22 May 2011

A new league for framing

Barca said goodbye to the 2010/11 league brilliantly. The victory against Manchester put the link to a championship where Guardiola has once again exceeded the barrier of 90 points.

FC Barcelona's history is filled with figures League Honors: 96 points scored after 30 wins, 6 draws and only 2 losses leave Barca champions once again, proving that this team never gets tired of winning.

Although it seems impossible, this team has been able to overcome, in some respects, the club of the League of the 99 points the last edition. The 46 points scored away from home and reached 14 wins at home make FC Barcelona the best away team in the league history, surpassing the 13 victories the previous year. Goals conceded in the record has also improved. The 24 bills last season have given way to 21 this season.

This league will be remembered for many things, but I'm sure the vast majority of Catalans and will be named as the League of 5-0 at Real Madrid. In a Monday 29 November, Barca again give a hand to the whites in the stadium after nearly 17 years.

Pep Guardiola has involved a total of 28 players in the league championship, of which 18 are players emerged from the ranks of Club. Alves is the most minutes played (2901), ahead of Victor Valdes (2880) and Messi (2859). Rosario striker has finished another season, being the team's top scorer with 31 goals. Villa, with 18, and Pedro with 13, completed the podium Barça goalscorers.

A high proportion of players of Barça B has helped to raise the third consecutive League era Guardiola. Defenders Andreu Font, Marc Bartra and Martin Montoya, midfielders Thiago Alcantara, Jonathan dos Santos, Oriol Romeu and Sergi Roberto and striker Nolito are the footballers have enjoyed subsidiary of minutes with the first team in the league. Thiago Alcantara, with a total of twelve matches, has been the most widely used of the quarry. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Wembley Memories (V): Stoichkov

Hristo Stoichkov was one of the stars of the 1992 team and speaking on the Barça TV programme ‘Herois de Wembley’ he recalled that great side: “we were a mature team and we took advantage of the winning dynamic we had”.

The Wembley final was the first for Stoichkov with Barça, as he’d been injured for the Rotterdam final against Manchester United the season before and that made it especially important: “I didn’t play in the first one –I was so angry at myself for breaking down against Zaragoza and missing that United final. The team suffered because Zubi and Amor also missed the game and we were three important players back then”.

The team came into the Wembley game on a winning streak, having taken the Spanish League and Cup the season before. “we were a mature team and we took advantage of the winning dynamic we had. It was tough to get to the final because at Kaiserslautern we really suffered till Bakero got that goal” The semi final wasn’t easy either: “we suffered here against Benfica. We went 1-0 up, then they equalised before we finished 2-1. We suffered a lot because we were desperate to get to Wembley”.

As to the final itself, Hristo Stoichkov is clear who were the better side: “I sincerely believe that Barça were much better than Sampdoria, but the negative factor of having lost a final on home soil in Seville to Steaua was always hanging over us. We were well prepared to win the final this time though”.

For Hristo, that side had a lot of determination and he recalls: “there were only three foreigners in the team then –myself, Koeman and Laudrup. It was very easy to adapt to the Club and the culture here. All of us had just one idea in our minds –to win the final”.

Stoichkov also recalls practising free kicks on the training pitch with Koeman: “on the day before the final, we told Koeman to try some free kicks –I took it short, Bakero stopped it and Koeman fired it home. We did that with no wall of course, but we practised it just where we were to get the free kick in the final itself”. The Bulgarian also explained that Johan Cruyff insisted on getting the players out of the hotel as much as possible: “we played 18 holes of golf on the course near to the hotel. Cruyff wanted us to spend as little time as possible cooped up in the hotel. He knew we were the better side, but that they also had dangerous players”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

On Monday, Media Open Day to start the week of the Champions League final

After enjoying a holiday on Monday, the boat began to prepare for the Champions League final. In the afternoon, the Nou Camp Media will host the Open Day, with training open to the media and the players' attention to the press.

The final of the Champions League Manchester United next Saturday at Wembley Stadium and start your engines. Now that Barça may have the mind set only on this game after playing on Saturday the last day of the Manchester League in 2010/11 . The Catalans enjoy, on Sunday, a holiday before starting this Monday, preparing for the big match in London between two teams that look to be crowned best team in Europe .

As usual before the final of the Champions League, both teams will make an Open Media Day in which the players will attend the media. FC Barcelona will on Monday afternoon at the Camp Nou .

The first to open the evening of the Champions League will coach Pep Guardiola , who after 18 hours give a press conference in the press room at the Camp Nou Maxenchs Ricard . This will be followed on the lawn of the stadium, the first team training, which will be open to the media. To put an end to the day, and once finished the preparatory session of the Catalans, the players will attend the press.

Barca TV will not fail to rendezvous with the Open Media Day, and from 17.30 hours will begin the special 'The Marker' to offer everything to give himself this time. Viewers can watch live news conference by Pep Guardiola, the first team training and the most important statements of the players of FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Riquelme: "Barca goals we cagaría to everyone in Argentina"

The exazulgrana Juan Roman Riquelme was full of praise to the man who was his team and was pleased that the club do not play in your country.

Speaking to ESPN, Riquelme has clearly demonstrated that Barca in the league would devastate Argentina. "What? That we 'shit' in goals in all. It would be impossible and opponents always end up with seven players," said Riquelme with total conviction.

"What this Barcelona will only happen once in the history of football. Recombine Iniesta, who is for me the best player on the planet, Pique, who is for me the best center in the world, have Messi, not never going to be one like him, have a Xavi, Alves ... to get them all at the same time, the same team seems very difficult, "acknowledged Riquelme, who also declined to give his forecast in the face the next Champions League final. "I think in the final anything can happen because it is one game, but if a double match, Barcelona did not lose or fart," he concluded. (via SPORT)

Wembley behind the scenes

They are the other main characters of the final one of Wembley 1992. The cornerstones of costumes for the Dream Team, Carles Naval, Corbett Txema Angel Mur and reviewed the first European Cup in Barcelona TV.

The Carles Naval Officer, the masseuse Àngel Mur and the head of first team material, Txema Corbella, are the stars of Barça TV reportage on the internals of the Wembley final. It is the look of the costumes, the inner of which usually do not get in the picture but instead are privileged witnesses.

Thus, the three shelled some of the memories stored in that final. In an interview in 13 minutes, shot in a locker room of the Camp Nou conditioning for the occasion, relate, for example, that victory has transformed the club's history. "He gave peace to the team, one Dream Team, and made them believe they could do great things," says Naval, delegate of the team since the season 1986/87.

For Corbett, head of material from 1982 was a turning point very clear to the entity. "Wembley was a before and after. The track record shows the post-1992", resume.

The three reviews some funny moments, some stories and find that football has changed since the nineties. Both Mur, as Corbett or Navy were surprised by the size of costumes for the final. "It was tiny, we had to leave bags of material out," says Naval. "After the final, however, could double the number who were initially joy and celebration," added Angel Mur.

Angel Mur remembers well what happened right after Ronald Koeman mark. "I jumped the barrier and I realized I was the only one who had jumped and I was alone. When I came to the bench, the others had jumped out and do the ridiculous, and I did not jump and I was alone in the dock" . Naval remember not had much time for celebration: "I jumped but then Johan (Cruyff) and Charly (Rexach) told me we had to make the change because it would Alexanco the field."

The celebrations in Barcelona again, the characteristics of human group that won the first European Cup at Wembley and meaning to them are other aspects that are talking in this space which opens on Monday, May 23, from of 20.30 h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

You know what is playing on the new 'Cathedral'

Like eight other Catalans, the Argentine has played in Wembley.

When Leo Messi skip the lawn next Saturday the new Wembley , that wonderful sound of anything around him. In July 2009, Barca's Guardiola played two friendlies in the new 'Cathedral' of world football, and the second one, against Al Ahly, Leo played the second half. Seven other current Messi participated in those 'bowling' and competed on the turf of Wembley: Abidal, Pedro, Bojan, Keita, Jeffren, Pinto and Fontás. Yes, Messi goal eluded him in this legendary stadium. He did not play the first friendly against Tottenham (1-1, goal by Bojan) and did act in the second half against Al Ahly (1-4, goals from Bojan, limbo, Peter and Rueda).

Another who knows the new Wembley is Dani Alves , who in 2007 played the holder with Brazil in a friendly which marked the debut for England at the new Wembley (1-1). Abidal also played there with Barcelona , he did last year with France in a friendly against England who won the 'bleus' by 1-2. Months later, after eliminating Real Madrid, the Frenchman said: "I was playing at Wembley in November with the selection and left a note at the box office saying he would return in May to the end and it has been." Curiously, neither Piqué (ex United) and Mascherano (ex Liverpool) have played at Wembley. (via MD)

Messi: Spirit Wembley

Thanks to MD, Messi rested with the tee shirt that Pep won the 1992 final.
In a wink of fate, Guardiola played that day with 10 and today it looks Leo.

Leo Messi was only four years when Barca won in 1992 their first European Cup . However, Argentina is well aware that the title won at Wembley marked a before and after in the history of the club and that led the team that Johan Cruyff the 'brain' was his current coach, Pep Guardiola , coach him been given the freedom to operate permanently. So when MD Leo proposed to pose with the Pep sweat shirt at Wembley, the real, did not hesitate. The result, great photos with a strong tone vintage Messi and many Catalans (including Pep) saved as gold cloth by its symbolic on the eve of a new Champions League final in a legendary stadium.

And is that the spirit of Wembley is still intact in the locker room culé. Leo, its glittering star, hopes to multiply to infinity with a win on Saturday. And is that Messi , speaking to this newspaper last week, "the word inspires Wembley football and any opinaría the same, but also brings back memories, although I was 4 years that the club lifted their first Cup Europe there. "

Wear a shirt that Guardiola wore that glorious day, curiously with the number 10, "an honor" to Leo. "The coach symbolizes how he plays and how it behaves this Barca . He lived the triumphs of this great team player and now as a coach is picking up thanks to their hard work. Put on this shirt not only because the coach will take, but also because part of the team that won the first Champions for Barça's history is very great. Hopefully we can repeat that success. "

A Messi him excited "to play the final against United, but also would have been especially against Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal, Inter, Milan and many others. " Compared to the end of 2009, Leo believes that "two different United, with some players and probably noestuvieron with the use of a tactic very different from that final."

Messi could win his third Champions League with 23, but-says-"I did not stop me to look my age and I get to tell you what I've won. How many more titles can reach over my career, the better. And I hope that Wembley can add another. " (via MD)

Arnau / Sergi Roberto: In the Fifth Mini to Wembley

La Rosaleda hosted the emotional withdrawal of former FC Barcelona and the premier league of Reus, born 1992.

When in September 1989 a very young Francesc Arnau debuted at Infantil A of Barca in the arid area of ​​San Gabriel, Jose Roberto and Maria Rosa Maria Carnicer was premiered as parents with Anna. A couple of years later, this marriage Reus sought second and February 7, 1992, three months before the Wembley final indelible, Sergi was born, the midfielder who was released in the league as Barca with 28 on his back the same day and at the same stage as Arnau, another product of La Masia, the Les Planes, said goodbye to seventeen years of college.

Arnau emerged as the star of the late afternoon football of the season in Manchester. And during heating, when one of the funds of the stadium showed the banner 'Arnau, eternal legend', at halftime, when the keeper went for a lap of honor, and near the end, when the Rose Garden Pellegrini convinced that give him his last ten minutes under the sticks. And the match ended, all the love in the world. Of his parents, his wife and children, who jumped into the lawn of his companions, who cloak of the rocks of Malaga, which presented a plaque, and the club that gave him an emotional video with your best stops and the cane 'Glory Days' of his favorite Springsteen. Gone are ten years in Manchester, but also ten as FC Barcelona, ​​in the Mini with the de la Pena, who also retired yesterday, Celades, Roger, Quique Alvarez and co., And then at the Camp Nou, but his best performance was Curiously, at Wembley, 2-4 this season that made him finally 99/2000.

The blue and white party arrived after the game. Barca enjoyed it with the ball in play with another exhibition of new promises. Thiago goes on, another brain speed and technical Fontàs is consolidating, Bartra Golea as in B, and the last to arrive, Sergi Roberto began to '10 'and ended with false '9'. In the Messi. (via MD)

Guardiola had dinner with the possible future president of Italy

We discovered what was Pep Guardiola on Tuesday night in the Italian city of Florence.

As revealed 'Paradigma Guardiola' Barca coach took the two-day party that took the team earlier this past week for dinner with Matteo Renzi, the mayor of Florence and one of the most highly valued by politicians and Italian citizenship, while , a favorite to become the next president of the Alpine country.

Of the few details that have leaked out, we know that the menu Pep Guardiola was the typical "pappa al pomodoro" in Tuscany (tomato and bread soup) and steak, and coach talked about the Florentine culture and gastronomy with your host. (via SPORT)

"The team is ready for the final at Wembley"

Blaugrana have solved the last game of the championship with a set full of homegrown players and unusual.

It's over, now there is nothing more important than the Champions League final. The boat was already focused on the match to be played against Manchester United for days. In particular, since mathematically won the league in the area of ​​Levante. But as it is impossible, although nothing can change, no contest the last two days of the season, some of the efforts, mental and physical, must be measured for Deportivo and Manchester.

The Rose was the last scene of the third consecutive league since Pep Guardiola is on the bench. While Real Madrid celebrated goleaba a pleasure and individual statistics, presented Santpedor coach a team full of common and little homegrown, leaving much of the lineup May 28 in Barcelona. There was no reason to risk and not done. Of the eleven who appeared on the lawn of Málaga, just Abidal is likely to remain against the team of Alex Ferguson. Also appeared after Mascherano, who plays the French one of the vacancies. Of whom there is any doubt of Dani Alves, who entered the second half. The Brazilian will be starting at 20.45 at Wembley to get to Manchester United. Play who you play, the most important thing is that the group is ready and, himself, a unique and focused exclusively on "the prettiest game of the year" as defined by Pep Guardiola.

Bojan Krkic, after confirming that it is a hundred percent after recovering from injury, said: "I see the team well prepared for the final, we are ready." The Linyola is aware that his presence among the owners is complicated, but does not lose hope: "I always want to help the team, so that's why I work and effort. And in a final like that live at Wembley. I do not know if you play or not play, but try to be there if I needed some time. " Striker happy over the meeting, not only for the goal: "It was a game to enjoy, to win and to get beat. I'm happy because I ended up with a good feeling, "said Bojan.

One that certainly will not be in the starting lineup against Manchester United's Jose Manuel Pinto. El Puerto de Santamaría goalkeeper was banned for three matches by UEFA and will watch the match from the stands. The doorman explained that "no body will be in the field, for sure, but in soul and encouraging one hundred percent."

Adriano Correia finally satisfied "to have won my first league in my first season at Barca." The Brazilian is taken at face value Guardiola's words when he says that during the week must convince players that want to play the final: "We said we try to win the title and I took it well, I'll try convincing. Today I have tried in the field. " Adriano recalled that after the Champions League in Paris coincided with Belletti at the airport and was able to congratulate him. One of the happiest canteranos that ended the meeting in the Rose Garden was that fired the league with a goal: "It has made me very excited to dial, I go also happy for the record of wins out." (via SPORT)

[Rating] MálagaCF - FC Barcelona (1-3)

Global valuation: 6.5


Bojan, fifth top scorer

Only exceeded Messi, Villa, Pedro and Iniesta.

The season has been very difficult times for Bojan Krkic, mostly because it was the least played of the four carries in the first team. Also because the injury against Getafe when he added his second goal in two games and could not return to the game against Deportivo. However, in the final game of the League was the best on the pitch, threw the team on his back and caused the penalty that opened the way for the comeback. Transforming, added his sixth goal in the championship "also marked one in the Copa del Rey", a figure that makes him the fifth top scorer of the season. In fact, only four players to pass him. It is undisputed four starters as Leo Messi (52), David Villa (22), Pedro (21) and Andres Iniesta (9). Bojan should expect to have more continuity to continue demonstrating that it has a place in this team. For now, their numbers and their game will guarantee. Linyola striker, but is not expected to be the owner, still has a match, the Champions League final, to further fatten their numbers. (via SPORT)

Numbered shirt, on sale Monday

On Monday 23, between 23 and 1.30 am, the Camp Nou FCB Megastore opened its doors to members and supporters of Barça be the first to get the new shirt, the top seller in the history of Barça with Nike. The firm has prepared a numbered edition (1899 total), a number that pays tribute to the year of the founding of the club. (via SPORT)

Rosell lived a happy day

Barca president, from Palau, followed the triumphs of Pep, the subsidiary and the basketball team.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, also has begun the countdown to Wembley. Yesterday, the football team league and the curtain fell, from now on, like football players, will focus only on the final day 28. For the leader Barcelona win the Champions League in his first season at the helm would be unforgettable.

Rosell was outstanding yesterday which made the team in Malaga. Or rather the computers. The football, playing in the Rose Garden after 18 hours and basketball, which he did with Unicaja in the Martín Carpena also at 18 hours. FC Barcelona president followed the evolutions of both teams in the Palau Blaugrana, where he went to witness the feast of handball team, which at 18.30 was measured at Antequera and, like other disciplines, also won the day the fans of the Palau Blaugrana tribute to one of his idols, Iker Romero.

Rosell, who was informed when there was movement on the markers Malaga, he lived a happy evening in every way. He was also informed of the triumph of Barça B in Girona, game in the 40 th day of the Second Division League. Rosell good feelings accumulated in yesterday facing the ultimate challenge of the season as the first team is concerned: to win the Champions League. (via SPORT)

Title of Manchester, victory lap ... and Wembley

Ferdinand will get up today the glass of champion of Premier, the number 19, with which ManU leaves behind Liverpool.

Delivery of title number 19, which definitely puts the ManUnited in front of English football, the departure of Van der Sar to the fans at Old Trafford, Berbatov's fight for the trophy for top scorer and record points at home are arguments that grab their 'supporters' of the 'Red Devils' to avoid procedural qualify this afternoon's game against Blackpool.

A side inducements presented by the game this afternoon, additionally, the 'Seasiders' to score at least to prevent their first adventure in the Premiership since 1971 ends in fall ... the exact year to beat the Cardiff at Wembley, and ascend to the top flight. It is precisely in the London stage where ManU will put your mind today, as the Champions League final next Saturday left today's game in the background, the same thing that happened yesterday at FC Barcelona in Malaga.

Nevertheless, Ferguson has promised his team will make its "best efforts" to prevent "there is no criticism of the club", is that what happens today at Old Trafford will have a direct impact on rivals Blackpool to avoid the drop . The ManU, however, draw a team that if they wanted many of its rivals. Sir Alex has already confirmed a half-dozen players "Van der Sar, Evra, Fletcher, Scholes, Anderson and Berbatov" in which coaches from Wigan, Birmingham and Wolves are pinning their hopes.

At 40, Van der Sar played his last match today in the Premier (the 313 between Fulham and ManU), the penultimate of his career, as after the final of the Champions hang up the gloves. "I'm not waiting for this moment. Only in the last two weeks I have been aware that this time would come, "he said yesterday the Dutch goal. If Van der Sar's goal is to leave a clean sheet for Berbatov will add another goal at 21 he has scored so far to avoid being overtaken by Tevez, with which it shares the head scorer.

A victory for United, which until now have escaped only two points at home, would allow Ferguson likened to Chelsea 2005-06 as the team pays well as local, with 55 points on 57. (via SPORT)

Eric Abidal, the only question in the side of London for Guardiola

The French side have already lost the Champions League final in Rome against United to be punished.

Eric Abidal seemed doomed to miss the remainder of the season because of tumor that affects the liver. The news coming from those who know about these situations, doctors were not too positive. But the Frenchman returned to action. Not only that, he returned just in time to live the classification of Barca for the Champions League final at Wembley.

The side missed the last European final of the Blaugrana in Rome through suspension, the same reason that it also lost Dani Alves. Brazil itself will be in the starting lineup for Pep Guardiola to Manchester United, but now there is to know if Abidal will accompany you on the other side. For now, he has earned the right to have the same choices as their peers. Normally, the French would be a hundred percent in the lineup, but the conditions that have been faced in recent weeks have not been normal. In addition, the central role of Mascherano and during his absence also gives the Argentine ocpiones to stay in central defense. Pep Guardiola has given every opportunity to demonstrate that the Gallic player is able to deal a final like that will be played next Saturday. others, also have all week during practice to show the technician who can trust him. Its reappearance was moving at minute 90 of the Barça-Real Madrid in the semifinal round of the Champine, with the tie settled. From there, Abidal has been adding minutes to slowly go back to his best. The meeting follows the classic played 19 minutes in the derby against Espanyol at the Nou Camp, where he again received a standing ovation. Increased its presence in the area of ​​Levante, which won the league title. There was his first start and was replaced on 62 minutes. Repeated in the team against Deportivo, though he left the locker room at 53 ". Yesterday was the day that he played more minutes since returning to the pitch. The question is whether it would suffice to be among the elect to glory on 28 May. But that will touch you decide to Pep Guardiola and explained yesterday have not already done so. We must wait for Wembley. (via SPORT)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 20] Girona FC 0 - 2 FC Barcelona B

He played to win the Catalan derby to break the negative dynamics of results has been achieved. Barça B boys have developed their game and have added the three points of Girona. An error of Tebay, a few minutes into the meeting, has inaugurated the marker. Girona defender has the ball into own net after trying to clear the ball.

This has not been decisive, as locals have tried throughout the match to reach the goal of Masi. Chechu has had the clearest chance of Girona, on 31 minutes but the shot has touched the wood.

The Luis Enrique have not been given before Girona attempts to tie the game and throughout the second half have sought the goal to kill off the game. This came at minute 82 of the hand of Benjamin, which totals 4 goals all season. Soriano, the scorer of the category, has the support of the goal.

While Barça B had significant low Oier, Bartra, Sergi Roberto Dos Santos, Thiago font and also called with the first team, the young Rafa Alcantara, the first part, and Balliu throughout the meeting, have a flawless performance, and have been involved in the victory of the subsidiary.

The visit of Barça B has been made Montivili Girona, was almost full. 9032 spectators filled the stands of the field to see a derby which provided very even, after the win in the Mini Girona Stadium (1-2) to the children of Luis Enrique. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Girona: Santamaría, Luso, Noguerol, Tebar, Bautista, Angel (Goñi, min.81), Chechu (Keko, min.76), Dorca, Moha, Jandro (Borja Sánchez, min.67) y Kiko Ratón.

Barça B: Masip, Balliu, Oriol Romeu, Muniesa, Ilie, Carmona, Rafinha (Victor Vázquez, min.80), Planas, Saul (Nolito, min.63), Edu Oriol (Benja, min.75) y Soriano.

Goals: 0-1: Marcos Tebar (pp), min.13., 0-2: Benja, min.83.

Referee: Sureda Cuenca (Balearic College). He showed yellow card to local and visiting Noguerol Carmona and Masip.

Incidents: Party of the 40 th day of Second Division A League, played at the stadium Montilivi to 9,032 spectators.

Barca makes the best visitor of the history of the League

Barca finish the season with 14 wins at home after winning 1-3 in the Rose Garden · Arnau left professional football in the presence of the two computers in your life.

The scores in the last review of the course were not important. At Manchester awarded him with a shaved approved after suffering through last week. Shout out to find Barcelona to a refined with team players. With what took him clearly enough to win (1-3) a game that marked the farewell of Arnau and a new record, the team with more home victories in the history of the League (14).

Wembley final weight in the environment of the template. Barcelona unwilling to take risks and proposed to Málaga in a minor party. Even the showcase of ownership altered the nerves of the rookies lined by Guardiola . In general, a match made ​​discreet but firm.

The company was not easy once Malaga took lead with a goal from the striker is worried that Seba Fernandez . After half an hour was dull.

Barca midfield was a hymn to the future. Fontás , Sergi Roberto and Thiago took the helm of the team. There were no clearly before a Malaga pushed harder and better.

The best mirror for novices was Bojan . Carried the captain's armband and also exercised. He kept his blunder in front of goal, but was critical to tie the game after a penalty made ​​it clear that Eliseu to reaching the break.

Malaga tried to surprise the Barca dressing room after passing through. Clenching him in defense without forcing too Pinto . Guardiola asked his own touch and parsimony to numb a wild beast which still stung a penalty that seemed questionable.

The goal of Afellay came out of nowhere. The Dutch stretched the match with a shot from outside the area which slipped the ball tempered and satin in the goal of Willy Caballero .

The lack of points played down the sense of justice to the marker. What should be on tables finished in point of thrashing when Bartra 1-3 headed the corner in a move initiated by Dani Alves . Were just six minutes remaining.

Then Pellegrini took the opportunity to let Arnau fill in your last statistic as a professional player. Fate allowed a perfect finishing touch to the computer on which it formed. The goalkeeper retired after 36 years with two teams of their lives as witnesses. (via Marca.com)

Zamora without wearing a tracksuit

Victor Valdes, who has not played this Saturday in Manchester, has pointed Zamora fourth of his career with the second best average of goals conceded in the history of the league: 0.50 (with 16 goals conceded in 32 games played) .

Valdés and has four. Without the need to wear a tracksuit and with his mind set on next Saturday's final at Wembley, Victor Valdes, Barcelona has taken since his team has added a new victory in the league (1-3) and, incidentally, allowed to join, now, in mathematical form Zamora fourth of his career.

The merit is even greater because he has scored three in a row. Apart from the last three (with an average of 0.89 goals conceded in 0.63 in 08/09 and 09/10), in which the team also won the League, said Valdes Zamora of the 2004 / 05 (with an average of 0.71 goals conceded).

The average this year, 0.50 goals per game, is almost a record. Only Liaño (Deportivo) got the Zamora Trophy with an average best goals against (0.47) in the 1993/94 season. Thus, equals Barca goalkeeper Juan Acuña and Santiago Cañizares and is just one record holder, he also Andoni Ramallets Barca, who won five.

Before attempting an assault on a new Zamora, however, attempt to reach a final Valdés success this season: the Champions League on Saturday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Change of Jeffren for caution

Jeffren has an overload on the hamstrings of the left leg and has been replaced by caution on 66 minutes match.

For his part, once the fighting in Málaga players Dani Alves and Javier Mascherano have passed drug tests.

Players have party this Sunday and will not return to training until Monday afternoon, at 19 pm in a session for the Open Media Day. This pre-final of the Champions League will take place at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan: "It was a game to enjoy"

Bojan Krkic comeback on track with the tying goal against Malaga done before the break. The Linyola has recognized that this game has helped him "to take back" for the final at Wembley.

This Saturday on the lawn of the Rose Garden has served as Bojan Krkic Barca captain. A function that has not done since the King's Cup tie this year led to the Ceuta when the cuff in two games. Although the game against Malaga and was insignificant after winning the League against Levante, Linyola player has made the most juice possible after 90 minutes he was on the lawn. And Bojan, after the injury that has kept him out of team dynamics for a month, needed a game like this.

So aware that there was too much at stake, Bojan Krkic has explained that the last match of the 2010/11 League "was to enjoy and pick up the pace." The player, who acknowledges being "very happy with my game," Malaga will "with very good feelings towards what is left."

"What I want is to help the team until the last moment." With this idea Bojan confronts the rest of the season, ie the final of the Champions League against Manchester United. Barça having a hard time with the injury, "but you take the positive side and have a Wembley final," he says. "I do not know if I'll play, but I'll be there if I needed some time," he says Bojan.

José Manuel Pinto:

"We broke the record of wins away from home (14). And more to the curriculum."

"We live very excited the Wembley final. Work to the fullest, and with a quiet mind."

"There has been a momentous wins, but it's nice to finish with a good image."

"At Wembley will not be in the field in body but in soul."

Marc Bartra:

"I'm very happy. I helped the team achieve a new record of wins away from home. And if I go with a goal, much better."

"I have said that tactic is similar to B. We struggled a little at first but as the game progressed we have adapted."

Guardiola: "96 points are a lot"

Pep Guardiola took stock after the team closed the season with a victory in the field of Málaga (1-3). Considers that this game will do very well at Barca ahead of the Champions League final.

"We're not here to put note, we are here to do a sport and it has been impeccable. Last year we had 99 points and the 96, an outrage. And the record for away wins." It was the first assessment completed coach Pep Guardiola League, reaching the third in a row. According to him, "all have been very complicated, but to win again is very difficult." However, congratulated his men for "three quarters of Link to a very high level."

For the coach, the victory in the Rose Garden "was an example of why we've got." He added: "Without playing quite brilliantly, we have been a supportive and hardworking team. We struggled in the initial phase, but has a game very serious and worthy." Guardiola has highlighted "the great end of season Malaga" and "audacity" of Bojan and Sergi Roberto projection. "When you release surprised," said the latter.

He has also had a memory for Francesc Arnau, now retired. "It's a player who has left home and wish to have a future like that has been as an athlete." On the other hand, Carles Puyol said: "I could have played but we decided not to risk it. Take three or four training sessions very well. It is a guarantee, just remember how we helped in the semifinals of the Champions."

Closed bright League, Barça 2010/11 has only one party: the Champions League final. Pep Guardiola, happy to have all players available, he thinks that this victory, "go very well for those who have played and those who have stayed at Barcelona." "Now we play the game more exciting, the whole world watching us," he said. The Santpedor is clear: "The goal of a final is to be you. We compete against a rival and ourselves." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 38] Málaga CF 1 - 3 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona closed their league season with another away win, coming from behind to beat Malaga 1-3 with goals from Bojan (pen), Afellay and Bartra -a result and a performance to give added confidence ahead of the Wembley final.
On a hot Malaga afternoon, the league champions signed off their third successive league winning campaign with a great fightback against Malaga in a game that showed once again that Barça always go out with the aim of winning every match, even when there is theoretically nothing at stake,

An opening Malaga goal from Seba was wiped out by a Bojan penalty and second half goals from Afellay and Bartra –his first in this competition - to see Barça end the campaign on 96 points and with a record 14 away wins.


[Technical Data]
Málaga CF: Caballero (Arnau, min. 86); Gamez, Kris, Weligton, Eliseu; Camacho, Maresca, Apoño (Sandro Silva, min. 69), Duda (Portillo, min. 69); Juanmi y Seba.

FC Barcelona: Pinto; Adriano (Dani Alves, min. 59), Bartra, Abidal (Pedro, min. 72), Maxwell; Fontàs, Thiago, Sergi Roberto; Jeffren (Mascherano, min. 67), Bojan y Afellay.

Referee: Clos Gómez (Aragon). Showed yellow cards to Apono, Eliseu and Jesus Gamez, by the Málaga, Abidal and Alves by the club.

Goals: 1-0, min. 31. Duda sent a ball into the area that touches Maresca and Seba Fernandez , from the penalty spot, shoots Pinto. 1-1, min. 44. Bojan converted a penalty committed by Eliseu about himself. 1-2, min. 76. Shot from outside the area Afellay , unattainable for Caballero. 1-3, min. 84. Corner running Alves and Marc Bartra , head, manages the third club.

Incidents: Excellent entry into the Rose Garden. 28,000 spectators in the stands.