09 June 2011

Thiago: "The absolute means that now we require more"

"We need to look like the absolute title and gameplay, but there is a good basis and the results will come alone," says the SER from the merger of Denmark.

"Now we are demanded more because we have to resemble the absolute selection in holding and it forms of game, but there is a good base and the results will come alone", he said in being the player from Barcelona Thiago Alcántara, concentrated with those Sub-21 that the European from Denmark that begins on Saturday, prepare and that it is the key to reach the Olympic Games of London.

"We've been playing all our lives and we take this as a challenge. The hope is to win every game. I do not like to talk about pressure, it is very bad and this has to be very nice," he said. The Challenge of the rivals of Spain, England, Czech Republic and Ukraine, said: "Three games than any player wants to play. And we are talking about Spain, not a computer through Europe."

Finally, he referred to his future, which have produced much speculation in recent days: "I'm in the biggest club in the world and it is wonderful to share a dressing room with Messi, Xavi or Iniesta. And I could quote the entire workforce. Here to see and hear more than anything else. I have two years on his contract with the club. I'm flattered you ask me, but I want to stay and the club has told me to tell me. " (via AS)

Piqué: “We have a lot of challenges ahead”

Gerard Piqué believes the team is as ambitious as ever about next season. Although Barça have won everything, they still have challenges ahead, such as “winning the fourth Liga and retaining the Champions League”.

The Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper was the venue chosen for Nike to present the new boots that Gerard Piqué will be wearing from now on. After winning the double and then travelling with the Spanish national team for two friendlies, the defender has spoken to the press.

His main topic of conversation was next season. “There are a lot of challenges ahead. Winning the fourth Liga, retaining the Champions League and the European Championship with Spain”, said Piqué. He knows that a fourth league in a row would equal the achievement of the Dream Team, and also they could become the first team to win back-to-back Champions League titles since the new format was introduced.

Piqué has been at the club for the same length of time as Guardiola as manager, and so has also won ten titles in three years. He believes it is getting harder and harder to continue being successful and “not because we are less ambitious, but because the other teams are spending more to win titles … but we are as keen as ever, and that’s how we can achieve the targets next year”.

In his speech after winning the Champions League at the Camp Nou, Piqué insisted that “we don’t take drugs, we don’t dive, we don’t bribe referees, we just play football”. In saying so, he explained today that “I wanted to make it clear that we haven’t done any of the things they have accused us of”. Piqué knows that such attacks are likely to continue next season, but “we have to put up with them if we want to win titles. The team is prepared for that”.

As ever, the close season rumours are attaching many names to the Barça shirt for next season, and one of those is Cesc Fàbregas. Piqué describes his fellow Catalan as “a great player and the kind of player that would fit in at Barça, he knows the language we speak on the pitch”. But although he would be delighted for Cesc to come to Barcelona “anything can happen in the world of football”.

Piqué also spoke about Rossi, who he played alongside at Manchester United. “He has an exquisite left foot, he scores and he’s quick. He is a player that would work at Barça and gets 10 out of 10 as a person”. Alexis Sánchez, another name that has been mentioned, “is great in one on ones”.

One of the images of the Wembley final that was seen around the world was that of captain Carles Puyol insisting that Éric Abidal should be the man to receive the Champions League trophy. Piqué feels that was “a unique gesture. We are so lucky to have a captain like Puyol, who has such a big heart. It shows what our squad is like, we are like brothers, and that struck the heart of the Barça fans and anyone who likes football". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Rexach: "Barça should not sign to sign"

Carles Rexach was in favor of strengthening the team with 2 or 3 signings, but with players of a special profile. The DNA program Barça 'Barça TV, former Barca coach has also highlighted the good season for Villa.

"The Barça has to sign special players, but find it hard to adapt to team play. " These words of Carles Rexach in the program Barça TV 'DNA Barça. " The former Barca player and former coach and current adviser to the club recognizes that the team needs reinforcements to next season with high ambition. Just do not at any price: "We can not sign for sign. For that we already have good players in the Barça B . I think Pep players want different, special and if not do exactly what he wants, then solved differently in the field. Although initially cost them fit the style of Barcelona, ​​and certainly after they will. "

Carles Rexach argues the need to strengthen the staff to compensate for any injury casualties likely to have the equipment and that may affect their competitiveness, "This year we have been lucky with injuries but in the final stretch where we have injured men Puyol , Maxwell, Adriano and Abidal disease. Luckily, Mascherano has adapted well to the central position. But if next year the team are injured longer than two or three months, the club is a fair bit of effective, especially in attack. The logic tells us that with enough two or three signings , "said Rexach.

Rexach said in the 'DNA Barça' on Wednesday the good season that has made ​​striker David Villa . A Charly likes regular strikers who score goals in big games and much of the game involving the team. David Villa is one of them: "Except in the final stretch of the season, Villa striker has been a very regular basis. A good striker should score at every game. I am not used to score 3 or 4 goals in one game and then spend five matches without door. Villa is one of those forwards that guarantee regularity. His numbers are good but beyond that I think in general, the signing of Villa has been a success. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Eight million separate Alexis Sanchez of Barca

Barcelona continues its path to sign Alexis Sanchez, who is one of the goals set by Guardiola. Barca made a first offer of 22 million euros. An amount that is far from the aspirations of Udinese, which calls for 30 by the Chilean striker.

The Italian club is not going to make it easy. In fact, now have 25 million bid for Manchester City so in any case sell for less. And that is precisely the quantity limit is set for Barcelona to take on this move.

At this time followed by phone or email conversations. The positions are very distant and does not look that can produce an agreement soon.
In fact, Gino Pozzo made a statement yesterday in which Chile did not rule out that a year stay at Udinese. The Italian club will play after the Champions League and if they qualify for the group stage are aware that their value will decline. Quite the contrary.

For this reason, Udinese think not lower their financial claims. He has been priced at 30 million and will not yield much. "Only go if we get an irresistible offer for the striker," Pozzo said.

Barcelona does not intend to reach this figure because that would mean giving up other signings. Xavier Faus, Barcelona economic vice president, made clear that the Catalan club has 45 million more than what you enter to sign sales. And in these sales do not count those of Cáceres, Hleb, Henry Keirrison or because they have outstanding amounts to be amortized.

Pending sales
Sales would have to come from players such as Bojan, Thiago or limbo. It is clear that at least two of these players will have to leave Barcelona because if they do, may not assume the signings of Cesc, Sanchez and Rossi.

Nevertheless, Faus left the door open so that this amount be expanded. If Bartomeu Zubizarreta and ask for more money the Board would review the matter and make a decision. However, it is unlikely to happen something. Firstly because Zubizarreta is clear what are the limitations of the club and hardly ask for more money.

And secondly, because if so, the directive is very clear that is not the time to do extras. (via Marca.com)

Rossi in Barcelona?

With Twitter no one escapes. According to a former basketball star's tweet Rabaseda Blaugrana, the Italian has been spotted at Barcelona airport ...

Apparently Giuseppe Rossi has been or may be in Barcelona. Around 11 am on Thursday has been seen at the airport of El Prat. This was said on Twitter the Regal Barça player on loan to Fuenlabrada, Xavi Rabaseda. Will he come to finalize the details to join the discipline definitely blaugrana? Keep you informed about updates available. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Pere Gratacos amounts to the sports structure

The Blaugrana club wants to use the experience of filial exentrenador to strengthen the work of quarry.

Barca youth football has again been very successful in what has been the first season since the creation of the new sports structure with the arrival of the board of Sandro Rosell. Despite the success, the leaders of the youth want to further improve the model. There will be substantial changes, but minor adjustments are being forged these days in the Ciutat Esportiva. The most significant of all is the changing role of Pere Gratacos. The Girona arrived this season to take over the management of facilities and from Sant Joan Despi this summer will focus on sports functions.

The Blaugrana club wants to use more knowledge and experience Gratacos in football. Through his hands passed talents that are now mainstays of the first team. The most significant example is Leo Messi, who finished shape in his time as coach of Barcelona B.

The rise of Gratacós coincide with other changes that are brewing in the offices of the Ciutat Esportiva. On Wednesday, for example, most responsible for the professional and training, Andoni Zubizarreta and Guillermo Amor, held a meeting to outline details of the near future. Some changes are bound by the technical progress of the house, and Alex Garcia, and coaches have already joined prestige to work in the technical secretariat, as is the case of Juan Carlos Perez 'Rojo'.

The composition of the structure of Barça B also should be defined before arriving at the weekend. Andoni Zubizarreta, the only authorized spokesman, did not officially notify Eusebio signing as coach of subsidiary until it closed last fringe. It is recalled that the entire coaching staff that left Luis Enrique has a year left on his contract. (via SPORT)

Cesc will be reduced salary

Cesc will make lots of money to play at the Camp Nou, but his ambition is only sports.

Cesc Fabregas will leave to join a lot of money to fulfill his dream of playing at Barcelona. Arsenal has offered an extra two million euros a year, without any change in the years of the contract, to continue in the discipline `GUNN. However, Fàbregas informed the leaders of his current team to give up this amount and that his only desire is to dress again Blaugrana.

Fàbregas neither would arrive to Barça with one of the highest contracts in the insole. It understands that it must win on the field and scored a decisive incentive their salaries. Stay at Arsenal was the better choice if only he were aware of your pocket. Not to mention the dizzying figures he proposed Manchester City and to a lesser extent but more than Barca, Chelsea.

The player would also have the option of leaving the Calcio, Inter is one of the clubs that has proposed a big contract, but the illusion of Cesc is directed in one direction and that is the Nou Camp.

The player's gesture is significant and appreciated by the board, which is locked in a battle to reduce the deficit of the club. The signing of Mascherano has already experienced a similar situation. The win gave Argentina a million euros a year for his move to Barcelona could be a reality. (via SPORT)

Liverpool will go for as TalkSport Jeffren Suárez

The player does not want a change of scenery, like Guardiola, although the coach would be left with no choice but to change their minds if they want to get the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas.

After the press conference yesterday to Javier Faus, who claimed that the club had only 45 million signings whatever you type in sales, Liverpool looks set to benefit from the revenue requirement of the Catalans and will go for Jeffren .

So says 'TalkSport', which reports that the interest of the 'Red Devils' has been revived in the last hours. The English takes some time after the Barca youth squad, but the will of this was and is permancer on the computer, which also would Guardiola.

But the technician's position could change in response to needs. Only for the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Cesc the amount of which currently has not come even close, and say nothing if it is to strengthen the defense in one or more seats. (via AS)

Boca Juniors has already received the offer from Barca Sergio Araujo

A few days ago you were explaining that one of the objectives of the Barcelona striker was this young man Boca Juniors. Local media said the Argentine club have already received an offer from Barca.

Sergio Araujo is one of the long-term signings that the club wants to close as soon as possible and it seems that everyone ova on track. As we learned through the Argentina station 'The Red', Boca Juniors have already received the firm offer for the player.

Sergio Araujo interested in quality and youth. In principle it would be a subsidiary of signing for Barca but with options to go slowly entering into the first team after tactical knowledge will acquire the style of team play. A few days ago we presented you with Sergio Araujo , a player who bears some similarities to football Sergio 'Kun' Agüero. (via SPORT)

Wenger, to Cesc: "To Barça or Madrid, yes; to Premier, not"

Cesc Fabregas's return to FC Barcelona is more feasible than last season. After 'The Mitjanit Club' (Catalunya Radio) reported Tuesday night that Arsène Wenger has given permission to the footballer Arenys to negotiate with the Catalan club, Mundo Deportivo has been able to learn details of conversations between coach and captain of the Gunners. In a cordial chat between Wenger and Cesc, the last, the technician opened the door of the Emirates with the condition that no other English team strengthened. "I let go to Barcelona or Madrid, the Premier, no," were the words addressed to Catalan Alsatian fulfilling the promise he made last August.

Although Wenger quoted Madrid as a possible destination for Fabregas, he is very clear that if you leave the Arsenal is to enroll in the club, the club he left in 2003 and where he played with his great friends Pique and Puyol, other partners selection and Messi, who shared in the Cadet Barca dressing room before you pack with 16 years for London. Before the last World Cup and said in public and aloud his dream of returning someday to Barça and since then has continued to send a wink.

Cesc could not hide his satisfaction at the willingness of Wenger, almost a father to him, not wanting to keep him at Arsenal. The Frenchman believes that a World Championship champion as Cesc is very difficult to be year after year and now they're six-without lifting a trophy at the club level. However, Wenger has given the OK to start does not mean that Arsenal will give his franchise player. The negotiations between clubs will not be easy but the green light from French and Cesc will remarán favor. (via MD)

Abidal: "I will not leave for Barca"

All Donbass Arena on Monday applauded Éric Abidal when it came to heating with Frank Ribery and Florent Malouda. But the stadium is almost collapses when 'Abi' entered the field to replace heart of Paris Saint Germain Mamadou Sakho. The 10,000 people who were in the field of Shakhtar cheered the Blaugrana.

Hey, what do you give people to love him so, at Barcelona, ​​in Ukraine?

First of all I must thank the love of people, seemed to my fans, who were in the club. I have seen up to a second Ukrainian to the Blaugrana jersey when heated. But really, I sincerely believe that applause was also for my teammates, to Barcelona for the show we did in the Champions League final at Wembley. It was great and the good fans appreciate it.

You said the other day to make up weight ...

And there we are, it is not easy to recover the four pounds I lost. You should go slowly and work hard.

But it's amazing how you are physically.

I can not complain about how everything went. It was two months and peak of my operation and I am very happy to have helped my team at Wembley, not to miss the final part in the great cavalcade of both the Champions League and, seeing people happy , from all social classes, children and adults. It was a contagious joy that suits you, which compensates for my work, but also the doctors, 'physios' around the world who have supported me. I also play his credit. Without them there could have been.

And has earned you a vacation ...

No way, I do not vacation.

Are you sure?

Sure, I have to catch up, get fit to be on top at the start of the season to be beastly with a inwhichthe August we have to play the two Super Cups, including two legs against Real Madrid. I can not afford the holidays and I do it for the club, its people.

Eric, do not pass you.

No, I'm still a work plan. I also with France playing minutes. Laurent Blanc does the same as Pep Guardiola. Give me the opportunity to save time, but without risks.

Speaking of Laurent Blanc, the former Blaugrana Barcelona is mental note ...

Yes, France is also based his play on the ball. Blanc to remember their way through the club (laughs), something must have hit him. What happens is that the difference between the players is great.

But so are you a draft Iniesta with Marvin Martin, the guy from Sochaux.

He likes to play in the Spanish style, as in the club. It is of Spanish origin, his family is Spanish. Lucky for us because he preferred to play with the 'bleus' with France. And, yes, you remember things Iniesta, but still falls short of my partner is very young. But he has technique, character and ambition. Come, for sure.

Laurent Blanc is doing as Pep Guardiola, giving opportunities to young people.

Yes, the coach takes into account the quality of their players, not age. It does not matter if they are young or old. Want to play a certain way, treat the ball well, we do not lose, to maintain the position, pressure and look for the goal. Yes, in short, is the same philosophy of Barça, but still far in the game's quality and effectiveness despite the final 1-4 against Ukraine.

With France central defense is you.

I play where the coach tells me and where better my team will go to either the club or the 'bleus'. Laurent told me to play there and have had no problem. It came with the bonus of having played central defense handed the captain Carles Puyol ausenciadel when he was injured. I have not come back. I am comfortable, as if I play side. I attached to the two positions. (via MD)

José Enrique, 8 times 'Man of the Match'

The left sideback has followed the club has been 'out' this season.

It is unusual that a defense is the best team in a match. But if that defense is the best in the game, ie the two teams playing, the thing is beginning to have merit. But then, when that defender gets to be the most outstanding man in eight matches in the Premier, that means that the type in question has quality and, moreover, is that 'out'. Everything that applies to José Enrique, one of the left side that is following the FC Barcelona, ​​who just ended season was 'Man of the Macht' in eight of the 36 Premiership matches he has played defending Newcastle shirt.

This amazing state of shape, physical strength, quality, and the fact that it is ending a year of the contract have reasoned that the club will have done a comprehensive monitoring throughout the season and reported that MD and the final conclusions have been very positive. In short, a player who could fit in the current Barca, something that could qualify as big words as the excellent level of the team that Pep Guardiola.

In the Premiership there is a tradition that each party chooses the best player of the match. José Enrique, without looking, it has taken eight times smaller home a trophy in global terms but very symptomatic of the quality and time so that is going through a player. It also has great merit because it has highlighted the Valencian more than anyone before several large equipment front against the highest level in the Premiership.

Against Aston Villa, on the second day of the Premiership, was decisive with his passes in two of the six goals that the 'Magpies' you got to Villa. Also annulled the skillful Ashley Young.

Reforzadísimo Manchester City before the team lost, but he said due to its offensive vocation led him to crash a ball at elpalo. In the day 22 in the derby against Sunderland was the best, as in the next day to the very rapid Lennon Tottenham ahead. And in the days 33 and 37 also was 'Man of the Match', in games against United (well before Nani and Valencia) and Chelsea (sung saved two goals). For this reason, Joseph Henry is coming out. Who signed him is another story.

Valencia Vacation
Jose Enrique is currently at his home in Valencia resting after the intense season that has lived in Newcastle. A team that has had several familiar faces (Jonas Gutierrez, Fabricio Coloccini, Andy Carroll) but has had to sweat hard not to feel the pinch in the final stretch of the campaign. He is represented by his brother Salvatore, who lives pending the phone in case the interest shown by several clubs is specified or if since you report that Newcastle have bid on the side. José Enrique out of contract in 2012 and, therefore, is one of the most desirable parts of Newcastle. Given their good performances, even been rumored that Vicente del Bosque could call the selection. (via MD)

Bojan: "I feel sad and angry with this situation"

The club regrets that the ram is raised and ruled her out to be a bargaining chip to bring down a signing.

Bojan is costing recognizes that made the idea that the club did not discard his departure this summer. Speaking to RAC1, the Linyola ensures that you never imagined could be in this situation. "I'm in Barcelona for nine years and I feel sad and angry to find me in this situation. I never would have imagined but I try to cope as I can. At the moment and I'm not giving up the idea of ​​following in Barcelona. "

The striker accepts that it has been exactly an easy season for him. Let alone after finishing the previous course to be player in the team. "The season has not been as I expected, nor at the level of performance or with the minutes I've had. Now I have an opportunity of enjoying football again with the selection. I have a European front and think of other things will not help me. "

Bojan suffered with injury and also lost the limelight with the arrival of Afellay. The Linyola acknowledges it was difficult to see the Champions League final from the bench. "There is a coach who commands and decides that between Ibi. Of course I was angry but as the other players who did not enter. I have only 20 years and hope to regain the opportunity to play a final. "

To Bojan his first choice remains the Barcelona, ​​but he does not dare to predict that the club will continue safely. "I have 20 years and maybe it's time to get more minutes, play more ... but you never know. In the world of football future is uncertain. Last season at this point was said to have been decisive in the final. Everything changes in a moment. Perhaps that option to have more minutes I have in Barcelona. "

For now prefer to be focused on Europe. "My goal now is to be important in the European and then I guess you decide what is best for everyone." (via SPORT)

Rossi continues dreaming of being able to sign for Barça

Villarreal forward hopes to dress in the coming seasons Blaugrana.

Giuseppe Rossi is thinking of Barça key. Hopes and expects to play in the Nou Camp team next season despite having a contract with Villarreal in force (until 2016).

Yesterday, told 'Radio Kiss Kiss' of Naples, the Italian-American striker said he is proud that a club like Barcelona is interested in my services, but we'll see, "he said, adding that" seeing my name associated with a club like Barcelona, ​​of course, makes a great effect. "

Asked if just leave the yellow team to go to FC Barcelona, ​​Rossi said "we'll see." What it is admitted that in recent days has not read "the press" because "I've been focused with the Italian national team and only his head to defend his jersey as best as possible."

The truth is that Villarreal striker, after four seasons to defend the flag of the box Castellon, would be very welcome a change of scenery. And much more if the team that knocks on your door is the FC Barcelona.

Of their future and would not add anything more and would only say that "right now all I know is that I'm going on holiday to America."

He did say that one of his goals, no matter what happens in the immediate future is to reach the final of the European Championship with Italy. " At present the combined trans leads his group, the C, with a five point lead over second-placed Slovenia, and has all the numbers to get a ticket for the event to be held next summer in Poland and Ukraine.

Rossi does not despair. Know that negotiations between his team and FC Barcelona will not be easy, but trust your agent is able to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties. For now, the differences between the two entities are important, but not insurmountable.

To his credit with the Spanish experience and the fact that Pep Guardiola wants, so that the leadership of Barça work deep for the transaction has a good ending. Rossi, on the other hand, is also sought by Inter and Juventus. (via SPORT)

Henrique could accompany Marcelino to Sevilla

The Brazilian central defender Henrique can change the north to the south next season. Marcelino Garcia Toral, new coach of Sevilla, you want in your template.

The new adventure of Marcelino Garcia Toral in Seville can have a companion 'Barcelona'. The central Henrique Adriano Buss, owned by FC Barcelona for two seasons, may be assigned Nervión club are satisfied the wishes of the coach, who has made known to the sporting director, Monchi, their intention to have him, according to ' Diario de Sevilla '.

A Henry still has two years remaining on his contract with Barca and Guardiola since the arrival has not entered into the plans of Barça. Despite the 'overbooking' plant in the Sevilla-Martín Cáceres, Alexis, Sergio Sánchez, Escudé, the squad Bernard, transferred or Fazio-Cala, Marcelino wants to have the Brazilian to strengthen that line with a player who has given many minutes in his time at Racing.

When it is an assignment, Seville and Barcelona share the payment of the tab, as has happened this season with Caceres. A few days ago, the organization headed by José María del Nido was effectively the Uruguayan option, estimated at three million euros, which Marcelino have at its disposal a 100% 100 Martín Cáceres Sevilla. Now if only the club nervionenses access the wishes of the new coach and footballing rejoin with Henrique. (via SPORT)

"Maxwell will not leave Barca"

The controversial Mino Raiola, Maxwell representative denied that the fullback consider leaving the club this summer.

"There is nothing to talk about the future of Maxwell. Has a contract at Barcelona, ​​is well there and will stay in Spain. There is nothing more than point" Raiola said the web 'ilsussidiario.net' in reference to rumors that their client located in the orbit of Milan.

And the arrival of Adriano has led Maxwell has not had many minutes this season at Barca. However, the agent also Ibrahimovic or Robinho, is clear: "Do not go to Milan, I insist. Guardiola will stay with the next year." (via SPORT)

Arrigo Sacchi: "Alexis Sanchez is a phenomenon

"In the comparison between Mourinho and Guardiola, it is clear that the technical level at this time Guardiola took a little more, but Mourinho is a big," said former Real Madrid sporting director.

Arrigo Sacchi, the former Milan coach, said today in RNE that Alexis Sanchez, Udinese player, FC Barcelona target for next season, "is a phenomenon that not only would be good to Guardiola and Barcelona, ​​but any team ".

"FC Barcelona is a team that has the ability to get a very cortito, which are very close to all, know when to push, when to stop, when to fill the gap, as do the support, as marking forward, it is a team that knows everything is ultimately a show, "said the Italian.

"In the comparison between Mourinho and Guardiola, it is clear that the technical level at this time Guardiola was something else. But we must think of the whole. The football of Mourinho may not have a harmony but Mourinho is a great one. It's great for a lot things: experience, ability to give players what they can give, to communicate ... to everything, "said Sacchi.

"Guardiola works long and Mourinho has only been a year when Real Madrid so I think we should give him time," said Sacchi.

On the global success of Spain Vicente del Bosque, Sacchi sent a message of thanks to Spanish football. "In Spain I can say is thank you because thanks to you know now how to play football," he added. (via AS)

Ferguson improving supply of Barca by Alexis Sanchez

The British press warns that United will not stand idly by watching the Chilean close to Camp Nou.

In yesterday's edition, SPORT warned that Manchester United has not said its last word on the future of Alexis Sanchez. The British are aware of the agreement between the player and the club, but they know that the fight between clubs can raise battle. They are aware of their economic power and are willing to run. Several media outlets say that Sir Alex Ferguson has given orders to break the box and complete a financial offer of about 35 million euros. Input equals the proposal of City and is well above that of other clubs who have shown interest in the Chilean striker.

Udinese, the player's agent and even the club expected this movement and are not taken by surprise. All parties knew that Ferguson was not bluffing when it aired a few months ago his desire to sign Alexis Sanchez and become one of the cornerstones of the English attack. The technician said that United would be positioned in the market, and so it proved.

Since the family owns the Italian club, Gino Pozzo, has reiterated that it would open negotiations between clubs to have all the deals in the market. Logical and expected normal if an offer of 35 million euros which obviously increases the cost of product. The auction has gone through the roof and rubs his hands Udinese. The consultant international striker, Fernando Felicevich, is responsible for channeling these last-minute proposals. A requirement considered essential before breaking the deck with the initiation of contacts between entities. When Felicevich close the filter screen offers and forward end, the club must come to terms with Udinese. To date, since all parties have refused and negotiations have been limited to small contacts accept as a token of goodwill.

Until 48 hours, the club slipped a starting point that should move about 25 million euros in cash plus some for another player to complete the Italian club's wishes. It was a movement beginning to see the arsenal of its opponents. Following Ferguson spread up the bid to 35 million euros, the picture has changed. Yesterday, more than one was put her hands to her head and while Vice President Javier Faus practiced an uncompromising defense of cost containment, club sources hinted that the club might be able to upload a maximum of up to 32 million euros. In this case, the club would try to avoid the inclusion of a player who would look to be included in another operation that would enter something in cash.

The newspaper The Sun claims that, in addition to the economic weight of 35 million euros, the offer from Manchester United would be accompanied by a tempting offer sports. Ferguson would have been transmitted to the player he wishes to turn a crack world-class media guaranteeing ownership in a team that practices a perfect game for him.

Manchester intimidating but Barca had discounted the presumed long macrooferta arrival of the English. (via SPORT)

Already negotiate for Cesc

FC Barcelona will meet today officially claims Arsenal. The agreement is emerging for an amount close to 40 'kilos'.

The negotiations between Barca and Arsenal by signing Cesc Fabregas can make significant progress during the day today with the visit of representative of the player, Darren Dein, to Barcelona. The player's manager will move to the Gunners' requirements "under his arm and will seek a first official approach between the two parties to seek a consensus figure for the transfer.

Arsenal have assumed that the player's progress is inevitable. Arsène Wenger is thinking of making the next payroll without the presence of the captain. Of course, the club has entered a very large number of Barcelona from the sale of the midfielder. The amount set by the Arsenal game could be closer to 50 million euros. A number thinking it must be lowered dramatically and that the perpetrators of the London club facing reduced to 40 million. Barca, meanwhile, will begin talks from 30 million euros. To these amounts must be added the players who could interest Wenger. Jeffren names, Bojan, Thiago dos Santos or Jonathan will be on the table.

Darren Dein is the intermediary between the two parties. The manager has had talks regularly with the Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, the telephone. Today you can do it face to face with the heads of the sports area, such as Josep Maria Bartomeu, Andoni Zubizarreta and Raul Sanllehí. Rosell arrive on Saturday of his trip in Brazil. Dein officially present the claims of Arsenal and also outlined the strategy to follow now that is best for the player and the club.

Cesc is fully convinced that next season will play at Barca. Pep Guardiola has confirmed that it would be a key part in sports gear. The relationship between and Guardiola Cesc Fabregas is fluid and will not hesitate to put everything in their power to join the next project Santpedor coach.

For now, the player will closely follow the talks with Dein hold those responsible for the sport and, from next week, will move from London to Barcelona with the hope that the bargaining has been unlocked and their arrival at Camp Nou slowly becoming reality.

The workhorse is the agreement between the clubs since Cesc has agreed to their contract with the club from the stage as Joan Laporta Barcelona president of the organization. Money is a secondary issue for Arenys as their only priority is to play for Barça in a locker room where you have no problem of integration with international friendship and Leo Messi Barca, who concurred in football base before emigrating to London.

Tito Vilanova was his coach during the formation stage in the grassroots and has been a figure from within the dressing room has also placed great emphasis on the desirability of its incorporation.

Guardiola and Tito agree that Cesc has the advantage over the rest of signings that should not go through a process of adaptation. Tten Fàbregas quite internalized the automation that requires the club and can adapt to any position in midfield. Whether pivot Interior either side or even a false striker. In the hands of last season Wenger learned to act as a second point and move back to goal. To all this must be added the winner. Cesc is a very competitive player, which transmits energy to the other fellow as demonstrated when he has only thrown for Arsenal in recent seasons.

The injury problem not the least concerned at Barça. Fabregas has been a victim of primary medical services organization and the English department of physiotherapy. During the month of January is squeezed to the maximum in a marathon of parties and lack of planning eventually lead to a series of muscle injuries. The preparation you would have with the staff of Guardiola would be another story.

Catalunya arrives on Monday to continue with their vacation

Cesc Fabregas is in London recovering from the removal of wisdom teeth, as he explained through the network of 'twitter'. The player will continue in the British capital until Monday when you plan to travel to Barcelona to continue his vacation. Cesc Arenys spend a few days, enjoy free time with his friends waiting on the formalizing his move to Barca.

The midfielder could make a little trip, Ibiza is one of its destinations, although later this month must comply with promotional commitments on Asian soil, which also draw for tourism. (via SPORT)

Faus: "In two or three years the club will be financially solvent club in the world"

Economic Area Vice President said that "in two or three years the club will be financially solvent club in the world." Faus said that one of the primary objectives of the Board is "to further reduce the debt of the Club."

Javier Faus, Vice President Economic Area, said that today, "there has been a major effort that will continue in the next two years to reduce this debt," a "milestone that is essential and indispensable." This objective will, as Faus, for the FC Barcelona is the club financially solvent in the world in two or three years. "

"Barca can not continue losing money"

"FC Barcelona lost 83 million euros last year and 21 this year and can not afford to continue losing money," said Faus. In this sense, the vice president feels that, from this season, the UEFA "begins its program of 'fair play' financial, forcing clubs to close the exercises with a balanced budget."

Faus added that "it is reducing the debt of the Club. The gross debt has increased from 532 million euros to 483. And the net debt of 431 million euros to 364. We want to decide our future and so we must reduce debt to bearable levels. "

It has also announced that the Board intends to comply with the budget approved by the Assembly, which estimated about 21 million euros of losses. "The exercise will conclude with some 420 million of revenue, expenditure and 441 or so," he explained. Prior has made it clear that from the Bank, "only present audited accounts, which will be ready" by the end of July. "

As for the achievement of the Champions League, Vice President Economic Area has made very clear that the impact of livestock has meant having to get four million fewer benefits than those provided in the budget. "Revenue has increased from 39 to 62 million euros, and at the same time, expenditures have increased from 1 million euros budgeted at 28 because of the raw variables of the players. Therefore, the benefit has fallen 38 to 34 million euros, "said Faus.

However, the vice president wanted to make clear that "we are delighted with this, is the best investment possible because the club has never been recognized as a brand and now. FC Barcelona never had that media coverage throughout the world. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan Krkic could go to Luis Enrique at Roma

The young striker would fit perfectly Barca tactical advice 'Lucho'.
Be more minute at the club next to cracks experts as Totti will help improve.
The Linyola, however, said he did not want to leave Barca.

Everyone look at ' Barça 'with admiration is logical. But if a particular team that has set in the game system developed in recent years by 'those of Masia' is the Roma . The signing of Luis Enrique to the bench is just the tip of the iceberg of the Italian team effort began five years ago when the captain pushed Spalletti 'Giallorossi' Francesco Totti to the position of striker false . A very similar position of Messi at Barcelona today.

It is known that the former coach of Barça B wants to continue with the same style of play also in the Italian capital. It is for this reason that many players subsidiary Barca have sounded as possible signings of Rome for next season. But the surprise could come from the first team. And Bojan Krkic was one of the players who could interest the new Rome of Luis Enrique. Your profile would fit perfectly with the coach's tactical advice Asturias. Also in Rome Bojan play many games and could grow even more, professionally and psychologically, next to a star like Totti, thanks to his experience and character, could give him what he needed to become a consolidated crack.

Anyway it is necessary to wait to see if Bojan that manifested its will few days ago of continuing in Camp Nou, decides finally to step Italian soil of Luis' hand Enrique. (via MD)

Alexis Sanchez: "Spain is a beautiful country and their league is spectacular"

Udinese forward Alexis Sanchez, and others sought by FC Barcelona, ​​and was declared last January admirer of the league and said he'd like to play in Spain because "it is a beautiful country".

In an interview published in the magazine 'Don Ball' last January, Alexis Sanchez has said his idol is Ronaldo - "the best of all," he said, adding that he liked "to see Cristiano Ronaldo play Messi. "

Asked if he would someday play in Spain, the Chilean was blunt: "Yes, of course! Spain is a beautiful country and their league is amazing."

And he came to appreciate its features as a footballer. "I always look at risk and generate better yet I'm too much with the ball and that makes me make mistakes. But I've learned to choose better times and I think I've improved ... I like to deal with forever, but I also understood that some sectors of the field is sometimes better to play and find the best times to try to find a destabilizing factor ... I have to improve the physical and more experience, but I think the games are going to be giving me that, "said .

Finally, Alexis said "I'm living a dream. Of course it is not like what you dream about as a kid, because one can imagine many things that are impossible, but it is a dream after all. It very nice what touches us and luckily I'm enjoying it a lot. "

Alexis Sanchez is now concentrated in the national team of his country to prepare for the Copa America. Signing for FC Barcelona, ​​the striker could be incorporated into the ranks of the Blaugrana until the end of the competition, or a few days before in the case of Chile were eliminated. (via SPORT)