23 May 2011

Ash from the volcano can reach the United Kingdom and Ireland between now and tomorrow

Brussels says the ashes will affect the UK and Ireland tomorrow and is difficult to predict its evolution.
Says there will be more "flexibility" to manage traffic without compromising safety.

Icelandic volcano ashes Grímsvötn affect the Northwest UK and Ireland between now and tomorrow, but it is "difficult" to predict its evolution in the coming hours and know how it will affect other countries in the European Union, due to unstable weather as "density of the cloud is different to that already caused chaos in the European airspace last year, as reported by the European Commission.

Yet, says the EU has learned the "lessons" from the chaos of 2010 and European countries and airlines have more information now, so you can establish a more "flexible" to manage the situation and avoid serious changes in air traffic. "Safety comes first and there is no compromise on safety," he assured in a press conference Transport spokeswoman, Helen Kearns.

"It is difficult to predict how it might affect other parties in the European Union," Kearns added, because the weather situation is "changing", unlike last year, which was stable. In addition, the type of volcano is different "and" it is unclear what is the volume of ash emitted. "

The Twenty-seven have been in contact during the weekend to monitor the situation, although the crisis unit made up of airlines, Eurocontrol and the State aviation authority has met formally for the first time in the morning on Monday and is expected to Throughout the day issued a series of "recommendations" by area (red, blue and gray) depending on the concentration of ash.

The spokesman pointed out that there is no security risk and has announced that Executive Vice President responsible for Transport Community, Siim Kallas, is expected in the coming hours contact with the European ministers of industry.

Kearns has admitted it is "difficult" to determine the level of concentration of ash that the aircraft can tolerate because there is no answer "one" that fits all cases in all circumstances, and has called on the authorities' assessment once have all the necessary technical data. (via MD)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff believes that imposing his style to win the final

Johan Cruyff has re-emphasized the "great merit" of the League won by the club this year, the third row, in his weekly column in El Periódico. The Dutch announced a thrilling final between Barcelona and Manchester, "removed the Madrid, the best ending of all."

Johan highlights the differences between Barca and Manchester to explain the final. "What differentiates the two is their style of play," he ponders. And at that impose their style is where you see the key Flaco's final day 28. "I do not know who will win, but I know one thing, but accidents, the team lifted the cup to impose his game to another. Neither the United will be comfortable playing at the mercy of the ship or vice versa. The imposing his style has all the numbers to win the title. "

Still, given a slight advantage Cruyff at Barca and gives the role of favorite, yes, only "until a quarter to nine on Saturday. Then earn touch," says the man who was coach of Dream Team and first coach to lift the European Cup in Barcelona.

Johan stresses and recognizes the merit of the 40 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid, but warns that "football is a team game and next year if it were the case that the returns to Madrid to finish second and Cristiano repeats or improves Even these 40 goals, happiness would not be individually or collectively. " That said, the Dutch coach said that "Leo is exceptionally good, his private life is discrete, taking hits and gets in a game simulates never, never complains. The 23-year has a lot of career ahead," predicts.


Johan devotes a moving words to Ivan de la Peña recently announced by the end of his career. "From here, a hug to another good person and great player, Ivan de la Peña. Because of the injuries we have seen little, say some. Regardless of your party or minutes total, we have seen enough to enjoy his final pass, the more risky. "

Cruyff also has words of praise for Espanyol. "I'm glad it was Espanyol who enjoy it for many years. In Barcelona itself, his house, found the continuity at the club was not given. Neither he nor all of those talented Five of the Mini. They had be several years until Rijkaard and Guardiola appeared on the scene to retrieve the formula I do believe in the quarry. "

It ends with a nod very futbolero that suggests that de la Peña in the current Barca would be irreplaceable. Ivan leaves him with 35. If we now have those 19 years which debuted with me, Guardiola even be a little happier. " (via SPORT)

Rossi called up to Italy, do not know if he will return to Villarreal

Giuseppe Rossi, Villarreal's Italian forward, went to Rome to join the call for his selection, which has left the team a week before the rest of his teammates, and the mystery of whether return to the interest of several clubs in his signing.

Rossi requested permission from the club to have some days off, and incorporate your selection and, after a long season, which has been one of the players most used in the template.

The striker has signed this season his best performance of the four seasons he has been in Villarreal, after scoring 31 goals in official matches, 18 in the league, ten in the Europa League and three in the Copa del Rey.

The big news compared to other seasons, is that for the first time around New York the attacker is in the air due to the interest of several clubs, most notably that of Barcelona.

Against this backdrop, the player has said that "these are topics that I'm on the sidelines. As I have not spoken to anyone about it."

For his part, his coach Juan Carlos Garrido said it was "logical that Rossi is in the pools as big clubs because it is a 'crack' and understand that if there is a very important offer the club could accept his departure."

This the first time since the club did not publicly rule out the possibility of transferring to Rossi, who renewed in late January, his contract for three seasons, until June 2016 - with a buyout clause of 50 million euros.

However, from within the club is considering the possibility that Rossi could leave the institution if an offer comes just over thirty million euros which Tottenham offered 33 million euros plus-player market in the past winter. (via SPORT)

Barca's backpack full records

Barça parece no tener límites. Season after season, matching and surpassing every record possible. At present there are few targets that are resistant to a team not to make history.

Overcome a season that seemed impossible to win the treble. To improve a season in which the team was about 99 points short of utopia. Now, with the 2010/11 edition almost completed, new records show you that the Catalans have made playing football:

Kings Home

FC Barcelona has been displayed away from home this season. An exhibition that has led him to enroll up to three new records:

More wins than ever away from home

The club has surpassed the previous record of 13 victories achieved away from the stadium that saw the 2008/09 season. The victory in the Rose Garden against Malaga marked the 14 th.

Record home winning streak

Guardiola has managed to overcome his own League record 2008/09, when it won nine consecutive home victories. From the first day in Santander (0-3) until the 23 th in Gijón, where the streak is over (1-1), the Catalans had joined all points outside. In total he accumulated 10 consecutive victories.

Team with most points away from home

The 14 victories, 4 draws and one defeat in Anoeta have led the Catalans to score 46 points away from home. A figure that exceeds that of the previous season, which accumulated 44.

Equaling the best 'goal average' in the League

With 95 goals for and 21 against, FC Barcelona +74 finishes the tournament with goals and even so he signed the 2009/10 season.

Maximum range of scorers

In the absence of an official game to play, up to 23 different players this season has seen goal. Lack of first team only Mascherano and young people who have enjoyed the B minutes, Jonathan dos Santos, Sergio Roberto Oriol Romeu and only they have not found the way to goal.

Most goals scored by players from the youth

Of all the goals that are marked with Barca this season (95) a total of 70 bear the stamp of the quarry: Messi 31, 13 Peter, 8 Iniesta, 6 Bojan, Xavi and Piqué 3, 2 and 1 Thiago Sergio, Jeffren Puyol and Bartra. The goals scored by players from the youth represent 74% of Barca's goals.

Messi, total

Leo Messi has become the FC Barcelona player has scored most goals in official matches in a season. With 52 goals, the Argentine striker has already passed in the absence of the dispute of the final at Wembley, a record of 47 goals that he shared with the Brazilian Ronaldo Luis Nazario. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal: "I hope he wins the

"I am delighted to be back to the template. I need to go step by step after the operation. At the moment the body is responding very well, but I must hurry," he says.

The player of FC Barcelona Eric Abidal has said in reference to the final of the Champions League that the Blaugrana are fighting against Manchester United , who wants to win "best team" and it will be the club.

"I hope the best team win and let's be us," he said in an interview with'' uefa.com gathered by Europa Press''when asked by the preference of the French fans. "Evra plays there, too, do not forget. I think it will be at 50 percent," he said.

Abidal, back to the team thanks to a remarkable recovery from his operation, he removed a tumor in the liver in late March, "is burning in the search stage to play the final on Saturday at Wembley (London), and who missed the victory in Rome 2009 also against the Red Devils''.''

"That game was huge. We wanted to make a good showing and we did. That is why we always make good the slogan''Mes que un club.''Fans alike, bench players in the stands or on the playing field we were tough mentally and we were convinced we could get it. Those who were and they played were fantastic, "she recalled.

Looking to Saturday, is optimistic no matter what happens. "I will try to recover. I am very happy to be back to the template. I need to go step by step after the operation . At the moment the body is responding very well, but I must hurry. I'm feeling very good and if the final game not be a problem. I have a fantastic job and most importantly, good health, "he said.

In any case, French said the team would be "nice" to win at Wembley again, as in the old and historic Wembley Barça won their first European Cup in 1992, and thus "close the circle." "I had the opportunity to play there with France and is an amazing stadium," he said.

For international has started a new life after beating cancer. "I always imagine the worst because you do not expect this kind of news. You start thinking,''If I'm not, what will happen tomorrow? How do my family survive?''Try to fix things, even those that have already solved, but I try not think so there, "Be honest.

Finally, praised his teammate Messi and joked that he is able to defend well in practice. "It's our little secret. If you say it, show it to all teams. The problem with Leo is that you never know what to do. It's from another planet. He has many years ahead and I hope to win more,'' Balls Gold ''because nobody has much talent. We saw against Real Madrid in the Champions'',''in the 1-0 left four defenders before scoring. Unbelievable, "he said. (via AS)

Miki Roqué will have surgery Tuesday in Barcelona

Real Betis defender Miki Roqué, who last March 5 announced that it suffers from a malignant tumor in the pelvis, will have surgery tomorrow on his condition in the USP Dexeus Institute in Barcelona, ​​the club Seville.

Roke, 22, will be operated by the medical team of Dr. Enric Cáceres and once the surgery, will be issued partly the result of the operation.

The player began in late March and the protocol of chemotherapy and surgery in the same medical center will be operated tomorrow.

The footballer left ilerdense too young to England to train in the lower echelons of Liverpool, the club whose first team debut came, and then has played for Oldham Athletic, Xerez and Cartagena.

Last season Betis came to the club for military in the branch but this season was part of the first team, with which officers have played fourteen matches and scored two goals.

It will also be operated on tomorrow in central Seville José Antonio 'Chechu' Dorado, who suffers from acute hemorrhoidal process, reported the Real Betis. (via SPORT)

[Youth] UD Las Palmas 2 - 3 FCB Juvenil A

Juvenil A Barca do not let out a tie that was already on track and defeat the Las Palmas (2-3).

The result, endorsed (6-2), but having seen the reaction of Las Palmas in the Ciudad Deportiva where despite the 5-0 against the Canaries managed two goals in a few minutes, the Catalans were right to be wary.

Two minutes it took the club to start the scoring with a goal Etock that widened the score of the round. However, the Las Palmas equalized six minutes later and it was the 1-1 at the break.

Control of the game and ball control have been Barca, so the goal was not long in coming. In fact, in 77 minutes, Ernesto sent the ball into the back of the goal and the guys from Oscar Garcia turned to advance. With the 1-2, the club has still found time to make the third goal, which has been Dongou in minute 87, and Las Palmas has signed his second goal a minute later.

With the score at 2-3 overall and 9-4, the club and hopes in the quarter finals. The draw will take place on Monday and come into the hype teams like Real Madrid or Espanyol.

[Technical Data]
UD Las Palmas: Andrés Pedro (Nauzet, minuto 88), Godoy, Toba, Jeffrey (Álvaro, minuto 75); Borja, Nili, Alejandro Rodríguez (Edu Hernçandez, minuto 63), Adrián (Leo, minuto 65), José Artiles y Pablo Saranova (Kiowa, minuto 59).

FC Barcelona A: Carlos; Edu, Oriol Rosell, Ayala, Julio (Bako minut 77); Gustavo, Masó (Palacio minuto 59), Espinosa, Ernesto; Gerard Delfou (Cristian, minuto 53) y Etock (Dongou, minuto 64).

Goals: 0-1, Etock min.2; 1-1, Pablo Saranova min.8; 1-2, Ernesto min.77, 1-3, Dongou min.87, 2-3, José Artiles min.88

Referee: José Luis Pulido Santana.

The English soul of FC Barcelona

Names like Robson, Venables and Lineker are part of English history of the club. A few days before the Champions League final at Wembley, the club recalled the series of games played against Crook Town, home team of Jack Greenwell.

Coaches like Bobby Robson and Terry Venables or players like Gary Lineker are part of the history of Barcelona for England as a common denominator. A few days before the Champions League final at Wembley against Manchester United we could not forget the British ties FC Barcelona, ​​featuring some names such as Wild and Greenwell.

And English is the connections of FC Barcelona and back from the beginning, when the Englishman Walter Wild was one of the founders of the Club, together with his compatriots John Parsons and William Parsons , and its first president, working side by side with Hans Gamper . In that same period also marked tendency Ernest and Arthur Witty , great 'sportmen' and football players with outstanding technique.

Years later, precisely as president of Barcelona Gamper, joined the team, Jack Greenwell , a midfielder born in County Durham and from the Crook Town AFC , a modest club with a promising past. Greenwell's arrival in 1912 brought about a series of matches between FC Barcelona and the whole North of England. 1913, 1921 and 1922 are the years of the ten clashes between the Catalans and the British, the sports writers of the time came to qualify as a "true sporting event." The balance of these ten games were: four wins Barca, two British and four draws. The victory of 1922, the English club retained the trophy they got and a commemorative flag.

The common history of Crook Town and FC Barcelona goes beyond these clashes as it was the young club's home Greenwell , who has gone down in history for being the first official coach who had the Club and then also bounce English John Barrow , went to the bench where he was coach for seven seasons in a row, a record surpassed only by Johan Cruyff .

In its first year, a group of members called for his ouster, but President Hans Gamper and defended it came as result of this titles: 2 Cups of Spain and 5 Champions in Catalonia. Later, in a second stage as coach of Club, failed to so much success as the first, and only won a Championship of Catalonia. Subsequently, Greenwell in 1939 became the first South American coach does not win the Copa America leading the Peruvian team.

The English influence at the club is made ​​up of 10 coaches, among them Vic Buckingham (1969-71), Terry Venables (1984-87) and Bobby Robson (1996-97) - 49 players, highlighting the striker Gary Lineker ( 1986 -89), 2 Presidents- Walter Wild and Witty Artur -.

These days, a former player and former coach of Town Crook, Kevin Cooper , visited Barcelona and has been able to share the experiences of a club to promote football in Catalonia the first third of the twentieth century. Cooper, touched on his visit to the Museo del Barça, has provided photographs and letters to the Documentation Centre of the Club for the study of the time Greenwell was convinced of the victory of Barcelona in the final at Wembley. "Manchester United is a great team but Barcelona is the best team in the world," says Cooper believes that Wayne Rooney , but especially Ryan Giggs , are the players to consider. Barca, the representative of Crook Town considers essential Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta, who played the entire game highlights on the first touch.

This Saturday, for many English is watching Manchester United in the final in London. However, competition in the 'Red Devils' but also by fellow feeling culé other side will match Barca. Although the last player, Gary Lineker, left in 1989 the English soul of FC Barcelona will be at Wembley as part of the story. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Delayed negotiations by José Ángel

SPORT has been told the meeting between leaders of the Sporting and the cupola of Barcelona to close the signing of left back Jose Angel has slowed, so far.

This Sunday night it was known that the champions had nearly tied with Jose Angel, side Sporting. However it seems that FC Barcelona has not sat well that from Asturias to leak the news to the media. The meeting will be postponed until after the Champions League final as the club prefers to avoid distractions.

We have known that Jose Angel could be transferred to another computer and not excluded that starts in Barca B. (via SPORT)

"Alexis Sánchez is as good as Messi "

Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo, says the Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, who this season has scored twelve points with the Udine club shirt, "is as good as" the Argentine Leo Messi, according to the Italian sports daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"For me, Sanchez is as good as Messi, so we have rejected an offer of 35 million euros for him," Pozzo said last night during the festival held along with Udinese fans after the club confirmed that Udine is the fourth place in the Italian league.

The plaza provides access to the preliminary stage of the Champions League and puts Udinese in front of historic teams from Italy, as the Roma or Juventus, who this season has been outside Europe.

Although the president did not disclose the name of the team that had made the offer for young striker Sanchez, "La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Manchester City is Zayed Al Nahyan, one of the clubs with the biggest budget in Europe.

However, the paper notes that other big clubs interested in the Chilean, including himself Juventus and Inter's Brazilian coach Leonardo.

The newspaper said the directives of Inter and Juventus will meet this week to discuss the possibility of transferring to Sanchez club nerazzurro. "

Pozzo insisted yesterday that despite the interest aroused by some of the Udinese players, create a competitive team for the next season, although he acknowledged that may not have all the troops at its disposal this year.

"We try to make a team that can compete at high level: we can not have everyone, but we are always able to find large parts," said the owner of the Udine club.

Pozzo also recalled that the fans have played an important role throughout the season and said he wanted to "always" twenty thousand people in the stands.

"Now we must rebuild the stadium, but I always twenty thousand people in the stadium. Although it is free, but I at least twenty thousand," he said. (via SPORT)

Half the squad set to debut at Wembley

10 of the 21 members of the first team squad have already played at Wembley Stadium – the majority in the 2009 pre-season.

Bojan, Fontàs, Abidal, Pedro, Pinto, Keita, Jeffren, Valdés and Messi all played at Wembley Stadium in July 2009, when Barça had games against Tottenham (1-1) and Al-Ahly (4-1) in the Wembley Cup and Bojan (2), Pedro and Jeffren also know what it’s like to score at the venue of next weekend’s Champions League final.

Éric Abidal trod the Wembley turf last November in a friendly for France against England and after the game he left a note in the changing rooms to say he’d be back in May! Dani Alves missed the Wembley Cup, but played in one of the first games at the new Wembley for Brazil against England in 2007.

Only 11 of the squad have yet to play at Wembley then. Despite their experience in England, Piqué and Mascherano have not walked out onto the Wembley turf and neither have Xavi or Puyol, who were not included in the Wembley Cup squad, nor Iniesta, Villa, Busquets, Milito, Maxwell, Afellay or Adriano.

Pep Guardiola knew the old Wembley Stadium well and it has always been lucky for him: he won the 1992 European Cup there of course when he was just 21 years old and seven years later he led Barça’s 2-4 win over Arsenal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan: A celebration with a message

Bojan heartily celebrated the Malaga both his grandfather and claimed.
Some people saw a farewell goal with the phrase caused confusion Pep.

In La Rosaleda, Bojan effusively celebrated with a misunderstood his goal against Malaga. From the minute 44 of the first half when he converted the penalty caused by himself, and until the end of the game, was whistled Linyola forward strongly by the Andalusian public. Not like the jumps for joy and his acts of rage by an inconsequential goal already won the League. In part, Bojan upbraided disproportionate Eliseu recriminations, accusing it of having faked his fall to deceive the referee, but then tried to act out their feelings.

On 14 May, a day before the day playing 34 League against Deportivo at the Camp Nou, the player was hit hard. His paternal grandfather, Milorad, 78, died while his grandmother stayed in hospital for illness. His father traveled to Serbia to attend the funeral. He stayed. Wanted to make to the team Deportivo to devote to your family and also claimed it since 19 March, two months ago and against Getafe, he saw no door. I needed to feel the sweet poison of the goal. Much emotion poured into the race to the corner of the stadium jellyfish.

Some people, however, wanted to see other arguments in his gestures and leaps. Interpreted this as his last goal for the club. The parliament in the stadium for the achievement of the league title had sounded him farewell and was associated with each other. "For me it was an honor to have been a lifetime in this club, having come here, take these four years and have won all these titles with all these friends who have helped me, microphone in hand dropped on the lawn at Camp Nou . A word of Pep Guardiola at the press conference Saturday in Manchester to ensure that there was still one more game fueled a confusion that gripped the press following the club.

There was no reason for alarm. Bojan said that ill give speeches, I had nothing prepared that day and when handed the microphone Puyol, improvised. His intention, at least at that point, another thing is what will happen in June, was not saying goodbye. With a clear part, was still missing the second. Pep What did he mean? Edu Polo, sports editor of Ona FM, managed to make an aside to Barca coach will materialize what the true meaning of their statements on the squad. Surprised, Pep answered that he had second readings. Bojan that, as the other players in the squad, he was still one more game this season, Wembley. Full stop. (via MD)

The last jump of La Masia

Muniesa, Fontàs, Bartra, Roberto, Planas, Gomez and Romeu, rearward generation of La Masia has set foot in the Nou Camp, you say goodbye to the dream of making history in the first team.

Sergi Roberto, one of the highlights of Barca's league closing in La Rosaleda, Marc Muniesa and Sergi Gómez late yesterday took a flight to Madrid to concentrate with the U-19, which in the coming days the Pre-European dispute in Switzerland, and on his return, Andreu Fontàs, Marc Bartra, Oriol Romeu and Carles Planas may be preparing now for the other two big summer events of the selections below: the U-20 World Championship in Colombia and Denmark U-21. It was the last opportunity to remember together old and above all, good times at the residence where they grew up and which will go down in history as the last generation that has walked the Camp Nou. Years go by, 32, and the dream of Fontàs, Bartra, Romeu, Planas, Roberto, Muniesa and Gomez is the same he came Fradera Esteve, Jordi Vinyals, Pep Boada and the late Angel Pedraza on October 20, 1979: succeed in the first team.

Everyone is missing the last jump. Fontàs already in the air. Covered sickness absence of Eric Abidal and in recent games has met with central solvency, left back and midfielder, and is now waiting to see if Guardiola certifies its continuity in the first team next season. And the other six are taking a run from the Mini, with Bartra and Robert, after what is seen in Malaga in pole position. A Romeu Muniesa and now their turn to take the reins of B plans, consolidate, and Gomez, this year has alternated between the subsidiary and the Junior A, maintain the level with which he has led an extraordinary campaign of Oscar Garcia, with the triumph in La Liga and the Champions Cup.

Guardiola is in love with them. Because they are good players but also, as he says, because they are good people. But not all fit, and they know it. Four are central. Flat ahead of Abidal, Maxwell and Adriano. And Roberto and Romeu should have a place among the midfield world champion, with Cesc waiting in London and another youth squad, Thiago, showing details in each game of superlative quality. It is the moment of truth. Tactical and physical tests and have passed, but it is the hardest, the mental.

Whatever happens, your friendship is unwavering. Roberto Gomez Muniesa and still share an apartment and the other four have shared bunk in La Masia, which will close in style. With eight homegrown players in the 'once' Wembley, seven knocking on the door and many more, Deulofeu, Dongou Grimaldo and co., Premiering the new residence in Sant Joan Despi dreaming follow. The future belongs to Barça. (via MD)

Owen, Ballon d'Or at the last row

Rooney, Chicharito, Nani, Berbatov Valencia and relegate the role of Owen.
2001 was great year, went to Madrid and his star faded injuries.

For a striker who has been Ballon d'Or have at least five guys ahead of him in the ranks of a team is impossible to take a drink. Thus, by rote, Rooney, Chicharito, Nani, Berbatov Valencia and Michael Owen come before in the old book of Sir Alex Ferguson. So when Owen slipped earlier this season, the possibility of a premature withdrawal was inevitable, too. "It will be difficult to go to a lower level team," he said then. The former wunderkind of English football for over a decade now only has 31 years, but as his star faded many seasons ago all make it quite older.

Owen scored his last goal yesterday at Old Trafford for Manchester United. It was against Blackpool in the party for the absolute reign in the Premier League, the first in the history of Owen. And even though very remote dream of having one last chance at Wembley in the Champions League final against Barca, it's likely the next thing to do is rush Owen his career in a club under the islands or perhaps test American adventure in the MLS.

Much more difficult it seems it sets the rumor that pointed to a return of the hand of Kenny Dalglish at Anfield, Owen entered the stadium where his best days clearly. In Liverpool, the club they reached 13 years and where his first team debut in May 1997, Owen played almost 300 matches and scored 158 goals. The season that established him worldwide was 2000-2001, which won the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup. In the summer of 2001 dropped the Charity Shield and Super Cup, with Owen instrumental in goals and game. Put the icing on a Germany-England, when 'The Golden Boy' beat Oliver Kahn thrice. That performance gave him the Ballon d'Or-2001, which many blamed them and Raúl Madrid.

In 2005, when Owen Liverpool began to be seen and poked injuries in his career, Florentino Perez was a great opportunity to bring a Ballon d'Or at a bargain price: 14 million euros. Owen just spent a year in Madrid and, despite making 16 goals, his backup role anticipated departure. Newcastle signed him for 24 million to become the new Alan Shearer, but was injured lesion in 30 goals in four years. In 2009, Ferguson signed him free and gave him two years. With yesterday, Owen leaves 14 goals for United. Soon to stay. He does not want to be a year the last in line. (via MD)

Gerard Piqué: Honors in Wembley

After its grand finale in Rome, you can make three-time Wembley.
Pique has another great opportunity to have Ferguson back to regret his biggest mistake.

One of the virtues that we applaud in Manchester Sir Alex Ferguson, in addition to its extraordinary collection of titles, is his eye for talent. Thus the old Scottish teacher was brought from Portugal to a young Cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago, then did the same with Nani and his latest find came from Mexico and responds to the name of 'Chicharito' Hernandez. But even the best teacher ever cast a blur. And Ferguson is a 'borronazo': Gerard Piqué. How many times have repented coach Manchester Central have sold at a price that discussed today, it sounds ridiculous? Surely many.

The certification of their most painful mistake, no doubt, came the May 27, 2009 in Rome, though he can another on Saturday at Wembley. In Italy, Pique Central completed a great game as Barca in the final to Manchester dispossessed 'Fergie' of his title of champion of Europe. A year earlier, Pique had won his first European Cup as a player for Manchester yet, but by then it was more a cheerleader than anything else. So he left.

In his days at Old Trafford, Pique was not yet Piquenbauer: lived in the shadow of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand, but he finished side relegated converted into power, he understood that Ferguson no longer had faith. So as the club put a condition on his return an "out affordable" it worked for 5 million was returned in 2008 to Barcelona, ​​which had stopped in 2004 by the dream of Old Trafford.

Three years later, Pique has won 9 titles as FC Barcelona and multiplied by 10 trading. This season has taken another step in its evolution. The long low Carles Puyol has forced him to be the 'boss' defense. And that boss has been a 'big boss': 50 of 61 matches endorse him. After removing the Madrid Wayne Rooney received a message on twitter. "Well played friend. Congratulations on the final," said the crack of ManU. "Thanks buddy. See you at Wembley," Pique said. That it is known, Ferguson doesn't have twitter. (via MD)

Turn back and trips of Gerard Piqué with Sir Alex

The details of the relationship Piqué with Welsh coach.

Gerard Piqué, '3 'Barca can complete your particular 3 of Champions on Saturday at the Wembley final. In four years, Pique will have been in three finals and, if the club is imposed, it will be the only player in the 22 to face the new Wembley turf that can boast of having won three, one with Manchester United (2008) and two with Barcelona (2009 and 2011).

Since returning to the Nou Camp by Pep Guardiola in the summer of 2008, just after being proclaimed champion of the Champions League with United in Moscow against Chelsea, Piqué has not only become an undisputed in the Barca defense-sin Puyol has been the chief but has become one of the best defenders in Europe, to the point of being compared to Beckenbauer.

But to reach its current status, Pique had to break into the team B of Barcelona and Manchester Manchester changing at 17. "In the early months I had to acclimate to everything: the club, new teammates, English and, above all, the family I found the Manchester," Pique said in his book 'Return Journey' (Editions 62). He debuted with the first team at United on October 26, 2004 in the Carling Cup against Crewe Alexandra (0-3) playing the final 30 minutes. "That day was the happiest kid," he admits.

Despite his three seasons at Manchester, one of them was on loan at Zaragoza, Pique never played on stage for Saturday's final: Wembley. In the 2005-06 season of the Paris final that he lived as a culé from the stands surrounded by Arsenal fans for the tickets got them Cesc, Pique had before it the opportunity to play at Wembley.

Manchester reached the final of the Carling Cup, which traditionally is played in England's flagship stadium, but Pique was left with the desire to debut at Wembley since the stadium was under construction. The Catalan Central took the cup after United beat Wigan 4-0 at the Millennium Stadium.

After his successful spell at Zaragoza in the 2006-07 season, Ferguson decided to give back to a more prominent role Piqué.

The center now Barca recalls an amusing anecdote in his first training session this season, in which Ferguson brought out their most superstitious. "I remember that time he intended to launch Nike boots yellow. Before removing any items for sale, the brand is always the custom for us and so we test before they can draw conclusions. That day I sent them and me put them to work out. I did not know is that Sir Alex Ferguson did not like the color yellow. I hated it. He said he was bringing bad luck. So when I saw those boots in the dressing room I immediately sent for me the change. The worst thing is that Rooney had to be the face of this global campaign and when he heard Ferguson, flatly refused, "says Piqué. Therefore, perhaps we should invite the Barcelona fans going to Wembley to recover the yellow jersey that the ship carries in the season of triplet to color in the stands.

Although last season he was sentenced after committing an error that led to the winning goal from Bolton, Pique has fond memories of that Saturday will coach rival. "The first day I landed in Manchester accompanied by my family and my agent, Arturo, Manchester had just lost a game. Still, at the end of the match came to dinner with us. For me it was a detail," says Piqué. (via MD)

Abidal or Mascherano, the only doubt for final

The central entrance to the Argentine and shifted back to left-back Puyol.

Begins the week of the finals of the Champions League and, unless the suspended Jose Manuel Pinto, Pep Guardiola will have all their players available to meet United in Wembley, including Gabi Milito. If the technician can align it considers it appropriate that the entire team FC Barcelona since last summer considered the eleventh gala, formed by Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa. However, still floats the question of whether Guardiola will use as a starter to Mascherano, once you have verified the high performance as the Argentine central improvised in the semifinal against Real Madrid.

Since I was discharged, Abidal has been picking up the tone of the competition, but remains to be seen if that will make headline on Saturday. Otherwise, enter Puyol Mascherano as central and exercise, as in the semifinal against Real Madrid, left-back.

For now the only scheduled appearance before the press of the protagonists of the template. It is in the 'Open Media Day' in the Nou Camp (18 hours), broadcast by Barca TV and Esports 3.

The myths that they come

For work, humility and talent, the backbone of the Barca youth squad deserves to be three-time champion of Europe.

FC Barcelona has a workforce that is worth its weight in gold. The whole group has shown, one more season, which prioritises the collective good over individual values ​​such as solidarity, friendship and humility, among many others, are made from the heavyweights to kids who break the subsidiary. And six of its components "Valdés, Puyol, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, all` untouchables "can you enter the legend of the team crowned champions of the Champions League on Saturday in London.

The goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and the striker added and two Champions and three of them "Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta" World Cup and European Championship. An honors only to the extent of the elect, the football gods' ".

On Saturday at Wembley, the six could add one third Champions under his belt and even with legends like Johan Cruyff, Johan Neeskens, Frank Rijkaard, Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Uli Hoeness, Franco Baresi, Kenny Dalglish, Ferenc Puskas and many others that in his time, were three-time champions of Europe.

This third conquest would mean leaving behind other major players such as Luis Suarez, Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and Ronald Koeman, who hung up his boots with two titles. Others, like Michael Platini, with only one did, like Zinedine Zidane, Kevin Keegan, Michael Laudrup and Ronaldinho.

FC Barcelona players played their first football heaven in 2006, at the Stade de France. There were headlines Valdes and Puyol, Iniesta came in the second half, Xavi stood in the dock and Messi, who left an injury, came too late to line up against Arsenal.

Three years later, in Rome, Valdes, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi came in the team against Manchester United and, ultimately, could return to 'champion "after winning the English 2-0. He was also champion for the second time Piqué. His first title he had achieved as a player of Manchester United in 2008.


For them, the six, the London event is exciting. A victory would open the gates of glory, recognition, if not already have it, final. And, therefore, go all out to prove that their 'hunger to win "is not satisfied after the titles they have achieved throughout his career.

Far from the player will still have won more titles (6), Real Madrid's Francisco Gento, or 5 that tasted cracks and Alessandro Costacurta and Paolo Maldini (Milan) or Alfredo di Stefano (Real Madrid). And that added 4 to their record, as Clarence Seedorf (the only one who has made three different teams, Ajax, Real Madrid and Milan) and Phil Neal (Liverpool).

In any case, a great opportunity for these six players, found in a great time and have just proclaimed league champions, still treading the path of success and continue amassing a record that goes high up to the top.

A feat that, last but not least, it would shine more intense work is being done in football at FC Barcelona because, six, started there in the lower divisions of the club. It would be a prize, right, for everything that has made the institution for them and, obviously, so each one has been able to demonstrate on the pitch since he was given the opportunity to play with the first team. The city is being happy hours, illusion. Hours for the memory. Hours in case of victory in London, would make the six chosen to enter the status of myth. (via SPORT)

Mascherano will be regular in Wembley

Pep not put together and Puyol Abidal: it would be risky given the circumstances.

Pep Guardiola has already taken the decision not to risk in the Champions League final ranking in the same zone defense with two players that come with recovery very close shave for Saturday's game at Wembley. Puyol Abidal or be located on the left side. Thus, Mascherano will be the starter in central London stage in tandem with Gerard Pique. In the semifinal of the Champions League against Real Madrid, the Argentine proved to be amply prepared to play in this position and to strikers overturned white. His rapport with Pique was excellent and Guardiola is convinced that the 'jefecito', with its tactical intelligence and knowledge they have of the United Front for its expertise in the Premiership, is a guarantee.

This idea is currently contained in the Barcelona coach to rule out the option of running out of Abidal and Puyol in the first change in case failed his physical at the start of the meeting. Thus, three players have secured their place in the rear. Alves, at right, and Mascherano and Piqué forming the pair of plants. The left side will leave the final decision to take the Santpedor during the week. Abidal returned to enjoy 72 minutes on Saturday in the Rose Garden and endured without suffering. For his part, stayed in Barcelona Puyol to continue their custom plan designed to play the decisive match on Saturday.

uardiola welcomed the end of the meeting in the Rose Garden of having all players available and to choose. Abidal said the option to have him fit to play after the bad times that has happened in recent months, while in the case confirmed that Puyol is fit again and that the decision not to include in the relationship was called to Malaga reasons for not running any risk with his knee.

The final of the Champions is a game too demanding and can be very long to gamble input and Puyol Abidal, although both under normal conditions they are entitled. The rear of the major goals in Europe this season was made with both the captain and French central and left side. The lesion of 'Puyi' Abidal took the left flank of the central axis in many international matches and left Gaul in this demarcation. However, her illness ended a remarkable season, but his enormous strength has allowed him to feel himself an elite player. (via SPORT)

Dani Alves, specialist in final

Xavi has also been the same times in this type of event, although the difference is that the Terrassa has won one fewer than Brazil.

The finals are not played, you win "is a phrase coined by Di Stefano and Dani Alves was taken at face value throughout his career. Barca has a staff of twenty players and all of them at least once, have participated in a final. The Blaugrana come to London on experience in this type of event. The data shows a strong, fifteen of the twenty players accumulate four or more late on their backs.

Among them, stands the Dani Alves curriculum, a winner at Wembley insatiable faces his final twelfth. Xavi also played eleven games with heads or tails on which there is no tie. The difference is that the sum Terrassa 8 wins and 3 losses, while the Brazilian has won 9 of the 11 finals. No wonder that Alves looks forward to the match against Manchester United on Saturday. Wembley has a chance to win his tenth and final award is the most important European title at the club level, the Champions League. Although his resume is already the victory of Rome in the triple, the Brazilian missed that game through suspension, so eleven end later, looks forward to its debut in the clash to decide the European champion. "I could not play in Rome, but thank God I have a new opportunity and hope that the results remain favorable for Barca," said Alves.

Brazil has many stories to explain about the finals he has contested. The strange thing is that it all started in Seville in 2006, so ending his eleven matches have condensed the five years. "I remember fondly the first UEFA Cup with love," says the Catalans, who lived one of the best times of Sevilla in its history. With the Andalusian again won the second European title in importance next year. After the first, faced with that would become his team in the Super Cup. After winning the Champions League in Paris, Frank Rijkaard became somewhat relaxed Monaco and Sevilla passed overhead. Instead, the following year, Alves spent his first defeat in a final. It was against Milan in the European Super Cup. From then until the recent final of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid Mestalla not know what it is to lose that game. With the Brazilian team experienced the unique sensation of winning the Copa America in a tough final against great rival of `canarinha", Argentina. It was in Venezuela in 2007 and Dani Alves worked with one goal: "To win with Brazil is very large and able to help more scoring," says the Brazilian.

Dani Alves has competed in almost all fronts and now before one of these challenges overweight. The end of Barça feel the Wembley with a special devotion to what happened in 1992, a fact that no defense for the Blaugrana is not minor. In that sense, he confesses that "the team is ready and eager to play the game" against Manchester United. It also reassures explaining that "we'll get it in every way because we are working to make this happen." In fact, Pep Guardiola planning has gone in that direction and the strongest evidence was that it was Manchester to seven players who point to the title to Manchester United. Were working and were already preparing to Wembley. It was not the case of Dani Alves, who even played the last half hour in the Rose Garden. In addition to a mind born to compete, has a privileged physical dosed allows very little.

And is that Dani Alves is Pep Guardiola's men are more eager to jump at the London stadium turf. Not only for having been in Rome, but also because of all the finals has not been any Champions. The Brazilian admits that "I have played many games and many finals, but I can assure you that I come to this meeting with the same enthusiasm, desire and motivation that the first time." Football feel like this is one of the characteristics that make Brazilian defender a special player, a winner. You take each game as if it were your last. So says the Barça-Manchester United next Saturday "is one of those games you do not know if you'll play, you feel like any footballer." Pep Guardiola has already said in a press conference and the Brazilian believes in the same way. To assess in perspective what it means to play a Champions League final only need to look at history and see that the club adds three eared `what have played a total of six finals and that London will be the seventh .

Anyway, no surprise to anyone that this group of players continue to make history in the Champions League in the near future. The sporting ambition was precisely one of the reasons that convinced Dani Alves to continue at the club until June 30, 2015. The Brazilian struck a deal with the club in March and the options that were rejected, some of them better financially, to continue to dress Blaugrana. His arrival coincides with that of Pep Guardiola and a spectacular three-year period which has won the treble, the six titles in a year or three consecutive league titles. Alves can continue to fatten their record and the club with a new Champions Blaugrana. (via SPORT)

Ferguson: "We are prepared"

The veteran United manager spoke to the fans to thank the support and promised that the team will now work to bring the Champions.

Alex Ferguson took the microphone at the conclusion of the party to share with the fans the Premiership title. Ferguson thanked the fans for their support during the tournament and said the team he leads is fully prepared to face the final of the Champions League on Saturday. Ferguson said: "What a great season we are doing. Get this title has been difficult, but the prize is just because we have brilliantly solved with the support of you all. "

Before a cheering swollen network, Ferguson added, "It was exciting the path, which we have achieved our goals. The nature of our club is always fighting to the end, the team never stops working. Thanks also to the owners and technical staff. " The coach had a special memory for Gary Neville, recently retired player, "Gary has made an entire generation, had here twenty years of his life and deserves our highest appreciation."

Then, speaking Van der Sar, who left the United fans with an emotional parliament. The keeper turned to the followers: "Let's go for the Champions, we are on Saturday." (via SPORT)

Rosell and Cesc agreed at the Circuit de Catalunya

The player moved his vacation due to his injury and enjoyed from a privileged position in the Formula 1 race in the Catalan track.

The season finale is coming and soon will trigger negotiations for the entry of new players for next season. In the list of priorities include Pep Guardiola Cesc Fabregas again yesterday and could result in a face-off between the player and club president, Sandro Rosell, the Circuit de Catalunya on the occasion of Spain Grand Prix Formula 1.

Both went to the private boxes of Montmeló discretion and may be crossed at some point in the morning.

The leader showed up blaugrana first thing in the morning and barely had to see his arrival. The manager was accompanied Manel Arroyo, linked professionally to the motoring world, and before noon he left the facility.

Rosell was in the boxes in which the press had no access so he tried to pass unnoticed. For its part, Cesc came very close to an hour and stayed until the end of the Grand Prize at the Pis Box 23 Alter Ego company owned by his mother, Núria Soler, works. It is not the first time Fabregas comes to the Circuit de Catalunya, where it enjoys the privileged area where you can watch the racing.

Either himself or his family Cesc is more than likely keep a meeting Rosell. Any approach can be positive ahead of next week when they revived the negotiations for the signing of midfielder for the club Catalans.

The player announced his presence at the Circuit de Catalunya through social networks. In particular, Fàbregas' hung a picture on twitter "in which she appeared with a friend and a message that said in English:" In Formula 1 Montmelo with my colleague Benet. Moooccc!! Ohhh !!!".

Cesc was Vettel's victory in an exciting career and later went to see him on TV the last game of the season for Arsenal in the Premier League against Fulham (2-2). The draw leaves the club `gunner" in fourth place and this will force you to play the preview of the Champions. A new blow to the ambitions of Arenys sports.

The midfielder declined to make statements, despite the insistence of the media Montmeló displaced. The player was at all times contained in the Pis Box with friends and family until Vettel climbed to the top of the podium. (via SPORT)

"The neighbor across the street 'finds the United

He has lived intense duels in Manchester derbies and was victorious in the semifinals of the FA Cup.

Manchester is experiencing a year of glory. A United's successes have to add the progression of the City. The economic boost from the Middle East finally bore fruit in the form of a title, the FA Cup with the presence of a Spanish player in their starting lineup. David Silva was one of those responsible for the team's elimination in the semifinals and Ferguson is well aware of Barça's rival in Saturday's final at Wembley. Share city and neighborhood with some members of the 'Red Devils ", as well as competition for short-term wrest the supremacy of Old Trafford.

SPORT Silva analyzed for technical details that United will present in the reissue of the 2009 final in Rome's Olympic Stadium. The canary focus the potential of United in three basic dimensions: "For the bands have a destabilizing players one-on-one, are very effective in attack and doors are easily and strategy have many resources to damage from above" . Barca should monitor these aspects in the defensive, but stressed that "United is a very complete team, are strong and regular as demonstrated in the Premier taking the title."

The former Valencia points to the theory that Ferguson may alter your system to deal with the club. In this sense, Smith recalls that "in big games this season have been chosen to play with one striker born, so it would not surprise me to do so again in a whole Champions League final." The best example I lived in the FA Cup semi-final when, in the absence of Rooney, Berbatov was the lone striker. `Chicharito" Hernandez entered the game second half and opted City side. This party, along with the final triumph of Mancini to Stoke City, he left an indelible memory of Wembley Stadium: "The atmosphere was awesome. Breathed football on all four sides. It was very intense with the crowd overturned and the ideal scenario is to play this type of ending. It will be a very exciting and dramatic shock to all of us like to enjoy football. " Silva warns that fans should be noted culé to other United fans, who are in rush, in a year that Manchester is enjoying a lot of football. They won the Premier on the same day that we the FA Cup and the city enjoyed a great party. Manchester is excited about their teams. We are in a sweet moment. "

Civic rivalries aside, Smith is clear where their minds go into Saturday's final. "I will support Barcelona for two main reasons. It is a Spanish team and I have great friends there selection, "he said. For example, shares a great friendship from the lower echelons of the selection with Andres Iniesta, but their relationship is great with everyone. By position in the field, the manchego and Xavi are usually allies with the `red" and loves to associate with them. The City has found good partners for creative play as Yaya Toure and Carlos Tevez, although in England has had to adapt to a more direct game.

Silva encouraged his friends before the selection of their neighbors in Manchester. Nani live in the same street and sometimes agree with him when he comes home. The formal greeting and a right relationship Ferguson also resides in the neighborhood. No wonder, since their houses are in a residential area on the outskirts. Sports cities of both clubs are separated a few miles and many members of both teams prefer to live near their training centers. (via SPORT)

The policy group will travel to London

Sandro Rosell and all managers, but four will travel to the British capital on Thursday
on the same plane of the players.

The bulk of the expedition, including of course the president Sandro Rosell, fly to London on Thursday, following the same route plan the first team. For this occasion, one of the novelties will be provided by a sponsor of the club, the carrier Turkish Airlines, which has prepared a very special aircraft for the team, its exterior decorated with the colors of FC Barcelona.

One day later, on Friday, is scheduled to arrive in London managers Bladé Joan, Jordi Mones and Jordi Mestre. While the rest of the delegation will be completed the same day of the match, with the arrival of other executives.

The only board member may not be present at Wembley will Eduard Coll, head of the handball section, since that same weekend will be in Cologne in the European final four handball. On Saturday, FC Barcelona Borges will be played through to the final of the Champions League against the Rhein-Neckar Lowen, so the board also accompany the Xavi Pascual. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Sylvinho: "Barca have more key players"

The left side of the final of Roma live in Brazil as a Barca fan over Wembley final.

Sylvinho won two Champions League with Barca. In 2006, in Paris, he had to live on the bench. In 2009, in Rome, he took the thorn: he started a defense with so many low and caught on a perfect performance. Now with almost 37 years and early retirement, looking forward, in his native Sao Paulo, the Wembley final. His admiration and confidence in the model and Pep Guardiola is contagious.

Can we compare this with the Rome final?

There are similarities. Manchester had won the Cup and the Premier League and we and the Cup were the two best of the moment, as they are today. The templates are similar. Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer, but without it, it is still stronger as a whole.

How did that end?

He was 35 years and was an award for my entire career. I remembered everything he had done throughout my career.

You did not hold in this season, do not feel more pressure?

I had prepared myself physically and emotionally for this game. I knew that was technically well and knew what my role. We could not make mistakes. Who had to stop by my band jugase first Park and then Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo ever appeared.

What do you remember the game?

The second goal, Messi. It was a match, we won 1-0, did a lot of moisture and heat and the physical rate fell gradually. When I saw Leo was scored almost done.

Do not you come to remember that day nostalgia?

No. It was my second Champions League final. It was the culmination of my career. Now I like seeing my friends, with whom I shared five years, I enjoy watching them play such a high level.

"The favorite is the club?

If you speak from the emotional and heart, Barcelona has an advantage, but it is actually 50%. A point in favor of Barcelona is to have more players who can decide.

Is this Barcelona is better than Rome?

I think not. What happens is that it has been able to maintain a high level. More titles have arrived and more empathy.

What Guardiola will be saying the team?

Should have analyzed all the details of how to do damage. Sure send 5 or 6 that are important details.

And how do the emotional work Pep before a final like that?

He does mostly the day before and the actual game day. In Rome, he taught the famous video of Gladiator. It gives great value to these aspects.

In Rome, the team arrived with heavy casualties, are now all for Wembley, even Abidal "

Barça overcame major obstacles this season with injuries, cards, games in which there was almost no defenses. For the good of football, it is good to get with everyone.

How has lived Abidal?

I waited to pass around and talk on 'SMS ". Emotionally I was involved, we share the same position 3 years and we got along very well. It is very professional, very outgoing, love the wardrobe.

What role does Guardiola?

It is he who keeps the motivation. Pep and this team are a perfect marriage. This group is exactly what they show in the field.

How do you interpret the attacks coming from Madrid?

Failure to offend just causing anger and conflict. It is normal to have these problems after four classics.

The boat has everything you need to have a champion?

Nothing is missing, the players know how to deal with pressure and is a feared team. They are two different styles and both teams will bet on his game, led by the greatest coaches in the world. (via SPORT)

José Ángel could be the first signing of Barcelona

Barcelona can close in on Monday the signing of the first booster ahead of the 2011-2012 season. Sporting president, Manuel Vega-Arango, and the general director, Alfredo García Amado, land in the morning on Monday in Barcelona to negotiate the transfer of left- José Angel , one of the most promising and actually converted Dizziness .

José Ángel could now sign for Malaga in the market powerful winter but Atletico signed him because they knew the interest Barca. José Ángel (Gijón, September 5, 1989) debuted with Sporting's first team just at the Nou Camp The February 8, 2009, and a month later, on March 15, signed his first goal, against Deportivo. In the following season, 2009/2010, was consolidated and the current has exploded.

Regardless of what you will pay the club, which has not yet disclosed, the transaction could fall within one of three central branch, Andreu Fontàs, Marc Bartra or Marc Muniesa . (via MD)

[Barça B] Individual and team aspirations

After winning this Saturday to Girona (0-2), Barça B coach Luis Enrique said that apart from the illusion that it be in a privileged position, there are "individual goals to be met."

With Saturday's victory, Barça B retrieves the fourth place two days to end the League Championship. Each time is closer to be the best record in history Barca subsidiary.

Barça B broke the losing streak that dragged and approaches its ultimate goal of the group: "We hope to stay in positions that give the privilege of playing the ascent phase, although we can not play," said coach the subsidiary. In addition, Luis Enrique said the players also have "individual goals to be met" and that each has to show that every game we play is "special."

Given the three points that took the Catalans, the coach praised his team subsidiary because "show every weekend and in training who want to be players." The technician said that this is the principal virtue which must have a player who wants to become an elite athlete.

Luis Enrique said he is pleased with the performance and behavior of young players who have helped the team. Barça B coach Balliu referred to as "late-season revelation" and defined it as "a very complete player and very mature for his age."

Given the insignificance of the next day that the club played against Salamanca, Luis Enrique declined to speculate. "Barça B will be true to form until the end of 42 hours," said Barca B coach. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player] Valverde: "I see Barca favorite"

The current Greek Olympiacos coach Ernesto Valverde, bid for FC Barcelona in the final at Wembley against Manchester United, "I see Barca favorite, but in a Champions League final anything can happen."

From 1988 to 1990 he defended the T FC Barcelona and now prevails on the bench of Olympiacos , who play just to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League . Ernesto Valverde , who visited the Sports City of Barcelona last week, has explained to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat that views of Guardiola as favorites, but warns of the hazards that are the finals: "When a team reaches a final must watch everything. playing a single match can happen and usually the small details that decide. "

Extremadura coach has commented that of Ferguson is a very complete team loaded with players determinants: "In the Manchester United Rooney is not only a decisive player. Also noteworthy players as Chicharito front, and, moreover, has set a good midfield and defense very safe. "

Although aware of the many hazards that are the 'Red Devils' , Valverde is clear that "the Barcelona players are more decisive than those of United . In any case, the two teams will have to leave very minded if they want to win the game. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca, 'threatened' again ... A volcano!

Like last year before the semifinal match against Inter, Barca displacement could be affected by an ash cloud. And this time, it can also affect thousands of fans.

The massive displacement of fans of FC Barcelona to London Travel also own team of Pep Guardiola, can be affected by an incident 'family'. Since late Saturday night, the Icelandic volcano erupted Grimsvoetn. The ash cloud has been forced to suspend traffic in Iceland and if the expulsion of magma and ash continued, could affect the European airspace, as happened a year ago with the eruption of Eyjafjallaloekull.

The ash ejected by the Grimsvoetn came to reach 20,000 feet in the moments after the first eruption. However, it is thicker than the Eyjafjallaloekull and therefore is not expected to expand so easily. However, if weather conditions change, some predictions suggest that between Thursday and Friday next week could affect the UK airspace and even French.

So, thousands of Barcelona fans should pay attention to this issue geology and could affect flights scheduled for next Saturday to London. The same applies to the issuance of the first team that you know the 'dangers' of the ash clouds. Last year, Guardiola and his coach had to make the move to Milan to face the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League because of the eruption of Eyjafjallaloekull. A year later, another volcano in Iceland 'threat' to the club Catalans. (via SPORT)

Guardiola vs. Ferguson: I hurt of two technicians of success

On Saturday, Guardiola, with a Champions League as coach, will seek to match the record of Alex Ferguson, who is now 2. The harder it is to reach the general honors Sir Ferguson, which adds 36 titles in the 25 years he has been leading the ManU.

One is on the verge of completing his third season at Barça . The other is already an institution in Manchester United , where 7 November 25 years ago led by the bench of the 'Red Devils'. On Saturday, the stadium of Wembley , Pep Guardiola and Alex Ferguson will again see the faces on a level playing field after the last time I did coach Santpedor will take heading into the final of the Champions League in Rome .

Two years later, Guardiola and Ferguson, two of the best coaches in European football will meet in London to try and increase both their honors as his club tally.

The curriculum for Alex Ferguson at Manchester United bench is spectacular. In the nearly 25 years he has been leading the English team, the Scot has added 36 titles - 12 Premier League, 2 UEFA Champions League, Community Shield 9, 5 FA Cup, Carling Cup 4, 2 World Club, 1 Cup Winners Cup and 1 European Super Cup . A great honors among which three consecutive years winning the Premiership (2006/07, 2007/08 and 2008/09) and have reached triple the 1998/99 season with the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League achieved at the Camp Nou.

It was the summer of 2008 when Pep Guardiola took over the FC Barcelona first team. Since then he has spent a season that has not won a title, adding 9 of the 12 contested. So, at this point, the Santpedor has already won 3 league , being the first coach of Barca who have won three straight in the first years on the bench Barcelona , plus 1 League Champions (2008 / 09), 1 Cup del Rey (2008/09), 2 Super Cups of Spain (2009 and 2010), 1 European Supercup (2009) and World Club 1 (2009).

Thus, the average of Pep Guardiola is superior to that of Alex Ferguson, as Barca coach earns about 3 degrees each year, while for Manchester United, this average of 1.44 degrees per course. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The new kit, for sale on Monday

FC Barcelona's equipment in the 2011-2012 season will go on sale tomorrow night at the Megastore Botiga FC Camp Nou. The first 1,899 shirts will be part of the numbered edition of a unique collection.

Tomorrow Monday 23 May between 1:30 a.m. 23.00hy the am, the stadium Megastore Botiga FC Barca will open its doors to members and supporters of Barça are the first to get the new jersey of the season 2011-2012. The new kit first official football team, which was presented last Tuesday at the Camp Nou, and may be purchased beginning this Monday at a ceremony where Nike has developed a numbered edition of the shirts. The first 1,899 shirts Barça number that celebrates the founding year of the Club, will be unique because the left sleeve included in the numbering of the edition. A privilege available to the first 1899 fans who purchase a new shirt.

The admiration aroused by this new kit has been so great that even before going on sale, and has become the best selling kit in the history of FC Barcelona with Nike.

For the first time, Nike and FC Barcelona also launched an innovative collection of casual clothes (Express Line), characterized by the symbols and authentic details of the club's history. There will be sweatshirts, shirts, rugby shirts and jackets that can read the word 'Barcelona' in gold. There will be shirts with a heart of Barcelona FC Barca made ​​up tapes located in the chest.

In addition, we designed a training suit (line Train) that allows the players are comfortable and improve their performance through new technologies. In this way, they can choose the Nike Dri-Fit technology to keep dry and cool in hot weather and humidity, the Mid-Layer for cold and waterproof T Performance Shell, which will allow them to be dry. (via FCBarcelona.cat)