22 June 2011

Cesc discards news on its future for next days

The Spanish player of the Arsenal Cesc Fábregas said this Wednesday in Jakarta that doesn't have novelties on its possible fichaje for Barcelona and it discarded that there are news in this respect in next days.

Fabregas refused to be generated progress in negotiations between the two entities while in Indonesia, where he arrived Monday ester accompanied by his agent to stay until the end of this week.

During a promotional event for a brand of biscuits, Fabregas completed a questionnaire before hundreds of fans wearing the shirts of Arsenal, Barcelona or the Spanish team.

In answering one question Fabregas said his "greatest idol is Guardiola" but instead avoided answering the most uncomfortable about their future and simply noted that wants to return to training, without elaborating.

Fabregas had a memory for his fellow Arsenal and the Spanish national team and said they had "the honor of playing with some of the best footballers in the world."

"Motivation comes from within me, I love the ball," said the Arenys de Mar when asked about his passion for football.

The face of Spanish football for months that is familiar to many Indonesians as the buses carrying advertising Jakarta biscuits in his face and appearing in television advertisements starring pronouncing several words in Bahasa, the local language. (via SPORT)

Jeffren, tempted by Valencia

One of the reasons for not accepting Jeffren his move to Udinese is due to an interest of Valencia, according to "SUPERDEPORTE".

In case Joaquín finishes abandoning the discipline of Valencia CF, the club has commented that they "have replacements" and one of the possible replacements is Jeffren and this it would be one of the reasons for those that the player is not accepting at the moment to be part of the operation 'Alexis Sánchez' and to saturate in Udinese, he informed 'Superdeporte.'

According to the newspaper says the player preferería follow Valencia in the Spanish League and Valencia option would be much more to his liking than the Italian.

Barça’s preseason rivals (III): Bayern or AC Milan in the Audi Cup

In the second and final round of the Copa Audi , the FC Barcelona play their third game of the 2011/12 season and will do against a team that will play the Champions League, either team Jupp Heincke or the Massimo Allegri . The winner of the Internacional de Porto Alegre-FC Barcelona will play the final against the winner of Bayern Munich-AC Milan .

Bundesliga starts on August 6 and the historic Bayern Munich has a new project. After the period of Louis van Gaal, the veteran German coach arrives Heincke Jupp , 65, and the star signing of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Schalke 04 . The Bavarians are historical players like Ribery , Schweinsteiger , Robben , and Lahm , the most prominent.

Barcelona and Bayern , with four titles each, are a classic Champions League . those of Guardiola have won two titles in the last three years, while Bayern were runners-up in the final of the 2009/10 academic year in Madrid .

After the farewell Van Gaal, the only link that is now between the two clubs is the presence of Andreas Jonker , Van Gaal's assistant in his second spell at the club as coach of the Bavarian branch.

AC Milan won the Italian league after failing to do so from the 2003/04 season and has thus added its 18 th league title . The team of Massimo Allegri broke the excellent dynamics of Inter Milan , who had five consecutive titles in the Italian championship. It provides an extensive remodeling of its workforce, but so far there have been no confirmed news about high and low for a team that will begin its preseason Millanello July 12.

The last time they met the AC Milan and FC Barcelona in a competitive match was in the semifinals of the Champions League 2005/06. Barça eliminated the Italians won in Paris the second Champions . Last year, the Trofeo Joan Gamper , AC Milan was the guest computer. A day in which the partner could leave Barca for Ronaldinho and, in turn, was to be the last match in a Barca shirt for the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic who hours later was incorporated into the discipline of AC Milan. In Munich could be the first Ibrahimovic played against Barca with the Italian team after having done it before with Ajax and Juventus , always in friendly matches. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Chile already 'cries' the march of Alexis

The forward claimed by the Barca, Alexis Sánchez, stars in a video of a beer.

To the rhythm of the popular song "Please Do not Go ', the Chilean Alexis Sánchez, stars along with the other players on your team a spot of a notorious Chilean beer.

The video asks the fans not to go Sánchez, and cries after seeing him leave the airport. It is very curious, I offer it below:

Freixa acknowledges an offer from Roma for Bojan

The secretary and spokesman of the FC Barcelona board, Toni Freixa, said this Wednesday that Barça has received an offer from Roma for Bojan Krkic: "We have an offer but it’s still in the study and evaluation phase".

FC Barcelona have received a formal offer for Bojan Krkic, but no agreement has been reached. "We understand that the Roma can hardly publish something that is still in the study and evaluation phase", Freixa pointed out at a press conference this Wednesday morning.

"Obviously when you receive an offer like this and the club is considering it, it’s because it raises the possibility that it’s feasible," added the secretary and spokesman, who didn’t want to anticipate any event.

Asked about other names appearing these days in various media, such as Alexis Sanchez and Jeffren Suarez, Freixa was clear about it: "We won’t reveal the content of the possible negotiations, to preserve the interests of Barça".

The FC Barcelona sports management team is working hard to ensure that the first team next year will be at the maximum competitive level. "This is the goal, and if we can achieve it with players that are already here, much the better, "said Freixa, who reminded everybody once again that the club has 45 million euros for future signings, plus the sale of players which can generate more income. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Gamper, August 22

FC Barcelona already has a date for the Gamper this season and for the official presentation of the 2011/12 staff: Monday, August 22.

The secretary and spokesman of the Board, Toni Freixa , confirmed this date of August 22 to contest the 46th trophy of Barcelona . As usual, this day will also serve for the presentation of the staff of Pep Guardiola for the 2011/12 season. yet know the rival

Club is pending to confirm the rival who will play against Barca. It is recalled that in recent editions has faced against AC Milan (2010), Manchester City (2009), Boca Juniors (2008), Inter Milan (2007) and Bayern Munich (2006). The same week of the Super Monaco

The game will be played the week of the Super Cup , but with enough room to prepare the final against Porto (August 26), to be held in Monaco . Day for Congress and also Trobada Peñas addition Gamper , Aug. 22 also held Congress and the World Peñas Trobada , this year, following the release of San Sebastian, will be assumed by the Club itself. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sabatini confirmed the agreement by Bojan

Walter Sabatini confirmed the talks with the player and said that there is only "close"

The Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini acknowledged negotiations for Bojan and he told 'Sky Italia' the operation to the transfer of Bojan to Rome was almost closed.

"The negotiation by Bojan is on track, let's see if we can fill," said the microphones 'Sky Italia'. "We have agreed everything with Barcelona, ​​is only now close," he added.

According says 'Sky' the club can exercise the right to repurchase in 2013 for a price of around 15 million euros. (via SPORT)

Arrivederci Bojan: The forward leaves to Rome

FC Barcelona, ​​AS Roma and Sostres Ramon, representing the youth squad, yesterday laid the foundation of the agreement of transfer to Italian club.
The player gave the OK to Rome that highly values ​​the interest of Luis Enrique.
The Roman club will pay between 10 and 12 million and signed for five years with an option to buy.
The Italians asked unsuccessfully for Thiago and Montoya.

Bojan Krkic has one foot in Rome and in the coming days will have two if not encounter any unforeseen setbacks. Catalan striker, who turns 21 in August, has given its OK to the Italian club's offer (advanced by Web MD on June 8), who wants to incorporate the express wish of Luis Enrique. Yesterday there was a meeting in Barcelona to three bands between Andoni Zubizarreta, by the club, Walter Sabatini, manager of Rome, and Ramon Sostres, representative Bojan. In the same laid the groundwork for an agreement that the player blessed from the concentration of U-21 in Denmark.

Bojan has been decisive for the great interest in Luis Enrique has shown it to lead a new and exciting project as coach of Roma. Seeing that the club was looking for more forwards, as is the case of Alexis Sanchez, the squad has decided it's time to pack up and try your luck at another club where he has secured a much larger role than it has had Pep Guardiola's orders.

Both Ramon Sostres as the father of Bojan highly appreciated the offer of the Roman club and sports project that offers the front hand of Luis Enrique.

While there is nothing close to one hundred percent because you have to write and sign contracts, the basis of the agreement is agreed upon. FC Barcelona, ​​in their line of opacity and secrecy of communications and information, refused to provide or confirm any details of the operation, a fact that contrasts with the information dated in Rome last night and already gave full details of the operation .

According to this information, the Rome wants to Bojan for five seasons, the maximum you can sign a player and is willing to pay to the FC Barcelona ten million euros, an amount that the club hopes to increase to twelve or thirteen thanks some variable.

What was still under discussion was the amount of the repurchase clause that FC Barcelona want to include in the contract of transfer of Bojan Barca because the entity does not want to lose control over a player with Barca DNA, which has the goal blood and only 20 years old.

In the coming days, Barcelona and Rome eventually liquidate the fringes of the agreement and will shape the contracts. Of course, in principle Bojan initialed not until you have finished your participation inthe Under 21 European Championship being held in Denmark and in which Spain plays the semifinals today.

Roma are also interested and yesterday Thiago Montoya at the request of Luis Enrique, but was unsuccessful. The midfielder will not go to Havana and the club side FC Barcelona has declared non-transferable. (via MD)

Bojan, goodbye to the high scorer of La Masia

Krkic in Italy for what proved to be reunited with the quarry culé.

Josep Maria Fusté was the first 'noi Linyola' Barca. Four decades later, broke into the Camp Nou the new 'noi Linyola', although the precocity of his promotion to the first team to Bojan Krkic Barca have been more appropriate to call it 'nen Linyola'. Debuted on April 24, 2007, when he was 16, in a friendly in Egypt and scored. That's what life had done since his arrival at Barcelona at age 8. Networks are tired of breaking so that became the big scorer of FC Barcelona youth teams, with more than 800 targets.

Bojan was born in Lleida town on August 28, 1990. His father was a Serbian striker who played for the late Mollerussa 80. Bojan Little did everything fast: 15 years was in the youth A, at 16 he scored 10 goals for the branch, at 17 already one in the wardrobe of the cracks and at 17, one month and 20 days was the youngest goalscorer in the history of the club in the league. The 2007-2008 season confirmed that there was a striker capable of making a career at Barca. Had much merit in a decaying equipment that teenage scored 10 league goals, a figure which is surprisingly the best of his career in the first team with which he played a total of 116 games and 34 goals signed .

Interestingly, in the best years of the history of the club, his contribution was more marginal than expected, despite some punctual moment of glory as the goal in the Cup final of 2009. But there was a short period of reborn hope that at the end of the 2009-10 League was Ibrahimovic came to nothing, Guardiola was given the responsibility to Bojan and 'noi Linyola' scored goals at Villarreal and Sevilla were key to winning the title. The current campaign has been his worst. So it goes, but with a track record of tribute match. With 16 years between goals and covers, all of it was expected, probably too much. At 20 your problem is beginning to be seen at the Camp Nou. Luckily for Bojan in Rome he will be signing. (via MD)

Alexis rebels: only Barça

The City interfered yesterday with an offer of 45 million and despite pressure from Udinese, the Chilean said 'no'.

Alexis Sanchez's signing for the club yesterday wrote the chapter most intense of all those experienced so far. Tortuous negotiations, Manchester City OFERTON unexpected pressures, Italian striker attempted trip to Barcelona and media attention that gripped the market. The day ended without any agreement but the gesture that most excites the Barca directors, with the player engaged and rebelling against Udinese. Barca and Barca only. As Mascherano.

The club raised culé optimistic, convinced that the 'yes' was next and Udinese's Alexis Sanchez certainty that would catch a plane at night to pass the review and presented. However, the talks were losing steam with the times. Bojan attended the offer of Roma and declining forcefully Jeffren march to the Serie A. No players involved, Barca had no choice but to raise the fixed to 29 million euros and reduce the variables in titles and personal goals. Neither this nor other subsequent offer more nuanced Udinese convinced that branded as inadequate. The phone rang then. On the other side of the unit leaders Manchester City released an economic proposal that left petrified Pozzo family, owners of Udinese: 40 million euros plus 5 bonus for variables, only 5 of the 50 that were priced and that sounded a number out of the market. Seduced Italian leaders, the City shall, in addition to the salary of four million Chilean would clean plus a variable for titles, games and goals.

Udinese's Alexis Sanchez contacted in Chile and forced him to cancel the planned trip for 21.45 local time and return to the team hotel in the Chilean team. Advised him to listen to the English and tried to make him see that the operation will benefit him as well.

Knowing the radical change in the negotiations, both the front and his agent, Fernando Felicevich showed his anger and outcry. Alexis just wants to play in the club, the best football team practice. He premetió his adoptive father before he died. Quique Pina, chairman of Granada, the club also Pozzo, see the move to 80%. We will. (via MD)

Thiago looks to London

The priority of the pearl, which today can seal Olympic pass is to continue at the club but Chelsea is his first choice if I had to go.

Thiago Alcántara London currency on the horizon twice. The pearl of Barca's youth system is called to lead this afternoon (18.00 h / Four) to the U-21 in their goal of qualifying for the Olympic Games to the English capital will host the summer of 2012. Belarus is the pitfall of Thiago, who has continued to hoard 'Girlfriends' during Euro category ending on Saturday in Denmark. Bids are stacked on the table Mazinho, father and representative of the player, but the priority remains continuing Thiago dress Barca. However, if market developments and the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas just hindering their chances of success in the Nou Camp, the first option is to accept the siren songs that come from Chelsea.

Although his name has struck hard in recent days and has not stopped responding to questions about your situation, Thiago is fully focused on the interests of the team that coach Luis Milla. It will be starting Saturday night when you can not avoid thinking about their future after a tournament that has appreciated further confirming their status as rising star in world football. The eldest of the Alcantara is convinced he can make his mark at the club, club in which at 14 landfall. Now, at 20, he is fully prepared to hold a Pep Guardiola's orders or any other 'big' European and extensive list of suitors one stands out above all. Thiago believes that the style of football that is practiced at Chelsea would suit perfectly to its conditions. Accept the offer of the London club, who may today announce the arrival of André Villas-Boas as coach after paying his freedom to Porto, I would aspire to titles posh as the Premier and Champions League.

Such is the ambition and self-conviction Thiago has even been jilted and to Rome. Luis Enrique, who surrendered to his commitment with Barça B in the second half of the season, thought of him to give his Italian adventure gallon but the Spaniard was technically not an elegant answer Thiago, who wants to be at the high. In the Italian capital could only contest the Champions League.

It is the only club with renewed project that aims to build his team with Barca as one of its players-franchise. The revolutionary Malaga Manuel Pellegrini has bid to force through the millions of Arab Sheikh Al Thani but neither has gotten away with it, like other 'First' Spanish and European teams contrasted. (via MD)

Argentina turns to 'find' the best Messi

Coach Sergio Batista planning a team around 'The Flea' to face Copa América.

Messi. Messi. Messi. In Argentina there is talk of something else. Each time the Flea invites you to think they can play the Copa America to the level of Barcelona, ​​the fans are excited with the albiceleste maximum. It happened to Albania and the fate of a message is unanimous choice: we must get Messi is comfortable. Play with the comfort that makes it shine in 'Team Pep ¿.

So they see their peers, which is clearly where they spend the possibilities of albiceleste to make history. "Batista asks me to be explosive up and give you options to find Leo." Give options to `The Flea ¿, make character, surround him with players who understand the game from the possession. That's the goal. "What did you like most about the team," threw him into the Chechen. "Respecting an idea of ​​the game, the possession of the ball, we have players who can do very well as Leo, and Banega. Messi made a great match, we are very happy with it. "

And Batista is that the middle of Valencia is the key to the fit of Messi. Essential to understand the new Argentina, very different from Maradona more aware of two areas of midfield. "Leo is important for Banega. Very important, "notes the coach. And when Leo is delighted: "We were pleased with the match against Albania, because the test went well," he said after the meeting.

Now there is no doubt Banega, the questions are up, you attached the national debate over who should accompany Messi. Especially since there is no player more attached to people that Tevez. The Apache is the most beloved of the albiceleste, I have one of their own. "Not only for Carlos is difficult, there are many who are to be owners. Only one team tried. Carlos is a great player, loved by the people. And it has the same opportunities as the rest of their companions, who are also very good as Aguero, Milito and Higuain. This party was to see players and I got a general impression, "said Batista.

The presence of players not as dear as Tevez was even part of the Monumental fans whistling went to the coach. Batista, who knows the mood of the fans, to downplay the issue. "I was not surprised. Everyone has their taste. I am to put the computer and try to work well. People supported each has their own taste and must be respected. The team at times gave very good football, "he said. People have no doubts: Tevez and Messi are the favorites to join the side that is facing Copa América.

Seeking partners to 'La Pulga'

Who should accompany Messi in Argentina's attack? That's the big question is the fan before the Copa America. Batista is important for Di Maria and Lavezzi. The fans think you have to play Tevez and would be good to make room Kun. "The problem is that they are all very good players. I find it hard to pick. Everybody has only two conditions but may accompany up to Leo, "said Batista. (via SPORT)

Villarreal assumes that Rossi will stay another year

The CEO of the Castellon club, José Manuel Llaneza, confident that one of its most prized star Giuseppe Rossi on Italian-American, stay in the team led by Juan Carlos Garrido at least one more season.

"Rossi is owned by the submarine and there is no intention of selling it not an oversupply," declared the vice president also sports.
It is the fervent desire to gather in front of the ranks Barca seem to have to wait.

Bad news for rivals Villarreal but certainly one of the greatest joys of the month for the Yellow Submarine will feature team leader for peace of mind of its members and fans. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The benches are attached soccer training

Delegates, physiotherapists and carers are the ones who do not know their future in the entity Blaugrana

The great football season starring blaugrana base has a flexible closing of the continuity of their coaches, they know they will continue next season working in the club.

In fact, the only coach who does not know what will happen to their future remains Oscar Garcia, the juvenile, which ends next June 30 and play the final contract of Youth Cup on Sunday against Espanyol in Ceuta. Anyway, this equipment is included in professional football. Below, Sergi Barjuan last year signed a contract for a further one and it has been told to continue. Javier Garcia Pimienta has two years since the last year signed three seasons. So did Fran Sanchez, Infantil A. Francesc Artigas, Cadete B, signed a one plus two optional. In these contracts, most commonly during the negotiation dates last season, the deadline for reporting by the club would not realize the optional two years, was June 15. However, officials of the soccer training, Guillermo Amor, Albert Puig, got in touch with the technicians to let them know that they were satisfied with the work and would be renewable for two more seasons. In the case of fry, Andres Carrasco has gone with Alex Garcia, so far in the technical secretariat, Dinamo Tbilisi, and their positions is

Marcel Sans. The other teams contesting the League Cup in mode 7 are included in the contract one and two, so the club will also continue in the next two seasons blaugrana das. However, there is probably a change of benches in smaller teams.

Those who are talking this week with officials of the soccer training to meet their future are the delegates, physiotherapists, carers and, ultimately, colabodares without which teams do not end up working. (via SPORT)

41 reasons to give him those thanks to Linyola

Cup 2009, his best time, played every game and scored in the final.

Bojan Krkric yesterday put an end to his time blaugrana Or at least makes a break of at least two years after having played 163 ¿games and have scored 41 goals.

A story that began on September 16, 2007 in a league match at the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna. He had just turned 17 years when Frank Rijkaard made his debut in the first team to play the final 12 minutes of the match. Here began the legend of a kid who gave wings to a team that had gone into decline after living some years magnificent because of the negligence of their cracks' ¿. The Dutch coach Bojan found in the shock to attack the 'plus how often what was Linyola squad and for more' INRI '¿. In his first season more than fulfilled the most optimistic expectations: 48 matches and 12 goals. In fact, he never repeated numbers so bright. Rijkaard was able to give love and thanked him for the player exhibiting épatant performance.

After that season so successful, Bojan seemed destined to become one of the key players, especially after the arrival of Guardiola, a technician with a clear commitment by people at home. However, it did not quite feel Krkric entirely comfortable, while still giving joy to the Catalans and the team, like last season when he could snatch the title on the final leg to an indolent Ibrahimovic. Their most important living in the Cup of the 2008-09 season, where he was one of the men vital in achieving the title, playing and scoring all five goals, one in the final against Athletic.

Krkric leaves with 20 years in Rome, so it seems that this is just a little 'kit kat'. (via SPORT)

Bojan Krkic, transferred to Roma

The player wants to leave next week at a press conference when ends its participation in the European U-21 Denmark.

Bojan Krkic, twelve years after coming to Barca, he leaves. Linyola striker has found the confidence to Pep Guardiola to show all the football he taught during his time in the lower categories and has decided to step forward. His immediate future is the Rome of Luis Enrique.

Coach Spaniard has been a key figure for the '9 'has said yes to the offer of the Italian club. The exentrenador Barça B has spoken to the player and has made it known she wants to become a cornerstone of your project and it is striker who is looking for. Bojan has picked up the gauntlet and is determined not to disappoint him. You only need minutes.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice president, Andoni Zubizarreta, sporting director Walter Sabatini, his counterpart in Rome, and Ramon Sostres, Bojan Krkic's legal representative, agreed to the terms of the agreement yesterday in the offices of the club. Among club player `Giallorossi what is all but agreed, although some points remain to be defined between the two. The agreement between Bojan and Rome is for five seasons, a long contract in which the club will be able to speak at the end of the first two seasons. Roma will pay 10 million euros for the player, but both clubs still differ on the repurchase clause.

Two days ago, had leaked that the club demanded that 10 million euros for the transfer of Bojan including an effective option to repurchase at the end of next season, while the entity `Giallorossi So only reached six. However, managed to impose Zubizarreta claims Barca and Roma finished going through the hoop 10 million.

However, the final push in the operation, which is closed as to the most important points will occur today, when it eventually seal the deal between all parties. At this point, touch to discuss the amount of the purchase option, and that the club is not at all willing to part with Bojan permanently. Quite the contrary. The aim is that the Linyola has the minutes to deny Barca first team and can demonstrate their capacity in a tournament as important as the Serie A ahead of his possible return to Camp Nou and then with a status Highlights in the past year. And that is where there is still no agreement now, although all parties are cautiously optimistic.

Roma seeks to do business in the event that Bojan excelled in his first season out of Barça and goes off asking the repurchase clause is 20 million euros. That is, if the Linyola complete a 'temporadón' in Pep Guardiola Calcium and decides to have him, would have to pay double the 10 million proceeds from the sale next summer. Meanwhile, the club remains strong at 12 million euros and just might be the work of a million more to increase up to 13.

But that are important issues for the club, although somewhat secondary for a player who is now faced with the Spanish under-21 team in the semifinals against Belarus in search of qualification for the Olympics Londres'12. Centered in the competition but not at all oblivious to what happened in Barcelona. In fact, the player waiting to hear from state concentration, and after hearing the final agreement with Rome, expressed his happiness and enthusiasm to start a new phase with that from a distance hopes to show that deserves the front center of the club. For the player is not a step backwards but a step forward and a return trip. The commitment is strong because it is no longer just return it, but it does have much to say. A great time in Rome you can reopen the gates of Camp Nou, his great dream from which, 8 years, he joined the club where he has been the top scorer of his quarry. Bojan is scheduled to give a press conference next week on Monday Possibly what for saying goodbye to what has been his hobby for the past four years. Bojan is going to return.

Walter Sabatini also used the meeting to slide other names that are also of interest to Luis Enrique, as the lateral Martin Montoya. However, the club will not go to the replacement of Dani Alves (which is bordered in the European Under 21). Another impossible dream is Thiago Alcantara, who is also delighting in Denmark 'The Rojita'. (via SPORT)

Barça’s preseason rivals (II): Internacional Porto Alegre

After playing Hajduk Split of Croatia, FC Barcelona will play their second preseason game at the Allianz Arena in Munich against Brazilian outfit Internacional Porto Alegre on July 26.

The game will be one of the semi finals of the Audi Cup 2011, which also involves Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

The side from Porto Alegre is quite a familiar rival for Barcelona, for especially in the 1980s, they were a regular feature at the Joan Gamper Trophy. Barça and the Brazilians also met at the Clubs World Cup in 2006, which the ‘colorados’ won by beating Frank Rijkaard’s side in the final in Yokohama (1-0).

Founded in 1909, Internacional Porto Alegre had their golden era in the 1940s, and along with sides like São Paulo, Santos, Flamengo, Palmeiras and their local rivals Gremio are among the biggest clubs in Brazil, which tend to dominate the championships in their country and also have good records at the Clubs World Cup.

The club has produced such huge stars as Falcao, Taffarel, Lucio and Dunga, the latter three all World Cup winners with Brazil. FC Barcelona have also employed players that started out with Inter, including Aloisio Pires and Fabio Rochemback. In the Spanish league tight now, the biggest former Internacional name is Villarreal striker Nilmar.

The club are the defending Copa Libertadores champions, the South American equivalent of the Champions League. They are coached by one of their legendary figures, Paulo Roberto Falcao, who starred in that extraordinary Brazil team that graced the 1982 World Cup, along with others of the calibre of Zico, Junior, Sócrates, Elder and Toninho Cerezo.

Several of the players have played in Spain before, such as D’Alessandro (Zaragoza), Cavenaghi (Mallorca) and Rafael Sobis (Betis), while the biggest star to come out of the club in recent years has probably been Alexandre Pato, who is now at AC Milan.

Playing the current European champions is a big deal in Porto Alegre. Such is the excitement that the club has organised a prize draw among its members, where fans can win a trip to join the team in Germany. Priority in this draw is given to those who can attract the most new members to the club.

Second edition of Audi Cup
The teams are appearing in what will be the second edition of the Audi Cup. The first was held in celebration of the centenary of the automobile company in 2009 and was won by Bayern in their home stadium. There was no tournament last year because of the World Cup in South Africa. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Jeffren: "I don't like the option of Udinese, but what I can do ?"

Jeffren Suarez is increasingly difficult to follow in FC Barcelona. Barca striker 'sounds' as a possible bargaining chip in the Operation Alexis Sanchez. " Something that would accept, but at the same time it saddens.

Jeffren is focused these days with the U 21 in Denmark, where on Wednesday (18:00 pm) will play the European Championship semifinal against Belarus.

The player tries to stay away from speculation about his future, but he has spoken of him as a possible target of Udinese. An idea that excited him, since his desire is to continue at the club: "Of course not like. I have seven years in Barcelona, ​​had a dream to succeed here, and I think I will not meet. I have to find something else "he said, resigned, told RAC1.

Jeffren sees "possible" that his time at the Nou Camp is coming to an end: "It grieves me a lot, but it is what has footballer's life. It will already be seen."

The tip will not hinder their progress, and sit to negotiate if the club asks. Something might happen on Monday when you have finished your participation in the European Under-21.

Meanwhile, her father and has already had some conversation with the director of professional football area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta. Contacts have been telephone because, he explained, these days his father is in Tenerife. (via SPORT)

Total agreement between Bojan and Roma

The player of FC Barcelona , Bojan Krkic , has reached a full agreement with Rome to play in the Italian side from next season, as reported by RAC 1.

Apparently the Linyola have spoken with the new Roma coach, Luis Enrique , and would agree with the statements and conditions of its new contract.

The transfer would occur between 10 and 15 million euros, although the player would not be fully disconnected from the Catalan club since the Barca reserves repurchase option to recover the player. (via MD)

[Bojan goes to Rome]

There are already entire agreement between FC Barcelona, ​​AS Roma and Bojan. The player leaves pierced, but with option to buyout.

Bojan goes to Rome. This is the news has been confirmed tonight. In the end, the player has given and Barcelona and Rome have not had many problems in reaching an agreement. Bojan is pierced by two seasons with an option to repurchase. The Linyola talked to Luis Enrique and is convinced that Italy will be able to demonstrate minutes so you are sure you have: the quality to play at Barca. With two years experience in Calcium, will still only 22 and hopes to return to his home to Barcelona. In fact, for Luis Enrique was the first goal.

The transfer has been closed tonight in Barcelona, ​​in the presence of Roma's technical director, Gabriele Sabatini, Barcelona's sports director, Andoni Zubizarreta and the player's agent, Ramon Sostres. So far not gone beyond the mountain of the transfer, but sources close to the situation have assured that there will SPORT below ten million euros.

Bojan is in Denmark playing the European sub'21 just Sunday. Return next week and midweek travel to Rome to sign his new contract. (via SPORT)