05 June 2011

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "Mission accomplished"

After playing the last game of the Liga, Barca coach Luis Enrique, who conducted his last game for Barça B, described successful 2010/11 season. "We wanted to be the best branch of history, and have met the goal," recommended.

Barça B victory in the field of Rayo Vallecano, a team that next season will play in the First Division, was the culmination of a great deal of awareness of the coaching staff led by the Spaniard. "In Madrid we played against a top team, and we wanted to make a good game to bounce the season. We are very pleased on all fronts we had open, first, because we won a team first, and then because we are the best affiliate Barca history. "

After announcing that the subsidiary left the bench, everybody has talked about his near future. Given the information published in which Luis Enrique would be negotiating with Roma coach joining the team in the Italian capital, the Spaniard confirmed, from the press room Vallecas stadium, that "we are negotiating and, therefore, as that is a bargain, if I did not say anything until everything is linked. I speak from Rome because the same club they said, and the other possibilities I'd rather not say. "

Luis Enrique admitted he had spoken with Barca coach Pep Guardiola on the possibility of coaching the Roman club. Pep and I have talked about it and told me that is a serious club and would be a good option. " We recall that Pep Guardiola was the Roma player 2002/03.

Despite the insistence of the media, Gijón would not enter into speculation about his chances of training in Italy or Spain, or even "not training anywhere and rest to devote to my family and hobbies. I will not do - he said again - is to respond to journalistic speculation. I'm still in negotiations, and we want to take with the utmost discretion as possible. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pastore Praises Barca and Messi

Javier Pastore bet on itnsport by FC Barcelona in the Champions League final. And he was right. El Flaco saw the final at Wembley and was amazed and Messi Barca team. "Barca are a fantastic team and a pleasure to watch him play. And Messi can not describe. "

Pastore is one of the most sought after players in this early summer. He has been linking throughout the year with the largest in Europe and, of course, also with FC Barcelona. The Argentine midfielder is now enjoying his holiday after a remarkable season with Palermo. His next target is the Copa America, just that in mind and so far does not look beyond.

The midfielder is eager to return to the selection and join what he considers "the best in the world": Lionel Messi , his great friend and ally in the albiceleste. "We met in the first game we played before the World Cup and since then connect . Leo is very humble, very simple, nice and cool. Also a good person and great partner. "

In his first interview itnsport, Javier said that "play with Messi was playing with eight on the side" . This time the midfielder Cordoba wanted to argue this statement: "It is very easy to play with him because it is as if the entire field, as if clones. The reality is that it is very easy to play with Messi, the challenge is not connecting ".

Pastore is especially motivated to the great challenge that is presented this July: the Copa America and Argentina. "Join the Team and is a natural reasons" , explains and adds that "having peers as Leo makes that feeling multiply. " Flaco is really excited because "to represent my country I was born, raised, she gave me all, is the ultimate for me. Besides all my life I got the shirt to encourage the selection. Now I be on the field and is indescribable, my biggest dream. " (via MD)

[Barça B] Dos Santos wants to stay at Barca

Jonathan Dos Santos, who since last Wednesday is concentrated Under-22 selection of Mexico to the Copa America in Argentina, emphasized his willingness to continue in the Barcelona club that still has a current contract year.

"I'm in the best team in the world, I have a year left on his contract, it is difficult to get into the first team but I'm pretty concerned and want to stay at Barcelona," insisted that all his countrymen. As plain as it left the young youth squad, returning to the Tri, a year after the last time when coach Javier Aguirre him away from the call to play the World Cup.

Yesterday, the midfielder became the center of attention in the press conference, "there was much speculation that he could play with another selection, such as Spain or Brazil, but I am 100% Mexican, I never thought of wearing another shirt that was not of Mexico. "

In this sense, the player shares his feeling for the selection by its fidelity to Barcelona, ​​which in any case raises go, since it wants to continue growing as a player, either in the branch next to the new coach or helping first-team time Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Keirrison want to do preseason with the Barça

Keirrison refuses to leave the club without Pep Guardiola has seen up close. The Brazilian striker, signed in the summer of 2009, has seen its second season on loan, since the Catalans club paid 14 million euros for him. Since then, its performance has plummeted.

In the 2009-10 season went through more pain than glory for Benfica. This season, Santos has played in the club that has taken over 100% of your tab, but fails to hold K9 regularly. He has scored 10 goals in 32 participations.

In none of the last three clubs for which has passed, the Brazilian has managed continuity. On the eve of starting his third season as the Catalans, the striker would like Pep Guardiola could personally evaluate it. Therefore, their representatives, and Naor Mark Malachi they propose to Andoni Zubizarreta, the Brazilian striker to make the preseason with the Blaugrana, so at least it can recover its lost moral and relaunch his career. Anyway, think about selling the club to raise cash. Keirrison was signed with the aura of a potential crack. His numbers bear this out.

Came to be 'top scorer "of the Brasileirao 2008 and have swollen to dial in and Coritiba Palmeiras. In his country was even mentioned as a candidate to wear the `9" Ronaldo left in the `seleçao". In the summer of 2011 and knowing that the Saints not interested in extending their assignment, the front needs a turning point. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Albertini: "(Rossi ) Prepared to play in Barça"

The former FC Barcelona and current vice president of the Italian Football Federation, Demetrio Albertini, is thrilled with playing his former team and Rossi considered fully capable of adapting to what you want Guardiola.

"Rossi is very good. I do not know what decision to take the club, but I think I can play and perform very well in this Barcelona ", before pointing Demetrio assured that" Rossi is a talented football and spent four years in Spain showing what he can. It is difficult to adapt and to play the level you are displaying, but in my opinion he is ready to take that step forward in his career. In addition to its quality, has an awesome attitude and that is very important. "

To Albertini, the key to play in the club is not so much adapt to the position, but the philosophy, "has the ability to play through the middle or on both bands and you always know the best way to find spaces or combined with their peers. It's a crack, but I insist that the philosophy of Barça is more important than one player. " For all this, the Italian concluded that "has everything to play for Barca, the club is not wrong if it ends up clocking Rossi." (via SPORT)

Joan Oriol, "Rossi wants to go to Barça"

Catalan reveals that the Italian-American "is hoping that everything comes to fruition and to see if next year saw the Blaugrana".

"Rossi wants to go to Barça" . This was revealed Villarreal defender Joan Oriol , fellow striker you want to sign the FC Barcelona for next season. "He's hoping that everything comes to fruition and to see if next year saw the Blaugrana" he assured.

The Cambrils has made ​​these statements to the program 'COM Esports Competició' of COM Radio, where he also declared that "Rossi can bring many win, quality, experience and youth. He is a player" profile Barça '. " And according to the Catalan, Giuseppe is the best player the club can sign. "

On their adaptation to the Camp Nou, Joan Oriol believes that "would fit easily" and they "would rather the competition that exists at the club, knows the risks of going there."

Finally, in the case Bojan Krkic took the opposite path to that of Giuseppe Rossi , the Catalan defender explained that "we would receive him with open arms.'s a great player, a promise of Spanish football." "It has a high level and Villarreal would be very good, "he predicted Joan Oriol . (via MD)

Alexis, hot

Udinese and Barca negotiated this week in Barcelona for him.
His agent also has foreseen to travel for if he should already seal the agreement.

Alexis Sanchez wins to become whole reinforcement Barça 2011-12 . Of the many names that has a portfolio of Andoni Zubizarreta , striker Udinese today is well positioned to play for Barca. And while negotiations for players like Cesc or Rossi can become a soap opera with their respective clubs, with Sanchez everything can go much faster. In fact, this week is a meeting between the leaders of Barça and Gino Pozzo , Udinese magnate, in Barcelona, ​​which also lies the Pozzo family.

Although the Udinese has very tempting offers from Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Juventus and Inter , in excess of 30 million euros, the Italian club already know that the desire for Alexis Sanchez is playing in Barcelona and so have decided to give priority to the Catalan club when negotiating. Gino Pozzo has a good relationship with the leaders Barca and its purpose is to try to do the will of the player, which is none other than the Barca dressing. Consequently, if the meeting to be held this week in Barcelona between Barca and Udinese-only need to add up their agendas both parties to fix the day, the Catalan club makes an offer that comes close to the deals that are already on the table, Udinese has decided to sell the club. Moreover, the Italian club even accept a young player to lower the transaction. Do not forget that Udinese will play the Champions League next season, it can have its weight to some of the young decide to play there.

Another detail that says much about the speed with which the agreement can occur between Barça and Udinese for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez is the agent of the Chilean striker, Fernando Felicevich , also plans to travel to Barcelona in a few days. Two weeks ago, Felicevich yaestuvo in Barcelona, ​​and then dined with leaders Barcelona to lay the foundations for the future contract that would link Sanchez to Barcelona for five seasons.

Pending the determination of their future, the player of Udinese , 22, remains concentrated with the Chilean team at the sports complex Juan Pinto Durán in Macul, which is preparing its participation in the America's Cup to be held in Argentina 1 to 24 July.

Alexis enjoy the holiday now granted to them by their coach and they are used to being with family, it is possible to devote the day to finish out the details of its future contract with his agent. This week, in an interview with the magazine of the union of professional players from Chile, Alexis Sanchez and made ​​clear its aspirations. "The Barcelona is a beautiful club, "he said.

Before traveling to Argentina to participate in the Copa America, Sanchez will play a friendly at Santiago de Chile the next day 19 vs Estonia. The desire of the player, like that of Udinese , is that before playing the Copa America and its future is resolved. Udinese began their season on July 3 and want to have enough time to sign the relief of Sanchez.

Among the many competitors who will be the club when they can recruit players from the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Rossi is one that coincides with the same objectives. Like Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan has in its portfolio Udinese striker signings and Villarreal. While both players have clearly shown their preference in clothing Barca, Inter's interest can only urge their signings. By the way, Inter have also enabled the option of Kun Aguero, who knows the party an advantage over Barca, as this will not go after him. (via MD)

Capello: Football of Barca is innovative "

Has passed through Italy, Spain and England and know how little football's evolving global.

Behind those horn-rimmed glasses hiding eyes full of experience and two decades ago to see football from some of the world's top bench. Milan, Madrid, Juventus, Roma and now the English are the teams he has coached. SPORT is now analyzing the game for Barça.

How has seen Barca this season until his arrival at Wembley?

The team is playing well, very, very well. His football is innovative. Everyone thinks that their game is the ball and not. The novelty is that press very quickly when the opponent loses the ball, to the point of not allowing him to play. Everyone says that Barcelona defends well and does not. Barça did not defend well. Defend only average. The novelty is that the midfielders and strikers, who are middle of the field up, no doubt push the opponent when they lose the ball. The opposing defenses usually do not have much quality and then lost the ball in favor of Barcelona.

But this is not an invention of Guardiola. This had been done "

No. Nobody had done. The only thing that has come to make is that the team, when he lost the ball, positioned and then pressed the ball. They missed a few yards behind, stood in a predetermined area and said: "Ok. Are we all ready? Then we will press. " The Barcelona anticipated pressure, not allowing the opposite place you, you throw four or five opponents for the ball.

Barça Have you changed over the years?

The players have changed but the idea remains at the club. Some try to do it, but if a striker or a midfielder does not do is complicated. The Barcelona is compact with this idea.

How does this line?

Is the line of the future. In football there are three stages: Cruyff Ajax when they played all came like a tidal wave. And you're wondering "What's going on here?" I do not know what to do. Over the years it was discovered how to hurt and then the style changed, disappeared. Another point is that of Sacchi's Milan, which is what I said before: all behind, we start looking, we are ready, because we are going to press. The third time is the Barça de Guardiola for everything I've said before. Why have more possession of the ball?, Why their percentage is always higher than the rest? Because to retrieve the ball immediately. Do not let your opponent breathe. Because it impossible for his opponent to play in pushing players who have less command of the ball, defenders.

Sacchi's AC Milan talks but it is also yours "

Yes I speak of Sacchi's Milan I do not like to talk about me.

How does it compare this boat to the great teams in history?

Yes What they are doing is innovative. However, to win you need great players. After Pelé, Santos is over. The Milan is over when you were the big players. Real Madrid also did the same. Barca have young players so they can pay for a fairly long period. But do not think that all youth players out as good as these.

But the generation promises.

Let's see, let's see .... I worked with the quarry seven years and not all are gems. We'll see. When you put the shirt, the others do.

In 2005 there was a great youth player named Leo Messi. The Barça knew that promised, but you made us see that he was ready to be a big plus. Do you remember that press conference after the Gamper Barcelona-Juventus?

I'll tell you one thing. Halfway through the game I went to Rijkaard, who was the coach, and said: "This kid can not play for Barcelona because he is abroad, leave it a season that I do I will play at Juventus. Then give it back. " Rijkaard refused to do so: "Forget it, we're going to fix in a few months." As it was.

Was compared to Maradona. How has your progress been since then?

He has improved a lot and can still continue to do so because it has a quality that is impressive to invent and have no other players.

You had to Guardiola in Rome. What do you remember that time?

He played very little because I had other players in his position. In my last season in Milan I went something like this: when players become old, they are the same players that were young. Guardiola was always a perfect professional, I never had a problem with it and glad that I succeed. I always say that the midfielders are the best coaches because they see the front and back. The only think defenses defend and the attackers to score goals. I am very happy for Pep.

Do you understand that after the success of Pep, the consequences of this new line and the poor performance of the Italian teams, the catenaccio is dead?

I do not answer this question because it would kill anyone, heh, heh, heh. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "Barça is more than any team"

Xavi Hernández quoted us at home with their parents in Matadepera to talk at length about the club, Real Madrid and especially football ...

There are players who need no introduction. One is Xavi Hernandez, the best midfielder in the world and the most capped player in the history of Barcelona.

Temporadón often, right?

Yes, a wonder of the season. The only 'but' Cup final have been in every final, winning the league, we started winning the Super Cup and also how we ended up playing football. It has been perhaps the best match of Barcelona, ​​if you know their history because I have not seen all but one of the best in recent years. Spectacular match. I have not enjoyed my life in a field as the final day. In a league match I've also enjoyed, but was not as transcendent. It has been wonderful this year. I have enjoyed. I am like a kid who starts and who sees everything again. I had never played football as well. I am very happy. Of how the season has gone, how people know us worldwide. I can not ask for more.

Forgotten tough times?

The press is very much in. Often post things-sporting.

You mean it's doping?

When you take so many years nothing surprises you. You get a half laugh. When I see the telecasts, I get to jump a little laugh thinking about my mother! As far as we can to win. What bullshit. You have to be more noble in life. Can not be that insane.

Do you mean by 'dairy'?

I do not like to talk about these things. It has made us stronger. Mou `figure", the Madrid not wanting to play football that corresponds to Real Madrid. We emerged victorious from all but the Cup in the league, Champions League semi-final, playing football. Barcelona is now even stronger thanks to what he has done for Real Madrid.

Do you expect a 'Mou' even more aggressive next season?

The same, but with more experience, learn about the functioning of the League. `Not only Mou", Madrid. But Mourinho is a guy who likes controversy and turn to the Catalan and Barcelona. We need someone like `Mou" the Catalans to wake us up. Mou `do we make them bigger.

Have you talked with Casillas after the four clásicos?

I spoke after the Cup to congratulate him. I have not spoken to him personally after. We'll talk. With it I get very good life. Try to turn the page around.

With Messi are invincible?

I have no words. Will continue to be the best until he plays football. For me Messi is the best ever. Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona. Being the best in every game. This guy should take good care, you feel happy here and while he was here with the team there, you can win a lot of things.

What does your 'feeling "about the life of this Barca?

I am very optimistic, I think, and feel it. In football it can not predict anything because it is portrayed. Now I say this will last five years and next year `Patapo what I eat potatoes. I can not be guessed. But my feelings are good. Not just football. You should see the atmosphere in the dressing room. It is a wonder.

"The best costume that has ever been?

By far. There is no ego, it's all jokes, all are good people. Because we send people home. That's the difference. Pep, Tito, doctors, physios, we are all feeling culé. 49 or 50, 35 or 40 have been raised here in Barça.

MORE: www.sport.es

"Rossi would be an excellent signing"

The striker's team-mates say that his game is perfectly suited to Barça philosophy.

Giuseppe Rossi is one of the Italian players with the greatest impact in recent years. His four seasons in the Spanish league speaks for itself, but its best credential runs against their peers in the 'Azzurra "not hesitate to spend a good range of praise for his vision, his scoring and his promising journey, make it a player with Barça philosophy.

The Milan player Andrea Pirlo, says Rossi is a great player, "is doing very well this year and is lucky to have him here in the selection. It is very important to us. Rossi deserves a place in the Barcelona and I am confident that it would do very well, "concluded the midfielder. For its part, the side of Genoa, Domenico Criscito, considered that "it is doing very well at Villarreal and now looks like it could end up signed for Barça. And for the `Azzurri have you already become a key player. Gives us a lot and keeps getting better, "said unstinting praise for the U.S. born player, whom he considers" very complete, but for me the best feature is its technical quality. It's quick, ready, score goals todo.Tiene do you have the ability to score goals in any situation and by their mobility and quality passing and movement would be very good at the club. "

For its part, the goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, gave as an example the last game of Italy against the selection of Estonia, "has helped everyone see how good a player and how useful it is for his team. If it ends up clocking, I think the Barcelona makes an excellent operation. " Also Napoli midfielder Christian Maggio, noted that Rossi is a very important player for the Italian and can make it even better, I think he's ready to play for Barcelona. " In this coincided with his team-mate Andrea Ranocchia, who plays for Inter, he believes that "it is a very strong player. Carries a great line up and I think now is a great time playing and goals, "also confessed that" I've known him too long, but since the first time I saw it has not stopped improving and can still play better ".

Another interest, Giampaolo Pazzini, Giuseppe rave about, "the League has shown how good he is. If you signed for Barcelona, ​​I am very happy for him. With Villarreal has done very well. Furthermore, he knows Spanish football well and as it must do well if you go to Barca. " (via SPORT)

Fontàs, the 'signing' for the rear

The addition of a center is not a priority, and that of Banyoles is one more first team.

Barca sporting address is outlining the objectives for next season and, in principle, are not provided reinforcements for the defense. Gaby Milito is the only player to leave the club and waiting for the recovery of Carles Puyol is a success, the club believes it is well covered behind the rise of Fontàs Andreu, who also accompany Marc Bartra.

In the case of Banyoles, in recent weeks has received offers from major clubs both in the Spanish League and overseas, but his manager, Rafael Anguita, has not taken into account. The player wants to stay in the club and much more after receiving confirmation from the coaching staff next season that would form the first team. Fontàs and ended the season with the status of being a component within the template of Pep Guardiola and nothing will change at the start of next season. Its versatility can you act central or defensive midfielder left side is much appreciated "by the Santpedor.

Fontàs has signed a contract year, until 2012, and the intention is to contact the club Catalans shortly with Angus to negotiate an extension and improvement. If not renewed, the player would be free to speak freely with other teams in January. Barca do not want to take this risk with a player of great renown and seeks tie short. The decision by his agent not to speculate with any other offer has been highly valued by the institution. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Montoya: "Thiago should be for when they fail Xavi or Iniesta"

Martin Montoya has been one of the players that have grown this season at Barca. Fixed in the branch with Luis Enrique, Guardiola gave him the opportunity to debut against Mallorca. Despite being injured in his second game in the league, before the Royal Society, has recovered in time to play the European Under-21. And the squad has an interesting view of how to live these days of Barca's most desirable of all Luis Milla.

The former European Champion U-17 with channels or Thiago, no doubt about the Barça midfielder: "Thiago is to be the alternate and Iniesta and Xavi. The day I fail, will he. Sure. There is, for me a player is 10. "

Nor doubt the quality of player that takes the back 9 in the club and the sub 21. "Bojan has the conditions to stay. For me it's a real crack. I think he has had few opportunities," he said.

Martin Montoya does not ignore that everything that is living is part of a plan that the Catalan club he is going very well. "It works very well in the quarry. The people in the daily behaves very well with us and reveals Pep. It's amazing because it gives us the opportunity," says the side. (via Marca.com)

[Selection ] United States 0 - 4 Spain

La 'Roja overwhelms the 'Yankees' to many of Cazorla (2), Negredo and Fernando Torres ends his goal drought in the selection.

Version B of Spain , represented by Santi Cazorla and Alvaro Negredo has taken his credit and elegance, Boston and endorsed a clear and resounding victory for the United States , who surrendered to the outstanding level team led by Vicente del Bosque .

The first half was a festival of David Silva , of Cazorla and Negredo . The Canaries played a big way. The association, in perfect walls with Villa , with Negredo , with Cazorla . A show, which stood for thousands of Spanish, with t- Spain and many of FC Barcelona , gave color to the stands of a stadium that gave the Spanish team.

Santi Cazorla signed two beautiful goals before halftime. The two pass from Silva . The connection between both worked. Negredo was accurate. Ball that had sent him to the network or the bar, as it decided in 12 minutes. Spain sent with authority, solvency, touch football with a 4-3-3 manual.

After the break, there were changes. Negredo was left out as a precaution for a stamp. Left Bruno , Fernando Torres and Iniesta . United States was not far from that of the final of the Confederations Cup , a year before the World Cup , ended with that rejected by Spain which then had 35 games without losing. Among other reasons, because Spain will never let you or breathe.

Bob Bradley wanted to change the map of your choice with input from Dempsey . But Spain did not air at its rival. Then debuted Borja Valero , in a day where Villarreal took full representation. Just Valero made ​​a film through ball to Fernando Torres in the 0-4.

Thus, the Spanish team was exhibited in Boston and its owners claiming revenge for the elimination of the Confederations Cup in 2009. (via MD)

[Technical Data]
USA: Howard, Spector, Lichag, Onyewu (Goodson. min. 46), Ream, Rogers (Dempsey, min. 46), Jones (Bradley, min. 46), Kjlestan, Maurice Edu (Cherundolo, min. 46); Agudelo (Bedoya, min. 65) and Altidore (Wondolowvski, min. 46).

Spain: Reina (Iker Casillas, min. 76), Sergio Ramos (Capdevila, min. 65), Pique, Albiol, Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso, Busquets (Bruno, min. 46), Cazorla, Silva (Borja Valero, min. 65 ), Villa (Iniesta, min. 46) and Negredo (Fernando Torres, min. 46).

Goals: 0-1. 27 min. Cazorla, Silva pass. 0-2. 32 min. Negredo measured after a service extending from Xabi Alonso. 0-3. 41 min. Cazorla, again, solves an assist from Silva. 0-4. 73 min. Fernando Torres crossed a ball that had given Borja Valero.

Referee: Roberto Silvera (Uruguay).

Incidents: Friendly match played at Gillette Stadium in Boston. 60,000 spectators. Pleasant evening. Borja Valero and international debuted.

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 42] Rayo Vallecano 2 - 3 FC Barcelona B

Luis Enrique sunset farewell in front of the Barça B. Has achieved the goal it had set in recent weeks: the third place in Division II and specify the best time in the history of Barca subsidiary. Nor low by injury and selection commitments nor initial goal of Lightning have reduced the performance of a team that always plays the attack.

Both teams came to the meeting with the duty made with high-note about the rise in the pocket and the other certificate having the best season ever, but there were incentives on the lawn: the Lightning could be a champion and Barca B could be secured third place. Sufficient arguments to see an open game and with a sprightly rhythm.

The occasions have happened in the opening 45 minutes (there have been ten). The first was a shooting stick Tello, foreshadowing the great afternoon to live forward. However, the Lightning has advanced with a cross from Piti, unattainable Oier (min 24). The subsidiary would respond with two counter-attacks culminated with wonder by Cristian Tello and go into halftime advantage.

In the second half would lower the intensity. The public took advantage of the last moments of the season to honor players, mathematically first. The scorer Jonathan Soriano has crept into the local party with another goal for framing, after controlling lethal magical dribbling over the keeper. His 32 second target.

Despite the 2-3, signed by anticipating Oier Trejo, Barça B has left Vallecas with a new demonstration of talent, sacrifice and winning mentality. Qualities that have catapulted to an impressive third place. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Rayo Vallecano: Juan Calos; Tito, De la Vega (Javi Fuego, min. 57), Amaya, Casado; Rafa García; Armenteros, Movilla (Diego, min. 61), Míchel, Piti (Borja García, min. 59); y Trejo.

Barça B: Olazábal; Edu Oriol, Bartra, Planas, Abraham; Ilie, Oriol Romeu (Víctor Vázquez, min. 71), Carmona, Tello (Masso, min. 71); Jonathan Soriano y Benja (Saúl, min. 45).

Goals: 1-0, min. 25, Piti; 1-1, min. 36, Tello; 1-2, min. 42, Tello; 1-3, min. 67, Jonathan Soriano; 2-3, min. 82, Trejo.

Referee: Piñeiro Crespo (college Asturias). Admonished Planas, Abraham and Bartra by the subsidiary of Barcelona.

Incidents: meeting for the forty-second and final day of the second division league Spanish football, played at the Teresa Rivero stadium in Madrid, with some twelve thousand spectators.

Local players took the field with a protest T-shirt that read 'team and fans, joined by a feeling. " After the meeting, presented a plaque to George Andújar, Coke, second captain of the team who have gone through all the categories of the quarry of Ray and who has already signed with Sevilla for the upcoming season.