19 June 2011

Rossi's agent said that "football is not just in the club"

The representative of Giuseppe Rossi, Andrea Pastorello, is "very difficult" for the Villarreal player to sign for Barcelona, ​​especially if the entity has decided to hire Barca and the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, who also plays as a forward.

Speaking to the program 'COM Esports' Pastorello virtually rule out signing Rossi, now in the ranks of Villarreal, the Catalans and acknowledges that ten days ago that has no news of Barcelona.

"I see very difficult Rossi joined the club. If there are 45 million to sign and Alexis goes to Barca for 30, there is no money to pay for the transfer of Rossi," insisted the agent.

Pastorello's reading is simple: "Just as well, because if Alexis chips is because they wanted a hundred percent to Rossi, in that case, better not to sign and be a team that does not love you one hundred percent."

The representative of the American-Italian striker Rossi said he could "wait another year" or continue in Villarreal, which is "very comfortable".

"If the club wants Rossi would prove it, but if not, nothing happens, they are free to sign whomever they want. No problem, football is football and not just in the club," he said.

The background of the matter is the bargaining, according to some Chilean media, is to be closed between Udinese and Barcelona by Alexis Sanchez, who had rejected offers from Manchester United and Manchester City to play in the Pep Guardiola.

The offer, not confirmed by the Barcelona club, could amount to 28 million euros plus a high amount variables. (via SPORT)

A new award for Iniesta

Andres Iniesta and Manuel Toharia scientist received the UNESCO prize-Valldigna-Mediterranean during the closure of the Mediterranean and Multaqa Valldigna forums (meeting in Arabic) of the Three Cultures.

In the event, held at the monastery of the Valldigna in the Valencian town of Simat de la Valldigna have participated the Minister of Solidarity and Citizenship, Rafael Blasco, the president of UNESCO Spain, Luis Ramallo, President of the Culture Foundation Paz, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and the representative of UNESCO Paris, Tania Fernandez.

This year's edition of both forums was devoted to "Science and Sports, bridges of peace", so the awards have been granted to Manuel Toharia scientist, director of the City of Sciences in Valencia, and the player Andres Iniesta, Barcelona player and the Spanish CF,

Andres Iniesta Blasco the Minister stressed that "is an example to be one of the most current representatives of fair play in sport and for its simplicity and modesty." (via SPORT)

Femenía: "My dream is Barca"

The winger of Hercules Kiko Femenía publicly stated that his move to Barcelona is very close to closing.

The young forward was the star of a ceremony in Alicante, where he co-starred with exazulgrana Julio Salinas and which revealed that his move to Barcelona are practically a given. "The truth is that the transfer is near. Barça is my dream and of course I would go, hopefully not to lengthen the negotiation and everything is resolved soon," said Femenía as daily collects information.

The player still Hercules explained that if the transfer does not close, though, is very close to it-would have no problem in continuing one more year in Alicante, but the opportunity offered by the club is something can not resign."If I have to I will stay here without any problems. What happens is that I have presented an incredible opportunity for my career and it's time for a change. After 7 years at the club has reached the end of a cycle, "concluded the matter. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez: "I'm going to Barcelona"

The transfer of Alexis Sanchez boat is in its final stretch.The Chilean player himself reported it to his team-mates.

"I'm going to Barcelona."So the Chilean Alexis Sanchez announced his departure to Barca to their team-mates last Friday evening during training.Hence striker received the congratulations of all that was uncovered to the media on progress in negotiations between Barcelona and Udinese by transfer, which could be closed for 28 million euros plus 11 other variables .

As we are reporting from SPORT, the player could travel this Monday bound for Barcelona-Madrid-scale before, after the friendly match against Estonia play your selection.An encounter, however, could not get to play the 'boy wonder', as the storm that is sweeping the South American country should not force the team's biggest star.In fact, one can not rule that the party could suspend and thus prevent a team player was injured and lost the Copa America which begins in a few days-Chile already has a bad experience with Suazo's injury in a friendly before the last World Cup.

Fernando Felicevich, player's agent, did not hide and through his Twitter hinted that the operation is well advanced.In fact, one of his last posts - "'So here we are doing well," said the pig (the equivalent in Spain would be a pig) with an apple in its mouth ..."-, interpreted by Chilean journalists as a shows clearly that the signing is very close. In fact, a message similar to that used before the handover of Chile's Gary Medel Sevilla months ago. (via SPORT)

First contacts between Barca and Arsenal for Cesc

The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood admitted yesterday that there have been contacts between the two clubs to discuss the possible transfer of Cesc Fabregas.

"Barcelona has officially reached with Arsenal Cesc Fabregas to ask," said Hill-Wood to "Mirror" English.One contact, however, has become a formal offer for the player as the leader said 'gunner'."We talked about Cesc, but neither is a formal offer for him and we want to let him go," he added.

Hill-Wood, who understands the interest of the Catalan club to regain a player trained in the quarry, was cautious about giving more details of the negotiations but acknowledged that the issue can go for long.

However, this may be the final time to materialize the transfer of Arenys as pointed to the 'Mirror', as Arsène Wenger would not be reluctant to lose the player who has been the emblem in recent years.The British newspaper said the technician will understand that if the player is leaving at the end of the transfer will end up doing.That's why Wenger's efforts are more focused on preventing the progress of other men like Nasri, who also could leave Arsenal, not to fight for the continuity of Cesc. (via SPORT)

Alexis: What comes next

Alexis Sanchez can be very close to becoming a new player of Barça.As reported yesterday, several media from Chile, Udinese striker tomorrow could even take a plane from the Chilean capital to travel to Barcelona, ​​where he would review medical and sign his new contract with Barca.Alexis has the permission of his coach, Claudio Borghi, who also prefers to let his football and his future resolved in three days and return to center and 100% ahead of the Copa America which begins on 1 July in Argentina .

As MD has learned from the environment of the player, Barca and Udinese would close the deal.Given the major economic deals that Udinese had Manchester City and Manchester United, which exceeded 30 million euros, the Catalan club has been forced to exceed the 25 million it had set up initially as a stop and its offer to 28 million, plus variables.

With the foundations already laid, Barcelona and Udinese are planning to hold a final and decisive morning session to finish outlining the details of the operation.Unless the City torpedo again, Catalan and Italian, and immediately seal the deal the player will start from Santiago de Chile route to Barcelona.

According to the media revealed Chilean Alexis Sanchez opted for the club last Thursday during a meeting he had with team-mate the 'pacifier' Suazo and two assistants of his representative, who explained the three proposals that he had : Barça, City and United.Despite losing money, and as was his preference from day one, Alexis opted for the offer from Barça.RAC1 confirmed last night that the meeting of all took place in the restaurant 'The implement' the Chilean capital.After lunch, Alexis was added again to the concentration of your choice and was congratulated by fellow red.For Alexis's dream just became reality, and just need to Barcelona and Udinese tomorrow auctioned off the deal.

Now plays a friendly against Estonia
Alexis Sanchez will start in the friendly Chile will play this next morning 01:00 am (19:00 in Chile) to Estonia, in preparation for the Copa America next July in Argentina.

If you close your transfer Alexis morning trip to Barcelona is more than likely the Udinese striker still miss the final friendly of their selection before participating in the Copa America.After today against Estonia, who runs the combined Claudio Daniel Borghi Argentina will face Paraguay on Thursday in Asuncion, so that Alexis would not have time to dispute material to reach the crash.

Piatti, his relief at Udinese
Another detail that suggests that the agreement between Barca and Udinese is very close is the Italian club has tied up what will be the successor to the Chilean striker.Catalan and Italian If you just realize the transfer, Udinese have decided to go for Almeria striker Pablo Piatti.The Argentine striker, who after dropping the Almeria II had many girlfriends (Malaga, Sevilla and Atletico, among others) would have the option to change the category of silver contest the Champions League after signing for Udinese if it ends.Once the 28 million to ensure the ship, paid 10 per Piatti Udinese. (via MD)

Alexis Sanchez is the latest phenomenon

Alexis Sanchez, one of a kind as those who know him or have measured it.

lthough that day could only show glimpses of his class, 8 Barca present in Chile-Spain (1-2) in the group stage of the World-2010 are reminiscent of Alexis Sanchez.Piqué and Peter have been praised in recent media appearances paths, highlighting its ability to balance, its verticality and its ability to escape his marker in the 'one against one. "The qualities listed not only have given the 'MVP' of the 2010-11 Italian League but also led to Claudio Borghi, coach of the (other) 'red', to the view that "Alexis can be better than Messi "provided on the basis that" Leo is now the best player in the world. "

Giampaolo Pozzo also, owner of Udinese, the young Chilean striker, which he joined in January 2007 for 3 million euros, now worth what a crack Messi type, hence the negotiations with the club have been stretched to finding the right price.

Everything points to Alexis, 22 and as yet fully professional league and in Chile and Argentina and in Serie A, will be the first reinforcement Barça'2011-12.Sanchez will to add, but also to help the club mark differences: the 'boy wonder' shines as extreme by both bands and is a playmaker lethal say those who have suffered that shoots or passes the ball faster than you think .

For football and healthy ambition, Alexis has everything to participate in the future success of the Pep and Messi.Even curdles your height, measuring 1.68 meters, one centimeter less than Leo and Peter.It will therefore be the shortest player in the template, but with the permission of Pique and 'Busi', the children are the greatness of the team.

Its quality, backed by the depth of his 'girlfriends'
In January several advanced Italian media that the club was following the Chilean striker.Also Chelsea, ManU, 'City', Inter, Juve and Real Madrid have been pending for Alexis, which supports quality.

Sahin bat, Goose, Pastore, Hazard and Bale
In the Spanish version of Alexis www.fifa.com sweeps a survey on "Young crack with brighter future."Among his rivals, Sahin (Madrid) and Bale, Goose, Hazard and Pastore, all related to the club.

He took top marks Eto'o and Ibrahimovic
Alexis Sanchez was proclaimed 'MVP' League italiana'2010-11 by La Gazzetta dello Sport 'based on the marks awarded by this means after each match.The Chilean won with 6.73 points on average, Eto'o was third (6.49) and Ibrahimovic, tenth (6.36). (via MD)

Traveling to Cesc?

Arsenal returned to training on July 5 and the club is not willing to at that point the player remains Arenys 'gunner'.

The week begins today seems crucial in the many negotiations that keeps the FC Barcelona to strengthen the squad for next season.And how could it be otherwise, the case of Cesc Fabregas holds a special place among the future.Therefore not be ruled out a brief trip to London to leave the capital closed once and for all the hiring of Captain `GUNN.

The truth is that as time goes by, it seems increasingly clear that both parties are required to understand and that this time Arsène Wenger will not be able to return to retain his star as it did in last summer.Al Gallo lacks technical arguments to motivate and Cesc will have no choice but to bow their heads.

In this sense, the choice allegedly flying from England earlier this week to London, President or vice president Sandro Rosell Josep Maria Bartomeu sports, is far less secure and only take place if negotiations reach a point where only missing a final push.

Moreover, the fact that Wenger himself is on vacation like Cesc Fabregas, this one in Indonesia, subtract points to this alternative.In addition, the club continues to maintain the appropriate telephone contact with the representative of the squad, Darren Dein.The goal is to satisfy the desires of Pep Guardiola, who is already in Catalonia after his trip to Israel, and do it for less than 40 million euros in order to leave enough money on hand that will address other open operations. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano could come into operation

The Second Division top scorer does not dismiss the option of Udinese after a great season in the reserves.

At Barça B's top scorer with 32 goals scored throughout the campaign, start raining offers. Despite the refusal of the front of playing outside of Spain, their chances of career progression, FC Barcelona will fall short.That's why the land in Catalan does not rule out any of the European teams have expressed interest in Barca striker.

And so, after two seasons as Barca, Soriano has already peaked in the Catalan branch of the club.Despite the third place achieved in the competition, second team can not ascend to the First Division two seasons and Barcelona have scored 53 goals with what little you can do on the computer that will train Eusebio.

Also, turns 26 next September and the option to upload the first team is out because of the enormous competition that exists in the front line of the team coached by Pep Guardiola.

That's why, although still has a year left on his contract with Barcelona club, Soriano, who will meet next week with his agent Josep Maria Orobitg is contemplating options for the future that are more attractive.And the club vested interest Blaugrana striker to leave Barcelona this year to get some kind of return from its sale.

One of the most beneficial for all parties is signing for Udinese. Thus, Soriano would be in operation for Alexis Sanchez ended up in the FC Barcelona football and aspirations would be met by striker as the Italian team this year played in the Champions League. Another option that is considering the prolific striker is moving to Greece to play for Olympiacos. (via SPORT)

Rossi, look for possible departures

The 'Azzurri' is based on other sales involving money 'extra' to the club's finances.

FC Barcelona continues to lace the need to reinforce the squad with top players to remain in line with the prevailing economic policy at the club since the arrival to the presidency Sandro Rosell.And the latest developments put the possible signings of Cesc Fabregas and, above all, Alexis Sanchez, forward in time by Giuseppe Rossi.

And again after the Villarreal president Fernando Roig, reject the offer from Barcelona as being "insufficient" information that was confirmed yesterday by the player's agent, Andrea Pastorello.

In this sense, it seems that the first to arrive could be Alexis Sanchez and the intention is to continue to Cesc Fabregas, without a doubt the most priority signing for Pep Guardiola.If both operations come to fruition, the club would be forced to a major financial outlay, so high that the following additions and would be based on the proceeds from the eventual sale of players.

And one of the first might be to Bojan Krkic to the Rome club shortly that could reach an agreement with the striker, which would at least ten million extra `¿.Nevertheless, Rossi would be more even at the expense of output operations.While the player is on holiday in New Jersey. (via SPORT)

The 'Wonder Boy' that nobody knows

Shy off the field and a man of few words, Chile looks like a 'carbon copy' of Leo Messi.

"I faced in nature.And I learned to play barefoot.That's why I run so to the falls.I used to go dodging rocks the floor. "He was 16 years, only 13 minutes in First, and very reluctantly, and monopolized the attention of journalists.Everyone wanted to talk to him, to know more about this kid who had just debuted and had been instrumental in the 5 to 4 Cobreloa of Temuco.Fame was not lacking.Both in Calama and in Tocopilla, the hometown, dribbling generated admiration."I'm happy, but I do not like to talk," he added, making an effort.The same fascination that generated identical in their first start in River, which won him who played for Colo Colo, which cried out for Daniel Passarella and the president of Udinese quoted just bought it at $ 35,000,000 .

Alexis lived with each workout for each day of step River.Early Crack, Alexis still flee to the microphones.Suffer exposure.It's quite shy.Prefer to talk in the playgrounds.Because when I was in school at the Catholic University in Ranchi, his juggling with the ball and made the difference potential.At the point where he acknowledged, is often felt marginalized."Because I haggled all, they were angry and would not let me play," he said years ago.There were days when it was not yet the 'Boy Wonder ¿, but still had nicknamed `Dilla ¿, as his friends call him yet."They said I looked like a squirrel, and who was above the trees down the balls that we were hung."

In those years, and received citations for the youth teams of Chile.He was close to playing in Argentina, but neither in Boca or River: in the humble Zapla Altos Hornos.In a friendly team organized against a combined Jujuy city Taltal Chilean Alexis Sanchez played only 45 minutes and made seven goals.But Chavalito chose not to leave his mother or his brothers Martina Marjorie, Humberto and Tamara.His mother, fish sales revenue was not enough for Alexis and her siblings had a life with many privileges.On the contrary, had to watch every shoe purchase at that cost.Then play Cobreloa accepted.His dream was to succeed in football and help their affections.

Then, in Chile saw his game a very interesting project.Born in Tocopilla on December 19, 1988, made his debut for the hand of Nelson Acosta on February 12, 2005.And after going to the South American U-17 Venezuela, Acosta cited him for a World Cup qualifier against Brazil for the World Cup 2006.In May of that year, shortly before the World Cup, Udinese beat the pulse of Werder Bremen and Villarreal and stayed with the young talent.And the 'Wonder Boy' and did not stop growing.

Udinese bought it at the time by 3 million dollars, paid for and there Colo Colo coach Claudio Borghi love.Indeed, the DT was baptized 'new dog "because" to get training for the ball and start running without stopping. "

That child who was seven years old playing against adults now passed the dirt floor and mud walls that made up the family home in Tocopilla, a humble northern coastal town of Chile, to be chosen by Nike as the brand image in South America.Cobreloa promising debut, singing "chileeeeno, chileeeno."The little left to play long barefoot between the stones to win at Udinese.

He speaks little and nothing the 'Boy Wonder'.But anyway is a kind of play for the trans-Andean town, the symbol of the litter of new figures did not appear for some time after the Zamorano and Salas.A player quite destabilizing, he met Barcelona in 2007, when he went to surgery on a ruptured ankle ligament Dr. Cugat.He spent 10 days in Barcelona.E impacted by the city, promised to return as a player Blaugrana.

In June 2008, before going to Italy, Alexis defined a furious counterattack at high speed and assured River the championship lead in a 2-1 victory at Columbus.It was my last contact with the 'Boy Wonder'.On the yellow boots.That would be the 'piu grande'.

His `other ¿passion: the love songs of Marco Antonio Solís

Chilean Alexis Sanchez, fan chat and web browser, had his photoblog while still was not known.But idolatry reflected in thousands of visitors forced him to close it.Listening to music became his hobby better known, even today.In fact, in his 'iPod' has thousands of songs and musical style is quite eclectic, as is the Backstreet Boys pop to hard rock or Metal.But where does one apart is the romanticized versions of the Mexican composer Marco Antonio Solis, confessing a big fan.In fact, if it ultimately ends Alexis Sanchez played for FC Barcelona and go to the U.S. tour would agree with him on 6 August in Texas where the Mexican singer is planning a concert in Odessa. (via SPORT)

Messi will be the leader of the most offensive Argentina

Batista's team bet on the game of attack and the coach has placed their trust in him.

Sergio Batista, Argentina coach, Leo Messi wants to be just as decisive in his team as it is when donned the shirt of FC Barcelona.Hence, a few days of release in the Copa America, the Chechen 'do not stop trying different variations to find the same tactics that the crack is effective when it evolves under the orders of Pep Guardiola.

The final location of Messi has been behind a line of three forwards, but always coming to the area.Furthermore, evolving the most time on it.

In the last practice played behind Barcelona's Di Maria, Milito and Aguero to do so after Lavezzi behind, Higuain and Tevez. Thus, the 'Flea is there still more free and is not the first to face the defenders.It would appear from behind in the race, and in these conditions is when the front is more dangerous and lethal.

Play this variant, with a line of three up with two wide ends, and Leo behind, leaves no doubt of the intentions of Batista: the bet will be to attack.Generate danger.And is that Argentina, who will play at home, is obliged to offer its best to his fans, who expects the best of the bunch.

The truth is that all practices have been doing the combined albiceleste in recent sessions, the crack of FC Barcelona has always been in the starting lineup.Sure sign that Argentina will play for Leo.And he is expected to be as effective as it has been with FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Juvenil Barça will be played the Copa del Rey and the triplete against Espanyol

FC Barcelona is one match to get the treble youth football ...with permission from Espanyol, his rival in the final of Ceuta.The two teams met locals and sentenced their respective semifinals.

After being champion Group 3 Division of Honour and the Champions League, Barça won Saturday Juvenil A passport to the final of the Copa del Rey, which takes place on Sunday 26 at the stadium Alfonso Murube Ceuta.All of Oscar Garcia asserted the 1-4 first leg against Deportivo and tied to three goals in the Stadium Mini Galician to ratify before the classification.Martin Posse Espanyol will rival North African field after drawing 1-1 in Sant Adrià against Rayo Vallecano and do good also 0-3 in the first assault on Madrid.

Barca did not want surprises from the very beginning and Dongou in minute 7, put the score for the Oscar.However, Depor responded and tied the game 8 minutes later, through Alex Ares.Deportivo illusion did not last long, because in 32 minutes once again demonstrated its Dongou eye for goal to give the 2-1 lead before Barca came to rest.

In the second part did not mark Dongou, but it took a decisive ball to his teammate Gerard Deulofeu.The Spanish international scored a anthology with a vaseline came crying into the top corner of the frame Galician.It was 3-1 in 59 minutes.

The sportsmanship fought at least not to lose his visit to Mini Stadium and achieved that goal, because Alex Perez scored two goals in minutes 75 and 86 to establish that it was the 3-3 final.A marker that gives Barca the opportunity to repeat a feat already achieved the 2004-2005 season, under the command of Juan Carlos Pérez Rojo, winning League Division Honor and Sporting Gijon won the Champions Cup and Cup del Rey.

The last obstacle that the team will be Oscar Garcia RCD Espanyol in the final to be played more than 1,000 miles from Barcelona, ​​Ceuta.The blue and white, trained by Martin Posse already know that next season will not follow the juvenile bench-white, presented in 'Sadri' with the advantage of 0-3 in the first leg against Rayo Vallecano.

However, rayistas showed they were not going to conform and when only a minute had passed the party, Dani managed to beat the Spanish nationalist goal.The 0-1 was maintained in the mail during much of the game ...until 59 minutes Pirulo, a superb shoe, set the draw and would be final. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez might move to FC Barcelona this Monday

From Chile, speculates that the player gets to Barcelona to sign his new contract with Barca.

Chilean Alexis Sanchez could become Barça player on Monday.The striker Udinese , concentrate your selection to compete in the Copa America , had received permission to move to the Catalan capital and sign the contract with Barcelona this Monday.

This is aimed Chilean journalists are currently in the national team, as Claudio Bustíos, Canal 13 Chile, through your twitter account , which ensures that even several team-mates have already congratulated the new player of FC Barcelona or Eduardo Rojas , who launched the first. (via MD)

The strange signing of Keita, according to the TAS

Although completely unrelated to his impressive football career and his successes as Barca, integrated into the world's best team, Seydou Keita is the subject of a court case and certainly curious book that should solve the CAS, most recognized organization in the field of sport, in his case for the claim made against Sevilla and RC Lens French.

The team of Malian origin, where it was signed by Monchi, the technical secretary of Sevilla with a good eye, which passed in the summer of 2007 and included in its day a special clause in the terms agreed by both parties that is beneficiría a possible move to another club.The Lens was right to assume that their most valuable player could make a career in Spanish football and the attention of one of the greats, as it was.

A year later, while Alves, midfielder joined the ranks of the club, where he served three seasons of glory, a long period of time during which, however, he left French club has not received, or collected a single euro of this second transfer that apparently led the Camp Nou Nervión.

For RC Lens major surprise, when he claimed to Sevilla amount, that is their cake, the response from Jose Maria del Nido was negative, arguing that the march from Keita had been caused by the payment of his buyout clause, that is not considered a transfer, without giving effect to its understanding that the obligation to divert income from the operation.

Logically, the French club filed a lawsuit that reached the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the December 15, 2009 initially gave reason to Lens in the first instance, ruling that the 14 million subscribers by Barcelona in their day, 1.3 million should go to stop the whole Gallic (10% of the transfer agreement).

But Sevilla turned and raised an appeal to the same body designed by a specialist in this type of conflict, the lawyer Juan de Dios Crespo, who emphasized how a player if his club refused to pass it, available the option to pay as stipulated in his contract as a buyout or freedom.

Often, this option is not used because it is difficult for a player to prove possession, as it would have been the case Keita, 14 million euros to buy the pass.Fiscally foolhardy even if the computer buyer that would have funded.Legally, however, that the clause provides for the pay on behalf of a club player, a subsidiary figure that the law allows and authorizes.

The main argument of Juan de Dios Crespo to the CAS was extremely convincing: Sevilla would not pass it and in fact did not, but today was the Barca player who, using the freedom provided clause in his contract, terminated the contract with Sevilla legally but against the wishes put forward by the club itself Seville.

The question inevitably leads to the opposite party, ie the ship and the tax and accounting treatment given at the time the strategy Sevilla, as the Catalan club did consider the payment of the clause and the arrival of Keita in the account acquisition federative rights of players just like any other player, ie as a transfer, amortized the price (14 million euros) for the years of the contract the player.¿Transfer or payment clause?Sevilla seem to have their arguments, the club also because it paid and the Lens, at least before the law, either because surely unaware of the possibility of the operation via clause. (via MD)

Roma hopes to close the signing of Bojan in a few days

Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini expressed his desire that his club may close over the next few days the signing Bojan.

Bojan's signing "is a very specific hypothesis has not yet been closed. We expect to close in the coming days," he said, told Italian radio Rete Sport, the manager of the Rome team will train from the next Spanish season exinternacional Luis Enrique."Yes, indeed, in Spain play a lot with the fact Bojan link with the arrival of Luis Enrique. Bojan is a Barcelona player, but we hope that you can do (signing) soon. It is certainly a player from a high profile, "he said.

Sabatini also referred to the possible signing of Argentine midfielder Ricky Alvarez, current and Velez Sarsfield player who gives Italian sports press as "one step" to sign for Roma.Alvarez "is versatile, has played in other positions on the field, you can do many things. It is a strong player, like many others we are pursuing," said Roma's sporting director."It is difficult, however. You have noticed: there is a kind of paralysis of the market, now everything is crystallized. Then, when you move the first player will have a domino effect.'ll See who will make the first move," he added.

Sabatini also said that in early July, the club presented to the media so as to Luis Enrique official as the new coach as any possible move. (via SPORT)

Sakho again put into the orbit of Barca

The Italian press has put back the French central Mamadou Sakho as the future of Barça failure of the attempt by Thiago Silva.

Although Barca president Sandro Rosell told a news conference that the technical secretariat culé was not interested in Thiago Silva, the 'Gazzetta dello Sport' is still committed to the possible signing of Brazilian central for Guardiola's team.

However, there is not the thing, since the same Italian newspaper claims that in case of failure to close the signing of the 'Rossoneri', the alternative of Barca's French defender Mamadou Sakho PSG.The young defender 21 years has caught a good season at the Paris team and that has allowed the senior team debut for his country.Strong and fast, and sounded as possible reinforcement of Barca in the market last winter. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Juvenil B falls to the Corinthians (1-2)

Juvenil B del Barça has fallen to the Corinthians defeated by 1-2 in the final of Club World Cup Under-17 Championship in Móstoles.The Catalans have tried until the end but lacked success in the auction.

Corinthians has revalidated the title he won last year as a Juvenil B of FC Barcelona who is unable to enforce the initial Moussima goal .The Brazilian champion has been over Barca in many phases of the final at the Estadio Municipal El Soto de Móstoles.

The Juvenil B Barça ahead in the scoring on 15 minutes in a successful action in which Moussima took a slip of a bad defense and the keeper to score Ravi on the goal line.

Corinthians reaction was swift and laid siege to the Barca goal.Ondoa Barca goalkeeper and the crossbar prevented PC's goal on 26 minutes.The Brazilian was insistent domain until the final play of the first half, Juninho tied the game with a powerful header at the exit of a corner.

The game has been re-balanced in the second half, more open to alternatives for both sides.Ebwelle been able to make it 2-1 for Barca but has finished outside the keeper wrong when they sang the goal.

But when it seemed that the Juvenil B FC Barcelona again have controlled the game, it's 1-2.In 64 minutes, Giovanni, the best Brazilian forward has outdone Ondoa and with a cross shot from a tight angle.

Corinthians order defended the advantage on the scoreboard before a Barca who has tried to end without success. Barjuan Sergi team has fallen head up against a great team that, at times, has offered a football high quality. (via FCBarcelona.cat)