03 June 2011

They only lack some fringes so that Luis Enrique registers for Rome

Rome had already reached an economic agreement to sign Luis Enrique as a coach and would lack only small details in the contract of its partners to close the deal.

According to reports the Italian capital's daily "Corriere dello Sport" and "Il Messaggero", the signing of Luis Enrique can become official this Sunday or next Monday, once finished the season in the Liga Adelante.

Roma and exfutbolista, current coach of Barça B have reached an "economic agreement" which will link to Luis Enrique at the Italian company for two years with an option for a third, earning a turnover of approximately one million and a half Euros per season, said the sports daily Corriere dello Sport. "

But still there remains the question of the team of collaborators who will bring Spanish coach to the Italian capital before his signing becomes official. As referred to the newspaper, Luis Enrique had asked the club brought him to five collaborators: Barbara Joan coach, the athletic trainer José Ramón Callen, the tactical trainer Isidro Ramón Valdés Joaquín psychologist and technical partner Ivan de la Peña.

On these two last names, Roma would not have given his own final moment, which is prolonging the negotiations, the paper said. (via SPORT)

Ferber, Hleb representative: "We have to talk to the club"

Hleb is injured and not played the preseason with the club making it difficult to do business selling club. But the player's agent wants Barca move tab.

Barca can not do business for the sale of Aleksandr Hleb, who still remains a contract season and has played this season at Birmingham City.

The bilorruso was injured a little less than a month, injuring the same knee that was operated on in 2005, having to go through surgery.

Hleb will have to rest between six and eight weeks and will be 'stopped' at least three months, thus missing the preseason with the club hindering the possibilities of place.

However his agent, Ferber, wants to place and explained that it must "speak with the club to find a solution." (via SPORT)

After a World cup, Champions

Starting the season with eight world champions in the template and end up winning the Champions League only a computer can do the will to win are endless. This boat has done it.

Pep Guardiola made ​​it very clear: "When you see these players have no illusion to keep winning, I leave." Barca coach can rest assured that never a team with so many members of a selection of world champion had set up a Champions the season. A fact which shows that these players never tire of winning.

Throughout history no team ever with such a large number of World Cup champion, had finished playing for glory in Europe.

To top South Africa , the Spanish combined with the presence of eight Barça: Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Sergio, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro and Villa. Some players have then ended up being the owners of the continent by defeating Manchester United in the final Wembley .

Milan, 2007, champion of the Champions League against Liverpool , is what comes closest to Barça de Guardiola with a total of seven world champions and Champions League the same season: Maldini, Nesta, Massimo Oddo, Pirlo, Gatusso, Gilardino and Inzaghi .

The Brazilian was proclaimed five-time champions with three players who later would get done with the top European competition for his club, Milan. It is Dida, Roque Junior and the former Barcelona Rivaldo.

The Bayer Munich won in the final of the European Cup in 1975 at Leeds United by 2 goals to 0. In that group there were five players who started the season with a World Cup under his arm: Maier, Beckembauer, Schwarzenbeck, Ulrich Hoeness and Gerd Müller. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Bartra, solidary artist in favor of the inclusion sociolaboral

Marc Bartra the athlete has been selected by the FC Barcelona Foundation to collaborate on a project-driven social Exit Foundation on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, for which 20 have been painted graffiti in solidarity.

Marc Bartra has demonstrated their artistic skills outside the field and has done for a worthy cause. Barça B player has participated in the painting of graffiti as part of a collection of 20 works of art, success driven by the Foundation with the help of 20 graffiti artists. These works were presented Thursday at the MACBA and will be available to prospective buyers also in Barcelona gallery Art & Design. The funds raised will be managed by the Foundation for Success implement projects that promote social and occupational inclusion of young people.

The art session was held on the porch of the farmhouse. Bartra painted a graffito Barcelona, ​​created by artist Kader, with the help of other members of the Success Foundation. "For the first time participating in a charity project and I enjoyed the experience," said the center. Bartra was "very happy" with the opportunity to participate in initiatives that often fall most recognizable faces in the first team. The work that has participated Barca is priced at 600 euros.

FC Barcelona Foundation has been responsible for leading this project by the Club and this initiative demonstrates, once again, his sensitivity to issues affecting the youth of our country.
Success Foundation, founded in 2000, aims to facilitate social and professional integration of young people living at risk of social exclusion and who have not successfully integrated into the academic or occupational functioning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "It’s been a perfect season"

David Villa gave an enthusiastic assessment of his first season as a Barça player. The striker told Barça TV that it would be almost impossible to improve what has been achieved.

He came and fitted in straight away. David Villa can boast of having won the League and Champions League in his first season with Barça. Impossible to beat that?. "I think the balance is almost perfect, despite having been beaten in the Spanish Cup Final. The most important thing is how the team has competed and how we’ve given everything in all the competitions" a proud David Villa told Barça TV.

Not in the wildest of his dreams could David Villa imagine that a year after signing for Barça he’d have his photo taken alongside the League and Champions League trophies, and the Spanish Super Cup, the three competitions he’s won in his first season at the club: "It's a photo to dream about. I’m really happy how things have gone from day one until the end. Fate decided that I would come to Barça this year and I’m totally happy"

In view of the results, it seems unlikely that the team will be able to better the achievements of the past three seasons. Villa is fully aware of this but also believes that there is always room for improvement: "One can always improve. We have to carry on the same way again and try to be back next year, being photographed alongside even more trophies. "

Family Holidays
David Villa will begin the summer break after playing with the Spanish team in the two friendly matches in the U.S. and Venezuela on June 4th and June 7th: "I'll be with family and friends enjoying what I couldn’t do during the season. I’ll take a break so that I’ll be able to face up to a new season with even more energy and enthusiasm." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: "The players of FC Barcelona and Madrid get along"

The tension and 'bad vibes' between players from Real Madrid and Barca are now history. At least so says one of the members of the Spanish and affected party in the case, Gerard Piqué ...

The central Barca these days is concentrated in the USA with 'La Roja'. And ensures that the quarrels there lived in the four games against their 'rivals' over the last month-Liga, Copa del Rey final and the Champions League semifinals, have not soured the mood of the selection.

"They have said things that are not true, the players of Barca and Madrid get along," said Pique in an interview with the 'Public' .

Barcelona defender says that years of living in 'La Roja', and won the World Cup last summer, outweigh the tensions experienced in recent derbies: "We live a very good living in South Africa for a month and it still remains has not been lost. Although there are things that have happened in the field that are there, as the party ended we went back to get along, "he says.

Pique also expressed satisfaction for the good season Barça - "we have worked us hard and we get along in the locker room, all that is reflected in the field" - and attributes the success to the work of his coach Pep Guardiola Pep is the key to that. knows how to motivate, how to take advantage of everything and how to value the times we live in and that are unique. Everything is thanks to him, but we always want more. demonstrate each year that we are the best "he explains.

'3 'From Barça explains how the Santpedor motivated them in the final of the Champions at Wembley: "We gave the typical speech, focusing on how much playing for Manchester with a video. But it was like in Rome, which put us a video to motivate us. In London, the final face as another game, even giving it the importance that was the highlight of the year. And there went great. "

Of all the moments spent in the final, Pique gets the time when Eric Abidal picked up the cup after the bad times experienced in recent months because of his illness: "It was amazing. In the end, struggles titles that give you happiness. Vives to be happy. You play to create those moments that will forever remain in our memory. " Piqué how much value it has brought the French to this team, "always has a smile on his face. There seemed to be sick. It's a crack, ten as a person, an example for all."

Piqué not avoid during the interview to talk about his relationship with the Colombian singer Shakira: "Now she has the tour and I've been focused on football. Come summer, we will disconnect. We are a normal couple. In the end, we have our happy moments and our problems as all normal people. just trying to face the people that as long as we see happy, smiling face. We have many reasons to teach that happiness to the world. "

Barca defender acknowledges that costs go live a normal life because of its popularity: "I try to keep doing the same old life. Yes, there are moments that can not be. When you go to a mall, I think twice. But if I have to go one day to the movies or McDonald's, try to go. I wear a cap and goggles and try to go unnoticed. But I try to go. Because if not at the end you lock yourself at home and not enjoy the life. And life is two days "

"In Madrid have a picture of me that is not real"

Piqué taken with resignation the fact that one of the most reviled players in the songs from the Madrid fans: "It's not what I nor my paper. It was a little fault of journalists who put things in my mouth were not true. People believe what the press writes. It is a picture of me that Madrid is not real. I know many people here and I have no problem. But does anyone believe a picture of me without knowing me, so I am not well seen. But is not something that worries me. In the end, they all realize how lame foot each, "he says.
The center also claims not to regret his parliament in holding the Champions League at the Nou Camp, he responded indirectly to some accusations from the Real Madrid and its surroundings: "It is real and I was not referring to any club. Only I responded to some unwarranted attacks we received a press sector to destabilize. Why do I have to repent? In these words there is nothing wrong, "he says. (via SPORT)

Cesc offered 30 kilos

The Blaugrana club knows he expected tough negotiations with Arsenal to sign midfielder.

The signing of Cesc Fabregas is one of the priorities that marked Pep Guardiola for next season and the movement will accelerate in the coming hours. Arsenal and the player himself awaiting the first movements made by the club officially blaugrana to try to accommodate the wishes of Santpedor. The Blaugrana's attempt to fall and supply to raise the policy Sandro Rosell will be around 30 million euros.

The Barcelona means that the player's value has decreased over the past year. Arsenal's season has turned to be negative, without lifting a title, so Cesc has not been revalued. The price can not exceed the previous year to stay a while under contract with the English club, although his relationship with the Gunners runs until 2015.

The only formal offer that the club sent to Arsenal last season was presented by the board of Joan Laporta and amounted to 32 million, plus another three million in terms of variables. That is, the total amount would be about 35 million. The Arsenal was the only time all summer that accepted a proposal rejected blaugrana and through its website.

Laporta left the negotiations at this point and the arrival of Sandro Rosell also served for the positions between the two clubs from approaching. The new board has focused its objectives in improving the cash flow of the club and the signing of Cesc ceased to be a priority when considering that the amounts claimed from England were too high.

Its incorporation was scrapped after the player announced in early August, although it left the door to keep talking a year later. Cesc, who was in constant contact with Guardiola, technician received word that he would wait one more season, in a similar way as had happened with David Villa. The situation has returned to reach the point where the coach wants their inclusion and the policy must agree with Arsenal.

Barca, input, provide less than the 35 million proposed by Laporta and his offer will move about 30 million. A price of entry, will not satisfy the Emirates. In England slip figures would total 40 million euros. A price higher than you want to pay the club Catalans, so again expect a tough negotiation.

In any case, to which the club takes the first step forward and submit a proposal to Arsenal, Cesc will come into play. The player will press if she feels the Catalans club has a real interest in signing him and talk to the upper echelons of the club or Arsène Wenger himself if necessary, as it did last season.

Even Fabregas may have to further tighten the rope to get the output. A similar example, by category and position of the football club, would be to Xabi Alonso when he had to force his departure from Liverpool. Then, the Basque requested in writing through the 'transfer request', their transfer to Madrid. In the end, to the force exerted by the player, the 'reds' agreed to the sale for the same price as offered by Cesc Barca: 30 million euros. (via SPORT)

Thiago Silva, the alternative for if it fails the marked plan

The transfer policy is strongly conditioned the agreement to be reached with Arsenal by Fabregas.

Barca has designed its strategy to strengthen the squad for next season happens to incorporate three offensive players such as mood Cesc Fabregas, Giuseppe Rossi and Alexis Sanchez. Anyway, the club has also set an alternate plan if you twist the additions of these players.

Cesc's case is especially delicate because his transfer also influences the production of the defensive line. The arrival of Arenys slow the addition of another plant. Fabregas would be another option for the midfield and allowed Mascherano, and Busquets count as alternatives to the defense.

However, if negotiations between Barca and Arsenal do not come to fruition, the club Catalans change the profile of your target. In no other market for the midfield player Cesc level, so that they would opt to continue the formula this season. Ie Busquets and Mascherano as the main components of the center of the field and addressed the signing of a central born.

Among the names most like to the axle of the rear, Thiago Silva excels. The Brazilian, 26, is one of the players who have excelled this season in Milan and would comply with the requirements expected of a boat fenders. Aggressive cutting, fast and well out of the ball. A profile that would fit with the concept of European soccer champion.

Following the assumption that Cesc does not end up in the Nou Camp, which is the main desire of Pep Guardiola, Barça should start negotiations with Milan by Thiago and would not be simple either. The Rossoneri have set the player as one of the key pieces of future and its price would be around 25 million. A very high because it is a central and that the club would try to downgrade.

The arrival of Thiago cover the progress of Gaby Milito, whom the club will facilitate his departure, and never slow down the progression of Fontàs and Bartra. (via SPORT)

Bojan, high-priority objective of Betis

Bojan Krkic is the number one candidate to strengthen their lead Betis ...

Betis team has been to work to make a template as competitive as possible after being promoted to Primera. And his main target is a player of FC Barcelona, ​​Bojan Krkic, according to Friday 'Diario de Sevilla' .

Betis coach, Peter Mel, has set his sights on the Linyola, which he considers the ideal candidate to bolster his attack. The Seville club accept the assignment even without a purchase option.

Betis assumes that the transaction will not be easy, given that among other issues must convince a Bojan so far always been reluctant to leave the club.

Heliopolitan entity, however, confident that the good relationship with coach Mel Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola, give your pass. And also her manager, Vlada Stosic, the father of the scoring, as both are known from his time as players.

Bojan, in any case, it is also claimed by other clubs. In recent days there has been speculation about his possible departure to Villarreal as currency in the hypothetical signing of Giuseppe Rossi for the club. (via SPORT)

Barca won 60 million euros with the Champions

The club's coffers will be eased its liquidity problems due to its sporting success at Wembley.

The sporting success of 'Pep team "at Wembley against Manchester United not only earned him the unanimous recognition as a historic team, called to be a legend.

She has also reported to the coffers of a good injection Barça, more than 60 million euros to ease economic tensions running through the club treasury.

EUR 39.75 million come directly as a result of the successes on the pitch. The road to the fourth Champions sum the 107 steps of Wembley and thirteen games divided into five phases. Each of these encounters is a fixed amount of 550,000 euros (7.15 million total). In addition, the victories are paid 800,000 euros each, and the ties, to 400,000. The Blaugrana have ended the year with ten European wins and a draw (total, 9.2 million euros).

Another substantial slice of revenue comes from participating in each of the different phases of the club added to your bag another twenty million, and for being a champion takes an additional check of 3.4 million euros.

Success in the Champions League final to Barcelona qualified, automatically, to dispute the European Super Cup in Monaco on 26 August. And that means you enter about three million euros, an amount will vary depending on whether it can prevail in the final to Porto.

Nor should we forget the pinch you can go with the Club World Cup in the month of December in Japan.

And there is one last source of income directly related to the Champions League, although it is not, far from a negligible figure. This is the amount paid by UEFA to the clubs by way of television rights, marketing and merchandising that clubs from the Champions League and Europe give the continental governing body to manage them.

According to figures provided regarding the issue UEFA 2009-10, the total amount of television rights was EUR 337.8 million and would not be surprising that this issue would have been higher.

In fact, there is established a scale of revenue sharing between clubs and UEFA whereby, to 530 million euros, 75% of revenues are for the clubs. The proportion of the allocation of amounts in excess of those 530 million is 82% for the clubs. In return, subtract 6.5% of gross fee for each entity goes to the clubs who have not participated in the Champions League but in the play-offs or in the group stage of the Champions League.

The division of money is carried out according to different parameters such as the proportional value of each league's television market, its ranking in the league championship and the number of games each team has played in the Champions League.

Success in the 2009 final in Rome in 2009 brought him to Barcelona about twenty million euros for these items, an amount similar to that achieved with Inter Milan after his success in the 2010 Madrid (19.6 million). It would not be surprising that two years later the number that corresponds to the entity Blaugrana.

Another thing is the waste in premiums that will be facing and sextet in the year amounted to about fifty million between rewards and conditions. But it is clear that compensation, not only in terms of titles and prestige, are superior.

In addition to increasing your cache level marketing and sales of merchandising, triumphs in the field reported 32.8 million in the year 2008-09 and 30.2 in 2009-10. Total, 101 million. (via SPORT)

Van Persie, Barca, "Just close the j ..mouth and play"

"They always go running to protest the referee's rivals to try to be expelled," said the Dutchman to 'Sport 1'.

Robin van Persie finished not forget their expulsion in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Barcelona in the Nou Camp. The Dutchman has hit hard against Barca players for what he considers an unsportsmanlike attitude and also puts in the same bag to Chelsea.

"They always go running to protest the referee's rivals to try to be expelled," said the Dutchman to 'Sport 1'. "They try to injure a fellow!" That kind of behavior really bothers me. People who are watching the game on television and the fans really do not want to see that kind of thing. I can not really understand it, they close the j. .. mouth and focus on playing football, "he said. (via AS)

Messi: "I'm perfectly fine"

Leo Messi, player of Barça and Argentina's national team, said he felt "perfectly well", to refute in a statement that came to be attacked in his hometown of Rosario, as stated by the local press.

"Sale published in various media that I received a slap on the outside a restaurant in Rosario. For the peace of all those who have questioned the veracity of the matter, I must say that I have not received any smack from anybody," wrote the forward on its Web www.leomessi.com.

"I'm perfectly fine. I have been amazed at the fuss that was caused. Thanks anyway for your messages of interest," the Barcelona player.

Messi shared a table with two friends in the restaurant "El show de la Milanese", located in center of Rosario, where a group of students from Latin American Institute, high school, was recognized and asked for a photo.

The player left the room to pose in the middle of the group of teens when a fifth-year student of that school shouted "chest cold" and tried him with his fist.

Some of the youths say the attacker was released as a fan of Rosario Central, the main rival of Newell's Old Boys, the team with Messi played in the categories for children and which is swollen.

The young man was quickly out of place in a taxi, said the restaurant owner, Pablo Moyano. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Wenger takes Bellerín and Pol Garcia, near the Juve

The carrilero will leave to the Arsenal with Toral and the central one that he seemed to have it bundle with Valencia, it points now to Italy.

Finally, there will be two players Cadet of FC Barcelona to play next season at Arsenal. The winger Héctor Bellerín that it conducted Mundo Deportivo already provided to the Catalan club he would leave on June 30, said yesterday those responsible for training football that his fate would be the London club. And then he did so publicly in an interview with TV channel M2, del Maresme.

Arsene Wenger , so there will be fish in the cantera double Barca since earlier this year had already tied to one of the most promising young Cadete , midfielder Jon Miquel Toral , a player next season would have jump directly to the Juvenil A of Oscar Garcia .

On the other hand, the player also Cadete A Pol Garcia, central indisputable lefty in the 'once' García Pimienta , who also split from the Barça , points to Italy . Although it seemed that he had all agreed to Valencia , now it seems the club has more numbers to take over its services is Juventus .

Bellerín belongs one of the four players from the Cadete A had summoned by the Under-16 Spanish International to dispute Caspian Cup in Bakú. They will also go centreback Roger Riera , centrehalf Sergi Samper and striker Sandro Ramirez. (via MD)

Wenger wants to take the step Cesc

For some time, Arsene Wenger has taken the inevitable goodbye Cesc Fabregas but do not want to be him who would open the door to the Emirates Stadium . He hates the idea of being the target of the fans of Arsenal and go down in history as the technician who transferred to their current captain. So Catalan midfielder has been invited to give the final step if both want to return to Camp Nou . To say publicly, by letter or press conference in London that stage is over, you want to get off the ship and sign for Barca . Wenger seeks the perfect excuse to avoid being splashed.

The distinction is important. Last year, Cesc dare to comment that "if ever" Arsenal would be left to return to Barcelona . One day, without saying when and loosely. It was the only license that was allowed, because his intention was never to force his departure from the bad. It is their behavior. Expected to Barça make an offer and negotiate. Failing such agreement, will continue in the locker room as if nothing had happened. (via MD)

Mourinho: "It did not hurt that Barça I denounce"

Madrid coach broke his silence on the Cadena SER after more than a month away from the media spotlight.

Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, has begun to draw the line with a firm hand ahead of next season but told the Cadena SER denied that the new structure that has designed the club has more power.

Real Madrid coach, spent last night by the microphones to lay off the crossbar with José Ramón de la Morena his first season on the bench of the white team. "It was a busy year, but I'm not tired. Fifteen days of vacation from late June until 8 July are more than enough to come back stronger, "he confessed.

Although in the last month Mou has given prominence to the media to Aitor Karanka, denied that the pressure has been with him. "Football, in its true sense, is not a factor of pressure but pleasure. Winning or losing is not an issue for me, maybe because I've won more than lost. What makes me feel something down is injustice, "she complained. Mourinho sees some injustice "in the fact that I have been punished without knowing why. Is unique: to be reported, not knowing why, and after a month, have no right to defend or argue. You have no right absolutely nothing. I have been punished before trial. " A penalty Mourinho, a man who sees "life as a one-way street, where you can only go forward," refuses to forget. "As a citizen I think I have the right not to forget and go to court with democratic characteristics. So attend the TAS, because as a citizen I have a right to my defense. And if it is not enough to be a citizen, Jose Mourinho is also champion of Europe (Porto and Inter Milan), the first to win a FIFA Golden Ball award for coaches and winning four cups in many other countries. "

This penalty is the only point of a season fateful "very good" that, in addition to the Cup title, will be remembered for Mourinho complaint received by the FC Barcelona. "It did not hurt that the club denounce me," he confessed. "I have absolutely nothing against the institution, or against the people of Barca. I was there between 1996 and 2000, and in the last eleven years, individuals and institutions change. " How changed is the coach of Barcelona, ​​Josep Guardiola: "He is now 10 years and is the leader of his team, a different person, I do not know well because I knew him as a player but I already saw him as a future coach" .

Although perhaps then not imagine a match from the bench. "Madrid Train is an experience I wanted to live. After soccer Portuguese, English and Italian, I wanted an experience in Spanish football, especially in Madrid, "he said." I'm glad I took this decision because I'm very happy. "

Four of the names called to improve this Madrid are Sahin, Altintop, Alley and in the future, Mateos. Sahin said that "it is an evolutionary profile player, who still long, and be a kid, and Marcelo, Benzema, Özil or Di Maria. We are a team of the future. We are called to mark a new era in football from 2014, when implant financial fair play. " Alley refused to exchange currency is other players: "He is a player that we like for their mentality, their characteristics and to recover to stay in the squad." As also will be in the template Benzema and Higuain. Who will leave the club and Pedro León Sergio Canales. "Perhaps at some point I have been unfair to any player in the squad, although unintentionally, and that only seek to do the best for the team." About Sergio Aguero said: "I will not be a hypocrite. It's fantastic, I have no fear to say. But Atletico and Real Madrid no contact with players before they have agreements with the clubs. " (via SPORT)

Neymar puts the Santos in the final of the Libertadores

The star of Santos, Neymar, took another step on the scoresheet Libertadores Cup by scoring his fifth goal in the match that gave the pass to his team to the final of the Copa Libertadores. The Brazilian striker, a possible target of Barca, is measured in the final Peñarol.

Nanni, who left yesterday's tournament with the Cerro Porteño because of Neymar, leads the standings with seven points in the company of Wallyson Brazil, Cruzeiro.

Nanni Argentine striker, who sang the goodbye after eight straight games without scoring, now accompanies his misfortune to Wallyson, who was felled with Cruzeiro in the knockout phase.

A Nanni Wallyson and subtracts them to pry Neymar and Chile's Juan Manuel Olivera not go beyond the five goals they have signed.

Scoring charts:

With 7: Wallyson (Cruzeiro) and Roberto Nanni (ARG-Cerro Porteno)

With 6: Lucas Pratto (ARG-Catholic University)

With 5: Neymar (BRA-Santos), Maximiliano Moralez (ARG-Velez Sarsfield), Juan Manuel Olivera (CHI-Peñarol) and Wason Renteria (Once Caldas).

With 4: Santiago Silva (URU-Velez Sarsfield), Jonathan Fabbro (ARG-Cerro Porteno), Augusto Fernandez (ARG-Vélez Sarsfiel), Nicolás Pavlovich (ARG-Libertad), Carlos Bacca (Atletico Junior), Rafael Moura (Fluminense) , Douglas (Gremio), Franco Niell (Argentinos Juniors), Leandro Damiao (International), Thiago Ribeiro (Cruzeiro) and Esteban Paredes (Colo Colo)

With 3: Danilo and Elano (Santos), Augusto Fernández (Velez Sarsfield), Jackson Martinez (COL-Jaguares), Antonio Pedroza, and Antonio Salazar (MEX-Jaguares), Hernan Lopez (URU-Estudiantes de La Plata) and Leandro González ( Estudiantes de La Plata), Luis Paez (Atletico Junior), James Garcia (Nacional), Diego Rubio (Colo Colo-CHI) and Ezequiel Miralles (ARG-Colo Colo), Vicente Sanchez (URU-America), Walter Montillo (ARG- Cruzeiro) and Roger (BRA-Cruzeiro), Rubén Ramírez (Godoy Cruz), Danny Santoya (Deportes Tolima), Oscar (USA-International), Mario Ariel Bolatti (ARG-International), Michael Arroyo (ECU-San Luis), André Lima Borges (Gremio), Santiago Salcedo (PAR-Argentinos Juniors), Facundo Parra (ARG-Independent), Rodrigo Rojas (ARG-Liberty).

Own goal with 1: Pedro Benitez (Cerro Porteno), Dario Rodriguez (Peñarol), Hernan Fredes (Independent) and say (Fluminense). (via SPORT)

Bojan Krkic: "My goal is the goal of Barça"

Another summer, the young Barca stars in the list of possible solutions.

-After winning the Champions League and another great challenge facing you as being able to classify Spain for the London Olympics, "Go responsibility, no?

Yes, being able to qualify for the Olympics is a challenge we have. Come with great enthusiasm, to give up what each of us to make that possible. For my part, I'm very happy how the season has finished and we hope to extend this cycle.

-Seeing the squad, Spain has a great team do you think the favorite part in this European Denmark?

No. There are good players, a good team, but the European teams are very strong. For example, England to which we face in the first game. This meeting is very important because so much depends for the rest of the European as they start. Therefore, we should be minded that while we have good team, we work hard to meet these two objectives that we are winning the European Championship and be in the Olympics.

-Yes, but in this selection there are two champions and World champions and Champions League as you ...

It is true, but we must not forget the other comrades who have not been lucky enough to win the World Cup or the Champions League. Here are players who have helped their teams in First Division, where the pressure is very high and are ready to play these tournaments.

-The icing on the team had been the presence of Sergio Busquets, "was so eager to be here with the Sub-21?

Yes, I really wanted to play with us, especially being able to help the team qualify for the Olympics. It is a great player and has proven to spare.

-Coach Luis Milla, have you ordered something in the face of the European finals?

No, the truth is that hacefalta not ask many things because we all have a lot of enthusiasm, high motivation and that is the key to face this competition.

-As in the absolute, the club is the base of the U-21 selection in the presence of five players Barca.

Yes, it has many players. The Barcelona football now has a base from which to be proud. And it is shown that in this selection is up to five players Barca.

-Following Milla. The coach has insisted he is isolated from all the rumors about the future of some of the players who are here, do you think it is good to go to Denmark to withdraw from that case or not?

Yes, it's good, but obviously the end everything comes to you, all things that depend on your future. But our future is here, with the national team in the Olympics. Therefore, we must disconnect from the other to focus on this, which may ultimately benefit to the other, ie the future.

-Indeed, even I did not ask how it is physically after the injury he sustained, good?

Yes, thank you very much. I'm fully recovered.

-Recover the thread of the future. You are one of the protagonists of these days and there is talk that some operations may enter the club wants to do, what do you think of what is being said about this possibility?

It makes me laugh. That's football, football changes from day to day. And I know, perfectly. What I have clear is that I will not be anyone's currency. I will not lower the signing anyone. And not because I say so, but because I say so and says the club. My aim and objective of Barca is that I am many years in this club, you can show all my potential. I'm a young player, I have much to prove and now I'm at the European I can contribute a lot because I can go fortalecidopor have achieved a pass to the Olympics and have chosen to win the European. Then we'll see.

-And what about the possible arrival of Rossi at Barca dressing room?

Rossi is a very good player, very complete and has scored many goals at Villarreal.

-Do you see able to play at Barca?

Yes, of course.

-Forgive me if I do a lot with Rossi, but everything points to that you would go to Villarreal in this potential transaction ...

Again, I am a Barca player. I am very proud of everything I've got 20 years. I know I can make lots more and I hope to be many years at the club, which is my dream and my goal.

-What seems clear is that Pep Guardiola has always relied on you during the season when many criticized him for not scoring goals ...

Yeah, well, there have been moments of all. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez, crazy for coming to Barcelona

Giuseppe Rossi and Alexis Sanchez . In the planning of transfers, the Barça wants two strikers and the Chilean Udinese really like to be one of them. At 22, Alexis (December 19, 1988) has initialed an temporadón in the Serie A Italian, making a great leap in quality. Twelve goals and eleven assists was a brilliant legacy Friulian team recently completed the course, which has attracted interest from big European clubs. Besides Barcelona , Juventus and Inter in Italy , and Manchester City and Chelsea , England, are the most are showing their plans. Meanwhile suitor, the Barça side with the advantage that gives it its unique power of seduction. "The Barça is a beautiful club, "said Alexis in an interview to the magazine 'Football', published by the Professional Footballers' Union of Chile.

The comment is significant because Chile is not much given to speak publicly. "We all want progress, play and win important things that happens in the biggest teams in the world, so we hope to be able to play in one course and hopefully will give me in the future," said Alexis. MD has learned that the club has already moved part with Alexis and the player is happy. Lack the most difficult to convince Udinese.

What he has seen the Barca in the ' Boy Wonder '? Mostly, something that does not go so over the Barça squad: overflow. The Barça is a team almost round, with stars solidarity in the unusually disciplined effort and tactical. But it has stumbled occasionally locked with those games, against rivals that are closed and bolted, those who occasionally need a bit more individual challenge.

There, Pep Guardiola has always relied on the ability to dodge Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta , but he would do no harm to have another master of the dribble. And that's the strength of Alexis , a quick player, courageous and imaginative one-on-one, ambidextrous and able to get down the flanks and the middle lane. In his first season on the bench of the Camp Nou , Guardiola and brought to Alexander Hleb to play that role, though, came frog.

With Alexis , you can return the figure of the dribbler. This year, the main beneficiary of his plays has been his companion in front of Udinese , the veteran Antonio di Natale , author of 28 goals. " Alexis is a tremendous player, you may own in a big team with 22 years will grow more, "said the Italian international recently.

For Barca, the worst of it is business as usual: Alexis has exploded and, therefore, not be a bargain. The Juventus just offered 20 million euros and two players to Udinese . Under contract until 2014 and after the Champions League play, Udinese will not rush to sell. But if Alexis is able to improve that that " Barcelona is a beautiful club, as did, for example Javier Mascherano a year ago to leave Liverpool , anything is possible. (via MD)

If Cesc Fabregas chips, will go Thiago Alcántara

We have already said for active and for passive that it is Cesc who has transformed into the high-priority signing (he has made it to him this way to taste like the directive commission), in the list of Pep but that supposes that Thiago Alcantara leaves Barça (mainly advised by their father, Mazinho) definitively and leave to the English soccer in quality had given or passed over with option to purchase. (via SPORT)

Guardiola will be the image of Banc Sabadell

Pep stars in the campaign that the financial institution launched on Sunday in the press, radio, television and Facebook.

Banc Sabadell The launch on Sunday a new campaign with Barca coach Josep Guardiola as brand ambassador as happened in the last year. The novelty is that this time will be launched at the state and in Catalan, Castilian and Euskera.

This is essentially a branding campaign in which they identify the values ​​that transmits Barça (effort, teamwork, commitment, success ...) which you want to convey Banc de Sabadell to their customers.

The campaign officials have been able to confirm the true identification of potential clients with the essences that communicates Pep equally beyond the sporting preferences of each other.

During the first financial institution campaign attracted nearly 250,000 new customers and the results were uniformly excellent in all regions, including Madrid, where, on paper, its status as Barca coach could be a theoretical handicap.

Far from being so, the campaign officials found that they value the skills of Guardiola, his speech is always right and positive leadership skills through teamwork.

When launching the new campaign Banc Sabadell has tried taking care of things. Thus, besides the usual presence through signage on public roads and agencies of the company, the deployment will take place through traditional media (newspapers, radio, television and state level regional level with passes in Catalan, Castilian and Euskera).

The novelty is that also will be enhanced coverage via the Internet through social networking with a promotion designed specifically for Facebook. (via SPORT)

Rossi: "Barça is the best team in the world

The italoestadounidense has been one of the greatest sensations of the season, Pep Guardiola wants to have their orders on July 18 or yes.

The tranquility of Modena was altered only training hours open to the public of the 'Azzurri' in the small Alberto Braglia, a stadium with capacity for 20,000 spectators who play their games on Modena FC (tenth in the last Serie B .)

The capital of the Modena region of about 180,000 inhabitants, no airport and the closest is that of Bologna, situated about 40 kilometers. In addition, the painfully quiet was accentuated by the fact that yesterday we celebrated the "Day of the Repubblica ', a national holiday commemorating the referendum system of government established the republic at the expense of the monarchy, which was held on 2 June 1946. Therefore, businesses closed and barred, free day for restaurants, almost no traffic and long tables where the 'Modenesi'

However, all this tranquility was disturbed after 17.15 hours on a very hot (about 26 º C) but with threatening clouds were benevolent but yesterday vented their anger today. Italy top Group C with 13 points, leads in eight to Slovenia and Serbia if they beat Estonia today (fourth with seven). After the disappointment of the World, the new coach Cesare Prandelli has made the revolution that demanded both the fans and the press, which has prompted a stream of enthusiasm that was demonstrated yesterday.

The 'Azzurri' were trained in yesterday morning in Coverciano base, northeast of Florence, and at noon flew to the Bologna airport Guglielmo Marconi. From there he traveled by bus to the Alberto Braglia without going through your hotel in Modena, the Maranello Palace, near the headquarters of Ferrari. From half an hour before dozens of fans waiting for their idols and one of the most acclaimed, if not the most, was Giuseppe Rossi.

The main objective of Barça for next season is a champion of this new Italian team full of youth that was begun after the `era Lippi was clinched in South Africa". The fans filled one of the two stands and were very courageous since the Italian international jumped to the grass, to 17.45.

The players did a giant rondo which highlighted some genius's own tiny 'Rossi and Sebastian Giovinco Bianconeri, of just 1.64 meters. Then, racing and a practice match at midfield. Rossi's team formed in orange overalls and was very active. In just half an hour had time to showcase their best weapons: lethal shot, mind-bending speed, ability to play uncheck, pressure on rivals and, above all, a great capacity to deal with their peers with only a glance, a gesture, a nod followed by the usual "electric uncheck.

Then, stretching and farewell to the fans. For an hour, the fans' azzurra forgot the subject now focused yesterday in Italy: the new betting scandal that has ended the historic house arrest striker Giuseppe Signori and 15 others detained.

After the meeting, there was a somewhat 'mixed zone "sui generis, as almost all the players walked past the media' to Usain Bolt", without comment, but, yes, in true Italian style an elegant piece suit.

Alongside the legendary goalkeeper Buffon Gianliugi the most cheers was Rossi. I say cheers, because among the media slipped twenty hunting fans for an autograph or a picture to hang on the internet. Despite that, and after negotiating several times with the Italian Federation, we get the crack of Villarreal responded to questions from SPORT.

With a perfect command of Castilian, Rossi was pleased with the season and his performance. "I'm very happy. We have done very good things. Fourth in the League and League semi-finals in Europe. And I'm happy with the goals, because I scored 32 in all competitions. It has been my best year at both the individual and collective, "said italoestadounidense.

At this point, he referred to the interest of Barcelona and admitted he would love that the negotiations came to fruition. "Any player we would be thrilled to play at Barca," he admitted. And went further. "Clearly it would be a dream to play for Barca," he said. Undoubtedly, the three spectacular seasons that it has completed the Blaugrana make it more appealing destination for everyone.

Rossi is a lover of football and Catalans of his dreams is to play with three of his favorite players: Xavi, Iniesta and, of course, Messi. "Barca are a great team. It is the best team in the world "Well, say it is the best ever and the truth is that it gives pleasure to watch them," said the player born in Teaneck (New Jersey) for 24 years.

However, Rossi showed his professionalism and admitted that he still has not wondered what would take place with Pep Guardiola. "I really do not know where he played for Barça. Still I can not think about it, because I have to stay focused on the match against Estonia to leave almost assured of qualifying for the tournament. Then I'll have time to see how things are, "he said Rossi and left but not before signing autographs and posing with various fans.

Italy hosts tonight at 20.45 Estonia with Rossi as one of the stars. In his 21 appearances for the absolute and has scored five goals and was the author of one of the two goals Azzurri in the final friendly in Ukrainian lands (0-2). (via SPORT)

Maxwell will come into operation Rossi

He is saying that to Villarreal interest in Botía (now player of Sporting and that Barça can recover it for 2 millions) and Thiago Alcántara to reduce the transfer of Giuseppe Rossi, but who is in the number one of the list it is the fullback of Barça, Maxwell, to reinforce that position of which the lacks 'Submarine.' (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-19 Qualify] Spain 3 - 0 Montenegro

The Spanish Under-19 is imposed with two goals Juanmi and one of Morata to Montenegro, which in the first half was very tight as a team, but after the first goal on 52 minutes Juanmi was more difficult to stop good game in Spain.

Julen Lopetegui faced with six new players (Pacheco, Ignasi Miquel, Dani Carvajal, Isco, Alex and Deulofeu) with respect to the first game against Switzerland, which is that there is little rest between matches. The coach was aware of the importance of this match against Montenegro, but also knew I had to refresh the squad for the last match against England that will rule on whether the Spanish U-19 may be in the next European Romania.

Spain began the meeting with the same intention last Tuesday to Switzerland with a lot of pressure on the first line of men Julen Lopetegui and most of the possession, but Montenegro despite being less technical than the Swiss, showed a strong defense selection.

It did not help the pitch was very dry and slow, so the chances did not come fluently. Yet the Spanish team led showed superior in midfield with great details Isco and sobriety Koke.

Deulofeu is shown as an incisive player, but Juanmi which goes into the area, putting the body in front of Mijuskovic ending Malacitano knock down the attacker. The collegiate Bulgarian, Alexander Kostadinov, said the maximum penalty and Isco was responsible for executing at the base of Damir right stick, but the goalkeeper managed to catch the ball Montenegro in two stages. Few occasions would Julen Lopetegui team before heading the way of costumes, but one big play Ignasi Mikel, showing his skills with the ball at his feet, derailing the rear end gets Balkans.

After the break the Spanish side to give it since the beginning get a faster and within minutes the whole Juanmi warned Miljenovic Aleksandar. Five minutes later Malacitano not forgive the striker who stands in front of the goal defended by Damir after a bounce pass from Isco above the Montenegrin defense and get to 1-0.

The goal makes Montenegro lines open a little and get the first and only intervention Pacheco after a good shot, Marko Vukcevic, but again differences Juanmi open the scoring. After Carvajal booted by the right as you leave the ball to Reuben Brown, for the Real Sociedad midfielder shot on goal and the rebound from goalkeeper shoehorned Balkan Juanmi network.

The 2-0 lowers Montenegro arms that looks like this coming the selection coached by Julen Lopetegui and seventy-five minute after a great pass over Ignasi Miquel, Morata get control inside the area and rises above the frame Damir, making the final 3-0.

With these three points is placed Spain as group waiting for the match between Switzerland and England, but everything indicates it will be next Sunday at 17:00 am in the last game against the English when they Julen Lopetegui be certified to qualify for the next European U-19 Romania. (via RFEF)

[Technical Data]
Spain: Fernando Pacheco, Marc Muniesa (C), Sergi Gómez, Koke, Isco, Alex, Ignasi Miquel, Daniel Carvajal, Juanmi (Rubén Sobrino, min. 75), Rubén Pardo (Sergi Roberto, min. 62), Gerard Deulofeu (Morata, min. 53).

Montenegro: Damir Ljuljanovic, Risto Radunovic, Milos Bakrac (C), Nemanja Mijuskovic, Branislav Jankovic (Marko Vukcevic, min. 57), Jovan Vucinic, Ivan Pejakovic (Ilija Bogdanovic, min. 71), Boris Tatar, Marko Bakic (Hasan Pepic, min. 57), Luka Djordjevic, Luka Bojic.

Goals: Juanmi (min. 52), Juanmi (min. 61), Morata (min. 75).

Stadium: Juan Antonio Samaranch, Lausanne (Switzerland), 15:30.

Referee: Alexander Kostadinov (BUL), Georgi Slavov (BUL), Charles Helbling (SUI), Ludovic Gremaud (SUI).

Cards: Nemanja Mijuskovic (min. 24), Luka Bojic (min. 45).

Bojan Krkic: "I'm not going to cheapen the signing of anyone"

The Barcelona player, Bojan Krkic , concentrated with the Spanish Under-21 European Championship preparing Denmark, has pronunicado on the news to suggest that the youth squad could be used as a bargaining chip to FIHC to a player for next season .

Bojan upset, he told the Antena 3 TV cameras: "I am a Barca player. The only thing I know and what matters is that under no circumstances going to see any currency and I will not abart the signing of anyone". (via MD)

Leo Messi assault Rosario

They have not started well for Leo Messi vacation in Argentina. While in a bar in his native Rosario has been attacked, however, the player himself played down what happened.

Leo Messi went to lunch on Thursday at the bar "The Milanese club" of Rosario with two friends. Out of the store, "after about three hours," the restaurant owner, Barca striker set to meet fans who were at the exit and had come to be photographed with him to identify the presence of front Argentina in that local. It was then suddenly approached by a hooded young man punched him. Messi, who was without any security, he chose to do nothing and left the place.

Furthermore, told the newspaper Olé, Barça player himself played down the incident. "Neither I played, I felt nothing and I learned after all the hype. Nothing happened, "said Messi.

This restaurant is located at the intersection of Pellegrini and President Roca of Rosario and its owner, Pablo Moyano, confirmed the attack in several Argentine media. According to some reports, the young offender would be a fifth-year student of Latin American school that would have declared follower of the team Rosario Central. Remember that Messi is Newell's. (via SPORT)

Surprise meeting between Caminero and Barca

The sporting director of Atletico Madrid, Jose Luis Perez Caminero, met Thursday with representatives of the Catalan club. Keita names, the 'Kun' Agüero and some were on the table canteranos.

According SPORT.es forward, the new athletic directors met Thursday morning with representatives of the Catalan club with the name of several players on the table.

Principal, Seydou Keita. Atletico Madrid showed interest in taking the services of Malian midfielder, although he met with Barca's firm denial rid of a player who is essential to Guardiola. However, Caminero's visit is a first contact and provides a new approach by the athletic player, but without the expectation that Barça's position will change.

Besides the name of Keita, Atletico asked by other homegrown players like Thiago, Bojan and Jonathan Soriano, by which showed his interest.

Another name that came up in conversation was that of 'Kun' Agüero, who has already expressed its willingness to let Atletico Madrid and whose fate could be the Barca team according to reports in recent days in various media . Although his name has been linked more to the Real Madrid, Barca option is not ruled out, especially considering that for Policy Enrique Cerezo would be easier to sell the player to Barca than his great rival city. However, the price of the transaction, "the clause is 45 million player," would make it impossible to reach an agreement, since the idea of ​​Barca make such disbursement is not a player who tops the list of priorities Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Andrada announces who joined Barcelona in a week

Esteban Andrada confirmed Thursday its imminent signing for FC Barcelona. Lanus goalkeeper announced that "within a week, at most two", will take the operation, which his club four million euros requests transfer.
Andrada, 20 and 1'93 feet, the subsidiary initially will join FC Barcelona, ​​although often train with the first team. The intention, he explained himself to Ona FM player, "is that suits me in a year or year and a half."

Andrada is one of the most promising goalkeepers in Argentina and was "very happy" with his imminent arrival at the Catalan club. Also revealed that his representative, and he talked of Barca's interest "for three months. Now it is public," he said. Lanús calls four million euros.

"I wish all the best finish, the club is the best team in the world," he said.

Andrada was defined as a janitor who likes "the air and with their feet", and declared himself an admirer of Victor Valdes Barcelona goal. (via SPORT)

Dani Alves: "We are living the best moments in history"

"The club and we are living the best page in the history of the Club. They are unique moments and we have to enjoy bright, "says the Brazilian fullback.

The Brazilian international, told Barça TV www.fcbarcelona.cat and is more than happy with their experiences from the Barca dressing room: "The most important thing is to have fun and we are doing inside and outside the field. The most important thing is to make our fans just as well pass it to us. These victories and titles make at this stage the club is living the best moments of its history. "

For the '2 'Barca is an honor and proud to be part of this team. " "I am privileged to live a party like Wembley. Winning the Champions League after winning and the way he did is impressive. Close the season at the bottom and the way we have done is historic, "he adds.

According to him, to improve aspects of football exhibited by the team this season and finished it will be difficult, but we have to try. " He added: "We're a winning team, and all and recognizing that we have set the bar very high, this is the club, and we have to improve. I can only add that we will try with all our might. "

Argentina will host the next America's Cup, where Brazil will defend the title won in Venezuela for four years now, while Argentina's national team will try to win the competition. Everyone talks, before that everything is ready for a final between Argentina and Brazil. "Both they and we have to play well and work hard because this end is possible, and how it happens many times, I hugged a few hours with Leo when he made the second goal and in a few days we can find again with different equipment" he says.

Alves is clear: "It is football and these things. In any case, it is a challenge for us, because to defend the title, and for them to try to win the competition being also the host country. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, Villa and Pedro, devastating trident

The MVP attacking trio of Messi, Villa and Pedro scored 62% of the team’s goals this season. Together they have scored 98 goals in 62 official matches, making an average of 1.58 goals a game.

Messi, Villa and Pedro have been the incarnation of goals this season. Even since the departure of such legendary strikers as Ibrahimovic, Eto’o and Henry, thanks to these players Barcelona have been as effective in front of goal as they ever were.

Messi, Villa and Pedro have managed to do better than the strikers managed last term. David Villa came in as the replacement for Ibrahimovic and this has led to improvements in all departments. Last season, the three first choice strikers scored 93 goals, five less than this year. They did play three fewer games the season before, but the average was also lower: 1.57 goals a game.

This season’s trident came two shy of the hundred that Eto’o, Messi and Henry did manage in Guardiola’s first year in charge of the first team. That season, the three strikers scored 100 goals, an average of 1.61 goals a game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Total Liga Champ. Copa Sup. Esp
Messi 53 31 12 7 3
Villa 23 18 4 4
Pedro 22 13 5 4

Good record against English

Barça have won 6 of the 7 European finals they have played against English clubs. Their only defeat was in the Cup Winners Cup final in Rotterdam in 1990/91.

Wembley again, be it the old one or the new. The legendary and the majestic. It was here that Barça won their first European Cup 19 years ago, and also where they made it four. London has seen Barcelona come of age. But Barça also have a fantastic record in European finals against clubs from that country.

Of their 17 continental finals, seven have been against English clubs, and FC Barcelona have won 6. Their three first were in the Fairs Cup, in the late 60s and early 70s, against the London XI, Birmingham XI and Leeds United. Evaristo, Vergés, Tejada and Dueñas were among the players that brought these early triumphs for Barça.

Barça’s wins in recent years have all been in the continent’s premier club competition. Three Champions League wins have situated them among the elite and the finals have been won against Manchester United in 2009 and 2011 and Arsenal in 2006. That’s one win under Frank Rijkaard and two under Pep Guardiola.

Barça have only ever lost one European final against an English team, and that was the Cup Winners Cup in 1990/91. Here again the rival was Manchester United. At the De Kuip, the Red Devils won 2-1, with both goals coming from former FCB man Mark Hughes. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

League leaders for passes

8 Barça players are among the 10 who made the most passes this season just ended. Xavi tops the table with 126 passes a game.

Barça’s midfield is admired all around the world. They are the cogs that make the team work, featuring Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets as attacking playmakers. Most of the play passes by their feet.

Xavi is the main guide. Busquets is his watchman and Iniesta provides the magic. They hold onto the ball and pass the ball like no other midfield in the world. They know exactly what they are doing as they generate space and goalscoring opportunities, and are supported in everything they do by other players that are versed to perfection in making the FCB system effective. They are the hallmarks of the famous Barça style.

Barça have 8 of the 10 best passers in the league. Top is Xavi with 126 passes every 90 minutes followed by Alves, Busquets and Mascherano with 91. Fifth is Iniesta with 86. Valencia’s Éver Banega is the first non-FCB man on the list with 80 passes a game.

The top ten of Liga passing also includes Maxwell, Abidal and Keita with 75, 73 and 71 passes a game. That’s especially impressive from the Brazilian and Malian as they are not regular starters, but they still have a lot to do with the creation of play. The final place in the list goes to Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso with 70.9 passes per 90 minutes. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Best friends of the ball

FC Barcelona are known all round the world for their attacking football and total control of the ball, so it comes as no surprise that their 73.4% possession is better than any other club in Europe.

They have dominated in results, goals and once again in possession. No team on the continent has managed to keep hold of the ball for as much as Guardiola’s team. Barça have an average of 12% more possession than any other team in the main European leagues.

Barça have 73.4% average possession of the ball. Bayern Munich have 61.5%, and are second followed by Arsenal with 60.5%. Their main rivals in the league, Real Madrid, are ninth (56.61%) and the European runners up, Manchester United, are tenth with 56.4%.

In the last five seasons, Barça have ruled the ball in Spain. But this year more than ever, they were massively ahead (16.4%) of second placed Valencia. Their 73.4% was vastly superior to the 57% recorded by the ‘che’.

With Pep Guardiola on the bench, the team’s possession has improved regularly. In his first season (2008/09) they had an average 65.8% possession, the next ended with 68.7% and this term the figure has further improved to a spectacular 73.4%. (via FCBarcelona.cat)