02 June 2011

Vítor Baía, "I would have liked a Porto - Barça Farewell"

The exguardameta Porto's Vitor Baia, told Iol.pt, he could never have a farewell party and he would have liked a Porto - FC Barcelona.

The exguardameta FC Barcelona and Porto, Vítor Baía, Portuguese commented on the portal 'iol.pt' who never had a farewell party and he would have liked to have been a Porto - FC Barcelona.

"The day I finished my career, my greatest wish was to organize a farewell match between FC Porto and Barcelona," confessed the Portuguese goalkeeper.

Also commented that "the European Super Cup will be a special day for me" and compared Vilas-Boas and Guardiola: "It is always difficult to buy two coaches, but above all, are two men who favor the good football." (via SPORT)

Guardiola visited the 'capi' Puyol in the hospital

Pep Guardiola made a stop on their vacation to visit Carles Puyol, run this Wednesday from his knee injury.

Barcelona coach left the hospital around 9 am and went early to give encouragement to their captain, who left the clinic after 11 am. (via SPORT)

Sergio Araujo, the new pearl of Boca, Barca into orbit

FC Barcelona's intention would be to have some players who might be in-between the subsidiary and the first team. Here we present one of them, Sergio Araujo.

Probably the name of Sergio Araujo sound even much in the Spanish and European football environments. But in Argentina it does start to talk about it. And very well indeed. This is a young striker of Boca Juniors, 19 years old on January 28, but since the 17 has already started to lean out the first team. That if it combines with the reserves, with which, incidentally, last night scored twice in the 'derby' against River Plate and ended with Boca's 4-1 victory.

Araujo started playing for the children of Atlanta, where he moved to Boca. In the last match of the Apertura 2009, debuted with the first team in the hands of Alfio Basile. The next coach was, Claudio Borghi, given even more opportunities and the November 21, 2010 managed to score his first goal for Boca's first team. Was not yet 19. New coach, Roberto Pompei, and more opportunities for young Araujo, who becomes the holder forming a pair of Argentine football legend: Martin Palermo.

Only the arrival in the dock at Boca de Julio Falcioni has cut a little progression, because it does not count for much with him. Anyway, has had a presence in the different selections Argentina. Sub'17 played with the South American and the World Cup and scored 3 goals in each competition. He later played in the South American sub'20 Peru, scored a goal and helped the team qualify for the World Cup will be played this summer in Colombia.

Araujo has publicly confessed that his reference is Kun Aguero and some see the two coincidences. Matías Manna, head of Paradigm blog Guardiola, Argentine football reference, explains how Sergio Araujo. "It's a great player draft in training. He had a great World Cup sub20 as expected. It handles very well the body. second point is more extreme, but to be very fast and have good overflow, you can fulfill that role. The positive point is its technical qualities. The question is about adapting to the game that will position the new Barcelona B and personality as application and must show enthusiasm for learning new concepts that are promoted in Argentina. "

Now, the training they need Araujo you can arrive in Barcelona to share the subsidiary and the first team. (via SPORT)

Mourinho opens another war against Barca

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, has opened a new front against FC Barcelona want to alter the rules of the Spanish Federation to change the order of the matches of the Supercopa.

Jose Mourinho took advantage of any opportunity, any crack that appeared during the last campaign to attack the ship, even with the season to start, surprised us by making a new controversy.

The Portuguese want to alter the rules of the Spanish Football Federation to press the Spanish sports body to change the order of the matches of the norm and play the first leg at Camp Nou and the return of the Super Cup of Spain Santiago Bernabeu, according to Don Ball .

In addition you also want to ensure, by tightening the Federation, as has happened the last five seasons that the Real Madrid play the game of the first round of La Liga against Barcelona in the Nou Camp and the second round in the Santiago Bernabéu. (via SPORT)

Puyol: "I'm encouraged and ready to start"

FC Barcelona defender Carles Puyol, spoke for the first time after the surgery you performed on your knee and made it through your twitter account.

Carles Puyol left the hospital on Thursday morning and got home he sent a tweet to all followers thanks for the outpouring of support he has received after knee surgery.

The player said: "I'm fine, lively and eager to begin the recovery soon be one hundred percent."

It is expected that the player can again be available two to three months. (via SPORT)

The crowd wants that Cesc returns to Barça: "But not to any price"

Most fans want to see again Fabregas wearing the Barça shirt.
Also are not willing to pay big money for player Arenys de Mar.
Rossi, Agüero, Hulk Bale and other names, with the Italian favorite.

"Cesc Yes, Cesc no" . This particular daisy 'can Barça' never seem to end their petals although Barca fans have begun to leafless for more than three years. But what has been the drama of the transfer market the Blaugrana in the last two summers, most likely reprise his constant refrain throughout the coming months.

And if in secret rooms Masia doubts remain awake at night Sandro Rossel and his courtiers, the fans do not pass it best: " Yes, but not at any price . " This the most frequent response to the question "Do you want Cesc to Barca again?". Also, when you ask fans to name another player to the club, many do not answer or say: "If Cesc is perfect. And if you can not, no problem: we have to keep winning team . "

Rossi, Agüero, Bale and Hulk are the players favorite among fans more informed. The Italian, who could close the deal with the club and within hours, is the most convincing. The people blaugrana likes Villareal game and believes Rossi could be adapted in a short time tactical advice Pep Guardiola. (via MD)

Iniesta: "If I had spat on, trampled or kicked ..."

The manchego player was responding when asked by how you live with someone in a costume that you wanted to spit or step.

Andrés Iniesta talked in an interview in 'RAC 1' this week on the conflict between the players of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, was wondering how one lives after someone who has loved you before spitting and stepping or Fuentealbilla replied: "If I had spat on, trampled or kicked ... but I can not answer because I have not had this attitude."

And whether there were problems between the players responded: "No problem and if someone does, will tell"

The manchego also joked about the fate that has given the arrival of his daughter: "He has been fine." "I have been given out, being with her is another life," said Iniesta. (via SPORT)

Cesc 'expected' to Barca

The Arenys rushes their vacation in Las Vegas before returning to the charge, although I do fully in tune with the strategy Barcelona.

Cesc Fabregas will put everything in their power to fulfill a dream to wear the Barça shirt, but not want to rush and first wait for the club Catalans move tab before personally involved. The experience of last summer ended up being nasty and act with the utmost coolness for the transaction to be finally a reality.

The player at the moment, is disconnecting in the U.S.. After a few days in New York, the midfielder is currently in Las Vegas, where he has enjoyed the views of the Grand Canyon and was able to stay out of the early days of turmoil in the football market in the company of his friends.

Cesc could return this weekend to London and London will be in the capital where he will begin to move with the highest levels of Arsenal as long as the club have contacted the club in the Emirates and has laid the foundations for a rigorous negotiation.

The Arenys is clear that its desire remains the same as last summer. Its aim is to change the Emirates Stadium for the Nou Camp, but his approach is not as aggressive entry. Last season was very involved, held three meetings with Arsène Wenger and eventually find that the club could not make significant outlays, so that their efforts were pointless.

Last year also experienced the anomalous situation of the change of presidency. The negotiation was started by Joan Laporta and Rosell followed by different strategies. Cesc was in the middle and tried to move individually as they had the force transmitting Pep Guardiola. The desire of technical services have led him to wear the best until he saw was at a dead end. Barca had scored a top economic output was unfeasible and Cesc drafted a statement confirming that early August was at Arsenal.

Fabregas is now much calmer. Next week will continue with their personal plans in London, which combine relaxation with work and has not conditioned his possible move to Barcelona. Of course, as the Catalans club make a move, Cesc will be the first to get in front and put pressure on Arsenal for the transaction to close at a price affordable.

Barca know that the player is on their side if both go down the same road and follow a joint strategy. The illusion of clothing Blaugrana player is warranted.

"My greatest desire is to stay":
Arsène Wenger wants no part of Barcelona. The Frenchman says that the position of Arsenal is the same as last summer: the player is not for sale. For the coach only thing that has changed is the position of Barcelona, ​​which by now has not been directed at Arsenal. "There was a real interest of Barcelona last season that never hid. This year there is no such interest. " Wenger also has Catalan as one of the key pieces to build a more competitive Arsenal after more than six years without a title. "My number one desire is to continue with us. For me it is the best midfielder in the world and of course we built the team around. " Moreover, the French also relies on the continuity of Nasri, another of the Arsenal players also have played for Bacrelona. The club 'gunner' negotiating the renewal of French midfielder but has not yet been agreed. (via SPORT)

Villarreal interested Botía and Thiago Alcántara

Barca could include players to lower the price Rossi.

The signing of Giuseppe Rossi is a priority for coach Pep Guardiola and will not accept a `no" for an answer. Therefore, the club and has been working for weeks to try to reach an agreement with Villarreal without having to reach 40 million euros to set his buyout clause. At this point, charged the possible inclusion of particular importance in the operation of some of the young and strong values ​​of the quarry blaugrana sighs for which a `coach Juan Carlos Garrido yellow.

Although in recent days have come to the fore several names, today we talk about Thiago Alcántara and Alberto Town. Both would be two luxury reinforcements for Villarreal, a team characterized by always practicing soccer mucgha quality and that Barca would not mind foguear both central and, especially, midfielder.

From the outset, the most striking is Thiago, a player who despite his 20 years seems to have already won a place in the hearts of the fans Barcelona. The eldest of Mazinho has participated in 17 games with the first team (11 league, three cups, one of the Supercopa of Spain and one from the Champions League).

The hispanobrasileño be part of the first team and the upcoming season, but the possible signing of Cesc Fabregas could alter the future of Thiago. In fact, Mazinho has already dropped by more than one occasion that the arrival of midfielder `gunner" would be a serious obstacle to the progress of your child.

At this point, the player likes the option of Villarreal and Juan Carlos Garrido Thiago sees as a perfect complement for Santi Cazorla in midfield. In addition, the market value of the youth squad continues to grow and surely that will do to mark the European Under 21 "will be held between 11 and 25 June in Denmark (Thiago is one of the great stars `Rojita).

Regarding the choice of Botía, it is necessary to go for parties. First, Murcia is the central player in the Sporting, but the club has the option to play-off for two million euros by June 15, the amount would increase from that date.

Meanwhile, Villarreal aims to strengthen the center of his defense with physical problems that have crossed over the season Gonzalo Rodriguez and the fact that Marchena has advanced its position in the continuing injury of veteran Marcos Senna. Therefore, the yellow team would welcome the option of having Town. In addition, the player himself has stressed that only leave Sporting "to improve" and Villarreal responds to that premise.

In addition, attackers like Villarreal and Jeffren Suárez Bojan Krkic. In the absence of continuity, especially in big games, the Linyola may choose to search for a destination in which to display their qualities, while not rule out the hipanovenezolano be assigned or transferred in the last year of contract. Therefore, the alternatives are numerous. (via SPORT)

Guardiola plans the future

The team is on vacation, but do not want to start Santpedor deserved rest without leaving all the ends tied.

Pep Guardiola is following the same ritual in previous seasons and, along with the rest of the staff, is working daily to plan ahead. The final campaign was so intense that the coaching staff after the meeting adjourned to Wembley concrete meetings on technical aspects of next season. Guardiola and his partners have decided to go this week to work and yesterday returned to work planning.

The Santpedor spent the morning in his office, right above the locker room area. The coach was discussing with his team the various factors to be considered for next season. The next year will be tighter than ever as players must again play six titles. The League, Champions League and Copa del Rey, add the two Super Cups, Europe and Spain and the World Club Championship in Japan. To make matters worse, the international players will face Euro European Championship in June in Ukraine and Poland.

Guardiola has the experience of 2010 in which the club already faced a similar schedule and preparation will aim to avoid overloading in excess so that all players reach the finish line in perfect condition.

Returning to work will be on 18 July and friendly in Croatia as well as the friendly tournament in Munich used to be gaining the pace of competition before facing the American tour. Upon return, the coaching staff will play the five senses in the first tournament of the season, as is the Supercopa of Spain, which in this case will have more demand than ever measured his eternal rival, Madrid Mourinho.

Players must be in good condition by mid-August to deal with assurances from both the Supercopa of Spain as Europe to be played Aug. 26 at the Europa League champions, Porto. Nor should we forget that this season advances the start of the league the weekend of August 20-21.

Planning and dosage must be very meticulous efforts and the construction of the template does not seem large enough to fall short of effective. The relocation of the offices of the technical secretariat to the Ciutat Esportiva this season that allows contact between the governing sports organization and technicians easier. Shipments of Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta are separated by few meters and contact with the sports management can occur at any time.

The main lines are marked and the progress of the negotiations largely set by the additions that may occur during the summer. Guardiola is aware of financial constraints and that any signing will be conditioned by the treasury. Therefore, the Santpedor is also very aware of the additions that may occur in the Barça B, as will many of them have to rest and fill the gaps that may occur. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique-Roma, lacking only the signature, according to La Gazzetta

As if that option fails Barça B coach of the Italian team has established contacts with the Marseille coach, Didier Deschamps. Furthermore, the Roma are also moving to strengthen its staff, and has said his agent, Lukas Podolski could be one of the star signings for next

It seems increasingly clear that Luis Enrique will become the new coach of Roma Italian. 'La Gazzetta dello Sport reported today that Walter Sabatini, Roma sporting director, met yesterday in Milan with the agent of Luis Enrique, who told him the offer still intend to coach Barcelona B

Two years plus optional third is the proposal to be studied Luis Enrique, who despite being the favorite to sit on the bench 'Giallorossi', is not the only one in the agenda of Rome. Ultimately fail if this option, the Roma would have on the phone with Deschamps, as published by L'Equipe, the other major direct Roman favorite.

Furthermore, the Roma are also moving to strengthen its staff, and has said his agent, Lukas Podolski could be one of the star signings for next season. The German international, who plays for Cologne, "wants to try a new experience and it attracts Italian football," said his agent, who also announced that Sabatini will meet soon. (via AS)

[Luis Enrique could go with De la Peña to AS Roma]
On Saturday addressed his last game for Barça B before taking a leap in his career on the bench.

Rome is determined to make a major effort to Luis Enrique become their new coach for next season. The capital club are willing to put their hands on a great sports project, a technical team made its move, which could include the presence of his friend Ivan De la Peña in the flowchart.

Luis Enrique admitted the contacts and negotiations will continue in the coming days, although the outcome will not come until the end of the League Barça B this Saturday in Vallecas. The Spaniard will not precipitate and weigh all the points in favor of the offer of the Roma, as well as assess the other proposals that are coming in recent days.

At the time of announcing his departure from Barça B, the coach of the subsidiary was not yet a definite decision about his future. Luis Enrique felt that his time in the second team had come to an end and not know whether to continue training or take time off. However, the latest bids received are of such caliber that will seduce to start a new challenge to aspire to goals such as fighting scale by title or enter the Champions League.

In addition to the Roma, Atletico Madrid has become a burden. The arrival of Jose Luis Perez Caminero, former Spanish team-mate has rebierto interest, although the extent of the Manzanares also thinks Athletic coach Joaquin Caparros, to command at Atletico.

While Luis Enrique has become one of the most coveted coaches in the market, Barca could unveil tomorrow the name of his replacement in the subsidiary. Juan Carlos Unuzé, Eusebio Sacristan, Oscar Garcia and Raul Agne emerge as the leading candidates for the position. Lluís Carreras, meanwhile, aims to follow in the Sabadell following promotion. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Decision imminent on Barça B

Unzué accept being a substitute of Busquets.

The decision over who will sit on the bench for Barcelona B next season in his second season in second division A is imminent. Before the end of this week, Luis Enrique and will substitute for the 2011-12 season at Barca subsidiary. In fact, players are scheduled to meet and a new coach on Monday, so the weekend Andoni Zubizarreta and Julià Narcís have already taken a decision and is expected to announce it publicly.

There have been many names that have played since coach Spaniard announced he would not follow the command of the second team: Lluis Carreras , Oscar Garcia , Raul Agne , Eusebio Sacristan , Juan Carlos Unzue ... The last three more momentum recently. Both Eusebius and Unzué yesterday did not know anything definite at the end of this year, but was informed by the Navarrese MD Barca return to acting to be determined. All indications are that the former coach of Numancia cover downward Carles Busquets as goalkeeping coach since it suggests that no further, as advanced MD. "My priority is for two months to return to Barça. So I decided with my wife," he noted yesterday in this regard Unzué MD. "How technical? I do not close any doors. If it can be as a coach, the better. The point is to get into an exciting project. I'm happy with how things have left me in Soria. I learned a lot personally and professionally," he added.

If you are just confirming that Unzué regains his post as goalkeeping coach, things would be between Raul Agne (has an offer from Barcelona on the table, and said he will stay in Girona , if not an ambitious project) and Eusebio , who would be happy to return home. On the other hand, Lluís Carreras has not yet confirmed whether he will in Sabadell , which has risen to second , and Oscar Garcia is still an option to consider. (via MD)

[Carlos Busquets leaves office ... and can return Unzúe]
Leave the coaching staff for personal reasons. Has had some differences with the first team members.

Carlos Busquets was the man chosen to replace Juan Carlos Unzue in the first team last summer. The Navarre decided to try his luck as the Numancia coach after his time as goalkeepers coach Pep Guardiola set of Busquets and work in the branch and the youth helped him reach the first team.

There should coincide with his son Sergio Busquets, numbering and two seasons with Pep. The match was a situation that was comfortable for the Blaugrana exguardameta at the time of the Dream Team, but father and son have taken the normal maximum possible, always putting their professional duties to their family relationship. His work overseeing the preparation and Pinto Víctor Valdés has had no complaints from anyone. The performance of both has remained at a very high level and both goalkeepers have always spoken very positively about Carlos Busquets. The objectives have been met many times over and the coaching staff has finished very satisfied with their work. Not only in regard to the first team goalkeepers, but also those who, in a casual, have risen from the subsidiary. In this case, both as Oier Minho, the most common, and he knew from his time in the second computer.

The only thing that has interfered in a timely manner in his work is his strong character. That personality has always shown and that has characterized it throughout his career has taken him to star in some small differences with some members of the first team. Those situations have not gone over and who have been treated normally. And never have influenced the performance or the normal course of work on the set of Pep Guardiola. But it was Carlos Busquets itself that has decided to step forward and take a decision finding the most suitable. Goalkeeping coach will leave the first team to avoid any conflict that may influence or affect the career of his son, Sergio Busquets, in the first team. Busquets understood to be part of the coaching staff that handles the work of the players, including Sergio is, is not all positive for both. If you return to filial blaugrana or leaves the club should decide in the coming days. (via SPORT)

Athletico Madrid offers Kun to Barça

Atletico's Argentine striker has been offered to Barca in the last days.
In the Calderon still dream that will not be but if so, Barca better than in the Madrid.

"Do you want to Kun ? " That is the offer has been received in the FC Barcelona , a suggestion first class football and therefore at least consider. The proposal arises from Atletico but also the environment of the front (to cover their tracks). Earlier last week, Kun announced its intention to leave the club this summer mattress. The request was taken by surprise at Atletico , both the fans and their leaders, much more when Sergio Aguero had renewed his contract in January 2014 with the promise of leading the project.

The situation is complex for all, especially with the arrival of Real Madrid as a major candidate in the shade at the signing of Argentina. The lukewarm denial of their president, Florentino Perez , saying that "at this time" would not sign the star of the great rival city does not reassure the Calderón , although its CEO, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, received the very Pérez promise to keep the covenant of 'non-aggression' between the two entities. The Athletic , who will premiere a new sports management in full, ensures that even wants the Kun reconsider and prefer to stay in the Calderon . But if not, Gil Marin has already publicly warned that Aguero will not go to Real Madrid if it is not paying its entire buyout clause of 45 million euros, plus any taxes that are derived which would bring the operation to 75 million. If not the Real Madrid club 'fichador', the Atleti will go to Kun 45 million 'to dry'.

It is quite clear that for Atleti , whether to sell their crack, better Barça to Real Madrid. In the Camp Nou are reinforcing their front and so far, had not thought of Kun . In addition, negotiations to sign Giuseppe Rossi , scorer of Villarreal , are about candy. But that does not close the door to the arrival of another striker. In fact, his idea is to incorporate an attacker more, plus Rossi . So far they have struck hard on the Chilean Alexis Sanchez of Udinese 's Brazilian William Borges of Shakhtar Donetsk , and Argentina's Javier Pastore , of Palermo .

Now comes the offer of Kun Aguero , as young as pre-23 years old today and the market price also similar. The change of sidewalk in Madrid 's Kun has been poisoned and more will do so if the club breaks his promise Pérez. That attitude can be ideal for Barca, if he picks up the glove have been released. That is the Kun that second booster for Barca front depends on what they say technicians and giving them the OK, the later will likely to have Barca and Atletico to reach a financial settlement. (via MD)

Kanoute, Forlan and Güiza in the window

Experts, with qualities that convince and difficult situation on their computers.

Barça is now the team with more hooks in the world for any player that aspires to improve its record of success quickly. That is why in the Catalan club will receive daily offerings of other players draft. Some are promises. Others experienced professionals who, for various reasons, are seeking new horizons to put finishing touches on their careers. For example, Kanoute , Forlan and Güiza.

Sevilla striker, 33, received a standing ovation from the Sánchez Pizjuán "as a gift" in their final game of the season. The applause rang Kanoute fired. Sevilla will not be in the Champions League and that will force him to part with players with chips higher. The Franco-Malian is under contract until 2012 and he said in March, "here to stay." The style reminded that Patrick Kluivert so dear to Pep Guardiola during his time as a player and a type of striker who now has no culé template. Able to lose the ball, hold it for the arrival of the second line and equipped with a powerful passing game, not hard to imagine accepting a role 'to Larsson 'in Barcelona which ensures legend.

The same can be said of Uruguayan Diego Forlan . His 'bad feeling' at Atletico has been evident this season and even a section of the crowd gave back the hero of the Europa League-2010 . With two years left on his contract, only the "mess Kun 'and technical change can cause play-off for Atletico, but at 32 go to Barca would be the icing on his career.

At 30, Dani Güiza is another distinguished veteran. ' scorer 'League 2007-2008 in Mallorca with 27 goals, said a few days ago he wants to end his season in the Fenerbahçe despite having a contract for "signing for a Spanish team." Technical quality has always liked to Pep. (via MD)

The renewal is a matter of days Abidal

Signed until 2014 when returning from the games with their selection.

Eric Abidal will start their summer vacation with the renewal signed. The intention is that the club is the first French side to seal their renewal. When returning from the call of your choice (France plays three consecutive games against Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, on 3, 6 and 9 June), the Frenchman will sign his new contract until 2014, a renewal and agreed when announced that she had a tumor in the liver, which has recovered satifactoriamente. Both before and after surgery, Abidal performance has been excellent: he began the season at left-back, but Puyol's injury forced him to retrain the central defense, where more than fulfilled. Abidal's current contract expires in 2012, but the club has already vowed to continue two more seasons. The French and reiterated his intention to retire as a player of Barça and take up residence in Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[Selection ] 'La Roja', with no tension on the trip to Boston

The players of Barca and Madrid have signed peace after the clásicos.

The Spanish national team traveled to Boston yesterday to play the first game of their tour, against the United States on Saturday, in a relaxed atmosphere after training at the facilities of the Soccer City of Las Rozas. The group of Vicente del Bosque was scheduled to land in the United States at two in the morning (the 20 hours as local time) to prepare and at its Providence headquarters friendly against the U.S. team.

In the morning training, the Forest developed a practice match with no goals in which players from Barca and Real Madrid were mixed without problems. Piqué, for example, shared defense Albiol and Sergio Ramos during the end of training. Goalkeepers (Valdés, Reina and Casillas) also began training separately, along with goalkeeping coaches, players field while working on the touch and movement of the ball.

Tensions of the Barca-Madrid result was again the dominant topic of conversation on the second day of selection. Alvaro Negredo, one of those returning to the group, said that when he left to go to selection, the atmosphere was wonderful and it is now spectacular. There is no problem with everything that has been talked about Real Madrid and Barcelona. Continue with the same attitude, they are all professionals and know how to differentiate what is the selection of clubs, "said Sevilla striker, one of the players who attended the Carousel of classics from the barrier and therefore, was not involved.

From Boston, Spain travel to Venezuela, to the town of Puerto de la Cruz, where they will face the choice `burgundy does the Tuesday, June 7, beginning at half past ten p.m. peninsular on schedule. Venezuela finished the game, Barca's Spanish international will be officially on vacation until July 18, the day that the club will train. (via SPORT)

Thiago Silva's agent denies contact with Barca

Paulo Tonietto , Milan player's agent, Thiago Silva, has refused contact with the Barca defender Milan, in an interview with the portal calciomercato.it . Tonietto maintains that "Thiago Silva is currently the best central defender in the world" and therefore not surprised by the interest of large clbues like FC Barcelona .

"Thiago has managed to adapt very well and in a moment the difficult Soccer Serie A because it is endowed with great technical ability, physical and mental. It should also be aware that it is still very young so there is ample room for improvement. No club, Barcelona included, has contacted me.

"The player has a long contract with the 'Rossoneri' (ending in June 2016) and is very well in Milan. If anyone wants to start negotiations must talk directly to Milan, has ruled Paulo Tonietto. (via MD)

Barca, Real Madrid and the big clubs rebel against FIFA

The adoption of the formula '9 -9 'which aims to protect the quarry, turn to ECA that is planted.
The association of clubs that is built into the UEFA would refuse to lend players to national teams.

The big European clubs have been planted. This forceful. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge , chairman of the ECA (European Clubs Association) sent a harsh letter to the presidents of FIFA and UEFA , Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini , respectively, which made ​​it clear that teams are not to put up with the dictatorial policies of the agencies, calendar items, loan players compulsory insurance of the players and, above all, the new rule '9 +9' (approved yesterday by FIFA) to understand, is also , illegal because they violate European rules on free movement and competition. The EU will enter the fray to ban it now.
The ECA has today released a harsh note, signed by its chairman Rummenigge .

In the statement, the ECA , whose group included the additional Board Barca and Real Madrid , lament the lack of democracy and transparency in procedures and structures of FIFA . Add note that these actions confirm that other changes were necessary in FIFA . Just the day he was re-elected Joseph Blatter , the clubs have rebelled, a circumstance that had avisadodio tiemo was released yesterday. The ECA has already commented on this subject at the meeting held the morning of the Champions League final in London and the president of Barcelona , Sandro Rosell, attended the meeting of the Grosvenor, a member of the Board it is. There he made ​​it clear that the clubs are not going to compromise more, if necessary, leave the ECA (part of UEFA ) and return to the old days of 'G-14', but with a larger number. This time there is a bluff. Can be seen on the August 10 friendly between Italy and Spain that will surely be diputaría in Naples. That quote can be the first real protest the ECA to not let the great Spanish and Italian clubs to their players.

But what is the now famous '9 -9 '? It's just an evolution of the '6 -5 '(the rule had always wanted to field six players eligible for the country where the competition was disputed.) The European Union thrashed to FIFA with the issue and have now submitted a new one. '9 -9 'Is that of the 18 players that appear in every game, nine of them have come to the club with less than 18 years, forming part of the quarry, regardless of their nationality. In the case of Barcelona , Lionel Messi would be the best example of the spirit which wants to impose the rule. Yesterday, the Congress of the FIFA approved the issue the subject of "nine plus nine '. The mess is already mounted. (via MD)

Carrasco presents his first book, "Dodge and tip"

Francisco 'Lobo' Carrasco has presented this afternoon his first book, "Dodge and tip 'at the 'llotges noves' the Camp Nou. Attended the event the club president, Sandro Rosell, and former president Josep Lluis Nuñez, among others.

Also present were members of the Board, such Vice President Jordi Cardona and the spokesman and secretary Toni Freixa. Carrasco has also seen many of his peers, as is the case of 'Tente' Sánchez, Víctor Muñoz, Manolo, Moratalla and Angel Alonso, also attended, as well as a wide representation of Barça Veterans Association led by its president Ramon Alfonseda.

"The book's title is part of the two things I remember most of my time as player of the Club. The 'regate' has to do with my way of playing football and see it. Dodge is the essence of football now and as it was before, and I've always said when I played and age when I had to leave, the ball is most important in football, now and forever, "explains 'Lobo' Carrasco.

The second concept, the tip, according to Carrasco, "while playing for Barca suffered a spectacular car accident, brutal, it almost cost me my life." "Tipping is for that anonymous person who just went where I was badly wounded in my car and told an ambulance came quickly towards me. As I said I was a doctor and so I was told later in hospital, his advice and diligence that person was instrumental in saving my life. Believe me that this person I've searched everywhere, but I've never found. The tip, then go for it thanks to the anonymous person that I can be here with you all, "said Carrasco.

Memories of Josep Lluís Nuñez
It is easy to see the former president Josep Lluis Nunez Club at a public event. The president Sandro Rosell and the same Carrasco have appreciated the fact that Nunez has made an appearance. "The example of Carrasco, when we arrived to chair the Club" said the former president - was key to making the initial decisions regarding the structure of Club Sports. He and many others were playing in the third team and was far its way into the first team. In addition, Carrasco and other good players we had, were scattered residences and hostels in Barcelona they were very far from that needed to be a residence for future players. The experiences of Carrasco served us, and much, to restructure the football. From here, the same Carrasco, and Manolo, Moratalla, Red and soon rose Calderer the first team and this served for a few years later and Love Guardiola could also do the same way, "he stated in his speech Núñez. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol, two to three months out

Puyol has undergone arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to remove a floating piece of gristle from the femoral trochlea. The surgery was carried out by Dr. Cugat and his team, and Dr. Pruna. He’ll be out for two or three months.

Following the operation, doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna offered a press conference at the Camp Nou to explain all the details surrounding Puyol’s injury. "The injury has been ongoing for about four months and has several episodes. It started with a badly bruised knee. We suspect that it happened in the Barcelona-Malaga game in late January. This caused pain, restriction, and loss of balance, and we managed to sort the problem out for the tie with Arsenal" Pruna said..

Pruna carried on with his explanation: "We entered into a new period regarding the injury when a floating piece of gristle from the femoral trochlea appeared, and we kept him for the big games. It required a lot of teamwork by coaches, the player, recovery coaches, and physios ... we have always thought first about the player's health, and made sure it didn’t get any worse". Pruna also made it clear that he played against Madrid because "he was 100%", but not in the Cup Final, when he had to rest.

Dr. Cugat added: "The player decided to wait until the end of the Champions League and he was right. It’ll be him who decides when he’s ready to make a come-back". Cugat stressed that Puyol’s cartilage is "fine, just like that of a 15 or 16 year old". In principle, he’ll leave the hospital this Thursday and in about two or three months he’ll be able to play again. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Tito Vilanova: "Thanks to all the fans for their support"

Tito Vilanova wanted to show their deep gratitude to all the fans of FC Barcelona for their support this season that has won La Liga and the Champions League.

The Pep Guardiola's right hand in the locker room Barca, Tito Vilanova, spoke to www.fcbarcelona.cat and Barça TV this year that ended last Saturday with the achievement of the Champions League at Wembley, the fourth in history FC Barcelona.

In recent days, how many times I have thanked?
"Thanks, in any case, the need to give us fans because we all helped. To live a day like the Levante area of ​​Wembley or have to work hard to earn and live days like these. Our partners and supporters have as much or more than us. "

It will be difficult to improve the performance and first-team football has done this year?
"We'll have to try because the other teams will surely they will. Each year that passes we know more, and try to win at FC Barcelona three years since we still higher than almost everyone. Improve what we have done this year will be difficult, but if we can maintain the same level of ambition and competitiveness, I think it would be fine. "

To reach this situation will require rest, much in the coming weeks ...
"We all want to relax and unwind. The final stretch of the season has been very hard, especially the four games in a row almost against our direct rivals. Moreover, the fact of playing the final at Wembley, with all the memories of earlier times, had to get to play it off much more than an illusion. After reaching the final, United were the last obstacle to overcome to lift the cup. And the end of the finals between the two best teams in the last ten years in the Champions League. And if you, you play like we play and win with the authority and superiority of last Saturday, for all that, I think we all deserve a break. "

From the locker room what message he is reaching out to Club members for the next season?
"To reiterate again my gratitude to all the fans for the support they have given us, not only in these final games but throughout the season. The cavalcade of Sunday I think it was more numerous than the first how we won the 'treble'. This is admirable. I continue to tell our side that does not always win and if that ever happens or never doubt that this team or these players, or our model and football game. This style is best for our Club. Since the arrival of Cruyff and Rexach, who implanted it, even those who have come later. What we must do, above all, is to maintain the level year after year, so the support of partners is crucial. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Open the door to Giuseppe Rossi

Juan Carlos Garrido, Villarreal coach, said of the possibility that the Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi is passed this summer, although not officially know anything, if there are so many rumors is because there is something.

The Italian international footballer, who scored 18 goals in the league with Villarreal, has become one of the players most wanted by big clubs like Barcelona, ​​which is strongly linked in recent days.

In this regard, Valencia coach said that "officially" know nothing, "but so many rumors want to say something. All players have their stages and needs to be addressed."

"If you get an offer that is good for Villarreal will be accepted and will thank the player for all your efforts. From there, we will hire players who want to do even bigger Villarreal" added.

Asked about the influence that could be up this player for the next season, Garrido said: "In the event that we go to work to find the necessary spare parts. Rossi has played many games and has scored a lot goals. We must be prepared and take sales potential. "

Villarreal coach acknowledged that since the club is working to reinforce the squad ahead of next season, which will again play the Champions League.

"Right now we are working on the preparation of the staff and I the only hope to wait for the negotiations. We have a definite idea of ​​the equipment to get, but for now you can not say anything," he said.

"We have more players available for the team even more competitive. I wish I had more extreme because that will be more variations in the game. That itself is difficult to recruit good players, as well as win games," he continued.

Although the club idea is to keep increasing every year their potential, Garrido accepted that it is virtually impossible to compete with Barcelona or Real Madrid.

"We are experiencing a football in the Real Madrid and Barcelona have a power abysmal and we can only try to face them in the best possible way. We want to win titles and the Copa del Rey is a great opportunity. We also hope to have a role Champions playing in Europe, "he said.

"This year we have taken an important step in the ambition of the team. That is the basis of that Villarreal get success in the future," he added.

The Villarreal coach was adamant in defending the proposed football displayed by his team this season, but shied away from comparisons with the style of Barcelona.

"Barcelona are the best team in the world and I like his style of play but we can not nor should we compare ourselves with them. The Villarreal been shown to have a defined style that has earned for finishing fourth in the league. We believe in our style and that's what we provide the results. There have been times when I noticed the admiration for our game, "he said.

Another similarity with the Catalan club's strong commitment to the club of the plan by the young talents of the youth, who have had an important role in the first team.

"The quarry is vital and has been key this season. We have taken a big step with many players from the youth and that's important. Gambling by young people can give a great performance as has been demonstrated," he said.

Finally, he referred to the renewal of Marcos Senna, which was in favor, but qualified that the club is leading the negotiations and acting.

"It has always played when it has been available. We must take into account many aspects of your renovation. Having a player like that is very important to this team, but now they are in negotiations and that the coach is not involved. The club has a financial need and I will adapt to the players that we have. To me, particularly, I would like to continue, "he acknowledged. (via SPORT)

Laporta: "I rejected the club entries, you can not practice this hypocrisy"

Joan Laporta told Catalunya Radio in rejecting the club's ticket because "you can not practice this hypocrisy".

Joan Laporta, was interviewed Wednesday morning on Catalunya Radio and spoke about the achievement by the FC Barcelona Champions League title, which he said was "a game in which we dominate."

"Barca have the best team in the world and we have demonstrated," the president of FC Barcelona but wanted to emphasize that "apart from the world's best team we also have quality players with more human world."

And he recognized that the gesture of lifting the cup Abidal, "let him touch."

Laporta also said he thought of going to Wembley: "I presented the drawing of the UEFA club but I got the tickets through the club and turned them down because obviously you can not practice this hypocrisy by putting demands trying to discredit and then to show that no okay and inviting. "

Laporta said he finally could not attend because his three sons had tests on Monday and that his mother told them that it was wiser not to go and I saw them at home. (via SPORT)