11 June 2011

In Chile T-shirt of Barça are already sold with the name of Alexis

In Chile they already come the transfer of Alexis Sánchez to Barça like a reality.

There is still no official confirmation on the signing of Alex Sanchez for the club. All indications are that next Tuesday would close the bases of a transfer in the eyes of Chileans is already a reality.

And in the home country of the Udinese player have already begun selling T-shirts with the name of Barca striker. "Business, or eager to see the Chilean star to succeed in a team like Barca? Must await the coming days to confirm whether this transfer that the Chileans are celebrating becomes a reality. (via SPORT)

Adriano: the polivalencia made footballer

Adriano Correia has played with the club a total of 29 games this season. The titles won this year make the Brazilian one of the players with the best track record as a player of Club. The '21 'has scored one goal and made two assists.

From Seville - where he won the UEFA Cup, European Super Cups and Spain and the Copa del Rey - the Brazilian has rounded out his track record with the League, the Champions League other Spanish Supercup. The next season has a chance to win the only title as a player lacks Club: the Club World Cup.

The cold figures is that the side has scored a goal - in the Copa del Rey at the Mediterranean Games in Almeria - and made two assists also go l. His versatility has been evident to over the 2,087 minutes that has been on the pitch. In the league, has played 976 minutes, with 15 games played, in the Champions League, Adriano has played in 6 games, playing 442 minutes, while in the King's Cup, the tournament where he has played more minutes, has participated in 8 games (of nine possible) and has been present on the playing field a total of 670 minutes.

The Brazilian has demonstrated a willingness and qualifications to take up six places in the team of Pep Guardiola. Throughout this season, Adrian has played in both defensive side, on to the defensive midfielder - both right and left - and also participated in the offensive zone, also the two bands. A player, therefore, SUV, hungry for titles and victories and has not been lucky in terms of injuries.

Their progress in the Barcelona has attracted the attention of the new Brazilian coach. In a 'stage' of Brazil made in the Ciutat Deportiva Joan Gamper last winter, Adriano and participated as a new international player, a presence that has continued in the immediate future, since it has been called up by Brazil for the final phase of Argentina Copa America 2011 will start on 1 July. Year round, then, for FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-21] England feels neglected by Thiago

Player of Barcelona mocks England's team consists sub''21 unknown "now titled" The Guardian ", in reaction to statements by Thiago Alcantara.

Speaking of Barcelona's Thiago Alcántara admitting that he and his Spanish team-mates sub''21 know the players of England, his first opponent tomorrow in the European Denmark have gone bad in the English and their overall environment.

Player of Barcelona mocks England's team consists sub''21 unknown "now titled" The Guardian ", while" The Telegraph "said that Spain is not" impressed "England and" The Mirror "said the Spanish players are "blind" with respect to its rival.

The controversy arose from a statement by Thiago collected today by the British media in highlighting the importance of the absence of Wilshere (Arsenal), Richards (Manchester City) in the English club and admits he does not know the other rivals.

"Apparently they are good at the psychological game. If you want to believe that, fine, is a plus for us because they will not expect what they will find on Sunday," said the Aston Villa player Marc Albrighton daily "The Telegraph".

Albrighton no secret that England has low weight, but stressed that those who go in their place "are great players" and they "give good choices."

Asked if he would recognize Javi Martinez and Juan Mata, both absolute world champions sub''21 present in the selection and at the same Thiago, Albrighton said: "I do not think, no, I do not think we recognized." Albrighton was not very pleased with Thiago comments about the Spanish technical superiority and confidence in the triumph of "Rojita."

"They seem vulnerable ago, so I will try to counterattack while playing the beautiful football," said Albrighton, who believes England have to think about itself and ensure that Spain will be scared. Spain debut tomorrow against England in Herning Stadium (1845 GMT) in the second match of Group A, which will open the Czech Republic and Ukraine. (via AS)

[Youth] Arsenal returns to the fray with Deulofeu

With the fly behind the ear by the possible departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barca, Arsenal again set their eyes on the cantera Barca.

This time the expectation is none other than Gerard Deulofeu, who, according to the English newspaper 'Daily Mail' concern to the whole of Arsène Wenger. The end of 17 years is one of the jewels in the crown of the quarry Barca, the proof is that despite the youthful military has already debuted with the first team of Pep Guardiola.

Called to be a substitute for Ronaldinho and Messi, Arsenal plans to launch an offensive to convince the Catalan moving to London before turning 18 next March. And, as it did with Hector Bellerin and Toral few months ago, the English club wants to take advantage of the fact that in Spain the players can not sign a professional contract until they reach the age of majority to tempt Barca. A temptation that could be realized exactly by the transfer of Fabregas at Camp Nou.

In addition, says 'Daily Mail', Deulofeu not the only interests the Arsenal youth squad, which also would have laid eyes on Xavier Limerick, player of 15 years playing in defense or midfield in the Cadete B. Lleida native, came to the Blaugrana discipline from his hometown team two years ago and since then its performance has been increasing. This is a player with great touch of the ball, who knows how to get the ball played from behind and very powerful appearance. (via SPORT)

Udinese, resigned to lose Alexis

Alexis Sanchez could become the next days in the first reinforcement of Pep Guardiola. While the operation is not closed, the Udinese football club where the Chilean military does not rule out the possible departure of forward.

It admitted this way it this Friday in declarations to the 'Club of Mitjanit Pep Bonet, member of the technical Secretary of the Italian club. "It is clear that when a player wants to leave little to be done," said Catalan told the program "` Catalunya Radio. "The intention of our club is to maintain a level players but when this level teams are interested in them is complicated," says Bonet hinting that Udinese have already accepted that Alexis will be next season. (via SPORT)

There are alternatives (in case)

Barça hopes to close the signings of Alex and Rossi, but he has plan B in case complicated.
Of Hazard and Pastore have made extensive and excellent track technical reports.

Barca continued to work slowly but surely in the making of the template that will fight for six titles next season. Of all the signings he wants to make the European champions league and only one has no parts, that of Cesc Fabregas. To Pep Guardiola and his technical staff arrival this summer of the Arsenal captain is absolute. Or is he, or anyone. No other Cesc in the market that offers the specific conditions required by the Barça midfield. For the attack, Alexis Sanchez, and Giuseppe Rossi are the first in the list, but for them if no plan B, although players from other qualities. Barca confident that we should not resort to that plan B because the Chilean agreement has been reached, but Udinese, for now, asking too much for Alexis: 27 million euros and the transfer of Bojan Krkic. Continue to negotiate. The Italian-American Villarreal is also delighted with the club, but in El Madrigal not drop below 30 million and Rossi's agent says that she has three weeks without news.

By the way, the club managed alternatives. Like Eden Hazard and Javier Pastore. There are excellent reports from both the product of a long follow-up confirming its place in the Barca style.

A talented Belgian midfielder

Eden Hazard (La Louvière, 1991) only 20 years old, but good international football fans for several seasons ago you are in love with his talent. The Belgian is a clever, skilful midfielder with a notable dribbling skills, able to get both bands, with a great capacity for association with a remarkable final pass. In addition, this season has improved his scoring contribution, with 7 goals in 32 games as the holder of Lille. It is not uncommon that Lille has become a big hit in French football, winning League and Cup

Under contract until 2014, Hazard is being patient for growth in football. To be so young and endorse him 142 career games and 28 goals. Long similar to the ones in Europe. Liverpool, Bayern and Inter want him. Zinedine Zidane also takes months and months to recommend his transfer to Real Madrid. And Barca are technical reports on its good performance after a long and continuous observation. Hazard This year has proved its maturity and, although he is still not in a hurry, this time could make the jump. Girlfriend is not so strange that the Lille talk of a sale of not less than 25 million euros for its Pearl, but qualifying for the Champions League Lille makes it more difficult. (via MD)

On Tuesday it could close the signing of Alexis Sánchez

The little saga comes to an end. Barcelona summit will attempt to close the first reinforcement of the 2011-12 sports project.

The transfer of Alexis Barca Sánchez has entered the critical line. After the deadline set for the player's agent, Fernando Felicevich, seek the latest European market offers, the executives of Barca and Udinese have laid the foundations of pure and hard bargaining. Both parties are well aware of what the Catalan club is ready to put on the table and the requirements of the Italian squad to get rid of crack having reached the last square of the Champions League. The starting points are there and is no longer necessary to hide the letters to pressure the opponent. But the most important, the big news in the last hours, it has already been established on a first date to hold the summit between the clubs. A lack of squaring the respective agendas, Barcelona and Udinese are scheduled to meet next Tuesday to finalize the signing of Alexis Sanchez.
The agent, Fernando Felicevich, established the contact bridges along these days. With the final numbers that the market throws at hand, the discrete representative has lovingly prepared the ground for the final assault between Gino Pozzo and culé delegation. The owner of Udinese left the city of Barcelona for 48 hours with the homework done. Barca in the offices know firsthand that the will of the Italians passed to respect the public desire Alexis Sanchez. That is, if the club is willing to make a significant financial effort, the Chilean striker could be the first reinforcement of Pep Guardiola thinking about the 2011-12 season.

The negotiating landscape has cleared almost all the questions before the summit announced. Inter Milan, Manchester United and Manchester City "the main economic rivals in the race for the player should they wait resigned Barca final movement, as agreed between the clubs for several weeks. The manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, he secured a first option in the entire litigation, and it will be respected at least until Tuesday. The executive shall exercise its right of first refusal, but must be more generous in its initial proposal. The 25 million euros filtered by the club are a good starting point, although not seem sufficient to swing the stubborn will of the Italians. This proposal must be completed with more money, options on players from the quarry Barca sports variables feasible to achieve in the short term ...

Tuesday and Wednesday is expected to be white smoke. Last night was expected to Udinese owner's son, Gino Pozzo, landed in Granada lands today live to witness the second leg of promotion to division between the Andalusian club is your business group is the majority shareholder "and the Celtic (0 -1 on the way). The weekend will be mere formality, with the occasional phone call and a little more on the table. This is a short break to detail with great detail the final offer. It is the moment of truth, when face to face around a negotiating table.

Despite the smoke screen in the form of baseless statements that have been recited or president Giampaolo Pozzo of Udinese, Franco Soldati, the Alpine Club has sent in `Italian mercato" their willingness to start the bid with an estimated 35 million euros. Both sides know they are positions that will bring maximum and positions if they are to find imaginative solutions to realize the transfer of Alexis Sanchez.

The differences are still notable departure, but all parties agree that they are willing to make an effort to realize the wishes of the player, the preferences of Barca's technical services and the promise given at the time by the Pozzo family: when the time came and a big club called the gates of Alexis, Udinese would rise and allow the Chilean continued to grow away from its current crib.

From Barça environment and ensures that Udinese have not begun formal negotiations to date. By Fernando Felicevich is true that there has been a flow of information, but at no time entered in the chapter on economic bargaining or possible listings with Barca players may change the costumes of the Camp Nou by Udinese. The willingness of both clubs is not to delay the negotiating process over to avoid unnecessary wear. The summit next Tuesday should start with concrete proposals and formulas able to solve the obstacles identified so far. Udinese Barca and still disagree with the valuation of the transaction.

Alexis recover Borghi smile and let you travel to Barcelona if tab

The Chilean striker is constantly informed of all movements conducted by its agent in Europe. Sources close to the selection of Chile, yesterday admitted that Alexis was in excellent spirits and confirmed that coach Claudio Borghi and have granted permission to do so next week, in the case of the consummation of the transfer operation, the player may take a plane and a displacement address urgently to Barcelona. A brief trip to perform the required medical review, contract signing, presentation to the media and from the Chilean concentration.
For the moment, pending the final outcome, Alexis strictly follows its policy of absolute silence. The Chilean press eager to keep the statements of its star. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta moved its plans Unzué

The manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, met yesterday morning with Juan Carlos Unzue to send you your proposal. The Navarre, after his time in returning to the discipline Numancia Barca and now consider the offer.

In principle, the intention is to be incorporated, again, as coach of goalkeepers in the first team, although the decision is not final until you are drawn to relay the name of Luis Enrique. In that sense, Unzué was one of the first choices, so it is possible that if in the end, Eusebius, the man best placed at present, fails to reach a final agreement, Navarre coach take the reins of the subsidiary. Meanwhile, the staff and is on vacation, as well as the coaching staff, which has one year left on his contract. Some players and former team coach of the Roma are still waiting to get news about their future. (via SPORT)

Cesc, closer than ever Barca

His agent, Darren Dein, has already contacted the club to announce that Arsenal are inclined to leave out midfielder.

The signing of Cesc Fabregas to Barca is getting closer to becoming a reality. Arsenal and Barça club already moving in the same direction and although there are ten million difference between the initial amounts (the English club claims 40 `kilos what the ship offers, for the moment, 30), predisposition both lead to the arrival of the template Fàbregas Blaugrana, which is waiting with open arms. Cesc himself and knows firsthand that negotiations are well under way and that finally, after several attempts, you can return to Barca, and is more optimistic than ever about the real possibilities of ending up in the club.

From a position always discreet, the representative of Cesc, Darren Dein, has been in the last few hours very encouraging contacts with the senior management of the club. The officer was scheduled to fly to Barcelona to meet with officials of Barca, but given the media frenzy that is awakening the `case" Cesc has preferred to continue the talks on the phone.

Dein, who has been at least two telephone conversations with officials of the club Catalans, Barcelona transmitted to the road to sign Cesc is more open than ever and that positions are approaching slowly. On the one hand, the club, ready to raise 30 million euros with which it has begun negotiations, implying that he is willing to fight hard for the player. Alternatively, Arsenal, fully aware that the desire of the player is already blaugrana dress and is willing to push to turn that dream into reality. Dein also promised that there will be no interference from other clubs and negotiations, sooner or later come to fruition.

The player's agent, which maintains a great relationship with Sandro Rosell has already forwarded the offer to Barcelona by Cesc has been well received in the offices of Arsenal and that the bargaining situation to be optimistic. The Barca president is scheduled to return this weekend of his business trip to Brazil, which can help substantially to advance the negotiations significantly.
Wenger knows that Cesc wants to play for Barca and only hoped that the proposal Blaugrana will compensate the loss of their captain, the player who has been supported in recent seasons.

The relationship between Cesc and Wenger will be a plus: French coach knows that the player wanted to leave the club since last year, after winning the World Cup and he resigned to avoid prejudicing the interests of Arsenal, Wenger fulfilling the request form a competitive team and hope to all.
But the picture has changed radically: Arsenal closed the season without a title, losing the final of the FA Cup against Birmingham, and the offer that the club has now is far more interesting than the one presented last year when neither Joan Laporta and Rosell managed to convince leaders Arsenal. The transition between the two presidents (Rosell won election June 13, 2010) also helped facilitate negotiations between Arsenal and Barca.

Although Arsenal have slipped some interest in having some players from Barca's youth system in operation (Thiago Alcantara and Martin Montoya could be in sports Wenger plans), the negotiation will focus on purely economic point between the two clubs, must agree on what the real price of Cesc.

Barça directive known Arenys midfielder Pep Guardiola is priority and therefore, make an effort for the negotiations with Arsenal leading to a happy ending. It is true that according to the club `s economic plan only are there 45 million euros to cover the additions required by the template, as confirmed by the financial vice-president, Javier Faus, but the fact remains that the Catalans club is willing to increase that amount (using the money for the signings of upcoming campaigns, when the economic situation of the institution is much better) to secure the signing of Cesc.

The payment will be one of the major items discussed at the trilateral negotiations between Arsenal and Barca brokered by Darren Dein. The London club need to charge the entire amount at once, without deadlines, go to market as soon as possible to sign players of sufficient quality to take on the role of Cesc. Brazilian Felipe Melo, former Almeria and Racing, now at Juventus, could be chosen by the coaching staff at club `GUNN. Gervinho, Ivory Lille, also comes into Wenger's plans to try to build a winning team to end the club's title drought in London.

Barca, however, try to defer payment for several months to alleviate the economic situation of the club and other resources available to sign other players, if Alexis Sanchez and Giuseppe Rossi, reinforcements also necessary for the team's offensive line Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Bojan continuity is not ruled out

No one has spoken to the Linyola, neither the club nor the coaching staff, because its output will be treated with caution.

The last link to a club Bojan Krkic has been the agent Zoran Vekic, who spoke on behalf of the front, without being its representative, placing him in Rome. There are many clubs that, at the news that puts him away from Barca were interested in the player, but so far, nobody in the club has moved a finger to let you know the player I do not have it.

In fact, the only movement that has occurred was in December when the club was renewed until June 30, 2015, two years older than he had signed. Not Pep Guardiola and no authoritative voice has spoken to the player about his departure. Instead, the technician noted Santpedor other three players in red with no consideration for next season. Milito is, Maxwell and limbo. The three do not fall under the plans of the coaching staff and has asked the club they find a way out. Nor Thiago Alcantara is on the list. Anyway, they are not mentioned does not mean you have the opportunity to leave. Although only be so if the operation was satisfactory to all parties. The most likely option for Bojan Krkic, when the time came to make a decision, would be given leave and always choosing the destination. Not at his farewell is defined and is not excluded that the next season to continue wearing the Barça shirt to the orders of Pep Guardiola. While the striker is focused on under-21 European Championship in Denmark, where he hopes to enjoy, again, football. (via SPORT)

Cesc comes into play and put pressure on Wenger

Tired of white seasons at Arsenal, the squad looks close blaugrana his return to Camp Nou.

Cesc Fabregas is not ready to repeat the story of last season and, after disconnecting the United States a very demanding season, will get to work without delay to achieve an objective that was set last summer and which this time there will not resign under any circumstances.
Therefore, the Catalan player wants to work personally for the transaction comes to fruition and today and tomorrow will telephone his coach, Arsène Wenger, to try to convince him that he is morally bound to accept the offer from FC Barcelona, ​​that of Mar Arenys considered sufficiently attractive to the entity `GUNN.

This conversation is crucial to seal his move to Barca. Backed by the strength of 30 million euros it has already put on the table the Catalans club and could increase, Cesc will talk to Wenger to fulfill its promise and let him, this time, fulfill his dream of returning to Camp Nou .

Unlike what happened last year when Barcelona's offer was not up to expectations Wenger, Cesc now have all the cards in your favor to win the game of poker with the Frenchman and permanently refloat the negotiations. What is clear is that the Catalan midfielder intends to go all out and come all the way to dress for Barca.

Cesc is scheduled to arrive in Barcelona on Monday to spend some time with his family. Wednesday will be a break to make a fragrance in Madrid, in what will be his first public appearance since the end of the season. The Spanish international could use its appearance to send a compelling message through the media.

Meanwhile, Cesc lives with optimism the days before it can be a major summer signings. He knows that Barca's offer is more than enough to present themselves and ask Wenger to keep his word and will open the door to the club. "If you leave the Arsenal, which is at Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but not a Premiership club," he had assured his coach. Well ... now it go through with the French. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: I think better than others "

Guardiola exercised of image of the Group Sabadell in Donosti and it attributed the players the success of its team.

The man of fashion in the world of sport, especially in the field of sports' coaching ", Pep Guardiola, yesterday gave one of his lectures on the management of a wardrobe. The Santpedor, image of Banc Sabadell, San Sebastian attended the official launch of the new Banco Sabadell-Guipuzcoano, which took place in the central Kursaal.

Barca coach talked about sporting success reaped by the club for the third consecutive season, but wanted to subtract the merits to attribute them to their players. "I do not do anything different to what they do on other football coaches, whether the First Division, 2 nd B or lower grades. Not consider myself better than anyone else. I just do my job the best without losing sight of where I come from being honest with the players, not to mislead anyone and conveying my idea of ​​football, "said Guardiola winning the applause of those present.

The coach did not hesitate to serve customers, shareholders of the bank and all children who could not resist the presence of award-winning coach. In addition, Guardiola held a private meeting with directors and executives of the entity and other representatives of politics and the Institutions of the Basque Country.

The coach insisted the message to direct the praise to his players, "the secret is that they are great and they are very good people," he said. And gave an example of humility by insisting that "this boat could have done the same with another coach, but I would not have done it without these players, who are amazing," he said.

The coach, the image of professional success

Pep Guardiola brand image acts as Banc de Sabadell in ten months. The organization, chose Mr. Catalan, because its image is associated with good management and professional success as a result of preparation, hard work and persevering work, "says the CEO of the bank. Barca's sporting success this season and how they manage the controversy provoked by the statements of Jose Mourinho have done nothing to increase the good image of the coach. (via SPORT)

Luis Enrique train to Roma

Luis Enrique Martinez, the coach of Barça B during the last three seasons, will lead the next course, the AS Roma Italian, ranked sixth in Serie A.

Weeks ago and Luis Enrique said that would leave Barca B at the end of the season . I wanted to do the best position in team history II B , a challenge that has been achieved with a brilliant third place , if the set is not a subsidiary, give access to the play-off for promotion to Primera.Hoy, AS Roma has officially confirmed that Luis Enrique will be his coach.

Luis Enrique , who during his playing career never left the Spanish league (he played for Sporting de Gijon , Real Madrid and Barcelona ), will face for his fourth season as coach in the Italian capital. In Miniestadi, have climbed to Barca B to Second in his second season, finished fifth in the first, at the gates of the play-off, and has achieved the best on the team in the Silver Division. A cover sheet enviable. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Van Persie denies having spoken out against the pñayers of Barcelona and Chelsea.

The Dutchman comes to pass false information to various media have been attributed.
"I play against them for many years" has assured.

Arsenal's Dutch international, Robin Van Persie , said on the website of Arsenal that the charges against several media attributed the saying that "Chelsea and Barca are always complaining" are false.

The Dutchman believes "it is important to clarify some recent comments attributed to me. "These data suggest that I recently falsely negative comments about the Spanish players and Chelsea, I would like to make it perfectly clear that I did an interview with Sport 1 or any other media in recent weeks and I certainly have not been rude as suggested by the comments. "

" I respect my colleagues from Spain and Chelsea and I have wanted to play against them for many years . I sincerely hope that all fans in the world do not take seriously the false information "to complete wishing" all a great summer. " (via MD)

Pastore: "I leave Palermo"

Pastore acknowledges that wants to leave the Italian club said that the Madrid Zamparini hired him "only if he leaves Kaka but is clear who will play at.

Javier Pastore leaves Palermo . Messi has acknowledged for the first time its willingness to let the Italian told 'Fox Sports Radio Plate. " "I feel that it is time to leave Palermo" has recognized the player, in the orbit of Barca and Real Madrid among other greats of Europe.

Pastore statements have not caught the president 'rosanero' Maurizio Zamparini has been shown "almost resigned." "Rather than me talking to his agent, there are big clubs that want it. I do not feel offended, it is logical that the maximum Palermo could play another year, but at the same time if you would stay more pressure and would not be the same Pastore. "

Zamparini Pastore recalls that "I paid $ 19 million, was 18. Bids will probably through his agent" and has made ​​clear that "Spanish football is more suited to talents Pastore" to sentence "Is Real? The sign up only if Kaka . Barca still watch the news for the Argentine player. (via MD)

Keita tops appearances list

After playing 56 official matches, Seydou Keita was the player Josep Guardiola made the most use of this season. The Malian has set a wonderful example and this has been reflected in his number of appearances.

Seydou Keita’s third season at FC Barcelona was also his busiest, with 56 appearances, which was more than other players that tend to get more media attention, like Messi, with 55, Alves, with 54, and Villa, with 52.

Of Keita’s 56 appearances, 35 were in La Liga, 15 of those as a starter, and he scored 3 goals. In the Champions League, the African played 10 games, 4 in the starting eleven, and he scored once. In the Copa del Rey, he appeared in every game, starting 6 of them and coming off the bench in 3, scoring two goals in the process. He also played all ninety minutes of both Spanish Supercup matches against Sevilla.

But Keita should not only be valued in terms of statistics. He has also become a central part of the team and Josep Guardiola has never tired of highlighting his exceptional attitude. As he said in the build-up to the game at Hercules on January 29, for the Barcelona manager, the Malian is “the image of the team”.

That day, Guardiola went on to say that “the player shows generosity in everything. I hope his is the image that can guide us from here to the end of the season. When the players in a team accept they are substitutes so gracefully, that team will go far”. Guardiola knew what he was talking about. Barça won the Liga and Champions league and Keita played a fundamental role in the team’s balance and performances. (via FCBarcelona.cat)