18 June 2011

Thiago rectified: "Barça is a dream for me"

Thiago Alcántara wanted to ask for forgiveness for its last declarations and it assured that its dream is to triumph azulgrana dress.

Thiago wanted to correct the statements made ​​to EFE, in which said his main goal was to succeed in football even above the club."I apologize to Barcelona because I know that statements have not been good. I did not measure the words and, although I think you have misunderstood something that at my age should know better," said Thiago in an interview with RAC1.

Brazilian midfielder explained that at no time has crossed his mind to leave the club, quite the opposite."Barça is a dream for me and my house. It's a club I am very grateful for everything I've experienced since I arrived here 14 years," he said.

In the same vein, Thiago acknowledged that his intention is to be next season at Barca first team, destination or not reach other players like Cesc."Of course I will stay at Barca. The more good players come to make it bigger, the better. Always help those who come," the squad. (via SPORT)

Roma hopes to close the signing of Bojan in the coming days

Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini said Saturday his desire that his club may close over the next few days the signing of Bojan Krkic, Barcelona player today.

Bojan's signing "is a very specific hypothesis has not yet been closed. We expect to close in the coming days," he said, told Italian radio Rete Sport, the manager of the Rome team will train from the next Spanish season exinternacional Luis Enrique.

"Yes, indeed, in Spain play a lot with the fact Bojan link with the arrival of Luis Enrique. Bojan is a Barcelona player, but we hope that you can do (signing) soon. It is certainly a player from a high profile, "he said.

Sabatini also said that in early July, the club presented to the media so as to Luis Enrique official as the new coach as any possible move. (via MD)

Barca's final effort for Cesc

Barca schedule a trip to London next week and the English press corners Wenger to leave Fabregas out of Arsenal.

Barca have planned to travel to London next week to negotiate the signing of Cesc Fabregas with representatives of Arsenal, Arsène Wenger incluido.Según some sources, may travel to Sandro Rosell, though most likely do the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu sports and / or sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta.

In any case, Barcelona, ​​did not rule imminently present one of the summer reinforcements intended, will make an effort to bring Cesc, the club relies on the receptivity 'gunner' and to close the operation below 40 million euros.

After this week Darren Dein, Cesc own agent, acted as an intermediary and that Fàbregas in a publicity event reiterated that "my dream has always been to play at the club," he believes that the time has come to take the initiative , especially when the Gunners are in their first two weeks of preseason training and land in Malaysia on July 11 for his Asian tour.

Time is short for all parties: Cesc does not want another 'soap opera', the club wants to complete at last a priority signing for Pep and Arsenal tranquility.

In this context, the English media are rounding up Wenger, who no longer see unwavering in its refusal to let go of Cesc, to open the doors.'The Sun' invites you to be "bold and courageous" and says "hold is not to be strong, weak, mean that Wenger knows not leaving without him."

And the Times' believes that "it is time to renew the workforce" and "cashing in Cesc."For the "sincere respect" shown to the public Wenger, Fabregas could leave "without fear".Furthermore, "not his fault that Arsenal have not won anything in six years."

Pep returns and is closely monitoring the negotiations
Pep Guardiola has returned from his stay in Israel, where soccer has been disconnected before starting the real holiday with his family (his children classes end next week), and is already in Barcelona, ​​which closely follow the negotiations with Fabregas.Despite the hardness of the horse-trading and you understand the position of the club to protect the most for your money, Guardiola insisted that Cesc is a priority in their plans.Pep Andoni Zubizarreta kept informed at all times the status of discussions and estretegia club.In this sense, manifestations of the president, Sandro Rosell, in his appearance before the media, which said he did not pay 40 million euros, were part of an agreed strategy. (via MD)

Puyol recovery on schedule

Carles Puyol is getting close to ending the first phase of his recovery following the operation on his left knee. The Club captain has been working on muscle exercises and will soon begin to work out on the training pitch.

Puyol’s recovery is on schedule and he is working hard to be fit and available for the start of the new season, combing a well deserved summer break with some intensive recovery sessions.

Puyol is coming to the end of the first three-week stage of his recovery, the objective of which is to work on the musculature of his left leg. If all goes as planned, he should be able to start gentle training out on the pitch by the end of June. The aim is for the captain to be fit for the start of the season following his operation on June 1st.

Puyol was laid up for three months with knee tendon problems which were detected following the game against Racing at the Camp Nou on January 22nd and only made his return for the league game against Madrid on April 15th.

From then on until the end of the season, Guardiola used Puyol carefully – he played in both the Champions League semi finals, but only came on for the last 3 minutes at Wembley. He was operated on by Doctor Ramon Cugat on June 1st, when a piece of cartilage was removed from his left knee. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Espanyol counterattacks and it signs in La Masia

Both clubs are clocking homegrown rival team and the situation seems no end.

The non-aggression pact to the quarries seems not to have lasted long time and relive situations are quite common in recent years between the quarries of the top two teams from Catalonia.In Espanyol are outraged at the signing a few days ago of six homegrown players in football Espanyol Barcelona base and are now the ones who have gone fishing in grassroots football rival.

If Barcelona a few weeks ago came to terms with six players from the youth ranks at Espanyol-three cadets, two benjamines and one prebenjamín have now all 'fish' in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper and has secured the services Two players from the Barca youth teams.

That performance of Barcelona did not sit well in the state-white, which did not accept the arguments from the Catalan club in which they said were the players who were offered, and now they have responded taking some of the most promising young Catalans.

New players are defender espanyola Marc Navarro, who last season played in the cadete Barca next season and the first year will be youth and cadete age striker Sebastian de Jesus Leguizamon.Two players who changed the opposing team just as a few days ago that the situation had been given but in the opposite case.

Hostilities in the quarry of the main Catalan club do not seem to cease and to be seen how these two signings feel responsible for the Barca youth football and if in the end, this story will end or, conversely, have no end. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio Sacristán Agreement to coach Barcelona B

FC Barcelona announces that it has reached an agreement with Eusebio Sacristan to be the new coach of Barça B.The expected aucerdo a season (2011-2012) with an option for one more.

The signing and submission of Eusebius as new coach of Barça B will be held in the coming days. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ave Bojan

Luis Enrique Bojan asked for Rome and the player sees it as a good choice
The striker manages other alternatives, but first is receptive

The Rome of Luis Enrique wants striker Bojan and sees it as an option for the future, positioning represents a substantial change if we talk about front Linyola so far reluctant to leave the Nou Camp because it has always blindly believed in their ability Can succeed at Barca.The fact that Luis Enrique is sitting on the bench of the Italian team, coupled with the acceptance / resignation from the squad that with Pep Guardiola, given the above (their involvement throughout the season was almost symbolic and the fact not play a minute of the final at Wembley was a blow), it is very difficult to have made Bojan consider migrating to the Italian championship.

Rome's interest is not new.From the moment that made official the signing of Luis Enrique was speculation the interest of the already former coach of Barça B to recover some of the best pieces of subsidiary.He then signed up higher and Bojan was included in that group of players appealing for 'Lucho'.What coach would not want on your computer to a natural goalscorer, 20, with an impressive resume in both the youth ranks of Barça in the first team?Few and Luis Enrique is not exactly between them.

Bojan, who remains concentrated with the U-21 Denmark contesting the European, manages several alternatives of Rome, but now the Italian option is the most appeals to you.Villarreal is also the club that has never hidden his fondness for the player and could make her wish if it reaches an agreement with Barca and transferred to Rossi.The problem is that Bojan, who considers a good destination for Villarreal continue his career, does little grace to be currency.

Also happen in England reports that put Bojan in the orbit of several clubs, including some large slab like Liverpool.Nor should we forget that Arsenal Wenger's emissaries met with Marc Ingla seasons ago, then vice president Barca sports for both the options of taking Bojan.

Anyway, what for Bojan is not negotiable is that, if finally decided change of pace, it will not only with the ticket, but also the back.It still looks capable of winning at the Nou Camp and will not withdraw from the club of his life, that is, Barca and destination club must find a formula that excludes the transfer pure and simple.

In Italy the usual name Bojan is already in the media.Yesterday Walter Sabatini, Roma sporting director, spoke openly about the subject."Bojan is a great player. It would integrate well into the mechanisms of the new Rome, it would be easier because you already know," he said, referring to Luis Enrique will be the coach.

One possibility that has not yet contemplated
If the Rome or another club interested in proposing a transfer Bojan unconditionally to stay with Bojan, as normal is obtained a 'no' for an answer.Neither the club wants to disassociate itself entirely from a player of 20 years with a great future and the striker wants to withdraw from the club he has always wanted to succeed.
Bojan environment assists surprised and annoyed at the repeated appearance of Zoran Vekic Italian media self-assigned role of player's agent.In fact, the only person authorized to negotiate on your behalf is Sostres Ramon, a lawyer who takes his affairs since he began his career

A good formula for both sides
Barca does not hide in his speech to carry out the signings for next season, ideally with some sales to cash.For Bojan, a transfer option would save money in the short term and not lose the front.Bojan know that paying the return would always be possible.

The most valued option for forward
To leave Barca Bojan Krkic will probably be the hardest step of his career.That's why the formula is in a better light on leaving the club of his life is the transfer, ensuring that despite wearing another shirt, the desire to succeed at Barca remain at the end of the proposed assignment .

Femenía, very close to signing for Barcelona

Hercules sporting director said yesterday that "soon" will close the transfer

Kiko Femenía, end of Hercules Alicante, is poised to become the first signing for Barca next season.While the operations of cracks and contrasted as Cesc Fabregas, Giuseppe Rossi Alexis Sanchez might expand or even several days or weeks, explained yesterday sporting director Herculine set, Sergio Fernandez, negotiations with the club by Femenía "are on the line end "and" soon "could close the deal.Therefore not be ruled out that early next week, the footballer Alicante arrive in Barcelona to be presented.

The intent of coaching is to use the Barca player of Hercules as a future option, making it play in the reserves in the second division and upload it when circumstances require it, or assign it a season to another computer first to proceed with its evolution.At just 20 years Femenía Kiko, who has already shown its willingness to assume the role of playing second with Barça B, can act both as far right side or offensive.

Esteban Vigo, his coach for much of last season in the Hercules, confessed that Femenía MD "has something very important is the speed and capacity overflow, because it is very skillful. He faces great addition to your bookmarks and is a tireless worker. "

For those who do not act too have seen the 'Boquerón' was defined as "a 'Pedrito' in power."Finally, carried in the blood of the qualities you value most Pep Guardiola, who recommended the signing Esteban."Their main value is the ability to learn," he said. (via MD)

Mourinho is ground with Barça

At Madrid coach will feel the reproaches of Rosell fatal to his provocations
Florentino promises to continue to give Barca war "years it takes"

The institutional scolding the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho has laid fatal in the 'white house', especially the technician merengue.The Portuguese, who still has not gone on vacation (it will be the capital until 24 or 25 June), soon found himself with his president, Florentino Perez, to promise that Barca will continue to war "years as it takes "was informed by MD.

"I will fulfill my contract and if I can be longer," the coach said he Luso Florentino Perez, making it clear they will not relent in its efforts to overthrow the club, but have to return to exceed the bounds of sportsmanship.When white president seems to care little or nothing to follow causing Mou 'fire' that only further damage the image of the Real.

Rosell and warned in his appearance before the media last Thursday that if the Madrid attacks Mourinho continues his break Barca institutional relations with Madrid.A Mou have irritated a lot of the criticisms that threw Laporta, sick as all Barcelona the endless provocations of Setubal.

Rosell Mourinho criticized on Thursday and reminded the conference that gave the Portuguese after the first leg of the Champions League semifinals, where the white coach questioned the cleanliness of the titles of Barca when he said he would "shame" win as do those of Guardiola."What he (Mourinho) does embarrass anyone who feels athlete," said Rosell, who said blame for the tension experienced in the four classic Mourinho last season was that Florentino was carried away.

There will be no public response from President merengue, which gave all power to Mourinho after the 'kick' to Valdano, and Royal refer to the official statement issued after the manifestations of Sandro Rosell, the white club called "unfortunate ".

Such is the obsession with Mourinho for Barca crush that to have rejected, according to "The Confidential ', a blank check to lead Paris Saint-Germain.The offer came from the emir of Qatar, Hamad Bin Khalifa, Chief of the company that recently took control of the French club.The Portuguese, however, dismissed the proposal giddy by her desire to 'avenge' the Barçay, above all, the Catalan press, which never swallowed. (via MD)

[Selection Under-21] Milla meets with Bojan to lift him the spirit

Only played ten minutes in the premiere of 'The Rojita' in the European Under-21, but coach still has the Barca striker.

Bojan Krkic came to Denmark as European head of the theoretical front sub 21 and only played the last ten minutes at the premiere last Sunday against England (1-1).In the second match of the Spanish against the Czech Republic (2-1) also did not play a minute and his replacement, Adrian Deportivo, scored both goals in the win.

Input worst scenario possible for Barca striker.His little continuity this season in the League champion, has played 936 minutes in 27 games, nine as a starter, which has scored six goals, one penalty, and the constant rumors about a possible departure from Barca in form of assignment or transfer seem to have dented 'Linyola noi'.

The coach of the under-21, Luis Milla, aware of the delicate state of mind seems to be going through the Barca player, decided to hold a talk for ten minutes in Lleida at the end of training to convey his full support and confidence.

The decisive match tomorrow against Ukraine (20.45 hours, four), where a draw is enough to make the pass to the semifinals, forcing all players to have one hundred percent and with the aim to point.Milla still believes in the power striker Bojan, but so far has given '9 'the Spaniard Adrian.

Although missing a day for the meeting is possible that the Barca striker to play out tomorrow, its contribution in the second half is virtually assured, either as a striker or left end in place of Iker Muniain holder who has left Also on the bench at Barca also Jeffren.

Nsue: "We need the best Bojan"

Mallorca striker Emilio Nsue major cable looked to his partner saying that "Spain will need the best in the European Bojan. It is a mirror for all of us in the Spanish Under-21 because it is a person who has a great humility. ""I do not see evil for what is happening. It is normal to wait to play more after doing the qualifying, but the important thing is the group and the coach decides," he added. (via SPORT)

Cesc leaves to Indonesia with the made duties

Fabregas and Wenger talked to the media for what he has done everything in their power.

Cesc Fabregas's role will no longer be a priority next week in the negotiations that kept the club with Arsenal for the Arenys become new player this summer in Blaugrana.The player will land on Monday in Indonesia, where a recent trip after very intense days.The clubs will be responsible to take charge once the player has done everything in his power.

Cesc will be in Bali and Jakarta, where he will participate in promoting a brand of cookies.The midfielder is a very media player and has much pull in the Asian market.Therefore, his representative Darren Dein, closed a deal very beneficial for the player, which will broadcast his image in a country that is a great idol.

Fàbregas meet their commitments and at the same time take a break and will be away from the pressure of European media.For a few days to unplug before returning to London next weekend.Later, the player plans to move to Catalunya, where he sets up its campus in Tordera.

The last week of June is shaping up as the final for his move to Barca to take place.Cesc will be in Arenys and negotiation, if you follow the same path, you must be very close to closing.Only a matter that clubs limen economic differences that divide them to reach an agreement for less than 40 million euros, rose as Sandro Rosell.

Fabregas went to Indonesia with the tranquility of having carried out the strategy he belongs.Last weekend he spoke to Arsene Wenger and saw the French renewed their commitment to let him go to Barca.The second step was to speak publicly was at a promotional event of a fragrance in Madrid and was impeccable.The player explained that he must act with discretion so as not to disturb the leaders Arsenal, but at the same time reiterated that leads Barca in the heart and continues to dream of playing for the Blaugrana.

The midfielder is expected that in the coming days, clubs closer positions.The deadline would be July 4 when it should be incorporated into the Arsenal.Cesc would like to have already decided the future and start the preseason with the club. (via SPORT)

Kiko Femenía, one step from being culé

Hercules and Barcelona have reached an agreement in the absence of some nuances to complete his move.

One of the first additions to the template 2011/12 FC Barcelona will, in all probability, Kiko Femenía.The young midfielder took off in 20 years last season which was consolidated in First in the Hercules.It was one of the big surprises.

The conditions of the signing, previously agreed with the player, have been outlined in the final hours between the two clubs.Of course, the deal will close successfully thanks to the counteroffer made by the FC Barcelona has risen half a million euros in each of the concepts of transfer: 2 million fixed-for the transfer itself and 1.5 depending on variables -like dorsal of the first team or played games with the same.

The final closing of the agreement is only pending the payment be made by the club.However, it is assured his place in the first team.Alternate appearances between the subsidiary and Pep Guardiola.

The right end as a starter played 63 minutes against Barcelona in the second leg of the League in the Rico Pérez. (via SPORT)

Roma wants that Gonzalo Higuaín plays with Bojan

The Italian team has been set at the Real Madrid striker to complete front
Luis Enrique wants to take also the young squad Martin Montoya

A point made ​​with Bojan Krkic , as advanced Mundo Deportivo , the Roma keeps her eyes towards the Spanish Liga .Now the Italian club seems to have noticed Gonzalo Higuain . Luis Enrique knows that his current team is Manchester City's Sheikh Mansour and Chelsea's first Roman Abramovich.You have to spend well, because there is no plan B.It is for this reason that the new coach 'Giallorossi' has been fixed in players he knows well: "Lucho" believes that both players Bojan and Higuain are serious and a major commitment.In addition, statements Webmail Walter Sabatini , Alpine team manager, go in this direction: "We'll buy two strikers with different characteristics."

And if Bojan is very close to Roma because his career at the club not just take off the ' Pipit 'arrives this summer after an injury that has lost most of the season.Also Mourinho has never opted for her and for the Madrid is looking almost desperately for a striker (or two!) for the next campaign.Higuain knows Argentinian star and not want to live another season with fewer games played.

It is for this reason that, according to Italian newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport , Roma has taken the decision to follow the path set by his new coach, the first choices for their future are forward Bojan and Higuain.The newspaper says that the environment of the player Argentinian claims to know nothing, by the Real Madrid on the need for a possible march to the potential arrival of other strikers, but the idea of playing in the Italian championship is not displeased.In operation, the newspaper says, could be the possible key signing for Real Madrid's Brazilian Neymar and the fact that the new director general of Roma as Franco Baldini , who was responsible for signing Higuain in January 2007, when the Italian Fabio Capello coached the Spanish team.

As regards Bojan, Walter Sabatini in a statement to the station Teleradioestero has cleared the few remaining doubts about the possibility that Barca striker played in Italy: " Bojan is a great player . It would integrate well into the mechanisms of the new Roma, it would be easier because you already know, "said Roma's sporting director, alluding to the fact that Spanish football is from the same environment, the Barcelona, ​​arriving Luis Enrique.And from the same environment could the young Martin Montoya , another jewel of the quarry blaugrana like very much to Luis Enrique.

Agent of Giuseppe Rossi: "Barca's offer is insufficient Rossi"

The agent of Giuseppe Rossi , Andrea Pastorello , has said in statements to the program to 'grandstand' ONA FM Barca's interest there be with the player but the Catalan club's initial offer is insufficient.

"We ignore the offer of the club, but we know that was not enough," said the agent while acknowledging that the current negotiations have stalled because it has no news days of Barca ."We are waiting for answers for days but we know nothing and can do nothing now."

In addition, Andrea Pastorello confirmed that the Catalan club is also very interested in the Chilean Alexis Sanchez to strengthen the lead squad. (via MD)

Thiago Alcántara: "I would lie if I said that my dream is to win in Barca"

The player of Barcelona , Thiago Alcantara , who starred in recent weeks a number of rumors about his future, has said in an interview with EFE, that "lying if I said that my dream is to succeed at Barca. My dream is to succeed in football. I want to be a player that people will remember forever. Let the people see who has fun when he makes his profession, "has ruled the squad.

Thiago says football "makes me happy. When I play makes me forget everything around. It is what fills me. Within the field is the time of your life you were focused on something."

On the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas and the fact that his arrival could result in his departure, Thiago says it is not "one thing that I raised at this time."I have two-year contract.Now I think to win the European Championship and clinch under-21 for the Olympics.Then I go on vacation.And it's time to face the season with my team.

In this sense the squad says it is assured that "Guardiola is a coach who over the years has shown me their trust." (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio Sacristán, lung of Dream Team and right hand of Rijkaard

The vallisoletano returns to the Club where it passed two golden stages, first as player of the team that directed Johan Cruyff and later on as member of Frank Rijkaard's technical staff.

The romance between Barca and Eusebio date of 1988, when Barça midfielder signed east of La Seca (Valladolid), from Atletico Madrid.He quickly won the appreciation of the locker room by his humility and sympathy.He also gained the trust of coach Johan Cruyff, who took advantage of his good technique, consistency, versatility and tactical excellence.

In the seven seasons he was in the first team, Eusebio Sacristan played 403 matches and scored 39 goals.Among the main achievements of the Dream Team won four league titles, one European Cup, one European Super Cup, one Cup Winners Cup, Super Cup and three in Spain.Interestingly, it was he who caused the fault that allowed the goal marking Koeman Wembley.

Eusebio hang up his boots in Valladolid and then begin a new stage as a coach.Frank Rijkaard gave him the opportunity to be his assistant in the five seasons he was at the helm (2003-2008).A new era of triumph.As a member of staff would raise two leagues, the Champions League second-in Paris and two Super Spain.

After the farewell of the Dutch in the Barca bench, Eusebio made his debut as head coach in the ranks of Celtic in 2009.The course ran for one and a half, Second Division.His legacy is the commitment to promising players from the quarry of Galician box.Lately, Valladolid was Barça TV commentator.From next season will return to the pitch to train the subsidiary. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The entanglement of signing Udinese's Alexis Sanchez

From 'Confidential', the Italian side that the club aims to increase its bid to 40 million euros Real Madrid putting in the bid.

The Unidesa willing to offer the player Chilean Alexis Sanchez, Real Madrid with the aim that all white sumase to bid and, thus, to increase the selling price of your player up to 40 million euros , according to the website 'The Confidential'.

The media admits that the principal concern Chilean striker FC Barcelona, ​​but since both teams began to negotiate once the competition finished, the Italian club's leaders have tried by various means that an entity led by Sandro Rosell would increase the initial offer 25 million euros.

His flamboyant president, Gianpaolo Pozzo, has made clear on many occasions to the media that have "no suitable offers for Alexis."It seems that their objective is to follow the tangled in the transfer market for a large bounty on the sale of Alexis Sanchez.Let's wait. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio, confirmed as new coach of Barça B

Barca made official the appointment of Eusebio Sacristan as new coach of Barça B ahead of next season.

The former player Barca in the coming days to sign a contract that will bind to a subsidiary of the boat during a season with an option for another.Eusebius thus to replace Luis Enrique, Roma coach now. (via SPORT)