01 July 2011

Messi: "I know I will win the World Cup"

The best player in the world is very clear and objective, in addition to the Copa America, is to one day a World Cup selection albiceleste.

The Argentine star of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, was convinced that one day win a World Cup. "It will reach that point and I know I will enjoy. I do not know why, but something tells me I'm going to get," he admitted in an interview with the Argentine daily 'Olé'.

On the next Copa America, Messi admitted that "formed a very good play and try to always look your opponent in a style similar to that of Barcelona." She also emphasized that if they can win the Copa America can "start to work in peace in the coming years to reach the World Cup either."

The best player in the world was full of praise for the coach of FC Barcelona and found that "by Guardiola've grown a lot in the tactical."

Messi compared the atmosphere that exists in your selection which lives in the Catalan side. "In Barcelona and in the national team I feel good I am. The group is great, we respect, we all get along really well. And that's critical."

In addition, the Argentinian star said that despite having a gray day with your selection is now as one under the command of Batista. "I had a really hard time, they criticized me, beat me bad everywhere and everything. It was difficult, but now I'm fine," said Messi. (via SPORT)

Kiko Femenía insists he is "nervous" to close his move to Barca

Midfielder Hercules Femenia Kiko insisted today that there is "nervous" because it still has not closed his move to FC Barcelona, ​​but is confident that the operation will end moving forward.

Kiko has people today at the offices of Hercules at the Rico Perez Stadium to pick up some personal items and has spoken of his possible departure to Barcelona , which said he knew nothing in recent days.

The Alicante has insisted he is "very quiet", although he has "no news" because it is their representatives who are responsible for closing the deal. Of course, hopes that "if you have to do is done" and, hopefully, "soon."

"I can not say anything because I have no idea," Kiko has been repeated over the course of negotiations with Barcelona and reiterated: "I imagine to be done, but I will not give you more turns to the subject."

"I do not think if you are near or far. I am calm and if you try to seize the opportunity comes," said the in Sanet i Negrals, who has acknowledged that "nothing would happen" if I had to stay in the Hercules because it is their club .

He assured that he has not spoken with anyone from Barcelona on his arrival at the Catalan club only a few weeks ago and spoke with Marc Bartra , which can be your partner in the entity Barcelona.

Indeed, Bartra is one of his colleagues in the Spanish U-20 World contest the category to be held in Colombia since the end of July.

In this concentration coincides with Bartra and five other players from Barca , which was considered a positive when the Catalan club join if confirmed his signing.

Kiko said he does not mind missing the preseason because they "play a World Cup is unique," and in this sense, has stated that "an honor and a privilege" to have been one of those chosen to represent Spain.

"I hope we can do as well as the Sub-21. Spain is always a favorite in everything and hope to make a good world," said Kiko , who hopes to show his qualities in intercontinental event. (via MD)

Roig: "The only club that Rossi was asked about short pasta"

Fernando Roig, Villarreal president, said the only club that asked about striker Giuseppe Rossi was "short pasta," so that it was negotiating its transfer.

"Nothing in particular, there has been nothing. There was a conversation with a team, but said he was short pasta, and if it is short pasta, nothing. Seriously, there has been no offer," said Villarreal president of maximum.

To Roig, Rossi remains Castellon club player during the remaining years of the contract, adding that the footballer is "delighted" with it. In recent weeks, speculation about a possible interest in signing him Barca.

Castellon club president warned interested clubs to recruit his players that "the later they come, the cost will be higher."

"We should have planned the season. If someone wants something, which is directed to Villarreal, but we have no interest, we are well-made template," he said.

"At this moment there is nothing, there may be movement in the next seven or eight days, but so far nothing concrete. When you do, we will notify you quickly. But it will be a better team than last season and worse than the 2012 / 2013, "he said.

Regarding the possible renewal of Marcos Senna, Villarreal president noted that "it has submitted a bid" and the club is awaiting the response of the Brazilian. (via SPORT)

José Ángel is closer to Rome than Barca

The young player of Sporting Gijón, José Ángel Valdés acknowledges that Pep Guardiola FC Barcelona is interested in signing, but says he prefers to play in Rome of Luis Enrique Martinez.

"For me it was very important to choose the team that can offer the chance to play. Barcelona has sought me, it's true, but Rome is the club that has most interested me and my signing, and is the one closer (to get it), "the Spaniard said in remarks published Friday in the Italian sports daily 'Corriere dello Sport.

Jose Angel, 21, insists he would be "very happy" if in the coming days close its transfer to Rome and the Italian club said is "a big, like Real Madrid or Barcelona."

"I could not define precisely the possibilities that I have to finish in Rome, but I can say that many," the player advances.

Jose Angel explains that in recent weeks has received offers from several clubs and says she has heard all "with serenity" but insists that the proposal of Rome, who pay nearly five million euros to Sporting Gijon, is " 'is.

"I do not know if I'll be doing half of July the preseason with Rome, but I hope that the negotiations are closed as soon as possible to be there," says the defense

Jose Angel acknowledges that the presence of another Spaniard in the team, coach Luis Enrique will help them better integrate into the club 'Giallorossi' and discover the peculiarities of the Italian league: "I think Luis Enrique has all the qualities to become in a large and I have no doubt that he will do well also in Rome ", says the Sporting defense.

Although among the club's captain Francesco Totti and young Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic is only an agreement in principle, José Angel assumes his move and said that "Rome has taken a big hit" with the hiring of Catalan. (via SPORT)

The son of Berlusconi dreams of Iniesta for Milan

"Barcelona from mid-field above is a fable and forming much of the credit is just Iniesta," said Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

The vice president of the Italian media group Mediaset, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, the son of Italian Prime Minister dreams of playing one day to see the Spanish international Andres Iniesta in the family club, Milan.

"If you talk about dreams, I have no problem saying that mine is Iniesta, a Golden Ball midfielder playing in a fantastic team," said Pier Silvio Berlusconi during a ceremony in Cologno Monsese (northern Italy) in the Wednesday night, told reporters today Italian sports picks.

"Barcelona from mid-field above is a fable and forming much of the credit is just Iniesta," he said.

That admiration Iniesta is what makes the vice president of Mediaset, a group that controls, among others, the Spanish TV channels Telecinco and Cuatro, I would prefer that the Ballon d'Or last out for the Spanish midfielder rather than for its companion Barcelona, ​​Argentina's Leo Messi.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi also expressed his "perplexity" by the latest decisions taken by the Brazilian coach Leonardo, who has decided to leave Inter just six months after arriving at the club after leaving prior to arch-rivals Milan.

The son of Italian Prime Minister also referred to other Brazilians, Kaka exmilanista, currently playing for Real Madrid, and Pato, who is still playing in Milan and has an affair with her sister Barbara Berlusconi.

Asked about a possible return of Kaka at Milan, Pier Silvio replied: "I'm done my way and the great comebacks do not believe much. Therefore ...".

About Duck, vice president of Mediaset said it is better not to say that the Brazilian player will be staying for life at Milan, because you never know, and said that he is already "virtually a relative" and that "it is now hard sell. "

For next season, the son of the owner of Milan has very clear about their priorities, after his club was proclaimed winner of the Italian League this season.

"I prefer the Champions League because I like Europe. Give more visibility. Raise another glass of the Champions League would be great. Hopefully we can get it soon," he said. (via AS)

Dani Alves, spiritual leader of the 'Seleçao' younger

The fullback is not captain Barca, but morally exercised that role in the field.

Dani Alves is not the current captain of the Brazilian national team ahead because Lucio and Julius Caesar, but do not bear bracelet, morally exercises this role in the field. Alves has become the spiritual leader of the 'canarinha' younger.

There is no doubt that Alves will be a key player for Brazil in the Copa America. Finally playing in his position right side and not in the midfield and at the time of Dunga. This allows you to develop football in Barcelona, ​​ideal for a team with players such as offensive projection Neymar and Ganso. Alves takes us through his band, walks down the lane to the end line and centered.

Finally in the Brazilian team is being the best football Dani Alves and side Barcelona hopes to continue decisive as he scored the goal against South Africa (1-0) that gave Brazil a spot in the final of the Confederations Cup 2009, he won the five-time world to the United States (3-2).

Meanwhile, another Brazilian international who are fashionable, Paulo Henrique Ganso, Santos and who wants Milan, was compared, following key Barca, with the former Barcelona Rivaldo. "My football is similar to Rivaldo because we are both lefties and because ours is a more classical style of playing," he said.

Returning to the Copa America, the motto 'Canarinhos' is "to reach the final to Argentina and annoy." Is that it for the Brazilians to be planted on 24 July at the Monumental in Buenos Aires and beat the host.

Mano Menezes, the current Brazil coach, has managed to build a strong team and very loyal. The technician does not support selfish and unsupportive attitudes. Suffice it to recall the cases of Maicon, now deputy and refused at the time to go to a call for negotiating a possible move to Real Madrid. Yel Marcelo Real Madrid is out of the 2011 Copa America with 'unsubscribe' in a friendly and boast about it in an SMS sent by mistake to Menezes.

Moreover, each player of the Brazilian charged 180,000 euros in case of winning the Copa América, following an agreement between Menezes and the Brazilian Football Confederation. (via MD)

Barça already has Femenía in the sack

Barca may announce in the coming hours the agreement for three seasons with the front of the Hercules.

White smoke. After a month of negotiations technically complex, Kiko Femenía become Barça in the next few hours. The operation brings the young striker to the Nou Camp yesterday began to realize after the Hercules solve all the paperwork to qualify for the Bankruptcy Act, a requirement to consummate the transfer. Sign a short contract for three seasons (two plus a third option) and his move has left the Catalan club for about four million euros.

Femenía Kiko, who is vacationing in his hometown, Sanet y Negrals, comes to be a bridge between the B player and the first team. In fact, in most cases be exercised with the elderly. It is a specific request of Pep Guardiola, who has been very good qualities for the band. Debutante First Division this past season with 33 games, the far right stands out for its speed, vertical, dribbling and vision. Come on, a potential Pedro.

The youngster, 20, is scheduled to travel immediately to Barcelona for a medical examination and complete the presentation because he expects a very dense July. His name has appeared in the list of summoned to contest the FIFA U-20 Colombia, from July 29 to August 20. This Monday is scheduled to travel to Madrid, but the concentration will not be official until Oct. 16. During three days will be trained in the City of Las Rozas Football and leave for 19 days Manizales (Colombia).

Preseason complicated

Kiko will miss the return to training of 'Pep Team' 18, and the first friendly, the U.S. tour and the Super Cup against Real Madrid Spain. That, of course, if they reach the final of the category. Not until after the match and 20 when the club.

Nothing beyond the interest Delbarco few weeks ago and told to MD, Kiko welcomed the possibility with "calmness and excitement". "Who would not like if only train with the best team in the world?" He added, while acknowledging keep track of conversations that his agent, Miguel García Ita, has led. (via MD)

José Enrique would go "from head" to Barça

Goal T emits today an interview with the fullback.

Gol TV premieres Friday from 15:30 hours the document 'Special Report: Jose Enrique, 3 St James Park', which traces the trajectory of the left fullback of valenciano of Newcastle, one of the players is on the agenda of FC Barcelona for next season. In this show airs an exclusive interview with the player in which, among other things, commends the Catalan club and is excited to return to someday play in the league, especially in some of the top teams. "My country is Spain and if I want Barcelona or Real Madrid, I head," he says. The Valencian also shows a predilection for the style squad. "I love how he plays for Barcelona," he says. And no doubt when comparing two of the leading figures of the championship. "I'll take Messi before Cristiano Ronaldo," he says.

In the program, specialists of Premier League like Simón Handley or Duncan McMath comments its impressions about the player who reviews in first person its arrival to England, some curiosities and its face desires to the future. Viewers will see the story as well today at 15:30 and 19:30, Sunday at 18:45 and Monday at 12:30. (via MD)

Barça that comes

With the signings of Cesc and Alexis in key stage, Pep squad will rise to the toughest year.
More competition and more peace, another year with goals in 6 cups throw.

With the renewal of Thiago and the signings of Cesc and Alexis in the moment, Guardiola is on the verge of having their orders complete the template options and versatility in your cycle on the sidelines of the Camp Nou. Barça coach last season hinted that the future was a matter to value the opportunity to settle more costumes for the first team, especially when having a bench with potential owners.

It is a change in the starting point in making the campus although, in the three previous years, a group intentionally short, very full and the holders subsidiary and common solution, the harvest has historically been good: 10 degrees on 13 .

A month and a half to start with a Real Madrid-Barça Supercopa of Spain another demanding season-rivals ultrarreforzados with six trophies in a European Championship game and the eyes that means compressing the competition dates, the first intention underlying this work make sense of the cast is the distance between and alternate has been shortened considerably. What will win? On the one hand, raise the bar of competition and, secondly, there will be a little more calm in the technicians before any sanctions or injury. In return, minutaje complicate management and egos in big games. The versatility of many players can compensate.

The 'B', not as the only solution

The best example of what is to be looming in one line: the midfield. Pep can have on the lawn to the better half of the world and on the bench, too. In the usual Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Mascherano, and Thiago Keita joins except twist, Cesc. Seven world-renowned names. Also the defense will be protected with Valdés and Pinto as gatekeepers, and Puyol, Piqué, Alves, Abidal, Adriano, most likely Fontàs and maybe a new left-back. The front, numerically, does not seem as exuberant, but their names-stopping any opponent: Messi, Villa and Peter, the triumphant attack brought MVP League and Champions League, will have the help of Afellay and if all goes well, at least with Alexis. With Bojan virtually in Rome, looking at the subsidiary will be as a resource, not the only solution. (via MD)

Copa America, the examination of Alexis

The competition is presented to the Chilean striker as a major showcase in the face of Barcelona and its surroundings.

If there is an announcement of anything disposable part of his move to FC Barcelona during the day or during the weekend, Alexis Sanchez began the Copa America in the early morning runs from Monday to Tuesday with thousands of eyes on him . Leaders, technicians, media and related Barça fans want to know if this is carried forward throughout the summer talking to is ready to play the best team in the world.

The debut of the 'red' to Mexico presents the first major test, a party that can act as a double-edged sword for the player. So far, the striker showed his skills at Udinese without the requirement or pressure to be from now on. Knowing how to cope with this new situation will be important to know what performance can give the player on a team with the resonance of the club. If Alexis shines during the tournament, Udinese will rub their hands and feel entitled to continue to ask those 40 million euros to those wanting to be with a player or variables involved. If, however, the performance of Chilean striker during the Copa America is disappointing, the operation could suffer an unexpected turn and the financial claims to be lowered.

Chile presents itself as one of the largest selections this competition. The combined coached by Argentine Claudio Borghi is able to give a big scare into the tournament favorites Argentina and Brazil, but not until the ball is put into play when you see its true potential. At the moment, he fights in the first phase to selections from Mexico, Peru and Uruguay and won in these clashes the pass to the quarterfinals. His greatest asset and hope is Alexis Sanchez who have agreement or not between Catalans and Italians during the next few days, it has undoubtedly one of the great attractions of this Copa America.

Borghi: "Bielsa left over the war widows'
Chile's coach, Claudio Borghi, could not avoid these days you constantly compare Marcelo Bielsa. The current coach of the 'red' he said, referring to all those fans who remember him that "Bielsa Chile more widows left in the Second World War. Comparisons never liked and would be disrespectful to compare myself with him, which has more prestige than I coach. Chile is a team that is well formed. Bielsa did a great job, a great tie, a good World Cup. The base of the instrument is basically that was it. " The coach yesterday gave his players a day off before traveling to Argentina. Players left in the concentration of Juan Pinto Duran lunchtime. The day was also marked by the visit of Chilean Deputy Minister of Sports, Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, his friend Claudio Borghipara wish him luck. (via MD)

Cesc hopes the big news in Ibiza

The Catalan midfielder rests beside his confidence that will soon be a player Blaugrana.

Cesc Fabregas lies in Ibiza with his family in hopes that his move to Barca to be resolved before Monday so you do not have to strain against which the machine is still his club, Arsenal and start pre-season training Day 5. The entity 'gunner' latest offering is considering the Blaugrana, in England at 35 million pounds (38.5 million euros) and be consistent with the numerical limit that marked the club through its president Sandro Rosell: less than 40 million on the transfer. Cesc, after a few days in Arenys de Mar, moved early in the morning yesterday to Ibiza with his mother, his maternal grandparents and other relatives. Once on the island was reunited with his sister and together with all installed in the house several floors will house these days and where he received a SPORT. The mansion of white walls and glass with spectacular views, is for the ideal setting for Cesc in the company of their own, unwind and escape. In fact, due to early start yesterday, spent most of the day at home with a swimming pool, and was already ahead of the night when they went out to dinner. Indeed, there is also a gym where the player does not neglect the way to get to spring training in good shape at least.

He still wore an Arsenal shirt which featured the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant making the gesture of 'silence ¿. Perhaps a wink Fàbregas your current situation and a hint to anyone who crossed him to avoid talking yesterday with more than necessary about their future and negotiations are underway.

The hope and desire is that Cesc Barca and Arsenal resolve their economic differences in those days. If all goes well and announced a deal before Monday, the player would move to Geneva (Switzerland) to be with the kids participating in organized summer camp. If there is the 'fumata bianca' Fabregas has decided not to move to London. Considers his time at Arsenal is over, as agreed with manager Arsene Wenger's club.

On the other hand, will not travel to Switzerland because it will avoid public exposure at a time in which their peers and yet be working as the preseason Gunners starts on day 5.

In any case, plans for these days in Ibiza is off and relax. Think meet Xavi Hernandez who, as you know, we share a great friendship and also lies on the island these days and perhaps might find Thiago Alcantara for the traveling squad today. It would be curious that two of the main protagonists of the 'mercato' Barca this summer to coincide in Ibiza.

Meanwhile, in London and Barcelona officials of both clubs have work to do if they want to shelve a move that has been lengthened in two years time, with its ups and downs. While the club was still the usual line of offering few details of his movements, from England claimed that Arsenal have already received the new offer for the transfer of Cesc. Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice president, would have raised the figure to 35 million pounds, that change would be about 38.74 million euros.

Free rush is not as decimals in the numbers if you consider that the offices of Aristides Maillol are adjusting the figures to the fullest and even as a joke is to accept a figure that appears a four. Around these numbers and how to pay the final amount of the operation will focus the negotiations on the next few hours. Cesc wants to stay out but it does have a very clear decision: the next campaign wants to dress Blaugrana. (via SPORT)

Slopes of Alexis

The Chilean has a great opportunity to show the wisdom of openly Guardiola bet its incorporation.

Messi and Neymar aside, the Copa America also offers room for the brilliance of a handful of players. And, with some occasional exceptions, the championship that starts this morning in La Plata will have the best American players, many of them pending completion of a good tournament to make the leap to a larger Europe.

In this context, the figure of Alexis Sanchez has emerged as one of the great attractions of the Copa America. The Chilean striker, waiting to realize his move to FC Barcelona, ​​has been one of the players that rivers of ink has been spilled in recent months. Not only for Pep Guardiola's interest to add to the template Blaugrana and the interference of Manchester City, but for the great season he has completed at Udinese, which has allowed him to set himself up as the best player of Calcium, ahead of Nerazzurri Julius Caesar and Eto ¿o. Undoubtedly, the company has formed with Di Natale, `capo cannoniere did Serie A with 28 goals, has been one of the sensations of the year in Italian football.

Handy, fast and technical, the 168 cm Alexis Sanchez are all show on the pitch. Its qualities make him a player in destabilizing actions against each one and Chile has placed its hopes on it to improve the fourth marking its highest since 1999. The best classification of the red, however, is the runner, who has achieved four times. From the last 24 years ago.

This will not be the first time for Alexis to take part in a team competition. At 22, the 'Boy Wonder have you already played in a World Under 20 and was at the World Cup in South Africa last year, although its impact was not what they are expected to have during the next three weeks. Now, after 32 games with the red how often he has scored 12 goals ¿, Alexis arrives at the peak of his career. Has improved physically and has become a team player, which lets you take the gallons of leader age would correspond to a companion.

With these credentials, no doubt that Alexis Sanchez is one of the highlights of the Copa America, and may even be in contention for the top scorer. Because, although more assistant golador, this season has surpassed the record of the last two years together, scoring twelve points, including four against Palermo Pastore.

The Argentine midfielder is another player who will not go unnoticed. Usual pages market remains to be seen if it is true it will be better than Messi, and says the chairman of Palermo, which has a prohibitively priced at 50 million euros.

Also Cavani of Uruguay and Colombia's Falcao should take the Copa America to justify a transfer millionaire. The former star of Naples, think you're ready to jump. The second top scorer in the Champions League and key in the success of Porto, has shown based on goals and still hopes to reunite with his coach in the dragon `¿, Villas-Boas, in Chelsea.

Alongside the players who hope to exploit in Argentina 2011, the competition brings together players already established at all levels. Rafa Marquez, the undisputed leader of a Mexican national team, will be the benchmark for a Tri walking on quicksand after recent events. Luis Suarez, Uruguay decoy's goal will have the chance to shine after a season at Liverpool gray.

Aguero, meanwhile, confirm that their actions with Atletico also take place in a star-studded albiceslete and Pato has before it a golden opportunity to vindicate: Ronaldinho and Kaka are not in the `Seleçao what all eyes are to be placed on Neymar. So I will not have as much pressure as in the past. (via SPORT)

Alone Rosell will see Alexis if it signings

Barca's top leader is a few miles from Chile, which is one step from being Barca.

Sandro Rosell is leading the expedition of the ship that left yesterday to Argentina at 07.00 hours to attend the first steps of the Copa America. Invited by CONMEBOL and the AFA, also traveled Antoni Rossich CEO and director of football, Raul Sanllehí.

Although there has been speculation that could exploit the visit Rosell to close the signing of Alexis Sanchez, the truth is everything is in the hands of Udinese. The player has reiterated his desire to wear Barca reject other offers, including a very succulent Manchester City. In this sense, the club hopes that the Italian accept the offer, around 40 million euros (27 fixed and the rest in various concepts).

The club hopes that there is white smoke before July 5. The reason? Well, on Monday (Tuesday at 02.45 hours in Spain), Chile debut against Mexico in San Juan Bicentennial and eventual injury Alexis Sanchez would ruin his signing. Udinese also possible that even more would revalue its star during the tournament, but Alexis has reiterated that only wants to play for Barca and that otherwise would remain in Friuli. Therefore, further delaying the operation would be meaningless.

Sandro Rosell attend today (Saturday at 02.45 Spanish time) the opening match between Argentina and Bolivia in the Silver City to follow Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Gabi Milito. On Sunday (21.00 pm), at the same venue will see Dani Alves and Adriano Correia in the Brazil-Venezuela. In principle, Rosell, Sanllehí Rossich and have a return ticket for Tuesday Day 4, so you do not have in mind to visit Alexis Sanchez.

Only if they would accept the offer Udinese before the club and the player becomes a Barcelona player. Moreover, the President will visit the school that FC Barcelona is in Lujan, a suburb of Buenos Aires. Rosell wants to gather as much information before deciding on the continuation of a project that began Joan Laporta in 2007.

Meanwhile, Alexis continues to prepare the Copa America with the dream of his signing for the club is closed as soon as possible. The Red 'Does today end their concentration in the Juan Pinto Durán complex (Santiago de Chile) and this afternoon traveling to Mendoza, where it will be concentrated at the Hyatt.

Nevertheless, tomorrow will travel to San Juan, the Hotel Del Bono Park, where face to ensure referral weapons clash on Monday against Mexico. Alexis `¿The case moves into a final stage that could end the 'Boy Wonder ¿signed in just four days. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan dos Santos took refuge in Barcelona

The Mexican landed yesterday in Barcelona but gave the slip to the press escape through a door different from the usual.

Jonathan Dos Santos is living a nightmare since I came out of the scandal that has rocked this week to the Mexican national team. The Mexican, and his seven partners involved were expelled from the merger with the 'Tri' his now famous act of indiscipline. The Mexican press has been thrown around the necks of players, so to escape the pressure, Barca has chosen to take refuge in Barcelona, ​​hoping that the waters back to normal.

Jonathan landed yesterday at the El Prat airport, from Buenos Aires, around 19 h. A crowd of television cameras awaited him in the arrivals hall to collect their impressions after the scandal. However, Dos Santos made the press sit. The player, after mediation by the Catalan club, he left the premises through a door different from that used by all passengers.

Now the player must show their faces to the club, because at the club has not played well the name of the entity is able to mess because of his irresponsibility. Probably from the board will choose to transfer midfielder, an option already provided before it jumped the controversy. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "I feel very important"

At 31, Xavi Hernandez says he is happier than ever at the club: "I love the role I have within the team. I feel very important and I am more motivated than ever to continue winning titles."

Barca midfielder has made ​​a quick stop on your vacation to present a new edition of its summer camp. From Ibiza, home of this year, Xavi has been very excited about the living situation at Barça "I feel great physically. I have a fantastic team role and I am more motivated than ever. I suffered a lot last year with tendinitis, but now I'm best to keep performing at maximum. "

On possible additions for the next season, Xavi said: "Come sure whoever comes will adapt very quickly because the environment the costumes are fantastic. Competition is always good as it helps you be more competitive. Clearly, we must strengthen, and that others will, and will become increasingly difficult to win. "

The Terrassa is delighted with the renewal of Thiago Alcántara: "This is great news. This is a formidable player. He's very talented. Thiago is a different player can do impossible things."

Xavi Hernandez stressed that it is not good to make comparisons and each has its own personality within the field of play: "I suffered a lot when I started playing with the first team and was compared with Pep." It is important now not to compare Thiago no member of the staff, as this would put extra pressure him. You have to let him do that will gradually demonstrating the good player he is. "

As a hypothetical course of Bojan Krkic, Barca midfielder has said it would be a considerable loss: "I love Bojan. It's a great friend, good partner and, ultimately, a fantastic guy. If you eventually will be a shame, but I'm sure if you go up very well anywhere. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

La Masia closes its doors

From June 30th, La Masia has ceased housing the young sportsmen who are being trained to become a part of the Club’s professional teams. In a simple, but emotionally charged ceremony, the doors were today closed on La Masia.

At twelve noon today, La Masia closed its doors for the last time as a home for up and coming youngsters, after 32 years. Club sporting vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu, football academy director Jordi Mestre, the director of La Masia, Carles Folguera and the professional football director and ex-resident at La Masia Guillermo Amor took charge of the official closing, with the new Centre de Formació Oriol Tort at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper taking over the function of a residential centre for the youngsters from tomorrow. The 16 trophies won this season were displayed at the front door of the building for the ceremony, attended by a large number of reporters.

“This is a symbolic act as we close the old Masia. We are moving and La Masia has had the success it has had – today we are proud to show the 16 titles we have won this season and the graduates of La Masia have had a lot to do with that success”, explained Sr, Bartomeu.

Jordi Mestre insisted on the importance of the titles which the Club’s youth teams have won this year: “between the various youth and children’s teams, together with the women’s football team, we have won 19 titles. We should also stress the importance of the B team and even though they didn’t win any title, to come third in the Segona A is just as good”.

Mestre also stressed that titles weren’t the only way to measure success: “for us, the most important thing is when one of our youngsters gets into the first team. We also place great value on the fact that both the first team and the B team have won the Fair Play award”. There was also thanks and recognition for the work of the various coaches and trainers: “our mission is to educate players and people. We have to be a competitive club, but we don’t want to win at any price”, according to Sr Mestre.

This was a particularly emotive moment for two of the men at the ceremony - Carles Folguera and Guillermo Amor. The Director of La Masia is convinced that the success of the institution will continue in its new home at the Ciutat Esportiva: “we are very excited about the move. We are moving to a residential home which will be an example to the whole world because of the great possibilities it offers. It’ll mean an improvement in organising things, with the medical services which are in the Ciutat Esportiva and with the increased number of places we will be able to offer”, explained Sr Folguera. There may be a change in location, but Sr Folguera insisted: “we will continue with the same ideas and those of us at La Masia are very committed - we will be a much more important reference point for the professional teams with the bigger residence. We will be very happy if we can match success with helping to form excellent people too”.

Both Folguera and Guillermo Amor, who was one of the first residents at the Masia in 1980, thanked the then board for the decision to set up the residence. Amor also explained: “I’m more nervous now than I was when I first came in 1980. This is not an easy day. This wasn’t just a residential sporting centre for me –it was like a home. We’ll have a great new centre and we have to make sure we take the family atmosphere there with us. Naming it after Oriol Tort is a good start”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)