07 June 2011

Jeffrén: "I get very excited after a difficult season"

The U-21 held in the afternoon his last workout before leaving for Denmark this coming Wednesday. The international striker, Jeffrén Suárez, was very committed to certify the season with a strong performance in the next European category, where three bills at stake for the next Olympics in 2012.

-Important week of concentration?

We had very few days to prepare this first game against England, but the truth is that we have worked with a lot of enthusiasm and intensity and the coach has welcomed it. The team sets off tomorrow heading to Denmark and is eager and confident to make a great paper.

-The first game against England will be a tough hurdle. What is the mood of the team for the debut?

We are confident ahead of the game, but we know that England are a great team. The most important thing is the great illusion that is the team we know we have very good players and there are still a few days in Denmark to prepare land that first game, but we still have time to study the English.

-Personally the season has been marked by injuries. How do you get to this championship?

Came with high hopes after a black season for me because the issue of injuries. When I confirmed the news made me feel very happy and very confident I can help the team in everything that depends on me.

-Surely the more positive side you get less minutes than other players ...

If you look at it from that point of view is somewhat important because I get much cooler than other colleagues and that is something that can take advantage of the selection.

-What does it mean to you that Luis Milla trust a man like you, although it has played fewer games over the season?

It is appreciated that the coach gives me that extra confidence and taking into account more as the season has gone. For that reason, I am very happy with the decision taken. (via RFEF)

[Barça B] Five players from B, unrelated

Nolito, Vázquez, Abraham, Benjamin and Edu Oriol not part of the staff of the Barcelona B next season. The five ended their contractual relationship with the club this season and will not in the branch.

Víctor Vázquez had reported that after 5 seasons in the B undertake a new adventure in the Belgian Bruges Nolito has committed for next season with the Portuguese Benfica, these two now have been known to not continue to Abraham, Edu Oriol and Benja.

Mining Abraham, 25, played one season at Barca B. Format Barca fry in the quarry, the Granollers arrived last summer in the subsidiary from the Sant Andreu Barca. Abraham has often been the holder as a left and has even acted interior. Mining has added 1870 minutes in 24 games

Edu Oriol, 24, has acted with Barca B for two seasons offering a very consistent performance. From the Sant Andreu alternated during the first season his role as player holder with a lever. This season it has become imperative for Luis Enrique usually far right-back on occasion. Edu Oriol has played 31 matches and scored 6 goals in 2068 minutes.

Benjamin Martinez, 'Benjamin', 23, has acted in the Barça B two seasons. Signed in the summer of 2008 played on loan at Reus principle but in January 2009 Luis Enrique decided playoffs. Useful for its power and ability to unbalance from the sidelines mb has never been a starting position but has been a great resource especially true for the B matches played on the road. Benja holder has acted in 12 of the 21 games he has participated with the team. In 1021 minutes has scored 5 goals.

Victor Vazquez this season has added his fifth consecutive season in Barca B. Vazquez, 24, shared computer at the junior level with Messi and Pique and has always stood for a touch and a remarkable vision of the game. A serious injury last season has made it difficult to start. In the present course has participated in 25 matches but with only 8 starts. In 995 minutes he has scored a goal. His destination is Bruges in Belgium.

Manuel Agudo, 'Nolito' has performed regularly in all three seasons of Luis Enrique has been the coach of the subsidiary. After a year where easily holds the place has become one of the key pieces of Barça B. Located in far left highlighted by his dribbling and ability to score goals and make assists. This season he debuted with the first team in the league and Cup with Barça B has added 2844 minutes in 38 games he has added 13 goals. Nolito Barça TV has explained the reason for his departure: "The club offered me to follow and Luis Enrique wanted to convince me to renew but I preferred to accept an offer from Benfica convinced me." (via FCBarcelona,cat)

Betis and Rayo: New team of First Division

The Andalusian back to the top flight of Spanish football after the Second won the title. 8 years ago that Rayo did not feel the Primera Liga.

Has finished second championship. But already known for weeks that the top two teams which have risen by category: Rayo and Betis. The last place was played during the month of June, Valladolid, Elche, Granada and Celta de Vigo in two rounds.

The last time the team felt Rayo First date of June 1, 2003, in the absence of two days to finish the league. That draw with Mallorca condemned to the Second Division and after 8 years between the Second and the Second B, return to the top flight of Spanish football.

José Ramón Sandoval is the great architect of a template that has lived a very delicate time for the serious economic problems of the institution which has been superimposed with the support of the fans and the professionalism of his players.

In front of solvency like Armenteros and Oscar Trejo or players from the experience of Movilla and Michel, the Lightning has shown solid Vallecas and has been the best away team with 36 points and only 5 defeats.

Betis is an old acquaintance. Has needed only two seasons to return to First Division. And he has done through the front door, as champion of the category. Pepe Mel's team has held positions throughout the course of direct ascent with a flamboyant, attacking football and showed that in the Cup tie against Barca. Ruben Castro and Jorge Molina 27 goals with 18 goals have completed a special course as scorers and the team has proved intractable, especially in the Benito Villamarin, which has only missed 10 points.

[Youth] The juvenil of Barça already has rival for those 'semis' of the Copa del Rey

Deportivo-Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano-Espanyol are the semifinals of the Copa del Rey juveniles, according to the draw held on Tuesday at the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas.

After winning the league and the Champions Cup, the Junior A FC Barcelona could get a treble with victory at Deportivo in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and is imposed on the final day 26, to be held in Ceuta.

The Oscar Garcia will play the first leg on Sunday June 12th at 12 noon at the Ciudad Deportiva Mundo del Fútbol of la Coruña and return the weekend of June 19 in Barcelona.

In the event of exceeding the semifinal, the Blaugrana will face the winner of the other playoff (Rayo or Espanyol). (via SPORT)

Álex García: "I bring a suitcase full of love"

After a life linked to Barca, Alex Garcia currently scouting performed tasks, the Georgian football gear: "I leave here with a suitcase full of affection."

In the club acted as a player, coach of the youth level and now was an observer. Alex Garcia left the club, which has devoted a lifetime to start a new life as a professional technician Dinamo Tbilisi. Barça Barcelona and says he left a good taste of mouth: "I have always received appreciation from all who have worked with me. I've been very happy at Barca. Any problems I've ever had have helped me solve it. I took a suitcase full of affection. "

Reasons why you are urged to leave Dinamo Tbilisi?

One reason, of course, is to be able to coach a professional team. For two years and not training and I was excited to tackle a project on my own in a professional team with a reasonable time, which is three years, where you can translate the ideas you have.

What you notice about the project?

The confidence they have placed in me at all times when planning and structuring the first team, to move the boat to the organization model of the club. Are the bases that have made me more excited to accept the proposal of Dinamo Tbilisi.

Hard to leave the club?

Always difficult. I was as a player 7 or 8 years, then as a technician and then as Scoutting as many and is always hard but are situations today in football are normal and to projects like this in the end you have to decide and try your luck on everything an important choice is to train and the project itself can be carried out.

What is your assessment of his time at the club?

Very happy in general terms, the interest has always been the club for me, for the treatment has been to me. On a sporting level I hope to have fallen short of both coach and now a first time recently in the technical secretariat.

Up to seven players from FC Barcelona's first team have passed through the hands of Alex Garcia: Piqué, Sergio Pedro, Bojan, Jeffren, Fontàs, Thiago and Leo Messi who had the honor to train for a full season. A privilege that had no football coach training:

"I keep nice and very beautiful memories. What I'm most encouraged about is to see how players who have been leading in the lower grades, are now succeeding in the first team as they are doing. All that I worked in football training that is what makes us more excited. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Neymar agent denies contact with Real Madrid

Vagner Ribeiro, Neymar agent (and Robinho), has denied today that Real Madrid has been in contact with him, with his client or the family of this to negotiate the possible arrival of striker Santos to Real Madrid.

Ribeiro, told the Cadena Cope, has said that "no one has called. Neymar is now focusing on to win the Libertadores. We are not interested in talking about any of this in such a sensitive time."

The denial comes in the wake of the information made public last night RAC1. Catalan station allegedly had "intercepted" two text messages sent José Ángel Sánchez Ronaldo, who now owns his own management agency and act as an intermediary. Messages, as has been told AS, since the club has denied that they were produced. (via AS)

90 million to make signings

Come the numbers. Barcelona have enough money to meet the demand of technical signings. The club has reserved 50 million for the chapter on additions, while you plan the transfer of some players that would help the numbers work.

Cesc operation which will mark the Barca summer and is expected to be a millionaire transfer. Pressure you can exert enough the price will depend Catalan end of the operation. In any case, the club has a number of players that if they could bring out an amount close to 40 million euros.

Among the most desirable players, Bojan and Thiago are two untapped players who could become players differential minutes. Barcelona are aware of the potential of both, so the intention would be to ensure the possibility of recovering at a reasonable price. The son of Mazinho has many girlfriends and a market price close to nine million. In England even speculates that Barcelona may include the operation footballer Cesc. Bojan, meanwhile, much like Arsenal in England "remains in a while what can go through about 12 kilos. The striker insists his desire to continue fighting to get a place in Barcelona, ​​but the economic situation of the club could hasten his departure.

Jeffren is another player who the club might be included in an operation and is on the agenda of Liverpool. Barcelona believe they could get a transfer closer to 7 million.

Besides the great campaign of Barcelona B has caused many top level clubs have been interested in the situation of some team players. Jonathan Soriano, second top scorer, is one player with more offerings, others as Oriol Romeu and Jonathan Dos Santos are also on the agenda of the clubs in Primera. Barcelona also has the option of a playoff to Botía ¿8 billion through June 15 and transfer to the player in order to raise cash. Another different case is that of Cáceres, which Sevilla have already run the option and the Barcelona will receive 3 ¿5 million euros. (via SPORT)

Afellay: "I'm much better looking than before"

Gradually entered into the computer, but quickly convinced. You should thank your self-confidence.

Ibrahim Afellay came in the locker room sweaty club. Leo Messi, man of few words, went through his hand and said: "It is the warrior." Three words that bless the Dutchman of Moroccan origin who give more peace who receives the ovation from the Camp Nou, sometimes so fickle. If the `10" thumb up, everything is said. The former PSV player came in the winter market and it's one more. Even went ahead of other players with more years at the club in the final minutes of the Wembley final.

He arrived in December. Are you already adapted to his new life?

I feel very well, Barcelona is a fantastic city, my teammates help me a lot so I can feel at home. I am very happy.

Have you seen is what is imagined?

Not much different than I imagined. What I thought, is what I found: very nice people that try to help make you feel at home. Everything is perfect.

But it was the first time I left the house and should not be easy after a lifetime living between Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Is clear. I've always played in Holland and lived there with my family and I was with my people. And here at the beginning was a little difficult because you miss your family and you know nothing. Neither the city nor the language, or country. Everything was new to me when I arrived. But now I feel at home.

Find home and leave the hotel should be very helpful.

Sure. It is very difficult to feel at home living in a hotel. But now I live at home in Barcelona, ​​and I'm happy.

What cost more, adaptation or off the field?

The beginnings are strange, you know nothing about anyone, players do not know anything and you get to work.

Many other were known, at least to see them play.

To everyone, but it is not the same as working day. Need a little time, little by little, feeling better every day. The truth is that now I feel very comfortable in the team.

Does the environment support?

Yes, they are fantastic players who only know on TV, but when you train every day you see how good they are. And not just as players, as well as people and that's the most important.

In strictly football, "hard fit when it comes to other football, even though both drink from the same sources?

You have to adapt quickly, meet your colleagues and understand what they ask of you.

What prompted Pep?

Just work hard, you enjoy.

Does it?

Sure. When you work hard you can enjoy because it lets you play your best game.

Arriving mid-season conditions. Do you think next year will be better?

Yes conditions, but this half year is still good, I feel good and the future is getting better and better and I hope so.

MORE: www.sport.es

The signings of Barcelona 2011-12, revealed

Barca sign a minimum of four players, a defender, a midfielder and two forwards.
No longer seeks left-back but central and reveals another MD futuribles: José Enrique.

The challenge is there: we must remain competitive in a template that has been almost three years winning it all, 10 of 13 titles. Profiling is a sensitive issue in this Barça , for the excellence of his team owner and a peculiar style which makes it difficult to find the right parts, even with the world by market. But how they see fit. Want to renew some faces in the staff locker room, which means new challenges for everyone, for playing more and playing less. Four signings are the ones scheduled and will affect all lines. The idea is that v deceit a defender, a middle and two strikers . Of these, the midfielder is who has only one candidate. It should be Cesc Fabregas , no other. To Pep Guardiola , Cesc is the signing mother, who has been calling for since last summer to boost competitiveness and ensure the continuity of the football model. The financial outlay for the club involving everything else condition.

On the other needs it can be discussed, with a more or less open lists. For example, in defending the priority has changed. No longer want to bring a force behind the discovery of Abidal and Mascherano. Now the idea is to incorporate a left, which will in all probability the least expensive signing for the club coffers. There is the example of Jose Angel, Sporting, and José Enrique, Newcastle United , the latter new to the list of future events, such as Hadrian's dance partner, and that Maxwell will go.

And is the lead. The goal is expensive and the club is assumed. Alexis Sanchez and Giuseppe Rossi are preferred , but summer is over and what matters is getting it right. (via MD)

José Enrique, the 'bull' of Saint James' Park, the side of interest to Barca

Power, determination and good ball touch the side rediscover best known in England than in Spain.

Sometimes football a second chance. That of José Enrique Sánchez (Valencia, 1986) may be it. The club has rediscovered the left side (1.84 m, 76 kgs.), Who in his years as a junior wonders spoken, now it has reached 25 and has spent four seasons at Newcastle. He is best known in England than in Spain and not odd because he played only 38 games in first before joining the 'Magpies' in 2007. Ub-21 international, the Levant B moved to Valencia, with whom he did not play or an official match and then played a few months on loan at Celta de Vigo, where he met his girlfriend, who now accompanies him on his English adventure . His springboard was Villarreal, which was enough to give Jose Enrique 23 games to double to 4 million euros invested in his move and get 8 to Newcastle. Today, a year to fulfill his contract, 'El Toro' Jose Enrique, who gave him the nickname today Juanfran mattress in the U-21 begins to play for big as Bayern, Liverpool, Lyon and Barcelona. If any of the technical aspects of these clubs has seen the video of the match that the '3 'Saint James' Park was at Blackburn and will be brought to market this Gareth Bale 'outlet'. Is a proper defense, very strong, determined, intense, with great ball feel and good center, the goal is not his forte -2 in 175 games, but neither was it to Eric Abidal and today is revered by the Camp Nou. And between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, José Enrique is clear: "Without doubt, Messi. I confronted him and between Cristiano and Messi, would sign Messi, of course. It has all the conditions to be the best footballer in history" . Good start 'The Bull' (via MD)

[Youth] Four finalists in the Championship of Cataluña

Cadete A, Alevín A, Benjamín A and Infantil-Alevín female Barça have qualified for the semifinals of Campionship of Cataluña. These finals will be played Saturday in Montcada. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona A 5, Lleida 0

García Pimienta's team went very superior to Lleida and it was imposed without sufferings to the semifinals of the Championship of Catalunya cadete. The scorers of the party were the canary Sandro, the fielder Iu Ranera, the camerunés Ebwelle and Argentinean Maxi Rolón.

Damm 2, FC Barcelona 2

The boys of Fran Sánchez fell eliminated in the field of Damm in the penalties shift. The azulgranas was ahead with goals of Juanma and Adrià and they had an one against one of Alexis and a missed penalty of the same one '9 'camerunés to enlarge the differences. Damm, on the other hand, the party tied with a defensive error of the azulgranas and with a penalty transformed by the locals. In a shift of marked penalties for mistake of both teams, Damm was imposed.

FC Barcelona 2, Espanyol 1

The alevines derby opted for the success of Camera and Oriol Busquets. Espanyol outlined a party behind with closed many players and Andrés' boys Carrasco had more difficulties of the habitual ones to always offer its flowing soccer.

FC Barcelona 6, Nàstic 0

Benjamin A of Marc Serra imposed his potential before a Nàstic that suffered the enormous quality of the youngest sons azulgranas. The scorers of the encounter were Sergi Rosanas (3), Roger Vegas, Iván Bravo and Gerard López.

San Gabriel 2, FC Barcelona 1

Cabañas 1, FC Barcelona 4

Thiago + 30 million for Cesc?

FC Barcelona have made a final offer of 28 million pounds -31,000,000 euros, plus the transfer of Thiago Alcántara by Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

According to British newspaper 'Daily Mirror', FC Barcelona will offer Arsenal less money than last season, when the English club would not sell the player Arenys.

The newspaper says the Blaugrana entity would be willing to pay up to 31 million euros, almost eight million plus the transfer of Thiago Alcantara. Yes, the FC Barcelona would reserve the right to buy the player in the event that triumphed in the Premier League.

So, the offer of the ship would be well below the financial claims of Arsenal, which calls for 60 million euros by the Catalan player. (via SPORT)

Italian press sees Alexis Sánchez very near Barça

The Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez of Udinese is increasingly about Pep Guardiola's Barcelona, ​​said on Tuesday the major Italian newspapers, who claim that in the coming days will be meetings between the clubs to define the terms of the trade.

Local media said that the owner of Udinese, Gino Pozzo, is from Monday in Barcelona, ​​and proceeds to land on Friday, also in Spain the Chilean player's representative, Fernando Felicevich.

Barcelona are willing to pay 30 million euros to Udinese by Sanchez and operation also come forward Bojan Krkic FC Barcelona, ​​said the Italian press.

"It remains an important fringe Binding: Bojan, the attacker 21 years of the 'Blaugrana' makes about three million euros per season, an amount difficult to maintain for the Italian club's financial parameters," said the general daily Corriere della Sera. "

The president of Udinese, Franco Soldati, said Monday that the Italian club will not force any player who does not want to stay in their ranks.

"Sanchez?" We do not retain anybody, we did it once and made a mistake, "he acknowledged in remarks to the Italian radio station 'Radio Sportiva' Soldati, who moved to Udinese in the market will move according to their needs.

"There are also behind Sánchez English clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United have continued throughout the year, like Barcelona, ​​who is currently ahead of Juventus (facing the possibility of signing Chilean)" added the Italian.

Sanchez's arrival at Barcelona, ​​according to the press, would hinder the signing of Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi Villarreal, which the club "Blaugrana" also was interested, like other Italian teams like Juventus and Inter own Milan .

In fact, the Italian sports papers indicate that, of the signing of Chilean materialize by the Catalans, the "Vecchia Signora" try to return to Italy with Rossi T 'Bianconeri. " (via SPORT)

Three of the seven team in the Clubs World Cup 2011 already decided

European Champions Barcelona, Champions of the OFC (Oceania Football Conference) Auckland from New Zealand and CONCACAF Champions Monterrey of Mexico are three of the teams that will appear in the World Club Cup, which this year returns to Japan.

The other four teams have yet to be revealed. The champion of the Copa Libertadores will either be Peñarol of Montevideo or Santos of Brazil. The Asian and African champions will not be known until mid November.

Club Monterrey are champions of the CONCACAF for the first time after winning over two legs against the USA’s Real Salt Lake, which still didn’t come as a huge surprise, as this tournament is invariably won by the Mexican champions. The last time Barça played in the Clubs World Cup, two years ago in Abu Dhabi, they beat a Mexican side, Atlante, in the semi final.

Auckland City have won in the antipodes for the fourth time, having emerged victorious their two legged final against Amical of Vanuatu (1-2 and 4-0).

Manel Expósito is currently playing for Auckland, a product of the FCB youth system who has been in New Zealand for two years and made his Barça first team debut against Oporto, in the same match as Leo Messi. In 2008/09, another ex Barcelona man, Xavi Roca, played for Auckland.

Another Catalan, Albert Riera Vidal, is also in their first team, as is Ángel Viña Berlanga from Madrid, who was named New Zealand player of the year.

The Asian Champions League final will be played on November 4 or 5, while the African championship concludes on the 14th of the same month. The Japanese champions, in representation of the host nation, will also be taking part. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Victor Vazquez: "A Project, a great challenge!"

Sports Manager Sven Vermant provided a brief explanation of the transfer: "There is already much written in the press about Victor Vazquez. I will be brief: Victor signed a contract with us for three years. sees the club as a 24-year-old Vazquez a versatile midfielder who can be deployed in various places in midfield. He was educated entirely in Barcelona. It is now important that the player as soon as possible adapted to the Belgian culture and our football. "

Catalan clubs then got a barrage of questions transfer process.

Why did you choose Club Brugge?

"I am very pleased with my transfer to the club. It is one of the big clubs in Belgium, which, although in recent years took no prizes, but always plays the top. At the first contact with the club I propose a project, which I believe and want to be part of. I want the club next year to compete for the prizes. Not only in Belgium but also in Europe. I had many offers but I chose not to one Spanish Belgian league table but for a top team because I believe in the project of Club. I see it as a great challenge. "

It is not difficult to solve the high expectations?

"I know that expectations will be high. I want to develop my skills up to the service of my new team. We'll see how far we will get."

Javier Portillo (Real Madrid) you went to. Its passage was not entirely successful at Club.

"Portillo and Vazquez are totally different players, each with its own style. I hope to adapt myself here soon. The club will have facilities that are promising. Everything is very professionally arranged, making the adjustment process will be more rapid. "

What are your strengths?

"My leadership on the field. I like players to control and correct. well if all goes well and when it runs less. I like to take my responsibility. Whether I have the first match will do depends on my adjustment process. "
Tell us about your friendship with Messi.

"When we were 16, we often stayed together. Now there is contact but much less. Messi has in recent years developed much faster than me because I often had to contend with injuries . In recent days I have not heard Messi. Barcelona finds after earning the league title and Champoins in a festive mood. For my fellow mates at Barcelona B I have extended goodbye. "

If you come only to Bruges?

"Today, my girlfriend, my mom, my manager, an uncle and two friends traveled. everyone except Andrea, my girlfriend and I are flying back tonight. We stay here the next day a suitable home search. Andrea will soon me moving to Bruges. She speaks some English, I taught English itself will follow Club. We have a lot of good things heard as a city of Bruges and we both look forward to the city. "

Vazquez gets the shirt number 13 assigned. (via www.clubbrugge.be)

Bojan put England in Liverpool

Although the intention is not to move from Barca Bojan have turned out girlfriends. The British newspaper 'Daily Mail' Linyola stood yesterday in the orbit of Liverpool for 19 million euros. At Anfield have problems with the goal and Kuyt only (13) and Carroll (13) have lagged scoring. Luis Suarez (4) is adapting and strengthening the club looking for a young and experienced. In England also speculate Bojan's arrival at Arsenal, as a condition to negotiate the transfer of Cesc. (via MD)

The silence of Barça for José Angel mobilizes Sporting

Sporting needs money to balance its debt and is negotiating with two bands for its left side. In recent days, the club has not moved by José Angel tab, remaining at 2.5 million euros more variables to reach 4, so the Asturian policy is one step to sell Canella to Villarreal 4, 5 million euros. Manolo Preciado has asked the president Manuel Vega Arango not to sell the two but a part of the policy tightening will consider his transfer to the cash flow finiquitaría. (via MD)

Jeffren and Milito, with a sign in the Premier

Many clubs try to catch Barca potential discards. Both limbo as Gabi Milito, who along with Bojan and Maxwell are candidates to leave the Nou Camp, they sign on the Premier League. In limbo, the more interested in recent days are Liverpool and Aston Villa, while on Milito is moving to Fulham. The central priority remains a Spanish League team. (via MD)

Jonathan Soriano can get into the "Operation Alexis"

The president admits that the club Udinese has priority by the Chilean: "It is the leading candidate".

Alexis Sanchez's signing is taking shape. The president of Udinese, Franco Soldati, confirmed yesterday that the club has priority by the Chilean striker, as advanced Mundo Deportivo days ago. "Right now, the club is the leading candidate. There are several English clubs are interested and Juventus and Inter, but the club is the favorite," he said on Radio Sportiva.

This week could be key. Barcelona and Udinese are scheduled three-way contacts between Barca sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, the agent of striker Fernando Felicevich and Italian bank to try to close the transaction. The price will be the main obstacle to be overcome and the name of Jonathan Soriano, the second division top scorer with 32 goals, will be on the table.

Felicevich land today at the Barcelona airport and will meet again with Zubi. For days everything is agreed with Alexis. His desire to play in the Nou Camp staff led to a quick agreement. Technical and representative will work together in the strategy. The next step will be a summit Felicevich a member of the Italian general direction, also in Barcelona, ​​to transfer the tenders received. The third meeting will be with the son of the owner of Udinese, Gino Pozzo, with whom the club kept very good relationship. The Italian club has made a farewell Chilean and quickly seeks a guarantee option, especially now that they are in the Champions League. Jonathan Soriano may hold the key. (via MD)

Why won't Guardiola sign to a central one?

The technical bid for the versatility of Abidal and Mascherano to fit the central position, as demonstrated this season.

Barca is clear about his priorities for strengthening its workforce and the need to bolster and demarcations between them, is not the center back. Despite rumors, Barca technicians believe that among the central and the first team to go up the branch, have enough to face another season with six titles at stake.

Among Andreu Fontàs and defender Marc Bartra will be leaving the subsidiary definitely be one of the first team, with the other fullback on horseback of the two templates available Pep Guardiola as coach deems it appropriate. It is assumed that Gabi Milito will start a new career despite having another year of contract but the club does not intend to do a signing to cover the floor of the Argentine. The course of the season just ended has shown that the adaptation of Eric Abidal and Javier Mascherano to the axis of the defense has been impeccable and that both the French side as the Argentine midfielder already tested in the most demanding competitive situations to serve as central even more commonly than positions that have been natural for her career. Logically, a season the club will feature it has been for the past three years the best couple of plants of the world, consisting of Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol. The fact that the captain has been operated a few days ago left knee tendinitis does not change either the plan, among other things because even the doctors are playing Puyol "up to 40 years." So, according to the accounts of the technicians, they go out six stations very reliable. It does not take more. (via MD)

[Barça B] Barça B goes on vacation without knowing anything about Eusebio

The last training Barça B did nothing to dispel doubts, although the attachment to sports management met with the players.

Barça B is now officially on vacation ... although some members are left without the comfort of having resolved his future. The staff hoped to meet to Eusebio as new coach, but those responsible for sports management who attended the meeting, Narcís Julià and Albert Valentín could not clarify the questions surrounding the side branch of the immediate future.

Both spoke directly with players just continue to contract and not, as is the case of Abraham, Edu Oriol or Benjamin, and thanked them for their dedication, as did Victor Vazquez and Nolito, which weeks ago was committed to Bruges Benfica respectively. The other two players who are free are the goalkeeper Jordi Masip, who soon may sign the renewal, and defender Armando Lozano, who is injured and could continue at least until the opening of the winter market.

After meeting with the players leaving the club, Julia and Valentine went down the pitch to talk briefly with players, technical and subsidiary managers should play a 'panchanga ". Narcis Julia took the floor to ask players to be alert to email in the coming days and inform them of the slogans of the new coach.

The technical future is to decide on players who have contracts in place to say whether either has them or is it better than, for example, accept an assignment. In principle, signed players with more years left with the conviction that the discipline will Blaugrana.

It also remains to be determined the day back to work, but on July 11 may be the date. One more thing should be left to the coach to take the reins. A decision that should be resolved this week.

The absence of Eusebio in the Ciutat Esportiva was surprising after the negotiations held on Friday with sports officials in the campus club Barcelona. On Friday at noon the balance is weighted in favor of Oscar Garcia Valladolid when aiming to be the candidate best placed.

Once the decision to appoint Eusebio, it was expected that the announcement of his signing was imminent. However, the weekend and spent the day yesterday without the club officially communicated anything new. Negotiations with the Valladolid, therefore, it was still closed. Andoni Zubizarreta, the only authorized spokesman for the sports area, could provide a brief press conference to communicate the definitive agreement and any changes that may occur in the subsidiary.

In any event, the club's intention is to maintain the structure that has been so successful over the past three years. Following this line, Joan Barbarà should continue as coach next to Eusebio. Barbara is a very appreciated by the technical and tactical knowledge costumes have been instrumental in Barca B finished third in the table. His second has one year left on his contract, like the rest of the staff of Luis Enrique. Anyway, the Spaniard could be one of his collaborators that joined the club as fitness coach Jose Ramon Street or Joaquín Cortés, which is emerging as a new adventure in Rome.

Zubizarreta should outline the final details, with the consensus of Pep Guardiola and his assistant, Tito Vilanova, who usually has a more direct with the office for the Barça B. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] End of year party at Barca B

Barça B lowered the curtain on a season that has covered more than the expectations set in early season. The vast majority of the members of the team, except for those organized by the Under 19 and Under 21 - met yesterday in the Ciutat Esportiva to play a pachanga before the holidays and leave the coach has been over the last three seasons, Luis Enrique.

Players, coaching staff members, staff and managers responsible for branch Maranges Josep Maria Garcia, Jose Contreras and Josep Huguet, participated in a match that attracted some viewers first level, the central Andreu Fontàs "and tabbed first team" , the injured Armando, "Capellas Albert Albert Ferrer's right hand in the Vitesse what Quique Costas.

The final party game also featured an unusual referee's brother Thiago Alcántara Rafinha, who still has his ankle playing for those who still have not finished the season as the youth has yet to play the Copa del Rey. The relaxed atmosphere, the laughter and jokes chaired the final session of the season. (via SPORT)

Víctor Valdés: "It's not good for football that a repeat of last year"

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes said in a statement ‘Al primer toque’ of Onda Cero:" The mood in the selection is very good.

The atmosphere of other convocations" has been imposed although he/she added that it is not good for the soccer that repeats what we have lived in this last year."

Speaking to Angel Rodriguez, Valdes confirmed to be "head of the Spanish team is one of my goals." Barcelona goalkeeper has been confirmed by the Forest for tonight's match, saying "I see the title as a reward for good work being done, especially the group we are and for me is a very exciting time."

On the next season and the match in the Super Cup, Valdes said that "it will be a very intense start to the season, nice to the dispute of the Supercopa. Nuet start a season with challenges. The last few seasons has been very close fight between Barça and Madrid and will be equal. " (via SPORT)

Villarreal not accept cuts in signing Rossi and Zubizarreta still make a move

In El Madrigal say Barca no emissaries knock on the door and plan other outings.

While the case Alexis Sanchez seems that enters a decisive phase for its outcome, you can not say the same about Giuseppe Rossi. Since the directive states that anyone Villarreal FC Barcelona has approached the club plans to present a formal offer on the Italian. No developments. Everyone says that the operation is underway, but the phone still does not sound and the envoys also Barca knock on the door.

However, Fernando Roig has sent through various channels that the policy of waiting will not make a dent in their financial demands. According to the president of Villarreal, the club has known for weeks that the forward price is 30 million euros and has no intention whatsoever to change with the passage of time. Moreover, if other operations are realized, the future of Rossi may vary.

The statements of coach Juan Carlos Garrido taking for granted the departure of Rossi and accepting the possible inclusion of players from Barca have not changed one iota the post of leader of the Madrigal. Roig wants hard cash and not to complete the transfer if they can come into play options from the quarry Barca. That provided Andoni Zubizarreta is not in a position to dispose of frontline players at a reasonable price. The situation comes to be similar but not identical to that of Alexis Sanchez. Barça has gained ground in the operation: the front is tied with a future contract on the verge of signing.

Rossi reflects the profile of "reliable front" that Pep Guardiola has asked thinking about next season. Another very different question is to consider the 30 million euros as required by the extortionate price Villarreal as they are the coffers of football clubs. The problem lies in having the record that Fernando Roig and CEO, José Manuel Llaneza, forming a tandem rocky and difficult to replicate on a negotiating table.

Barca play their cards covered by the unconditional support of Rossi while Barca Villarreal await the motion without ruling out that Juventus finally be in an offside position in the case of Alexis and launched by Rossi. (via SPORT)

Messi will start on Wednesday to prepare for Copa America

After celebrating at home the double with FC Barcelona, ​​Leo has already started the countdown to the return.

Argentina's national team will return to training tomorrow to begin preparations, and at full strength, the Copa America tournament in its territory between 1 and 24 July. Leo Messi will be with them after spending a few days holiday in his hometown Rosario.

Argentina, which has played two friendlies (against Nigeria and against Poland in which Barcelona has been exempted), will work with an eye on the last friendly before debuting in the Copa America. Will be matched against Albania on October 20 in the Monumental de River. A highly anticipated match for the fans albiceleste since it is the duel with the team will be presented to their fans and will try to convey the best feelings.

The combined Sergio Batista debut on July 1 against Bolivia in La Plata, then play the 6 in Santa Fe against Colombia and close the first phase of the tournament against Costa Rica on 11, the selection has held the seat vacated by Japan, he resigned from the tournament after the catastrophe a while back.

For Messi this will be his second experience in the America's Cup, a competition that debuted in 2007, in Venezuela, and which was very close to lifting the trophy. In fact, Argentina reached the final in Maracaibo, but Alfio Basile's team could not beat Brazil, which ended up winning with authority (3-0).

Leo played every game of that year (United States, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico and Brazil) and scored against the Peruvians and Mexicans. He started all the matches except the one that faced with the Paraguayans.

Messi, who started with the selection on August 17, 2005 (to Hungary) and 56 builds gimped and has scored 16 goals last (penalty) against Portugal last February in Geneva (Switzerland), where his beat selection lusa to 2-0.

They will also Mascherano and Milito

Along with Messi, two players from FC Barcelona, ​​Javier Mascherano and Gaby Milito, parked their holidays to return to work. They then both entered at the time in the list of coach, Sergio Batista, and are important pieces in the combined white and blue. In fact, the 'jefecito' is the captain of Argentina, an idol in his country. (via SPORT)

Raul, Casillas, Xavi and Puyol will choose the Golden Foot

David Beckham, Drogba, Buffon, Eto'o, Giggs and Zanetti complete the list. This title has never won a Spanish.

Achieving the World Cup and the great season at Schalke 04 Raul makes the next list I have good representation Golden Foot Spanish. In addition to the former Real Madrid, the title is given to players over 28 years, will choose Casillas, Xavi and Puyol.

The list is completed this year: David Beckham, Drogba, Buffon, Eto'o, Giggs and Zanetti. All were selected by a jury of 58 journalists from around the world. The trophy winner will be announced next October 7 and will leave the vote open to the official website of Golden Foot. (via AS)


2003. Baggio (Brescia)

2004. Nevded (Juventus)

2005. Shevchenko (Milan)

2006. Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

2007. Del Piero (Juventus)

2008. Roberto Carlos (Fenerbahçe)

2009. Ronaldinho (Milan)

2010. Totti (Roma)

Joseph Blatter tab Cruyff, Placido Domingo and Kissinger

FIFA president has signed them to form a "committee of solutions" that it hopes will improve the battered image of the institution.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has signed personalities such as Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Johan Cruyff exfutbolista or the U.S. former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, to integrate a "committee of solutions" that it hopes will improve tarnished image of the institution.

"These figures are more or less advisory board for a kind of wisdom would not like my Executive Committee, because they think they are the counsel of wisdom," Blatter said recently reelected to his fourth term as head of FIFA In an interview with CNN.

The Swiss found that Plácido Domingo is "happy and proud" to be part of this new committee. "Let me work with the ethics committee and with this new committee and solutions, if any of this feel they must do something, let them make decisions," requested the president of FIFA. (via AS)

Take as the next Champions

Already know much of the 64 teams participating in the 2011/12 Champions Course, where the club will defend the title. The highlight of the list, still tentative, is the return of two former European champions, Porto and Bor.

Although the FC Barcelona has been the only team in the major European leagues have been able to repeat league title, most of the major clubs of the old continent repeated in the Champions League.

In the Premier stressed, again, the presence of runners in Europe, Manchester United, Arsenal and also Chelsea. The novelty, as the representatives of the English league is the presence of the City instead of Tottenham. For its part, five-time winner of the Champions League, Liverpool two years without being accumulated.

Besides the usual Lombard teams - AC Milan and Inter - Napoli and Udinese also represent Italian football next year in the Champions League. Three of the European classics such as Juventus, Roma and Fiorentina have failed, this year, the Italian league goals and, therefore, not be in the edition of 2011/12.

Two champions of the Champions League last season away, again, this year, hard. On the one hand, the champion of the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund, which, therefore, have a seat directly in the group stage. The Germans were champions of Europe in the year 1996/97. And on the other hand, the Port, which has been the major player in Portugal. The Portuguese have won the league with superiority and, moreover, have been European Champions League. The party of the European Super Cup in Monaco in late August against Barca may be a game that can be repeated perfectly with the final phase of the Champions League.

Many of the regular teams participating in the group stage of the Champions repeated presence. Xakhtar the cases of Donetsk, a champion of Ukraine, Anderlecht, the Greek Olimpiacos - Champion League and the Greek Cup as coach Ernesto Valverde - the Danish Copenhagen, Basel Switzerland, the Rangers Scottish Serbian Partizan or the Russian Zenit, known as clubs. In Romania there, as usual in recent years, a new face: the Otalut Galati, who has been a champion. Cluj has fallen far short of repeating the title. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça visit USA as European Champions yet again

This summer will be Barça’s third consecutive visit to the USA as European Champions, following their trips in the summer of 2006 and 2009.

It seems as if whenever the team organise a trip to the States, they end up winning the European Cup beforehand. Following their wins in Paris and Rome in 2006 and 2009, this year sees the team again cross the Atlantic with the Champions League title under their belt after the win in Wembley in May.

In 2006, the team were back in the States for the first time since 2003 and they played matches against Juventus, AC Milan and Manchester United in Boston, Washington and Philadelphia, running up a win, a draw and a defeat.

A16.jpgAfter visiting Chicago and New York in 2008, Pep Guardiola made his debut as first team coach with a tour that saw Barça play in Los Angeles against The Galaxy, in Seattle against The Sounders and in San Francisco against Chivas de Guadalajara – ending with one win and two draws.

The team will be back in the States this summer –visiting Washington, Miami and Dallas, where they will face Manchester United (30 July), Chivas de Guadalajara (3 August) and Club Amèrica (6 August). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Triunfo de la France Abidal (1-4)

French Selection Abidal on the team beat Ukraine in a friendly that was resolved in the last section of the party. Barca precisely participated in the last 15 minutes of the match in which the protagonist was Marvin Martin.

Éric Abidal, who knows what is playing in Donetsk with FC Barcelona, ​​did it again Monday night but with the French. And is that all coached by Laurent Blanc took on Ukraine in a friendly played in Donbass Arena.

Barça side was not in the starting lineup of the 'bleus' and left the pitch on 76 minutes. Until its replacement, and after a goalless first half, the match was tied at one with goals from Tymoschok (53 ') for Ukraine and Gameiro (58') for France. Abidal change also coincided with the entrance to the field of Marvin Martin, a young French footballer of 23 years that started with the selection and became the main character. And is that with two goals, 87 and 91, finished lining up the win. A victory that also featured the Kaboul both, at 89.

France's next match is on Thursday in Warsaw in a friendly against Poland. And then the players, including Abidal, and will enjoy a well deserved holiday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)