21 May 2011

Wembley Memories(IV): Eusebio

Eusebio Sacristán, the player who was fouled to give Ronald Koeman the chance to fire home the famous free kick at the 1992 final, remembers the game as: “a very well balanced game, which both teams could have ended up winning – but it was our moment.

Speaking on the Barça TV programme “Herois de Wembley”, Eusebio recalled: “we were a team that had grown and when Johan came, we all started to move together, understanding his ideas about how we were to play. We’d won the league the season before and with Hristo [Stòitxkov] and Goikoetxea coming in, the team began to take shape. We all understood that this was to be our moment –the time to win our first European Cup and those sensations helped to make things turn our right”.

Eusebio also reveals that the squad then believed that they would dominate Sampdoria, though it didn’t actually turn out that way of course: “we attacked and had a few chances, but so did they. We thought it’d be a game we’d control, but in the end it was a very well balanced game, which both teams could have ended up winning – but it was our moment!”

Eusebio also remembers Cruyff’s famous pre-match instructions to “go out and enjoy it! “we could see that for the boss all of it was very natural, he’d played in plenty of finals and was used to it and I think what he was trying to say was that we were in a unique moment of our careers – you can’t be tense and nervous because to enjoy it, you have to be relaxed and live it intensely. He just wanted us to enjoy every minute of the game”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Nolito makes official a move to Benfica

The winger of Barça Nolito made clear that its fate will be Benfica next season to ensure it will be "happy" to be integrated into the ranks of a club such as La Luz, "the greatest of Portugal and one of the largest in Europe"

In an interview published in the newspaper Luso "O Jogo", the end of filial Barca, 24, promised to give "most", but said that for now wants to "relax and recharge your batteries" for next season.

According to the newspaper, the Andalusian football team reach the Portuguese with the charter of freedom, "ended the contract with the club this month of June, and signed through 2016 with the Lisbon club. Benfica, who finished second last Portuguese league play prior to the Champions League next season. (via SPORT)

The penultimate challenge is to Barça as many victories as a visitor

Barcelona team will not go on a trip to Malaga. In The Rose Garden, which will lower the curtain of the League, you can achieve as a visitor record for victories (14), a mark that he allowed in San Sebastian and, on the second occasion, he hopes to get to add one more to record large collection that has won the Pep Guardiola.

Thirteen were those who managed the club wins away from Camp Nou in Liga season 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. And thirteen are carrying right now. One more would get to 14 and sign a record year for visitor status.

A triumph, moreover, would lead the league chapter alone, leaving behind the same brand to be Atletico Madrid (1995-1996) and Real Madrid (2009-2010).

Winning would also be synonymous with adding 46 points on the road, beating the 44 who managed the club last season and 42 with those made in the first year of Guardiola.

Would be the penultimate challenge of FC Barcelona this season. The latter, obviously, to win at Wembley on Saturday 28 to lift the Champions League quarter, second to coxswain Santpedor on the bench, another act that would be historic for the Catalan club, because so far nobody repeated. (via SPORT)

Andrada come after the Wembley final

The goalkeeper is confident that the transfer can be closed soon and travel to Barcelona in early June.

Barca, Lanús and goalkeeper Esteban Andrada positions are approaching. As confirmed by a spokesman for the Argentine club in recent days have had several contacts in order to agree the transfer of the operation. The same sources revealed that the club would have increased substantially its initial economic offer "some two million euros, though still not achieve the requirements of Lanús, which would have been moderate but the work would not be down more than three million euros .

The negotiation phase has not yet reached its final phase. Barca try to follow the usual procedure in these cases and assess the total cost of operation depending on the performance of this young goalkeeper sub ¿20. The fixed two million euros, the club would accept the inclusion of some variables that would provide for promotion to first team and is not even rule out a possible percentage of a transfer to a third club.

Lanús accept these price increases to reach the four million euros was early in this young star rated Argentina. However, the minimum required is still far.

FC Barcelona hopes to carry out the operation after the dispute of the Champions League final at Wembley. (via SPORT)

Modern London: living fast

"Live fast, die young and leave an exquisite corpse." So the English are living in Hackney, one of the most artistic city bustle. And is that East London is hedonistic and romantic territory, a haven for those who rebel against the routine and just repaired in the future. Sid Vicious, punk hero, grew up in these streets. Pete Doherty, co-leader of The Libertines, Kate Moss's ex, junkie incorrigible, "began his love affair with drugs and neighborhood clubs.

Hackney used to be land of immigrants. Abundant prostitution and crime. Was synonymous with danger and villains. The most famous' Jack the Ripper ", the first modern serial murderer. Over the years the arrival of artists to the area changed the scenario. In the late nineties, he was filled with icons of the underground and your claim brought a large number of young people. Housing prices, very reasonable at that time, the area became a fad, a fever that lasts even though other prices are handled.

East London is now a hotbed of trends, but also the back of The City, London's financial district. Hackney is still a maze of grimy streets striking contrast with enclosures, to the last. The people are of the more 'arty ". Graphic designers, photographers, actors, musicians ... not easy to find people with occupations which might involve an orderly life. Globetrotter also abound because London is a city of splendid step Hackney a neighborhood great for those suffering from Peter Pan syndrome

A good starting point is to get to Liverpool Street Station and dropping by Brick Lane, the street where the market par excellence of the young Englishmen. A safety pin. We will go on a Sunday. The road passes through Swanfield Street and links to Whitechapel High Street. Along the way a varied cuisine, street art, vintage fashion and live performances.

Hundreds of young flood Brick Lane in a cultural explosion and a premise: to dare to be different. Another highly recommended this area is the neighborhood of Shoreditch. It is best off at Old Street Station and enjoy the first of Hoxton Square "a kind of square surrounded by bars what Shoredicht finish the night in places like The Old Shoreditch Station and Jaguar Shoes.

Stoke Newington, in the northeast, is another spot to be discovered. Buses 393, 73 and 476 stop at the beginning of Church Street, an avenue of the most eclectic, fantastic to be with retro furniture, vintage clothing and organic food. He is accompanied by great parks (do not miss the Abney Park Cemetery). Is priceless to see the contrast between the children frolic in the park and the proximity of the gravestones. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] A derby to regain effectiveness

Barça B wants to regain the effectiveness of Girona after having added just 5 points in the last 18 at stake. Luis Enrique recovered Oriol Romeu and has summoned the juvneil Rafa Alcantara.

The game this Saturday (18h) in Montilivi to the Girona is a good chance for Barca B to retrieve the path of success.

Since the victory over Granada (4-0) joined the club B has only 5 points in six games. The only victory in this last stretch of the season was against Albacete (2-1). Before this streak, the reserves went from a period where he had added seven wins and a draw in the previous days.

This streak is not concerned about a coaching staff that understands, explains Joan Barbara, who was the team's game has not suffered the decline that the results reflect "the game was no different, we have continued at a high level football, where players with the ball as usual but some details have prevented us from winning "

Juveniles Iván Balliu and Sergi Gómez maintained in a call where the big news is the presence of Rafa Alcantara. Espinosa, head to the Las Palmas, returns to the Juvenil A.

The Oscar Garcia play on Sunday (12am) in the area of ​​Las Palmas around the second round of the Copa del Rey with a positive result from the first leg (6-2).

Oier, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Dos Santos, Thiago font and also have been invited to the first team against Malaga

The Girona, with 54 points, occupies the twelfth place finish. Girona lost the last game (1-0) in the area of ​​Cartagena in a game marked by the four expulsions suffered Girona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[The List]
Porteros: Masip, Miño
Defensas: Ilie, Muniesa, Gómez, Planas, Abraham, Balliu
Centrocampistas: Romeu, Carmona, Rafa, Vázquez
Delanteros: Edu Oriol, Tello, Benja, Saúl, Soriano, Nolito

Above before the end of Champions

Barça will play against Malaga last league match and the last before Wembley. In the previous six finals before the Champions League so far has played for the Catalan side, the balance is 2 wins and 4 losses.

With the league already in his pocket, in the final game against Malaga Pep Guardiola can book several players for the final Champions League May 28 in London against Manchester United. This will be the seventh final of Europe's top competition. In the previous six, the club has come, having won two matches before the final, having lost four.

Rome 2009> Hall of the doublet

Before the Rome final against Manchester United, the club played at the Nou Camp against Osasuna. A game in which the team made the corridor Navarra de Guardiola after they had been proclaimed champions of the Copa del Rey first, and the league, then. Recognition for a double that days later would become triplet. That day, however, Osasuna took the three points thanks to a goal Stadium Pandiani.

Paris 2006> Tribute to two Champions

In the Champions League final in Paris, the club received at Sevilla before heading to the French capital. The game served to pay homage to Sevilla, who had proclaimed champion of the UEFA, and Barca, who was league champions after winning the previous day at Celtic. So in the Sánchez Pizjuán could see a double corridor. The final score was 3 to 2 for the Andalusians.

Athens 1994> Champions before the final

Before the final against Milan in Athens, the club was crowned champions on the final day 1993/94. That day will be remembered for the famous by Djukic missed penalty on 88 minutes, closing the match between Deportivo and Valencia scoreless and allowed Barca crowned champions after beating Sevilla by 5 to 2.

London 1992> Victoria before Wembley

Before releasing the record in Europe's top competition at Wembley, the club Mallorca defeated by a clear 3 to 0 in the stadium. Then, the Barça occupied the second position in the table. The victory against Sampdoria in the final moral gave a Barça would end up winning the domestic championship on the final day. A victory at the Nou Camp by 2 to 0 against Athletic Club accompanied by a loss of Madrid in Tenerife took the championship at the club.

Sevilla 1986> Defeat before a final cruel

On April 26, 1986 the club fell defeated at the Vicente Calderon against Zaragoza in Cup final by 1-0. After that disappointment, that of Terry Venables 11 days later played the final of the European Cup in Seville against Steaua Bucharest.

Bern 1961> Derby Cup before the final

The league ended on April 30 and final of the European Cup was not played until a month later. FC Barcelona played during that period, the knockout final against Espanyol. Before the end of Berne, the club fell into the second leg at Sarrià by 2 goals to 1. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça arrived in Malaga

Barca already in Malaga , where he arrived about 11 am after a 90-minute flight.

The Barça expedition, consisting of the 18-man squad, the coaching staff, managers Vilarrubí Carles, Susana Monje, Guinovart Pilar and Joan Bladé , and sports director of the Department of Professional Football Andoni Zubizarreta have found his arrival a sunny climate, with a temperature above 20 degrees.

Remember that seven of the headlines next week at Wembley, Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Villa , have stayed in Barcelona, ​​along with Milito, recently recovered from his latest injury.

The team will stay focused in the hotel until just before kickoff, when will depart for the Rose Garden . (via MD)

Tevez denies having fought with Leo Messi

Argentine striker Carlos Tevez has denied a poor relationship with Messi and that this is the reason for their absence in the squad for the Copa America.

Speaking to Fox Sports, acknowledged that Tevez does not understand the reasons for the 'Cheche' Batista to leave out of the squad, but in any case because of a bad relationship with Messi, as points from some media .

"No place that I have a bad relationship with Lavezzi Pastore or because they do not have the weight of Leo. Messi is the best in the world," said Tevez, annoyed when asked about the alleged controversy between them, completely denied. "The truth is that I have very good vibes with Leo and I say again, is the only person with whom I have conversation inside the campus of the team," said Tevez.

"I do not understand the decision. It makes me sad that they treat me this way and I think I deserve at least a call telling me I'm not in the selection for football reasons," said a player that will have more rest before preparing a season in 2011/2012 is not yet clear future, while Apache still contract with Manchester City. (via SPORT)

Goals that are worth gold

Sediment had swallowed some displays let Rivaldo when he was a buck. The Brazilian did not often fail on the big occasion and Peter did not want to be less than your idol. Since it opened as the top scorer in the first leg of the Supercopa 2009 Spanish sealing the 1-2 in Bilbao, has not ceased to be a player in the playoffs. Twelve days later, he avoided on penalties after extra time in the Super Cup against Shakhtar . From August to December was 'wet' in League, Cup and Champions until his star in the hour of truth shone again in Abu Dhabi . If in the semifinal against Atlante became the first player in history to score in six races in a season 89 minutes before students miraculously forced overtime. San Pedro opened the gates of heaven and Messi finished off the milestone of Six Cups . In April 2010, debuted at the Bernabeu signing 0-2 in May led to an own goal made ​​it 2-0 Valladolid and to sing the Alirón league and their first derby at home won the second 5-0. A goal or canceled deprived him of being the hero in the last Cup final but retaliated by scoring at Madrid in the 1-0 round the 'semi' in Europe. Wembley already expected. (via MD)

Eye with Chicharito !

The crack of Manchester United and has scored with Mexico to Puyol and Busquets, before Abidal and to Mascherano.

In Mexico, Chicharito (or 'Tom Thumb') and won back to Puyol and Busquets , to Mascherano and Abidal . Born Javier Hernandez but known by his nickname footballing legume, the Aztec international scored against Spain in friendly last August (1-1), against Argentina in the second round of the 2010 World Cup (3-1) and against France (0-2 ) in the group stage of the tournament in South Africa, in very similar actions, receiving a through ball, breaking the offside trap and ending with clippings and a touch of crack.

On Saturday Chicharito will get in the way of ' Puyi ', Sergio and ' Abi 'and, according to plans Pep , perhaps also in the ' Masche ', this time with the shirt of Manchester United in the has been the great revelation of the season desesquilibrante and lethal. Will have to be very careful with him because he has already shown how Barca spent in office before four defensive.

In the France-Mexico opened the scoring on 64 minutes after a long pass from Rafael Marquez who picked up the race for 'wet' without opposition and to the bewilderment of Abidal and the rest of the rear 'bleu', only statues to its brilliant appearance.

In the Argentina-Mexico signed the honor both of 'tri' (71 '), getting back to the goal albiceleste and undeterred by the pressure of the opposing defense spun around to shoot.

And in the Mexico-Spain , fought in World Cup hangover full of 'red', go to the hole was Guardado Vela missed as not to incur 'offside' and Chicharito picked that spark, the attempts to Puyol and fellow to hunt him were in vain and sang goal (11 ').

Stop on 28 Rooney or Giggs balls serve him well will be one of the main tasks of the club. (via MD)

The last test for Abidal

Barca closing check to the League in Manchester in a game whose only interest is to see if the French defender may hold in the Wembley final.

With Barça champions league for two days and Málaga saved from last week's meeting this afternoon (18 pm / Gol T / C + league) in the Rose Garden will serve only to gauge the development of Eric Abidal thinking at the end of Wembley. Guardiola , who will book seven of their starters in Barcelona (Valdés, Puyol, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and Messi ), confirmed it will play "a long time" into French. In addition to Eric, who since reappeared in the semifinal round of the Champions League against Madrid has been increasing its quota of minutes, other players like Pedro, Mascherano and Adriano can finish putting them ahead of the final in London.

A priori, despite its spectacular finale, the 'jefecito' has all the numbers being a backup in London , but if Abidal comes just force, Puyol to the side and he would take his place as central.

In addition to confirming the presence of Pinto and Abidal, Guardiola made ​​it clear that today's meeting will be a test for the young. "I want the younger me put it hard," he said. The technician will take seven of the subsidiary. In the usual Fontàs and Thiago , Guardiola decided to include in the list Oier, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Jonathan dos Santos . Of these, Bartra Fontàs and aim to be the central couple, as against Deportivo, while midfielder Jonathan exercised and Thiago take the place of Xavi. The rest, and given that by law can only be four homegrown players on the field, wait for his chance. With this new call, Oier aims to be the alternate Valdés at Wembley on the adoption of Pinto.

After flirting with the drop most of the season, Malaga will take the game today as a holiday. Andalusians certified salvation held last week after a draw with Athletic Bilbao. With the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini , former coach of Real Madrid , and four luxury reinforcements, including Julio Baptista and Demichelis, now absent through suspension and injury respectively. Another attraction for local fans will dismiss Arnau .

Although for Barça the league has been in the background, Barca can see a spark in the match today to advance to Madrid as top scorer. Whites accumulate 94 points, compared with 92 of the Barça. Interestingly, the Catalans are measured today to a suitable rival to try to catch up, as the Manchester is next to the Royal the most thrashed with 65 against)

Nunez will be at Wembley:
Josep Lluís Núñez, former president of Barcelona from 1978 to 2000, intends to go on Saturday to the final of the Champions League between Barça and Manchester United, which will be played at Wembley. Club sources consulted by MD claimed that the former president has already accepted the invitation of the entity, extends also to the other former presidents. Nunez, 79, does not usually travel with the team, but if Wembley is very special as it was under his leadership and that same scenario where the club won its first European Cup.

Bojan or Pinto, masters in Malaga:
Despite being only 20, Bojan Krkic could today be the captain of Barça in the municipality of La Rose. With the four captains of the first team in Barcelona (Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Valdes) of the 18 displaced to Malaga, Bojan is the longest in the template, so that it would behoove old bear cuff. Even so, Pinto, now owner, also has options to wear the armband. Both were captains when they have failed Puyol, Xavi, Valdés and Iniesta. (via MD)

The Magnificent Seven

Pep left home at Wembley to play safe.
The coach cited Oier instead of Miño, with the whole winning for London.

The squad that Pep Guardiola 's side out yesterday for today's meeting with the Manchester hinted obvious, but deep tracks, which are the coach's plans ahead of the finals next Saturday at Wembley. You could say that Pep left out of that summons to the 'Magnificent Seven', players now more clearly indicate the ownership in London . They will be joined at the gala eleven Guardiola presented in the English stage four of those that travel today, but still raises questions about its presence or position.

The seven players who will play safe to the Manchester and will not be in Malaga are Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol, Piqué Gerard, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Lionel Messi and David Villa . Yes attend, however, to Andalusia Dani Alves, Eric Abidal, Sergio Busquets, Javier Mascherano and Pedro Rodriguez , five players from among those that will come out the other four places in the eleven, but the Brazilian side, the midfielder Badia and Canaries striker also have it almost assured. The only question now is to see how it evolves Abidal. Chances are that French is the owner today to continue with setup. If you do not come to London, Mascherano is ready to play as it has in other commitments. Other to be followed closely is Peter, who could not perform as I wished on that section because of a nagging groin injury. As for Alves 'Busi', widely known are their physical abilities. The seven who remain in Barcelona train today and rest tomorrow as the rest.

The other important development is the presence of meta Oier in the squad for Manchester , which won over whole Miño to end up being cited as deputy Víctor Valdés due to the enactment of José Manuel Pinto . However, the irundarra not play today in the Rose Garden to prevent risks. Guardiola confirmed titualridad of Andalusia. (via MD)

Pedro: "I have a goal in the head"

Pedro played on Saturday its first Champions League final as a starter at Wembley 19 years after the first European Cup club. You had four years on May 20, 1992. What memories are at home in Tenerife?

I have not even seen the whole game, just some pictures. At home he always talked about Koeman's goal, an indelible image for history. Hopefully we can repeat that dream.

And you can not fail to important appointments, has dreamed of seeing at night to score the goal?

You always have the goal in the head and more in a Champions League final but it is complicated. I want to win but if it would be a dream frame.

In Rome and played a snap. How did that end?

It was my first Champions League final. I was with Barca B trying to go to the playoff, did not know if it would be called and finally got to play. It was a beautiful thing.

What did replace Guardiola before Iniesta in the discount?

They enjoy the moment. Getting a Champions against a team like Manchester United is great.

Was it a spur of the future as lived by example Sergi Roberto leaving the Bernabeu?

I knew it was difficult to get a gap but with hard work I earn the trust of the mister.

What has changed since 2009?

I have integrated into the locker room and have improved the team combined character. Before participating less. I always point to the help of my teammates because they are key to operate the front. Xavi, Andres and Leo are the best in the world and is a luxury to play with them because you can benefit greatly.

The goal has exploded in a big way.

Yes, I can score many goals and hopefully do well.

Do you think respect him more now?

Yes, it's normal. That experience makes rivals look at you differently.

Now he even stepped on.

Yeah, yeah (laughs). Are sets of the game and it is normal that these things happen.

"He apologized Marcelo?

I talked with him but there's no getting around it. In the return match was very correct. Now we must think of Wembley.

But do not bother them labeled as theater people and denounce them?

Yes, angry because we try to play as accurately as possible without cheating the referee. We always try to play with respect to what we have been taught and it is sad but these things happen.

What rituals still hours before the final challenge?

I always stressed a lot. One end of a World Cup or Champions League is something impressive, try being stuck in the game and relaxed while listening to music.

Any song or group?

All starting with Manna.

After a semifinal as powerful as Real Madrid won it might seem that everything was done but is the most important game. What is your feeling about it?

Both the fans and the staff is looking forward to winning that final. It will be difficult for the opponent, with a very compact group but hope to be at our level.

Is it an added responsibility to see that there Catalans who pay more than $ 1,000 for a ticket?

It is clear that all fans want to see and so we all know what the Champions League and how difficult it is to reach the final. We want to play this final but we still have time to prepare well.

"The best incentive for Saturday is to become the best Barça's history and perhaps the best team of all time?

We know we are in a good time. We have won many titles. The boss is doing an outstanding job with the players involved. Keeping these runs is very difficult as demonstrated in the story but also want to repeat because we could fight for more titles next season.

"I think even his record of scoring in the six races?

Ja, ja. Play them and would be very important because it would mean we have won the Champions too. That was something that happened to me. I was lucky but I will try to repeat it again if we play six tournaments in a season.

Have you noticed already in the ManU side you change your band?

I have not played even against Evra and Rafael, but are very fast and aggressive, are over, continue to make and are very difficult to overcome. All lines have a more compact team and I think they are better than in Rome. It will be very difficult to beat.

Sir Alex Ferguson has said it will be fixed in the plan of Mourinho. Do you expect a more conservative rival in the boot of Rome?

I do not know why but players will approach so fast and mobile as Chicharito and Rooney, creating a lot of players and the average tour and experience in defense, it is clear that a party will be hard.

Do you impose respect playing against Ryan Giggs, who started when you were just four years?

It's a legendary player, a legend and playing against him for someone like me who has been so long, it is a pleasure and a privilege.

While more focused now playing, was referring for you?

Giggs was very quick and vertical and is clearly trying to look for on it. He now plays more in the middle but is dangerous in the last pass.

Do you think Manchester United, for the injuries he has had the club, get a little better physically to the finals?

They were very good for the Premiership but we were able to rest these days and hard work that remains to be week to stop at Wembley. I think we will reach very well. We are all recovered from injury.

In his case, which has been 'in crescendo' in the decisive stage of the campaign, is already 100% of power after his groin injury?

Perhaps I lack a bit of match fitness for the final but now that I had already gone. It was very hard for me and the physios because it was a difficult injury to treat. I was lucky enough to be well in the past few days and hopefully continues.

But Puyol and Abidal seeing what they have suffered to return, "may seem minor complaints?

Yes, it was very difficult for both. 'Puyi' improved and the next day not feeling well. Mentally it was difficult to accept and live with it. Then it's Abidal was a very big stick to the dressing room but his recovery has been spectacular. It's the best news we could have and want to spend the Champions League. (via MD)

Alves has started a twitter

Dani Alves has started a Twitter account. @DaniAlvesD2

Rossi: "It's nice to talk about the Barça"

The Italian-American is thankful for the interest as Barca and Inter Milan.
"It's always good to see your name next to the big teams," said Villarreal striker.

Giuseppe Rossi , the Italian striker Villarreal , said today that it is "beautiful people like Moratti speak well of one or to talk about the" possible interest-Barca or other big clubs. "

"There are always rumors in this period. The papers take a lot of news and it is normal, but I am calm and I ignore those things. I'm relaxed and thinking about the match against Osasuna. Then I'll go with the Italian and a little later vacation, "he commented.

However, the Italian-American soccer has become known that there is "something official," but believes "it's always good to see your name next to the big teams."

"I do not know if there are offers for me. I have not spoken to my agent and I will do at the end of the season, but who are interested in you means that things have gone well. I always want to give my team the best performing at a high level . The team has also had a great season. We are all very proud, "added the matter.

"Very few teams larger than Villarreal

Despite these statements, Rossi added that he is "very few teams larger than Villarreal , because in his current club have "given all", so you should get "a very important offer "to leave the club in El Madrigal.

In that sense, the attacker of New Jersey says he will not think about the money they could get by him on Villarreal or offers that may come and that his only goal is to reach 20 goals in the tournament tomorrow against Osasuna.

"In football anything can happen, but right now I have a contract renewed because both the club and I wanted to expand it and right now I'd rather be focused on the Osasuna match," he pointed Rossi , who hopes to reach "the same level with selection for Villarreal. " (via MD)

The price puts Arsenal Cesc Fabregas transfer of 68 million euros

The club 'gunner' hopes to be an excessive figure for Barca, the club where you want to saturate the Arenys.

Arsenal has assessed the hypothetical transfer of Cesc Fabregas at 68 million euros in a warning sign for Barcelona and Manchester City , the two teams most interested in tying the Arenys.

Explains the British newspaper 'Daily Star', the club 'gunner' hopes that this figure is too large for the Catalan club since he believes that Cesc would not leave the Emirates Stadium to go to another club in the Premier League .

The same means indicates that the FC Barcelona have offered 40 million pounds for the Catalan midfielder, a price "well below the valuation for winning the European Championship and World Cup." (via MD)

Marc Márquez: "I've been in Barca colors"

Moto2 pilot Marc Marquez has seen first team training and has displayed his Barça. Cervera has compared the final of Champions "with a career in which you play the world championship."

Taking advantage of an invitation from Gerard Pique, who has a good relationship, the reigning world champion 125 cc Marc Marquez has fulfilled the dream of 'in situ' a meeting of the club. "FC Barcelona since childhood and I am amused me to come to training." The pilot explained that his FC Barcelona comes "the family" and said: "With the team we have now be culé is easier, but I am a lifetime. I've been in Barca colors."

Marquez has made several similar between the two sports, motorcycling and soccer. "The bikes also are a team, the difference is that when you choose yourself a career in the field and the responsibility does not lie so much in a person." In addition, the Cervera is sympathetic to the players Guardiola: "People in general are poorly used. I personally am, but when I get lost because the world of motorcycles also means when you fall or fail. If you athlete you understand a little better. "

Like the rest of Catalans, Marc Márquez will closely follow the Wembley final. According to him, "a Champions League final is like a race where you play the World Championship motorcycle racing. The nerves pass, but I think will win." The Catalan rider, 18, considered key to the team "do their game." "You work for Pep and the players and surely will do fine," he concludes. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The Board visit Ciudad Deportiva

The Board of FC Barcelona has this Friday Ciudad Deportiva organized a private visit from the sports area to check the status of the new works and installations Mas Sant Joan Despi.

This Friday, the members of the Meeting have visited the facilities of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper of Sant Joan Despí accompanied by the maximum responsible for this space, Pere Gratacós, and the director of the professional soccer, Andoni Zubizarreta.

One of the main points of this private visit was the new farmhouse where athletes will stay in the quarry. The works of this area is progressing well and this Friday, have been found 'in situ' the directors of FC Barcelona. These tasks are expected to be completed in June for the Oriol Tort Training Centre is fully operational for the season 2011/12.

Coinciding with the training schedule of the first team at the end of the session, the President and other Board members who have made this journey through the sports facilities have welcomed and encouraged the staff to eight days of the end of the Champions at Wembley.

Leading representatives of the Club also visited the facilities for the pavilion sections as well as offices where you carry out the tasks of the Department of Sports Management. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player] Stoichkov: "The final will be easy for Barca"

The exazulgrana Hristo Stoichkov said that the club will come to Wembley with less pressure than Manchester United and that can be key to the outcome of the final.

"Against Manchester will be an easy match because the club will be calmer, without pressure. The best advice is to go with the mentality to win because they have more pressure playing at home and the English do not like running after the ball," said Stoichkov during a ceremony Friday in Madrid.

The Bulgarian believes that, while not winning the final in any case we could talk about failure. "It is never losing a final failure" because the "real failure is for those who have not arrived," said the Bulgarian, who despite having his compatriot Dimitar Berbatov at United and wish him well, believes that "the club is Barça much. "

The same day they turn 19 years of the first European Cup Barca, Hristo Stoichkov was happy to remember the experience. "It was a nice game, win at Sampdoria was not easy. The truth that was a very nice day for us and for Barcelona", said the Bulgarian, who noted that the best moment was the moment to take Cup

On Guardiola, a fellow at the historic moment, Stoichkov surprised if he was sure that Barcelona player and have the coaching Santpedor "would have jumped many sparks." "I think my relationship with coach Pep be the same one I have now with him because he is the same and I am the same. But sure it would spark many sparks," said the Bulgarian.

Finally, Stoichkov did not hesitate to recognize the great merit that have achieved the 38 goals by Cristiano Ronaldo this season. "Mark 38 goals is very difficult to obtain and available to very few. This has been achieved thanks to the team and the coach because a player is impossible to score as many goals if the team does not play for him," he said. (via SPORT)