28 May 2011

[Ex player] Figo: "I prefer that Barça wins because it is a Spanish team"

Luis Figo wants the victory for Barca tonight, but seems to want more for your friend Guardiola by the club ..

Luis Figo is now in London and has attended some Spanish journalists, among them FM ONA. And, of course, talked about the final. "I think in a final anything can happen. You can give Barca as Manchester favorite but there is and remains the most important final anything can happen. I hope it's a great show," said the Portuguese.

When his favorite show has been opted for Barcelona, ​​but without enthusiasm. "Logical I prefer to win the club because it is a Spanish team. But I have no pressure to play me anything and I hope you will see a great game." That if, when talking about Pep Guardiola, things change. "I'm happy for him. It's amazing what he is doing, marking an epoch. As his friend I'm happy for him and wish him the best."

And it launched, more praise. First for the Barcelona. "The teams that remain in memory are those that are several years, winning and being at a high level, as does the club." And then to Leo Messi. "The Messi is incredible, the quality, the passion with which he plays, is a thing of another world."

And finally, a look back, his shady past culé AHCI. "I never go to redeem my past. I do not care much what people can say. You can not erase history. My conscience is clear." (via SPORT)

Shakira: With the body in Rabat, but the mind in Wembley

Colombian singer Shakira will perform tonight at the festival Mawazine of Rabat with one eye on Wembley stadium, where FC Barcelona, ​​equipment of her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, playing the final of the Champions League against Manchester United.

It is foreseen that the Colombian star's performance, the most prospective in this X edition of the festival, begin at 21.45 (20.45 GMT) o'clock, that is to say, more or less at the same hour in that it should finish the final one.

However, according to the digital newspaper Lakoma, in the event that the 90-minute match ended in a draw, and has to compete for an extension or even the penalty shots, Shakira has chosen to cover himself, and has reached an agreement with the organization for not starting after the end of the crash.

In addition, we also have asked to delay the start of his half-hour action if the match ends in regulation.
The Colombian has shown its support Piqué in several games this season, and the Moroccan public, fervently Barca will be watching for any sign of the Colombian if Barcelona does the Cup. (via SPORT)

"It will be tough but succeed"

Ancelotti, Lippi, Van Bronckhorst and Cafu bet on the triumph of Barcelona on a ManU to stand up.

Marcello Lippi , as a coach, and Carlo Ancelotti as a player and coach, and won the Champions League with Juve and Milan , respectively. The two agreed that "we are at the end of the decade" and Lippi "adding that for me, Barça has already won, and tells you a man of football: the Barça has achieved the greatest degree possible, have its own philosophy create talents from home and having a former player coaching youth squad. They do not need a sheikh or a Russian billionaire. Note that other big clubs want to follow the path opened by the club. "

Personal friend of Ferguson , Lippi also believes that "United is this time a little more favorite in Rome-2009 and also is wanted revenge. "

According to Ancelotti , "the secret of the final will be in possession of the ball. In Rome the Barça did much damage to the movement of spherical diabolical, the United had enough of chasing Barca, although output was demonstrated by its pressure very high which could be harmful to Barcelona. "

Neither just saw clear whether Ferguson will play face to face Barca or strengthen the midfield. Ancelotti believes that "this season has gone well put Rooney behind Chicharito and dosing to Giggs . And in another vein, Fletcher and Park are key men for him. "

As for Cristiano Ronaldo , Lippi reveals that "the very Ferguson told me that he misses, that if I could I repescaría and provide solutions that attack. For him, in Madrid did not take sufficient return. " Lippi and Ancelotti believe that "if there is a team that can win this Barça , this is the ManU .

Meanwhile, the former Barcelona Gio van Bronckhorst said that "to win Barça , but will not be easy "and also the legendary Cafu favorite is the Barcelona "because they play better football and has better players but the ManU played at 'home' has always cast ".

Cafu dreams of "seeing the big lift Alves Cup , is the best at his position. " Fabio and Rafael ? still very young. To me, Alves Maicon number one and two. And there's a kid in Sao Paulo Danilo is known to be very good, you'll see. "

Another passionate culé is former president of Ajax Michael van Praag : "I'm going to death with Barça . " (via MD)

The 'outraged' decided this afternoon to do if he wins the club

The campers at the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona decided in an assembly held this afternoon to take position on whether there is a celebration in the Rambla of a victory for FC Barcelona in the Champions League final.

The campers have indicated that the options being considered are leaving the Plaza Catalunya the duration of the celebration and once again is over, the Barca fans from entering the square and the party is together or close the plaza.

Several members of the Communication Commission of the indignant reported today that at 15:00 there will be a meeting to prepare the assembly of 18:30 in which they discussed the position of a possible party camped at Barca La Rambla.

Tonight we stayed at the Plaza Catalunya about 400 people, after thousands of people last night to concentrate on it and its surroundings in support of the angry young men following the temporary evacuation of the square by the Catalan police to that could perform cleanup tasks.

Young people have spent one hour to clean the place as they have been doing since the protest began.
About fifty young people gathered this midnight at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​in a silent demonstration to show support for a mate, the only one hurt in the incidents of yesterday who remains hospitalized. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Atletico sign the exazulgrana dreams of Ronaldinho

To alleviate as far as possible that would cause frustration among supporters of Agüero progress, especially if dressed in white, mattress leaders are willing to give a bombshell with a recruitment mentally reset the fans.

In this regard, Atletico has probed the possibility of signing Ronaldinho, who is active in the ranks of Flamengo. According to the National Radio of Spain advanced, mattress club sources have contacted the player's environment to know the chances of Ronaldinho returns to the Spanish league. Atletico hopes to resurrect "the Brazilian`. (via SPORT)

First contact with the turf of Wembley

Barca have made this Friday evening formal training prior to the final of the Champions League at Wembley Stadium. The Barca players have been exercised normally.

Nineteen years after lifting the first European Cup in Barcelona's history, FC Barcelona returns to Wembley with the aim of raising the fourth 'eared'. In a renovated stadium to the one May 20, 1992 , the club has walked for the first time since he came to London where he held the stage on Saturday the final of the Champions League against Manchester United.

After two workouts at the Sports City Arsenal , Barça continued preparation for the Champions League final on the same stage of the game, the legendary Wembley. As in recent sessions, all players of the staff have been trained as normal. The faces of concentration mixed with the joy and relaxation. And it is in the final of the Champions League is an unforgettable experience.

The professional football team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta , has seen training on Friday afternoon. In statements to the program Barça TV The marker was the keeper of the Wembley final 92 has recognized that the new stadium "is not like the previous one. It is a huge field, spectacular and very modern. He had all the classicism of English football ".

Regarding the change of travel plan Barca, who has made the team should concentrate more days than expected, Zubi said, "We've adapted to a longer concentration. We have assimilated well." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “More than ever we have to show our football to the world”

Manager Pep Guardiola has asked Barça to show their identity in the Wembley final. He added that he has already picked his eleven and that Barça need to be more intense than they were in Rome.

“You don’t get to enjoy finals much. You have to compete and suffer a lot, and win through football. More than ever we have to show our football to the world”. Pep Guardiola was speaking in his press conference before tomorrow’s Champions League final, which marks FCB’s return to Wembley: “The ball should fly and try to break the players’ balance. I’d be happy for us to play the way we have over all this time”.

Guardiola has been happy with what his men have been doing since arriving in London on Tuesday. “They have transmitted good sensations to me. I’m proud of this team. Because of how they have behaved this week I feel a responsibility and duty to them … These days we have been focused on United, and on our physical and mental condition. We have only thought about the final, very calmly, and we’re ready to play the best game possible”.

The Manchester United manager considers this to be the final of the decade. “I am full of pride to hear his words, but we both have to demonstrate that. We’ll try to play the best football possible and I think it’ll be a great final” said Guardiola. “When a team reaches three out of four finals and also three out of six, it’s because they have done things well, maybe a bit better. We have both had an extraordinary decade and whoever loses will feel hurt, but all that was achieved in recent years will still be there”.

He also said he has already decided on his line-up and bestowed praise upon praise on Saturday’s opponent. “It is one of the most complete teams I have ever seen. An example for all the world … They have many variants, we have tried to learn about the maximum number of them, their strong and weak points, and we’ll try to beat them”. He feels such respect for United that he even said “if we play like we did in Rome, we won’t win. Watching the final, I realise we played a lot worse than I thought. We have to change things, we must be quicker and more intense”.

Regardless of the Wembley scoreline, Guardiola believes that “for me it has been a very good season. We are extra happy to be here”. On what he told the fans after losing in the semis last year, he said “we have already paid them back more than well. It was a bit cheeky of me, but the people have really enjoyed themselves already”. And he is also glad the fans have finally been able to travel to London without trouble “because a final without your people would not be such a final”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ferdinand and Vidic on value of experience

Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic both suffered Barcelona’s voracity in Rome. Now they have a chance for revenge, and feel their main weapon is their experience.

Sir Alex Ferguson was flanked by his two central defenders in his pre-match press conference. With Rio Ferdinand measuring 195 centimetres and Nemaja Vidic 189 it was certainly an imposing image, and symbolically represented the team’s security in defence. Having only leaked four goals in the whole competition, less than anybody, Ferdinand and Vidic are a guarantee at the back.

The Barça attack of 2011 is different to 2009, now Eto’o and Henry have gone. But the English defender doesn’t sense that much has changed: “They are different players to 2009 but the way they play is the same. Pedro and Villa score a lot of goals, run down the middle and keep the defence in place.” But Ferdinand feels teamwork is what will make all the difference tomorrow. “It is important for us to play as a team, more than individuals. We don’t depend on any one player. It is all of us that have to do what the coach tells us to do. We have a very good chance.”

Vidic also feels United need to seize their chance. Says the Serbian, “if we end the season without this trophy, we won’t feel satisfied.” And he reckons it’s mental readiness that counts. “Psychological things can be decisive … and we have a lot of mature players with great experience. We are ready, I think.”

Manchester United are travelling to London with a more solid and rounded team than 2009, when Cristiano Ronaldo was the focus of almost all the attention. And they certainly do have an experienced squad, especially considering such veterans as Van der Sar (40), Giggs (39) and Scholes (36). But less dominant is United’s ability in the air, as Ferguson has said himself. “They have Busquets, Piqué, Abidal, Puyol… They all good in the air”, he said. He forgot to mention Messi. Vidic and Ferdinand surely remember the Argentinian’s header in Rome. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol and Valdes embrace tradition

Football and superstition years traveling together. Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol know. And practice. Today, as in Paris 2006 and in Rome in 2009, both players have been charged to appear before the media.

Sometimes the difference between superstition and tradition is marked by a thin line. Especially if the action is repeated with some regularity (third Champions League final in six years) and the reaction at the moment is always the same. In the two previous occasions, the club ended up lifting the Champions League . Valdes and Puyol have treated the media with the same determination that the story continues. They say that if something works well, no need to change.

The repetition of the press has been one of the first questions that have made the two players. "Coincidence," said the captain. "Draft," has stepped the goalkeeper. In the press room as there were few who believed that, while there was clear collusion between two teammates who share battles for years.

The latest battle Puyol has been to recover in time from left knee problems. "I feel great, I'm prepared," said Barca defender after a season in which, due to injuries, has not regularly had the usual: "I played a bit in recent months. I'm better now and I could not train much in the Champions League semi-finals against Real Madrid."

'5 'Barca said that "the team is looking forward" and is willing to "enjoy." "It's hard to get here," he insisted, shortly before remembering that the club has in its team with the best player in the world . "Leo is always in big games. I hope that tomorrow is their day," has responded to reporters.

With the captain, Valdés emphasized the importance of "making history." A Champions League final is a game anyone and even less if it is a "dream final" between two teams that have dominated European football in the last five years. "It's a game to win the way it is. But we will be faithful to our philosophy. The most important thing is to lift the cup," he reiterated, before remembering that this team is inspired by the philosophy of Cruyff: "His shadow is always a reference and our coach and has sent us. " Word of the Barca keeper only, starting tomorrow, will be played 3 Champions League final. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ferguson: "It could be the best end of the decade"

Sir Alex Ferguson, United manager and an institution in the world of football, foresees a "very attractive final" against Barca. "It could be the best end of the decade," he said in a press conference prior to Saturday's match at Wembley.

Alex Ferguson, who accumulated 36 titles in 25 seasons in front of Manchester United , says his team gets much better prepared than the end of Rome in 2009. "We are as well prepared as could be. If we compare the computer with that of so now we have more experience, we are more used to playing in Europe and this time we are much more concentrated, "said a Ferguson does not see the party as a "revenge" of that final.

What will the final? Responds Ferguson : "I think in a game like no matter what they say gambling, favoritism ... We should concentrate on tactics. The rest does not matter. Only what happens on the pitch. It is a very attractive final. There may be many goals and lots of emotion. There will be good football, I'm sure. " Later he added: "The success we have had two teams in the last decade has been enormous. The quality of both teams is evident, no one can deny. It could be the best end of the decade."

Asked about the technical virtues of the rival on Saturday, Josep Guardiola, Ferguson has been generous: "He's a young coach that has changed the team's game. We all recognize that has brought maturity to the team. Since coming so far has seen a developments in the game. He has done fantastically well. If we see the past Barca with Dutch coaches, we see that there has been a step forward. " Ferguson also acknowledged that Guardiola attempted to sign when he was played in 2001, before it was incorporated into the Brescia: "I had an incredible ride , "he confessed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Start the landing Barcelona at Wembley

Although the final match will not start until Saturday, the troops landed Barça has already begun. Seven coaches and three aircraft FCB Travel undertaken the journey to London today. The bulk of the fans will air on Saturday.

Seven coaches and three aircraft undertake this journey to London on Friday. Since the final is played on Saturday, many fans have taken the opportunity to spend the weekend in British lands using movements organized by FCB Travel . However, the bulk of the crowd will move on the day of the final. Begin, then, the landing and taking back the Barca Barcelona at Wembley.

Seven coaches have come this morning from the terrace of the Nou Camp, from where they have begun a journey of 20 hours. Destiny, Wembley Stadium , which is scheduled to arrive during the early hours of Saturday.

On the other hand, about 770 supporters will travel to London this Friday in the three planes managed by FCB Travel . These fans will return on Sunday after having spent the weekend in London.

Most Barca fans will travel on Saturday, when around 8,000 people will occupy the 33 flights operated by FCB travel , one of which will come from Girona airport. These fans will return to Barcelona or Girona once the final. The 00.25 pm on Sunday is scheduled for the beginning of the takeoff of aircraft.

Hyde Park last Saturday has hosted the Festival of Champions . Football, clinical, recreational activities and exhibitions fill the hours before the final. Barca fans may attend up to 17 hours on Saturday, although there are some who have walked through these facilities actively participating in the wide range of activities proposed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The aircraft is based in London Barça

The Turkish Airlines plane that will carry the players of FC Barcelona at home and rest in Heathrow airport. Arrived Thursday with a large expedition Barca.

Tuesday was the turn of the players. This Thursday, it's time the rest of the formal issuance of FC Barcelona, ​​arrives in London. The first team players have been visited by close relatives, who are already in London, where they have done tonight. Arrived with the flight, initially (before the Icelandic volcanic ash forced to make last minute changes), should take the players to host the final.

Turkish Airlines , the official sponsor of FC Barcelona, ​​was asked to move to the 231 people aboard the flight TK-3661. Apart from the families of the players also had 12 members of the Board , the general director, Antoni Rossich , former players Rexach, whips and Alfonseda , members of the technical secretariat as Albert Valentine Narcís Julià , director of the Farm , Carles Folger , representatives of Barcelona on issues related to UEFA, David Ballvé and Amador Bernabeu , and employees, representatives of the sponsors of the club and journalists, among others.

No doubt, no players on board, the star of the day was the Boeing 777 on the outside of the unit, wearing a large vinyl giant images of all the Barcelona players who have participated in this year's Champions League with the team players included. In recent days, close to the airport Ataturk (Turkey), eight people have been working to customize the aircraft that carried the team back to Barcelona.

During the trip, which took longer due to heavy air traffic on the British capital and that this led to delays, there were more key moments in Barca. For example, in the minutes of the flight, with one main photo of the Barcelona players and the expression 'Wembley, we are back! " printed. To make matters worse, the pilot of the ship was properly wearing the team shirt with a scarf at her side Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)