04 June 2011

Rosell keen on giving Wembley win its due

Barça President Sandro Rosell has demanded that his team receive the plaudits they deserve for a great season, claiming: “Wembley can’t last for just 24 hours”.

During a gala dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the PB Andorra and the 10th get together of ex-players, Rosell stressed the importance of the Club’s most recent victory –just a week ago at Wembley.

The President reckons the win last week has maybe not been sufficiently valued: “I’m sad that some people around the Club haven’t known how to enjoy the Wembley win and the great work we’ve done. I want to speak up for this squad, this team and this coach. I’ve got the best team in the world, we’ve won the Champions League and the important thing is how we won it. I’m happy to speak up for the team. If this had happened anywhere else, they’d still be talking about it”.

The President also insisted that he’d not be rushed into speaking about the Club’s relations with Real Madrid: “I want to talk about it, but not now. I’ll talk about it when it’s the right time. I’ll not be talking about it now, even though there are people who’d like to make it the most important thing for us. When the time is right, I will talk about it though”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc: New York, London ... Barcelona?

Fàbregas rest over the weekend pending an entity Barcelona last contact with Arsenal to address their transfer.

Cesc Fabregas is already in London. The player put an end to his holiday in the United States after spending the past days off in Las Vegas and is now in the capital London to meet your immediate future. On the one hand, the midfielder wants to recover fully from the hamstring injury that prevented him from finishing the season and, second, will meet with Arsenal officials to outline his departure for Barcelona.

The player pulled all efforts to return to England. I needed to unwind after an intense season in which injuries chased him and his team ran away the title again. A further disappointment that a footballer with his character accused of excessively. Arsène Wenger had persuaded him to insist that this season would lead to a group that aspired to all and especially the Premier League. However, the bottom fell out Arsenal to the point of losing even third place in the hands of Manchester City and will play the Champions League qualifiers.

Wenger will not have more arguments to convince sports. Arsenal will not start and the outlook for next season are not optimistic. Manchester United, Chelsea and the reborn City seem out of reach of the Gunners' ". An overview of that Cesc is very aware and concerned that the train will pass Barca last.

Fabregas is very clear and push, but this season will be in conformity to the movements of club Catalans. The entity also president Sandro Rosell was waiting for the player to return from holiday to present the first formal offer. The sports area are responsible for developing the parameters of the proposal which will arrive shortly at the offices of Emirates. Next week you can begin to advance the negotiations with an offer from Barca and the subsequent steps of Cesc.

Both the club and the player took note of the experience of last season and did not want to repeat the steps. Both are clear that they must act in unison. A Barca supply pressures should continue to Cesc. Barca leave with an offer of around 30 million euros that will be shaped in the course of meetings and telephone conversations. It is at this point when Fabregas plays a key role. The player must stand firm and hold to the Gunners' leaders "that their only desire is to dress Blaugrana. The stage at Arsenal has come to an end and Wenger can no longer hold. Cesc came as a junior at zero cost, is making the most of his move and the English should be fair by providing the output.

Barca hope to find a more conciliatory approach from Arsenal in previous years. While it is logical to defend their interests and input can claim some 40 million euros, unlike other seasons, should not be closed in band. Fàbregas's sacrifice deserves reward. This season he has played many games without a hundred percent. At the Nou Camp went because I knew that the chances of his team reach the quarter-finals came to his presence. Do not hesitate to risk knowing that they played a lot on a personal level as it would be the enemy of what may be their future fans. Even Cesc whistles professionally endured a tense Nou Camp for the equality of the tie. All this effort should be compensated with an exit through the front door.

His mother, an adviser to the office of the Catalan sport

Núria Soler part, since yesterday, the Assessor Taula Català de l'Esport, the body composed of 18 people who will meet four times a year to provide expertise to the Secretary General of Sports of the Generalitat, Ivan Tibau. Cesc Fabregas's mother is the founder of 'Alter Ego', a company dedicated to the support staff working with several multinational and Food Policy SERHS. (via SPORT)

Araujo Summit in Barcelona

The Boca striker adviser met with Zubizarreta.

The club has gone further in follow-up to Sergio Araujo. The sports steering has excellent reports on Boca Juniors striker from global sub "" 17, but it was not until this season when he deepened his interest. In fact, it has only 48 hours, Andoni Zubizarreta had a meeting with Eduardo Gamarnik, the promising young agent in Argentina.

You can not talk about negotiations, but from Buenos Aires ensures that the contact has helped the sport management has been collected by the economic conditions that could facilitate the departure of Boca Juniors. There is no presumption at all easy. The impending retirement of Palermo opened the doors of Sergio Araujo in the first team. Indeed, the front of just 19 years and knows what it is to play ten games with the first team in Boca. An adventure with many ups and downs that ended with a goal to his credit. The first contacts are there and now Gamarnik the policy move to Boca Juniors.

Barca has also shown an interest in knowing the first option that once the Real Madrid was secured with Boca Juniors. It is true that Sergio Araujo is on the list agreed at the time, but the white club has already confirmed that young striker's position is well covered in the quarry of Valdebebas and has no intention of meddling in future negotiations between Boca, Sergio Araujo and another European club. (via SPORT)

Abidal returns to the selection with an 'own goal'

An own goal marred Abidal's return to the selection. France tied to a goal against Belarus in the game of the qualifiers for Euro-2012 played in Minsk. Barça started and played the entire game.

Eric Abidal selection again four months later but the fate he played a trick on 20 minutes when a lack lateral launched by Kalachev was unintentionally deflected by defender Barca at the bottom of the goal ahead of Belarus on the scoreboard. It was an unfortunate action, however, marred a more than acceptable performance Abidal.

The French reaction was immediate. Two minutes later, Malouda Benzema finished off service to set the 1-1 final.

Coach Laurent Blanc ranked Abidal at left back, leaving the dock owner theoretical Patrice Evra. Barça showed that finishes the season in top form after the speedy recovery of the disease that nearly two months away from the pitch. Often joined the attack, becoming more of a time working in extreme and offensive play of his team.

With this draw, France strung eight straight games without losing and continues to lead the group D with 13 points. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The calendar of international

The different international teams FC Barcelona face different commitments, before the summer holidays, like the Copa America, European Under-21 or the U-20.

Copa America

From 1st July to 24th place in Argentina's Copa America selections. The host coach, Sergio Batista, has called up three players from FC Barcelona, ​​Messi, Mascherano and Milito. The three will focus the rest of the squad on 8 June Ereiza. On June 20, will play the last friendly against Albania in Buenos Aires.

The selection 'albiceleste' debut in the Copa America on July 1 against the selection of Bolivia.

The other selection is the Brazilian representative Barca. Alves and Adriano up the shortlist of 28 players called for by the coach Mano Menezes. The 'canarinhá play two friendlies before the Copa America debut. This Sunday will face for the Netherlands and on June 7 will against Romania.

Brazil will debut in the Copa America on July 3 against the selection of Venezuela.

UEFA European Under-21

Two first team players, Bojan and limbo, and three of Barça B, Miño, Montoya and Thiago, have been invited to the U-21 in the European part of Denmark to be played from 8 to 25 June.

This Sunday will play the last friendly against Russia in the stage of the birds of Soria. The combination of Luis Milla European debut on 12 June before the England team.


From July 29 to August 20 will take place in Colombia the World Under-20. Julen Lopetegui coach has not yet issued the call, but it sure will be well represented Barça football training. Players such as Sergio Gomez, Oriol Romeu or Muniesa have been called in several previous commitments of the selection.

Elite round UEFA European Under-19

The U-19 play on Sunday the final match of the Elite Qualifying Round for the European Championship in Romania from 20 July to 1 August. The current European runner-up will face England in the classification game. Serge Robert, Marc Muniesa, Sergio Gomez and Gerard are the representation Deulofeu Barca in this competition.

Four to eight Barça friendly

Eight Barça players will play four friendlies before the summer holidays. Play this Saturday against the selection of the United States in Boston, while on June 7 will in Puerto La Cruz against Venezuela. Abidal did on Friday with France to Belarus, while Afellay will face fellow Alves and Adriano on Saturday at the friendly between Brazil and the Netherlands. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

'Kun' Agüero will not come to Barça

Barca does not arise to incorporate the Argentine star next season. Looking for a striker with a more complementary role.

Sergio Aguero not included in the Pep Guardiola plans and not come to FC Barcelona. Barca coach appreciates the qualities of Kun but understands that it is the profile of player who needs the squad for next season. Pep already made clear after winning the fourth eared that the date of expiry of this equipment will depend largely on how comfortable it is Messi in the club. "Messi is unique and unrepeatable. One hopes that will not get bored and always feel comfortable at the club, "he said. So for Guardiola is a priority that sits protagonist Leo and the players around him understand that you can not compete with `The Flea".

In this sense, Rossi is a player who fits best with the ideology of Guardiola. In Italian football association and provides goal and also knows that would come as a complement and not to discuss the Barça star. The club also no doubt the environment Agüero. His association with Maradona predicts outbursts of the star of Argentina for that Kun had no continuity in the team.

Pep does not want noise in the machine's environment, let alone players' agents or people close to the players. Barca coach has already left a message on the last few years people like or Mazinho Mino Raiola, who have released messages through the press. Other disadvantages for the arrival of Kun is the price of the player, that would be above 45 million. Barcelona raises the recruitment of four football players and wasting to sign the Argentine greatly complicate the plans of sports management.

The player, however, would be delighted with the possibility of coming to Barcelona. In fact the environment of football has offered. Atletico Madrid also would welcome the move from Barca player, but Barcelona does not arise when the addition of Argentinian star. The mattress club already has made the idea that the Argentine star of the team will go this summer, but the possibility of him go to Madrid bother the fans of Atletico.
Cherry knows that the transfer of Argentinian white club would put in a situation complicated. Now that the team has staged a very irregular season and we are approaching a big flight of their referents. Jose Luis Perez Caminero, Atletico sporting director, was on Wednesday and the offices of the Camp Nou.

Caminero inquired about the status of some players like Thiago, Bojan and Keita, but was not on the table the name of Kun. Barcelona continues to work on two options that are most like to technicians. The priority is to Rossi, the player most like to Guardiola. The coach was full of praise to the Italian press conference before the final match between Villarreal and Barcelona. Alexis Sánchez (Udinese) is another option for the attack. The Chilean striker has added 13 goals and 11 assists in 33 games (2523 minutes played) this year. (via SPORT)

Prandelli: "Rossi would be as a second Messi"

The Villarreal striker has found a great supporter in the shape of new 'revolutionary' coach 'Azzurri'.

The World Cup meant for the `Azzurri" confirmation of a downward trend that ended in the worst way possible. The old computer that ran Marcello Lippi did not even agreed to the knockout stage after finishing fourth and last in Group F after losing to Slovakia (3-2) and sign a tie to one against Paraguay and New Zealand.

This failure led to the departure of Lippi questioned and the arrival of Claudio Cesare Prandelli, one of the most popular technical Italian football. His first task was to spearhead the generational change that required the combined Italian and immediately got to work. Exmadridista names like Fabio Cannavaro, Gennaro Gattuso 'Rossoneri ", the' Bianconeri" Vincenzo Iaquinta, the exblaugrana Giuanluca Zambrotta or veteran striker Antonio Di Natale (Udinese) left the Italian team and its place were younger players and least known , among whom was Giuseppe Rossi.

Villarreal striker is one of the most important players in the scheme of touch football is betting on the Prandelli (4-3-1-2). Rossi left often works, although it has almost complete freedom of movement, as the Bianconeri `Alberto Aquilani" often acts as a false front in the style of Leo Messi in Barca. Therefore, the main objective is to occupy blaugrana the position of David Villa in the system of Pep Guardiola.

Prandelli knows very well the characteristics of `Beppe Rossi" and is very happy with its performance. In fact, since the arrival of the technician Lombard, the italoestadounidense has participated in seven meetings with the azzurro `combined what their role has been increasing. The Italian coach is not cut when it comes to praising his pupil and believes there has not peaked. "Rossi is a great talent, a great footballer. It has great mobility and is increasingly crucial, "said Prandelli to SPORT.

"If the club is following you, is it considered to have quality to play in this great team. I think you're prepared to pay a very high level, "continued the coach. Not surprisingly, Rossi has already demonstrated both in Villarreal as the Italian team that does not wrinkle in tough matches. When defining the best quality of yellow crack, Prandelli thinks for a moment and decided: "Their quality. It is technically excellent, "said Lombard.
And he let out a last comment, maybe so bold that dare not drop loudly. "A second Messi," said coach Alps. In fact, in his system sometimes swaps places with Aquilani and acts as a 'false ninth. " Anyway, Prandelli is very clear that Rossi would win at Barca. (via SPORT)

Keita does not want to go

Seydou Keita is happy at the club and does not plan a change of scenery for many offers that arrive.

Now that interest arises from Atletico Madrid, the Malian midfielder exhausted his last days in Catalonia before traveling to his native Bamako, where he expects his family and a nearly century-old grandmother. The African player subtracts even a season with two more optional contract by the club in terms of their performance, so that today only think of exhausting at least that is assured.

Already in the course of last season and several teams were looking at the possibility of incorporating Keita, like Bayern Munich, but he was not even brought it up. Moreover, not even aware of the offers that come to his representative, since it knows the desires of African player to continue at the club and are not reported.

Keita is aware that ownership is barred in midfield by the presence of three world champions like Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets, and even freely admits that if they play more than him, is because they are better. However, the Mali is the player who has appeared in more games last season between the first team players with a total of 56 and ended the year with six 'targets "(three in League Cup and two in one in Champions). Despite being a positional and tactical midfielder Keita scored six goals in each of the three seasons he has been at the club.

In short, unless the club deems it necessary, Seydou Keita will make no move to leave the ship and is so comfortable he could stay living in Gavà once you leave football and leave. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta is concerned and it asks to cool the market

The sports management is threatening several operations exorbitant considering the demands of the clubs.

The Barca sports management is concerned with market developments. The first official contacts with clubs and agents started to negotiate several new signings have not been as successful as could be expected. Everything has a single cause: the clubs are convinced that the club is a bargain that can be exploited with exorbitant demands. Or that's at least what I think Andoni Zubizarreta. Having seen in the meetings to sign Rossi, Alexis Sanchez, Andrada, José Angel, Kiko Femenía or Sergio Araujo, among others, Barca's sporting director has been ordered to halt most negotiations. At Barça is considered necessary to cool the market and out of circulation for a few days before the obvious risk of conducting lengthy negotiations that could end up being harmful.

The bitter fight for Rossi, Alexis Sanchez and Cesc had already been discounted in advance, but what happened to the select group of young hopefuls for the Barcelona B alternating with the first team has filled the patience of Zubi and his staff. Today, Stephen Andrade and Jose Angel are more outside than inside the club.

Executives considered unacceptable for any club is raised a transfer valued at a minimum of 4 or 5 million euros, for the sake of dialogue with the club. And since the sports management is to apply a basic rule: 1.5 million euros in transfer and multiple variables in terms of performance. Zubizarreta, Valentin, Narcis Julià and company have folded sails sending a message to all stakeholders.

Or the clubs lower their claims or the players pressed a great time to force out. Otherwise, ongoing operations will go to ruin. In the era of cuts in all areas of the club, there is no leeway in the chapter of reinforcements for the subsidiary. (via SPORT)

Cesc, Alexis and Rossi, OK

FC Barcelona has reached an agreement with the three players.
It now remains to their respective clubs to agree to negotiate their outputs.

A week after closing the season winning the Champions at Wembley , the Barça 2011-12 and is becoming known. Knowing that all players who aims are highly prized players, Barca wanted to preempt any offers from other clubs and has gotten the OK from the three players high on the list of reinforcements Andoni Zubizarreta: Cesc Fabregas, Giuseppe Rossi and Alexis Sanchez .

Although the team Guardiola has achieved excellence, Pep knows that to remain competitive on Barca should keep the level of demand level players Cesc, Rossi and Alexis . Given that all three are very young, not exceeding 24 years, the club has already arranged with them a five-year contract, the maximum allowed by FIFA rules. Moreover, as is usual with the arrival of new signings, the sports management would put players behind the house relevant pay scale. No matter how good they are, none of them has won the titles they have achieved already in the Nou Camp and that detail is careful at Barça.

Got the OK from the players, Barca must now undertake three-way negotiations with each of its clubs to carry out the transfer. Both Arsenal, Villarreal and Udinese know the intentions of Barcelona and its players and now should be the ones to bring the conditions for the transfer to be enforceable. Barca know that none make things easy, but also has the OK of the players as their best weapon for bargaining. (via MD)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "If possible, you could raise a First"

Luis Enrique will be fired on Saturday from Barça B with the only moon of not being able to fight for up to First. The technician takes stock of the 3 years in the B in an interview to be broadcast in the 'Promise' of Barça TV this Tuesday at 11:15 p.m..

"Since announcing he was leaving the Barça B, he has felt sad for having taken this decision?
"If the life of a player carries the possibility of changing each season and has short cycling team, the coach and needless to say, in six months you can be in three different cities, so it was something I raised when I started coaching. I must say that three years have been fantastic. I decide at the time that the cycle is over, I explained clearly before we start to come tenders before entering into speculation. "

How have taken their players, staff and auxiliary her decision to leave?
"Here we have formed an incredible human group, a group of high level players, we've been all on the same line. When there are very positive and dynamic synergies of the group in which everyone feels important and in which everyone pending and believe that help to add, no doubt adding one plus one. And that's what happened here three years, especially this past year, and I am pleased and proud to be with me because I believe that part the fault may be mine. "

Has anyone asked to reconsider it?
"I know and you know I'm joking but serious at work. Any time I make jokes saying I say, next week I do a press conference saying it was a lie and nothing happens, no. It is normal for long any changes in the group are very close, it is normal that doubts the assaults. I have no doubt that the person the club decides to come to it will be more than capable. I have no doubt that professionals now are in the Barça B are high level professionals who will adapt to the needs or requirements of this possible and will return to coach the positive energy flow for this to work. "

Having managed to stay, offers players the best challenge of being the best branch of the story ...
"I'm not very friendly to score a goal to start a group. I am a friend of 'go and see what happens', with prudence but with the ultimate ambition. We go to first match the best thinking as to hurt this team and how we'll hurt. Thinking of our weapons to defeat. And then, within 15 days or 21 games, we'll see what level. Are we able to win this team? But the 'handicap' biggest I've had is, after the first round, once assured of permanence and after spending all season in the top six places, such as ending the season plugged.
For me the incentive would be: let's play another play-off. My team would fly if I had that possibility, and probably would be very hard to overcome, so I've seen. This is the problem: it is difficult to motivate without good reasons. With my whole team I think we would climb to the first division, sure that no team would like to cross with us and would be very difficult to beat us. "

Many people see it as an ideal replacement for Guardiola to the first team ...
The people are very affectionate with me. Barca is my home, people are very polite and proper and gives me this message often from love and from the feeling watching him try to do well. Being first-team coach is too big, is available to few and now we have the best, and I hope many years. And what comes next ... that no one knows. Just the fact you've already been here and think I can be prepared for me is enough, but do not live in dreams ... now I do not know what will. I wanted to rest, but they are getting hard to me and then my family will cherish the people I work, how I can do, if I convince im'involucra. And if one day comes and the people of the Club believe that I am the person capable and is the right time, for better but not my goal. My goal is to live the present and nothing more. "

The rotation has done with the porters has left many people surprised.
"There has been front-line coaches have called me to know how to handle the doormen. We have to get topical. When a player comes to me and asks me confidence ... I say we all need them. Out of trust, we are in a high-level competitive edge. The confidence you've got to win you training hard every day, we value highly as a player trains. I've changed lineups on the same Saturday in terms of impact, attitude and ambition, why no one has done a failure. We become partakers of it. The theme of the porters sure no other team at this level that your porters have been dealt so many games. It is possible that if one had played in all 42 games have evolved, I will inadvertently I have a third. They have won, I have to he considered best for this game. If not in the situation, move to another partner. With this we have to play all three in one important category, which each take level with a different profile. They have shown a dramatic level, have joined the three in all aspects .

Philosophy 'Lucho'
How has the players to give importance to the values ​​of team over individual interests?
"This is football is a team sport, there can be no player who has a personal goal, beyond the group. There is this possibility. You play well in the group, add, organize, and if you want weight show off, do as I recommended the coach, what is best for the team. The coach did not seek any personal goal, I need to win. And it is clear that, within the goal of victory, it's also making players for the first team and when Pep need them, be prepared. This we have done well. Imagine ten men thinking, 'I look im'és I like the outcome. "No, and fortunately neither Pep's philosophy is this."

How has dealing with the players? They demanded more than normal in a subsidiary?
"For me, my players are better than the first team. I think they can win the first team ... Surely any say impossible, that can not be ', but with this mentality that I transmit to my players that the player receives that really happens, the coach trusts in his players, for me is essential, because from the confidence everything is possible. do not accept that a player is not greedy, I accept that a player does not give the maximum, why is cheating himself, not me.
From this requirement, need and trust I believe a player grows more. At least that's what I have shown. It is very easy to train a group of players like this. I've tried to give each player is what I think you need to get the most. The goal is to help. Therefore, it has been a key figure of Joaquín Valdés psychologist who has done an incredible job. "

Does it cost that young players have no hurry to get up?
"Not much, but it has been necessary to work, is obvious. We must forget the reference Messi, Messi is one and there will be here another 300 years, up to 17 years, but forget that. He ascended into 17 For the Youth went to C and was the top scorer in 8 games, reached the B and was the best of B. .. If a player is able to burn these stages, and up from the humility that transferred to Messi, it is normal to be the first team.
Here we have a subsidiary which fortunately is on a professional level and it is a place to get a very good test. Hopefully come a player in the B with 17 years and bursting, but not so easy. Need to be formed, the soccer player must be patient. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio Sacristán will Barça B coach

The subsidiary of FC Barcelona has a new coach for the 2011-2012 season. Another exmiembro of the 'Dream Team', Eusebio Sexton, consents to the position.

After an afternoon of meetings at the offices of FC Barcelona, ​​has confirmed the news. Eusebio Sacristan accepts the challenge of replacing Luis Enrique in front of Barcelona B. The La Seca, a former first team player in the 'Dream Team', is chosen after several days of speculation about the new occupant of the bench. It remains the signature, to sign his return to Barça.

This will be the second experience as a coach Eusebio A. II The 2008-2009 season took charge of Celtic when the club dismissed Oliver Pepe Murcia. He managed to stay on your computer and went to the helm for the 2009-2010 season, finishing in twelfth place. It will also be her second technical staff of FC Barcelona, ​​since between 2003 and 2008 was part of the team as assistant to Frank Rijkaard Rijkaard

Eusebio is the manager of a subsidiary that had other nominations. In earlier days sounded names like Raul Agne, Oscar Garcia, Phillip Cocu, Lluís Carreras and Juan Carlos Unzue to enter the office, but finally the excentrocampista has been chosen to lead a Barça B that Luis Enrique will with the bar very high. In the absence of a journey to the final of the competition in the league front, the Blaugrana in third place with 68 points. (via SPORT)