01 June 2011

Jeffrén Suárez: "Jose Angel would be a good signing culé"

"I know of the U-21 and is a great player. I think that would match well and hole in Barcelona." In addition, the FC Barcelona player said "it would be a win puntazo Europe."

The FC Barcelona player Jeffrén Smith has said his team mate Jose Angel sub-21, left side Sporting de Gijón, "would be a good signing" for the Catalan side.

"Jose Angel would be a great signing. I know of the U-21 and is a great player. I think that would match well and the hole in Barcelona," said Jeffren, told Europa Press after completing the first training Luis Milla orders Football City of Las Rozas (Madrid).

Moreover, despite the fact that in recent days it seems that the signing has been stalled,''FC Barcelona striker sees his partner''"quiet." "He (Jose Angel) is quiet and waiting to see what happens. Hopefully I can come," he said.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan born player said he has already changed the "chip" after the final of the Champions League, which became champion of Europe. "It's not complicated. Just for the desire I have to be in the selection and is easy to adapt," he said.

"Just hearing the news (his call), I was delighted, and more while in London. And now I have really wanted to play and see how it goes European Championship," said Jeffrén, who next week travel to Denmark with with all the national team to compete in the continental tournament of the category.

And, the end said it would be "a puntazo" to win the next Parliament, which would also qualified for the forthcoming Olympic Games in London. "It would be a puntazo we got the European, because it would round out the good performance of the entire course and we want to lift the trophy," he continued.

"The coach asked us a lot of intensity and that's why we trained so hard (for over an hour on the field annex Ciudad del Fútbol). We follow the right way and prepare the best possible shape for the championship," ended. (via AS)

Toni Freixa announces steps to fill the stadium and get more entertainment

Toni Freixa explained a series of measures will be effective from next season and aiming to get a full Camp Nou and even greater potential for animation.

The secretary and spokesman of the Board, Toni Freixa , appeared today at a press conference to explain the various agreements that were reached during the meeting that took place on Tuesday. Foremost among these, a series of measures which, as explained, chase that starting next season the Nou Camp this looking its best in terms of assistance . "This course attendance has been very good, but we can still achieve excellence," he noted.

First, Toni Freixa has announced a series of measures between the partners paid by the number of games he used the 'Seient Lliure' or not. In this regard, he referred to three groups of partners paid.

1) Members who attend or release their seats every game. They are part about 25,000 members. For them, the Club has designed a benefits package to reward.
2) Members who do not attend and never released to the field between 25 and 75% of the matches. In this case we would be talking about a group of about 20,000 members. They provide a series of measures to facilitate the use of 'Seient Lliure. "
3) Group of 2,500 members who have not and never released to attend less than five games all year. To all of them will be sent a letter, so always voluntary, will be invited to take part in the so-called 'Seient Lliure 'reversed. In this case, the subscriber must inform the club and with 72 hours notice to the parties if it will use its seat. Otherwise be available to the Club.

Another measure taken is the cre ation of a degree of animation , and ahead of next season, to be located on the first tier of the North Goal and consisting of 1,400 locations . In this sense, it is important to note that subscribers who currently occupy these locations will be able to be relocated to a better area of the stadium. To be part of this tier of animation is essential part of a partnership that, among other things, manage access to each game between the 4,000 people that will be part.

The members of this association will have a 50% discount on ticket prices . To be part of this tier of animation, it will take one through the website registration website of the association . The list of people who are part be controlled by the Catalan police , in addition, access to Tier young shall be governed by fingerprints . The commitment of the Board in terms of zero tolerance for violence remains unchanged , says Freixa .

As for the parking tickets at the Camp Nou , the secretary and spokesman of the Board pointed out that there will be a rearrangement of these, which will be adjusted to market prices rise by 50% .

Changing the stadium turf:
Toni Freixa has announced that the Nou Camp turf will change between 25 and 31 July. "It was a request for technical services," said Freixa. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique says goodbye to B with a dinner

Luis Enrique was the farewell to its excellent track record in the Barcelona branch deserved. Not wanting anyone to quote from the president of the entity to all players, except those that are concentrated with the Spanish national teams, like Thiago, Ruben Miño, Muniesa and Sergio Roberto, among others.

The event took place in the restaurant Gavà Kauai. There was attended, among others the president of the organization, Sandro Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu vice president, the athletic director, Andoni Zubizarreta and a broad representation of leaders of the Barcelona branch. Luis Enrique had the support of its second Joan Barbera and other technicians of the Barcelona sports management.

Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, congratulated the coaches and members of the staff of B for the excellent season they have done in his first year in the silver category of Spanish football. The subsidiary Barca is currently third in the standings and has made real great game.

For his part, Luis Enrique appreciated the support it has shown the current board and highlighted the efforts and commitment taken by the players every week this season. Spaniard coach has decided to terminate his time at Barcelona branch and start a new journey as a coach on another team.

The players, meanwhile, it also had a great time this evening after a memorable campaign with players who have stood out on its own as Jonathan Soriano, top scorer with 31 goals category.

[Ex player] Figo: "Barça are worthy champions of the Champions"

The former Blaugrana Luis Figo praised the work of Guardiola in the final of the Champions.

"I'm glad my friends win," Figo said in reference to the Catalans and especially Josep Guardiola. "It was a final between the top two teams in the world in which Barça won uma imcreíble superiority," he said.

Asked if he deserved the victory Blaugrana after the alleged scandal arbitration (as the journalist) who lived in the semifinals of the Champions League, Figo said that the victory was entirely deserved.

Figo would not advance if we will see some time as assistant to Mourinho on the bench for Madrid and said that for now remains well at Inter. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Alex Garcia, presented as new coach of Dinamo Tbilisi

Alex Garcia, exentrenador of Barcelona Juvenil A, was presented today at a press conference as coach of Dinamo Tbilisi, Georgia champion thirteen times.

"We place great hopes in the Spanish specialist," said the president of Dinamo, Roman Pipia, introducing sports Garcia told reporters in a meeting room of the downtown hotel Tbilisi Marriot.

Pipia said the new coach and his assistants begin to work and next Tuesday in order to "give an assessment team, which won its last league in 2008.

"We then can define which investments should be made," said club president, who said the plans Dinamo make way for youth players.

Garcia, 41, said that since small heard of Dinamo Tbilisi, who in 1981 won the Cup Winners Cup, and will work to position the club at the continental level.

"We will play attacking football," he promised.

The goals of the Dynamo's new coach announced the club's sporting director, Zurab Pololikashvili: League Cup and Georgia. (via SPORT)

Gaby Milito, one of the most likely casualties of Barca, seeks new team

The centreback Barca would have been offered to Espanyol, but the team did not consider the blanquiazul.
And was about to leave in the winter market.

Argentine defender Milito looks for an exit. With the strength to continue with his career, the Barca -convened for the Copa America with his selection - he knows that it does not count toward the team Guardiola and wants to find a set where you can keep playing at the highest level.

According to Radio Catalunya, the center would have been offered to another Catalan club, RCD Espanyol , although the entity Espanyol have rejected the deal. Is rumored that Barça are looking for some reinforcement at the back where this year have already told before Busquets and Mascherano , means a priori, before Milito , on the other hand, has again suffered too much for the lesions.

The last session of the season in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper was marked by hugs Gaby distributed with peers smelled farewell. In the absence of minutes, the central and almost out in the winter market but Guardiola convinced him to stay until the end of the season. (via MD)

Pep will meet with Maxwell and Zubi talk with Milito

The coach won't close him the door to 'Max', but it will expose him what there is.

Pep Guardiola has not yet begun the holidays. The coach wants to leave but outlined the next season before disconnecting the phone. In that sense, the chapter on casualties is open, but within the pools there are two names, Maxwell and Gaby Milito, repeatedly sounding as possible solutions. For Maxwell, the coach himself is scheduled to be played this week to take stock of how the season has gone. The intention is not to close any door in the face of continuity, but it does explain how is the situation today.

This season, Maxwell has become the third left side of the template. Since his arrival last season, the Brazilian has assumed the role of substitute, but this year has been lagging behind even the newcomer Adriano, when Eric Abidal was knocked out. The Champions League final was a clear example. Maxwell was one of the discarded and was not even on the bench. In his role on the team adds noise that periodically makes its representative, Mino Raiola. However, the behavior has been exemplary defense since his arrival at Barça.

Another case to be resolved is that of Gaby Milito, also dropped in the Champions League final. The center, which is in Argentina, awaiting news of their club but the player from the environment ensures that the Marshal `Do you want to stay at Barca. Adrian Faija, lawyer and confidant of the player, claimed yesterday this newspaper that "Milito is looking team, has a year left on his contract with another option and is very happy, once talked with Pep and Zubi, and knows what is another important issue is that clubs have been interested in him. " Still, the athletic director intends to call in the coming days to discuss the future. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "Barça is the best team in the world, good for them"

The Swedish striker said that the club is "the best team in the world" and I knew they would win at Manchester.

"I had already said they would make them (the finals of the Champions League against Manchester United). Is the best team in the world, so I'm not surprised," said the player in an interview published by Italian sports newspaper "The Gazzetta dello Sport. "

"But when you do not feel well in a team there is nothing to do and that's why I left. Anyway, I'm happy for them," added the Swede, who says the Milan project is "great."

Ibrahimovic believed to have won the scudetto this year means that the Rossoneri club has taken "a step in the right direction, but moves that he hopes" will come to the end "as he promised when they produced their signing.

The Swedish striker, who this year has scored 21 goals for the team "Rossoneri" acknowledges that the second part of the football year accused certain mental and physical fatigue.

"I do not think I've ever started a season as well with another team (not Milan), but after I burned a little, out of gasoline, both mentally and physically," referred to in exbarcelonista in "La Gazzetta dello Sport."

Despite this tired and have missed the end of the season for two penalties for misconduct, Ibrahimovic insists that his form is "best", while acknowledging that he still feels some discomfort in the ankle, which is still doubt for Sweden's political parties qualifying for Euro 2012.

"Apart from the ankle, I'm fine. I would say that physical fitness is optimal. Maybe I'm just a bit of status and intensity, but the positive part of all this is that I have really wanted to play football and back to the playing field ", says the striker. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] There is line to sign the players of the branch of Barça

Jonathan Soriano, Montoya, Edu Oriol, Dos Santos and Abraham, with pretenders.

Clubs from around the world have focused their gaze to the prolific Barça youth system. Some, like Benfica and Bruges have been quick to sign Nolito and Víctor Vázquez respectively. Others are studying the contractual status and conditions of a transfer from other pearls. Jonathan Soriano, A second top scorer has been packed this year marking 31goles, is the most valued piece. His list of suitors is endless. From Mexico (Pachuca), to Greece (Panathiniakos), Belgium (Bruges), England (Swansea City) and ending in Spain (Real Sociedad, Racing and Valencia), is a striker who arouses admiration. You have one year of the contract and its provision of three million is very low. Today, his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, will hold a meeting with the Blaugrana technical secretary.

Montoya shares Jonathan Soriano representative. Orobitg met two weeks ago with the head of the technical secretariat of Valencia, Braulio Vazquez and, among other things, the entity 'che' asked from the side. Like a lot of your projection. Also one year left to finish and are another three million. Unai Emery club also maintains contact with the goalkeeper Masip, and unrelated to the boat to be the third goalkeeper in the first team.

There are other players in the quarry with enough cache to make the leap. Zaragoza is set at Abraham and has put on the table a three-year contract. Ends in June and, as I said at Espanyol, their desire is to follow. To be greater than 23 years, is free without paying any right training and promotion to Barca. As Edu Oriol. The club hand carry ten days negotiating with his agent Rodri. In neither case has been white smoke. The last player who has drawn interest is Jonathan dos Santos, who thrilled to Getafe and Sporting. (via MD)

Leandro, a Brazilian striker in the chamber of Barça

He is 22 years old, it is new international Brazilian and it highlights for their air might.

Leandro Damiao, forward international Brazilian of the Inter de Porto Alegre, it is being controlled by Barça and other European big clubs as Rome and Napoli of Italy, Benfica of Portugal, besides Manchester United, the Arsenal and Tottenham of England.

Thanks to its height 1.87 noted for his brilliant header, ability not operated upon the European champions. In Brazil and Leandro concern as striker who likes to technicians to offer another version Barca attacker. The Italian site Calciomercato published statements of Brazilian businessman Cesar Bottega confirming the interest of Barcelona and other European clubs. Tottenham ahead in part under an agreement signed with the International since August 2009 to negotiate for their talents.

Inter directors said they did not have any formal offer and warned that Leandro will not go for less than 20 million euros. Leandro was the team's top scorer with 17 goals. Asked about his future, said: "It belongs to God". (via MD)

Barça's first signing of 2011-12, about: Rossi!

His agent admits negotiations and "delighted" that would go to Barcelona in a deal of 30 'kilos' and which could come Bojan.

Giuseppe Rossi is on the verge of becoming the first signing of FC Barcelona for the 2011-2012 season. The Italian-American front Villarreal is the first choice of how to reinforce Barca a lead that probably another record high, with the name of Alexis Sanchez increasing every day. But first things first.

Rossi's agent, Federico Pastorello, and at first admitted yesterday afternoon in RAC1 that his client "would love to play with the club" and even dared to give a figure that matches so far by MD. "The Rossi market price is between 25 and 30 million and we are negotiating with the club," he added.

According to Mundo Deportivo could know, negotiations are well advanced in the absence of the classic fringe. With the player are practically agreed on everything and Villarreal is already used to the idea because it will get a big injection of cash. There remains the possible inclusion of Bojan Krkic, who likes to Villarreal and lower the price. Yes, always with an option to repurchase by the club.

Rossi has a footballing qualities that, a priori, fit perfectly into the style of Barcelona for four seasons has passed the test with a note of the League in a team as offensive as Villarreal and we sense that his personality would come easily in a template that explains much of his success on the strength of the collective. With 24 years and four seasons with Villarreal, which renewed the club in January 2016, Rossi has signed the best course in terms of production scorer: 18 goals in La Liga, 10 in Europe and three in League Cup

The technicians will Barça is to extend the range of offensive template resources to tackle a new season full of challenges.

For his part, Alexis Sanchez has been a big hit of the season in Serie A where he has finally hatched. So much so that 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' has just elected the best player in the championship, relegating cracks as Samuel Eto'o (3 º) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (10 º). Alexis has taken the final leap in quality, contributing to its own production goals Udinese (12) and provided to their peers (11). This double virtue, and a power dribble, it would be highly valued in a boat if something is more grateful individual overflow. (via MD)

Iniesta: "I enjoyed watching the final repeat, Valeria has been fine"

Iniesta, in RAC1, denied "problems" in the selection.

ince the concentration of the Spanish team in Madrid, Andres Iniesta took the call of the 'You say' let RAC1 and interesting reflections. He admitted having "enjoyed" watching the replay of the Barcelona-ManU. "It's the best ending I've lived, where I've had better," he said. Therefore, proposed to the fans "appreciate it best," and remarked: "To listen Alex Ferguson's praises is worthwhile. It is necessary to still value more than other professionals agree."

No treble this time, but for the environment has been, personally, my best season. " And that was "very hard." "I've played many games and have not suffered significant setbacks." Next year "we must do better." Relations between the players of Barca and Real, messages between the lines: "There are no problems and if someone does, will tell. If I had spat on, trampled or kicked ... but I can not answer because I had no this attitude. " Do not forget his daughter Valeria. "It has been fine," he joked, revealing that "has given me strength, to be with her is another life." On Tuesday he was photographed with the newborn and his partner, Anna, along with the cups and the Champions League. (via MD)

Thiago output, a decision that would involve some risk

He would be necessary to see how he/she takes the player's father, Mazinho, the exit of Thiago.

Thiago Alcantara finish including the list of transferable face next year would also entail having to assume some risk as to respect the environment of the FC Barcelona midfielder. His father, Mazinho, has always been very aware of all transactions in which his son was engaged, were renewals or the latter in the direction of the club sports should tell the player before the end of last January if He had to take a piece of the first team next season and so his contract is extended until 2013. Mazinho seemed to be an active part of that episode and did not want the club is that the possible transfer of his son opened a dispute with the father.

More than anything because Barca is also the youngest son of Mazinho, Rafinha Alcantara, who this past season he has played in the Juvenil A's Oscar Garcia Junyent and even got to debut with Barça B of Luis Enrique. Barca in the state is to raise the issue with some caution because they know they should leave a source of conflict within the club, so leaders are confident that if Barca eventually have to carry out the operation, comprising Mazinho is done for the good of the club and team.

Another curiosity of the matter is that who takes the communication topics and marketing to Thiago it is Pere Guardiola, the brother of Pep. (via MD)

Cesc Operation: Thiago, in the air

The signing of Arsenal captain remains a priority for Barca.
To achieve this, it may be necessary to include Alcantara transfer listed.

No longer stands out: Cesc Fabregas continues to be for the signing Barca's technical priority to improve the template. For the third consecutive summer, the Arsenal captain had held the privileged place in the ranking of desirable reinforcements. The main novelty is the approach taken by the Catalan club in its policy of high and low and also the method to cope. And not worth the "much requested, so we pay." One of the steadfast principles of the directive is chaired by Sandro Rosell balance the economic needs with the sport. Because of that standard business logic, there is a budget to invest in a few signings that are typically high in amount. So everything that goes beyond the investment capacity of the club should be compensated for what you get from sales. That is why the arrival of Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou exit may involve unpopular even some equipment, such as Thiago Alcántara .

Just turned 20 years and considered one of the brightest talents of the quarry Barca, Spanish-Brazilian has a notable market value and a big international lineup, although his participation in the first team was just tangential.

Indeed, the reality of sport is another reason behind its inclusion in the list of transferable. Consummation of a transfer, the idea is to make sure Barca an option to buy.

In a 4-3-3 system based tactical and Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets in front of him, the arrival of Cesc Fabregas relegate further Thiago initial ranking in the Barca team, in an age when it primary play. That same feeling was Thiago's father, former footballer Mazinho, when in March this year publicly stated that "the possible arrival of Cesc would clog the progression of players like Thiago, there is no doubt that this will complicate your career." In those same statements, former world champion with Brazil in 1994 also noted that "many important teams interested in him and in some cases already tried in the winter market." Since its official promotion to the first team in January this year, the contract termination clause Thiago went from 10 to 30 million euros.

For precious and attractive style, Thiago is perhaps the most charismatic player among those who began this season in the subsidiary of Luis Enrique. His brilliant performances with the selections below Spain in international competitions have also gained a reputation among scouts from the major European clubs. Even Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal manager, Thiago could be the key that opened the gate to Cesc.

Embryo is still a story, but the pieces fit together: the club wants to Cesc, Cesc wants to go to Barcelona, ​​Cesc wants to play hard, play Thiago less ... Attentive to the play. (via MD)

Cesc Operation: Thiago addition, other players may enter the treatment

Names like Jonathan dos Santos confirmed the hook of La Masia.

Barca is well aware of the impact that today has a football in the world, not only making his first team. The quarry model that has collected universally acclaimed success is a value to be exploited, first play and, if that fails, economically. This means that players who do not have a clear place in the first team can be included, for example, the operation Cesc Fabregas. Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal in command, has always looked to the farmhouse, so the role should not be averse to him to accept the arrival of some high level player, for example, Jonathan dos Santos. Alberto Botia also central, to be repurchased at Sporting de Gijón for two million euros, it is within this general approach.

It's the same with the signings that have not gone well, the club just to collect three million euros for the defender Martín Cáceres, paid by Sevilla.

Masia hook OFERTON speak has been taken directly from the Mini Nolito Stadium da Luz stadium in Lisbon, where filial striker will play for Benfica history. That the club failed economic cashing because Nolito had a contract that he would not renew. (via MD)

Messi: "I do not look for another club than the Barça"

The crash landed in Argentina a few days of rest ahead, but without losing the ambition to keep winning.

Leo Messi is already in Argentina, ready to take a few days off before facing the Copa America, while aware that it will be difficult to unwind, taking into account the expectation that awakens the best player in the world wherever he treads.

Barca crack landed early in the morning yesterday (7 h), at the airport of Ezeiza, located about 300 miles from his hometown Rosario. The player arrived in Argentina on a flight of Alitalia and its presence did not go unnoticed by dozens of fans who had heard about the arrival of 'The Flea' and wanted to give a massive welcome.

Despite the accumulated flight hours, and fatigue characteristic of the emotions experienced during the last days in Barcelona, ​​the genius came up with its best side and do not hesitate to sign autographs and meet the media gathered at the airport to waiting for Leo to have made an assessment of its successes at the club as well as the immediate challenge of Argentina awarded to the Copa America.

The player will have something more than a week of rest before attending the call from coach Sergio Batista. A time in which to take advantage of changing chip, leaving behind their sporting success with the club and focus on the challenge to be great also to national teams. Yes, no more land, the `10" Barca had a memory for his club, saying "I do not see myself playing with another jersey other than FC Barcelona," said the player showing how happy she is in Catalunya.

Having tasted glory with the club, now Messi has proposed adding the albiceleste awards, "come home with much joy because I was lucky to win it all with the club, now win a title with the selection is more desire "but did not hesitate to highlight the work done at the club," we do things well and keep winning, that's what we played, we got things for the club. "

For Argentina, winning the Copa America is a priority. Especially since they will play as hosts and because they must erase the disappointment of the World Cup. "For Argentina do not win is always a failure. The selection has to start winning and this is an opportunity buean because we play at home. I want to win the Copa America, we are working well and we have the team and group to achieve it. "

Year after year, the talent of the best player in the world is growing. Leo is able to surprise, with even more difficult. Champions League final was a clear example of what can do the Argentine. Its range of seemingly impossible moves and is almost infinite. But he does not change its way of being, "ne know if it's my best season, was a very good year for the entire year I was pretty regular," said the star after signing his best season, scoring at least level with 53 many aggregating all competitions he has played.

At 23, Messi and exercise of leadership in the selection and has learned to circumvent the trap questions from the press who regularly insists on attributing feuds with team-mates, the last of them, Carlos Tevez. "It made me fight with Riquelme (Juan Roman), with Carlitos (Tevez) and Diego Maradona, but I have no problems with Maradona anyone and always spoke well of me, so we still have contact with him."

According to the timetable of the Argentina team, Leo will concentrate on 8 June, to begin preparing for the Copa America. Barça have special permission to join later, so get rid of the albiceleste friendlies played today and next Sunday in Nigeria and Poland, respectively. Before the Copa America will be a third friendly "June 20" in Buenos Aires against Albania, which themselves participate Messi. The America's Cup will begin on 1 July with the opening match between Argentina and Bolivia, in La Plata. If things go as planned and the selection of Rosario reaches the end, their participation has been extended until 24 July.

In anticipation, Pep Guardiola will give a few extra days of leave, so you can relax after the competition, so his return is fixed, initially, on Aug. 3, about ten days before the Super Cup against Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Puyol goes under the knife today at 2 p.m.

Its twelfth season in the first team has been an ordeal and the great captain will remedy your problem today.

After a season full of problems, Carles Puyol to undergo arthroscopic surgery today to correct the tendinitis in his left knee that has been living an ordeal since late January. The operation is scheduled for two in the afternoon at the clinic Chiron and carry out the doctor Ramon Cugat, who was yesterday in Cadiz land.

It will be yet another sacrifice for FC Barcelona Puyol. The Spanish international has suffered a lot in recent months and their determined effort has led to help the team in several big games, as the league clash at the Bernabeu or double match against Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions League. And now, without delay, will go under the knife to get time to do the next preseason sacrificing their holidays, it is estimated that the recovery period will be around six weeks.

Dr. Cugat give a press conference next to the first team physician Ricard Pruna, to explain all the details of the intervention and to quantify recovery times. Puyol's desire is to re-bodied to face the new season to stop, as it always has. And yet it would be another, as his contract expires in June 2013. (via SPORT)

Messi, top scorer of the Champions for Third Consecutive Year

'La Pulga' has returned to embroider their participation in European competition, with a total of 12 goals.

Beyond the collective title, Leo Messi has been a unique individual numbers. For Argentina, this has been his most productive campaign at the scorer with 52 goals in all competitions. However, where the Argentinean left to outdo each season is the Champions League, where for the third consecutive year has finished as top scorer of the tournament. In the previous two recorded 9 (2008-09) and 8 goals (2009-10).

This season, the best player the world has scored 12 goals in the continental showpiece-Panathinaikos (3), Copenhagen (3), Arsenal (2), Shakhtar (1), Madrid (2) and Manchester (1) -. This figure makes it the highest scorer for the third year running and lets you match the record of 12 goals in a campaign that until now was in possession of Ruud van Nistelrooy, since he scored 12 goals in the 2002-03 season, When I joined Manchester United. On the other hand, the Dutchman was also the top scorer for three different seasons, however he did not consecutively.

As for this season is concerned, with the goal scored in the final against ManU, Leo managed to expand to 4 goals from distance from his pursuers, Mario Gomez of Bayern and Samuel Eto'o to Inter, who remained in 8. For his part, Barca has only made the same goals in Champions that adding those of Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, with 6 each.

Messi is the third player in Champions League history that stands in the lord and master for three consecutive seasons. Before him, Gerd Müller (1972-73, 1973-74 and 1974-75) with Bayern Munich, and Jean-Pierre Papin (1989-90, 1990-91 and 1991-92), with Olympique Marseille had achieved, before the European Cup should become Uefa Champions League. (via SPORT)

Willian: "It would be a dream signing for Barça"

The winger of Shakhtar Donetsk says it would be a dream signing for Barça.

The winger of Shakhtar Donetsk, Willian Borges, spoke on the microphones of 'RAC 1 "and confirmed that he would be thrilled to be part of the discipline of FC Barcelona. As had SPORT yesterday, the player is welcomed by the technical secretariat of the club and is within future for next season.

"It would be a dream, I always dreamed it would be a dream signing for Barcelona," said the player clearly showing their interest to come to Barca.

We must remember, though, that the Ukrainian club has no interest in transferring to his players and the starting price will be high. (via SPORT)

The president of Sporting Gijon again without an agreement by José Ángel

Currently there is no agreement. Negotiations for the young side Sporting de Gijón , José Angel , have been in the air as both clubs have not agreed during meetings Tuesday.

The signing of Jose Angel by Barca seemed to be in the final straight as MD has been told by the president of Sporting Gijon , Manuel Vega-Arango , and the manager of the club, Alfredo García Amado , had moved to Barcelona to close operation.

Both directors of the entity Gijon have met the technical director of FC Barcelona , Andoni Zubizarreta , to arrange and close the lateral transfer of the Under-21 international left the Catalan club.

José Angel has joined on Tuesday with the concentration of 'Rojita' by Luis Milla where you will find the Blaugrana Bojan , Thiago , Jeffren , Miño and Montoya . (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez, in the hands of its president

Udinese sporting director said the club owner who personally negotiated a possible arrival of FC Barcelona player.

Udinese sporting director confirmed the interest of FC Barcelona for the Chilean player Alexis Sanchez. The striker who plays for Italian team is 22 and has played 32 international games.

The athletic director said the club owner Giampaolo Pozzo is leading the negotiations with the player personally, "is a song about Pozzo, the president."

And again remember that when the name of Alexis Sanchez is the president who makes the decision: "It's a song about him, Sanchez with Barcelona." (via SPORT)

Rossi's agent confirms Barcelona interest

Giuseppe Rossi's agent confirmed the interest of the player Barca.

Pastorello, Giuseppe Rossi's agent, spoke on 'RAC 1' on the possible arrival of Italian-American player at FC Barcelona and confirmed that the club had contacted him to inquire about the player.

"I was asked about the availability of the boy and the interest rate and clear that the child is INTERESTED in playing the most important global team," said Pastorello.

While acknowledging that there was no contact after that subsequent contact: "After that moment I did not have asked anything more"

"There is no player who does not want to play in Barcelona, ​​is very happy that newspapers and the people who come to this club, it means that it has done very well and faces with ease, said the player's agent in the Catalan radio . (via SPORT)

Rooney: "Barça is the best team I've seen"

Wayne Rooney is still astonished of the soccer deployed by Barça in the passing final of Champions

Manchester United striker praised and congratulated the Catalan side win its final at Wembley: "We know they are a fantastic team, but we thought that we could do harm. At the end we were angry, but we must congratulate them because they are a special team," expressed in statements to the web 'talksport.co.uk'.

Rooney admits he would like the United reached the "level" of the club. "I watched the game again and are incredible. They were, by far the best," he admits.

English striker regrets that the 'Red Devils' no more pressure throughout the match, and allowed his opponent to have as much possession. "However, (the club) is the best team I've seen," he added.

And so does Leo Messi, who calls it "the best player of all time." "What we've seen from him in the last two or three years is incredible. It will be difficult to see something," he said.

Rooney, however, thinks that Messi's success is due largely to the contribution of Barça's midfield: "Messi wins games, but Xavi and Iniesta destroy the opponent. You have to work so hard to approach them ... and then Messi will 'kill' "he says. (via SPORT)

2010/11 season: Did you know…

Of the 62 matches FC Barcelona played this season, they won 45, totalling 73%. Here are some other stats from the 2010/11 season.

By competitions, it was the league that brought the most victories (79%), while the Champions League was not far behind (69%). The Copa del Rey (56%) and Spanish Supercup (50%) complete the list.

In total, these 62 games have involved 45 wins (79%), 11 draws (18%) and just 6 defeats (3%).

Barça have scored 152 goals this season (95 in the League, 30 in the Champions League, 22 in the Cup and 5 in the Spanish Supercup) and only conceded 39 (21 in the League, in the Champions League, 8 22 in the Cup and 1 in the Spanish Supercup). FCB scored an average of 2,45 goals a game.

The goals were well shared by competitions. In the league they scored an average 2.5 goals a game, in the Champions League they got 2.3, in the Cup 2.4 and in the Spanish Supercup 2.5.

Josep Guardiola used a total of 32 players including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who got the first goal of the season, to Marc Bartra, who got the last. In the league he used 28 different players, in the Champions League 26 and in the Cup 25.

Of the 32 players used (21 from the first team, plus Ibrahimovic, and 10 from Barça B), 21 were products of the club’s own youth system.

The player who appeared the most was full back Dani Alves with 4,652 minutes, just 11 more than Leo Messi, with 4,641 (does not include the two Spanish Supercup games).

By competitions, Alves played most in the League (3,033 minutes), Sergio Busquets in the Champions League (1,129 minutes) and Pinto in the Cup (864), followed by outfield players Mascherano (663) and Adriano (659).

The top goalscorer this term was Leo Messi, with 53 goals (31 in the League, 12 in the Champions League, 7 in the Cup and 3 in the Spanish Supercup).

Only three players were sent off all season: Villa at San Mamés (League), Piqué at Getafe (League) and Pinto at the Bernabéu (Champions League). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-19 Euro] Spain 2 - 1 Switzerland

Spain starts with a good start this Elite round, where no failures are allowed because they will only be in the next European Under-19 mini-tournament champion Romania. The three points were crucial for men Julen Lopetegui and have gotten to the hosts, Switzerland, thanks to goals from Juanmi and Isco.

They could start things better, since one of the last men to join the U.S. U-19, Juanmi Malacitano opened the scoring after three minutes of the meeting. The both came after a great cut Sarabia, one of the men's event, which managed to get the cross from the right side and at the far post Juanmi riveted to the network.

The goal was a lot of confidence that the Spanish took control of the ball and enjoyed the better chances. Despite the dominance of the pupils of the meeting Julen Lopetegui enjoyed great intensity and the hosts also arrived, on occasion, with the danger.
During the first half, as well as, Spain managed to get on various occasions such as Koke, Morata and again Juanmi, after a great pass from Ruben Pardo defense over Switzerland. But Seferovic arrivals were used to fund the Spanish keeper, Edgar Badia. Despite good arrivals Swiss striker, the best chance for the current World Champions U-17 (the U-19 Switzerland is made on the basis that Nigeria won the World Cup 2009) Goncalves arrived in boots that were planted in the corner of the box and crossed over small and spherical.

After a beautiful first forty-five minutes in the stadium Juan Antonio Samaranch in Lausanne Collegiate Italian, Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni, sent to both sets path to the locker room.

The rest did not change the intentions of the two teams and Spain continued to dominate the match. Ten minutes after the restart was again raised to the imposing Juanmi Siegrist, but the ball crashed into the pole base. The goal seemed closer to the Iberian box and it did after a good against Isco started leaving the ball Juanmi presented in front of goal with great generosity Switzerland and returned the ball to the newly built, Isco, to put the two zero on the scoreboard in the absence of fifteen minutes. But two minutes later set pieces cut to the back with its right side, Andre Goncalves.

The Swiss therefore introduced to Claude Ryf men in the game but the score did not budge after the final 2-1 that gives the first three points for Spain, placing it in the first place, level on points with England which imposed Montenegro 1-0 in the other group match. The next match of the men of Julen Lopetegui be this Thursday at 15:30 to Montenegro.

[Technical Data]
Spain: Edgar Badía, Albert Blázquez (Daniel Carvajal, min. 88), Marc Muniesa (C), Jordi Amat, Sergi Gómez, Koke, Sergi Roberto, Álvaro Morata, Pablo Sarabia (Gerard Deulofeu, min. 82), Juan Miguel Jiménez “Juanmi”, Rubén Pardo (Isco, min. 68).

Switzerland: Benjamin Siegrist, André Goncalves, Ricardo Rodríguez, Saulo Decarli, Frédéric Veseli (C), Kofi Nimeley (Josip Drmic, min. 46), Loris Benito, Haris Seferovic, Oliver Buff, Simon Grether (Janick Kamber, min. 72), Mirko Facchinetti.

Goals: Juan Miguel Jimenez “Juanmi” (min. 3), Isco (min. 74), André Goncalves (min. 77).

Stadium: Juan Antonio Samaranch, Lausana

Referee: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (ITA), Mauro Tonolini (ITA), Georgi Slavov (BUL), Alexander Kostadinov (BUL).

Cards: Marc Muniesa (min. 76), Mirko Facchinetti (min. 87).