21 June 2011

Figures of the agreement by Alexis

While the pattern of Udinese, Giampaolo Pozzo, still demanding more money, his son Gino slowly polishing the signing of Chilean crack.

Alexis Sanchez lives glued to the phone waiting for his agent, Fernando Felicevich, to communicate by telephone that can take the first available flight bound for Barcelona.

Last night still waiting for the final dialogue. And yet the day was most intense. The contacts between Barcelona and family lavished Pozzo looking for ways and solutions that will bring both positions until a final agreement on the transfer of the Chilean figures. Sources close to the negotiations confirmed that the negotiations remain on track, but warned that there were nuances that prevent or even announce an agreement in principle between entities.

The new offer from the club, on which work in terms of payment, provides a fixed 28 million euros, 5 million more variables as the availability of affordable and include two players ¿Jeffren and Jonathan Soriano, who Udinese strengthen templates or Granada. In total, it would set a final amount that would amount to an amount close to 40 million euros.

But the operation is clinched and are more than just fringe to close. During the day yesterday, rumors were a constant and from Chile even raised the possibility that the striker will travel today to stay in Barcelona. False alarm. Giampaolo Pozzo and Gino, employer and Udinese chief executive, were in constant contact with the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu pointing out details on the amounts to be received, the target dates of payment options and several playoff Barca details that remained open from the last meeting last Friday.

And, meanwhile, Giampaolo Pozzo stubbornly continued to distance and push a little nuts. "We are far from closing the deal. If you have not signed the transfer is 28 million euros are few. I think the price fair for Barca, Madrid or Manchester City could be about 50 million euros, "he said in multiple interviews.

Another pitcher of water before the policy relevant nod to Barca and efforts to meet the demands of the pattern of Udinese. "We all make an effort to accommodate the desires of the player. It is logical to want to sign for Barca, "he said. Another authoritative voice on behalf of the family, Quique Pina, helped calm down those who sensed complications that threatened the operation. The chairman of Granada, told Canal Sur, said the state of the contacts. "You can say that negotiations are well advanced and there are many possibilities to be a Barca player very soon."

The negotiations have entered the final straight. Amounts not suffer major changes and is only a matter of top management issues and achieve the passing of the players who are included in the operation. This task has not been easy. The reports collected by the Udinese just over a month marked three players as a priority: Bojan, Thiago what Oriol Romeu. All have fallen. The first two sports and economic considerations while midfielder continues at the expense of Guardiola. Jeffren's father met with Zubizarreta and noted that Europe until the end of sub ¿21 will not clear their future.

Gino Pozzo would not close the chapter of players who could facilitate the transfer. Udinese executive has not closed the Italian club's templates and Granada and dance name is constant. One option is that Geijo striker Granada, landfall in Udinese. Options that affect the Barca Jonathan Soriano.

Regarding the pressure from the City and its millions, the news is reassuring. Alexis and his agent Pozzo endure and focus their efforts on the directive of the club. (via SPORT)

José Ángel confident of meeting his "dream"

José Ángel Valdés, the Sporting side who was on the verge of becoming a Barca player in early June, still confident that the positions of both clubs should be extended to fulfill his "dream" soccer, take the leap in quality and end up playing the Pep Guardiola's orders even though the season starts in the subsidiary.

"For a player like me, who is taking the first steps, go to Barca would be a huge leap," conceded the player Asturian Ona FM, "is a very big club and I am convinced that he could improve a lot." Jose Angel, focused on Denmark's under 21, is confident that the Sporting "reconsider" and end up accepting the latest offer from the club, which has increased the amount of incentives that would receive the Asturian club.

Barca parked by José Ángel negotiations while the player is still getting offers, but has already made clear that only leave Sporting to play for Barça. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Farewell to La Masia

The training area which saw, among other things, the birth of the 'round' will have other functions.

Before the arrival of Pep Guardiola to the bench the first team and that new grounds of the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva take shape, becoming an area where extensive training and green fields line up including the ground- adjacent to La Masia grew up hundreds of young men glared at the Camp Nou turf.

However, the green mantle attached to the factory `¿Blaugrana will cease to exist to make way for parking for which the FC Barcelona will find a new revenue stream to exit the economic quagmire in which the club is.
Some will be consider an outrage 'story do blaugrana change of use of the area, but the reality is that the field was completely abandoned, used only in rare acts of business groups that took place throughout the course.

These days it is proceeding to survey the field in which to complete the works, members can enjoy the space more comfortable going to the stadium Barcelona.

Resource optimization of the entity blaugrana not end here. And that as from July 20 will start operating the new factory of talents' How Sant Joan Despi, the best way to keep alive a symbol as the historic building of La Masia old is giving a new function.

Therefore, it was decided that the space will become the new institutional home of the club, which also host food policy on match days.

In memory of all images remain the followers crowded around the camp to see their idols for a few minutes. Many are the same that, today, continue to practice their football with FC Barcelona. Of course, in a more modern and far away. (via SPORT)

The names characteristic of the flirtation between Chile and Barça

Chilean in Barça? None, but the record speaks of a close relationship between the Andean country and club.

Never a Chilean player has defended the shirt of FC Barcelona, ​​but there have been many stories of this country, the 'spine does South America, related to the Catalan.

The first connection is known starred Pepe Rodriguez, a striker who played for Barcelona between 1910 and 1912. After he emigrated to Argentina and in 1922 settled in Chile, where he died in 1972. His family, in 2008, donated his memories (photos, medals and T-shirt Barca's oldest preserved) to the museum.

Chile also went through the legendary Ferenc Plattko, Hungarian goalkeeper who left his mark in the early twenties. Pancho, as he knew the Chilean Colo Colo went to three times (1939, 1941 and 1953) and always took the national title. Plattko, also went to Magallanes, Santiago Wanderers and the Chilean team. He died in 1983 in Santiago in precarious conditions, although in recent years had the help of former players Agurpación of FC Barcelona.

A large Chilean football, Carlos Humberto Caszely defended the Catalan team jersey at the Camp Nou against Russia (1-1) in June 1976 and his was the assistance to Neeskens opened the scoring ... The Manager `¿, then RCD Espanyol player, was applauded at the Coliseum Barcelona together with some fellow luxury Rexach, Solsona, Cruyff and Marcial.

Patricio Yanez also a figure of Chile in the World 82, had been culé. Arrived in August of that year to play for the reserves, but the `Pato did not came to stay. There was no agreement and went to Valladolid. Earlier in May, the club had played against Chile in Santiago (1-0).

Another story starred in the Argentine-Chilean Vicente Cantatore. It was the summer of 1988 and its name, after a great job at Valladolid, rang to occupy the bench of FC Barcelona. But the story changed when Johan Cruyff appeared.

Also been linked to striker Luke Tudor for Barcelona in the late eighties. The last connection was made Juan Antonio Pizzi, current coach of Catholic University. (via SPORT)

Jeffren cools the final pulse for Alexis

Udinese makes a last attempt to snatch millions more, the club expects to close the signing this week and the crack awaits OK to travel
Barca's latest offering: 25 million fixed + 10 possible incentives (5 years)
Udinese's last request: 50 million euros (Jeffren and Jonathan Soriano could cut)

Barca wants to lower the price of Alexis Sanchez with a player like limbo or Jonathan Soriano, since they are liked by the technical secretariat of Udinese. A solution that would allow the Barca close the deal for an amount more commensurate with their economic possibilities to the claims of Udinese . In the last hours have been known, by Jeffren , who is contesting the European sub'21 in Denmark , it appears that the work is far from agreeing to be a bargaining chip in this operation, according to ONA FM station announces , which would complicate negotiations to end the Chilean player wearing Barca. One of the reasons for the refusal of limbo would be the intention of the player want to first talk with Guardiola. In addition, if you leave the club, players prefer to evaluate any offers you have in Valencia , Villareal and Liverpool , which would have interest in him.

The agreement between the clubs, very mature

The operation of the signing of Alexis Sanchez is entering its final stretch. This is supported by all parties involved, including their own Udinese , whose president is already clear that the crack may not withhold Chilean Alexis's will is, or yes, dress Barca. And negotiations are at their peak, the president of Italian club, a real old dog in these scenarios, has broken his silence to star in a final and media pressure maneuver to Barca : asking 50 million euros to the Catalan club by Alexis . The statements made ​​yesterday on various radio stations, including RAC1, the station group Godo.

Pozzo was categorical: " Alexis is worth at least $ 50 million. We're talking to Barcelona because the player has the choice of going to Barca by language, it is a great club because the team has won everything. " Pozzo knows he can not Udine hold her soccer star: "We must take into account the will of the player because if you stay here another year can have a psychological problem." Of course, noted that "should pay the price worth Alexis, it is difficult to change a euro by euro. With patience you will find the solution."

These last words Pozzo , I change a euro by euro, come straight to the offer of Barcelona is not the best thing about the Udinese on the table by Alexis . In fact, the Manchester City today offers 50 million euros, a genuine outrage.

El Barça , meanwhile, offers a not inconsiderable amount: 25 million fixed plus the possibility that the Udinese wins 10 million over the next five years according to conquer Alexis titles in Barcelona and also according to performance. In all, the signing could get you out to FC Barcelona for 30 million, not bad but, obviously, is far below that offered by the City .

The Catalan club do not plan to move the economic parameters mentioned above because it believes is fair for a player to have a great future ahead, it remains among the ten best in the world does not appear in lists of the Golden Ball FIFA . Of course, it is considered a great dribbler, a type could not be more destabilizing, and efforts will be made ​​for him.

By the way, Alexis Sanchez is in constant contact with your agent and does not rule out travel to Barcelona soon. Of course, as explained yesterday sources close to the MD player, will not move to the Catalan capital until the concentration of the Chilean get an OK from Udinese or Barca . A OK in the heart of the Chilean team was waiting for today but in the offices of Barcelona FC expect more towards the end of the week. In any case, the Operation Alexis "is hotter than ever.

Meeting Jeffren thinking of Barça-Alexis
Efren Suarez Jeffren father and manager, met yesterday with members of the club and sports management was informed that Udinese are interested in the player. Although he would not be a bargaining chip, the player will think. Udinese has been fixed at limbo because he believes that has characteristics similar to Alexis, a good dribbler and plays for strip

Borghi excuse you from playing and allows you to travel to Barcelona
Chilean coach, Claudio Borghi, Alexis has given permission not to play friendly against Paraguay next trip to Barcelona and, if necessary. "We had many fears with Alexis because we can not take 45 million dollars.'s A lot of the responsibility of the Federation for a player who is in a period of sale," said. (via MD)

[Youth] Enguene, another Lionel comes closer

From Cameroon and arrived in Barcelona from the Samuel Eto'o, Lionel Enguene Zacharie has become one of the most promising midfielders in La Masia

The story begins as a footballer Enguene on the streets of Bertoua, where he used to play with his brothers until the age of 7 his father decided to put him in a club, Effefa, so start your training as a footballer.

A year later he joined the Samuel Eto'o, four months before the approval of FC Barcelona joining after seeing him in La Masía Alevíns Football Championship 7, Arona, allowing it to reach the likes of La Masía Gael Etock or Armand Ella, now in the Juvenil A.

Enguene, born January 7, 1996, has played in this year's Cadet B FC Barcelona team that has been proclaimed champions with 13 goals to work decisively and being the captain. He also made his debut with the Cadete A, even scoring a goal.

Within the first team, could play both Enguene position like Xavi Iniesta, although maybe his game is the closest to Thiago. Lionel footballing highlights for its power and great one on one. A player who desequilbra from behind, rolling his opponents with his big stride and his ability to take the final pass to the forwards. It also has great knack for scoring goals coming from the second line of attack.

The boy, who came only to Barcelona, ​​is visited by his parents once a year thanks to FC Barcelona. Miss your family and friends is something that can not be avoided, but as he tells his father, if he does it all will be well rewarded. Although his name is Lionel, Enguene Xavi and Iniesta admires, who imitates to someday fulfill his dream, playing for FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Amor: "We are what we are thanks to La Masía"

The sporting director of FC Barcelona football training, Guillermo Amor, reviewed for 'fcbarcelona.cat' and 'Barça TV' the recently concluded football season as regards base.

In his second spell in charge of the Blaugrana quarry, Love made the following assessment: "The season we value as good regardless of what happens in the results. We do not want to be obsessed with winning, getting wins is nice and is part of why Barça is a club winner and is good for the player who gets to have that mentality. There are many more things, good work, keep improving Are Chavalit are very young, know it is a long and difficult race. We are very pleased with the work done by all. The sacrifice, the involvement and commitment by all is essential, so we are very satisfied and very happy. Eager to keep improving and the players grow. "

Regarding the opening of the new House in Sports City, Love believes "will benefit us in many things .. The old house has been for over 30 years a resident of players has been key to understand what is happening today. It has opened many frontiers for many players to come. And the club is what it is thanks to La Masía. There has been a major change. Where we trained with what we have now has been a major change. We will be able to expand the number of players, expanding the study rooms, more rooms ... all going to be big. We have to get moving the warmth that was in the old La Masía, and here can be a bit colder. Let's try that kids who come here are in the same way. Find the love from the first day and keep it running as La Masía, which is what we've done so far. "

Asked about how to value the voluntary departure of three cadets, two of them to English football, the athletic director said: "There are places like England where it might not work as much as we at the grassroots. They decide to invest in a bet between 15 and 16. Economically we can not enter into any war or auction. As a club, the club can not. We can not force anyone to do something they do not want. If someone decides he wants to go somewhere else because you have to open the doors. Sometimes it tastes bad when you wonder what you did wrong so that they want to go. We will not go much on that because we have decided and we have to keep working with what we have. "

Finally, Love is appreciated that the presence of Pep Guardiola in the first team for football training. "Pep is crazy soccer. He loves to talk about football. Store lots of information. It is a very important phenomenon for us all. Understand much about football. Good for him professionally. You've earned all of it, through work, wanting to say to make things better ... I think that's what everyone dreams of in his career, from tiny start here and get to where it is today. For us it's a luxury to have him there. Because it benefits everyone and the kids to see that there is someone who trusts them. And it is many years. A person who loves the club and Barca. " (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez promised his father to play for Barcelona

Alexis was goal and showed a T-shirt with the image of Joseph Delaigue, the man who raised him from small.

Alexis Sanchez lives mixed feelings.On the one hand feel the joy of being about to close his move to Barcelona.On the other hand he is filled with some sadness the recent death of his adoptive father, Joseph Delaigue, a key person in your life, one of his biggest supporters in its most complicated.Alexis does not forget him and I dedicate the Sunday therefore also a move to Barcelona.Alexis stripped off his shirt and showed everyone she wore underneath an image of his adoptive father.A heartfelt tribute that moved all around the player.

Fought for months against Delaigue prostate cancer that killed him.Weeks before his death highlighted the illusion dress by Alexis Barca and his own to see him in Team Pep `¿."He calls me every day, three times.The truth is that thanks to him I'm alive and I struggle to see in Barcelona hopefully very soon, "he said.

Alexis always had a special relationship with his adoptive father, who lived loved watching the evolution of Chilean striker both personally and football."Alexis has never left me and I am happy, he is a young very grateful to those who have helped him in his youth, not just me, who grew up, but all his family."

Chilean striker was always close to Delaigue during the illness, which fed the ties between them."It is an exemplary son, has helped me with everything and since I got sick of me has been outstanding.He took me to Santiago to look good in my illness, I paid the clinic, medicine, treatment, everything, "he said.

Alexis did not stop Sunday to score.Had in mind a dedication, so when he beat goalkeeper Marko Meerits is excited because he could not attend the funeral of Delaigue.The Chilean fans quickly understood the gesture and cheered the striker, who has become the idol of his.Alexis grows every year, up stairs, burning stages with a dizzying speed.Despite his youth and knows what it is to succeed in his country, Argentina and Italy.No wonder then that all eyes focused on Chile and is the great hope of her country for the Copa America.

Before Estonia, the first test of Chile before the tournament, shined.Theirs were some of the best plays of Chile combined.In just 50 minutes showed overflow, and ease-association game for goal.

The Barcelona fans who could attend the meeting and the reasons for Pep know to ask for his signing.Unknown to the majority of Catalans, the 'Wonder Boy' has all the numbers to become a fan favorite squad. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "I care to have economic sostenibilidad in the Club"

Barca president reiterated that the policy of this season's additions will be marked by the economic policy of containment.

Barca president, Sandro Rosell takes stock of his first year in office in 'Agora' of TV3, reiterating that the policy of this season's additions will be marked by the economic policy of containment.In this sense, Rosell has reaffirmed that the club would be unwilling to pay the price of 40 million of Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas ."I do not know whether or not to sign Cesc. From what I have no doubt that he is eager to come to Barca. We will not return to repeat the offer of 40 million because the depreciation is worth less," he said in the interview .

These same parameters of economic containment marked interest in other possible players as have appeared in the media in recent days as Alexis Sanchez and Giuseppe Rossi.From the plot sporting is working to get players requested by the technicians and to cover positions in equilibrium with the business plan."Zubizarreta and Bartholomew are talking to many players and alternatives. Depending on the price, we pick one or the other. There is nothing close," said Rosell.

Rosell wanted to emphasize the economic potential of the Club and the future of the institution. "When we entered, we saw that the debt was greater than we had been told. We negotiated a syndicated loan with the banks. This worried us a lot because we had box. We have been ordered by the situation and what has been done since the economic area will allow us to devote more than 45 million sales this year's signings. We have a business plan and by explaining the banks have made ​​us and gave us confidence credits. But credit must be paid " , the president stressed.In this sense, Rosell has said that the present managers must make decisions "difficult" but also "necessary" for the good and the future of the club."I do have economic sustainability in the Club. We must equip the accounts. We hope in two or three years a club solvent."

On the profile of the embodiments, the president said that "depends on who stays and who goes" and that, today, Guardiola has not asked any casualties of any current player first team.The president has said that Abidal "is on the table renewal" and that it could be signed when the French return from vacation.

In the context of the economic sustainability of the Club, Rosell said the historical agreement of sponsorship in the football world with Qatar Foundation - through which the entity will receive 150 million euros, was central to the economic needs and the level of indebtedness of the club.Also, the president has said that if the members deem it necessary, have the support and in compliance with the Statutes, it would explain and ask this question in the next Assembly.

Rosell said in the interview that has a good understanding with first team coach, Josep Guardiola and it, as I pointed at different times, have the option to renew for the time you want the mandate of Rosell."It's very good relationship with Pep, very good. Is a person who likes to renew every year, if we were, could renew one, two, three, four or five seasons. As conditions put at ease sentir.se with the players, with the directive, with the environment ... The fit Zubi and the new board is good because they determine the results. "In this sense, Rosell considered false at some point in the season, in clashes with Real Madrid, has been left alone to coach FC Barcelona: "I do not admit and from the Board have a clear conscience."

As for the economic adjustments to the professional and amateur sections, Rosell said again that the club will not lose competitiveness in the professionals."We will continue the club more sports in the world. We are in crisis and truth. Sections professionals do not lose competitiveness. In football there is inflation, in other sports will be deflation. Our small decrease is nothing compared to others," summarized Rosell.

On the incorporation of the hitherto player Regal FC Barcelona, ​​Ricky Rubio the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rosell explained that the club loses money."It is a blessing to collect one million euros for the transfer because we took 4'2. Loss of property because it was not amortized. What if we leave is to pay his salary and that will help the reduction in the".

Towards the end of the interview, Rosell said he had had a conversation and a meeting with Johan Cruyff's FC Barcelona for the good and unity.Rosell said "have not gotten away with it."As for the decision to Eusebio Sacristan as new coach of Barça B, the President has explained that it is an election of Andoni Zubizarreta that the Board supports. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Batista: "Messi made a great match"

The Argentina coach, Sergio Batista, was pleased with the team play in the friendly against Albania, praised the "great game" that made Lionel Messi and admitted he has not yet defined the final list of players who will contest Copa America.

"It was a game in which there were many demands. They attacked a lot, had the ball. They played well as we wanted," said the coach at a news conference after beating 4-0 to Albania, although he admitted that one of areas for improvement can be "recovering the ball."

"Lionel (Messi) gave a great match, I am very happy with it," said Batista, who also highlighted the performance of Ever Banega, who "can do very well matched to Lionel," he said.

Asked about the team for the Copa America final, the coach said he has not yet defined.

"The problem is that they are all very good players. I find it hard to pick. We still have to define the template and there are ten days to work yet," he said.

Asked by Carlos Tevez, admitted that "is likely to be a starter in the first game," Copa America, next July 1 against Bolivia, but also have them "(Sergio) Aguero (Diego) Milito and (Gonzalo) Higuain. All the conditions have to be football, "he said.

"There are many very good players and we can only choose two," he said, referring to accompany Messi tandem on offense.

"We are working on all lines, but the idea that pretend play is quite clear. I'm interested in ball control and recovery. In the game there were not many weak spots, but there are little things to adjust," he said Batista. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio, in the closing ceremony of the FCB Escola coaches

Eusebio has participated Unzué, Moratalla and Barbados in the last session of the first year of the FCB Escola coaches.This course has served to train technicians from all over Catalonia in Barcelona style.

The coach Luis Enrique relieve the front of the Barça B last class attended the technicians who have been enrolled in the first training course organized by the FCB Escola.

Eusebio Sacristan has been accompanied by the technicians responsible for the FCB Escola Xevi Kunz, Albert Benaiges, Julio Alberto and Carlos Bueno, and other former players like Ramon Pep Alfonseda Moratalla or technicians and Joan Barbara or Juan Carlos Unzue.

The last session of the coaches who have been enrolled in this course has been less theoretical and academic than usual and had a more informal.

The components of the panel have presented their views on the importance of coaches in football training and have enrequecedoras spiced with personal experiences.

Once this first training course, its leaders took stock.

For the deputy director of the FCB Escola, Julio Alberto Moreno, was "a great success and we managed to form a group of young coaches in Catalonia with our concept of football."

These coaches "are ready to collaborate with clinicians, campus and other activities organized by the FCB Escola," said Julio Alberto. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] The treble equipment of Sergi Gomez

The captain of FC Barcelona Juvenil A search on Sunday to lift the third title of the season with their team on a course where he also participated with the first team to Barca B.

Sergi Gomez may culminate Sunday in Ceuta a long season, a varied and successful defense of his 19 years has lived a very rewarding course.

The football season at the club officially started in Seville on August 21, 2010 with the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain..This coming Sunday June 26th to finalize the 2010-11 academic year the final of the Copa del Rey Juvenil in Ceuta.

Sergi Gomez, captain of the Junior A, started at the Sanchez Pizjuan the day that started the third season in front of Barcelona Guardiola expects to raise in Ceuta and the third title of the season the team of Oscar Garcia.

Between these two dates have been ten months and a campaign where the central Arenys de Mar has combined the Junior A with Barça B where he has acted as the holder 9 games in which he has added 810 minutes in the second division A.

With the Junior A won the league and the Champions Cup (waiting for the king's cup) and Barca B has worked in the best historical classification of the subsidiary (third).

Many team changes have not lost to Sergi Gomez explained in Barça TV as facing this rare situation: "The Barcelona youth system and living a great moment for me has been great to participate this season with three teams, it makes me Ibra have played with grace and Valdés at the beginning and end as a cadet to do so with Dongou. "

The key to good performance on all computers Gomez passes through the central bias Arenys de Mar: "I am the Juvenil A and when I have called for Barca B was a great prize and if they imagine the first team A brutal pride. "

The 2010-11 season will always be special to Gomez, who hopes to "put the icing on the cake with the conquest of the King's Cup Juvenile would be historic."

A future central

Gomez is a highly rated defense by technicians who see in him a strong central and very capable in the passing game and a defense with good ball control and ability to build from the back.His winning character and leadership skills are also highly valued virtues by coaches who have directed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago would not go to Real Madrid

The whole environment of the White tries to link the club Florentino Perez.

They have taken those following statements Thiago Alcántara the other day were quick to place it in the orbit of Real Madrid .The midfielder said that rather than succeed at Barca he wants to do in football and that has been tapped by the Real Madrid to start talking about the player as a white target .Yesterday from different places have ensured that advised the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, who tried his signing ahead of next season.

The fact is that Thiago has no intention of going to all white , but its goal continues to try to stay at Barca.If, finally, their desire can not be met, calling at the team coach Jose Mourinho is not among its objectives because it has already received firm offers from other major good as Chelsea or United. Thiago is well advised his father, Mazinho, and Pere Guardiola, Pep's brother, who never go to Madrid would advise. (via MD)

Roma arrives today to be taken to Bojan

Their sporting director Walter Sabatini, negotiate with representatives of Barca.

Walter Sabatini, Roma's technical director, is scheduled to land today in Barcelona to negotiate with the club transfer, or assignment of Bojan, one of the specific requests of Luis Enrique, his new coach.A trip that comes just days after the Italian leader admitted interest in the front Linyola and willingness to finalize the signing "shortly."

Although not publicly voice or any officer or technician, the club is open to negotiate and even more so when your budget does not exceed the reinforcements 45 million and urges him to give some output.The Catalan club aims to increase this amount to meet the four signings Pep has sought and, today, Bojan is the only that could lead to a quantum leap important.Of course, the player always bless the operation.But it is not an easy negotiation.Roma at the outset not to pay more than six million, while the club is not willing to lose the 10 considering that is a product of the quarry and its spectacular appearance in the 2007-08 season, when exceeded in a few months to 17 years, he became a symbol for the fans.Barca leaders are in favor of transfer and repurchase, the formula that you intend to include in talks with any club.The player, who is contesting the Under-21 European Championship, does not like currency but Rome is a destination contemplated by Luis Enrique and the presence of other Spanish. (via MD)

Kiko Femenía signed for three seasons

The agreement Hercules-Barça it could close in days.

Kiko Femenía can be shortly player of Barça. It's a matter of days at the latest by the end of this week, as calculated by all parties.The only remaining obstacle, but an inevitable process cumbersome, is to adapt the transfer of the player through the bankruptcy process that Hercules and his debts are preventing and delaying the signing of all documentation.The payment and deadlines should be well specified.

The total agreement between clubs and agents is the front have also given the nod to the personal conditions that exposed them sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta weeks ago.The operation has an economic level close to two million euros, a premium for games played with the first team, goals scored and titles won.The player emerged from the quarry Alicante has secured a contract for three seasons plus another optional feature matches, rather than five as had been speculated because of their youth (20 years).Sufficient time to demonstrate their quality.

Kiko is on vacation Femenía outstanding mobile.Wait for a call to go to Barcelona.As Barca future will be somewhere between the subsidiary and the first team, the club also wanted to hear from Eusebio Sacristan, new coach in place of Luis Enrique.Once formalized recruitment, the technician has had to give approval.Barca expected to unveil his move immediately

The struggle for Jose Enrique Newcastle
Newcastle still hopes to prevent the escape of Joseph Henry, a left that is in the orbit of the club."I have still hopes that Joseph Henry, who was a great, great, great player for us last year, to stay. We can convince you and we are working on it," said Alan Pardew, coach of the 'Magpies', was quoted by Sky Sports.Not wanting to renew his contract situation (ends their engagement in June 2012) will complicate its continuity in St. James Park."When a player capacity enters the last year of the contract becomes vulnerable and I think that has us all nervous," he said. (via MD)

Cesc ponders a position of strength

If his move to Barcelona has not materialized before July 5, the day must return to Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas does not want his move to FC Barcelona will become the drama of the summer, as it did twelve months ago, and is prepared to stage industrial action if Arsenal fails to provide its output to the Catalan club.The first could arrive soon after, on July 5, if the ultimate midfielder decides, as is talking, no-show the first practice of the Gunners' if that day his signing for the club is not closed.Although it would hurt a lot for the great affection he feels for Arsenal Fabregas, sports to his father, Arsene Wenger, and to all his companions, who are curiously and said goodbye after the last session of last season even with gifts some of them custom.Barca considers that this would facilitate things, as happened last August when Mascherano refused to play for Liverpool after the first leg of the Champions League against Trabzonspor.

Deeds, not words

Although his answers in his last public appearance on Wednesday in Madrid, were too soft, that far from ambitious speech last summer in Port Aventura, where he said first that she wanted to play for Barça, Cesc has moved, and much, these last days.First, as revealed in his day MD, wrested Wenger's commitment to let him go."You can go to Barcelona or Madrid, but not the Premier," he said literally the Alsatian.

In the last hours, Fabregas has spoken by telephone with managers and directors Gunners to expedite negotiations with the club.Cesc knows that Barca want to close as soon as his move to find resources that will be to incorporate other reinforcements and plan ahead for the workforce, since their arrival almost certainly will involve the departure of highly prized as a soccer player Thiago Alcántara .

The first measure, which would not return to the discipline 'gunner' would be the most contudente by Cesc Fabregas, but not the last.The tone map of Madrid would become much more aggressive.

Despite claims in the last days of Sandro Rosell, who yesterday again reiterated in the interview with the program 'Agora', TV3, that "the club will pay less than 40 million for Cesc," the player is much more optimistic about his future to Barca a year ago.Because the interest has not waned Pep Guardiola (Fabregas remains his goal number) and because for the first time Wenger has been open to negotiate.The same optimism was also felt in the offices of the club, which rely on close his signing between 5 and July 7. (via MD)

Final pulse for Alexis

Udinese makes a last attempt to snatch millions more, the club expects to close the signing this week and the crack awaits OK to travel
Barca's latest offering: 25 million fixed + 10 possible incentives (5 years)
Udinese's last request: 50 million euros (Jeffren and Jonathan Soriano could cut)

The operation of the signing of Alexis Sanchez is entering its final stretch.This is supported by all parties involved, including their own Udinese, whose president is already clear that the crack may not withhold Chilean Alexis's will is, or yes, dress Barca.And negotiations are at their peak, the president of Italian club, a real old dog in these scenarios, has broken his silence to star in a final and media pressure Barca move: asking 50 million euros to the Catalan club by Alexis .The statements made yesterday on various radio stations, including RAC1, the station group Godo.

Pozzo was categorical: "Alexis is worth at least $ 50 million. We're talking to Barcelona because the player has the choice of going to Barca by language, it is a great club because the team has won everything."Pozzo knows he can not endure in Udine her soccer star: "We must take into account the will of the player because if you stay here another year can have a psychological problem."Of course, noted that "should pay the price worth Alexis, it is difficult to change a euro by euro. With patience you will find the solution."

These last words Pozzo, you change a euro by euro, come straight from Barcelona's offer is not the best thing about the Udinese on the table by Alexis.In fact, the Manchester City today offers 50 million euros, a genuine outrage.

Barca, meanwhile, offers a not inconsiderable amount: 25 million fixed plus the possibility that the Udinese wins 10 million over the next five years according to conquer Alexis titles in Barcelona and also according to performance.In all, the signing could get you out to FC Barcelona for 30 million, not bad but, obviously, is far below that offered by the City.

The Catalan club do not plan to move the economic parameters mentioned above because it believes is fair for a player to have a great future ahead, it remains among the ten best in the world does not appear in lists of the Golden Ball FIFA.Of course, it is considered a great dribbler, a type could not be more destabilizing, and efforts will be made for him.

Barca rule out either lower the price with a player like Soriano and Jonathan limbo, since they are liked by the technical secretariat of Udinese.

By the way, Alexis Sanchez is in constant contact with his representative and does not rule soon travel to Barcelona.Of course, as explained yesterday sources close to the MD player, will not move to the Catalan capital until the concentration of the Chilean team arrives Udinese OK or club.A OK in the heart of the Chilean team was waiting for today but in the offices of Barcelona FC expect more towards the end of the week.In any case, the Operation Alexis "is hotter than ever.

Meeting Jeffren thinking of Barça-Alexis
Efren Suarez Jeffren father and manager, met yesterday with members of the club and sports management was informed that Udinese are interested in the player.Although he would not be a bargaining chip, the player will think.Udinese has been fixed at limbo because he believes that has characteristics similar to Alexis, a good dribbler and plays for strip.

Borghi excuse you from playing and allows you to travel to Barcelona
Chilean coach, Claudio Borghi, Alexis has given permission not to play friendly against Paraguay next trip to Barcelona and, if necessary."We had many fears with Alexis because we can not take 45 million dollars.'s A lot of the responsibility of the Federation for a player who is in a period of sale," said. (via MD)

Messi: "We're happy because we test out well"

The Argentine striker Lionel Messi, figure friendly match in which Argentina won 4-0 in Albania, was pleased that what they are trained to face America's Cup turned out fine.

The party served "to keep looking for the best performance" team "had to do a football game with a selection, testing beyond what we do in training, so we're happy because we test went well," Barcelona star said Spanish.

The author's second goal of the meeting said: "The idea was to keep doing what we are looking for as a team, have the ball, play soccer, take advantage of the spaces and circulation. I think it went well."

The player added that coach Sergio Batista asks that at times ranging from a little further back and look for partners better positioned, said system you feel good.

On this Monday was the last friendly played Argentina before its debut in the Copa America, July 1 against Bolivia. (via SPORT)

Contacting David Luiz

The Chelsea central Brazilian technicians likes of Barcelona and has been a first meeting.

Barca is very attentive central steps of Chelsea, David Luiz. Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, believes the Brazilian has all the characteristics necessary to succeed in Barcelona and would have given the nod to his engagement.If Barcelona was finally decided to strengthen its rear line, the international 'canarinho' would almost certainly be the first in the list that manages Andoni Zubizarreta.

What I like most about David Luiz is his personality.Play confidently and has already demonstrated, acting in the 'Seleçao', where Mano Menezes has become an untouchable, as before at Benfica and now at Chelsea, he does not feel pressure.At 24, football is a fact, prepared to face the challenge of playing in the Nou Camp but at the same time, given his youth, has plenty of room for improvement and enhancement.It has a good placement, and preferred prior to the crash.

Pep has special value in the two features essential for any defender who plays in this boat, its speed and good ball out.In addition to maximize their nearly 190 centimeters in the air moves, both in area and in the rival.

SPORT has been told, the president Sandro Rosell used his recent visit to Brazil to participate in the tribute to Ronaldinho to join the player's agent, Giuliano Bertolucci, and shifting emphasis of the club by his pupil Blaugrana.Agent David Luiz Rosell him know he would be delighted to hear an offer from Barca entity, as the central Barcelona considers the best team in the world.

There is no doubt that the main obstacle to close this operation is that the club now belongs, Chelsea is a very hard bone to chew, as their owner, Roman Abramovich, is more buyers than sellers.And another obstacle to consider is that the club signed David Luiz London last winter for a price of 25 million euros from Benfica as well as adding in the operation to Nemanja Matic.With these numbers on the table, and given that his contract expires in June 2015, there seems no easy that Barcelona could be the player for a lower price of 25 million euros, an amount that seems unattainable today Barca to the treasury.

So as it stands, absolutely shielded his move would irreparably by direct negotiations with Chelsea, which, as we have said seems really tough.It is clear that the English would not be the work of letting go of one of his defensive spot.The situation is much like what might be happening with the other central 'canarinha', Thiago Silva, which would effectively blocked any exit option because of Milan.In the case of the Italians have the only advantage that the player could be included in the sale of Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Chelsea obviously remains pending and has not commented officially because neither has to do it since it has not received any firm offer for his player.But who more or less within whom they move through the transfer market, brokers and agents read, considers that some 30 million asking price would be the minimum that would put the agency in London.

It is clear that before a mammoth figure as for the Catalan club's coffers, the technical secretariat of Barcelona, ​​led by Andoni Zubizarreta, would have an arduous task to get cheaper in some way this amount.

Concentrate with Dani Alves and Adriano

David Luiz, and the rest of the Brazilian international, among which are also the Catalans Davi Alves and Adriano, concentrated from yesterday in Rio de Janeiro to prepare for the Copa America tournament that will begin on July 1 in Argentina.This is the first official tournament of the Brazilian central Chelsea, claimed by the Barcelona, ​​will play the first team 'canarinha'. (via SPORT)

Benedito analyzes the year Rosell

Former presidential candidate congratulated the president for the successes, but said he has failed promises.

Agustí Benedito, former candidate for president of FC Barcelona in the last election, which came in second with 8044 votes, yesterday cited the media in the Col.legi of Journalists of Catalonia to take stock of the first season of Sandro Rosell .

Benedito said he does not opposition but "constructive criticism from the plurality and diversity" and he does not like "to penalize the partner when he gives his opinion."The former candidate wanted to congratulate "Rosell and his board" for the outstanding season for the third straight year at the level of sports titles. "

"They've had a great heritage, but have learned to manage it, which entails a great difficulty," he said.Benedito was particularly blunt when assessing the statement on Real Madrid Rosell: "It's been outrageous attacks and deserved a strong response, immediate."

As chief accused Florentino Perez: "I should not enter the Camp Nou and a place in the box until they rectify their behavior," and until that happens no person should be considered non grata '¿.Likewise, in this sense, is in favor of not holding any food with the directive Madrid.

Benedito was sorry for "having failed to overcome the division between Barcelona" after the last Assembly of delegates: "I have given arguments for the action was unsuccessful social responsibility."

He said the board "would soon backfire" and that "the partners made a mess on the audit of the accounts and the due diligence."
The former candidate had attacked another business plan that allows the boat down the debt with other periods and other amounts "and may well not have to touch the sections are not professionals."About Qatar and advertising, which showed disagreement has the intuition that "it was an issue and agreed before the election." (via SPORT)

"Messi score goals in deferred"

Narrators and historians recall some of the many of 'La Pulga(The Flea)' and shell the Enigma Leo, an unrepeatable miracle.

Leo Messi is a stirring of nostalgia.Manage goals in black and white numbers that seemed impossible to republish.Grab the ball, stitched to his left foot and throws a nod to Pele, Cruyff, Maradona.Comes in. When there is silence.The silence of a tier of hypnotized and dazed by the threat.Then enjoy the roar of the goal.His repertoire is so vast that stay with one so it is very difficult."It may sound absurd, but I do not keep any in particular because they are all good.Messi plays repeated unrepeatable in the history of football, starting in Getafe Maradona's goal, "said Santiago Segurola, deputy director of Marca.

"The goal against Getafe is a delayed goal.We had already seen before with Maradona.The good thing about Messi is that you never disappoint: He has the photo in the head, so when I see him I have no doubt that brand.The play starts, players begin to overcome-tac-tac-tac-and we all have Maradona in the head.What is extraordinary is the ability to repeat a goal Messi unprecedented, unique, a masterpiece that already existed, "says Ricard Torquemada, Catalunya Radio journalist.

"It was crazy, narrates as you go out, do not you believe it, do not give credit, but you have that gut feeling that not nag, then when you see the ball in hallucinate," said Alfredo Martinez, Onda Cero.

As noted by the writer in the words of John Villoro Valdano, "the amazing thing was that fate had proposed 20 years later the same obstacles."A miracle and a slalom inevitable comparison that remains four years later."Everything he did was point Diego epic of heroism that Leo does not.The exploits of Maradona at Napoli in addition to being athletic feats had to do with the rebellion of the south against the north Do I read this share has no heroism and that's a disadvantage for him, but I have also not clear that you are interested to be a myth.Within the court Maradona Messi is the best every day, "says Juan Pablo Varsky, a journalist with 'The Nation ¿.

To Segurola was "more aesthetic players like Van Basten and Zidane, but nothing as transcendent.I have it almost over Maradona. "

Segurola remember especially well in Rome, a goal very plastic, hitherto unpublished in his catalog: "If I had to keep one, I choose the final in Rome because he represents everything that seems not Messi and Messi.There is something supernatural about that jump, it's a very democratic goal as the smallest of slips between two guys like Vidic and Ferdinand. "

"I well remember that goal because Pep told me one day that Leo was a helluva-booting nodded Torquemada.It's a fantastic goal because it belies the whole world Who could imagine a goal like Messi? ".

Joan Maria Pou, the voice of the goals of Barca in RAC1, particularly recalls the World Club both."I stay with a goal from Abu Dhabi to be the most symbolic of all.Because the brand with the heart, because it closes the circle, because it gives us the only title that did not have.Messi's goals are difficult to tell because everything happens so fast. "Leo Wembley closed another circle, which started in Barcelona 92 ​​with Koeman's goal, in the stadium English.Messi was his goal to 180 as Barca in 269 games.For the fourth Barça `Orejuda ¿.Impossible not to get on the airwaves."The stratospheric player who has given birth a mother," an emotional recounting Pou."The bolt gave Messi.Il piu forte ", sang the Italian RAI."Oh Messi!The little man gets a lot for Barcelona, ​​"he exclaimed on Sky Sports."Oh la la.C Is est le meilleur joueur du monde ", explained with outrage at TF1."Messi i més i més i més i més months," he shouted Puyal to eternity.A great pleasure for the fans Barca. (via SPORT)

Messi scored and assisted with Argentina

In the first half of Argentina - Albania, Messi was brilliant. He scored a goal and an assist to Lavezzi and in the second half attended the 'Kun' Agüero.

Lionel Messi is still concentrated in Argentina for the Copa America which begins July 1.On Monday he played 90 minutes of Argentina's friendly against Albania selection and left several flashes of quality.Above all was the engine of the selection of Batista in the first half in which he scored one and made another.

First gave a very good attendance Lavezzi (min. 5) who managed to beat the goalkeeper and striker subsequently Naples made him care for Messi scored on 42 minutes.

In the second half, Messi Aguero was understood that went well with the bench and give the ball enabled him great for the 'Kun' score the third goal of the game.

The final score 4-0 Tevez put him after receiving a pass from the 'Kun' Agüero in a move that had begun Lionel.(via SPORT)

Rosell: "Guardiola knows that Cesc is not worth 40 million"

Sandro Rosell Barca reviewed today in an interview on 'Agora' of TV3.Barcelona president spoke of the possible signings for next season, Cesc, Alexis, Rossi ...-, relationship with Madrid and cut into sections, among many others ...

Regarding the first point, Rosell was assumed that Cesc is not worth the 40 million that Arsenal appealed unsuccessfully for him last summer: "This year is worth less. And if not, will not come. Guardiola knows that Players have a value, and in this case known to be less than 40 million "

Rosell expected a gesture from the players who want to come, and recalled the case of Javier Mascherano, who last season agreed to pay part of his transfer to Liverpool to call at the Camp Nou.

The Barça president explained that the economic situation of Barcelona from doing great expense, and then to sign the budget is about 45 million.So, for example, in the case of the front there is a choice between bringing Alexis Sánchez (Udinese) and Rossi (Villarreal): "Only one of them will come," he said.

"We have no money to sign. On arrival we saw that the club's debt was far greater than what was said. We had to negotiate a syndicated loan to pay salaries, which were delayed nearly a month for the players. There was box, but gradually we have order, "he said.

Black and white photocopies

Rosell said how you're rinsing flushes out the club's debt: "As austere, hard and losing friends. We suffer with it. We removed the catering events, our bodyguards. Dehado And even have to make copies in color at the club. Now we make black and white and save on toner. "

Barcelona president said he was very pleased with the work of Pep Guardiola, and said his relationship with him "is great.""It's not the relationship I have with my best friend, but very good," he said.

Rosell Santpedor expected to continue at the club at least until the end of term of the current directive - "that is the time you want, your credit is unlimited," and denied having made only at certain times before the attacks received from the Real Madrid and its surroundings against Barca, "That is false. We have a clear conscience. In November or December, some believe that divide us will look out for that leave you alone."

"Mourinho is not the best coach in the world"

Another of the highlights of the interview was when asked by the tensions experienced Rosell this season with Madrid and their coach, Jose Mourinho, who by the way does not consider "the best coach in the world.""UEFA awarded the prize for the Champions won by Inter," he said.

When assigning responsibilities on who is to blame for attacks from the Bernabeu, Rosell charged more than the ink on Mourinho over his counterpart Florentino Perez: "It all starts with the employee of the club, but the president and its board should halt ".

In this regard, he regretted that Florentino will not join Barca demand against the COPE radio station suggested when this alleged doping practices at the club: "I always try to put myself in another's shoes. If it had been reversed, I would have done . And it was not. "

He also noted that his relationship with the leader is not as white and smooth as in the past: "I have not talked about. Is a relationship in 'stand by'. There is no cold war, but there are wounds that must heal ".

The renewal of Abidal

With regard to internal affairs, Rosell admitted that Abidal has yet to sign its renewal, despite being the club's proposal for months: "If you have not done is because they wanted to. When you want, sign."

Budget cuts

Rosell not shun some of the thorniest aspects of the present, as the cuts in the sections: "We are in crisis. Barça too. And debt. We must be lean and trim. Yet within five years the sections remain the most competitive in their sports. " (via SPORT)

Jeffren can lower the Alexis signing for Barça

Jeffren Suarez may hold the key for signing Alexis Sanchez for FC Barcelona.Barca striker Udinese interested ...and, if practical operation, would cheapen the transfer of the Chilean.

Efren Suarez, father and representative of limbo, held this Monday afternoon meeting with leaders Barcelona to transmit three offers: one from Udinese, Roma and another one from Villarreal, from 'Esports COPE'.

The meeting was attended by the director of professional football Barca area, Andoni Zubizarreta, Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu sports and Raül Sanllehy.member of the technical secretariat.

In Italy it was speculated previously that the father of the Barcelona striker would have held this Monday a meeting with leaders Udinese to get their proposal first hand.

Barca only contemplate the transfer of limbo, and not its assignment as the top out of contract in June 2012.

The course Jeffren interest is in addition to Jonathan Soriano, whose name was linked this weekend with Udinese.The striker admitted even branch would welcome his departure, because, among other reasons, friulianos played this season's Champions League.

Was originally planned that the club paid 28 million euros fixed Alexis, more diverse in terms of objective variables to reach a ceiling of 10.5 million.With Jeffren or Soriano, these amounts be lowered. (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona has opened other potential signings

Working in offices for 'combing' the market and leave no stone unturned

In addition to the expected output of Bojan Krkic to Rome from Luis Enrique and possible imminent arrival of Alexis and Cesc , the Barça has other players in the agenda that could come into his plans for the transfer market this summer.

The vice president of Boca Juniors, Juan Carlos Crespi, told Radio Belgrano in Argentina that the club received an offer from Barca to sign Sergio Araujo."It's a kid with a great future. If you accept the offer of Boca Barcelona, ​​before we go to speak to Real for the better," said the leader xeneize referring to the option that Madrid has over the player .

Barca wants not only to strengthen the first team, but also aims to meet with new talent casualties subsidiary. According to Brazilian media, one of the players who want the club to the project will command Casemiro Eusebio Sacristán, Sao Paulo midfielder, 19, who played with the 'verdeamarela' the FIFA U-20 in Colombia.

Rafael Da Silva, Manchester United defender, is once more in the orbit of FC Barcelona, ​​according to the British press.The Brazilian, 20, has caught a good season under the command of Ferguson, in both the Premiership and the Champions League.Rafael da Silva is right lateral demarcation that has love in the club: Alves.The alternatives are not as Adriano or Puyol.

After AC Milan Thiago Silva is now Raphael Varane, centerpiece of Lens, which relate to each other greats of Europe with Barca and with Real Madrid.According to L'Equipe, the French Under-21 international for 18 years and 1.91 in height was even visiting Valdebebas, on the recommendation of Zinedine Zidane.As MD has reported, the club no longer thinks in signing a center.

FCBCampus already underway

FCBEscola has organized several campuses throughout Spain for children to be trained as individuals and as footballers.

With the idea of ​​promoting the spirit, essence and values ​​of FC Barcelona, ​​FC Barcelona was born on Campus, where you can register all players born between 1996 and 2004.There are a total of seven FCBCampus spread throughout the Spanish territory that will be players at the technical, tactical, physical and psychological, not forgetting the values ​​of FC Barcelona.We have designed all kinds of activities so that the player's stay is as enjoyable as possible.

Seats on each campus are limited to 150, to maintain quality of the FCBEscola.You can attend both external and internal rules, and club members and partners will enjoy a discount on registration in most campus, which includes all activities.

Each of these campuses has the participation of a former first team player as Sporting Director.You will enjoy a great opportunity to learn the work program that is taught in the youth ranks of FC Barcelona and is giving so many hits.

To carry out this project successfully, and taking into account is the first time will be extended to Spanish territory, the Club has the support of the rock, either with the participation of the rocks closest or corresponding officer Advisory Council.
The rocks are represented with pride and FC Barcelona, ​​their values, their ways, and everything that has made it the best club in the world.In addition, the clubs are structured as the backbone of the voice of Barcelona in its entirety.The club members contribute, under the direction of the FCBEscola to make the dream of many young people can learn the methodology and philosophy that is taught at FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Campus, dates and registration

Next, we provide you the dates of each of the campus:

• Calvia Mallorca - from June 27 to July 16 (various shifts).
Sports Director: Josep Serer

• Tenerife-Garachico - 3 to July 16 (various shifts).
Sports Director: Josep Moratalla

• Gran Canaria-Maspalomas - from 24 to 30 June.
Athletic Director: Gerardo Miranda

• Asturias, Candas - from 4 to 9 July.
Sports Director: Abelardo Fernández

• La Mancha, Quintanar de la Orden - From 4 to 9 July.
Sports Director: Jordi Vinyals

• Galicia Fornelos Forestry - From 18 to 23 July.
Sports Director: Josep Moratalla

• Alicante-La Nucia - From 25 to 30 July.
Sports Directors: Josep Josep Moratalla and Serer.

The representative of Alexis 'lightens' the player to Barcelona trip

Alexis Sanchez will soon be in Barcelona, ​​but neither Barcelona nor Udinese have had nothing to do directly with the travel of the forward.

According to information through its online edition the Chilean newspaper "La Tercera", the representative of Alexis Sánchez, Fernando Felicevich was who negotiated personally with Chilean coach Claudio Borghi to the striker could travel in the coming hours to Barcelona and, Thus, was released from friendly selection of Chile to contest next Thursday against Paraguay.

Neither the FC Barcelona and Udinese, who owns the club footballer, formally asked the Chilean federation permission for Alexis could move to Barcelona despite being concentrated with the 'Red' these days, in order to start soon America's Cup.

Peer selection 'Boy Wonder', it's all congratulations for those who may be new juagdor ebreve FC Barcelona."We are delighted to Alexis. Playing a team like Barcelona is a dream for everyone. He deserves it and hopefully we can continue succeeding," said the keeper of the Royal Society and captain of the Chilean Claudio Bravo combined.

Alexis Sanchez route to Barcelona will launch later in the day to try to close their incorporation into the club.Economic quantities of transfer are now the workhorse between Udinese and Barcelona, ​​although it is expected that the presence of football itself facilitate the closing of this transaction. (via SPORT)

Barça’s pre-season rivals: Hajduk Split (I)

From this Monday we will run a series of pieces examining the rivals Barça are due to face in this summer’s pre-season friendlies. Today we begin with Hajduk Split, who Guardiola’s team will face on July 23rd at 20.30.

Hajduk Split will be Barça’s first opponents this summer as the European Champions take part in the Croatian team’s centenary celebrations. Hadjuk finished second behind Dynamo Zagreb in the Croatian League last season and will have their big new signing, the Bulgarian coach Krassimir Balakov –ex teammate of Hristo Stoichkov – in charge for the match.

The second spot in the league means that Hadjuk will be in the Europa League next season - a competition they will join in the third round alongside teams such as Atletico Madrid – and if they progress they will be into the Group stages.

Striker Ante Vukusic, with 14 goals, was the team’s leading league scorer and was only beaten by Dynamo’s Krstanovic with 19 in last season’s competition.

Ex Barça player Goran Vucevic was coach at the club for a large slice of last season. He left Hadjuk in 1992 to sign for Barça, but he struggled at the Club and was transferred to Porto as part of the deal which brought Victor Baia to the Camp Nou.

The game will be staged at the Poljud Stadion in Split, which was built in 1979 and is situated a few miles out of the centre with an all-seater capacity of 35,000. The stadium was a considerable architectural landmark and was constructed the main stadium of the 1979 Mediterranean Games.

As well as the football pitch, the stadium has an eight lane athletics track, as well as a number of other sporting installations. For this first game of the pre-season, Guardiola will only be without his South American players - Messi, Mascherano, Milito, Dani Alves and Adriano, who have been involved in the Copa America. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

New agreement with Barca Players Association

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, and the president of the Association Barça Players, Ramon Alfonseda, today signed a new cooperation agreement with the objective of strengthening relations between the Club and former players.

Sandro Rosell, Ramon Alfonseda signed on Monday at noon the new cooperation agreement between the club and Barca Players Association (ABJ).In this event managers were also present Josep Maria Bartomeu, Jordi Cardoner Silvio Ramon Elias and former players Pont Josep Moratalla, and Josep Olivella Ferran Franch.Algunas of the measures envisaged in the agreement and are applicable for this season 2010 / 11 and has an indefinite duration.The signed agreement that incorporates and improves upon the signing of the 2005/06 season and are updated at different times.

From the agreement, FC Barcelona will continue to contribute to the financing of the Association through an annual financial contribution aimed at ensuring a decent quality of life for former players in need, meet the social activities, acts of representation and administrative support.One of the new features of this agreement is an additional financial contribution and direct that make players, coaches and managers of professional soccer teams, FC Barcelona.This contribution is 0.5% of their salary grouping with respect to contracts signed since July 1, 2010.

The agreement signed today sets the FC Barcelona's commitment to be represented within their means, in the main events organized by the Association, to give facilities for the conduct of matches and training of former players and stick with the assignment of local social the entity at the Camp Nou.For its part, the agreement provides that the Association is represented Barca players, according to the availability of its members in those activities organized by the club's official Peñas, respecting the internal regulations of existing rocks.At the request of the Club, the Association team played up to 3 football games each season and will participate for a total of 10 football clubs organized by the Club.
A pride for both sides

For Silvio Elias, director in charge of Barça Players Association, this agreement is to achieve "a major milestone for the club and the players" as "mean a major breakthrough and mutual collaboration will be very helpful for everyone."Apart from the economic side Alfonseda Ramon, chairman of the ABJ, highlighted the good relations with the club: "Our task with this agreement will make matches, participate in acts of Rocks and collaborate on everything that needs to FC Barcelona marks Players ferry and prosper even more. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)