16 June 2011

Sandro Rosell: "We would not talk much Transfer"

President Sandro Rosell has asked for discretion regarding possible new signings. Looking back at the season, he highlighted the 5-0 win over Madrid, the triumph at Wembley and the recovery of Abidal.

After making his institutional statement, Sandro Rosell turned to sporting issues. “It is an honour to be president of the club. Especially now, after the most titles ever in a year in club history.” Asked what he’ll remember most, Rosell said “the 5-0 win over Madrid that was seen around the world, the win at Wembley, because it was our fourth European Cup, and when Abidal played again at the Camp Nou”.

He also said that the hardest decision was that to sell Ibrahimovic. “It was very difficult, but I don’t doubt that it was a great decision.” As for self-criticism, he remarked that “the pending issue is probably improving communication. We’ll work on it. We have done a lot of things until now but perhaps we should have spent more time explaining them … I also made a big mistake by holding a charity sweepstake”.

But the pressmen were hungry for information about potential new inclusions in the first teams. “It is not in our interest to talk too much about signings” he insisted, but despite calls for discretion, he could not prevent the name of Cesc Fabregas coming up yet again. “Who wouldn’t want to come to Barça? I suppose Cesc wants to, like most people, but I don’t what’ll happen. If he is interested, then we will act rationally. We aren’t going to go pushing the boat out too far.” In his opinion, the Arsenal midfielder is worth “less than 40 million.”

As for how much the club might spend on new players, Rosell said “the ideal thing would be too observe the business plan, which is to put aside 45 million a year plus sales. If that’s not enough to give the coaches what they want, we can advance some of the money budgeted for the following year”. He also insisted that the young players groomed at La Masia will only leave “on loan or with an option to repurchase”.

He also spoke about the adjustments to the budget to be invested in other sports teams. “Their competitiveness will not be affected” he said. “Prices are only rising in football, in the elite, because of the influence of teams like Chelsea and Manchester City. There is deflation in other sports and we know that through good management we can build teams that are just as, if not more, competitive on a lower budget. Because our competitors will have to reduce their budgets even more”.

"We had a debt of 532 million and the fiscal year will close with one of 483. Reducing the debt by 50 million and still producing sporting excellence is not easy. We have shown that you can be austere and still be very competitive” he said with pride, and thanked his directors for helping to do that. “Our work will involve thinking about the club in general, and it is already in a better state than how we found it. And we will do that through decisions that the people won’t always understand”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: “We hope common sense will prevail"

Speaking to the media today, the president of FC Barcelona explained that he had waited before responding to the many accusations this season due to “social and sporting responsibility”.

After Sandro Rosell had read out the FC Barcelona institutional statement, he answered questions about the different accusations against the club over the season. He revealed that it was for reasons of social responsibility that he had not spoken about these things earlier.

He said that the Board had preferred not to interrupt the good performances by the different teams that were heading for so many titles. “Anything that wasn’t in the script could have affected what our teams were doing … Events have shown that we did the right thing. It was right to make this statement today”.

Rosell hopes that none of the accusations against FC Barcelona this season will ever be repeated again, for that could lead to the severing of all relations with Real Madrid. He said that “there is nothing in life that can’t be sorted out” and that relations with the all-whites “will get closer and better. The Barça values include human quality and this always offers a second chance. And we want to give it a second chance”.

As for Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, Rosell does not think he was the main man behind what went on, but “got dragged into it … but he is still the leading figure at his club”.

The Barça president said that from now on he expects what is famously known in Catalan as ‘seny’ to govern the way the institutions behave. He admitted that this has been an uncomfortable year, and that “we are sports people and in sport you can always win or lose but always within the boundaries of the field of play.” However “I had to explain what has happened … I hope it never happens again. And if it never happens again, we’ll have achieved our objective.”.

Asked for his reaction to the comments by Madrid manager José Mourinho about the doubts surrounding the way Barcelona had won certain titles, Rosell said “if a high executive or employee of Barça had done what Mourinho did, he would get a warning”. The president agreed with what Guardiola said before the Champions League first leg against Madrid and said it was something he would rather not talk about. “Everybody has their area of action and we are now speaking as an institution. At that time, Pep was speaking as one coach to another”.

Rosell also denied that he had failed to protect his first team coach properly. “Barça was always behind him. We have done more than we have spoken about, we did a lot”.

Claim against COPE
“There are two ways of acting”, said the FCB president about the claim for libel against the radio station. “We have worked with the facts, with our claim against COPE and the appeal to UEFA, using words”. In particular reference to COPE, Rosell said “we are currently making claims. COPE has imposed measures to delay our intervention. They have put sticks in the bicycle’s spokes to stop it from going fast, but it is still moving forwards”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal: "Mentally I'm stronger now than it was two months"

On holiday but following his recovery, Eric Abidal remembers the bad times last season, but also good.

Eric Abidal gave an interview on the website of UEFA. More than sports is a personal interview, remembering all that has happened this season, from the time she was diagnosed with a tumor in the liver, until in Wembley, Puyol gave him the armband and lifted the cup Champions. "It really was a very intense moment in my career. It had been a very difficult month and a half since I found the tumor. The crowd was very kind to me. I felt their support and that helped me to fight. It was not easy But as we say, Barcelona is more than a club is a great family and I certainly felt that. "

From the outset, Abidal was strong, so that did not simply arise as a recovery goal, but actually was very clear that their goal was to return to sports play in the second leg of the Champions League against Real Madrid. "It was a difficult time, but I really wanted to go for that game. On May 3 was a goal for me. I did not play much, only two minutes, but that time was a moment of great emotion for me. I felt it was as a second victory, as said other players. The first was to qualify for the finals of the Champions League and the second my back after passing a difficult time. "

The French player said in the interview how they told each other what was happening. "It was difficult to explain. From day to day I received the bad news. Now I have to try to stay well. Just before the Getafe match went to see my colleagues to tell them what had happened and how things were going. I I said not to worry because the most important was that the surgeons had told me that everything would be okay. This was what I tried to convey. From that moment, had to fight to the end. "

Finally, Barcelona defender admits that after what happened, mentally stronger now. "I do not know if that has strengthened my character, but I am a religious man and was not random but my destiny. After everything that happened to me I see life from another perspective. I take most things with more relaxation, especially with my family, my children. From day to day let you know what will happen, so it's important to enjoy every moment. Mentally, he was strong and today I am even more than two months ago " (via SPORT)

Institutional statement by FC Barcelona

Below we reproduce in its entirety the institutional statement made by FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell before the press.

"FC Barcelona is coming to the end of what is already the best sports season in its history, thanks to the 15 titles won by our teams, with its methods being praised and admired around the world.

The football first team has won the league championship for the third year in a row and the fourth European Cup is now in the Museum. After overcoming all kinds of difficulties, Barça has been rewarded in wonderful fashion, in the form of titles and global recognition of its unique approach to football.

Despite the many provocations received, we decided to stay loyal to two convictions: that above all we had to protect the sporting interests of the team and that we had to comply with our social responsibilities as the representatives of almost 180,000 members. Our hearts wanted something else, but our honour and integrity led us to opt for prudence. We were provoked, but we stayed calm. And so did our members and fans. And I would like to thank you for such exemplary behaviour.

Now we are enjoying the fruits of that. Once again, football has put everybody in their place. The display at Wembley was the most powerful response to the attacks on FC Barcelona this season. Our team has come to be admired and recognised everywhere for its marvellous football and the values that represent and define our institution. And the values we represent include dignity and honour. Because there have situations that must not be repeated in the future.

I would like to speak in the name of all Barça fans that have felt assaulted or damaged by the serious accusations and slander that has been directed at our Club of late. Premeditated accusations with only one objective: to achieve off the pitch what could not be achieved on it. Accusations that certain media have manipulated without any sign of rigour or scruples.

MORE: www.fcbarcalona.cat

Sandro Rosell responds to Real Madrid: "Football has brought each one in its place"

Laporta said that "we will not allow re-push the limits"
The president hopes that "do not have to break off relations" with the white club because "we will shake the pulse"

Sandro Rosell has appeared at a news conference to respond to Real Madrid as he had promised himself beforehand and said that "football has brought each one in its place."

Laporta, reading an institutional declaration, stated that the face of provocations, "the heart asking us to act, but the 'seny' made ​​us hold" while he thanked the members of Barcelona for your patience. His speech has not arrived yet because they were still disputing competitions and "social responsibility".

Rosell has stated his desire that these "allegations calculated to achieve off the field that did not get into" not recur in the future because it believes that "Real Madrid has crossed all limits." If that happens again, the president said that "we want to avoid having to break relations, since we do not shake the pulse."

"Three fantastic time"

After responding to questions from journalists on the relationship between Barca and Real Madrid , Sandro Rosell has wanted to acknowledge the support of his board during his first year in office.

Laporta has admitted that this period has been "fantastic three points: the 5-0 at Camp Nou, the triumph of Wembley as Abidal could return to play." On the other hand, has acknowledged that "the decision was more complicated to get us off Ibrahimovic".

On the signings that Barca held this summer, Rosell said that "we do not go crazy", while the arrival of Cesc said "who does not want to come to Barcelona? If we were to get him would be a rational act, but do not throw the house out the window. "

Nevertheless, the president has advanced "if the 45 million do not have enough, we could raise further money for next season to sign." (via MD)

Barcelona is set to Nicolai Boilesen

Nicolai Boilesen, defend 19 years of Ajax, is on the agenda of Barcelona.

The Danish Under-21 international has been followed by the Catalans on several occasions and Boilesen Pep Guardiola believes that may be the ideal replacement for Eric Abidal in the future.

Boilesen began his playing career at Brondby, where he excelled and was signed for Ajax in January 2010. Officially debuted with the club in Amsterdam in April this year and has since played six games for club Amsterdam Arena.

He is currently contesting the European Under-21 to his country and despite having a contract with Ajax until 2013, the Dutch club wants to improve to keep you from leaving Barcelona.

In Italy say that Bojan has already given the 'yes' to Rome

'Corriere dello Sport published on Thursday has given the' yes' to play next season in Rome.

In Italy are speculating on the future of Bojan Krkic and 'Corriere dello Sport published Thursday that the Barcelona striker has already given the' yes' to play next season in Rome.

The representative of the young player, Zoran Vekic said a few days ago that was interested in playing aracante in Rome next year and have as a coach Luis Enrique Martinez, who knows the youth ranks of FC Barcelona club. He assured himself that "Luis Enrique and Bojan are known, so it is clear that he would like to go to Rome."

Bojan wants minutes and is aware that Barcelona is not going to enjoy where you'd like. That is why in recent weeks, his agent is working to find a solution and that the Barcelona striker to play in a European giant. (via Marca.com)

Second treble of League

The 2010/11 season ended with a perfect clover formed by the League achieved by the football team, handball and basketball. A milestone just equaled the club's centenary year in 1999.

The success of the various professional teams FC Barcelona has been resounding this course. Achieving the 15 titles won so far, need to decide the League of football, have again put the spotlight on all clubs. In the regular tournament has become a triplet to complete twelve years that did not occur. Football, basketball and handball courts have held the League together.

The 21 st League football, basketball and 16 th of the 18 th of handball have succeeded brilliantly in what is already, with the pass, the most successful season in terms of titles.

In 1999 the club celebrated the hundred years old in great shape. The image on the plaza Sant Jaume de Barcelona with the then four teams offering professional club league titles fans and has been forever etched in the retina of all Catalans. And apart from football, basketball and handball, roller hockey this year, also joined the party for the same reason, have managed to lift the trophy in the league. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Juanjo Brau: Ibiza-Argentina-USA

Juanjo Brau, recuperador of Barça, the trust of the players has been won to such an extent that this summer he will be left without vacations for them. Since last June 1 Puyol out surgery on his left knee, Brau has become the shadow of the master. The very next day of surgery, the recovery and got to work with the player to try the knee is again ready for the start of next season. A clear example of Brau not separated from the captain at the express request of 'Puyi' these days, is also found in Ibiza, removal of rest '5' Barca with his partner, Malena Costa.

After performing the most important phase in the recovery of Puyol, Juanjo Brau plans to move in early July to Argentina to look very closely during the dispute Leo Messi in the Copa America. The recovery crack Barca Barca always accompanies their concentrations during the albiceleste and this time is no exception.

After the Copa America, and if Argentina reach the final, Juanjo Brau will join the boat straight for the U.S. tour. UU. early August, prior to the start of the season. (via MD)

"Everyone wants to Alexis"

FC Barcelona is not alone in the struggle to seize the signing of Alexis Sanchez. Four other major European clubs long for Chilean striker ...

"There are five teams that are doing everything to keep him: Barça, Manchester United, City and two Italian clubs," said Stefano Antonelli Udinese consultant told 'Sky Sport Italia. " And those two clubs would be the Inter Azzurri and Juventus.

"I do not want to get into a bidding war, but Alexis is the big name transfer market at the moment and everyone wants it," he added.

For this reason, he argued, "in the coming days we will see a little clearer where it will go. We wanted to retain the player, but when substantial offers should be evaluated thoroughly," said Antonelli. "The emergence of Barcelona on the scene has changed everything," he acknowledged. (via SPORT)

Barça, mirror of Lucescu

Shakhtar coach has video games all Pep of Technical staff.

Mircea Lucescu, Shakhtar Donetsk's Romanian coach, has an office in the sports spectacular of the Ukrainian club, which in turn has an area of ​​43 hectares and nine pitches, eight of them from natural grass. In this large study, Lucescu has a giant TV screen and all possible technical advances, but what is striking is the collection of videos ... all the games of Barça since Pep Guardiola is a trainer!

Each video is dated and has written the party to which it corresponds. Mundo Deportivo able to verify in situ how the list starts with Numancia-Barcelona, ​​the first party 'was Guardiola' and that azulgrana lost in Soria for 1-0.

Mircea Lucescu is obsessed with the club. First he has carefully studied the face of both crossings have taken place in the Champions League. Several members of the staff of Shakhtar proud to say that "round the club got us five goals in the Nou Camp, but it was the tremendous individual quality of its men and especially Messi, because the truth is that we knew very well play them the first half and even had opportunities to get ahead on the scoreboard. However, we lacked experience. "

It's no secret that Mircea Lucescu wants to play like Barca and that's why talented young Brazilian tab, equipped with technical capacity and offensive to 'clone' the Barca attack, then complete the Ukrainian defense team also young, that you can mold, or copies veterans, as the Croatian Srna, an institution in Ukraine.

Mircea Lucescu has a group of collaborators who has little to envy to the FC Barcelona and the staff available to Guardiola. Alexandru Spiridon is the Romanian coach Tito Vilanova, his fellow man is his confidence. Physical preparation is handled by the Italian Carlo Nicolini and elite elgrupo Compleo what other Romanian Marian Ionita. The icing is the doctor, ilerdense Paco Biosca, another henchman Lucescu.

Mircea is a group of analysts who videotapes all his rivals and possible signing, then analyzes the technical staff at all thoroughly. All this work is completed by an extensive network of observers throughout the world.

In addition, Shakhtar to think about how to sign 'Catalans'. (via MD)

José Ángel presses Sporting to leave

Willing to alternate with the branch of Barcelona.

Or offer Barcelona, or nothing. That is the idea of left-handed side Sporting de Gijón José Angel, who has already decided that if his club does not accept the offer from Barca he will play one more season in the Molinón. The choice of Malaga , the most interesting for Sporting who was bidding because it was stronger, vanished after the group has opted Malacitana finally defender Osasuna Monreal, which has paid six million euros.

Knowing that you have the OK of the player, Barca will not move from the initial offer made ​​by him to Sporting , around 2 million, plus another million when the player passes permanently to the first team since the first the riding season begin with the subsidiary. In addition, other clauses targets that could further raise the amount of the transaction. However, the theory of leadership is that the club Atletico should run some risk, rather than move to Sporting.

While waiting for his move to close, José Ángel remains concentrated with the Under 21 team in Denmark, which is celebrating the European in that category. Despite the initial strong stance Sporting , and no longer the choice of Malaga , would not be surprising that Atletico had just giving. (via MD)

Cesc: To the club, the less noise, better

Barca's top management is closely following the footsteps of Cesc and so far, is not disturbed by the player's statements yesterday, interpreted in some quarters as too warm, but rather the opposite. The Catalan club, at least at this stage of negotiation, consider that the most positive thing is to make as little noise as possible, ie, let the Arsenal continue absorbing the inevitable loss of their franchise player. Anything away from this script could alter the firm's plan to seize Fàbregas club, number one target for next year. Demonstrations in which Fabregas is 'wet' too could harden the position of the Arsenal, something that happened last year and that neither Cesc nor the club want to live again, and could put more pressure on all parties. So now, the less noise the better. (via MD)

The tactic of Cesc

After the bad experience of 2010, now wants to transmit a total respect for Arsenal.
In Madrid he did his best to be prudent: he knows that the correction is the key.
He did not hide his dream of going to Barca, but without offending a club that already was angry.

Serious, mature and responsible, Cesc Fabregas has chosen a different path this year to try to reach the same destination that ultimately could not land the last season: FC Barcelona . If the May 13, 2010 in Port Aventura said that "if I leave the Arsenal, I just go to Barca," thirteen months has opted for prudence in his first public appearance. Yesterday in Madrid at the launch of a perfume, both took pains to be as accurate as possible with the entity 'gunner' it became clear that his first objective is to transmit the normal maximum to prevent any knee-jerk reaction to derail his return to Camp Nou. More or less, that's what happened after the World when the Arsenal not sit well with some statements of his master or that image with the shirt of Barcelona , although it was a joke Puyol and Pique in holding the title of the selection.

In the public press conference explained the Arenys after six seasons without a title at Arsenal , "a player is frustrated not to win titles and not feel this is lying," but noted that "if ever I have to move from Arsenal will tell you the day will pass and that things are very bad. I will not disrespect the club has given me so much. But right now I'm Arsenal and I am very happy there. After eight years of work, to feel some colors, I can not allow to say a word lost everything. " And he recognized that "the club is a great team, the best in the world, all players would love to go because it guarantees titles."

He was in private, personalized interviews, when he gave some clues to her situation: "I'm in a very difficult position. I'm not one who will talk to you arrange a signing. Last year I think I went wrong because after what happened and you learn from mistakes. "

Cesc did not think the Barca expecting a "I want to go" out of his mouth. The reason as applied logic: "If something has to happen, will happen. What's the difference if I say I want to go to Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barca, Manchester ...? What will change? You can even get worse because Arsenal can say 'chavalote, you stay here. "I'm not saying that is the case or anything, but if anyone knows the Arsenal and the way you work, that's me and my agent is the son of former Arsenal chairman and best friend of my coach. "

And justified not have been as explicit in public about his desire to go to Barca , "Since very little has always been a dream for me to play at Barca. I do not think it takes it has to say in each event". (via MD)

Griezmann, future option

These last days have speculated that the club uses to Jonathan Soriano as currency to sign the end of la Real Society Griezmann Antoine. However, while la Real could join the list of the many brides who have the top scorer Second, the club will not give any step Griezmann ... for now.

The young French striker is a player who loves sports in the direction of Barcelona at the Nou Camp but see it more as a future option. The initial idea of ​​the Catalan club was interested Griezmann player can use it as a bridge between the subsidiary and the Barca first team. However, after playing 37 of 38 games this season with Real, understand that Griezmann has already crossed the line to be a player in the club acting Atlètic somewhere and it's a player with a specific gravity within the set 'txuri urdin' despite having only 20 years.

In fact, the same Griezmann footballer of character and with his feet on the ground, would support continued growth at la Real Sociedad two or three years before playing in the Second, much the horizon of the first team was very close.

Consequently, Griezmann is out for this upcoming season but not for the future. His speed, overflow, gall-and-goal from the second row are qualities highly valued in the sports management and believe that Barca, if you follow this evolution can be a player to take into account within two or three years, not to form part of the subsidiary but important part as the first team. But to get there will still be some way to go. (via MD)

Kiko Femenía: A 'Pedrito' potential

The 'Fresh anchovy' Esteban considers Kiko Femenía a player with much future.

Esteban Vigo is one of the principal sponsors of the footballing future of Femenía Kiko, a young talent that has attracted the attention of Barça. The "Boqueron," which was a swift end to the band as Barca ran for ten years, has coached last season to Femenía in Hercules and knows him well. "It has something very important, which is speed and capacity overflow, because it is very skillful. He faces great addition to your bookmarks and is a tireless worker. Has very similar characteristics to those of Peter. It is a 'Pedrito' potential "said Esteban Mundo Deportivo from his home in Arcos de la Frontera, where he is studying several offers to coach next season.

During the last league, Esteban Femenía also employed at right back. "I worked very well. His speed and knowledge of the movements of the end credit allows you to play as a winger. From that position has more space, more room to exploit his speed, which is another added value," explains technical today, who in his time as a player stands out for its high speed. That versatility Femenía is another factor to consider because it is a highly prized virtue at the Camp Nou.

As a matter of age, just turned 20 years, the club provides for his transfer as a future option, perhaps even to be given to any team. Stephen understands, because "the main value of Kiko is its enormous potential, the ability to keep learning. Maybe not to play at once in an entire club, but to be going slowly." Malacitana coach, without detracting from the player, believes that "if you pay by how much he is logical that the club thinks it."

In addition to its versatility and speed, Stephen also notes that "it is a good passer," and as Barcelona's Pedro, "can play by dosbandas more inside when going to the left and more open if it's right, your good leg. " In return, Stephen admits that "has made me a few goals, but that does not have the capacity to do so. Against Malaga was a home run."

The young player, fan favorite, suffered an anxiety attack on the very day of its debut in the First Division against Athletic. He overcame the support of the locker room and coach. "That has also improved. It is a simple guy, humble and hardworking, who lives with her parents. Maybe the hobby has taken a great deal for their high quality, but this first year has matured a lot," concluded Stephen, one of whom more believe in the future of Kiko Femenía. (via MD)

Neymar prefer Barca

The Brazilian is dazzled by the Pep and in Madrid, afraid of suffering the same problems of adaptation and had Robinho.

Neymar is very clear. If it were up to him, the destination to make the leap to European football Real Madrid would not, as will happen, but Barcelona. The young pearl of Santos is a fan of offensive game that practices Pep Guardiola and knows where his' shine more dribbles ¿, his audacity and his one on one would be designed to attack a team with players like Messi, Xavi Iniesta. However, both the front and its environment mohawk hair know that this summer will not get any offer from Barcelona. Pep believes that the Brazilian could break the ecosystem built around Messi. That and some not very positive reports about their personality, have made his move to European champions discarded.

The player is aware that the possibility of calling at the Nou Camp is now zero. His desire was to follow in the footsteps of compatriots who admires like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho Gaucho, who became his day the best in the world wearing the shirt Blaugrana. Without any option to enter the best team in the world, Neymar already been done to the idea that will have to settle for a second choice is Real Madrid.

As much as his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, is dedicated to preaching from the rooftops that the pearl is enchanted with the Brazilian idea of ​​dressing in white, the reality is not quite as rosy as you paint the controversial agent. Neymar doubt. A lot.

He and his family are well aware of the frustrating step Robinho Madrid. The comparisons are more relevant. With a similar style of play, both are 'meninos prodigy ¿, emerged in the Santos FC, converted quickly into idols of the masses and candidates for a number one world power. When he stepped up to the Bernabeu, Robinho was not up to their expectations. Encountered strong resistance in the locker room and touch football and ended slightly diluted. With Neymar there is a danger that the same thing happens.

The Mohicans' bet you know that Mourinho muscle and shamelessly made by players. In attack, the Portuguese preferred to defining the vertical power and rewards of fantasy. Neymar not clear this page. It's a creative player, who moves freely throughout the attack and has no responsibility in the game of destruction.
Robinho is a mentor to Neymar. Been known that one was in Madrid and the other was the pearl of the basic categories of `Peixe ¿. ¿They have shared representative Wagner Ribeiro Robinho fired after chaotic output Madrid have played together what the Saints and the Seleçao `¿. The Saints star now knows firsthand how the environment surrounding the Madrid and the difficulties found when formalize his signing. So Neymar, mainly his father, want to have time to think and decide whether to accept the offer white. Last year, they said not to transfer the 30 million offered by Chelsea. The player was in Brazil and grew by leaps and bounds. Now, after the final of the Copa Libertadores, Copa America comes. The player wants to meditate. Do not want to give a false step and repeat errors that cost him dearly in his friend Robinho.

The player still does not give clues about their future

Brazilian striker still will not give clues to their future, despite the agreement already reached Madrid and Santos, which will be formalized after the Libertadores Cup final that pits the Brazilian team Peñarol. "The dream of every Brazilian player and mine is to play abroad. I like to play in Europe but I have a contract with Santos and intend to play here for a long time, "he said yesterday Neymar going out to the information that places him in Madrid.
Brazilian striker doubt, while the Saints do not want to make official the agreement not to disturb the preparations for the Copa Libertadores. So I do not want to assume his move to Madrid: "I have nothing with Real Madrid, now I just think in Santos and in the final of the Libertadores." (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "Before signing, value adaptation"

Andoni was the last guest of a series of conferences organized by the Association des Fabricants de Sabadell.

Andoni Zubizarreta, Barca's sporting director, is lavished little in the media. Their work is different and has more to do with the offices and meetings with officials and representatives of clubs with the microphones. But made an exception on Tuesday afternoon, when he attended a conference in Sabadell.

Under the heading `i Lideratge valors ¿, the executive offered his vision blaugrana the way these features affect the game. And, more specifically in football last wonder of the world and comes from the Barca first team, led by the values ​​of Pep Guardiola. The talk was organized by the Guild of Fabricants de Sabadell at its headquarters and was the last of a cycle for a seminar that concluded with Andoni Zubizarreta.

Among the topics touched Barca sporting director, former goalkeeper of the Dream Team addressed the technical secretariat factors into account when deciding on a player or make the decision to the contrary. Zubizarreta said that "besides the technical aspects, greatly appreciate the ability to adapt and learn from one player to sign him when." Among the players who signed with the club in the sports management Andoni are Adriano, Mascherano and Afellay. All three have finished adjusting the Blaugrana costumes, the way to Pep Guardiola and the club in general. Athletic performance no doubt support.

It is those aspects that have made Guardiola set of high precision machine that has baffled over the past three seasons in the world, not just Europe. And the secret he discovers Andoni Zubizarreta: "Surely you have superimposed Pep football is ahead of Barça."

In another development, the executive was asked by the Catalans game without a goalkeeper studs. And it was clear in responding, making clear that, above all, the player in that position also due to the team: "The best game of a goalkeeper is that in not touching the ball" .

In terms of signings, the only authorized spokesman to talk about it did not enter the cloth: "Do not ask me because I will not tell the signings of the summer." (via SPORT)

The most successful season for FC Barcelona

Sandro Rosell today will balance a season that ends with great success for Barcelona.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, balance passes its first season in charge of the organization this afternoon (12 hours) in the Paris Chamber of Camp Nou.

There are several issues that must reference Rosell in this long awaited appearance before the media. First, the collection of titles that the club has accumulated (15, and could be 16 to win the league football team), the future of non-professional sections and the response to Real Madrid.

President is expected to start with sporting success reaped by the entity in the disciplines of football (League, Cup and Super Cup in Spain), baloncesco (League, Cup, Super Cup Spain and Catalan League), handball (League, Champions League and the Pyrenees), hockey (Copa and Continental Cup) and futsal (Copa del Rey, Spain Cup and Copa Catalunya). These 15 titles, including three league titles and three Cups, represent the best match Barça brand in a season, particularly the last (2009-10), which also won the Catalan crown 15: 4 in football (Super Spain , European Super League and World Club), 4 in basketball (Catalan League, Super Spain, Cup and Euroleague), 4 handball (League of the Pyrenees, Spain Super Cup, FA Cup and Copa Asobal), 2 in hockey (League and European Cup) and 1 in football (Copa Catalunya). And winning the League football, the 2010-11 season is close to 16 titles, all-time record in the history of FC Barcelona.

The future of the sections also focus much of interest in the president's intervention. The 'snip what club they apply from next season has hurt sensibilities as he could see himself in the Palau Rosell in the second leg play-off of the ACB.

And also eagerly awaiting the promised response on 4 June to Real Madrid in Andorra, where he went to preside over the events of the 50th anniversary of the Penya Barcelona Trobada Andorra and the tenth of former players.

"There are rivalries that have not been up to and when I refer to them my words will create friction," the president said, alluding to the 'depth charges from the court Throwing day in and day out against FC Barcelona, ​​that if the favored team schedule Pep Guardiola, that if the arbitration were a la carte ... Even put under suspicion to physicians and staff talking about doping, not to mention the devastating words of Jose Mourinho after the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League (0-2), accusations of unsporting to UEFA or pathetic tricks not to cut or water the lawn ... (via SPORT)

Malena jokes with the suntan of Puyol

The captain refused to put cream and looks like a "gambit".

Puyol and Malena Costa still enjoy your holiday in Ibiza. Barca captain, who does not forget his recovery, is having a great time at the island with the physiotherapist Juanjo Brau and friends. Central Barca fans can follow their adventures in Ibiza through your twitter account, where these days publish their images. Malena yesterday called "Gambit" in their twitter account and said the Barca captain would not put cream in his early days on the beach. Puyol, while `A picture hung with Malena, Juanjo Brau and physiological partner of the Ibiza Barca in a restaurant. (via SPORT)

Real Sociedad knows nothing of interest Barca Griezmann

Within the maelstrom of information that always nourishes the time when it comes to signings, one of the names that have been linked with Barca is that of Antoine Griezmann.

is an offensive midfielder who plays profile from 13 years in all San Sebastian. However, the player is French, born in Burgundy for 20 years. Specifically, the March 21, 1991. The Frenchman is one of the pearl which has the Real Sociedad. This season he has played 39 matches in League and Cup and has scored 7 goals, a negligible amount considering its 20 years. Last year the figures were similar, although in the second division. Indeed, it was key to return to First Division team churiurdin. From San Sebastian, the club president, Jokin Aperribay, discussed the issue at a news conference, but was to ensure that "there have been no offers." The summer is long and there are many options for clubs looking to strengthen. Among them, the club, you might want to branch Blaugrana. (via SPOPRT)

Wenger says Barca are on vacation now

Arsenal coach apologized to ensure he was on vacation with his wife and was not the best time.

Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, he would not answer the call he received from Barcelona a few days ago with the excuse that he was "on vacation with his wife" and "was not the most appropriate context" to discuss the situation a player such as Cesc Fabregas. In any case, the Frenchman is at the crossroads of his life, he promised the player last summer that did not close the door if the Catalans club again insisting a year later, yet is in the tessitura of his leadership of the club gunner `Do you start to be discussed among some sectors of the entity, which have already expressed publicly his concern about the title drought to drag the club in recent years.

Time is running out to Wenger when it comes to decision making, as the Arsenal from the July 4 start the preseason and the aim would be to do with the road map more or less closed, that includes the transfer of Cesc and Bendtner like, and resolve the situation contractrual Nasri, among others.

That means that in the coming weeks there will be developments in the London entity. A very Wenger is expected later this month in London to finish closing the club planning `GUNN. Do not forget that the club's own risk and predicted a "hot summer" to the movements of the entity that will live ups and downs.

But now Wenger has chosen to be the Swede at the call of Barcelona wanted to remind you firsthand that the situation has changed dramatically this year compared to the previous.

There is no doubt that the French coach's primary concern is to not be overly charred and sprinkled with the progress of Cesc Fabregas, the franchise player and captain of Arsenal. So his intention is that Barcelona paid a high price for such audacity. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio by the technical secretariat will tomorrow, Friday

Eusebio Sacristan, the number one candidate to sit on the bench for Barcelona B, is scheduled to meet with sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, Friday morning at the offices of the technical secretariat for the Ciutat Esportiva.

about their respective proposals for the Blaugrana subsidiary, Luis Enrique does not have a substitute in Barca B. The Spaniard announced three months ago that would leave the team this summer, but aides who have signed another year with the club, still without knowing who will lead the new branch project Blaugrana. The meeting between Zubizarreta and Eusebio could refloat the subject. (via SPORT)

Griezmann said in France that "I am not going to Barça"

The agent ensures that no representative of the Catalan club has been in contact with him.

Agent Antoine Griezmann , John Williams , knows nothing about the possible interest of Barcelona in their client, but also not known whether the Catalan club has been in contact with the txuri urdin to ask for the latest Pearl Zubieta, since it makes time not to talk to Aperribay Jokin. And the team could handle the Blaugrana Gallic name as an alternative to Alexis Sanchez.

In any case, the player himself said yesterday on French radio RMC that "I am not going to Barca because it would substitute for Villa and Peter and the Real I can play regularly."

FIFA agent says he has never received a call from someone connected with Barcelona and that the alleged interest of the entity culé by Griezmann limited to statements of Guardiola explains where French is an interesting player, "From Hence, nothing more. The information that appeared in this regard are false. I do not know where they come from. "

In any case, the representative does not hide that Antoine would be a "great opportunity" to sign for Barca and he is ready to jump into a large, but not hide "the boy is very happy at the Real Sociedad and is an ideal club for him. " During the conversation with MD, John Williams said his player is happy with the signing of Montanier for Real

[Former player] Belletti signed for Brazilian Ceara

The Brazilian World Cup Belletti, 34, joined Ceará until the end of this season, said Wednesday the Brazilian club.

Right-back played for Fluminense in the last two seasons, but had little space in the Brazilian team, so he decided to sign for the club in the city of Fortaleza.

Juliano Belletti has played for teams like Chelsea and the Spanish Villarreal and Barcelona, ​​with whom she lived the most glorious moment of his career, scoring the decisive goal in the final of the Champions League 2005-2006 Season in Paris Arsenal (2-1).

The side was also part of the Brazil team that won the World Cup Korea-Japan 2002. (via SPORT)

Afellay's cousin, about to be expelled from Spain

Farit Afellay, cousin of FC Barcelona player Ibrahim Afellay is admitted to a detention center for foreigners in Barcelona waiting to be expelled from Spain.

The family lives Afellay moments of uncertainty about the future in Spain of one of its members. Barcelona's cousin Ibrahim Farit, is being held at the Centre for foreigners (CIE) of Barcelona from the last day 8 have a pending deportation order, according to the newspaper Ara. Farit, 35, was in Barcelona since 2006, working whenever he had opportunity, but without documentation regularized.

Afellay's cousin was now waiting to submit documentation to apply for residency, having received a job offer. In fact, the next day, July 4 had an appointment to formalize the documents. However, Farit was arrested last week and can now be expelled from Spain imminently.

The conditions under which foreigners 'undocumented' are entered in the ICD cause for complaint by the Col · lectiu round as they feel a situation is "very similar to that of a prison system for immigrants who wait the time of expulsion for being in Spain in an irregular situation. " This is the cousin of Ibi Afellay. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "We are negotiating for Alexis Sanchez"

FC Barcelona vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu expected to reach an agreement with Udinese for the transfer of Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, but urges patience.

Bartomeu spoke to the Chilean daily La Tercera on the possible signing of Alexis Sanchez. Barcelona vice president recognized this newspaper that the club was working hard to incorporate the Udinese player now. "We are negotiating for Sanchez. We know it's a valuable player, so there are so many teams after him. We must keep talking and see what happens in the coming days," he said.

Feelings of Josep Maria Bartomeu good about the possibility that view blaugrana Alexis Sanchez in the coming days, although the vice president denied having said exactly that to 'Third': "If you ask me why we are optimistic but this is now beginning. I can not give details of what we are negotiating nor want to talk about other clubs, but we know that we must first reach an agreement with Udinese and then see what the player. You can not forward anything ".

Increased competition for FC Barcelona at the moment regarding the incorporation of Alexis Sanchez are the two teams of Manchester. The City was the first on the scene - "it has the most options," said Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo, although Manchester United also plans to negotiate with the club friuliano one of Barca's goals in this preseason. (via SPORT)

So the club tab

For the first time in history, Barca rules the market and not vice versa, is the Catalan club who sets the price and the pace of negotiations from a position of privilege that gives the best team in the world and own a quarry gold. Today there are players who want to play in Barca , it seems that at any price, and is in the Nou Camp where they play and the world's best homemade talents, in the Farmhouse, where there are already two or three generations pushing to get the first team. No rush or the feeling that the future depends on the signings this summer. Rosell , Bartomeu and Zubizarreta play this time with all the advantage to choose the good, you need at a fair price.

After winning League and Champions three years and proof of superiority and dominance in the Spanish league and in European football, Barca can claim to have teamed up with rope for a while. The top three players in the world play in Barcelona , surrounded by a middle class that also the other teams sigh. In fact, the current Barca do not need to sign to fill a particular position or urgently. Even Cesc , who is known by the coaching staff has a special predilection, as a subject focus of this summer but not as a pressing need but in the context of a process of strengthening and renewal, eventually, could be postponed one more season. However, the cards are face up and now that the Arsenal is still time to get a chunk of a transfer will only be realized in reasonable economic conditions. The Barca have enough money, just a matter of moving this season or next.

With skill, responsible for directing the operation reinforcements basically Andoni Zubizarreta executive level, with the continued collaboration of Josep Maria Bartomeu have shown an interest measured and calculated cold by half a dozen players, some with a profile similar football and adaptable to first team or the subsidiary in accordance with their age and cost. The Barca can choose between two players for each position to strengthen, so the clubs own vendors start to realize that the Barcelona chips will end only one whose owner understands that by going to the boat could make a profit beyond the price correct. In other words, the club want to be too clever not do business with Barca , who also, if all the clubs go crazy purposes, may well reduce the operation forward reinforcements to zero and some players from the quarry to meet the needs of the first team. Neither the club this side nerves lose this long summer.

The player to the Barca he has his eye must possess exceptional qualities in addition to football and irreproachable conduct, value added, the mutual feeling of wanting to come to Barca and willingness to actively participate in the operation. The precedent for Mascherano , who agreed to reduce their file in one million euros per year to offset the difference between what is offered Barca and the selling price on which he had planted Liverpool , is exemplary attitude. The ' little chief 'moved all the Barcelona when the club came calling. I wanted to play the best team in the world and sacrificed his own tab to lift the Champions at Wembley after a process of adapting complicated and demanding. The Barca want 'Mascherano' soul professionals play the game of his signing with the same intensity, but without reaching postures of rebellion or unnecessary stress that would break relations. There are many ways if a player is clearly the play.

The economic strength of Barca go through prestige and solvency, two concepts are not incompatible with the current economic limit for investing in new signings. Josep Maria Minguella MD explained on Monday that Saviola was paid 6,000 million pesetas, 5,000 more than it was in fact the player, but the result of media pressure and the sporting situation exceeded all limits at that time. Today, those limits must be met within the flexibility with which the Technical Secretariat can manage the resources of the club. What you spend more this year should save the following summer. The best news for the future economic recovery and re certainly going to win big titles like this year, short, incur an extra in premiums and variables. Also thanks to those titles players want to come to Barca and Barca can choose those that fit into the first team technical requirements and budgets.

Discretion in the negotiations is one of the agents and clubs must take when it comes to negotiating with Barca . The typical strategy of leaking to the press interest, price, terms or any similar ploy to put pressure on Barca is punished severely. If an agent breaches the rules or tries to sell the player himself, the current Barca staff will close the doors to that sin, if pardoned, has not been adequately punished by a penance in the form of rebate or other commitment. This has so far acted on Barca signings in the negotiations and renewals, as in the case of Dani Alves , where there were good vibes and both sides were always expensive, but without the game media to enable a pressure situation for the club. For Alves was also exemplary, as is now being, the behavior of the fans Barca, who was able to maintain the expectation without getting nervous and helping the board, until the happy ending of its continuity. Maturity. (via MD)

[Selection Under-21 Euro GL] Czech Rep. 0 - 2 Spain

The Spanish found their way to approach the European semifinals sub'21, to overcome the hardness of the Czech Republic, which cut his streak without losing a match since September 2008, by connecting Juan Mata and Adrian Lopez , author of two goals (0-2)

It was a day for Juan Mata. Being world champion and forced down one step to shine. To take the weight of a group full of quality. He took the gals to light and freedom in the field led to Spain. Thiago's magic helped. Was a key input Iker Muniain. And the shot of Adrian.

The premiere at England left doubts in the Spanish team. Lack of scoring and character to see how the candidates reached the edge of the end. The Czech Republic offered a different picture. He wanted to play one on one and turned to be lower hardness. Kicking at the wrong that diverted attention.

Spain Luis Milla needed to win and gave orders to his players. Forbidden doubt the style. Throwing more goal. In seven minutes I had kicking around more than the premiere. Depth and persistence in the left side with Muniain. Mobility Mata. And the prize sought by Adrian. The more you doubt he took the first.

They had just been reprimanded two world champions, Javi Martinez, Mata, tired of the permissiveness of the collegiate to the continuous failures. Up to 17 fouls in the first act. And the anger of the recipient, Mata started and invented a pass from Adrian to be well defined. Crusader. Before leaving Vaclik.

No news for the Czechs after 26 minutes. As in his debut were blurred in the first half. Nothing showed to star in a run without losing in a competitive match for almost three years. Moravek quality of Kaiserslautern Germany, was canceled. Again ahead of Spain, needed to convict.

Didac's side with a taste for the attack. He did a great physical display. Allied with Muniain unbalanced. From them came the play in which Mata was able to sentencing. The Czech goal as he could, pulled the trigger three yards after 28 minutes. Three minutes before the break saw as he left the squad a shot skimming placed Muniain.

Spain erased from the countryside to the Czechs. Strong on defense. Only allowed one question. The face on that cost England. This time he reached the edge of the end, but the first act. The big Pekhart shot over everything in its favor, after cross from the right Celutska.

To touch perfection Spain was sentenced. And he did it just outside the locker room. Another combination Mata Adrian. Go to the hole, the career of the striker, who cut out and placed an unstoppable right-adjusted to suit. The target was met.

While the boys withstood the test of party Milla. Owners of the ball. Protected by force in midfield Javi Martinez. Only two Czech arrivals, who saved with his usual speed before Montoya Hlousek shots and a great stop after David De Gea header from Suchý.

Thiago chute above, with Mata alone, and after finding a spare Botía reject Parejo shot. The target was met. The sensations were excellent. They had fun on the field. It's time to start dreaming after touching perfection.

[Technical Data]
Czech Republic: Vaclick, Suchy, Mazuch, Celustka, Lecjaks, Gecov, Moravek (Kadlec, min. 63), Vacha, Dockal, Hlousek (Cerny, min. 77) y Pekhart (Kozak, min. 46).

Spain: De Gea, Botía, Domínguez, Montoya, Didac Vila, Javi Martínez, Thiago, Ander Herrera, Muniain (Capel, min. 82), Mata (Nsue, min. 88) y Adrián (Parejo, min. 74).

Goles: Adrián (min. 27), Adrián (min. 47).

Stadium: Viborg Stadion, Viborg (Denmark), 18:00.

Referee: Robert Schorgenhofer (AUT), Michael Soteriou (CYP), Mark Borsch (GER), Liran Liany (ISR).

Cards: Javi Martinez (min. 25), Mata (min. 25), Vacha (min. 33), Adrian (min. 47), Botia (min. 53), Kozak (min. 62), Mazuch (min. 79 ).