27 May 2011

Barca and Manchester United compete for his fourth Champions League

Barca and 'Red Devils' have three titles under his belt from the top European competition.
The Real Madrid was the first to win the trophy and has 9 European Cups, the most, followed by Milan (7) and Liverpool (5).
The winner at Wembley match to Bayern Munich and Ajax.

Barca and Manchester United will come to Wembley on 28 May with the goal of adding another trophy to the Champions League under his belt. Barca win or the 'Red Devils' will be his fourth time winning the continental showpiece.

The Catalan team managed to lift the 'eared' on three occasions while was defeated in the final in three others. José Ramón Alexanko at Wembley (1992) and Carles Puyol in Paris (2006) and Rome (2009) were responsible for receiving trophy from UEFA president after defeating Sampdoria , Arsenal and Manchester United respectively.

For its part, the English team emerged as the best team in Europe also on three occasions, all more than 90 minutes. First in 1968 against Benfica in London after the dispute of an extension. It would be three decades until the end 'crazy' in Barcelona came from behind against Bayern with two goals in added time (1999). Finally, on penalties, was defeated in 2008 to Chelsea in Moscow.

Since Manuel Sanchis father lifted the sixth European Cup in 1966, Real Madrid has remained the club over the Champions trophy in their display cases. It took more than 30 years to reach the three following, and in color, leaving the white club with a total of nine.

The second in the overall track record is for Milan with its seven European Cups. Precisely the 'Rossoneri' are the last team we were able to be crowned European champions in consecutive seasons.

Follows with five trophies in the competition's most prestigious old continent Liverpool , while Bayern Munich and Ajax have won four. With three is, in addition to Barcelona and Manchester United , the Inter Milan who is also the reigning champions of the Champions League.

They have won the title twice Benfica , Nottingham Forest , Juventus and Porto . Interestingly, Turin lisboners also have the dubious honor of being the teams with the most Champions League finals Missed five.

Finally, the list of winners of the European Cup is completed by teams that have managed to lift the trophy on a single occasion. This is the Celtic , Feyenoord , Aston Villa , Hamburg , Steaua Bucharest , PSV Eindhoven , Red Star , Olympique Marseille and Borussia Dortmund . (via MD)

2009-10 Inter de Milán
2008-09 Barça
2007-08 Manchester United
2006-07 Milan
2005-06 Barça
2004-05 Liverpool
2003-04 Porto
2002-03 Milan
2001-02 Real Madrid
2000-01 Bayern
1999-00 Real Madrid
1998-99 Manchester United
1997-98 Real Madrid
1996-97 Borussia Dortmund
1995-96 Juventus
1994-95 Ajax
1993-94 Milan
1992-93 Marsella
1991-92 Barça
1990-91 Estrella Roja
1989-90 Milan
1988-89 Milan
1987-88 PSV
1986-87 Porto
1985-86 Steaua Bucarest
1984-85 Juventus
1983-84 Liverpool
1982-83 Hamburgo
1981-82 Aston Villa
1980-81 Liverpool
1979-80 Nottingham Forest
1978-79 Nottingham Forest
1977-78 Liverpool
1976-77 Liverpool
1975-76 Bayern
1974-75 Bayern
1973-74 Bayern
1972-73 Ajax
1971-72 Ajax
1970-71 Ajax
1969-70 Feyenoord
1968-69 Milan
1967-68 Manchester United
1966-67 Celtic Glasgow
1965-66 Real Madrid
1964-65 Inter de Milán
1963-64 Inter de Milán
1962-63 Milan
1961-62 Benfica
1960-61 Benfica
1959-60 Real Madrid
1958-59 Real Madrid
1957-58 Real Madrid
1956-57 Real Madrid
1955-56 Real Madrid

Albert Soler: "I think Barcelona is the best team in the world

Secretary of State for Sport believes that there is now a football team to play like Barca.

Secretary of State for Sports, Albert Soler, will travel tomorrow to London to attend the final of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Manchester United and he was "optimistic" before the possibilities of the Catalan side, which in his opinion , "is the best team in the world."

"I would have gone to the final with the presence of any Spanish team, but it is clear to see Barca makes me especially excited. In a match of these features can go either way, but the truth is that I am optimistic because I believe that currently the Barcelona is the best team in the world, "said Soler.

As reported by the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD), Soler believes that Wembley Stadium in Barcelona should "approach the game with determination and faith in victory."

"A final is not played like this every day and opportunities should be exploited. I am sure that Barcelona will again demonstrate the great moment that the Spanish football and sport in general," said the secretary of state who is a follower Catalan club. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Goikoetxea: "The final is looking good for Barca"

Jon Andoni Goikoetxea, former player of FC Barcelona who won the European Cup with the Catalan club in 1992 at Wembley, the scene of the final of the Champions League 2011, said the match against Manchester United "looks great for Barca ".

"It's a final. The Manchester will be much better prepared than in the previous lost and we will see the wear of the two teams, especially by the Barcelona after a difficult year with many games," he said.

"They will make one last effort and I think they will have their options and can win, but it will not be easy," he said.

The former player Barca, who was part of the so called 'Dream Team' that won the first European Cup for Barcelona in the final against Sampdoria, said the historic debt by the 1992 team was "so much more pressure," now in a bonanza in terms of titles.

"We had to win because the club needed the European Cup. He had 100 years of history and not get lost in Seville. Now the club is winning many titles and can fit you lose on Saturday, although hurt," he said.

Goikoetxea dodged not discuss criticism of Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona after the semifinal of the Champions League, when the Portuguese claimed that he would "shame and win the Champions League."

"Mourinho is getting a little crazy around the world, but the club is not going to rag. They know that today is superior to Real Madrid and not put on the cloth, regardless of what may have been a point of failure in the subject of arbitration, "said Goikoetxea.

"Madrid and Barça can never complain of the arbitration, because then it would have to complain much other teams and in this case Mourinho is doing an embarrassment that comes to mind," he said.

The Navarre former player, coach of the lower categories of Osasuna, invited by the Catalan club in London to witness the finals along with the rest of the 'Dream Team', commented that he does "illusions" to return to Wembley.

"I remember the title of 1992 with much joy, be part of the first European Cup and go down in history after losing in Seville European Cup that had all the conditions for winning, was an outstanding bill, and be participant makes you dream, "he said.

Goikoetxea said that in 19 years "Football has changed a lot" and now plays with "more speed" and the teams are "better prepared in all respects" and that the current Barcelona "work more when he has the ball."

"We made a game very attractive, very beautiful to see, that guy is doing now, but now squeezes more. We only lived in our game, we did not worry much of the opposition. Apretábamos not like now when defending "he said. (via SPORT)

FCB v Manchester Utd. Did you know…

With just a few hours to go before we find out who will win this year’s Champions League final, we look at some of the juiciest trivia surrounding the game at Wembley between FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

This is their fourth Champions League meeting. They met in the group stages in 1994/95 and 1998/99. In the 2008 semis the Red Devils won and Barcelona got their revenge in the Rome final a year later (2-0).

Since the competition has been called the Champions League (1992/93), Barça and United have scored and leaked the same number of goals (303 and 158).

Of the nine games the Red Devils have played at Wembley (all in domestic competitions), five have been decided on penalties.

Barça’s last official visit to the place where they won their first European Cup was in the group stages of the 1999/00 season. They beat Arsenal 4-2.

The team has already played at the new Wembley. That was in two preseason games in 2009/10 against Tottenham and Al Ahly.

Barça have scored the most goals in this Champions League, with 27, and Manchester United have conceded the fewest goals, 4.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s side have taken the most corners (76).

These are the two clubs with the highest possession in this year’s Champions League. The Catalans have 62% and the Mancunians 58%.

Goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar is retiring after the final. At 40 years of age, he already has two Champions League winners medals (1995 and 2009).

Thanks to his 11 goals, Leo Messi will almost certainly be top scorer in the Champions League for the third season in a row. Only Gerd Müller and Jean Pierre Papin have achieved the same feat.

The Argentinian is just one shy of the all time record under the current format. Ruud Van Nistelrooy scored 12 in 2003.

Messi has taken the most shots in the competition (31) and is also the player who has been on the receiving end of the most fouls (30). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Saturday's weather forecast in London

he forecast for Saturday in London according to the BBC weather forecast is not very flattering. For the moment it seems the sun will occur at any time.

Clouds will dominate the London sky all day Saturday and almost certainly will rain between noon and early afternoon.

At game time, 20:45 Spanish time, the sky will be covered but no precipitation is expected. The temperatures in the UK capital will be between 7 and 16 degrees. (via SPORT)

Del Bosque praises the qualities of Nolito

The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque praised the qualities of extreme football Cadiz Manuel Agudo Durán, Nolito, Barca player B, who puts the Lusa press as the next reinforcement Benfica.

"He has very good technical qualities and is very good one-on-one. It has excellent conditions for being a great player," said Del Bosque told the newspaper Luso "A Bola".

The Portuguese media assume that the signing of Nolito, 24, was made official after the Barcelona final morning dispute the Champions League against Manchester United at Wembley (London).

The Spanish coach thought that with the Andalusian team player Luso makes "a great acquisition" that will "make a very good performance."

"I still was not invited, but I will continue watching. Has potential to go to the team," concluded Del Bosque.

Benfica, who finished second the last championship and will play after the Champions League hopes to win the player of Sanlucar de Barrameda, which would cost zero offensive depth on the wings and quality in the pass. (via SPORT)

Wilshere said the United how to stop Barca

Arsenal midfielder Manchester alert to the dangers that will be this Saturday against Barca.

"Three pass-bang, bang, bang, and now you have passed, you can not despite having even a second" and Wilshere says the feeling he had when he was measured at Barca in the quarter-finals of the Champions.

"United has a good chance with fast players like Fletcher, Park and Valencia. I would play with one striker, Rooney, and put two or three assists right behind."

Wilshere believes that Barca are a great team but not invincible, that was let go at times in games, as in the first leg of the second round played at the Emirates. The youngster said his team was largely eliminated by the red card he saw Van Persie. (via SPORT)

Parallel Lives in the Champions League

There are many similarities between the two finalists’ histories in this competition since it adopted its modern format. In fact, both teams have even scored and conceded exactly the same number of goals.

There are several strange coincidences between FC Barcelona and Manchester United’s UCL pasts. They both won the title once in its old guise and twice in the new one, both having made huge strides forward since the 1990s. But that’s not all. Since 1992/93, the two teams stats are almost identical.

Barça and Manchester United have both scored 303 goals in the 18 editions of the Champions League. Barça did that in 158 games for an average of 1.91 goals a game. The Red Devils did the same in 175 games, making for a slightly lower average haul of 1.73 goals a game.

The stats are just as tight in terms of goals against. Here again they share the same tally: 158. That means the Premiership club have let in 0.9 goals a game and the Catalans exactly one.

As for wins and defeats, Barça have a better record than Man Utd. Barça have won 88 games, 55.7% of the total, while the English club might have won more matches, 96, but the percentage is lower on 54.8%.

Barça are also better off in terms of defeats. They have suffered a total of 28, making for 17.7%, while since the 1992/93 season, the Brits have 34 losses, 19.4% of their total outings.

As for draws, Barça have also have more than United with 26.5% from 42 draws, while United’s 25.7% has come from 45 tied matches. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "I'm not surprised that Pep is out after the final"

The former player and Barca exentrenador Johan Cruyff did not rule out leaving the bench Pep Guardiola blaugrana when I finish this season, after playing the final of the Champions League next Sunday against Manchester United in London.

"Guardiola these years has done a very hard and would not surprise me to leave, regardless of the outcome (Sunday's game)," says the Dutch in an interview published today by the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport ", in pointing to his compatriot Marco Van Basten as coach ideal "to replace the Catalan.

Cruyff said that would include culé technical decision by the high pressures that have been subjected in recent years, and predicts that, in his opinion, would sign any other team immediately.

"If I leave, I would only because it is very difficult to support certain long-term pressures. So I think it would stand a year," said the exfutbolista.

The journalist's decision Guardiola compared with that of Real Madrid's Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, who left last year after Inter win all the titles, but Cruyff denies the similarities between them.

"In any case Mourinho would be different in every way", says the Dutchman, who also ensures that Portuguese is the "ideal trainer" for Italian football because with it come the results.

"But, numbers aside, what other mementos left in the game (Inter) and what emotion is conveyed to young people?" Cruyff wonders.

For its part, the "great merit" Guardiola is the "courage" that has been shown to make certain decisions, "first to go leaving Ronaldinho and Eto'o then to sign the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his post"

"And when he realized that the latter had made a mistake, had the courage to recognize their own mistakes," said Cruyff in the newspaper.

Regarding the final of the Champions League next Sunday, Cruyff says that Barcelona is "theoretically" the team favorite to take the title, but points out that Manchester has been strengthened considerably since the end of Rome in 2009, which Barca won their third Champions League.

"Without the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the other players have become stronger players because they felt more responsible and wanted to prove that depend not only a champion," said Cruyff.

Among the players of Manchester and Barcelona, ​​Cruyff stands to Spanish Xavi Hernández and Welsh Ryan Giggs, in addition to Barcelona's Argentinian Leo Messi, who says he is a player "exceptional" that is perfectly integrated in Barcelona for the "great work "performed by all Blaugrana players when they have the ball.

"There are a lot of work behind and that explains why Messi is fully integrated into the Barcelona and not in Argentina, as their team-mates are not so quick to recover when the ball," Cruyff sentence. (via SPORT)

Exclusive boots for ultimate luxury

Do not miss the boots of seven players from Barca, whose casts have been customized for Wembley final.

Nike and Adidas have custom boots several Barcelona players on account of the Champions League final.

In the photogallery you can see we have prepared as many of the boots have a personal touch. What is common in all of them is the inscription of the date of the final on Saturday.

Leo Messi, David Villa and Dani Alves will carry the flag of their country of origin on the heel of his boot Adidas, while Iniesta, Pique, Puyol and Peter will look more details in his Nike. (via SPORT)

Dream Team believes in and encourages the Pep Team in the Wembley final

Dream Team that won the first European Cup at Wembley in 1992 encourages the current Barça.
Several of its members are better quality than the current team and believe his fourth crown.

"This team has improved a lot to us." The phrase is Ronald Koeman , the player who led the Dream Team of Johan Cruyff to their first European Cup with this magnificent free-kick 19 years ago in Wembley , where the Barça of Pep Guardiola will try tomorrow to add his fourth crown. 'Tintin' speaks well to those who were his comrades in the locker room, Eusebio , Julio Salinas and Love , and one of its technicians, Charly Rexach , an appointment in the Ciutat Esportiva with MD as a witness.

Koeman , after the initial laughter caused by Julio Salinas , shameful moments reminiscent of that period, he gets serious to argue his theory: "We were able to make the best match but also the worst. We were not as regular as today. This Barca can lose a game, but not for three or four goals difference. "

And it goes away as your friends agree: "This Barca do not need a failure like the one I threw to win a final. ... It has so much quality and I look better than two years ago. It is true that Manchester United is a very strong team and in a final anything can happen, but I do not have progressed as much as Barca from Rome . "

Eusebio, the man who caused that lack the edge of the area involved to give the reason Koeman : "This team makes a difference with everyone else for their football. dominates the world scene with a proficiency that sometimes seems insulting. You can reach to be the best team ever, but it needs to win this final at Wembley . Achieve two in three years is to make a time. "

The midfielder, who celebrated that goal Koeman out of the limelight of the cameras hugging Zubizarreta , relies on the number 1 in the world. He grew up as assistant to Rijkaard : " Messi is always in the highlights and do it again. "

Charly Rexach makes a point: "Beyond the individual and collective quality of Barca , so for me for the team to help in this final is that there is an urgent need to win, as it happened to us in 1992. Winning a title takes the pressure off you. Unlike us, now they can go out and enjoy because we, despite the message of Cruyff , we suffer many. "

Julio Salinas appreciates that today "everybody rowing in the same direction, unlike then, when all were critical for one thing or another, there was more division." And Guillermo Amor , who missed that final through suspension, invites all present for the appointment of MD to enjoy this moment: "We raised a European Cup , but lost another. Winning is never easy. We got four league But three of them on the last day. So we should value this season when you win so much and enjoy it much, no matter what happens at Wembley . " (via MD)

Andrés Iniesta wants another historic goal

To devote to his daughter Valeria.
"He was better with Cristiano Manchester, but he also has a great team".

Andrés Iniesta live his third final of Champions . In the five years that have elapsed since Paris 2006 , to Rome in 2009 and to reach Wembley 2011 , manchego midfielder has savored many joys, but also occasional sadness, especially as a result of injuries.

In London , however, unlike Rome , Andrew arrives in full faculty and having completed one of his best seasons. In fact, in Wembley reach the magic number of 50 games this season, scattered 34 league, 10 Champions , 5 Cup and one Super Cup in Spain .

In the stage of Saint Dennis , with Frank Rijkaard in the dugout, Iniesta saw one of his greatest disappointments players: it was not between 'once' chosen to face Arsenal . That season, Andrew , just 22 years, began to enjoy greater prominence, but it had just been a fixture for Frank . However, the adverse circumstances of the party, the Barça started losing the game against the 'gunners'-led Rijkaard to dip into the manchego, replacing Edmilson very beginning of the second half. Iniesta ended the game with better taste to release his record in the continental showpiece.

Three years later, in the first year of Pep Guardiola on the bench, Andrew took gallons from day one, to the point that was named as one of four team captains. Although this campaign was begun as extreme sacrifice lefty, Iniesta soon settled in their area preferred: the interior left-handed. Still, the injuries ended jugándole a trick and even jeopardized his presence in the final in Rome .

"That final memory that had a happy ending and all the effort made was rewarded. It was very special," said Iniesta, who at the crash could not shoot. Still, caught on an excellent game and attended to Eto'o opened the scoring.

Two years after he starred in the final in Rome , and previously in the semifinals at Stamford Bridge with his decisive goal, manchego face the shock of Wembley with a special incentive on a personal level. "My daughter Valeria is an extra motivation to face this final, "admitted Andrew , premiered paternity on 3 April. So far, both the nine goals he has scored, as the title of League won have been signing the autograph for Valeria , Iniesta is hoping to repeat something I am raising its third Champions .

When preparing a clash of the significance of this, Iniesta explains what is your prescription. "I try to standardize everything in the importance that game. Rest, eat and train well and want to add these extras, aware of the importance of the game and that is the latest effort to do this season," he says.

Not prone to want to compare this final that earned the United in Rome , Iniesta admits "that Manchester was better with Cristiano , but he also has a great team. "

His father went by train to London
Known for his phobia of flying, José Antonio Iniesta, father of Andrew, left yesterday at 21:05 pm from Barcelona towards Paris, stop for getting to London 20 hours later. Jose Antonio left with his friends Fuentealbilla Armando, Thomas and Augustine, who also traveled with him to Paris and Rome. Except for the small Valeria, who stays with his maternal grandmother, the family will be at Wembley Iniesta. (via MD)

[youth] Athletic, rival in the quarter

Junior A of FC Barcelona will face Athletic Bilbao in the quarter-finals of the Youth Cup. The first leg will be played this Sunday at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper.

After passing the Las Palmas, the second rival Junior A Barca in the Copa del Rey is the Athletic Club de Bilbao.

After the draw this morning in Las Rozas, Oscar García's team already knows the way to the semifinals of the competition.

The first leg will be played on Sunday at 12 pm at the Sports City, while the back is scheduled for next weekend (4-5 June) in Bilbao.

Athletic has passed the first round of the Copa del Rey Juvenil Celta. In the first leg of the round, tied the Basques in the field of Celtic (1-1), while repeated Bilbao tie, but without goals (0-0).

In the league, the team of Bingen Arostegi finished first with 73 points.
The Lions have only lost 3 games and have drawn 4 and have scored 77 goals and have only received 27. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The quarterfinal pairings

These are the crosses in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey Juvenil.

FC Barcelona - Athletic Club
Deportivo - R. Madrid
Villarreal CF - Rayo Vallecano
RCD Espanyol - Córdoba CF

Guardiola can get his tenth title as Barca coach

Winning at Manchester, completed the ten titles faithful to his method.

Pep Guardiola can win tomorrow at Wembley his tenth title as first team coach. Eleventh as Barça coach, if you add (and must be done) the League 's Third Division in front of the subsidiary achieved in his first season on the bench, the 2007-08. Seem to do much, but not so: only three years ago, the club, now immersed in his triumphant cycle lived the final seizure of Barca 's Rijkaard and Ronaldinho . Nobody, not even his most ardent supporters, could imagine that in just three seasons Pep would round the ten titles. Five, six, maybe seven ... but ten seemed impossible. In fact, it was impossible. Maybe Pep was the only one that could be imagined.

The coach continued, yesterday at St. Alban s, applying the same method that has actually become the chimera of raising nine, possibly ten-trophies in three seasons. A conception of inalienable game, respect for opponents, work culture and humility are the main hallmarks of Barca 's Guardiola . And yesterday remained intact.

You have reached twice in three seasons at the final of the Champions what Guardiola value most, even above the titles. Being there at the finish line is the acid test for any job, is what determines whether it has done well. After lifting the trophy or not is almost incidental, depends on a thousand things, but come, be prepared and ready, only be achieved with a very serious effort and the application of suitable methods. Reaching the final is for Guardiola , a title itself.

The previous Champions also won against Manchester United . It was the third title of the triplet series, which began with the first big burst of joy: the end of Mestalla against Athletic . It was there in Valencia where Guardiola told Manel Estiarte , his collaborator and friend, on the lawn of Mestalla , where the echoes of the party, the party and the public had gone out: "The one we're rolling."

And is the team that is rolling. Because Guardiola has always put forward, at the time of taking the deserving players. Together they are credible, not because nobody is invincible, but very credible. It is this credibility that has led to Barca 's Guardiola to string nine (maybe ten) titles, each of which had its special features: Cup Mestalla was the beginning, the first league will always be that of 2-6, the Champions of Rome marked the triplet, the Super Cup against Athletic cemented the second season, the Super Cup Europe confirmed Pedrito , the Club World Cup , the Intercontinental , closed wounds and ended the Six Cups, the League was the second of the 99 points , the Super Cup last summer was the comeback against Sevilla and the League to close until now the series is the League of 5-0. The tenth cup, if it can be to the whys.

On the way there have been trophies as the Copa del Rey , lost in overtime of the final (again the club was there) and the last Champions , transferred in a semi full of incidents. Only in the 2009-10 Cup , in which the Sevilla knocked out Barca in the second round, Guardiola feels that the equipment failed. (via MD)

The 1x1 Alexander Hleb

The Belarusian made for daily brtitánico 'Daily Mail' your own evaluation of almost all staff and Pep Guaridola's Barça.

Alexander Hleb, who returns to Barcelona after a year on loan at Birmingham City, has made its own '1 x1 'team on Saturday that aims to lift its fourth European Cup at Wembley stadium where he won the first in 1992.

VALDES: "Without doubt one of the three key pieces of equipment. The other two are Puyol and Xavi. Catalán, knows what it means to play against FC Barcelona. I mean I have not met many people better than him. A In my view, undervalued. "

DANI ALVES: "It is a lung physically, Forward, Back, Forward, Back ... A nightmare for those who have to make. When I played at Arsenal I played against him in his stage Sevilla and was a non-stop.'s a great player but not unstoppable. "

PIQUE: "We nicknamed 'Kipo' but do not know why so I added 'Beckenbauer'. Guardiola trusted him when he arrived from Manchester.'s a leader, very good player but he can still improve.

MASCHERANO: "He came when I left. I think the Liverpool fans can talk about it and very good."

Puyol: "It's a fighter. Not only in games but also in practice. It is the spirit of this team. There is a great technique but no one has more heart and grit than he. There is much talk in the locker room but in the field ".

BUSQUETS: "Very young, but for me the best in the world in his position without discussion. has made ​​enormous strides over the past two years. If you play with Iniesta and Xavi the ball moves at breakneck pace."

XAVI: "He is the team. It's incredible. His technique, vision, pass ... For me it is the best in the club. The whole time I was there only saw him lose the ball twice. You can play any game. A touch, two touch ... for me is the number one. "

Iniesta: "It has a playing style similar to Xavi. It is a sight to see train with him. It is literally impossible to remove the ball. It is not aggressive, although outside the area is very quiet is a great person."

PEDRO: "It fits perfectly with the style of play FC Barcelona. It is a hard worker, with great courage in front of goal and a great finisher. People do not value it enough."

VILLA: "I could not play with him because he arrived early in the season when I left. Lives of the goal. They have great players around him and in the years to score many goals. It is the first season and the best may be yet to come" .

MESSI: "I think Messi is much for Barca and Barca Messi is also true." What I can say about him as a player? It is unique, brilliant. Off the field does not talk much because he is very introverted. Believe it or not you laugh a lot with him. Too bad my Spanish is not good enough to follow all the jokes!

Pep Guardiola: "His ability is unquestionable. Particularly good confidence in the quarry and adapting to the young in the scheme of the team. He played for the club and leads the club. It could be a great director of the club and would have to do as he would if will go to another club. "

Score a goal in England, the new challenge of Leo Messi

The final is the best time to pass one of the few pending issues number one.

Although it seems lie, Leo Messi still has challenges to meet individually. Few, but he has left. One of them, for example, sing a goal in England. The Argentinian star has played seven competitive matches on English soil with the shirt of FC Barcelona and friendly with a white and blue and has yet to score. Tomorrow at Wembley, a field that has not stepped on, expected to end this' curse "that haunts her.
Messi has scored 15 goals in Champions League games away from the Nou Camp: 3 in Ukraine, 2 in Spain, Scotland and Germany and 1 in Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy (just to Manchester United in the final in Rome in 2009 ) and France. He also scored one in the final of Club World Cup 2009 in Abu Dhabi.

Interestingly, none in England. And that the crack has played three times at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea, one at Anfield against Liverpool, one at Old Trafford against Manchester United and two in the Emirates against Arsenal. Jumped into the grass of the Gunners 'shirt "with Argentina against Brazil in a friendly held on September 3, 2006, mourning the lost to the' albiceleste canarinho" (3-0).

But the pace of Messi and the English countryside is also full of good times and actions. His was the attendance for the Manchego Iniesta opened the door of the Rome final against Chelsea in 2009. He also assisted Villa at the Emirates in their last appearance against Arsenal ... Leo, in England, despite not scoring, it is feared. (via SPORT)

The cavalcade is already planned if there is Alirón tomorrow

Barcelona will be tinted of azulgrana if the 'Pep Team' it achieves in Wembley the fourth Cup of Europe of the club.

Party is ready. If the boat leaves Wembley with the coveted European Cup, Barcelona Barca will be dyed to greet the kings of Europe 24 hours later. As happened after the league title, Barcelona are expected to hold a festive cavalcade through the streets of Barcelona. Then the bus toured Barça expedition, from 19.30 to 21.00, on the streets of the district of Les Corts. Riera Blanca to the Camp Nou.

This time the journey tear at the airport of Barcelona, ​​close to 16.00, the estimated time to reach the plane with the issue if there Alirón Barca tomorrow. It will boost the tour as it is anticipated that monitoring will be even greater given the significance of the title. The ride ending back at the shrine Barca. There is expected to continue the party with the parliaments of the players. Than expected on Messi, already warned the party that prepares a fat league. "I keep the words for the May 29, the day I will talk," said Barca predicting a win at Wembley. If extended, the party in the Nou Camp match could come to Shakira's concert, scheduled for 22.00 hours at the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium.

The Colombian singer invited members of the first team to your concert in Barcelona during the celebrations at the hotel league Vela, which coincided with the Catalans. (via SPORT)

Platini: "Watching Xavi replay will be a pleasure"

The UEFA president was pleased with the opportunity to enjoy the sheer quality of Terrassa.

Xavi Hernandez will be on the stage of Wembley Stadium one of his most loyal fans. The UEFA president, Michel Platini, was delighted with the play of Terrassa since I discovered as a junior and will continue to shine the eyes every time you refer to it.

The Frenchman is now in London, where yesterday chaired the Champions League final for women, and in the UEFA headquarters, the luxurious Grosvenor, attended SPORT. Platini said a fan of good football and when asked about Guardiola's team play or their opinion about Xavi Hernandez always finds time on your calendar.

"I love to play with Xavi, enjoy it. His talent is undisputed, but mostly I like his intelligence on a level playing field, how he is able to build and play the rest of his teammates. Will be a great pleasure to see him play in a game is as spectacular as the Champions League final, "reflected the leader. Platini is well aware of the detail that was Barca midfielder after the World Cup final in Johannesburg when, thanks to mediation by the federation president Angel Maria Villar, received the jersey with the number `8 what had looked at the Soccer City .

A memory that is priceless and demonstrates the mutual admiration felt by two of the finest players has given the history of football. "I am very grateful for this gift and for all the good you're doing to this sport with their behavior in the field. It is an exemplary player in every sense, "he said.

Xavi is one of the main demands of tomorrow's final at Wembley. A meeting that UEFA president looks forward with great anticipation. "It's an amazing game, very big. The best team in the English championship against the best team in the Spanish League!

Little more can you ask for the final. Viewers will enjoy the field because a lot of quality there, "he said. In his analysis of the game, Platini logically remained neutral and refused to talk about favorites, but again put the emphasis on "the potential of both teams. Both Barcelona and Manchester United have played very well during the year, and the nature of the two, I think in the end you will see a very beautiful and open encounter. "

Although its impact is indirect, the influence of Platini helped form the football personality of the great architect of the Barca game as Pep Guardiola. Santpedor coach was in Juventus midfielder his childhood idol. Her poster was one of the best treasures of the small Pep and one of his big dreams was to get an autograph from Michael in a European Cup match at the Nou Camp between the 'vecchia signora "and Barca.

Obviously, the work of Guardiola also leads the praise of Platini. "Guardiola has got his team playing very good football and is always at its best. It's a young coach with a special screening, "said the president of European football's governing body. (via SPORT)

Fabio: "Ferguson still baffles us"

Coming from Brazil as a young man, his weight at United has grown exponentially in the last two years.

Rafael began and now it's up to Fabio. Although they can play together, each on one side, the right is the one facing the shock play tomorrow, but perhaps could Or would Shea leave both on the bench.

But among the competition Da Silva brothers, healthy, does not lead to resentment. Case to the penalty well understood. "It makes me very happy when playing Fabio, although I am sad at the same time not to. I get more nervous when he plays, I do not know why. We spend so much time together that when one of us is injured, the other great concern "while her sister said Rafael, Fabio, agreed that" there is no possible rivalry between us because we are together and that's the main thing. "

What about the others? How do I see? Fabio tertiary joke there, with a wink: "In training the coach still confuses us and sometimes it is a funny situation to see the faces of our peers." Nevertheless, tertiary Rafael: "We have not had any problems with anyone since we arrived, and with Ferguson either. We have learned what this club from the second team and we have not only grown, but we have adapted perfectly to everything. "

Alternates in Rome, its importance in the schemes of ManU has grown exponentially. They are still the `twin", but nobody at Old Trafford, or outside it, they are taken as a joke. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Racing dreams of joining the siblings Dos Santos

The Cantabrian team is delighted with the performance we gave Giovani and try to keep next season, while also shown interest in Jonathan.

Racing Santander is already planning the next season, and one of its main objectives is to recover Giovani Dos Santos. The player, still owned by Tottenham, has curdled well in the team since his arrival during the winter, and now in Santander are hoping to sign him. However, it will appear stiff competition to gain the services of the Mexican.

Moreover, and as outlined in the website Goal.com, Santander coach Marcelino, would also be very interested in the transfer of his brother, Jonathan Dos Santos, Barça B. It would be a good target to finalize the squad training in a top team and play in Santander loan is not a crazy idea.

The truth, however, is that so far neither has any links with Mexican team Spaniard. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-16] Spain 1 - 0 Belgium

Spain bows for the second straight game to Belgium (1-0) and closed four days of workouts with a very positive; first half littered with occasions for 'Roja', he met an inspired goalkeeper in Belgium. Next appointment, I International Tournament 'Caspian Cup. "


[Technical Data]
Spain: Rubén Blanco; Héctor, Salva (Grimaldo), Tarin, Duarte (Víctor Ruiz); Undabarrena (Samper), Borja Martínez, Aitor (Calero), Bustos, Alex Serrano (Castillejo) y Sandro (Unai López).

Belgium: Lucas; Van der Ackerveken Ben, Galvez Lopez, Gaetan, Paulo Da Silva, Frederik, Anthony, Pieter, Simon, Raeymaekers y Tuur.

Goals: 1-0 Borja Martínez (28 '), defined by lower front of the goalkeeper

Incidents: A Field Soccer City of Las Rozas (Madrid)

Referee: Mario López Fernández-Montes; Lamchaty Laamarti (Asi.1) and Morales Martínez (Asi.2)

Sandro Rosell: "Whatever happens on Saturday and is excellent temporda"

The president of FC Barcelona , Sandro Rosell , has assured the program 'You say' RAC1, which has good feelings about Saturday's final at Wembley but wants to make clear that if Barca do not win nothing happens because "the season and is excellent. "

"I see the team well and I have very good feelings. My heart tells me the illusion I have of winning will come true, "he assured Rosell who wanted to emphasize that although the team does not win has been a good season. "The fututo of this equipment depends on a match. No matter what the season on Saturday already excellent team."

On the clashes between Barca and Real Madrid and the climate of tension that was generated during those days, Laporta has preferred to be cautious and do not talk about it now: "When the season is over I will talk about what happened in the classics. We we observe, has ruled Rosell. (via MD)

Champions League finals. Did you know ...?

This Saturday at Wembley, will face two teams with three European Cups each. Here we review the similarities and historical curiosities that have surrounded the end of Catalans and 'Red Devils'.

Both Manchester United and Barcelona won their first final of the European Cup at Wembley Stadium. The British in 1968, against Benfica (4-1), and the Catalans in 1992 against Sampdoria (1-0).

The two clubs certified its first success in the continental showpiece in overtime.

The United and Barca had to wait many years for repeat win in the Champions League. 31 years the 'Red Devils' (to Barcelona 1999) and 14 of the Catalans (to Paris 2006).

In the second Champions League, each had to overcome an early goal from rivals. Bayern Munich and Arsenal were defeated, both in the aftermath of the final.

The third of Manchester United was in Moscow in 2008, after leaving Barcelona in the gutter in the semifinals. The third of the Catalans was in 2009, just before Sir Alex Ferguson.

For the two clubs will be the third final in the last six editions of the Champions League.

United have won 3 of the 4 finals of the European Cup in which he has participated. The boat has 3 of 6.

Whoever wins will match the winners of Ajax and Bayern Munich, with four titles each. Only have over the Madrid (9), Milan (7) and Liverpool (5).

It is the sixth final of the continental showpiece to be played at Wembley Stadium. Milan have won there (1963), Manchester Utd (1968), Ajax (1971), Liverpool (1978) and Barcelona (1992).

Pep Guardiola Rome became the sixth managed to win the European Cup as a player and coach. Completing the list of honor Miguel Muñoz, Giovanni Trapattoni, Johan Cruyff, Carlo Ancelotti and Frank Rijkaard.

Sir Alex Ferguson is 69 years. The only coach to have won this competition is becoming more veteran Raymond Goethals (he was 71 when he won in 1993 with Olympique Marseille). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The campers seeking protection for Saturday

The campers will continue their protest peacefully, no matter what happens in the final of the Champions, and asked for help with any disputes during the celebration.

The campers from Plaza Catalunya reiterated that remain in this place and have requested protection from the authorities, after the Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, have been asked to leave the concentration to not coincide with a possible conclusion of the victory of Barcelona in the Champions League.

"Our demands are legitimate and want to continue in the center of the city exposing them until Sunday, at least, as approved by the assembly," he told Efe, Oriol Sebastian, one of the longest-camped in the Plaza Catalunya.

"If he wins the club will give a lesson in popular living, something that a Councillor would not happen," added Manel Ros through Twitter.

The campers are willing to go "peacefully" in the square and "no answer" to any provocation by the most radical supporters of FC Barcelona, ​​according to Ivan, the Information Commissioner.

"But if the 'hooliganism' and right-wing attack us, the institutions have an obligation to defend ourselves," said Oriol Sebastian, who has called for "protection" to "Civil Protection, the Department of Interior and the head of the Guardia Urbana ".

"We're vulnerable, we are in danger and this is an emergency," added Sebastià personal capacity, after announcing that the campers are preparing a document to that effect, which published on its website "when it is consensual." (via SPORT)

Puyol and Pique 'freak out' with Cesc

Many of the Barca players wishing heartily that his friend Cesc Fabregas back to the Nou Camp. On Thursday, Gerard Pique came the curious picture you can see below, which along with Puyol, hallucinate with a table that Cesc dispute a ball to Fernando Torres. (via SPORT)

Ottmar Hitzfeld wish you luck in Barcelona for the final

German coach Ottmar Hitzfeld, winner of the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, has wished luck to FC Barcelona for the final top European club competition next Saturday against Manchester United.

"In London on Saturday we expect a final outcome with a completely open. In any case, I admit that I, as a supporter of Barcelona, ​​I wish luck to the team. Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and his mates play football even more beautiful than Manchester United, "Hitzfeld said in his regular column published on Thursday the magazine Kicker."

Hitzfeld believes the final as a reflection of the current state of European football since the two teams are as champions of the two strongest leagues in the continent.

Moreover, according to Hitzfeld, statistics show that ManU and Barcelona have dominated the continental football in recent years. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "We do not come to play, we come to win"

Barcelona sports vice president has proved ambitious before the final against Manchester United, though, whatever happens on Saturday, called the season "magnificent."

"Our team did not come here to play the Champions League final but to win it." Such confidence is the vice president said Bartomeu in London, two days before the Wembley final. The leader of the Barça has highlighted the spirit of the workforce: "They are very competitive, have for years showing that they want to win. There is no historical emergency, but be ambitious as ever."

Moreover, Bartomeu said he sees the team motivated for the great quote: "They've won everything, in fact they have lost very few games in the last three years. Now, with a final concentration is maximum."

The vice president recalled that in issuing three champions Barcelona Wembley '92: Andoni Zubizarreta, Pep Guardiola and Carles Busquets. "Sure you will experience. That changed the European Cup the club's history." He added: "The history of the clubs in Europe is built with trophies and this is the greatest of all. Therefore, if we win the fourth largest in club history Our main goal was the League and this is an award. "

He would not discuss details of planning for next season, but Bartomeu has dared to take stock of this year. "We are very happy with how the season has gone. It is superb and excellent. Win or lose are the best in the world today, whatever happens will not change forecasts for the future," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Concentrated in the new hotel

After two nights at The Grove, the club has moved on Thursday to the Wyndham Grand Hotel, in London's Chelsea neighborhood, where it will be until Sunday morning after the final of the Champions League.

Grímsvötn volcano ashes made the expected travel plan first team players will vary and FC Barcelona were to London two days earlier. After being on Tuesday evening concentrated at The Grove, the team has moved up to the London borough of Chelsea to focus on the Wyndham Grand Hotel, and thereby recover the original travel plan.

The players have made ​​this morning, a new training at the Sports City Arsenal . And once the equipment has been transferred to the new team hotel, which runs through Sunday, and after passing the final of the Champions League at Wembley.

On Friday afternoon the two teams set foot in Wembley Stadium. The first to do so will be the Manchester United, when at 17.30 hours (local time) shall be exercised in the stage of the game. Earlier, at 16.45, hits Alex Ferguson press conference and two players from the 'Red Devils'.

Barca did not train at Wembley until 19 hours (20 pm ET Catalan). Earlier, at 18.15, will be the press conference Pep Guardiola, and players Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol. (via FCBarcelona.cat)