08 June 2011

The owner of Udinese Alexis Sanchez expects to stay in the Italian club

Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo is confident that the young Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, who recently have shown interest clubs like Barcelona and Inter Milan, left the Italian club for another season to "finish the process maturation that began three years ago".

"While we all want, I have confidence in the chances of the 'Boy Wonder' can continue to play Udinese's shirt for another year. Above all, by virtue of the negotiations held so far," says Pozzo, on the official website of Udinese.

Pozzo also insists that the offer by taking the services of Sanchez must be "indispensable" to the Italian club access to its sale.

"Without an irrevocable offer means that the big clubs are not fully convinced of the ability of the South American striker and are not willing to give it the value it deserves," said the head of Udinese.

"Therefore, it is better that the boy remain in Friuli Tocopilla one more season to devote definitely qualities and an end to the maturation process that began three years ago," he adds.

Pozzo also does not hesitate to say that if Alexis Sanchez remained one more season at Udinese "nice" for both the player and his club.

The president of Udinese, Franco Soldati, also said Tuesday in an Italian radio station that the Italian club would not force any player to stay within its ranks.

"Sanchez?" We do not retain anybody, we did it once and made a mistake, "he said Soldati in 'Radio Sportiva', before explaining that the Italian team would move in the market according to their needs. (via SPORT)

Luis Enrique, on Rome: "Only lack the signature"

Besides Luis Enrique has recognized that if possible would like to have some of the players who played for Barcelona.

Was a fact that all were accomplished, but for the first time Luis Enrique recognizes its imminent signing for Roma . The coach of Barcelona B has recognized the microphones of ' Sky Sports ', saying that "just missing the signature."

" There is a total agreement with Roma, now just need the signature . In the coming days I will be in Rome, has said it will become the new coach 'Giallorossi', who also said he was " happy with the choice and excited embark on the project of Rome . "

"It's a winning project, like me, I am ambitious, experienced and winning. I like to play attacking football and spectacular, with the intention of attracting more people to the stadium to be fun," he added. " In Italy I still do not know, but cleared it all in one year questions and talk about facts . "

Besides Luis Enrique has recognized that if possible would like to have some of the players who played for Barcelona. " I will work with the best players, who are in Rome and I can be with Barcelona , "he said. (via AS)

More games than anyone

Barca have played this course last 62 clashes. They played all possible games: 2 in the Supercup 38 in the League, 9 Cup and 13 in the Champions League. More than any team in the major European leagues.

With Guardiola's Barça have used, among other things, to win and reach the final pass of the season opting to all titles. Add 10 of the last 13 implies a season full of games. So much so that the club is the club of the big European leagues with more clashes in the latter course. 62. No one has that figure.

All possible matches

Pep third year on the bench began with two games of the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla, he would 38 in the league with a new title in the domestic competition, 13 and 9 in the Champions Cup. That is, all possible matches, sealed with three championships. A terrible timing that Barca has passed an honors degree.
62 is the same number of clashes treble season. The past year was at 59 because he fell in the second round Cup against Sevilla.

Manchester and Villarreal: 60

The second step of the podium is occupied by Manchester United and Villarreal. The Ferguson, rivals Barcelona at Wembley, have added 60 games because in the Champions League and we must add 5 games of the FA Cup, 3 in the League Cup and 1 in the Community Shield. And Villarreal's Juan Carlos Garrido has played 38 in the league, 16 in Europe League semifinalist, and 6 more in the Copa del Rey.

Madrid: 59

With José Mourinho on the bench, Real Madrid reached the final rounds of the competition with a chance of winning the titles. 38 league games, all possible in the Copa del Rey (9) and the semifinals of the Champions League. Whites have played 59 games. The last course he played 48 clashes.

4 teams with 58

Porto, Arsenal, Sevilla and Besiktas. All four have reached the figure of 58 games. The Portuguese side, European champions, also won the Portuguese League and Cup double. Arsenal fell in the second round of the Champions League with Barcelona and lost the final of the League Cup in Birmingham. Sevilla reached the Cup semifinals, played the previous and played 8 Champions League matches Besiktas Europe and finally winning the Cup, had 14 games in the Europa League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The competition continues for a few Catalans

The international for Argentina, Brazil and Spain Under-21 face a summer of official engagements because of the Copa America and European Under-21. Ten focus Barca final phase of preparation for tournaments.

Some Barcelona players have already started the holiday (international for Spain) and others will be imminently (Afellay with Holland), while there are few official competitions to be played with their teams during the summer. Ten Barça concentrated in the America's Cup or the UEFA European Under-21.

Argentina concentrates on Wednesday

Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Gabriel Milito , after a week and a half of rest, concentrate from Wednesday in Argentina for the next America's Cup to be played as hosts (1 through July 24). None of them had participated in the recent friendly albiceleste.

Alves and Adriano, Brazil called

Once passed, the friendly against Holland and Romania, the Brazilian coach Mano Menezes issued the final list of 22 players for Copa America. Barça Dani Alves and Adriano Correia will not miss an appointment in which the 'canarinhá defend his 2007 title.

The sub-21, to Denmark

Moreover, Bojan, Jeffren and Barça B players Thiago Montoya y Miño travel to Denmark on Wednesday, where he played under-21 European Championship with the Spanish. The combined directed by Luis Milla debut against England on Sunday. In the European game is also a place for the 2012 London Olympics. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Leo Messi, crack with own song

Leo Messi, Barca's undisputed crack scored the decisive goal in the final at Wembley, where the team raised its fourth European Cup.

The following video shows the song in Argentina striker made him years ago and that we wish to offer to hold some of the best moments of Messi in this memorable season. (via SPORT)

Happy 27th, Mascherano!

Javier Mascherano is celebrating his 27th birthday this Wednesday, his first one since he’s been wearing a Barça shirt. With the League and the Champions League as presents we’re confident that Javier will have one of his best birthdays in recent year.

On June 8, 1984 Javier Alejandro Mascherano was born in the Argentinian town of San Lorenzo. On Wednesday he’ll be celebrating his 27th birthday. With Barça’s season already over, and him getting ready to join the Argentinian squad in preparation for the Copa America this summer, it's time to take stock of the year in which Mascherano signed for FC Barcelona, and won his first Champions League.

Javier Mascherano became a FC Barcelona player on the 30th of August 2010. His desire to play at the Camp Nou was evident from the first moment, when he took a 20% drop in his wages to help the transfer along. It was a sign of his commitment, which has continued throughout the season.

Javier Mascherano was fully aware when he came to Barcelona that he had a world champion, Sergio Busquets, in front of him, a player who was a fixture in Guardiola’s team. For the Argentinian this was never a problem, but another step forward in his footballing education. He recognised that fact in the first interview that he gave to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat , when he acknowledged that "the demands of a club like Barça will help me grow as a footballer".

Throughout the season Mascherano's role changed, to the point where Guardiola chose him as the best option as one of the central defenders in the final run-in, in the absence of first team defenders. With all this going on, in April on the Barça TV program “Station Camp Nou”, Mascherano said "I would have preferred to play less and Puyol and Abidal had played more”. Just another demonstration of the solidarity and camaraderie within the team that Mascherano became fully integrated in from day one.

In the final balance his defensive performances were first class, and despite losing in the Final of the Spanish Cup, where he was in the starting 11, the Argentinian was a key player in the Champions League games against Real Madrid, and the Wembley Final, starting in all 3 games. Moreover, despite the fear of being a player who picked up quite a few yellow cards , Mascherano managed to fix that problem, and finished the season having picked up only six yellow cards in the the 27 games played, and in the 11 games played in the Champions League he only picked up 1 card. One of the few challenges remaining to him is the fact that he’s the only outfield player who hasn’t scored a goal for FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The environment of Rossi fears him to cool down the operation

The negotiations have not progressed in recent days despite the agreement between the player and the club.

Rossi fears environment to cool the negotiations between Barcelona and Villarreal after a few days where there has been a break in the talks between both clubs for the transfer of the player.

Barcelona has an agreement in principle with the player but today there are still major differences between the Barcelona and Villarreal on the transfer price. So far the player has priority at all times the offer of Barcelona, ​​but the environment is concerned that the negotiations were bogged down by the sensitive economic differences that exist today.

Rossi has deals in Italy. In particular the top teams such as Juventus and Inter, options in case the transaction is twisted with Barcelona would catch force, because the Villarreal box still thinking about football.

Barcelona by you will not want to depart from the line marked. A clear line of austerity that strikes a market still shuffling exorbitant prices. Rosell wants to meet the requests of Guardiola, but also the economic situation of the club requires to be measured by economic expenditures. That's why you seek ways to lower the signings with the inclusion of players that the club considered transferable. In the case of Rossi one of the names that have caught more force is Bojan. The player has failed to settle in the 'Pep Team could be what currency, despite the time that the player insists his intention is to continue at Barcelona next season and fighting for a place in the eleven.

Barcelona continue to work to be done with Rossi because he is aware that it is a bet Guardiola, who has never concealed that it is a player of your choice. Italian is one of the players who have fluorescent marking one of the major objectives for the upcoming school year.

Rossi meets the profile that is searching for a high level player, able to associate, with a goal and who knows who would come to make a site but depart from the dock. Pedro, Messi and Villa will leave next year as starters but Guardiola wants to have players capable of revolutionizing the game from the bench. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano: "I will miss you very much for Barça"

He has one year more than contract, but, although he/she doesn't say it openly, the forward stage in the Mini has arrived to its end.

Barca almost made him a favor by signing him for the subsidiary in the lowest moment of his career. Two years later, Soriano is back in fashion. He raffled the clubs and it's time to say goodbye. Does not say so openly and still has one year left on his contract, but the time has come. Back to being a footballer. Of the good.

His first season ended with the rise and the second with the scorer. What a way to reconcile with the football.
Yes, last year was great because we go up, but it also because it was the first to second, with the uncertainty that we were inexperienced and young, but we have shown that it is not. On a personal level I've shown that I can get this type of game that makes the club and return to being top scorer for a forward is important.

Because it is, because I was the striker who has scored more goals in a League and because I've been with 32 goals. It's a big number and cost II scoring. In addition, done with the club I like.

And that they could not climb.
Had to find other motivations. And one of them was to score goals. It was important, knowing we could not do play-off, to show that we want to play, win and we do not leave anything.

Has one year left on his contract. Can you ensure that it meets or is time going?
I do not know if now is because it, I have a one year contract. Once the equipment is complicated because it has a great squad and is complicated, but taking one more year of contract I want now is to take a holiday: one week, two weeks does my agent is active. I want to rest, knowing what the club wants to make me see the alternatives, put everything on the table and make a decision.

Is the top scorer deserves a second chance in the first team?
But that is relative. There is a coach Pep Guardiola and is in charge. As I have said many times I will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave me his debut last year and I have not played it for an old topic. I know it's very difficult to reach the first team, the best team in the world and where they play the best strikers in football history.

Although he would have liked "
Although I know they are the best, I would have done very excited to play, make the preseason. Play in Barca would be a dream, I love, and not by the goals or the scorer I've accomplished, but because I am a football player as anyone would like. If you can not be, can not be.

This style came in handy when he arrived.
It costs at first because you come from a blow from a ball style of play, more trunk, but when you adapt and play games, it is very easy to play with this system.

Did you enjoy?
A lot. When you see the first team you enjoy watching, but I've enjoyed in the field with the reserves as well. We played spectacular.

How much guilt is Luis Enrique?
Coach has been perfect for this team. Want to upload and you can not, but we had with the same confidence and emotion ever. And never been given a week or a coach required for us to continue progressing.

Do you go with him to Rome?
I have no idea, the coach has not told me anything, I have no information on the Roma.

Would you envision stay if you ask the new coach of the subsidiary?
We have not raised anything. Is a possibility, do not rule anything.

Although it is now a good time to jump.
Yes, that's probably one of the things that make you think that my time in the reserves, after two years can we go to a good site, but we're watching. We contract and the club is in charge, you can decide. Try them and find the best solution for the club and for us.

Do you see a future for this team?
Yes, very. For quality, because they have many: Bartra, Roberto, Muniesa Do many players get very far. If you can not turn your head, go far. It soon because they are very young but will confidently.

You also was the star of the future of Espanyol and did not end well. Does it affect negatively be noted as well?
Does affect, because you push yourself a lot: the press, the club is saying you are a crack, you have to make, being top scorer, who are the new Tamudo ... You get a pressure that is not appropriate. With 17 or 18 years is not going well.

What do you advise?
From my short experience I try not matter what happened to me, hold the line, showing here and then the first team. I try to help teammate and friend, but I'm not her father.

Who falls for this team?
Probably due to the path that we have this second year, because we have been very close, and assists for goals How Nolito.

Had she crossed paths with someone who understood him so much?
No. Because you say, `You have given me three, four assists" but Nolito not know how many have given me, nor have I given it to him, the moves we've tried. We hit it off very well.

Go to Benfica.
Pack will have to go (laughs).

What about the young?
Sergi Roberto is spectacular, as a person and player. I see that simple. Thiago you see and say, `Good! What a show! ". Sergi Roberto. Has done the same, but without much real magic. Zidane style, very elegant.

It's time again not to fail in their choice.
Yes, I must find a style that plays with confidence, that looks like this. This is unique, but there are many teams that want to play football, but you also have to want. It is difficult to be seen. So I want peace to study the many offerings.

"I will miss the club?
Much, much. I have lived many things, many things with the kids, with youth. (via SPORT)

The countable law punishes the quarry politics

UB professor, José María Gay believes the 'quarry effect' can revive the economy of the clubs.

The accounting policies of the General Accounting Plan (PGC) of 2008 have brought many headaches to football clubs. The lack of updating the specific rule for them, in 2000, is another handicap.

José María Liébana Gay, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting from the University of Barcelona, ​​called for an immediate change in these accounting policies, for example, allows the boat to value a part of your heritage: the stars of quarry.

The clubs, like FC Barcelona, ​​Athletic Bilbao and Espanyol betting so decided by the youth, checking how they can not add to athletic performance about economic returns. "What are the most efficient assets that can boast the club? What club are investments that produce higher yields, which are converted into real income producing machine? "Asks Gay.

This renowned parakeet, an adviser to Espanyol during a period of office of Daniel Sanchez Llibre. "Without doubt, this extraordinary team stamped` Made in La Masia what moves under the baton of Josep Guardiola. " José María Gay specifies that "no makeup is making, but are intended to overcome a law that has become obsolete and activate these securities as equity," says Gay.

"Those players who have achieved an exceptional feat, and Champions League," are accounted for as assets on the balance of Barça? No! Only registered signings, but not the homegrown that, ultimately, form the core and backbone of a winning boat and a world champion Spanish national team. "

Gay highlights another reality is that "the balance sheets of football clubs spend considerable amounts roughly to the formation of his players and nurture their first youth football team does not show the true picture of their assets."

The way of solution is that the ICAC (Institute of Accounting and Auditing) "update accounting fees in football right away because they have been outdated", he argues. "The strength and value of intangible assets, such as the federative rights to the club has on his players emerged from the quarry, do not enjoy the book that should predicament. Assets are capidisminuidos Barça. "

Jose Maria Gay is blunt when he says that, today, "unfortunately, is awarded to the clubs they would sign players and get into debt, punishing those who make their quarry that supplied the nursery for their first team players to have to account grassroots expenditures but not the assets they produce. "

It is clear that economic decision-makers must find a `defined criteria for activation of these 'values" asleep ".

"It would establish a fair value, the actual market price may be one of these players," he recalls. A lack of this scale, as Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are not in the market and the club plan to make in the window, how to set its value?

`Transfermarkt", a website in the world of players' agents and transfers has creditworthiness in their assessments, currently priced at 554.1 million euros in the value of the template Barcelona for 515 million Real Madrid euros. The twelve-grown Blaugrana are estimated at 368.5 million, the five players trained at the factory Madrid, 62.5 million.

"We do not justify the bad management or expenses that may have been exaggerated in previous stages," says Gay, "but to exploit the` quarry effect "to clubs like Barca, champions league and the Champions and other institutions in trouble, not in bankruptcy, "he concludes. (via SPORT)

Green light for Alexis signing for Barca

Barca and Udinese negotiations began yesterday exchanging e-mails early on supply.
The representative of Chile last night was the owner of the Italian club to study the transfer.
Alexis Sanchez is a priority. The club made the first step Chilean striker arranged with a minimum four-year. contract with an option for a fifth. The agreement will be signed when completed negotiations with Udinese.

Alexis Sanchez's signing does not point to summer soap opera. Barcelona, ​​Udinese and Chilean striker are the work of concluding an agreement as soon as possible. Barca because they will close one of the priorities set by Pep Guardiola and focus on others, the Italians because, assumed the status of their scoring, are urged to quickly find a replacement guarantees and the Chilean striker own face because he asked calmly America's Cup. Such is the speed that is being given to the operation that night several sources that the player sliding, 22, pass a medical examination today at a hospital in your country to make everything ready. No Barca confirmed this.

Negotiations between the clubs, then pulled out yesterday with an exchange of e-mails with the content of the offer Barca. A step that immediately followed another. The striker's agent, Fernando Felicevich, dined last night in Barcelona with the owner of Udinese, Gino Pozzo, to transfer the collection of all proposals received. The first to consider, at the express request of the ram, is that of Barcelona. Pozzo is now scheduled to attend the match between Vigo to Granada, who is also club owner, against Celtic, for promotion to Primera. With Barca Felicevich has everything arranged. For days closed with Barca's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, Alexis contract.

The pieces are slowly fitting. The Italian president himself, Franco Soldati, two days ago confirmed the agreement between the club and the player and told the Barca as "prime candidates" to take over its services. He was speaking to Catalan and Chilean media. Seen the impact of his words, the manager was yesterday forced to tone down a statement.

The precipitate denial gives greater credibility to negotiate and give relief to the contacts. Soldatise was forced to step out because he warned that the club called for maximum restraint, basically because the affected third negotiation, as Bojan and Jonathan Soriano, the former still competing. The final step could be a final meeting between the president Sandro Rosell and Gino Pozzo, which will take place in Barcelona. There will agree and it is a matter of squaring numbers. They are in it. (via MD)

Neymar wants...but Barça not

The crack of Santos has repeated many times to Alves that his dream is to play for Barca.

The Real Madrid is released by Neyman and to make his move, as revealed RAC1 to catch a crossing of phone messages, has moved even Ronaldo Nazario. The curious thing is that the new star of Brazilian football has always proclaimed his passion for the club. It has done so publicly in press conferences and also in private.

It can attest to the Barca Dani Alves, who in the concentrations of 'canarinhá heard the imprecations of his countryman, eager to make the jump to Europe to play the best team in the world, Barça. If something is not sin Neymar caution. At the insistence has not been, with the usual partner Barça side. Since the current environment Saints player has even been invited to convey to Andoni Zubizarreta, professional football coach Barca, his desire to come to Camp Nou. Neymar himself a few months ago, admitted that through Alves reported the greatness of the club. "Alves explained how I was living in Barcelona, ​​I said it's a beautiful city to live there," said MD Neymar in April. Nor did he hesitate to ensure that what you want is to "play by Messi. I think the two together would form an excellent partner." To make matters worse, Neymar stated: "I see the Barça whenever I can."

Technical reports have Barca are excellent, but since the club has not moved anything about it because in the current model not only have the virtues football.

Neymar, valued by the Saints at 45 million euros, is now close to Real Madrid, despite the desmementido yesterday his agent, Wagner Ribeiro. The skillful striker, 19, who in his country considered the Brazilian Messi has become in recent days in the great object of Florentino Perez, who returns to his roots to try to end galactic hegemony Barca as it moved few days on a date with Real Madrid rocks.

Barca does not want

While the technical qualities highly valued by Brazilian striker, Barca technicians prefer to bet on other options that they believe they can fit better into gear Barca. Guardiola has carefully weighed the pros and cons of signing Neymar, as well as other possibilities, and understand that other players will fit better on the balance of the team, especially a question of balance of egos in the dressing room.

Neymar is considered by the responsible technical a striker of a very high technical level, but it is not clear who can take on the role expected of him in the group, both athletically and in regard to living inside the house.

The staff lives surely the sweetest moment in recent years about the atmosphere that is breathed in a locker room in the predominantly homegrown and international group of Spanish in how well they have integrated players like Alves and Abidal. The experts consider the other options are more adaptable to the frontal Neymar and also believe that the Brazilian could unbalance, even unwittingly, the internal balance. (via MD)

Over 70 million it costs the football base and sections

The Board, in addition to having to pay millions in debts incurred by previous appropriations requested return has to deal with the grassroots (the cost is 20 million euros) and continue to invest in sections, in addition to those applied scissors , whose spending amounts to more than 50 million annually. And never mind what it will cost to build a new sports pavilion and restore the Camp Nou ... (via SPORT)

Ferguson comes back and bid for crack

The coach was interested in the player for months and let him know that his style would fit perfectly.

Alexis Sanchez auction has been open for weeks. Inter, Juventus and to a lesser extent, Manchester City have attracted all kinds of reports which have been considered a multitude of financial amounts in respect of transfer and as many players as an option to lower final costs. But the move to Barca could have a dangerous enemy that takes time crouching and without being felt: The Manchester United.

The English side an early advantage. Months ago and was interested in Alexis Sanchez, even stepped in the charismatic figure of Sir Alex Ferguson. The coach sent the Chilean striker wishes to have him in the near future and said the United game system fit perfectly with the virtues demonstrated by the player. Alexis has acknowledged privately that they do not forget this detail and no doubt that Manchester if you press really can be a tough opponent in this final stretch of the talks.

Sources close to Udinese confirmed that they are convinced that Manchester United will appear on stage at the time of truth and Fernando Felicevich, quite possibly, will have to include moving to Old Trafford offices in more immediate agenda. Ferguson has been advanced that it intends to rebuild the team depth. (via SPORT)

Summit of Zubizarreta with Busquets

Everything indicates that Carlos will train goalkeepers subsidiary, Guardiola and Vilanova attended the Ciutat Esportiva.

The season is already completed for both the players and the subsidiary Barça Blaugrana, but in the offices of the Ciutat Esportiva activity continues. The manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, and his assistants, Narcis Julia and Albert Valentin, met to outline the different operations are underway. Also, Zubizarreta took the morning to interview with Carles Busquets, who has decided to leave his post as goalkeeping coach the first team. They talked about the new place of employment of 'Busi' and, at the expense of hiring Eusebio close, it looks like it would take charge of the preparation of the second team goalkeeper Barcelona.

In the Ciutat Esportiva also showed up the Staff of the first team. Pep Guardiola was a few hours in his office and presented himself a second, Tito Vilanova. Both are very aware of market changes and still have no plans to Initiate your vacation. The contact between Guardiola and Vilanova with sports management is constant since the end of the season. (via SPORT)

"Alexis bring more balance to the attack of Barça"

The Chilean forward can be a great boost to have more alternatives Guardiola

The signing of Udinese striker Alexis Sanchez can be an excellent reinforcement for the staff of the FC Barcelona ahead of the 2011-12 season because their characteristics make him a different player would provide very specific things to the team, especially their ability to balance from the band based on their speed and explosiveness, and because it is an attacker who has resources.

We're talking about a player deemed to be moving in the right wing, but in the last season has unfolded very well as second striker behind Antonio Di Natale with whom he formed the duo decisive goalscorer in Serie A.

Alexis is a very fast striker, which comes ahead field very well in space as it reads the game well. This is a feature that best can go to Josep Guardiola because with this move gives the team depth and stretch.

But perhaps even more interesting to their ability to dribble out from a standstill. It is increasingly difficult to find players who have these characteristics. This is not a player with a dribble particularly refined, but based on the explosion and speed thanks to its physical power despite his height (1.68 meters) on the other hand it gives it a low center of gravity and will become more elusive for the strikers. In any case, the template will come in handy Barca added to Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta a third player with ability to go beyond one-on-one.

On the other hand, when referring to Alexis're not talking about a goal scorer last season but this has been achieved in the Calcio Udinese for the not inconsiderable figure of twelve goals in thirty games, doubling their statistics over the previous season when he scored six goals in 36 games. This perfectly complements his capacity as assistant to another of his best weapons.

One aspect that can generate a question is that, do things for the right wing, would compete with Pedro, but it is essential that occupy the same wing of the attack that Dani Alves, a long-distance side. While Tenerife has fully assimilated the concepts of Barca's game, the Chilean should assimilate quickly to enable the automatic arrival of Brazilian side. More so when the club usually ends are not using out of the attack, but seeking interior diagonal. That itself can be an alternative tactic when necessary.

No doubt his experience in Italy has made progress rapidly despite his youth, 22 years. Racing week after week to the highest level has made him mature and hone his game. Udinese coach Francesco Guidolin has been the coach who has bet more firmly by a football association and attack, so the 'Barca Style' can be less strange. In fact, when he landed in Italian football, Alexis had a clear tendency to face his defender almost every play. The hardness of the markings and a better reading of the game and time has been dosed in a pending against one of timing.

Speed, explosiveness, skill against each one and also to associate, to assist vision peers, ability to enter the associative play of the team ... Perhaps the remaining to be discovered is if you are prepared to make the leap to a computer the size of the club. At Udinese, Alexis has played in the shadow of Di Natale in two ways. Firstly because it was its perfect as an assistant, in the second term because he has been giving the show with what he has been able to grow without much pressure. Speaks in favor than the games against strong rivals in Serie A has given Chile's face and, in general, has given a good performance. It is clear that the final answer will only be known if blaugrana dresses, but the references are positive. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Muniesa, with a hamstring injury, could miss European U-19

He has the affected tendon and it will be of drop among five six weeks, while Illie was operated yesterday of the foot.

The Catalan defender Marc Muniesa, will be sidelined for between 5 and 6 weeks following the hamstring injury in his right leg that was done during the qualifying match for the European Under 19 "compared to England. Muniesa, who on Monday was subjected to several medical tests to determine the extent of the injury, recovery began yesterday under the supervision of the doctor of Barça B, Xavi Yanguas, intended to reduce delays and be on time to the European , to be held in Romania from 20 July to 1 August. The player was forced off after 75 minutes of game and after passing the medical tests he was diagnosed with a fracture of fibers that would have been low single integer 3 or 4 weeks, were it not also have been affected tendons. However, Marc has not yet ruled on time for the European. Moreover, Sanchez spent yesterday Illie operating room to undergo an operation on his foot. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Friendly Match] Venezuela 0 - 3 Spain

The Spanish team played at a level lower than usual, but showed the clout of the big occasion.

With less brilliant but similar effectiveness, the Spanish dismissed the season with another victory. For the world champions was enough press the accelerator at specific moments of the first half to enthrone Del Bosque as the Spanish coach with more victories, 39 by 38 in Luis Aragones.

Venezuela was an opponent uncomfortable, although I can understand giving the final score. Neither the state of the pitch irregular or locally aggressive "two yellow cards in ten minutes and constant interruptions to" play in favor of Del Bosque, who decided to fast-track sentencing. Villa opened the scoring in the first shot on goal and a connection with Peter allowed the Spaniard to Tenerife to the 0-2 after 20 minutes. Without forcing the machine, the Spanish team held the momentum Venezuelan Valdés ultimately worked out very well how little work he did and Xabi Alonso put the last-gasp 0-3 in the first half.

Albiol, Arbeloa, Busquets, Alonso and Villa regarding the repeated title match against the United States and five of the six blaugrana Piqué "all but" formed in the starting lineup.

As expected, in the second period came the change and as the minutes passed down the tempo of the Spanish. Venezuela came close several times with some danger, but still denied in the auction and came across an excellent Valdés, while Vega was showcased local target to a shell of Cazorla. The final stretch was so bland that Casillas had to wait many minutes on the side to the game was interrupted to add an international character to his resume.

Liechtenstein will be the next opponent official Sept. 6

The Spanish team last night put an end to the season brighter for his story, which first registered its name in the World Cup honors with brilliant success in South Africa last summer. Now, the internationals will enjoy a well deserved holiday and the Spanish national team will play again on 10 August in a friendly against Italy. Shortly after the start of the league, Del Bosque's team will get in Logroño on September 6 and in official party to find weak for Liechtenstein in qualifying for Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. 7 and October 11, rivals will be the Czech Republic and Scotland. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Venezuela Vega; Rosales (Alexander González), Perozo, Lucena, Cichero; Rincón, Seijas (Di Giorgi), César González (Meza), Orozco (Arango), Moreno (Guerra), Maldonado (Miku).

Spain: Valdés (Casillas); Iraola, Albiol, Marchena, Arbeloa (Capdevila); Alonso (Cazorla), Busquets, Pedro, Iniesta (Silva), Villa (Manu Del Moral) y Llorente (Torres).

Goals: 0-1 Villa (min.4), 0-2 Pedro (min.19), 0-3 Alonso (min.45).

Referee: George Buceley (Perú)

Incidents: Estadio Genernal José Antonio Anzoátegui (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela).

Key meeting for Kiko Femenía

The representatives of Hercules' footballer Kiko Femenía is pending of maintaining a meeting with Barça to reach an agreement for the transfer of the fielder alicantino the Catalan club.

Vicente Fores, one of the agents Kiko, acknowledged today that they are awaiting a call from Barcelona to bring positions closer to international under-21 next season to landfall in the state headed by Sandro Rosell.

Kiko has a contract with Hercules for three more seasons, but its qualities have attracted interest from several clubs, who have been interested in taking their services and take advantage of falling from Alicante to set the Second Division.

Barcelona's interest has been made public by the footballer and his environment, although in the last days of negotiations, it appeared that they could close quickly, have been curbed.

The player, who was reported a few days ago I had different options for its future, is maintained when the operating margin and waiting for news. (via SPORT)

Barca plan to open a school in India

The dome of Barça think is a good place to publicize the club and in the future it is expected to reverse in revenue.

According to the newspaper Hindu, 'Times of India', the club is reportedly planning to open a new Mas in China.

Chief Financial Officer of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavier Faus said that soon a delegation will travel to India to start the Barça brand expansion across the country.

Catalans club makers want the football league and Barca are known beyond Europe because they believe can be a prolific market in the future. (via SPORT)

Cesc preliminary agreement

FC Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas have already reached a preliminary agreement for the player to enter the Catalan Pep Guardiola's team into the next season.

Catalunya Radio was in his late-night 'The club Mitjanit' who has announced the preliminary agreement between the club and Cesc Fabregas. As explained, the current Arsenal player is the number one priority of Pep Guardiola, and also has the approval of the heavy weights of clothing, starting with Messi himself, who considers the Arenys as the ideal man to improve further their game.

According to the station this week, probably on Friday, Cesc's agent will meet with representatives of Barca, probably to set the strategy to follow now. The keys of the operation would be that Wenger would have repeated a few days ago that this time the player will not prevent your departure from the club and Arsenal have already had a year to repay the signing with the starting price should be below of last season.

Cesc Barca come with a statement substantially lower than they are offering now Manchester City, Chelsea or Real Madrid. But it is very clear that only wants to play for Barcelona and expects no problems this time so that the transfer comes to fruition. (via SPORT)

Bojan on their future: I don't surrender"

The Linyola says in a statement to Rac1 that his priority is to continue at the club and acknowledges she feels "angry about the situation I'm living".

Bojan Krkic has said he would not give up and think you want to follow in Barcelona despite the many rumors that placed him outside the Catalan club as a bargaining chip in any of the signings to strengthen the team of Pep Guardiola .

In statements to the program 'Tu diràs' of Rac1, the Linyola acknowledged feeling "anger inside me for the situation which I live, but I do not give up." Krkic has admitted that "is not an easy situation for me, but eventually had to go. "

"The only thing I have considered is that the season has not been what I expected," explained a Bojan who believes that "football is very unfair, before it was said that had helped win the league and now that I'm going yielded ".

The forward said that "I will do everything to keep playing at the club" but does not know "what is the intention of Mr. but the club wants to sell me, I want many years here."

Finally, the squad has declared that "nobody has proposed be currency, no one would start operating well and less to me." (via MD)