12 June 2011

Ganso, another of the 'capped' Barca

The Brazilian playmaker usually act, but a master of all attacking from the midfield position.
Sandro Rosell says in Brazil that he would love to register him for Barça and it likes the technicians.

Ganso, young and versatile midfielder of Santos FC Barcelona like the coaching staff could be 'capped' Barca summer market. Sandro Rosell, who has spent some days in Brazil after being invited to the farewell match of Ronaldo's 'seleçao' played on Tuesday in Sao Paulo, has told local reporters that he would love to sign the left-handed destabilizing for Barca.

The Blaugrana president's words have triggered all sorts of rumors and even talk of contacts with the Brazilian club whose ranks Ganso Neymar match, another 'pearl' followed by FC Barcelona. When asked yesterday about the possible interest Barca, President Luiz Alfredo Santos de Oliveira Ribeiro said: "Ganso and Neymar only interested if the club will pay your termination clauses", which amounted to 53 and 45 million euros. De Oliveira Ganso did not deny talks on plan and began to talk about the player drive 21. But in reality, the price is quite affordable Ganso.

Ganso was discovered for the Santos by Giovanni, Blaugrana between 1996 and 1999. Landed in 2005 and in 2008 debuted in the first team. While dragging physical discomfort, expected to be available for the Libertadores Cup final against Peñarol in the next 15 and 22. Ganso hopes to get ready to face the Copa America with Brazil.

Often compared to Ricardo Kaka and even Zinedine Zidane, playmaker Ganso usually act, but a master of all attacking from the midfield positions. Their incursions by both sides are dangerous.

Ganso also has come to Milan, but in Italy claim that the 'Rossoneri' should cede - Espanyol is speculation the non-excess. A 45% Ganso rights belong to the Santos, another 45%, Grupo Sonda / DIS, and the remaining 10%, the player himself. (via MD)

Barca look for new talent in the Under-21 Championship

Despite having one of the most envied quarries in the world, the club is very attentive to market new promises.

As announced on Saturday 'Ona FM', the Catalan club is one of four Spanish clubs who have formally applied to the UEFA seats for their scouts at the Under-21 Championship to be held in Denmark.

And is that outside of work to strengthen the first team the club's technical secretary also has an eye on the future. Who knows if the summer does not surprise us with some other quarry signing for Barca. (via SPORT)

William has 'permission' to go to Barca

Shakhtar coach opens the gateway to the Brazilian winger, who remains a one year contract.

The young Brazilian Willian, the end of Shakhtar Donetsk versatile so beloved Pep Guardiola, has 'permission' to move to FC Barcelona. Although, as defined by the leader of Ukrainian Yuri Takhashov club, the last word on these issues have one coach Mircea Lucescu. It turns out that the Romanian coach, aware of interest by William Barcelona, ​​as it has done with his other young crack Douglas Costa, has been used as an incentive to Barcelona throughout the season and has promised his young Brazilian securities if there comes a Offer good for them, and in the case of William, the Barça-I let her go.

To this end the club's technical secretary ever to Donetsk and has already prepared over from William. This is another young Brazilian talent, Dentinho, which has already been incorporated into the discipline of the club from Corinthians in exchange for 7.5 million euros. Willie, who joined Shakhtar in 2007, it remains just one season contract, which on paper benefit Barça's negotiating position.

Lucescu, friendly as always, found by MD in Venice, where he is vacationing with his wife, made clear that "the club has not officially been in contact with us. All I know is by others. If I have spoken the player or his representatives? No I know. I think the relationship between both companies is excellent and we would have called us first. " The leader Yuri Takhashov all I added was that "William has enough quality to play at the club, as I believe has already demonstrated when the entity has faced Barcelona."

In contrast, over another player who love to Guardiola, as Yaroslav Rakitskiy, the position is inflexible. Lucescu believes the young player as a "basic element" for Shakhtar defense system for its versatility. The veteran Romanian coach believes it would be good for the player to follow in Donetsk, at least until after Euro 2012, which takes place next summer in Ukraine and Poland.

Yaroslav has only 21 years old and will turn 22 in August. Noted for its speed, technical and forcefulness. Looking in the field does not seem so young. Along with Chygrynskiy and Srna has matured in a rush. The player himself Lucescu asked if it was true that Guardiola had sounded for him. Yaroslav constantly consulted 'Chygry' by the club and even trying to learn words in Castilian class with a teacher like Dr. Paco Biosca, the doctor 'lleidatà' Shakhtar currently on vacation in Catalonia. Rakitskiy dreams and Lucescu Blaugrana and will use that extra motivation as excellent psychologist who is.

Lucescu does recognize that the potential Rakitskiy, already international with Ukraine Oleg Blokhin, is tremendous: it is a defense that knows fulfill their tasks and, moreover, the attack unfolded perfectly. You can play center or side, it's fast, technical and forceful. While closing the club would make a choice about it. It would be a great investment for the future. (via MD)

Messi relaxing in the theater

A few days before the start of the Copa America and focused and with Argentina Leo Messi tries to unwind and fully enjoy the little free time for those who have this summer.

On Saturday he was seen in the theater, according to the Argentine newspaper 'Olé'. A hitherto unknown passion for Barca striker. Leo's work was chosen by 'The War of the Roses' (Teatro Maipo), a representation with which the Argentine enjoyed a great time: "We laughed a lot, from start to finish, it's fun. Fucking laugh" . In addition, at the end of the show, Messi went to dinner with Adrian Suar, popular Argentine actor and star of the play. (via SPORT)

Baresi believes happiness to be the Barça secret

Legendary Barça defender Milan, Franco Baresi, has declared himself an admirer of Barça. He feels the key to Pep Guardiola’s success is that “he encourages the players, and gets everybody participating, making them happy when they play”.

Franco Baresi is one of the living legends of world football. The master sweeper was the last line of defence for the great Milan side coached by Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello and also for Italy in the 80s and early 90s. He retired in 1997, but still collaborates with Milan on various projects, and today spoke to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat about the current-day Barça team, which he compares to Sacchi’s Milan and considers better organised than the famous Dream Team.

- Barça fans remember Franco Baresi from the days when Milan played Johan Cruyff’s Barça. What do you remember of those games?
“I certainly remember that Barcelona was a great team. I didn’t play in the 94 final because I was suspended, but it was a nice game for us. Exceptional. We feared Barcelona because they were such a strong team, they had won the league and had some good players. Cruyff’s football was always spectacular, but I think Milan deserved to win that final, we played great football”.

- ¿Is the current Barça an evolution of the one managed by Cruyff?
“It’s different, they’re both great teams, with great players. I think Guardiola’s team is much more organised. They play attacking football but are also well organised, very skilful, great quality, fast with the ball... I’m sure the current team is much more complete, and much harder to beat”.

- ¿How would you define Guardiola’s Barça?
“It’s a nice team to watch. For football lovers, I think it’s a pleasure to watch Barça because they have some formidable midfielders and forwards. I like them a lot because it’s nice football and because of the show they offer”.

- They’re often compared to Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan. As somebody who played for one of the two which do you think will leave the biggest impact?
“It is hard to make comparisons. They are different times, different moments. Sacchi’s Milan was a great team, they played a new kind of football, it meant a major evolution, the way they combined quality with organisation. I think you can compare them with Guardiola’s Barcelona in this sense. Great players and well organised. They are two great teams that are difficult to compare”.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Barça B] Oriol Romeu agent recognizes the interest of Benfica

The great season of Barça B has not gone unnoticed in Europe and opened the door to several cateranos to jump at first.

One of them is Oriol Romeu who, as their own representative has confirmed it likes Benfica.

"Oriol is a quality player, and yes there is an interest from Benfica and that is a player who can play everywhere," Magic Comet Díaz, representative of the player, however, says that "there is no concrete offer" .

Will have to wait then to see what happens with the Barca youth squad, together with Jonathan dos Santos and Jonathan Soriano, is one of the team players with more options to leave Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Montoya, objective of Luis García for Getafe

Luis Garcia is the new coach of Getafe, after Michel's farewell. The former coach of the East is set at right-back Martin Montoya to reinforce the squad ahead of next season.

His excellent performance earned him second division for several teams are set on it. In any case, that of Vilamoura is about to renew its contract with the Blaugrana entity, which ends next June 30, 2012. At the moment, is contesting the European under-21 in Denmark and hopes to return him to specify the conditions, but there should be no problem to continue. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique calls for four new signings

Asturian coach met with Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini, planning for next season.

Luis Enrique and a say in Rome. The former coach of Barcelona B next season and plans of the joint Italian and yesterday held the first meeting to discuss transfers with Walter Sabatini, sporting director Romanesque. The Spaniard has asked four signings to strengthen a team under construction. Luis Enrique particular the club expects him to bring two sides, a creative outlet and a nine.

The situation of the Roma, however, complicates the possibilities of incorporating the players he wants the Spaniard. The Roman club has a very complicated economic situation. The club is now in American hands but has very little leeway to make signings and Luis Enrique you know that the club will have to transfer to a major player in order to strengthen the team.

The striker Mirko Vucinic is a player that is more market and could be traded this summer. Vucinic has completed its third season in Rome and is a player who loves the big clubs in Italy.

One of the major objectives is the signing of Ricardo 'Ricky' Alvarez, a hugely talented player belonging to the discipline of Velez Sarsfield. Alvarez has a profile that is sought for the Italian side of midfield. Luis Enrique wants to implement total football Barcelona Romanesque and touch players looking to supplement Totti, an institution of the club.

The Roma have at Arsenal a major challenge to achieve the transfer, as the English club has also shown interest in the player of Velez Sarsfield.

In chapter nine, the club does not want to continue having Borriello on loan from Milan. The front has a record high and is not in the technical plans for next season Spaniard. Bojan, however, is one of the players who could be on the list of Luis Enrique for next season, according to Italian media.

Asturian coach also knows perfectly Barcelona B players and some players like Martin Montoya, Jonathan Soriano and Oriol Romeu could have options to play in the Rome club next season. (via SPORT)

Alexis: "I want to be a top player"

Concentrate your selection, Alexis Sánchez continues to push for a move to Barca.

Alexis Sanchez knows that to become Barça player has to go about sending encrypted messages, press club, Udinese, to accept the offer of Barcelona and drop, without saying so openly, that's just wear the Blaugrana jersey. It did so in his recent remarks, which was more graphic than ever: "I'm happy in Udine, but there is a fire that burns inside of me, a desperate desire to prove that I am a top player."

The Chilean concentrate your selection to prepare for the Copa America Argentina (play against Estonia next Saturday and June 23 in Paraguay), was not beyond the time to explain its position, even if his desire to leave Udinese bound to a club with European aspirations is evident.

"But everything that relates to market corresponds to Udinese, be what you want them (Udinese) as offers arrive," said Alexis, who keeps moving between prudence and ambition to give a qualitative leap soon. "Actually, I'm the last person you should ask this kind of thing," he said, in an attempt to isolate themselves from the flurry of rumors circulating about his next destination.

In Italy, the possibility that Alexis is striker from Juventus for next season appears to be a real option for the Turin club environment. The Juve `", which next year will play even European competition, is rearming in their attempt to return to the elite of the `calcium what I would bet heavily on the Chilean. The director general of Juventus' ", Beppe Marotta, has promised several additions of a high European standard.

Inter Milan also has asked for the striker, named player of the Italian League for the newspaper 'La Gazzetta dello Sport "at Udinese, ranked fourth in the championship and therefore play a preview of the Champions League .

Become a player in fashion, Alexis Sanchez keeps popping up in the pools of several largest in Europe. Several reports also placed on the agenda of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson that he would call personally to tweak and offer the possibility of playing at Old Trafford next season.

Waiting for his home club € 300,000

A humble club Tocopilla, the geographic origin Alexis Sanchez, looks forward to confirming the signing of striker for the club to receive an amount that would be around 300,000 euros for the 'solidarity mechanism' Cup, explains Chilean newspaper "La Tercera", if the transaction ultimately closes in around 35 million euros. The rules state that if a change of league football before the age of 23 clubs which formed the player are entitled to five percent of the total transfer price.
Alexis started playing at age eight in Tocopilla Arauco, a humble club like Boca Juniors dresses and sharing facilities with other entities in the hometown of Alexis, hard hit by the earthquake that struck Chile in 2007.
Nicknamed 'The Squirrel' in their first matches, Alexis Sanchez played in the Arauco to 14 years, when he was transferred to Cobreloa in the hands of former goalkeeper Kemel Farías.
"If we can realize the income of that money will be the best thing that could happen to this club. At least that, because since he left, Alexis never remembered us, "said the president of Arauco, Frank Dee Vek. (via SPORT)

Manchester City want to 'steal' Alexis to Barca

Directors of Manchester City will travel to Italy on Monday to try to close with the signing Udinese's Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, who are willing to pay 34 million pounds (38.5 million euros).

This was reported on Sunday the British newspaper The Sunday Times', which ensures that the 22 year old Chilean, who also pursues the club, is the main objective of the equipment owned by Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed al Nahia for the year next.

According to the 'Times', the City Manager, Brian Marwood directs the negotiations, which kicked off with an offer of 22.1 million pounds (25 million euros) which was rejected by the Italian club and has been substantially improved in last days.

The British newspaper says the interest shown by the club to Chilean football is a ploy to try to improve an economic agreement with Villarreal to sign a player who is considered a priority: Giuseppe Rossi.

The 'Times' says that the team led by Pep Guardiola has already reached an agreement with the Italian and international negotiations for joining the Nou Camp on Monday could end with the payment of a transfer of 29.5 million euros.

This figure, coupled with the 20 million that the club hope to accomplish with the sale of several players, would leave enough margin to achieve the most anticipated signing of the Catalan club in recent years, Cesc Fabregas, says' The Sunday Times .

The daily figure at 34 million pounds (38.4 million euros) the amount that the club will pay Arsenal Fabregas get back to the club that was formed. (via SPORT)

Afellay: constant progression

Afellay has the honour of being the only player ever to have been signed in the window transfer window during the Josep Guardiola era. He has adapted well, scoring two goals and becoming an ever-present in squad lists.

He also played a part in the Champions League final against United at Wembley. Afellay came on with two minutes to go and almost scored, which would have been a wonderful reward for his exceptional progression in just half a year with FC Barcelona.

Afellay made his official debut in the Copa del Rey, the day that Abidal scored his first goal for Barça. Since then the Dutchman has been a regular part of the FCB squad, showing humility, effort and adaptation to his club, for which he appeared in 28 official matches.

He has played for more than a thousand minutes, including 131 in the Champions League, plus 224 in the Copa and 700 in the Liga, which has also helped consolidate his role in the Dutch national team. Both his goals for Barça came in away matches, the first in the cup at Almeria, and the second on the last day of the championship at La Rosaleda, home of Malaga. Afellay has yet to feel the sensation of scoring in front of his own fans at the Camp Nou.

He has only supplied one assist for his new club, but it was arguably the most important of the year. That was in the 76th minute of the Champions League semi final at the Bernabéu, when Afellay collected the ball from Xavi and took advantage of a slip by Real Madrid’s Marcelo to dribble through and lay the ball up for Messi to open the scoring. A delightful moment both for him and Barcelona in general.

He has proved something of a utility player, appearing in no fewer than five different positions, usually filling in for Xavi or Iniesta, but also playing in any of the three attacking positions. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mourinho try to torpedo the signings of Barcelona

Real Madrid chasing all the players that the club is interested.
The objective of the technical and Florentino is hindering the negotiations Barca.

On the agenda Madrid there are many names and more are added every day. Interestingly among these names there are many similarities with the agenda of the club. Enough for the Catalan club is interested in a player for the Madrisa of Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho, who is the boss, move its tentacles into the same player.

Cesc case is the most obvious, but the same has happened with Neymar and now Pastore and Alexis Sanchez. It seems increasingly clear that what Mourinho wants to destabilize the Barça in everything you can. He has tried to constant statements out of place throughout the season and now, once finished, you try torpedoing all Barca's interest.

The insistence to sign Cesc Fabregas, trying to convince her surroundings and, in this case, yes, turning to his club, Arsenal, aiming to make an offer better than Barca, has been constant since the same time, makes A couple of years, that the club showed interest in recovering a player out of his quarry. Cesc has always shown a preference to return to Barcelona and Mourinho tried to convince him to personally accept the offer Madrid and failed. But Arsenal can play, thanks to the insistence, with the Madrid bid to thwart the interests of the club.

The same has happened with the Brazilian Neymar. Enough that the club, which continues for a long time the young star of Santos, has shown interest, so that Madrid has been put at stake and have contacted the Brazilian club and Ronaldo used to influence the decision of the player .

Real now offers a new negotiating trip to Barcelona. Right in the tug of war with Udinese Alexis Sanchez, Madrid has contacted the Italian club. We have requested 45 million euros and plans to respond next week. And finally also been interested Pastore. Florentino Pérez is willing to pay to Palermo to 35 million euros, but this operation is only carried out if the places Kaka Madrid.

Juve insist on a barter-Melo Lass
In Italy stress the desire of bringing Juventus Lass Diarra to their discipline. The rumors could be achieved on this next week when, according to Italian press, the Turin club can launch an offensive by Madrid. There is speculation that Juventus will try to reduce the cost of operation including midfielder Felipe Melo also in negotiation. Lass secured in Italy has signed an agreement with Juventus and only need the agreement between the clubs. Following the departure of Dudek and Adebayor, Lass could be the third player to leave the workforce Madrid. A Florentino is costing a lot of exits Chapter. (via MD)

Thiago Alcantara, on Twitter: "Once again words are misunderstood"

Thiago Alcantara , who plays for FC Barcelona , has been upset with the British media after he claimed the player had a disregard for England Under 21.

Barça had stated in his account of Twitter that he never wanted to belittle England. "Once again words are misunderstood!. At no time belittling the combined English. Even mentioned that they have an incredible selection," wrote Thiago. (via MD)

The same eleven, the best squad

The once-startup type is, by rank and merit, which led the league and Champions.
Cesc, Alex and co. completed the best squad in the world, but the site must be earned.

Barca have the best team owner in the world for three years. That is a commonly accepted idea about football in general, the same warning that can not be said of a staff extremely short. This season, with six titles at stake, how Barca have decided to correct that point. Hence the work in the arrival of four new signings capable of two things: more quantity and more quality.

The idea is to sign holders, although entry will not be. The paradox is easily explained: Pep Guardiola finished the season winning the Champions League and an eleven-aligning type, with its merits, has earned the right to start the next season to maintain his rank, even new recruits coming of great prestige and cachet. In the club, Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal), Alexis Sanchez (Udinese), Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal) or those who come will make the assumption that, first, have to get the job reference in the ideal board now occupied by another player. To speak with names, Victor Valdes, Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano, Gerard Piqué, Eric Abidal, Sergio Busquets, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Pedro Rodriguez, Leo Messi and David Villa finished last season as a team-base and begin the next as such. In this alignment is absent, for example, the great captain Carles Puyol. Logical, coming off a knee surgery.

This summer, the four planned reinforcements, we can say that there are three potential owners, though initially they are not de facto. Only the left side responds to this type of complementary player who comes to help. José Ángel (Sporting) and José Enrique (Newcastle) would make the role so far has played Maxwell Scherrer. Technicians understand that it is time to change a face on campus. Thus, the owners always feel a little less and alternates, menossuplentes, ideal plan to compete.

Adriano Correia, Seydou Keita and Ibrahim Afellay continue in his role as bodyguard to give the level. Others, such as Bojan Krkic and Thiago Alcántara continue if not covered by any signing operation. If Bojan and Rossi will not chip, do not count Jonathan Soriano, top scorer of Second A. Andreu Fontàs will rise from the central branch, but if a club paid a transfer good for him no problems in promoting Marc Bartra or even buy the Botía Alberto Gijon for the first team. All to remain the best team and, if possible, also the best squad in the world. (via MD)

Arsenal: 'no' to 34 more Bojan or Thiago

The English club have rejected an offer from Barca players including Cesc.

Arsenal have already made it clear that Barca will reach an agreement for the transfer of Barcelona Cesc if the offer includes a payment of the players. The English club this week rejected an offer from Barcelona for 30 million pounds (34 million euros) over Thiago and Bojan and has already made known in his response that only wants money. The representative of Cesc, Darren Dein, a person with close links with Arsenal, would be instrumental in the negotiations between all parties and was expected in Barcelona this weekend.

Arsenal have asked the Catalan club 40 million pounds (45 million euros) in its negative response, a figure that is still far from the top to the Barcelona club considers acceptable. From here, the role of Fabregas is becoming vital to the interests of the club. Arsenal only will lower its current claims, already well below the initial assessment made of their captain, if he puts pressure on your club. Fabregas has already delayed by one year its incorporation into the Barça and Arsenal as values, but the price reduction they can take is limited.

The London club, an expert on hold negotiations with the club without giving up, can not give the green light to a transfer of Cesc unhardened conditions, especially to save face before their fans, who idolizes his master and require a explaining the transfer price. In fact, only the fans of Arsenal Cesc tolerate a transfer if the Camp Nou, FC Barcelona for their recognition. It is the only destination you can afford Cesc English club.

Some sources put in those 40 million pounds (45 million) will go down that Arsenal could present to their fans. However, the role of Fabregas, who will be in Barcelona next week to continue negotiations on the front line can make the positions of the two clubs will come something else. Fabregas, who a year ago in Port Aventura said that his fate would be only the club if he left Arsenal, is key in the final sprint.

Rosell also returned yesterday from Brazil and its presence can also give a final push to the negotiations. (via MD)

Jeffren rejects all the offers he receives

Until I get news from Barca not make any movement in any direction.

Jeffren has experienced the worst season of his life at the individual level. He has enjoyed the title, but in many places has been injured and has been in a position where their presence has always been testimonial. His participation in the League is reduced almost exclusively to the last days, when the title was decided and Pep placed him in the starting lineup. Not forgetting, of course, the highlight of the year, his goal against Real Madrid in the Nou Camp, which put the 5-0 on the scoreboard.

It was that moment of ecstasy which has helped him persevere. But it has not been easy. His ostracism, in the end, he has placed on the market. The problem is that limbo does not give up. The canary has a year left on his contract and, as with other cases, neither the coach nor any authoritative voice of the club has been in contact with him. In fact, the player's intention is to focus on European Under 21 "in Denmark and, after the holidays, back to spring training. If your intention was to leave, yes, there would be no problem. There are many clubs that come in contact with its environment to explore the possibility of joining. The answer is always the same: "Talk to the club." (via SPORT)

Barça goes to Griezmann like alternative to Alexis

Inter, unbeaten in the auction for Chilean striker.

More noise than the mediático is not listened, but in the offices of Camp Nou the day by day is frantic. Convinced that should strengthen the team and meet Guardiola, the staff responsible for drawing up the next year working flat out to satisfy the hunger of names that were proposed months ago.

One of the players who do a lot to like and you can begin to take ownership is Antoine Griezmann, bomber of the Real Sociedad and French Under-21 international. Her versatile game unbalancing the band is that Pep is looking to strengthen the attack. In April 2010 the Real Sociedad renewed until 2015, fixing a buyout clause of 30 million euros. With these data and taking into account the reaction of Udinese Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal (for Cesc) or Sporting (by José Ángel), Donostia leaders undoubtedly would look kindly collect the clause for the player, but neither ill be looking at a substantial discount in exchange for transfers or players with projection facilities and no room at the Camp Nou.

Inter. may be the fate of Alexis. Moratti long and intimate work to strengthen the team, so after the failure of last season in Serie A and Champions League (winning the Club World seemed to be in a story). The interest are finding that the interest of Barcelona (also in Madrid, City, United and Juventus) have urged the product. The remaining 35 million away to Barca. Too. Hence, think of ways to reinvigorate the group and then enters Griezmann.

Nobody forgets Juan Mata
The name of Juan Mata sounded very strong last season and Guardiola will not be erased from memory. Asentadísimo in Valencia, Burgos would have perfect conditions for strengthening the Barca attack, although at the Mestalla would surely many more obstacles than before (input clause 60 million), as the International (now the Sub- 21, although last year won the World Cup in South Africa) is a safe in every way. For his part, Kiko Femenía (Hercules) not just settle the basis for concluding an agreement that makes travel to Alicante del Rico Pérez at Camp Nou. (via AS)

[Selection Under-16] Spain 6 - 0 Tajikistan

Team led by Santi Denia conclusively defeated the selection of Tajikistan, in the first championship match played this morning Dalga Saturday at the Stadium of Azerbaijan. Sandro Ramirez (3), Ivan Calero, Hector Bellerín and Dani got the many Spanish churches.

The Spanish Under-16 that directs Santi Denia started the first International Tournament Caspian Cup beating people up his first opponent: Tajikistan. They did it for six goals to zero in a meeting that was held from 10:00 (local time) in the Dalga Stadium in Azerbaijan, a country that hosts the championship from 9 to 17 June. The starting lineup of Denia was comprised of the following players: goalkeeper Ander Cantero, Hector Bellerín, Salvador Ruiz (c), Ruben Duarte, Sergi Samper, Sandro Ramirez, Samuel Castillejo, Ivan Calero, Rodrigo Tarin, Borja Martinez and Joel García. The first to open the can of the six goals was Sandro Ramirez Spanish in 21 minutes of the game, player to score again in the minutes 31 and 39, achieving a hat-trick. Ivan Calero in minute 45, Hector Bellerín in 57 and Dani Iglesias in 75 closed the scoring late in the first match of Spain in the Caspian Cup. (via RFEF)

[Youth] Doblete del Cadete A

Garcia Pimineta's team has won the Catalonia Championship final after beating Espanyol on penalties. The Cadet gets doubled and rounded a perfect season.

Season round of the Cadete A of Barca . Garcia Pimineta's team won the League and the Championship of Catalonia in a splendid double. The Catalans have had to sweat a great time to be imposed at Espanyol on penalties after a 2-2 draw to reach final 80 minutes from Catalunya Championship final round in Montcada i Reixac.

The porter azulgrana Ondoa has stopped him two penaltis to Espanyol after Grimaldo had marked the decisive goal that gave the victory to the Cadete A azulgrana.

It has cost Barça to enter in the game. Espanyol knew how to take advantage of it being ahead in the marker in the minute 13 for mediation of Maxi.

In the second half, the club has insisted on its domain until the minute 45, Godswill has tied the game with a timely shot from inside the area. The 1-1 has spurred Barca and Espanyol has been offset. In minute 60, Mamadou with a powerful shot and managed to turn it placed the marker.

But far from calming the Barca game, the goal broke the game. Espanyol felt more comfortable in this situation and on 72 minutes, Iago set it 2-2 on the scoreboard and forced the shootout. Barca was more effective from the penalty spot and converted three of four pitches Espanyol.

[Benjamin A and the Infantil-Alevín feminine neither they fail]
The teams Benjamin A and Infantil-Alevín feminine of Barça champions from Catalonia were also proclaimed after winning Espanyol in the final ones disputed this Saturday in Montcada i Reixac. Marc Serra's team has overcome to the blanquiazules in the penaltis shift after arriving at the end of the time regulated with tie to zero. On the other hand, Jordi Ventura's girls have goleado to Espanyol for 4-1. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Shakira takes Piqué tour and smiles when asked if she is pregnant

Since the holiday began on Thursday, Gerard Piqué is not separated from his girlfriend, Shakira. To the extent that even at his side at the press conference.

The singer Shakira will not follow the women's World Cup, which begins June 26 in Germany, because, he said in a press conference in Frankfurt, is only interested in the men's game. To say, the Colombian looked toward her boyfriend, also present in the room, Gerard Piqué. And is that since Thursday, the Barça defense does not move side Colombian singer. On Friday she was already in Graz on Saturday in Frankfurt. However, the singer wished them luck in the Colombian players who will participate this year for the first time a World Cup.

"When I kick is a disaster," admitted the popular singer who in 2010 was synonymous with men's World Cup with his song "Waka Waka". When asked if the pregnancy rumors that circulated in recent weeks in the media were true, avoided answering and just smiled.

As part of the conference, Shakira signed a cooperation between his foundation "Pies Descalzos" and the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The foundation of the Colombian promotes education as a "key in the fight against poverty" in his own palabras.Shakira also visited the German city of Frankfurt to recover a lost time in December, when their fans had to give up one of their concerts due to heavy snowfall. (via SPORT)

Bolton is coming for Thiago

The first firm offer for the player that would come from Bolton and would be five million pounds, reported 'Mirror Football".

The owner of Bolton, Owen Coyle is willing to travel to Spain with five million pounds under his arm to try to take Thiago Alcántara to England, reports 'Mirror Football'.

Rumors of a possible international sale of lower category Thiago Alcantara, has awakened the English teams and the first to get the book has been the Bolton Wanderers, with an offer of five million pounds (nearly six million euros) will try be the player.

Coyle plans are first seduced financially to the club and then try to convince the player who joined the English team. (via SPORT)

Josh Smith: "Messi is like LeBron James"

The North American eaves of Atlanta Hawks Josh Smith has admitted in Barcelona that the footballer azulgrana Lionel he finds Messi "incredible", and that for talent and all that generates to its surroundings is probably "LeBron James" of the football.

In a meeting with the press in Barcelona, ​​under the Amateur Championship NBA 5 United Tour 2011 ', the player said Hawks fan of the game of FC Barcelona and Argentina star has exhibited a remarkable domain about "soccer" is known as soccer in America.
"Oh, Messi is incredible, unbelievable," Smith has been repeated with a grin. "I have wanted to see him play live someday."

Mates tournament champion at the All-Star in the NBA in 2005, Josh Smith is not the first player in this competition that recognizes their fervor for the best player in the world. On several occasions, the Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, has reiterated his devotion to Messi and the Barcelona football played.

However, Bryant has not exactly been the NBA player Josh Smith chosen to compare the fantasy game of Argentine forward: "Messi is now probably as LeBron, by the publicity generated around it and because all her fans love. LeBron is the 'top' of the best players in the NBA. "

Indeed, the Miami Heat are struggling to make LeBron the NBA Championship in the NBA finals, dominating the Dallas Mavericks 3-2 and being "incredible," Smith said.

But not everything has been praise for the 'play-off this year, as the player has described as "very sad" the harsh criticism he received the Spanish player of the Los Angeles Lakers, Pau Gasol, after their surprise elimination to the Dallas team.

"When they win rings (the Lakers) then they are told they are great players, but then it appears a hardship begin to attack the person. It is sad to see, but it's what comes with this job, I suppose," said .

After the defeat of the Lakers that they withdrew from the fight for the title, Gasol was noted by the media as one of the main responsible for the disposal of its low performance and some information that pointed to personal problems related to his love life.

"You have a lot of people who never played basketball and going to criticize anyone for having a bad game," Josh Smith has complained about these criticisms he received the power forward in Barcelona. "But we are all human, and basketball is not a perfect game, you can not do thirty points every night. You have to understand that there is much pressure," he commented.

It has therefore advised Pau "have the mind cleared" of all criticism and continue to show their "talent", as the Spanish, he stressed, is one of the best senior players in the NBA, with great skill and movement an excellent game with both hands.

He also praised other Spanish and Marc Gasol (Memphis Grizzlies) or Rudy Fernandez (Portland Trail Blazers), and the base Barca Ricky Rubio, that next season could join the ranks of the Minnesota Timberwolves. "I could see him play in the Olympics, is a very talented player and his arrival will be very good," Smith discussed.

And recalling that this is the second time I go to Barcelona, ​​and seven years ago participated in a junior basketball championship still remembers ("Rajon Rando and I had a very good"), the umbrella has not ruled out playing in Spain eventually occur if the lockout in the NBA next season.

"If I 'lock-out' and was very long, I would like to come to Europe, especially Spain, because I've been several times and love it. But Turkey or Germany," said Smith, who in any case has relied on to focus on their future in the Hawks if the collective bargaining agreement is fixed.

"With some pieces can be a great team like the Chicago Bulls, the Celtics or Lakers. With a couple of pieces, I think we can do," he concluded.

Smith will be the main attraction of the way through Barcelona's' NBA 5 United Tour 2011 ", an amateur tournament to promote the best basketball league in the world in several European cities, including Milan, Istanbul and, next week, Madrid, where Dwight 'Superman' Howard (Orlando Magic) will be the master of ceremonies. (vai SPORT)