20 June 2011

Barça didn't give 30 kilos for Rossi and will give 40 for Alexis

The representative of the Italian Villarreal player Giuseppe Rossi , Federico Pastorello, said today that "the moment", talks with Pep Guardiola's Barcelona are "closed" and that the Catalan club "has never offered 30 million euros," the team Castellon.

"Barcelona has never offered 30 million euros (by Rossi), has offered less money and Villarreal has asked for more. At the moment, the situation is closed now need to see what will happen, "said agent player told the Italian radio station "Mana Mana".

Pastorello also referred to the interest of Pep Guardiola for the Chilean striker Udinese's Alexis Sanchez, and assumed his move to FC Barcelona club.

" At the end (Barcelona) has moved to Alexis Sanchez, who paid 40 million , "said the Italian, before insisting that the desire of the young footballer of 24 years old, was leaving the club.

Pastorello said "now gets to see what will happen" in the future, but said that after what happened, Rossi does not rule out another year to stay at Villarreal.

In fact, the Italian's agent said on the radio station that does not handle any offer from another club, although he acknowledged that, after learning of the interest of the Catalans by Sanchez, waiting for the call from other teams.

"We have no current trading. Removed Barcelona is the only lip service . But now, with Sanchez in Barcelona I think other clubs will start to move, "he said Pastorello. (via AS)

Udinese tries to cool the signing of Alexis

The Italian team is playing its role of wear and seem not at all easy to Alexis will sign for Barca.

Gianpaolo Pozzo, Udinese shareholder, said the club is still "far away" close the deal with Barcelona for the Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez.

The market value of the attacker is 50 million euros, "Pozzo said television channel Sky Sport 24, a statement in which said the amount offered by the Barcelona" is not yet the right price and if not paid the fair price the player is. "

Also, the pattern of Udinese said: "Barcelona has more than one bid, we evaluated several options, but business is done when firm."

Asked if the club accept "technical counterparts" in exchange for Sanchez, Pozzo said: "Why not? If they were useful to strengthen the team."

Sanchez's signing for Barcelona occupies these days the pages of the press in Spain, Italy and Chile, where yesterday's edition of Radio Cooperativa claimed the player had told his team-mates on Friday night in Santiago " I'm going to Barcelona. "

The Chilean sports media also published the tocopillano and have permission of coach Claudio Borghi not to play friendly against Paraguay on Thursday 23 in preparation for the Copa America, and traveling to Spain to pass the examinations, a prerequisite before signing the contract.

In Italy claimed that Barcelona is "one step" to achieve sign the "Boy Wonder" and indicated that the Catalan club's offer of 28 million euros plus 11 billion in 'bonus'.

However, the Chilean press shuffled the transaction amount was closer to 35 million euros, plus some further compensation for achievements of the Chilean. (via SPORT)

Pozzo: "We are still far in the Alexis signing for the club. There are 50 million"

Udinese owner now claims negotiations with the club and insists they are still far cost 50 million Alexis.

Giampolo Pozzo , owner of Udinese , the pulse remains in the negotiations by Alexis Sanchez , although the player himself has assured his team-mates who want to play at the club and even the Chilean coach has given the OK to stop the combined and moved to Barcelona to close the deal.

In a telephone interview with Sky Italia, Pozzo has said that "Barça will not provide the price we want. We are still far away." The Italian president insists the auction for the 'Boy Wonder' has gone further and says that "his price are 50 million ". (via MD)

Bojan: "My situation is not easy, but you have to endure"

"It's not an easy situation that I'm living but I have to endure. I'm happy to be here, things are not as I would like but I have to stop trying," he said.

Bojan Krkic, Barcelona striker showed his desire for more participation in the European Championship with Spain sub''21 after playing 20 minutes in three games, and admitted that his "situation is not easy" but have "to endure" .

"Obviously it's not an easy situation that I'm living but I have to endure. I'm happy to be in the European, things are not as I would like but I have to stop trying," he said.

After his change of role, and move from being a starter in the qualifiers, to substitute in the tournament, Bojan spoke two days ago with coach Luis Milla."We talked and exchanged views.'s Always good to talk."

After playing ten minutes in the first game against England and not having the opportunity to face the Czech Republic, Bojan reappeared in the final stages of a match sentenced yesterday to Ukraine."I tried to score but could not reach. I try to fight and help the team. Obviously I have wanted to play, score and make myself a place in the team," he said.

For now, Bojan prefers to focus on improving their position in the Spanish under-21 and park their future.Luis Enrique wants to sign for Roma Italian."At the moment did not say anything yet, there will be time to talk," sentence. (via AS)

Borghi, coach Alexis Sanchez gives the OK for his trip to Barcelon

The striker, who scored the 4-0 against Estonia, has the OK from their coach to move to Barcelona and close his move to Barca.

The Chilean international Alexis Sanchez , now in the ranks of Udinese, already has permission to travel to Barcelona if confirmed his move to Barca.

This was confirmed on Sunday Chilean coach Claudio "Bichi" Borghi , before their teams met in Santiago as similar to that beat Estonia 4-0 and closed the account where Alexis scoring after clinching a triangulation .

"The issue is very complicated. If we do not let them travel, in case the sale is made, we should take care to pay $ 45 million in case something happens to the player. It's very simple, as is confirmation of your pass will have the authority, "he added.Speaking to the open signal channel Chilevision, the coach said today that all depends on when the sale is made."If done in the middle of the Copa America, of course not, but we have time and we know we can not rule take care of that kind of money, so ideally the trip and signed when confirmed , " stated coach of Argentine origin."We've talked enough about the possibility of selling you have. It is not easy, has 22 years, much money would be worth your letter, but he is prepared to play anywhere," added the coach.

Borghi was surprised by the ease with which the player has taken the opportunity to go to Barcelona ."That's very good, trained to be the best, also has some anxiety, which will surely end when the contract is signed," the strategist.This morning it was learned that on Friday, Alexis Sanchez, after talking by telephone with his agent Fernando Felicevich, had told his team-mates: "I'm going to Barcelona" . (via MD)

Alexis, a marvel

The Chilean has given this year the definitive jump of quality when giving almost so many goals like he scored.

Progression and evolution.Two words that define it as being the career of Alexis Sanchez, fewer 'Child' and 'Wonder'.At 22 (Tocopilla, December 19, 1988), Alexis is now a better player and especially much more complete than that landed in Italy in the 2008-2009 season.Then, its electricity and natural talent for Dodge no one doubted.In contrast, many more shades offered its place in the tactical discipline of European football, even more rigid style of the 'calcium'.But his innate nonconformity and have interbred with the right influences laid the foundations of the current Alexis, who is on the verge of signing for the club, the best team in the world.At its inception in Chile, was struck by his indomitable individualism.Today, Alexis has captivated Barca because he has been generous with his football.As in any business accounting in the business of the ball sing the numbers: 12 goals, 11 assists.

This sums up the great season of Alexis, his consecration of the elite.In that growth toward a more eclectic player had to see the board Marcelo Bielsa, Chilean coach until recently and one of the permanent references Pep Guardiola, who could talk at length with him on a trip to Argentina when he was preparing for benches.

Today, the Barcelona coach has the good opinion of Bielsa margin of tranquility with Alexis.Neither their technical Cobreloa, where he played as a point, neither of Colo Colo, neither of River, Daniel Passarella Diego Pablo Simeone and were able to model Alexis.Paradoxically, this free spirit was what most dazzled the fans 'millionaire'.Once the 'Cholo' once said of him that "even if it gives 55 asked."So when you bought the Chilean Udinese after being champion River, Simeone almost seemed relieved."Now we have more team players, I like the path we are taking," said 'Cholo'.Coincidence or not, three years later, "the way you are taking River" may be the decline for the first time in its history.Alexis, meanwhile, has been elected the best player in Serie A and the highest projection in the world by FIFA.

The risk for Barca is that Alexis has only one year curriculum in splendor.Basically, it's not so strange when barely turned 22.For his partner at Udinese and 'capocanonniere' with 28 goals, Antonio di Natale, there is no doubt possible with him."Alexis is tremendous, you can hold in a big team," he says.It's easy to talk and the veteran Italian international, much benefited from Alexis racing across the front of the attack friuliano.

With 31 games, 27 as a starter, Alexis has divided the 12 goals in Serie grown to be dispensed one at a time, unless they more universal poker at Palermo he endorsed the 'Skinny' Pastore.Strong to the Tarascan rival rebel to retrieve the ball and each time with less artifice weakness for free, I would sign this even Simeone Alexis. (via MD)

[Ex player] Abelardo: "Jose Angel has it all for the best"

Abelardo discovered for Jose Angel MD who trained at Sporting's youth.
Two years ago and recommended it to Luis Enrique for Barca subsidiary.

One of the most knowledgeable people to Jose Angel, Sporting side and one of the major objectives of Barcelona to strengthen its defense, Pitu Abelardo. The former Barca has closely followed developments since they had their orders in the Youth Sporting, which was proclaimed the winner of the Champions Cup in 2004."It has everything to become the best side in Spain," said Abelardo MD. And that despite his youth (21 years), Jose Abelardo believes that Angel is able to play "in the club and any large because it is so technically gifted and physically he's a whiz on top.""Even if one side is a player with a towering plant (1.82 meters), which does not rule out rapid and well coordinated in their movements," added he was midship.Put a lid but Abelard believed that the side Atletico must "improve tactically, but have plenty of time ahead to do it."

Although José Angel has uncovered one of the most promising side of Spanish football, Sporting defender began as interior."Until we finished the stage of youth, Jose Angel always acted within, and is therefore capable of reaching the sidelines and focus very well," argues Abelard.As a result of his past, Pitu also believes that football can be set to always look for multipurpose Guardiola, "it can act as both interior side lefty."

From the first day he had his orders, Abelardo was clear that Jose Angel was meant to be a diamond in the rough school of dizziness, which so many good players has given the Spanish football.In fact, two years ago and recommended it to Luis Enrique to affiliate the club."I spoke with 'Lucho' to explain that Sporting had a kid with very good condition and promised a great future."That recommendation was not on deaf ears and was Emilio Gutierrez, Barca scout in Asturias, who was commissioned to follow the footsteps of Jose Angel to have a day of sports management evolution to Barca.

Technical qualities aside, another aspect that fascinates Abelardo Jose Angel is its simplicity."It's a super humble guy, do not have anything believed. And if he comes to Pep, is also a sign in this direction," said

Technical Tuilla David Villa
Since half a year ago and had just his time at Sporting Gijon's youth as a coach, signed with the Pitu Abelardo Candas CF, group II of the Third Division in Spain, who was crowned champions of the regional phase of the Fed Cup.Last week was introduced as coach of Tuilla CD, Third, equipment for children of David Villa and which also played Luis Enrique. (via MD)

Speculate with an offensive of Madrid for Thiago

Real Madrid ponder a dramatic effect to the mercato and throw their nets on Thiago as 'Eurosport'.

For serious, no doubt, one of the bombs of the summer: Real Madrid ponder effect a coup and take one of the young pearl FC Barcelona's Thiago Alcántara. At least that was said yesterday in 'Eurosport', where advisers say that many white president, Florentino Perez, would have recommended the signing of midfielder Barca, which is interpreted as a torpedo at the waterline of a ship that has La Masia the best youth teams in the world.

Thiago, currently with the Under-21 European Championship in Denmark disputing the category, has a contract clause of 10 million euros, although as of July 1 would rise to 30.Thiago's last words and his environment, his father Mazinho front, is there a contract and the intention of all is fulfilled.However, in a recent interview with EFE Thiago said, rather than the club, he wanted to succeed in football, words rectified the next day before the uproar that ensued.

The ship has in principle with Thiago, although it seems clear that more than likely signing Cesc Fabregas is going to get much harder for the Hispanic-Brazilian to have quality minutes. (via MD)

All eyes will be on Messi

'Masche' and Milito will also be holding tonight (23.30 pm / Nitro) in the last test before the Copa America.

Led by Messi in great form and very motivated, Argentina will meet today (23.10 hours / Nitro) Albania in the Monumental de River in its latest 'test' in the face of Copa America to be played in the country Tango 1 to July 24.

As reported MD, Sergio Batista will pitch the presumed eleven with that face the tournament against a rival low notables to be found already on holiday some of its key figures.Messi, who scored the last 13 50 minutes in a charity match held in Rosario, will play the friendly against Albania on the false positionof '9 '.Like Leo, and Gabi Milito Mascherano also will hold.

With the goal Romero, Milito will form the 'duo' core with Burdisso, Zanetti right back with Red and left.'Masche', meanwhile, will act as a pivot, flanked by Banega and Biglia and interior.To accompany his friend Messi and Di Maria Lavezzi.Tevez, Aguero and to a lesser extent, Higuain or Diego Milito could be your chance.

Batista wants to see in action to its 4-3-3, similar to the Pep-and where it may be necessary tweaks.It is recalled that views Copa America debut against Bolivia at 1-J, Biglia give way to Cambiasso, right now 'touched'.

The contricante tonight, number 50 in the FIFA rankings, is not demanding, but the 'Chechen' will be very aware of his men and that they fulfill all tested in Ezeiza.

The presence of the best footballer on the planet has created a great excitement in the fans in Argentina, so expect a brimming Monumental even party in Argentina to commemorate the 'Flag Day' (via MD)

Iniesta: "It will be one year difficult to overcome"

He received the UNESCO-Valldigna and acknowledges that it is a year to frame: "We have won titles, and personal level, I tenidio the best trophy"

Andres Iniesta was yesterday in Simat de la Valldigna (Valencia), the UNESCO-Valldigna Mediterranean Prize "for being one of the most beloved Spanish compatriots and because with his talent, his serenity, his humility and his commitment to the disadvantaged represents best in human beings, "he argued in the act Rafael Blasco, Regional Minister for Solidarity and Citizenship of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Fuentealbilla midfielder, hailed at a rally held at the Royal Monastery of Santa María de la Valldigna appreciated the detail in statements to the media present."Since last year's World Cup twelve months have passed very good, very beautiful and very special because we've got titles and personal level, I won the best trophy, which was having a girl," said Barcelona with a smile, recalling the arrival the world of Valeria.Fresh from a holiday in Sardinia, Iniesta admitted in Simat de la Valldigna "It will be a tough year to beat, but we'll try."

In his days on the beach, the international had time to pay attention to the news conference that offered Sandro Rosell on Thursday in Paris Sala Camp Nou, FC Barcelona announced the break relations with the Real Madrid if the club turns white to push the limits.Iniesta commented on the accusations from the Bernabeu and Sandro Rosell's ultimatum that "everyone looks after their interests. Our President what he wants what is best for us, for the club, for our people. And so I respect him as should be. "

Besides Iniesta was also awarded the scientist Manuel Toharia, director of the City of Sciences in Valencia, because the theme chosen this year in the Mediterranean Valldigna Forum VII and VII of the Three Cultures Multaqa was' Science and sport, gateways peace ' (via MD)

Twice the consultations and negotiations in the OAB

Have increased dramatically in one year.

One of the reactions that the policy is in favor is the "explosion of calls and questions to the OAB. And do not talk about both complaints and a greater demand for information on how to regularize their situation. As a club we are organizing better and there many nuances, it is logical that the members want to know. Today, the partner asked twice a year. He wants to be peaceful and above all, meet the new regulations. "

It can be said for the data, which has nearly doubled the service offered by the OAB. "The profile of Barcelona's most affected is that which has been using and paying the license of another, a neighbor or a relative, but not a member. Now must wait 8 years to do so, three years of Engagement Card and five old to qualify for a seat. We also regret that there is still a speculative market and malcontents, but it sure is reduced as well, "Cardona says, convinced that the measures have been taken" has reduced the fertilizers number of transactions between 'unknown' because it is now necessary that the compradoracredite five years old as a partner, and consequently the price of black market transfers. With the ticket you should not speculate, as there are 9,000 members waiting a locality. "In relation to the waiting list at year's end will open another update process "with the hope of significantly increasing the average of recent years" (via MD)

Barca will relocate more than 800 members this year

Tier projects d'Animació and areas for wheelchairs as required.

There are two major social projects started this season but will not be realized or released to the next.The most immediate, since the works have been started two weeks ago, is expanding to 48 seats doubles partner and fans in wheelchairs at each Goal of the Camp Nou.

One initiative that the cost of the work we must add about 200,000 euros for the loss of fertilizers will not recover."We are a social investment, not a cost-Cardona said. It's double the current capacity and better conditions. Still, we would have liked to create more places as we saw at Wembley Stadium, where he more than 200 because its construction is much more recent. Nou Camp presents architectural challenges. "It has also built an access for these members and fans in Travessera Les Corts.

The less sensitive area

To increase the capacity will relocate about 110 partners in better seats, a complex logistical operation when added to the future of Harrow d'Animació could generate a move of over 800 partners, as the Gol Nord, which will be located those affected are around 720 members.Gol Nord was chosen because it is the area where fewer subscribers and are more likely to enable the further 1,400 places d'Animació Grada, as explained, does not cancel a single payment of the Camp Nou, keeping the current fertilizer mathematical and seats.

The process of implementation of the Tier d'Animació, comprising most of the entertainment groups that currently focus on the Gol Sud, will be more complicated, as they are still finalizing the details of how to associate these groups and interact with the club after becoming an official group of about 4,000 Barca.

The Tier d'Animació will undergo a self-control and external security through fingerprint identificaciónpor, by Catalan police in their commitment to keep the area clean of violent or dangerous items. (via MD)

Messi celebrates Father's Day before the bolo against Albania

The Catalans concentrated with the albiceleste to play the Copa America family enjoyed a morning.

The players of the albiceleste, leading several days concentrated in Buenos Aires in preparation for the Copa America which begins next July 1, yesterday morning enjoyed a short break with his family to celebrate Father's Day in Argentina historically held the third Sunday in June.

For this reason the players by Sergio Batista enjoyed a most pleasant morning in the company of their loved ones.A fact not all of them can enjoy in your day.

Argentines celebrate this day having lunch with their families, and parents, as in Spain, receiving a gift from their children.A day simple but full of symbolism for the Argentines.

The three Barca called by the coach, they will take part in the starting lineup this afternoon, enjoyed the day, but each of them differently.

Leo Messi spent the morning with his father, Jorge Messi, his mother Celia, her sister Marisol and her two brothers, Rodrigo and Matias.Meanwhile, Javier Mascherano and Gabi Milito lived the festival from a different perspective, and as parents together with their children, a daughter and two respectively.
At 18 hours How Do local hours, white and blue components of a training session held just 24 hours before the meeting this afternoon's friendly against Albania.

For now, Sergio Batista can not count on Cambiasso, who will join tomorrow the dynamics of selection and arrive in time to join the starting lineup in the opener against Bolivia in the first game of the Copa America.

"I like the soccer ball control.We have players with these characteristics to be a patient team with the idea of ​​always seeking the rival goal, "said the coach, alluding to the game in Barcelona, ​​a style that has always admired.

The last time Batista fielded Lavezzi, Messi and Tevez up front together albiceleste, Argentines endorsed him four goals in Spain and world champions.And two of the protagonists of many Tevez and Messi were curiously, which governed the selection of Batista in the win until the final victory. (via SPORT)

Cesc secret pact

He promised last summer.Cesc output and the player approaches would be fulfilled the dream of returning to FC Barcelona.

The arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona this summer is an open secret.This time, it seems that all the pieces will fit and the player finally put on Barca.Her dream.I had always wanted eight years ago when he emigrated 'London To grow as a person and player at Arsenal.
Arsène Wenger and the player are now on vacation.Cesc is spending a few days in Bali (Indonesia), while the technician is one of the luxury resorts in the town of Merano (Italy).

Both of them spoke last weekend in London and Madrid, respectively to the media, and then by phone.They did before leaving for their destinations and to agreeing the strategy would continue until return to work.

The technician came to tell him to go quiet holiday, that enjoy and unwind, that would be all right to return.Cesc should be back on July 5, the date on which the 'Gunners', with a preview of Champions on the horizon, back to work.

Wenger, after commenting parties of France to Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, went on vacation to recharge.The choice of resort Merano, in northern Italy, was not accidental.

Stay there until later this month to become physically fit, as always used to do, and to strengthen ties with your partner.

The experienced French coach, before leaving for Italy, told his inner circle that "I, the subject Cesc lasts me one day."A statement can be interpreted in several ways.
On the one hand, only give an order, Wenger would give the green light to leaders Arsenal to start negotiations with FC Barcelona.The agreement between the player and the Catalan club is already well spoken and would only have to endorse it.

Everything is in the hands of the technician.When he wants, the transaction closes.Hence, his statement is a declaration of intent.And after what he promised the player last season: that he would leave the agency to move to FC Barcelona.Of course, the operation will seek to maximize economic benefits for the Arsenal.
Wenger and Cesc was agreed to, before starting the holiday, they would not press any to the media.`That would not have crossfire ¿.The player, as was seen, kept his word, and in Madrid, held a speech restrained and elegant with Arsenal.The coach, meanwhile, closed in either band as on other occasions.

It seems, therefore, that things run their course, which this time will be different.The player has said it actively and passively, like to play on a championship team and is called FC Barcelona, ​​a team you want and where they are, precisely, his childhood friends and the Spanish team.

Moreover, this weekend Wenger has been in Provence to meet with Jean Pierre Vernes, Nasri agent, Gallic team player.The coach made a stop on your vacation to meet with the representative to make that play football from next season will be the flag of the Arsenal.

Just as intended by Cesc, Nasri wants it now.The coach knows that the young French talent also longs to fly ¿of the Emirates' but asked to have the same patience that has had the Catalan.

Manchester United is very close to the player and now that the future of Alexis Sanchez is increasingly Barca, Sir Alex Ferguson will try to take the rest by Nasri, a player who is very familiar with the Premier League and in this sense, adaptation would have no problem whatsoever.

After years of insistence by the player and FC Barcelona, ​​Cesc's future is close to Camp Nou.This time, gather all the ingredients for the operation to crystallize.

The offer could reach 30 million more variable very high

Sandro Rosell and advanced on Thursday that in no case would the offer Cesc Fabregas this summer would exceed 40 million euros reached last year because Arsenal had already written off a year player and he had a years under contract to play in the English entity.Within the Barcelona speculation that supply could reach 30 million, but that would end any more, since it would include a clause objectives such as titles and games that could be achieved with relative ease. (via SPORT)

Valdés: "I do not care what they say in Madrid"

Víctor Valdés prefer not to comment on the tensions experienced with Real Madrid after a season full of tension with the white team ...

"I do not speak of Madrid. I only speak the club. We know that we expect another tough season, tough. But we'll be ready. I do not care what you do or say in Madrid. You know what my philosophy I have is the ball, avoid trying to win games or goals, "said Barca goalkeeper in an extensive interview in 'El Periodico de Catalunya'.

The goal Barca Barca reviews today and reveals previously unpublished issues.Like, for example, the fact of having met a longstanding goal with his friend Andres Iniesta: win three European Cups.

"Years ago, Andrew and I said we had to achieve something. It was a challenge, our dream. That was the first league win when Rijkaard was still the coach. Frank was a very important person for me. So when we won the first League, Andrew and I set ourselves to conquer a series of titles. That challenge we had ever present, he, like me. We can not forget that we share many things in La Masia. And when we won the first league, we said that we continue to make history at the club. We could not stop ever, "he says.

For this reason, won the Champions League at Wembley last month "was the greatest day. The greatest thing I've ever lived."

Valdes has words of appreciation for one of his predecessors at the door of Camp Nou, the area now director of football Andoni Zubizarreta: "For me it was very special. I wanted to share that title with him. I gave him my shirt. Actually , that shirt was already his. Because I played with the green of Zubi. As in Paris. Rome did not let me out with that color, I had to play with the black shirt. But at Wembley could not play another color.'s shirt which led in 1992. played the final in the spirit of Zubi. It was his shirt color. It was Wembley. He deserved it. "

The goal of L'Hospitalet, also explains why he uses both feet to play, as well as hands: "The coach (Pep Guardiola) has always told me I should take part in team play. That must be one. There are times when I should play me as a libero. And that's my role. I always say that Guardiola has helped me to play football. " (via SPORT)

Cesc, July 5 limit

The start of the season Arsenal set the timing of the operation key for Barca.

As is consumed, the signing of Cesc Fabregas will go down in history as the longest transaction in the time that FC Barcelona has been negotiated.The arrival of midfielder is serious since 2009.We are about to officially open the summer of 2011 and all players involved in this complex plot begin to be clear that the outcome can not be delayed much longer.In fact, the July 5 looks like a date of great importance in the symbolic and pragmatic, to the arrival of Cesc to Pass Camp Nou hypothesis to reality.The explanation is obvious: that day the season begins 2011-2012 Arsenal and Cesc should be normal and do not start working with those who have been his companions.Not because the player is going to take a rebellious attitude, but because the negotiations should be ready by then.

In fact, they are co-tailed Cesc Emirates in the locker room that have already made public that the future of their captain is not there with them, but is in Barcelona.The start of the season at Arsenal should not be taken as a minor issue: just remember that last year, August 5, 2010, Cesc joined the job template 'gunner' 'the day of lovers' became the official photo with the staff and adjourned the way out.It was after a summer that started with him airing if Arsenal would go "only to Barca."This time, Cesc has changed tactics: public discourse remains extremely cautious, behind closed doors and has told his coach.Arsène Wenger, who deprived him of his dream again.Media pressure in England also sweeps for Cesc.The prestigious 'The Times' has come to publish this week "Cesc is not their fault that Arsenal will not win anything, he can leave without fear."

It seems, therefore, that Cesc requires a blow, at least for now.In the coming days, announce the arrival of a high delegation FC Barcelona to London.Barca that it should not reach 40 million euros it offered last year.The key is whether this is a starting point or an end.

Mascherano as Liverpool overcame the resistance of
It is not easy for anyone to reach the level of effort demonstrated Javier Mascherano to sign for Barca, but from the Nou Camp has always put the Argentine midfielder as the example to imitate all the players who want to wear blue and red.Liverpool Mascherano long pushed to accept the offer from Barça.So much came 'The little chief' who gave up part of their income that had already agreed with Barca to make the operation was. (via MD)

Shakira and Pique in Jerusalem

Have been invited by Shimon Peres to a lecture on education.

Colombian singer Shakira, Piqué partner, will participate on Tuesday as a speaker at a lecture in Jerusalem under the title "Facing Tomorrow-2011 ', an initiative focused on strategies to ensure the protection and education of children throughout the world.

The presence of Shakira, whose side has led to joint lead a foundation for children in the world, Pies Descalzos has attracted so much attention as the possibility that her companion and accompany her great champion Gerard Pique and can reveal .Both are, in this sense, a couple very media and in fact, has transcended himself Shimon Peres, Israel's current president, he would personally Shakira moved the invitation to attend this meeting accompanied by Pique.

The foundation of Shimon Peres, who organizes the lecture series, has signed with FC Barcelona Foundation a partnership, as the foundation of Shakira's Pies Descalzos, the Fundació FC Barcelona for the construction of two centers specifically devoted to values ​​formation of children through sport. (via MD)

Alexis Sanchez, cleaner cars to football star

Alexis's story keeps many similarities with that of several stars of world football.Of humble origins, the Udinese striker had to make do from very small to help his family financially ...

Explains the newspaper "La Tercera", Alexis helped the family coffers working as a cleaner car in the cemetery of Tocopilla, his hometown, about 1,600 kilometers from Santiago de Chile.

Because back then, the passion of today was the tip of the Udinese game.Always hit a ball, whether in the street or in the fields of their town, and when even dreamed of being like his idol, the 'Matador' Salas made his first steps as an amateur in the Arauco, where he played from 8 to 14.And at that age made the leap to Cobreloa, where two seasons later to dazzle the world begin.His first professional encounter was in February 2005 when it opened in participating in the Copa Libertadores.

And hence, to stardom.Udinese able to see the talent of the 'Boy Wonder', and signed him without hesitation.After transferring it to be in Colo Colo fogueara first, and then River Plate, today, only 22, has become the player revelation of the Italian League.And all indications are that soon will become the first signing of FC Barcelona 2011/12. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano agrees to be a bargaining chip in the 'Operation Alexis'

Jonathan Soriano can be a key player in the signing of Alexis Sanchez for FC Barcelona.The scorer of the subsidiary is ready to go into operation to lower his transfer ...

Soriano is one of the players that would interest Udinese if Alexis is just going to Barca.The striker, top scorer of the Segunda A subsidiary Barca assumed to have very difficult to raise the first team.And the Italian team would fill their aspirations, as acknowledged on Sunday told COM Radio: "Going to a club that will play the Champions League as Udinese is always interesting. If what is best for the club, and also for my future ahead. "

Barca want to cheapen the transfer of Chile with the inclusion of any footballer.At present there is speculation that the operation would be about 28 million euros, more variables in terms of objectives that would increase that figure to 35 million.Soriano would be a good choice for not so expensive. (via SPORT)

Argentina rehearses with Messi and Di María for the Copa America

Argentina, with Messi and Angel Di Maria as a leading figure in the attack, will meet on Monday (11:00 Spanish time) to Albania in Buenos Aires in its set-up for the Copa America, which will run from July 1.

Coach Sergio Batista albiceleste test several alternatives offensive these days, but his plans have advantages tandem-Messi Di Maria, who has been successful in other trials, ahead of Carlos Tevez, Gonzalo Higuain, 'Kun' Agüero, Diego Milito, and Ezequiel Lavezzi.

If Batista continues to trend in recent workouts, Javier Mascherano on the line will be surrounded by media and Lucas Biglia Ever Banega, while Nico Burdisso is central and Gaby Milito.

He has little interest in friendly game that the coach of Albania, Josip Kuze Croatian, complained two days before the trip to Buenos Aires for the lack of interest of the best players from that country to join the team that will play in the stadium 'Monumental', the River Plate.

Tirana recognized Kuze that should appeal to youth and alternate normal after the loftiest Albanian footballers Turn off your phone to avoid calls.

For Batista, the party "is important" tests that can be made, but admitted that "more is the fact that the Argentine players are displayed at the local hobby" in a scenario that could only come back if the America's Cup reach the final on July 24.

The Copa America, which first will face Argentina Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica will be the premiere of Batista in an official tournament after replacing the post of coach Diego Maradona, who Federation (AFA) did not renew his contract after the World Cup.

The reversal of the Argentina team was scored by Batista with the announcement of two players from Inter Milan Maradona had left out of this World, Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso, which had caused numerous controversies in the local football scene.

Zanetti, with almost 38 years, will start against Albania, while Cambiasso is recovering from an injury.Another key decision was to determine the coach's final season in the national team of two players who were pillars of the defense, Martin Demichelis and Gabriel Heinze.

Argentina Messi has said he has "a strong team, very close" and that is attuned to the goal of winning the Copa America 18 years after the final conquest of this tournament, Ecuador'93.

Barcelona winner with all title to which a player can aspire to, 'The Flea' said upon arriving in Buenos Aires to join the selection is between the eyes America's Cup and a World Cup selection.

"I need to win something with Argentina, and that's what I want now," he said. (via SPORT)

Probable teams:

Argentina: Sergio Romero, Javier Zanetti, Nicolas Burdisso, Gabriel Milito, Red Mark, Ever Banega, Javier Mascherano, Lucas Biglia, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria.
Albania: Isli Hidi, Andi Lila, Kristi Vangjeli, Endrit Vrapi, Arsen Sykaj; Gilman Lika, Ervin Bulku, Agonit Sallaj, Igli Allmuca; Emiliano Vila and Elis Bakaj.
Referee: Jorge Larrionda (URU).
Stadium: Antonio Liberti, 'Monumental', the River Plate.
Time: 18.00 local (11.00 Spanish time).

[Selection Under-21 Euro GL] Ukraine 0 - 3 Spain

A brilliant Spain broke with sufficiency of Ukraine, led by the talent and skill Thiago Mata striker, scorer of two goals in a win (0-3) used to pass as the first semi-finals and qualified for the rub London Games

Spain continued where he left four days ago against the Czech Republic and again showed an undeniable authority with Thiago, who is growing in every game that passes, as the driver of the game.

The '19 'of Spain has an inexhaustible technical repertoire and moves through the field as a dance floor, playing, bartering, offering long and increasingly attentive to profit from their actions, without getting lost in unnecessary baroque.

The second goal was all a show of its kind.He broke several opponents with a bankruptcy and a change of pace and took a pass good for Montoya admitted.The center is nearly finished off the network on the line Adrian definitely become the scorer that the team needed.

Spain already had advanced earlier in a pass inside to Anderson Herrera.Kryvtsov slipped.And Mata, alone, on low to beat Kanibolotskiy.A goal that helped to unclog the game and make way for the Spanish race.

-Anderson Thiago Mata: the perfect connection that was based on the superiority of Spain.His constant movement and position changes that broke the web with Ukraine had tried to disrupt his game to find success.Was unsuccessful.

Because Spain was accumulating opportunities without flinching.Three of them in combinations and Didac Muniain, who crashed the ball around the post on a pass from the baseline at minute 4.

They feared the Ukrainian ends, but almost never able to activate.Yakovenko's team barely had the ball and could not go on the counterattack, his favorite weapon.Only a few centers left in the first part dangerous increases in its two sides, Butka and Selin, and a shot Konoplyanka harmless.

Much of the credit was also the opponent.Spain does not only indoor soccer.It is also a supportive team, you press up, choking and steals, led by Javi Martinez, always impeccable in court.That makes life easier for the defense, again safe.

Ukraine must win to advance to the semifinals, went up after the break.But without much conviction.Never came close to threatening De Gea, who returned to live another day alone.

Spain got a point and began to think more in the semifinals in a match where he did not feel threatened.The only risk seemed to be a key man apperceived could receive a card.Something did not happen.Although Luis Milla changes should have done before.Also to give confidence to Bojan, who needed minutes.

Thiago appeared again to give a pass to the hole to Laudrup Mata, shot down by Garmash in a move without discussion: penalty and expulsion.Valencia striker himself transformed it into a goal, the second for him tonight.

An unusual error in an assignment Javi Martinez left sold to De Gea, who had to knock Zozulya.Evil was the lowest, because the Ukraine striker was cut out and stayed in the yellow card.And goalkeeper Atletico Madrid looked after the penalty to Konoplyanka stopping him.

With one more, Spain was able to increase the score and round the party, watery late comeback by the Czech Republic against England (2-1), which postponed qualifying for 2012.Spain will now have two chances to seal it.The first, on Wednesday against Bierrolusia.

MOVIE: uefa.com

[Technical Data]
Ukraine: Kanibolotskiy; Butko, Rakitskiy, Kryvtsov, Selin; Chesnakov, Biliy (Golodyuk, m. 39); Konoplyanka, Garmash, Yarmolenko (Vitsenets, m. 82); Zozulya.

Spain: De Gea; Montoya (Azpilicueta, m. 82), Botía, Domínguez, Didac Vilá; Javi Martínez (Parejo, m. 76), Ander Herrera, Thiago, Mata, Muniaín; y Adrián (Bojan, m. 81).

Referee: Marijo Strahonja (CRO). Kanibolotskiy admonished (m. 27), Yarmolenko (m. 45), Garmash (m. 66) and Konoplyanka (m. 73) Ukraine, and Montoya (m. 70) in Spain.He drove straight red with Ukrainian Garmash (m. 71).

Goals : 0-1, min.10: Mata, 0-2, min.27: Adrian, 0-3, m.72, Mata (penalty).

Incident : Party played at the Arena in Herning MCH before 3302 spectators.Players wore black armbands in Spain for the deaths of Julian del Amo, former secretary of the squad, and Maria Sarobe, mother of Juan Luis Larrea, treasurer of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).He witnessed the match in the box Angel Maria Villar, president of the RFEF.

Group B
1. Spain 7
2. Czech Republic 6
3. England 2
4. Ukraine 1