14 June 2011

[Selection Under-21] Jeffren: I take off the sombrero with Luis Milla"

"If I'm honest I did not expect to be in the notice of European and treasure. It is very close to us and appreciated. It assesses how close it is to us," he said.

Jeffren Suarez, Barcelona's international winger, praised the methods sub''21 coach Luis Milla, to which said it takes "sombrero", and stressed its offensive-minded coach.

"I take off the sombrero to Luis Milla. If I'm honest I did not expect to be in the notice of European and treasure. It is very close to us and appreciated. We studied how close it is to us. He likes to attack and go win games, "he said in a conversation with Efe.

Milla not only called for the European Jeffren under-21 of Denmark, but in the opening against England was a starter. The player does not hide his surprise. "I do not expect to be started against England less Capel and Bojan even when they are basically the owners. Let's see if I have the opportunity to enjoy a few minutes against the Czech Republic," he said.

He lamented the final tie of the debut and showed utmost respect for the Czechs, to which Spain is staking its future in the championship. "We did a good party game, pity it was fit that goal in the dying minutes."

"We know the Czech Republic are very strong but has some characteristics different from England. They play better together and can help us enough to come out to play not to destroy. They have five or six players who are at a high level," he analyzed.

Jeffren confident that against an opponent less rocky in appearance, Spain "has more depth and goal." And it highlights that you can not lose the hope and confidence in themselves. "Many players want to play a European sub''21 and we must seize to be here. I'm at a high level, physically well and with enthusiasm. You do not have to miss any of us," he said. (via AS)

Barca ready to snatch a young pearl Manchester United

A few years ago Manchester United was able to snatch Barça Cesc Fábregas, now the history is about to repeat but the other way around.

According to the newspaper 'The Sun ", Barça would be about to reach an agreement with Elliott Kebbie, a young Leeds talent, whom Sir Alex Ferguson is a long time. In fact, it seemed that the young man as only 16 years-old would be incorporated into the quarry of the 'reds "this summer. In fact, Kebbi was already training with Manchester United, but the success of Guardiola's team seems to have seduced the England midfielder.

Everton, Chelsea and Liverpool are also interested in the player, who could come to Barcelona next season. (via SPORT)

Guardiola's Barça break barriers

This season, in addition to continuing to fill the cabinet with more trophies, has served to break down some barriers that until now had been insurmountable for this Barça team. Winning at grounds like Espanyol or Valencia are two examples.

The trophies keep coming to fill the museum's showcases. Records and stratospheric statistics that this team achieve now fill the pages of the history of football and this year, in addition, Guardiola’s players have overcome the challenges that had resisted them until now:

First wins at certain grounds

The stadiums of Espanyol, Athletico Madrid and Valencia had given up poor results up to last season in the league. At Athletico Madrid, Barça had suffered two defeats (4-3) and (2-1). In Espanyol's new stadium they had only been capable of drawing 0-0, and at Valencia they didn’t do better than draw 2-2 and 0-0 in the first two seasons. In the year 2010/11 Guardiola’s team won at all 3 grounds.

Four wins against Rubin, Copenhagen, and Panathinaikos twice, and two draws against Copenhagen and Rubin away were the results achieved in the group stage of the Champions League. In previous years they had lost one game in each of the same stages, against Shakhtar and Rubin Kazan.

Despite having won the Champions League in 2008/2009 and 2010/2011, and have reached the semi-final in 2009/2010, oddly enough they had never won an game away in the knockout phase. This year, they finally broke the curse at Shakhtar in the quarter-finals, which Barça won 1-0.

The 53 goals scored by Leo Messi this season have meant a lot, above all for scoring against a team led by Mourinho, and also for scoring in England for the first time in his career. Against Moorinho’s Madrid he scored 3 times, 1 in the League and 2 in the Champions League, and an English soil he scored goal in the legendary Wembley Stadium. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago Silva: "I have spoken with Barca"

The days pass and new names are appearing on the agenda of future events of FC Barcelona. The latter is the Brazilian defender Thiago Silva.

Thiago Silva was the guest on Monday's program "Zico na area" "Esporte Interactive TV." The defense went over various topics, and spoke of his future. "I have spoken with Barca and is a legal issue to talk. Now they have to talk to the direction of Milan, because I renewed for three months until the end of 2016," he said.

It is not the first time the name of Thiago Silva is related to the club. Within the secrecy with which the Technical Secretariat of the club takes the whole subject of signings, and finally said that if Pep Guardiola wanted to sign a defender, the Brazilian was the leading candidate to take his place. Once again, the big obstacle is the economic issue, because Milan is expected to accept a transfer by a minor figure.

Thiago is a central defender for 26 years, 1.83 meters tall and currently plays for Milan. Takes seven years as a professional player since his debut in the Juventude. From there he went to Porto, where he signed a five-year contract. There illnesses and injuries prevented him from succeeding. Was given one year to Dynamo Moscow, but nothing better for him. Tuberculosis four months he was hospitalized. From there he returned to Brazil (2006), on loan to Fluminense. From here, his luck began to change. He made two great seasons and in 2008 was signed by Milan, club where he remains.

His debut with the Brazilian team total came in June 2008, at the hands of Dunga. He was in the 2008 Beijing Olympic team, but an injury just two games allowed. (via SPORT)

Zamparini calls for 50 million Javier Pastore

Palermo president said if the offer is less expected, the 'Skinny' "run"
"Barca, Chelsea and Madrid are the teams most interested in the Argentine.

Javier Pastore now has an official price. The president of Palermo , Maurizio Zamparini , has been forceful in their statements to the Italian radio station Radio Radio TV : "It will go from Palermo only if an offer arrives 50 million . "

The truth is that Zamparini, one of the most histrionic trans football managers, fell in love many years of ' Skinny 'and since the Argentinian star was first t' Rosanero 'price has continued to rise. Since last year many teams interested in Pastore, who eventually fell in Sicily because all bids were rejected by Zamparini. Today the picture looks the same as last summer, only Palermo president calls 15/20 million more : "The first thing that comes to 50 million takes Pastore."

Also asked about the possible destinations of Argentina, Zamparini has specified that so far the best deals have come from great teams as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barca . " Pastore hardly the soap opera will end before the end of the Copa America , but Zamparini promises new developments and for next weekend: " The player's agent is cornered by the clubs . I have told him to check the state of the market and he probably has spoken to more than one team. This weekend we will meet and clarify the situation. " The problem is that many times Zamparini has promised to "clarify the situation" and has come increasingly more complicated. (via MD)

Jonathan Soriano's agent denies interest from Olympique Marseille and Rayo

The future of Jonathan Soriano, scorer of Barca B, is still a mystery.

Few days ago, the forward itself acknowledged in our paper that he believes his days in the Catalan side are coming to an end on Tuesday his agent, Jose Maria Orobitg, throw balls out about the possible fate of the player.

Speaking to the web `Fichajes.com ¿Orobitg Soriano recalled that" still has a year left on his contract. " "We will have a meeting with FC Barcelona to see what they want to do with him," added the player agent, who also recognized that the front has several offers.

What did not make clear, however, was the name of the teams that are behind him. "With the Olympique de Marseille have not spoken and Rayo Vallecano not leave," he said Orobitg. Recall that in addition to these names Barca striker has also been included in the orbit of Rome, Liverpool and Sporting Gijon. (via SPORT)

José María García: "It was the most spectacular season in the history of Barça"

The praise for the great season Barca still alive days after finishing the competition. The latest to join them has been the journalist José María García, who told RAC1, has ensured that this year "has been the most spectacular season in the history of Barça".

"No one had ever done a football well," said the popular journalist, who also bore heavily on the Real Madrid and Mourinho victimita attitude throughout the season. "The referees always help Barca and Real Madrid (?) If a man with the path of Ferguson after such a lesson sovereign referee says nothing about something is," he said.

"To work in politics, football, journalism we need is profesionales.Y that is what has the club, true professionals," said José María García, who spared no praise for the way of working of the quarry Barca.

On the other hand, the popular journalist also loaded heavily against accusations of doping of certain players of Barca and Valencia expressed by Cadena COPE `In the name of Real Madrid:" They have to bring this issue to the highest level since I think the clarification was even worse than the news itself. " "What we can do a reporter is in their inner circles was Florentino who gave this informació and shortly after he thanks him for littering the profession or you get your own Cristiano Ronaldo," he added.

"It is impossible that Bartra enters in an operation to sign Jose Angel"

Rumors of possible solutions in the branch of Barça continue every day. And so, after the good season by the team of Luis Enrique has caused more than a player out several 'brides.

One of the players who live this situation is Marc Bartra, who have called upon one's attention Sporting. The central Barça B is one of the objectives of the technical cadre from Asturias that already have been in contact with Barca coach to know what the intentions of the immediate future of the young footballer. Recall that Guardiola Preciado and have a good relationship.

In fact, interest is so strong that Bartra from Sporting environment has come to speculate that central enters into an alleged barter José Angel, who plays for Sporting that was located nearby in recent weeks Barça. The same has happened with exazulgrana Botía on which the club maintained until the noon of June 15 an option to buy the Catalan club could use in order to obtain liquidity for the market.

One option that Javier "Magic" Diaz's agent has ruled Tuesday in a statement to "El Comercio". "What Marc can enter a hypothetical operation as of Botía or Jose Angel is almost impossible," he assured the agent, who, however, does not hide the possible interest of all the central Asturian Barca. "With the Sporting is a very good relationship and I know you like it, but I think there are very few choices to be made," he added. (via SPORT)

"Rossi would be a dream to play for

Rossi does not want the train to escape him Barca. Perhaps for this reason, Federico Pastorello, player agent, has once again sent a message to the Catalan club's technical secretariat.

"Rossi would be a dream to play for a team like Barca," he said on Tuesday told La Vanguardia. "The hardest part is the negotiation between clubs, I do not know if the club is going to try, do not know if I have spoken on the phone, but the harder it will be among them more than us," says the player's agent, leaving a glimpse of the potential impediments that would put Villarreal for the transfer of the player.

Nevertheless, Pastorello says the player is "quiet." "Recently it has been renewed by Villarreal and well" in these statements add `La Vanguardia".

Finally, the player's agent also warned the Catalan side there are several teams interested in signing his client: "Several teams have been aware of the situation and have expressed interest, but given normal market conditions." (via SPORT)

[Youth] "Winning is a bid award for training"

The coaches of the youth teams of Barcelona-proclaimed champions of Catalonia in Montcada highlight the progression of players and teams throughout the season and assess the titles "as a result of training."

Train and gain have been concepts that have long seemed incompatible. To be competitive we had to, for many, leaving aside the training aspect. Those who were betting on the training of players had, however, underestimate the importance of winning.

Educating and compete

The current football culture in the Barca training means that the two concepts go together and so "is a winning" and "winning form." The four titles won in Montcada is an example of how to combine the two concepts.

Xavier García Pimienta, coach of Cadete A of Barca, was a happy man in Montcada, once his team had won a tough match: "We've been higher, I think that although it was in the penalties we deserved this title."

'Pepper' was satisfied because "my players I was excited about this victory which comes after a season where they have experienced a great improvement and have taken a little step in your football training and education." The Cadet has won this season's League and the Copa Catalunya, but the most spectacular has been the play of a team full of talent and commitment.

Benjamín A coach, Marc Serra, suffered in the course of Peñalta of the final against Espanyol for wanting to "not break the illusion of guys who have won all season." In addition to the league and the Copa Catalunya "rewards the work of the guys" Serra stressed "the great improvement they have experienced this season. Have been formed and have won forming winning." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Jonathan Soriano would enter in the operation Griezmann

Loren has asked to Zubi for the pichichi of Segunda.

The League's top scorer ahead Jonathan Soriano may be the key that opens the door for Antoine Griezmann finish in Barcelona in the event that the claim for Udinese's Alexis Sanchez and definitely stay away from Barca.

While the Royal remains firmly out of doors in his intention not to sell to the main pillars of his team know that if they get offers from big clubs, it will be difficult to retain the struts Gipuzkoa.

The latest interest in a Real Sociedad player was known by the end of Barça Griezmann French. The club FC Barcelona has it on their agenda if other options fail eventually, but Barcelona are well aware that, apart from money, have other ways to entice the Sports Directorate realistic. Zubizarreta Loren spoke with a possible transfer of Jonathan Soriano, the brand new branch in Second scorer. Barca could include it as a bargaining chip to bring down the 30 million Griezmann clause in the form of transfer or sale with the option of first refusal. So far, talks have begun.

The great campaign of Jonathan Soriano with Barça B, which has claimed more top scorer with 32 goals scored has placed in front of the market. Soriano is the player of Barça on the Sports Management has received more offers. The Real is the one that you love, but there are others in England and Italy. (via AS)

Cesc and Rossi tighten

The captain of Arsenal coach asks that his departure is not much longer to Barca.
And the Villarreal striker Roig says to go to the Nou Camp is a unique opportunity.

Not a comfortable position, but necessary. Both Cesc Fabregas and Giuseppe Rossi want to take this train be brought to the Nou Camp and do not think letting it escape. Arsenal midfielder and Villarreal striker are doing their part to make his move to Barca come true sooner rather than later. His recent gestures have been traced, contact the people most influential in their respective clubs to let them know your desire to dress and ask Barca at least meet culé supply and not close to putting band impossible.

Logically, Cesc is long. A year ago that said that if one day he left the Arsenal "will only be to go to Barca." Then, the public display was not enough to overcome the resistance of his coach. This time Cesc is back in charge. The passage of time and lack of promised titles give legitimacy to demand more strongly to Wenger not to put too many obstacles to his dream of returning home. Just days ago, and ripped the coach's commitment to let him leave the club and was informed by MD, Captain 'gunner' spoke this past weekend again with the Alsatian to beg him not to extend the negotiations more than the minimum required . Cesc knows that this summer can not pass a reality that a move to Barca. At 24 years, another fiasco might stop by his return impossible. Tomorrow, Cesc is scheduled landing in Barcelona for holiday rush, and if all goes as intended, and stay forever.

Meanwhile, Rossi has also maneuvered the Villarreal facilitate his transfer to Barca. Italian-American striker has spent a few weeks of anxiety had no news of Barca, whose interest began with great force but with the passage of time was fading in favor of other parallel operations, such as Alexis Sanchez.

As reported yesterday RAC-1, Rossi has taken a step forward and has asked Villarreal president Fernando Roig, who upon receiving an offer from Barca always accept that falls within logical parameters of the market. This past weekend in England, a country in which Rossi played when I joined the Manchester United, there was talk of a possible agreement between FC Barcelona and Villarreal and even gave specific figures: 29.5 million euros. Roig said last week, no one has called in the name of the ship "before the end of Wembley on 28 May.

Cesc strategy and Rossi is on the line than I had expected the club: the players do their part to sign, as did Javier Mascherano a year ago to change the Liverpool by the club. That is the road. (via MD)

Messi: "I only know the culture of work"

Messi, who yesterday returned to training with the albiceleste, says this is the key to his success and his goals.

After enjoying the festival on Sunday, Argentina returned to training yesterday with Barca Mascherano, Milito and Messi-star of the party "Solidarity without Borders' played 24 hours earlier in Rosario, in their ranks.

On Monday, the albiceleste will face Albania in its last test before the start of the Copa America on July 1 and Sergio Batista are giving increasing importance to tactical aspects of the sessions held in Ezeiza.

A waiting to complete a year-round 'champions', also with the selection, Messi has reiterated that "we are strong and confident we can take the title, although that will take away the disappointment of the World", referring to Argentina fell Germany in the quarterfinals and South Africa-2006-2010.

Always told the Italian newspaper "Il Mattino" and collected in Buenos Aires, Leo also noted that "there is no secret to the great season of Barcelona, ​​only self-reliance and hard work."

Asked the key thread of its own success and the incontinence scoring with 53 goals in 55 games, said: "I have the culture of work, and I only know that. I try to stay calm in the good times and bad. Now my goal is to win something with the white and blue. "

Returning to the club, crack reiterated that "I see myself with another jersey other than Barca" and revealed that like the idea of ​​a possible Champions League clash with Napoli, whose ranks militate his countryman and friend-Ezquiel Lavezzi followed by Barcelona itself and the 'gunboat' Uruguayan Edison Cavani.

According to Messi, "it would be fascinating to play against Napoli in the Champions League, the club's history and even more for the" Pocho "Lavezzi. In addition, the stadium is legendary for us Argentines and act there would be special," referring San Paolo, where Maradona remains an idol and Lavezzi is the current 'God' to the 'tifosi'.

"I can not give advice to the players of Naples about the Champions League, only that it is very important and if you lose just outside," said Leo.

On another note, Messi stressed that "the youth is important, but more so is to create a philosophy of play and it takes years highlighting the club."

[Youth] La Masia closed forever

The last act of the most glorious year, before transfer to Sant Joan Despi, barbecue was the traditional end of season youth football.

Barca future is happening today in La Masia, the work of scouts, educators and technicians, the maintenance of a forming machine of individual talents and unique playing style in the world for a home-school which closed yesterday its doors for good with a ceremony full of symbolism and spirit Barca.

The barbecue dinner that traditionally closes the season was held in the gardens of La Masia, where the president Sandro Rosell, a long and profound speech, recalled the enormous responsibility of maintaining the excellence of this ship, which is placed on his shoulders, and demanded the most effort and sense of Barcelona in order to bring the Barça shirt someday.

The President congratulated them on course for the achievements of this season, there have been many and that may increase with the title of the Copa del Rey that will surely contest the Youth A against Espanyol, but insisted that only the best will not only for his football ability but because they have been able to be worthy of wearing a shirt as the first team.

"This has been an impossible season to improve. It is clear that the club wants the best players but we also want the best people, you must be humble and appreciate that part of Barcelona is a privilege."

The barbecue started at 20.00 hours with a large representation of the policy headed by the president, vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu sports of football and the Formative, Jordi Mestre. Also attending were the vice president of social, Jordi Cardona, and Eduard managers Coll, Jordi Moix and Jordi Mones. Penyes chief, Pau Vilanova, and cultural advisor, Josep Maria Prat, also missed the event.

The whole structure of football sport full part in the finale, with Andoni Zubizarreta in the head and Tito Vilanova representing the first team, accompanied by Guillermo Amor, Carlos Folger, the director of La Masia that from next season building will have a first in Sant Joan Despi, and the broad structure of technical manager and coaches, as well as a representation of delegates from all computers. (via MD)

Cristiano: "I do not care who joined Barca"

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid player, said on Tuesday that Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero, tried by all white, "very good" but said that "still" not imagine him playing his "hand.

In an interview in 'Cadena Cope', the Portuguese player said he is not aware of the possible signings of his team for next season, but offered his opinion on two of the players, the Brazilian and Argentine Neymar Agüero, which could interest entity president Florentino Perez.

"They're two great players. I've seen two or three games in Brazil and Neymar is a great player. Aguero is very good, everybody knows it. But still I can not imagine me. It is one of the greats, but not larger (laughs). Neymar is very good, I loved it, but do not know him very well. I've seen two games from him and is very good, "he said.

Regarding his compatriot Fabio Coentrao, had very good words for that signing may be the next target. "It's a versatile player and can play any position. Left, forward, midfield ... For me, now may be the best Portuguese player.'s A great player and would be a great signing for Real Madrid. It is very ambitious Mourinho knows it very well and know what you can do to help, "he said.

He also spoke about Barcelona, ​​and said he does not worry about the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas from Barça. "I do not care, they can sign Maradona, Cruyff ... no Di Stefano, a legendary football and Real Madrid. I do not care who chips. Do not know whether to Cesc would be unbeatable, but I'm not worried by Barcelona. "

Finally, he referred to his future, said he would not accept an alleged million-dollar offer from Manchester City because, he said, "Money is not the most important" and said he would like to finish his career at Real Madrid. "For me signed ten years, until the end of my career. I would like to retire at Real Madrid," he said. (via SPORT)

De Bleeckere defends its action in the Camp Nou

The Belgian referee claims not hurt to Madrid in the round of the Champions League semifinals.

Frank de Bleeckere continues to his guns. The collegiate hit in Belgium believes that all decisions at the meeting played for Barcelona and Madrid semi-final round of the Champions League.

In particular, Bleeckere reaffirms that the move that ended with a goal by Higuain was or canceled, and you understand that Cristiano Ronaldo Mascherano fouled, so the play was canceled successfully.

According to yesterday picked up the newspaper Hoy, the Belgian College gave a lecture to a group of young UEFA referees, who argued the decision to invalidate the play and consider the absence of Ronaldo Mascherano and not of Pique.

One of the attendees at this meeting, Jesus Gil, revealed the words of the Belgian College. "He told us he was right because I did not understand that there is a lack of Pique and yes from Cristiano on Mascherano, it is not necessary that he planned to commit. No doubt that blew right and not think that would have hurt to Madrid. " "I also think that was right," says Gil.

Angel Nevado, one of the officials who attended the class, also stressed that no one can speak of goal disallowed. "No one can speak of goal disallowed because he had blown for a foul or another and the goal came after."

He highlighted the argument of the Belgian peer, who stood firm in their explanations, despite questions from other colleges, which were tested in a decision that caused much controversy in Madrid. "We try to put some weed and see if you pillábamos somewhere, but the truth is that he explained very well and we left everything very clear. No one answered him seriously because the guy is controlling, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-21 Euro] Bojan is the solution to the lack of punch

Only played the last ten minutes against England, but it seems his time tomorrow arrival in the starting lineup against the Czech Republic.

Stranglehold 'La Rojita' at the premiere but final tie. There was only one team on the pitch to the British, always well directed by Thiago Barca, considered the best player in the game, but an oversight in the defense end, helped by the referee whistled not a clear offside, giving away two points over which can be vital to qualify for semifinals.

Young talents of Luis Milla did work as a bloc and, except some slight error in the rear, only suffered from offensive effectiveness. Lack of punch would be the key matched the weak European debut at the Under-21 in Denmark. With a 4-2-3-1 output, just flashed the offensive capability of Ander Herrera, author of both Spanish even with the hand, which seemed to be the one to read to perfection the direction of play and Javi Thiago Martínez. In the end, too isolated in attack, Adrian Deportivo sometime soon came into action.

"I do not think the team lacks punch. Above we have players with different characteristics, but can exert either a striker's role, "said Adrian Lopez just yesterday, questioning the alleged criticism of his offensive contribution negligible. The Spaniard player would not be responsible for the lack of punch line: "I have to work to get the best. I hope they reach the goals and if not mine, they are the other partner. "

With the things, the relay is announced: Bojan Krkic. Barca striker can provide all the quality of '9 'and the effectiveness required by the sub scoring 21. Tomorrow will have its best chance to prove it. (via SPORT)

The incredible story of the 'Wonder Boy'

The striker worked hard to end become an international star since its humble beginnings in a mining area of ​​northern Chile.

"I'll be the best player in the world". It's what Alexis Sanchez used to repeat to their teachers and classmates when he was not yet eleven years and was surprised at parties and school E-10 of his city, Tocopilla, which has the highest rate of social vulnerability in the region, where he studied until the eighth grade and where he got the nickname 'Dilla' derived from 'Squirrel' for his speed and mobility. Juan Segovia, his teacher and coach, began Alexis train when I was twelve or thirteen.

"He was born pointer, but I never positioned myself as a striker, but attacking midfielder as Udinese plays. Was free to play in front of the midline, were placed everywhere to accompany the players. But it was not scoring, rather pin. "

Alexis Sanchez was born in 1988 in Tocopilla, 1,600 kilometers north of the capital, Santiago. Tocopilla is a coastal town in the middle of the Atacama Desert is trapped between the mountains and the sea, nicknamed "Devil's Corner." Economic and employment expectations for young people in this section of the planet are among the work of mining or fishing. For the most vulnerable, where he was born Alexis Sanchez, the scourge of school failure, drugs and alcohol are all too common.

The family now called 'Wonder Boy', belongs to the poorest sectors of society tocopillana. Son of Martina, a single mother, Alexis was born and lived on the street Orella with her three brothers, Hubert, Marjorie and Tamara. His house was built of adobe and sticks that barely held up. Are still individual townhouses or just hold in the middle of a hill full of precarious constructions, like gloss, wear the opaque color of desert sand that has been dyed a reddish gray.

Today, the home of Alexis has become one of the most striking houses Tocopilla. The 'Dilla' has remodeled the house where he was born as a gift for his mother Martina, making the home he never dreamed of coming to have. "Thank God he did not live in a very vulnerable because the mother was very concerned about their children. If Alexis had stayed here, would have ended badly. His friends were anything serious, go on a spree. And do not forget that his uncle Joseph was also support a reference to the child, "says his teacher and coach Don José Delaigüe referring to the uncle of Alexis who supported the family for years.

Her mother spent the daylight hours to work as a domestic worker, cleaning fish or any work that arises to raise her four children. Meanwhile, Alexis kick balls made of rags or rubber along with other boys in gray tocopillanas streets lined with a mixture of coal dust produced by power plants installed in the city.

One day, at age 8, his uncle, the brother of his biological father, suggested to Martina, her mother, Alexis could go live with him and his wife to Rancagua, 1,300 km of Tocopilla. The 'Dilla' left his hometown for two years to participate in the soccer school is the Catholic University in Rancagua. But it is not used to it and again Tocopilla. "It bored, not used to it and it came, that's where he came back to school E-10. Then I began to realize that the child had innate conditions, "says Juan Segovia.

Since his return to Tocopilla, Alexis began construction of the player who is today. "It was tiny and hard. Sometimes came to class on time, but no bag, and then came apuradita mom to give her things, "says Olivia Gordon, the head teacher in those years.

Juan Segovia boasts an endless newspaper clippings which include headlines his team's triumphs and Alexis. "Here in Tocopilla, Alexis was released immediately, who saw it realized that it was an exceptional. All clubs wanted him, I borrowed "There is a championship in Iquique (city about 230 kms), do we provide the child for a few days, saying," says the coach. "I was playing for teams outside. He played every day. In the field 'Maracana' and the 'Neighborhood' too. Playing with adults and was not afraid. I wanted to come. And he realized, he got into his head to be a professional footballer. It said 'I'll get high, to be among the best players in the world. " He enjoys football. "

During this period of his life, Alexis began to notice that it was an important piece of equipment that would strengthen. They called him to play against adults, older teens and more robust than him, giving him the ability and physical and mental strength to face their rivals and life. Meanwhile, washing and cleaning cars in the cemetery near where he lived. He saw in football the only way out, I knew that if it was not soccer, had no other future to progress, the economic situation of the family and because they had the means to continue studying.

"Here there was the mom who pushed him, nor family. The child came alone. So he has no obligation to anyone, but nonetheless has helped a lot of people. No one can say I helped, I bought her shoes. When I went to play for a team, said: I play for you, but I have to buy a pair of boots. It was worth. And he was always bringing her little money. "

Alexis Sanchez's fate as a professional was clear to everyone. It was only a matter of time. In 2003, Santiago Wanderers, the team of the mining city of Calama, 120 km of Tocopilla, took him to the soccer school for cadets is in Santiago de Chile. A few months Cobreloa coach, Nelson Acosta, took him to the first team in Calama. In this city, Alexis Sanchez began a new life. Had to assume the responsibilities of playing in the First division of Chile and finish high school.

The directors of Cobreloa housed Alexis Sanchez Luis Astorga's house with two other boys. Finally, the three, only it was Alexis. And the house of Astorga became his second home, where he lives with Andrea and Barbara, daughter of Don Luis. Andrea, the older sister and an employee of the school's football Cobreloa in Calama, became his father's attorney in Howard College, where Alexis Sanchez is committed to completing their studies. Becomes a member of the family. Barbara, two years older than Alexis, noted that the representative offered to go to Italy at age 17. Signed for Udinese, but ended up on loan at Colo-Colo and then at River Plate. "It hurt us both to leave, but we said we would miss him. Then, when he really was like firing a brother, and my parents, a son. My parents died crying, "describes the lesser of Astorga. The affection is still alive and now Alexis is already a world figure.

Tocopilla already recognized as an illustrious son of the city

Tocopilla in the region of Antofagasta, northern Chile, is a city of just over 32,000 inhabitants engaged in fishing, mining and processing industry and interestingly, one of the birthplaces of baseball in Chile. The city named illustrious son Alexis Sanchez on 29 September, after the World Cup, in which Alexis became one of the sensations of the Chilean team. The mayor, Luis Moyano, he presented the award on the anniversary of the founding of the city where he was born and where he took his first steps, particularly in the club Arauco, a humble club who wears the colors Boca Juniors, although strangely, Alexis Sanchez end up playing on loan at the club's great rival 'Boca Juniors', River Plate. (via SPORT)

Arsenal assumes the exit of Cesc

Club members 'gunner' call for an explanation to one of its top leaders and had no choice but to admit that this summer there will be news.

The progress of Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal seems inevitable. After this weekend received the approval of Arsène Wenger, advanced by Sport, to be transferred to the Catalans club, yesterday was one of the main managers of the club, Ivan Gazidis, who confirmed that the captain may leave the Emirates during the preseason.

Gazidis met with 200 members in the club, where he took questions. But made it clear he would not talk to players individually, "because the press would pick it up everything and could make their performances", his words were understood that Arsenal are preparing a redesign of the template. "We will change players. As Wenger says, will be a very busy summer, but only make moves that are actually useful, "he said.

The top executive of the English team was asked directly about whether Wenger was talking to other clubs to sell players and Gazidis answered with a resounding: "Yes, it is a very intense summer." Members were concerned about the future of Cesc, but also on Nasri, which left him only a one year contract, and the company could not ensure its continuity.

In any case, ratified Gazidis Wenger, despite admitting "disappointment" by the results of last season. The leader confirmed that the French will continue commanding the operation relations with the signings and recalled that "has made us to be competitive with the big European clubs." Therefore, the Gaul word on the progress of Cesc is more important because they do not resent his duties as manager, despite another season without a title link. A further news feeds culés hopes to see the Arenys playing next season at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Deulofeu will play in the branch, but he will have juvenil tab

Sergi Gomez has served as an example this year, alternating its presence in the Barça B team and Oscar García.

Gerard Deulofeu dazzled once again with the youth team in La Coruña. The Riudarenes completed a great match with two goals and an assist in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and sentenced to Deportivo (1-4), leaving Oscar Garcia 90 minutes from the final to be played in Ceuta.

The striker turned 17 last March 13 and, despite being his first year in the category, and is one of the outstanding players of the team. In fact, we have two more years of youth, but his tenure in the category may be short. His name is one that will strengthen the subsidiary Blaugrana next season, along with others like Espinosa and Rafinha. In the case of Talavera, which debuted this year from the hand of Luis Enrique, just his youth, while Thiago's brother still has one more year. Rafinha has had a major presence in the Barça B this season, although it has been another youth, Sergio Gomez, who will serve as an example for Gerard Deulofeu.

The Arenys de Mar has lived halfway between the two sets, a formula that has served to help the subsidiary at key moments and to be with the youth when it's needed, and now in the Copa del Rey. His behavior has always been exemplary and has paid the maximum in both cases. The stake is believed also suitable for Deulofeu Gerard, who last summer signed a new contract in the form of three plus one that ends on June 30, 2014. Barca know they have at hand a very special player and is willing to look after his career in detail. And that means not to take with him even though his football is crying out. This year has already participated with Barça B, although it will be next season when he does regularly.

Barça B starts the season on 11 July, although Gerard Deulofeu could be one of the Blaugrana players that can not be. Along with Marc Muniesa, Sergio Gomez, Sergio Roberto and Rafinha are expected to contest the U19 European Championship in Romania from 20 July to 1 August. Sub20 de Colombia World Cup from 29 July to 20 August, there will be representation Blaugrana, with men like Montoya, Thiago or Romeu. (via SPORT)

Case Cesc: the Arsenal recognizes that he will have left

"Some will and others will come," says Gazidis. In addition, Jack Wilshere will promote the new team jersey this season.

Ivan Gazidis, CEO of Arsenal, acknowledged today in a meeting with club's fans to be "some signings and some outputs of the team" this summer.

As reported in the Arsenal website, the market, as Arsène Wenger has said will be "moved" and announced Gazidis can not define the campaign just ended as "disaster."

"Clearly we have fallen short this season and players will change. Some will and others will leave the current squad," said executive Arsenal.

"But it is also important to recognize that there has been a disaster. We have a young team. The issue is to identify which parties should follow, which must end. And all this will do given our financial capabilities," said the Arsenal manager.

Meanwhile, Jack Wilshere, Arsenal's rising star, has been chosen this season to promote the new team shirt, which this year celebrates its 125 anniversary. The purchase of the kit of Arsenal is a very important sociological event between the London club's fans.

For his part, Cesc Fabregas captain confirmed that on Wednesday in Madrid to attend the presentation of the new collection of perfumes Angel Schlesser, in a ceremony that will be presented by Martina Klein. (via AS)

Rossi requests to Villarreal that accepts the offer that arrives of Barça

The Italian has spoken with Fernando Roig because they do not want to miss being Barca.

Giuseppe Rossi is concerned about the possibility that not end up signed for Barça . Days pass and the striker is seen as increasingly colder Catalan club's interest for the Italian end up at the Camp Nou.

For that reason, as explained by Rac1, Rossi has taken a step forward and has asked the president of Villarreal , Fernando Roig , that when I get an offer from Barca assuming that it accepts within logical parameters.

Thus, the international 'azzurro' hope that the Catalan club again to revive negotiations with the club as recognized yellow last week Roig not occur "before the Wembley final." (via MD)

Alexis's signing for Barca is complicated

Udinese's Alexis Sanchez will not sell at any price. The head of the Italian club, Gianpaolo Pozzo, issued a warning to all clubs that claim. Among them, the FC Barcelona: "Without a fair offer, it is better to continue here".

"Alexis is a highly sought player, but its price is significant. Do not be an easy task for those who decide to sign him. But he and his agent have to understand that we can not give," Pozzo said in statements published in this Monday the web 'latercera.com' .

Barca offer up to 25 million euros by the Chilean striker, an amount that would be far from the claims of Udinese. In the last few hours there has been speculation that Inter would pay him 30 million and Manchester City, about 40 million. The Friulian would transfer not less than that figure.

Alexis is concentrated these days in Chile to prepare for the Copa America, and expect more news about his future in Argentina. (via SPORT)

[The signing of Alexis is complicated]
Today will resume contacts between Barca and Udinese, although this was seen yesterday with the 'City', "which now has more options to take it".

Barcelona and Udinese are now expected to resume contacts by Alexis Sanchez, who in turn is again concentrated with the national team after enjoying the holiday weekend. Although the Barcelona trusts as sources insist the club itself, in order to close the signing of young striker, the owner of the entity Friulian, Giampaolo Pozzo, assured the Chilean newspaper "La Tercera" yesterday that the player was more Manchester City close to that of his other 'girlfriends', "Barca, Inter and Juve."

Pozzo is not included in the list of bidders to Madrid, but he manages to Alexis, and Neyman-as an alternative to the alleged hiring of Kun Agüero.

'City': 28-30 'kilos' more Weiss

"If I were to discuss possible destinations for Alexis Sanchez, I'd say right now the 'City' has more options: English football is richer and tastes better exploit the talents of the players," Pozzo said in comments reported at the time for ' La Gazzetta dello Sport 'and other Italian media. "Inter, Juve, 'City' and Barca have been interested in Alexis, but has not yet reached an offer that is closer to the player's actual value, a figure that would be about" 50 million, "said Giampaolo Pozzo.

For him, "35 million is not enough to recruit Alexis. We have already rejected such an offer, should give more money." Pozzo said: "We have spoken to the player and his representative (Fernando Felicevich) to explain the situation" and to say that "maybe Alexis will stay another season with us."

It is recalled that Udinese had given its initial OK Barca bid 25 million euros Bojan, whose market value is about 15 million euros and its termination clause, 100 'kilos. " However, the refusal of crack Linyola entering the operation made the Italian club will close at band, this led to a new proposal Blaugrana, more than 27 million variables and no player in between, the value of the offer - Pozzo alluded to calling it inadequate, is about 30 million in total.

Although the club has since early May, a club-player deal with Alexis, this topic is presented complicated. As previously reported MD, Inter and 'City' squeeze hard and there was summit yesterday with emissaries 'citizen' in Italy: supply, 28-30 million more Weiss, promising Slovakian end of 21 years.

Udinese will use that meeting to press the boat, which also has open fronts Cesc and Rossi, both hot to put everything in their power to call at the Nou Camp this summer. The contacts between clubs shed light today. (via MD)