17 May 2011

The points in the Camp Nou is the base of the 3 leagues Guardiola

Barça de Guardiola always add more points at home than other rivals in the league. In his last three seasons, the Catalans have won 48 games, have drawn 6 and only lost to 3 of 57 league games at Camp Nou.

This season began with a surprise 0-2 home defeat against Hercules. In short, also reached a 1-1 draw against Mallorca. It was even said that the club played better outside, but since then no leak points again until Sunday against Deportivo, with the championship sentenced. The numbers reflected back to the Camp Nou is the best scenario for the team Guardiola.

Guardiola on the bench with FC Barcelona has reached unprecedented levels of excellence as a visitor. Barca has been used to winning almost as many points away at home, but the final figures still show in the Camp Nou always add more points outside the stadium.

This season the club has added 50 points at home and out as much you can add 46 if he wins in Malaga on Saturday. The League had joined the previous 55 in the Camp Nou Stadium and 44 away. In his first season Guardiola, Barça accumulated 45 points at home and 42 away.

La Liga 2009/10 was about to assume a perfect season at home. The Barca won almost everything, only gave up two points with a draw 1-1 at Vila-Real World Surf Clubs and Christmas.

The statistics show a clear trend with respect to goals scored and FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou. Each season the club adds a similar number of points, but each course is scoring fewer goals made while fitting less. In Guardiola debut League team scored 61 goals and conceded 14, the following were marked 57 and 11, whereas this course have been done 46 and have conceded only 10. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, an actor of Champions

Leo was in the hands of Sam Washington, a director of world's top spots.

A Monday in May in Sitges not differ greatly from one Monday in April. Yesterday was bright and the beach welcomed its first visitors. The terraces are slowly settled and the few visitors who walked through its streets were tourists.

The rest is not walking, walked the path that led them to their destination. As the sun lay on the roofs, Plaça de l Ajuntament boiling. Eleven private security officers were instructed local police when the time came to close the campus. Several trucks began unloading of recording material, and soon appeared thirty extras. Soon after, the workers closed the only film of the plaza terrace, a café where you were locked several of his clients that allowed them to enjoy the show from within. They had to spend all morning. Just missing a detail.

A great little detail: the presence of Leo Messi. All that buzz in the Garraf population responded to the same goal, that everything was ready for when the protagonist. The Argentine appeared to one and the first thing he did was to greet the mayor, Jordi Baijet, at City Hall. Blaugrana striker was accompanied by his father George and his brother Rodrigo and the three ate a small snack while visiting the facilities of the consistory.

On the street, Sam Washington, a director of great prestige in the world of advertising has it worked for brands such as Adidas, Nintendo and Samsung "finalizing the last planes to ease the task of Messi. He did it with more extras and one double exercised Leo. When it was real, the orders were few and specific. In sequences recorded the Blaugrana player appeared walking the streets of Sitges and other pedestrians crossing a ball bearing. They all recognize the Argentine and give him the ball, but avoids Leo to return to their owners. One of the balls, a replica of that used in the Mexico World Cup in 1970. The scenarios were around the city of Sitges, of which Adidas fell in love to shoot the new ad for the brand with its largest advertising icon. Leo Messi was good manners for the cameras, which makes sense considering that spent his entire life as players having to pose for them. The announcement also appears an old bike, but little more can reveal its contents. The brand that saw the Argentine prefers to keep it secret. Will have to wait to enjoy it on television, although viewers SPORT luxury of when it was cooked the best player last announcement. A Monday in May in Sitges. (via SPORT)

Arbeloa: "I'm glad to play the final Busquets"

Álvaro Arbeloa, Real Madrid defender said Tuesday he is pleased that the Barcelona player, Sergio Busquets, to play the final of the Champions League against Manchester United after UEFA sanction the half Barca dismiss for alleged Marcelo racist insults.

"The truth is that I have to go to value. It's up to the UEFA, they are to be decided and we know that UEFA can expect anything. But I am glad that Busquets can play," he said.

Also downplayed the number of matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in which probably could see tough game by both teams. "I'm sure that Villa have given a lot more kicks with selecting training that I have given in these four games. I have not had any problems ever and I think we will have now," he said.

As to whether the relationships in the Spanish national team may be worse after the four classical Arbeloa appealed to the maturity of all that does not happen. "Relations are good. Do not give much more importance than it has. We have talked too much and we're all older people, we had a lot of respect before all these games and I guess we'll have the same relationship. If you speaking, we need to talk. We are mature people. The problems that we could have, we can solve the "he said.

Finally, asked about which team would prefer to win the final of the Champions League, said he gives "equal" because if there is no Real Madrid does not care "a lot." (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-16] Call for days of training at the Ciudad del Fútbol

The national teams have reported the list of players who made a concentration from 23 to 26 May 2011 in federal facilities, where they will play two friendly matches before the selection of Belgium. (via RFEF)

A proposal for the national team, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for training and matches the reference to the following players:

[The List]
ATHLETIC CLUB: Iker Undabarrena Martínez y Aitor Seguin Cid
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Borja Martínez Sánchez e Iván Calero Ruiz
FC BARCELONA: Hector Bellerin Moruno, Alejandro Grimaldo García, Sergi Samper Montaña y Sandro Ramírez Castillo
CF CRACKS: Rodrigo Tarin Higon
REAL SPORTING DE GIJON SAD: Alejandro Serrano García y Álvaro Bustos Sandoval
REAL MADRID CF: Iván Sáez Jiménez, Marcos J. Legaz Paleo y Sergio J. Rodríguez Domínguez
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Rubén Blanco Veiga
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Víctor J. Ruiz Ramos y Samuel Castillejo Azuaga
VALENCIA CF SAD: Salvador Ruiz Rodríguez

Messi advises Barça the signing of Pastore

Play in Palermo and is in the list of possible reinforcements.

Similar long for Barcelona, ​​but Pastore and its surroundings are still awaiting news from the Camp Nou. Sponsored by Messi, the Argentine half is heavily involved in the pool of potential reinforcements Guardiola has agreed with President Rosell packing the room to give technical project Catalan.

Pastore (34 games, 11 goals this season) is a tall medium formed in Talleres de Cordoba, but rose to prominence in Hurricane before being traded in 2009 at Palermo. Some people say that the skinny you need some strength to be perfect, but reports that he has are excellent and only the price (about 30 million) vetoed his departure from Palermo, where the player is one of the idols hobby. So, Milan, Madrid, Inter and Manchester City, among others, met for an answer by Maurizio Zamparini, president of the company rose.

Messi knows the desire of his friend and he too would be thrilled to share the day to day with the crack Barca. Hence the player's agent Marcelo Simonian, is aware of the situation and be aware that the Barcelona area needs to strengthen its wide profile that would fit his client. Moreover, in recent times were situations in which the wishes of Messi football became a reality, with Milito, Mascherano and Pinto (renewing it for a further year), three of his closest friends behind closed doors.

Will the club money to hire Pastore? That's the question many are asking, knowing that anything that touches the club will evolve into gold for the seller. Time.

Alexis Sanchez costs 40 million
As we approach the end of the championships, rumors about possible transfers are increasing. So, Alexis Sanchez (Udinese striker Chile) intended for Barcelona could see blurred the opportunity to play at home in the Camp Nou. The desire to Manchester City and United to buy it, joins bid for Napoli, who will contest the Champions League next year. Starting bid: 40 million. An outrage. (via AS)

Barça-Manchester: Eleven London

Guardiola finally able to align your team noted gala day.

Once we know the decision to acquit the UEFA over Sergio Busquets, Barca will play "the most beautiful game," the vocabulary of Pep Guardiola, also with the team 'more beautiful'. That is, you can do with the alignment of all the Catalans gala and recited by rote in August. That "Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa," which, among other merits, signed football display more universally applauded, the Real Madrid 5-0 November 2010. The adverse circumstances for most of 2011, have prevented some players have technical reference are history. So on day 28 in the Champions League final at Wembley against Manchester, the club can go, if it so chooses, with a team-type, input, features eight homegrown players.

Of no further setbacks occur, Guardiola face the possibility of bringing the fourth 'eared' al Museu del Camp Nou with almost full squad available, except the injured and the suspended Gabi Milito José Manuel Pinto. Has cost half a season. In recent weeks, the technician has recovered two of their four defensive starters, Carles Puyol and Eric Abidal. Since last January 22 and the captain was injured on March 15 the French defender got the bad news that he had a tumor in the liver, Barca was unable to repeat the original slate computer. First it was Puyol who, after a convoluted convalescence, he returned on April 16 just in time to play the first of a series of four classic against Real Madrid, which virtually decided the league for Barca at the Bernabeu. More striking still was the return of Abidal, in the final minutes of the second leg of their Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid. Both have worked to get to Wembley.

With an inconsequential game to play on Saturday in Manchester, logic dictates that the owners live and Barca for the final against ManU. Recovery and Bojan Krkic consummate and Maxwell Scherrer and the possibility of Adriano Correia on time also complete a picture far more encouraging than I had last month. Then, the excellent response from theoretical substitutes allowed the team to maintain their

Mascherano, with all of the law, will be starring:
Busquets was not sanctioned by UEFA, so you can join the team owner of Wembley. Months ago, Javier Mascherano would be the 'victim', but is now seen. The 'jefecito' has done a marvelous end of the season in a strange position for him, the center back. So his versatility and great shape give you many options to take ownership before the ManU, either from scratch or for Wembley final

T-shirt of Qatar, to scene

On Tuesday will be presented at the Camp Nou in an act that promises to be spectacular.

After the big party that was held last Friday to celebrate the title of League and before the next possible day 29 of the Champions , the Camp Nou will be the scene of a spectacular event next Tuesday. From 21:30 am the Stadium will bring together the presentation of the new jersey for next season, first wear the logo of Qatar Foundation in front of the jerkin.

The event promises to be spectacular. In addition to the presence of the most important club and first team, the event was also attended by officials of the Qatar Foundation . MD exclusively revealed last December how would this new shirt, with nine vertical stripes of blue and as many of scarlet. And for the first time in club history, points to the away kit black.

Although the logo of the Qatar Foundation to unseat the Unicef ​​on the front of the shirt, UNICEF will continue to operate, but now in the back of the elastic Barca.

After the presentation on Tuesday, Nike and Barça have intended that the first team to look for the first time the new shirt on the final day league against Malaga in the La Rose . To carry a logo other than that which looked to throughout this campaign, the club is negotiating with the LFP and the Federation to give his approval.

To be 14 next season that Nike has been wearing the Barça . In these 14 years, the Catalan club has lived the best years of its history, with a track record of 6 leagues, 2 Champions , 1 World Club Championship , 1 Super Cup of Europe , 1 Copa del Rey and 4 Super Cups in Spain. (via MD)

Real Madrid, obliged to pay their claims UEFA Barca

Real Madrid has come face joke attempt to harm the club. In addition to seeing how his efforts failed, now the white entity will incur legal costs.

After the setback received in the morning after he dismissed the appeal against Sergio Busquets for alleged-not-racist shown to Marcelo, Real Madrid took another disappointment in the afternoon on Monday. The Appeals Committee of UEFA club dismissed the white to the decision of the Control and Disciplinary Committee of this organization, based on the protests for alleged "misconduct" of some Barcelona players in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League.

In addition, UEFA now requires Real Madrid take over the litigation costs, as confirmed to club sources SPORT.es Blaugrana. This sum to be paid part of the European body protocol applied in these cases, when a claim is dismissed.

At the expense of what the club can decide blank, it can be the final two and a half weeks of tension, rooted in a controversial monologue of Real coach Jose Mourinho after the Real Madrid-Barcelona in the Champions League. FC Barcelona The UEFA complained to the Portuguese coach for his suggestions for handling the competition ... and denouncing the white club struck seven players Barca for alleged 'misconduct' in the same game.

The president Florentino Perez entity provided 'videographic evidence' of their complaint. However, UEFA rejected the request white. The Real Madrid decided to appeal to the Appeals Committee, adding a few images that Sergio Busquets-supposedly headed to Madrid Marcelo side and in which the club argued that uttering racist slurs.

Barça legal services performed by appropriate arguments and the final UEFA has shelved the issue. There will be more liable to face Catalans final against Manchester United to the already known Pinto, who will be the second of three meetings of punishment for incidents that occurred at the end of the first part of Real Madrid-Barça. Chamartín club subtracts only accept "defeat" ... and to pay costs. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique congratulates his players

Despite losing to the Las Palmas (3-5), coach of Barça B said "the attitude and ambition" of a subsidiary that just fell for "having given too many chances to a team with great ability spiker."

The loss to the Las Palmas, the third in the last four days, puts the Barça B in sixth place in the table with 62 points, the highest score in the history of Barca to second subsidiary.

Luis Enrique, far from criticizing his team after losing a match that was winning 3-1 in 33 minutes, he recognized the merits of his players: "Today is a day to strengthen my players, I really like your ambition and attitude, in the first half we played very well. "

Luis Enrique, satisfied with the commitment of their own, it was very clear: "I congratulate my players, this is the way."

Barça B coach not obvious, however, the defensive lapses which allowed the goals of Las Palmas: "We lacked precision and especially forceful in the area as dangerous as a team and l Las Palmas can not have so many concessions.

Luis Enrique elaborated on the reasons for the 5 goals conceded: "We have to improve at the defensive, but when I say this I mean the whole team, because I believe that today instead of 4 defensive line has been very good."

Luis Enrique responded this way on the information to place him next season on the bench Atletico Madrid: "I have had to be the cover of a journal where they put complete agreement and not, not why there is no agreement negocación."

Lucho recognizes that Atletico "is an interesting and a great club", but insists: "I am focused on three league games we have left." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Joy earned for Juvenil B and Cadete B

The celebrations for the Juvenil B League title and won the Cadete B, in addition to great start in the Copa del Rey Juvenil A, marked a day in the quarry very intense.

[Copa del Rey Juvenil Ida Octavos]
FC Barcelona 6 - Las Palmas 2

Óscar García and Quique Álvarez's boys' giant's step to be classified to the rooms of final of the Copa del Rey juvenil.

In the first time, the Juvenil A azulgrana won in an overwhelming way (4-0). Ayala, of head, and a superb Dongou (3) marked the differences.

Deulofeu marked the penalty recruit, but the Palmas he reacted with two goals. Etock, in the added time, established the 6-2.

[Liga Nacional Juvenil]
FC Barcelona B 3 - Cornellà 0

Juvenil B was proclaimed champion of League after not having gotten it in the two previous opportunities.

After losing in the fields of Mollet and of Europa, Sergi Barjuan's boys didn't forgive against Cornellà. Patri, of penalti, Babunsky with a great shot and a butt of Bako allowed that the euphoria loosened in the wardrobes.

[División de Honor Cadete]
FC Barcelona A 3 - Lleida 0

Comfortable victory the one that the Cadete A was taken of Barça against Lleida. García Pimienta and Ramón Ros boys began the very early marker, with a goal of Iu Ranera. In the minute 20, the azulgranas already won for 2-0 thanks to a so much of Mamadou that repeated in the second part, putting the marker the definitive one 3-0.

[Liga Preferente Cadete]
Valls 2 - FC Barcelona B 2

The boys of Fran Artiga champions were proclaimed after the defeat of Gavà. Without this defeat the Cadete B's boys azulgrana should have waited a day more, since Valls tied in the added time. The goals azulgranas of Moha and Enguene arrived in the first 8 minutes of the party. The team of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin could sentence the encounter in the first period, but then it relaxed himself in excess.

[Primera División Infantil]
Espanyol B 0 - FC Barcelona A 3

The boys of Fran Sánchez and Xavier Franquesa was imposed Espanyol, group a more smaller year, for 0-3. Although the first part was full with occasions for the azulgranas, both teams arrived to the rest without using for the first time the marker. It was in the renewal when, hardly the first instants, Barça already marked with goals of Paik, of Rafa Mir and of Carlos Martínez.

[Primera División Infantil]
FC Barcelona B 1 - Espanyol A 3

Infantil B could not conquer the players of Espanyol, of second year, and it inserted a very quick goal in the minute 5. In the second room, the parakeets tied in own door, but, however, he knew how to compensate the error in the third room, when they marked the third and last reveille.

[Primera División Alevín]
Jabac y Terrassa B 5 - FC Barcelona A 12

Imposing result the one that was seen after the final hoot in Terrassa. Alevín A it was very well in the offensive task and that was patent in the marker, with players' goals like Camera or Juan Fernández. In spite of always going for before, Barça had some defensive errors that allowed to the egarenses of coming closer to Andrés' boys Carrasco and of Sergi Milà. At the end, 12-5 in the marker.

[Primera División Alevín]
FC Barcelona C 22 - Ciudad Cooperativa B 0

Memorable marker the one that Jordi Font and of Francis Pérez's boys got that you/they maintained the goal to zero during the whole encounter, and on the other hand they perforated the net rival in 22 occasions. Although it began in an irregular way, the team won in intensity and it finished even deploying a very good game that allowed to the azulgranas of arriving, to be exchanged positions in the field. This allowed all the players to mark some reveille absolutely and to participate of the party.

[Segunda División Alevín]
FC Barcelona D 6 - Ciudad Cooperativa A 0

Very good party of Alevín D that had enough patience to get a possession of the ball the sufficiently high thing to control the party placidly and, at the same time, to make half-dozen of goals. The scorers were Alex Calatrava, with a hat-trick, Albert Behaves, with two reveilles, and Dani Molina.

[Primera División Benjamín]
FC Barcelona A 7 - Igualada 1

Party dominated by Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys that you/they were taken the victory by a clearing 3-0. The Even one tried to inaugurate the marker, but it could not counteract the effectiveness people goleadora like Guille, Ivan, Adri, Sergio and Eric.

[Primera División Benjamín]
Junior 2 - FC Barcelona B 2

Last party of the season for Benjamin B that champion was already proclaimed last week. The boys of Marcel Sans and of Isaac García played in a complicated field, although they were able to deploy a good game level on the grass. Júnior advanced, but Ismael didn't allow them to go away and the encounter tied. Again, the locals to be early with the 2-1, but in this occasion Antonio signed the tie, the definitive one 2-2.

[Tercera División Benjamín]
FC Barcelona 6 - Llongueras Sant Crist 0

Overwhelming Victoria that of the smallest of the Club. Sicu encarriló very well the party hardly in the first minute. Toni Gómez was the author of the second reveille, also to the beginning of the second room, and Arnau and Eric Ambrosio made its in the third room. Ambrosio marked its second goal in the fourth period and Xavi Simons he closed the party with the definitive one 6-0. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Farewell to the keeper of the wardrobe

Bustos, one of the custodians of the Nou Camp, leaving behind 39 years of service Barça discretion.

Enter the Barca dressing room after the next season will not be the same. Miss someone, a presence at times imperceptible, pure discretion, one of those gears secrets that help the daily work of staff as the engine of a Rolls Royce. Manuel Bustos, one of the guards' locker room "of the Nou Camp, will retire in June after 39 years at the club. Came in 1972, when Rinus Michels was the team's coach and Jaume Rosell, father of current president, manager and responsible for signing his contract as an employee. Next month the club will be the oldest employee of the club.

One boy of 27 who had arrived from Jaén to 18 began as a gardener at the stadium. Soon after, he left to take over the field of Fabra i Puig because it was closer to home. But that did not like it too and a few months later he returned to Camp Nou. "I had spent so much time worrying about the lawn that I ended up keeping the locker room," he explains.

And so for 39 years, watching players from all types of titles and enjoy experiencing drought as a Barcelona more (even though at first, just landed in the club, was not too futbolero), with several lasting memories among which one. "The Cup Winners' Cup in Basel. That was amazing, I had never seen so many people of Barca move for a party. The fans were sought life in any way to get to that final and I think from that, the mentality of Catalans took a little winner. Look now: win it is almost a habit! ".

In the bowels of the stadium (Camp Nou best in the Ciutat Esportiva, "I'm comfortable here, I know better the premises) there is an absolute veneration by Mr. Bustos. No player or technician or employee who does not greet him with exuberance and love that give almost 40 years serving the club, boasting an exquisite prudence. Filter has been dressing room with the outside world welcome visitors, handle calls, manage the arrival of packages or gifts, to decide who had access to the large sanctuary of the stadium, meet all sorts of commissions.

Rinus Michels Pep Guardiola Maradona ("threw salt in the field because he thought he was lucky") to Messi, Bustos has seen players and coaches to write an encyclopedia, but caution advised not to make distinctions. "I could not stay with anyone in particular because it would be like to prioritize one over another." Little by little, aware that his job is to protect the team in their most intimate, Bustos has made its way to be discretion and to work daily.

His resemblance to Serra Ferrer led to more of a joke in the locker room, and even the coaches with a reputation for tough, as Louis Van Gaal, I spent a warm greeting every morning before going to his office.

Unable to wrest a bad memory, a hard time over nearly 40 years of working with coaches and players of varied. Quite the contrary. "I would like to convey my thanks to all players, coaches and employees who have worked with me. I have always sent a huge baby and that is welcome. " Does not forget his teammates, Jose and Caramel. "It was a pleasure working with them all these years."

And now what? "Well, enjoy life," he says, "stay in the game whenever you can (still riding my bike almost daily for the latest on the seafront of Barcelona) and be very aware of my grandson, born six months ago as if to wait for his grandfather retires to grow with him and listen to thousands of stories around a ball for so many years have been filed under your key, very safe. More than one will miss him in the halls of Camp Nou. Farewell, Mr. Bustos! (via SPORT)

Vilarrubí, with the New York penya

Carles Vilarrubí, Vice President, Institutional Area, met with a large group of representatives from Barcelona to New York rock. This is one of the most active clubs Catalan club in the United States who wanted to share the latest headlines of the entity. Among the attendees was the renowned Catalan painter Santi Moix, a universal culé. (via SPORT)

United parks the cavalcade by the Premier to May 30

'Red Devils' hopes to hold the titles and the Champions League through the streets of Manchester at a time.

Hoping to also celebrate the achievement of his fourth title of champion of Europe and the intention to maintain the concentration of the template, the ManUnited have parked the party for the celebration of the Premier League until after the Wembley final. Manchester's club has agreed with the authorities of the city council to postpone the traditional cavalcade aboard a bus service until 30 May, two days after the Wembley final.

The United bus through the streets of Manchester on the Monday following the final against FC Barcelona, ​​a public holiday in the UK, which will be the second city living cavalcade within a week. The first will take place a week earlier, on May 23, with the players and coaches of ManCity as protagonists for his recent title winners of the FA Cup

Apart from the events organized by the club, the other United players celebrated the title won last Saturday. The staff met for dinner in the restaurant Rosso, owned by Rio Ferdinand, who, through twitter, told the 'supporters' what was happening at the party. The British central hung a picture of himself with a follower of the team and another in which Owen and Vidic were drinking beer.

As has been learned, the most active player at dinner was Giggs. The veteran Welsh end decisively took the microphone to sing several songs, which joined the rest of the staff of ManU. The party with alcohol at their discretion, not this time ended in scandal. (via SPORT)

Real Madrid on UEFA denies and insists that not denounced Busquets

Nearly 12 hours after the UEFA announces its decision not to open the file to Sergio Busquets, Real Madrid still refuses to be the inductor of a case that ultimately was not.

Late Monday night, the website of Real Madrid launched the world a new statement from the white body, similar to that already issued last Friday, while the Barcelona players did their cavalcade of celebration in the streets of Barcelona. In this statement, the club insists that the disciplinary inquiry was opened officially by UEFA itself and not at the behest of Real Madrid.

Thus, the entity president Florentino Perez UEFA contradicts itself, which communicated through its website that the Control and Disciplinary Committee had decided to reject "the report by the Real Madrid on the basis of alleged racial slurs made by FC Barcelona, ​​Sergio Busquets, Marcelo your player. "

This is the text content of the white club statement:

"In the statement released by UEFA on the decision to open disciplinary proceedings following the player of FC Barcelona Sergio Busquets, Real Madrid CF wants to state the following:

1. The disciplinary proceedings against the player Sergio Busquets is not the result of a complaint filed by the Real Madrid CF's UEFA itself was speaking officially and own initiative, decided to open that file.

2. Following the initiation of disciplinary proceedings, UEFA required the declaration of our player Marcelo to confirm the facts that mark the start of that record.

3. The evidence that the Real Madrid CF has not been a complainant in this disciplinary proceeding is that there has been a part of the disciplinary proceedings conducted by UEFA.

4. In fact, the Real Madrid CF has been informed of the decision of UEFA and the media and not directly by UEFA, it is not one of procedure. " (via SPORT)

Pelé considers that it still misses Messi to be the best in the history

The exfutbolista Brazilian Edson Arantes do Nascimento 'Pele' said the Argentine Lionel Messi is the best player in the world today, but still not up to stars like Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini, French or Spanish- Alfredo di Stefano.

"People like to compare and seems to have forgotten Cruyff, Platini or Di Stefano, who were much better than Messi," said Pele in an interview published on Monday the newspaper La Tercera.

Di Stefano, now honorary president of Real Madrid, Brazil said it was "complete" because he hit the ball well with both legs and was good in the air.

Pele said that in today's soccer players cycles passed very quickly, and cited the Brazilians Ronaldinho and Kaka, who once were the best in the world but which have already been overtaken by Messi and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the Barcelona player said that the man in form today and said that with Argentina is "another" because the Spanish club and has "an armed team." When asked about the final of the Champions League, which on May 28 will face Barcelona and Manchester United, Pele said it was a shock "no favorites", but showed his penchant for coaching team play Pep Guardiola.

"Manchester plays strong, faithful to the English style. But as a team, no doubt that Barcelona is the best in the world, but here anything can happen. They also have to Messi" he said. (via SPORT)

Valdés, a Zamora of end to tail

He began by stopping a penalty saved by Racing and yesterday two goals against Deportivo.

It was not in any betting to be a starter last night. The European sanctions José Manuel Pinto put at serious risk the Barca goal at Wembley in the event of an injury to Victor Valdes in the league but Pep Guardiola Gavà preferred that no more than two weeks was stopped before challenge Wayne Rooney and company . It was the only one of eleven in yesterday along with Eric Abidal and Javier Mascherano (Sergio Busquets is lost if the final through suspension) will repeat on May 28 against Manchester United and endorsed again why he is the undisputed 'Zamora Trophy' by third straight and fourth in his career.

Just after he received all league honors five-time champion in the passage of the procession spearheading Deportivo Barca captain to exercise, Valdes won a standing ovation from the Camp Nou. Just two minutes had run the clock when the sport seemed to address the event with complacency shown the rest of the match and forced Victor paradón play each night. Always remove, Valdés anticipated Adrian feet after a blow from a ball sent over by Valeron but smartly finished leather Lassad's feet, who wanted to surprise the Barcelona goal with a semivaselina. Miguel Angel Lotina and sang the goal from the stage but, of course, the right glove of Victor came out of nowhere to keep the bolt in the frame. Thereafter, was a mere spectator of the sterile game of Barca possession of a substitute and full of kids from the subsidiary on talent and desire but not the fortune to translate the score the more ambitious than the rival.

The Catalans 70,044 The ringleader despite the general tedium claimed the presence of Leo Messi in the final stretch. Pep did not make concessions this time and when everyone thought the party and the championship trophy presentation Valdés appeared again in case anyone had forgotten that the operator of the ship begin to explain from the rear. Xisco stroked 0-1 in the extension and had to be Victor who providentially to remedy an oversight of Maxwell and Font.

Relaxation does not exist for the best goalkeeper in the world today. If Guardiola does give off in Manchester, will have closed another movie League began stopping a penalty in the opening Tchité against Racing. With 16 goals conceded in 32 clashes played, leaving a half goal per game. Is your best surpassing the 0.63 average of last season, and while leaving his clean sheets in the Rose Garden, would keep touching a record 0.48 Liaño (0.47 in 1993-94). Of course, the club has two commitments still to beat their top games unbeaten. It takes 30 to 60 and the previous year came to 31 of 59. (via MD)

Rossi says is the margin of rumors and possible unknown Barca interest

The Italian-American wants to play the Champions League with his current team.

Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi Villarreal said today that lies outside the "rumors and that kind of stories which place him as a target for other clubs and they know a possible interest of Barcelona to be done with their services.

"I do not know anything about all that is said," said the Italian-American footballer, who has said he is "quiet and nothing left of rumors" about a possible move to another club. Regarding the information that bring the player to Barcelona , the player pointed out that "it is a matter" that will not talk. "Many things are said in the newspaper, but I do not know anything about it," he stressed.

Rossi has shown happy with the season done, both at the social level and the individual, in addition to pointing that has been "a good year for the team after we qualified to contest the Champions League .

"It was a great season in the league and in Europe for the team, "insisted Rossi , who has admitted that his personal performance has been "a great year" and is "very happy with how things have been this season."

Rossi also says his next goal is to play next season's Champions League with his current team and now does not think of anything other than the club Castellon. (via MD)

Malaga-Barcelona, ​​Saturday 21 at 18 h

Barca close the League in Manchester on Saturday May 21, at 18 hours, seven days before playing in the Champions League final in London.

The set of Guardiola will be the first match of the final game of the season. Be played in Manchester, at 18 hours, and is one of the two undertakings in which there is nothing at stake: the club and is a champion and Malaga and is saved. The other party with all decided is the Madrid-Almeria to be played at 20 hours.

The rest of the day will be held on schedule unified after 22 hours, and will serve to decide the third team, along with Almería and Hercules, falling to second division.

In this way, FC Barcelona, ​​will return to work Wednesday afternoon, will have seven days to prepare its commitment to Wembley.

Barça B, at the same time;
Barça B will visit the field from Girona to the same hour that the first team plays in Málaga. Its party, corresponding to the 40ª day, will also begin at the 18 hours of Saturday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)