29 May 2011

More figures of record for Messi

Lionel Messi's game has no limits. Once again, the Argentine star shone with a particularly strong performance by the 2-1, which opened the way to victory. A goal that will close the season with 53 goals, its highest ever.

With only 23, Messi , this Saturday night, returned to show the great player he is on the pitch of Wembley Stadium, as stated by Josep Guardiola at the press conference after the match, in which said a player is "unique and unrepeatable." Action, that of this 28 May, which led to UEFA to choose as MVP of the game . With that achieved in London, the '10 'Barcelona and adds three Champions League titles under his belt and continues to mount spectacular figures are the best examples of his footballing ambitions.

Accident of fate. The goal that Messi got against Manchester United on 54 minutes the game was his 100th goal since the final of the Champions League held in Rome in 2009 , which curiously also beat Van der Sar. A goal, this one, which is the twelfth that marks this season's Champions , and it becomes the leading scorer in the top European competition for the third consecutive year . He had already been the season 2008/09 , with nine goals , and 2009/10 , with eight . A fact, he, who had only previously managed to Müller and Papin.

But his records do not stop there. With these 12 goals which marked the 2010/11 academic year on the Champions, FC Barcelona's Argentine international has also managed to match the historic figure of the tournament , which until this year belonged to Ruud van Nistelrooy, since the 2002/03 season .

On the other hand, note that the goal from outside the area that scored against the team coached by Alex Ferguson allowed to become the second player in the history of FC Barcelona who sees the end goal in two Champions League , Roma 2009 and 2011 Wembley -. Previously it had Samuel Eto'o - the final in Paris in 2006 and in Rome, 2009 -. In this same vein, the Barcelona striker is the fourth player to score in two European finals. They share this honor Di Stefano , Rial and own Eto'o. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Data from the fourth

FC Barcelona is champion of Europe in London, the same city where he became the first European Cup in 1992. Only four teams have repeated in the same place title. Here we review this and other data of the fourth.

Barca (in London), then added to a list that was only the Madrid (in Paris and Glasgow), AC Milan (in Athens) and Liverpool (in Rome).

Up to six players in the Barça squad and have won three Champions. They Valdés, Piqué (one with the United), Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi.

The first team, Villa, Jeffren, Mascherano, Maxwell, Afellay, Adriano and Fontàs up his first Champions League.

The United finished off a one-time-to-door. Rooney was the shot that led to the tie. Barca capped eleven times.

Piqué was the player who recovered from the final ball (13). Xavi, who made good more passes (148).

As in the Rome final, went home to seven players from the youth (Valdés, Piqué, Xavi, Sergio, Iniesta, Messi and Pedro).

Puyol, along with Franz Beckenbauer (Bayern Munich), the only captain who has proclaimed three times European champions.

Among Messi, Pedro and Villa have scored a total of 98 goals this season.

Pedro scored the 900 th goal of the club's history in international competition. Barca is the first set to arrive at this figure.

All previous Champions League finals that went 1-1 the rest were decided in extra time or penalties. Goals from Messi and Villa changed history.

Josep Guardiola (40 years and 130 days) and is twice the youngest European champion in the history of the competition. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The Israeli press reflects their adulation for the team Guardiola

The Israeli press yesterday collected the win for FC Barcelona against Manchester United in the Champions League without restrictions flattering to Barça.

"It is impossible not to love (Barca)," the paper entitled 'Yediot Aharonot', the most widespread of the country on its Web site. The newspaper understands that "one can be indignant with the blind admiration Barcelona" that exists in the country, but believes that "after his victory last night, it is impossible not to say that this is a real phenomenon." A poll published Friday in the newspaper claimed that almost half of Israelis are Barca unconditional.

The 'Maariv' titles his match report "is just pray," and that "the world football is captivated by all Pep Guardiola, who does not give opportunity to any rival that wants to play open football."

"As all the fantastic pieces of lego Catalan coach came into play, the English began to plead for mercy to the God of football that made them a descuentillo until late in the game" and do not remain goleados, says the note.

The game was "something exceptional" for the sports journalists of the newspaper "Haaretz", who claim that "the current Barcelona is not content with having reinvented the game ... a challenge to any artist." "The word 'perfection' is an understatement to Barca," he says.

Israeli commentators on radio and television commenting on the match highlighted the "majesty" Guardiola team to move the ball and said bluntly "the best team in the world, a team that" stands as the rule of the beauty of football game ". (via SPORT)

Demasiado Bonito

FC Barcelona made it "too good" against Manchester United in the final of the Champions League, picked up the newspaper 'L'Equipe' on its cover.

Sports daily reference in France chose to fill its front page a photograph of the Argentine Leo Messi holding the club badge after scoring the 2-1 and get back on track towards the fourth title game for the Blaugrana.

On the inside pages, attention is focused on the role of France's Eric Abidal, head yesterday at Wembley after beating liver cancer. "Better than in 2009 ', add' L'Equipe ', which includes the statements coach Pep Guardiola and shows the technical melting into an embrace with Abidal.

"Barcelona Lecture, entitled 'Le Parisien', which also devotes its cover photo Messi after scoring his goal.

In its online edition, the newspaper 'Le Monde' highlights the statements of Manchester, Alex Ferguson, who believes the Barcelona the best team he has ever seen.

'Liberation', meanwhile, speaks of a "Barcelona irresistible", while 'Le Figaro' is left with a picture of the entire team celebrating the title and the headline "The Barça is unstoppable."

A legend Barça

The fourth. Wembley . Yes, they said, was this. When the British invented football designed what this Barça again yesterday proclaimed the best team in the world. Leo Messi , the greatest player the world has and will win his third Golden Ball ', was yesterday again the genius who brought the fourth Champions FC Barcelona. The best player in the world is to break the final. And that was Messi.

Everyone turned to marvel at the best football has seen. The concept of a lover of the ball club won the great Manchester United who came to the party and ended up in the hands of an unbeatable team. Thanks are due to Ferguson his courage and his love for football. But the prisoner ManU magnetism over Barça magic.

Guardiola and Messi were the key men in a final where all the club earned fees. President Rosell won yesterday that no leader had ever before achieved in his first year in office: Liga and Champions . Guardiola accomplished what no coach of Barça has won. Pep is the Messi on the bench.

Now, yes. Nobody in the world can believe in the bells and discredit Flo and Mou have been launched. Yesterday the world of football said: "Shut up already." The Barça is the best in the world. There to greet him.

Barca is to make the corridor to Manchester United . Ceder Puyol glass to Abidal . Respect. Values. One way to understand the game and life. Visca, more than ever, Barca. A legend Barca. (via MD)

In Russia Guardiola asked to stay 25 years on the bench for Barca

Russian media on Saturday asked the Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, who continue to lead the Catalan club for 25 years as the coach of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson.

"After this game, you want to kneel before Pep Guardiola and ask: 'Stay! We want to stay as Ferguson, 25 years! Wenger 15 years we are also going well,'" says the columnist of the newspaper "Sport- Express'.

The newspaper compared the recital of Barcelona in the final of the Champions League against Manchester United (3-1) with a concert of Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. "Barcelona at Wembley Pavarotti sang and danced as (Russian ballerina Maya) Plisetskaya" entitled.

In his opinion, "nobody can play better than Barcelona in the final at Wembley, although the first ten minutes the Spanish players failed to cross midfield, he says. (via SPORT)

Barca conquered the world

Europe bows to the Barcelona "and called on Saturday, spread sheets, the German newspaper 'Bild am Sonntag' the opening of its sports section with a large photograph of the Barca team celebrating his landslide victory in Wembley.

The most widely distributed newspaper in Germany highlights the "great football demonstration" of Barcelona against Manchester United, the "superior performance" team that won a cakewalk compared to the England team, and especially the "Magic of Messi ".

"Messi has a market value of 100 million euros. But what we saw yesterday is priceless," says the chronicle of the final match of the Champions League.

Besides the big picture of the Barcelona team in full, the "Bild am Sonntag 'highlights graphically Messi celebrating his goal, beating goalkeeper Peter van der Sar, the final cloak Pep Guardiola, and the impotence of Rooney, covering his face hands.

The sports magazine 'Kicker' highlights on its website "The fourth hit the ship" and declares: "The conquest Barcelona Wembley - Do not: The world!

For its part, the online edition of the magazine 'Der Spiegel' highlights the "demonstration" of the Catalan combined. "The English put up with only a quarter of an hour and never had a player controlled: Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi."

The 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' speaks of the "Kings of Europe" and then highlights incidents that occurred during the victory celebration in the streets of Barcelona, ​​while the magazine 'Stern' enhances the starring role in the victory Messi Barca. (via SPORT)

The disturbances for the victory of Barça put an end to 84 detainees

A total of 84 people have been arrested in Barcelona accused of crimes of disorderly conduct, throwing objects, damage to street furniture and violation of the law enforcement officers during the celebration of the victory of Barcelona in the Champions League.

This is the final balance of those arrested for the riots that followed the victory of FC Barcelona and is concentrated in the streets of downtown, near the Plaça Catalunya, as reported by the Catalan police in a statement.

In addition, a total of 37 regional police officers have been wounded, and one of them had to be rushed to a hospital for medical attention, although his condition is not serious.

Up to 50,000 people gathered this morning in downtown Barcelona, ​​between Plaça Catalunya, Las Ramblas, Arc de Triomf and nearby streets to celebrate the victory of Barcelona against Manchester United in London, which has given him his fourth cup of the Champions League.

The riots that began in Pelayo Street, near the Plaza Catalunya and the source of Canaletes, the setting for Barça, then spread with baton charges, to other areas around the central square of the Catalan capital stampedes moments of chaos and confusion.

The incidents have caused some 90 injured, two of them critically, sidestepped, however, the center of the square where they camped another night some 2,000 people, and continue with the protest, which launched nearly two weeks ago. (via SPORT)

The celebration of Champions puts an end to 90 wounded in Barcelona

Nearly 90 people were injured, two of them seriously, and dozens have been arrested in the incidents this morning during the celebration of the victory of FC Barcelona, ​​which has emerged unscathed the camp of the "outraged".

The riots that began in Pelayo Street, near the Plaza Catalunya and supply ducts, the scene of the celebration culé, then spread to police charges, to other areas around the central square of the Catalan capital stampedes moments of chaos and confusion.

However, violent incidents avoided the center of the esplanade tonight were 2,000 people, according to police sources, arranged to sleep in the open again and continue with the protest and launched nearly two weeks ago.

The "angry", which on Friday suffered a violent police intervention to remove his camp had been organized the night to prevent uncontrolled incidents with young people often join in the celebrations with the Blaugrana as Mossos d 'Esquadra.

The campers set up several human chain around your area of ​​activity thus prevent them from invading each other while they showed signs that one could read that his concentration was "peaceful."

Some of the "outraged", late at night, they invited a few young people were throwing bottles uncontrolled and other objects, and destroying some local materials, to lay down their attitude and let everyone sleep.

At about half past five, a small group of about twenty people still taunting the police after the dispersion of the other north of the Plaza Catalunya.
The meeting point for monitoring the party and the eventual victory celebration was set at the Arc de Triomphe, and not in the usual Plaza de Catalunya, to avoid issues with campers there.

Up to 30,000 people came later around the source of ducts in human floods, some from the Arc de Triomphe area of ​​Barcelona, ​​which gathered to witness a giant screen in the final of the Champions.

The night has finally settled a total of 89 people injured, 74 minor and 15 in more serious condition who needed to be hospitalized, according to sources have confirmed to Efe Catalan System Emergency Medical (SEM).
Of the 89 injured, 74 were treated for this medical service and discharged on the spot of the events, including 15 urban mossos and two guards.

Another 15 people, including another policeman, were taken to hospitals, two in serious condition, and eight other less severe. (via SPORT)

Puyol will undergo surgery Thursday

The captain will undergo arthroscopic surgery under the supervision of Dr. Cugat, to end his knee problems.

Carles Puyol has a date to go under the knife. As advanced SPORT, will be on Thursday at the clinic Dexeus when the Catalan defender will undergo arthroscopic surgery to stop the left knee problems that have conditioned much of last season.

Dr. Ramon Cugat will be responsible for overseeing the operation to Barca in a relatively simple intervention and very aggressive, which will consist of cleaning his left knee and put his vastus lateralis. The physician himself yesterday traveled to London for the finals live and in person to talk with Puyol, in order to refine some minor details of the operation.

The idea is to start the season with their peers and with no problems or pain in the knee. In this sense, the approximate time low, taking into account the initial detention and subsequent recovery, is one month and a half, so the captain is obliged to run out of vacation.

The team will start the season between 15 and 18 July, then it is estimated that Puyol and presumably will be recovered and can start preparing with the rest of partners. In recent months, the defense has been oblugado to train outside, along with a physical recovery, decreased due to knee problems. In fact, since last January 22 was substituted at half-Racing at the club, had played three games before yesterday. Carlos could be in big games, because he promised the coach, but has suffered greatly to get it. Puyi `" sacrifice their holidays, but instead solve a problem that has conditioned this season. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique last game in the Mini

This Sunday against Luis Enrique Salamanca seen sit on the sidelines of the mini-stadium. Barça B will face a team that plays permanence.

For three years, Luis Enrique has been the tenant of the mini-stadium bench and has served as coach of Barcelona B. This Sunday (19 h) will be the last time the Spaniard to lead Barca and local subsidiary. The last day of the championship will be, for Barca B, in the field of Rayo Vallecano.

The right hand of Luis Enrique during these three years, Joan Barbarà, expects a good atmosphere in the mini-stadium: "It's been three years splendid with Luis Enrique to the head and it would be nice if the Mini was that of the big occasions."

Hours before 15,000 fans could fill the stands of the Mini to go from a giant screen the final of the Champions: "It is clear that the city is being aware of Wembley, but there is time for everything and after enjoying the final of the Champions is time to come on Sunday Mini and live a great weekend, "argues Joan Barbara.

The Salamanca faces Sunday's game as a mini-stadium in the final. The team of Pepe Murcia is, with just two rounds remaining, the nineteenth in the standings with 45 points, the same as the Nastic de Tarragona, eighteenth.

Joan Barbara, who played for eight seasons in the Helmántico expresses his feelings ahead of this match: "I have very fond of Salamanca, I spent great years there, but the Barça B will as always to attack and win, the more we want to finish up better. "

Luis Enrique not be without the injured Armando and Montoya or players who have traveled to London (Minho, Oier, Thiago and Fontàs). The subsidiary returns, however, Marc Bartra and Jonathan dos Santos. Juveniles Pepe Carlos Palau and have exercised this week with Barça B.

Or Luis Enrique and Oscar Garcia (the Junior A play on Sunday at 12 am against Athletic) may have the Under-19 international Muniesa, Gomez, Sergi Roberto, Rafinha and Deulofeu. These players are contesting the mini-tournament in Switzerland in qualifying for the UEFA European Under-19. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ferguson: "No one had beaten us well"

The coach of the 'Red Devils' believed they could offer more resistance in the final two years ago, but acknowledged that it was impossible.

Alex Ferguson was able to lose as a true 'Sir'. Unlike some three to the fourth coach that runs the league, the veteran Manchester United manager did not hesitate to recognize the superiority of Barca football and congratulate him on his victory to all who heads Pep Guardiola. He also had words of praise for his players for giving the face against the best team on the planet.

The coach started with a gentlemanly greeting to Barça: "I congratulate the Barca for the trophy, because they are just winners. No one had beaten us so. " Did not end there appreciation to Blaugrana, which stood at the head of world football: "Barcelona has an extraordinary team and is a great time playing.

Put pressure throughout the match is very difficult, because they control the ball with great confidence and move at great speed. They also have a special quality in the final meters and is available to very few curb that capacity they have to deselect and merge the edge of the area. "

For all these arguments, Ferguson could not help but appreciate the effort made by his players on the Wembley turf and excellent track completed over the season and the top European competition: "We tried to stop the Barcelona game and I think we have more than last final in Rome two years ago, but has not been enough. Still, I am proud of my players for the tournament they have done and for having come to this end. " (via SPORT)

Xavi, the most miles traveled in the final

Barca midfielder Xavi Hernandez, not only provides quality and talent. Terrassa ended the 11,950 meters in their boots at the end of the Champions League to Manchester becoming the player who ran more miles during the final.

The Catalan midfielder was, by far, the most active player of the match. The next player with more miles was the veteran Welshman Ryan Giggs (11 160) which was followed by Korean Ji Sung Park (11 056).

Also Andres Iniesta, who ended the clash with 10,638 meters, he served with the final effort. Iniesta, 51 passes, and Xavier with 27 were also those who had more ball possession and made the most passes. The manchego was Messi and Xavi as the main supports. The Argentine was also the most commonly offered Xavi Hernández.

It was significant that the development of Manchester United were the central, Serbian Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand 17 and with 10, which gave the ball out the England team. However, the alternatives, given the pressure Barca were mostly the goal, the Dutchman Van Der Saar Edin and Vidic himself. (via SPORT)

Barcelona hit the streets to celebrate title

Barcelona held to an explosion of joy of victory for Pep Guardiola's team in the final of the Champions League (3-1), with its epicenter in the places of the city where giant screens had been installed to keep the match played in Wembley.

As if it were a premonition of what was to happen, the main center of focus for the meeting was at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona, ​​where he placed a giant screen from which over 35,000 people celebrated the goals of Barça. This monument to victory, located on the Passeig de Sant Joan, a few meters from the Parque de la Ciutadella, brought together fans of all ages, especially youth and adolescents Barca stained Avenue.

A colorful image that contrasted with the rest deserted streets of the city. The suspension with Barca colors were the largest along the promenade, but the Orange also had a strong presence, a more significant color in the mystique of the club. And that was that the color of the shirt worn by Johan Cruyff's team raised two decades ago when the first Champions in the history of Barcelona, ​​just at the same stage as the final, Wembley Stadium.

A crowd that has seen a surge with a goal from Peter in the first half, despite the draw of Wayne Rooney, minutes later, it seemed to cool things down. Then goals from Messi and Villa unleashed the madness and the decibel between the Catalans who had come to the Arc de Triomphe, an unusual position, since in recent years, the Barcelona City Council had set the meeting point of the hobby in Plaza de Catalunya.

This year we decided to change the location of the big screen, and no place in the central plaza, near the traditional place of celebration Barca Canaletes source, due to the camp of "outraged" that a week ago ranks. Less fortunate were those who had decided to keep the end from the Miniestadi of FC Barcelona. With less than an hour to the start of the meeting, the club decided to suspend the transmission can not guarantee the stability of the display mounted in the field where he usually plays the branch of Barcelona.

This setback forced the nearly five thousand fans who had bought tickets for the match go to another place in a hurry.

Another area in which they had placed a screen for the final issue was the Primavera Sound music festival in the Forum of Diagonal Mar, which gathered some 8,000 people this evening.

The celebration has also invaded the streets of several neighborhoods in the Catalan capital which constantly hear the car horns in the noise of firecrackers and the general joy. (via SPORT)

... And Abidal was the first to lift the Cup

Eric Abidal was the first player to lift the European Cup just after the match by switching roles with the captain, Carles Puyol, in an emotional gesture to his fellow.

The Gallic player, who beat this season a liver tumor and fought against all odds for tonight's final play, was commissioned to collect the trophy at the initiative of their colleagues.

A big hug from Abidal with Villa caught the special attention of the cameras for that time housed connotation.

After a fun parade to collect their medals, greet Prince Felipe and look askance at the pass this Cup, the Barcelona players exchanged the trophy and is even placed a hat.

There was only one which beat the rest. The Brazilian Dani Alves could not stand and see nothing, yet exposed, but engraved with the name of Barcelona, ​​jumped to plant a kiss. (via SPORT)

Puyol: "The team has done a great match tonight"

Barcelona captain has been very satisfied by achieving the Champions League and has dedicated the victory to his teammate Abidal and Betis player Roque.

FC Barcelona captain Carles Puyol has been very satisfied by achieving the Champions League at Wembley and has dedicated the victory to his teammate Eric Abidal and Miki Roque Betis player, as both players recently passed a tumor .

Puyol had long recognized that Abidal was thinking that the charge to lift the Cup "I had spent days thinking about it, he deserves (Abidal) more than anyone, he did not know because I'd rather not talk about those things because we had to win it before" , said in a statement to TVE collected by Europa Press.

In addition, FC Barcelona defender played down the fact that as the owner did not play at Wembley. "The team has done a great match, which they have played they deserved, they are better than me," Puyol said he recognized that he has a point "complicated" as of now. "I come difficult times, I have surgery on the knee," he said.

Finally, the insurance people again has to have words of love for Abidal and Miki Roque, which also devoted his shirt with the words "Courage Miki!". "I'm convinced it's going to get (Miki) and will come out well from the operation. I dedicate it to all and especially Miki and Abidal," he concluded. (via AS)

The cavalcade of doublet Barca begin at 17:30

FC Barcelona has left England ahead at 14:00, so its arrival in Spain is scheduled for 16:00. At 17:30 start the cavalcade of the doublet.

Barcelona held tomorrow to achieve their fourth European Cup with the traditional cavalcade through the streets of the Catalan capital, this time, will start at 17.30 at the Port of Barcelona and end, four hours later, the Camp Nou.

The caravan will leave Barca at the World Trade Center and cross the Paseo Colon, Via Laietana, Pau Claris, Gran Via, Paseo de Gracia, Calle Aragon Avenue Rome, Comte d''Urgell street, avenue and travessera Sarrià de les Corts before ending in the stadium.

The entrances to the Nou Camp will open at 18.00 am, when you begin a series of activities and musical performances in the concourse of the stadium until half an hour before they start parliaments. About 21.00, the template appears on the lawn of the stadium to go to the hobby. The festivities will conclude an hour later with the traditional lap of honor and a pyromusical champions. (via AS)

Chicharito: "It hurts, but we must congratulate the Barcelona"

Chicharito''''Mexican forward who played for Manchester United tonight the first final of the Champions League, said the loss "hurts", but Barcelona was worthy.

Chicharito''''Mexican forward who played for Manchester United tonight the first final of the Champions League, said the loss "hurts", but Barcelona was awarded the title. "It hurts but you have to swallow defeats as victories," he told reporters player, 22, who only agreed to stop briefly in front of Mexican and Spanish media before leaving Wembley. "It hurts, but we must congratulate the Barcelona, ​​which is a worthy winner," admitted the new promise of the United. (via AS)

Leo Messi: "It was an outrage how they played"

Leo Messi has been the great protagonist of the game, not in vain was named best player of the same. "We showed what somo and we were very superior to them," he said.

The Argentine striker Lionel Messi was named player of the UEFA final and scored the second goal for his team's 3-1 win against Manchester United. Therefore, Messi was "thrilled with how everything went."

The Argentine said that during the final "show what somo and we were very superior to them." Finally, Messi explained how he scored his goal against Van der Saar, facing his last professional match. "I opened the place especially badly and grabbed the keeper and went."

It was a game to remember. What makes this team is terrible and we are not yet aware of what we are doing and want to keep winning things, "said the Argentine star, named man of the match''.''

"Now we'll see how we celebrate it. This team is winning, we all know, and we must think only of the Sunday celebration. And to think about next season," concluded the Rosario, author of the second goal of the final. (via AS)

Xavi: "Three Champions in six years is amazing"

Xavi Hernandez has said after the match that Barcelona has been much higher than United. "We dominated and had the ball, they have only kicking a door in the goal."

Xavi Hernandez commented after clinch the Champions League "Champions win three in six years is amazing." However, Barca midfielder says that "we want to continue and we have to asimililarlo."

Regarding the development of the game, Xavi believes that "the club has been far superior to Manchester. Is what we want to spend the whole Barcelona because I think we're doing something great and we enjoy them."

Barcelona midfielder said that "we played very good football, we have three years doing great things, we dominated and had the baloma, and have only kicking a door in the goal, we felt comfortable throughout the field."

As regards the breakdown of Eric Abidal was in charge of lifting the trophy, Xavi has said that "Abidal is a detail, I think he deserved it. We've talked to Carlos and Victor and I think he deserved it for all that has suffered his family and everything that has happened. " (via AS)

Valdés: "When it was young I didn't dream of winning neither one"

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes said he did not dream of winning the European Cup "when he was young and now, with three, lives in a" continuous dream. "

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes said he did not dream of winning the European Cup "when he was young and now, with three, lives in a" continuous dream "as the climax to have been at Wembley after beating Manchester United 3-1.

"We are happy after a busy year. It's a great climax to the season," said international goal, they did not forget Abidal, the player who lifted the Cup to the London sky. "It's amazing to watch him play and be lifting the cup up high," he said.

"When I was young do not dream to win a" he said when asked whether he had thought of Champions''win three.'' "We knew the potential of them, but we also knew we had to take the space and we did," he added. "We do not know how to play otherwise. Always play to try to win every game and respect your opponent, this is our maximum. Since the goal I enjoy watching them play," he concluded FC Barcelona goalkeeper. (via AS)

Abidal: "It's an exceptional moment in the race

Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has been defined as "exceptional in the career of a player" when lifting the cup as champion of Europe, a privilege that was at Wembley today.

Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has been defined as "exceptional in the career of a player" when lifting the cup as champion of Europe, a privilege that was at Wembley today after Barcelona won the final against Manchester United 3 - 1. Abidal wanted "to thank Xavi and Carles Puyol, the two team captains who decided that it was he who lifted the trophy to the sky in London after overcoming a liver tumor which was operated on for a couple of months.

"No words can express how I feel. It was a spectacular time," stressed the Barca side who has dedicated the title: "My family, my wife, girls, my parents and my country of Martinique." Abidal also thanked the support of "many people" who encouraged him during the illness and recalled that the doctor who operated predicted he would play the final at Wembley. "Everything went perfect," he summarized. (via AS)

Alves: "What we have achieved is great"

FC Barcelona Daniel Alves has said it is "very big" what they have achieved this Saturday at Wembley, the scene of the fourth European Cup FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona Daniel Alves has said it is "very big" what they have achieved this Saturday at Wembley, the scene of the fourth European Cup FC Barcelona, ​​and also noted that at present experiencing a moment "very nice." "What we have achieved is great and you have to have respect as such. This is a historic stadium and return to get the Champions''''here is great. I think we bienacostumbrando''''to the fans of Barça" said the Brazilian.

"The fans will see after the impact and always want to win. Now we have to have fun, but I also want that the fans will support us when things go wrong," said the former Sevilla player. Finally, Alves praised the "landlord" in English football after the United players hold out on the Wembley turf after losing the final. "They are an example to follow and are very chivalrous. I'll take this picture because they are masters of football," he said. (via AS)

[Rating UCL final] FC Barcelona - Manchester United (3-1)


Piqué: "After the cavalcade, all Shakira's concert"

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has confirmed through his account of 'twitter' Barca that all staff attend this Sunday night concert the singer Shakira, her partner, given at the Stadium Lluís Companys.

"Tomorrow we get to Barcelona. We cavalcade, we arrived at Camp Nou and, hence, all the Shakira concert, has unveiled Barça defender, who thus confirmed that the celebrations for the conquest of the Fourth Cup Club Europe will end up in the Olympic mountain.

Shakira herself has confirmed this fact in his 'twitter', where he also congratulated the team: "Champions have given us great joy today. Que viva Barca! And now, hang on that is the conclusion." (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We are pleased with how we won"

Josep Guardiola is happy to have passed a set of proven quality of Manchester United, but especially by how his players have achieved.

Clearly after beating Manchester United by 3-1 , the Barcelona coach has stressed in particular the way in which its staff has done to get a result which is the fourth Champions League club's history. "You're happy when you win but the way we have done ...", commented, referring to the style of play FC Barcelona, ​​just before she says happily that "we have four, and is a very good brand."

Furthermore, said he was "privileged" because of "having to train these players and this club." "I express once more my gratitude and admiration for these players, and also to all those who have contributed to what we have done it again. Here we have all," he added in the same line.

Santpedor The public wanted to congratulate a rival Barcelona in the final of Europe's top competition, the Manchester United , "because it is an honor to win a team of such quality." These were the words of Guardiola after a journalist pointed out that Ferguson had said at a news conference that he had never faced a better team , "We appreciate these words. It is an honor that someone with your values ​​say that. I give publicly thank. "

Lionel Messi has been honored as the best player in the game. Barca coach has spared no praise for Messi: "It's probably the best player I see. He makes a difference. Messi is unique and unrepeatable . " He has also had some words for the UEFA and the organization of the final: "The pitch was spectacular for the two teams could play football."

When asked if this season is more complicated than has been experienced as coach of Barca , Guardiola has made ​​it clear that "all have been." He added: "Every year there are problems to be solved. How is it done? Thinking and focussing on the game to make it better. The only thing is the strength to be better. "Barcelona coach has also unspoken high hope that "over the years people will remember this team."

Josep Guardiola has made it very clear that he has a one year contract and intends to comply: "I'm happy to be here as coach, with these players. At the moment I have the intention to continue another year. I have one more year of contract and I hope to accomplish. I have nothing more to say. When you win you have many girlfriends, but that changes quickly. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: "Thanks everyone"

The president Sandro Rosell has admitted having reached "the climax of the happiness achieved by the fourth Champions at Wembley. Rosell wanted to thank many people this title.

This has been her acceptance speech: "With the best coach in the world. The best player in the world, Messi. Thanks to his teammates. A Puyol, as the best captain in the world and what it has done with Abidal. Thanks to Wembley, London, thanks to all the Catalan people. Thanks also to our city, in the old and the new mayor. Thanks to the entire Board, and especially thanks to everyone who has worked for thirty years for this now possible. As president I get only the word 'thanks'. Thanks to all. " He added: "As a partner, I want to thank my mother and father."

"It's a tribute to football

The president believes the 3-1 victory against United "is a tribute to football." Rosell has stated that "the values ​​that emerge [the players] are different from all others." Even Rey Juan Carlos I has congratulated the Club, as recognized Rosell: "We welcomed. A Pep, the players, who have given the show worldwide. Because the club he loves football."

Calls "common sense" to conclude

The president, who has defined the moment as "awesome, fabulous, fantastic," called for "sanity" to the Barça fans ahead of the celebration on Saturday night. "We have the best fans in the world and I hope everybody on Sunday cavalcade to welcome our heroes," he concluded.

Zubizarreta: "It's a nit per a la història"

The Professional Soccer team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, has acknowledged in a very fluent Catalan happiness: "That one night for history. I said that on a day with much happiness try to speak in catalan and a day with more happiness today is impossible. " To finish, said: "If someone wants to have fun, the club is the best choice. We love football, we like to play football and we like talking on the pitch. "

Mas: "You are very great"

The President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, has also expressed his happiness once won the final: "It all adds up and last. There are an exceptional team and we are experiencing an exceptional moment. I've lived very close." He finished his attention to the media with a resounding: "You are very large and Visca Catalunya! (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola already has here it again

In Wembley, Pep Guardiola has won its third European Cup particular. Adds one as a player and two as coach, with nineteen years apart.

Three of the four Champions League FC Barcelona have one common denominator: Pep Guardiola. The Santpedor won the first European Cup at Wembley as a player and has raised a quarter of Rome and London as a coach.

With the number '10 'on his back, a 21-year Pep Guardiola the Barca game held in the Wembley final of 1992. After Koeman's goal in overtime gave way to Alexanko. The Dream Team Barca broke the curse in the continental showpiece. Guardiola would be the third to lift the trophy on the podium on the stage and, once in Barcelona, ​​would deliver a famous speech: "Citizens of Catalunya: we already have here."

In 2008 started the era of Pep Guardiola's Barca on the bench and did so with unprecedented success: the treble. First it was the Copa del Rey, then the Champions League and finally in Rome. The coach faced the end with heavy losses on defense and once again showed off their innovative methods to make a video just before the players jump into the grass. His men responded with a brilliant performance and a 2-0 win over Manchester United incontestable.

The fourth European Cup in the history of Barcelona and third in the tally of Guardiola could not have been gestated in a more symbolic. Table Catalan, Spain and Super League in the bag, has returned to Wembley in 2011 and has had to face back to United to regain the throne of Europe. After the 3-1 win, this Sunday and again have here. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça wins fourth Champions after defeating for 3-1 to United

Guardiola's team is crowned as European champions at Wembley with a sublime match against Manchester United (3-1). Goals from Pedro, Messi and Villa topple Manchester United.

Barca has been crowned again at Wembley with a huge party that has served to lift the fourth Champions League history. The second stories can be equal to or better than the first, and if in 1992 the club began his dream in Europe's top competition again has been in London where the club has put a poker in his achievements with the goals of their MVP - Messi Peter Villa and Manchester United before a has been a worthy companion to the exhibition blaugana who finished 3-1.

The first part was an unequal proportion between the game and the chances of Barcelona with the numerical score. Pedro The initial goal on 28 minutes Rooney has equalized six minutes later in the first part Guardiola generous of all the first ten minutes of tonight's game at Wembley have been very similar to those that lived in Rome in 2006. Manchester United has left pushing hard and the game in waves of the 'Red Devils' has been answered first with the contention Barca and then at minute 11 with a display of touch and control worthy of the best club. Valdes-green T-shirt like Zubizarreta year 92 - has put the cuffs when necessary with a pitch of Van der Saar who went straight to Rooney.

Barca has to make plays after this time the United boots with Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. And is that in the days before the English press had highlighted as key handcuffed Ferguson had to know this trio of players. At the moment of truth, however, the combinations between these three and partnerships with Pedro and Villa have been lethal for the British.

The Barca game met the right script when multiple gameplay options usually become several occasions. Thus, after Messi repeatedly, zigzagging in front of the area at minute 18, and Villa, testing shot from the edge of the area, was Pedro who finished an excellent assistance from Xavi. Barca's first goal has become the fifth goal of the canary in the Champions League this season.

But as we said, despite the more timid of the United game, a good combination between the two most talented players of the English, Giggs and Rooney, has become 34 minutes in the latter goal. Rooney put the ball near the right crossbar of Victor Valdes, who was unable to prevent the tying goal. This goal from Rooney, however, has spurred the team's spirits Guardiola. It was time to stop pressing the accelerator and let the winning spirit disappeared. Before the break, the team still has enjoyed a real chance with a play tested that point has been to signify a new goal.

And if the first half was dominated by the Barca game, the second was a monologue led with goals from Messi and Villa. Amazing goals in minutes 53 and 69 respectively with collective plays sublime endings. While Argentina has forged a strong shot that has surprised Van der Saar, the Spaniard has twisted the ball to the back of the net. And although this festival scorer, most important, but it was the control of the match from start to finish, especially in the second part where the Catalan side has cut the connections of United. And Messi, who had not scored a goal to an English team in its territory, has ended with this spell, crowned top scorer of the competition, equaling Van Nistelrooy with 12 goals.

If the 1992 goal by Koeman gave Barcelona their first European Cup, play a team's collective history, the Six of Cups and special occasions has been the icing on the cake of a great season with a double. The effectiveness Barca has tilted to perfection with the conjunction between the lines. Make room in the museum. Comes the fourth Champions soon! (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[UCL final] FC Barcelona 3 - 1 Manchester United

Barça gave a footballing lesson at the home of football tonight. Guardiola’s team claimed the title back with an exhibition of football never seen before in the final. The Club now have four European Cups and are the envy of the world.
Guardiola promised that his players would deliver and they certainly did at Wembley tonight as they turned on the Barça style to see off one of the best teams in the world, Manchester United, who were helpless against the tide of footballing brilliance that Barça showed.

It was Wembley that was the scene for another great success as this Barça, who combine tradition and modernity made the passage from Cruyff’s team’s win at the grand old Wembley to Guardiola’s victory at the new stadium. From romanticism to the avant-garde in football –it’s taken just 19 years for Barça to make that journey!

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[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves (Puyol, m.88), Piqué, Mascherano, Abidal, Sergio, Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro (Afellay, m.92), Messi y Villa (Keita, m.86).

Manchester United: Van der Sar; Fabio (Nani, m.69), Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Valencia, Carrick (Scholes, m.76), Giggs, Park; Rooney y Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández.

Goals: 1-0, m.27: Pedro. 1-1, m. 34: Rooney. 2-1, m.54: Messi. 3-1, m.69: Villa.

Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN). Alves showed a yellow card (M.60), Carrick (m.61), Valencia (m.79) and Valdes (m.86).

Incidents: 87,695 spectators attended the match in the final of the Champions League played at the new Wembley Stadium. In the Royal Box were present, including the Prince of Asturias, Nick Clegg British Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Community of Catalonia, Artur Mas. There were also high on the Barcelona exentrenador Johan Cruyff, and Franz Beckenbauer and Fabio Capello, England coach.