25 June 2011

Gago: "Gives pleasure to see Barça play"

The Argentine publicly praised Real Madrid FC Barcelona.

Fernando Gago, Real Madrid spoke at the ESPN television show, 'Pure Chemistry' and praised the play of FC Barcelona: "Barcelona is the best team, well ahead of Real Madrid. We're talking about a team that is is considered the best ever. "

"It's awesome, glad to see them play," added the Argentine.

And it seems he left a message for his coach, Jose Moruinho: "And for one who likes good football." And for fans of Real Madrid: "And the fans do not want to do". "The Whites felt that they could win, but this year was impossible," he added.

On the classic marathon, Gago said: "It was impossible to beat. You can look for alternatives, ways of playing, but it is impossible." (via SPORT)

Barça suspects of the agent of Cesc

Darren Dein is the agent of Cesc Fabregas, but also his friend and confidant. And above all, is not another agent in the eyes of the club 'gunner'.

Darren is the son of David Dein, who was vice chairman of Arsenal and leader of the FA, UEFA and the G-14. His relationship with Arsenal goes beyond the professional and also maintains a close relationship with Arsene Wenger.

That is why the figure of the agent creates some doubts on the board Blaugrana, not just be convinced of all the work being done by Darren Dein in the sense of achieving the transfer of Arenys Barca midfielder. Although it is a key person in the whole operation and also serves as a liaison between the two clubs when necessary, the interests it has with the London club caused some misgivings among those responsible Blaugrana.

Dein, Cesc Fabregas to reject the 15% that would correspond to his transfer, nor will pocket any amount for the movement, although it would do on the revenue that the player would dress Blaugrana. Dein not only negotiate the departure of Arsenal's Cesc but also is negotiating with management the progress of Clichy gunner. That is why there are questions about which are the true preferences of the English actor. (via SPORT)

Barça’s preseason rivals (Ⅵ): Club América

The latest rival FC Barcelona at the U.S. tour will be Club America of Mexico. The club plays at the legendary Estadio Azteca and was the rival FC Barcelona in the semifinals of Club World Cup in Japan in 2006.

The club led by Michel Bauer and has the technical direction of Carlos Reinoso is a very prestigious institution in Mexico and South America. The 'Eagles' have won 14 league crowns and five Mexican CONCACAF.

Of the current squad, the player best known of the Colombian Central America is the Aquivaldo Mosquera, Sevilla player who starred in between 2007 and 2009.

Barca's last match against Club America was the semifinals of Club World Cup 2006. In Yokohama, Frank Rijkaard's team beat the Mexicans (4-0) with goals from Gudjohnsen, Márquez, Ronaldinho and Deco. Barça have qualified for the finals, where they lost to Internacional of Porto Alegre.

In the preseason this year, the August 10, 2006, the club and the Americas met in Houston in a spectacular match that ended with a tie (4 - 4). Nelson Cuevas (3) and an own goal Oleguer scored for the Mexicans, while Marquez, Saviola, Ronaldinho and Eto'o Barca were the scorers.

Club America has been considered the best team in the last decade for the CONCACAF (Confederation of Football in North America, Central America and the Caribbean) as the IFFHS (International Federation of History and Statistics). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mata does not think Barcelona: "In my head is only the final"

Mata says he knows the rumors about a possible interest in signing Barcelona.
The Spaniard player says that the only thing in your head is win the European Under-21.

Juan Mata , striker of Valencia , not to be distracted from anything but the final of the European under-21 tomorrow dispute with Spain to Switzerland at the Aarhus Stadium, and after meeting the interest of Barcelona said on its head "is only the final. " "The truth is that I'm focused on the end to a day of an important game, you can win a title for the Spanish football only think to do well and win the European," he said.

Mata admitted that during the day has received calls from Spain to Silkeborg, where it remains concentrated with the Spanish under-21 to inform the interest of Barcelona. "I pointed out people from Spain all but I'd rather be focused on the end and think only about tomorrow's match against Switzerland," he said. "I do not know if it will be a long summer. At this point the only thing I think is winning the European and hopefully return to Spain with a title that allows better enjoy the holidays," he said. (via MD)

There are alternatives if Alexis does not come to Barca

Mata admitted that he receives "comments" and together with Hazard, William Pastore and is part of plan B if castling Udinese.

If the priority is signing Cesc Fabregas and the president Sandro Rosell has recently admitted that "if you can come will come and if not, will not come", imagine the rush that has the Barca to close the signing of Alexis Sanchez . The Chilean striker is one of the most sought reinforcements for the European champions, but neither he or anyone is going to mortgage the club's economy. So, if anything, the Barca manages a list of alternatives that can be activated at any time if the Udinese turns a deaf ear to the desire of its player. "Just go to Barca," warned Alexis Sanchez. The names are in the room technicians Barca interest, some of them more than a season: Juan Mata , William Borges , Eden Hazard and Javier Pastore .

The Valencia Mata strong resumes after a summer, 12 months ago, were to be taken for granted his move to Barcelona for five years and a transfer of 20 million euros. Finally, the front capable of moving across the front of the attack, remained in Valencia, which was renewed in January until 2014, including a buyout clause of 60 million euros. Yesterday, 24 hours of playing the final of the European Under-21 in Denmark, Mata admitted that there have "gotten comments from Spain", but warned they would rather be "focused in the final against Switzerland." "I do not know if it will be a long summer," he said enigmatically. The end Jeffren Suarez , who likes to Valencia , could cut a deal that is on hold.

Also William , Brazilian winger's Shakhtar Donetsk , is despite his 22 years a classic FC Barcelona in the list of future events. An important detail given their options: it's ending one year contract.

Under a contrast control is also the talented Belgian Eden Hazard , champion of France in Lille when he was 20 years. Has a contract until 2014.

The player is different from all Javier Pastore , less forward and more 'trescuartista' as called in Italy this kind of player who starts from midfield. Its advantage is class apart, their affinity with Leo Messi . His handicap speculation Palermo , similar to that of Udinese with Alexis Sanchez , who nevertheless is still the preferred. (via MD)

Ganso wants to "defeat Barca Messi" before leaving the Santos

The crack young Rio made it clear that Brazil will not move before January.
He Neymar and Danilo are two new soccer sensation of 'canarinha'.

While everyone talks about Neymar in the sky of Brazil are the two most luminous stars. In the same Santos , along with Brazilian striker, who want to Madrid , plays another football great promises of Rio de Janeiro: Paulo Enrique Ganso.

View play the number '10 'Sao Paulo is pure pleasure. Feet and head perfectly connected. Behind many of the goals of Neymar there and fantasy work of this series out of the ball. And these two cracks must be added to the side of São Paulo, Danilo , each day has more fans in Europe.

Ganso's career at Santos is similar to that of Neyman and that is why there is little chance that the two long cracks remain in Brazil. If you have much market Neymar Spain (formerly Barcelona , now Madrid ), Ganso like two Italian teams: Inter Milan (the latter being the favorite).

This really, after the victory in the Copa Libertadores seems very difficult for the two young talents leave the Saints before the World Club , which will face FC Barcelona . Geese, meanwhile, was blunt: "My dream now is to defeat Barca Messi and only then will I be able to go to Italy," said nothing to win the Champions of South America. The challenge is great, but are not the challenges that forge great. (via MD)

Premier is raffled Thiago Alcántara

The 'great' in the Premier going crazy about taking the services of Thiago Alcántara.
Chelsea, United and Arsenal have tempted him, knowing that if Cesc goes, it will be difficult.

In today's market, there are very few young players who have the magnetism that radiates Thiago Alcántara . The best proof of this is that the Barca midfielder has become, having played only 17 games for Barca , one of the players in the team with the most bids. That is because Thiago (20 years) is a player that all the experts agree catalog of 'different'. A quintessential medium technique, a spectacular game viewing and a touch of Brazilian dazzles most fans. In addition, major European clubs know that the squad is bound to be, if Barca finally tab Cesc Fabregas , one of the players with less prominence in the next season.

Taking advantage of this culture medium, some of the 'big' in Europe are tempting Thiago to get their game differently, technical, offensive and vertical. Big European clubs have already fallen by more than one occasion before the Barca and that one way or another, attempting to clone the team's playing Guardiola to try to snatch the Catalans now hold supremacy.

Specifically, as MD has learned, in addition to Atletico , the Roma , the Tottenham and Malaga have also thrown their nets on Thiago the Chelsea , the Manchester United and Arsenal .

The Chelsea is precisely the Barca midfielder's first choice if you finally have to leave because there 'overbooking' on average with the arrival of Cesc . The club 'blue' has always a lot of money to buy and to ensure good chips, has a staff with great quality and just started an exciting project with Villas-Boas on the bench.

In the United , Sir Alex Ferguson for fantasy and play to his midfield, something orphan accuracy and magic, and more after the withdrawal of Paul Scholes . Martin Ferguson , brother of Sir Alex and manager of 'scouting' in English club has spent most spectacular reports of the brothers Alcántara . A Martin Ferguson that this season, even went through the Ciutat Esportiva of FC Barcelona to see a training Barca and meet with Pep Guardiola .

The Arsenal is the umpire and the club, perhaps, more may need to Thiago . And, if Cesc part bound to the Camp Nou, Spain and Brazil will go to Arsène Wenger pearl tone to keep attacking and 'toilet' in his stocking.

All in all, the FC Barcelona rely a lot on Thiago , but they know that if he Fàbregas it will be difficult to play the minutes he needs to grow. Thus, a sale and repurchase is not frowned. (via MD)

Messi: "Argentina was the only place where I was treated as in Barcelona"

FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said that since arriving in Buenos Aires to join the Argentina team that will participate in the Copa America, has felt "like never" the love of his fellow.

Argentina "was the only place where I was treated as in Barcelona," said 'The Flea' to television TyCSports, Buenos Aires.

"Hopefully we can achieve the goal of winning the Cup," Rosario said the footballer, who turned 24 on Friday.

"I was always discussed in Argentina because, unfortunately, the selection could not win anything. I come to accomplish everything with Barcelona and people recognize me," he said.

Demonstrations of affection Argentine fans are "For me, the nicest thing there is. The only place that I was treated as in Barcelona in Argentina, but hopefully keep going as now," he added.

As for the choice that the July 1 debut in the Copa America to Bolivia, Messi said consists of "a very nice group of players, which is very cool."

"We always said we lacked time to work details, now we have it. The game is to have our ball and go look at rival. As we did not have, we knew our way around. We're growing," he said.

"The greatest illusion of mine and people who are with me is to get Copa América. Know what it means for me and for Argentina. It is the first objective," he concluded. (via SPORT)

Messi-Neymar, comparison impossible

Copa America, the Champions League and if you go to Madrid or if you follow the World Cup in Santos, the duel is served.

Robinho, Robben, Cristiano Ronaldo what now Neymar. A Leo Messi is a new contender has emerged that seeks to dispute the world's No. 1 crown. A large part of the `twisted what the Brazilian press is the young star of FC Santos crack up to the Blaugrana.

The Argentine, who is more shot in the melee, has already defeated by KO to each and every one of those who dare tutearle. The first assault with the front hair Mohicans' Does it come in the Copa America which begins next week in Argentine territory.

Messi arrives at the South American continental tournament again exalted as the best in the world after a season at Barcelona stratospheric, which has won the league and the Champions League. Leo's mission now is to deliver the albiceleste to conquer a title that resists since 1993. Ahead of you will be Brazil, which has found Neymar the leader of which is building a credible project for the 2014 World Cup, playing at home.

The Mohicans' Already is concentrated with the Seleção `¿, having checked the Copa Santander Libertadores, the fourth title won the last five played. In addition, the young star of Santos, claimed by the Real Madrid and won this year's South American Championship U-20.

Barcelona are two or three steps ahead of Brazil. First, as a matter age: Leo just turned 24 and Neymar scored 19 in February. The Blaugrana 10 carries three seasons playing at the highest level, during which he has won everything with the club (in addition to the Olympics with Argentina) including twice in the FIFA World Player.

Messi is a football legend. For its part, Brazil has a long journey to be undertaken. Menino is `¿prodigy, and his game still looks imbued with your childish and immature character.

Leo is a man who knows and shield deal of pressure that comes with being No. 1 in the world. Only Madrid Florentino and Mourinho, with his congenital dislocations and losing badly, dared to denounce unsportsmanlike conduct, which only exist in your imagination. The Argentine has a spotless record. It is an example of sportsmanship, competitive mentality and poise. With Neymar can not say the same.

The recent final of the Libertadores against Peñarol, showed his face `B ¿: wanted to deceive the referee, both the outward and the back, with a recital of` piscinazos what they deserved expulsion for their repetition and 'crowned Does your performance by participating actively in the unfortunate brawl that struck several kicks to the Uruguayans.

In his short professional career, the striker `Mohicans have you devoted to provoke rivals and was triggered the resignation of technical Santos, Dorival Junior, who was grievously insulted in the middle of a game. The 'look does both is a reflection of an antagonistic personality. Neymar a friend of the flashes of fame and celebrity. Messi always preferred refuge with his family, seeking anonymity impossible. Philosophies and different mentalities, the way both are called to cross several times in the coming months. For starters, the Copa America, where everyone predicts an Argentina-Brazil final.

Later, if Florentino pays 45 million euros of its clause, will be rivals in the four competitions this coming season, and whites play Blaugrana. If, however, decides to stay in Neymar Santos, it seems that Messi will meet in a potentially glamorous Club World Cup final in December in Japan, two symbols of attacking football clubs and touch. (via SPORT)

Alexander Kwasnievski "I am delighted with the club"

The spectacular play of the men of Pep Guardiola, the team's impeccable track record and successes over the years have made the team FC Barcelona admired all over the world.

"I am delighted with the play of the Barca players, congratulations, and I confess that I have great envy them." Thus concluded Kwasnievski Alexander, former president of Poland, his speech at the opening ceremony of `Pro Forum Future Have you held on Wednesday by Banc Sabadell.

The journalist, sports minister during the 80's and Olympic Committee President of Poland from 1995 to 2005, used his visit to Barcelona to express publicly his admiration for the Barca game.

The event also participated the politician Javier Solana, the creator of the forum with Kwasnievski, whose main objective is to launch a space in which to reflect on the future of the European Union. (via SPORT)

Alexis: solution visible

Gino Pozzo return to Barcelona and maintain other face to face with Bartomeu to redirect the delicate negotiations.

The arrival of Alexis Sanchez Barca will have to sweat it a little more. The operation has entered a delicate waiting period after the first formal offer Catalan club has not met the demands of Udinese.

The Italian club want more money but mainly differs in the chapter on the payment and the different variables under consideration to raise the total amount of the transfer. It has come to a dead end as possible. Both positions are at an impasse and it seems to impose a break in the negotiating process. At the discretion of the delegations of Barcelona and Udinese.

The first assault has not produced the desired results, but the fight is not over, far from it. The Italian club head start, Alexis has a contract in place, but Bartholomew and Zubizarreta not hide the fact that orphans are not going to battle. And is that the Chilean crack has to know that their future must be Barca. It's your dream, a challenge that once the Pozzo family undertook to provide.

A promise today that all parties continue to believe that it is feasible. Since the operating environment ensures that the pulse negotiator enjoy a deserved rest. No more phone calls and minor tweaks to distance for now have not led to anything good. No more moves until the agendas allow the holding of a summit.

That will not happen until next week. The pattern of Udinese, Giampaolo Pozzo, confirmed his return to Barcelona Gino willing to start another marathon meeting with Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu.

A new face to face the Italians in the hope that the club appears on other grounds to facilitate the transfer agreement and banish once and for all the pressure of Manchester City. In Barça do not feel threatened by the succulent offerings from the City.

Market since the beginning of the English club has always managed much larger quantities and have never been high on the negotiating process. Now there should be different. Another very different question is to find the key that allows redirecting the arrival of Alexis.

Udinese claims that the total transaction amount up to just over 40 million that would have provided to date. It is an important starting point, but there are other issues that do not provide depth dialogue between clubs. Udinese want to have much of the money transfer just the time of signature while Barca recalls its precarious cash and insists on splitting the terms of payment based on years of contract player. And last but not least, in Italy wary of variables from the hinted at Camp Nou.

They say they are too demanding and the work of abatement. Want to enter additional ten million euros without being always aware of the alignments of Guardiola and without the need to watch the Champions League and Barcelona sum.

Starting Tuesday, the stage will be clear to see how far Udinese reduction requirements and qualifies the club and increase their economic proposal. The Copa America is no longer pressing, and apparently the City either. Free rein to their imagination pinched clubs and unify their wills. Alexis Sanchez did not lose detail from his retirement with the selection. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-21 Euro] 'La Rojita' also wants their crown

The Spanish team can put the icing on the tournament once sealed their participation in the Olympics.

The Spanish Under-21 can recover tonight a crown that has not won since 1998, when they beat Greece (1-0). The combined runs Luis Milla will play their fifth final and hopes to win the third title in its history. It would be the icing on a tournament that has sealed his participation in the Olympic Games in London. A goal that was a priority after his absence from Beijing and Athens.

But the final in Aarhus has more background than simply to win the European title in the category. At stake is the hegemony of Spanish football on the world stage. The U 21 wants to follow the path of the absolute, who recently proclaimed World Champion in South Africa and is also the current European champions. A victory for the Mile now would initial the superiority of Spanish football and sign a double that has never achieved: the double crown and absolute sub 21.

All this was on the minds of young Spanish players when they began their journey through the tournament. The way Denmark has not been easy. From the initial draw against England to win in extra time agony against Belarus, Spain has overcome obstacles with a mental fortitude own champions and cementing a style of play is already recognized worldwide.

Milla will rely on the same men he has virtually no break throughout the tournament. Spain is one of the teams that have used fewer players: 17. And four of them have played the 390 minutes that were played, including overtime against Belarus. De Gea, Didac Vila, Thiago Botía and have had no respite, while Mata has missed just two minutes. A different picture to that of Switzerland, which has shot up 20 of the 23 players invited.

Fatigue may be one of the few handicaps of the Spanish team. That, and the numbers presented by Switzerland. Central Europeans come to this final having won all their games is it the only team that has done what without conceding a single goal in the tournament. They are the second highest scoring team, surpassed only by Spain.

With these conditions, is anticipated the final spectacular among those that have proven to be the two best teams in the championship. The only question that awaits Spain is whether Switzerland will continue to pursue the attacking football he has shown throughout the tournament or whether to modify their scheme to try to curb the power of the Spanish team in attack.

In favor of Spain plays his greatest tradition and experience in this type of games. It should be remembered that Switzerland will be his first final in three appearances. Of course, whatever happens, the Swiss are already overweight: qualification for the Olympics, something that could not last 83 years. The third 'Olympic Party Will he played consolation that the Czech Republic and Switzerland. (via SPORT)

Cesc takes another step

As with Mascherano, the Maresme not care to leave to earn money for his dream.

Barca is not satisfied to explain that it will pull out all the stops to sign Cesc. In fact, the president Sandro Rosell did say in an interview with TV3 program `Àgora what the possibility that the player does not end up wearing the Barça shirt can not be ruled out. But that does not mean the club will do everything possible to make Pep Guardiola happy and bring the Arsenal captain.

The solution is to find ways to convince all parties and also that everyone engages in the operation. Cesc Fabregas, in that sense, will do everything possible to, once and for all, to play next season alongside Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and company. The player has taken another step forward and is prepared to reject the 15% expected given the amount of the transfer that took place. This is not a minor gesture, since the pinch is important. Whether it really helps to convince Arsenal to stop leaving their franchise player. The amount of that fee would go directly to the coffers of all gunner `what should not be discounted from the total transaction amount. For example, if the first proposition was accepted by Barca London institution, the 5.25 million euros correspond to Cesc the Arsenal would enter directly. In short, for Barca would be a way to compensate an offer that is not entirely successful economically for Gunners' ¿.

Meanwhile, the club is aware of the sacrifice you are willing to do to fulfill his dream midfielder, a position the club in a very positive values. This is a situation similar to that allowed Mascherano arrived during the January transfer to Camp Nou from Liverpool. The Argentine also gave 15% of the total number of transfer, in addition to accepting a 25% lowered the salary to be charged at the club, about 4 million who joined the 20 million already put the club on the table . The Reds 'Will they charging 24 million for the transfer of' little chief ¿. The sacrifice was worth it for the player. On the other hand, where if necessary, Cesc is willing to use the 'transfer request ¿, a legal entity with which the player hits the club be sold. Arsenal justified, thus, their transfer to the fans. Xabi Alonso threw her hand to leave Liverpool and join Real Madrid. Another sacrifice would stop charging the increase of two million euros expected on his card for next season.

And is that the player Arenys de Munt is not willing to 'wet Do you publish as he did last season. Cesc and explained that the tactic used last summer was "a mistake" and that his intention is to build consensus to get to the club. Do not want to tighten the rope or a reaction to complicate things by Wenger. The French coach and player spoke by telephone before Cesc start your holiday in Indonesia and during the conversation reassured the Gaul player. Unlike other times, like last summer, Wenger is not showing so reluctant to sell their captain, though, yes, fight to get the maximum benefit to the club.

So far, negotiations for the transfer of Cesc are living their first official move. In the meeting between the vice president's sports club, Josep Maria Bartomeu and CEO `GUNN, Ivan Gazidis, last week, the agency moved the first offer Blaugrana economic Cesc Fabregas. Barca came to 35 million euros, although the Arsenal is not the work of accepting the first proposal. Londoners, according to Daily Star published the `¿, have rejected the amount offered. The British newspaper claims that a gunner would there be `source said:" When a case is serious, come back with an adequate and will consider it. " An "adequate supply" correpondería a figure that would reach 60 million pounds (67.5 million). In Barcelona, ​​however, have not received any official response from Arsenal. Neither positive nor negative. Take it as a tactical move. What has become clear is that negotiations are underway. And that's good news.

Barca wary of Darren Dein

Darren Dein is the agent of Cesc Fabregas, but also his friend and confidant. And above all, is not another agent in the eyes of the club's 'gunner'. Darren is the son of David Dein, who was vice chairman of Arsenal and leader of the FA, UEFA and the G-14. His relationship with Arsenal goes beyond the professional and also maintains a close relationship with Arsene Wenger. That is why the figure of the agent creates some doubts on the board Blaugrana, not just be convinced of all the work being done by Darren Dein in the sense of achieving the transfer of Arenys Barca midfielder. Although it is a key person in the whole operation and also serves as a liaison between the two clubs when necessary, the interests it has with the London club caused some misgivings among those responsible Blaugrana. Dein, Cesc Fabregas to reject the 15% that would correspond to his transfer, nor will pocket any amount for the movement, although it would do on the revenue that the player would dress Blaugrana. Dein not only negotiate the departure of Arsenal's Cesc but also is negotiating with management the progress of Clichy gunner. That is why there are questions about which are the true preferences of the English actor. (via SPORT)

President Wanted

Does anyone have a photograph of Josep Soler, president of Barça? If so, the Catalan leaders complete its gallery.

Some time ago the Documentation Centre Estudis FC Barcelona detected an error in the gallery of the presidents of the organization. One, the fifth of the relationship, Josep Soler, was identified with the picture of Manuel G. Solé, `sportmen director what the gym that bears his name, at Calle del Carme Montjuïc number 5, where, precisely, was founded FC Barcelona.

Josep Soler, who took over from Arthur Witty Cotton, took office on October 6, 1905 and only spent one year in office (until October 6, 1906). "De Soler know the name and little else," says Carles Santacana, director of the center. "In those days it was common for presidents to be elected for one year," he adds. The truth is that in those days the club was going through its best and its activity was very low, both in sporting and social, which is why his figure is not relevant, but "without it, certainly have not reached the following: Juli Marial, Vicenç Reig, Hans Gamper Santacana ...", says.

The club has already removed the wrong photo on its website and the Museum. And now hopes to fill the gap with a real image of the former president of the entity.

It is for this reason that appeals to all persons or entities that may have a picture of Josep Soler. If so, the club are requested to contact the center via email: centre.documentacio @ fcbarcelona.cat .

The image, no doubt, would be a real find and would face unknown to the president and, by mistake, the story has been responsible for maintaining anonymity. (via SPORT)

Fabregas picked up the bags for Barcelona

The Arsenal player yesterday put an end to his Asian journey with the intention of solving their future.

Cesc Fabregas last night put an end to his tour promotional and commercial land in Indonesia and took an Emirates company plane from the capital of Bali, Denpasar, to London later to take another that will leave Barcelona , a town that will become practically his headquarters in the coming days.

The player said goodbye to all his fans Indonesians through social networks. Before leaving for Europe, welcomed the support and love you have shown throughout this week: "Thanks to all you have done because I feel better. I hope to see you back soon, I've learned a lot here. has been a great week I will not forget. "

In any case, the Arsenal midfielder is still waiting for you in the next few hours strong emotions because you have to stop to decide their future move to Barcelona.

Cesc also plans to attend next Thursday at his summer camp is organized in the town of Tordera, in the Maresme, and that this year will already its third edition. The campus, which gave the green light yesterday and will end on Saturday July 2. There is no doubt that this week begins on Monday may be the most critical to the career of Fabregas. (via SPORT)

El 'Niño' suffered 'bullying' in Calcium

Upon arrival at Udinese with 17, had to endure the boycott of some friends on the lawn.

The play of Alexis Sanchez has led since its inception in football as much praise as jealousy. Since childhood he had to learn to live with jealousy, but nonetheless was unable to prevent their first steps in calcium were complicated.

The striker signed for Udinese in 2006 was 17. After three seasons on loan 'Two in the Colo-Colo of Chile and one in the River Plate-landed in Italy in the 2008-09 academic year with many expectations.

But their adaptation to the locker room was more complicated than expected: the Neapolitan clan formed by Antonio di Natale, Fabio Quagliarella and Antonio Floro Flores just look kindly on the incorporation of Chile. It was a threat to their hegemony in the attacking trident.
They understood perfectly and had great weight in the locker room.

A season before Alexis landed in the Italian squad, had added 34 goals. They knew that their new colleague arrived preceded by his fame and his nickname of `El Niño', so they tried to stop his game curd.

The Chilean played in the same river that Flores, who felt even more threatened. Forced to associate on the lawn, chose to detract from their quality. Sanchez began to notice that he passes into space arrived seconds later than their peers due to or slightly tuned in assists. It was his subtle way of boycotting the game wonder does her new partner.

The non-starred in his campaign Togopilla brighter in his first year in Italy in 42 games scored only three goals. But he answered with humility and work to 'bullying their peers did. He had the confidence of coach Pasquale Marino who also mediated between them while the results were positive.

After a difficult year, the situation improved in his second year. And that is progress dissolved Quagliarella Napoli the trident had so complicated adaptation. From that moment, began forging partnership between Alexis and Di Natale, an alliance that ended curdling in its third season.

After the World Cup will serve to make themselves known, their presence in the locker room gained weight Italian. The arrival of Francesco Guidolin the bench technician was also decisive, since the beginning relied on the quality and versatility of Alexis.

Began to use not only as an end but as a playmaker, to facilitate connection with Di Natale and the experiment paid off. The duo finished the season with 40 goals for history leaving its bad moments in the locker room and complicated beginnings in European football. (via SPORT)

Messi: "I dream of getting Copa América"

Messi says gives "thanks to God for how I recognized in Barcelona, ​​Spain and the world".
Barca said he now feels happy to feel the support of the Argentine selection.

Leo Messi has said in an interview with the program 'Estudio Futbol' to TyCSports his wish when blowing out the candles on his 24th birthday is "winning the Copa America." The Argentine star, who is currently at home preparing for the competition, explained that clinch the Cup is "a dream" shared with family and friends who support so you can get it.

Asked how he sees the Argentina, Messi has held that "the group is united, strong. Among all know you have to do each. Now we are working very hard tactically, it was what we needed" and has ensured that, as they passing games, the team will go to more. "If we close the Copa America as a whole group and the Chechen want, the relationship will continue well and I will be happy."

Finally, Barca has explained that he is happy to feel more support from their compatriots before. "I was always discussed in the selection, we could never get the objective. But now we're fine. I come to win everything with Barca and people recognize that. I thank God for how I recognized in Barcelona, ​​Spain and the world . I lacked Argentina. The other day (vs Albania) I felt it. Hopefully everything ends well. " (via MD)

The signing of Cesc depends ... Nasri

Samir Nasri may hold the key for signing Cesc Fabregas from FC Barcelona. If the French midfielder accepts to continue in the Arsenal, Arsène Wenger will give via free to the march of the Catalan to Camp Nou.

Manchester United have to Nasri on his list of objectives and the technical 'gunner' want to avoid running at all costs. Therefore, prioritizing their continuity of Cesc. The Frenchman out of contract within a year and Wenger is to become the cornerstone of his new project. His intention is to renew his contract and put up with the big stars of the team, with a weekly salary of approximately 112,000 euros.

As reported in The Guardian , Wenger is aware that Cesc is more eager than ever to sign for Barca, and the doors open as long as two conditions: that Nasri Arsenal stay in the ... and Barca's offer meets the club's financial claims. Furthermore, he believes that the Arenys not entirely comfortable when you apply the 4-4-2 as a system. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Carlos Hugo would be the second of Eusebio

AAs reported by the 'Diario de León', Carlos Hugo, exsegundo trainer of Eusebio in Celta one will be its second trainer in Barça B.

Carlos Hugo, coach of Eusebio in his time at Celta seems to again be their coach comments the 'Diario de León', in his time on the bench for Barca B.

Hugo, at the moment directs the Bridge Castro of the Division of Juvenile Honor and he is seen like to one of the young trainers with a more promising future.

After this information is necessary to clarify what happens to the future of Joan Barbara, and he still has a one year contract with Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Manchester City goes to Alexis in Barça

The risk of Alexis Sanchez signed for Manchester City might not be as high as from Udinese is being viewed. So much so that some British media say the 'Citizens' written off the Chilean and you see him at Barca.

According to the 'Manchester Evening News , City has already been put to work to find alternatives to hiring the 'Boy Wonder'. And one of them happens to be the same as the club has on its agenda if it can not sign to Alexis Valencia's Juan Mata. The other objective of the English is the scorer of Oporto, Hulk.

City believes that Alexis will end sooner or later by clocking the club. One of the main reasons is the desire of the player itself of calling at the Camp Nou.

Since Manchester is believed Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo, would be taking advantage of the real interest of City for the transfer of Alexis expensive to Barça. (via SPORT)

The new 'look' Dani Alves

Dani Alves if we had caught painting their hair blonde because of the achievement of his second Champions League, this Friday has revealed that it was only for a week and has a new look definitive. "That's my hair from now," he said in his 'Twitter' Dani Alves . (via SPORT)

Leo Messi celebrated his birthday in Puerto Madero

The player was dining at a restaurant and twelve o'clock she sang 'Happy Birthday' account 'Exitoina'.

Leo Messi was dining with his brothers in the Puerto Madero Marcelo restaurant this past Thursday and at twelve o'clock when the calendar went on to score on 24, people who were in the restaurant sang Happy Birthday.

And that although the player dined quietly enough, was recognized by the people in the restaurant that had this detail with the player provided with a Coke and a sail blew some girls put him in a tiramisu, said 'Exitoina. com '.

The restaurant also met Billy Godoy, a boxer nicknamed El Nino. (via SPORT)

City also gets in the signing of Mata

The negotiations are not at all advanced by the Spaniard player and only when there is an interest but the City has also appeared in the middle of the operation.

Alexis Sanchez operation mode and is 'auction' with the emergence of Manchester City and the club has been looking for other options but it is to meet the English club.

In the market this summer of 2011 there are operations that are 'inflated' in price by the appearance of the clubs that "break the market," said Sandro Rosell as her press conference in balance season and if Barca set at the option of Juan Mata, a player followed by some time in the technical secretariat is to flee from these operations.

But in the case of Mata would also like the English club, according Globoesporte. So once again the club is a very tough opponent in the negotiations is an asset to convince the clubs, their petrodollars. (via SPORT)

70 million for Cesc?

The numbers game has begun ... and looks for long. In England these days is speculation that Arsenal would ask for little more than the moon to pass on to Cesc Fabregas to Barca.

The verbal offer from Barca, between 30 and 35 million euros, has fallen on deaf ears and is far from the claims of Arsenal.

As reported in the 'Daily Star' , a source of the entity 'gunner' confirmed contact with the club and revealed the answer you were given to reject its latest proposal for Cesc: "When a case is serious, come back with an adequate supply and consider. " The starting price is set at around 60 million pounds (67'5 million).

Arsenal assumes that the club would never get it, but trust transfer to your player for about 45 or 50 million euros. These figures continue falls short of what the club is willing to pay.

The Barca president Sandro Rosell has insisted these days that the club will not reach 40 million euros last year offered the midfielder Arenys.

The negotiations, however, will continue as Cesc is one of the priorities for FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Villa: “I’d love to retire at Barça”

David Villa has categorically denied rumours about a move to England and expressed his desire to play at the Club for the rest of his career. Villa also spoke about possible new signings at the Camp Nou.

Villa doesn’t want to hear anything about any move to the Premier League, nor indeed anywhere else and speaking at a promotional event in Gandia he made it clear: “I’ve not let all that has been said affect me, it’s not even a rumour or speculation –it’s just a lie. I’m still just 29, and I’d love to retire here at Barça, because that would mean everything had gone great – I want to be here for as long as possible”.

Asked about any possible summer signings at the Club, such as Cesc Fàbregas and Alexis Sánchez: “they are two players of a very high quality, both as individuals and as part of a collective. If they come, it will mean a big leap in quality”.

There has also been speculation about Villa’s ex- Valencia teammate Juan Mata possibly making a move and the Barça striker explained: “just imagine how excited I would be about that. Not just because of what he brings as a player, but also because he’s like a brother to me and playing alongside him again would be like a dream”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça games against Santos

Barça and Santos have met a number of times, mainly at the Camp Nou and with Pele as the big draw. Barça hold the advantage in games between the two, including the t recent meeting in the 1998 Gamper Trophy.

Pelé’s Santos came to the Camp Nou – in 1959, 1960 and 1963 – and after a 1-5 thrashing in the first meeting, the Catalans gradually got the measure of the Brazilian giants and won the next two matches 4-3 and 2-0. In the twilight of his career, Pele again faced Barça and lost 4-1 in the Ramon Carranza Trophy. The most recent meeting between the two was in the Joan Gamper Trophy of 1998, when the game was won on penalties by Barça after a 2-2 draw.

On June 28th 1959, Santos steamrollered Barça 1-5. Evaristo scored for the locals, but Pelé (2), Dorval (2) and Coutinho saw off the then reigning Spanish Champions, coached by Helenio Herrera. For that game though, Herrera delegated his assistant Enric Rabassa to take charge, and the team was full of fringe players, as well as some of the regulars such as Villaverde, Kocsis, Evaristo and Czibor, as well as the Espanyol players Bartolí and Recamán. Pele, who was just 18 and in contrast, Jair at 38, were the Santos stars and the Brazilian coach Luis Alonso claimed after the game that his young star: “had only played at 20% of his possibilities”.

It was a different story a year later, when Santos returned to the Camp Nou and Barça turned out with all their stars – including Kubala and Suárez for instance – and put in a great first 45 minutes to go 4-0 up with goals from Suárez (2), Villaverde and Kubala. The Brazilians took advantage of a tiring Barça team after the break and goals from Pepe (2) and Pelé nearly brought them a draw in what ended as a great spectacle of a game.

The third visit came on June 12th 1963 and was maybe the easiest for Barça. Although they were not enjoying the best of moments, the Catalans played a great game that night - the game kicked off at 22.45- as Eladio, Vergés, Re, Fusté and company put in a classic performance to win 2-0 with goals from Pereda and Zaballa against a technically brilliant, but ineffective Santos. The then two time World Cup winner Pele was pretty anonymous that night.

The two next met in Cadiz in the third and fourth place game on September 1st 1974 at the Ramon de Carranza Tournament after Barça had lost 2-0 to Palmeiras and Espanyol had beaten Santos by the same score. Despite boasting two greats -Johan Cruyff and Pelé, the game was very much a summer friendly as Barça ran out 4-1 winners with goals from Neeskens (2), Marcial and Asensi and a penalty from Pele three minutes from the end of the game and the great man retired from the professional game just a few minutes later in October.

The last time the two played was in the XXXIII Trofeu Joan Gamper, on August 25th 1998. It was a closely fought game and Louis van Gaal’s team could only beat Santos 5-4 on penalties after the two drew 2-2, with Luis Enrique and Figo on target for Barça. After the game, Barça ex-president Enric Llaudet handed the trophy to Barça captain Luis Figo and Manuel Gamper, the grandson of the Club’s founder, handed the Santos captain the runners up trophy. (via FCBarcelona.cat)