27 June 2011

Nani: "Barça is the best team in the world"

'Nani', player luso from Manchester, recognizes that today per today FC Barcelona is "the best team in the world".

"Barcelona is not invincible, perhaps in a different party could defeat them, but they are the best team in the world right now," said in an interview Luso end to the agency 'Reuters'.

On the rumors that outside the United, especially after the arrival of Ashley Young admitted that Nani though it is "boring" to watch the games from the bench, only to start thinking about next season, "the highest possible level," the ranks of the English side.

"Of course I have to welcome all new players, I think Manchester United is a fantastic club. If you incorporate some player is going to be good for the team, and that should help the new. We want players who help us win it all, "he added. (via SPORT)

Blanco: "The selections are inheritors of the soccer of Barça"

Alejandro Blanco, president of the Comité Olímpico Español (COE), believes that the Spanish team under-21 just proclaimed champion of Europe should not call it 'Rojita' but the 'Red', "because it is a truly great team".

At a luncheon held with the media in Barcelona, ​​Blanco was full of praise to the combination of Louis Miller, who believes that he deserves the nickname, because the quality of their football is comparable to that of her older sister.

"We have talked about the folly of Thiago imaginative, Mata reference in the offensive play or role in the midfield Javi Martinez, for me the European player, but this team with all the individuals that have not would have won without the strength of the group without the concept of football, "he argued.

For Blanco, the Spanish team and lower levels are heirs of solidarity and play football coral practicing Barça: "It has created a concept football, where Barcelona has the flag and the teams from Spain are wowing the world ". According to the president of the COE, the quality of Spanish sub'21 Milla is so great that he could have become another eleven with replacement players like Bojan, Capel, Jeffren, San Jose or Nsué and had won the tournament. "To me, that team did not play the second best in Europe", he said.

Alejandro Blanco expects the same group is kept to London 2012 and ruled that to try to achieve Olympic gold, can be reinforced with players older than 23 years as permitted by regulation. "To me, qualify for the Games are the ones to go. I do not see well countries are strengthened with professional players who have not been in the qualifiers. The law allows it and can not do anything, but ideally a pact between Olympic committees and federations international lest this happen, "he said. (via SPORT)

Valdés: “We are always motivated”

Barça can’t stop winning and far from feel demotivated, Víctor Valdés says “the coach is constantly innovating and it’s difficult for us to get tired. We are always motivated whatever happens.”

The FCB stopper has taken time out from his holidays for a good cause, the XVIII edition of Mulla’t 2011 to benefit multiple sclerosis. At the Hospital de Dia de la FEM, Valdés spoke about why the team is so motivated. “We have a coach who always introduces new ideas and doesn’t let anybody relax. There are still challenges ahead and we are always motivated to achieve them.”

As for the controversies with Real Madrid, the keeper said he was happy with what the Board of Directors has done for them. “The whole squad feels very well supported by these directors. We thank them for all their support all season”.

Everybody is talking about the potential signing of Cesc Fàbregas for Barça: “He is a great player with exquisite skills. He knows this place well and knows what the shirt means. He is perfectly compatible with Thiago because those two offer different things. If he does some, he’ll be a great signing”, said Valdés.

If Bojan Krkic does indeed leave the place he has spent his whole life to start anew in Rome, Valdés reckons “it would be shame for him to go because he’s a good friend and I think he’s an excellent player. I wish him all the luck in the world”.

This year’s presentation was conducted by Televisió de Catalunya presenter, Imma Pedemonte and featured the presence of Rosa Maria Estrany, president of the FEM and Dr Xavier Montalban, clinical director of neurosciences at Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca ask for Óscar

The interior of the Internacional de Porto Alegre, 20, was discovered by the Blaugrana technical secretary at age 15 in Nike Cup.

Óscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior, or just Oscar, is a real unknown to the amateur FC Barcelona and the European public, but not to Pep Guardiola and the technical secretariat of Barcelona. The young midfielder Internacional de Porto Alegre, 20, is next to Neymar and Luke (Sao Paulo) one of the most interesting names of the new batch of potential cracks emanating from the Brazilian football. Head and his team makes a difference in the sub-20 Seleção, who won this year's South American Championship and who will attend the next World Cup in Colombia, from July 29 to August 30. Fino stylist, Oscar is one midfielder touch, which is the effective management of his passes and assists your best virtue. Categories emerged in the base of Sao Paulo, the same club as revealed Kaka has always been compared to `8 Snark. Ambidextrous what you are allowed to play both right and left interior ¿, is a technical player, and very tactical intelligence. The scouts discovered him in a Barca Nike Cup in England when I was 15 and since then no longer followed in his footsteps.

In his recent visit to Brazil, Sandro Rosell told the player's environment that the club would be interested in acquiring his services, to strengthen the first team. The goal is to be informed of the negotiations and offers that the player will receive. His contract expires in June 2015. His buyout clause amounts to 30 million euros. Regardless of what happens to Cesc Fabregas, the Brazilian would be a bet for the future of Xavi and Iniesta oxygenate in creation. For its price, would be discarded the option of playing with Barça B in Second Division. The environment of the player is clear that the natural fate of Oscar is a great result in Europe, and, therefore, rejected any offer, however attractive it may be, from the Russian or Ukrainian league. Last year, a judicial dispute with Sao Paulo, who terminated the same advantage of a gap, he left almost 8 months without playing. Without noticing this period of inactivity since his debut at the International has become a key element in the midfield. (via SPORT)

Thiago: M. United offers 17 million, according to the 'Mirror'

The British newspaper says that Alex Ferguson is fascinated with Hispanic-Brazilian midfielder. The offer would have reached the offices of the Camp Nou during the European Under-21.

The exhibition offered by Thiago Alcántara with the Spanish team during the European Under-21 has not left anyone indifferent, and his name has slipped capital letters in offices across Europe, where many teams will try to entice the player FC Barcelona , but very few who can afford its clause of 30 million euros.

The first to show his hand was Alex Ferguson . The 'Daily Mirror' ahead of the Manchester United have made ​​an offer of 17 million euros for Thiago, a proposal that, according to British newspaper, would have reached the offices of FC Barcelona as the player contesting the European Under-21 Championship in Denmark.

Ensure the 'Mirror' that Ferguson is impressed with the Hispanic-Brazilian midfielder, the last genius of the farmhouse, which has captivated her for a championship game that capped his outstanding free-kick in the final against Switzerland.

The clause of the player is 30 million euros , but it seems that Barcelona are willing to negotiate his transfer to a direct rival in the Champions League. In any case, the future will be very short Thiago conditioned by the possible arrival of Cesc Fabregas to all Pep Guardiola, so it is possible that the player may call at the Premier League , but not to play at Old Trafford do with the shirt of Arsenal as part of the operation of the signing of Cesc. (via AS)

Mercato Barça: The future of the eurocampeones, in the air

Barça will speak this week with Bojan, Thiago, Montoya, Jeffren and Rubén Miño.

Barca will meet in the coming days with officials of the five players champions European Under-21, which landed yesterday in Barcelona.

Who else has his future is on track Bojan, after his agent, Ramon Sostres, closed a deal with Rome through their sporting director Walter Sabatini. Barca and Roma have also sealed the figures of the transfer, which may amount to twelve million, and repurchase options for the first two seasons, but the Catalan club will not sign until you pass the signing of Alexis Sanchez and Rossi .

With Thiago will have to wait. Your future depends on Cesc. Although the club claims to have the player and the player says he thinks only stay in Barca, Fabregas's arrival can cause movement of one of the two parties. There are many good deals.

A Jeffren be told you're in the market, Montoya is not transferable and will renew shortly with Sergi Roberto; y Miño is the subsidiary Oier or Masip, but Barca hear proposals. (via MD)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano-Piovaccari: From step back to leap

MD gathers Jonathan Soriano and Federico Piovaccari, maximum scorers of 2ª and of the Series B.

Jonathan Soriano and Federico Piovaccari , top scorers in the Spanish Second Division and Italian Serie B, amazed by the similarity of their stories. Both were promises, disappeared in the foreground for various reasons and relaunched their careers to learn to step back in time. MD had the privilege of quoting two front fashionable in Europe, authors of 32 and 23 goals respectively in the Parc Catalunya de Sabadell, the location of their partners and mothers of two children (girls in the case of Soriano) . Even that unites them.

The Catalans, who marveled at the lower echelons of the Spanish team, agreed to play in Second Division B with Barça B when he ran out of contract with Espanyol, who had given in recent seasons Almeria, Real Betis and Albacete. That decision in July 2009 changed his sporting life. "Many told me I was wrong," remembers Jonathan as Federico agrees: "I was the same."

Under the command of Luis Enrique and was instrumental in the rise to second the subsidiary Barca, including first-team debut in the Cup and last season was its final blast with 32 goals to his 25 years (26 in September) will open the doors of clubs from all over Europe, not to be ruled out yet you may have a hole in the template Pep Guardiola.

Piovaccari's turn, who recalls his youth in the year of Inter (2003-04), participating in training times first team, then headed by Hector Cuper, a midseason replaced by Alberto Zaccheroni. After a couple of years marked by injury and three seasons in Serie B divided between the Treviso Triestina and not fell off the rings play in Ravenna, in the Lega Pro (formerly Class C equivalent to the Second B ). 14 goals earned him to return to Serie B to become the Imperatore Cittadella, as has been baptized by the fans after scoring 23 goals which made him the 'capocannoniere' in the category. At 26 years (27 September), your name is on the agenda of prestige as Italian clubs Udinese, Sampdoria and has even sounded for a Spanish club like Sporting.

The two strikers have contract in force. Just yesterday it was revealed in the case of Italian rights, until now shared with the Ravenna, become the Cittadella. They are comfortable where they play, but somehow they have earned the right to dream of making that leap to gain momentum knew that taking a step back. (via MD)

Mercato Barça: Intense day for Kiko Femenía and José Ángel

Hercules expects to close its march and Gijon, the fullback with his club could be.

Intense Monday at the offices of Hercules and the club expected to be decisive for the signing of Femenía Kiko. Sergio Fernandez sporting director and the new technical secretary of the Well maintained Carmelo various executive-level summits and the transfer could be permanently unlocked. The brewing operation takes time and under the supervision of Fernandez and according to sources familiar with the negotiations, was addressed and the drafting of all documentation and guarantees of payment. Juan Carlos Mandi Alicante named head coach, acknowledged publicly that it has no forward 19 years.

In the offices of Sporting Gijon also produce various meetings. Successfully completed the European Under-21 from Denmark, left-José Angel and his representative are scheduled to meet with sporting director Emilio God, to know first hand if the club has maintained or not for their recruitment efforts and if have filed the economic. (via MD)

Cesc, in Barcelona to stay

Fàbregas landed yesterday afternoon after his tour through Asia trade and settled in Arenys.
The player has already decided on July 5, did not return to the discipline of Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas landed yesterday afternoon in Barcelona to stay. This time, the signing has asked that more times since Pep Guardiola sits on the bench for Barca are determined to take definitive steps to work with who was his childhood idol. From London after his stay in Indonesia and Thailand, where he made a promotional tour, the captain of Arsenal and still is at his home in Arenys to speed up your holidays with his family, some of which received him at the airport of El Prat .

Summer's been a singularly wise by Cesc. Wait patiently for the signing that has desired, to take you back to the boat, fall like ripe fruit. However, such prudence in their public forms in any way does not mean inaction: Cesc has already come to Arsenal and his mentor, Arsène Wenger, his season in the Emirates is over. This time.

For now, Cesc will continue to work the same way. A year ago, after saying in early May 2010 that if I left the Arsenal "would only go to Barça", he hoped that clubs would end up reaching an agreement. Not so and August 5, 2010 was training at the Emirates before a grandstand filled with fans Gunners asking him to continue with them. Wenger promised to turn that Arsenal would make a champion. And Cesc stayed, probably because it was not as convinced as he is now taking the plunge. A year later the club 'gunner' has added its sixth season without a title. Cesc has again received the call the club and this time do not think pass up. Now or never. So much so that he has decided that on July 5, the date scheduled for Arsenal to start his season, he will not be part of a new project 'gunner'.

Currently there are no fuss, no complaints, but Cesc is a reality that begins to be tired of so much delay in the Arsenal, who can not stop procrastinating. The player was a first commitment Wenger let him go to Barcelona and then asked him to expedite the negotiations, but so far there has been only one meeting between the parties with little success. On June 17, Josep Maria Bartomeu moved to London to make an offer of 30 million that Arsenal have rejected.

Fabregas expects a second offer from Barça could come in the coming days and if the leaders Gunners not accept it, if you do not leave other way out, opt for a crackdown, which has never been pleased with respect to club and the manager of Arsenal, much more than a coach for him. Key starts the week Cesc. (via MD)

Thiago: Personal e, transferable?

The goal by Thiago in the final of the European Under-21 player defined as.
His critical work in the tournament would make it even more unpopular than Barça transferred.

How many players would think of throwing a kick from midfield directly to a final goal in a European Championship? No doubt, very few. Thiago Alcantara is one of those few. Thinking about making the impossible possible seems further evidence that this is a player who feels special. They go up and the goal seems further evidence that indeed it is a special player. In that debate has sunk to Thiago much of Barcelona for some time. It's the classic discussion often generate this type of player who always strives to come up with something different. With Thiago. sector 'pro' and wins by a landslide to the 'anti'. Only your display of sincerity at the start of the Under-21 Championship, when he said he wanted to "succeed in football, not the club," the majority undermined devotion to the hobby he culé. Although corrected, the statement confirmed two things: first, that courage is not always timely and sometimes irreverent shows on the field and on the other, his innate passion for the game. To confirm this, yesterday was enough to see him passing the ball Muniain in the terminal at Barajas airport at five am, the Cup under one arm, hours after he won the European championship U-21 in Denmark.

The Spanish expedition was still amazed with the stunning free-kick from Thiago, who sentenced the final against Switzerland: see Sommer goal out of goal and put the ball over his head like a ground-air missile aimed at the target was all one. The Hispanic-Brazilian imagined a perfect day perfect action, in a final. Already in the semifinal, with the Spanish seconds from being eliminated by Belarus, Jeffren generated with the goal of Adrian, which led to the triumphant extension.

Born in 1991, Thiago is the son of Mazinho champion with Brazil in 1994. If his father was playing rigor, Thiago is chutzpah. It is a crucial phase. Being the best in all categories of base does not always guarantee career success. There are players who need a push to Hustler. Thiago, rather the reverse. "To become a Xavi takes humility," he advised coach Luis Milla few days ago.

Above the words of each other, now at the club know the name of the object Thiago marketing to finance new signings such as Cesc Fabregas, nothing will do more for his genius and continuity and in big games. Is clear: as the cards, Thiago is personal. We'll have to see if, for Barca, is not transferable. (via MD)

Ofertón of Chelsea for David Villa

Chelsea moved a formal proposal for 30 million euros but was informed that the club is not for sale.

Until last week the rumor was just a tiresome insistence that conveyed the British press. 'Chelsea is going for David Villa', let go again and again in their sports venues. However, speculation has taken the form of big news when a few days ago has been told by MD, the phone rang in the offices of the Camp Nou and the authoritative voice of the club 'blue' chaired by billionaire Roman Abramovich formalize an offer 30 million euros for the Spaniard. They listened politely to their partners but their response was immediate. Villa is not for sale, is not transferable and its buyout is 200 'kilos'. There was no negotiation.

Chelsea's proposal caught by surprise leaders Barca. Andoni Zubizarreta, the athletic director, knew the English information but the arguments given were inconsistent. They said that the club had put on the market at Villa because they needed money urgently to fund operations and Alexis Sanchez Cesc. It was not true. Pep Guardiola At no time has entertained the idea of ​​getting rid of the 'Guaje', a forward who produced 23 goals last season.

As always, Chelsea does not repair expense. Solved the problem on the bench with the hiring of technical Andre Villas Boas, Abramovich has written a check worth 100 million euros. The pupil and second Mourinho at Porto is required to reset the English and dreams of the tandem Torres-Villa in attack to return to the frontline. David's offer was received at the Camp Nou after the Chelsea sound out the possibility of hiring Alexis Sanchez of Udinese, but with Barca by desisted from the attempt. Now point to Pastore, of Palermo.

Neither the club there is the slightest interest in getting rid of the player and Villa, with three years left on his contract, wants to leave. "My desire is to retire at Barca," said for days at a publicity event. Its great virtue is that it has managed to mate Messi and cede center stage. (via MD)

Gabi Milito: "To day of today I believe that I will continue in Barça"

Gabi Milito is concentrated with Messi, Mascherano and the rest of the white and blue in the face of the Copa America. After a training session in Ezeiza, MD attended, peace of mind about their future and Sergio Batista fixed head, "very motivated."

He played little at the end of the season with the club. Would you benefit because it will be cooler or harm a possible lack of pace?

I never stopped training with great seriousness and intensity, both in Barcelona and in my time here in Argentina. It is true that the last time the chances of playing were slim, but do not think that playing against me.

Sergio Batista said he always considered key to the style you want to impose clarity on output from the bottom ...

It is important that the coach trusts me. I must admit that Barcelona have played in the last four years and have had to coach Guardiola is an important advantage considering what he wants 'Chechen', because that is what we practice and do every day in the club. It's a plus that we have we played in Barcelona.

Speaking of Pep, did you talk with him or the board of the boat on his future before coming?

No, nothing. We salute after winning the Champions League and once I came here, to focus on the Copa America, which is all I think now. Then we'll see.

Would like to continue and have more minutes or more a change of air?

Honestly not something I stop and think too much at this time. I am very involved in the preparation of the Cup for Argentina is very important.

His name appears on a list of possible reinforcements Bayern.

I have no idea, honestly. The answer would reiterate what I said in the previous question.

Could independent again?

I have this club in the heart and everyone knows it, but again: now I just think the Copa America.

What happened in January when it looked like it was going but after speaking with Guardiola?

Already cleared at the time. It was a possibility I arose, I discussed the thought and just realized that was the best option to stay.

Could there be some anger from his Pep certainly claim more minutes on the court?

For nothing, nothing to see. I have a relationship with PEP as the rest of my colleagues, and the truth is that I have taken time to time under their orders because it is a very good coach who has taught me new things, not having met him, you may never have learned.

How to remember your way through the club?

Beyond that I lived with the injury, were four wonderful years. I have met people like my amazing teammates. And I know coaches like Rijkaard played, or as in this case, Pep, I have grown as a player.

He also plays live every day with Messi, the best in the world ... We have an excellent relationship, and treatment is the same with others. The good thing about Leo is still a normal kid, and all that balance that he has allowed to be what it is and confirm year after year.

Do you see roof?

It is a question I get asked very often and really gives the feeling that you have not already reached. What they are doing is awesome, I've never seen anything like it. It is my pleasure to be your friend and share the day to day with him. I enjoy it when I get to participate in games and when not. As I am passionate about football, I think there is nothing cuter than seeing Barca play and watch Leo play. Are things that now we have become accustomed to see them every day, but certainly in many years I can tell that I was there.

Do I read I still surprised?

Not surprisingly, because we know his ability, but each time he does something extraordinary makes we wonder how to achieve it.

How experienced episodes of aggression by the Madrid, Mourinho mainly during the last derby?

Condiments are pre-parties, after everything is in the ninety minutes on the court. Everything else is giving some play to the press, but it is also true that parties were very emotional and a lot of pressure because I had very important things at stake. So it is normal for these types of statements emerge, and eventually everyone has their opinion. We will never enter the answer, only we just play football. What became clear in court today is that Barça is more than Madrid.

What about Alexis Sanchez, Cesc and Rossi, three possible backup?

All three are very good players. It is important that the coach be the judge needed to strengthen the team and ensure that we can be even more competitive.

¿Milito will also be there?

Today I think so, but as I said, I just think right now Copa América. (via MD)

The best season ever Blaugrana

After the League won the football section, the club closed in the best way possible the most successful season in club history, which has achieved 16 titles in all areas of professional.

Champions League, League and Supercopa de España raised by Pep Guardiola in the football section, the Catalan club has had to place this year in the windows of the museum to the titles accumulated in other disciplines. Thus, success in basketball (League, Cup, Super League Spain and Catalan), handball (Champions League, League and League of the Pyrenees) and hockey (Copa and Continental Cup) have been won round by the League football tonight room, the fourth title in a section that had been Copa del Rey, Cup of Spain and Catalonia Cup this year. Sixteen titles in total, in excess of fifteen of last season and are an absolute record in the history of the entity Barca. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola, on vacation in Italy

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, was caught yesterday walking the streets of Pianella, a small town in the region of Castelnuvo Berardenga, in the province of Siena.

The inhabitants of this town were surprised to recognize the famous Barca coach enjoying a leisurely stroll. Far from being annoyed, Pep spoke with everyone who greeted him and even allowed to take pictures with him. Some locals joked with him and asked if he had traveled to Siena to take over from local coach, Sannino.

Guardiola was recently in Tel Aviv (Israel), as guest singer Noa. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique is pushing for Montoya

One of the great revelations of the season was undoubtedly Martin Montoya. The right-Blaugrana just proclaimed champion of Europe with the 'Rojita' and has contributed decisively to the massive campaign of Barça B, who finished third in second Division.

Well, his coach in the youth, Luis Enrique, is insisting that Rome is made with the services of defender of Vilamoura. In fact, this week could be key to whether Montoya ascends the ladder of the boat or choose to find a solution or transferred on loan with option to repurchase.

And, if opting to finish the second alternative, the choice of Rome is very attractive for the player. Montoya knows he has absolute confidence of Louis Henry, who has been a fixture in the lineups from the first game. After the departure of Philippe Mexes central Milan, it seems that the Argentine Nicolas Burdisso leave the right side to partner in the axis of the rear with Brazilian Juan, so the right lane would be owned by Martin Montoya. (via SPORT)

Pastore: "My agent is in contact with Barça"

A few days ago he was revealing that Thiago Silva had been in contact with the club to join the team of Pep Guardiola, now is the Italian Javier Pastore, who also openly acknowledges he has spoken with Barca.

Speaking to 'Fox Sports' collected Sunday by the Italian press, the Palermo player says his agent, Marcelo Simonian, is in contact "with Barça and with another team." "He will do what is best for me," the young player of 21 years, which also closes the door to the possibility of staying in Palermo. "Here I am good, I like the city," he says.

Remember Pastore, the feeling of `Calcium Does this season, could also be in the orbit of Real Madrid, as a few days ago said Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo president. "I only directly called me a big club, others have called his agent. It is a mystery that is a play that like AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is a siege, "said Zamparini

Cesc is already in Barcelona

We do not know whether to stay but Cesc Fabregas is already in Barcelona.

The Arsenal landed Sunday at about 20:15 pm at El Prat airport on a flight from British Airways from London. The Catalan midfielder, who has spent some holidays in Asia taking advantage of a promotional event, comes to Barcelona with his future still to be defined.

And is that while their presence in Spain is at first a strictly personal reasons, can not be ruled out that the Arsenal enjoy your stay in Barcelona to keep pushing to get his dream to play in the club. (via SPORT)

The 'Avi Barça' says goodbye to his beard

Joan Casals, better known as the Barcelona Avi, shaved his beard, which he characterized as fulfilling the promise he made earlier this year, and where the Avi bet his white hair if Barca had just won the Champions Wembley.

The population of Coma-ruga (El Vendrell) hosted one of the most curious fondness for the club and its rocks. Joan Casals, Barcelona Avi, shaved his white beard a few months ago and promised that he would take if the FC Barcelona won the European Cup at Wembley. The Champions came to Barcelona, ​​and yesterday, Avi kept his word and said goodbye to his beard. The event, organized by the PB Comarruga hosted a football match between Comarruga Veterans and Friends of Salva, where he also participated Josep Maldonado, the pattern of the FC Barcelona Foundation.

If something we know quite true, is that Joan Casals is a man of his word. This shaving is not the first thing because it also got rid of his white hair when FC Barcelona won the European Cup in Paris and Rome. The first bet is back at Wembley on 92, when he promised to shave if the club won a second Champions League, and until today, has already done three times. Avi Barca always bet against the big challenges but always keeps his word: If Barca win European Cups, he says goodbye to his beard for a while.

Special "Shaving" in Infopenyes
The program Infopenyes Barça TV has prepared a fun story about the time spent by the Barcelona Avi Barber fulfilling its promise. The report will be released on Wednesday 29 June at 23.00 on Barca TV. (via FCBarcelona.cat)