06 June 2011

Arsenal and Liverpool asked for Bojan

Bojan interest of several clubs, especially in the Premiership. Arsenal and Liverpool could make a good offer for the Linyola.

The young Barcelona striker, who has enjoyed many opportunities this season, Liverpool are interested, reveals that according to the 'Daily Mail' would pay for it to reach a figure close to 20 million euros. The 'reds' Jeffren Suárez try to enter into the transaction.

Arsenal has also shown interest Bojan is currently unknown but the amount that Arsène Wenger would be willing to pay. (via SPORT)

Mazinho: "Thiago is going to stay in Barcelona"

"He has the contract and remains.'s Doing a very good job and the developments that have had has been very important. It was an important course for him and hopefully the next one will be better," he said.

The Iomar exfutbolista Mazinho do Nascimento''''his son said Thiago ALCAT "stays in Barcelona next season as" under contract ", while the importance of place has been this season for him, has had "a very important development."

"Thiago is under contract with Barcelona and remains.'s Doing a very good job and the developments that have had has been very important. It has been an important year for him and hopefully the next one will be better," said Mazinho told Europa Press after the match between Spain and Russia Sub'21 category.

Moreover, given the great game that made the''pearl''in La Masia, the satisfaction for him was twofold. "Spain played very well, moving the ball from side to side and the kid (Thiago) played a good game," he said.

"Thiago is demonstrating the features it has and making the most of his minutes.'s Teaching quality has to be in this selection is being done with their space within the team," he concluded. (via AS)

[Ex player&coach] The pieces that Barça needs according to Cruyff

After a glorious season in which they have achieved nothing more and nothing less than the Champions League and also have reached the Cup final, what remained the same next season?

Johan Cruyff is very clear. Despite the bad behavior of Madrid, its improvement is a fact: they have won the Cup, reached the semis in the Champions League have been runners-up. If next year the club is not the same level as Real Madrid this season and goes up a little, it is difficult to obtain as many titles again.

To avoid this, what are called Cruyff signings, but no additions to the 'haphazardly' but actually bringing needed items:

"Which are the necessities of the team? One for line? Maybe not. Behind you have checked that Mascherano and Abidal can exercise of central. It is not their natural position, but somewhere around you have at two with yield and above happy to play and to participate. And it is of hoping Puyol returns well of its knee. If you add to Piqué and to Fontàs, the list of centreback is long."

"Forward? It is not easy to go find one with this Messi in your ranks. Messi because this all-encompassing, its range is of many meters. And do not fit the Argentine good it is he who comes, it will fail. What was a prick (Ibrahimovic), now is a lesson learned.

"Midfielders? If the choice is Cesc, a headline in power, there will be four types (Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc) for three positions, which means that everyone will play many games. "Mascherano? One lucky: he can play on two lines. " (via SPORT)

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The new award of UEFA points to Messi

Be called 'Golden Shirt' and Platini initiative.

UEFA has already decided the name of the award that will give the best player of the season in Monte Carlo to be delivered next August. Will be called, in principle, Golden Shirt (gold shirt). This designation reflects the fact that 'France Football' has registered all the names and derivatives of the Ballon d'Or is now produced in conjunction with FIFA, after blowing the French magazine award with the FIFA World Player.

The only problem is that the name does not quite like the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, because it believes that is a name associated with cycling. Not without reason, because no further than the Tour of Spain gave the award for leading the race with the 'golden jersey', which was, in turn, a bad copy of the 'maillot jaune' of the Tour de France. In any event, the UEFA to decide on the name and the proximity of the awarding of the prize before adequate publicity needs.

UEFA awarded the best European player of the season that militate in a club affiliated to UEFA. Needless to say, the first gold dress will be Lionel Messi, also heavily favored to return to achieve the FIFA Ballon d'Or this year. The award "Golden Shirt 'would be delivered on the occasion of the draw for the Champions League and Europe, on Thursday 25 August.

It will be a panel of journalists from magazines that are part of the ESM Association (Don Ball is the Spanish representative) who vote, with the advice of the technical committee of UEFA, who could appoint an initial list of chosen.

This award is the express wish of Michel Platini, the Uefa president, who once did as a player for Juventus and France three Ballon d'Or The former crack head now, like a prize to be exclusively European, as before with the Ballon d'Or Of course, the prize is open to all who play in Europe, whether or not born in the ViejoContinente, hence the patronage of Leo Messi and the rest of shipmates that are sure will occupy all the prizes.

UEFA granted so far 'Awards, awards highlight the best of the Champions League and prior to the UEFA Cup. Ronaldinho, Deco and Messi himself was nominated as the best in the Champions League, while Dani Alves, while still active in the Sevilla won the 'Award' for Cup of UEFA. (via MD)

Barça-arsenal: Already negotiate for Cesc

Barça has revived the signing Pep Guardiola wants most long.
He knows what he calls the Arsenal (55) and Thiago can refloat operation. Barca gives 35 million and the squad.
Given that another year has passed the proposal is estimated to match.

Dealing on Cesc Fabregas has been underway for weeks. It looks like the old song but no. Barca made this move postponed until further notice a year ago, after the Arsenal player said that if he ever left the London club would only go to Camp Nou and even then the treatment was successful. Then it was due to the intransigence of Arsène Wenger's desire to access their captain, who eventually accepted. Now the time plays for Barca, another year has passed, the urge to start another project Cesc has established professional and manager 'gunner' has far fewer arguments reilusionar his captain after an empty season titles . Barca club sources confirmed that Arsenal are more resigned to negotiate the transfer of Cesc, but continues asking for too much money to give 'yes' to transfer: 55 million euros. Logically, the club does not intend to reach that astronomical figure.

If a season ago, with the player with one year left on his contract to be fulfilled, the Catalan club stretched in its most generous offer to 40 million, this time the treatment should be less costly for the treasury culé. However, it provides a hybrid sport-economic that it can refloat operation, especially in the eyes of the Arsenal.

Include an option to repurchase

Barca are willing to pay entrance some 30 million euros, but including an argument that football can bring happiness to Wenger: Thiago Alcántara. If it still does not say Arsenal, Barca may stretch to at most 35 million. Of course, the pass-coming Spanish-Brazilian midfielder has security cordon, as the Catalan club would retain an option to buy if Thiago grows to the same extent suggests its potential, hence the Barça fans to see clearly Thiago speculate antipathy.

Cesc priority remains the strengthening of Pep Guardiola, just like a year ago. That has not changed. The technician will make it necessary in order to smooth rotations in midfield before a season that will air six titles. So you have to bring it as is.

The destabilizing factor, the 'Candy', is called Thiago, especially from the standpoint 'gunner'. For Barca, with the arrival of Cesc, the squad would be jeopardized its progression due to the difficulty of having quality minutes, though his father, Mazinho, now it is capable. For Arsenal, Thiago would be an excellent argument to soften Wenger.

In the Camp Nou understand that this proposal is attractive, viable and can be successful. The provision of the Catalan midfielder at Arsenal, this year more willing to move out, will also help. Since the club 'gunner' has returned to add a blank season and Cesc has played far less than he would have liked due to injury, it is understood that its market price has fallen from last year and that Therefore, a proposal such as that is more than generous.

Mazinho says his son "runs"
Mazinho, Thiago Alcantara's father, said yesterday that his son will continue at the club. "He has the contract and remains.'s Doing a very good job and the developments that have had has been very important. It was an important course for him and hopefully the next one will be better," he said.
Sure Mazinho also said in March, asked about the signing of Cesc, "his arrival would clog the progression of players like Thiago and complicate its course." The club hope to make Mazinho see your child needs minutes, and that his departure would not be a 'goodbye' but a 'see you soon'. (via MD)

Alexis Sanchez, 'Wonder Boy'

Precocious Crack, grew without biological father and its mother sold fish.

Not enough to be very good footballer, that is, "Alexis Sanchez to sign for the current Barcelona, ​​but also that they be good people, and the young Chilean international pointing to possible reinforcement also meets this requirement.

22-year-old from Tocopilla, a port city north of the country, Alexis is the son of fishermen. His biological father abandoned the family to be his baby, went to seek work in the mines of Maria Elena and never returned, and her mother, Martina Sanchez, walked over 100 kms. newspapers to sell seafood and bring up Alexis and his brothers, Humberto, Marjorie and Tamara.

The money always scarce, the uncle of Alexis, who died in May for a cancer-helped raise him as a stepfather. Moved, Udinese striker called 'daddy cool' to Joseph Delaigue, for whom he built a house with his first major salary Balompédica, while same time he has maintained contact with his father in the flesh.

Borrowed boots

Although Delaigue, who had three children of her own, supported as it could, it was difficult to make ends meet and had to accept, with a broken heart, the kid exercise of limpiacoches and vigilant in the local cemetery to make money.

The hardships persisted when he started out as a footballer, so I borrowed boots Martina that he was not repudiated by experts and scouts, and at 15, received some new boots from the mayor of Tocopilla, as a reward for his talent.

In his home town say the good was Humberto Sanchez, who nevertheless sought another way out. Alexis took over. Shone with 12 years in a tournament for kids 14 and it became clear that the 'wonder boy' was he able to score 8 goals in one game.

Cadets began in Cobreloa (2004) and debuted in first with it at age 16, in 2006 was hired by Udinese, who transferred him to Colo Colo Riverdespués first and to be fogueara.

As had a payroll, Alexis had a house built for his mother and sisters, give clothes to children in the neighborhood where he grew up is just one of many gestures of solidarity from the crack of Chile, whose pictures now adorn the school they attended.

"Costing my treatment," José explains his Delaigue in the newspaper 'The Fourth' not knowing that soon pass away, "and calls me every day. It is a grateful guy. I want to fight to hopefully see him play in Barcelona soon ", giving a clear hint about the next destination of Alexis ...

Alexis himself pointed out in January in 'Don Balón' "I've always admired Ronaldo is the best ever" and that "I like Messi and Cristiano". (via MD)

Milan may be the target of Maxwell

The Brazilian likes in San Siro and Ibrahimovic and Raiola, with hand there, they endorse it.

Maxwell is one player more options not to continue at the club next season and his fate may be in Milan. The Brazilian, who this season has gone from more to less in terms of participation within the team, you know that to continue at the club soon will have opportunities to play because Abidal and Adriano are ahead of him for Pep Guardiola.

In this situation, and bearing in mind that Maxwell is a player who does not like meat bench despite being aware that it is the best club in the world, the player and gave orders to his agent, Mino Raiola, the same Ibrahimovic, to listen to offers for him. And that Milan are in pole position. After a pass from Ibra last season the club 'Rossoneri', Raiola has gained much weight in the club and any proposal is highly regarded in his San Siro. In fact, the same Raiola was commissioned to take the Espanyol defender Dídac Vilà to San Siro, in a one-way trip because Vilà only six months after return to play Espanyol on loan. Although Milan has just signed the left-back Taiwo, from Olympique Marseille, Maxwell considered to have more options to play in Milan not in the club. Moreover, Milan is a city that already knows from his time at Inter and would be happy to return there.

In a situation similar to that of Maxwell now found three years ago Zambrotta side also, that after the arrival of Dani Alves knew their options they hold will be reduced a lot and decided to pack up and travel to Milan. Zambrotta left in your day nine million euros into the coffers of the club, while Maxwell, who still has three years remaining on his contract with Barcelona, ​​could leave five. (via MD)

Over 60 million investment before the market open

The deadline to sign the July 1 start, but the La Liga clubs have tied at least 29 players.

The summer transfer market has become the transfer market in the spring. The early conclusion of the regular tournament on 22 May, has meant that the La Liga clubs have been made to work well in advance, so that some could have almost done the homework when in just over three weeks July 1, will officially open the deadline for registering players.

For now, the clubs have already bespoken signings worth 61.5 billion, although the presentation of players, so far, have been rare, since most are committed to 'respect' contracts that do not expire until June 30. Just do not have concealed their intentions, for at least 29 players have made public their new destinations. In this sense, only Lopo sportsmanship and Juan Rodriguez have not opened his mouth, but it appears that both signed to Getafe. Two more have not done so, if Marc Bertran and Nino, in his case in the Liga Adelante military, which did not end until Saturday. It is now expected to announce shortly that leave Tenerife to go to Osasuna.

Pending that Barca begin to move tab (Cesc, Rossi, Alexis Sanchez ...), the Real Madrid leads the investment contracts with 15 'kilos' between Turkish Sahin (10 million) and Alley (5). The figure may be significantly increased if finally just getting to Agüero (45 million) and Coentrao (25). As the 'neighbor' Athletic, who might acquire the 'Kun' and De Gea paid about 70 million, most of which will be reinvested in new strikers.

Several clubs are now closing contracts that have already begun to shape months ago, last winter market. It is the case of Valencia with French Rami, of Athletic with Ander Herrera or of Málaga with Buonanotte. It is the club which boasts costasoleño as great promoter of the summer. Already signed Van Nistelrooy and Sheikh Al Thani has pledged more cracks. Perhaps something similar happens with Getafe after being acquired by the Royal Emirates Group, while Santander everything indicates they will not have much luck with Syed Ali.

Finally, note the way round Dídac (Espanyol, Milan, Espanyol) and three clubs (Levante, Malaga and Sevilla) have signed after exercising stock options that had by Caicedo, Demichelis and Cáceres. (via MD)

Rossi already comes closer to Barça and Villarreal search replacement

The forward of the Yellow Submarine expected to be agreement between his team and the club, while Villarreal tracks the market.

Giuseppe Rossi is the main objective of FC Barcelona to strengthen the front line next season. The agreement between the Catalan and Italian-American player is total, but it remains to reach an agreement with his team, Villarreal, which is already looking for replacement in the event that the operation finally takes place.

The front of the `Yellow Submarine Is Barca's first choice, which offers five-year contract. The reason, besides the quality and talent that holds the player, is their experience in the Spanish league and its profile, in addition to scoring, would fit in a locker room like Barcelona, ​​where the prize values ​​of work, sacrifice and humility.

FC Barcelona, ​​which will not be crazy for the player to the Nou Camp, working in other directions if not able to define an operation in which, today, the only stumbling block we can speak of is economic.

Thus the Catalan club have other fronts to strengthen their front line. In addition to Rossi, the agenda of FC Barcelona also appear Pastore (Palermo) and Lavezzi (Napoli), among others-class strikers in the football scene contrasted.

The truth is that Villarreal could begin to give up on your front because, from Italy, says the team is probing Juan Carlos Garrido Alpine market to gain the services of a striker of his characteristics.

According to Italian media, Villarreal would have been set in Alberto Gilardino to Fiorentina in January and may call at the Spanish championship. By then, its price (around 14 million euros) stopped any attempt to change his air. The Fiorentina player also has offers from Juventus, Olympique Marseille and Lyon. And, because of the domino effect, if Gilardino leave the Viola, it is said that Mirko Vucinic (Roma) could be his substitute.

This waiting period encourages Rossi, whose desire is simply to dress Catalans next season, start to worry. What seemed like a lightning operation, this delay and it appears that the solution will not be a matter of a few hours. The striker, in any event, is confident that eventually there is agreement between both clubs. He's already said. Waiting for their representative to communicate the news that is waiting to hear from a few weeks ago. (via SPORT)

Contact for Alexis

Then came the moment of truth. Pep and Zubizarreta will have to decide if the club goes into the bid for Chilean striker or stays in the race.

Udinese Barca and called a truce a week ago. Barca assured a crucial time to formalize its possible bid for Alexis Sanchez while the Italians were limited to gathering all the proposals coming from Inter, Juventus, Manchester City and many other clubs were interested in the Chilean. A gentlemen's agreement has been respected at all endpoints. Despite what is said and published, and has insisted the club Udinese has closed or transferred to anyone. Everything is pending a meeting scheduled in its day and that could take place in the next few hours in a hotel in Barcelona. On Wednesday, plans to attend the Celtic-Granada, is the major shareholder in the Andalusian club.

The script writing is marked by the guidelines issued by the same Alexis Sanchez. The Front has called for an effort on all parties to dress Barca next season. And Udinese want to satisfy your player, but you must ensure that the club formalize a similar offer to that of other market competitors. One detail that today's date has not materialized. There will be generous but can not speak of great bargains.

Alexis Sánchez case will a radical change in the course of the week. Gino Pozzo, a member of the family that owns the Udinese, will land at the airport of El Prat. It will be time to meet with sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and know all the details to where you want or you can get the club in their struggle to incorporate Alexis Sanchez. No more delays or declarations of good intentions, as expressed in his day player's agent, Feliciano Felicevich. Barca requested time over a month ago because of the dispute of the Champions League final. Later, he claimed a few days to sort out their agenda and define its roadmap in the market. Pozzo understands that it is time to execute wills and find out if Sanchez Guardiola wants Rossi or both.

In the numerous telephone contacts have been maintained over the past few weeks, the club is aware of the proposals that have come to the offices of the Italian club. Knows that the 35 or 40 million euros in the crack that is priced beyond the reach of any money and the formula of more young talent is the most used by Juventus or Inter. Barca and Udinese have not talked about players in addition to transfer, but no one disputes that the quarry Barca is more appealing than to an entity specializing in the formation of promises.

What is at issue is to clarify the scenario as far as possible. In recent times different poisonings have occurred to accelerate the negotiating process, in essence, has not even begun. Since Rossi's environment has leaked that the signing of Italian whole complicated while winning the arrival of the Chilean. In contrast, the Chilean press dared to publicize an alleged formal offer from Barça could swing on the 28 million euros.

In both cases these are mere speculations and rumors as both sources and the Udinese FC Barcelona have denied so strongly that during the weekend has negotiated the future of Alexis Sanchez. As usual taking the commitment made at the time.

But the market demands an immediate and sharp. Inter, speaking through its president, Massimo Moratti, said he considered the signing tied at 60% and proved that was pending for negotiating all agreements with the directive of Udinese. Juventus party at a disadvantage but its economic proposal would be more attractive. In the case of City, the problem is that Alexis Sanchez a priority to play at Barca or enrolled in a large follow calcium.

Gino Pozzo be in Barcelona to dispel doubts and, if necessary, to open formal negotiations. Alexis is waiting for news, Feliciano Felicevich agent has already warned that there will be no problem with the player's contract and all that is required is that Zubizarreta clarify whether striker is a priority or should be subject to the outcome of other fronts: Giuseppe Rossi and Cesc Fabregas. The departure of reinforcements for all and does not need to establish a pre-scripted.

Like Alexis Sanchez, and like very much to the technical secretariat, but Rossi is more "reliable" as the criterion of Guardiola. It is now necessary to translate these desires of firms on proposals Barça hard cash.

Pastore hopes to play alongside Messi

Another front that are in the orbit of FC Barcelona's Argentinian Javier Pastore, of Palermo. A hammer that is being closely followed by Barcelona coach for two seasons and who have positive reports. The player, who was nicknamed the 'Skinny' burns with desire to play in the Barcelona ranks and, especially, do next to his countryman Leo Messi. "Barça is a fantastic team to watch, a pleasure," he said. As for Messi, Pastore has no doubt that "the best player in the world, as every year goes by demonstrating with his goals and his work for the collective good." Inter Milan also has Pastore in his sights but the Argentine, repeatedly, still shows his desire to be Barca. (via SPORT)

William: "I'm ready to play for Barcelona"

It is not the first choice of Barca, but you never know the surprises that can happen in the market ...

Pep Guardiola likes Willian Borges da Silva. The winger of Shakhtar Donetsk skilled occupies a privileged position in the list of Andoni Zubizarreta names to reinforce the front deck. The Brazilian, who turns 23 in August, is well suited to an attacker profiles you are looking for: young but experienced a high level, breaking in the band and the one on one, fast, fast, technical, Utility and make equipment.

On holiday in Sao Paulo, after winning the 'double' with league and cup of Ukraine, the candidate `William received SPORT" to speak in code blaugrana and explain your feelings at the prospect of finally arriving at the European champions. "I am very happy to see how my work is recognized and I am associated with the best team in the world," he said. "I hope everything going well finished, it is difficult to be calm in a situation like this, but I try to keep a cool head," he added.

After spending four seasons in Donetsk, the former Corinthians feel that now is the time to take a qualitative leap in his career, and believes he is ready and mature enough to land on the largest of the great, as is the 'Pep Team "" I am fully prepared to play for Barcelona, ​​I grew up, I need new challenges, and I think it would be very difficult to adapt to the team, "he says. In this context, considers the experience Willian, Shakhtar would help in his possible arrival at the Camp Nou: "bridging the gap, we also play on the attack, to have the ball and play with quick touches, I'm used to playing attacking football" .

William would be happy to play alongside the likes of cracks Messi and Villa and enjoy the assistance of Iniesta and Xavi and, of course, working under the command of whom he considers "the best coach in the world." The Brazilian is flattered by the praise that Pep gave him this season when the club crossed with Shakhtar. "I am proud that Guardiola appreciate my work and my dedication, to me this is very important means I'm doing well," he says.

The Brazilian oxigenaría the attack with his mobility and may also be an option if needed in midfield. "In the Shakhtar come playing multiple positions and be more open in the band, left, or sometimes, more centralized, or delayed help in the middle," he explains.

With a contract until 2014 and a buyout clause of 30 million euros, the Brazilian believes that Shakhtar, despite the club be inflexible when Chigrinskiy hired, would facilitate his departure, having redeemed $ 20 million paid in 2007 for him. "I gave my best for the club, have won 8 titles in these 4 years, including UEFA Cup, I met a stage in my career, I need new horizons and I do not think there will be difficulties in negotiations," he said. Ukrainians have been cured in health and a possible output of Brazil and have strengthened their position with your compatriot Dentinho, also from Corinthians. Another front and Alan Patrick, Santos is also a way of Donetsk.

Chigrinskiy already explained the secret of the wardrobe Blaugrana

William knows first hand how this works in Barcelona, ​​thanks to his partner Dmytro Chigrinsky, one of the most surprising signings was Guardiola, both for the way in which it came, above all, how it was to be sold after one season in the Camp Nou. "I have talked about how to train, that always works with the ball, a maximum of two hits and incredible speed, I also commented on how the club, how the fans treat you and how good it is to live in Barcelona, ​​a modern, cosmopolitan, "he explains. The conclusion drawn is that the Brazilian "I would not have any problems adapting to the club and the culture. There have been many Brazilians who have been there, and they are still there and all succeeded. " (via SPORT)

Leandro Damiao expected Pep's blessing

Internacional forward wants to know that Guardiola is pleased before accepting a possible bid Blaugrana.

Leandro Damiao is the plan B to strengthen the front of the club. If it fails the recruitment of Giuseppe Rossi, Andoni Zubizarreta go to the front Internacional de Porto Alegre, the main revelation of Brazilian football in this 2011.

The Brazilian striker, 21, may be a real unknown to the public, but the Blaugrana technical secretary has consciously watching for some time. Even a few weeks ago, sent a 'scouting "to view the meeting live on the International" Santos (1-1) of 21 May, which was home to the Brazilian League.

The technical reports are positive shuffled. The Brazilian would be a future investment, but you can bring to the group since his arrival. `This is a tank area" (1.87 m and 80 kg), a goal-getter, which this year is showing implacable: 21 goals in 23 games. Its explosion has opened the doors of the main seleçao had a good debut in the friendly against Scotland on 27 March at the Emirates Stadium. Will be in the Copa America, which takes place this summer in Argentina, and is fixed for the 2012 London Olympics.

Is a player of strength and muscle, fast, with a great passing game and anticipation. Responds to a profile of attacker does not exist in the current European champion template. One of its strengths is its ambition.

The environment of the player believes he is ready to accept the challenge of playing the best team in the world. Leandro know that Barca is watching and would be happy to call at the Camp Nou.

However, the player, before making any negotiation, you know first hand, which is Pep Guardiola who wants his signing. Gaucho striker does not become a simple recruitment of the Blaugrana technical secretary, but wishes to know if the coach gives the nod Santpedor arrival.

Once you have the backing of Pep, the agreement between the club and the player would not present major difficulties in economic terms. Another issue are the claims of the International, which has 70% of their rights (the other 30% are of modest Ibirama revealed it).

At the moment, has rejected a firm offer of 12 million euros of Tottenham. Both Gaucho club like Leandro own, prefer to wait, believing that larger teams will knock on your door "between them, perhaps, FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "The respect he has earned the club is immense"

Andorra la Vella Vilanova de Bellpuig. Barca president lived a weekend club members and one hundred percent phrases left to history.

The 'tour de force "of the weekend peñistas President Sandro Rosell concluded yesterday in Vilanova de Bellpuig, a small town in Pla d Urgell", barely 1,200 inhabitants of which no less than 340 are members of the Barcelona penya. The body met half century and to commemorate, organized the sixth Trobada of Lleida Penyes Sud i la Franja de Ponent, an event involving twenty-seven area banks.

Sandro Rosell was accompanied by Vice President Jordi Cardona and chief executive of the Social Comissió, Pau Vilanova well as the delegate of the Consell Consultiu in the area, Lluis Pérez. The Blaugrana entourage arrived about one o'clock at the headquarters of the penya, where Rosell, with Mayor Joan Trull and President of the penya, Baldomero Giribert, unveiled a plaque commemorating the event.

Poliesportiu Pavelló hosted the meal Trobada where 350 gathered Barca. Parliaments were held before the start of the meal. Sandro, the last to speak, he reiterated his remarks the previous day in Andorra. And forcefully stated that "the respect he has gained worldwide Barca coach and his players, especially after the victory in the final of the Champions League is huge. And so I repeat that we enjoy as much as possible of this triumph.

We must end our stigma of sufferers. We have all lived past we were not as good as they wanted but, fortunately, the new generations, thanks to this boat today, and not have it. " And actually surprised saying "I will give an example and, by the end of the season what I always do is talk Wembley why we can not forget how quickly a special triumph such as this. Of institutional issues "he said, referring to the expected response to Real Madrid, and we will when you play."

The President stressed that "this year if we won the league basketball and football titles will beat records. And this is thanks to the work done and which did not hesitate, we will continue to maintain the level. This is the key to success. "

And in his first `final chapter" on the London, Sandro said the story he lived after the match, when he addressed a leaders Manchester United and, when asked how they felt, he replied: "Of course we are sad defeat but also proud that one day we can tell our grandchildren that we saw play live and this extraordinary Leo Messi Barcelona. "

Rosell expressed his pleasure at being in the Terra Ferma, "Why my father is from Ager, a village in the Noguera, and be with people who speak the same accent he always touches me."

The Trobada had begun in the early morning, with the participation of penya in the fifth edition of the Guineu Cursa. Then, there was conversation about the current Barcelona in the conference room of City Hall. I moderated and participated Francesc Dalmau Jordi Perearnau (Mundo Deportivo), Jose Luis Carazo and Toni Closa (SPORT), the delegate of the CCP and President Lluís Pérez of penya, Baldomero Giribert. Then there cercavila to headquarters and, later, to the Pavelló Poliesportiu.

Trobada participated in the Ciutat de Lleida PB, Linyola, Pla d Urgell "(Mollerussa), The Cry (Almacelles), La Societat (Maials) Seròs Vila, Agrawal, B. Blanques, Juncosa, Lleida Province, Miralcamp. Palau d ¿Anglesola, Soses, Puigverd, Som i Serem (Torregrossa), Som a Sentiment (Lleida), Tarrega, Torres de Segre, Bellvisenca (Bellvís), Golm, Guisborough, Sidamon, Vent Blaugrana (Benavent) Binaced, Binéfar and Tamarit, in addition to the host Vilanova de Bellpuig.

The senyera Valdes returned to Soses

During the celebration of Champions title on the same turf from Wembley, Eloi Sisó, Soses PB member, threw his senyera Victor Valdes. The Blaugrana goal, without thinking twice, grasped the 'romaine' ... and then did not move until it was installed in the museum.

La penya del Segrià got in touch with the club to try to recover the body cuatribarrada and not only did but decided to give it a monumental surprise Soses taking advantage of the PB should be held one after the Trobada of Lleida Sud i la Franja de Ponent And so, yesterday, half the parliament, Vice President Jordi Cardoner told everyone the story of Wembley and called on stage Sisó Eloi and his fellow penya. And, to his astonishment, he gave the famous flag of London, signed by all players and framed alongside an image of the Champions Valdés and senyera.

It was really a great detail which was the entity that, once again proves that "Barça is more than a club '. Sisó Eloi, accompanied by his daughter, thanked excited the 'return' of a piece that has entered the history of the club and that, henceforth, will be showcased at the headquarters of Segrià penya. (via SPORT)

Abidal: "Messi told I would win three consecutive Ballon d'Or"

Eric Abidal to Barcelona do not forget despite the distance. The France international played only in Belarus with France on Saturday was interviewed by the program `Telefoot' of TF1 did where the defender took the occasion to publicly open his heart to a team that has made him feel important and valued as much as humanly sports.

"I thank members, the club, the coaching staff and Carles Puyol. Just want to refer to the captain because he did something extraordinary, something never seen in football, giving me the bracelet so he could lift the cup, "he said one Abidal, visibly moved by the cameras.

He also thanked the support of the club that at no time has turned back, now that is renewed on the game: "Ending my career at Barca is my goal. I have one year contract. The club wants to renew and I think we will find the formula to reach an agreement. "

There is no doubt that in the coming months there will be news about it since the club is willing to reward all the effort made by the defense offering at least a year.

The international Gallo did not hesitate to talk about his disease and of the sacrifice that had to do to reach the final at Wembley: "I had to fight their way out of this ordeal and got it. Winning the Champions League is huge. The club won it in 2009, but I could not participate because of a penalty. This has been my personal revenge. "

And Abidal also had words of praise and thanks to which probably will become the best player of all time to short that nothing goes wrong, Leo Messi: "I have a good feeling" with Leo. Two seasons ago I said I was going to win Ballon d'Or TES followed and the truth is that it is not far away. I am delighted for him because he is the best in the world. "

And all this said the same day he was caught in an unfortunate play that ended in the back of the net for an own goal own. (via SPORT)

Barca, the best team in the world for 'Newsweek'

The second U.S. magazine with a circulation of 1.5 million copies, leaves Barca clouds.

The impressive work done by Josep Guardiola FC Barcelona is being studied in the weekly "'Newsweek, in its latest edition devoted its cover to the entity Barcelona and wondered if the club is the best team of all time.

The American journal asked the reasons for the Catalan club in just three years, is making its way among the great teams in history. In the inside pages the journalist Jimmy Burns says one of the keys to success Barcelona, ​​such as style of play that makes it unique. " It also showcases the talents of all players with the ball at his feet, especially when held by Messi, Xavi or Iniesta, and adaptability of players formed in the lower divisions as well as foreigners, citing the cases of Alves, Keita and Mascherano.

Also ensures that the values ​​of fair play, humility, work, sacrifice and solidarity have been prominent pillars in achieving this excellence.

`Newsweek", published in New York and has a circulation of 1.5 million copies in the U.S. and 1 million worldwide, compared match Barça a "choreographed", with constant movement of all players, whose objective is always to go out and win.

Do not forget the magazine, the second largest behind 'Time ", the helmsman of the ship Barcelona: Josep Guardiola. Recognizes the magazine has been the driving force behind a very distinctive style and a way of working has always been its hallmark: the culture of effort. And here are the results. Spectacular. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Classified in a penalty shootout (3-2)

The Juvenil A Barca has qualified for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey youth after losing 3-2, but having passed the Basques in the penalty shoot-outs.

With so much suffering, Juvenil A Barca has qualified for the next round of the Copa del Rey.

The guys from Oscar Garcia, who had won the first leg 3-2 and had a favorable 1-2 Lezama, Athletic have seen them two goals that have forced overtime. After 30 minutes of scoreless extension, the tie was decided in penalty shoot-outs.

Barça's goals they had set Rafa Alcantara, who after recovering from his injury had entered Cristian, Andalusian end Ernesto Cornejo, a forward on a roll in recent weeks.

After extra tough with both teams very tight in force, it has been in minute 120 with the 3-2 that it had completed the regular time.

The Juvenil A Barca being imposed from the penalty spot (4-3) and so came with Espanyol, Rayo Vallecano and Deportivo in the semis of this prestigious competition.

Oscar Garcia has aligned this Lezama starting lineup in more than 8,000 fans Athletic Unzué Balliu, Rosell, Ayala, Carlos Julio, Gustavo, Palau, Espinosa, Cristian, and Ernesto Etock. Rafa has entered for Cristian, Bako for Espinosa and Patri for Ernesto. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-21 Friendly Match] Spain 1 - 1 Russia

The Spanish Under-21 Team has tied (1-1) with Russia in a friendly match played at the Estadio Los Pajaritos of Soria, the last test before the next European Championship. Thiago scored the Spanish in the first half and equalized in the second Yakovlev.

For the Spanish team the game against Russia was the latest touchstone, the last test before facing the European Championships in Denmark. The rival, the Russian team, is quite consistent with two of the enemies that Spain is going to find in Europe, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Strong players, disciplined, with the primary mission of not letting the opposing team maneuver. To do this effectively accumulates in the middle of the field, many, and try to stifle their opponents' game. They do not create, destroy, and give your opponent the whole initiative.

In Spain it is good to take the initiative. She's used to it and have quality players and talent to do so. This just add patience and tranquility. With these ingredients can kill the defensive studs commonly found. This time I got in a little over twenty minutes. Thiago mixed calm enough with the quality that preserves and only had to tune the aim to, from outside the area, sending a right perfect, adjusted to the post and out of reach of the goalkeeper.

Spain marked his first goal and Soria fans, who flocked in great numbers to the birds, they celebrated with joy. After the goal, the team led by Luis Milla fell in the intensity of offensive actions. Russia made some timid attack, but it was not that of timid approaches, so it is not surprising that the first half ended with a new opportunity for the Spanish side, with a shot from the left of Diego Capel.

In the second half came the logical replacement. Removing De Gea, Mata and Muniain their little physical mishaps, Milla had all the other players and gave them all playing time. Goalkeeper Miño, Parejo and Jeffrén were those who left home in the second period. Russia also changed four players. What did not change much was the picture of the meeting. The contribution was handled football in Spain and the first good scoring chance put Capel, forcing Zabolotny struggling to clear a strong shot from distance.

The carousel of substitutions continued to occur and, almost without realizing it, the Spanish group first began to experience the opportunities in Russia. Minho had to shake off his left foot in 73 minutes Cheryshev. And in the next action the Spanish keeper prevented a tie sung to stop the ball with his feet led Shatov, who collected the rebound of Minho. The pitcher was going much to the source and finally broke when the hard left bounced Yakovlev surprising the Spanish goalkeeper and became one draw.

The draw for the fans spurred Soria, who reacted by cheering the Spanish players, but the Russians returned to their defensive discipline with the 1-1 ended this match, which ultimately will serve to meet expectations of preparedness the European Championship.

[Technical Data]
SPAIN: Mariño (Miño, 46’); Montoya (Azpilicueta, 63’), Botía, Domínguez (Víctor Ruiz, 63’), Didac; Javi Martínez (San José, 75’); Capel (José Angel, 75’), Thiago (Rubén Pérez, 69’), Ander Herrera (Parejo, 46’), Bojan (Jeffrén, 46’); y Adrián López (Emilio Nsue, 63’).

RUSSIA: Zabolotny; Tsallagov, Chicherin, Burlak (Zhestokov, 46’), Logashov; Kokorin (Cheryshev, 46’), Gatagov (Shatov, 68’), Kirillov (Emelyanov 85’), Zotov, Smolov (Yakovlev, 46’); y Kanunnikov (Grigorev, 46’).

GOALS: 1-0, min.22: Thiago. 1-1, min.77 Yakovlev.

REFEREE: Said Ennjimi (France).

CARDS: Botía, Tsallagov and Zotov.

STADIUM: Los Pajaritos (Soria). 8,000 spectators.

[Selection Under-19 PreEuropeo] England 1 - 1 Spain

Julen Lopetegui men drew 1-1 against England and get the bye to the next U-19 European Championship in Romania July 20 to August 1 due to both direct lack Isco.

Belgium joins Spain, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, Serbia and the hosts, Romania, and will be present at the next European Under-19 where only needed a place to be decided who will leave the meeting which takes place on the day of Today (19:00 pm) between Turkey and Germany.

The ticket for the European event was obtained by pupils of Julen Lopetegui after drawing one into a vibrant game against England. Point to the British picked to join together in the previous two days against Montenegro and Switzerland, so that Spain was proclaimed champion of the Elite round played in Switzerland with seven points from three games, like England, but with better goal difference for the pupils of Lopetegui.

The U-19 Spanish came out with the intention of dominating the ball, as it had done in the two previous meetings, but the first time came for men in boots Noel Blake Thomas Ince. The Spanish goalkeeper, Edgar Badia, well placed hazards and manages to thwart the British after that time the rest of Part I only have one color, red for the Spanish, just uncomfortable by any attempt by England against.

The willingness of the team coached by Julen Lopetegui did that happen occasions and after a good double chance Sarabia and Koke and a Morata and Sarabia himself, it seemed that Spain was too forgiving, but with an Isco kicks off his masterful the idea of ​​everyone's mind and made the leather by the square of Jack Butland at minute twenty-six.

The goal did not change the tone of the first half and Spain continued to dominate the ball, but after a move which tumbled to the ground Álvaro Morata, England did not throw the ball out to tend to the international Iberian and took advantage to put the tie on the scoreboard by Harry Kane when the referee Bulgarian, would point the way to the locker room.

After the rest period the party continued down the same road in Spain succeeding occasions, the most beautiful one that reminded us the first goal against Montenegro for Isco stung a pass over to Juanmi British defense but was rallying England and managed to disrupt the occasion.

Did not appear to change anything when the absence of a quarter of an hour and since the result is not worth it to Blake team opened the match with arrivals by both sides, but the result and would not move and Spain is one of the eight seats for the next European U-19 Romania 20 July to 1 August.

[Technical Data]
England: Jack Butland, James Hurst, Jack Robinson, Andre Wisdom (C), George Taft (Jamaal Lascelles, min. 37), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Conor Coady, Michael Ngoo (Saido Berahino, min. 60), Thomas Ince, Harry Kane, Jordan Obita (Kieran Kennedy, min. 71).

Spain: Edgar Badía, Albert Blázquez, Marc Muniesa (C) (Daniel Carvajal, min.75), Jordi Amat, Sergi Gómez, Koke, Isco, Sergi Roberto, Álvaro Morata, Pablo Sarabia (Rubén Pardo, min. 83), Juanmi (Ignasi Miquel, min. 90+2).

Goals: Isco (min. 26), Harry Kane (min. 45+2)

Stadium : Colovray, Nyon (Switzerland), 17:00.

Referee: Alexander Kostadinov (BUL), Georgi Slavov (BUL), Charles Helbling (SUI), Ludovic Gremaud (SUI)

Cards: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (min. 42), Álvaro Morata (min. 45+3), Andre Wisdom (min. 45+3), Daniel Carvajal (min. 78), Jack Robinson (min. 85).

[Barça B] Soriano, Top-scorer: "I have decided my future"

Jonathan Soriano was top scorer in the Second Division A with 32 goals. The front of the Barça B team appreciates the support and Luis Enrique and says he wants to relax and talk calmly with the Club for their future.

Against Rayo Vallecano, Jonathan Soriano scored his goal 32 in the league this season that Barça B returned to the Second Division to 11 years later.

The front of the Pont de Vilomara, 25, has proclaimed the Second A top scorer with four goals but the Valladolid striker Javi Guerra.

Soriano Barça TV recognizes that this award is very important to me, especially because it is linked to a great season the team, who finished a great third place. "

In fact, Soriano does not hide that "without this equipment and the help of Luis Enrique could not have succeeded." Jonathan is happy "to be shown that this category could be good for me, and I did not expect to score more goals than he had done at Second B".

Soriano has scored 32 of the 85 goals of Barca B (37% of the goals of the team). Of the 42 matches of the season, Soriano has participated in 37 games and only once has entered the field as substitute.

The Spaniard has added 3,011 minutes and has achieved an average of one goal every 88 minutes played. In those 38 games has seen only four yellow cards

After the season, Soriano has not decided what his future: "Now I want to rest. It's been a long season and I'll have time to talk to the Club and see what they want to do with me." Soriano, who end their contractual relationship with the club in June 2012, insists that "now I have decided my future, we must wait." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Lavezzi, in the sights of Barcelona

Although the names of Rossi and Alexis Sanchez are the most sound to reinforce the Barcelona attack from Italy comes to the fore another front.

According to information provided by the Italian portal 'sportmediaset', an official partner of FC Barcelona FIFA has been in Naples to seek information on the "Pocho" Lavezzi Neapolitan striker club. The Neapolitan team's great season has not gone unnoticed by Barça scouts and this has been a key player in it.

Lavezzi has participated in 31 of the 38 games that Napoli has played this season in Serie A, scoring six goals. It was the third scorer the team, after Cavani (26), Hamsik (11). Remember that San Paolo team has qualified to contest the next edition of the Champions League by finishing third in the domestic championship. In addition, the Argentine scored goals in the other two competitions played in the 2009-2010 season, the Coppa Italian (one goal in two games) and the European League (two goals in nine games).

Born May 3, 1985 in Villa Gobernador Galvez, Ezequiel Ivan Lavezzi came to Naples in the summer of 2007 from San Lorenzo de Almagro, the club he played for three seasons. It is international with Argentina and teammate Leo Messi Barca attack, who would coincide if the interests of FC Barcelona in talks to materialize. For now, his name appears in the list of future events, although Rossi and Alexis Sanchez are the main targets. (via SPORT)