16 May 2011

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff: Guardiola's stage supports the hegemony of Barça "

hree and nine consecutive league titles in three seasons. Wembley win or not, but your presence in two finishes, plus one semi-final of the Champions League in three years supports the hegemony of the Barça football inside and outside the League. And not only in these three years. His tyranny wonderful because only looking to enjoy and delight. Everything begins and ends with the ball. The goal: how to attack it to defend better. Always on the ball. And, if possible, with the maximum number of players in the house. This is the great success of Barca, his philosophy. Knows what he wants to play who he wants to do and what they like theirs.

Will not be wrong, because like the whole world. Will not be wrong, because this philosophy is translated into performance. Said Pep Guardiola the other day that they could never match the Dream Team . For more than win. We were the pioneers, breaking down barriers. He said that nothing can match that. Now that is a league match four consecutive Dream Team , comparisons will be common. Almost an added pressure when the reality is different. And very enlightening. This is not about deciding who was better than another, but to be proud of a long era of success following the same idea to understand football.

And this long period of success is two decades. Of the 21 leagues that have the boat, 11 have come in the last 21 years. And that was a void, a hiatus, many steps back, for several years. Those who go to the last League of Van Gaal to the first of Rijkaard. parenthesis aside, here come also its three European Cups. Maybe four, on 28 May. Cost to change many minds in his day. But the merit of starting one thing unites the people coming back. That is what makes a cycle. Global. In the early 90's to today.

Polishing an idea, a way to understand football so special, sometimes unique, like the one with the club, and who can not take credit but who is beginning to improve. And here the figures of Rijkaard, first, and Guardiola, then, are fundamental. For me, the time of the Dream Team , the time of Rijkaard and the time Guardiola in many ways are holding hands. In all these years have gone by several presidents, but when they are no longer advised, when they believed, posted by a young technicians, even with little experience on the bench, yes, but with clear concepts of how and with whom they wanted play, the bet was won. Attractive to performance. Continued and improved. How smoothly? No doubt.

In football you are never two two four. And not least in a cycle of three years, as many are determined to see through the extraordinary success of Guardiola , but on a global cycle, larger, to be the last two decades. There is always wrong decisions, but always go wrong unless you will always be closer to making a correction decision, if the line is checked. Initialed on three of three of Guardiola, its players, its people, in regard to league titles, I am of the opinion that there is no comparable season to another. Each campaign has its own difficulties. The first was the debut of the Pep in a professional bench. Many did not see him out at the very beginning!

In the second, a record forced Madrid to Barcelona to win the title with more points than ever. And on the last day of the championship. In the third year, the League has fallen before. Barca have left even two days.

However, the number of obstacles to overcome has been greater than ever. The list is long and us know by heart. Boot your own World Cup in South Africa. Fatigue, injury, serious illness, unexpected advances, provocative ... and yet, with all these problems, salts victorious. To remove the hat.

I have always maintained that winning the second year is much more difficult than the first. However, winning the third consecutive break any media. At least in this club. Only twice in the history of Barça have won three consecutive league titles makes it clear to the great merit of the work of Guardiola, its players and its people. And the third, for me, has been the most grueling of all. (via elperiodico.com)

A sensitive Abidal, composed and smiling

In the program 'The Marker' Barça TV, Éric Abidal explained with calm and a smile as he has lived a disease that has "changed the character", as has been his return to the pitch and his willingness to stay and live in Catalonia.

So far, Abidal has lost three grand finals with Pep Guardiola through suspension or injury, and when told that Wembley should be yours, says that "if I do not play nothing happens, but we have to win as" . While optimistic about his fitness: "We have two weeks to Wembley and luck is that the trainers know me very well and put me in good shape for that day."

"The luck that we have is to go to hospital every year to see some sick children and be able to say that they have to fight and encouraged. This speech is what has been very present in this disease. Therefore, the day after learning that I had a tumor in the Sports City to tell the players that came was an important game at Getafe, and not to worry about me, I would open and I would remove a piece of liver and that's it. I think it helped the team because then they won, "said the Frenchman with a sincere smile.

Abidal is still a cheerful and joking, but such a disease does not go as usual: "When something happens like that, day to day life you can change and I have changed a lot, especially the character. So , I continued to review it now touched my liver, but tomorrow it could be something else. I love me checks each month because it was lucky that I detected the tumor. "

Once detected the tumor, the first match of Barcelona Abidal he lived from the hospital as he could through the internet and remembers the cheers of the crowd on 22 minutes, "I felt I had the fans behind me and whenever I felt those applause, even when I was in the box, gave me more strength to come back. "

Abidal is all thanks to a hobby that has made him feel so loved with the messages that have arrived from all possible platforms, including Twitter: "I do not follow much the subject of Twitter because the computer is not my forte, but people Club told me all the messages of support I have received and am very grateful. "

At the celebration party on Friday, Abidal went public in Catalan, a good test of the integration of French in the Club and in the country. Eric teaches Catalan and want to talk soon: "I want to fully adapt because I want to stay and live here."

Similarly, Abidal wants to end his career at FC Barcelona and hopes to renew soon: "The president and everyone knows I have a year left on his contract and I am very calm. I have no rush and probably will sign a new contract, if you still want me, of course, "he explains, grinning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita plays most games

eydou Keita is the squad member with most games played this season -55 in all – and he has been an ever present in the last 28. Below are some more facts and figures arising from the Deportivo game:

Keita has only missed 5 of the team’s 60 games so far this season - the European games against Panathinaikos (5-1) and both the games against Rubin Kazan (1-1 and 2-0), as well as the two home league games against Seville (5-0) and Malaga (4-1).

Bojan started the game after a month out with injury –he’d not played since the 3-1 win over Almeria.

Maxwell, who had been injured since the win over Osasuna, also made his reappearance after injury.

Oriol Romeu made his league debut, having previously figured in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Seville.

It was also Jonathon dos Santos’ first league game of the season at the Camp Nou, having made his debut away to Villarreal and also played in a Cup, a Champions League and a Super Cup game.

Bartra played his first league game of this season, having debuted last season at the Vicente Calderon.

Bartra and Thiago were the players who recovered most possession- 9 balls each.

The team have kept a clean sheet in 10 of the 19 games played –conceding just 10 goals in all.

Curiously enough, this wasn’t the first time the Deportivo team have made a guard of honour for Guardiola’s team – they did the same in the last game of the 08-09 season in the last game of the season at Riazor. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Busquets will play at Wembley

SPORT has been told, UEFA has rejected the appeal against Sergio Busquets and may be available for Pep Guardiola's side to the Champions League final against Manchester United on May 28.

[No penalty for Busquets, who played the final]
The Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA exonerate the player. He reported today to Barcelona.

Sergio Busquets will play the Champions League final May 28 against Manchester United after the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA filed the proposed five-game suspension for racist abuse by Madrid's Marcelo, said in Barcelona statement. A disciplinary inspector of the agency, Jean-Samuel Leuba, had requested a sentence of five games for the Barça midfielder to call "monkey" to Marcelo in the Real Madrid-Barcelona leg of the semifinals.

The Barcelona forward arguments in defense of Busquets in asserting that Barça player uttered the phrase "long nose" and not "monkey." The mother made a statement a day later Barcelona blaming the conflict and ensuring that images sent Busquets on appeal, to appeal once dismissed their Control and Disciplinary first allegations. And he clarified that only sought to defend Mourinho, in turn denounced by the club and banned for five-game suspension.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee considered the case yesterday and decided to acquit the Blaugrana player. (via AS)

[Sergio Busquets will play the final of the Champions League]
Sergio Busquets will be in the final of the Champions League Wembley. UEFA has today reported that FC Barcelona has dismissed the UEFA disciplinary proceeding initiated following the complaint lodged by Real Madrid.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee of the UEFA meeting on Sunday has formally informed the FC Barcelona dismisses the UEFA disciplinary proceeding initiated following the complaint lodged by Real Madrid for alleged racist action against the player Marcelo. As reported by the UEFA, the procedure was initiated according to evidence submitted by the club. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc will be at Wembley with Barça

Cesc Fabregas live live final of the Champions that the next day played on May 28 Barca and Manchester United at the stadium in Wembley . Earlier this season one of his dreams was to play the finals wearing the shirt of Arsenal , especially considering that the team 'gunner' play at home. Forgotten the tremendous blow that led to the elimination of the Champions League knockout at the hands of precisely the Barça, Cesc and just think as a fan to enjoy most of the match at Wembley.

And is that because his Arsenal may not be, Cesc is very clear about who will take part in the May 28 event: the Barça . Formed as a player there before moving to London and keep good friends, both from his time in La Masia , and their concentrations with the Spanish as Gerard Piqué and Carles Puyol . Also, do not forget that most of his family, by both maternal and paternal, are fans and even members of the club. In addition, and if not enough arguments, Cesc can not forget that Barcelona will face Manchester United, Arsenal the real coconut and the other teams in the Premiership over the past five years, which has won four championships five having already played that was crowned yesterday.

With your group nurtured and efeciente 'scouts' will hardly be lacking details Pep Guardiola to study well at Manchester United ahead of the Wembley final . However, given the good feeling that Pep also maintain and Cesc Fabregas , the midfielder Arenys certainly would welcome being able to contribute its expertise in the many games he has played against United to try to help Barcelona to better understand the points weaknesses of the 'Red Devils'.

Their presence in the stands of Wembley is beyond question, however, is not clear that today can come back to Aston Villa in the penultimate round of the Premier. Cesc , who has been out since April 24 with a thigh injury, could be forced to play today. Arsène Wenger, who will not stop accumulating failures, does not rule out lay hold of him to try to secure third place in the Premiership. The Gunners are third in the standings with 67 points but Manchester City, who yesterday proclaimed champion of the Cup thanks to a goal from former Barcelona Yaya Toure, threatens the third. The 'citizen' are fourth just two points behind Arsenal with just two rounds remaining the championship. (via MD)

The dismissal of the 'Colorado'

In addition to Van der Sar, another legendary player from the 'Red Devils' may quit football after playing at Wembley.

We covered 674 official matches since his debut a distant September 1994. Legendary component of that great generation that formed with the brothers Neville, Butt, Giggs and Beckham, Scholes is the last musketeer, who remains under the command of Alex Ferguson ... Although since yesterday it seems that the days are numbered.

"I would not be surprised if Paul decides to retire. Is at a spectacular and of course we want to keep, but respect the decision to take "the director said yesterday ManU executive, David Gill, implying that Scholes, the` Colorado ", the fourth most capped player in history the club and whose character and determination suggest what is the philosophy of this team might have decided to retire at the end of this season, just finishing the Champions League final against Barca.

Belonging to Manchester United at age 14, Scholes, with 36 completed, has been instrumental in the work of Ferguson. It was with a whiplash who defeated Barcelona in 2008 and who, like the first, you want to delete the defeat of Rome in 2009. In his last service to the club of his life. (via SPORT)

Barca and UNICEF expand their partnership

The two entities decide to expand their alliance signed in 2006 to continue working on behalf of vulnerable children.

UNICEF and FC Barcelona have agreed to extend their cooperation beyond the current agreement, which ends in June 2011. UNICEF logo will remain on the official FC Barcelona jersey from the 2011-2012 season and will be located below the player's number.

In the last 5 years, FC Barcelona has given its support to UNICEF to improve the living conditions of hundreds of thousands of children, and helped him reach a global audience to the work of UNICEF. The next phase of this collaboration, which is still under discussion, is to harness the social impact of the Club to support a global movement for education and sport, with tangible results for the benefit of children.

UNICEF and FC Barcelona want to take this unprecedented partnership to a new phase to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children worldwide. Expand the information during the month of June. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Rating] FC Barcelona - Deportivo La Coluña (0-0)

Global valuation: 5,5


Eric Abidal: "We'll get all 100% to Wembley"

Barcelona defender has started against Deportivo and is optimistic about his chances of reaching in perfect condition at the final of the Champions League against Manchester.

Eric Abidal has started against Deportivo, played almost an hour and rushes their options to arrive in perfect condition at the final of the Champions League at Wembley after being operated for a tumor in the liver. The Frenchman has no doubt he'll be in good condition: "All we get to Wembley to 100%, the trainers know the work I need to get to stop, I know well. From there, otherwise it will not play nothing if we win the final. "

Also referred to a renewal in which ensures that it "is working" and the traumatic disease process that has happened: "I felt that behind me was the fans and that gave me the strength to return.'s Never easy when something happens, life will change. I changed a lot, especially the character. I learned a lot from children who have been fighting against the disease in the hospital. " (via AS)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "There is no agreement or negotiation with Atletico"

Luis Enrique, Barcelona B coach, said after the game against the UD Las Palmas "there is no negotiation or agreement with Atletico de Madrid".

Barcelona coach subsidiary was not surprised by reports linking him to Atletico, "Van various candidates to the bench leaving Atletico and now I have had to be front page of a newspaper."

"There comes a time when anything goes and I have to go lie to everything. It is an option, Atletico Madrid, more interesting, but again, not only is there no agreement but there are no negotiations," stressed the former player .

Luis Enrique added that missing the final three games of the season in second division and their "sole priority is the Barcelona B.

"I've got three games in front of this team and that's the only thing I'm focused," said Barca coach after the 3-5 that the Las Palmas started the Mini Stadium.

"The opposition had good quality players, but if you give gifts will pass bill," complained Luis Enrique. (via SPORT)

The best and worst of Barca-Depor

The best: Minutes to the quarry. Celebratory parties aside, the best news to come back to La Masia. Pep Guardiola rested their 'sacred cows' thinking about the Champions League final, and the time the painted bald for boys lucieran subsidiary. Said and done. Played four home. Bartra and Fontàs, supplying Pique and Puyol, and fulfilling despite the shocks suffered in a couple of times by Valdés. Jonathan demonstrated his versatility playing as a fullback in the first half. And Thiago, 'doing' of Xavi, left details of his great technique. Oriol Romeu contributed their bit entering the stretch.

Worst: No power. It was logical that the club is not the same as ever and that dose forces facing the end of next May 28 at Wembley. The League was already determined in advance, the eleven were unusual, and the lack of coupling and filming took notice. (via SPORT)

Mysterious secrecy on penalties Busquets

EFA met Sunday to decide whether or not sanctioned Busquets. But here no loose clothing and nothing is known about the decision, apart from a leak.

Did Busquets UEFA punished? This is the question asked by the FC Barcelona on Sunday. Everyone knows that the European football governing body met in Nyon on Sunday, but nobody knows what happened there.

Early in the afternoon, on Twitter, a Brazilian agency "News Agency" announced that a leak indicated that UEFA had closed the case and, therefore, could play the final at Wembley. But sources at the same FC Barcelona have confirmed SPORT that they have no news about it.

Therefore, everything suggests that in the absence of a new filter, nothing is know about it until Monday, when they say that UEFA made official if no penalty or not. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "Now think of Wembley"

Sports Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu acknowledged after the game against Deportivo this is a unique team that is making history. " Bartholomew recalled that "the issue of the peppers and the slogan 'The value of having values' are what represent us. The goal was to this league and we already have. Now think of Wembley." On the next season, said: "We have a team next year will go for." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Zubizarreta: "May it be Pep decide whether Busquets played in Wembley

The sporting director of FC Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta, said he hopes the decision of UEFA on a possible punishment of Sergio Busquets is favorable and that only Pep Guardiola Busquets is to decide whether or not the grass "in the final League of Champions at Wembley.

Speaking to reporters at halftime of the match between Barcelona and Deportivo La Coruna in the Nou Camp, Zubizarreta explained that still do not have a notification from UEFA about the sentence, which could come Monday.

"But hope is only to decide whether Pep Busquets whether or not the grass," added the athletic director. A possible punishment from UEFA for alleged racist insults at Real Madrid's Marcelo Sergio Busquets could prevent the Catalan midfielder contest the final of the Champions League, although the player has said in private circles that missed Real Madrid defends position Barca. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We have not made anything"

Josep Guardiola has been very pleased with the team's game against Deportivo. "We have not missed any. Neither would have been easier with the most common," he said.

The coach pointed out where he came from the team. The cavalcade of Friday, dinner and lots of partying to celebrate the 21 th League, achieved on Wednesday in the area of ​​Levante. "We came with lots of food and heavy drinking in the veins and I am delighted with the party. All we have lacked balance, but to rest and I congratulate them," he acknowledged Guardiola.

Barca coach wanted to highlight in particular the advantage of less frequent players, especially the three of B that have been holding against Deportivo, Bartra, and Thiago Dos Santos, apart from Fontàs. "Bartra and Fontàs, extraordinary. Dos Santos, as a fullback, wonderful. Jonathan's game has been immense," he assured Guardiola.

Once fired the Nou Camp until next season, Guardiola and just think of Wembley, with Manchester as an intermediate station before the European event. Going to London, the coach considers key "to get my 'timing' chisposo that made us take the matches with solvency, because otherwise it'll move on."

On preparing for the final, added: "As of Wednesday we will focus on preparing the game well in Malaga and later in Wembley." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 37] FC Barcelona 0 - 0 Deportivo La Coruña

With the league title already won, Barça drew 0-0 with Deportivo in a game with few real chances at the Camp Nou tonight. The Champions enjoyed the party atmosphere at the ground with one eye on the Wembley final.

Guardiola’s team went out with the maximum seriousness anybody could ask and dominated the game, constantly attacking though perhaps without their usual incisiveness. Deportivo needed a point and it really wasn’t a classic game on a night when the most memorable moments were the initial guard of honour from the visitors and the official presentation of the league trophy.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Nike is now selling the new Barcelona shirt

Barca already have uniforms for the upcoming season. Although the presentation of the shirt is scheduled for Tuesday, Nike, sports brand you saw the Catalans, and has released its on-line store.

As had transpired before the Barca first kit will consist of a striped shirt Barça thinner than the current one, with the lead sponsor logo on the chest. The logo of Unicef, however, will be stamped on the bottom of the back of the players.

Barca are planning to make the official presentation of the new kit on Tuesday, where he may attend any of the players that are tied to Nike. However, those who do not want to wait can be purchased and the new shirt in the online store of this popular brand of sportswear. It costs 76 euros. (via SPORT)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 39] FC Barcelona B 3 - 5 Las Palmas

The branch has fallen to a Las Palmas extremely effective. Won 3-1 in minute 33 (with goals by Muniesa, Soriano and Tello), but the rival fought back in a quarter of an hour (40 to 55) and took three points for their salvation.

Barça B has not been reunited with victory in the visit of Las Palmas-much needed-to Miniestadi has benefited from the presence of the president Sandro Rosell on the stage. And that won 3-1 at the half hour. Anyway, the Gran Canaria have demonstrated an extremely effective and have been round the result to 3-5 in 15 minutes maximum inspiration. Despite the heavy casualties it had, the subsidiary would eventually turned to the opponents' goal without reward.

The first part has been this afternoon at the Miniestadi has been making hobby. Virtually every arrival of the two teams ended with the ball into the net. Barça B hit first, with eleven with many new features (including juveniles Balliu, Sergio Gomez, and Espinosa) by Muniesa at the exit of a corner (min 11). The replica of Las Palmas would also set pieces on a lack lateral in which Ruth is ahead of Minho (min 22).

Barça B would make a good income then thanks to an opportunist goal Soriano (and adds 28 goals) and Tello, with excellent definition (min 33). Although the meeting had been on track the Luis Enrique, who also dominated the ball and moved well. A 40 minute penalty would change the sign of the party. Viera, twice, and Smith completed an incredible comeback from six minutes to go the end of the first half and the start of the second.

The 3-4 has been a very hard blow for the subsidiary. Las Palmas has used the turmoil in the Barca defense to penetrate the left and make the fifth, the work of Trigolo Viera (min 55). Luis Enrique has responded immediately with a change in offensive: Nolito to Balliu. From there the subsidiary attack without faltering. After a goal disallowed on 69 minutes Soriano, Barbosa goalkeeper saved a good opportunity to Saul and then the scorer more reclaim a penalty (min 78). This time the game would be cruel to Barca B. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona B: Miño; Balliu (Nolito, min.62), Sergi Gómez, Muniesa, Planas; Carmona (Víctor Vázquez, min.46), Ilie, Espinosa; Edu Oriol, Tello (Saúl, min.70) y Jonathan Soriano.

UD Las Palmas: Barbosa; Pignol, David García, Samuel, Ruyman Hernández; Sergio Suárez (Aytami, min.70), Adrián Pollo (Juanpe, min.58), Vicente, Quero; Javi Guerrero y Jonathan Viera (Mauro Quiroga, min.80).

Goals: 1-0, min.12: Muniesa, 1-1, min.22: Ruth Hernandez, 2-1, min.24: Jonathan Soriano, 3-1, min.33: Tello, 3-2, min. 38: Jonathan Viera, 3-3, min.45: Sergio Suarez, 3-4, min.46: Jonathan Viera, 3-5, min.56: Jonathan Viera;

Referee: Jaime Santiago Latre (committee Aragon). Admonished Edu Oriol (min.21), Vicente (min.65), Ruth Hernandez (min.81), Javi Guerrero (min.82).

Incidents: Party for the thirty-ninth day of the Liga Adelante held at the Mini Stadium before 2,738 spectators. Observed a minute's silence for the victims of the earthquake in Lorca.