18 May 2011

Memories of Wembley (I): Julio Salinas

Julio Salinas, the FC Barcelona striker at Wembley, remember that it was not expected to play the 1992 final. "I was seldom called" he says, while stressing the importance of the match in Kaiserslautern.

The program 'Wembley Heroes' Barça TV , which premieres Wednesday at 23 hours, brings together three of the starters at the end of 1992, Eusebio, Stoichkov and Julio Salinas , who review how they lived on before, during and after the match against Sampdoria .

The case of the Basque striker is certainly the most surprising of the three. Salinas was far less a fixture in this team of Cruyff, played 17 league games and before Wembley had played only six games in the European Cup , and only two as a starter (against Hansa Rostock and Sparta Prague, which were lost).

Cruyff, Salinas: "Do not go out much at night"

The surprise, then, came the Friday before the final, when Johan Cruyff told him he would play the final: "I remember that I never played, he was rarely called. The coach called me Friday and said he wanted to talk to me . And I said, "I tell you that you will play the final." I replied, "What?" And he said: "I'm telling you to know that this weekend you will not get called. More than anything, that you care and do not go out much at night. I thought I had lost my mind. " Julio Salinas played the first 65 minutes of that final.

"A Pagliuca not even want to see"

It was a final with many clear scoring chances, one of which de Julio Salinas, who almost opened the scoring after a solo run. Pagliuca got an amazing hand. "I do not want it to Pagliuca or see. I talked on the phone with him the other day and said jokingly," You ruined my career. "And he replied:" I made ​​many stops, but the Cup You won! ". Now, 19 years later, Salinas said, "If it were not for Pagliuca my boot would be in the Museum. "

Kaiserslautern, turning point

Salinas recalls that he was won the qualifying capital of the time limit against Kaiserslautern . "This victory is the one that gave the team the strength that was missing at that time. All were critical. In the club, the selection ... It was not like now, everyone rowing in the same direction. I think the team with the goal [of Bakero ] in Kaiserslautern close ranks and say, 'Let's all'. "

"That team was built to last much longer"

The outcome is well known by everyone. Koeman prefers the final with a goal-kick in overtime and the team has just won four consecutive league titles, and stands in a new European final two years later. They fit a 0-4 painful part of AC Milan . "At that moment, when you win the league and going to the final of Athens , just think: "One more, one more." Now you look and think that maybe we should have pushed a little more. That team was built to last much longer time and get much more out of what we did, "says Salinas. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Each year, the club of the road improvement Guardiola

In his first season the team did Guardiola more points than ever away from home. In the second season was overcome again by two points on the road, and can now add another record for points at home if they win at Malaga.

If Saturday's win at Malaga FC Barcelona, ​​Barça added 14 victories on the road, which would be an absolute record of games won out in a season.

One of the great merits of this boat is that it plays out as it does at home and get a similar effectiveness. The current boat is spraying all scoring records as a visitor. If the season 2008/09 the team achieved 42 of the 57 possible points away from the Nou Camp, the previous year amounted to 44 and this season already has 43. So, if Barca tie in Malaga, match their best record away from home and if you win added another record on the road.

El Barça de Guardiola every season is getting more points away from home, mostly because of defensive security. The figures speak for themselves: the first is embedded Guardiola League 21 goals in the second he got to 13 goals against, while in the present there have been only 10 goals. It is clear that Barca's Guardiola each year is more compact, while maintaining production goals: 44 goals scored in 2008/09, 41 goals in 2009/10 and 46 in the present. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection ] Spain continues to lead the FIFA rankings, barely registers changes

The Spanish soccer team is still a month ahead of the FIFA world rankings, which only records changes, and have only played seven international matches and all friendly.

'La Roja' adds 155, 1,857 and maintains an advantage over the other finalist for the last World Cup, the Netherlands, while Brazil is third, followed by Germany and Argentina, who complete the Top-5 '.

The next ranking will be published on June 29, 2011, which will now change, as the teams will play games early next month, although in the case of Spain will be two separate friendlies against the United States, following the twenty-second, and Venezuela (68).

The only change among the top 25 is that Chile ahead of Japan and placed thirteenth. However, the selection itself gave a leap was that of Senegal, who took eleven seats and stood at 40, and was not among the top 50 since January 2009.

Despite this new addition, any national team was forced to leave the select group of the top 50, as Albania and Colombia share the plaza. This means that the group has more African flavor, despite the fact that Europe, with 29 representatives, remains the dominant continent, ahead of Africa (9 teams), South America (6), Asia (4) and CONCACAF (3) . The next ranking will be published on June 29, 2011. (via AS)

1. SPAIN 1,857 pts
2. Netherlands 1,702
3. Brazil 1425
4. Germany 1413
5. Argentina 1267
6. England 1163
7. Uruguay 1094
8. Portugal 1052
9. Italy 1019
10. Croatia 991
11. Norway 987
12. Greece 985
13. Chile 967
14. Japan 961
15. Ghana 918
16. Serbia 907
17. Slovenia 903
18. Russia 896
19. France 883
20. Australia 876

Pep Guardiola has already designed the road to Wembley

Champions League final is now just ten days away and the coach has it all tied for the team to reach top.

With the league title in his pocket for the third consecutive season and pending proceedings on Saturday in the Rose Garden (18.00 hours), the Barça concern is focused exclusively on the final at Wembley, where Pep Guardiola will look at the Manchester United their second Champions to raise to four the total number of the entity.

In fact, just ten days remaining for the team to become Barcelona's excellent season colossal and Pep Guardiola has already designed the training and travel schedule until Saturday 28 at 20.45 pm (one hour less in London.)

After two days of celebration that followed the crash last Sunday at the Nou Camp against Deportivo and the subsequent delivery of the league title, the team will return to training today starting at 19.00 hours in the Ciutat Esportiva. Prior to the six p.m. will attend the media Frenchman Eric Abidal, one of the great heroes of the team after his speedy recovery.

In the afternoon session tomorrow morning followed by two from 11.00 am on Thursday and Friday, the latter followed by press conference after the crash Pep Guardiola against Malaga. The expedition will leave for the capital Barcelona costasoleña on Saturday at 09.30 hours in the charter JKK 4815 and returned to Barcelona after defeating the party, beginning at 21.30 hours.

On Sunday the team will, quite possibly, his last day off before the Champions League final. On Monday afternoon arrive on `Open Media Day" at the Nou Camp, which begins with a Pep press conference at 18.00, followed by regular training and mixed zone after the European finals. Although not confirmed, it seems that the club will train in the Ciutat Esportiva on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week morning session.

On Thursday, the last scheduled meeting in Barcelona, ​​in the morning, because at four in the afternoon, the expedition will embark on a flight to London. Charter will be a spectacular painted Turkish Airlines Barca and capacity for 300 people. On Friday, 27 Pep Guardiola and two players will offer a press conference immediately afterwards the team will train at Wembley and the next day ... the moment of truth. (via SPORT)

Wembley is decked out for the final

The scene in which seek their fourth Champions Blaugrana began yesterday putting them to get to May 28 in perfect condition.

Wembley won't be Wembley 1992. The scenario in which the club won its first Champions is not the same in which the club will try to win their fourth trophy in the competition 19 years later. But there are so many coincidences, so many points in common, which remains a special place for all who are part of the club Catalans. Pep Guardiola said at a news conference that the stadium was not unique in the fact not be the same in which contested the 1992 final against Sampdoria. But it has the same name and is located in the same place and the same city.

Is not the same, but it's more like the first time. Even better, because its facilities are more modern and upgraded amenities. Anyway, Wembley is the stadium where Barça on 28 May and Manchester United will face the Champions League title game. And London began yesterday to work seriously on your setup. On Tuesday May 17, eleven days before the grand finale, the scene of one of the best games you can play in Europe today began preparing to receive both sets. The workers began the work to be wearing the best clothes Wembley to leave it in perfect condition. The lucky fans who come to London for the game to see first hand the work over ten days at the stadium. Launched yesterday and yesterday was observed as more workers are hung on the exterior walls of the stadium to accommodate two large shields visible in both sets. The insignia of Barca and Manchester and Wembley lie in waiting for the visit of the players who have the responsability to fight for the Champions League. The message 'London Wembley 2011' could be read in part, and today the workers will end up putting all the letters that make evident the show is coming up.

Inside, several machines were involved in spraying the grass to be left in perfect condition for the final, the goals were not in place and the publicity will be on May 28 was not yet in place.

Bojan Krkic is on the agenda of Valencia for next season

Linyola striker could be assigned or transferred for a good price, with right to repurchase.

Much has been talking about the possibility that Bojan Krkic could enter into a swap at the time that the vessel carried a future signing, but the reality is that who has asked the youth squad player is by far the Valencia. It has been said by active and passive was Villarreal who would be happy to gain the services of striker Linyola and that his signing might lower the `Operation" Giuseppe Rossi, but the reality is quite different, since the great offer Bojan has come from the club Valencia.

We know even that has already been contact by the Valencia, so much that has already been said of numbers and has even been put on the table the possibility that Barca was assigned or transferred to all che with an option to repurchase part of the Barcelona club.

Of course, everything related to future transfers and conveyances is in neutral, because what matters now is Barca's Champions League final against Manchester United. But that does not mean that has been taken into account the need to withdraw money from any sale to strengthen the current staffing of FC Barcelona, ​​Pep Team `what if he has reached the end of the season almost without enough oxygen to meet to all competitions is not only because of injuries, there have been many, but to have a set not too large.

It is also true that Bojan is who has the last word, as they have contract in force, but so is that you could use a change of scenery, or what is better to be a starter in a team not playing minutes in the first Barca team. (via SPORT)

Xavi released boots in the Wembley final

The midfielder will be sporting a new model of Adidas in the Champions League final against Manchester next May 28.

Adidas presented the new Predator ® adipower. The 2011 version of the iconic Predator ® incorporates a technology that makes it a very accurate boot exquisite control of the ball.

These are new boots that Xavi Hernandez released shortly, specifically on May 28 against Manchester United in the Champions League final.

Portugal's Nani, who plays for English team also will wear the same shoes. Other players have also opted for this new boot are: Kaka (Real Madrid CF), Di María (Real Madrid CF), Van Persie (Arsenal FC) or Gerrard (Liverpool FC).

The new Predator ® will be available in adidas stores and specialists from around the world since June 1 in the version Blue / Yellow / Black. (via SPORT)

there will be airplane Turkish blaugrana

The proposal that Hamdi Topçu, chairman of Turkish Airlines, Barca did see the light. The three-time Spanish League will travel to London on a plane painted entirely Barca after the agency agreed to give Barcelona the idea. Barca leave for the British capital on Thursday, 26 early in the evening from El Prat aboard a Boeing 777-300 ER of the Turkish company, sponsor of the club. The aircraft, which led the team to Abu Dhabi last Asian tour and will be painted on a hangar in Istanbul and arrive in Catalunya on Thursday.

Not the first time a plane streak across the sky Barca before being planted in London. A Boeing737-8F2 ornamented by Turkish Airlines with the colors of Barcelona and six Cup after winning the Club World has covered international routes landed at other airports such as El Prat, Rome, Geneva, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Vienna, the Turks Istanbul and Antalya and even Manchester.

With a length of 73.9 feet, nearly three-quarters of the distance between a goal and a football field, the Boeing 777-300 has a maximum capacity of 368 seats. One of the particularities of the airplane is that in addition to the comfortable Business Class, which will be part of the players and coaching staff and the board, there is Economy Class Comfort, which benefits both as physically intermediate between first class and tourist. In this area of ​​the plane, carrying more than 60 seats will be located the other technicians and assistants, managers, club executives and the family members of players. In the rear will be located about fifty fans accompanying the team and the crowd of media. Unlike the return trip to Abu Dhabi, Turkish Airlines has managed to not be a stop in Turkey and will require the laws of Civil Aviation

Iniesta's father will travel by train:
As it did in the finals of the Champions League held in Paris and Rome-2006-2009, the final of Euro-2008 in Vienna and the recent Gala FIFA Golden Ball, José Antonio Iniesta will use the train as transportation to go to support your child for the third European Cup in his career. While the rest of the family go by plane, he will train to Paris across the English Channel by the 'Eurotunnel'. (via MD)

Nani: "In Barça all have danger"

United striker Nani is clear that to beat Barca in the final must control everything.

Manchester United winger Nani was yesterday one of the protagonists in the presentation of the new Adidas Predator boots. The Portuguese, Barça's rival in the final of 28th May, is clear that "if we beat Barcelona, ​​we think of controlling all the players." "If we think only one, we lost because Barca is a team with very big players and everyone can make a difference," he added.

Despite being happy to have won his third Premier in four years at United, Nani admits that the obsession with clothing is to beat Barcelona at Wembley. "We grieved the loss in Rome and the team is very motivated to win at Barcelona."

Kaka, as Casillas

For its part, Madrid Kaka, another guest star at the Adidas event, spoke of Barca and sided with Iker Casillas at the time of choosing its candidate by day 28. "As Iker, I go to football. I have friends in the Manchester United and I have friends at the club, so to win the game."

On the situation in which it has been the Real Madrid after UEFA left him in evidence in rejecting his evidence, Kaka showed signs of being committed to the cause of Mourinho. "We have pictures and evidence, I think that is a negative, controversial," he said when asked if he felt uncomfortable watching his team resort to trickery loser. "All this is to fight for our rights. Madrid is struggling to make things clear, not only for ourselves but for football in general, even said the Brazilian midfielder, who reiterated his desire to stay at Real Madrid next season. "My mind is only in Madrid," he said when asked about the possibility of playing in the Premier

Fernando Llorente, a more culé May 28:
Fernando Llorente, the Spanish representative at the event yesterday Adidas Kaka distanced himself from the time to show your preferences for Wembley. "Of course I'm going with the club. I hope that the May 28 Champions to build another," said. (via MD)

Piqué, 'Polish'

The central accompanied Shakira last night at her concert in Lodz (Poland).

It is customary for Gerard Pique, who claims to be very Catalan, you scream in many Spanish football stadiums that of 'Polish, Polish. " Yesterday, the central bank was again Barça 'Polish' but this time in the very Poland. He was in Lodz, a town located about 120 kilometers from Warsaw, to see Shakira live, your partner, who performed last night at the Arena Atlas of the town. Pep Guardiola had asked the staff to disconnect the ball a few days and Piqué has taken his advice to the letter.

In a private jet, a Cessna plane, defender landed in Poland on Monday night from London. In the English capital spent the whole day to record the spectacular promotional ad for the new edition of the game 'FIFA' with Rooney, his friend and rival in the final at Wembley, Kaka, Benzema. His presence and that of the Colombian singer caused a huge buzz in the country, with photographers stationed on the same runway.

Piqué stayed at a downtown hotel, the four-star Andel's Hotel, which is characterized because they are all suites. Shakira, who arrived yesterday morning, accompanied him a few hours to make a short visit to Lodz, Poland's third largest city with about 800,000 inhabitants. At night, Pique had planned to go to the concert at the Atlas Arenas and falls on the tour of the artist called 'When the sun rises. " He held a VIP area with extreme security measures. The tickets had been sold out for months.

It will be the only concert of Shakira in this country, but his tour will continue in Minsk (Belarus) on May 19, St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russia) on 22 and 24 and in Rabat (Morocco) on 28, the day of the final Wembley against Manchester United. The next day I expected a performance at the Stadium of Montjuïc. As the club can be champion in history. Pique, who is now training and Shakira Week kicks were spent in Como (Italy), during another concert in Milan. Poland with Ukraine will host Euro-2012. A Pique is expected back in a country as 'twinned' with Catalonia, and not by the 'red' (via MD)

The other American tour of Barça

The season finale is coming up and the voyages of the technical secretariat of the Barca take on a huge scale and importance, especially if he moves is Albert Valentine, technical secretary and chief scout of the club. Their job is to make the final quality report on future signings and corroborate the data field technical collaborators have delivered as with Afellay in the winter market. Barca coach these days is touring South America. Chile, Argentina and Brazil, as has been told Mundo Deportivo, are still their destinations. Something is brewing.

Reliable sources place him Neymar finalized information (who may have spied on the Santos-Corinthians, 2-1), seeing live Keirrison, even under the Barca and the environment to seek information on Alexis Sanchez. Others, well, taking notes on various players to strengthen the grassroots Barca. This journal and noticed the interest in Sergio Araujo, Boca Juniors striker, and Esteban Andrada, Lanus goalkeeper. Two jewels Argentina 18 years of which there are good reports.

In the previous three meetings between Pep Guardiola and the technical and managerial organization of the club held over recent months, left for a final summit, after the Champions League final May 28, the decision on the number hiring staff for 2011-2012. We talked about several posts, although everything seems to be no more than three signings, a forward, middle and central.

The striker will arrive at Camp Nou in safety. Three names are on the table: Alexis Sanchez (Udinese), Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal) and Neyman (Santos). The Italian club has undertaken the sale of the Chilean and Premier offers more millions than Barca. The most like, for their quality and adaptation, is the Yellow Submarine striker. Brazil's Santos raises questions by their nature, not its quality. Valentine perhaps the DMZ.

The other positions are likely to touch the core and media. The budget for this year will also be limited and will be set objectives. If, before the priority was the environment, now is a tip. Cesc still like a lot but, as everyone knows, is still very expensive.

On the other hand, Guardiola has a good selection of plants, including natural and recycled for Mascherano and Busquets. At the moment, and more with Abidal recovery is not clear the bet. The idea is to invest in a forward (much like Alexis Sanchez), take money from any player in the current squad and the money was destined for another couple of signings not too expensive. Invetir 45 or 50 million Cesc is an operation that discards the board for now so high it. (via MD)

This is the new kit

New FC Barcelona kit for season 2011/12 has been filed on Tuesday. Besides the novelty of the name of the sponsor, Qatar Foundation, the T stands out for Barca stripes thinner than ever.

No more uncertainty. The first kit of Barcelona for season 2011/12 will present a more modern look, remain committed to the environment, and maintain the basis of the Catalans colors. The shirt will have the finest striped history (eleven) and in the interior include a chart with the slogan 'Tots units fem força' ('All together we force'), extracted from the Barca anthem.

As previously announced, include in his shirt front and a yellow 'Senyera' the name of the sponsor, Qatar Foundation , while the logo of Unicef ​​will look now at the bottom of the back.

The pants kept the blue with a red stripe on each side. The socks are blue with a screen built into the form of three rings and with the initials 'FCB' yellow 'Senyera' in the back of each calf.

The second kit, black

Another great new feature for the next season is looking like the away kit, which will have strong and intense colors after six years. The shirt, pants and socks are completely black. On the shoulders, will be printed a small silicone debossed black and dark gray to represent the same design of the Catalan flag, the 'Senyera'.

Socks, as the first kit, it will also detail an integrated mesh as three rings and with the initials 'FCB' in yellow 'Senyera'.

For the first time, Nike and FC Barcelona launch also an innovative collection of casual clothes (Express Line), characterized by the symbols and authentic details of the club's history. There will be sweatshirts, shirts, rugby shirts and jackets in which you can read the word 'Barcelona' in gold . There will be shirts with a heart of Barcelona FC Barca made ​​up tapes located in the chest.

In addition, we designed a training suit (line Train) that allows the players are comfortable and improve their performance through new technologies. In this way, they can choose the Nike Dri-Fit technology to keep dry and cool in hot weather and humidity, the Mid-Layer for cold and waterproof T Performance Shell, which will allow them to be dry. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Introducing the new shirt in the Camp Nou

On Tuesday at 22.00 pm will be presented at the Camp Nou T-shirt of the season 2011/12. Sandro Rosell attend, plus representatives of Nike, Qatar Foundation and Unicef.

The first shirt of FC Barcelona with the name of Qatar Foundation in the chest will have a presentation to rise to the occasion. Will be on Tuesday at 22.00 hours and within a special area, the Camp Nou. The event, which is expected to have a great staging, show the world the details of the new first and second first team kit and you take the gatekeepers.

The event, which has been invited several personalities from the world of sport, will be attended by Sandro Rosell and Mark Garza, CEO of Nike Iberia. Accompany them are also members of Qatar Foudation and Unicef.

The new kits will go on sale next Tuesday 24 May. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdes says the fourth Zamora

Víctor Valdés is on track to collect his fourth trophy Zamora, third row, as goalkeeping record of the championship. If you keep a clean sheet against Manchester will close the season with a coefficient of 0.48 goals conceded.

Debuted on the first day of the 2002/03 season in a Barcelona-Atletico Madrid, but it was not until the second round of the next, 2003/04, when cemented as the starter. And are therefore eight seasons in which the goalkeeper L'Hospitalet is the master of one of the most difficult goals in the league.

Valdes has conceded 16 goals in 32 days, ie, accumulate an average of 0.5 goals per game. These figures exceed those achieved so far. The first season ended as goalkeeping record, 2004/05, signed a coefficient of 0.71. In 2009 was 0.89 last year closed the season with 0.63.

The goal that the club was in the Ciutat de Valencia against Levante Valdés prevented to reach the record of the history of the competition which currently holds the Deportivo goalkeeper Paco then Liaño. The Cantabrian ended the 1993/94 season with a coefficient of 0.47 goals per game and Valdes, if not end unbeaten in Manchester, would be 0.48. However, the Blaugrana have to reach the second fastest of the championship.

With four trophies in his pocket than Victor Valdes and the legendary goalkeeper is named for the award, Ricardo Zamora, who had three years 1929, 1932 and 1933. The legendary goalkeeper Barça 50 and 60 years is now Antoni Ramallets who leads with five trophies in his cabinet Zamora particular. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Attendance at the Camp Nou increased by 2.7% in League

Camp Nou improved attendance figures in the league of previous seasons. The mean of this competition is at 79,390 visitors, up 2.7% over the previous year.

Barca sporting not only exceed also exceeded this season in the stands. Demonstrated by the attendance figures in league competition with the data of previous seasons. The average audience this season stands at 79,390, more than 2,158 spectators in the 2009/10 season (77,033 people).

In 9 of the 19 league clashes that have played at home in the regular tournament, there were over 80,000 spectators. In fact, it is this competition which records the game with maximum assistance in the stage of the season, Barça-Madrid League, the historic 5-0 with 98,255.

Apart from the classical, the other commitments which has surpassed the 80,000 are, in chronological order, against Valencia (87 975), Sevilla (81 020), Villarreal (80 766), Atletico Madrid (84 766) , Athletic Club de Bilbao (83 533), Getafe (81,913), Almeria (80 452) and Espanyol (89 994).

This figure of 79,390 spectators exceeds not only the average of the 2009/10 season, but the six previous league. Among these, the first league with Josep Guardiola, the 2008/09 season, with 69,864 spectators and the two collected with Frank Rijkaard the seasons 2004/05 and 2005/06, with 73,073 and 73,236 spectators respectively.

This improvement in the attendance has been achieved through the increased use of 'Seient Lliure' partners by subscribers. The releases have prominently increased: from 15,384 per game releases for the 2009/10 season has passed the 16,502 current season. This increase in the release has been vital to get more members and fans have been with the team throughout the season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Manel Vic: "Barça is more than a feeling"

For the "speaker" of the Camp Nou Wembley final will be one of the best finals of recent times "...

Possibly, Manel Vic is one of the most cherished and beloved figures of Barça. Many may not know him by name, but maybe by his statement that is in the minds of many Catalans, "Bona nit i l'benvinguts a stadium." It is the "speaker" of the Nou Camp and for fifty-four seasons repeated the starting every game we play Barca in the Nou Camp.

Vic is clear what his life is in Barça. "Barça is more than a feeling. It is undoubtedly a very important part of my life, but beyond that the club is part of a country, a story, a feeling so great that almost can not define" said.

For the voice of Barca in the Nou Camp, Pep Guardiola all is present throughout the world. "Barca is now the world's biggest club. In every corner of the planet will find someone with a Barcelona shirt. It's unbelievable. When you realize the dimension it has taken the club puts you goosebumps," he admitted .

Like most things in life, Vic became the "speaker" Barça by chance. "It was the sportscaster on a local station when a day at the stadium, had to announce over the PA at the end of the meeting with a gift obsequiaría a follower. I was asked to do it and I said yes. I saw a boy wanting to do things and I was asked to return the next day. Because I have not stopped ever do, "said Vic

Manel Vic has never charged for this work because for him "ahead of any remuneration, Barcelona is the feeling."

For him, the Champions League final next May 28 will be very emotional because, internationally and in Catalan, debuted in the 1992 final at Wembley. "It's not the same stadium, because they have done again, but remains Wembley, a monument to football," he said.

No one dares to predict an outcome, yes, he is convinced that "will be one of the best finals of recent times." (via SPORT)

[Former player] Belletti: "I was not aware of what had been achieved

Former Barca fullback portal GloboEsporte reviewed for his goal in the Champions League final in Saint-Denis, and what that moment meant to him.

This Tuesday will turn 5 years since the club won its second Champions in Paris. The hero of that final was the side of Juliano Belletti, which culminated Barca's comeback against Arsenal (2-1) with a goal on 81 minutes. The former Barcelona, ​​now in the ranks of Fluminense, gave an interview to digital GloboEsporte.com to remember that time that kept "for the rest of life."

"It's one thing that stuck with me for life. My contribution in this title was very important and even now I am getting messages from fans on Twitter, they tell me is still excited to remember that moment," said Belletti, who could not that met five years of his event.

On his goal, which came in the dying seconds of the second half when the score was tied 1-1, the defense stated that "in the celebration did not believe what was happening. When the referee blew the final whistle, that was the better time. "

"My parents and my older son were in the stadium, but did not see until after the game. My father was very excited, and everyone wondered if he was aware of what he had done," says the player, who claims it was difficult to assess the goal he had done, just at that moment.

"Good memories are the best in football. The right side is a position where the player is sacrificed, and do not get many goals. However, that goal will always be remembered, and will form part of the history of Barca," he said proudly the Brazilian player.

"I never thought that Iniesta would be what it is"

Belletti also had words of praise for Andres Iniesta, current Silver Ball revolutionized the world and that final in Paris after leaving the bench. "Already at that time seen as having a quality, but I never thought would become of the best in club history," says the side, adding that "besides a great player, is an excellent person. Humility pure" . (via SPORT)

Pepe: "Barcelona found a way to lie down and continued his work"

Pepe, who missed the fourth edition of the Pro-Am charity golf organized by the Foundation sponsors Apascovi and Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid now reviewed its position and agreed to his expulsion against Barcelona: "Everybody was Alves did not touch that. We could have passed the qualifying, but did not depend on us. Barça found a way to lie down and continued his work. "

The center of Madrid is clear that he saw red at the Bernabeu set the course of the semifinal: "This expulsion changed everything. The League Messi's goal gave us a penalty and in the Cup final did little," he said .

Pepe also spoke of the decisions taken by the UEFA "A Mourinho was fined for telling the truth and Busquets, after saying what he said to Marcel, no. With Pedro nothing happened. If UEFA wants 'Fair Play' has to weigh those things. "

With respect to its renewal, the Portuguese said: "I look forward to many years in Madrid. We have been talking about two years and I have less of a contract, so I think that my renewal is closer. I want to do things right to stay," said . (via Marca.com)