20 May 2011

Guardiola: "If we prepare, the United We pass over"

A grand finale deserves good answers. And if they are those of Pep Guardiola. Barcelona coach explained his feelings with eight days for historic Wembley final ...

47 minutes. Possibly the longest news conference of the season. Pep Guardiola did not leave a stone unturned in his long appearance before the media on Friday. The coach explained in detail the reasons for which excluded several of the owners of the call against Malaga and how to prepare the Barça-Manchester next Saturday. The party really has in mind all Catalans.

"We have recovered almost all, just need Milito. I prefer to play with young people, will be hot, and I want them resting. They have 70 games this year are many," he said.

Guardiola takes to "keep the players through competition, and therefore considered" vital "that all are properly prepared in the coming days, each with its work plan. "If they do, we will pass over Manchester. That train well, and then rest on Sunday to prepare for the match at Wembley.'s Never easy from groups, but the season is decided in a game," he said.

Barca coach also noted that eight days of the end, still do not know the side that align with the 'Red Devils'. Something that will decide the day before. First, it depends on how each player arrives next Saturday. And who plays in Manchester: "I have a great base, but I will decide based on who will play, if Rooney, if Chiucharito ... and also how we ourselves during the week. I have to see how they are indicative of the players, "he said.

"We're not accustomed to preparing for a match with so much time. We have to get cool head and legs. Enjoy, and will stress the day before and the party. The ball is flying in training," he added.

Guardiola praised his colleague Alex Ferguson described as "extremely lucky" and "a privilege" to play a final against Manchester, "a prestigious coach who has won what he has gained over the past 25 years. We must well prepared. We have reached two Champions League finals in the last three years, but it can take 20 more in return. Two years ago we beat them, but make no mistake. We know it costs a lot, is the hardest game of the year. A see what feelings I have on Friday before the final, "he said.

And based on those feelings will decide whether the newly recovered Puyol Abidal and will face the 'Red Devils'. "The entire staff is coming good. They are training dramatically. We have to raise the level next week." Puyi 'after so long without playing, it takes two days training with good ripping and' Abi 'reaches 50 or 60 minutes and against Malaga will have more, we'll see. Adriano is perfectly recovered, and Maxwell too. A Milito would be missing three or four days, "he said.

Guardiola does not want his men to lower their guard, and gave them a clear message: "I hope you feel may be their last Champions League final. Successes costs and have to celebrate. Xavi, 'Puyi', Iniesta and many of them lived five years without winning anything, are a good example to remember that this can happen again. Be aware that costs a lot to be there. The finals will have to compete very well with a point of fear and need, thinking that might not return to live longer, "she added. (via SPORT)

Luis Enrique, with children of web junior

Barça B coach has responded to questions from users of the web junior Barca and then chatted a while and has been photographed with a group of kids winning a lottery.

Since taking the reins of Barça B, Luis Enrique has limited his public appearances to press conferences. Lucho has focused on his work and has provided virtually no interviews, but when you answer the questions posed by young users of the web junior club did not hesitate an instant.

The Spaniard spoke of how the branch of the Barcelona coach, his passion for the sport, his past as a player and the motivations that led him to say that at the end of this season will be the coach of Barça B .

For the 20 questions from juniors to which said Luis Enrique, click here . These are some of the most interesting questions which were answered by the Spaniard, who was very kind to children.

What is harder, train or run Barça B Sables Marathon?
"Train the Barca B takes you much longer, but the Marathon des Sables is very demanding, not only physically, but mentally. Harder, Sables."

What do you think that sometimes Guardiola invites some team players when you have game and also an important game?
"It's the fact that coaching is a subsidiary. Continually happens, and you have to accept it. It is not easy, but you have to assimilate."

What has been the coach who taught you most and what was that you made things more difficult?
"Van Gaal was a different coach and methodologically taught me a lot. I had very good coaches."

Do you feel sorry leave Barca?
"I do not I'll never FC Barcelona, ​​why continue to enjoy their victories as a partner. I believe that my time as coach of the subsidiary will soon be over so why am and I can not fool me.'m Sure when you pick up my stuff from the Sports City, feel pain. "

Would you like to coach the first team?
"To train the first team must do much merit or deserve to be worthy of that trust. I do not live under objectives and day." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

In Málaga without eight first team

Pep Guardiola has decided that Valdes, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Puyol and Pique not travel to Manchester to play the last game of the season. In these seven absences must be added the injured Milito.

The eight players who stay in Barcelona and not move to Manchester will not rest, as they all train on Saturday morning, beginning at 11 am in the Sports City . So Valdes, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Puyol and Pique will be a closed session already planning to the final of the Champions League at Wembley on May 28 . Gaby Milito , still in the process of recovery is also one of the Barca players who stay in Barcelona working.

Puyol and Milito are trained with the group

Carles Puyol , who in recent weeks has done individual work, it has exercised with the rest of his teammates. Just as Gaby Milito , the only injured player who is at the moment and that has also been seen working out with the group.

To complete the preparatory session on field number 1 Sports City players were also Barça B Marc Bartra, Jonathan dos Santos, Thiago, Sergi Roberto and goalkeeper Oier.

On the pitch there were the Brazilian Dani Alves and Adriano , who on Thursday met the call for Brazil for the month of June. Both are part of the list of 28 players Mano Menezes to play the 4 and June 7, Holland and Romania .

Defending champion 125 cc motorcycle, Marc Marquez , was the luxury spectator training session at FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The list
PPinto, Oier, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Bojan, Maxwell, Afellay, Adriano, Alves, Abidal, Keita, Mascherano, Jeffren, Fontàs, Thiago, Jonathan dos Santos, Bartra y Sergi Roberto.

Memories of Wembley (III): Ronald Koeman, the hero

Nineteen years after his goal won Barça their first European Cup, Ronald Koeman has spoken to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat about the club’s return to London.

May 20, 1992 at Wembley. In the 111th minute, deep into extra time, Eusebio won a free kick on the edge of the area. Sampdoria star Gianluca Vialli, sat on the bench, couldn’t bear to watch as Stoitchkov passed to Bakero and Koeman powered home the only game of the match. For Barça fans, Ronald Koeman will always be the Wembley hero.

“I have seen lots of free kicks over the last 19 years. A lot of people have reminded me of it. It was one of the best moments of my football career”, says the Dutchman. He also remembers the build-up to the final. “A lot of people stopped me in the street to say that we had to win, that they didn’t want another night like Seville. There was a lot of pressure”.

Barça fans still shudder with excitement when they think of Koeman’s thunderbolt, and are still grateful to him today. “I was lucky to score such a decisive goal and I know I’ll be remembered for many years as the man who scored the winner in 1992. Personally, it’s very nice, although that takes nothing away from the efforts of the other players”.

The former defender agrees that Wembley “brings back many fond memories … it’s a magical place because it oozes with footballing atmosphere”. He has never been back either as a player or manager, but could well be there on the 28th. “If I can, of course I’ll return” he said.

On the forthcoming Champions League final, Ronald Koeman considers FCB to be the favourites. “Football will be the winner. Barça and Manchester, along with Madrid, are the strongest teams. But because of the way they play, Barça are above the other two … United will be more comfortable playing in London, but Barça, because of their qualities, will feel at home”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta: “People shouldn’t expect me to score in the final”

The hero of Stamford Bridge is going back to London for the Champions League final. After starring in the Rome final and scoring the winner in the World Cup final, Iniesta says that “all I want to do is win. These things don’t happen all the time”.

Andrés Iniesta is having his best season ever. His goals and his football have been outstanding. Fans at stadiums around the country have applauded his talent. He couldn’t be feeling more confident going into his third Champions League final, which takes him back to a city that will always bring back fond memories. The stadium is different but the desire is the same: to win the cup again. Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat have chatted with the player ahead of the final at Wembley on the 28th.

What memories do you have the European Cup as a child?
“The European Cup is a very special competition, very nice, where everyone makes a special effort. The fans too. I have always thought of it in a special way and I always feel fortunate to have been able to play in it and also win two titles”.

What do you remember of May 20, 1992?
“I don’t remember where or with whom I watched it, I was only eight years old. But I do remember images and moments, and what that meant for Barça, because it was our first European Cup”.

And the Dream Team?
“My heroes played in that squad: Guardiola and Laudrup. I liked that team because of the way they played, and of course I tried to be like them in the future”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Selection Under-21] The squad for the European Championship will be known on Wednesday

Next Wednesday, May 25, 2011, the National Selectors make public the list of players who will be invited to contest the European Under-21. The concentration will begin on May 30.

Twenty-three be footballers called up by coach Luis Milla to join the national team that played the final stage of European Championship Under-21 National Team in Denmark, between 11 and 25 June. This squad will be announced during the Wednesday, May 25, the day the senior national team, Vicente del Bosque, will provide the squad for the friendlies against the United States and Venezuela.

The players called up by Luis Milla will focus on Soccer City of Las Rozas on 30 May and will play a friendly match on June 5 in Soria, against Russia, just before leaving for Danish land. (via RFEF)

Valverde and Ranieri "spy" to Barça

Barça has exercised this Thursday morning with a focus on the inconsequential league match against Malaga , above all, the final of the Champions League against Manchester United . Ranieri and Valverde have attended the training to see methods Guardiola . (via MD)

Piqué made his mark in Manchester

His former neighbors recall the timbas with Ferdinand, Rooney, Brown and Vidic.

There are no official figures and vary according to the source is a 'red devil' or a 'citizen', but about two thirds of soccer in Manchester are the United and the remaining part of the team of Yaya Toure . The community 'blue' will go to Barca on 28, but there are some 'Red Devil' to be broken hearted because of Gerard Piqué . In the three years that the center now Barca wore the shirt of ManU , was on loan at Zaragoza the 2006-07 season - made ​​good friends in the city and left a pleasant memory, especially in the area of Altrincham-Hale , where resided.

Laughter among friends

A Piqué miss him until the installers of satellite dishes, a few 'rogues' who were primed with the naive young' Gery . " According to police eventually discovered, after several complaints from the central, the same satellite dish installers will dismount when the player was out to do business in style with successive relocations. Also miss Rio Ferdinand , Wes Brown , Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic , with whom he met on Monday to play cards in the basement of 'One Six One', a bar now closed.

These evenings are not just soldiers fellowship among the five but was also a good remedy for homesickness for Gerard , he would return to Barcelona "made man" as he reiterated. Again Barça forged by Sir Alex Ferguson and a league in which to stay in the pub, always with permission from the club or playing poker are ways to make pineapple with peers. "The laughter of the boys were heard even above the street," said a tenant of the property attached to the 'One Six One' with a smile of complicity.

In British football which is frowned upon arriving isolationism. Match outside professional places is not only reprehensible but serves to team. Patrice Evra , for example, lived next door to Pique and shared leisure activities had continued after the training, which both are challenged in duels spontaneous.

And in 'The Vine' Spanish restaurant run by Miguel Angel Navarrete , wondering if "the beloved Piqué "still eat meat with such passion. Like the 'Harper's' located in the center of the city, 'The Vine' was a place of pilgrimage for Gerard .

In 'The Vine' always had open ears. "It's a very special person," point out the owners. "She was nice and grateful. It made ​​her want to," the head of public relations, Seville, sending him "a kiss strong." In 'Harper's', directed by Eugenio Fernandez , also used to eat or dine Guardiola during his brief stay in Manchester after leaving Barcelona as a player. A Piqué steaks and steaks served him, "all with love."

It is recalled that the grandson of Amador Bernabeu landed at United with only 17, back in 2004 and left in 2008. "I wish him well in Wembley , "they said in turn three schools in Hale . As explained by Jason , one of them, "we saw him walk or drive around here. People like him. I'm from ManU , but being Pique in Barcelona it would hurt less if we lost, "he says.

The 'other' Piqué

Pique said in an interview with MD for a time after leaving the ManU , Ferdinand and Brown were in contact with him "to tell me it was a 'mug', to stop and to send SMS to request tickets ManU . I told that they had not ordered anything and I explained that each received message with my mobile, always with requests from six localities. We decided to set a trap and was a follower descubrique Englishman who supplanted me, "he. (via MD)

The birthday culé of Wembley

Today 19 years ago, Koeman's goal for Sampdoria put Barca in the place it deserved.

'Ja the tenim headlined cover all Mundo Deportivo on 21 May 1992. Were exactly the same words he spoke that day a very young Pep Guardiola from the balcony of the Generalitat in Plaça de Sant Jaume a flag plagued Barca. They had spent a few hours from the most famous goal in the history of Barcelona , who made ​​him Ronald Koeman to Gianluca Pagliuca at Wembley in the final minutes of a 111 that brought, at last, the European Cup for a Nou Camp .

Today marks 19 years that the Dutch whiplash. A goal that is now known, was a turning point in the path of a club, to his great sporting and social dimension, earned little because of the famous historical emergency "so well defined César Menotti years before . It was almost an 'X Files' that this colossus that had seen them play with their colors at most major twentieth century would have had to wait so long to raise the 'eared'.

Now, when there are three European Cups that look in the Museum and a few days of the quarter could fall into the same place as the first, FC Barcelona is moving much more to the illusion that by nostalgia for the trust by fear. It is clear that something changed that goal in mind of FC Barcelona, ​​which two decades ago was still traumatized by the unfortunate late-1961 Bern and square posts and Sevilla -1986 and missed penalties. "When I saw the ball go Koeman had me thrown into the Thames ", released this May 20, 1992 Vujadin Boskov , former coach of Real Madrid and then chief of the Samp. Finally, it was Barca vice president Joan Gaspart who got into the cold river in London.

Guardiola , 21, was the youngest of eleven Barca player. Two minutes after the goal of Koeman , Johan Cruyff , the coach who gave Guardiola responsibility for conducting the orchestra and he blew the lighter side of football ideas, sat beside him on the bench to live with him the last moments of the final. And on the bench, 19 years later, Guardiola will be the right of Johan , also at Wembley , even a Wembley which has all its legend to be written. Guardiola the face with the same spirit in which he spoke of that final two days before to play it. "Fear only leads to defeat. The worst that can happen to a team in a game so no one wants to do something to fear." A longer version but basically very similar to that "Come and enjoy", they say, said Cruyff at eight o'clock that afternoon when the sun rose in London. (via MD)

"In the Samp were afraid of a lack"

Players who lived in their own flesh the first European Cup, tell us your experiences.

It's been 19 years of the most memorable night of FC Barcelona, ​​remembered by some of the stars of this hit.

Ronald Koeman

"The night before we test a system for touching the ball other partners, could harness all the power of my shot. When I shot, I was going to go. I did not realize the dimension of that goal until I went to bed. I woke up again and again in the London hotel. As he reviewed all the nuances of the implementation of failure, I realized I had been very great. My wife, Bartin, could only smile. He was as happy as me. Years later I met with Mancini and he told me they felt real fear we had the kick in the front of the area. "

Pep Guardiola

"We were all very tense. The proof is that Salinas did not speak, something very rare in him. What the 3 or 4 defenders was a hue. The important thing is if you wanted to dominate. It was unforgettable and rewarding years and a good way to understand football, "he pointed out four years ago to MD.

Carles Rexach

"Before the match many times I repeated that we would win easily, we were better and we had already beaten in the Cup Winners Cup final in Berne. Align four defenders because it was a very physical game. The 'Chapi' marked to Mancini and the left wing had to cover a dangerous player and Lombardo. It fell to Juan Carlos. "


"Cruyff called me into his office on Friday before the end to say he would play first. I thought I was crazy. He said he would not be called in the league this weekend, but warned me not to leave at night. "


"Just before taking the field, Johan told us that the 'Come and enjoy'. Things like that relaxes you and now I'm technically I can say how important it is transmitting a coach. The players are spread and if you're nervous, them too. For Cruyff, who played many finals, was normal. Yes, it was the final of the European Cup but not the end of everything but a football match. "Failure? was holding." The occasion of July ? What should we put up with him if he scored! ".

Hristo Stoichkov

"I had lost the Rotterdam final against Manchester United through injury and I really wanted. Rehearsed lack of training at the end of the day before and came out perfectly. At the team had a lot of caste: all winners. There were only three foreigners ( Koeman, Laudrup and I) and the remainder were mostly Basques, character, had Andalusians, Castilians, Mallorca. was an essential mix. "


"I came from an injury reappeared six months and ten days before. Johan ordered me to do a man marking all over the field to Mancini. It was a stressful situation came around. It was very moving upstairs to collect the trophy, as that when we hear the song 'Barcelona' by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé when we were warming up. That started off our nerves because we arrived very early and spent two hours in the locker room. Salinas paced up and down like crazy because they knew that do. The wait was a bit distressing. "


"I could not play because I saw a yellow against Benfica in the final group game. I ended up annoyed but would act as if today we played the game. They say that it is harbinger of bad luck but I decided to wear a yellow jersey for the final in crowd and gave us luck. " (via MD)

Dani Alves is already thinking about London side lost the final in Rome

Tribute of 'bobby' Alves to the 'City', where the club chasing his fourth Champions.
Y nod to the Dream Team and Stoichkov, the 19 th anniversary of Wembley.

Dani Alves is not afraid of anything. Is confident about his chances and it acts with all the tranquility of the world. For this reason, when he proposed MD recall one of the most striking covers its history, accepted without complex: the cover of the day when Barça won their first European Cup on 20 May 1992, with Hristo Stoichkov of protagonist played with the typical cap 'bobby', the British police are already a symbol of London .

Alves , a guy who exudes kindness and positivism, had agreed a report in 2009 towards the end of Rome with our photographer Manel Montilla , but a penalty pushed him away from that great game. No special photo but left standing the agreement: "When we get to the next end of Champions , will make a great story. " And as Alves is a type of word has been fulfilled. Without fear of being made ​​a joke in the locker room because he is the most playful, and with much sympathy.

Becomes more serious when talking about the game May 28. A meeting that the Brazilian side knows it has a very high symbolic: "The Barça again Wembley and I know that is very special for the fans because there won the first European Cup in club history. Winning is there again a great challenge for us and hopefully we can keep up an event and a stage so important. "

Dani Alves is "always positive" and believes that Barça has it all in the face for 'champions' of new Wembley . Of course, I argued with good reason: "Our team has come out pretty strong, reinforced the semi-finals against Real Madrid because this is a very tough opponent. Moreover, the fact of leaving the league as soon settled also helping us to rest, to prepare properly for the game and approach it with ease. "

Dani Alves , of course, is well documented about the game of United . So conconocimiento cause ensures that the most dangerous players in Sir Alex Ferguson are, today, " Rooney and Chicharito , which are in a state of grace and who are making a lot of goals and also decisive. " Of course, the Barca side is very clear that in any case, the most dangerous of United is that they are a great team, a great set, a large block. This is its main strength and its most powerful weapon going into this final ".

Dani , a guy who is 'wet' almost always prefer not to do when asked a specific outcome for the final. Of course, swept to home: "I do not ever bet on a particular outcome, I do not like it, but I would bet everything I have in favor of Barcelona in the final. It will be an open game, very complicated, but if we get good physically we will be won because we are very strong psychological level. "

However, the Brazilian international would prefer not to usurp the role of favorite: "We are not in a final forces are always balanced. We face the two best teams in Europe and we will compete to go. It will not be easy, but we trust the best of our ability. "

Alves has earned his place in Barcelona and in the selection of Brazil . Yesterday was convened with Adriano to play the national teams of Holland and Romania , 4 and 7 June in Goiania and Sao Paulo respectively. (via MD)

Barça fishes in the quarry of Espanyol

It will repeat the history of each season, although in this occasion one works to conscience so that Espanyol doesn't come out to the public light accusing to the directive of Barça of I pirate and bad arts in the soccer base.

Do not forget that Sandro Rosell and Daniel Sanchez Llibre have not tired of publicly display good institutional relations at the time. Nothing to do with the previous stage of Joan Laporta.

Those responsible for grassroots culé acted with extreme caution and it was not until the Catalan derby dispute where the contacts have been accelerated. Espanyol have an official record for weeks that the club will be reinforced by "some players who are free and a couple of kids." That is, players to the category of cadets and a couple of Benjamins. In addition, both clubs could agree on a very special case: Esteban Gabriel Rueda 'Bochi'.

Barca already has a tentative agreement with Lucas, a cadet who plays as a left-back and noted for his great physical strength. Barca is also another cadet polishing details that might announce within days. Other cases that are tied refer to a couple of Benjamins.

Bochi The situation is most peculiar. This is a youth who arrived several seasons from River Plate and that meant a huge financial outlay for the coffers of Espanyol. The performance of the interior left-hander has not been as expected and during the last International Mic generated occasional internal conflict.

Barca would be considering the option of signing in an attempt to regain the lost football. Espanyol no progress would resist a bet that has proved unsuccessful and that the time has meant more than 150,000 euros of investment. An unusual collaboration to date we do confirm the new direction between the two entities. (via SPORT)

Rossi is one of four signings Barça

Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi will be one of the four signings to take place the club this summer. The team will be strengthened with four new faces (could be three) and one of them will be to the front so beloved Pep. Wanted also `new parts" back and the wide area. The remaining quarry. (via SPORT)

Met the first 19 years of Champions

On 20 May 1992, FC Barcelona won away in Wembley and the dreaded ghost of the past.

On this day, but 19 years ago, FC Barcelona was conquered his first European Cup. It was May 20, 1992, at Wembley Stadium in London and against Sampdoria. The Dutchman Ronald Koeman, lack, he managed the only goal of the match in overtime.

That night, no doubt, was the happier the fans who lived Blaugrana. For the first time the team played European glory. The 'ghosts' who were born at the end of Berne (1961) and raised in Seville (1986) disappeared forever.

It was an easy win. Long-awaited victory came in the 111th minute of the game, and in the second half of added time. True that the club had enjoyed more chances to score, but until then the framework advocated by Pagliuca was impregnable. However, after a lack of Eusebio Invernizzi on the front doors of paradise are opened completely. Koeman, a powerful shoe, sent a missile that crept halfway up, right by the Italian goal which, despite looking the ball with success, could do nothing to end up staying in the network of Genoese painting.

Barça exploded with joy, he had not experienced such a feeling ever. Champions of Europe! He was never seen. A celebration in style, a night for those who had the privilege of living it has been forever etched in his memory.

The team travel from Johan Cruyff was memorable. He passed to Hansa Rostock Kaiserslautern sixteenths and eighths, with goal-Bakero miracle at the last minute. Then came the league with Sparta Prague, Benfica and Dynamo Kiev. Finish earned him the leader arrives in Wembley, where the 'Skinny' fielded Zubizarreta, Ferrer, Koeman, Nando, Guardiola, Eusebio, Baker, Juan Carlos Salinas, Laudrup and Hristo Stoichkov. Then also intervene Goikoetxea (on 65 minutes, which came by Salinas) and Alexanco (in minute 112, which entered Guardiola). In the dock were Busquets (goalkeeper), Begiristain and Nadal. The Dutch foreign Witschge was discarded. The match started at 20.15 and was featured live on La2. (via SPORT)

Barca in the footsteps of Götze

FC Barcelona is very close to one of the rising stars of German football. This is Mario Götze, Borussia Dortmund playmaker.

Götze, 18, was one of the architects of the league title won by his team on 30 April. And, as published by the newspaper 'Bild', the Catalan club sent scouts to see him in action during the last six games.

In addition to Barca, Götze would also be the agenda of other equipment. Like Arsenal, who thinks of him as a possible replacement Cesc Fàbregas if it is outside and Manchester United.

Götze known for its good technical quality and individual vision. And, although not a natural goalscorer, is versatile and she is capable in the middle and both sides of the attack. (via SPORT)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: "Wembley changed history"

With eight days to the final of the Champions League, Cruyff reviews what is this the end for Barca.

The tranquility in the home of Johan Cruyff Foundation, located in a house in the area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in contrast to the hustle of the former Barcelona coach because he must attend a must with a relative and not a matter of late. Or at least, too late. Despite this haste, Johan Cruyff takes time to explain the views of this boat because it is their passion, which note was found at home.

What you are supposed to end?

Personally, I can close a circle. In the old stadium won my first European Cup with Ajax as a player and then as a coach with the club. In the new Wembley as a fan I can win another Barça.

Talisman Is your field?

Wembley is an area I've always liked. It was very special to me because I lived there only moments as a player and coach.

What are your memories of the Champions won with Barcelona, ​​which tomorrow (today) will turn 19 years?

Just good. The mentality of the fans then it was catastrophic. Always thought defeated fall in if we lost again in a final. It has now completely changed and everyone thinks we've won at Manchester without playing. It has gone from one extreme to another. I think the Wembley final of 92 served to begin to change this mindset, was a last touch to let people see that Barcelona was able to send a team that did not depend on anyone and that was capable of anything, which depended on itself. That victory was a turning point in the minds of the fans.

Do you understand that for Barcelona win at Wembley is also closing a cycle?

They always say this, but ... What should you close?, Why do not you open?, Why can not remain open to victory?, Why think negative? Involves close finish and this is negative and we should not think so.

In 92 it was another final after two years and now it seems that the current team also traveled. You see that?

The club is going well. Being up there is extremely difficult. And steadily. Just look where they left two runners from last year: out in the quarter. The competition is enormous. Bring a team at this point takes a lot. Everyone must be one hundred percent to face challenges. Can not go to 99. If not, arrive. It is a 10-hour work day should involve everyone. The club should be in unison on the same line. If you do not want, can not, or not at the pace of the rest, the team will not reach his challenge. It's a brutal job. In a season there are ups and downs. You have to survive the worst times and for this you need around the world.

In fact, Guardiola comes with all the staff available to Wembley. Is the situation perfect?

Yes, but not only have to look to the template. You should go on one line not only as part of the team but also policy. Began last summer and should be in the same direction. Have to look at the finalists last year, things have changed and are no longer up.

It has the feeling that if it were lost this final, the club nothing happens, the situation is strong enough to overcome "

There have been many changes this season but fortunately has not touched anything and the things inside and outside the field have gone quite well. There have been injuries but I say that every disadvantage has its advantage. No injuries had not discovered in central Mascherano. This is a hit. But initially, the board took action against the coach. These things do not help. And now we have to see how it develops throughout the summer with buying and selling of players. You have to see how it works. Any detail that is not, I do not know what might be, will affect the future performance of the team.

As you said before, everyone has to go to.

Indeed. Otherwise the team is charged. In my opinion the most important is the coach. The policy should seek to meet the technical requirements. In this sense, Guardiola is a coach. FC Barcelona is Catalan and has lived here and safe, secure, sure, it will not take any decision that is detrimental to the club. Just think of the good of the club.

What has been the greatest merit of Pep?

Has your philosophy and is not afraid to make decisions. Has been brave. There has never wrinkled. Dismiss Ronaldinho was strong. At that time Guardiola had much support from the policy and now we must see if you have it.

Is it a pride for what you do Guardiola?

Sure. He was with me and we still have connection. He was already a smart guy and so can occupy this position and make decisions. However, one can not do anything, must be in good company. It is an overall theme. While he can keep anyone from getting into your field can do things. Think it's a 10-hour work day and be on 2,000 fronts.

Do you agree with him that can not compare this team with the Dream Team?

This comparison is absurd. For me and for him too. The Dream Team was great, as this team, too. Like when you compare with other teams. Disgusting. What is meant, that the club of five cups' was it a shit ...? No.

Is also compared with the big clubs in football history as the Ajax, Milan "Is it logical to approach this?

All have or had very good players and they are the example of children. Children need heroes, in all sports.

Now the hero is Messi "

Now compare Messi to Maradona or Pele. How is it possible if Pelé Maradona played 25 years or two decades? Comparisons are odious. Messi has only been playing five years, enjoy it and we'll see at the end of his career what it has done compared to others whose path is longer.

Winning at Wembley would be the fourth European Cup. Just recently had. Now this begins to take shape. You see that?

Always start with the first, eh? (Laughs)

Yes of course. The fourth would be placed at the level of the history of Bayern Munich and Ajax, under most appropriate place in the history of Barça.

This is what playing for the history of this club. Let's see if we can win many more. Today it is a little easier because before I could only compete if he won the League. Therefore this comparisons are odious. The Barcelona fans should enjoy the time you live. It is amazing that every week there are two million people watching heroes like Xavi or Messi.

What would you say now if coach Cruyff?

Again get out and enjoy. Is a unique moment to be savored. You have to play responsibly and without fear. (via SPORT)

Barca agreed with the team ticket allocations

Players made the request yesterday for all their commitments individually.

Barça template happened yesterday its proposal to the club on the number of entries you wish to receive for the final at Wembley. The board wants to reach a consensus on them without a specific number for each player.

Each player happened yesterday, with detailed data, their commitments, once put together, deliver the proposal to the club. The intention is to address each and every one of them, a logical position, given that men of Pep Guardiola who has led the team with a chance to win his fourth Champions. In that sense, if the amount requested exceeds the quota proposed by the directive, there will also be the possibility of acquiring the missing paying for them. The extra ticket price would be between 300 and 400 euros. This division also included the coaching staff.

In the final in Rome itself there was a particular number of tickets for each player. At that time the figure went from 20 at 25 locations, but could get some more from a box. Now it has chosen to do the opposite and specifically ask for the figure. The reason is that not all players have the same number of commitments and the new formula seems more equitable. In the previous final against Manchester United all the entries that had the players had someone specifically assigned. The club wants to accommodate all requests, but also ensure that each and every one of them respond to a commitment of staff.

The board also plans to provide an entry for each of the players of Barça B, which did not happen to the Cup final played in Mestalla. The problem is that the staff of the subsidiary is not able to come to Wembley to watch the final against Alex Ferguson set. The Luis Enrique has that same day in second weekend and get the Mini to Salamanca. Also, some players like Sergi Roberto Muniesa or be concentrated with Spain under-19, which starts on Tuesday, 31 pro-European. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Òscar is in pole position Barça B

Many names being considered for the post of Luis Enrique at Barca B. Eusebio, Unzué, Agné, Òscar... The reality is that you have all the numbers is Oscar, because it meets the requirements sought. Of being made with the position, Sergi would pass to the Juvenil A and Quique Álvarez to Juvenil B. The decision was taken after the Wembley final. (via SPORT)

All the secrets about the 'Operation Cesc' to Barca

Arsenal have to accept 40% less than what the club offered a year ago, Cesc has to push its march.

Cesc's signing will not be easy for FC Barcelona as presumed. Many of the restrictions which have to give the former Barcelona youth player wearing the shirt back from Barca next season. The most important is to clarify that the club is unwilling to pay even crazy 80 million euros by the captain of Arsenal, which is the total which would mean the `Operation Cesc", in which the transfer is to tell the club English, the annual tab, plus the commission to take the representative grab.

Another key point to note is that the signing will take place only if Arsenal are willing to lower the 40 percent of what the club offered last season: 45 million euros. Come on, that the reduction as can be seen has to be very important to get Barca bring to Camp Nou.

It is also true that Cesc Fabregas has to play a very important as it carries out a move to FC Barcelona. First it is he who has put pressure on the Arsenal to let him leave the club at the price has already priced and also have to accept the conditions imposed by the Catalan club in his new contract, which predominates the titles and parties played, in addition to the contract, to our knowledge, it would not charge more than Xavi and Iniesta and Messi Villa and Assumption.

Pep Guardiola What do you think of this? Pep understands that you need and not just to be a starter. Do not forget that both Luis Aragones as Vicente del Bosque has been playing in the Red Cesc as semi tip. Come on, that is Cesc who has the upper hand and that his move depends very much on what they do your part. So things are and so we count them. (via SPORT)

Milito will be discharged to play in Malaga

The staff made yesterday intense physical load to get the batteries charged to the Wembley final.

Pep Guardiola will have the entire staff on hand to deal with the last league match tomorrow in the Rose Garden. The only player who is low is Gaby Milito, but the recovery of muscle injury suffered in Anoeta is well under way and receive the medical to go today in the squad and travel to the Costa del Sol

Milito and Puyol were the only ones who yesterday made a custom job. Both shared their work. Completed a part with other colleagues and the rest alone. Gaby felt good feelings, while the captain continues his special plan to be a hundred percent on May 28 at Wembley.

Everything points to a mixed Guardiola starters for the final of the Champions they need match fitness with less common in the match in Manchester. The Santpedor called back to reserve team players who can act in the Andalusian manor. Bartra, Dos Santos, Sergio Roberto, along with porters and Miño Oier accompanied the already common in the first team and Fontàs Thiago.

Yesterday's session was aimed at enhancing the fitness of the players. Lorenzo Buenaventura took over in the circle in which the coaching staff gives instructions before starting the session. The trainers, Buenaventura, Paco Seirul • lo and Altimira Aureli organized a demanding circuit designed to meet the physical reserves of the players.

Guardiola wants to maximize the time and not give rest to the players today do not come into the squad for the match will serve to lower the curtain on the season. The coach plans to schedule a meeting tomorrow for those who can not move to the Rose Garden. The Wembley finale is approaching and every workout is a golden opportunity to make the final adjustments to the match against United. (via SPORT)

Xavi emerges as Català de l'Any 2010

Next Tuesday we will know the new winner of the award at a gala at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

Xavi Hernandez is one of the favorites to win the prize Català de l'Any 2010 that provide readers 'El Periódico de Catalunya' and the audience of TV3 program 'Els Matins'.

Montserrat Caballé was Wednesday, the last runner to leave the race and the prize and only four participants discussed: the director of the colla Castellers Vilafranca, David Miret, the surgeon Pere Joan Barrett, the writer himself Emili Teixidor and Xavi.

Terrassa has the strong support, because it represents as one the values ​​of a historic Barcelona. For many the best team in history. A group of advertising, licensed from the University Pompeu Fabra, have initiated a project that Terrassa 2.0 to achieve the award. The initiative was developed through social networks, blogs and tools such as Youtube and Vimeo. On Facebook, for example, have created the group 'Xavi, català de l'any. "

Makers understand that Xavi, who would take over from Guardiola, winner in 2009, is one of the great protagonists of the successes of Barcelona. "He is responsible for writing poetry today Barca." The last screen before the award ceremony will take place tomorrow and will be only three finalists. The winner will be announced on Tuesday during the gala to be held at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) and will be broadcast on TV3 beginning at 21.50 hours. (via SPORT)

Messi: "United, who alone is our standard"

The Argentine striker Cristiano Ronaldo congratulates the Pichichi but leaves a 'message' to Real Madrid: "United will not try to destroy our game as Real Madrid made the semis."

Leo Messi has spoken in the Swiss newspaper 'Tagesanzeiger' and ensured that the final of the Champions League played at Wembley Barcelona and Manchester United is the best game you can see right now in Europe. To emphasize, the Argentine striker made a 'message' to Real Madrid, whose game is not for him at the height of the two finalists.

"It will be a dream final. The Manchester United are the only team which has now reached our level. Do not try to destroy our game as he did at Real Madrid in the semifinals. The United play to make your own football so the game will be pretty to see. " Messi highlights on the front of his rival on May 28, with talent to match the offensive firepower of the Barca team: "The United I like his strength as a bloc but also Chicharito. Surely you are the greatest because it is very good one on one. Also speaking Castilian and would fit in Barcelona. Rooney would too. "

The final will be added morbidity for the 'Flea', which still has not scored a goal in their match on English soil, a curse to be broken at Wembley to help Barcelona is the European champion for the fourth time: "It's not bear in mind if I checked or not in England ... It is a curse, it is mere coincidence. I will try to score but because I want Barcelona to win. "

Finally, Messi has congratulated by Cristiano Ronaldo Pichichi will win in the Spanish league, a race has left behind the Argentine in the last days of the tournament: "He deserves it, he has scored many goals in this stretch of league. " (via AS)

Wenger is willing to "fight very hard" so that Fábregas continues in the Arsenal

The Alsatian repeats that Cesc will not leave the Gunners as he can avoid.
Arsenal coach believes that players should "commit to the club" and not "go when things go wrong".

The coach of Arsenal , Arsene Wenger said today that it is willing to "fight hard" for the team captain, Cesc Fabregas , continue with the Gunners.

With the season drawing to a close, the sixth in a row without a trophy at the Emirates , and the possibility that Arsenal have to play in summer its participation in the Champions League , Wenger predicted that again attempts Barcelona to be done with the player .

"I hope you're here and I will fight very hard to stay here. You always have to fight when you have a player of that quality. You always have to fight to keep players," said French coach in a press conference.

Playing with his psychology

On the eve of the final day of league , which is played against Fulham finished third in the Premiership and qualified for the Champions League , Wenger also warned that things Fabregas will not necessarily be best in the Nou Camp .

"What do you guarantee that if you go to another site you will win trophies?" Asked Wenger , who said "the greatest pride of a captain is the commitment and make headlines with her ​​team." Alsatian coach did not hesitate to resort to the double standard since the same Arsenal , under his tutelage, is dedicated to plunder the quarry Barca, taking advantage of players who can not play every minute .

"A change of club player whenever he is frustrated or not won a trophy, not going anywhere . I think the quality of the sporting life is committed to your club and not leave when things are not doing as well as expect, "added the coach, convinced that what Fabregas needs to play.

" Cesc Fabregas has played 22 games this season, 38 as possible and hope to play between 30 and 38. This will make a big difference to our effectiveness, "he said. (via MD)

Anything goes for a ticket

Barca look for his fourth Champions in the stadium (refurbished) which won the first and the fans do not want to miss the party for the world.

Blaugrana fans live the happiest moments in the centennial history of the bank and today the most precious is certainly a place for the grand final of the Champions League to be held on Saturday May 28 at the renovated stadium Wembley.

The social body has mobilized more than ever to try to access one of the 16,415 tickets available to the club for Barcelona-Manchester United. FC Barcelona has received 96,267 applications grouped in 44,396 petitions, well above the previous two records: the recent final of the Copa del Rey in Mestalla against Real Madrid with 72,767 locations requested and the Champions League final in Paris in 2006 against Arsenal, with 72,680.

However, the allocation of these inputs has not satisfied the hunger of Barcelona and there are people willing to almost anything to witness live the clash of 28-M ... even at risk to commit a crime. After the draw which took place last Tuesday, June 10 and they were graceful requests from 39,590 to 3,888, the alien's friends were making mischief.

The deadline for the tickets began on Friday 13 and will be open until Monday, day 23, except Saturday and Sunday (thus, there is only today, tomorrow and Monday). Leaving the box office, several fans were surprised by pickpockets who had been snatched from their locality. Therefore, that the club has had to take action and has deployed members of its security to see that no robberies in the vicinity of the stadium.

Meanwhile, resales are also beginning to act up and as the game is about the price of localities increases exponentially. In fact, yesterday we were being paid nearly 2,000 euros for the most expensive, priced at the box office is 300 pounds (340 euros). However, some fans have rejected the chance to become the incredible price of 10 euros! And they were totally real.

It was an advertising campaign for the Opel brand, which in the vicinity of Camp Nou offered tickets for the Wembley final for ten euros, but the majority of fans refused to buy them to be wary of the offer until a couple decided to buy them. Well, both can watch the game for 10 euros while in the next few days will surely be more than one that pays about $ 3,000 at a time.

What is clear is that almost everything worth Wembley enjoy the biggest game of the season. (via SPORT)

Haya Al Nassr: "The logo of Qatar is only the beginning"

"The logo on the shirt is just the beginning of a historic agreement," said the representative of the new main sponsor of FC Barcelona.

The presentation of the new Barcelona shirt back to Qatar Foundation to present Blaugrana. His communications director, Haya Khalifa Al Nassr, visited the city to see first hand how the Qatar Foundation's logo will look to viewers worldwide.

Do you like the new kit?

Is it any wonder I love it. In Qatar are crazy for getting new shirts, I have reached several messages about it. But the logo on the shirt is just the beginning of an agreement that we believe will be historic.

How far does the agreement with the club?

There will be many activities related to community development. There is plenty of room for cooperation, there is a natural synergy between the two foundations: the club works in South America, Morocco and several countries in Africa. We do a similar job in the Midwest and throughout Asia. We will let you know each other in both areas.

What exactly is Qatar Foundation?

It is a non-profit foundation dedicated to education, science, research and community development, with one overriding objective: to Qatar transformation from an economy based on coal, as formerly, to an economy based on knowledge and investment in human values. And this agreement helps us decisively to continue to pursue these objectives. It is not a charity, not about giving money for nothing. Our employees, volunteers, students, all share the same values ​​and vision of the world.

But he knows that an agreement has been controversial.

Maybe because we do not know. So far, we have not had the opportunity to make ourselves known, but now people know us better.

It is also said that Qatar does not respect human rights and that women have a secondary role.

I am a woman and I am representing a large international foundation! Just have to work a little better understanding of our country.

How do I go to Barca from Qatar?

A people love football. Football Qatar reached long before the oil, my father is one of the founders of one of the biggest clubs in the country, Al Arabi, when people played by painting the dorsal hand. And now we have signed an agreement with the best club in the world is a wonderful story. The local league is good, but people go crazy about soccer here, and more specifically with the club. The matches against Madrid is lived with an incredible intensity. I love Messi, but Xavi and Iniesta. Now we just need to win the Champions! (via SPORT)

Valdés complained of the second doping test in 13 days

"Since you came last week," exclaimed loudly when Victor Valdes spotted the presence of doctors in the UEFA in Field 1 of the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despi. In the presence of the media, Barca goalkeeper staged a tremendous upset of the workforce by the new anti-doping control of the continental soccer governing body. On 6 May, just after eliminating Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinals, and were in training to bring to ten players (Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Villa, Iniesta, Bojan, Jeffren, Keita, Adriano and Abidal) to a urine test.

FC Barcelona has announced that Maxwell, Thiago, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Milito, Pinto, Afellay, Abidal, Iniesta Bojan i have been examined by the doctors of UEFA, who have presented twice within 13 days on the eve the final at Wembley when the entire last season was visited only three times . This campaign and go for a fourth visit when the outrage has not stopped the Catalan club by doping allegations expressed by the Cadena Cope , who said the Real Madrid as the source. (via MD)

[Former player] Iván de la Peña says goodbye to active football

Espanyol player has hung up his boots in a press conference where he could not help getting excited.
"My head wanted to continue, the body has had enough".

The player of RCD Espanyol Iván de la Peña was fired today from active football at age 35. Very marked by injuries, especially in recent seasons, the former player of Olympique de Marseille , Barcelona and Lazio has recognized that "the head wanted to go, but the body has had enough."

Unable to contain his excitement, "what Pelat 'has resumed his career in football where you had 17 years in business. "It's the biggest thing [...] I really enjoyed [...] My best friends I have found here," were some of the secrets that the midfielder has offered to friends and journalists gathered at the Auditorium Stadium Cornella- El Prat for the occasion.

The player wanted to thank especially to Espanyol his treatment during his years as a professional, "I've always wanted, from day one", not to mention that his other teams: Barcelona , Olympique and Lazio , and fans in general "I never thought that I would want both, I always carry in your heart."

Despite hanging up his boots "very proud" and knowing that it always has "everything in the field," the former player and the lamented that "unfortunately, the injury" could not have much continuity.

Still, not knowing what will from now on, the Spaniard player expects "to continue enjoying soccer and this great club", but for now says, was devoted to his family, wife and children "who have lived many hard times. I apologize. " (via MD)

3-3 going into the final

Barça and Manchester United will both be looking for their fourth European Cup at Wembley this month - the English team won in 1968,1999 and 2008 and the Catalans in 1992, 2006 and 2009.

May 28th will see a European Cup final between two teams who have many similar points in their recent history - not least the fact that they have both won 3 European Cups and their Wembley date will allow one of them to draw level with Bayern Munich and Ajax who have both won the trophy 4 times.

Like Barça, Manchester United won their first ever European Cup at Wembley Stadium. It was on May 29th 1968 and Sir Matt Busby saw Bobby Charlton and George Best lead his team to a 4-1 victory against Eusebio’s Benfica. That win was to mark a turning point for the club though, and they were not to challenge for any more titles for another 20 years.

In contrast, Barça’s 1992 win at Wembley marked the start of their most successful era. Koeman’s extra time goal against Sampdoria gave the Club the first of the three European Cups they were to win over the next 17 years. Since then, Barça have also taken nine League titles. That period was also to be Manchester United’s golden age, with Sir Alex Ferguson managing his team to consistent domestic and European success.

The Camp Nou staged its second ever European Cup final when Ferguson’s team took on Bayern Munich on May 26th 1999. The Germans were ahead until the 89th minute when two late goals from Sheringham and Solskjaer turned the score round and handed United their second European crown. Barça had actually gone out in the group stages to the two finalists that season.

Carles Puyol lifted the Club’s second European Cup in Paris on May 17th 2005 after Frank Rijkaard’s team saw off Arsenal 2-1, coming back from a Campbell opener for the Gunners with goals from Eto’o and Belletti. In contrast, United failed to get beyond the group stage.

Manchester United’s last Champions League win came in Moscow on May 21st 2008 against Chelsea. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lampard had scored to leave the game drawn at 1-1 and United finally won on penalties after John Terry famously slipped in the penalty shoot-out. United had beaten Barça in the semi-finals, but Guardiola’s team were to get revenge the following season.

Rome’s Olympic Stadium saw the two best teams in the world face up in the 2009 final. Barça dominated throughout and with goals from Eto’o and Messi they lifted their third European Cup in what was to prove their most successful year ever.

Both teams come into the Wembley final in the best moment of their history: since the turn of the century, Barça have won 14 titles and Manchester 17. This May 28th, one of them will add one more trophy to that total. (via FCBarcelona.cat)