26 June 2011

[Youth Copa del Rey Juvenil Final] FCB Juvenil A 2 - 0 Espanyol

The Junior A Barca has set comfortably Espanyol in the final of the Copa del Rey played in Ceuta. Deulofeu and Gustavo were the goalscorers in a team that has won three titles this season.

The stadium Murube Ceuta Alfonso has seen the Junior A Barca Oscar Garcia closed the season with a new title: the Copa del Rey. Much higher during the first half, the Junior A Barca has resolved the final two goals from Gustavo Deulofeu and football and has played a more practical in the second half in a match that has also had very high temperatures to star in Ceuta. With this title, the Junior A has taken three titles this year: League, Cup and Champions Cup. None.

Oscar Garcia's men have started the game trying to create danger with long diagonal passes to the advance in excess Espanyol defense. The goal, which came close to reaching this way, has finally emerged thanks to a deadly counterattack led by Ernesto and completed by Deulofeu, has dribbling the goalkeeper and defined with a shot full of emotion that has come crying. It was 1-0 and the match until then pretty much even, has begun to break.

Barca offered their best football when it has been ahead on the scoreboard. Rafa Alcantara, Ernesto and again Deulofeu have enjoyed good opportunities to extend the lead, but it was Gustavo who has scored the second account Barca with a powerful cross shot with his left foot from outside the area that surprised goalkeeper Edgar . The 2-0 was very fair and Espanyol has only created danger following a scare Unzué, who wanted to go play with the ball under control. It came to rest with the final control.

In the second half the players from both teams have paid the efforts of the first half and especially the strong heat that has lived in Ceuta all morning. Much less intense than at the beginning, the commitment has become more equal and Espanyol has had a clear chance which has always ended with good interventions Unzué, decisive in the second half. However, the few news both areas were positive for Barça practical and intelligent, who has been proclaimed Champion Cup for 18th time in its history. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Juvenil A: Unzué, Edu (Ayala, min 82), Sergi Gómez, Rosell, Balliu, Gustavo, Ernesto (Herrera, min 90), Masó, Rafa, Espinosa (Palau, min 75) y Deulofeu (Dongou, min 87). No ha jugado Carlos.

Espanyol: Edgar, Héctor (Alejandro, min 68), Duarte (Eric, min 45), Carlos (Gil, min 84), Blanchart, Pau, Blázquez, Gabi, Thievy, Pirulo y Paul Quaye (Miravent, min 65). No ha jugado Germán.

Goals: 1-0, Deulofeu (min 11); Gustavo (min 32)

Referee: Ramón Arias Madrid

Preseason 21852.37 miles to go

In 2011/12 the club three weeks will start to prepare the course. During the preseason Guardiola will tour and visit Split 21852.37 km, Munich, Washington, Miami and Dallas.

Will be Monday July 18 when the first team start preparations for the 2011/12 year. Ahead Pep Guardiola and his team will have a few weeks to hone his players ahead of next season, with the immediate challenge of the Super Cup against Real Madrid Spain to be held in mid August. Once again the season Barça not only take place in Barcelona, ​​but that cross borders and are held at various locations. This time it's Croatia, Germany and the United States that host sites for a few days the best team in Europe.

Barcelona> Split> Barcelona: 2384.62 miles

After a few days of preparation in Barcelona, ​​Guardiola's team will travel to the Croatian city of Split to play the first pre-season friendly against Hajduk . Will be Saturday July 23 (20.30). In total 2384.62 km between departure and return.

Barcelona> Munich: 1054.55 kilometers

Three days later the FC Barcelona will take back the plane to start a trip a little longer. The first stop will be Munich to play the Copa Audi 26 and July 27. The Porto Alegre International will be the first opponent of the tournament, which will continue the next day with the dispute of the final or third and fourth against Milan or Bayern Munich . The first stop will 1054.55 kilometers.

Munich> Washington: 6.811,34 kilometers

Bypassing Barcelona, ​​Barça will move directly to the United States where he will tour American soil for about ten days. The first U.S. city to receive the FC Barcelona is Washington, home of the match between Guardiola against Manchester United on July 31, at 1 am (ET Catalan). This trip will be the second longest of the season, to 6811.34 kilometers beforehand.

Washington> Miami: 1.487,48 kilómetros

From Washington will be time after moving to Miami, site of Barca's second friendly United States. 1487.48 kilometers between one city to another, where FC Barcelona will play against Chivas on August 4 at 2 am (ET Catalan).

Miami> Dallas: 1.785,02 kilometers

1.785,02 kilometers separate Miami Dallas The third and final stop of the Barcelona of his 'tour' of America. In the Texas city Guardiola will face the American Club on August 6 to 22 hours.

Dallas> Barcelona: 8329.36 kilometers

Returning home, once the tour is the longest journey. To reach Barcelona Barça must travel about 8329.36 miles. Will be the last movement of equipment before re-packing to go to Madrid, now, to play the first game of the season 2011/12, the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain (August 14). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago: "I do not want to leave Barca"

Barca squad cleared the doubts at the buzzer of the U21 about their future selecicón.

Thiago Alcántara joked with the rumors that are outside of Barcelona next season, making it clear he does not want to abandon the discipline of FC Barcelona and said, as a joke, after winning the European Championship with Spain under-21 of Denmark, its " future is to hold the title in the bus. "

According to the average Portuguese picked up the 'A Bola' the player insisted on his decision not to let the club: "I do not want to leave the boat."

Thiago left the goal of the tournament to make a kick from 40 yards. "It's something that leaves you without stopping to think. They are making decisions that you make during the game. A reaction that takes the player on the field," he admitted.

The midfielder did not want to take a leading role in success. "What we have achieved is not the triumph of one, two or three players. It is a victory for the team. We've done a very good European start to finish. It is the triumph of style culminated with a grand finale."

The player confirmed he will not be present in the U20 World which takes place this year. (via SPORT)

Neymar is afraid to Messi

The great promise of the current wants to keep the Brazilian football superstar treatment if you change the Santos for a European giant.

Neymar has no profile club. His' stars and selfishness became unviable possible arrival at the best team in the world. Their presence in the locker room would blaugrana a constant source of tension, a potentially distorting element, which could endanger the pineapple created by Pep, which is being so critical to make history.

Barcelona stalled quickly how to be the front of the Mohicans' ¿. The technical secretariat moved much faster than the book of Florentino. He was even before the first team debut for Santos in 2008. In football, the Brazilian had everything to reinforce the attack Barca this season: a bold band player, he breaks one-on-one, has an extraordinary technique, speed, goal secures title in South America but what if there was contact with her inner circle ran the crush. Everything stopped.

Barca Neymar noticed that feared being diluted playing alongside Messi, Villa, Xavi, Iniesta and co. Instead of seeing their potential partners as partners and facilitators of their game, seen as rivals end up eating your space. This idea haunted him. The Brazilian, who has grown up always being the center of attention, was not willing to give up the quota of personalism that involves playing with the best, something that the club now known as Samuel Eto ¿cases oo mainly Zlatan Ibrahimovic .

Technicians Blaugrana were certain in their views. Neymar environment confirms this position. The Saints set up a council of senior executives outside of Brazilian companies, including Banco Santander there are leaders in the South American country, to advise the player and the club. This week, after winning the Copa Libertadores, in one of these meetings Neymar father said his son could have gone to Barca, but rather go to a club where they were really the protagonist. The Neymar considered in Madrid there is only one real crack, that is Cristiano Ronaldo, and which therefore may be treated as galactic already in Brazil and longs to keep Europe.

The player himself was quoted as saying his father, the position of second fiddle to Real Madrid Mourinho has favored him, as if to unseat Barcelona, ​​get more recognition. Even Sandro Rosell knows first hand the views of the player, which coincided with a tribute match Ronaldo in Brazil recently.

Laporta wanted to test the signing for the season 2012-13 Neymar Do you agree with the possible departure of Guardiola's club for the upcoming season is his last met But the refusal of the Brazilian. And is that any player who shares Neymar team with Messi is in a position to contest the throne. Neymar, which ensures that dream someday to the level of `La Pulga do you acknowledge that Argentina is now the number one. "I always said and repeat it as often as needed. Messi is above all. "

This statement comes after the Brazilian's touch of attention Maradona Neymar referred to as "a rude like Pele." while stressing that "Messi is an exceptional level and I doubt anyone over it."

The individual way of thinking about football has made the Mohicans' ¿is virtually the only player on the planet, with potential quality to be in the club, you prefer another destination. This is a position antagonistic to signings such as David Villa and Javier Mascherano, examples of team player and how good result this season has given the club. With only 19 years Neymar no longer a 'menino', with strong traces of immaturity of their age, and an environment instead of trying to re-educate and stop it, feed every day a growing egomania.

Leo is left in a juvenile partidillo to the Argentinos Juniors

One day after his birthday, Lionel Messi returned to work in the face of Copa América debut against Bolivia. The training included a youth practice before the club Argentinos Juniors. The first meeting lasted 70 minutes and Argentina won 3 to 0. Messi scored the first goal and was joined in attack by Tevez and Di Maria. Batista congratulated Messi because of its high level of play to the lads showed Bicho. The second game ended 10-1! Higuain with three goals, three of Kun, one of Gago, Lavezzi, Biglia and Valeri. By the way, Batista said the three players who will be out of the final list: Monzón, Valeri and Enzo Pérez. (via SPORT)

The cache of Barcelona, ​​the highest in world football

The Catalan club will begin in late July on a tour of the United States being the best is considered economically.

In 2003, just input the board of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta, the Barca team, then coached by Frank Rijkaard, he went to America to play a tour that took him through Boston, Philadelphia and Washington. Barcelona entity, for every one of those 'bowling ¿, received $ 0.5 million, less than half a million euros. Manchester United, who participated in that same tour and was its rival in Philadelphia, received more than double. At that time, the English club he pulled a great benefit to Barca in both revenue and global positioning.

Eight years later, United return to Barcelona and match in the U.S. and will face off at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. And the conditions in which a team arrives and another have changed considerably. While the United cache has grown recently, the FC Barcelona has tripled in recent years to the point of being considered economically better club. This growth has been paralleled by sporting success of the company, which has won three Champions League since 2006.

FC Barcelona will receive the American tour this season where they have also been invited Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus as European clubs, a fixed amount of EUR 1.4 million per game.

Real Madrid, who like Barca will play three matches, is one step below and collect 1.3 million euros. In third place is the Manchester United, with 1.2 million. The latter are Manchester City and Juventus.

All these conditions were agreed to by the previous board of directors in 2008 before the censure motion, signed a very ambitious company that holds the operating rights to Major League Soccer (MLS) for the dissemination and growth soccer in the United States.

The organizers of the American tour next season are rubbing their hands because they had the great good fortune of being able to replay the final of the Champions League this season between Barcelona and Manchester United. It will be July 30. Being in the United States champion and runner-up in Europe, the two best teams in the world is not easy.

The club has to renew the contract with Major League Soccer (MLS)

In 2008, New York, Jaume Ferrer, Ferran Soriano, vice president of marketing and economic development of FC Barcelona respectively, signed a very ambitious and pioneering with representatives of Major League Soccer (MLS). The Catalan club agreed to participate in three U.S. tours in the next five years. Besides having a minimum guaranteed by the three tours (ten million), the club is entitled to a percentage of the income statement entries and sponsors. This contract expires in August this year, it will be the third time the club plays in the U.S. in five seasons. Renew and will be the responsibility of the current board. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez: "I want to be the best in the world"

The Chilean speaks little, but when it does is sincere SPORT discusses how Alexis, seen by himself‘Niño Maravilla',

Alexis Sanchez has everything to achieve success in football. Genio. But it is not enough to succeed, your challenge is greater, huge. The Chilean wants to become the best in the world. No friend of microphones and grandiloquent speeches, the ‘Niño Maravilla' do you talk with the boots. Therefore, it has granted few interviews since its inception in professional football, with only 17. But when spoken, has had no qualms in sincerity and naked inside. SPORT has a review of its interventions in the press, especially that of his country, where Alexis explains how he is and how it behaves on a pitch.

"I am humble and my friends always give me tips that I was not the fumes rise to the head," admitted the player the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio What `2006. At that time, the Tocopilla beginning to take seriously its future as a professional player, but then seemed to be quite clear that his goal was to make history, "my dream is to win many major titles," said one boy of 17 who left his undergraduate studies to try to open a hole in the courts.

Many know his nickname of `Dilla ¿," I put it because I was always small above the trees by removing the balls to keep playing, "but not everyone knows that you currently coach Claudio Borghi Chilean who once coached striker in the Colo-Colo `Do you call again Do dog" because as soon as I catch the ball start to run to and fro, do not stop never. "

A year after I started living as a footballer, Alexis realized that was done to succeed. He was only 18 when the player let go a real statement, "now I have only 18, but I progress, I want everyone to know me, I need to finalize and more goals, but someday I want to be the best player in the world. " It's bold showed four years ago.

Even then the end was clear that to be the world's best player should play with the best, and then made a surprising statement now: "I like to play in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​to become the world's best" told the press in his country at the time.

His timidity of expression contrasts with its boldness when heeled shoes boots. Sanchez admitted as a player outright, without fear of anyone or anything. "I've never been afraid to kick, and the more I give, I have more desire to play. When defenders get heavier and began kicking tell them to engage in play, which hits are for boxers. "

Anyway, the player has matured over time. Thus, in 2008 acknowledged that he had learned to live with the constant provocations of the enemy, "before I bothered to give me and insult me, but I laughed because it was small and could not do otherwise. Now I want to answer, but I remain calm and say 'joga bonito ¿. Then heat up even more. "

One of the most striking details that Alexis is his habit of not caring at all about their rivals to the point of not knowing the names of the players you face, "I do not know the opponents do not know your name, entered the stadium to play but I do not know against whom. "

Used to move from the technical reports of rivals and the press: "I'm never reported because the newspapers just look at the photos and headlines." In this sense, the Chilean knows that should change, since two years ago recognized that "to know what a defense would help me to pass, but on the court you must do different things, one can not think what to do before the game ".

Dilla's humility `Does it apply to the time to pay attention to veterans and listen to advice from people who knows best. In this sense, the player would connect seamlessly with the coach Pep Guardiola, as is the first to insist that "a player can not lose respect for a coach because without respect there is no coexistence."

As a good football fans enjoy watching Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but his childhood idol was' Or Ronaldo ¿phenomenon, and that when I was little did not have television at home and had to fend for watching football. However, recognizing that their real role model was his brother Humberto, "is older than me and always played in` 10 do you want all the teams in northern Chile, but he preferred to focus on other issues, such as dancing in disco. "

One of the criticisms that Alexis has had to live since its inception is that accuse him of being an individual player. The striker admits he likes having the ball at his feet, but does not think his mentality is to play pacifier `¿, but rather the opposite. "I say I'm an individualist, but what happens is that seeks to create danger and maybe I'm too much with the ball and that makes me make mistakes, but I learned to choose better times and I think I've improved," said the Chilean in an interview with Don Ball this year and in which he defended by saying, "I like to face but I always understood that in some sectors of the field is better to play and find the best time to try to find the destabilizing factor." This is Alexis, viewed by itself.

Wait 'is this weeks white smoke

Alexis Sanchez has not lost all hope of being presented as a Barca player before starting the Copa America next July 1. Claudio Borghi, Chilean coach, he has set a limit that time to travel to Barcelona, ​​in the case of closing the deal and his future is resolved, and can be presented.
Gino Pozzo, Udinese boss's son, hopes to be in Barcelona next Tuesday and thereafter is scheduled to be held another meeting with officials to try to bring Barca positions and reach a definitive agreement for the transfer of striker.
Barca change their offer accepted but the numbers that trigger the transfer. Knows that it has in its favor with the desire of Alexis call at the Camp Nou and that Manchester City have lost interest in the operation. But the Italian club demands a number above 40 million and a very large payment that conflicts with the idea of ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta in conditions much of that amount to the variables and want to allocate more time periods. (via SPORT)

Adriano: "Leo is that it comes with great confidence"

The only way to stop him is with a shot," joked.

"I think the only way to stop Messi is with one stone," joked Adriano Correia from the concentration of the 'Seleçao' in Los Cardales, about 60 kms. of Buenos Aires, where he appeared at a news conference.

Adriano highlighted that "Leo is that you comes out, like it evidenced in the recent one again friendly of Argentina before Albania", in allusion to his goal and an estratosférica attendance to Kun Agüero. "You are experiencing a great moment, a very high quality player. Moreover, it is a confidence that is difficult to see in a player and everything goes well," he said.

Whenever questions from journalists, as fans would like a cup final between the white and blue America and the "Seleção", Adriano said that regardless of the drastic methods aim at first, "sure there are resources to stop him" because that the selection "Messi has either Xavi or Iniesta. There are other colleagues and things are different."

Summoned next to Dani Alves for Mano Menezes, Adriano also pointed out that "a final of the World cup of Clubs between Barça and Santos would be brilliant. God willing the two teams can fight for the title." (via MD)

Ricky Álvarez, the substitute of Cesc in Arsenal

Ricky Alvarez , Argentine footballer Velez Sarsfield, is called to be the new Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal. Given that the Catalan player could leave once and for all, the English club this summer and heading to FC Barcelona, ​​Arsene Wenger would have found the perfect replacement for Arenys.

The coach of the Gunners has asked the directors of Arsenal return to negotiations for the player of Velez, considered the revelation of Argentine football this season, and the English club would be preparing a bid of 11 million pounds for him, notes the British newspaper ' The Sun '

Although from the London club say they have not yet reached agreement on Alvarez , Mauricio Zamparini , president of Palermo , has said that the midfielder has signed for Arsenal : "In January we had seemed assured, but we were slow, we miss and this time signed with Arsenal, "he said in remarks to a radio station in Naples. (via MD)

Capdevila option to the left side of Barcelona

The Villarreal player, feasible alternative and quality to the left lane.

As is the transfer market, with prices soaring and even prohibitive, the Barça weighing the idea of putting in place and plan B to cover some of the demands of Pep Guardiola . One post asked the technician to reinforce the left side. Nothing more after the season in the Nou Camp negotiated with Sporting Gijon by José Ángel but requiring four million home became an almost insurmountable obstacle. Since then at least until two days there have been no further contact. In the folder of alternatives to the Under-21 international, regardless of José Enrique, of Newcastle , revealed by MD, appears in a prominent place Joan Capdevila of Villarreal .

The Yellow Submarine has opened the door. In technical plans Juan Carlos Garrido , Capdevila not appear anywhere. He has gone from being a necessary defense to see that next to his photo is written the word transferable. José Manuel Llaneza , CEO yellow, informed his agent Horacio Gaggioli , who has therefore several clubs. Could a change of scenery in January for the interest of Juventus and Fenerbahce but Villarreal decided to renew until 2013. However, disappeared from eleven became the third side. Gaggioli MD said yesterday that it has received a call from Barca and not drive deals.

Technicians Barca believe meets all the criteria they seek in a left back. Would not spend any more than the tab. He has experience, is offensive, like around the band and plenty of goal. At 33 and with his outgoing personality would know assume the role of substitute. It also has the blessing of the Barça dressing room. Its status as European champion and World and its excellent international relations with Barca on its side. (via MD)

Josep Soler, president story of a faceless

Barca illustrated timeline for completing their.
He was the president who succeeded Arthur Witty and predecessor Juli Marial.

FC Barcelona requests help to the follower azulgrana to be able to find a picture of which was fifth president of the club, Josep Soler.

Carles Santacana, director of the Center for Documentation and Studies of FC Barcelona, ​​acknowledges a "hole" on-the archives of the club, and therefore urges 'Catalans' to investigate in their memories, put faces to the Barca story preterit. In the club's website addresses can be enabled to send pictures.

Josep Soler, relief of Arthur Witty, shows up as a character to the one that very few they are able to recognize, an almost ghastly entity of which you grieve keeps data in the documental bottom of the entity azulgrana: the name and that it was chosen in assembly by a command, something common in the club at the beginning of the XX century. It is speculated that in addition to president, exercised a player, because at that time the club was a group of friends where the players belong to both the board. Soler Two were in the workforce, one of them can be President without a face.

The time that Soler is framed in front of the club's October 6, 1905 to October 6, 1906 - represents a dark moment for club: declining membership, no activity of the entity, crisis and even the legendary sports Bilbao defeat at 10-1. However, Carles Santacana asserts that "without it, certainly had not reached the following"

Cadete A right back Javi García Pimientar, Marc Navarro, dissociated by surprise FC Barcelona has signed for Espanyol Juvenil B, heading Fran Navarro. Marc was nine years in the lower categories of the entity Barca. The recently concluded season scored seven goals despite being defense and won it all with FC Barcelona League Championship Catalunya and MIC, and precisely in Palamos against Espanyol. Marc Navarro's departure is taken in the Barca naturally, since many offers they receive their players as the club seeks strengthened with players from other teams

[Youth] Oscar goes for the Cup without having renewed

The coach and Juvenil A, Champions League and the Champions Cup, travel to Ceuta launched yesterday looking for a historic treble.

Juvenil A Barca is a party to celebrate the treble. Champion Group III Honor Division and the Copa de Campeones, Oscar Garcia's team will play tomorrow in Ceuta and against Espanyol, the Cup of the category. This third title would match the feat that Juan Carlos Pérez Rojo and his players achieved in the 2004-2005 season. A resounding success, however, has not cleared the doubts about the continuity of the Barca coach under contract for another six days.

Asked about the surprising slowness of the club proposing the renovation, MD Oscar Garcia assured to be focused only on the grand final. "Now is not the time. There is a game title and remain a few days to talk about it. I have a contract until June 30," he said before traveling.

After exercising in the Ciutat Esportiva early hours of yesterday afternoon, the expedition Barca took a plane to Malaga, where he stayed overnight. This morning we completed the second part of the journey by coach to Algeciras moving and climbing after a ferry. In bags, complete dose of hope for a campaign honors beating his two rivals, Real Madrid and Espanyol. Martin Posse parakeets are all a bone. In the league finished level on 71 points with only general-average goal gave Barca the title. "It's a great rival and will not be easily overcome. They will have a special motivation for the league," he said, admitting that the two titles "have strengthened our morale."

A derby strange, very strange, almost inexplicable. Ceuta risking more than a thousand miles away from Barcelona and the Catalan fans anticipating few. For Oscar is not a problem. "For weeks we knew," he said. It will, however, the third derby of the season. Interestingly, the club won in Sant Adrià and Espanyol in Sant Joan Despi. "We have seen again losdos parties and we face a great Espanyol. There were mistakes we will correct," he added. Oscar sees "a single key to winning but many." Espanyol will fly early this morning to Malaga and then by boat to Ceuta. (via MD)

Thiago can still be key in the signing of Cesc

Arsenal remains willing to enter treatment.

Cesc Fabregas remains the priority signing to Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta, that is clear. However, it will be easy since the Arsenal, knowing he has a diamond in its ranks, the most Barca tighten unless the player decides to take Arenys a position of strength and not present at the team training of Arsène Wenger. But if they do not, Arsenal will continue to seek the maximum.

In any case, the club 'gunner' also has a weakness for which the club could attack, the player who likes to meet with Wenger Cesc Fabregas is Thiago Alcántara. And there could refloat it. In fact, FC Barcelona does not rule out including the Spanish-ending Brazilian operation, always with an option to repurchase. It would be a good start for all parties: Cesc fulfill his dream, Arsenal have a spare right profile, and Barca would lower the price of the transaction and put Thiago an ideal match to complete their training.

Because the FC Barcelona also think, much in the immediate future of Thiago and planning that goes through the squad, if finally comes, is tanned in a team as close to Barcelona. And of those, there are not many in the world. One is Arsenal, who practice a creative, attacking soccer. The other, Villarreal, a group that has made good ball a hallmark. (via MD)

One of the offers by Thiago is 18 million!

What has increased the valuation of the player.

When the direction of the FC Barcelona sporting raised in their day include Thiago Alcantara in the Operation Cesc ', one of the main unknowns was how to price the midfielder. Thiago is a footballer with a promising future and enviable technical quality but had not yet shown almost nothing in the international arena.

The first assessment was made of the player was around 10 million euros, but that amount has been increased as a result of what has been happening later. And, for example, one of the offers that have come to the Catalan club the player is 18 million, something he has done to retrain managers and now consider that the price of Thiago is between 15 and 20 million.

Another can raise its price even more. And the greatest of Alcantara today can claim under-21 champion with the Spanish team and being named best player of the tournament. (via MD)

Messi-Kun: There are 'feeling'

Agüero praises Barca crack and confess that enjoys playing with Leo in the selection
Close friends since 2005, says athletic forward that form the perfect fit

Not even a month ago, hours after winning the Champions League to Manchester United at Pep Guardiola was asked by the grand lesson of Messi and how will Barcelona 2011-2012. The coach did not hesitate to respond: to give Leo all the signings need to provide some variation and remains the largest. After those words, many thought that Barca could not sign a player such Agüero or Neymar , but if Leo asked him his opinion, would have clear problems with the ' Kun ', none, just the opposite. Just look at the 'feeling' between them in the days before the Copa America .

The idea is preposterous. The ' Kun 'has already announced its desire to leave the Athletic League but still. In Calderon take their bye but not to go to Madrid . The Barça is different. A broker offered it to the board Barca and Atletico sporting director, Jose Luis Perez Caminero , passed by the Camp Nou. Would be cheaper than the 50 million required by Udinese 's Alexis Sanchez .

With the ' Kun ', the Barca would save the adaptation process and would be guaranteed connection between the two stars. In recent days, the front could not be more emphatic about their relationship: "For me Leo is the best in the world and always will be, I tell everyone. Play your hand in the selection makes me very happy. Despite we are rivals in the league, we get along very well and we are friends. " What are since they started to coincide with the lower of the Argentina national team in the FIFA U-20 2005. Messi had 19 years and ' Kun ', just 17. Barca, Golden Boot and Golden Ball of the tournament, was his host. After sharing a room followed in the Beijing Olympics and the World Cup. "Leo always ask me, 'What team are you going?" I'm going to tell me first right? But I tell you now know nothing, and when they know he will be the first to know, "revealed himself 'Kun'. There is no doubt that you understand and very well. "Yes, true," he adds.

In the friendly against Albania in preparation for the 2011 Copa America , the 'Kun' entered the second half. Seeing him on the field, "Leo said, 'when he grabbed the ball, pica'. Then when I put my goal, I shot, 'I told you so', to which I replied 'yes, I know idiot," discovered laughs the athlete. What is clear. They are a "perfect" society and not hide it. (via MD)

Henrique: Barça requests to Seville four million euros for the Brazilian central

Sevilla are looking to strengthen the central template Sevilla.

His first goal, notes' Estadio Deportivo, was Cesar Navas, who is playing at the Rubin Kazan. However, the financial claims of the Russian team make it unfeasible. The second alternative is Henrique, who has played center on loan at Racing Santander last two seasons and would fill the aspirations of Seville. The coach Marcelino Garcia Toral, knows from his time in the whole Cantabrian and believes that adapt well to the Andalusian team.

Barca would not dim the operation, since it would ensure obtaining a transfer by the Brazilian central, the remaining two years of contract. The figure would be between four and five million euros, an amount less than what Rubin calls for Navas. Next week could intensify the movements between the two. (via SPORT)

Víctor Sánchez: "Switzerland is a possibility, but nothing is decided yet"

Neuchatel Xamax in Switzerland has set three of the players that the club has assigned to different teams.

One of them is Victor Sanchez, polyvalent midfielder reached the first team from the hand of Pep Guardiola, technician who reached the second branch B Blaugrana. Sanchez has played on loan at Xerez and Getafe, where he played 21 games as a starter and eight as a substitute. His season has helped him to several clubs want to strengthen their squads with him. One of them, the Swiss, who after the arrival of Chechen millionaire Bulat Chagaev, wants to complete a strong workforce. Victor has not yet decided what to do: "It's a possibility, but there are teams in the league who are interested. We must speak with all parties because I still have a year contract with the club, "said the player.

Neuchatel is also interested in incorporating the central Brazilian striker Henrique Keirrison, both owned by FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Henry: "In New York they ask me a lot for Barça"

The French striker Red Bulls of New Yorkers do not forget his last club in Europe, where he won the treble.

Thierry Henry describes the distance from the feelings that you have to watch Barca TV. The French international, who plays for New York Red Bulls, hallucinates with the game of his former teammates. "I'm really impressed, like everyone. I have been fortunate to play with those guys, I've been playing great Milan, Cruyff's Dream Team at ... but for me the best team in history. Not only because they win, but by the way: always play up, causing pressure, give an impression of incredible ease, "describes the French in an interview with France Football '¿.

Henry is one that believes "the way to victory is more important than the victory itself, winning is more important, but winning as they do give you more value." The key was the arrival of Pep: "Since he arrived three years ago, have won eleven titles. Are those that let you put yourself in history as one of the largest. Inheritance titles end up being. " Titi 'is it a regular follower of the boat: "I look at all the weekends because they conceive football as I do. Everyone here tells me about the club and ask me how it was. It is an extraordinary team and Pep is an amazing guy. He arrived with his ideas and philosophy that has changed everything, "says the French international. He says he tries to apply the philosophy Barca in the Red Bulls.

Banned for giving a 'campion'

Thierry Henry saw a yellow card during the meeting that New York Red Bulls played against Portland Timbers. The French, as well as mark one of the goals that served to pull a draw (3-3) in Oregon, took a couple of 'collejas' an opponent in an argument, which earned him expulsion from the college Ricardo Salazar . The referee played a light touch as an assault and was too harsh. In fact, the sporting director of New York set, Erik Soler, has claimed that Henry is not sanctioned and revised action. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Oriol Romeu was the star of the feast of the PB Ulldecona

The 29th anniversary of the PB had a Ulldecona very special character, the young midfielder Oriol Romeu Barca, a native of this town Montsià and also a member of penya from small, as are their parents.

The entity that presides Jordi Vergés Reverté wanted to pay tribute to his debut in the first team officially the season just ended. Oriol penya gave to his two jerseys with number 37. One will be framed in the social and the other was randomly selected among the two hundred who attended the anniversary dinner, held at Track Poliesportiva. The PBU, meanwhile, gave a very special picture, which is the European Cup in 1992 ... with the four grandparents of the player.

The club was represented at the party for the leadership of the Comissió of Penyes, Griselda Soteras and the representative of CCP in Terres de l Ebre, Ramon Fibla. On the part of the session was attended by six council members, invested, of course, the day before.

During the ceremony proceeded to relay pubilla of the entity. Pla Arantxa Villarroya Silvia gave the band Fibla Reverté. Also presented the latest issue of the Journal of the penya, noise, which is dedicated to Romeu. And, besides the aforementioned shirt, diners were drawn between a number of articles Barca.

Penya accompanied the delegations of the PB host Joan Gamper (Amposta) Vinaròs, Deltebre, L ^ Ampolla, Vicenç Piera (St. Carles de la Rapita, Benicarló, Alcan, Traiguera, planers (Santa Barbara), L ^ Ametlla de Mar and Mont-Caro (Roquetes). (via SPORT)

The 'crown jewel' of Málaga says 'no' to Barcelona

A boy of 11 years, aimed so high compared to Leo Messi to his age, has unleashed a "war" buried between Malaga and Barcelona • At the end remains in the sheikh's club, with enough money to be made.

They say that Messi is the new and not playing to the gallery. At 11, Brahim Abdelkader Diaz, Brahim, does the same mischief that the Argentine star when I was his age. He has 11 years, but he just opened an underground war between Malaga and Barcelona, ​​which nearly taking him to the farmhouse. In the end it is the club of Sheikh Al-Thani, who is a jewel in the quarry.

The player, rather his father has been for a few weeks under the discipline of the ship, change of residence. But Malaga moved tab, and money, and has retained the child's future. It has taken tons of diplomacy and a lot of money, which will take the parent: € 10,000 this year, 20,000 over the next parents' housing and education of the boy. Not bad with the times.

Malaga base in football was known to spare, but the little striker shot to fame when the vice president of Malaga, Abdullah Ghubn right hand of Sheikh, visited him at his home in the humble neighborhood of Two Sisters alerted quality boy. He promised, in jest, one of his brand new car if she continued to progress and finished his studies. It was an affectionate nod to a child who was capable of anything in years. Now, now, defending the colors of Malaga Blue BBVA in the tournament, played in Cadiz. The tournament in Brunete of life, so to speak.

Brahim reached a landmark football club as basic as the Pigeon Shooting Malaga with just six years. There he saw the CD player was Malaga, Jaime José Andrés, who accompanied him from the start and has looked after him. It was not long to notify the Malaga between his hands a jewel beyond compare. "He was a crook. I did not expect the qualities I saw in him. It was something innate and special," says Jaime.

About four years ago came to the discipline jellyfish and has since tied in each of their parties, desperate rivals. "One rival coach came to us asking that we put or not they were to remove the field," recalled James.

The small star Malaga has always played a year above his age "because I needed motivation." Now being juvenile has played games in senior and the elderly can not with him. A story that reminds us of what is now the best player in the world.

Both spoke of the gossip Brahim in football that the club, which signed Messi, was soon to slaughter and set it to La Masia. The club has come to terms with his father for a transfer of residence and a new contract for him.

Barca moved behind the Malaga and the child met Pep Guardiola, Villa and Iniesta, who taught him the first team dressing room at the Camp Nou in January. But since then, the club Espanyol, with the sheik's head has not stopped to get her jewelry.

So much so that today, the child's environment BRAND ensures that will not go to Malaga. "We always want to stay here. At this age must be with his people and his family." Something acknowledged by the club. "Brahim is with us, will not leave."

Cradled in a poor family, not without economic problems that now seem resolved with the offer of Malaga we've reviewed. But the siren song of Barca have been a real headache for parents Brahim. We have a lot of laps but eventually the kid stays in Malaga by convincing the body of his qualities as a player and the chances that it becomes a crack.

Much has to do also the boy's grandfather, who has accompanied him for hours every day, every practice and every ride I had to do. They say those who know the story is the figure of the grandfather has settled any hint of madness around Brahim. (via Marca.com)

Zaragoza tempt Jonathan Dos Santos

Aguirre wants and the club has requested the transfer Aragon midfielder.

Real Zaragoza has intensified in the late contact with the environment Jonathan dos Santos to try to Barcelona B midfielder joins the Aragonese club discipline for the next season.

As noted from various sources, the agreement with the player would be close and that FC Barcelona would fail to accept requests from Zaragoza. The intention of the club hand would make the transfer of Dos Santos, although the Catalan prefer to produce a move to need money to meet other operations. The problem is that the economic situation of the Aragonese, in the midst of bankruptcy law is very delicate and are not at great expense.

The 'father' of the possible signing of Jonathan would compatriot Javier Aguirre, coach of Zaragoza, who said in Mexico that "the brothers Dos Santos would be the icing" the new project hand. The coach said "we time talking to Jonathan and maintaining contacts with Zubizarreta. In Jonathan I want." Aguirre's intention would be to gather into one the two brothers team with fellow Mexican players and Efrain Juarez Pablo Barrera. (via MD)

[Selection Under-21 Euro Final] Switzerland 0 - 2 Spain

Spain won its third European sub'21 by defeating Switzerland in the final (0-2) and Aarhus touched the sky with a celestial Thiago, author of a goal to frame a failure at 40 yards out to put the finishing a tournament that runs Spanish rule in football.

A new generation full of brilliance was proclaimed champion of Europe in a stadium to be world heritage site for Spain. Born in Aarhus Stadion in absolute style that led her to become champion of Europe and the world. Kids Horse, a priceless heritage of the game, capped a flawless tournament.

They overcame the pressure of being favorites. The run of success in Spanish football rivals causes studied the game and translate an approach focused on destruction, rather than show its qualities. It happened to Switzerland. So brilliant in his final game. Segura on defense, without conceding a goal. He sacrificed the quality of players like Xhaka Shaquiri or in the fight. In the challenge to stop the magic of changing the rhythm players: Thiago and Ander Herrera.

In Spain it took to break the game. Except for an isolated arrival Adrian culminating in a facility that did not find auctioneer, got stuck. The pressure of the final. The accumulated fatigue of a team in which Miller has not rotated. Emerged a figure above all to maintain strength. It's Javi Martinez. As a means in the European single center has proved to be the great ruler.

After the exhibition of work without the ball, the lobbying of Spain was lowered. Caused, even demands, your domain will not be overwhelming. And beginning lacked depth. Thiago, the player who transformed the game, always had two rivals over.

Switzerland crouched. The danger for Spain was the same in the semifinals with Belarus. An isolated complicate the picture coming team Milla. And it came to the half hour mark. A maneuver Shaqiri, the culminating with a right powerful fists pulled De Gea. It served to awaken the Spanish team. Good concepts were not implemented. The advance made Muniain gall lines and approaching the danger zone. Thiago tried it and grazed the crossbar with a shot from distance. And the award came through the revelation of Spain in the championship. Didac put a perfect cross on a hill utilizing the space and Anderson surprised everyone, appearing from second line to head the network. There were four minutes before the break.

Switzerland had to modify their approach to match. He tried in the second act, running the risk of a lethal backlash Spanish. Two lacked freshness in the head and legs. The rate was low and after an auction in Emeghara race, the boys took possession of the ball Mile. It was the day Adrian. A foreign player. Able to score when you least expect to lose every ball as it comes. He did not enjoy occasions. Muniain were in boots, he ran into the safety of Sommer and Javi Martinez, who topped high-action strategy.

Before kneeling Switzerland gave two scares De Gea with two headers from Kasami and Klose found that door. And finally surrendered to the quality of Thiago. Ideas of genius. Running master. When waiting to play short a fault. He hit from 40 yards with a masterful smooth. On both a football championship will mark a time if not twist your way. The finishing touch for the champion. The "golden generation" of the Spanish team has a guaranteed future absolute.

Thiago, best player in the final and Adrian, the tournament

The Spanish, as well as proclaimed champion of Europe, was also at the individual level distinctions. Thus, Thiago Alcantara was named best player of the finals and Adrian - author of five goals - was chosen as best player.


[Technical Data]
Switzerland: Koch, Klose, Rossini, Berardi; Lustenberger; Shaqiri, Frei (Gavranovic, m.54), Xhaka (Kasami, m.68), Emeghara (Abrashi, m.54); y Mehmedi.

Spain: De Gea; Montoya, Botía, Domínguez, Didac Vilá; Javi Martínez, Ander Herrera (Capel, m.89), Thiago, Mata, Muniaín (Parejo, m.86); y Adrián (Jeffrén, m.81).

Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA). Admonished Lustenberger (16) and Berardi (62) Switzerland, and Javi Martinez (78) and De Gea (92) for Spain.

Incidents: sub'21 European final played in Denmark in Aarhus Stadium before 16,110 spectators on. The referee black wristbands for the death of Vladimir Russian collegiate Pettay in a plane crash. Michel Platini chaired the meeting, chief executive of UEFA, accompanied by Angel Maria Villar, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)