25 May 2011

The staff of Barça goes to the 'Chicharito' as a great danger

Mexican striker Berbatov has swiped at his place in the starting lineup of Manchester, and aims to head at Wembley.

Mexican Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, the revelation of this season at Manchester United, has become a serious threat in the way of Barça to achieve their fourth Champions League.

This was considered most of the Barca team players, who see the Mexico international player to a decisive goal scorer and attacker approaches the manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

"Chicharito is very goal. There is a player noted for his dribbling and being very clever, but always in the right place at the right time, these players are more difficult to mark. We must be very careful" alert Brazilian defender Dani Alves.

The Mexican has adapted wonderfully to Manchester United in his first season in England with 20 goals in 44 appearances, and making a place in the starting lineup ahead of attackers enshrined as Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov.

For another predator of the area as Barcelona's David Villa, the couple who are Hernandez and Wayne Rooney is exceptional, and hopes that the Catalans are central to the height to stop them.

"They are exceptional players, either one or the other. They are different but very complementary. I think they've done a very great season in all competitions between the two. It will be very difficult, but we are confident in our defense, we also have very good players" said Villa.

The Spanish international Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol and Argentina's Javier Mascherano will have the difficult ballot to counter weapons of the two scorers that Barca have studied.

"In some ways make the system we have. Rooney plays between the lines, makes the plants are more aware of Chicharito and he has more freedom of movement," said Xavi Hernandez, the brains of the team that trains Pep Guardiola.

Another Barça midfielder, Catalan Sergio Busquets, believes that his team should not focus solely on stopping Chicharito Hernández, because if they neglected other important players of the "red devils."

"For the big players is difficult to stop, not slow down to a player only. Is slow with the whole team helping and working defensively. The Manchester any player can do anything, not just Chicharito" qualifies Busquets, pointing to Roooney Ecuador's Valencia and other dangers English.

Finally, the end Pedro Rodriguez praises ahead of Manchester United, will seek a rematch Saturday's defeat of 2009 in Rome, when Barca won 2-0 with goals from Samuel Eto'o, now at Inter Milan, and Leo Messi.

"Everyone is very strong. But it is true they have some very good strikers like Rooney Chicharito and which are going very well in space, and you have to be on top so they try not to make their game," says the player canary .

For Peter, "Chicharito" is "a very fast player and hard worker" who always supports the team, looking for depth, and also "well defined" in front of goal. (via SPORT)

Busquets: "I have no anger or nothing to prove"

Sergio Busquets has the mind of the Champions League final and there is nothing or anyone to distract your attention. Barca midfielder moved on to the controversy surrounding his alleged insults to Marcelo Madrid semis, which had almost cost him a penalty, and claims not to feel "no anger" ...

"I have no anger. It's a party like any other and depart just as focused. The rest is all outside," says Busquets a few days the party that will play Manchester United.

Busquets came under the media spotlight in the last round of the Champions League after the Real Madrid UEFA accused him before the alleged racist insults by Marcelo. A complaint that the football body rejected unprovable.

The Catalan player in private circles denied insulting to Madrid. And now I do not want to think about it. Only in the final. "Not to prove anything," notes Sergio Busquets, who at 22 is on track to boost its second Champions.

"It's special to win this final for that (the allegation). Force is winning many titles and, in this case, my second Champions League. Force is winning the World League, everything."

And the same way that avoids the criticism, praise also, as in his day was the coach Vicente del Bosque.

"I am a team player who tries to work for the team, but I'm not popular, much less. Here all the players we feel important. Without my teammates could do nothing," he admits.

Also, Sergio is provided "proud" to be perhaps the youngest player to jump to eleven Wembley turf, "I want to enjoy the final and, as he said the coach, may be the last. While it is clear that we are young and you never know. "

Equally generous towards his fellow shown in the references to his rival: "I am struck by Manchester in general. Line by line are great players, because we are talking about a team that lately has reached many finals and has a great set "he acknowledges. "It is impossible to stay with you."

In any case, on November 28 will have the opportunity to meet them in London and be able to remove a thorn by the individual and critical to the team. "After a year as hard, we have only a game" statement. (via SPORT)

Palermo president sees Pastore at Barca

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini believes his Argentine striker Javier Pastore will leave next season Pep Guardiola's Barcelona.

"I guess the shirt of Barcelona because for me that's where it will go. It seems that Messi wants the two of them form a fantastic couple," Zamparini said in an interview published today by the Italian sports daily Corriere dello Sport. "

The Italian, however, says he has not received any call from the Catalan club, interested in the young striker, although he notes that there are many teams that have contacted his agent directory.

"I just directly called me a big club, others have called his agent. It is no secret that it is a play that like AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is a siege, "said Zamparini, who acknowledges that he has only spoken with one of the Italian teams.

The head of Palermo, who believes that the chances of leaving the club Pastore are 50 percent, recognizing that the price of the player can exceed 50 million euros which provides a verbal agreement.

"There is a verbal clause of 50 million and do not exclude that with all the clubs who are interested can overcome this figure", said Zamparini.

The Italian recalled that the Argentine striker is still three years remaining on his contract with Palermo, but admits that the amounts that are handled are very large.

"For me (Pastore) is not in the market because it has three-year contract renewal that are close to, but if I can get as much money ...", says the president of Palermo, that next Sunday is facing Inter in the Cup final in Italy. (via SPORT)

Barca favorite in the betting at Betfair for Wembley final

According to bookmaker Betfair, Guardiola's team is now the favorite to become the champion of the Champions League against Manchester United. Users are betting that the club will take the title in the 90 minutes of matches.

The final of the Champions League is a sporting event that has the highest volume of transactions throughout the year. So these days the bookmakers have a lot of work, including Betfair , a supplier of both finalists, FC Barcelona and Manchester United .

Three days before the Wembley final on Betfair users opt for the FC Barcelona to pick up his fourth Champions League history. Much thought that Barca will win ( EUR 1.54 euro ) and also bet that will take the title in the 90-minute match and will not be necessary to achieve the extension and penalties ( 2.06 euros per euro bet ).

The betting market is very wide and the face of this party also choose who can score the first goal. In this regard Messi is emerging as a great candidate for Betfair users as the first scorer of the match ( 6 euros for every euro wagered .) Followed behind Villa and Pedro .

As the final result many believe that will resolve the champion of the Champions League with a 1 to 0 in favor of FC Barcelona ( 7.4 euros for every euro wagered .) It is followed by the 1 to 1, 0 0, 2 to 0 and 2 to 1, as the final score that users see as more likely. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves: "Go into the story? Football remembers only winners"

The Brazilian believes he has to enter to win regardless of the history of football.

"We want to win it back, regardless of being able to enter the history of football" , said Brazilian fullback Daniel Alves , who will play his first final of the Champions League, as a penalty prevented him from playing in Rome in 2009.

Not only will contest the European crown at Wembley, but also a direct ticket to the pantheon of football. With two Champions behind him in six years and a new final ahead of the Barcelona players know they are on the verge of football history by displaying, but none of that matters without a victory on Saturday against Manchester United .

Now, one step up the glory of the continental tournament, Alves will look to recoup a semi-final against Real Madrid where he was one of those indicted by the white set for his alleged entry theater in a Portuguese defender Pepe. Therefore, the Brazilian player loses his air witty to talk about Saturday's final, and his action is measured. "If we go down in history, much better, but in football you are only remembered the winners," he concluded. (via Marca.com)

Zubizarreta speak this afternoon from London

Barca entity wants to "make London the same as it was intended to do in Barcelona", after last night the team had to advance his trip because of the Icelandic volcano.

Andoni Zubizarreta, Barcelona's sports director, offered this afternoon a press conference at the hotel where all staff are staying in London with the intention of fulfilling the program that the club had set for his last days in Spain before the end of the Champions League.

According to Efe reported to club sources, the entity Barca wants to "make London the same as it was intended to do in Barcelona", after last night the team had to advance his trip two days before the threat of possible problems in air traffic by the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland.

The hearing is scheduled for 17.00 local time (18.00 in Spain and 16.00 GMT) before the team is trained in the sports city of the Arsenal, located in the town of St. Albans, north of London.

Zubizarreta will be the sole spokesman for the club who will address the media this afternoon and no other member of the party appear to Barcelona press conference technician, Pep Guardiola, on Friday, the eve of the Wembley final against Manchester United.

The players return to training tomorrow in the same facilities provided by the Gunners, who yesterday returned to Cesc Fabregas, captain of the England team to continue to prepare in the middle of your vacation and not lose fitness.

The club has not yet decided the time at which to perform the morning training session, but said that much like today's will be closed.

Until his commitment to coach this afternoon, the Barcelona players have time to relax or stroll around London, if the multitude of Spanish found in the city permits.

Spanish Finalists of the "Champions" breakfast together this morning in the hotel district of Watford, northeast of London, and were scheduled to eat at 13.30 local time (14.30 in Spain and 12.30 GMT). (via AS)

[Ex player] Lineker: "Barca must have a bad day to win the United"

"Time will tell, but potentially this boat may be the best team that ever lived ... The best option for United is that Messi is removed on heating."

Former England footballer Gary Lineker , who plays for Barcelona in the late 1980's, said today that his former team is the favorite in the final of the Champions League which takes place on Saturday in Wembley and the options of Manchester United go through a bad day for the Catalans.

Lineker is little doubt that the team of Pep Guardiola will be his fourth Champions League despite the good form that of Alex Ferguson has shown this season, the Premiership champions and unbeaten in the top European competition. "If Barcelona is, you win. Barça having a bad day for the United have a realistic chance of winning. That or accompanying the United lucky," said the former striker.

Speaking to the BBC , chain he works as a presenter and commentator, Lineker considered the fact that the final is played in England benefited from Manchester, but added that ultimately impose the football club. "Risking in England, most likely you have the most support from the stands. And it's a 90 minute game, not two legs, which improves their chances," he said.

"But if they played 10 times, the United could win one or two games, would have maybe a couple of draws and the club would win the rest," said Lineker, confessed lover of Guardiola. "Time will tell, but potentially this boat may be the best team that ever lived. Of course the best team I've ever seen, in regard to the appeal of football and as the sport has advanced" he said.

"They will compete with the big teams, with the great Liverpool, the great AC Milan and Real Madrid with the great past, but I think it must be a prolific winner of the Champions League. If defeat to Manchester United and make two or three (titles) over the next few years with his style of football (...) could become the best team ever, "he said.

Lineker also had words of praise for Ferguson, who said that, regardless of what happens on Saturday, is "the best coach in the history of British football." "He has already won the Champions League twice, has won 12 league titles and FA Cups numerous (...). Even if you lose this match (the final on Saturday), you can not be blamed, it will be because Barcelona is a team really amazing, "argued the former player.

On the tactical approach of United, Lineker hopes Ferguson plays "as it has in recent weeks, with "Chicharito" Hernández up, Rooney behind, filling the center of the field as possible and fighting back as quickly as possible. " "But the club is so good that even if you have any plans in the world, if Messi , Iniesta and Xavi are tuned, you have a problem. The best option for United is that Messi is removed on heating, Lineker joked. (via AS)

[Former player] Edmilson: "I think that Barca will win"

The former Barcelona Edmilson is optimistic options Wembley Barça but warns that in a final anything can happen. Speaking to Barça TV, praised the Brazilian Sergio Busquets and recalls the final in Paris in 2006.

Barça heart José Edmilson pounding in these final days before the Champions League. Real Zaragoza midfielder and defended the Barça shirt between 2004 and 2008 seasons knows what he must feel the men of Pep Guardiola. He himself experienced the May 17, 2006 in Paris when he was part of the team that won the second European Cup in the history of Barca.

Speaking to Barça TV after the signing of the agreement between the Foundation and the Foundation Edmilson from FC Barcelona , the former Barcelona remember the great experience provided him win the Champions League final in Paris : "It was a special night as of the 2002 World Cup final which Brazil won. I have stored in memory everything that happened. We started bad, with two major interventions Valdés. Then came the expulsion of Lehman, but they went ahead on the scoreboard. In the second time changed everything Iniesta. The team was very close to win the Champions League and for me that was a title as memorable as the World Cup. "

Edmilson is added to the school of thought that gives Barça the role of favorite against United, but warns that in the end, the detail can swing the title of one side or the other: "I think that Barca will win, but in a final anything can happen. A Champions League final is unlike any other competition. A single mistake can make you lose the game. "

Warning aside, the former Barcelona believes that the club is better team than ManU: "I think it's better as a team and individually. A long time playing together and have a very definite pattern of play. It will also be an important final for many players who have not won before.

During the four seasons he played for Barcelona, ​​Edmilson shared with Rafa Marquez demarcation as defensive midfielder with good performance has held Sergio Busquets since he took the first team. Edmilson is pleasantly surprised by the high performance of midfielder Badia: "In my day, Sergio sometimes trained with the first team and has not taught us all the potential it had, perhaps from shyness or youth. Now he has proven to be a top player, and that Guardiola has managed to engage the technical quality of a great tactical ability. I think today is one of the best midfielders in the world. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection ] Squad for the matches against the United States and Venezuela

The National Coach Vicente del Bosque has offered in the morning on Wednesday in the lounge José Villalonga Soccer City on list of players summoned for the dispute of the next two friendlies, to play the 4th and June 7th .

The list of players summoned by national team is as follows:
GK: Iker Casillas, José Manuel Reina, Víctor Valdés
DF: Álvaro Arbeloa, Raúl Albiol, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Carlos Marchena, Joan Capdevila, Andoni Iraola.
MF: Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets, Santiago Cazorla, Andrés Iniesta, Bruno Soriano, Borja Valero.
FW: David Villa, David Silva, Fernando Llorente, Fernando Torres, Pedro Rodríguez, Manu Del Moral, Álvaro Negredo.

Match schedule
USA - Spain (FOXBOROUGH, June 4, 2011, Gillette Stadium at 16.41 local time)
Venezuela - Spain (Puerto La Cruz, June 7, 2011, General Jose Antonio Anzoategui Stadium at 16.00 local time).
The man squad will concentrate on 31 May at 13.00 hours at the Soccer City of Las Rozas, and the output is scheduled for 1 June at 18:00 hours from Madrid-Barajas Airport. The exit to Venezuela will be held on June 5 at 16.00.
The return to Madrid is scheduled on June 7 and arrive on the 8th of June at 12.50 hours Madrid-Barajas Airport. (RFEF)

FC Barcelona - Els Toons, a la final de Wembley

Valencia (Manchester United), best in the world centering

Valencia is known for being more effective than Beckham or Cristiano.

Say he is the best centering of the world, or at least I got rid of a study in mid 2010 by the British newspaper News of the world 'according to which Antonio Valencia was more effective by putting balls into the area that the very David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. The truth is that it is one of those ends of the remaining few. Working with the ball at his feet, fast, agile and powerful are some of the features of this 25-year-old Ecuadorian hit in England after a short and frustrating way through the Spanish League. And it came to Europe Valencia signed for Villarreal in the year from the National Sports Club of your country. In Castellon all just had chances and was loaned to Recreativo Huelva, who was active in the Second Division. In Huelva, was promoted to the top flight and his return to Villarreal, the club 'yellow' chose to accept an offer from Wigan Athletic in time to give it another chance. Britain was at this club where he began to attract attention from other teams until last season, Manchester United decided to pay no less than 26 million euros to sign him, becoming the most expensive player in the history of Ecuadorean football.

Not paid in vain, as the Ecuadorian gave a great performance in his first season. He was elected for two consecutive months best player of the month, was included in the starting ideal of the Premier League and participated very actively in Manchester won titles this season. In the final of the Carling Cup against Aston Villa gave assistance to Wayne Rooney's first goal. Manchester won 2-1 and Valencia was named man of the match. It also helped to win the Community Shield with a goal in the first half and with an attendance goal for 'Chicharito' Hernandez. The game ended 3-1.No started well this season, as in a game against the Rangers suffered a double fracture of tibia and fibula closed on his left leg that he had six months off the pitch. But his return has been instrumental in some games again, as in the semis against Schalke. It is a serious threat. (via MD)

Cesc, the 'spy' of Barca

Cesc analyzes in detail the game for United and Ferguson is predicting eleven for the final, three midfielders.
Ferguson will present the final as the games we play against, with three solid media ".

Very few people can speak to both the foundation of Manchester United by Sir Alex Ferguson as Cesc Fabregas, football player who accumulates seven seasons measured at the 'Red Devils' in the Premiership. He has done in the Champions League as in the semis Rome prior to the Cup, the Carling and FA Community Shield, the Arenys won the August 8, 2004 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, with only 17. His team, the Arsenal is also one of the six, and last, they have managed to beat a rival Barcelona in the final at Wembley. Was 1 May and Cesc, who missed the match through injury, says Ferguson repeated convinced that the approach of that day. "Manchester will play against Barça as he always does against us, with three men in midfield that guarantee soundness, and three up" bet the brain of the Gunners. If Mourinho is the spy Ferguson, Cesc, through Mundo Deportivo, it is the club.

The former Barcelona, ​​who attended MD on Monday, after making a quick trip to enjoy the F1 Montmelo and finalize details of its summer campus, the picture is clear, but keeps many doubts about the eleven who have Ferguson.

"They only have guaranteed the square Van der Sar, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and Rooney. For others there are many applicants," said the midfielder, who speaks wonders of the Dutch goal: "Win the end. It is a competitor that is grown in large dating and want to leave football with a win. It will be a legend. "

The former Barcelona looks at alternative positions. "The right side should be for one of the brothers, Fabio and Rafael, who footballing are similar, if Ferguson decides on O'Shea for his greater experience will be a disappointment and sent a message of fear to your computer. In the end you to be brave. I think the choice is Fabio, Rafael, because he played in the Premiership. "

The Arenys was full of praise for the central couple. "They are the foundation of the team, shooting team. Experts and physically very powerful. His duel with Messi will decide the final," he predicts. Cesc also warns to be one of Manchester's offensive strengths. "A dead ball Vidic is dangerous. Ferdinand does not go up forever, but I think in the end it will. Ferguson is aware of the physical superiority of his team and knows that the best can sometimes be mistakes and corners. The strategy is key in the finals. "

In the midfield, with Carrick undisputed, the combinations are many. Cesc is committed to the Korean Park Ji-Sung. "As is always the major commitments.'s Tireless," he says. Another contender is the eternal Ryan Giggs: "Personally, I want to play. He deserves it. It's great. Your last three months have been incredible, with very important goals and assists. Has slowed down but kept all his talent." Another place might be for Fletcher. "It is the player who joins the team when Ferguson opted for a midfield three. Also Anderson, but I do not play at Wembley. Fletcher is the only player in the United you can do a man marking Iniesta and Xavi and If Ferguson wants to tie it to one of the two, play safe. "

All indications are that Nani and Valencia will host a site on the band. "They're two different players. Nani is unpredictable because it dominates the two legs and you can find the center or the firing, which is very good. Valencia is always looking for the dribble to the right to pull out the center, which is always accurate." As coach, Cesc trust the Portuguese. "Valencia finished the season in shape, but Nani has shown a high level. I would say he has scored 10 goals and handed out 18 assists. Even if I think of Ferguson, I put Valencia," he argues when you enter the Ecuadorian NAME OF slate.

In the end, Pep admits that his approach may vary depending on whether Rooney and Chicharito play or only English. "I would think that Rooney will play only. Although we can not rule out playing the two because Rooney has worked much more as a second point with Chicharito looking back at the limit of power, or where he has played with Berbatov." Speed ​​is precisely the main argument of the United. "When they do not defend the ball as a small, close together and well, but when retrieve it out like airplanes. It's the classic English soccer, vertical, with the difference that come through the short pass and not the long ball ".

Cesc highlights the great virtue of Manchester. "They are extremely competitive," he says. But he adds that the club is the team that can do more damage, "do not care to defend, but when they do not feel comfortable dominate. If the club has the ball and moves it from side to side, as in Rome, will much of the final won. " Cesc relies heavily on their own. (via MD)

[Selection Under-16] Spain 4 - 3 Belgium

The Spanish Under-16 selection won 4-3 to Belgium in a thrilling match at Ciudad del Fútbol. Ivan Calero, twice, Unai López y Dani Iglesias were the authors of many. (via RFEF)

[Technical Data]
España: Sergio Rodríguez, Héctor Bellerin, Iván Sáez (40´Rodrigo Tarin),Víctor Ruíz(61´Rubén Duarte), Alejandro Grimaldo(61´Salva Ruíz); Íker Undabarrena(61´Borja Martínez), Sergi Samper, Samuel Castillejo, Unai López, Iván Calero(70´Aitor Seguín) y Sandro Ramírez(Dani Iglesias 70´)

Bélgica: Rogiest Benny, Locigno Sebastien, Van Den Ackerveken, Fiore Corentin, Gálvez López, Hendricky Gactan (67´Rivituso Anthony), Cino David(Dierckx Tuur), Den Doncker, Paulo Da Silva, Milosevic Deni (67´Gerkens Pieter) y Koc Anil (45´Ian Raeymaekers)

Goals: (1-0) Iván Calero 14', (1-1) Paulo Da Silva 24', (2-1) Iván Calero 26', (2-2) Gálvez López 60', (3-2) Unai López 65', (4-2) Dani Iglesias 72' y (4-3) Gerkens 74'.

Referee: Fernando José Yuste Herredero.

Incidents: Senior Field Soccer City, Las Rozas, Madrid.

Stop the signing of Sporting José Angel

It seemed that the club would close on Monday the signing of left side of Sporting and Vega Arango and general director of the Asturian club travel to Barcelona to close the operation, but everything has been postponed until after the Champions League, to jump news on the air. José Manuel arrives to play in the B and jump to the first team when needed. (via SPORT)

Puyol could undergo surgery after Wembley

He would undergo an artroscopia for the to clean their left knee and to solve their problems once and for all.

Anything has shown Carles Puyol since it was first Blaugrana shirt is their enormous capacity for sacrifice and almost epic character that makes him a true idol for a handful of generations that have enjoyed his humor. We're talking about a professional in the branch came to play with broken wrist in the first team came from the face to the point of having to play several games with a plastic mask as if it were the `Ghost Opera ".

This season's epic live one more chapter to see Carles Puyol in the team that will jump to the new Wembley to play the Champions League final against Manchester United. And do not say just for the superhuman effort that is bearing the captain in recent months because of his left knee but because Guardiola promised that he would be in big games and has more than fulfilled. He was in three of the four classic against Real Madrid "just missed the cup final and now he will repeat in the final.

It may not be a hundred percent, but the player will not miss this key event. And the act charged dyes titanic because the captain will almost certainly under the knife just after the end to solve their problems in his left knee. The renowned surgeon Ramon Cugat, who will be responsible for the operation, has already made its agenda two possible days to intervene in the clinic Dexeus: Tuesday May 31 or Thursday 2 June.

The operation is considered by experts to be relatively simple and unobtrusive, and consisting of an arthroscopy to clean up his left knee and finish put his vastus lateralis, the key to all evils. In principle, the time off will be a month and a half, so it could start the season, scheduled for 15 or 18 July, without mishap.

What is clear is that Puyol will have to forget about a vacation because you have to throw normal hours and courage in their recovery to achieve definitely say goodbye to her left knee problems that have marked much this season. The player was first to give the nod to the operation, since they do not want to go through what you have experienced this year. For its part, the club's medical services support 100% your decision, while it is the Dr. Cugat who believes that the theater is the most convenient solution.

The center, after leaving the field to break the Barça-Racing's January 22, had to undergo several tests that confirmed he was suffering from tendinitis in the vastus lateralis of the left knee. Was stopped nearly three months in which they scored several dates for their comeback. The first was the round of the Champions League against Arsenal, but the recovery was not expected and Puyol had to wait until April 16 to return.

It was in the Real Madrid-Barça the league, when a dramatic effect of Pep Guardiola, placed him in the starting XI at the Bernabeu. The effort paid off, but the knee still not recovered one hundred percent. Hence, the La Pobla has not returned to full training and follow a specific plan. The objective now is solely the Champions League final. Normally, the best option would be to stop, but this is not a game either. Puyol returns to Wembley and will be in force only after when considering the possibility of undergoing surgery.

Not the first time Puyol no vacation because of an injury. Already occurred in the summer of 2007 when lesioón during a friendly in South Africa and had to undergo surgery for a torn lateral collateral ligament in his left knee. Had to spend one and a half recovering from the injury to bind to the start of the season. The episode will be repeated now and Puyol returns to give a sample unconditional commitment to a color. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "We will leave this"

Laporta jokes about the situation Artur Mas trip to London after the eruption of.

Sandro Rosell yesterday sent a positive message to Barça despite the eruption of the volcano Grímsvötn plan that threatens the London travel partners. "We will leave this," he said yesterday during the ceremony of the Seventh International Journalism Award Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.

Rosell addressed the issue after picking up the gauntlet of Artur Mas who starred in a friendly dialogue. The President of the Generalitat, playing at home does the event was held at the headquarters of the Presidency "served as chief of ceremonies. "Now is the turn of FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, who will have to be quick and concise if you do not want to miss the plane," tore Mas. "Why do not you know it's worse if the final fart or lose the plane," continued the President.

A Rosell escaped a smile and acknowledged the trouble. "I do not miss the plane. The truth is that we are in a cloud of ash that has forced us to make logistical exercises you can not imagine ... but will leave this, "he said. The dialogue between More and Rosell was only a short break of an act with three major players. Two were physically in the citation (the winners Juan Jose Millas and Eduardo Galeano) and one remains in the memory of all (Manuel Vazquez Montalban).

Millás picked up the seventh International Journalism Award Manuel Vazquez Montalban in the category of cultural and political journalism and made a heartfelt tribute to be his friend. "Today I dreamed of coming from Madrid told me that Manolo had been hiding all this time and had to return the award."

Galeano, meanwhile, was honored in the category of sports journalism and wanted to devote the Josep Sunyol Award, former president of FC Barcelona, ​​shot in August 1936 by Franco's troops. The author of 'Football in Sun and Shadow ", one of the great classics of the books devoted to football, it was agreed the current Barcelona and the way they play. The anti-mainstream. "It has gone from playing for the pleasure of playing, playing for the duty to win," he lamented. Rosell also had words of praise for the Uruguayan author, "a multifaceted writer, an example of vaores and fair play for all." (via SPORT)

[Former player] Rivaldo: "There has been yet another team like Barça"

Rivaldo, one of the largest and one of the best '10 'Barca fan declaring the work of Guardiola.

Now, with 39 years' Rivo do you enjoy the last glimpses as a professional in the Sao Paulo FC. Guardiola Fan's work, showed his fascination with this unique team and bet for victory in the final at Wembley.

How does it feel to see the club?

Never saw a team that aroused such admiration. I am proud because when he speaks of people remember that there was Rivaldo. Too bad you can not play now. This is superior.

In what way?

Mainly in empathy. It sees the hand of the coach. Barça plays like playing Guardiola, one or two touches. Pep is a fundamental factor. But without Pep hardly play this way.

In his day was Van Gaal ...

I can not compare them. Are different. Van Gaal is and was a great coach, but Guardiola is a coach who recently stopped playing and still know what the players think. Born there, he knows how the club and has the advantage that many players are in the house.

What has brought Pep?

It plays easy, no pass fail and this is the result of training. Guardiola works much the pass. He was playing well before reaching the ball and knew what to do. This is transmitted.

How do you think Guardiola sees the costumes?

Being a good person, sure that the group plays for him to win and Guardiola follow. If another technician is unlikely to be able to do the same job. Is a friend, who participates, who talks a player-coach. You can teach the group because it has a nice story in the club because he was an idol as a player.

Is this Barça is one of the best teams in history?

To me, the better. I never saw so much talk about a club like Barcelona today. Never saw a team play this way.

What's so special?

Watching it, you learn to play. Football is not dribbling three or four rivals, or be an individualist. What is the package. Barca are giving an example of how you play. Whoever runs the ball. Leave the field rivals Barca could be dead but two games in a row. Play easy.

And where Rivaldo play in this boat?

Seeing him gives me nostalgia of being younger. Hard to tell me because the team is so nice but at this stage I was at Barca and Guardiola what I know, sure I'll look for a place to settle.

Would it be compatible with Messi?

(Smiles). For my part, yes. Anyone would like to play at his side. As I said before the last World Cup, will be five or six times the best in the world. If still the same and with the same humility will be remembered alongside Pele, Maradona and someone else.

"Humility is a key to success?

I know Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, Valdes, talked to others and what else has the club is humility. These players do not believe in itself, everyone is looking to partner, no envy, no jealousy. Of course you speak more than Messi, but behind him is all Barcelona.

Why do you think has not lost the hunger for titles?

It is the fruit of humility. A player who wants to make history can not stop after a great conquest. It's nice to see this group. No change will be difficult for the poor phase displayed the next three years.

How do you envision the final?

You never know. Manchester has a long tradition and has already won the Champions League, but I think the favorite is Barcelona. You can have a bad day, but if things go well and plays like he is doing is going to be a champion.

Who you choose as a hero at Wembley?

I always like to look at the whole, but by the person who is, I wish it was Xavi. Is the head of the team, takes responsibility and reassure other Or Puyol, who is also a great guy. (via SPORT)

Neville said goodbye in style

Rooney, who scored a goal, Giggs and Scholes played half an hour before the Juve (1-2) in the lateral farewell.

Nineteen seasons and 602 official games later, again with coach Alex Ferguson, Gary Neville was dismissed yesterday from the fans of ManUnited. A match against Juventus, which ended in victory `bianconera" (1-2), ended the loyalty side some colors that has always remained loyal.

The party brought together possible holders of next Saturday's final against FC Barcelona, ​​like Rooney, Scholes and Giggs, who played the first half hour, with the recent past. Beckham, who left the ManU in summer 2003 to join Real Madrid galactic project, Phil Neville and Nicky Butt were also on the strange side that allowed the supporters' club "of English enjoy Beckahm and the connection between Rooney and savor the latest additions to the attack of Gary Neville. The tribute was hailed to retire in 84 minutes.

Giggs, in the center of the controversy, made his mark by serving the middle with Rooney opened the scoring. After Pepe scored and Boniperti. But above all, the eyes were placed on Beckham, who remains a hero at Old Trafford. With a velvet glove on your feet, 'Becks' just lacked a goal. (via SPORT)

Football Draft 2011 also crowned the cantera culé

Santiago Bernabéu facilities hosted the gala finale of the sixth edition of the awards Football Draft 2011. An initiative that serves to distinguish the best values ​​of Spanish quarry.

And how could it be otherwise, the grassroots representatives Barca were the stars of the night. Among the many prizes to be awarded, stressed above all the Golden Eleven, prepared by a technical committee that helped the national team coach Vicente del Bosque. A deluxe kit which included three players from the club.

Once awarded the Gold was as follows: De Gea, Mario Gaspar, Bartra, Amat, Luna, Kiko Femenía, Thiago, Recio, Muniain, Sergio Canales and Bojan Krkic.

In the other sets winners also noted a large representation of the quarry Barca. Indeed, in the Once Golden was honored as best band right Femenía Kiko, a player who over the next week could be confirmed as the new Barça.

Thiago and Bojan were the two notable absentees from the ceremony and went to Wembley last night. (via SPORT)

Madrid thrives on Turkish and Portuguese cantera

It seems unbelievable but true. National Quarry absent at Real Madrid. The Spanish "of grassroots football is a chimera. The quarry is used by the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Carvalho and possibly Coentrao. They have also seized on the couch, with Ozil, Sahin and Khedira. So they go to Madrid with both 'mercenary ". (via SPORT)

Kiko Femenía approaches and José Angel must wait

Esteban Andrada was the first, Jose Angel came later and is now the turn of Kiko Femenía. The Barca sports management has proposed a crackdown on those promises that blunt and whose prices are exorbitant. This is the case of Kiko Femenía. Hercules Barca and negotiate the transfer of this 20 year old player has been consolidated in First. Kiko Femenía is characterized by multi comprising the right side. His speed, power and technical conditions have allowed him to cope as a side, interior and extreme. The transfer price could be around four million euros.

The proposal would Barca sports to include soccer player in the staffing of Barça B, although it would be one of those players who alternate with the first team. The player would have given the go ahead and have rejected proposals from other clubs of First-Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Espanyol. Kiko Femenía and said goodbye to the fans of Hercules warning that next season would not.

The leaks about the case of José Angel not liked and did not resume contacts until next week. Efforts torn for days after the president's sports advisors recommend his signing. By Oscar Segura agent negotiations began and there was even a face to face in Malaga with the player's representative, Alfredo Martínez, taking advantage of Barca's league visit.

Despite what is published these days, sources said that Jose Angel Sporting call at the branch not under any circumstances. In fact, apart from including players from the quarry operation, the Asturian club Barça contemplate the transfer of left-back for another season. The final transaction is valued at four million euros. (via SPORT)

Team arrive in London

The squad arrived at London Stansted at 00.08 tonight and travelled straight to The Grove Hotel. On Wednesday they will continue to prepare for Saturday’s final at Arsenal’s training facilities.

After a two-hour flight, the party, headed by President Sandro Rosell, arrived in London ahead of this Saturday’s game against Manchester United. The players are settled in now at The Grove Hotel.

It’s been a busy evening for the squad who had originally planned a training session at 19.00 and another one on Wednesday, before flying to London on Thursday. However, all the various options were weighed up on Tuesday and it was finally decided that with the concerns about travel difficulties deriving from the volcanic ash cloud threatening UK air space, the trip would be re-arranged for Tuesday night.

The squad finally trained on Tuesday at 18.30, half an hour ahead of the scheduled time, with the news of Gaby Milito’s medical OK undoubtedly the best news of the day.

The training sessions which had been scheduled for the rest of the week in Barcelona will be held at Arsenal’s training facilities, with the originally arranged schedule to be followed from Thursday onwards. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rossi: "I dream of playing for Barça"

The Italian striker insists his desire is to aspire to win trophies and play "someday" a Champions League final.

Giuseppe Rossi could become one of the first signings of Barcelona for the draft next season. Italianoamericano Villarreal striker said yesterday in Catalunya Radio microphones' "willingness to be loved by the Catalans club," the best in the world, and all the world's football players want to play with the best. "

Rossi said that being part of a team like Barca is the dream "of any player and appealed to the Catalan club's ambition as one of the decisive factors in his step. "We all know that the club wins a lot, and the end is what all players want to do, win titles." Rossi also said that the club has "true events"

On holiday in Italy, before joining the concentration of the Italian, Rossi also admitted that participate in the final of the European Cup as Barca will play the next Saturday is one of its greatest sporting objectives. "Hopefully one day I too may be at parties, I am working hard and preparing for that day to come."

The Italian international had no hesitation in acknowledging that "football is football Barca pure touching, moving, looking for places, have possession of the ball, that's football and the club does to perfection."

Top scorer of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and substitute Diego Forlan, Villarreal club that came in 2007, Rossi said that officially, has not spoken to his agent about his future. "It's nice to read that you relate with the great, but I have not talked to anyone about this issue," he said about the negotiations between Barca and Villarreal. (via SPORT)

To London with 600

Two partners of Barca have gone on Tuesday to London and have done with a 600. The Barca president, vice-president Sandro Rosell and Jordi Cardoner they have received in the Camp Nou.

Joan Antoni Hernandez and Martin are two members of FC Barcelona who left Tuesday morning from Lleida to come to London to attend the Final at Wembley with this peculiar 600 Barca.

Before doing from road to England, on Tuesday afternoon have been in the Nou Camp where they received the Barca president, Sandro Rosell, the vice president of social Jordi Cardona and the senior executive of the Social Commission, Pau Vilanova.

Therefore, your vehicle 100 by 100 Barca has been seen driving on the Camp Nou.

It is the first final attended by Joan and Antoni with this vehicle in 1970. "I went to Paris with this car. And there were 1,200 km and are now some 300 more," says Joan to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat.

Antoni, who is the mechanic and alternates with Joan at the wheel by driving the car, said that the approximate average speed of this car is 90 miles per hour. They plan to make 500 miles a day and arriving in London on Friday around 18.30 h.

"This car will stand as the team will endure. Is thoroughly prepared" predicts Joan also provides the final result: "We were 2-1 and one of the two goals will be Leo Messi."

When the 600 is mixed on the road with other cars and vehicles, the protagonists of this trip say that people would blow your horn and wishes them good luck for the final. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "I joined to play this kind of game"

David Villa said he moved to Barcelona to play games of the magnitude of which takes place next Saturday.

"I came to play games like this. I'm eager not only the time comes, but also to enjoy these days of training along with peers, and have good feelings within the field. And above all that that time comes and get win at Manchester, "said Villa.

The international player is faced with the possibility of getting your highest title as a player at club level, having been world champion Spain, but not obsessed with scoring a goal in the final.

"Right now they signed that put him into his own so to win. But if it can be and that is the case, hope I can make. Get in the club's history in this way would be a dream for me. But now all that I have in mind is to play the Cup final, lifting, and no matter how it is and who the target goal, "said Villa.

Barca will face Manchester United, an old rival since it is a remake of the 2009 final played in Rome and ended with a triumph of Pep Guardiola 2-0.

For Villa, at that time in Valencia, there is no spirit of revenge because a Champions League final does not need more motivation.

"It's a Champions League final, having lost more than in previous years, as we will want to win. Whether it was the club's rival or another. I think there are the incentive to win it than if motivation is great "he said.

Asturian striker has said that this week is about being well-focused, work well in practice and rest in order to get the game under optimal conditions.

He also said that the fact of playing in England is not a disadvantage because the club will also have the support of thousands of fans, who "certainly find other ways" to reach the capital, although the airspace is closed by the Icelandic volcano.

Finally, Villa has compared this final that led to Spain to become world champion in South Africa. "They are very important games, that only selected players compete, equipment choices, and I am proud to enjoy this, as the World Cup. I hope we have the same fate, "he said Villa. (via SPORT)

The two clásicos of the summer already have date

Supercopa de España, final of Copa del Rey and la Liga are dated.

2011-2012 La Liga will begin Aug. 21 and ends on May 13 in First division with four games on Wednesday, as approved by the board of this category of the Professional Football League (LFP), which set the date of Friday 25 May for the final of the Copa del Rey.

The dates agreed upon, must be ratified by the Assembly of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) in July, provide an exception to the Cup final, because if any Spanish team qualifies for the final of the Champions League is play the May 19 final in Munich copera be advanced to Sunday 20 May.

The conference set for Wednesday in First Division will be the fifth, on September 21, the tenth, on 26 October, 29, to be played on March 21 and 33, which takes place on April 11, according League announced.

The Board of the Second Division of the LFP also explained this morning the dates of the class, beginning on August 21 and conclude on June 3. Promotion playoffs will be played on 6 and June 10 the first round and 13 and June 17 the second.

There will also be workshops on Wednesday, in this case two, which will coincide with two of the First division, day 30, which will be played on March 21 and week 34, which will be held on 11 April. (via SPORT)