02 July 2011

Victor Sanchez leaves Barca

FC Barcelona and Víctor Sánchez have reached an agreement to rescind the player’s contract.

FC Barcelona retain the right to buy back the player until the winter transfer winter in 2012, as well as a percentage of any further transfer payment.

Víctor Sánchez played at Xerez two seasons ago, where he made 25 appearances and moved onto Getafe last year, where he played 27 games. Sanchez made 14 appearances with the first team in 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Abraham and Edu Oriol go to Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza has announced through its website the signings of Abraham blaugrana Mining and Edu Oriol

Abraham and Oriol joined Real Zaragoza for the next three seasons and will be presented in the coming days.

The two youngsters have shown their qualities in the second division under the command of Luis Enrique and this year will jump to the first division final, coached by Mexican Javier Aguirre.

Abraham and Oriol joined Real Zaragoza for the next three seasons and will be presented in the coming days.

"I go to Real Zaragoza eager to play in first division. For me it is a huge challenge, reached a historic club and am looking to start training soon," said Abraham to the site of the entity Aragon.

"I'll bring great enthusiasm and desire to succeed from day one. Promise me everything in the field by Real Zaragoza and his fans in this new stage that is open from today, "said Edu Oriol. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez player of Barça already feels

Dozens of Chileans received with songs, flags and flares to the national team, which caused widespread uproar on arrival in the city of Mendoza Argentina where you will stay during the Copa América.

"Crimson Tide, a passion for Chile," read one of the most colorful banners carried by the Chilean fans, among whom was a fan of FC Barcelona. Inluso on arrival of concentration in Mendoza, one of the fans who awaited the team was the possible signing of FC Barcelona Alexis Sánchez's shirt Blaugrana. The Udinese player yet did not hesitate a second and replied with a nod and hand making the gesture of 'OK'.

Fans waited for over an hour outside the Hyatt hotel in the heart of the city and unleashed the madness when it appeared the bus that carried the Red, even took several minutes to travel a few hundred meters to the door of accommodation for the invasion of the track for the fans.

"And you see, and you see, we are local again," sang the Chileans after the other slogans such as "Hand in hand" Bichi "Borghi'll give back" and "wanted Bielsa, Chilean'll never forget you ".

Despite the expectation, a strong security cordon prevented contact with the players, who will offer their first press conference after the morning training on the court will Andes Talleres, said its head of press.

The selection runs the Argentine Claudio Borghi Mendoza arrived at the airport on a special flight of the airline PAL, amid a cold night, marking 4 degrees Celsius.

Chile has been paired with Uruguay, Mexico and Peru in Group C of Copa America and will debut the next day 4 against Mexicans in the city of San Juan, a distance of 140 kilometers from Mendoza.

Subsequently, on 8 Malvinas Argentinas stadium in this city will face Uruguay, Chile and Peru and Mexico in the second round.

Chile has decided to stay in Mendoza during the whole glass and, although it arrives to the final one, will move for each party and it will return to its haven cuyano. (via SPORT)

Cesc and Alexis, falling

Sandro Rosell and delegation in Buenos Aires Barca can land next Tuesday with the first signings in the pocket.

The time of the meetings is drained, chats, telephone calls and even and-mails and messages for SMS. The concentrations of the official competition season and knocking on doors. A serious warning to warn of multiple risks wherefore when traded by amounts ranging between 30 and 40 million euros. All parties know this and seem to have been committed to finding a solution that goes beyond the next three days. This is not a whim. Arsenal's preseason will be a reality next week, a few hours before Chile made its official debut at the Copa America.

Sandro Rosell is more aware than ever of his phone. Not least when you consider that since yesterday are awaiting a call from his vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, which tells you the first crack of the season is now officially a new player of Barça. This should be Cesc Fabregas. Barca sources say that everything is OK in the hands of English final. Offers are closed on the table and only a matter of final approval.

In the case of Alexis Sanchez, the club maintains the same position. The club maintains that its proposal is already a reality and Udinese has set a few days for further study. A period of reflection that should expire before the Chilean debut against Venezuela. In the most optimistic scenario could be the case that Sandro Rosell and the top club landed in Barcelona from Buenos Aires just in time to announce two signings next most anticipated sports project.

In the offices of Barça were no developments yesterday. The talks marked with Arsenal Cesc suggest that you should not enter the game of the preseason. That is, on Monday should have resolved his future. Wenger will then recover the reins and start working on the 2011-12 season. Indeed, it was revealed another detail that is significant. Cesc, a few weeks ago Arsenal's watchword, not listed in any of the official posters that promote the team's tour of Asian lands. A symptom obvious that no one trusts its continuity. Only a matter of time and the classic tug of war last minute. Three days until the start of the work of Arsenal and Cesc hurry your vacation waiting to see the light end to a negotiating process that lasts for several years.

The picture Alexis Sanchez is not so clear, although the time frame desired also be adjusted to just under 72 hours. Pozzo family, owner of Udinese, knows better than to negotiate a transfer dispute millionaire in a full championship is a real risk that few are willing to assume. Appeal is not the weather, but the options of an injury or an unexpected event invite the negotiating process to resolve soon.

Barca play with that term. The club said the 27 million fixed plus variable wait 13 Italian club's final answer. A statement that does not correspond to the environment of Udinese, where it is recalled that the contacts remain from both entities who have yet to resolve the fringes. Willingness, yes, definitive agreement, no.

The Chilean press hinted at a possible meeting between the delegation moved to Barca and the Copa America football player, a fact that has been excluded from the selection environment. Not very prudent estimates Rosell force agreement on a face to face with Alexis Sanchez. The picture seems reserved for official confirmation of the signing as Barca.

Operations are sung from the perspective of the club. Managers and executives say they have done hard work and has time to reap the rewards. It's time for the truth. Wenger must return to work and open the door to Cesc as a priority challenge. A similar gesture to that expected Pozzo family with its star Alexis Sanchez. (via SPORT)

Messi: "It was a strange match"

The Argentina striker Lionel Messi showed his dissatisfaction with the draw in a match that garnered considered "rare" with Bolivia in Copa America beginning.

"Not what we expected because it was a game we had to win, but soon there is another game and not have to go crazy for having tied with Bolivia," he said as he left the locker room the Barcelona player.

"We tried everything, but there were things that did not go well. It was a strange game. We must keep growing and improving," he added.

Messi, voted player of the opening day despite not having scored, and focuses on the following meetings: "We must see things we did wrong but now we must win the remaining games more than ever." (via SPORT)

Fulham offers 8 millions for Jeffren

The player, who on Monday will join the Catalan club, does not rule out playing in the Premier League.

The performance of the Barca player Jeffren Suarez in the European Under 21 in Denmark in the pass that gave the first goal against Switzerland in the night 'The Rojita does it proclaimed champion of Europe and marked the third great goal against Belarus in the semifinals championship has attracted interest from other clubs for the player. This time it is the English Fulham are willing to pay eight million euros for Barcelona.

The agent and the player's father, Efren Suarez, said that the player is willing to sign for a Spanish or English club considering that addressed the two strongest leagues in Europe.

To try to close all the details about the uncertain future of the player, next Monday will hold a further meeting with Barcelona.

The only detail that does not quite convince the Fulham squad is that plays in the English second division so that, after being part of the world's best team, emigration to the English side would not exactly a quality leap in his career.
While in Udinese have not lost hope of signing Venezuela. But the footballer's father confirms the refusal of the player join the Italian side.

In addition to Fulham, Liverpool and Valencia are other clubs interested in signing the young end of the boat, but with a lower financial offer to the team coached by Martin Jol. (via SPORT)

Wenger speaks of a great pass ...

The Frenchman, resigned to losing the captain, believes that the current waiting period lasts until someone decides to take the first step.

Arsène Wenger has agreed to lose their captain for next year, but it will be by sentimentality and try to get a good slice of the transfer of Catalan. Hastening the last days of vacation, the French responded yesterday to the string 'Alsace20' did his native Alsace in which no secret that is waiting to hear from the club.

The coach 'gunner' said very active over the phone, despite being on vacation. Without going too far in recent weeks has spoken in more than one occasion with the Arenys, "I'm very active, thinking of future goals," he said.

However, the most important of his remarks came when he showed waiting to get a good deal for Fabregas, "Now everyone is waiting to arrive when the transfers' ¿, each expected to be the one who takes the first step and keeps the cards in the hand looking forward to a super transfer. At the moment there is no movement, I suppose that will come later, when you start the workouts and see how they are missing pieces in the workforce, "said the coach.

On the other hand, French was convinced his team will be entered to win it all this year, despite having paid off the season again with zero titles. "The Premier is the world's most popular tournament, playing against teams with more resources, but much is expected of us in the past 15 years we have always been among the top four and our goal is to win everything." (via SPORT)

Femenía awaiting that Barça calls him to sign

Having unlocked the situation of Hercules, two million two variables take Kiko Barcelona.

Hercules striker Kiko Femenía is waiting to receive a call confirming that everything is ready to pass the medical examination and sign his contract as a Barça player.

The fact that the Hercules was able to unlock their economic situation after the Insolvency Act eligible activate a process that is largely closed by the player happened yesterday facilities is still the club to pick up some belongings but continued caution, aware Some operations were marred at the last minute.

Kiko, who will soon be incorporated in the concentration of the Spanish team that played the U-20 World category in Colombia between July 29 and August 20, said he was "very calm" because he has left everything in the hands of their representatives. Just called now that he has unlocked the situation, "if you have to get it done soon," the transfer.

Alicante striker was not around the bush when it comes to ensuring that "I can not say anything because I have no idea. I imagine it will, but do not want to give more back to the subject. " His only desire is to "seize the opportunity if I come." Do not forget that Hercules accomplished his return to the Second Division and the call will be Barca subsidiary horse Blaugrana and the first team in the case is confirmed excellent projection.

The agreement to close the club and Hercules assumes two billion fixed for the club Espanyol and another two million in variables depending on whether the targets are confirmed.

As the player, signed for three seasons, the third one option in the case that they fulfill the objectives, primarily to consolidate as a player applies to the first team.

Femenía said he has not contacted any officers Barca directly but is waiting to be called to move to Barcelona and undergo the mandatory medical examination and sign his new contract.

Yes, acknowledged that he had talked with the Blaugrana Marc Bartra, one of five blaugrana involved in the World Colombia. Kiko may not participate in the preseason as the July 16 will concentrate for preparing the tournament. Femenía expected to be with several of his future colleagues' help after "his adaptation. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Òscar García, who won the treble with the Barca youth, renewed

Oscar Garcia, manager of Juvenil A, renewed last two seasons and his goal for next year is to "try to do better".

Five days after winning the Youth Cup, completing a historic season with the achievement of the triplet-before won the league title and the Division of Honour Cup of Champions, Oscar Garcia yesterday renewed for two more seasons as Juvenil A coach of the club. "I am very happy because it has fulfilled the will of both parties, which was to stay together," he told Mundo Deportivo Oscar after his signature.

While sporting this season to improve what is impossible, Oscar accepts the challenge he poses for next year. "Every year there are new challenges and that we set for next season is to try to do better. We will have many new players who do not know the category and the challenge is to get the best possible fit," said coach Juvenil A. Yes, and although known to be in the club requires winning, Oscar is very clear that "our priority will be thinking of players who can play in Barca B. If after repeated titles, much better, but the goal is to form players, "remarked the coach.

Complete organization

With the renewal of Oscar Garcia and his deputy, Quique Alvarez, left the club yesterday completed the organization of all the football training ahead of next season. Barjuan Sergi and his deputy, Marc Guitart, who this season have won the league and won second place in the world sub'17, will also head of the Juvenil B FC Barcelona next year.

Guillermo Amor, soccer training coach, said yesterday that since the club had set as a priority to ensure the continuity of the technicians of the two previous teams Barca Atlètic. "We have opted for confidence and continuity to some coaches who have given a great performance. This second course with them in the same team will be good," said Love declaracionesa the website of FC Barcelona.

Love believes that the professionalization of the first coaches (from Juvenil B to fry) "was a big step forward, a decision very beneficial to better control all processes in the formation of the players."

Throughout the organization of training Overall total only three changes occur. Marcel Sans until now coach Benjamin B, Ausman fry the direction and coordination of teams Overall total-7. Sergi Milà, far second fry, take the Benjamin B and Rafael Rodriguez, far Alevín B assistant, takes over the newly created. (via MD)

Offers to the overdraft

FC Barcelona has already presented its proposals and it is only awaiting that Arsenal and Udinese respond.

FC Barcelona is waiting for Arsenal and give Udinese a response that may be imminent on the respective bids submitted by the Catalan club by Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. Some bids that the board and the technical secretariat Barca have already submitted a few days ago and they are pellucid, and according to slides from the environment of Andoni Zubizarreta, immovable. In the case of Cesc , the bet the boat is strong and very much in line austerity marked by Sandro Rosell. And the offer is 29 million euros in fixed and a variable that has a crumb 6 million in which the club has priced the cadets Bellerín Jon Toral and Hector , who was Arsene Wenger after a change of residence are not yet taking advantage of seniors. No joke, notes from the club, but goes very seriously. This is what Arsenal have on the table. Take it or leave it. Barca ended very 'burnt' with Wenger and new intrusions into the quarry and want to make clear that these 'thefts' of promises have to pay. Without going any further, Wenger and Cesc Fabregas was the same tactic has been used now and Bellerín Toral.

Force posture

In this sense, Zubi and Bartholomew have an ace up its sleeve: Arsenal have to return to training next July 5 and Fabregas has made a firm decision not to visit if Wenger does not sell before serving his promise to leave to return, finally, home.

Should Cesc be declared in default, knowing that only want to go to Barcelona, ​​its price would fall. The same could happen if you decide to benefit from the 'transfer request', ie its transfer to formally request a letter, as in his day made Xabi Alonso out of Liverpool.

Meanwhile, the club also awaits a response from Udinese, although if the Italian club seems that negotiation is more on track. 's offer for the Chilean club Barca is more than generous for a 22-year-old is not yet lists of the best in the world: 26 million euros plus another 11 in fixed variables. Some variables that a priori are generous but, analyzed, only if you get the Udinese Alexis became a successful signing. And they are conditioned on the one hand, the Chilean league win for Barça and Champions, and another, who owns more than fifty percent of the games. Something that the level of Barca is not easy.

This weekend could be decisive
Each day brings new hints that the future of Alexis Sanchez will be Barca. In Italy Today said yesterday that a final meeting is scheduled between the Pozzo family, owner of Udinese, and representatives of Barcelona in Barcelona.
In this sense, Udinese sporting director, Fabrizio Larini, said yesterday that the Italian desire to respect the Alexis Sanchez to leave Barcelona and only accept the move to European champions.
"Many teams were interested in the player, but Sanchez said he wants to go to Barcelona. Given this choice, Alexis assured us that the club wants to go or stay with us," said the manager of the Italian radio Sportiva, just MD as reported some days ago.
"We can not take into account that we would be fine if he stays, but the market is the boss," said Larini, aware that Udinese can not risk to stay with Alexis.

In Ibiza hoping Wenger accepts
Cesc Fabregas rushes in his retirement holiday on the island of Ibiza, usual place of summer break for many players. Arenys midfielder is waiting for Arsene Wenger decides to accept an offer from Barcelona for his services. Cesc hopes that this may be so, in principle, nothing will be diverted from his intention to play at the club this season, but Arsenal can force the issue as much as possible.
Cesc hopes in Ibiza with some tension, since the next few days may have to take the decision to launch a cracking the London club, who next Tuesday, May 5, start training ahead of a tour of Malaysia, whose first match is day 13. Cesc is not in the initial list announced for this tour.
The midfielder, in any case is very close to Barcelona and slope of the phone, willing to take a plane to travel to the Catalan capital in the event that an agreement had. (via MD)

Bolivia surprises Argentina of Messi

A bold and disciplined team managed to an anarchic Bolivia Argentina tied at one in the party that opened in Buenos Aires city of La Plata the 43 edition of the Copa America football.

Edivaldo Rojas, with the invaluable help of Ever Banega, ahead in the scoring team when Green was born the second time (m.48) and Sergio Aguero set up the tie after 76 minutes when the Albiceleste had won disorder, anxiety and despair.

The draw was largely held by the 1,000 Bolivians went to the stadium only city of La Plata to cheer on their team, which nearly made to sound even more a slap to the stars of the whole tournament host.

Argentina was a blurred and Messidependiente team in the first time at the prevailing pressure, physical touch and mistakes with the ball.

Was highest to lowest, the opposite of Bolivia, which cost in the first minutes to get a foothold in the field but that, far from overflowing, waiting with order and discipline tactics, and Marcelo Moreno Martins threatened, at times a nightmare Gaby Milito and Nicolas Burdisso.

The Argentinians tried to be a team short with good defenses concentrated near the center of the field, Javier Mascherano and Esteban Cambiasso providing equilibrium and Ever Banega trying to partner with Messi, by far the most lucid.

Two minutes after Carlos Tevez missed it the header wide from a good position and it took more than twenty to those directed by Sergio Batista back to have another good opportunity to score, this time at the foot of Ezequiel Lavezzi and after another deep pass from Messi.

Bolivia was already standing in the party, Walter Flores and Jaime Robles as bearers of contention but absolutely supportive training with Moreno Martins as a great offensive reference.

The set does not disturbed too green Sergio Romero, but it complicated the game with intelligence and at times managed to annoy Messi and Tevez, who not only tired of hitting opponents but seemed displeased with his position. Definitely, the band does not sit well.

In his most influential play, the Apache was able to open the scoring after 32 minutes with a low shot that well controlled and Carlos Arias Esteban Cambiasso at 34, entering the field empty left the area after a left weak 'Flea'.

When the fans are still digesting the change of Angel Di Maria Cambiasso error Banega after a corner kick allowed Edivaldo Rojas, high heels, and stop subjecting frozen Romero stadium.

With more arrogance that good game, Argentina attempted to be ahead of Gustavo Quinteros, who could have sentenced the encounter with a huge backlash 'Chiquito' Romero Moreno Martins aborted when the tip long sought Dodge.

Revenue Di Maria and Aguero brings freshness and clarity just over the Argentine team, and was just the 'Kun' who scored the equalizer after a precise and precious chest pass with a defender Nicolas Burdisso 76 minutes.

Argentina could win with individual shots Aguero and Di Maria, and Bolivia with one notable stacked Rojas was not a miracle goal. It was a tie, a fair draw. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Argentina: Romero; Zanetti, Burdisso, Milito, Rojo (m.; Banega, Mascherano, Cambiasso (m.46, Di María); Lavezzi (m.71, Agüero), Messi y Tevez.

Bolivia: Arias; Álvarez, Raldes, Rivero, Gutiérrez; Vaca (m.64, José Chávez), Flores, Robles, Campos (m.80, Juan Arce); Rojas (m.89, Cardozo); y Martins.

Referee: Uruguayan, Roberto Silvera, who admonished Flores, Tevez, Gutierrez, Lavezzi, Chavez and Rivero.

Incidents: Opening match of Copa America 2011, for Group A, played at the stadium only city of La Plata, about 60 miles south of the capital of Argentina, before some 38,000 spectators.

Neymar is discovered before Barça: They are "some martian"

Brazilian forward Neymar, who recently won the Copa Libertadores with Santos praised the play of Barcelona, ​​which he considers another world. "These guys are aliens," he said of the champion of Europe.

Although the Real Madrid and Chelsea, among other teams showed interest in signing him for next season, Neyman was convinced to continue in Santos. "I want to fulfill my contract," he said in relation to the bond until 2015.

Speaking to the program 'The Owl of Sport', the network O Globo, the new figure of Brazilian football also spoke of the hypothetical clash between Santos and Barcelona in the Club World Cup later this year in Japan. "Before playing against Barcelona in the final, we will win the semifinals, and that too can be a very dangerous game. Then yes, we will think about Barcelona. They are very good, with Messi and Dani Alves. Those guys are aliens, the world's best and look forward face, "said Neymar as globoesporte.com plays.

During the interview, Neymar stressed that Messi is the best player in the world: "He is on the roof and can not be discussed. The second and third best behind him."

Neymar statements were made in Los Cardales, 60 km from Buenos Aires, the concentration where the Brazilian team are training for the Copa America Argentina 2011. Besides Neymar will continue in his team, the illusion of European clubs to recruit the striker suffered another blow with the latest statements by President Santos. "His departure is not negotiable," said Alvaro de Oliveira. (via SPORT)

Zidane: "Barça is fortunate to have an exceptional generation"

The sporting director of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, believes the club is fortunate to have a quarry as he does and highlights the work of formation of the white club.

"Although we would like to believe otherwise, the policy of the Real has always been geared towards training young people. We talk constantly about my transfer of 75 million, or 93 of Cristiano Ronaldo. But there is less talk of the large number of players playing in the league and have gone through the ranks at Madrid ... Then there is a real difficulty for these players to reach the first team. So they will deploy their talents elsewhere, "said Zidane 'le10sport.com'.

He noted: "In the club are fortunate to have an exceptional generation of seven to eight players from the quarry. But you will not see many generations like that." (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Nolito assures that Benfica doesn't have anything to envy Barcelona

"Come what was best for my future, although it was difficult to decide"
"I had offers from clubs in Spain, but I saw Benfica was the best option"

Nolito says his new team, Benfica, "has nothing to envy" to his former club Barcelona, ​​where he played for the reserves over the past four seasons.

The sporting director of La Luz, Rui Costa, presented at the Stadium of Light to the Spanish along the Uruguayan Rodrigo Mora, formerly of Defensor Sporting, two signings entering the Lisbon team at no cost and with a contract for five years.

Speaking to television Benfica Nolito said he was "quite happy" and "anxious to start work" with the rest of his teammates, explaining why he chose the Benfica against Barcelona , although Barca tried to to stay. "Barcelona is great, but so is Benfica. It has nothing to envy. Come what was best for my future, although it was difficult to decide," said today end in a television interview the Portuguese team. "I had offers from clubs in Spain, but I talked to my family and my agent and I saw that Benfica was the best option," said the player.

Nolito he sailed to Lisbon even though the coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola, who was his coach during his time in charge of the branch-spoke with him to try to convince him. "He talked to me and said he wanted to continue, but I decided to come here was best for me, though I can only speak well of him and Luis Enrique (last year's coach Barcelona B) ", he said. (via MD)

Carles Puyol recovered from his sore knee

After being involved in his left knee last June 1, the captain of FC Barcelona, ​​Carles Puyol , has announced via Twitter that has already begun to run without discomfort.

"Today is a great day, I've run without discomfort," said Barca defender in his Twitter account.

Puyol pulling a muscle in the knee problem that kept him from being available in the final of the championship, including being banished from the starting lineup for the final at Wembley, where he played the final minutes of the meeting

The doctors who carried out the operation ensured that the central Barca will play in "two or three months," so it is likely that the captain lost the majority of pre-season friendlies played on Barca. (via MD)

Efren Suarez "Jeffren wants to play for Barcelona, ​​Spain or England, not in the Udinese"

Efren Suarez, father of limbo , says his son did not want to saturate at Udinese in the Operation Alexis' and confirmed the offers received from Valencia , Villarreal and Liverpool .

Speaking at the program 'The first TOC of Rac1, the progenitor of the canary has said that "we do not play in Udinese," and has acknowledged that its priorities are "playing at Barcelona, ​​Spain or England." (via MD)

Pedro Rodriguez, operated tonsillectomy

Pedro Rodríguez will miss ten days due to the operation of tonsillectomy in which he has undergone, as reported by Medical Services FC Barcelona . The canary had been upset lately tonsils and wanted to solve the problem through surgery. The operation, however, did not prevent Peter started the preseason with the Barca first team on 18 July. (via MD)

José Ángel prefers to go to Rome before Barca

The Sporting Gijon player says his favorite destination is Italy's capital
Thanks Barca's interest but his choice is the team Luis Enrique
The Capitoline club also has about the signing of Stekelenburg, Ajax goalkeeper

Jose Angel , who plays for Sporting de Gijón , is these days in the final stage of the process output Asturian club and think your decision is made.

Several clubs have been interested in the player, including FC Barcelona , with whom he was about to close the deal a few weeks ago, and Rome , with the arrival of Luis Enrique is forming a competitive team.

In his statements to the Italian daily 'Corriere dello Sport, Jose Angel seems to be very close, as Bojan Krkic , of calling at the Italian capital.

"For me it was very important to choose the team that can offer the chance to play. The Barcelona has sought me, it's true, but Rome is the club that has most interested me and my signing, and is the closest (to get it). "

The young 21 year old does not hide his excitement about playing under the command of Luis Enrique : "I could not define precisely the possibilities that I have to end up in Rome , but I can say that many, "he says.

Once past the train of FC Barcelona , Jose Angel would be "very happy" to close the signing of the Rome soon.

Stekelenburg falling

One of the signings Luis Enrique has called on club managers Capitoline is a keeper. The first option to occupy the Roman goal is the goalkeeper of Ajax Amsterdam , Maarten Stekelenburg .

Representatives of the Roma , including sporting director Walter Sabatini , already in Amsterdam trading to take him.

The Dutch club has been willing to sell their player and the operation remains pending a final agreement on price, which could be around 10 million euros, to close.

"It will be a matter of hours," confirmed the very Sabatini. (via MD)

[Youth] Defined the organization of technicians in the cantera

The six teams of soccer-11 of the cantera the same trainers and assistants will maintain.

Oscar Garcia will continue for two more seasons in front of Juvenil A. After winning the treble, the Juvenil A coaching staff will remain unchanged, which will be repeated in other major soccer teams from the Juvenil B training to Infantil B.

Continuity in the technical main sets of the cantera was a priority for Guillermo Amor, "we have decided to give some confidence and continuity coaches who have given a great performance, this second course with all the same teams will be good."

Amor understands that the professionalization of head coaches (from Juvenil B to Alevín A) "was a big step forward, a decision very beneficial to better control all processes in the formation of the players."

The march of the up to now trainer of Alevín TO Andrés Carrasco, of the second technician of Alevín C Francis Pérez and Benjamin D's creation has provoked forces changes in the flowchart of the new teams of soccer-7.

Marcel Sans until now coach Benjamin B, assumed the leadership of fry and coordinating teams of football-7. in this task will help the sub-coordinator Sergi Domènech. Domenech coached football at the Club between 2003 and 2007. Two coaches of acting as assistant coaches have become head coaches. If the second alevín Sergi Milà becomes the head of Benjamin B. Rafael Rodriguez, new coach EASYSHOP_LINKNAME hitherto exercised assistant Alevín B.

New additions Jordi Pérez, coach of the FCB Escola, will be the new coach of a team that has created this season: Benjamin D. As an assistant features David Sanchez from the school of Calella. Oscar Jorquera, new assistant Benjamin B are from the EF Gavà while Juan Antonio Gil worked in the cantera of Sant Cugat. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

    Los entrenadores de la temporada 2011-12
  • Juvenil A: Oscar García-Quique Álvarez
  • Juvenil B. Sergi Barjuan-Marc Guitart
  • Cadete A: García Pimienta- Ramon Ros
  • Cadete B: Fran Artiga-Andrés Martín
  • Infantil A: Fran Sánchez-Xavier Franquesa
  • Infantil B: Denis Silva-Carlos López
  • Alevín A: Marcel Sans-Isaac García
  • Alevín B: Jordi Font-Jordi Puig
  • Alevín C: Alex Gómez-Alex Pinto
  • Alevín D: Xavier Bravo-Óscar Hernández
  • Benjamín A: Marc Serra-David Sánchez
  • Benjamín B: Sergi Milà-Oscar Jorquera
  • Benjamín C: Cristian Catena-Albert Puig
  • Benjamín D: Jordi Pérez-David Sánchez
  • Prebenjamín: Rafa Rodríguez-Juan Antonio Gil

Iniesta wins the Prize Barça Players

Fuentealbilla midfielder is the winner of the award given annually by the Association Barca players. With 47 percent of the vote, Iniesta has been imposed on the other two candidates, Javier Mascherano and Eric Abidal.

The second prize Barca players and has an owner and is none other than Andres Iniesta. The Fuentealbilla has prevailed in voting out two high such as Javier Mascherano and Eric Abidal. With a total of 651 votes, the midfielder has won the second edition of the award that gives the Barça Players Association (ABJ) in recognition of the exemplary player of the season. Abidal was second (448 votes) and third Mascherano (291 votes).

A popular vote through the website linked al'ABJ, www.premifairplay.cat has decided which of the three candidates for this recognition takes which is a sculpture created by artist Sabadell Agustí Puig. Although Friday has been known the winner, the prize will not be delivered until early September. The event will coincide with the week of Fair Play.

Next week will be held a lottery among all those who participated in the vote. At stake will be a trip to accompany the first team to a shift, a shirt signed by Andres Iniesta and a limo ride to Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)