15 May 2011

Barca's 5-0 League fired at Camp Nou

When the club conceded the 0-2 against Hercules in the second game of the season, the surprise was great. Obviously it was a setback, due in large part because most of the staff was still in the preseason after having been the base of the Spanish national champion in the World Cup.

Perhaps some thought that the Stadium this season was not going to be the impregnable fortress of years ago. However, the club undertook to prove that nothing had changed. A failure to close the cycle this afternoon with the last home game against Deportivo, the 'Pep team "has only given this defeat, which incidentally has not served the Hercules to avoid relegation, and a draw against Mallorca (1 -1) still accounts he's doing even though it has virtually saved.

Apart from these two blots at home, the club has completed a record in the Nou Camp should simply be classified as excellent. The first memory that comes to mind is the overwhelming show of force made against Real Madrid on 29 November. The 5-0 implied not only snatch the lead at Real. They also deflated the huge expectations that were generated in Madrid about Jose Mourinho and his new project. While the rest of the world began to wonder if Josep Guardiola, Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and company had forged the best team in history, from the media cave this sparked a war of attrition which reached its climax in the four classic April.
So far, the club added 49 of the 54 points that have been played at the Nou Camp in 18 League games 2010-11. He has scored 46 as many (2.5 average) and conceded no more than 10 (only one every two games).

The `little hand" Real Madrid are not the only game left for the history course. Also thrashings Sevilla (5-0) or Real Sociedad (5-0) or two separate 3-0 at Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid were achieved with high doses of good play and tremendous defensive solidity: in nine They left a clean sheet, while only remained unchecked once ... in that loss to Hercules. The challenge, closing the course on `Can Barça" with another win. (via SPORT)

Arturo Vidal, another crack in the agenda Chilean Barça

FC Barcelona has set its sights on two Chilean players to reinforce the upcoming season: defender Arturo Vidal and striker Alexis Sanchez.

The known interest of Barca Sanchez, whose name is being discussed for weeks ", has added yet another new: Arturo Vidal, announced on Saturday the program 'grandstand' by Ona FM.

Vidal, 23, plays for Bayer Leverkusen, the club they arrived in 2007 from the Colo Colo. Today is one of the most coveted players in the Bundesliga thanks to its versatility: In addition to defense, can also act on the average and even up front.

Bayer paid at the time 7 million euros for his transfer, and in recent weeks there has been speculation his possible departure to Bayern Munich, who would be willing to pay 17 million for him.

The player, however, has thrown balls out when asked about his future. Not surprisingly, given that other "big" in Europe also continue. In addition to Barca, Real Madrid following closely in his footsteps.

Alexis Sanchez, meanwhile, is the star of Italian Udinese, where he has established himself as a scorer deluxe. His transfer would range between 30 and 40 million euros. Barca, Inter, Manchester United and Chelsea long for him. (via SPORT)

"Rossi will cost 30 million to Barça"

FC Barcelona already know what it would cost to sign Giuseppe Rossi. Villarreal claimed 30 million euros for their star striker. An amount considered fairly representative.

The coaching staff believes the Italian Barca a suitable candidate to strengthen the front next season. Their progress in the League since joining the Yellow Submarine in 2007 has been spectacular, and this season already has 18 goals in the championship. But the Castellon club will not let go at any price. Only if it is dizzying bid talks. And, as revealed in the newspaper 'Mediterranean' this week, his transfer would rate at 30 million euros.

"Today, a 24 year old striker as he would hardly spend less than 30 million euros." Barca? Obviously, it would be best, "he said. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola and adds 25 titles with Barça

With 16 as a player and 9 as a coach, Pep and adds 25 titles in the club.
As a footballer, but his classmate William Love, with 17 titles, more than its 16 Alirón.

They say that because in his time as a player Pep Guardiola never liked to be called 'symbol' or 'mite'. Was it because it seemed too much or because it sounded like joke. Or was it both. But, like it or not, the truth is that when in 2001 the '4 'from Barca , against all odds, decided not to end his playing career at the Camp Nou his collection of hits like Barca and justified any more room floor refer to it. If the boots fell 16 titles in 11 years as coach would have sufficed just three seasons to add another 9.

How would today call Guardiola now 25 titles culé contemplate the path of a personality which, by their mark on the history of the club, is now at the height of the largest? If Hans Gamper founded the club, Josep Samitier was his first big star, the great figure of Laszi Kubala up the Camp Nou and the visionary genius of Johan Cruyff led to believe blindly in a style, Guardiola seems the historical symbiosis of the above: was director in the field and now it is from outside, knee-breeches and won the tie on his team attacks and defends more than anyone else as no other method adds style is 'seny' and 'rauxa' .. .

As a footballer, but his classmate William Love, with 17 titles, more than its 16 Alirón: 6 League (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999), 2 Cups (1997, 1998), 4 Super Cups Spain (1991, 1992, 1994, 1996), 1 Champions League (1992), 1 Cup Winners Cup (1997) and 2 European Super Cups (1993, 1998) complete their legacy number within the field of play. As a coach, your success rate in the sense of vertigo: 3 League (2009, 2010, 2011), 1 Champions League (2009), 1 World (2009), 1 European Supercup (2009), 1 Copa del Rey (2009) and Spain 2 Super Cups (2009, 2010). For now, there are 9 titles with the ability to add in two weeks which would be the tenth and the twenty-sixth technical and professional club of his life, nothing less than the Champions. To get an idea of ​​the extraordinary of their crop just remember that Cruyff himself in his 8 seasons with FC Barcelona bench, had 11 titles. Or that Guardiola is already as player-coach, the figure of Spanish football that accumulates more titles, surpassing the 23 that Miguel Muñoz held, first as a player and then as coach of Real Madrid, between 1948-58 and 1959-74. "Symbol? Myth? To appear shortly ... (via MD)

1-0: The Manchester City won the FA Cup, their first trophy in 35 years

The Manchester City lifted his first title in 35 years, two months and seventeen days, at the expense of Stoke City , with a goal from Ivorian Yaya Toure which saw the victory of the 'Citizens' in the final of the FA Cup (1 - 0).

Manchester City disposed of chances to have signed a comprehensive triumph, but lacked the aim, especially in the first parte.La best scoring chance in the first time on 34 minutes was the Spanish David Silva , who shot bad when I was in an excellent position to marcar.Silva, despite missing a goal 'sung', became, along with Argentine Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli , in the best of Manchester City. In Stoke took the lead Jermain Pennant .

Brand the scoreboard, both teams came to rest with the mind set on the Cup that the City had raised four times in its history and that still showcases of Stoke City and Stoke conocen.Manchester broke with pace and intensity in the second time. Stoke pressed to earn his respect in England, but the millionaire stars of the "blues" is bent on proving that the club's owner, Sheikh Mansour Arab, not wrong to pay for Tevez ellos.Aunque reappeared this week (Tuesday quoted in the league before the Tottenham ) after a month out with a hamstring injury, coach, Roberto Mancini, kept him on the field in the second half and Argentina gave a good level.

Manchester City did not cease in its harassment of the Stoke goal, the goalkeeper Sorensen saved on several occasions. It appeared that the team goal Mancini would sooner or later, and thus made it possible fue.Yaya Touré on 74 minutes. A former player of Barcelona zurdazo fulfilled the dream of thousands of fans of Manchester City who traveled this weekend to London in search of happiness.

Guardiola will bring an eleven experimental thinking Wembley

The template will use the game against the polishing Lotina details before the big event on 28.

Barca's starting lineup against Deportivo presumably with many surprises. It's time to coordinate the final push and dose to the staff as far as possible. The Wembley showpiece it uses all kinds of rotations to land on 28 May in the best possible conditions.

The preparation of the Champions League begins tonight against Deportivo Lotina. Guardiola, much to his way, he hinted that there will be changes to the usual eleven, but obviously did not claim a single name or surname. It's a matter of intuiting.

Rotations affect all the lines, but also a matter of falling into the great revolutions. In the three-year history of Pep in front of the bench has never bet on big rollover, except in very exceptional cases a product of multiple injuries, international events or preliminary rounds in Copa del Rey. Santpedor the favor of maintaining a balance and find a perfect combination of traditional and alternate. The value of the block must always be above the individuals.

The only thing that seems clear is that Depor return against some players who enjoyed a break in the Levant and may be in need of shooting and race pace. This is the case of Peter and Iniesta, who have dragged physical discomfort. Another point is Eric Abidal. The French side continues to accelerate its overhaul, accumulating minutes and feelings and it would be logical to think that he will repeat title.

From there, the range of options open. Players like Pique, Xavi, Villa and Messi have endured tremendous physical effort for several months and would not be surprising that, at the first hurdle, ie tonight, can enjoy a match from the bench or even from the stands. Nothing like a little relaxation to enjoy these festive days after achieving the league title.

If we consider the normal working pattern of Pep Guardiola, would normally consider moderate changes in all lines. First things first. Pinto may have numbers to take over Victor Valdes. In defense, including physical and very specific settings, the main change would be the presence of Fontàs in the rear axle. The youth has been sacrificed on the side and would be a good time to reward him in his natural position. Already in the midfield, Thiago is relatively used to handle the team share in the Camp Nou. Busquets, immersed in the European debate, it could be another slaughter.

What's the point of attack tonight is a real hieroglyphics. The novelty would be the presence of Messi out of eleven. The Argentine has yet to sharpen just putting them ahead of Wembley and the disputes are more than scorer sidelined. These side dishes are for others. His position would be left Bojan. Afellay or Jeffren would be able to occupy one of the bands. Changes but in order. (via SPORT)

Pasillo ... and the League for the best

Barca now receive the homage of Sport and close the season at the Nou Camp lifting the trophy credited as champions.

Barca close the celebrations of the conquest of his twenty-first league title receiving the trophy from RFEF president Angel Maria Villar in the run and the epilogue to his game against Deportivo. If the match against the blue and white has become a minor issue, the rest of the evening will be fraught with symbolism for many reasons.

This is not a league, but one that reaffirms the hegemony Catalans after an epic duel with Real Madrid more competitive and powerful in decades, led by a coach who was considered the holder of the `soccer antidote" against the Blaugrana precision .
Jose Mourinho came to succeed where they failed Juande Ramos and Manuel Pellegrini and although his balance is better than its predecessors, there is the conquest of the Copa del Rey-the duel has revealed his methods, in addition to finding that in From a strictly football, there is still some distance between the teams.

Overcome the unpleasant obstacle, the club strung their third consecutive league title gives the windows of the Museum's fourth trophy in property after the conquered in 1953, 1993 and 2006. The differences from Madrid in this area are also reduced to a minimum: Concha Espina saved five owned, conquered in 1961, 1964, 1969, 1979 and 1988. And another detail: the emergence of 'Pep team "Real conquer prevented the sixth after winning the league, 2006-07 and 2007-08.

This is not a minor detail, since the League Cup win can only be owned by stringing three consecutive or a total of five alternates. When a team gets it, all start from scratch, so it must become the hegemonic group racing for a long time, impose a style and certify victories and titles on an ongoing basis. The conclusion is that, apart from Barcelona and Madrid, only Athletic Club can boast of having the league title in property ... and succeeded in 1943.
delivery, when it touches

But this is tradition, titles. Barça And, fortunately for the 'Gent Blaugrana "is absolutely current. Or, if you will, is writing the most brilliant pages in the history of the club today.

Barca and the Federation have agreed, with good reason, that the trophy presentation takes place this afternoon at the team's last match in the Nou Camp this season before facing the challenge of Wembley. If in the run Deportivo will make the Pasillo to champion the delivery of the cup has been reserved for the final. Next to Angel Maria Villar and Sandro Rosell also lower the pitch the head of the Professional Football League, Jose Luis Astiazaran and Albert Soler, Secretary of State for Sport.

There will be time for the League trophy and replicas to be delivered to each player and each technician, already on the premises of the club for Carles Puyol to lift it from the midfield, as it did on 23 May 2009 during the Barcelona-Osasuna in the 37th game of the season from 2008 to 2009 and August 25, 2010 by Trofeu Joan Gamper against Milan.

Next meeting will be playing the process' "of the evening, a match for Barça is a few simple maneuvers with live ammunition and instead, for Deportivo, is a duel to toss it still has to ensure the permanence First Division.

Not everything will be moments of joy in the Nou Camp tonight. Barca also have a moment of remembrance for victims of the earthquake in Lorca. The Blaugrana entity, like the rest of society, expressed his solidarity with the dead and injured and now there will be a minute's silence.

There will also be party to the handball
In the early stages of the game against Deportivo, there will be time to congratulate the handball section Barca yesterday certifying other Asobal League title for the entity after winning 25-30 at La Rioja. Like his fellow football, Barca can still Borges round the splendid season with a new European Cup because their particular dispute Final Four in Germany the same weekend that settles the final at Wembley. (via SPORT)

Depor comes to emergencies and to take all three points in the Camp Nou

The Galician want to make the festive atmosphere of the boat to take another step toward permanence.

Deportivo is presented tonight at the Camp Nou with the feeling that this time it is possible to draw something positive from Barca sanctuary. It's now or never. Do not remember a more suitable because Barcelona is celebrating, more aware of the Wembley final of today's meeting. "Anything that is not out to win in the Camp Nou is not worth me," said Juan Rodriguez. "The mentality that we all have is to go and win," says Riki.

Lotina those are very close to relegation. Depend on themselves: if they add four more points will be saved. Moreover, if the Zaragoza loses this time, will be worth a draw in the Camp Nou. The fans also know the importance of the party and more than 500 people yesterday fired Alvedro team. Lotina, meanwhile, fell yesterday by the tone of the speech of the players. Attended the press conference more serious than usual. "Win? We play a good game, nothing more. That's the goal. I am accountable and hopeful. " The technician will certainly Guardado until late and could go for a trivote average. (via SPORT)

UEFA will decide today if sanctions Busquets

The agency has started to study the file to Barça player for alleged racist insults Marcelo.

The decision is up to eight judges' discretion "which can leave Sergio Busquets without the Wembley final. The Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA, chaired by Austrian Thomas Partl, meets today at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, to study the case opened against Barca midfielder for alleged racist insults dedicated to Marcelo in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. The committee plans to communicate its decision tomorrow, Monday. If the failure to Busquets' sentence "to run out the final at Wembley, the club may submit observations and even make the player himself told the UEFA.

The committee will study the report submitted by the Swiss Jean-Samuel Leuba, inspector of UEFA about the incident between Busquets and Marcelo. The inspector collected information on the case, wrote the report and proposed five-match ban by UEFA committee, which has all the power to make a decision independently of the position of inspector.

The chairman of the committee vote may be decisive ... if it finally takes a vote, as in the first round of consultations among the seven committee members (will not Silvero Emilio Garcia, the Spanish representative, as the case involves a Spanish League team) can be unanimity .

A Busquets may fall up to five parties: the committee may reduce the penalty to two games, leaving the penalty in a monetary fine or acquit the player, if it considers that the evidence presented by the Real Madrid are not conclusive.
Busquets insulted clarify whether Marcelo (Real Madrid called `mono argues that" the Brazilian player, while Barca will argue that just said 'long nose ") is the great work of the committee, although curiously none of its members manages the Spanish with ease.

UEFA treated with a special sensitivity all matters relating to racism and could go for an exemplary punishment. But on the other hand, leaving him to punish the final Busquets London would create a precedent and rearbitrar gaming action through a video that can support multiple interpretations. The precedent would also try other types of insults between players and could lead to systematically denounce clubs opposing team's players in similar cases when they can make a profit by the absence of a rival. (via SPORT)

Barca, to reassert itself as top scorer

Barca still has challenges in two league games remaining, although his mind is set on the final of the Champions League. For example, to remain as the top scorer of the championship, then added 92 goals, one more than Real Madrid. And, in particular, leaving at 20 the number of goals conceded.

For now, the 'Pep team "also exceeds the balance between goals scored and 72 in favor and credits. In the 2008-09 campaign in the 36 th day carrying 104 in favor and 33 against (+71) and finished with 105 and 35 (+70). And in 2009-10 margins were much shorter: only two days of the final 91 had so many in favor and 22 against (+69) and finished with 98 and 24 (+74).

In contrast, last year reached the record by adding 99 points of 114 possible, something unattainable for him now, it accumulates 92 and can reach 98. (via SPORT)

Barça will play a friendly against Corinthians on June 1

The club has accepted the offer to play a friendly that will reverse a significant amount.

FC Barcelona will close the season contesting the June 1 friendly match against Corinthians in Brazil Sao Paulo, which at this time closing the celebrations of its centenary. The entity Barcelona will pocket about two million euros by the disputes of this meeting which involved Ronaldo Nazario da Lima, who ended his career.

The friendly match to be played at Municipal Stadium Paquembú, as the Sao Paulo club is in the works for the World Cup 2014, is organized by the sponsors of the Corinthians and the company that manages the advertising and marketing of own Ronaldo, INE '9 ', which bear the costs.

Still, it seems more than warranted sporting and economic success of the visit as the 'cache' Barcelona in Brazil is very high, not only for their sporting success but also because their style of play is related, for many, with the ` onces did the best times of the selection 'canarinhá.

Regarding Ronaldo, the former Blaugrana striker is under contract until the end of the year with Corinthians and their intention is to participate in several meetings with which to end his football journey with teams playing more have marked his career.

Hence, in addition to the Corinthians-Barça, is preparing another clash against Inter Milan could be played in the dates that had originally been thought to play the club of not qualifying for the finals of the Champions, 25 or 27 May. Is also expected that the former does the `new 'Seleçao' participation in the Brazil-Romania June 7 would be his farewell to the Brazilian combo.

For now, the anniversary has not brought much luck to the Corinthians, who still wants a single title, the Paulista championship. In the final leg of a goalless draw with Santos. (via SPORT)

[Youth] For the third time ... the Juvenil B championship

Sergi Barjuan team did not miss the third chance to be crowned champions and has been able to overcome the Cornell with goals from Patri, Babunski and Bako.

On Sunday the Juvenil B only needed a point in the field of Mollet ... and lost (2-0).

At the Nou Sardenya, on Wednesday, Sergi Barjuan won 1-2 in the final 87 minutes and fell to 3-2 against Europe.

Before Cornell, and in week 33 of the domestic competition, presented the third time consecutively to seal the league title, and in this case the Juvenil B has failed.

After a first half marked by nerves and imprecision in the passes, the Junior B has decided the match thanks to success in the final meters.

A big play on the left side Grimaldo ended with a penalty that has become Patri at minute 51.

David Babunski, with a perfect shot from distance, widening the gap on the scoreboard with a goal on 55 minutes.

The third and final target has been signed, in minute 81, Bako Cameroon at the exit of a corner with a superb header.

When the referee Juan Manuel Martin the end of the party, the euphoria has whistled he has loosened in the field 7 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper.

The players and coaches have been able to conclude, at last, have a special shirt to celebrate. All together, the style of the first team, have taken their hands and made a spectacular run.

The technical soccer training, Guillermo Amor, Albert Puig, congratulated the coaches and players, who have marched quickly to the shower.

In the locker room, the party continued with the usual chants and cries of the youth teams to celebrate their successes. Captain Roger Canadell addressed the group and thanked everyone for their effort and commitment.

Sergi Barjuan coach has also made a short speech in which he stressed the importance of suffering in recent weeks, which considers the formation of key players ahead of their careers.

[Barça B] "Luis Enrique is psyched to win at Las Palmas"

Faced with speculation about the future of Luis Enrique, his second, says the Spaniard is focused on the game this Sunday against Las Palmas. Joan Barbarà expected a difficult game "against an opponent who plays a lot."

The coaching staff of Barça B is unmoved by some reports that talk about what the fate of Luis Enrique for next season.

Asked about the future of current coach of Barça B, Joan Barbara has given this reply: "Luis Enrique is psyched to win at Las Palmas, not if you want to say something in the press conference after the match but right now all we want to finish the season as high as possible. "

Barça B's opponent this Sunday (17h) arrives at the Mini, according to Barbara, with a great motivation, "the Las Palmas stakes are high, they want to certify the stay but we want instead to show why we are in the posts above" .

The flow of first team players the team has been a constant throughout the season, a fact which, as noted Barbarà "talks about the good time of the quarry, Pep is set on them but they respond when called, all love to the Catalans. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B & Juvenil A] Double game against the Las Palmas

Barça B and Juvenil A face on Sunday at the Union Deportiva Las Palmas. Luis Enrique received the whole 39-day canary in the league, while Oscar Garcia will face eighth round of the Copa del Rey juven.

Gerardo Miranda was the starting right side of Terry Venables Barca, champions in the 84/85 season ....
In Tenerife, the Johan Cruyff's Barcelona, ​​at 90, won two league titles .... unforgettable
Pedro Rodriguez scored the goal that the World Cup champions Barca Club in 2009 in Abu Dhabi ....
Jeffren was the author of this season 5-0 against Real Madrid ....

All of these historic moments key players in the Club share the source: they are all canaries.

This weekend, the Union Deportiva Las Palmas will be double star in Barcelona for their games against the Juvenil A in the Sports City and against Barca B in Miniestadi.

After drawing in Ponferrada (2-2), Barça B has lost the third place in the table passed by Granada and Elche, who won the Huesca and the Lightning in their duels intersemanales.

The subsidiary faces a visit from Las Palmas with the intention of becoming one of the top five against a team fighting not to suffer in recent days.

The Canaries beat the Cartagena (2-0) with 47 points and occupy the fifteenth in the standings with 5 points above the relegation zone.

Men's Juan Manuel Hernández come to the Mini with the intention to remain virtually sealed.

Once won the league and the Champions League, FC Barcelona Juvenil A starts this Sunday (12 h, Barça TV directly) the way to achieve the treble.

The first leg of their knockout round of the Copa del Rey youth will face Oscar Garcia with the Las Palmas after both teams clashed in the second game of the Champions Cup (1-1).

In that game the club he was satisfied with a draw to qualify for the final and a goal of balancing both initial Deulofeu of canaries with a penalty from the UD Las Palmas in the 12th minute of the match.

After the first leg at the Ciudad Deportiva (Sunday, 12 h) the tie to be settled next week (May 21-22) in the field in the Canary Islands. (via FCBarcelona.cat)