14 May 2011

Guardiola focus fixed on final

Pep Guardiola made clear the team’s objective over the next few weeks – preparing the Wembley final, whilst insisting. “we’ll go into the Deportivo game with the maximum competitiveness”.

With the last home league game of the season against Deportivo set for Sunday, Pep spoke to the media this afternoon and insisted. “with whatever team we send out, we will be competing to win, but our obsession is to win the final”.

For Guardiola, the game against Deportivo: “will help us, because whenever we do things wrong, we work to correct them and it is always better to go into the end of the season after competing well. It’s also good for the players who’ve not figured too much and we will be up against a team who are fighting to survive. There are other teams in the same situation and we will take the game as seriously as possible”.

Guardiola explained how he would be preparing the team over the next few games: “after the game we’ll have two and a half days off and I don’t want to see any of the players during that time. After that we have to work as hard as possible to get to London in the best possible condition• Explaining the situation of club captain Carles Puyol, Guardiola said: “he has been three months out. He made a great effort against Madrid and since then he’s had a personal training plan to get him ready and we hope he will be back with the group next week”.

Guardiola also reflected on the 1994 experience, when the team went into the Athens final four days after winning the league: “I prefer it this way. We would have competed better with another week off, though Milan might well have beaten us anyway. That’s why we saw wining the league against Llevant as so important this year”.

With the threat of a UEFA suspension hanging over Sergio Busquets, Guardiola also made his position clear. “I know Busquets very well and when he says something to me I believe him. We hope that UEFA take their decision calmly, but we are worried - let’s hope he is with us for the final”. Echoing the Madrid player Ramos, Guardiola insisted: “only Marcello and Busquest really know what was said”, whilst wishing to leave all the controversy to one side: “it’s all been said between us and Madrid –let’s leave it there till we play in the Super Cup – now is not the time to talk about it all”.

Pep Guardiola also commented on the festivities held on Friday. “ the number of children, the great atmosphere , the speeches and the great time we all had were important. I had doubts at the start of the season as to how the players would compete, but they have a special thing about them and they are an unrepeatable group”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Back to work after the party

After the celebrations in the streets of Barcelona and in the Camp Nou last night, the squad were back in training on Saturday lunchtime to prepare for the league game with Deportivo on Sunday night.

It was a great night of celebration for Barça on Friday as the players and the fans rejoiced at the winning of the third league title on the run, but it was back to work on Saturday, as the squad began to get ready for Sunday night’s game against Deportivo.

The session was held behind closed doors at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, after the squad were given a day off yesterday. Tomorrow the players will have their final training at the Camp Nou ahead of the last home match of the season.

Although he has still to receive the medical okay, Adriano joined the squad, as he did on Thursday, whilst Milito took part in the warm up exercises with the rest of the group before working on his own and Carles Puyol trained apart.

As well as the first team squad, there were four B team youngsters at the session - Oriol Romeu, Dos Santos, Bartra and Thiago and with the league already won, it wouldn’t be too surprising if those four figured over the next couple of games. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 'shock' of Pique and Messi

The story happened in the Camp Nou, after the players landed in Valencia after winning the League.

In one of their constant teasing, Pique hit his car to Leo Messi. Beyond the noise of the blow, it seems that Messi's car suffered any major damage. Here's the video of what happened:

Barcelona is also interested in Coentrao

Guardiola wants to strengthen the left lateral position.

Barcelona is also interested in signing Fabio Coentrao. The interest that already have the Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Real Madrid, the team joins the Catalans, who asked for the price of the player and intends to get into the bidding for him.

Although still risk everything in the final of the European Cup (May 28 at Wembley against Manchester), Zubizarreta and Guardiola are planning to Barcelona in 2011-2012 and the left side go into their plans. Even on Thursday and ate together Guardiola Rosell and coach let him know the plans I have in the head for the next season.

What has transpired so far is that the Catalans club, in principle, want a central, a midfielder and a striker, but this year the left is a post that has loose and have also decided to strengthen it. The reason that the left-back has been more vulnerable has been for injuries to Maxwell, Adriano and Abidal. In addition, lower Puyol Abidal moved to the center of the rear until it was detected in a tumor in the liver and stopped playing. In fact, in this position have come to play homegrown Montoya and Font. Moreover, in recent hours, Fiorentina has been interested in Maxwell. If the operation curd, Guardiola need to fill that vacancy or yes.

It is not the first time that the club is interested in the same player that Madrid. The last time this happened was in negotiations over the signing of Mesut Özil, last summer. The Barcelona insisted on his contract and so he informed the Werder Bremen, but at the end it was the will of the player and he signed for Real Madrid.

The following white club Coentrao since last summer. We could not make his move a year ago because at that time Mourinho opted to reinforce other positions. It was in January when the Madrid intensified its monitoring and late April, Benfica president Luis Felipe Vieira, traveled to the capital of Spain to establish the first contacts.

As AS said in yesterday's edition, Vieira, calling him 35 million, has dropped its claim to 30. Rui Costa, who is Benfica's sporting director, believes that Coentrao is one of the most interesting defenses wake up, but will not let go at any price. "If he leaves, it will return the money they ask," he says.

In the past two seasons despite his youth (23 years), Coentrao defense is much improved and incorporated it to attack by his speed and technique. It also has the advantage that you know the Spanish League to spend a year on loan at Zaragoza (2008-09), although only played one game. (via AS)

Rossi wants to Barca and Villarreal, Bojan

The tip like to Roig and would cut 35 million.

Rossi is one of Barca's goals for next season. Dismissed most by the price (40 million) in the Chilean Alexis Sanchez (the aim for Manchester City, United and Inter) in the offices of Camp Nou never bet heavily discounted by the Italian international. The talks that began several months ago, although in recent days intensified. According to AS could find reliable sources in El Madrigal Bojan think of to make real the operation, basically the starting price with which rated striker. Ask the groguets 35 million, although the inclusion of Lleida be crucial to reduce the multi-million dollar amount. Catalan is pleasing to Fernando Roig and is a player who believes that with the potential that could be vital to relieve Rossi.

Guardiola and Rosell and have been planning to discuss the next course. After winning the league last Wednesday in Valencia, the coach said "we must strengthen the workforce," hence the movements interested in correspond to Pep, defender of the recruitment of Rossi, who bring more to the team goal. But there may be more. Bojan addition, the Castellón would head to the incorporation To ask a couple of young talents of the farmhouse, although in Villareal consider the potential of your quarry is the most important in Spain and Europe.

Until you pass the final of the Champions in London (day 28) did not want to move more chips. The template concentration measured culé for United in London must be total, but they want to Rossi is an open secret. (via AS)

FC Barcelona has decided to withdraw the appeal by the three-match ban for José Manuel Pinto , a result of their participation in the brawl of the Bernabeu with Arbeloa and Chendo . The Barça take for good the three-match ban for Pinto to be lost, therefore, the end of Wembley . However, the Appeals Committee held its meeting next Monday 216 to 'answer' to the Appeal of Real Madrid, the penalty tantopor Jose Mourinho 's cincopartidos, as the allegations of the players of Barça in the game leg of the semifinals of the Champions , alos accused of faking and the Real Madrid cause.

The meeting of the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA , the 'case Busquets 'will be held on Sunday as planned, but held in solitary chair of the committee, the Austrian Thomas b. The UEFA insists he does not communicate its decision until Monday. (via MD)

Iniesta wine is now on sale

Whites ‘Corazón Loco’ and ‘Finca El Carril’ have been marketed for a week with great success.

Andres Iniesta has just released a new facet of winemaker. The first wines of La Mancha are on sale only a week ago in 'Sentits Bcn' (Bailen, 88 bis), exclusive distributor of wines from Barca in the Barcelona area.

The first wines to be sold are the targets' Corazón Loco "and" Finca El Carril ", but this week is expected to go on sale one of the most anticipated, the 'Valeria', made from Chardonnay in boot at a price about 9 euros and is destined to become one of the wine cellar star Iniesta, named after his daughter and which have so far been made between 5,000 and 6,000 bottles.

Despite having very little time to sell, has been a resounding success. "Iniesta is a very loved and it shows a level of acceptance of the wine, which has been exceptional," said Jordi Vilaseca, one of the makers of 'Sentits Bcn', a company dedicated to both the direct marketing and the distribution .

Is expected to receive next week at the store the first of the reds, the young 'Crazy Heart', at a competitive price of 5.95 euros a bottle. The launch of the wines of crack Barca has come just at the right time, in time for the fans to celebrate the sporting successes of the best, with the wine of one of the architects of the securities.

Andrew's bid was ambitious, with initial production of 250,000 bottles from all modalities. In the case of 'Crazy Heart' white, stands the original label design, with a clear heart that frames the message "The passion is inside." Made from Verdejo and Sauvignon blanc is ideal to accompany all kinds of tapas, pasta, rice and grilled fish or mild sauces. Its price is 5.95 euros.

For its part, the 'Finca El Carril 2010, "Designation of Origin Manchuela (Castilla la Mancha) is made from 100% Macabeo. The note recommends tasting paired with anchovies, soft cheeses, smoked fish, foie or seafood. It is on sale for 6.95 euros.

Last week, Andrew's father, José Antonio, and the player's agent, Pere Guardiola, were in 'Sentits Bcn' to finish shaping the distribution of wine, after a week, is shaping up as another success of Barca .

Leuba, "I do not judge, I just report"

The Swiss lawyer is responsible for drafting the report on the UEFA Sergio Busquets analyze Sunday.

It is the fifth season of Jean-Samuel Leuba and UEFA disciplinary inspector, the body chaired by Austrian Gerhard Kaplan is, in practice, the group of 'tax' of European football's governing body. Leuba, a lawyer based in Lausanne, has been responsible for raising the control and disciplinary committee of UEFA's report on Sergio Busquets and Marcelo incident. "I ordered the case and I limited myself to do my job," says a SPORT, "to gather all possible information and documentation to the parent body. I do not judge, I just report."

The report by Leuba does not include any videographic evidence, only the text drafted by the Swiss lawyer after obtaining information on the case.

Relying on its neutrality, Leuba insists that should not render any opinion regarding the incident between two players, but remember that "there have been such cases in previous seasons, obviously without much media noise", and recalls a detail that can be important: "Both the club and player have the right to apply to UEFA to explain, to offer his version of events and to clarify what exactly happened, but always after the Control and Disciplinary Committee has issued its verdict , on Monday, after meeting on Sunday in the offices of Nyon.

When drafting its report, Leuba has not spoken to the player or has moved to Barcelona in drafting its report.

Against Barca, however, play a potentially decisive factor for Busquets miss the final UEFA is particularly sensitive to issues having to do with racism and discrimination and knows that the players are an example to many children and their social relevance are 'forced' to be particularly cautious with this type of case.

Leuba is hiding behind political "facts" to justify its position. "I do not play judge and decide whether there should be punishment for Busquets or not. This corresponds to the Disciplinary Committee, which has sufficient independence and discretion to judge." UEFA usually left to the body of inspectors particularly thorny case study or that can generate more controversy.

The 1 X 1 of the Camp Nou Fiesta

Pep Guardiola: Thankful
During the cavalcade was in a modest background, but in the celebration at the Stadium took on greater prominence. Served as master of ceremonies, placing his staff and players in the field. He praised his men, "are unrepeatable" and concluded with a reminder to Lorca.

Carles Puyol: Reclaiming
The first took to the field with Xavi with 'senyera "to give back to the field. In his speech, the captain went straight for the jugular in his references to the media cave: "This year we have been attacked by all sides and continue up." Needless to say the least, right?

Xavi Hernandez: Aerobatic
The day I hang up the boots could be tested in the 'Cirque de Soleil Terrassa why the two gave us spectacular somersaults without heels resented too. Asked a little more than "punch" to the fans chant when Sergio Busquets.

LEO MESSI: Prophetic
The Argentine did not ship as promised two years ago when all the titles for the next season but almost ... It called on the people Leo on 29 May with the Champions on the arm for what to listen say. Until that day only talk on the field.

Andrés Iniesta: Padrazo
Dressed in one of those hats as spectacular as uncomfortable with bells and a flag including Barca as coating, manchego Champions took to promise the fans and announced that he would dedicate this victory to his daughter Valeria.

During the cavalcade is brokered a cap Guardia Urbana God knows how and at the Camp Nou donned a red cap style tacky 'All that Jazz Piqué what defined the "prostitute." He had time for their dances and even do a 'run of the potato "with their children and those of Maxwell.

DAVID VILLA: 'Crooner'
Or Frank Sinatra or Harry Connick Jr., the new 'crooner "the global picture is Spaniard and spends his spare time to score goals. 'El Guaje "surprised everyone with a very special version of" My Way "Sinatra after receiving harassment from Pepe Costa. The truth is that Villa came out of the stake more than windy.

Eric Abidal: Ovation
This time there should be very cold in the field because the defense did not ask his wife to bring a jacket for girls. When it was his name the stands thundered as it could be another Manrara. Eric thanked him for delivering his speech in Catalan. A crack. (via SPORT)

Follow the festival cavalcade League Barca Live

22:19 - Just Party

The players leave the field with a happy face and exhaustion but waving to fans.

22:13 - Fireworks

Above the Nou Camp is a show live music and fireworks that will put an end to the party.

22:12 - Barça anthem rings

While playing over the PA, the Barca team starts dancing like a sardana in midfield.

22:06 - Tour of honor

Led by Puyol and Xavi, the computer turns on the pitch while playing over the PA "I Will Survive."

22:05 - Return the "why, why"

The fans sing again appears to be the song of this league.

22:02 - Talk Jeffren

The canary states that "as a youth squad, I am doubly happy

22:01 - Bojan Talk

For the Linyola "is proud to take life in this club."

22:00 - Talk Maxwell

Brazilian defender believes that Barcelona is a fantastic group. "

22:00 - Afellay Talk

The Dutchman, very cautious, bet on a classic: "Visca el Barça Visca Catalunya.

21:59 - Adriano Talk

Brazil stressed that "this team is my life, my family."

21:57 - Peter Talk

With a surprising Catalan, the canary is "very happy and asks for a last effort to win at Wembley.

21:55 - Busquets Talk

The Badia notes that "it is my third league, the more important to me."

21:52 - Villa Talk

Posted by Pepe Costa, the 'Guaje' is "very happy to be here and grateful" to live this is a dream. "

21:50 - Keita Talk

The Malian highlights the "great humility" from their peers and also ensures that 29 will again be at the Nou Camp to celebrate the Champions League.

21:48 - Talk Alves

Brazil also is "very proud to be part of this team, is shown because we are more than a club. We are a family."

21:47 - Piqué Talk

The central Barcelona thanks to the technical staff "the opportunity to experience all this," and the fans "to be every day here."

21:46 - Mascherano Talk

The 'jefecito', very hoarse, says, "is proud to be part of this team, I dreamed many times to be here."

21:45 - Messi speaks

The Argentine guard says that "the words for the 29 that we will return here."

21:44 - Iniesta Talk

The manchego stresses that "has been a special year for me, my daughter was born and I give him the Champions League on 29. We see here."

21:42 - Milito Talk

The Argentine notes that the team is a group and we deserve to enjoy this moment, every year I'm more proud of this team. "

21:41 - Talk Pinto

The Cadiz responds to questions from Mou: "Why are we the best"

21:39 - Valdés Talk

The goalkeeper is "proud to wear this shield and defend these colors Barca."

21:38 - Abidal Talk

The Frenchman thanked the fans for all the support received during her floor. When finished speaking, is blanketed by the players.

21:36 - Xavi Talk

The second master is directed to the fans: "It's not worth thinking about others, think of the club, which is the best team in the world."

21:35 - Guardiola speaks

The coach says his "eternal gratitude to these players, I admire."

21:33 - Puyol Talk

The captain thanked "the support of the fans during the season and ask the same for the final at Wembley. "Enjoy this league, they attack us everywhere, but we'll keep inventing continue playing."

21:32 - "Why, why, why ..."

The fans do not forget to Jose Mourinho as chorea "Why, why, why"

21:31 - Enter the players' children

21:31 - Pep, blanketed

Players repeatedly raised his coach.

21:30 - Fiesta in midfield

All jugadres are dancing and jumping in the middle of the field.

21:27 - The players turn

Manel Vic is giving the entrance to the Barcelona players in the reverse order of their bibs.

21:26 - Pep Ovation

Sale Camp Nou Guardiola and applauding him.

21:25 - It starts out

Manel Vic is reciting the names of those responsible for material, physical and technical staff who stay on the pitch.

21:23 - Vic Manel emotional speech

The speaker of the Nou Camp launches an emotional message emphasizing the importance of the League won and wishing the same success for the final at Wembley.

21:22 - The Camp Nou in the dark

Players will follow shortly as the bulbs do not stop moving.

21:09 - Xavi and Puyol appear

Xavi Hernández and Carles Puyol jump into the lawn with a triggering senyera ecstasy among fans as they take a lap of honor and returned to the locker room. It turns out that the two captains have skipped the program, it should not appear yet.

21:05 - The players get off the bus

They go direct to the stadium.

21:01 - The coach is already bordering the Nou Camp

Shortly and will be within the Camp Nou.

21:00 - Do you want to party at the Camp Nou live?

Tune in to the live connection with our partners and Roberto Claudio Chaves Santiago .

20:54 - The cavalcade, about to come to Camp Nou

The coach is very close to the coliseum Barca. The crowd is waiting impatiently while singing the anthem a cappella Barça.

20:48 - Valdés Fly slippers and Messi

Argentine goalkeeper and have taken away a shoe and have launched people.

20:45 - Puyol, kissing senyera

Building a bus stop, the captain has gone from standing on the vehicle and started to kiss the Catalan flag while being cheered by the fans.

20:39 - Maximum flow in the final stretch

The cavalcade is located in the middle of the Travessera de les Corts which have concentrated the bulk of fans who packed completamenete leave the area.

20:34 - Another shot of David Pruñosa

20:30 - More photos

Cadilla Biel happens to us this photo taken at the Camp Nou.

20:25 - The Nou Camp almost full

The cavalcade is about to come to the coliseum Barca presents an image of almost full, only needs a portion of the third tier.

20:22 - Thiago and hallucinate Fontàs

The homegrown, finishing the season in the first team are class viewers from within the same bus. Another also is hallucinating is Dutch Afellay seems surprised by the tremendous response from the fans through the streets of Barcelona.

20:20 - In Travessera de Les Corts

The cavalcade has left behind the street Entença and goes directly to the Camp Nou.

20:15 - The photo and Alves Abidal

Our colleague Peter Puntí has ​​'hunted' defenses both Mossos caps and Municipal Police.

20:15 - Half of the course, completed

The bus has reached the street Entença, after completing the Berlin Street.

20:10 - More photos

Tamara Alvarez sent us this photo from the Camp Nou.

For his part, Oden writes Judith Barca players have welcomed.

20:05 - Next on the Avenida de Madrid

The cavalcade is on the Avenida de Madrid, street to circulate until it intersects with Entença, which vary their course.

20:00 - beer shower

First was Piqué, then and later Bojan Mascherano and other players. But all have finished beer soaked. The party continues in the search for Barca.

19:58 - More photos of fans

David Pruñonosa send us your photos from the cavalcade through twitter.

19:55 - The bus will not stop bouncing

All players are on the top floor of the bus will not stop jumping convertible causing the vehicle is bouncing to the beat of the leaps.

19:52 - 'Police officers' and Alves Abidal

Both defenses have a cap of the Catalan police, in the case of Alves, and the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona, ​​in the case of Abidal.

19:50 - Barça Balcones

Travel around the cavalcade dozens and dozens of balconies details Barca to celebrate the league title.

19:45 - The cavalcade draws masses

In the images on TV can see that while the cavalcade moves forward on both sides of the bus is a river of people moving in parallel to the vehicle Barca.

19:40 - Abidal, ovacionadísimo

The cavalcade has passed Riera Blanca Street and fans will not stop encouraging especially French defender has a smile from ear to ear while listening to "Abi, Abi, Abi."

19:32 - Dutch fans, heading to Camp Nou

Barça followers of the tulips have sent us their photo while they were on the subway heading to Camp Nou. Not want to miss the big party.

19:30 - The cavalcade, ongoing

The open-top bus starts to perform the planned route of an hour through the Eixample district of Barcelona.

19:27 - Shakira sounds in the Nou Camp

In the Stadium PA system starts playing the "Waka-waka" of the Colombian artist and partner of Gerard Pique Barca.

19:21 - The players get on the bus

Barça players appear to board the bus convertible with the participation in the cavalcade through the neighborhood of Les Corts.

19:14 - 2,000 kilos of fireworks

Although still missing more than three hours to the end of the party at the Camp Nou in La Masia and are about more than 2,000 kilos of fireworks products that will put an end to the party.

19:00 - The first tier, full

Fans already occupy the first tier of the Nou Camp, they want to be as close as possible to the party to be on the pitch.

18:30 - great detail with Lorca

The bus will Barca's cavalcade has a moving banner that says "Lorca in our hearts" to support the victims of the earthquake that devastated the city of Murcia.

18:00 - Open the gates of Camp Nou

The first fans begin to enter the stadium Barca to get a good seat for the party after the cavalcade, as the bus will not start until 19:30. (via MD)

Guardiola, King of League Titles

Josep Guardiola has won, as a player and manager, 9 of the 11 league titles that Barça have won over the last 20 years. Guardiola has now won 25 official trophies, ahead of Miguel Munoz, Real Madrid player and coach, who won 23.

The FC Barcelona manager, Josep Guardiola, can boast, amongst many other things, that he has the most number of titles won by a player and a manager for the same club in Spain. The third league title won this season can be added to the 24 titles he had already won as a player and later as first team manager of FC Barcelona. Guardiola exceeds the number of titles won by Miguel Munoz as a player and manager of Real Madrid, who won 23, in the years 1948-58 and 1959-74.

FC Barcelona has won 11 league titles in the last 20 years, of which, in 9 of those Pep Guardiola has played a big part. As a first team player, Guardiola won six league titles (1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1997/98 and 1998/99). The first four he won as a member of the Dream Team led by Johan Cruyff, whilst in the last two he was Barca`s captain in the team managed by Louis van Gaal.

To these six league titles can be added the three consecutive titles he’s won since he took over as manager of the first team in June 2008. Three seasons, three league titles, a perfect record.

Few players in the world can boast a track record like Guardiola’s. In the 11 seasons he wore Barca´s first team shirt, they won 16 trophies: 1 European Cup (1991/92), 1 Cup Winners Cup (1996/97), 2 European Super Cups (1992/93 and 1997/98), 6 league titles (1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1997/98 and 1998/99), 2 Spanish Cups (1996/97 and 1997/98) and 4 Spanish Super Cups (1991/92, 1992/93, 1994/95 and 1996/97).

This track record as a player is better that of Miguel Munoz, who as a Real Madrid player (1948-58) won 9 titles (4 Leagues, 3 European Cups and 2 Latin Cups) and later as manager (1959-74) he won 14 more.

While the Champions League Final still has to be played, on May 28th, Pep Guardiola carries an impressive track record as a manager, despite his youth and his brief career in that role. Three seasons, nine titles, an average of three per season. In his debut season for Barça they won everything: Champions, League, and Spanish Cup. In the following season, more trophies were to come, winning the European Super Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the World Club Championship and his second consecutive League title. In the current season Guardiola already has two trophies: the Spanish Super Cup and League. Now he has the chance to win the fourth Champions League title in the Club’s history. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Do you think it would be fair to punish UEFA Sergio Busquets for his incident with Marcelo?

Sergio Busquets could be punished by UEFA. What is the hobby?

The Madrid is trying to spoil the party at Barça. And is that Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets could be out playing in the Champions League final, after reopening the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA's complaint at the time by Real Madrid. The white club attached to his appeal a video of the alleged racist abuse directed Barca Marcelo.

But, you do what you think: Do you think it would be fair to punish UEFA Sergio Busquets for his incident with Marcelo?

In SPORT.es want to know your opinion. You can do this at the bottom of that news. Some of the most important opinions will be published in our edition of Saturday.

Thank you very much to everybody s to participate. (via SPORT)

The club begins a 14-day stage

Pep Guardiola has developed a work plan to reach the final at Wembley with his players in the best physical and mental condition.

Barça prepare Wembley starts tomorrow. Will as usual: a structured microcycle of 14 days, a luxury at this stage of competition. A week of heavy load of work, followed by a minimum load and reduced, with all players in the squad available to coach, Adriano after receiving a medical discharge Milito tomorrow and next week. Physical reconditioning after the great battles and a half months after dying in the maintenance team has only made the condition, given the competitive stress experienced: 13 games in 44 days. Thirteen high-intensity games (quarters and semis of the Champions, four times against Real Madrid), including the decision of the League, played three days apart each, and coupled with significant absences due to injury (Puyol, Pedro, Adriano, Bojan, Maxwell) and Abidal low by illness, forcing the team to patch and require huge efforts to key men such as Xavi, Busquets, Pique, Messi and Iniesta.

How is the team?
The team is exhausted, but not physical fatigue (also), but mental, which has contributed mightily aggressive confrontation with Madrid. From a strictly physical point of view there is no problem: the club was prepared as usual, with a powerful charge in January and February, which has allowed him to address these critical 44 days without physical difficulty, beyond the casualties have increased the requirement of the lineup. But the essential parameters are maintained at high level. The greatest difficulties lie in two aspects: the mental recovery of players who have suffered a lot (several are quite concerned about what happened with Madrid) and the recovery of fitness level of those who were injured.

What work will be done?
From tomorrow until Saturday and Friday 20, plans are to train the bulk of the equipment with high cargo volume. Six high and very specific training, in which work basically the explosive force is a key objective at this point in order to progress. In this week's load, the volume of training vary considerably depending on day and be interrupted by some form of competitive simulation game, is among the first computer components themselves or with the participation of subsidiary.
The greatest burden will receive it, primarily, men who have held the team in the last month and a half, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Villa. The remaining charges will receive personalized based on the momentum within each. The post-injury (Adriano, Bojan and Maxwell) and those that have already been recovered from them (Puyol and Peter) will carry out specific training to achieve individual fitness close to perfect, despite the difficulty of the task. In the presence of Thiago and Fontàs binds Wembley perhaps, that of Marc Bartra.

What about last week?
Following the closure league against Malaga, the volume of training is minimized. All work will be done and just absorb the charges made to transform the speed, explosiveness and freshness. That is, in optimum shape to Wembley. The last week of the season, therefore, be used to refine the fitness to practice very light and specific tactical actions to prepare for the final.

Who will play in the league?
Technical plans predict that this Sunday to rest most of the men who have held the scaffolding in the last month and a half. Piqué, Busquets, Xavi and, possibly, Messi and Villa will see the game against Deportivo on the bench or the stands. Valdés Alves and could even be in the same situation. Iniesta will be the time of Peter (and expressly reserved to the Levant) more Mascherano, Font, Abidal, Keita, Thiago, Afellay and Bojan perhaps, limbo and even Bartra. Puyol's presence will depend on the absolute recovery. Guardiola looks that add the Lift and Sport games, all available players can accumulate 90 minutes of play.

However, as the pace-face competition is basic to Wembley, the alignment of the last match in Manchester will dyes luxury. After a week of loading, and even if they have heavy legs, in the Rose Garden will be the gala team, because there is nothing worse than two consecutive weeks without competing. That day, almost everyone who will hold the League at Wembley closed in Malaga. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Laudrup will leave to go to Hamburg Mallorca

They tell me that former Barca player and Real Madrid and now will coach the team Mallorca island to find a new sporting challenge. It has been said that Valencia was walking in his footsteps, but it seems to be the Hamburg who finished profiling. What is certain is that Michael has left a good taste in the insular team. (via SPORT)

Pep harangued his players to fully enjoy the party

Guardiola feels devotion to the human group that he has had direct.

is evident whenever he speaks publicly of them, in private or in the media, but so do his players about the treatment given and it makes the compliance is huge. Pep met yesterday to train them when, after sentencing the league would give everything pointed to party. It was a smooth ride, recovery and maintenance, which further emphasized the personal and sensitive professional. Before you start training the technician will be met to give a lecture. It was short, concise, simple: "Thanks for all the effort you have made in recent weeks. You should be proud of what you have achieved, liven up the next few days, but since Wednesday is that the batteries charge again for the Champions League final, "he said. (via SPORT)

Eto'o and Shakira, invited stars

The dinner to celebrate the League a homage went to the couples of the players and of the technical staff and it had the visit lightning of the camerunés.

"Now we participating organizations Because the league Deserve It. " Twenty-four hours after uttering this phrase, Pep met last night at the W Hotel in Barcelona to the staff and the coaching staff to celebrate the Achievement of the title. It Was What one of Them Called the penultimate dinner. The last hope Will Be after the final of the Champions .

The meeting point WAS the disco Eclipse Located on the 26th floor and was only accessible by elevator. A place with great views and WAS Empowered to enable the group to socialize with tranquility and privacy. But it WAS an exclusive party of players and coaches. The costumes I wanted to share this moment With their partner and wanted to pay an homage. The Majority meat together.

The first one in arriving, with a hour of advance, was Piqué in their particular car and accompanied by Shakira. Quietly Entered Through the garage. The singer Had reserved a hotel room for days. And while waiting for the trickle of cracks, the big surprise. Eto 'or parked on the door and Entered A Few minutes to greet Some Of His Former teammates. With Pep Did not Have to Match. Was one quarter of an hour. At the exit coincides with Carles Naval and doctor Ricard Pruna , Who Congratulate. Hallucinate Tourists hotel. Eto'o Went Without speaking to the press.

Busquets , man of the day, meat at full speed. The visible Were Alves , Villa , Bojan , Xavi , Keita , Abidal , by the people applaud, and Puyol , Who Came From His girlfriend Malena separately. The last, at 10:00 p.m., WAS security protection and Messi . All bore the impertinent questions about the attributes of a reporter of the 'Harder They Fall', Italian version. (via MD)

[Karaoke with Shakira]
It is unusual to enjoy a party in which one of the guests is one of the world's most famous singers.

One of the few conditions that put the players in the Bar-CA to the organizers of the party at the W hotel was that there was karaoke. This type of installation is not exactly a synonym for glamor, although they usually are, when it comes accompanied by a 'gin and tonic "of fun.

At press time it was impossible to ascertain who were the brave people who went through the microphones to delight in his voice to hundreds of guests who attended the big party to celebrate the league title, but what is certain is that Shakira was present. And it is rare to attend a celebration in which there is karaoke and, beside it, one of the most famous singers in the world. The Colombian, who stays regularly at the W hotel, lived this night of very different than it usually does. He did it with her boyfriend Gerard Piqué, but this time accompanied by all his colleagues and their wives. Also the coaching staff Blaugrana.

The Blaugrana are met on the 26th floor of the hotel and set up a private party which could only be reached by means of that elevator built for it. Eclipse is the name of the club that inhabits the top floor of the glamorous hotel complex. And that's where the workforce was let go for a few hours and forgot everything that had to suffer to win back the league title. The celebrations will continue throughout the day with a meal, Rua and party at the Camp Nou.

Samuel Eto or was the surprise of the night in celebration:
He did not get to celebrate the League nor for having reached the final of the Italian Cup with Inter, but Samuel Eto'o is normally in the gift of opportunity and again yesterday to demonstrate it. Cameroon was the surprise of the night in the hotel W. Is in Barcelona for the operation of a family member but it coincided with their former teammate jumped at the opportunity to greet, congratulate them on the league title and wish them luck in front of the Wembley final. Pictured is greeting the doctor Ricard. (via SPORT)

Immediate future summit

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola had lunch at 'La Masia' to discuss the final of the Champions and prepare the agenda Transfer.

Rosell and Guardiola cited in the cradle of the quarry to discuss the immediate future of the club and plan your device to the final of the Champions League that the club played at Wembley against Manchester United on 28 May.

The meeting was also attended by the club's general director, Antoni Rossich, the professional football team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, Vice President Sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu, the second first-team coach, Tito Vilanova, and the external relations manager of the club , Manel Estiarte.

This is the second summit between President Technical and after that remained at the team hotel in Madrid, before facing the whites in the semifinals of the Champions League.

In addition to addressing issues relating to the high end of 28-M, Rosell Guardiola and put on the table the odd name to strengthen the team this summer. (via SPORT)

Allegations against proposed suspension of Sergio Busquets

FC Barcelona will present allegations to UEFA after being informed today by UEFA disciplinary inspector, Jean-Samuel Leuba, of the consideration that FCB’s Sergio Busquets addressed a racist insult at Real Madrid’s Marcelo during the first leg of the Champions
League semi final. Leuba has proposed that the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Committee should launch an enquiry into the player and is suggesting he could be banned for five matches.

This report is based on allegations made by Real Madrid in its written appeal regarding the UEFA’s Disciplinary Committee’s refusal to initiate disciplinary investigations into certain FC Barcelona players for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

The UEFA Disciplinary Committee will meet next Sunday to decide whether or not to initiate this disciplinary investigation, on which the Club will receive a verdict on Monday, May 16. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

UEFA opens for racism dossier Busquets

ontrol and punish Sunday Discilplina studies with five games to call him "monkey" to Marcelo. Would miss the Champions League final.

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings for calling Busquets mono Marcelo in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final match on April 27 between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Bernabeu. Busquets could be banned for five matches, which would mean that he would miss the final of the Champions League against Manchester United on Saturday 28 at Wembley.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee, the same as last week Mourinho punished with five games (the fifth condition that no recurrence of misconduct over a period of three years) has convened an emergency meeting the day after tomorrow, Sunday, Switzerland to study the case Busquets. "It is alleged to have violated Article 11 bis of the Disciplinary Regulations," the statement from UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings based on evidence submitted by the Real Madrid (video and statements by the club and player) since the match referee, German Stark, did not reflect the incident in his match report. The club has received a report from the UEFA disciplinary inspector Jean-Samuel Leuba which says Marcelo Busquets addressed by a racial slur during the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League, which denies club , Barcelona. Leuba was the inspector who had proposed the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA which will initiate a disciplinary inquiry into Busquets and with it a penalty of five-game suspension. The resolution, although it will take until Sunday, will be officially communicated to Barça until Monday. Then, if any, will have 72 hours to present their arguments.

Article 11 of the Regulation states that "punishable by five-game suspension or a penalty for a specified period of time to anyone who insults the human dignity of a person or group, whether for reasons of their skin color, race, ethnicity or religion. Moreover, the rule states that "in some serious cases the disciplinary body may adopt additional sanctions, the federation or club responsible, such as playing one or more games behind closed doors, a stadium closure, automatic loss a party, deduction of points or disqualification from a competition. Any form of propaganda of extremist ideas will be severely punished before, during and after games. These measures are intended to coincide with those adopted by FIFA. "UEFA disciplinary reviewed for cases of racism last year and decided to toughen punishment.

UEFA sources consulted by this newspaper yesterday expressed concern about the spiral of allegations he has made the Champions League semi-final between Spanish teams. Also in the Spanish Federation are concerned about the impact this could have on international relations between Real Madrid and Barcelona are the basis of World Champions. In this regard, and expressed concern the national coach, Vicente del Bosque, who will the next 25th squad for the friendly in Spain in the U.S. and Venezuela, the first week of June. (via AS)

To a step of Dream Team

The Dutchman won 12 titles in seven seasons • The Catalan coach already has nine in just three seasons · Even can achieve this season's Champions at Wembley.

Pep Guardiola said on Tuesday that the Dream Team was unique but with numbers in hand his claim does not correspond to reality. Among other things, for the current Barcelona has nine titles, two fewer than Cruyff forged with the difference that Pep has only taken three years while the Dutch did it in seven seasons. In addition, Barça Champions can still achieve more, which takes place on May 28 against Manchester United at Wembley.

The Dream Team is still the reference for all the Catalans for their game and got the hegemony in Spain in the nineties. Cruyff took up the challenge of leading the Catalans in the 1988-89 season and after a shaky unicio produced 12 titles. In the first three years the balance was loose: A Cup, Cup and Super Cup. After 4 consecutive league took off with a Super Cups and three Champions Spain.
In contrast, the Pep Team has had a brilliant start, getting the hat trick in his first season and adding six titles in one year (all that were in dispute). They have to add those achieved in his second season and that are now dropping. Total of nine trophies which has led to the Museum: Three Leagues, a Champions League, Copa del Rey, a Club World Cup, 2 Super Cups in Spain and a European Supercup. And the dispute is pending in the Champions League final after eliminating Real Madrid in the semifinals.

Note that Guardiola has achieved many things and reach unprecedented three consecutive times European semi-finals, beating two of them. We must also point to his credit the Club World Cup, the only race that refused to Barcelona and capped a spectacular 2009.
And last but not least, we should mention all his duels against Real Madrid. Except for the final of the Copa del Rey and two draws, one Champions League and another, the rest are counted victories. Some classics are now history, as the 2-6 or 5-0 at the Bernabeu this season. (via MARCA.com)

All League Champion with Barca

From the first Barca league title in 1929, there have been many players who have held a dress League Barca. Here we offer to all players at least have played a match in a Barca champion.

Temporada 1928-1929: Arnau, Arcoha, Bosch, Bussot, Campabadal, Castillo, García, Guzmán, Martí, Obiols, Parera, Parera II, Pedrol, Piera, Plattko, Ramon, Sagi, Samitier, Sastre, Saura, Uriach, Vidal y Walter.

Temporada 1944-1945: Basilio, Benito, Bravo, Calo, Calvet, César, Curta, Elías, Escolà, Gonzalvo II, Gonzalvo III, Martín, Quique, Raich, Riba, Rueda, Sans, Seguer, Sierra, Sospedra, Valero, Valle, Velasco y Zabalo.

Temporada 1947-1948: Amorós, Badenes, Basora, Bravo, Calvet, Canal, César, Colino, Curta, Da Silva, Elías, Escolà, Florencio, Gonzalvo II, Gonzalvo III, Navarro, Noguera, Periche, Rueda, Sans, Seguer, Valle y Velasco.

Temporada 1948-1949: Badenes, Basora, Calo, Calvet, Canal, Cerveró, César, Curta, Elías, Florencio, Gonzalvo II, Gonzalvo III, Marcos Aurelio, Navarro, Nicolau, Noguera, Ramallets, Sagrera, Seguer, Serratusell, Torra, Velasco y Virgós.

Temporada 1951-1952: Aldecoa, Aloy, Basora, Biosca, Bosch, Brugué, Calvet, César, Escudero, Ferrer, Gonzalvo III, Kubala, Manchón, Martín, Moreno, Nicolau, Ramallets, Segarra, Seguer, Szegedi, Tejedor, Velasco y Vila.

Temporada 1952-1953: Aldecoa, Aloy, Basora, Biosca, Bosch, Brugué, Caldentey, César, Flotats, Gonzalvo III, Gracia, Hanke, Kubala, Manchón, Maristany, Martín, Moreno, Ramallets, Segarra, Seguer, Velasco y Vila.

Temporada 1958-1959: Brugué, Coll, Czibor, Eulogio Martínez, Estrems, Evaristo, Flotats, Gensana, Gracia, Hermes González, Kocsis, Kubala, Olivella, Ramallets, Ribelles, Rodri, Segarra, Suárez, Tejada, Vergés y Villaverde.

Temporada 1959-1960: Brugué, Celdrán, Coll, Czibor, Eulogio Martínez, Estrems, Evaristo, Flotats, Gensana, Gracia, Kocsis, Kubala, Medrano, Olivella, Pinto, Ramallets, Ribelles, Rifé, Rodri, Segarra, Suárez, Suco, Tejada, Vergés y Villaverde.

Temporada 1973-1974: Asensi, Barrios, Carreño, Cos, Costas, Cruyff, De la Cruz, Gallego, Juan Carlos, Laredo, Marcial, Martí Filosia, Migueli, Mora, Pérez, Rexach, Rifé, Sadurní, Sotil, Tomé y Torres.

Temporada 1984-1985: Abellán, Alexanco, Aranda, Archibald, Bueno, Calderé, Carrasco, Carreras, Clos, Durán, Esteban, Gerardo, Julio Alberto, Lobo, López López, Manolo, Marcos, Martín, Migueli, Milla, Moratalla, Padilla, Perico Alonso, Pichi Alonso, Retuerto, Rojo, Sánchez, Schuster, Urruti y Víctor.

Temporada 1990-1991: Ferrer, Goikoetxea, Pinilla, Alexanco, Amor, Bakero, Begiristain, Eusebio, Herrera, Guardiola, Julio Alberto, Salinas, Koeman, Laudrup, López Rekarte, Soler, Maqueda, Nando, Serna, Stoichkov, Urbano y Zubizarreta.

Temporada 1991-1992: Ferrer, Goikoetxea, Alexanco, Amor, Bakero, Begiristain, Cristóbal, Eusebio, Guardiola, Juan Carlos, Salinas, Koeman, Laudrup, Nadal, Nando, Serna, Stoichkov, Witschge y Zubizarreta.

Temporada 1992-1993: Ferrer, Goikoetxea, Alexanco, Amor, Bakero, Begiristain, Eusebio, Guardiola, Juan Carlos, Salinas, Koeman, Carreras, Laudrup, Soler, Nadal, Maqueda, Òscar, Pablo, Stoichkov, Vucevic, Witschge y Zubizarreta.

Temporada 1993-1994: Ferrer, Goikoetxea, Amor, Bakero, Begiristain, Busquets, Ekelund, Estebaranz, Eusebio, Iván, Guardiola, Juan Carlos, Salinas, Koeman, Laudrup, Nadal, Òscar, Romario, Sergi, Stoichkov y Zubizarreta.

Temporada 1997-1998: Ferrer, Abelardo, Amor, Anderson, Bogarde, Busquets, Celades, Ciric, De la Peña, Dugarry, Couto, Figo, Giovanni, Hesp, Guardiola, Jofre, Luis Enrique, Nadal, Mario, Òscar, Pizzi, Reiziger, Roger, Sergi, Stoichov y Baía.

Temporada 1998-1999: Abelardo, Anderson, Bogarde, Celades, Ciric, Cocu, Arnau, F. de Boer, Figo, Giovanni, Hesp, Guardiola, Kluivert, Luis Enrique, Nadal, Okunowo, Òscar, Pellegrino, R. de Boer, Reiziger, Rivaldo, Roger, Sergi, Xavi y Zenden.

Temporada 2004-2005: Albertini, Belletti, Van Bronckhorst, Damià, Deco, Edmílson, Eto'o, Navarro, Gabri, Gerard, Giuly, Iniesta, Jorquera, Larsson, Márquez, Maxi, Messi, Motta, Oleguer, Puyol, Rodri, Ronaldinho, Rubén, Sylvinho, Valdés y Xavi.

Temporada 2005-2006: Belletti, Van Bronckhorst, Deco, Edmílson, Eto'o, Ezquerro, Gabri, Giuly, Iniesta, Jorquera, Larsson, Ludovic, Márquez, Martos, Maxi, Messi, Montañés, Motta, Oleguer, Olmo, Orlando, Pitu, Puyol, Ramon, Rodri, Ronaldinho, Van Bommel, Valdés y Xavi.

Temporada 2008-2009: Abidal, Abraham, Bojan, Botía, Busquets, Cáceres, Alves, Eto'o, Gudjohnsen, Henry, Hleb, Iniesta, Pinto, Jeffren, Keita, Márquez, Messi, Muniesa, Oier, Pedrito, Piqué, Puyol, Sylvinho, Thiago, Torres, Touré, Víctor Sánchez, Valdés y Xavi.

Temporada 2009-2010: Abidal, Fontàs, Bartra, Bojan, Busquets, Chygrynskiy, Alves, Henry, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Jeffren, Jonathan, Keita, Márquez, Maxwell, Messi, Milito, Pedro, Piqué, Puyol, Thiago, Touré, Valdés y Xavi.

Temporada 2010-2011: Abidal, Adriano, Afellay, Andreu Fontàs, Bojan, Busquets, Dani Alves, Iniesta, Pinto, Jeffren, Jonathan Dos Santos, Keita, Mascherano, Maxwell, Messi, Milito, Montoya, Nolito, Pedrito, Piqué, Puyol, Thiago, Víctor Valdés, Villa y Xavi. (via SPORT)

This is the hotel where the club will be concentrated in London

Pep Guardiola's pupils will spend two and a half days in London hosted one of the most exclusive areas of the Olympic city.

FC Barcelona arrive in London on Thursday 26th, two days before the final of the Champions League against Manchester United. A decision that contrasts with what is customary with Pep Guardiola, who often travel the same day of the game when playing in Spain or twenty-four hours notice if you do in Europe.

The first team, players, coaches and assistants, will face the challenge of winning for the fourth time in its history the European Cup staying at the Wyndham Grand Hotel London.

The hotel establishment boasts of being the only one in London with rooms, 154 total, are 'suites ", spacious, luxurious, decorated with taste and style and with a small balcony overlooking one of the most attractive `City", the navy's Chelsea neighborhood, considered one of the most exclusive and privileged.

The Wyndham Grand Hotel features a spectacular spa area, gym and a pool of 17 meters, which will be available for issuing Barca and its spacious rooms and elegant restaurants.

The hotel does not have a single room available from 25 to 29 this month and the average price of a suite of around 300 euros per night. In addition to the final of the Champions League, have agreed two international conferences in London, which has led to cost a lot to find a room in the Olympic host city next year.

From the hotel to Wembley, where the club train on Friday and will play on Saturday, there are approximately eight miles, in normal traffic conditions, usually spend half an hour to travel that distance. Without doubt, rest well ... (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "Barca would never do what Madrid have done with Busquets"

osep Maria Bartomeu, vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​said in RNE his club would never do what he has done for Real Madrid at UEFA denouncing Sergi Busquets and trying to put off the final Champions League.

"We would not do it. Neither do or would. We respect what is happening in the field and we get into what happens on the pitch. It seems that Madrid is not doing and we feel bad lordship that this club has always seem to be missing. Do not want to get into a club that is not mine, I just say what we would not do because it seems an exaggeration, "he said in a press release National Radio Spain.

"I do not understand that Busquets lost the final. It is something that surprises me. This makes the Real Madrid Barcelona is something that would never do. The referee is the one who decides on the pitch. Let Busquets, who is doing a sensational season, out of a final seems very excessive and we are very upset, "said the leader FC Barcelona.

"I do not know what Mr. Busquets said and what was discussed but these things happen all the time in the football world ... If you put a camera to each player according to what they say or do that will become a circus, "said Bartomeu.

"He won the football, fair play, self-demanding, trying to always better. We ended up mentally exhausted. We were hoping that the four matches were finished. It was an experience. It had never occurred but it is now because he was mentally recover very tiring and tough, "added the vice president of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

And on Sunday against Deportivo ... Hall, a trophy and more party

If today's celebrations are open to all 'Gent Blaugrana', the Sunday is meant for encouraging the team at the Nou Camp.

Both the responsible management of ships like the coaching staff and wants first team won the League on Wednesday at the Ciutat de Valencia is valued at its true because it is the third in a row and certified after a tremendous pulse compared to Real Madrid's very powerful.

Hence, if the conclusion of this evening is intended for the enjoyment of all the 'Gent Blaugrana ", the Sunday League match against Deportivo expected to be a tribute specially designed for the member who filled fortnight the Camp Nou.

The match against Depor is the last of 2010/11 in the stadium and the club is going to become a big bounce around at the expense of the final at Wembley on 28 May, with the Champions League game. After years of claims, the club has achieved something that seems logical: the Federation will deliver the trophy that he is credited as the new champion on Sunday, not at the start of next season, as now happened and much of the remainder symbolism and magic that had the event.

From this detail, the club has organized a series of formal events that start with the hall will honor that Depor's players' Pep team when will jump onto the field. The team of Miguel Angel Lotina, immersed in the struggle to avoid relegation, not just for celebrations, but the tradition and 'fair play "make the other teams have this detail with the champion and it is clear that the set Coruña follow the unwritten rule.

Then, still in the early stages of the encounter, the captain Carles Puyol will receive the cup that proves to Barca as champions 2010-11 and remain the property also in the windows of the Museum to be the third consecutive championship.

Then the party for Barca is a process, beyond being able to increase their income in points and goals, which is huge (92 points and 92 goals scored) but will not beat the absolute record in these facets. Yes you are insured, however, the trophy of goalkeeping record for Victor Valdes because if the team has so far conceded 20 goals in 36 days, in the case of the goalkeeper the figures are even more impressive: 16 goals in 31 appearances. Its immediate follower is Iker Casillas at Real Madrid has received 31 goals in 33 games he has played.

Instead, the sport needs points urgently and Josep Guardiola will have to find a balance in the lineup to get an eleven minimally competitive and allow some players to rest and take other required minutes for all arriving in the best position to London final.

And the meeting ended, more festivities. The club has planned a piromusical with which will conclude the celebrations for the League is actually the second title won by the team this season because in the early weeks and took the Supercopa of Spain. Of course the Nou Camp return to Barcelona to host the family again this season if things go well the team against Manchester United. But that's another story, for now, nobody wants to consider.

Instead of lunch, dinner Policy:
The traditional lunch policy that precedes the league will be replaced at this time for a dinner, also held in place on Sunday will take place on Saturday. The reason is that the Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, must attend an event with club members in Vilafranca del Penedès on Sunday morning. Still, the board will meet Blaugrana around the table with Augusto César Lendoiro and the other responsible for Depor. (via SPORT)

Fiesta in full sail

The third consecutive league title was held as he deserved the chance, with a celebration in style.

We want this festival is a tribute to the women, "said Manel Estiarte at the entrance of the luxurious W Hotel in Barcelona. And it was. The players were coming in slowly, and spread the venue chosen for the third consecutive league since coach Pep Guardiola. And they did, most accompanied by their wives or girlfriends.

There will be time tomorrow to honor the children and partners in the cavalcade and the Camp Nou, but yesterday's time to enjoy playing with people who can not do it for much of the year because their husbands or boyfriends are out, defending Barça shirt. The club spared no expense to keep the party off in style. So high was organized on the top floor, number 26, the hotel, which only comes with an elevator built for it. Under the plan, which was organized a 'cocktail "for a hundred people, rest rooms. The players, after a hectic night, could choose to sleep in the hotel or leave for home.

The first to arrive was Gerard Piqué, about eight and a half. Came only because his girlfriend Shakira a couple of days staying at the hotel and there met her. The Colombian singer, who on Sunday was going to Venice, was one of the attractions of the festival and is a regular in W, like other Hollywood stars like Robert De Niro. Carles Puyol came alone and had to wait for his girlfriend, Malena Costa, who appeared somewhat later. Pep Guardiola was presented with his wife Cristina and were accompanied Villa, Bojan, Abidal and Dani Alves. The presence of the players of the boat caused a stir in the Barceloneta and were increasingly curious tourists who came to see the Blaugrana. Leo Messi was one of the most acclaimed by the people who flocked to the hotel entrance.

It was not easy to pass over unnoticed. Nor the fact of being famous, nor for them to get all dressed in their finery. It was a day to stop in the closet the best dresses and suits. Quite the contrary. Especially the wives and girlfriends were the ones carried the vast majority of attention. Dresses that looked spectacular as Malena Costa, Carles Puyol's girlfriend, it was difficult to pass over unnoticed. Maxwell and Adriano, who arrived together, were among the last to appear in the hotel, but also took his share of applause from those who remained at the entrance of the enclosure. After the lights, came the best part of the night, in which the desire for fun gave way to the convention. (via SPORT)

The best of Europe in the last five years

An analysis by Esteve Calzada, Prime Time Sport, shows that FC Barcelona has no rival on the continent in the last five years.

the cotton does not deceive, not numbers. Who is the best team in Europe? Like all opinions are respectable, responsible for PrimeTimeSport, executive Esteve Calzada, former marketing director of FC Barcelona, ​​has worked on a report that leaves no room for doubt.

No team in Europe, the continent's top leagues considered (ie, Italian Serie A, Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga Liga Italian and Spain) can boast of presenting the numbers that holds the FC Barcelona .

The study has analyzed the last five leagues of the five competitions and the conclusion is obvious: the club who were champions in 2010, ie in the second League Guardiola, has been the best team average points score achieved, at 86.8. But the second best team, the club is also that of this season and he still has two days to spare.

To get an exact size for the two seasons so extraordinary that it has carried out the club, considering that it was also champion in 2009, the report presents data Calzada overwhelming: Real Madrid, with points scored in 2010 and 2011 would have been champion in 22 of the 25 league championships in Europe.

That meant that FC Barcelona's Pep Guardiola has set the bar so high that even a great Real Madrid has been overcome in the points.
The report has two noteworthy aspects and emphasize the always difficult finding a balance, what some call the perfect football: always wins best play? "To attack and score goals have to be weak on defense? All these questions are answered too well when it comes to Barca in recent years.

The FC Barcelona is the team that has a better scoring average. In the 2009 season champion with an average of 2.76 goals per game and also has the fourth fifth fastest in Europe.

To all this must be added that the club also has been the team that conceded fewer goals to become champion. This season, without taking into account the remaining two games, his goals against average was 0.55. The Manchester United in 2008 is the second best. This list may not see the Real Madrid.

If you put the cold numbers of football music displayed by the club get the perfect score. (via SPORT)

[Youth] New leak in football at Barca

Héctor Bellerín Barcelona abandons to final of season and it will play Premier League.

History repeats itself. Another member of FC Barcelona cadet who has impressed this season, Hector Bellerín, Ciutat Esportiva leave the end of the season to go to England. Expired on Monday the deadline set by the club to notify the player whether to accept the contract offered, but the response has been overwhelming: no.

The refusal has not the least surprised at the technical structure. For months, Barça have the suspicion that Bellerín, has only decided to enroll in one of the great clubs of the Premier used to fish regularly in the splendid quarry Barca. Bellerín is considered one of the most promising talents of grassroots football. He is fluent in the right plot, where it has gone from being a promising side to become a cutting edge. His strength and technique make him a lethal weapon to dominate the entire band.

From the player's environment is confirmed that the family has decided to take the suitcases, but insists that has not yet opted for any of the four offers that currently handles: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Aston Villa . The Red Devils, despite playing the final of the Champions League with Barca have had no shame when trying to fish in the territory Blaugrana.

Barca gives up the player and is waiting to encrypt the amount of compensation in respect of education rights. Bellerín, at age 16, has eight seasons at Barca and the quarry is estimated that the club that wants to do with their services must pay more than 400,000 euros. The projection of football is such that it is not an amount that away to anyone, but rather the opposite.

The player still has not announced where he will play next season, although everything seems to be at Arsenal. It so happens that the club `gunner" a few weeks ago Jon tied Toral, another gem of Barca Bellerín shared computer. The legislation allows all players until the age of cadetes are free to the end of each season. A loophole that leverage all the greats, including his own boat to jump into the market in search of better promises. Since the environment of the player explained that although the desire was to stay, they have no choice but to leave the club to consider the offer inadequate both in sporting and economic. At the football, the plan designed for the player, see, do not leave everything to the player and its evolution, but the club also has some responsibility. With his departure, and Pol Garcia explained below, the Cadet has lost three of his most important men: Toral, Pol Bellerín and will not suffer in the event of another international cadet. The goal Pol Ballesté did accept the contract proposal of Barca.

Pol Garcia also remain in the club failing to reach an agreement:
Another of the players who have marveled at this season in Barca's Cadet A Pol Garcia, a center left-hander who has become a mainstay of the group led by Garcia Pimienta. The defense did not reach an agreement with the club for renewal and, after the breakdown of negotiations, he withdrew from the team two months ago. Since then has only played five minutes before the Vilassar de Mar, the day he won the League. The player wanted to take account of his brother, who plays for Amposta, but his request was ignored and decided to leave at the end of the season. And probably have accepted offers of Valencia with his brother. (via SPORT)

Pastore's dilemma: Barcelona or Madrid?

Javier Pastore is one of the players that FC Barcelona would have on their list of targets to strengthen his midfield next season ...

The Palermo player of 21 years, has established himself as one of the greatest feelings of 'calcium' campaign. And the team president, Maurizio Zamparini said days ago that both the Catalans as the 'eternal' rivals Real Madrid are interested in signing him.

Pastore longs to someday play in the Spanish league and was left wanting: "I have not received any offers yet, but it would be an honor to play in Spain and do it with Barca or Madrid. It's a dream I ever had," said this week .

The player could change of scenery this summer, but assumes that its output will not be easy, since his club is reluctant to let him go, unless you get an offer very high: "The Palermo will decide my future and if they want me stay I will stay. Here I am at home and I feel great, "he said.

Palermo, noted for their technique and their size -1 m-'87, has always expressed his admiration for the game of Pep Guardiola. In the future, perhaps in view of the Camp Nou Barca ... (via SPORT)

The celebration of the League, minute by minute

A cavalcade that has taken the ecstasy of excitement to the streets of Barcelona and the subsequent celebration at the Camp Nou with the fans have been the highlights of this event for the achievement of the league title.

This was during a festival of Barça starting at 18 hours with the opening of the gates of Camp Nou and has concluded with a fireworks extravaganza at the starting point.

22:20 pm: The players are dismissed from the public before embarking on the path to changing rooms.
22:14 pm: The end of the party, an amazing fireworks display with music.
22:12 pm: The group meets at the center of the field to a chorus as the crowd sang the hymn of Barça.
22:07 pm: The team makes the traditional lap of honor.
22:05 pm: S'acaben Parlaments els.
22:02 pm: Sergio, Pedro, Adriano, Afellay, Maxwell, Bojan and Jeffren do not escape from their respective parliaments.
21:53 pm: Villa, with their daughters, appreciates the possibility of a moment viure aixi and even dare to sing.

21:49 pm: Time for Mascherano, Pique, Alves and Keita.
21:46 pm: Messi says that "I keep the words for 29."
21:44 pm: Iniesta addresses the audience in Catalan and says he wants to give him his daughter's Champions.
21:43 pm: Milito: "We deserve it. Every year I am more proud of this group of people."
21:37 pm: Xavi, Abidal, who has been blanketed Valdés and Pinto, were the following step.
21:35 pm: Guardiola: "These players are eternal. They are unique. I admire."
21:33 am: The captain Carles Puyol is directed to the fans: "Thank you for your support. We will give everything to hold the Champions League on 29."
21:31 pm: Guardiola is blanketed by his players.
21:29 pm: As you jump into the field, players are at the center of the field, accompanied by a significant number of children.
21:26 pm: Little by little, they're jumping into the field all group members. The last, the players. The good atmosphere is spectacular. Abidal and Messi, among the most acclaimed players.
21:24 pm: Manel Vich makes an emotional keynote address that ends with a "We have them here!"
21:22 pm: Lights out of Camp Nou. The team is already in the tunnel.
21:12 pm: The president Sandro Rosell is holding the box des.
21:10 h: i Puyol Xavi displayed on the pitch elated with senyera, breaking the protocol.
21:03 pm: Now, the template is already inside the stadium.
2 0:59: The bus is now about to enter the facilities of FC Barcelona.
20:55 pm: The audience at the Camp Nou, waiting impatiently for the arrival of the team, singing again the Barça anthem a cappella.
20:50 am: The bus is already in the final stretch of the route planned.
20:45 h: The team will receive the trophy that proved his champions on Sunday at the Camp Nou before the game against Deportivo. In addition, we observed a minute's silence for the earthquake victims Lorca.
20:35 pm: Keep everything that happens on the bus with the Twitter account of FC Barcelona.

20:30 pm: People are totally committed to the team throughout the tour.
20:15 pm: At the moment, the bus has already done half the planned route.
20:10 pm: Dani Alves, somrient molt, a cap dels llueix Catalan police. Piqué, among the most active players.
19:55 h: The complete template to jump and dance on top of the bus. The atmosphere is excellent.
19:45 h: Éric Abidal, with a cap of the local police, is one of the nice pictures of the day.
19:40 pm: Ecstasy of excitement on the streets of Barcelona. Fans are active in the party of Champions with applause, banners, t-shirts ...
19:35 am: The bus, with players wearing commemorative T Lliga Champions, and very animated, and is outside the Nou Camp. It is great the people that wait in the street.
19:25 am: The bus of Champions and moves. Cavalcade begins!
19:15: The Camp Nou heat engines. For now, singing "a capella" the Barça anthem by fans.
19:05 pm: The players are in the Nou Camp and wait for the start time of the cavalcade, scheduled for 19:30.
19:00 pm: Lots of young people in the Camp Nou Barça wearing colors. There really wanted to party.
18:45 h: When there are more than two hours to the start of the party at the Camp Nou, some areas of the stadium and have a very full appearance.
18:30 pm: The bus of champions and the players expected. In one of his side, carrying a banner which reads "Llorca at nostre cor" (Lorca in our hearts).

18:00: The Nou Camp has opened its doors and fans are already accessing the facilities of FC Barcelona to enjoy the festivities will begin at 19: 30 hours with the cavalcade. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Lorca in our hearts

FC Barcelona has again expressed its solidarity with the people of Lorca. The Club did this during the celebration of the parade through the city, with a banner showing the slogan 'Lorca in our hearts' in the top part of the bus.

On Wednesday Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola were the first to express their sympathy for the victims and survivors of the earthquake in Lorca (Murcia), which killed 9 people. This Friday, it was the turn of the whole squad: a banner with the slogan 'Lorca in our hearts' was prominent on the bus that carried the champions through the streets of Barcelona.

As well as the banner on the bus, the Club will join in the days of mourning in an institutional way. During this Friday and Saturday, the flags at the Camp Nou and the Joan Gamper training ground will fly at half mast as a sign of mourning..

Also, on Sunday next, before the match against Deportivo at the Camp Nou there will be a minutes silence and the players will wear black armbands as a sign of mourning. The same will apply in the basketball game on Sunday (19.00) at the Palau Blaugrana where Regal FC Barcelona will entertain Unicaja. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

adrid tosses the blame from the investigation to Busquets...to Barça!

24 hours after they knew the decision by UEFA to investigate alleged racial abuse of Sergio Busquets Marcelo, Real Madrid announced its version of the case and, in general, blamed the situation created Barça.

While the Barcelona players celebrated the league title on the streets of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid launched from its official website a statement to make known its position on the decision of the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA to consider the alleged racist insults of Sergio Busquets Barcelona Marcelo during the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League.

In the statement, six points, Real Madrid said that the responsibility for what happened lies with the club for the complaint "against our coach Jose Mourinho and the player's behavior Sergio Busquets. The white club argues that the images presented to the UEFA accusing Barca midfielder bring in his appeal to an initial complaint for alleged "unsportsmanlike behavior" of Barca players in the same game.

The exact content of the statement from Real Madrid is as follows:

"Given the reports in various media as a result of disciplinary proceedings officially opened by UEFA against the player Sergio Busquets, Real Madrid CF wants to state the following:

1 - FC Barcelona is that, in an unprecedented move in the relations between the clubs, UEFA has a complaint against Real Madrid CF coach Jose Mourinho.

2.-The decision of FC Barcelona Real Madrid CF compelled to present their defense before the instances of UEFA in order to show that several players of FC Barcelona had an unsportsmanlike conduct resulting from a strategy designed to provoke certain refereeing decisions against Real Madrid CF, as it happened. This action was motivated statements by our coach Jose Mourinho after the end of the match.

3. The Real Madrid CF makes clear that in its complaint did not include this action the player Sergio Busquets. This denunciation of Real Madrid CF was dismissed in its entirety by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA, despite the video material provided.

4.-As a result, Real Madrid CF filed a timely appeal, extending the material evidence presented and which includes the image in which Sergio Busquets seriously insulting our player Marcelo. This insertion occurs because the action of Sergio Busquets is a continuation of the simulation of a hit in a game set, which is the alleged act.

5.-It is UEFA who acts in office and now decides on its own initiative, to open disciplinary proceedings to the player Sergio Busquets.

6.-With the opening of the disciplinary proceedings, our player Marcelo has been asked by UEFA to confirm the facts that are subject of disciplinary proceedings.

Finally, Real Madrid CF regrets the situation created whose sole responsibility lies from its origin in the complaint filed by the FC Barcelona against our coach Jose Mourinho and the player's behavior Sergio Busquets. (via SPORT)

Jeffren: "I do not want to go because I want to succeed in this club"

Barca striker said that "there has been an easy season but the good thing is we have won the League" in an interview with Radio Club Tenerife.

Venezuelan Spanish striker for FC Barcelona, ​​Jeffren Suárez, was very happy for the league title the Catalan side in an interview with Radio Club Tenerife. "There has not been an easy season. We had bad moments but the good thing is that we won the league," he admitted.

"The players have worn fairly common, but now is the time to enjoy and prepare for the Champions League match. We have to get people to this important day," added the 23-year-old striker.

Moreover, Jeffren said he hopes to have "minutes in league games left," and said his biggest wish is to "follow" an entity linked to Barca, despite the many rumors about offers from teams in Europe as Napoli or Glasgow Rangers.

This season, Jeffren be remembered for the fifth goal of the 'little hand' FC Barcelona to Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in the first round of the League. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Koeman is uncovered with the micro

He is acclaimed in the Netherlands for his skills as an interviewer.

Ronald Koeman has been uncovered as an interviewer on the front line. After their debut in this aspect after the semifinal round of Champions played at the Nou Camp with David Villa as the first speaker, the Dutch TV NOS chain has received numerous requests for the 'hero of Wembley 'repeat microphone in hand, also the video the interview Guaje -see attached catch-no visits have been stopped and the truth is that Koeman is shown as loose as that engages when needed, 20 May 1992 in the 111th minute of the final of European Cup before the Sampdoria .

In addressing Ronald in the mixed zone of the stadium, Villa gave a broad smile, he repeated while Ronald was asking the questions in Castilian. Pupil's own Ronald at this stage on the bench Valencia, David stressed that "the key" to eliminate the Madrid and reach the end of the day 28 "is that no change of style, knew how to get out winners," the Guaje admitted that "perhaps the home match was more complicated than the Bernabeu . Here the Madrid tried to play. When they want, they play very well. " And as for Afellay , said "it's a great guy as a person and player. curdled with our game and he will achieve great things."

Hopefully Koeman , which parallel sounds together with fellow former Blaugrana Neeskens as a technician for the Utrecht - lucky to Asturias. If Villa mark now in Wembley , Koeman will have been his talisman and could be reunited with a microphone in the middle. (via MD)