24 June 2011

The negotiated sale of Neuchatel Keirrison, Henrique and Victor Sanchez

The Swiss club magnate takes millions of Chagaev for 'fish' at Barca and Barca expected to enable them to get a player.

he arrival of millionaire Chechen Bulat Chagaev has revolutionized the club Neuchatel Switzerland. From the hand of his manager, the former Barcelona Sonny Anderson, much of the extensive list of requested reinforcements going by the response of the players dropped by the club.

Swiss emissaries met with a few days ago to raise Barca sports management transfer offers available on Keirrison, Henrique and Victor Sanchez.

The current scenario is as follows. Barca progress allows players to lack of final approval of players and agents. The most advanced is the Keirrison. His agent, Mark Malachi, could accept the assignment at any time.

In your case may be accompanied by Henry, an option that is greener on the central interest in returning to Brazil to play for Palmeiras. Finally, Victor Sanchez is expected to authorize incorporation Sonny Anderson.

Currently there are toyed with the option to set transfers. Neuchatel only agree to take the full amount of the cards of players with existing contract and which is not in the plans of Pep. (via SPORT)

The Arsenal would have rejected an offer of 35 millions of Barça for Cesc and he requests 60

The Gunners midfielder Arenys sold only 40 or 45 million.

"Do not come back until you have a serious offer . " That would have answered the Arsenal to offer 35 million euros that Barcelona has to be done with Cesc Fabregas . According to Daily Star , the first contact between the two clubs was verbal. And apparently short-lived because of Wenger fired high, very high: 60 million . The truth is that Arsenal will not sell the Catalan midfielder, but his departure is inevitable aims to make the most out of the operation. The Gunners remain firm in their position because they know that Pep Guardiola has indicated in Arenys the number one target of summer 2011, while there is no plan B. Both sides know that the solution to the dilemma goes through 40/45 million euros . Barca could get this price only in the operation including one or more players. Meanwhile Arsenal wants only money . What is claimed is the same tug of war that we saw in the last two seasons, worthy of the best operas: Cesc wants to go home, Pep dies for him, but eventually the bad guy (Wenger) always wins . Will this year a happy ending? (via MD)

European Super Cup: Second on the podium

Barca adds three victories in this competition after 4 finals and second in the record in a classification led by AC Milan.

The stage of the finals has turned natural habitat for Barça de Guardiola. And besides, is comfortable, showing almost infallible. And next August, more played two finals. The first against Madrid with Spain's Super Cup game. The second to Porto, where he wants to continue acting as a continental king. Monaco Louis II Stadium on August 26 will be the center of European football. It disputes the European Super Cup. And Barça will fight to achieve the fourth victory in this competition.

This is a young competition. Just 38 years old. And the top spot is occupied by the Milan track record with 5 titles in 7 finals. The last, in 2007 after beating Sevilla 3-1. Then, in second place on the podium and stood FC Barcelona with 3 wins from 4 attempts. Wins against Werder Bremen, Borussia Dortmund and Shakhtar Donetsk and disappointment at Sevilla in 2006, after touching the sky in Paris. Liverpool have added three European Super Cups in five attempts.

FC Barcelona will face on August 26 at Porto's new coach Vitor Pereira. The Portuguese who won the treble this year, with League and League Cup Europe has won a European Super Cup title. The year was beating Ajax in 87 double game. Porto occupies the eighth place honors. Ajax, Anderlecht, Valencia and Juventus have won two and occupy the fourth through seventh. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Barca will play the Champions' under-19

The Catalan side will participate in this new competition that aims to show the future promise of European football.

As reported by British newspaper 'Daily Mail', FIFA created a competition of clubs belonging to the European elite (similar to the Champions League) for under-19, where FC Barcelona participate, in order to show the world the future promises of continental football.

The sixteen teams (no one to be announced) will be divided into four groups and top two from each group will access the final stage, in this case, television.

The group stage will take place between this August and next January and the final phase, presumably, will be held in Abu Dhabi. (via SPORT)

The teams that make up this competition are:

Spain : FC Barcelona.

England : Aston Villa, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham.

Scotland : Celtic.

Germany : Wolfsburg.

Italy : Inter Milan.

France : Olympique Marseille.

Portugal : Sporting Lisbon.

Netherlands : PSV Eindhoven

Turkey : Fenerbahce.

Switzerland : Basel.

Norway : Molde and Rosenborg.

Piqué, ambitious

"We put extra pressure on ourselves: there is still much to gain!" Says.

"We titles to our audience, but this boat does not hacenfalta external spurs," said Gerard Pique in the Dutch weekly 'VI', which adds that "we ourselves put extra pressure: there is still much to gain". The center notes that "however much we try to dethrone rival now, I'm sure we will continue making history: we have qualities to it." According to Pique, "Maybe we're all friends. There is jealousy and it permeates our game. "

"The network, the best souvenir"

Piqué, adding that "the network's goal is the best souvenir Wembley. I shared bits of my friends and hanging on the wall next to the shirts of Barça and ManU with whom I won the Champions. "

Besides, he says that "we Afellay connected from the start. Go far here because knowing assume the substitution and want to learn like crazy. "

"There is no schism Barça-Madrid"

As for relations between Barca and whites after the controversy of the last classic, stresses that "in recent U.S. tour has been in the 'red' no schism Barça-Madrid. There we were as one, although I do not accept that try to hurt us with constant false accusations. "

Personally, he wants to "win España.es laEurocopa with the only major title missing in my achievements. Besides, I took a continental rod with Sub'19 in Poland and I would repeat " (via MD)

Happy Birthday Leo!

Leo Messi celebrates its 24th anniversary Friday. He does it as a top world star, having completed his best season as a Barça player. Then we reviewed the records broken by Argentina this year. Congratulations!

Most goals in a season: Messi has produced his best ever scoring stats this year, with 53 goals in 55 games for the team: 31 in the league, 12 in the Champions League, 7 in the Spanish Cup and 3 in the Spanish Super Cup. His previous best was 47 goals scored in the 2009/10 campaign.

Matches the most goals in a Champions League: Messi’s 12 goals matches Ruud Van Nistelroy’s dozen in the 2002/03 edition of the competition.

First time he’s scored in a UCL semi final: Leo Messi had surprisingly never managed a goal in a Champions League semi final. But he put that right with two strikes at the Bernabeu on April 27th –the second being one of the goals of the season.

First goal in England: Messi also broke his scoring duck in the land that invented the game – and what better occasion to do it than in the Champions League Final at Wembley!

Century of league goals: On November 20th 2010, Messi got a hat trick in the 0-8 demolition of Almeria to take his league scoring past the hundred mark.

150 goals for the Club: Four days later, he scored in the 0-3 win against Panathinaikos to pass the 150 goal mark in all competitions for the Club.

More games than ever: So far this season, Messi has played in 62 games for club and country and with the Copa America due to begin on July 1st, he looks set to break his record of 64 appearances in a single season.

Three more titles: With the Spanish Super Cup. League and Champions League titles won this season, Messi has now won a total of 15 trophies with the Club – 5 leagues, 4 Spanish Super Cups, 3 Champions Leagues, a Spanish Cup, a World Club Cup and a European Super Cup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça’s preseason rivals (V): Chivas Guadalajara

Barça will play their fifth pre-season game on August 3rd against Chivas de Guadalajara at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

The Mexican team have become a classic on US Tours and this will be the fourth time the two teams have met in pre-season games. Chivas have already begun their pre-season preparations at their Ciudad Deportiva in Verde Valle though José Luís Real is without the Mexican players at the final stages of the CONCACAF Copa de Oro.

Manchester United star Javier Hernández is one of the club’s most famous old boys, having moved to England after the World Cup last summer and he is a typical example of the club’s commitment to working to bring youngsters up through the ranks.

Chivas reached the semi finals of the Mexican League play offs where they were beaten by Pumas, who then went on to win the ‘clausura’ tournament, with Chivas a distant seventh.

Since 2004, Chivas has been the only club with a reserve team playing in the US MLS (Mayor Soccer League). The team are based in L.A. and play in the same kit, with the same sponsors and club badge as the Mexican first team, though they do not wear the 11 stars the first team do to indicate the 11 trophies they have won. (via FCBarcleona.cat)

The bills of Zubizarreta for the fichajes of Barça

Barca hopes could raise between 40 and 45 million sales to cope with signings.
Together with the 45 budgeted for high, that would give economic viability to Cesc, Alexis and Rossi.

The attempts to understand how the FC Barcelona FC Barcelona is ready to face a 'reinforcement operation' as expensive as they come. Bring Cesc Fabregas , Alexis Sanchez , and if you can also Giuseppe Rossi certainly exceed 90 million euros. Mundo Deportivo's economic plan view Barça to face so great investment.

The formula is what has always defended the president Sandro Rosell : BUDGET + transfers. The annual budget is set high for the 2011-2012 season at 45 million euros. To this we must add that collects the Barca for his players on the market. According to his account, the forecast is between 40 and 45 million euros. Andoni Zubizarreta , and professional coach, will conduct operations to be a financial picture.

To achieve that goal, raising output in the chapter is going to inaugurate Bojan Krkic , who is day to make official his move to Rome for an amount not lower than ever from 10 million euros for Barcelona , always option to repurchase.

Besides the 'noi Linyola', the other player with more pull in the market is undoubtedly Thiago Alcántara . Brand new European finalist Sub-21, the current price of Hispanic-Brazilian midfielder is between 15 and 20 million euros. Only need to see that one of the brides is the pearl of La Masia is the mighty Chelsea . It relies heavily on Thiago but is considered to play for another club would fare very well in their progression to recover in two years and completely done.

Also a good Championship Jeffren in Denmark with 'very red' consolidate its market valuation of around 7 million. As is known, the end is not amused into the Operation Alexis', which will lead to Udinese , but other possible sound outputs, like the Valencia , if the Malaga tab to Joaquin .

Jonathan Soriano , A second top scorer, has an unshakable pricing: the three million that are stipulated in the clause. His list of suitors is long and internationally. With the departure of two veteran Maxwell Scherrer and Gabi Milito , the Barcelona hopes to get, first, about 7 million euros in total. Of course, if the Argentine central makes a good Copa America could even raise an assessment that is initially modest, about two million euros.

Miracles do not exist and therefore the Barca has obviously taken some unpopular decisions, such as agreeing, in the absence of signature, the sale of Bojan (in whom you trust to be fished in the future), in order to meet the demands technicians. The other key to this sport-economic plan for failing to pass any of the signings of 30 million euros in fixed to complete the rest of what they ask their own clubs with variables in cash or kind, in football are footballers.

Therefore, these variables may be deferred to the next season to not burden the current year. As a last resort would be to move part of future investment this summer, even the possibility that less like it because it would limit the ability of future action. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola called Alexis Sanchez

While the Manchester City up to each day that passes just over his financial offer, the desire to have Alexis Sanchez to play in Barcelona is currently the best hope for fruitful negotiations that should lead to the star Udinese Camp Nou. This availability of Chilean striker was especially enhanced by a few days ago a conversation. According to sources close to the environment ensures the player, Pep Guardiola could speak by phone with Alexis .

On his return from Israel, and to the fluctuations of the negotiation, the coach of Barca mostly asked for "patience" to the player, who wants to strengthen the front of your computer. So Alexis reaffirmed its conviction that only goes for wanting to go to world's best team and play with the world's best player, Lionel Messi . Against that, the Manchester City is fighting back with more money, which puts the Pozzo family, owner of Udinese , a high pressure situation: firstly, would accept without hesitation the offer of the City , which exceeds 40 million euros spot, but otherwise can not convince her crack, determined to realize her dream dress Barca. That dream was consolidated after the contact with Guardiola . Alexis saw the importance that will have a project that has won 10 of the last 13 titles he has fought.

The power of conviction Guardiola is known. It is not the first time that Rijkaard has resorted to direct contact to feel and make you feel a player interested in what it means to come to Barca and what is expected of him. He did it in 2009 with David Villa , though not yet come to fruition this summer by signing ' The Guaje ', and recalled in 2010, when the Valencia and accepted the offer from Barcelona for striker.

Meanwhile, Alexis is in Chile, focused on addressing your competition in the Copa America , which for selection begins July 4.

One thing is increasingly clear: Udinese sold to Alexis Sanchez this year. He knows that there is the business, because repeat a year as good as the previous one, with the team qualifying for the Champions League , bordering on utopia, and pricing Alexis is at its highest. Friuli club hopes that the Barca pull their offer. If not, continue to press Alexis to accept going to the City

Pina pushes the slide that everything is broken
Quique Pina has changed his mind about the Operation Alexis'. If Tuesday, the chairman of Granada and Udinese single agent for Spain, the Chilean player was "80%" at the club and that there were "fringe", yesterday hinted at the Cope that the signing was broken . One more way to put pressure on Barca. (via MD)

Messi in his 24 birthday: I "want to win another time the League and Champions"

Messi reveals in MD its desires with Barça and Argentina.
"My dream is to continue adding titles with the club, winning the Copa America with Argentina and also win the World Cup," says Leo.

Leo Messi held today its 24th birthday, with solidarity actions in the town of San Juan and later surrounded by his family. His mother, Celia has prepared a special cake in an intimate celebration of the best footballer in the world at his home in Rosario.

For a special day, Leo asked three personal wishes, hoping to see fulfilled: the great desire for Messi are now winning the Copa America with the albiceleste, achieve World and repeated in the 2011-12 season titles achieved with Barça .

"I keep adding titles with Barcelona. I'd like to win again and repeat the Champions League too," said MD the best player on the planet, without having even the echoes off the great year the team achieved with Pep Guardiola . Leo also said that "my ambition now is to win with my team's Copa America , which is the dream of all Argentines. " Such is the lust for Messi to make history at home, the tournament will take place in the land of tango 1 to July 24 next, in his Facebook wall has also stressed that "we are eager to get that trophy we so desire, "especially after the albiceleste did not go fourth in the 2010 World Cup .

The star of FC Barcelona won the World Sub'20 Holland in 2005 and the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics-2008 as part of the Sub'23 of Argentina . Now go to his first major title for all, as long as a prelude to World to be pursued to include in his resume: "I know that eventually I will win this World I love so much. It is my great desire," reiterates Leo .

One thing at a time. For starters, today we celebrate its anniversary, seven days a albiceleste debut in Copa America to Bolivia in La Plata.

A Leo await you at noon in San Juan, touching the Andes. Arrive by private jet and ambassador of the Foundation that bears his name. Visit Children's Hospital and the School-Home José Manuel Estrada, carried forward and entered the small gifts.

On his birthday, Leo wanted to show its most caring, giving him instead of receiving gifts. In addition, participate in the recording of an advertisement on the Bicentennial Stage, one of the venues for the Copa America and answer questions where you wish to make the 'kids' there assembled, with those balls.

Once spread happiness among the needy, Messi will fly to Rosario to spend time with their parents, siblings and friends. (via MD)

Pina: "Alexis is sold to the highest bidder"

The Italian club want to evaluate all bids for the Chilean striker despite the player reiterated his desire to play at Barca.

Udinese's representative in Spain and president of Granada, Quique Pina, admitted that "Alexis Sanchez was sold to the highest bidder" in an interview with radio station Radio Chile to DNA.

In addition, Pina claims referred to the player without leaving the whole of Italy. "I think the player now wants to go to big and we will do our best to go to a large but both leave Udinese player as fortunate."

At the same time, said that "now there are other teams that were interested in the player, and perhaps some of them offer more than Barcelona."

Nevertheless, Pina found insufficient variables proposed by the club to lower the cost of signing Chilean striker. "Another thing is that we give the ease with which people may be in operation but now the problem is that even including a player is not reached," he said.

In addition, the representative of the Italian side in Spain said on Cadena Cope that "the transfer Alexis is in 'standby' in danger of disappearing because they spend day and moves on Barça." (via SPORT)

Jonathan Soriano and their check of a million

The departure of top scorer in Second Division, Barcelona Jonathan Soriano will be possible only if the club that he intends to sign a contract for one million euros per season. The fiancés of the exblanquiazul are endless already their representative, Josep María Orobitg rains to even. (via SPORT)

Mata, the most economic alternative for the attack

The player che, still among the future of Barca, is the most economical to reinforce the attack if it curdles the signing of Alexis.

Juan Mata's name can move up the list of future Barca to strengthen their offensive line, especially if negotiations with Udinese Alexis Sanchez did not move through the desired path. Mata, one of the leaders of the Spanish Under-21 and world champion in South Africa is a much cheaper alternative that the Chilean player and responds to a similar profile for their ability to play in band, with the added value of knowing While many of the Barca players who share the calls for the selection.

The '10 'Valencia renewed his contract until June 2014 last January, when it ceased to become the lowest-paid footballer of the workforce, despite being a permanent fixture and one of the players with more responsibility Unai Emery's team.

In his contract extension was not changed his buyout clause of 60 million euros, but introduced a point that could be decisive, and committed to Valencia to listen to offers from 20 million euros, although talks could begin by a smaller amount. The player, meanwhile, remains focused on the end of the European U-21 Denmark, Spain will play Sunday against Switzerland.

Mata, 23, and was associated with the club a year ago, shortly before Spain began its participation in the World Cup. In fact, he was part of the list of possible reinforcements drafted by Pep Guardiola himself, but then, market conditions, the club's policy of austerity and a commitment to the youth's interest cooled.

Willian, Brazilian player of the Shakhtar Donetsk band, is also on the agenda of the boat to shore up the offensive line. The Blaugrana could be the club player, 22 years in an amount ranging between 5 and 10 million euros. (via SPORT)

Jeffren is passing it very bad

The canterano, now concentrated in the sub 21 in Denmark, is upset with the club being in all the pools of transfers and assignments. His first intention is to talk with Guardiola. In 'Ball Point yesterday Do you ensure that: "I'm not going as he pleased. I do not feel abused, but ... " (via SPORT)

Prepare the landing of Cesc

The club wants to close his move as soon as possible so we can present and next week as a new player of FC Barcelona.

Cesc Fabregas the saga may be coming to an end. And it has been told the daily Sport, Cesc has all the numbers end up being FC Barcelona next week. In fact, the Arsenal midfielder still land on Monday in Barcelona after his tour Asia to stay a few days in Catalonia and also take advantage of the situation to reach their summer camp that began yesterday. During these days you are in Barcelona, ​​Fabregas seek to speed up the negotiations in order to close your transfer as soon as the player does not reach the point of having to file in absentia must be remembered that Arsenal players are cited for Tuesday July 5 to begin the preseason, so if you do not keep the appointment you could open a file as you did with Javier Mascherano to Liverpool last summer.

Barcelona, ​​knowing that this would the worst case scenario for all parties, does not want to get that pulse with the English club, especially now that it seems everyone agrees that they are doomed to be understood.

In fact, contacts have been accelerating in recent days to the point that, as we reported last week, the Barcelona sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, traveled to London to meet Arsenal, especially with your boss executive, Ivan Gazidis.

Barca's latest offer is around 30 million is there to remember that Sandro Rosell has announced publicly that any case equal to 40 million last summer because it's been a year and his move has already written off a year the club 'gunner' ¿, but today continues to be a temple official response from the London club.

In any case, Arsenal has already begun to open the door to the departure of its franchise, something unthinkable a few months ago, as evidenced by the fact that its chairman, Peter Hill-Wood, has publicly acknowledged to be maintaining contact with the Barcelona and confirmed in a terse that Cesc wants to go to Barcelona.

Another fact that points in favor of leaving the London club Fabregas is the last telephone conversation with his coach, Arsène Wenger, where he reassures them that things were well underway. There is no doubt that many items for us to believe that there may be short-term positive news about the future of Fabregas.

Thus, we must wait for an answer from Arsenal to start drawing conclusions. That did not answer the Arsenal is imminent is seen by the Catalans club in a positive way because it means that within the British directors are evaluating the offer seriously studying all the pros and cons of the operation. In the Catalan remember that the last official response from Arsenal last summer was a resounding `no Do after a few hours haberles submitted a second bid for Cesc 40 million.

With so many pros in the Barca club it is possible that next week will take place the presentation of the player. It would, undoubtedly one of the best news for Barcelona, ​​which takes more than a year awaiting the arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. And among the Catalans have a particularly happy, Pep Guardiola, who has been fighting for this signing from almost landed on the bench the first team, knowing that relief is natural to give continuity to DNA Blaugrana in midfield.

Another fact that invites us to think that the signing could be imminent is that in the Hospital de Barcelona where do generally perform medical examinations of the club have been ordered from the club next week to have everything ready for the possibility of having to do the medical examination at a signing for Barcelona. There is no doubt that Cesc Fabregas's name is on everyone's lips as they do not forget that this step prior to the submission of any player in the case of the Barca squad, would be more comprehensive because of its long history in injury muscle. In fact, the player himself has tried to remedy this summer so many bleeding injuries in recent years in New York to visit a physical therapist who recommended the former Arsenal and Barcelona player, Thierry Henry.

At this point in the crossroads at which they are both Cesc as Barcelona and Arsenal can only hope the events will be producing the next few days when the player lands in Barcelona, ​​as he said last Wednesday that Indonesia expected to have new news about his future until he finishes his promotional trip and relax on Asian soil. (via SPORT)

Bojan will win 2 clean millions in Roma

His departure from FC Barcelona can be traumatic, but the truth is that the squad will land in Rome as a juicy contract: two million euros per season clean. An amount that the entity Barca could never have been even imagine. In Rome he can that he also meets with Montoya, another player of Barça B. (via SPORT)

In the highest in the summit

24 years old today Messi installed on top of world football and willing to continue feeding their record with the Copa America.

It is easy to reach the podium world football. Much less become the best of the best, in the unanimous opinion of the football world. Leo Messi, who today celebrates his 24th birthday ensconced at the top, it has the same simplicity with which it operates in the field, with the ease with which he receives the ball, controls it and face the opponent.

At 24 years, and about to play the Copa America with his selection, the honors of Messi just need a great title with Argentina to close the circle prodigious tournaments. He won the FIFA U-20, 2005, which was unveiled and the Beijing Games, but lacks a major title with the largest selection `¿, the absolute in Argentina soccer terminology.

At the individual level he has won everything and is capable of being the first player in history with more than three Golden Ball after he won in 2009 and 2010. In the twenty-fourth day of his birthday can boast three Champions (the player with more European Cups, Paco Gento, had won two when he was 24) and five leagues.

The Argentine also has an Olympic gold medal, which he won in Beijing in 2008, something not even dreamed of the big four in the history of soccer, Di Stefano, Pele, Cruyff and Maradona. His Olympic participation was a turning point: since then his international explosion has been unstoppable, from the hand of Pep Guardiola, the coach who best knew how to exploit the virtues of 'The Flea ¿. His leap in quality from 2008 to 2009 is reflected in the figures: 16 to 38 goals, 40 to 51 games.

And a fundamental point: what were all too common muscle injuries disappeared as if by magic.
Messi has grown at a steady pace, but since it appeared unstoppable in the first team, the November 16, 2003, in a friendly match in Oporto. In his first year at the club he played 9 games and since then, each season has played more games than the last, and almost always also set more goals than in the previous course, with the exception of the 2007-08 season.

The 'Crack Is Argentina still has not ended the season, despite having signed a few numbers with the club estatosféricos: 53 goals in 55 games. It is the Copa America, the tournament that can definitely elevate your country and you will reach a figure of historical games, and that will end the course with at least 65 games in total (now totals 62 and Argentina will play at least three meetings in the group stage). His personal record for the year past, when he played 64 games, 53 and 11 with the club for his country.

At 24, Messi is about to reach 200 goals, without being a 'new What pure and can claim to have scored 197 (180 with the Barca shirt with white and blue and 17). If progression and passion for the ball does not slow down, Messi walks steadily towards the honorary title of being the best player ever, not only by the sight of his game, but also honors and statistics. (via SPORT)

Abidal will renew its commitment to Barca until 2014

As seen his agent, David Venditelli, the center wants to end his football career dress.

Éric Abidal's will is to accept the offer from Barça. Stay in Barcelona, ​​has said many times, and finish his career dress Barca, "said Representative Eric Abidal, David Venditelli.

Much time has passed since the Frenchman signed for FC Barcelona in 2007/08. The center, from Olympique Lyon, Barca ended up in rows quietly, as unknown to the vast majority of fans of the club. However, over the years has become a standard of Barcelona for their fighting spirit, excellence and consistency.

Finally, the central `Barca said yes to the offer of contract renewal by the FC Barcelona raised months ago, as his agent confirmed on TV3. Barcelona fans can now breathe easy.

And the desire is to continue Abidal at the club. "We talked to the club two days ago. We negotiated and agreed together that we need to wait for Eric is fully recovered from his health problems he has had, "said the agent.

It all started several months ago when coach Pep Guardiola continued French claimed, under contract until June 2012. However, on March 15 the central one was diagnosed with liver tumor which was successfully operated two days later. A jug of cold water to all Barcelona, ​​luckily, is history.

The negotiations stopped, obviously, not to interfere with the health of the crack squad. But an almost supernatural Abidal jumped back to the Nou Camp turf just 48 days after surgery. It was on 90 minutes in the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League against Real Madrid. Another example of their commitment, a way to acknowledge the support received during these two months of ordeal.

The Catalans were anxiously waiting for news of renewal after that last Monday the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, explained in the `central Àgora what the supply was on the table but had not yet signed the extension, like I'm not entirely convinced remain part of the Blaugrana. Luckily this has not happened.
The soaring career of the French reached its peak on 28 May at Wembley Stadium.

In addition to cap a superb performance throughout the whole match, he played inside out, got the best gift from his teammates. Puyol handed the captain's armband in order that he in charge of lifting the Champions Cup, the second of his career.

A gesture unprecedented in football history. Like the career Abidal, thanks to their efforts, courage and sacrifice, has reached the top of the history of Barcelona. Now it can be said safely that the FC Barcelona can enjoy with him and his play three more seasons. (via SPORT)

Pastor, bound for Spain?

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini said on Thursday his belief that Javier Pastore, so far of your team, joining a club in Spain or England.

Pastore "is destined for a great team and I think that ultimately will go to Spain or England. Is Rome? There is interest from the club, and do well because they can not spend the entire budget on one player," said Zamparini told Radio-Radio.

"Javier is worth twice what Neymar and, unlike the Brazilian in the years to win the Golden Ball because it is one of a kind. We have no rush to pass it. We are looking out the window," he said.

They want half a dozen clubs

Palermo president said on Wednesday met with the representative of Pastore, Marcelo Simonian, to address the situation of the player, behind which, he said, there are six or seven teams, at least a couple with the support of "economic strength of the sheikhs. "

"Behind Pastore also have another great Italian team, however, can not sign him because he wants to get into trading players with salaries outside the scope of Palermo," Zamparini said.

"For 38 million does not go"

"For 38 million Javier does not move. We are willing to extend the contract for another two years and he would be happy. But I think the final will go to Spain or England," he added.

¿Barcelona and Madrid?

Last March, in an interview with Italian sports daily 'Corriere dello Sport, Palermo president claimed that among the European clubs that were interested were Pastore Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Pastore arrived in summer 2009 to Palermo from the Club Atlético Huracán in Argentina and in December renewed his contract with the Sicilian club for another season as originally planned until 2015, with a break clause at 70 million euros. (via SPORT)

Rossi: "I want to play in a big one"

Giuseppe Rossi does not give up his dream of playing someday in one of the greats of world football. And each said FC Barcelona ...

Villarreal striker is these days in the U.S., where it follows the Gold Cup football. And from there he admitted that someday he would climb another step in his career.

"I think it's a dream for all players to play in the biggest clubs. If we talk about the three largest are Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid. These are the best in the world. I'm no different to any other, I want to continue working to see what can happen, "said Rossi told 'Goal.com'.

Italo-Argentine striker is one of the priorities for Pep Guardiola to shore up his lead ahead of next season. However, Villarreal's high claims have impeded their transfer. (via SPORT)

Montoya: "I'm comfortable in the club, not listen to offers"

Martin Montoya is one of the architects of the smooth running of the Spanish in the European Under-21. Barca defender shines with 'very red' and his work is not going unnoticed by other clubs. However, it is quite clear: he wants to renew and succeed at Barca.

Montoya has a contract with the club for next season and hopes to negotiate its continued much longer. Something expected to occur in end its participation in the European, where on Sunday will face Switzerland in the final.

"I'm comfortable in the club, not listen to offers. I'm very young and I have another year. I like the offers, that values ​​you and I will consider, but I have a contract in place," recalled the player told RAC-1 .

In recent days there has shuffled Luis Enrique, his now former coach at Barca B, we would be raising the option of joining Roma. An interest that would be added to other Spanish clubs such as Valencia or Getafe. (via SPORT)

Six Barça players in the starting ideal of Sport Illustrated

Up to six Barça players have been included in the starting ideal of Sport Illustrated magazine.

Eight League players have been elected to the Dream Team of the sports magazine 'Sports Illustrated'. Two of them are Real Madrid-Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas, and six are from FC Barcelona.

The Blaugrana included in this list of cracks are: Alves, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and Messi.

The list is completed: Vidic (Manchester United), Evra (Manchester United) and Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich). (via SPORT)

Barca Fair Play Award will receive the July 6

The Spanish Football Federation to give FC Barcelona Fair Play Award to the team over the past sports league. The award will be presented on July 6 in the Soccer City of Las Rozas.

The Fair Play Award recognizes the sporty performance of the teams first and second division and delivers Spanish Football Federation since 1998. This year's prize will be awarded to two teams of FC Barcelona who finished the season as the sports teams in their respective competitions. The act of Fair Play Award will take place on Wednesday July 6 at the headquarters of Spanish Football Federation at the Soccer City of Las Rozas (Madrid). Javier Bordas, director of FC Barcelona is responsible for relations with the RFEF and LFP, who will collect the award on behalf of the club.

Guardiola's team has returned to refute with facts that call into question their fair play. The data are stubborn and very clear. Barça is a team that has seen fewer cards this season with 73 yellow - less than two per game, and only two expulsions , with only a straight red.

To grant the award, the Federation established a criterion score for each card they have seen different teams: 3 points for red card, 2 points for a second yellow card and one point for each yellow card. Also taken into account penalties imposed by the Competition Committee.

Barça finished leading the league with 100 ranking points, followed with 101 points Mallorca and Racing Santander, with 108.

Barça B has also shown that fair play has been one of its identifying features this season. Luis Enrique's team has led the rankings with 104 points , followed by Numancia, 117. Interestingly, Soria's team was winning the award last season in the First Division.

Rosell celebrates the season finale with employees

Rome In the space surrounded by the titles won by the club during this course, Sandro Rosell has provided the Club with employees of the successes attributed to the good work of all areas in a season of change.

The 2010/11 season draws to a close and Sandro Rosell and his management team have tried to dismiss the current offering with employees. This act of brotherhood has taken place in Rome where he wore a space the titles won by professional teams of FC Barcelona. The vice president and senior Vilarrubí Carles Susana Monje, Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca and Eduard Coll accompanied the president on this farewell season.

President has addressed the club workers who congratulated and thanked by "the efforts made ​​during a year that has not been easy," "We want to thank all employees for an exertion that has made ​​the best pass changes and want to convey through the work values ​​of computer effort and culture inherent in the Club ". Sandro Rosell has attributed the successful season the team work done from all departments of the Club.

In a week is celebrated the first year in office Sandro Rosell and Board of Directors. With 15 titles of the first professional teams, 16 when Alusport Barca victory Sunday, the club is on the verge of signing the best season in club history. Despite not having never failed to keep our feet on the ground, the team rubs his eyes to such a good harvest: "If a year ago to close our eyes and we made ​​a bet would be impossible to ask for more. The result has been extraordinary . The employee response has been extraordinary as well as our entry has been a great harmony and coordination with the sports establishment. We are more than satisfied. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)