15 June 2011

[Barça B] Montoya, intended for Getafe

Toni Muñoz, manager of Getafe, acknowledged during the official presentation of goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moya, that the right side of Barcelona B Martin Montoya, is on the list of possible signings of the whole "Mallard".

Toni said his club seeks to strengthen the two sides of the defense, both the left and right, and warned that Montoya is a possible takeover.
"Montoya is a guy who has been a good level, is young and brings the gamer profile that attempts to bring Getafe. It lies within a list of possible" he said.

Regarding the sale of Derek Boateng to Dnpro Ukrainian, said he hoped to solve the signing in the coming days. "In principle it is not done. Hopefully in the next few days, not more than two, we hear and be good for the club and the player," he said.

Regarding the renewal of Javier Casquero, just contract on 30 June, gave little information and very brief: "It has not renewed. We're on it," he said.

Finally, he referred to Miguel Angel Moya, today unveiled new signing, and who had good words. "Come on loan. Getafe has a repurchase option on June 30. It was one of the places we wanted to strengthen the injury Ustari. Hopefully we had a very good and trusted him," he said. (via SPORT)

Cesc: "My way of working has always been the discretion"

Cesc Fabregas did not get wet but hinted at what their strategy for the signing of the summer, "discretion".

A lot of expectation environment had been generated to the press wheel that Cesc Fàbregas will carry out in the presentation of a perfume but when all is said and done, it was wet very little.

Cesc press conference began responding that "had come to talk about any football team and wanted to focus on their vacation." But little by little letting go and wondered why he preferred fragrance said he prefers "the smell of the Mediterranean to the English countryside."

Friendly with Arsenal said to be "very happy" where it is. "I'm an Arsenal player and I am very happy there," he added. And left it all to Arsene Wenger, his coach at English club, "Wenger is the boss, the boss and you decide if I want to sell or not" and stated: "For weeks have not talked to him."

He acknowledged, though, that at Arsenal has failed to achieve titles: "We always stayed at the gates of everything" and acknowledged the frustration: "The player who does not feel frustrated at not winning titles lie."

And praised Barcelona: "Barca are a great team, best in the world right now." "Go there for all players in the world titles are guaranteed," he said.

"My way of working has always been discreet and I will try to always be so," said Cesc. The Arenys, yes, did not want to close any door and said "in football a lot can happen" when asked if they would sign for Real Madrid.

At the end of the press conference revealed a bit why his attitude in the press conference and said: "Last year me and perhaps I was wrong position." "Learn from mistakes." (via SPORT)

[Youth] The new Masia starts next July 20

The Ciutat Esportiva building is finished and just need to be moved all the material, which will take place on 28 and 29 June.

Barca held at La Masia on Monday the final closing party of the season at the grassroots. Sandro Rosell there became the last president who spoke as such on the premises of the old residence, which has been home to dozens of players. From now on, new myths are forged within the walls of a modern building located in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper: La Masia-Oriol Tort Training Centre.

The new facility will endow the club of modern infrastructure with 6,000 square meters useful. The cost is around 8 million euros and Carles Folger will remain, as has happened in the last ten years, its director. There are very few weeks to become a reality and 83 residents become the first to occupy the rooms of the new farmhouse. In particular, will be 80 players, 15 basketball players, 6 and 2 handball hoquei skates.

The day chosen to form the new family in the Ciutat Esportiva is, unless last minute changes on 20 July. That is the date on which, in principle, the return of the stage Barça B has planned during the preseason, which begins July 11. What remains unclear is the new coach, at least officially and, therefore, not if it will be provided according to the schedule. That's why there might be changes in dates. If not, July 20 would be the first day that residents would live in full. Would they be the first to debut the new building and modern facilities.

It will be several weeks before when the club has arranged for the change to be peaceful. In fact, it is anticipated that 28 to 29 is carried around the transfer of material from the old farmhouse at the Centre Formatiu Oriol Tort. Join several trucks moving from one point to another for the June 30 is the last day on which the Masia Can Planes officially stop working. That's when it becomes a reminder of what has been and go to other uses that the board wants to give Sandro Rosell.

The team of educators also will move to the new residence. It will be the next day, on 1 July. The landing of human capital is key to the building of the Ciutat Esportiva start operating at full capacity. The construction works have been accelerated with the arrival of the new board and has used the summer to make the change of residence, thus resulting in less complicated than during the season. From the July 20 work will continue to create a familiar atmosphere for athletes to continue to feel, as has always happened in the old farmhouse, as if in their own homes. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Deulofeu has opened his official fan page in Facebook

Gerard Deulofeu facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gerard-deulofeu-lazaro/220912034603604?sk=wall

Milan goes "normal" that Barcelona can be interested for Thiago Silva

Galliani says he sees "normal" that the club is interested in Thiago Silva.

The CEO and Silvio Berlusconi's right hand in front of Milan, Adriano Galliani, considered "normal" that Barcelona have been interested in the signing of Brazilian defender Thiago Silva as the player himself has acknowledged.

"I have not fallen off the chair when I read about the interest of Barcelona to Thiago Silva. Moreover, in my opinion, he is currently the world's strongest defense and normal event that is courted by the team anymore World's Strongest, "Galliani said at Milan, told reporters.

"I had planned this several months ago and to avoid problems, he did extend his contract until 2016, he added. (via SPORT)

Third anniversary of the first great success of Guardiola

On Wednesday, three years ago that Barça B won promotion to the Second Division B, after being winners of Group V of Third and eliminate the play-off to the castle and Barbastro. The first major success of Guardiola and his team in a banquil.

On 15 June in 2008, Sunday, Miniestadi had one of the best entries of the season with more than eleven thousand spectators. After removing the Castle in the first round of play-off to climb to second B, coached by Pep Guardiola subsidiary faced the second and final challenge to ascend to a certain calm. And in the first leg against Barca B Barbastro got be a resounding 0 to 2.

The Pep Guardiola left and he did win thanks to goals scored by Victor Vazquez near the break. Barça B ended up with third division without conceding a goal in four playoff games without losing, over the whole season, no party in the mini-stadium.

Once the fighting ended, the players celebrated with much of the coaching staff, partners and Pep Guardiola the Barca B, which did not move from their seats. All but one, as the 'Mr.' Barca, after greeting the Barbastro coach, opted to go to the locker room, along with 'Tito' Vilanova, and following the euphoria over Barça TV. From there calmly waited the arrival of the players, and so gave the leading role players.

Of all the players of that great season subsidiary, three went to the first team next year with Pep Guardiola. Sergio Busquets, Pedro and Jeffren made the move to Camp Nou in the hands of Santpedor coach, who took over from Frank Rijkaard. Others, like Victor Vazquez Oier or have played in the first team and have remained present in the template of the subsidiary with Luis Enrique. And many others, Víctor Sánchez, Abraham, Gay, Xavi Torres or Córcoles debuted in the Primera Liga, with Barcelona coach Guardiola.

After every successful sports making up the branch at Second B, Guardiola, and on the bench the first team has won three league King's Cup, two Champions Leagues, one UEFA Super Cup and two Spanish, a World Club and, above all, recognition of the entire football world to Guardiola and Barça's style of playing football. A style that has already begun to see the last three years in the Mini, when it began. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

15 titles, even record

With the newly acquired ACB League, the club has already reached 15 titles this season among all professional teams. If the football by winning just assumed the sixteenth League title, an absolute record in the history of the Club.

The reigning World Champion name in the various competitions both state and internationally. The last to extend the winners of the Club was the Regal Barça after closing a league play-off sensational. Basketball has entered the 15 th title of the course record equaling last season, so far a record. Futsal is now the key to close the best course in terms of qualifications of the professional teams of FC Barcelona.

The entire continent has given up the total football players exhibited by Guardiola and excellent slow handball practiced by the disciples of Pasquier. City or Manchester United or Real had options to Barça in the Champions League final. Football and handball are champions of Europe.

The league raised for football, basketball and handball and the glasses held by hockey, football and, again, basketball denote culé hegemony at the state level. Domestic championships have also spoken language Barca.

Futsal has already made history. With the three trophies won this year, Copa del Rey, Cup and Copa Catalunya Spain is already the best season of life of the section. In his hands, however, also has the opportunity to make the club add more titles than ever. If Marc Carmona League win against Caja Segovia and we can discuss the most fruitful season of the entity. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The honors of the season
Football : League, Champions League and Super Cup in Spain
Basketball : League, Cup, Super League and Catalan Spain
Handball : League, Champions League and the Pyrenees
Hockey : Cup and Continental Cup
Futsal : Cup, League Cup and Catalan Spain

Cesc: "It's frustrating not to win titles"

Cesc Fabregas on Wednesday attended a ceremony in Madrid and gave no regard to their future development. The Arsenal player is intended for Barcelona for several seasons and this summer resumes to strengthen the staff of Pep Guardiola. "6 weeks ago have not spoken to Wenger, ask him for my future," said the captain 'gunner'. The Spanish international admitted that "not winning titles is frustrating for any player." (via Marca.com)

Bendtner announces he will leave Arsenal ... along with Cesc and Nasri

According to the Daily Mail picks up, the player would have had in her salon that will leave Arsenal with Cesc Fabregas and Nasri.

The 'Daily Mail' English said that the Danish player Nicklas Bendtner is going to leave Arsenal as he said in his barbershop, but that's not all.

Bendtner also said it and he also left the England team Nasri and Cesc. After Sagna, Bendtner is already the second player in the squad which confirms the deicisión of Arenys Gunner leave the club. (via SPORT)

Cesc, Pique and Puyol, together in Ibiza

Carles Puyol said in twitter profile this Thursday he will meet with Cesc and Pique in Ibiza.

Carles Puyol takes a few days in Ibiza together with Malena Costa, his partner and FC Barcelona physio Juanjo Brau exercises with which to continue their recovery.

But on Wednesday morning, Carles Puyol said in his profile of twitter that starting tomorrow will have the company of Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique in the Balearic island.

Pique has been the first vacation days to accompany his partner, Shakira in several concerts and Cesc Fabregas was in England until Wednesday when he traveled to Madrid. (via SPORT)

Premier, pending a possible departure of Villa

'Metro' assures that the Chelsea and City are willing to offer 45 million euros by the Spaniard in Barcelona where the sale was raised to finance the signing of Cesc.

The possible signing of Cesc Fabregas by FC Barcelona could trigger other movements in the Catalan side of those who are very attentive English clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City . According to newspaper reports today 'Metro' , both would have prepared separate offers for David Villa in the event that the Catalan club decided to break away from the front to finance the operation Spaniard Cesc.

Although the output of the Barca team Guaje seems little more than a pipe dream after his great performance in his first year on the orders of Guardiola, Premiership teams remain alert to any possible development in this regard.

Both Chelsea and Manchester City are aware that Barcelona has set a budget cap to spend on new recruits, and might be forced to sacrifice some of its stars to address signings like Fabregas or the two front most options have to call at the Camp Nou, Giuseppe Rossi and Alexis Sanchez.

According to 'Metro', the two English clubs are prepared to offer up to 45 million euros for Villa , a real temptation for the battered chests Barca as much as anybody in the club has raised the Spaniard's exit. (via AS)

[Barça B] What has been the first players who had Guardiola at Barca?

On June 16, 2008, exactly three years ago today, Barça B returned to Second Division B after beating the last heat with Barbastro. The club had already decided then that Pep Guardiola would take over first team the following year. But without those players, FC Barcelona today probably would not be enjoying a period of history and unique.

Oier Olazabal
Still in the reserves, where this year has alternated with Minho and Masip title. Next year could be the third goalkeeper in the first team.

Daniel Plancheria
Generation of 87, the target is left to do the tests with the Blackburn Rovers, but fate led him to L "Hospitalet, where he was deputy Craviotto.

Pau Torres
Another keeper 87. Before joining the San Roque de Lepe, who this season has led Sergio Lobera, passed by the Terrassa and Sant Andreu.

Followed a year in the reserves before joining Sporting. Common in sub 21, is yet to know whether the club will repurchase.

José Manuel Flores 'Chico'
Used the pull to sign for Almeria. Last season, has played in Genoa, where he played 15 games.

David played one year at Barça B until he signed for Recreativo. It is a fixture in the defense of all Andalusia.

Victor has spent two years playing for Omonia of Cyprus. He won the league in its first year, a title that was resistant to the club since the 2002-2003 season.

Jeffrey Hoogervorst
After passing the Marine Luanco, the Dutchman has made a place this season in Zamora, in the Second Division B, where they finished thirteenth.

Rafel Romero 'Fali'
The Cordoba left the club to sign for the Terrassa. The last two seasons has played in the Ecija, Group 4 Second B.

Marc Valiente
Decided to accept the offer of a subsidiary of Seville, who left the year after the promotion. This year he played 24 games in Valladolid and has been ready to ascend.

Sergio Busquets
Guardiola gave him the chance to debut in the second game of the season the following year and stayed there. Champion of all, his life has changed forever.

Dimas Delgado
Since she went to Numancia, has become a permanent fixture in midfield soriano, both first and second.

Abraham González
He found his place or in the Cadiz or Gimnastic, until this season has come to the Ponferradina.

José Manuel Rueda
Jaén midfielder Espasandín accompanied to Cyprus, where they won the league in his first season.

Victor Sanchez
After being part of the first team the first year of Guardiola, Getafe has allowed him to fulfill his dream of playing in the Primera. There is a fixed.

He continued playing in the reserves after leaving Pep, who rose the following year. Has two seasons in the first team, but with little presence in the form of minutes.

He went to Terrassa before testing Honeys First in Malaga. This season he has played in the Ponferradina.

Xavi Torres
He remained a year in the reserves before joining Malaga. This season he has played on loan at Levante, where he completed a major campaign.

Eneko Fernández
Barca went to Ejea. Hence, Alaves and this season has played in Sabadell, where he convinced and will continue for another year.

Emilio Guerra
The Pep `9 What has changed since the team was: Atletico Atlético City and Benidorm Castellón.

Pedro Rodriguez
And Sergio are the two great discoveries of Pep. He also has won everything and has earned worldwide respect.

Sergio Urbano
The Mataró not been moved from Catalunya. Sabadell, Reus Deportivo Terrassa Premià and their teams have been since leaving the club.

Víctor Vázquez
One of the cracks of 87, has remained at the club since then. Next year will play in Bruges Belgium. (via SPORT)

Rossi, mindful of their 'rivals' in the race for the club

Giuseppe Rossi is on holiday in the U.S., but is closely following the developments of the negotiations for the inclusion of which could be considered rivals in the race to dress Blaugrana.

Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, and Rossi himself names are on the table of Andoni Zubizarreta, Barca's sporting director, but because of the prices at which the market moves, it is virtually impossible for the three players on the ship. Therefore, if confirmed the signings of Cesc and Alexis, Rossi knows that would be very hard to play Guardiola's orders.

Italian international striker enters Pep plans. The coach knows that would fit perfectly into the picture of Barcelona and meets the profile of the front of your computer. But there are other market options that could complicate the operation to sign him. Villarreal still requires an amount greater than the 20 million already has offered Barcelona sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, despite the player wants to be blaugrana at all costs.

Rossi has already pressured environment Fernando Roig, president of Villarreal, to be more flexible and accepting the offer ends Blaugrana. And in parallel, closely following news about the possible arrival of Cesc and especially, the state of negotiations with Alexis Sanchez, Udinese striker could sneak into the space reserved for Rossi in the template club. A Guardiola would love to have both attackers, but the numbers claiming their clubs, Villarreal and Udinese, who can share unfeasible equipment orders Pep. The economic situation is not enough for both Barca and the board is not willing to make an exception in the club's austerity policy.

Meanwhile, his agent, Federico Pastorello, insisted yesterday that the club will have no problem in reaching an agreement with Rossi. "The hardest part is the negotiation between clubs," he said, "I do not know if the club is going to try, do not know if I have spoken on the phone, but the harder it will be among them more than us because of Giuseppe would be a dream play in Barca. " (via SPORT)

[Former player] The selection of Eto'o, 'enchanted' and stoned

Fear. Very afraid. And panic ... It's what the players felt Cameroon team including Samuel Eto'o exbarcelonista their current coach, Javier Clemente, after the unexpected 0-0 draw in Yaoundé against Senegal, in a match valid for the 2012 African Nations Cup.

The 'Indomitable Lions' came to the event (on 4 June) with the obligation to win, but did not exceed a goalless draw. Cameroon enjoyed great chances to score, even missed a penalty (Eto'o, in injury time sent him to the cross), but was left with honey on the lips ... The draw left the boys Clemente with few options to reach the finals, a fact that infuriated the home crowd.

The African team took an hour to leave the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium. And he could do so thanks to the intervention of the police who used water cannons to disperse the crowd. And on the coach, the players were moments of terror when receiving a hail of stones from all sides. Piedras four and five kilos that broke the glass and spread panic in the aisle of the bus. The selection of vehicle changed a few kilometers later, in a tunnel. The date of the exchange (spent a military bus) was the worst players to be spent on those most vulnerable times for the aggressors. But fortunately, there was considerable damage to regret.

Cameroon maintains that not everything was bad luck ... They saw the goal of Senegal, Coumdoul Bouna, leaving a suspicious bag (containing feathers, figures and bits of wood) behind his goal. An action that was interpreted as a voodoo spell and Cameroon failed to score. And he did ... (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The Whys of Barca have no answers

We do not understand a fortnight ago turned a fact that Eusebio would be the new coach of the subsidiary and today has said a peep. We do not understand that you were away from goalkeeping coach Carles Busquets and Unzué has been made. We are surprised that everyone got wet by Cesc (technically, players and Rosell) and he has not yet been 'wet'.

An Argentine newspaper accused Lionel Messi of partying

Lionel Messi is having a great time in Argentina. That's what the newspaper says his country's 'Libre', accusing the player of celebrating holidays with "sex, alcohol and cumbia." In fact the story occupies almost the entire cover of the medium, with a striking entitled 'Lack of control in the little party of Messi in Puerto Madero. "

According to 'free', Messi, who is training in Argentina for his country in preparation for the Copa America in July, the Barcelona star would be held constant partying in his apartment in an exclusive neighborhood in Buenos Aires. have even contacted some of the girls who have attended the festivities.

Xoana González, Claudia Ciardone, Andrea Rincon, Sabrina Ravelli and Luli Salazar, four of 'Botineras', known as the' players' jackets', which encouraged the celebration of Argentina, and ensure the newspaper. "We talk and play cumbia and Play Station. Leo went to sleep to go after concentrating. I never went in the living room! There were many people. If we were alone I would eat," said one, who also revealed that They met at a nightclub, where they had been invited to come to her home: "I was dancing and flashing. I sent for her escort."

Furthermore, still according to the daily 'free', Messi would have fun mate Gabi Milito, Barcelona player also. (via AS)

Alexis agent stays in Barcelona

Felicevich Barça await news of the weekend in Barcelona.

The signing of Alex Sanchez for the club continues in neutral, but can be reactivated at any time. Udinese yesterday Barca and remote telephone negotiations although neither party able to move forward. Barça hold in your offer of 25 million plus five variable, while the Pozzo family insists on asking higher numbers and players like Bojan in the operation.

For now, the most positive is that the key Barca player's agent, Fernando Felicevich, will remain in Barcelona until next weekend pending a possible deal. Alexis's desire is none other than play next season at Barcelona, ​​and so Felicevich put everything in their power to Chilean striker to fulfill his dream. So it has been transferred to the owners of Udinese and hoped that the Italian finished accessing the Barca bid for his player.

In addition the ship, Pozzo spoke yesterday in Barcelona with representatives of Manchester United, although they failed to raise any formal offer. Today, the most important danger for Barca is called Inter Milan. Although the City is the strongest team is betting offers Udinese-32 million more variables, "Alexis's refusal to play there supersedes interest. Not so the Inter, who promises the ownership and whose bench could end a key technical career Alexis, seleccionadro Chilean Marcelo Bielsa. (via MD)

Sagna: "Cesc want to play in Barca"

In the Arsenal dressing room and nobody hides: Cesc wants to return to Barça. First it was Andrei Arshavin and Bacary Sagna, who yesterday was in the radio program featuring coach Luis Fernandez, reiterated the message: "I can say is true, that Cesc wants to go to Barca. He wants to return to their country, their city with his family. You want to play in one of the best teams in the world and it is understandable. " (via MD)

Cesc talk

Flying High in Madrid today for a publicity event in which you can take another step towards the Camp Nou.
A year ago, during his visit to Port Aventura, and said that if he left Arsenal would go "only to Barça".
After talking to Wenger this weekend expected to be good this time.

The day has come. Cesc Fabregas lands in Spain today, with extra morbidity to do in Madrid. There will be the star of the presentation of an advertising campaign of a firm known colony, at an event to be hosted by model Martina Klein at half past eleven. The expectation will be high because, although the Arsenal captain will attend the press as part of the promotion, so naturally people will want to know where you intend to play next season. As MD has been reporting, Cesc is determined to realize his dream of joining the club and it works, the time between racks. The relevant change may be in what he says today.

If you meet the above, the kinds of promises. The most daring that has ever said regarding Cesc Barca released him a year ago in another publicity stunt. Then it was in Port Aventura, much closer to where he wants to play, the Nou Camp. It was the May 13, 2010 when Cesc came as far as he could. "If I leave Arsenal, I will go to Barca." So, what has not softened enough to Arsène Wenger. It has been 13 months and the promise of making a champion Arsenal has failed. So Cesc, who this weekend has reminded coach who has promised to let him go, has the floor.

A year ago, Wenger and told him "not to worry" before the World Cup and did well to cool it. Cesc was training at the Emirates on August 5, 2010.

If you want to play at the club, better not let the days pass without more. Arsenal will play their first exhibition game on July 13 in Malaysia and 16 in China. The summer is long, yes, but if Cesc looks 'red' and in Asia, bad business. Today could be the day I return. For now, this night and sleep at his home in Arenys. (via MD)

Mazinho: "The future of Thiago is Barça"

The former footballer Iomar do Nascimento 'Mazinho' says his son Thiago Alcántara do not intend to move from Barcelona or enter into any transaction to lower the transfer of Cesc Fabregas or any other player this summer.

Speaking to the 'Ona Esportiva' Onda Cero Barcelona, ​​Mazinho has stated that "the future of the club's Thiago" that the club has informed them the opportunity to go to another team and the Spanish midfielder Brazilian "wants to succeed" in the Camp Nou. "You have to call Barcelona, ​​not us. We're cool, we contract (until 2013). There is nothing more, has not spoken to anyone, not with the club, and I hope it stays that way, because we are happy here, "he added.

Mazinho has not wanted to assess if your child and Cesc can play together: "I'm not trained to respond if Cesc and he are compatible. These are things the club, I just know he's happy. Now is the head centered in the European Under-21 and as I said, on July 18 will be with their peers. "What does make clear is that Thiago Mazinho" need not demonstrate more worth to play in the club "because" has already shown what he can do with parties has had this season. " (via MD)

Alexis Sanchez: "I just want to go to Barça"

The player admits to his adviser and team-mates who only see success at the Nou Camp.

And actually started dancing. Pozzo family closed ranks and saluted their agendas to survey first hand, without the presence of agents and representatives of all types, how far are the big European clubs willing to sign on Alexis Sanchez. There is no time for further reflection and study, Udinese has closed the first stage and opened the chapter of negotiations. It's time to put money and balance the wishes of everyone.

From Chile, concentrated portfolio with a view to the Copa America, Alexis Sanchez has moved his pieces with the utmost discretion. Through his agent, Fernando Felicevich, front handles all the information that has thrown the market. Their behavior to date has been exemplary and both the president of Udinese, Franco Soldati, as the largest shareholder of the entity, Giampaolo Pozzo, have commented on numerous occasions that if the offer is coming decent try by all means to respect the will of the player. He deserves it and so he promised in his day. " Words that make more sense now.

Alexis Sánchez, after learning the real state of the bid has asserted its first consideration: "I want to go to Barca." The Chilean crack will not budge. Udinese has long been known that the player is in favor of making the leap to FC Barcelona. Believes that his style of play is ideal for its features and is convinced that it would have problems adjusting to their arrival in the locker room. Furthermore, and pursuant to the offers he has received a particular way, has asked Felicevich not prioritize the economic issue. Teams like the City, United and even Inter chips have promised much higher than just over three million who once made a deal with Barca's sporting management. No one cares. Is willing to give up thousands of dollars and calls for Udinese also is generous in its negotiation.

Giampaolo Pozzo, and his son Gino, said at the time that would be sensitive to the demands of the player, but they are not willing to "give" to Alexis and lose the juicy million sets and the City guaranteed. The Chilean claims priority to Barca and others flatly reject proposals that do not improve sporting their current status. That is, Juventus will not play Champions League or the City, with an undefined style and is not clear where his would place. Your environment itself that agrees to hear the proposal directly to Sir Alex Ferguson and United, as well as through the Inter Moratti.

The British press and the usual dance of rumors yesterday captured the bulk of the information. Not agreed. Some pointed to the millions of City -35 kilos for Udinese and a spectacular commission to the agents involved, were insurmountable, and subjected all consciousness. Others, however, claimed that Ferguson had made his and the United had likened the proposal to its neighbor and competitor. Pozzo family chose to remain silent. In this case have not identified any bluff. Warned for over a week the City held the 35 million months ago and that United would tighten a great time. It has been. Is the turn of Barça. Zubizarreta Bartomeu and know they are not required to overcome the millions proposals from Manchester, but it must be to find a formula that can compensate Udinese Policy.

The million plus Barca Sanchez Alexis will weigh on a table. The guiding Barca know ... Pozzo and family too. Bartomeu wants to play the game with skill and respect the times marked by the Italian squad. Negotiations between the clubs themselves are now underway, but should be cooked over low heat. (via SPORT)

Arsenal ignores Cesc in its new uniforms

Cesc Fabregas does not look the new kit for Arsenal in the club's website 'gunner'.

Arenys the emblem of all Wenger in recent years has been ignored this time for his own, probably in anticipation of a possible transfer of the player to Barcelona.

Very significant is also the absence of Nasri, another key team player in recent years whose future is in the air. Moreover the insistence of ManU in signing him. Arsenal Wilshere has chosen to be the team's image.

The young footballer has become the great hope 'gunner', a reference to their status as English football and the darling boy of the fans. Walcott is another player that Arsenal has been used as a model to present the team's equipment will look like next season. English is the other end of the most beloved players in the Emirates, as they have seen it grow in lower grades and first-team debut.

Arshavin, whose transfer rumors have faded of late, is another of the players who appear wearing the new shirt 'gunner'. Song and Clichy, meanwhile, feature the new training top. From Cesc, however, there is little news on the Arsenal website and its image seems to have lost momentum in recent times. And in London the feeling grows that this time, the third seems to go-lucky Cesc could return to Barcelona, ​​which has been rumored for months. Cesc means that it has completed a cycle for Arsenal after eight years in the British capital. Wenger himself has also been the idea that now is the time to sell the player and has given the green light to negotiate with Barcelona.

The words of Ivan Gazidis yesterday, leading club managers, are also on the same line. He acknowledged that "we will change players." In this context, the Arsenal website seems a symptom of that Cesc is coming increasingly to the club. (via SPORT)

Cesc, decisive phase

That of Areyns landed yesterday in Madrid, with Darren Dein, and in the afternoon continue your vacation in Barcelona.

The long road that must lead to Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou will stop in Madrid today that may determine much of the negotiations. The player will present the new Angel Schlesser fragrances in an action before the media in which they submit to questions from the press and could make a nod to Barcelona to show their intentions to dress Blaugrana next season.

Cesc landed yesterday in the capital on a private flight with his representative Darren Dein. The English manager will supervise in person the statements that you can make the Arenys and has already advised not to take a false step. The initial intention is to avoid saying outright that Fàbregas wants to play for Barca. Having succeeded in this weekend's commitment Arsène Wenger, advanced by Sport, the French midfielder feared his opinion could change if adding fuel to the fire.

However, the desire to play Cesc at Barca is so great that it is possible that at the last minute to alter their intentions and at least hint that you want to start a new cycle away from the Emirates. The player is aware that it must tread lightly in their statements, but at the same time knows that the club Catalans grateful gesture not unlike the characters and protagonists last year in Port Aventura. On that occasion, the player said that "if I left Arsenal, it would only be to go to Barca." Since then focused on the World Cup, did not return to 'wet' publicly and eventually give up seeing that Arsene Wenger was an impenetrable wall.

The situation now is very different. Cesc has started the engagement of their coach and is expecting that the two clubs agree on the price of the transfer. Barca started trading on 30 million euros and Arsenal want to get about 40. At this point, the position of Fabregas may be key. The Barcelona club understands that a statement of Arenys make things easier, but the feeling of Darren Dein is different. Cesc prefers much more moderate and do not turn the minds of Wenger. In this situation, the player will be who makes a final determination noticeably between opting for the club or to stay tight. (via SPORT)

Milan wants to include Thiago Silva in the 'operation Ibrahimovic' to reduce it

Although the player has approached, the club does not provide for its incorporation. Guardiola is the rear cover of the forthcoming course.

Thiago Emiliano da Silva, AC Milan's Brazilian defender, admitted yesterday he negotiated with FC Barcelona. He added that talks are well advanced and, in short, could engage with the Catalan club.

From here, Barca and Milan should negotiate to try to reach an agreement after the Catalans club and the player already released (in theory) agree. Both clubs have good relations and being the Operation Ibrahimovic 'open, would not be unreasonable to include Thiago Silva to cheapen it, but those are not the plans of Barca ...

Thiago Silva was born on September 22, 1984 (26 years old) in Rio de Janeiro, started playing for Fluminense, Rio and Barcelona RS Futebol before taking the leap into professionalism in the hands of Juventude (2003-04) . He went by Porto, who traded him to Dinamo Moscow, Fluminense and, since 2009, defended the colors of Milan.

Central plays, especially on the left wing, and their characteristics, and art, physical strength and speed, are a good solution, which has controlled the ball, an aspect that would appreciate the technical secretariat of Barça, but would not in their plans to incorporate it into their discipline. Thiago Silva is also distinguished by his powerful shot with his right leg, especially on failures from outside the area. Play against the fact of not being an EU player and that has limited experience in European football. (via SPORT)