcbarcelona.cat.

Both the first and second strips for the new season are of a contemporary design and made from recycled fabric, which will reduce the environmental impact of their production, as well as bring a number of advantages for the players because of their light weight. The new second strip is all black -shirt, shorts and socks with just a single yellow space for the sponsors Qatar Foundation and UNICEF, as well as the players’ name and number. A fine grey line from the neck to the sleeve puts the final note on this new shirt.

This is the first time that Barça will have played in black and Nike have made a bold new design for the kit, following on from last year’s spectacular green shirts, which will be retained as the third strip,

The team’s second strip has been used on a number of memorable occasions over the years, for example in the 2009-10 World Club Cup final in Abu Dhabi in 2009, when Messi scored the winning goal in the mango coloured second strip . A few months earlier Iniesta had set up the treble with his all-important goal at Stamford Bridge wearing the yellow second strip.

Following the spectacular colours of the second strip over the last few years, the fans will now have to get used to the more restrained black kit for next season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Brazil also sank in debut

Brazil scoreless draw with Venezuela in their opening Copa America, in a match which failed to overcome a "burgundy" that was enough to keep the order to be a golden point.

Brazil came out with energy and just start the game was installed near the area of ​​Venezuela, in the first quarter of an hour spent serious trouble to stem the flood of chances to Robinho, Pato and Neymar, the player most destabilizing.

Neymar displayed a wide repertoire of dribbles with which unravel again and again to your bookmarks, but the young Brazilian figure was usually too far from the arc Renny Vega and had almost no chance to get in danger.

After the initial flurry, Venezuela pulled himself together and stood up in the middle of the court, interrupting the interior of Brazil game and cutting the belt with the forwards.

Unable to move the center, Brazil resorted to long balls in the direction of Alexandre Pato, who held the sole striker and had the better scoring chances, including a shot against the crossbar on 26 minutes.

A weak shot from Robinho led to the most controversial play of the game when defender Oswaldo Vizcarrondo the sticks took the shot with his shoulder as he fell to the ground. The referee awarded penalty as requested by the Brazilian fans en masse, the majority in the stadium in Ciudad de La Plata.

After the break the team coached by Cesar Farias showed more willingness to play the ball, went on to play in the opponent for the first time in the match and tried to beat Brazil, using the speed of Salomon Rondon and 'Miku'.

The Brazilians, although they had lost control of the game, continued to offer more sense of danger at such times as the ball arrived at the foot of Neyman and Pato, who were increasingly scarce over time.

The Brazil coach Mano Menezes, tried to regain control of the center of the field desperately ushering in a double switch to Luke Young and Elano Moura. The pair of midfielders in Brazil also failed to restore the much-needed inside game with a Venezuela that maintained his composure until the final whistle.

[Techical Data]
Brazil: Julio César; Alves, Lucio, Thiago Silva, André Santos; Lucas Leiva, Ramires (m.75, Elano), Ganso; Robinho (m.64, Fred), Pato (m.75, Lucas Moura) y Neymar.

Venezuela: Vega; Rosales, Vizcarrondo, Perozo, Cichero; Lucena, Rincón, Arango, César González (m.85, Rey); Miku (m.78, Maldonado) y Rondón (m.63, Moreno).

Referee: Raúl Orosco (BOL). Admonished by Brazil and Venezuela Thiago Silva Rondon Solomon and Cesar Gonzalez.

Incidents: match of the first round of Group B of the Copa America match at the Estadio Ciudad de La Plata before some 35,000 spectators, including President of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell. For an audio problem, no hymns were issued before the game.