10 June 2011

Two myths of Milan visit the Museum

Franco Baresi and Daniele Massaro had visited the Museo del FC Barcelona while on a visit to the Catalan capital with other former players of Milan. Massaro praised Barca, who qualifies as the best team in the world.

Milan captain of the legendary 80's and 90's, Franco Baresi and striker who scored two goals against Barcelona in the final in Athens, Daniele Massaro , did not want to miss the opportunity to visit the Museo del Barça making the stay in Barcelona. Both have enjoyed the quality of facilities and have shown great interest in all aspects related to the early years of the club's history.

Speaking to Barça TV , Massaro has spared no praise for the champions and the Champions League and has not hesitated to equate the legendary Milan of the 80: " Today the club is the best team in the world as was Milan at the time . Have a wonderful coach, young and hardworking. I love the mentality of this team. "

The Barca fans do not save too good memory of Daniele Massaro scored as two of the four goals conceded Barca in the final in Athens. Instead, the former Milan striker has recognized that the Barca team has always been a reference to him: "As a small first was the Milan and Barcelona after. In the Barca team was playing my idol was Johan Cruyff and so I've always liked the Catalan team. "

The Rossoneri striker underlined especially the high quality of the Barca midfield: "I love the midfield with Xavi and Iniesta . Messi finished work of the whole team and the defense is wonderful. I do not see many games on TV but never I lost one in which the club plays. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The representative of Bojan assures that he wants to play in Rome

The representative of the young Spanish player Bojan Krkic Barcelona, ​​Zoran Vekic, said today that the Catalan front is interested in playing in Rome next season and to have as a coach Luis Enrique Martinez, hearing the ranks of club Barça "

"Luis Enrique and Bojan are known, so it is clear that (the young) would like to go to Rome," said the player's agent told the Italian radio station "Mana Mana".

Vekic insisted, saying that the incorporation of the new project Bojan technical Spaniard would be "perfect marriage", but acknowledged that it is best to wait and see what you think Pep Guardiola's Barcelona on the possible operation.

"We must wait, we must be prudent because it will be the club who takes a decision (about the future of the young striker). He works for the club 'Blaugrana' and do not want to confuse things. So ordered silence," he said representative.

Some Italian newspapers like Corriere dello Sport ", they say that Luis Enrique wants to bring Roma's youth players from Barcelona.

In addition to Bojan, who has spent several years in the Barça first team, the coach thinks Jonathan Soriano, second top scorer with 31 goals, and Martin Montoya, who has refused to renew his contract with the Catalan club president Sandro Rossell.

The media are also reminded that Bojan other teams interested in Italian and Udinese, who finished fourth this season and will play qualifiers for the Champions League. (via SPORT)

Roig: 'There is interest in Rossi, but no firm offers'

"Talks have not come here, or offers from any club.'re On vacation and do not know if you want to go. I said he wants to be here, and I also want him to stay," he said.

Fernando Roig, Villarreal president, acknowledged that "there is much interest" in the figure of Giuseppe Rossi, the Italian striker set Castellon, "but offers no firm."

"Talks have not come here, or offers from any club. The player is on vacation and do not know if you want to go. I said he wants to be here, happy, and I also want to stay" said.

To Roig, Rossi is a "key player, is an important player and therefore the club has him and his goals for next season."

Another player of all Castellon has attracted interest from other teams, namely Atletico Madrid's midfielder Borja Valero. "It's a very good player and I understand that everybody likes (Gregorio) Manzano, but I also like and think I have an advantage, and the player has 4 years of contract here," said the leader.

Marcos Senna, midfielder of the team that is up for renewal, is another "key player" for the set and Roig admitted that "if things are not finished yet." "The economic situation is important, but we can try if possible to reach an agreement and to stay. The coach has it and believes it is a key player, so fight for him to stay," he said.

The team, which finished last season fourth in the league, is going through a "good", says CEO. "We have a great team with great players and our idea is to stick with them," he said. "We face a great year and do it with the same enthusiasm as always. We will make an effort to have better equipment and more competitive to cope with all three competitions," said the president of Villarreal.

The team "aims to maintain its membership base," said Roig, referring to the new club season ticket campaign, which will keep prices of last season. "We are going to make an effort once again. We want people to be with us and with this project, our desire is to keep the twenty thousand members and we hope to achieve," specified.

Moreover, the idea of ​​the club is "to open up the club to those who want to be shareholders and therefore everyone who wants to can buy shares. It's a sentimental value," specified.

Roig also discussed the situation in Spanish football in relation to the increasingly common use of the bankruptcy law, which "not good", he explained, because "the road is paid and the seriousness." "It is logical that things are done well, that's not the way. The bankruptcy is unfair competition and football has done much damage. It is better to get to where you can get and be serious, not to promise money and then not pay, "he said. (via AS)

[Ex-player] Milla: So that Thiago arrives to level of Xavi or Cesc it is necessary its humility

Under-21 coach believes that Thiago is a great player still must improve to keep up with cracks like Xavi or Cesc.

Luis Milla addresses one of the best generations of Spanish players, composed of pearls as Thiago Alcántara. The brilliant Barcelona midfielder has models to follow, Xavi Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas. To get to his level "needed his humility."

Under-21 coach manages a group of great individuals who want to work collectively. It is a message that does not tire of repeating in an interview with EFE. Or are they a group or not find the path to success.

Shortly after the start of the European Luis Milla want to qualify for the Olympics and win, if possible, a title that is resistant to Spain for 13 years.

In an interview with EFE, Milla was asked by Thiago Alcántara, one of the stars of the selection: "It is a very important player for us. He's young and has great conditions, but should continue to improve. It has to remain ambitious and not be stopped. You have to think every day to improve, being humble and continue on the line because he has talent and conditions, but more importantly, be humble and have a good mentality, "he said.

On whether it will some day be a crack in the style of Xavi or Cesc, Luis Milla believes that the youth is on the right track but "should get the humility that they have had to get up and above all be ambitious." (via SPORT)

The book of graciespep.cat, in the Museum

On Tuesday, has been placed, one of the showcases of the museum, the limited edition book graciespep.cat promoted and collected nearly a thousand messages of thanks to Pep Guardiola.

When the club was eliminated from the Champions League semi-final in the 2009/10 season, three young Barca, Gerard Pijoan, Reyes and Guillermo Casas Pep, Pep Guardiola decided that he deserved a thank you for all that had been until then the Barça. And they did it through the network, creating the web www.graciespep.cat , which was released in July 2010 with the goal that everyone could leave a message of thanks to first team coach.

Nine months later, with nearly a thousand messages received more than ten languages, published a limited edition book, only 21 copies, and paid for by the same promoters of the initiative. On Tuesday one of these specimens have been deposited in one of the showcases of the museum. The director in charge of New Technologies Area of ​​FC Barcelona, ​​Didac Lee, has received the creators of the project, along with the museum director, Jordi Penas. "It's the first time in Barca key, an initiative of the virtual world is embodied in an object in the world 'off line'. It is a collaborative project that has a great job behind," said Lee.

The design of the book is done, selflessly, the company Zoo Studio, the project received support from various media and social networking was the main means of communication. Now, those responsible are put "goose bumps" when viewed in the Museum, and considered "an honor" to have his work in this space. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

All roads lead to Cesc to Barcelona

The player will be on Monday in Barcelona and can seal the deal while the Gunners are already thinking about Parker as a substitute.

The signing of the Barcelona Cesc Fabregas is getting closer. The player already has a preliminary agreement with the Catalans club after getting a firm promise from Arsene Wenger that this summer he may leave to London.

Arsenal, said last night Cope, is asking 45 million and does not want players in the operation, cases of Bojan and Thiago. Barca considers that just over 30 million player could get to Barcelona as it wishes.

The player's agent, Darren Dean, come on Saturday while Cesc Barcelona will on Monday. With the presence of Rosell, after his tour of Brazil, you can close the deal before the midfielder Arenys de Mar start your holiday period.

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger already has his eye on a player who would come to occupy the place of captain. Scott Parker is voted best footballer this season by the British Press Association.

With the probable arrival of Cesc to Barça, Guardiola will have satisfied his desire for a player who considered essential for future project. After Fabregas, the next objective is called Alexis Sanchez. The arrival of Rossi, the third open front, is cooled by now. (via Marca.com)

Seven players of the first team don't rest

The summer vacations will have to wait for seven players of the first team that already participate in the Copa America and Europe Sub-21. Messi, Mascherano and Gaby Milito, with the Argentinean selection and Adriano and Alves, with Brazil, they are concentrated to prepare the Glass America that July 1 will begin in Argentina. This Sunday, the Spanish selection Sub-21 it will debut before England in the Championship of Europe that takes place in Denmark. In the combined Luis Milla are called first-team players Bojan and Jeffren and those of Barça B Miño, Thiago and Montoya. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal is on vacation already

Eric Abidal played with France the last party of the season.

Abidal is added to the group's first team players Barça enjoying summer vacation. The defense played on Thursday the last of the three matches he had with his selection. The combination of Laurent Blanc was imposed on the selection of Poland 0-1 in friendly match in Warsaw and in which Abidal out in the starting lineup, playing 90 minutes and even wore the captain's armband in the second time.

Having played in the left lateral demarcation of the party of the group stage of Euro 2012 against Belarus, Abidal did as central Warsaw , a position he had occupied for most caps for the last few years. Barça perfectly controlled his land and struggled not to the Polish front. The winning goal was scored by French N'Zogbia at minute 12 of the first half.

Barca defender will enjoy a month off after a particularly difficult season but ended with a happy ending to the achievement of double and full recovery of the intervention of a liver tumor that made him to be almost two months out.

Abidal will use the summer break to regain his best physical condition. Speaking to the daily Mundo Deportivo, Abidal assured that you lost time to be a hundred percent ahead of Spain's Super Cup against Real Madrid. "I can not afford holidays and I do it for the club, its people," said Abidal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rossi, distressed and nervous

No news has Barca in despair lest it escape the train of life.

Giuseppe Rossi is still dreaming of playing for FC Barcelona. However, the uncertainty has gripped him. Last week, the Italian was thrilled that his hiring by the Catalan club were about to close. Various press reports put the honey in her lips, but at the moment of truth, no nothing.

While their selection was concentrated their phone pending his agent, Federico Pastorello, called him with good news from the Camp Nou. However, as the phone did not ring, Beppe began to get nervous, to the point of utter despair to get to see the train of her life, Barca, you may be escaping. Some of his friends at Villarreal who spoke to him these days he has been fatal in mind. There is still a lot of summer ahead, but the possibility that the club should focus its efforts on Cesc Fabregas and Alex Sanchez, combined with the poor economic situation of the club made explicit by Vice President Javier Faus, have the nerves to the Italian international.

It is also irritable and visibly nervous agent, Pastorello, as demonstrated yesterday when the microphones went through RAC1. Barca coach jumping in, reminiscent in some ways the attitude of ineffable Mino Raiola said that if the club wants to sign "top level" must hire "Cesc and Rossi." "If they want a simpler operation to sign a defense and to Sanchez," he added with a touch of contempt for the Chilean Udinese.

The representative of the Villarreal striker was sincere when he confessed that "since the end of Wembley has been no further contact" with the club. It's been almost two weeks. From the Catalan club is not ruled out anything and all transactions are kept open. The poker game that is the transfer market can give a lot of laps

Passing through to go to U.S. Barcelona
Giuseppe Rossi's presence yesterday at the airport of El Prat caused a stir. Media was associated with the sudden ending of his move to Barca. However, the reality was quite different: Rossi was in Barcelona to catch a plane to take him directly to the U.S. holiday, specifically to New Jersey. It all started when the basketball player of Barça Xavi Rabaseda (now transferred to Fuenlabrada) put the following message in Twitter: "Rossi in Barcelona airport ... blaugrana possible move?". Rossi later explained that he was traveling to New Jersey. (via MD)

Free way to Camp Nou for Cesc Fàbregas

No hurry but relentlessly. The operation must be converted to Cesc Fabregas in a new player of FC Barcelona eight years later is still progressing well. Arenys footballer himself is very aware of the negotiations and this Monday will land in Barcelona to officially launch their long-awaited holiday in Catalunya with his family and close friends.

After a few days ago his father told sports, Arsène Wenger, opening the door for a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid but not an English club, as revealed MD, Fabregas is confident that his dream of returning to Camp Nou is finally a reality. In fact, his departure from Arsenal and has only one road, which leads directly to the Camp Nou, since the alternative, Madrid, does not want to hear.

Knowing the gentleman's agreement with Arsenal fans and the Gunners are increasingly resigned to his departure, Cesc and not hiding and seeks to tighten the rope with its presence in Catalonia for the agreement in the coming rush dates. Barca is also delighted that Fabregas wants to stay close to the dealings between clubs, and that pressure depends largely on who may have agreed.

MD and moved on Monday that Barcelona and Arsenal traded. The first evaluation of the Arsenal was 55 million, a price far removed from the 35 to which the club is willing to go, with the possibility of raising the cap to a player, the Arsenal option does not provide input. At least, as a negotiating strategy.

Thiago low whole

Sources close to the English club have told MD that Arsenal do not want to include Thiago in the operation, at least initially. Neither Bojan. Not that players are not liked by Wenger, they want to 'cash' to explain to its members the loss of captain. From this premise, the pressure of Cesc will be crucial for the English club's negotiating position in terms that the club can afford. The same sources believe that Arsenal could not afford, in the face of their fans, announcing a move below 40 million pounds.

The next week may be final. In this context, the arrival of Fabregas to Barcelona is a first step in pressure, hence the positive values ​​Barca. And next Wednesday, has a promotional event in Madrid. A year ago, in Port Aventura, spoke out. In Madrid there can be message

His agent was not in Barcelona
Although some reports claimed that Darren Dein, Cesc Fàbregas representative would be yesterday in Barcelona to negotiate the signing of the player, the fact is that at no time went by Barcelona. The relationship between Dein, whose father was vice chairman of Arsenal and Barca are fluid and Cesc's agent can be decisive, but the earliest could be in Barcelona on Saturday, coinciding with the return of Brazil of Sandro Rosell. (via MD)

Barça intensifies the conversations for Alexis

The negotiations between Barca and Udinese which should lead to the arrival of Chilean player Alexis Sanchez at Camp Nou are ongoing. Both clubs, after some intense days with exchange of emails and phone calls have been given a short period of reflection after the proposals have been defined. Barca took the first step by offering a fixed 25 million more variables. The Italian response came quickly, and while evidence that the parties have not yet reached an agreement, also makes it clear that talks are at a decisive stage. Udinese has requested 27 million striker revelation, in addition to Bojan, an unlikely possibility not only because the club has not given the Linyola you want to dispense with his services, but also because the very Bojan is not at all for the work . Barca also believes that 25 million euros and are bidding to deliver substantial further Bojan, a highly rated player at Barça even though his role this season has not been as expected.

Parallel to these negotiations, the top shareholder of Udinese, Gianpaolo Pozzo, held demonstrations yesterday to be understood as strategic, designed to force an auction as Chelsea and Manchester City are also interested not only in Alexis but have released most succulent offerings. "I will not sell unless you come an indecent proposal," Pozzo said yesterday.

The truth is that Pozzo knows firsthand that the will of Alexis is playing at the club and play this detail for the Catalan club. The player, in these matters, just imposing. (via MD)

Bojan will not go to Udinese

Bojan is not for the work of being currency of change in none of the operations that has Barça in march. Udinese would like to include in Alexis, but the Linyola not accept to go to Udine. With all due respect to the Italian club, Udinese is unlikely to fight for La Liga and the Champions League. In fact, Bojan not want or even be pierced with a purchase option. In any case, accept an assignment. But above all, is sad because nobody has denied the club is for sale. (via MD)

Professional football, pending decisions of Zubizarreta

Eusebio's arrival could result in changes in Barca B. Oscar García, nearly triple the youth, just the June 30.

The secretariat of Barca is in the proceess of restructuring. The head, Andoni Zubizarreta, plus all the work you have as to matters of transfers, also must look for holes to reorganize other parts vital for the club.
There are several issues that have on the table, as the final announcement of a coach for Barça B, once Luis Enrique decided not to proceed with the project. This process is causing some uncertainty in several of the people they are professional football, from technical to scouts.

Joan Barbarà, coach of the subsidiary, but has one year left on his contract, still does not know his exact duties next season, since the arrival of Eusebio could be accompanied by an assistant. In regard to the technical secretariat, several scouts have just contract.

In addition, juvneil A coach, Oscar Garcia Junyent, it ends its relationship with the club on 30 June. The work of all is not discussed, since the results are obvious. Barça B achieved the best result in its history in seconds, while the juvenile is within walking distance (semi-finals and final) to reach the second hat trick of history. One change will give responsibility to Pere Gratacos, but will be unique. In fact, the intention is to bring more people, not discard it, even if it means a wait-and tense.

Football training is shielded

Most of the technicians and professionals working in football training, ranging from the junior B to the youngest, last year signed a contract for three seasons. That means they still have two more to end its relationship with the club. The will of the new board was to professionalize the grassroots structures and for this reason, long-term contracts were made to work in this regard. Movements in the technical secretariat, in that sense, do not affect the lower levels too. (via SPORT)

Madrid will arrive smoother than Barça to Supercopa

The whites will start the season seven days before the club on 11 July, and have more time to prepare the first title.

Madrid come more classic shot at first next season scheduled for August 14 to mark the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain. Mourinho has scheduled the start of the preseason white for 11 July, which is seven days before Barcelona.

The Portuguese coach wants to prepare thoroughly before the first match with Barcelona, ​​even taking into account that still has not forgotten the painful elimination from the Champions League this season.

For its part, Barcelona will also have the unknown of Messi, who would very right leg as a result of their participation in the Copa America. Argentina will begin its journey in the Copa America on July 1 to Bolivia. In the event that Batista all go to the next stage play the quarter to 16, the semifinals and the final 19 on 24 this month. If Argentina goes to the final of the competition, the club idea would be to allow the player to enter the discipline of Barcelona on 3 August.

Thus, Leo would join the expedition Barca after a few days off and should make a specific season to get ready. The proximity of the first leg suggests that Leo will not arrive in the best conditions to meet.

Other players from Barcelona and Alves, Adriano, Mascherano and Milito will also participate in the Copa America and could find themselves in a similar situation. In Madrid, players like Gago, Higuain and Di Maria also participate in the tournament. (via SPORT)

The complicated situation in the Barcelona market

FC Barcelona has several fronts in terms of signings concerns.

Sergio Araujo: Boca Juniors rejects the proposed transfer Barca

Striker Boca Juniors youth is increasingly away from Barça. The start of negotiations has not been overly encouraging. After the meeting with the player's adviser last week, Eduardo Gamarnik, address Barca sporting transmitted the first offer to open contacts. A proposal for transfer with a minimum price, and always subject to a purchase option at end of season run.

The policy announced today that Boca Juniors has not the slightest intention to accept this initial proposal. The Argentine club recalled that the transfer price of Sergio Araujo is locked in contractual clause 15 million dollars.

This is an important figure that the club is not willing to pay for a huge front projection but has only played ten games with the first team in Boca.

Both clubs have taken a new breath to reflect on the future. Again, imposing a waiting period. A few days of calm to the club should reconsider if you believe a transfer bid is either necessary to reject the arrival of striker. Sergio Araujo want to call at the Camp Nou and could also push to reduce the large amount of the transfer.

Kiko Femenía: The final transfer, pending transfers list

As noted a couple of days ago, Barça and Hercules have resumed contacts between clubs to finalize the transfer of Kiko Femenía. The new negotiations are well advanced directives and the operation has entered the final straight. This weekend should be put incorporating the new sports director of Hercules, an essential step before issuing the transfer of striker sub ¿21.

Kiko Femenía be incorporated into the Barça B in exchange for a transfer of just under 2 million euros. Barca complete its offer with a generous list of variables and a list of players that can be transferred. The Hercules is pending that the club name put these young players. If assignments are to your liking, will transfer on Monday.

Betis: They focus on Montoya and Muniesa after seeing Bojan impossible assignment

Drowned by the Bankruptcy Act, the Betis players looking for free or transfers of young players. In this section, the club Betis want `fish" at the club and on Wednesday met in Barcelona with Andoni Zubizarreta Betis president, Rafael Gordillo, and technical secretary, Vlada Stosic.

His great goal was to advance the possible transfer of Bojan Krkic, but took a resounding `no" response to the greater organization of other clubs interested and high Linyola tab, unaffordable for Seville. Betis envoys also sounded more players and came right back Martin Montoya and Marc Muniesa versatile. In addition, there was talk of more homegrown players like Roberto and midfielder Sergi central Marc Bartra, Andreu Fontás and even Alberto Botia, who has played on loan at Sporting the last two seasons.

José Angel: The Sporting accepts no improvement Zubi

The counter of the Barça Sporting left-back has not convinced. Despite pressure from José Angel, who does not want to go to Malaga and Fiorentina, Sporting will not accept the bit more than 1.5 million Barca, more fixed and variables are not sufficient.

Esteban Andrada: The goal of Lanús, is further increasing

The signing of Lanús goal seems almost impossible to today. The positions seem irreconcilable Barça turned their proposal for signing an offer of sale with a purchase option at the end of the season. Lanus 4 million calls. (via SPORT)

Rossi went to Barcelona and press manager

Xavi Rabaseda, assigned to the Barca Fuenlabrada announced on his twitter the player's presence at the airport.

Aprimera morning the alarm was raised once more via Twitter. A message sent to the network by Xavi Rabadesa fault. The Barca's basketball player, playing on loan at Fuenlabrada, was at the El Prat airport, and saw one of the objectives of the first team blaugrana: "Giuseppe Rossi in Barcelona airport ... possible move to Barça? "read the twit.

And yes, the Villarreal striker was spotted by El Prat, although their aim was not to enter into any agreement that could be his new club, but leave the U.S. (New Jersey) on vacation, a country where he was born and has his family. The reason I went to Barcelona is that, although there is a direct flight from Valencia, the plane is quite small and preferred to travel from Barcelona in a device more comfortable.

Striker hopes to return to the city soon, but this time with the goal to seal joining the team of Pep Guardiola, one of his greatest supporters. For now, rest in the town of Teaneck, though, almost certainly, will make in any of the parties that the New York Yankees baseball played at home in the coming weeks.

While the Italian international is based, its future will continue to plan his agent, Federico Pastorello, who also has also acquired the media rights of the player. The representative does replacing a Valencia company that until now this was done. Pastorello yesterday chose a more aggressive strategy to find the boat that should not neglect the negotiations to take over his representation. In this regard, told RAC1 microphones that "if the club wants to perform a first level, to sign Rossi and Fàbregas, if you want a simpler operation to sign a defense and (Alex) Sanchez." Rossi's agent or a hair cut when to advise the Blaugrana technical secretary of the options you have on the market. Reports in recent days about the possible arrival of Chilean Alexis Sanchez, from the Udinese, appear to have sat too well Pastorello. In fact, told Sky Sport that "read a statement that Sanchez was officially in Barcelona, ​​but this news, according to my sources, is not correct, and I think there was also an official rejection of Udinese." What I said is that "I know for sure that Giuseppe Rossi is one of the players that next year could strengthen Barcelona as a player who has followed a lot." Anyway, do not take anything for granted and leaves the door open to any possibility. Since if the club is Inter or Juve, we are talking about big clubs, "until" not rule out that Barcelona want to sign them both. " And above all, announces that "there is that Giuseppe should expect to happen to Sanchez." Meanwhile, the player will wait news from the United States.

"We have received an indecent proposal"

Udinese owners continue with its policy of cool as far as possible all around the transfer of Alexis Sanchez. Yesterday was the turn of Giampaolo Pozzo, who made a statement recalling that the Italian club does not have the slightest interest in getting rid of its star. "We have received an indecent proposal for Alexis Sanchez. I would like him to stay another season with us. Another question is whether a similar offer came to that once was produced by Cristiano Ronaldo, "said the Italian club's majority shareholder.
As for the negotiating process, nothing to report. Alexis agent continues its contacts while patients await clubs start of formal talks. So far, the positions are entry and the representative Felicevich involved.
From the environment, technical illustrations and Arrigo Sacchi, are praising the Chilean. "It's a phenomenon that would be good to Guardiola, the Barcelona and any team. Today the club is all a show. " (via SPORT)

Cesc already has price

After several failed attempts, has finally opened a negotiating process to sign midfielder.

Finally started the negotiation process. Arsenal finally accepted officially open contacts to get rid of their great captain. Finally, Cesc Fàbregas walks with firm step in his return to Camp Nou. Of course, the journey is fraught with difficulties and there is no presumption at all easy. At least this is Darren Dein has sent in his official contact with the club. The midfielder's agent informed Arenys the standard to follow for the eternal desire for Pep Guardiola to be true.

Barca already know in detail the requirements that Arsène Wenger has sent its executives to give the nod to the progress of Cesc. And, at first sight, we must fight to consummate the transaction fund summer. According to the demands of the English club, Sandro Rosell board should put on the table about 40 million euros. An amount more than estimated, and that moves away from the initial Barca bid valued at 30 million euros. Therein lies the difference.

But only 10 million separate Cesc culé apparel. Wenger also poses tough requirements in the form of payment. Darren Dein transferred the Frenchman's desire for a profound remodeling of the current squad and we need cash, hard cash to go to the market. The English do not even want to talk about partial payments to two or three seasons as well have suggested the club in its day.

There is cautious optimism in the offices of Camp Nou. Dein hinted that the negotiations are serious and will not be reversed by the Arsenal or interference in the form of offers from other clubs. If the club takes, at least initially, the script raised by Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas signing desired can be more than feasible.

From the standpoint culé working on different aspects. First, Fabregas has reopened the road discarding all kinds of alternatives from Italy or England. Wenger, in the face to face crucial to open the gates of the Emirates Stadium, he snapped: "Just let you go to Barcelona or Madrid." No way to strengthen the Premiership rivals. A message received proper reply: "Do not go to Real Madrid." With the cards revealed in the Gallic veteran coach has only been as an alternative to develop the list of requests to transmit to the board of Sandro Rosell.

Laporta and Darren Dein maintain an excellent staff that can help avoid misunderstandings of the past. Efforts should be done differently to avoid repeating past mistakes. This first official contact will continue, but not today. Cesc adviser had previously reported the need to be today in London to address issues within the family. A short break to be settled from tomorrow coinciding with the return of Sandro Rosell after his stay in Brazil.

Negotiations between Arsenal and Barca are in their early stages and have not covered in depth topics such as the inclusion of possible players in the operation. Technicians have proof that Wenger would welcome the arrival in some of Thiago Alcántara, but in the last hours has broken another name `plugged" so far: Montoya. Like the side and the Frenchman believes it has a significant amount of progress. It should also be borne in mind that your assessment would not go beyond the three million that are included in the clause.

The chess game is defined. The pieces are marked and the players this time they are face to face. Contact with Darren Dein has opened the game. The first challenge is simply to start haggling over 10 million separating the two positions. Cesc gradually moves away from Arsenal and nobody doubts that means that every time is closer to the club.

Marc Valiente followed in the Valladolid-Elche

Cesc is not disconnected from the football or on holiday and yesterday was very aware of Valladolid-Elche of the playoffs for promotion to the First Division as announced in its 'twitter'. The 'gunner' moved to continue the game on television to see his friend Marc Valiente, central Valladolid which coincided with the youth ranks of Barça. Valiente was a starter yesterday in the set Valladolid. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano is more offers have

Barça B striker and top scorer did `Second Division League (32 goals) is the most coveted player of Barça. Brides will appear fives. There is talk that can enter into the operation of all the signings of first team, but also want to Anderlecht, Ghent, Bruges, and equipment from Ukraine, Russia, Italy and the Premier. (via SPORT)

Mino Raiola says Maxwell stays at Barca

In recent weeks the name of Maxwell sounds hard as one that could leave the Barça squad. The side has lost prominence this season after the arrival of Adriano and the recovery of Eric Abidal .

Many media have pointed to the interest of AC Milan to be done with the Brazilian, but his agent, Mino Raiola , has ensured that the player will not move from FC Barcelona.

"There is nothing to talk about the future of Maxwell. Is under contract at Barcelona, ​​is well there and will stay in Spain. I think there is nothing more than point ", he said in a statement to Ilsussidiario.net. (via MD)

"If Barça looks for a big operation, to sign Rossi"

Federico Pastorello, agent of the Italian press with his move and recommended to Cesc. "If they look for a simpler operation, Barça will already sign to Alexis and a defense."

"If Barcelona is to make a class operation, to sign Rossi and Fabregas. And if it is to simpler operation, signing a defense and Alexis Sanchez, said today in the Catalan station Rac-1 Italian player agent, Federico Pastorello. Rossi, in fact, passed today by the Barcelona airport, but not to negotiate with the Catalan club but to take a plane to the United States, country of birth, and enjoy a holiday.

Barcelona's interest is held by Rossi, but negotiations are at an impasse. There has been no contact in recent days and Villarreal has not budged from its initial position, which is nothing to demand of 35 million contained in the player's buyout clause.

The words of his agent is interpreted as an interest to revive the operation at a critical time when Barcelona are considering other alternatives, particularly that of Alexis Sanchez in the market. (via AS)

Iniesta: "Xavi, Cesc and I are compatible "

In an interview with the program 'grandstand' Ona FM, Andres Iniesta said that problem would not play alongside Xavi and Cesc.

Andrés Iniesta she reviewed at the club and gave his impression of some of the signings that could end up coming to the Camp Nou.

"I guess the club and the coach will have looked at things and if people have to come motivated to keep winning and it will come," he said. Cesc On the subject, saying only that "it is a matter of Arsenal and Barça, but noted that in the unlikely event that the final tab Arenys, there would be no problem:" Xavi, Cesc and I are not incompatible, if the team is the level will be higher. "

This season has been far better than the last for Fuentealbilla. Had to reach the World Cup to enjoy the midfielder at the club again because the injury spoiled his life, "has been my best year I have had continuity, last year was unusual for so many injuries, however this year I have not had none and has been a great season, finished with another Champions "he said.

Iniesta is clear that next year will be playing a sweat to win the titles to which the team hopes the fact that he proclaimed champion and Champions League.

In connection therewith, Albacete said "next year will be much more complicated than the previous" and that "to win the titles must be overcome and will try to achieve."

The player said that what happened between Barcelona and Madrid in the final stretch of the season must be left behind, but you have to try that as things that "do not recur within or outside the field."

Iniesta above all highlighted the role of coach Pep Guardiola, who says "is the key to this team and I hope it stays here long." The '8 'Barca want next year is not the last of him Mr. because everything is easier.

Asked about the quarry and the minutes are the team players in the first team, Iniesta said he "would rather play for five minutes here to play more at another club, but everyone has their ideas." (via SPORT)

Villa: Goals are worth holding

David Villa, as world champion in South Africa, won Cup and Super Cup in Valencia. In its first year of Barca has expanded honors with another Super Cup and the Champions League and has scored 23 goals.

And in the coming year has the chance to win the European Super Cup in Monaco and the World Club Cup in Japan. Although their records have been slightly below those made in its last year in Valencia (28), the 23 goals, signed by the '7 'Barca have given titles to FC Barcelona.

Almost always holder

The Spaniard did not need a stage adaptation. On the first day league and made his first Villa goal in Santander and its ownership in the team of Pep Guardiola has been a constant throughout the season. Usually a band opted to attack and always generous in the effort, Villa has played 34 out of 38 league games, 12 of the 13 possible in the Champions and 5 of 9 of the Copa del Rey. The 'Guaje' totals 4170 minutes played in the season for Barca ended May 28 night in London.

David Villa has been the second leading scorer with 23 goals (18 League, 4 and 1 Champions Cup), which numbers are added for goal 6 assists. Statistically, just above Leo Messi, with a stratospheric numbers: 53 goals and 24 assists.

While it is true that, as in the case of all the scorers in the world, Villa has been drying stages filmmaker, his goals have almost always had to break the seal matches, scoring the first goal or match. In most cases the targets of the '7 'has been crucial to get the three points or to overcome qualifier. Perhaps the most important goal was scored against Arsenal in London giving options-after 2-1 against - to make the quarterfinals.

And without doubt the most celebrated goals are scored in the Nou Camp against Real Madrid on the night of 5-0 and the goal that closed the season, third in the goal of Van der Sar in Wembley Stadium, the goal of tranquility for a player who came to Barcelona to live moments like those experienced in London and the stadium 'Ciutat de Valencia', which Barca won the Champions League respectively. (via FCBarcelona.cat)